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Unexpected lunch date
Posted:Dec 3, 2021 7:36 am
Last Updated:Dec 5, 2021 1:13 pm

My girlfriend called and said she needed to help her at her place ASAP as it was an emergency.

I said alright, I will be there as soon as I can get there.

I told my boss that I had to help a friend and needed to leave early.

I drove to her place and walked in (I have a key) and didn't see her.

I looked around her place and found her in her basement office sitting at her desk. She was on a conference .

She waved for to come in. I entered trying to be quiet so others on the wouldn't hear .

She was wearing a white sheer blouse that caressed her supple large breasts. Her nipples were hard and the shape was peaking through the blouse. She had 3 of the 5 buttons undone and seeing her cleavage was making my pussy swell. I could feel my scrubs starting to get wet.

She motioned for to kneel as if she were going to whisper in my ear when I noticed she had on no pants and stood up-right with a look of surprise and excitement on my face. I was trying to control myself but she noticed how wet my scrubs were and reached to touch my crouch.

She smiled from ear to ear. This time she turned her chair around to face me and stuck her tongue out in a licking motion then pointed at me and then to her pussy.

She then turned back around in her chair to face her computer. I just stood there in shock! She wanted me to lick her pussy!! I have always dreamt of this so why was I not moving?

She started to get a little impatient with my slowness. Being within grabbing distance, she pulled my scrub bottoms off, and flicked my clit to get me moving, which caused my pussy to gush again!!! As I bent down to take my legs out of my now soaked scrub bottoms, she grabbed my hair and forcefully shoved my face in her soaking wet pussy.

I was in heaven!!! My pussy instantly gushed, running down my legs and onto her tile. Her pussy smelt like heaven and even tasted even better. This is something I always masturbated to but never thought would happen.

I wanted to enjoy every second. Her pussy was so wet that I just rubbed my entire face in it so her juice covered me. I slowly licked her lips while lightly putting my finger inside to feel her wetness and warmth. OH it was so swollen!!!! My pussy gushed more making a puddle on the floor beneath my knees.

My tongue found its way to her clit and started worshipping it. She appeared to enjoy what I was doing as she started squirting and soaking my face. I tried catching it in my mouth. I just wanted to taste her, smell her, worship her pussy and make her cum like she has never cum before. I wanted this moment to last as long as I could make it.

She is a goddess and needs to be worshipped like one. At that moment, she began speaking to the others who were on the with her. I did not stop and she pushed my face into her pussy so it was smothering . I kept on worshipping her pussy and clit as it deserved, licking, sucking, fingering....she started squirming in her chair and began to have a hard time concentrating on what she was needing to say.

She excused herself from the meeting for a few minutes and turned the camera and microphone off. She started grinding my face but since she was in a chair she could only exert so much pressure.

She stood up, moved her chair, and pushed me onto the floor where her chair was. She sat on my face. She grinded my entire face so hard, she squirted all over me, soaking my hair, and she came. She sat on my face and used it to cum!!! I could not believe this!!! This was AMAZING!!!!

She said thank you and went back to work.

I was just so elated to finally be able to worship her. I hope she will use me again.
Female Cock Cravings part II
Posted:Dec 2, 2021 8:31 am
Last Updated:Dec 6, 2021 12:10 pm

My Dom told he wants a girlfriend that also has a cock. Instantly, my pussy soaked my panties.

He saw the excitement in my eyes and told me that she was for his pleasure not mine. He said he wanted to enjoy her sex as she can give him something I cannot. He craves that. It makes his cock (my master; I am a slave to my Dom's cock) hard and when he fucks my ass, he imagines it is his girlfriend he is having sex with.

I hope he gets a girlfriend with a cock. I hope they go out to dinner to enjoy each other's company. I hope she takes him home and makes my master explode with pleasure while sexually satisfying my Dom in ways that I could never.

As I have mentioned, I am sub to my Dom but slave to his cock. I do what I can to make his cock hard and cum hard. I allow him to do what he wants to me, when he wants it. If it makes my master cum and my Dom happy and satisfied, then I did a good job as his slave .

I imagine wearing a black latex dress that has a few elastic straps that cross my back exposing my entire back side (I will need to post pics later in my private album for my friends). On the front, it has some bling but come up around my neck, in similar fashion as a cheap collar. This dress is my dress as in addition to exposing my back side, it also puts my tits (my 36DD tits) on display for anyone who comes over.

I am in the kitchen wearing this dress getting my Dom some food just as the front door opens. I hear a woman's voice talking my Dom and then she proceeds to come into the kitchen for a drink. She notices what I am wearing and tells me my outfit is lovely and fitting as she slaps my tits around and spanks my ass. I tell her I do what makes my master hard and want to cum. She says that is a good little slave and she knows I will make my master hard.

I have my back to her because I am making my Dom lunch so I ask her how she knows this? Before I can say anything else, she pushes down onto the floor, face first and shoves her hard massive cock into my ass while telling I am a . She starts spanking my ass and just as I am about to beg her to stop she shoves her fingers into my mouth, lifting my head off the floor...all while pounding the shit out of my ass.

She goes deep and hard for what seems like an hour. She pulls her cock out, rolls over, and sits on my face smothering with her wet balls. Her balls are soaking wet from my pussy!!! She makes suck them dry and then after slapping her cock all over my face, she shoves it down my throat, making clean it.

She stands up, grabs by my hair and pushes down over the kitchen table. At this time, my Dom walks in because he hears noise. He looks over just as she calls me a while shoving her cock back into my ass. He says ...yes, you are a very good for taking care of my girlfriends needs at the moment while I am busy with work. I may reward you later.

She fucks my ass so hard and deep, I swear I feel her cock up in my stomach!!!

When she is finishing up with having her way with me, she tells me my cunt of a pussy isn't good enough for her cock, unless my master is in it with hers. This way they can use my cunt of a pussy to pleasure each other without having to use their hands. Then she cums and it is so forceful that I fear she bruised my ass.

She backs away and slaps my ass real hard. As she walks away, she says that is exactly how you are good little slave because forcing myself into your ass made your master hard and he wants to give his cum.

As I start to put my hand by my ass to catch some of her cum, she tells me to leave it. Her and my Dom may fuck my ass again in a little bit and if they do, they will use her cum as lube.

I wonder how large her load was. I bet it was massive like her cock!!!

I can't wait for them to use me again!!!!

I wonder how he will reward me later for being a good slave ????
Female cock cravings
Posted:Dec 1, 2021 1:19 pm
Last Updated:Dec 6, 2021 12:11 pm

I crave a curvy female with a huge cock to fuck me like the I am. Shove your cock down my throat, rub your balls on my face (smother my face with them, make me inhale their smell) use my swollen, wet cunt, and my ass to make your cock cum so hard you want more. Fill all my holes with your yummy, creamy goodness and cover me in it!
Pussy worship
Posted:Dec 1, 2021 1:03 pm
Last Updated:Dec 2, 2021 12:43 pm

Just craving some juicy pussy in my face and some tits in my hands. Make me a slave to your pussy and show me how to worship it properly!

If you live close and can teach me how to properly worship your sweet, wet pussy...then please tell me how.

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