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Variations on a Theme - story  

Prof10001 62M
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11/21/2010 6:13 am

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Variations on a Theme - story

Alternate beginnings rather than endings. I hope you like the new story.


Prof10001 62M
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11/21/2010 6:13 am

Variations on a Theme

They had planned. It had taken some time. First one was committed and the other reluctant. Then they would switch roles. But finally in the end they had played with too many matches, a fire had started that wasn’t going to be put out. But how would it play out, romantic or naughty, subtle or explicit?


She had picked him up outside the hotel once he had ditched his colleagues. They had driven to the restaurant nervous but flirty. They knew where this was leading but what was the path? What was the dialogue?

She had worn a pretty top and skirt. It would have been fine in the office. But she made sure the view was kept tempting. How often would his eyes drift down to the smooth flesh she covertly though intentionally shared with him? Their banter was charged but not overt or vulgar. They were both obviously aware of their intentions for when they returned to his hotel room. But for now they were coy.

As they walked to the car after dinner his hand drifted down from her shoulder, as he guided her out the front door of the restaurant, to rest against the small of her back…but no lower. As he reached to open the car door their faces moved close. There was a smile and a soft first kiss. Pressure and warmth and anticipation but no embrace.

He drove her car on the return to the hotel. Her fingers kept worrying the edge of her blouse. Not revealing more than she had at dinner but knowing she could…and would.

He took the overnight bag she indicated from the backseat. When he ducked back out of the car she had closed the distance between them to nothing. They both leaned into the kiss, still not embracing. The pressure of their lips generated more than just warmth this kiss. Now there was gentle motion…and moisture.

Once inside she stood back as he slid the keycard into the lock. With a click and a flicker of green the door opened. He gestured for her to enter. As she came along side of him she stopped, reached for his face and kissed him again. This time her tongue sought out his. When his breath began to grow short she drew back, smiled and entered the room.

The cycle of anticipation and contact and release repeated itself.

Arms drawing them to each other for a kiss. Then, “Would you like some wine?” Release.

Her leaning back against the desk so that his leg pressed the hem of her skirt up her legs a bit as he moved to kiss her again. “Mmm, the wine is nice” Release.

“I need a minute in the bathroom.” Her progress stopped as he stepped into her as she passed pressing her against the door frame. Her leg sliding along his to allow him closer yet. Closer for a longer, slower, moister kiss. “Mmmm, go ahead but don’t be long,” he whispered as he stepped back. Release.

He picked up his glass and sipped as he sat on the corner of the bed. Should he undress? Was she undressing? Would there be more flirting, more mutual seduction?

The bathroom door opened with the answer… The next release would not be for some time yet, but would be dramatic.


She pulled up in front of the hotel. He popped open the door and hopped in out of the cold. He turned to say hello and she reached for him pulling his face to hers. The kiss was deep and hot and wet. Their tongues were urgently exploring each other. Her hand clutched his shirt pulling him toward her. His hand flung across her landing on her thigh, inadvertently slipping under the hem of her sexy flirty skirt. She rolled her hip toward him as his fingers splayed drawing her near.

“Hello” burst from each of them as they broke apart to gasp for air.

He could now take in her appearance which was bold, confident and enticing. The man’s white shirt would have left her cold if the car’s heater hadn’t been cranked to high. She appeared flushed with heat despite or because of how few buttons she had chosen to fasten. Her bra with teasing lace trim was plainly displayed within the hemmed edges of the shirt. She smiled as he drank in the view.

“You like?” she smirked as she leaned forward even more.

He nodded mutely but grinned broadly.

She slid her left leg further up her right causing the hem of her skirt to ride higher. “How much more do you want to see?”

“A lot more. As much as I can convince you to show,” as his hand edged the hem playfully higher.

She leaned away from him offering a delectable view that indicated just how much she was prepared to show and how much she had planned ahead.

“So you still interested in that romantic dinner or are we just racing each other up to your room?”she teased as her fingers worried the hem of her skirt back and forth.

“I’m …uhm…I’m not really…uhm…all that hunger. Unless you are of course?”

She lunged across the car, her kiss demonstrating just what she was hungry for. His hands searched her body as he pulled her tight to him clarifying that Mexican and a margarita were not the first of his list of desires. Her legs straddled one of his, he no longer retained the ability to distinguish left from right, as they sought to occupy the same volume of space in this universe of front seat.

They both had the same epiphany that anyone entering or exiting the hotel lobby would be treated to a scene that would fit well into any number of horny teen make out movies. They both lurched upright into their respective seats. She flung the car into gear and wheeled across the lot into a gap between two cars that might have been considered too small if the desire to move from the car to the hotel room had been less intense.

She reached over the seat to grab her small bag. The movement presented an even more enticing arrangement of the fabric of her shirt. As she turned back, his hand reached forward to tactilely enjoy the view just as the bag connected with the side of his head.

“OUT! You get to see and touch all you want but up in the room not here.” He opened the passenger door and backed out into the night air.

“Take the bag, I packed some things you will definitely enjoy.” He reached back for the bag pulling it out. She scooted across the front seat since there wasn’t clearance to open the door on the driver’s side. She stood up right into his waiting grasp as he replayed the urgency of their earlier kiss.

She gasped, “Its fucking cold out here! Inside now!”

The raced across the lot, her dressed for generating heat not conserving it. He guided her to the elevator across the lobby neither of them noticing the smirk on the desk clerk’s face. Get a room crossed his mind but then they apparently had one.

The both leaned breathlessly against opposite corners of the elevator car as they waited for the door to close. As the two panels slid toward each other so did they. He moved faster and pinned her into her corner tongues continuing their exploration at a fever pitch. Their legs nested in opposition, his pressing hers apart, hers discovering and enhancing his anticipation. Her hands opened his shirt to match the limited number of fastened buttons on hers.

The elevator shifted as the doors began to open. He gasped “come” as he pulled her to the hallway.

“My bag!” she gestured back to the elevator where the bag lay, abandoned during his rush across the elevator to savor her taste and scent and feel. He jumped in and back out before the doors slid closed.

“Like I said, you’ll like how I packed for this little excursion.” He wet his lips as she smiled wickedly.

He took her hand leading her down the corridor struggling to avoid looking too anxious. She leaned with amusement against the door of the room as he fumbled with switching the bag in his hands so he could reach for the keycard. She stopped him with a phrase.

“Let me get that for you.”

She reached into the front pocket of his Dockers seeking methodically for the plastic card. After a remarkably long search she raised her eyebrows, “other pocket?”

He nodded staring into her eyes. She slowly drew her hand out of one pocket, across the front of his pants and into the other front pocket. She located the keycard after another surprisingly long search given the volume of the average pants pocket and handed it to him. He continued to stare as she began unbuttoning the white shirt the rest of the way, pulling it from her waist band and shrugging it off her shoulders.

“You might want to open the door now or anyone walking down the hallway will get the same view I intended for you”

He fumbled clumsily sliding the card in the lock and hearing the click as it opened. She reached behind her back as she passed by him to enter the room. Flipping on the light switch as she entered the room she turned back to him dropping the lace trimmed garment casually on the floor.

“Are you going to work on that inserting and sliding motion out there on the lock or in here…with me?

He rushed into the room swinging the door shut after having to once again retrieve the dropped bag, that action accompanied by her amused chuckle.

playful64more 58F
1425 posts
11/23/2010 2:33 am

I bet you can guess which version I like better!! There is definitely something to be said for ANTICIPATION!!

It's a nice story...but why did you end there? Just when it gets interesting.


Prof10001 62M
4094 posts
11/23/2010 4:43 am

    Quoting playful64more:
    I bet you can guess which version I like better!! There is definitely something to be said for ANTICIPATION!!

    It's a nice story...but why did you end there? Just when it gets interesting.
Well to be frank, I find writing more explicit material hard...uhr...difficult. I've tried but it reads so mechanically to me that I haven't wanted to share that.


playful64more 58F
1425 posts
11/23/2010 7:47 am

mechanical...sounds alot like your sex life! ooohhh OUCH!!! Nothing like being brutally honest!

Actually parts of your story seem vaguly familiar...wonder why that is?


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