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Are N.Virginia people unfriendly or have I missed something?  

YoursFrankly 60M  
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2/14/2022 8:42 am
Are N.Virginia people unfriendly or have I missed something?

If you have ever traveled, have you ever noticed how certain behaviors tend to permeate areas of the country. Example LA people seem to oooose anxiety, competitiveness and the insecurity that goes along with trying to be “everything to everyone” and not really having a grasp of what and who you truly are, while at the same time trying to “keeping up with the Jones. ” and at the same time, always looking for that “better deal”.

Lived in Las Vegas for a while and noticed that there were two distinctly different types. The “strip people” which were very similar to LA people but way more competitive. And then there are the “off strip people”, (which include many of the people who work in support of the “strip”), who appear to be more open and friendly. Most had just moved there to find a new life and were excited about the future and were always willing to give a helping hand.

Where as VA and MD appear to be a completely different mix. VA especially Northern VA appear to be very “closed off”, wrapped tight and live in fear. Maybe its because of DC, politics and the many security wings of the government (CIA, FBI, NSA), which seem to breed more insecurity than anything else, are all in one place.

Vegas, Hollywood and DC and the surrounding suburbs are all “company towns”. Vegas is gaming, entertainment and vices; Hollywood, is Entertainment (TV, Film, Music) and fame and DC appears to be Politics and fear . Usually that fear seems to be connected to not being on the right side at the right time.

One truly fascinating aspect of Northern Virginia people is how they tend to often “back their cars into parking spaces” instead of heading straight in. Is it because they are afraid to make a commitment or so they can leave (escape) more quickly. And going “hand in hand” with this, they seem to be extremely uncomfortable with “direct” and more comfortable with not taking chances or venturing out of their comfort zones.

Living in the “pack” or herd mentality, combined with overly wrapped narcissists, pretending to lead, yet at the same time deeply concerned with what others think is exhausting and a fascinating way to live.

But getting back to this site, I know that the “slant” here is 100 male to every 1 female, and then add all the fakes, scammers and professional sex workers, it is still, amazing how so few people ever respond, even if it is to say “Not Interested”!

After over a year on BBWMatchMate – Northern, VA, I have only made one connection with a “group”, which I am still waiting to find out if they are in fact “real or Memorex”. I will be here another year, and will most likely let my gold membership go, as it makes me feel that the only one getting screwed here (on this site) are those who have paid for a membership.

Trying to be more positive……but……

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