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Rain - new story  

Prof10001 62M
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9/25/2010 6:19 am

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3/22/2022 3:56 am

Rain - new story

It has been quite a while since I tried some fiction. Be gentle.

Prof10001 62M
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9/25/2010 6:28 am


In a husky voice she asked, “Well what do you are you going to do.? You either need to leave or I’m getting you out of those pants and bending myself over this table in front of you.”

The answer isn’t as obvious as it should be given that Nancy’s hand was stroking my cock through the faded black denim of my jeans and the fingers of my left hand were seeking to prompt a moan similar to the slight one that escaped her lips moments before. The photo session that preceded the kissing and groping that was going on had built the sexual tension to a point that Billy’s judgment was impaired. Knowing what is right versus what one wants doesn’t necessarily lead to clear choices.

A particularly long stroke of pressure from between Billy’s legs to the tip of his straining dick allowed him to let his dick make the decision.

“I want us to move over there to the back corner of the shelter.”

They would have been in plain view of hoards hikers and picnickers if the cool steady mist and weekday time had not been keeping crowds from enjoying the beauty of the local park. Those weather conditions had provided a secluded venue for the photo shoot that had been kicked around in the group posts and blogs. The diffused gray light provided the backlight as Nancy had modeled in a series of progressively move stimulating outfits and poses.

It had been awkward in the beginning, each wondering if the other would take the lead. Where should the next shot be posed? Should she change to the orange top to reveal more cleavage? As they progressed the choices and motions became more fluid, more natural. Billy would have Nancy turn away a bit so her face would not be as recognizable allowing the picture to be more freely used on line. Billy would adjust where the edge of the open blouse or hemline fell to reveal enough skin to make the photo more enticing.

Periodically they would pause to view the last several shots on the camera’s tiny screen. Crowding next to each other to view the little LCD screen heighted the sense that something more could happen. Viewing the progressively more explicit photos didn’t hurt the sexual mood either.

“Helloooooo…” escaped Nancy’s lips as an unintentionally clear image of her pussy popped into view on the screen.

“I guess that one might not appear on line,” said Billy, though he hoped he might retain a copy for his personal enjoyment.

After an hour of shooting, posing and flirting the wardrobe that Nancy had brought was exhausted, the memory card was full and both their thoughts had moved beyond merely looking and showing. The misty rain had slowed and the weather showed signs of breaking making the shelter house suitable for its more typical activities.

Nancy put the memory card in the laptop she had brought a bit relieved that Billy told her to keep the card. Some of the shots showed both her face and portions of her body that she didn’t typically reveal at the same time, certainly not openly on line anyway, though she delighted in how Billy seemed to savor the view through the photo session. As they leaned over the end of the picnic table stepping though the photos they shared their thoughts on which images would work best on line.

“I like how you can see so far down between my tits but still my nipples are hidden in this one you took from above.”

“I rather like this one looking up you skirt. It is just enough light to let me wonder whether you’re wearing panties or not.”

As Nancy reached back to run her hand over the rearward curve of Billy’s jeans she said, “Well you certainly took a fair number of pictures that answered that question clearly.”

Billy’s straightened up from viewing the laptop and turned toward Nancy. As he did so she kept her hand at the same height and distance from her so it trailed across Billy’s hip and on to the bulge in the front of his black Levi’s.

“You didn’t seem to be making any effort to hide that information from the camera,” he grinned as he inched closer to Nancy increasing the pressure her hand was exerting on him and generating a corresponding increase in the pressure it was returning.

As Nancy straightened to bring her face closer to Billy’s he moved sideways so that Nancy was turned with her back to the table and Billy’s right thigh between hers. With their faces just inches apart she murmured, “I rather liked letting you see. I was wondering if you were going to try and touch what you were seeing while I posed.”

“Oh, I considered it, many times in fact,” as his hand drifted to and then beyond the hem of Nancy’s skirt.

“What kept you from touching my pussy?”

“I wasn’t sure I’d be welcome to touch you. Our messages on line always revolved around the pictures.”

“You are a bit slow aren’t you, for an academic?” she smirked. “ For future reference if a woman meets you alone…not wearing underwear…and asks you to take her picture, you stand a good chance of not getting your face slapped if you cop a feel.”

Billy grinned a bit sheepishly, “I’ll make a note of that to remind me next time.”

“Remember there are other signs as well,” as Nancy’s hand began to stroke up and down his length.

“Noted, in bold and italics…” as Billy leaned forward to kiss Nancy.
Their lips pressed together briefly and then parted as their tongues joined the fray. Nancy tasted faintly of cherry. Her tongue was warm and nimble. Billy’s hand slid up to where there had been no panties all morning exploring the textures and folds of Nancy’s flesh until her lower lips parted as well and the tips of two of Billy’s fingers slipped easily inside. Nancy gasped slightly and grasped Billy’s cock as much at the stressed fabric his Levi’s permitted. Their heads angled naturally opposite each other to allow their tongues to tease and explore the other. Billy’s fingers began rocking gently and progressively more deeply into Nancy’s pussy curling his fingers in respond to her faint moan as he found the positions and pressures that stimulated her most.

In a hushed voice she asked, “Well what do you are you going to do.? You either need to leave or I’m getting you out of those pants and bending myself over this table.”

Billy straightened noting that the mist had stopped completely now and the overcast had lighted considerably. There was now a greater likelihood of being seen.

“I want us to move over there to the back corner of the shelter.”

Just as Nancy slid from between the table and Billy’s hopeful dick they both started at the sound of crunching gravel. They turned to see a park service truck pulling into the far corner of the parking lot…and heading in their direction. Simultaneously they both murmured, “…fuck.”

The park worker turned the truck around and began backing toward the shelter. Nancy straightened her skirt and top. Billy closed the laptop and sighed. The park worker waved as they each made their way to their respective vehicles.

The park worked thought to himself, “I wonder why they’re leaving just as the weather is getting better?”

To be continued???

playful64more 58F
1425 posts
9/26/2010 12:04 am

It is well written, obviously...but I hate it when I says ....to be continued! Grrrrr... I want more, I want the entire story!


Prof10001 62M
4094 posts
9/26/2010 8:55 am

    Quoting  :

I remember spending a wonderful afternoon out at Veterans Memorial Park by West Salem with a bottle of wine and lovely blond student when I was in college. Tame by others standards but the memory can still raise my pulse a bit.


Pet1960 61F
193 posts
4/1/2011 2:44 pm

MMMMMMMM! I know I know....It took me long enough to read it. I love it. It made me very hot!

Pet1960 61F
193 posts
5/17/2013 7:13 am

I liked it the second time too! I think this story should definitely have a part two. It generated a very pleasant throbbing at the second reading.

Prof10001 62M
4094 posts
5/17/2013 4:50 pm

    Quoting Pet1960:
    I liked it the second time too! I think this story should definitely have a part two. It generated a very pleasant throbbing at the second reading.
I've revisited it many times in my mind. It is one of those memories that will never fade away.

Pet1960 61F
193 posts
7/22/2013 5:38 am

I agree. It was a great afternoon.

sweet_VM 64F
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5/22/2015 2:34 pm

Very good story by the way hugsssssssssss V

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18 posts
10/16/2016 9:55 am

A fine opening, but waiting for the ending also gives a fine feeling.

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