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Today's update.  

WSninetytwo 61M  
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1/31/2022 10:28 pm
Today's update.

OK, first things first. I want to get laid. Now, did anyone not think that? I’m a 61 year old guy on BBWMatchMate. It seems pretty clear. So with my jumping up and down here, hands in the air waving, yelling “PICK ME, PICK ME!”, why should anyone actually pick me? Before I get into my points, I want to explain what I’ve seen in my few months here and what my expectations are. Please bear with me.

I think I’m pretty good at weeding out crap profiles and those that are only there to get information. I have little faith that the woman half my age from thousands of miles away has any interest in my wit, or my focusing on pleasing my lovers. That covers about 90% of the contacts I get.

I get some glances (or reports that they “looked at my profile”) from actual prospective members who pass a cursory test (age and distance). Generally, many of those are profiles who don’t fit what I’m looking for and I believe they peeked, didn’t like what they saw, and moved on. “C’est la Vie” as the French say.

A few I converse with. Some I find are not what I’m looking for and others decide the same about me. I have occasionally screwed up and possibly angered some people. To them, I apologize. I screwed up, I wasn’t fast enough, or some other flaw in my communication fell through. I ain’t perfect, but I try real fucking hard.

As to what I offer, I prefer to make love as opposed to fucking. What I do with someone is designed to pleasure them. Even if they want some kink and a little negative treatment. If you’re looking for porn to show my favorite style, it’s either massage videos or muscle worship where caressing and caring for parts of the body is the focus. I love rubbing, kissing, caressing bodies. I also enjoy being caressed, etc. as well. Compared to the parts of the body sex focuses on, the body is a big place with lots of play area. Every square inch of skin has nerve endings feeling sensations. My goal is to get you hard or wet before your privates are uncovered.

As to what I’m looking for, I like conversation. I love throwing complete sentences and paragraphs at people who ask for more than cursory messaging. It’s not like I can completely cover a dollar bill with eight hard ebony inches. I also won’t automatically think you’re going to want to fuck me if you return a simple “Hi” message. Or if you laugh at one of my jokes. I know there are guys like that and it can’t be easy being inundated with mass quantities of messages, most of which are garbage. That’s why I try to be polite and somewhat intelligent.

I hope I’ve given some folks a better impression of me. Take care.

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