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My Thoughts
Sacrificing Intimacy
Posted:Apr 16, 2021 12:46 pm
Last Updated:Dec 6, 2021 8:57 pm
I have been in the lifestyle 3 years. I have been a BBC Slut for nearly my entire life. was difficult for live a normal life when you have struggle just make tomorrow. I found ways to overcome every obstacle thrown my way. Temporary situations felt more stable than anything being permanent. This made it very easy to let go of any thing/one to prevent it/them from becoming permanent. Sex was my tool, i used it as a form of introduction to form relationships with others, while at the using for an excuse keep the relation at a temporary level. was also used cause an end any relations that gave me discomfort.

I used sex manipulate relationships with hundreds of people, I never noticed the destruction it was actually doing me. I had turned sex into an object, that was shaped as a wall that wall blocked me from forming any kind of personal/emotional relationship with my sex partner. In my eyes, sex was never personal so it held no value to me, on an emotional level. The saddest part of it all is the fact that I had simply done what I did best, I had found a way to tackle a barrier that had been blocking my path. And I survived it, no matter the sacrifice I caused myself to suffer. All the while I was victim to more than a few sacrifices in relation to sex, for me it had always been the hundreds of men/strangers I slept with, making the choice I made hundreds of time to have sex with men excusable, end up victimizing myself even more.

Everything changed 3 years ago, which is why I refer myself as new this lifestyle that I've been in for decades. I met a man was like no other, i felt things for this man, I had never felt at all. I've had sex several thousands of times with hundreds of men that I cant remember.
For 3 years, i have not been able stop thinking about every time I have had sex with this man and how much he means to me.

So I explained this unexplainable feeling i have for this man to a friend. She seemed to understand exactly how i felt, then she said," That sounds like intimacy, its normal to feel those feelings with someone you intimate with, but its weird that your trying to explain it as if it were the first time you had been intimate with someone" "...That's when the true sacrifice revealed itself:

"What the hell do you mean SEX is INTIMATE?, Your telling me I should feel
this unexplainable, loving connection when I have SEX?"

WOW, i experienced intimacy for the 1st time at the age of 42....??


Then realizing I didn't even like it!!!


The fact is, I never would have had all that worthless sex if had knew it's value.

D/d Contract
Posted:Nov 10, 2021 10:39 pm
Last Updated:Feb 11, 2022 11:15 am

I, ________________________, with a free mind and an open heart; do request of
_______________________ that He accept the submission of my will unto His and to take me into His care and guidance, that W/we may grow together in love, trust and mutual respect. The satisfaction of His wants, desires, and whims are consistent with my desire as a submissive to be found pleasing to Him. To that end, I offer Him use of my time, talents, and abilities. Further, I ask, in sincere humility, that, as my Master, He accept the keeping of my body the fulfillment and enhancement of O/our sexual, spiritual, emotional, and intellectual needs. achieve this, He may have unfettered use of my body any time, any place, in front of anyone; keep give away, as He will determine.

I ask that He guide me in any sexual, sensual, scene-related behavior, both together with, and separate from Him, in such a way as to further my growth as a person.

I request of _______________________, as my Master, that he use the power vested in His role; to mold and shape me; assisting me to grow in strength, character, confidence, and being, and that He continue to help me to develop my artistic and intellectual abilities.

In return, I agree:

To obey His commands to the of my ability.

strive overcome feelings of guilt shame, and all inhibitions that interfere with my capability Him and limit my growth as His submissive.

maintain honest and open communication.

reveal my thoughts, feelings, and desires without hesitation embarrassment.

inform Him of wants and perceived needs, recognizing that He is the sole judge of whether or how these shall be satisfied.

strive toward maintenance of a positive self-image and development of realistic expectations and goals.

To work with Him to become a happy and self-fulfilled individual.

To work against negative aspects of my ego and my insecurities that would interfere with advancement of these .

My surrender as a submissive is done with the knowledge that nothing asked of me will demean me as a person, and will in no way diminish my own responsibilities toward making utmost use of my potential. In recognition of my family obligations, nothing will be required of me that will in any way damage harm my , nor interfere with the performance of my duties as mother and as wife.

This I, _______________________, do entreat, with lucidity and the realization of what this means, both stated and implied, in the conviction that this offer will be understood in the spirit of faith, caring, esteem and devotion in which it is given.

Should either of U/us find that our aspirations are not being well served by this agreement, find this commitment too burdensome, or for any other reason wish to cancel, E/either may do so by verbal notification to the O/other, in keeping with the consensual nature of this agreement. W/we both understand that cancellation means a cessation of the control stated and implied within this agreement, not a termination of O/our relationship as friends and lovers. Upon cancellation, each of U/us agrees to offer to the other H/his or her reasons and to assess our new needs and situation openly and lovingly.

This agreement shall serve as the basis for an extension of O/our relationship, committed to in the spirit of loving and consensual dominance and submission with the intention of furthering self-awareness and exploration, promoting health and happiness, and improving both O/our lives.

I offer my consent to submission to ______________________________ under the terms stated above on this the ________ day of _____________ in the year ________.

Signature of Submissive

I offer my acceptance of submission by ______________________________ under the terms stated above on this the ________ day of ______________ in the year ________.

Signature of Dominant
Training Techniques
Posted:Nov 10, 2021 10:31 pm
Last Updated:Mar 25, 2022 10:30 am
I was wondering if Doms have favourite training techniques that they liked use when undertaking the training of a new sub, and if they would like share some of the techniques?
Anal Orgasms Are Heaven
Posted:Nov 10, 2021 6:04 am
Last Updated:Nov 11, 2021 2:03 am

I really feel alone when talking to my friends about orgasms. They always look like they have no idea what i am talking about, especially when I mention anal orgasms.

I have them easily. They feel somewhat similar to vaginal orgasms, are just as intense, but are a little different. All it takes is good lube and my husband fucking my ass (or a dildo), and I cum. By anal orgasm, i mean there is no clitoral or vaginal stimulation, just a cock moving in and out (or around).

So many women have told me this is not possible, so I had to look it up and found out it actually is and there are obvious physiological explanations, so I feel relieved.

I love vaginal orgasms as well, and have gotten them since i was a and get them easily. I do think, however, clitoral orgasms are the weakest ones, and when I have one, I feel i lost a good opportunity to cum in another way (vaginally or anally).

Anyone else out there (women) also have anal orgasms and love them?
Waiting Patiently for Daddy
Posted:Nov 5, 2021 9:06 am
Last Updated:Nov 8, 2021 9:11 pm
Waiting patiently for , ignoring the increasing pain the longer I sit, waiting on my knees. Dressed in a black fishnet bodysuit and stilettos, bright red lipstick on to match my long red hair that falls down my back in curls. Ive got my collar on my neck, adorned with metal studs, accompanied by a chain link leash. 's here,! I see the door as it opens wide, I see the empty hallway behind him as he rksks letting someone see me, sitting naked and leashed, wirh my hands clasped firmly behind my back. There is no kn
there of course, which disappoints me a little bit. I wouldnt mind if just for one moment everyone could see what a dirty slut I am. I crawl over to my , on my hands and knees, I tug at his pants before he can close the door. "?," I say, my voice carrying into the hallway with ease, "Please use , I didn't touch myself all day. I waited for you to touch , Please."Casually he strokes my hair as he shuts the door. "Good bitch," he says. "You're such a , I didn't think you could do it. It was hard, wasn't it?" My has a confident way about him. He's not cocky or obnoxious. But it's like... he has a calm certainty, of himself and his place in this world, it makes proud to be his property.
“Yes, ," I say. "I... I leaked over the floor again," I say, he likes to know how wet I get waiting for him. He smiles down at . "That's even better," "Now, come here slut," he says, as he grabs for my leash. Crawling on all fours behind him. He tugs at the leash, i begin to struggle keeping up to his pace, my collar begins to choke me til I gag.
“Now, you little slut, I want you to spread your legs and show me how wet you are.““Y-Yes, ," I say. Because I want him to see. I want him to know how desperate i am without him. I sit down ass first on the floor spreading my legs open wide I reach between my thighs to spread my pussy for him, allowing him see the glistening pinkness inside. My fingers gently stroke over my pussy, right at the edge, I let out a soft moan.
“God," he says quie. "You are such a perfect slut."“Y-Yes, , Your perfect little slut," I say. "Thank you." “Stay like that," he says, and pulls out his phone. He points the camera at me, and my eyes widen. He's... going to take a picture of me. Like this. I bite my lip, but... I don't move.. I'm blushing while spreading my legs wider for the camera, and looking into it as he takes the picture. I want to touch myself even more now. My pussy is begging for it. In front of the camera, I'm even wetter than I was before. I wonder what he's going to do with the picture. Several possibilities flit through my mind. Maybe he'll show them to his friends, so they can see what a slut he owns . Maybe he'll post them online. "Do you want to see how much of a slut you are?" He asks. “Yes, ," I say.
He flips the phone over and shows it to .... And he’s right I look like a perfect little slut
”When you look at this picture, what do you see?" He asks .I pause for a moment, not knowing what to say. But then, I have it. "your dirty lil cum slut ," I say with excitement. “Good girl. You're just a dirty little slut. My dirty little slut."
“Yes, yes, ! Thank you, !" Because I want to be a dirty slut. His dirty slut.
He smiles. "Now, let's take some more pictures," he says. “Grab one of your tits," he says. I pose for the camera, and he takes another shot.” Do you know what I'm going to do with the pictures?" he asks, after a few more. “No, sir," I say. they're his pictures and he can do whatever he wants with them. And I'm his property anyway. But I really want to know.“I'm going to post them online. That way everyone will know what a dirty you really are.I don't move. My face just gets hotter and hotter. I cross my legs a little, because I feel a kind of heat between them too."R-Really?" I ask. I'm rubbing my legs together. I'm leaking again. He doesn't answer. He just takes another shot.He smiles. "Of course. Does that mean you want to stop?" I bite my lip and say nothing“... I want everyone to see what a dirty slut I am," I say in a small voice. "That I'm your slut.“
“Bend over for me and spread your ass cheeks," he says, and I do it. He takes a few shots of me , my holes totally exposed. I really love you like this," he says. "Don't move yet,"
"I won't, ," I say. I look behind my back and see him approaching , he comes really close, and presses his crotch against my ass. My stomach tightens. I feel his hard dick, right between my ass cheeks. It feels warm, even through the fabric of his pants.
“Do you want me to use your ass today, bitch?" He asks.“Yes, !" I reply.
He licks his finger and presses it against my asshole. I'm already loose for him. I'm always loose for him. The tip of his finger slides inside , and I moan. He moves it in and out, gently, and I rock my hips back and forth. It's good. But... it's not enough. I need his cock. I need it to fill .“Please, ," I beg. "Fuck my ass."
“Bitch, I'm going to fuck your ass. I'm going to cum inside you. You're just such a that I can't help myself anymore. But you're not allowed to cum. Do you understand that?"“Yes, sir!" I say, excited. I don't care about not cumming. I just want him inside . "Please—" I start begging again, but I squeal when he grabs my hair. He pulls up and against him, making arch my back, pressing my ass tighter against his cock.
He kisses my neck. He bites it, his teeth almost piercing the skin. I can feel his hot breath on my ear. He whispers to , his voice rough and aggressive. "You are so fucking hot. I went hard the second I saw you, the second I opened the door. I love how much of a slut you are. How soaking wet you get. Everything you do turns on so much." His words fill with warmth, all the more so for being unexpected. I moan and grind against him. I should say something. How much I love being his. How much I love his cock. How it makes me feel. But... at that moment, I just feel selfish.
Then he unzips his pants and slides them down, revealing his deliciously hard cock. He's so hard for me. And he's going to use me like this, without even bothering to take his clothes off.He bends me over, and I try to push myself against a wall. It's a really uncomfortable position. He spanks me again, as though my exposed ass is too much for him to resist.He covers two fingers with lube. I spread my cheeks for him and moan when I feel his fingers slide in. I'm so loose for him. He pushes them in deeper. I moan. He fucks me with his fingers a little more, getting me ready. Not that I need it.
He covers his cock with lube. And then I can feel it, so hot, pressing against my asshole. "Sir," I say, my voice quivering, "Please." I spread myself wider for him. But he stays there. I can feel him twitching against my asshole. His hands are on my body, exploring it. They make me tingle. I can't help myself anymore. I need him in me. I don't care if I get punished. I push back, and he groans. He's so hard. I can feel the head of his cock stretching me, so hot against the sensitive opening. "Oh, god," he groans. And then he slides into me. Yes. God. Yes.He's... he feels so big inside me. And he's so hot. It's so good.He's breathing hard. He kisses my neck again. I want him to move. I want him to use me. He grabs my hair, making me arch my beck again. And he pushes himself deeper, so deep. I can feel his thighs against my ass. Shaking, I cry out.
“You're such a greedy slut," he whispers back, his voice rough and wild and so fucking hot. "I love you like this." He goes slowly at first. Thrusting himself deep inside me, as deep as I can take. And then he goes deeper still. His hand is in my hair, and he pulls me back with every thrust. He's so strong. I'm like nothing to him. He can do whatever he wants with me. I feel him pushing his cock into me, pounding me. I can feel his entire length sliding into me. Again. And again. And again.
Then he goes faster, and it does start to burn. But it feels so good too. He spanks me as he fucks my ass. I love it. I want him to cum. I want him to fill me up. I'm so on edge, his orgasm seems like it would be my own.I reach out behind my back, so him, to feel his body, even through his clothes. And the sounds he makes as he fucks me. God. The sounds. They reach down and ignite something within me. Or more like, stoke the fires that are already there.“You're so fucking tight," he whispers. "God, I want to cum inside your ass. Would you like that?" And then, after a few thrusts, I suddenly feel him go even harder. Even hotter. Even bigger inside me.I know it's coming. He's going to cum inside my ass. I can feel it. He pulls me close, so close. I snake my arms around him, pulling him against me. I don't want him to get away. I want to feel him. I need to feel him.
I feel him pulsing, twitching. And then... it's like there is pure heat flowing into me. It's filling me up. Where I need it most. He groans as he cums inside my ass, and I moan with him. He stays inside me for a while, rocking against me, his cock shifting inside my ass, now so full with his warm cum. I become aware of his hand, gripping my breast painfully hard. When did it get there? I wonder dreamily.Now that he's finished, I feel... used. I feel his. Now he's done with me, he lets me sink to the floor, his cock sliding out, still so hard. I can feel his cum trickling down my leg.“Did you like that?" He asks above me. “Yes, sir. I love it when you cum in my ass," I say, breathless.
“Good girl," he says, and strokes my hair a little bit more. He's still hard. He's still twitching. Right in front of my face.“Spread your ass again for me, bitch ," he says, and I do it for him, right there on the floor. He takes a picture of my ass, full of his cum. I feel so dirty. I feel so good I get down on my knees and tug off his pants and boxers. He steps out of them for me. And now he's totally, gloriously naked. Still on my knees, I notice there is a bead of cum glistening at the tip of his cock. And I want it in my mouth.
“May I clean your cock, sir?" I ask.He smiles down at me. "What, you don't care I just fucked your ass?" “You are such a dirty slut, you know that?"
He nods. "Alright. Hands beh—"But I've already put them behind my back, clasping them firmly. He chuckles. "Good bitch," he says, pleased with my eagerness. I kiss the tip of his cock, sucking the drop of cum into my mouth. I lick my lips, and he laughs.
“Do you like how it tastes?" he asks. I smile up at him. "Yes, sir. I love it." I lick my lips again, and he strokes my hair.First, I lick him all over, making him wet and shiny with my spit. Then I wrap my lips around the head and suck hard, my lips squeezing every last drop of cum out of him.“God, I forgot what a greedy little mouth you had," he says. He gets his phone again, and points the camera at me.” Smile for the camera, pet," he says, and I do, his cock still hard and twitching in my mouth. “I'm going to use your mouth now, pet," he says. "Good girl. Now, open," he says, and lightly smacks my cheek.
I open my mouth wide for him, on command, and stick my tongue under his twitching cock. I look up into his eyes. “Are you ready?" He asks.“Mhm," I nod. I'm ready.
And then I can feel him. Pushing his cock into my mouth. Deeper. Deeper. His cock slides into my throat like it was nothing. Like it was made for him. He's so long. He's so thick. I can't breathe. I can't speak. I clench my hands tight behind my back, refusing to disappoint him.He pushes himself even deeper. God. My mouth is so full of him. And then... my lips are touching the base of his cock. My eyes are closed. I feel so strangely proud of myself, that I could take everything. All of him.I hear him groaning above me. He thrusts himself once into my throat. And then he pulls out, and finally, I take a deep breathe
"Dick Circle"
Posted:Nov 4, 2021 9:24 am
Last Updated:Nov 20, 2021 1:38 am
I love cocks but
I can't stop at one.
The more there to look at
The better for me
I think two are good but
I'd rather have .two or three
I want one to suck , devour with lust
Holding one in each hand is a definite MUST
Oh dear, I''ve almost forgotten
I will need many more
One in my ass so that brings it four!
One cock is in my throat to keep
While jerking off two ,
And the Four others buried deep.
I dont want to sound greedy,
but I jusy thought of my poor hive
If we can add just ONE more in my pussy
That makes it five
if I ask for another would it be a shock?
Cuz ONE more for my ass we could pop
My mouth is also quite big so why should we stop?
Fuck it, a circle of cocks lined around me sounds good.
I will have plenty to suck and to get fucked as a dirty slut should.
Just think of the cum bath I could finally get
Just the thought of all that cum gets me soaking wet!
An entire circle of guys pulling their cocks out just for me
A Cock-hungry, Cum-guzzling -thing i to be.
So, cocks are exciting in one big group
And cum is best served like yummy warm soup.
I know I'm a girl who can be a little extreme...
But, Boy o Boydo I LOVE Cake & eat it with lots of CREAM.
"Use Me Up"
Posted:Nov 4, 2021 9:22 am
Last Updated:Dec 1, 2021 4:58 pm
Finger fuck me while you suck me
Tongue Kiss me when you fist me
Tie me up, before we fuck
Cum inside my butt
I’m your #1 Slut
Give me a taste when you fuck my face
Dominate me when you Gape me
Time to Breed me, leave your seeds in me
Position me, then enter me,
Mount me before you pound me
Fuck me hard, Hump me deep
Cram it in me , when you ram it in me
Dominate me then urinate in me
Fill me up with cum, deep inside my bum
As many times as your dick will alllow
Fill me like I’m your cow
Promise to Use me up, and that youll finish in my butt
"Master, Pretty Please?"
Posted:Nov 4, 2021 9:20 am
Last Updated:Nov 5, 2021 2:05 pm
Be my Master, tie down
Strip of my silk gown
Order to be your slave
Beat if I dont behave
Pinch my nipples, pull them tight
to Stop from putting up a fight
Hancuff , bindmy wrists with string
I am YOUR servant, YOU are the KING
Watch my pussy until you see it dripping wet
thats when you decide I am not allowed to cum just yet
Whack imy ass hard with your whip and/or your hands
Make sure that I follow all your demands
Make crawl to you, then make beg
like a to hump your leg
Talk real Nasty to , in my ear
Make it a threat, i wanna feel some fear
Take me hard or take me rough
You say when you've had enough
Slap my ass, until its beet red
Whip your dick out and order me to give you some head
Even if I beg you to stop and start to cry, keep going it's just a lie
Slam your cock in me as hard as you want, I have no say so over your cunt
Have you way with me and more, I am your Nasty lil Slutty
Force to my knees, make suck you Master, pretty please?
Fill up with your heavy load, over my tits and face explode
Saveing some cum for one more hole, then Fuck my ass with your pole
Pump it, push it, make me sweat
Tell me not to cum just yet.
Slap my fingers as they slide
Towards my pussy, wet and wide
Hold my hands behind my back
And empty out your nut sack
Make me lie down, my legs wide spread
On my back, half off the bed
One more act you order from me
Stand and piss myself so you see a trickle of my pee
I can't, until you slap my tit
You spank my ass, a hard blow
my piss and pussy juices pour from me with a flow
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"Blow Job Groove"
Posted:Nov 4, 2021 9:19 am
Last Updated:Nov 23, 2021 7:19 pm

I unbuckle your pants and sliding them down ,
Your underwear follows them to the ground.
Around your ankles, they bunch,
Padding my knees, I enjoy my lunch.
I start with your balls, a sniff, then I lick,
Dragging my tongue accross your stiffening stick.
I taste precum as it leaks from your hole,
gripping my hand, around the base of your pole.
Atop your mushroom head, you feel a sloppy kiss,
Now Im sucking from that hole from which you piss.
It’s so hard, I can feel it throb,
Up slowly, then back down, my head does bob.
Time for my deepthroat, it makes you groan,
Like a magical ring, coming from your phone.
Your head goes back and your eyes close,
down my throat so deep, your pubes are tickling my nose.
Sucking your balls, they feel so smooth,
My cock sucking rhythm, now in a perfect groove.
Your legs start to quiver, you’re almost there,
then your toes lock,as you slide down in your chair.
My mouth so warm, so soft, so tight,
Suoer sloppy with spit, making that dick feel, so, right.
You dick begins cumming and continues 2 minutes long.
While I continue sucking and humming your favorite song.
Cum soaks my tonsils, your hand holds firm.
Filling my mouth with spurt after spurt,
my tongue, rests in your thick yogurt.
The blasting stops, I release my mouth,
Preparing your seed to travel down south.
With a wink and smile, I swallow it down,
Your balls now empty with nary a frown.
Racist of AF
Posted:Nov 3, 2021 11:26 pm
Last Updated:Nov 6, 2021 9:03 am

just thought I would share one of the many racial comments I constantly deal with from some of the racist assholes on this site, If these comments make you uncomfortable, "SPEAK UP", I deal with this on a daily.. The following comments were left on some of my interracial photos/videos on ,my profile:

1. WE be Illiterate BLM'ers from the ghetto.... we no dat da only way up out of the ghetto is to breed with a dumb wyte bitch we bee doin dat... get hi...dont work and get wytee topay for food 'kaus we so stupid we cant think…

2. foodstamps accepted ...... please give me your black dick for free EBT cards at Cosco

3.why america will ultimately fail.....

"How I Masterbate"
Posted:Nov 3, 2021 8:56 pm
Last Updated:Nov 14, 2021 1:42 am
Damn I’m horny, I’m so in the mood
Moments like this, I need sex, more than I need food
No matter my method, ’s sure feel great
Let me just tell you, how I masturbate.
Should I watch porn, on my computer?
Teaching me filth, like my personal tutor.
Big dicks fucking, put me in that state,
Let me just tell you, how I masturbate.
Watching some anal or on ,
A gangbang, puts me in a whirl.
Big black cock, gay or straight,
Let me just tell you, how I masturbate.
Ah, the perfect scene, I found,
My shorts and my panties, the ground.
Now what use, as my perfect mate,
Let me just tell you, how I masturbate.
Should I use my finger, my dildo or vibe?
With each one, I will describe.
Whichever I choose, shall be my date,
Let me just tell you, how I masturbate.
If I go with my finger, I’ll first rub my clit,
Before I insert it, deep in my slit.
Lick off my juices, like I just ate,
Let me just tell you, how I masturbate.
the dildo, would work best,
Fulfilling my needs and fulfilling my nest,
That size sliding in, I sure don’t hate,
Let me just tell you, how I masturbate.
If I chose my vibe, buzzing along,
With that sensation, it won’t be long.
stop me now, would make me irate,
Let me just tell you, how I masturbate.
a combo, of all three works best,
Not allowing, my smooth pussy rest.
Which one is my favorite, I will ,
Let me just tell you, how I masturbate.
Since I’m a squirter, prevent such a mess,
Several trash bags, with the bed I do dress.
From my mom, I inherited that trait,
Let me just tell you, how I masturbate.
Sitting upright, with my legs cocked back,
Then on my lips, with my hand I will smack.
Sit on the dildo, with all of my weight,
Let me just tell you, how I masturbate.
some ass is just what I need.
Another cock for my butt, slowly I’ll feed.
With both holes now filled, a DP, I equate,
Let me just tell you, how I masturbate.
I shake and I quake and my time I will take,
Cumming so hard for myself I will make.
Using my boobs, as fun loving freight,
Let me just tell you, how I masturbate.
My juice keeps squirting, all over the plastic,
Feels so amazing, and feels so fantastic.
With so much liquid, if it froze, I could skate,
Let me just tell you, how I masturbate.
I click the mouse, find another,
A red headed , fucks her brother,
He shouts her , take my dick, Kate,
Let me just tell you, how I masturbate.
I feel another one coming, let me vibrate that spot,
A bad case of the lusties, is just what I got.
Craving many an orgasm, that will keep me up late,
Let me just tell you, how I masturbate.
Hours fly by, now deep in the night,
My pussy is swollen and feeling just right,
My night owl neighbor, has even locked his gate,
Let me just tell you, how I masturbate.
After so many times, of violating myself,
I better put my toys, back up on the shelf,
When I get like this, nature decides my fate,
Let me just tell you, how I masturbate.
With my vagina tingling, I think it is time,
That I stop all this writing and stop all this rhyme.
Pleasuring myself, will always sedate,
Let me just tell you, how I masturbate.
Now closing my eyes, while tucked in my bed,
Taking a break, from the thoughts in my head.
From all of this smut, I need a clean slate
I just told you, how I masturbate.

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