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I'll play this hand "alone"  

cplovr68 71M/71F
21 posts
1/14/2022 5:55 pm
I'll play this hand "alone"

So as my husband, lover, best friend and I journey though exploring sex with other men, primarily me, the female having sex with other men. My husband lover gets incredibly turned on thinking of me having sex with another man solo. I will see how playing alone goes. Nothing ventured... So having decided upon this path, I began to visualize myself how it would be alone with another man. There surely will be times, and maybe always, when my husband wishes to take part, or at least sit back and enjoy watching me with another man. With some courage now I embark on this experience. I don't know what man I might play with first, but I have a feeling that I will want to play with a much younger man. I have him in mind, and he and I have chatted a bit, and both agree that the age difference is a turn on, an erotic idea.
This young man has been honest and invitational and real so far in his communication. Those candid exchanges have led to our meet. As always, we meet, the three of us, in a comfortable public place, though in this case, this friend has asked us back to his house for a nice bowl of good pot, and of course the comfort of a private home makes things easier. We were nervous at first, meeting at the bar, and there was obvious chemistry between us, and my husband became aroused just watching and listening to the man and me flirting openly. I tried to remain sober and aware of everything, but my sexual curiosity and arousal was great, and I began to trust my inner sexual goddess voice, and wanted to obey.
We all know the logistical challenges of meeting people, and then arranging a follow up for the real play. We all know the rule: meet first, make sure they aren't a serial killer, however you do that, and if the chemistry is good, set up the date for play.
Smart methods, but sometimes, you just want to go with your gut and seize the power of the moment. This was the moment we wanted to seize.
At our friend's house, we sat on the couch, my husband sat on a chair, and some good music was on and the pot bowl was shared, as was laughter and heavy sexual vibes. At one point, my husband and our friend went into the kitchen to get some drinks, and my husband basically gave our friend the okay on having sex with me, if I likewise desired it, which my husband told our friend, "she definitely wants to fuck and be fucked by you."
Back in the living room, on the couch, we are all feeling pretty horny and happy and high. I was still nervous about this, so I was glad that the young man took the lead, which is always nice for the woman, to feel invited, teased, and appreciated. He had already told me that a slow fuck was something he desired, and though he had a lot of stamina, he wanted to draw it out. I agreed. Rather than be intimidated by that, I began to just relax, ooh baby, relax and let things flow, and do what comes naturally. So I played on his body with my hands, with my mouth. He kissed me wet and hot and my other lips began to quiver in anticipation and my juices began to flow. He slowly unbuttoned my blouse, and breathed hot breath on my breasts, and licked my nipples through my sheer bra. My body was tingling all over, and he slowly made love to me, removing my blouse, bra, suckling my breasts, pinching my nipples, but not letting me touch him yet. His hands slid down into my leggings, finding my wetness and gently rubbing my clit, while he said nasty things in my ear. I was made jello by his touching and taunting my pussy with his fingers. He stopped and sat back to catch his breath, and I seized my chance to first place my hand on his beautiful package still unseen beneath his pants, and when I touched him, he rewarded me with a groan and a few growls. I slowly opened his pants, again touching his cock now hard and peeking out of his underwear and that is where I began, I bent over and began to lick his cock's head, pushing his underwear down as I worked my way down his shaft. I stroked his beautiful cock, feeling it pulse beneath my fingers, and I placed wet soft kisses up his bare torso, stopping briefly to lick his nipples and nip at them, hearing him suck in his breath, feeling his cock urging in my fingers. We continued in a frenzy for a few minutes, tearing off each other's clothes, laughing, and as my husband watched us and stroked himself, my friend laid me down and again kissed his way down my body, my mouth hungry as he worked his way down to my wet throbbing anticipating pussy. He made love to my pussy with his mouth and tongue and fingers. I raised up off the cushions as my body prepared for his cock to enter me. And then he brought his cock and body over me, and took some of my juice and rubbed it over his cock head, and then he tapped my opening, another asking permission, how sexy, and when my eyes said, yes, fuck me with your beautiful cock, he drove it in slowly, ahh, his hot rod pushed in and my legs opened wide, to help pull him in farther. He fucked me slowly, and fast and hard, and I found myself riding the pleasure train. We both held back the urge to climb higher, wanting to play some more. We stopped, enjoyed a moment of pure dishevelment, smoked some more pot, which always makes us even more horny, hydrated with cold water, and went to the bedroom, where we fell in another round of kisses, fondling, stroking, rubbing, legs tangled, and when he laid sideways next to me, I slid my pussy right up to his cock, where he pulled me over onto him, and we fucked some more in that wonderful position, where we can all see his sweet cock enter my pussy, such a hot sight. My body releases new groans at the pleasure of our play. And as I began to climb, feeling a vaginal orgasm getting closer, I was losing the battle to hold off, and then he flipped me over in a firm way, and my husband's far away voice said, 'get up on your knees for him, you love it don't you, doggy fuck." and my partner was like a race who just heard the bell, and he entered me, and we rocked and I pushed my sweet ass and pussy back on his cock, his fingers came around to rub my hard clit, and the intensity of our pleasure climb was incredible. As I approached the big O, so did he, and I urged him on, and when it was upon him, he asked breathlessly should he stay in to spill his load, or come out, and as I was overcome with a shattering orgasm, I told him , BOTH, and he shot hot and thick inside me, and then I felt the hot seed on my ass and back, as his cum spasmed out in long steady spurts.
The afterglow of hot sex is usually laughter and lots of "OH, Fuck, my God, and complete release. As a friend once described the feeling after orgasm of a balloon that just lost all his air, and we lay in a soft pile of skin, feeling the drain as well as the surge of good feeling that comes over the body and mind.
Being alone for the first time with a man after many years was incredibly exciting and made me feel wanton and energized and even a bit more complete.
My husband enjoyed witnessing me being pleasured by a new cock, but next time, he said for me to go alone and come home and tell him all about it while he was fucking me. I look forward to another play date with my very young friend. I think we both brought out some hot creatures with that play.

NJGUY08090 56M
4307 posts
1/14/2022 7:00 pm

You sound so hot -- Wish I had you too...

Hankclamshack2 56M

1/16/2022 11:34 am

Very hot. Lucky man.

Hankclamshack2 56M

1/16/2022 11:35 am

Very hot. Lucky man

spunkycumfun 62M/67F  
41171 posts
1/21/2022 1:49 pm

It sounds like you've hit lucky with a willing husband willing you on. But is there a but?

mmguy52 70M  
2126 posts
1/22/2022 1:56 pm

I do wish you were closer.

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