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The image you project  

__RJS__ 50M  
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4/23/2022 9:40 am
The image you project

While I am saying this about chat room behavior, it applies just as much to real life.

When someone says hello to you, and you choose to ignore it.
What does that say about you?

When someone asks how you are doing, and you chose to ignore it.
What does that say about you?

Why are things like this significant?
Even though you have no interest in the person saying hello to you, or asking how you are doing, other people do see that. People that you could well be interested in.
At that point, what did you just reveal to that person your interested in about the type of person you are?
What impression are you making on others when you ignore people who are simply being friendly and polite?

Some additional<b> food </font></b>for thought.
Many of the chat rooms on this site have a few rules that need to be followed ( most are quite easy and simple to follow ).
What does that say about you when you can't respect a few simple rules?
Like chat rooms, people have rules and boundaries that need to be respected.
If you can't follow some simple rules for a chat room, how can people believe that you will respect their rules and boundaries?

Think about the image you present to people. Even though you may not have any interest in that person, someone you are interested in is probably watching. What will they think of the image that you are projecting?

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