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Valleyofsungirl 47F
30 posts
10/11/2020 12:41 pm

You ever second guess those naughty pics you get sent? For example, how old is that pic? Was it original for ? Is it even their pic begin with?

Lol you would be amazed in the answers...

PAWAPh 46M  
14861 posts
10/11/2020 3:38 pm

Hey, Sungirl.

*Interesting Post*

Welcome To Blogtown!!


hornysenior4 77M  
1392 posts
10/15/2020 5:02 pm

I Do have some older pics. I must admit. But it is only because I don't many of myself. And the Ones I have taken..... Died when my Hard drive Crashed. LOL!! Are You volunteering to take some New Ones??

s2ndegree 63M  
9800 posts
10/17/2020 1:40 am

Not really!
I'm to clothed minded.

Using more than all the road!

CuriousDad12 55M

11/3/2020 9:46 am

Pics... Never save and always delete! But you can tell a fake...

funguyaz602 49M
3 posts
1/10/2021 11:28 pm

thanks for the tip. i'm no longer a paying member but if you kick i am wanting2feelmore

slow2cum4u2 78M  
52 posts
3/15/2021 4:54 pm

I am sure that some of the photos - both naughty and not so - are fake.
I have been known to send a naught photo or two when requested, but definitely prefer to show in person... That way we can exchange and go as far as we decide...

rspctflguy49 51M  
2 posts
3/19/2021 10:39 pm

Yes, more of "Hey! That pic looks damn familiar" Proper response is " That pic is still F#ing hot, I saved it from before because it's so sexy! True story LOL

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