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take me part 552...edited.
Posted:Jan 3, 2022 9:56 pm
Last Updated:Jan 4, 2022 10:12 pm

Malinka and Sofi walked me to the house. I wanted to chop wood but they wouldn't let me. I was so going to get hurt. We took off our boots and walked inside as everyone stopped what they were doing and looked at us. I turned to leave as Jake and Emily pounced on me because they had missed me. All this crap was interfering with what was most important to me, and now I had to deal with this new thing here. !!! "Da'!" They hugged and squeezed me. "Da', we are in the past. These women are our family?" I nodded even though I wasn't sure about Emily, but I was giving up trying to keep all this straight. I had enough to do to keep they balls in the air, and now I had balls in the past. They were making breakfast, and bonding which made me smile and reminded me of family reunions when I was young and my family met family at a lake house in Canada, and we spent a week with people we didn't know...until we left. The girls were all looking at me, which was either bad or good, as Aya walked up. This wasn't going to be go good. She hugged me, and bit my neck as hard as Sara but for a different reasons.

"I need to go home and be Gerel, Danael. I know you are keeping me safe, keeping us safe, but I need her with me." I was getting ready to speak when Annie and Sara walked up.

"Love, we will get you home, but let's have breakfast and hear what Daniel has to say. Aydar is with her, and no it's not ideal but they tried to kill me, us, so they will try and kill you too. The only reason I am alive is because of my family. We have to do this right Aya because we are merging three of the oldest clans. Clans that are so old that they lead to the beginning of us. I know, we know, how you feel, none of us wanted to be here, but so far it's pretty amazing. This is our line, Aya. We will talk with Daniel after breakfast and figure things out, and if you still want to go then one, or two, of us will go with you, sweets." Aya hugged us. Everyone was here and they so happy it made me smile. I grabbed Jake and told him to meet me outside as I put my boots on and went around back. Breakfast takes a long time when you have to haul wood and water.

Jake came outside with Emily. "Grab the buckets and follow me." We walked to the spring as they told me how much they liked it here. I doubted that would last when they had to live like this day in and day out, but who knows. I could, and Sara and Annie, certainly Taiko. We all knew hardship in various forms, and dealt with them. I didn't want them to just yet because they had too much living to do.

"I want to show you where the well is because while you are here it'll be your job to bring water since there is no tap. This is not an easy life. You'll also need to help with the wood and help Malinka and Sofi with the barn. Oh, we have wolves here, too, but they are friends." They stared at me. "I know it's a lot to process but you are the youngest so it'll be easier for you to deal with change, at least I hope so otherwise I'm fucked with everyone else." They stared at me.

"Da', is everything OK?"

"More or less, but there is a lot going on, and trouble seems to follow me. For now, things are fine. This is going to be the site of the new home for Irina, Malinka, and Sofi because it's closer to the spring, which over there. There are others but I haven't been able to map them yet because getting this done is key, as you will find out water is heavy," and that was when I felt movement and growled out of reflex. "The spring is close, follow me." They filled buckets and headed back to the house. ", I need you to chop wood until I get back. I have something I need to do. Tell you moms I won't be long." He nodded as I kissed them and walked into the woods.

They didn't understand but they accepted it, which was more than I could ask for as I walked into the woods. I didn't need to shift because I had the senses of the bear just not the lumbering, and I liked that. I knew where he was and I could feel his fear as I walked straight toward him. He didn't realize that he was surrounded by wolves as I kept getting closer to him. He was getting ready to run. so I spoke to him in his language.

"I wouldn't run if I were you because you are surrounded by wolves." They howled. "They wont hurt you unless I ask them to and all I want is to talk, so stay where you are." He stopped, and peed himself. I couldn't blame him because multiple wolves howling that close, when you can't see them, can have that effect. I walked up and squatted down. "I'm Daniel. Why are you on my land?"

He stared at me. "What is your name?" He stared at me. "We mean you no harm but you are on our land, without an invitation, and I want to know why. What is your name?" I knew he was scared because he peed himself, but he was here, watching. He was obviously from around here so whoever was targeting this land was smart enough to use locals and that said a lot. "What's your name?"


"I'm Daniel," as I extended my hand which he shook. "Why are you on my land Elias?' He stared at me. Wolf walked out and growled as he screamed. "This is wolf and he's not alone. He won't hurt you unless I ask him to, and I don't want you to get hurt. Why are you here Elias?" I was repeating everything and speaking slowly because he was young and scared.

"They told me to watch the house and then tell them what I saw."

'When do meet them, and where?" Silence. "They aren't worth getting eaten alive by wolves, Elias."

"There is a place where people can eat in town, and get ale. He was going to meet me. I just want to go home. I don't want anymore of this. Please."

It' a little late for that, Elias, because I need to know who these people are."

"You'll know them instantly because they think they are better us, and act like it."

"All the them, Elias, you are coming with me and then showing up later so you can sit at their table, after that you are free to go and we'll give you some silver for your journey. There will likely be a , or two, as well, when this is over. It's your choice, Elias." He stared at me, and Wolf.

"I'll do whatever I have to get out this and go on my way."

"Good, now tell me everything." I thanked the wolves as Elias and I walked home, and he told me what he knew.
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take me part 551... These are always edited, until they get here.
Posted:Jan 3, 2022 7:00 pm
Last Updated:Jan 4, 2022 10:12 pm

I walked the land smelling and orienting myself . Wolf and part of his pack walked up. 's amazing how sensitive animals are everything around them. They all head butted me and yipped, except Wolf, counting coup I guessed. I was glad they were my friends as all of them ran off except Wolf and we walked. I hadn't explored this land and even though I had seen as the dragon, but I was focused on food. I was curious and wanted see the fencing because was no sense getting animals if they screwed up the fencing.

" been other men here, looking in the trees. We thought they were hunting but they came back and were looking at the fence, and the house. These weren't good men Danael. We haven't seen them since so is good that you are here."

"How long?"


"Please show me where they entered, went, and left, Wolf." I followed him into the woods north of the pastures that had been fenced. led dense woods which were close Hammish and then East. 's why I was doing what I was doing on this land.

"They came in here and walked East and then behind the house and then around other big field you fenced and left the South, a wagon was waiting with horses. We left them alone because we were curious and all they were doing was looking. We should killed them."

"No, wolf, you did the right thing, thank you, 's better know what we are dealing with and I don't want your pack become a target of human anger. Did you smell anything odd?"

"They weren't from here. The people here smell the but these men didn't. They almost smelled like some of the women in town after they bathe." I stared at him. "Men here don't use whatever is because the men here smell like water and what you use clean yourselves. These men smelled different."

"What were they wearing?"

"What your big friend wears, nicer. They were not nice men and if they come back we should kill them."

"I won't argue that brother, especially since they were looking at the house. Please show me where they went." , never ends either in the present, or the past. I followed wolf through the woods behind the house and stopped as I looked East, opposite the house. "How far back do the trees go?"

"Days, Danael., longer. 's why we settled here." . We kept walking until he led us out at the end of the property I had claimed. They were looking at for the reason I built the fence, except they were planning on taking . I needed talk with Hammish and the girls because some of us weren't leaving, which probably meant none of us were. This was going be a total cluster but I'd be damned if I would let someone come in and take what was ours. I wished they had wire so I could fence all of , including the trees. This was the last thing I needed. The sun was coming up.

"Thank you brother, you were right be wary. I think those men plan on trying take this land." He growled. "Agreed, but because of you we know about and can plan for them. Thank you. I need get back face my women." He yipped and ran back into the woods as I walked down the road to the barn. I went to the stream and stripped so I could bathe. was going be cold but at least the air temperature was above freezing. I needed figure out a tub but I was already thinking about that when I felt something and turned around. Malinka and Sofi were smiling at me as they were undressing. They were definitely pregnant. They pushed me down, which I didn't resist, and started sucking, and licking me, get me hard. Sofi sat on my cock and Malinka sat on my face, which was surprising because she was the oldest. I came in Sofi as Malinka squirted all over me and grunted. They kissed each other and ground themselves onto me as they laughed.

"We've missed you but we new beds, and clothes, and now family." They hugged me as we brushed each other off and got dressed. "You did our chores." I nodded. They kissed me, took my hands, and walked me back to the house speaking a mile a minute about everything. I was in so much trouble.
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take me part 550.... edited x 2
Posted:Jan 2, 2022 8:52 pm
Last Updated:Jan 3, 2022 12:10 pm

I gave hay and water Hammishs' animals before walking Irina's. I was on the road when wolf showed up and walked next me as his pack mates shadowed us. "We are a pack, Danael, like yours we watch over our own." I nodded. "All of these new people are your family?" I stopped, looked at him, and nodded. He nodded as the other wolves ran off. "You a strong pack, my friend." I said I did, but were others. "Fenrir told us about our helping our offspring survive in your time, as you helped us. is not often that he speaks with such respect of anyone, let alone a human." I was silent.

"He is my friend and we helped each other, most humans don't like wolves; we are not most humans." He was silent as we walked.

"Your women are angry at you. We felt it in our dens."

"I had do things and I had do them alone. They don't like that, which I understand."

"You can't bite their necks?" I was silent as I thought about that, smiled, and said no, as we kept on walking.

"How are you with food, brother?"

"We are good and Spring is almost here. The smaller animals are coming out. We are keeping our at the dens because we meat that needs be eaten. We are allowing the ferrets, weasels, and other predators to take some as well. We all want things to get back to a balance." I nodded. "Are you staying long, Dragon?" I was silent because I wanted to, and my gut said we should, but would be like herding cats.

"I hope so my friend. Thank you, and your pack for watching after mine when I was gone. If you need anything let us know." He butted me as he ran off. I was at the barn. was still predawn but I could see fine, better than fine, like the animals were already awake feeling the approaching dawn. I cleaned their stalls, let drakon out as he mauled me and went prowling. He was the one that was part wolf even though the other drakon thought he was too. I started to give hay as Sara walked in.

"I'm sorry I hurt you. Ilsa was right, I realized last night as I went sleep watching you and Gaia. I'm sorry, Daniel." I took her face in my hands and kissed her.

"Go back to sleep, love. I understand. will be plenty do when you everyone wakes. I hated what I did, but was glad you were just mad at me. Go back inside and try and sleep a longer." She nodded as I finished with the barn. I looked at the wood pile and, while we needed some, it was OK and I didn't want wake anyone. I shifted into the bear and wandered looking at the fencing and the land.
take me part 549...edited (I'm so sick of this site.)
Posted:Jan 2, 2022 6:00 pm
Last Updated:Jan 3, 2022 10:15 pm

I was tired but I also felt bad about Sara, even though I had to do what I did. The threat wasn't over and I probably should have kept Lashin alive longer to question him, but he would have lied. He was no longer the man I knew. I needed to meet with Dreka. Lashin desecrated a sacred place but I only destroyed his personal chamber. I couldn't trust any of them, sadly. I hoped that seeing men frozen solid would have the same impact that it did in St. Petersburg. There were still too many unknowns but I was hoping everyone here would bond, as they seemed to be doing, and be willing to stay because it was safe, at least safer, while I figured out what our threats were.

I wasn't going to waste the time here, especially since I was persona non grata and Hammish and I had too much to do, and I had even more thoughts for things, so it was probably best that most everyone would be mad at me tomorrow. I needed to go back and check on Norway, and also Gotland. I figured Sara and I could split that and maybe she'd stop being mad at me sooner rather than later. I fell asleep thinking about sea salt, pine tar, trees, and barrels, before I fell into a deep sleep. I wasn't sure how long I was asleep before i was back in my cave on Iceland and opened my eyes to a foxed staring at, unpleased.

"Hello Gaia." She was silent...great. "Does my body rest during these excursions?" She got and walked out. Alrighty then, this was going be fun.

"Your body is healing, Danael, I always see to that so you needn't concern yourself. Would you mind telling me what you are doing because I am growing concerned with both you and Sara, the others are progressing as they should, but not you two, and I am unsure why that is, and what your intentions are. You power is growing faster than it should, faster than Marnine's...and hers grew too fast. I wanted to hear from you."

We walked toward the ocean, well, I lumbered but I was lost in the smells, and the wind, and just being here because it was my true home. Gaia walked with me in silence, observing my love of this place, a love that was ancient, yet new. "I'm not sure what to tell you Gaia. Sara and I, are Sara and I, we are just trying to keep our families safe."

"Yet you destroyed monks that have been on that spot, protected, for millennia." I growled as I turned and stared at her. She took two steps back.

"Dreka taught me there, Gaia, and you know that. NEVER call my love for that place into question again. I knew Lashin, he taught Tashi. Something infected them, just like something infected Marnine. This is not my problem Gaia.... I just fixed it for the time being, and I will keep doing the same if anyone comes after my families, or the clans. Period." I turned and headed to the ocean as she followed.

"Fair enough, Dragon, but you ended that Monastery because you killed all of them."

"They had a dark witch. They were using dark magic. Yes, I ended all of them, as it should be...YES?"


"I didn't destroy the Monastery..."

"Their knowledge is lost to us..."

"Aisha and I took the scrolls, and manuscripts, along with all the jewelry and gems. I melted the gold but it's still there. We'll keep the rest safe on the island until you can find other monks. It's not the only Monastery, Gaia, nor is Lashin the only teacher. What is time to monks who don't die, mostly?" I kept smelling as I walked.

"Why did you kill him so quickly?" I stopped and lied down as Gaia curled in front of . I never knew if she was truly concerned, or if she was testing . I figured it was the latter.

"You can't bargain with the dark Gaia, you should know that better than anyone. It didn't work when I tried to stop it, and it didn't work when Marnine embraced it and the people suffered. Our people won't suffer like that again, and I don't care who I have to fight." I got up and walked along the shore smelling the sand, and the water, and the kelp. Gaia walked next to me in silence until I at was at Marnine's. Jesus Christ, I was never getting any sleep. I was no longer the bear, but I smelled so I walked to the energy falls, stripped and stepped in it so I could cleanse myself of what I did. Hopefully, it would take the smell of the bear with it. I turned and Marnine was smiling at me, wrapped in a shawl.

"This is an unexpected, but most welcome, gift. I haven't seen you naked in eons, Druk" Shit. I walked out of the falls, kissed her, and started putting my clothes on as Roan and Ingrid walked up, smiling and looking. Holy crap. "You've been a naughty Dragon, again, but it was the right thing to do. They had turned, like I did." I nodded. "Come inside, love, and spend time with us, I am making yeasty things now and we can catch up.... that Sara is a handful." I smiled and nodded as we walked back to the, now house, they had outgrown the cottage. No one could say that Gaia wasn't generous with her . Marnine and Roan took my hands and Ingrid took Roan's as we walked back.

Roan and Ingrid sat me in front of the fire and got me milk as they bombarded me with questions about Annie, and everything. I felt that it was innocent and they truly missed everyone, which if that was the case, I would be forever thankful to Gaia for. I told them we were fine but that I needed to know about them so I could share it with everyone when I saw them. They both took turns but went a mile a minute telling me about what was going on. Ingrid showed me how much better her arm was, and they both showed me their scars, and how they were disappearing, and how much better they could walk. They had no hatred toward me but I still felt the weight of what I had done. It was obvious that they were in love, truly in love, and no longer just as a way to get power. Marnine called us to the kitchen. We walked in as Ingrid said...

"Gaia isn't sure if she can fix things so I can I have a baby, but Roan can have one. There has to be a price to be paid, and we walked in for cinnamon rolls, breads, tea, and milk, which I smelled.

"You have a goat?" I had no idea how long we spent talking, and laughing. I liked all of them in spite of my reservations. I needed to check with Bethany about the progress of the buildings, and also with Gaia about how she felt they were progressing. I drank the rest of my milk, and opened my eyes in darkness in the hay loft. There was the faintest grey to the East. I climbed down, wrapped the blankets around me, and trodged through mud to Irina's to check on the barn, and the wood.
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take part 548... edited?
Posted:Jan 2, 2022 1:46 pm
Last Updated:Jan 4, 2022 9:08 am

I walked inside get warm and into utter silence as everyone looked at me, except Sara. Shit. She was the one I cared most about and I was hoping I had just pissed her off and hadn't hurt her heart, that would be to tough to deal with. I'd rather take physical pain any day. I walked up to her to deal with what I had to, but I knew I had done the right thing. She glared at me as I stopped in front her and she stood. She was pissed, thankfully.

"You pushed me into a fucking a hay loft, Daniel," and then she hit me in the chest four times, hard...that was a first... before stomping off. I stood in front of the fire trying to warm myself. I felt the growl before I heard it. She jumped on my back and bit me so hard that I winced. She jumped off, spun me around and then slapped my face, for good measure I suppose. "Don't you ever do that to me again, understand?" I nodded because I wasn't about to say anything. "Come on Aisha, we're going to Irina's he can sleep in the hay loft. Ilsa, Hammish, thank you. It's wonderful meeting you. We'll see you tomorrow," and they all hugged each as I stood facing the fire. Sara opened the door as I looked around. She shifted her wrist and then they both walked into the mist to Irina's, Aisha looked back before closed and Hammish shut the door. Ilsa grabbed my hand, took to the table, and sat me down.

"Take your coat and shirt off." I did. "That had to hurt." I nodded as she went to get salve and clean rags.

"Does she get that mad on a regular basis? " I smiled.

"I don't think she has been that angry in her entire life, Hammish." He poured us another glass of brandy. "Thank you, my friend, but don't waste on me, that is very expensive where I come from. Ilsa cleaned the wound, put salve on , wrapped and tied , and helped me with one of Hammish's shirts. "Thanks Ilsa, and thank you Hammish, I saw the beds. I wish I was here help you."

" will be plenty of things you can help with in the future but you bring us gifts from your time, and silver for me melt, and we mules coming and a wagon figure out how rebuild." Ilsa jumped in,

"And, we found a nice, house and barn not far away. needs some work but now we plenty of people do , and we went town and got clothes made for everyone, and treats for Malinka and Sofi. I was able to get some new clothes for my lug and I without having to use the credit we in town because of the venison. Don't you ever apologize because you couldn't help on a particular thing. We are fortunate to you friend, you family, Danael." I hugged her and grunted because Sara bit me hard.

"Speaking of that Ilsa, last time I was here Hammish asked if I could bring back something special for you. I friend works with stones and makes jewelry and I asked her to find me something." I reached into pocket and handed it to Hammish and winked. Ilsa smiled but was focused on our hands because she was so excited. He turned and Ilsa hugged him. He had no clue what it was.

"You did this you big lug?" He nodded as he reached out his hand and opened it. Ilsa gasped and looked at him, and then me, and jumped on him and kissed him. I was definitely sleeping in the barn. Stephanie found some very old opals with exquisite color and markings. She could turned them into what would been very expensive jewelry but I just wanted the stones because I had already brought them a piece of jewelry from Karin. A stone was safer because was just a "pretty" rock, and they were pagans. Stephanie had out done herself though because they were gorgeous. Ilsa was showing Hammish the opal and then looked at me.

"He said you like color." She nodded as she hugged me, nodded, and asked if I was hungry. "No, I'm tired. Do a wool blanket you can spare?" She nodded and went open the chest. She came back and handed me.

"I never seen anything this beautiful. Where is from?" I explained about Australia, and where was. They were totally engrossed. "Did you bring these for Irina and the girls?" I nodded. "Good, because they power that can help us focus." Hammish came up with candles as I put my coat on and Ilsa kissed me. "Sara will fine by tomorrow. She knows you did the right thing but her pride was hurt because you locked her here." I nodded and said goodnight as Hammish and I walked to the barn.

"I don't remember asking you for anything, Danael," we both laughed, "but thank you because she loves it, and certainly deserves it for putting up with me, and now us." I nodded. "We can talk tomorrow. I'm glad you're back. We've missed you."

"I know Hammish. I've missed all of you too. We can figure things out tomorrow but for now, enjoy your evening." He smiled and slapped back as I grimaced, blew out the candle, and handed it back to him. I didn't need it because my senses were expanding even when I wasn't shifted. I climbed into the loft and lied down. Tomorrow was going to be and interesting day.
take me part 547...edited?
Posted:Dec 31, 2021 6:01 pm
Last Updated:Jan 2, 2022 7:50 pm

They all walked inside. Aisha looked over her shoulder and smiled. Sara and Ilsa totally ignored and Hammish stopped, looked at , and shrugged as he turned and walked into the house. I couldn't fault him for being wise...but Fuck, and winter was starting to turn into spring here so it started raining. I didn't think Sara would be quite this mad. I shuddered to think what the rest of them would do, at least I could sleep in Hammish's hay loft, or in the the barn at Irina's....OK maybe not there. Crap. I had undone most of what Sara did to , and had shifted back but my I couldn't unlock my feet from the ground and it started raining heavily, but it was still cold outside. Fuck. The door opened and the glow of the fire beckoned. Sara AND Ilsa stood looking at . OK, Hammish's loft was likely out of the question. I forgot that Ilsa was a witch too. The first thought that went through my mind was that once I got my feet free I could open the mist, fall through, and lock it again so they could all cool off, but I decided against that and figured I'd take my medicine, and that was when Sara released me fully and I fell into the mud. Shit. I walked into the barn and used some of the horses water to wash off as much mud as could and grabbed a blanket before trodging to the house. I knocked and Hammish opened the door, smiling, and handed me a glass of Brandy. I gladly took it and drank so I could warm . I was less impervious the elements than either the bear or dragon.

"Sara and Ilsa are still upset but Aisha is speaking with them. I would count on us sleeping in the barn, which is OK because we have a lot discuss and it's too nasty to take the wagons out " I nodded.

Tell them I'll be back soon. I want to let the others know that we're OK." I unlocked the mist and Ama and Joseph walked out.

"Have you lost your mind?" I smiled and told them to follow because I probably had and I was the only one getting wet for some reason. The mist opened and we all walked out at Irina's door. Well, truth be told I stumbled a bit but I did the same on the moving conveyor belt thingies.

"Would you mind?" I pointed upward and they extended the invisible umbrella over me as well. The door opened, Malinka saw me and launched as she bit my neck. I carried her back inside as Ama and Joseph followed. The girls all came over and took turns hugging me. They all said at the same time....

'You're soaked mister, let's get you into some dry clothes," and then all burst out laughing. I told them what was going on and that it was raining too much for a wagon so we'd come tomorrow. I was hoping to avoid anyone mentioning Sara, which of course didn't happen since they were sisters, and mostly witches, but Irina moved the curtain back, pointed, and smiled at two new beds. There wasn't much room left but given the way things were going they would be helpful, well not for me, at least not that night.

"Hammish made them and found a nice farm house, with a small barn and a good spring not too far. We've been cleaning it. She hugged and kissed me. You take good care of us even if you do smell most of the time." Everyone laughed and nodded as I stood in front of the fire and they all talked with Ama and Joseph. I interrupted and told them I needed to get back but we'd be here tomorrow morning. I didn't need to tell them to get acquainted because they instinctively knew they were all family, even if they couldn't understand it, and were enjoying each other's company. I wasn't exactly sure how they could all communic but I figured it was either , as the common denominator, or because we were family, or because they were mostly witches. I didn't care. I called the mist and went back to Hammish and Ilsa's. I misjudged and got thrown into the door, at least I didn't need to knock. Hammish opened it holding another glass of brandy. I took my boots off, grabbed the glass, and walked toward Sara, who wasn't smiling, to my penance. OY!
take me part 546... edited. Happy New Year.
Posted:Dec 29, 2021 10:36 pm
Last Updated:Dec 31, 2021 3:15 pm

Sara roared at me as she fell into the hayloft. "Who's there?" She screamed at me. I was going to be hurt.

"I'm Sara, Hammish. Please bring me a ladder." Silence.

"Danael's Sara?'

"For the moment, Hammish. I need a ladder to get down because I can't fly." Ilsa walked in.

"Hammish, bring the ladder." He did as Sara climbed down and met our past. "I am Ilsa and this lug is my husband. How is it that you are in our hay loft?" Sara bowed and shook their hands.

"Daniel pushed me here and locked me from going back until I can figure out how to undo his magic. He his fighting a battle alone that he shouldn't be fighting alone, even as the dragon. If he doesn't die then I will kill him myself." Ilsa smiled and wrapped Sara in wool as she took her inside.

"Men. Let's get you warm, and fed, and we'll take you to your family."

Aisha and I flew East as I shifted space we ended up over the Steppes, invisible, facing West to my home. We stared because it was the same since these mountains aged slowly. We flew to the Monastery where I spent eons learning and now I was coming to destroy it. "Are you prepared for this, Dragon? We could wait." Silence.

"They won't wait, rider. We end this now....one way or the other." Aisha patted my neck. It didn't make any difference that I was invisible because they knew I was coming. I'd rather have the fight here because this was were it began....Tahsi knew that. I was one Dragon, with my rider, but I was growing strong. Modern times never found this place because it was hidden by magic. The thing these monks didn't understand was that even though they used magic; Dragons are magic. It wouldn't be a fair fight, if they tried...which they would....but I didn't care. I was ending this place because of what it had become.

I landed in the middle of the courtyard and roared as I became visible and the monks encircled me. "Dragon? They are trying to bind you." I knew what they were doing but I was also pulling on Gaia. I lifted and dropped as the Earth trembled and the monks fell. Aisha stepped off and I shifted as she handed me my broadaxe and we walked to the main hall. The monks didn't know what to do, so they let us pass, which was a mistake. We went to find Lashin.

I hadn't been here since I saved a princess and died doing it. I was hoping my fate, our fate, would be different. There was a rot here. I could smell it. These monks no longer followed the law. I wasn't sure what they followed, or when they shifted, but they had, and they were trying to kill my family, my daughters, and that would not happen. "Do you feel the darkness, Dragon?" This is the last place that it should be, yet it's strong, and growing stronger." I was silent as we walked up the steps.

Lashin had been the head of this monastery for as long as I could remember. He wasn't my teacher....Dreka was my teacher, but he had power and we were about to find out how much. I kept pulling on Gaia because her power hadn't filled me yet, and I wasn't sure it ever would, but I knew I would need it to end this place, and it's darkness. Lashin walked out and stared at Aisha.

"It figures that you would bring her." He spat as I shifted and spewed fire at him. I knew he could stop it but I was curious how strong he had become by aligning with the dark He sent lightning at me which I caught and sent outward protecting Aisha and It killed everyone inside that room with the exception of the three of us. Either we were going to die, or they were going to, might as well start now. He looked at me, stunned.

"Why?" He screeched as he pulled on dark magic from somewhere. I pushed to Aisha but she felt it and was already running.. I stood in front of her and froze everything, lowering the room to below zero. He didn't expect that even though it wouldn't slow him for long. I spewed the hottest fire I could at the walls, and the ceiling. Blocks started to crumble and fall as I shifted and ran after Aisha. I knew that I was just buying time. I hoped it was enough. I had nothing against witches until they shifted to the dark. Lashin screamed as the hall fell in upon him. I caught Aisha and stopped her as I stepped in front, between her and the door. I moved my hand as the door flew outward, toward us followed by a burst of energy that hit me in the chest and dropped me to my knees as the energy coursed through me. I didn't try to stop it. It sent to Gaia and shook my head as I stood and she sent back more power than I had ever felt. I said something in a tongue I couldn't recall, and pushed outward into the room. It imploded and ceased to be as I fell to the ground.

Aisha dropped but had her sword, protecting me, as Lashin walked up. "I don't need her to end you." He pushed as he sent her rolling into the wall. I stood and walked in front of my rider and shifted. This was were dragons were born, but no longer. I walked to him as he tried everything to stop me but it meant nothing, my power was growing to fast even if I didn't understand all of it. He knew, and was terrified. I bit him in half and spat him out as I shifted back. I lead Aisha to the lower levels. I was remembering so much. I put my hand on the door and it opened, just like the island, and we walked into treasury. It had grown substantially since I was last there. We looked at each other and then looked around. I could feel the monks that I had to still kill but we needed to deal with this.

"Try and find bags." She came back with saddle bags full of gold. "Dump them, look for jewelry and stones as I started putting scrolls and manuscripts into the bags. I had all of them as Aisha came back with two bags filled. 'Wait by the door." I shifted and melted everything into the stone as I shifted back and we walked back upward so I could finish this. The monks were all waiting, scared but determined. I shook my head in sorrow, shifted, and froze all of them where they stood, and reminder that something bad happened to this place. I hoped that the next generation would be wiser. Aisha put the bags over me. I screeched in pain, and flew away. I flew for a long time until I shifted time and space and landed outside of Hammish's barn as they were walking inside. Sara turned, and glared at me as I flung Aisha, and the bags off of me. She pounded toward me, looked at me, and froze me where I stood. I couldn't move anything but my eyes until I figured out what she did. She helped Aisha help and they picked up the bags before turning and walking to the house.
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I met Alison, and her husband, on this site. They were looking for what most of us are, something different... some more intense....something to maybe bring life back to their relationship,
or give them a way to be in it. I liked Alison and Philip as we chatted so I agreed to meet them for dinner.

They wanted out of "vanilla sex" but were unsure  how to do it. Relationships are challenging, especially the longer they go on. If you don't actively work to keep them vibrant they will start to

As is often the case with couples, they want different things. He wanted to fuck his wife with another man, or woman.... both of which would be wonderful in my mind. Alison want something completely

She wanted to be controlled. Dominated, but in an intimate way. She didn't want to think about sex....about making love.... of having to do things. She wanted things done to her and having NO control over them. She wanted release so that she could come back and be dominate when she wanted.  She wanted a lover that would provide both. I was game.

I had no idea if I could provide that for her but I was intrigued because I have always thought that intercourse should be the last thing involved in love making.  Sex begins, happens, and ends between
our ears. If we simply focus on cocks and pussies and assholes.... all of which are amazing... then we are missing out.

We decided to meet for dinner and chat because these things require trust and connection, and a sense of safety. I wanted to know how committed Alison, and Philip were in what they were asking.

We met at a very nice restaurant outside of Denver. It was an old school type restaurant that had more class than flash. It had a lot of wood and ambiance, obviously around for a long time. It was more dimly lit than most places, and the reviews were excellent. I'm sure people had brought first dates here for decades, just maybe not for the reason we were there for.

We met outside to size each other up and agreed to share a meal and chat. We actually hit it off really well. Philip and I shared several things in common other than the fact that his wife was fucking
gorgeous, which she was, and Alison and I also shared interests other than what was drawing her closer to me on the curved booth.

The meal was superb. The waitress asked if we wanted dessert and I said please give us a while so we could continue our conversation. I knew we had some time and I wanted to see if she would do want I
wanted, and how Philip would respond in public.

Alison was sitting very close to me, and touching  me so she was intrigued as well.  I had been hard, and leaking, for a while but I reached under the table and unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out.

"Grab my cock," I said.

Alison looked at me, and then at Philip, unsure what to do.

"Don't look at him. You wanted this. Reach under the table and grab my cock."

She was kind of stunned, which I guess happens to all of us when a fantasy becomes a reality. I waited, curious as to what they..she … would do. I knew she wanted it.

She looked at Philip and then leaned against my shoulder like we were just sharing an intimate story as friends and found my cock. It was half way hard and moist with precum. It wasn't difficult to find. She
moaned as she exhaled.....

Alison leaned to my ear as she squeezed my cock. Philip leaned back against the booth and she bit my ear. I was surprised but he smiled. I was OK with it because I like a bit a of pain. As she was sucking on my earlobe the waitress walked up with the after dinner drinks we ordered. We obviously didn't need them because this gorgeous woman had her hand on my penis, making me harder by the second, and nibbling on my ear.

The waitress stopped briefly as she was putting the glasses on the table and noticed the shift in seating. She smiled as she turned and walked away. Philip and I picked up our brandy and toasted each other
just as Alison started stroking my cock. He smiled as I closed my eyes.

I let her continue for bit. I knew she was wet because she was squirming on the booth. The only thought I had, aside from her hand on me, was "damn, I wish I was that booth" because I wanted my mouth on her. She was moaning in my ear as I grabbed her arm and pulled it off of me.

Alison moved back, shocked and confused. She looked at me, and then at Philip, unsure what was happening. Her eyes glistened in the candle light, and it was obvious that she was horny as hell and now stifled. She looked at me questioningly as I took a sip of my brandy, making her wait.

I put the glass down as I moved to kiss her on the cheek.. I thought about biting her but I didn't mind she had done that. I actually liked it because it showed me she wanted more than being submissive. I said loud enough for Philip to hear,

"Drop your napkin."

She looked at me, confused, and then looked at her husband and then back me.

"What," she asked?

"Drop you napkin, slid under the table and suck my cock."  Philip smiled as he took another sip of brandy. She was half way under when I grabbed her by the hair and pulled her back up. It startled her and she gasped. I leaned forward and kissed her deeply, which she returned in kind, then said...

"Don't make a mess."

"OK," she whispered.

It didn't take her long to wrap her mouth around me. She was amazing. I looked at Philip through half open eyes watching him smile at me because he understood. I wanted it to go on and on but I am sorry to say that it didn't. Alison definitely knew how to suck a cock. My mind had stopped. My eyes had closed. My breathing had quickened as she stopped deep throating me and bit the head of my dick. I moan as she then started sucking me like I had never been sucked before.

I moaned louder than I wanted as I came. I hadn't cum for a while, so I figured it was a decent amount. I was curious if Alison followed my instruction about not making a mess. Alison continued sucking me for a minute or so before putting my penis back in my underwear and zipping my pants.

She climbed out from under the table with her napkin as the waitress walked up with some sort of chocolate cake. Alison looked at her as she slid next to me kissing me deeply and sharing the last bit of my cum, then smiled. The waitress placed the cake on the table and said...

"This is compliments of the house."

As the waitress was walking away, and Alison was sliding back to Philip presumably to kiss him as well, she paused and looked at me briefly and smirked.

Alison devoured the chocolate cake as Philip and I finished our brandy, none of us saying a word. The waitress returned several minutes later saying they were getting ready to close and put the check in front me catching my eyes before walking away. I didn't mind because it was the best meal I had in a very long time. As I picked it up to review it I noticed a slip of paper. There was a name and a number and that was all. Her name was Sara.

I put my card down and was putting the paper in my pocket as Sara walked up and ran it through her tablet giving the receipt. She thanked us and said she hoped we came again..... the meaning wasn't
lost on us so we all smiled. Needless to say, Sara got a large tip for her discretion.

Philip and Alison tried to reimburse me but there was no way. Alison pulled us both next her and kissed us both as we walked out. In the parking lot she hugged me as she grabbed my balls and squeezed, hard. She kissed me and bit my lip, drawing blood which she sucked after saying how sorry she was.

"Come home with us," she said. "I want you to fuck me while Philip watches."

I kissed her lips, and then her neck and as she was pulling me into her I bit her where the neck meets the shoulder, not hard enough to draw blood but enough to make a mark. She stifled a cry but stood

"Not tonight," was all I said as I turned and walked away. I didn't look back. I was intrigued by both of them but I was in control and wanted them to know it.  As I headed toward my car I glanced at the
restaurant and Sara was standing at the door watching me. She wasn't smiling, just watching. She turned and went inside.

This was going to be interesting.

I could feel Alison's longing as I walked away. I knew she wanted me in her, wanted me to cum inside of her while Philip watched. I didn't mind that but I was doing this on my terms, not hers. I got in my car and closed the door as they drove past. I didn't look up. I was getting ready to leave when Sara walked out of the restaurant and toward her car. My hand reached for the door handle.

"Bad idea Daniel," I thought. "Really bad idea."  I opened the door and stepped out. As I was walking toward her a VERY large man yelled at me.

"Yo, asshole! What are you doing here?"

I stopped. Sara stopped and turned around. When she saw me she smiled and yelled that it was ok. I was a friend. He still watched me like a hawk watching prey. I could feel his eyes boring a hole in me. I
didn't care. I walked up to her

She didn't move as I approached. She was smaller than I thought, maybe 5'4". Her hair was the color of rich mahogany, as were her eyes. She was stunning in an interesting way, as if a mermaid had washed up on shore. She was obviously human but there was something about her that defied description. I was.....

"WHAT is your name? Are you deaf?"

I smiled and said Daniel as I apologized.

"Are you stalking me Daniel? I gave you my number. You could have just called or texted."

I told her I didn't like the phone much and saw her as i was getting ready to leave. She asked if I was looking for a blowjob for the road since my friends left. I was taken aback because I hadn't thought
about that at all even though my body had. I could feel myself leaking.

"No," I stammered. "Would you like to have some breakfast, or coffee? I don't sleep well and I figure it might take time for you to unwind. I thought maybe you'd like to talk. I know I would."

It was her turn to look at me like I was some odd creature. She was quiet a while and I thought maybe I should have waited and called her when she said,

"Are you an axe murderer?"

"No, are you?"

She smiled and said "no" as she walked past me toward my car.  "You drive. I know a place that makes great pancakes."

I was in trouble....SO in trouble. I was going to call Alison and Philip and meet them after they waited a bit but that just got thrown out the window, which was fine because they wanted to be dominated,
but I was still in trouble.

Henry's was a definite hole in the wall type of place. It was at the back end of a small strip mall. The area was what they call "transitioning" I suppose.... most of the hard work had been done and it was a still a good place to buy a home, if you had insurance. I actually liked these kind of areas and was very interested Henry's. Sara walked in like she owned the place and yelled, "Henry!"  An older black man walked out from the back smiling. It was obvious they knew each other as there was an ease between them that only comes from knowing someone for a long time.

"Hey munchkin. It's a little early isn't it?  You don't usually hound me for pancakes until almost noon. Who's your friend?" I stepped forward and extended my hand, "I'm daniel, sir. It's nice to meet you."
Sara smiled...."we were hoping to get some pancakes and chat. Any chance that can happen?"

Henry looked at me, obviously sizing me up and then at Sara. He turned and walked in back as Sara and I looked at each, perplexed. He walked back in a few seconds later holding a broom and handed it to me. I smiled because it wasn't the first time I had held one, by a long shot. He looked at Sara and said the tables had been wiped down but she needed to put the chairs on the tables. You have to earn your breakfast.

"I assume you'll want bacon munchkin." Sara smiled as he walked back to the kitchen. She looked at me shrugged. "Munchkin," I smirked? Don't you start with me mister, and you better do a good a job.

I have swept plenty of floors in my day, and have a great work ethic, so I wasn't worried about meeting Henry's standards. We had finished and were getting ready to sit down when Henry came out with a tray. He walked around looking at the floor as Sara rolled eyes and mouthed, "SORRY!"  I just smiled.

He walked to the table and put our food down before walking off. Now I'm not a huge pancake fan but these smelled amazing, and bacon is bacon....'nuff said. We both reached for a piece at the same time and chuckled.

"Sorry about that," Sara said. "Henry is kind of protective especially because I have never brought anyone here before. This is my sanctuary. I was surprised that he asked you to sweep though but he is old school."  I said I didn't mind and was raised old school as well so I took no offense. I just hope I past muster with him. She was quiet for a few seconds and said...

"If you hadn't you wouldn't be eating," as she stuff bacon into her mouth.  Henry came out with two cups and a pot of coffee and put them on the table.

"Something wrong with the pancakes?"  No sir, they smell wonderful. He snorted as he said,  Well, they ain't meant to be smelled ," and walked away.  Sara laughed shaking her head. I was thinking that I liked Henry, and Sara, and that was when my phone buzzed.  It was Alison.

"SHIT," I thought as I lowered my eyes. Timing never was my strong suit. I turned my phone off and put it on the booth. Sara started eating her pancakes so I did to. She waited until I put too big a fork
full in my mouth, because they were fantastic, before asking,

"Do you need to leave Daniel?" I looked up and shook my head no as I said,

"Nammph."  She looked at me and burst out laughing spitting the last bits of her pancake all over the table.  I chewed and swallowed as fast as I could and said, "No, I have nowhere to go." She reached out
and took my hand in hers and said she was glad, and apologized for spitting all over the bacon. I said I didn't mind as I picked up another piece.

"Daniel, if you want to leave I'm fine with that. Y'all met for that reason and we're just having pancakes and bacon. It's ok.

"I swept the floor for these," I said. "I'm happy where I am Sara. Henry seems really nice. How do you know him?"  She was quiet for a bit before saying,

"Henry and my dad where partners. I've know Henry for as long as I can remember. He's family. You wouldn't know it by looking at it now but when I was a this area very popular. Henry and my dad, our family's really, built this building. Well, transformed it actually. It was all a restaurant back then.... can you imagine?  It was a totally different time but still, it was a big place. Henry and his
wife are great cooks....were, Miss Ella died last year. They ran the restaurant, my mom did the books and all us did whatever needed to be done, still do. They cut the size of the restaurant down and put in a couple of shops and then a laundromat at the front and added on to the back."

"Like sweeping," I said.


"You said you did everything."

"Yeah, like sweeping," Sara smile as she squeezed my hand.

"I understand now about this being your sanctuary but why is the restaurant in the back? I can see the reasoning for a laundromat on the street but usually a restaurant would be there, and what did your dad do?"

"That's involved, and Henry could tell it better than me. My dad went into the army after high school, which is where he met Henry, and they became friends. They were stationed in Alaska so it wasn't like they were in all that much danger, except from maybe polar bears and freezing to death. Henry lived in Georgia and wanted to leave, for obvious reasons, and he and my dad would talk about all that. There wasn't much to do on their down time as they both worked KP so they had a lot of time to talk and hatch major schemes, most of which I don't even know about, but my mom and Miss Ella would roll their eyes every time we got together and they started drinking beer."

"How did Henry get out here from GA?"

"You want to share a short stack?"

"Uuhhhh, sure."

"I'll tell you when I get back."

She definitely liked her pancakes, which was pretty cute. I could feel Alison wanting me to call and knew if I turned my phone back on I'd have multiple messages but it sort of defeats the purpose of being dominated when you try and orchestrate how things work.  Meeting Sara had certainly put a wrinkle in things and I wasn't sure how I was going to deal with this. I looked up as she was walking back with a plate of pancakes and bacon, and a Chesire cat grin that would light up the moon..

"Where was I," she asked as she pushed a piece of bacon into her mouth while looking at me.  I was SO in trouble.

"What," she said innocently. "I like pancakes and bacon. Sue me."

"You were telling me about what your dad did and how Henry got out here from GA."

"I remember, but I need to ask you something."

"Of course, Sara. Ask whatever you want."
"You had a lovely woman suck your cock and whose husband didn't seem to mind. He seemed to enjoy it from my perspective, which means he probably wanted you to fuck her, with him. I get the whole letting them wait thing....makes sense given the scenario."

"Why did you put my number in your pocket when you had both of them wanting you?  I'm curious."

"Are you going to share the syrup, or what?" She laughed out loud as Henry came out with another pot of coffee and put it on the table..

"You still smelling those pancakes ?"

"No sir, because they taste way better then they smell."  Henry turned back toward the kitchen, smiling.

"I like him munchkin." He touched the side of Sara's head, said lock up, and said good night as he walked into the kitchen. We were both quiet for a while as we ate our pancakes. The bacon was long since gone. Sara looked up and her eyes bore into me. I didn't mind.

"I took your number because.... well, because your beautiful, and odd, and, and you gave me your number. I've never had a woman give me theirnumber."

Sara looked stunned.  "Seriously? Never?"

"No. I wasn't going to leave it. I didn't know if I would call you but this has been kind of a strange night. I was getting ready to leave when you walked out. I almost drove away but my hand had other ideas and opened the door, and here we are."

Sara finished her pancakes and licked a bit of syrup from her lips. "Here we are."

"I have a question for you."

"Of course Daniel"

"Why did you stay as Alison came out from under the table and then kissed me before moving back to Philip, and why did you smirk before you left?"  She looked directly at me but didn't say a word for the
ongest time. I waited in silence.

"I stayed because I was intrigued. You ordered brandy and your were getting a blowjob and that doesn't happen that often, at least not in my life. I was curious."

"That's all?"

"No, Daniel, it's not all. I wondered about the scenario.... about thethree of you and what the dynamic was because you didn't hide from me.I have worked in that restaurant for a while and I've seen some things but when I said that I hoped that you came again, all of you laughed. I liked that."

"Why did you give me your number?"

Sara was quiet again. I liked that about her....really liked that. I was watching her intently when she looked up and said, "I gave you my number because I wanted to know what your cum tasted like. I have no problem getting on my knees to do that, but I'd never do it because you told me to."

I was quiet for longer than I wanted to be. I wanted to be suave, but I'm not that guy so I said, "Oh."  Sara smiled and kissed my hand. "Let's clean up so Henry isn't pissed tomorrow."

Sara smiled as she stood and picked up her plate and said there was a tub in the back and that she needed sleep. I took her back to her car. She held my hand the entire drive but didn't say a word. I pulled next to her car and she looked at me in an odd way before leaning forward and kissing me deeply and then biting my lip, hard. I didn't resist. She  sucked my blood as she stroked my hair. She pulled away and said,

"I'm not submissive Daniel, and I am curious about your new friends. Pancakes tomorrow night?" She got out and into her car, started it and drove away without looking at me.

I waited in the parking lot as I had the night before. I texted Alison and Philip and said I didn't think they really wanted to be dominated in the ways they mentioned, which was fine because it took time and that I would be in touch.

I was still thinking about Philip, and trying to figure him out when my phone rang. It was Sara.

"Hey you, are you still stalking me?" she asked while laughing.

"Actually, I might be. Is that a problem?"

"I suppose that depends on your intent, sir."

"I'll tell you over pancakes and bacon. I'm assuming I'll have to sweep."

She laughed, which kinda melted me each time she did so.... "I'd count on it.  I'll be done in 30. Bye sweets."

These had been a couple of strange days. I had been chatting and texting with Philip and Alison for a couple for weeks and I had only met Sara a day ago. It was a very odd set of circumstances. I turned
the car on to warm it up because was getting colder out, and to listen to music....Dylan.... when the phone rang. It was Alison. I was going to let it go to voicemail but decided to answer.

"Hello Alison"

"You fucking bastard! Why didn't you call me back last night?"

I was very calm which would likely make even more angry. It wasn't my intention but she was still missing the point about why she emailed me in the first place.

"Is Philip there?"

She was confused.... "Yes."

"Put the call on speaker."  It wasn't a request.

"The reason I didn't call you, or follow you home last night, is because you don't dictate to me what I do. You wanted to be dominated. You wanted to not think about sex. You wanted a break and release from the stress in your life. You had a brief moment of that last night when you sucked my cock and I came in your mouth as your husband watched. By the way, you didn't make a mess, which I appreciate."

Alison started to speak.... "I am not finished. I will tell you when, and if, I want to fuck you, and if I want your husband to fuck you with me. I don't want your permission because I don't care either way.
Do you understand me?"


At that moment, Sara opened the door looking at me quizzically. I could tell she had heard my conversation because I wasn't being quiet but I held my finger to my lips motioning for her to be quiet as she sat down.

"Alison, you Philip need to decide what you want. I get that it's hard to let go, especially when you have been in charge for so long, that's fine. However, don't ever tell me what to do again, either of you.
Both of you need to think about this and let me know what you want to do but do not call me again. You can text me. Are we clear?"

There was silence for longer than I thought there'd be and then Alison whispered "yes."

"Good, I said. I'll be in touch," and I hung up.

Sara leaned over, grabbed my crotch and kissed me deeply. She looked at me in a way that perplexed me and leaned into me and started kissing my neck. she pulled my shirt down and suddenly bit me and
wouldn't let go. I winced and exhaled but I can take pain so I breathed and didn't flinch.

She kept biting me harder, and sucking even though I already knew she had drawn blood. I didn't mind. I was beginning to think she wanted a chunk of me when she stopped and pulled back to look at me. She paused and kissed me as deeply as I have ever been kissed. I could taste the iron in my blood that she placed on my tongue. The metallic taste of blood is quite unique. She kissed and licked the blood off my neck and put a handkerchief over it.

She sat back in her seat and looked at me before saying....

"I marked you daniel. I'd like you to mark too. I'll take care of that at Henry's"

I exhaled as I started the car and then pulled out of the parking lot. I needed pancakes.

Sara gently held my hand the entire way to Henry's. I stopped and turned off the car and was about to get out because her bite wasn'tthat big of a deal to me. I actually liked it.

"Wait here," she said. "I'll be right back.

My phone buzzed. Alison. I turned it off just as Sara was opening the door. "Turn the headlights on and get out." Why i asked. "Just do it sweets, ok. Humor me." I got out and moved to the front of the of the

"Sit down and take your shirt."

"You first," I said.

She looked at me surprised and then punched me in my arm. I took my shirt off. She poured hydrogen peroxide over her bite mark, after she kissed it. I told her the kiss would probably suffice. She patted it dry and said I should probably get it looked at in the morning.

"I don't have insurance but I'm sure it'll be fine."

"I can look at it for you."

"Ok, that would be nice"

"Good. Put your shirt back on and let's eat some pancakes."

I got up and turned the car off. I took Sara's hand and she leanedinto me, exhaling, as we into Henry's. I opened the door and we walked in and Henry was standing there with the broom out stretched.

"You're late. The table's need to be wiped down before you put the chair's on them munchkin," and walked into the kitchen.

I looked at Sara confused. She said that it'd almost been a year since Miss Ella, Henry's wife had passed. I nodded and started sweeping in silence. We were seated when Henry came out with a heaping plate of pancakes and bacon. He bent over and kissed Sara on the forehead as she gently touched his hand. I thought that is what loved looked like.

"Henry," Sara said. "Daniel and I will finish cleaning up in the kitchen. You know I can do it to your standards."

"I can't ask you to do that munchkin because you both worked all day and it's not..."

Sara interrupted him. "Henry, you aren't asking us; we're telling you. We've got it covered. Go home. Take a walk or a drive....whatever. We'll be fine and the kitchen will be cleaner than you manage."

"Well, I'd like to see that." Henry and Sara looked over at me as I was munching a piece of bacon and putting 2 pancakes on my plate. Sara rolled her eyes.

"You told me pancakes weren't for smelling. We'll be fine sir. My mom and grandma taught me how to clean well. I'll show her the ropes," I said with a smirk.

"Ok," he said chuckling as he walked toward the kitchen. "My name's Henry." I looked at Sara and she was shaking her head.

"What," I said while stuffing pancake into my mouth. "Holy crap," I said in between bites. "I'm going to have to exercise more to burn these pancakes off or I'll gain 25 pounds in no time," as I stuck
another fork full in my mouth. They really were great pancakes.

Sara swallowed and said, "I think I can help with that, we could help each other actually," she said smiling coyly. I swallowed too and said...

"Rowing machines?"

"You're an asshole daniel. Maybe you're not my type after all, she said acting miffed.

I got up and leaned over her. "What," she pouted as I kissed her, my hand accidently slipping onto one of her breasts. She stuck her tongue deep into my mouth and moved it around coating it with the last
remnants of the syrup from her pancakes. Her hand grabbed me and started squeezing. We stopped kissing and I sat back down, mostly hard, and she said...

"Maybe you are my type after all and if you liked the maple syrup then I have something else you'll love to lick, and it won't make you fat."

Guys are screwed because women are way smarter.... way more attractive, and then there's the whole breasts and pussy thing which needs no explanation. I had no retort and Sara knew it, smiling at me
the whole time. She finally got up, grabbed her plate and cup and headed to the kitchen saying,

"Come on slacker.... we've got some rowing to do."

We went into the kitchen and started cleaning up. We both wanted to hurry but we didn't, focusing instead on doing a good a job for Henry. I started scrubbing pots while Sara cleaned the grill. She finished sooner than me because there were a lot of pots. She up walked behind me and wrapped her arms around my chest and pulled her pussy against my ass. God how I wished we were naked and she was wearing a strap-on. She stood on her toes to look over my shoulder.

"Watcha' doing," she teased as she started to nibble my ear. Her left hand moved down to my crotch cupping my dick and balls as her right hand slid down my ass and between my legs and started rubbing my asshole through my pants.

"Playing ping pong," I said. "How 'bout you?"

"I'm getting ready to play some pool," she whispered. "I've got my cue and balls right here," as she squeezed her left hand around my growing cock. "And I've got my hole right here," as she stuck her thumb, and my pants, as far up my asshole as she possibly could which was a surprising distance. "Now I just have to figure out how to get these balls," Squeeze!  "into this hole,"  Push!  Any ideas sweets?

I had obviously stopped washing pots by this time. I swallowed and said in a raspy voice, "well, you could let me finish and we could go to either your place, or mine, and figure it out but I'm pretty sure my balls won't fit in my ass, even one at a time. If they could I probably would have tried already, but you can stick something else in it if you really want to". Sara swung me around so quickly that I didn't have time to shake the water off my hands which soaked her. She didn't care because she was like a at Christmas.
"Really," she said. "Really!"  I have dildo's, and a strap-on. I've never used them on anyone else before. Hurry up Daniel. What are you waiting for?'

I smiled and caught myself before I said that she could do anything she wanted to me because I would probably rue the day. Although, I would probably let her. I turned around and started washing pots
again. Sara stepped next to, stood up and kissed my cheek and smiled. Jesus this woman melted me.

"I'll help, and leave you alone until I get you home but then you're mine," she said.

I was slightly scared but also getting hard again, and leaking which was a total waste. We finished in less then a half hour and Sara did a walk through. She SO wanted to show how much cleaner we made the kitchen. I, on the other hand, would be fine to leave a few things so Henry didn't keep asking us to close since we made such a good team. I wasn't sure how he did it because I'm sure he opened and I was already tired. I was pretty sure Sara and I would only be only getting naps throughout the night. I made a mental note to check out protein powders.

"Come on Daniel. I want you in my bed."

I shook my head, smiling, as I followed her which I didn't mind because she had a very nice butt. Sara was a little hippy and had a little squish all around, kinda like most of us. Her breasts, at least through her shirt and from what I felt, were perfect for me. I prefer medium to smaller breasts as a preference but let's face it, breasts are like pussies.... they're all good.

"Daniel,' she yelled!  "What are you doing?'

"Nothing," which was as lame then as it sounds in writing now.

"You were looking at my ass weren't you?  Weren't you?!"

"No.... well, yeah. I mean who wouldn't. It's gorgeous."  She exhaled, walked up and kissed me.

"If you stop dallying and we get home then you can do more than just look at it, now come on mister."

Sara closed and locked the door and we got in the car. She said not to worry about hers, that it'd be fine, and told me where to go. Her place wasn't far. I pulled into the driveway. The house was maybe 5
miles away from Henry's. It was a Craftsman style house and had a pretty big lot from what I could tell with several large trees. I'm a house geek because I like working with wood. We got out and headed to
the door. Sara grabbed my hand as she past me.

"Nice house"

"Thanks. Come on."

We walked inside and as I was looking around at the wood work Sara dropped her keys, and backpack, and launched herself onto me. She wrapped her legs around my hips and squeezed and dug her nails into my upper back.... more marks. She pressed her open mouth against mine and stuck her tongue half way down my throat. I didn't realize people could kiss so long without breathing. Her legs were still wrapped around me when I realized I was leaking so much that I wondered if there would be anything left when I came. I was beginning to see that it wasn't going to a single time and then go to sleep kind of night. Sara unlocked her nails from my back reached up and grabbed my hair as she looked into my eyes and gently kissed me this time. I smiled as she said,

"Daniel, I am going to do to you all of the things I have dreamed of doing." She smiled as she grabbed my hair pulled and twisted my head back to my left, and bite the muscle behind my right ear going up neck into my head. I had my hands on her ass all this time and all I could do was squeeze, close eyes, and breathe.

I wasn't sure how long it had been since she stopped biting me when I opened my eyes and I saw Sara looking at me, head sightly cocked to her right with blood on her lips. She didn't move, just gazed at me. I leaned forward and ran my tongue around her lips licking my blood from them. When I was done she smiled and hopped off me, grabbed my hand and said....

"Come on sweets, we need to take a shower and clean our bums."

I was thinking, God I hope she isn't a psychopath.

Sara led me toward the bedroom and while we walked I was looking at the wood. They were called craftsman houses for a reason.... I know, I'm and idiot and a geek rolled into one. I stopped her half way down the hall to her bedroom and bathroom.

"Are you a vampire," I asked?  I was kidding, but I was also curious because she did kind of remind of Alice, and I really liked Alice.

"No silly. I just mark people that I like and blood some times happen. I will admit that I can get a little carried but blood doesn't bother me. I like it. Does it bother you? You still haven't marked me as
yours, daniel, by the way. I don't mean a mark that will fade. I mean a mark."

"How many have you marked?"

"None, but I'm trying."

I grabbed her arm and pulled her behind into her room and pushed her onto the side of the bed. Sara grabbed my hair and pulled. I didn't care. I reached into the elastic of her yoga pants and ripped them off with more force than I intended. She gasped as I grabbed her knees and spread them open.

Sara pulled my head up to her and said.... "We should shower first, sweets."

I jerked my head back, out of her grasp, and moved back to her pussy. She shuddered, grabbed the back of my head and pushed me toward her. I knew she was having her period but I didn't care because I didn't mind blood either. The fact she did kept me from doing what I wanted at that moment which was sticking my tongue into her pussy along with fingers so I focused on the outside and her clit. I'd be quite content with that, I thought, as Sara pushed my face against her trying to suffocate me.

I extended my tongue and moved it upward, in and out of the folds of her lips moving closer to her clit, which was quite extended and waving hi to me. She loosened her death grip the closer I got but waiting on guard. I flicked the hood under her and moved back down the other side of pussy. She moaned in pleasure, and pulled my hair in displeasure. I didn't care. Yeah, it was a little bloody and she had worked all day but I didn't care because human's are more animal than not. We have just forgotten
and I like a woman's scent, and taste. Sara moaned and collapsed as I continued. She no longer grabbed trying to keep me from her, nor did she push me trying to lead me. She succumbed, exhaled and stroked my hair as I licked her pussy.

I nipped her inner thighs....licked and nibbled my to the bottom of her pussy. I wanted to go to her ass but I knew that would be to much and I wanted her to cum. I sucked her lips into my mouth and gummed them. I reached my hands under her butt and dug my non-existent nails into her and pushed her hips upward toward my mouth. I did everything except what she wanted me to do, which was focus on her clit, other than the occasional flick of my tongue in passing just to torment her. I knew I would pay for it later, but I didn't care.

Sara, was almost writhing if I even got close to her clit. I stayed focused on her lips and would only flick her clit randomly. I knew it was driving her insane because I could see the stain it was making on the sheets. I figured I'd be sleeping on it but I didn't care.. She grabbed my hair and pulled me up to her and kissed me... her eyes drunk with longing and passion.


"No," I whispered. She moaned like a trapped animal. I knew I would pay for this but I would take my penance. I went back to nibbling around Sara's clit as she squirmed trying to find my mouth with it.
She finally exhaled and I wrapped my mouth around her and flicked the tip as I sucked around it.  She tensed as she dug her nails into my upper back and shoulders, again. It seemed like every muscle in her
body was taut, and she wasn't breathing. I didn't stop what I was doing. Her legs started to tremble. She began to exhale in fits. She grabbed my head and pushed it onto her clit and that's when I bite the flesh around as I sucked her clit.

Sara's arms went limp as she screamed and started shaking. I didn't stop. She twisted and bucked against me, trying to push into me either into me, or away from me. She didn't know. She went limp and stopped. I licked and kissed her clit, which was waiting for more but I moved up her body kissing and adoring her as i went. I put my head on her left breast and placed my hand on her belly as I  listened to her heartbeat. I said that I almost marked you. She stroked my hair, smiled, and whispered....

"There are towels in the closest in the hall. Water, please."

I got up and saw that we had both made a mess. I didn't care. I got towels, and water. I gently rolled Sara back and forth while I put the towels down and then lifted her up so she could drink some water. She looked at me with half closed eyes...she was so tired. "Just wait mister." I nodded as she closed her eyes.

I took a drink, turned off the light, and got into bed next to her. Sara rolled into me, her face against my heart and fell asleep. I wasn't far behind.
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This isn't a story, and won't fit your neat little boxes. How nice it would be to have neat little boxes again, even yours. I'm Daniel and this is not something you will want to read, but one I will share
nonetheless. I'll offer a bit of what happened because, as you might find out, some things can't ever be taken back, and the story you hear, or believe, is rarely complete. You judge for yourselves.

I can't use age as an excuse... I was in my 40's. I could use a head injury, or a divorce... because those would be plausible... but it was lust, pure lust. I have no other excuse for what happened and what
happened after that. I did what I did and I will pay for it at some point, even though I had the best intentions when it started.

During this time, I was recently divorced after a 12 year marriage in which my wife cheated on me. She told me the same night it happened, after having sex with me. It ended as you would expect.

I ended up in a small community in a semi-mountainous region Of western New Mexico because I like to wander, and this area gave me terrain, and solitude, I liked and craved. The area is spectacular, but
very isolated. It was an hour to a decent size town and winters can be intense, but I wanted that.... needed it for myself.

I had found a job online there for someone to tend a county/church cemetery. They had me after the first line of the ad which read....

"If you are superstitious... PLEASE don't apply. Job entails tending to graves and upkeep of the cemetery....and surrounding property. Basic use, and, maintenance of equipment. This property is owned by a religious organization and taking care of that property is part of the position.... landscaping, snow removal, basic repair... other tasks as required to help the nuns.

You main job will be caring for the cemetery. No one has for a long time so be must strong, and a hard worker This land is beautiful, and special to SO many people, but it's not a job for most.

You are welcome to stay onsite so you can see the area and meet the sisters. The land is beautiful, and special, and will take your breath away, and quite possibly capture your soul. It's not a job for most
people, which is fine because they aren't looking for most people. Please call Henry if you are interested."

It's was a long ad, which intrigued me, so I called the number, left a message, and waited. A real estate broker named Henry McAlister called me the following day and we made arrangements to meet at the property three days hence. It seemed as if my life was falling back into line. Had I known what was to come, I would have just kept driving.

The Abbey, and cemetery, was outside a small community in a semi-mountainous region spanning the NM/AZ state line. Because I like to wander I had been in the general vicinity many years prior and
remembered that I thought it was God's country. I might have been wrong.

The job offered a small salary, enough for me to live, and a place to stay. I could have a garden and animals as well. It wasn't a great place but I could fix it up as I saw fit, and it had high speed
internet.... for me, at the time, it was paradise. I had three more days of freedom so I got some supplies, filled Bob with gas, and headed to southern Utah on my way to the new life that awaited me.

Do you ever have the tingling sensations at the back of the neck? I call them 'the nigglies.'If you ever get those feelings then it would be wise to pay heed. I didn't and lived to pay for it. I think I am still paying for it.

arrived late afternoon on the agreed upon day and Henry was waiting. He seemed relieved to see me. I explained that Bob blew out a tire and the was spare flat so I had to wait for AAA. He gave me a quick tour of the cemetery, very quick, and showed me the small house that went with the job. It definitely needed work but I enjoy physical activity and he said I could basically do what I wanted inside, within in reason.

He seemed preoccupied, almost as if he was looking over his shoulder, and wanted to be any place other than where he was. He gave me a file folder and said it had all the pertinent information in it and then led me to the Abbey to meet the Mother Superior of the Order. Her name was Sister Helene, which I found unusual for a nun. I went to Catholic school as a boy and I had never met a nun named Helene. When she opened the door of her office I was stunned. Thankfully Henry spoke while I regained my composure.

She was absolutely stunning, but she was the head of the Abbey and had to be at least in her 50's, yet she looked like she was in her 30's. We exchanged pleasantries and she asked to meet with me at the cemetery the following day to share her thoughts and plans. As Henry and I got up to leave she reached out her hand. I took it thinking we would shake good-bye but she didn't let go and looked in my eyes in a way I had never experienced. I wouldn't call it frightening but it was definitely intense, and a bit unsettling. She moved her thumb in subtle circles for several seconds, smiled and let go, and said she looked forward to discussing plans for the cemetery and that she was glad I was there to help. I nodded, smiled, and said i looked forward to it as well and we left.

Henry was gone like a shot. I could barely keep pace with him, and I was much younger. He took me to the small guest bungalow at the Abbey that would be my home until I could get the stone house at the cemetery livable. He gave a set of keys and a list of what they opened. He told me the Abbey had accounts at various stores in Springerville, AZ, the closest town of any size.

He wished me luck and handed me an envelope and said I might need this at some point. I opened it and there was a cashiers check for $6500. I was totally confused and asked him about it. All he said was cash it and keep it safe because I might need it. He shook my hand and left. He seemed petrified for some reason. I watched him drive off and went inside the bungalow. It was twilight and I was tired and hungry. I was SO glad I got 2 sandwiches when I stopped for lunch. I was also happy I had bought some wine. I closed the door and settled in for the evening. There was something in the back of my brain... a memory of some sort that I couldn't latch onto but it had to do with Sister Helene. There was something about that name but I couldn't remember. I ate and had some wine... too much as usual... and fell asleep on the couch.

I can't exactly say which woke me, whether it was the recognition of the name Helene in ancient mythology, or that feeling at the back of my neck. I grabbed my phone; it was 1am. I don't sleep well so waking up wasn't unusual, but I was still a bit unsettled. I went to the kitchen for some water and saw out the kitchen window a processions of candles. I hadn't turned the lights on so it was easier to see. Sister Helene was leading, what I assumed was the entire Abbey, but they were all naked...and heading toward the cemetery. I was stunned, again. I went to Catholic school for 8 years as a boy and I never saw any nuns as gorgeous as these, or naked. This was turning out to be a very strange day. If I only knew.

I had the thought to follow them but i recalled what curiosity can do and it was at that exact moment that the last nun, she was about 5'4" with black hair. She was different from the others in a way I couldn't even describe, even now. She turned and looked directly at the kitchen window. She had piercing blue-grey eyes. I wasn't sure how I knew that but they stopped my breath, if not my heart. She looked at the window as she continued walking boring a hole through it and into me. It was only a few seconds but seemed like hours. She turned away and I breathed.

I looked down at my sweats and noticed I was hard. I shook my head several times trying to clear my mind and shake the 'nigglies." I got my water, locked the door... and bolted it... and went to bed. I had a
fitful sleep with dreams that I still can't see, or touch. Dreams that were both wonderful and terrifying. I suppose it's just as well I couldn't remember them.

I awoke the next morning before dawn, as I always do. For years I thought that birds started singing with the Sun, but they don't. They actually start chirping as the darkness of night barely begins to fade. They are my alarm clock. I hadn't unpacked last night so there would be no smoothie. I took care of the rest of the morning routine got dressed and went outside for my meditation.

The bungalow had a small yard on one side with grass and, what I assumed, was a garden plot on the other because it was south facing. I went to the grass. I do T'ai Chi and Qi Gong every morning, barefoot when i can. It was a nice yard for that. As I was finishing my exercises, I noticed two of the Sisters quickly walking past with flash lights. It was still pretty dark so I don't think they knew I was there, or if they did they were unconcerned.

Curiosity won out this time. I quickly put my shoes on, jumped the small fence surrounding the yard, and followed them. I had never been to an Abbey before but even so, this seemed like a pretty strange
place. My tour of the cemetery, and grounds, was pretty brief but I have always been good with directions and guiding myself in unfamiliar areas. These Sisters were heading to the cemetery, without doubt.

They turned abruptly and headed away from where the stone house would be. When I got to that point I noticed a narrow path through overgrown bushes. I had to duck because, at 6'3," I would never be able to make it unscathed. I definitely had my work cut out for me on this place. As I came through the thicket I saw the sisters walk into an old greenhouse. I mean ancient. It looked almost Victorian, but what would it be doing here. I made a mental note to ask Sister Helene.

Before emerging from the thicket I looked around to orient myself to the area, and to see if anyone else was around. The last thing I needed was to have someone sneak up on me.  Now, I am generally not a
voyeur. Don't get me wrong.... I will gladly watch women whether they are clothed, or not.... who wouldn't. God did some of her best work with the female body, but I also try and respect boundaries. It didn't work this time and I headed to the green house.

One of the reasons I took this job was because I enjoy working outside, and always have. I also like old things - houses, cars, graveyards.... green houses - so it wasn't surprising that I would get sidetracked as I approached this green house. I glanced inside but I didn't see the sisters, however, I thought I could make out what sounded like moaning, but I couldn't be sure. The windows were old, and quite dirty, so seeing inside was challenging.

Dawn was just breaking across the property, and all the birds were going chirp crazy. I didn't want to intrude on the Sisters if they actually were moaning.... OK, maybe I did a little.... instead I focused on the green house proper because it was my job after all. I started to walk around it and look more closely. It was definitely Victorian and it had leaded glass, so I made a note to myself to be VERY careful. I always carry a small notebook and pen with me, thankfully, so I pulled it out of my back pocket and started writing as I continued my inspection.

There are certain parts of our brain whose main function is to keep us safe. They are part of what's called the Limbic system.... the reptilian part of our brain. This is part of the brain that kept our ancient ancestors from getting eaten by God knows what. As I was making notes my Limbic system went bat shit crazy! Thankfully, I had done my practice, so I breathed deeply and calmed myself. I didn't
know who was watching me, but I knew something was, so I did the only thing I could think of to appear like everything was normal; I started talking to myself while I walked and took notes.

I talked about the glass and how fragile if was. I talked about how the metal work looked like lead, and that I needed to research that. I talked about how the brick foundation was in surprisingly good shape
but that I needed to see if I could find out where they were made, and if they were still operating.

I talked as I walked, nonchalant as could be, and that is when I felt someone approaching. It was odd, I didn't hear them approaching, which I almost always can. If you're paying attention the only things you
can't hear approaching are an animal, or a ninja. I never heard a sound, but I certainly felt it. Thankfully.

"Be Cool," I said to myself as I turned around.

Sister Helene was about 8 feet away from me trying to burn a hole through me with her eyes. I yelled out, SHOCKED, as one would if startled. I wasn't, and it was a bit of acting on my part, but I truly
didn't expect to see her.... or that look.

"What are you doing here, Daniel," she demanded.

I am usually very good in stressful times and remain calm. I tend to stress over the small stuff. So I acted while I regained my composure and responded.

"You scared the Bejesus out of me Sister Helene. OH, My God! I'm doing my job. I don't sleep much so I thought I'd walk around and see what was here so I could make plan on what should be done first. You said you wanted to meet this morning and discuss things. I saw this green house, and it looked old, so I was curious and started taking notes. Am I not suppose to be here?" I said innocently.

I can be as pure as the driven snow when I need to be, and I was in that moment. I could have passed a lie detector test with flying colors, and it worked, because she immediately shifted her energy toward me.

She reached out her and thanked me for my diligence, and said that Henry had brought her a good man, and that she was very thankful for that. She also said she would meet at the stone house at 10 am and
then left.

I waited for her to leave and then shuddered. You know, like when your whole body shakes without reason. In the South they say when that happens that someone just walked on your grave. Well, someone had just walked on my grave. The only thing in my mind was that Sister Helene said Henry brought 'her' a good man, and how thankful "she" was. The only thought I had in my mind, at that moment, was I had just kept myself from being breakfast for a predator.....and I'd only been then half a day.

I never found out what the sisters were up to, but I now knew where they went. I also knew that Sister Helene was something to be reckoned with. and that I would have to be alert. It could be my imagination, but I wasn't taking any chances.... ALL my 'nigglies' were were on full alert. I wasn't sure if any of this was real, but the 'nigglies' were doing an Irish jig on the back of neck and I had learned to trust them.

I headed back to the stone house to unpack Bob.
mark me... a bonus I found looking through emails. Enjoy. edited.
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I work third shift as a driver for a bagel/bakery in the Denver Metro area. It's a good job, aside from the hours. The owners, and people I work with, are fantastic and like family. This story happened pre-Covid and since I have some time on my hands now, I thought I'd share it. At least I'm not waking up at midnight five days week now. Delivering bagels and pastries sounds like an easy gig, and it's better than being a Sysco or Fedex/UPS driver, but 50+ stops a day is a workout when you include loading the van as well. When it snows it really sucks. Even though waking up when I did was tough, once I hit the road it's great because the only people up, and out, at that hour are either cool, crazy, homeless, or fringe. I rarely had a problem with any of them. There several driver's and routes. We all knew each other's routes so that was a shitload of stops to remember but mostly we had the same route.

Mine was the western 'burbs heading heading around Boulder and north to Fort Collins. It was basically everything north of I-70 and west along the I-25 corridor. I busted my ass and I rarely got finished by 8:00am, which was fine because overtime was my friend.
I had keys for all of my stops because I delivered to most places so early that no one was there. 99% of my stops had no issue with it because the drivers are cool, and would never abuse that trust. I ran into a lot of other drivers and they were all the same. Sure, sometimes you'd run across an obnoxious asshole but they never lasted long. It takes a certain type of person to work those hours. We are the 'fringe.' I liked it because of that, but also because it was QUIET and all of the 'muggles' were asleep. It was fantastic until about 5-6am when the normal folk start coming out.... that is when the stress started to build. It was palpable and was understood by every driver out there at night. Even the cops were pretty laid back and cool, and left us alone when we'd make illegal turns because all the streets were one way. They knew us, at least by sight just like we did, and they knew we were just trying to our jobs. We were the only ones around. It was definitely a good gig.

I had done this job for over six years and it was pretty much routine. I rarely saw anyone at my stops until I was heading toward Ft. Collins. I'd see a few a people in Longmont, but by the time I hit FC all the places were getting ready to open, and they were busy.... nice, but busy. It was the few place between Denver and Boulder that were open 24 hours that were great because those folks were bored out of their mind because the only people coming into the store really couldn't communicate well for a variety of reasons.

I always took my breaks at these places. I never took a lunch... or breakfast. We ate free at work so I grabbed stuff and ate while I drove so I didn't feel guilty hanging out and chatting with these folks.

They were pretty much all laid back, and very cool, and I'd shoot the shit with them. I'd bring a half dozen bagels from time to time, and they'd give me coffee, a juice, whatever. They were just thankful for the company. However, those stops got severely curtailed about a 18 months ago. A new person took over the late shift at a store in Golden. She abruptly shifted my life along with my route. Her name was Beka.

This was my last stop before I went to Boulder and then headed North. It was out of the way and the guy doing the the mirror image of my route to the south didn't want the stop so they asked me to take it. I said sure because I didn't care, I liked driving at that hour, and overtime was my friend. I am SO glad I agreed.

Golden is a cool town that sits at the foothills of the Rockies and is the home of Coors. I always liked Golden but I LOVED Golden once Beka took over the midnight to eight shift at a funky little bodega in the part of town that you wouldn't want to leave your van running in. I'd always leave my van if I could see it. If I couldn't see then I would turn it off. It was 2am in the morning and I never locked it. In six years of doing this job I got ripped off twice, and both times were on the "Hill" in Boulder, CO at the University. I doubly made sure the van was locked whenever I stopped in Golden.

For those of you familiar with Denver Metro you may know Lolita's at the west end of Pearl St in Boulder. It's an institution, and has been in the same location... since I think the late 19th century, feels like it anyway. I came to Boulder in '88 and it was there, and it's still there. I am planning to have them cater the Irish wake I have when I die because they will still be there. The place in Golden is very similar but smaller, and not as busy. I can't tell you the name but it is definitely Lolita's little sister.

The guy that had the late shift before Beka showed up in my life was Charlie.... super nice guy. He liked music (which was usually awesome), fly fishing, and 'weed,' but not in that order. I'm guessing that was why Beka was there one Monday morning.

Let me give a sense of the place. When you walked in the register and checkout counter was to the left of the door. The far wall by the end of the counter were the cooler. There were several aisles leading to the back a small cooler on the far right wall and just beyond that, at
the back wall was a small place they sandwiches, etc. This was where I would drop off the bagels and pastry's.

When I'd walked in Charlie would always be in the small office/stock room to the right of the door. I'd always say "Hey Charlie!" as I passed and headed to the back of the to drop off my stuff. I usually had at least 15-20 minutes to kill, but I could have stretched it to 30. I usually chatted for about 10 minutes and I was never sure if he thought I was real.

It was winter, and cold... -5 degrees cold. I walked in, and as usual, I said "Hey Charlie," as I headed to the back. I headed to the opposite side, by the coolers, and then back to the front to get some coffee.... they used great beans. I poured it and grabbed a cookie, which I opened and said, loudly, "Hey, how did the fishing go?"

I had just stuffed half a chocolate chip cookie in my mouth when I heard a woman's voice say "Who the fuck is Charlie?" I looked up, looking like a chipmunk with cookie stuffed in my cheeks ( I always try to make a good first impression. I rarely do, but I try), and standing in the office doorway was woman that I am at loss to describe.... and I like words!

She was about 5'5", but that was probably being generous. She had deep auburn hair, almost mahogany, and the bluest eyes I have ever seen. She had the kind of eyes that, when you looked at them you knew without a doubt the aliens had already landed and were living among us.

She was stunning but in that unique way. She was quite pretty but there was something else.... some ineffable quality that can't be explained. I was glad I had stuffed half a cookie in my mouth so I could buy a little a time to compose myself.

I held up my index finger, and then motioned to my cookie stuffed mouth, as to indicate 'give me a minute.' I chewed as fast as I could; and swallowed sooner than I should have, then took a swig of coffee to melt any residual cookie stuck in my larynx. Now I am nice guy... always have been, and always will. I was raised in CA and I'm pretty laid back so the words that came out of my mouth surprised the hell out of me.

I put my coffee down on the counter and said "who the fuck are you, and what the fuck did you with Charlie?" I wasn't expecting it but I had to ride that now. I picked up coffee and took another swig.

She had her arms crossed before I said that but she slowly let them drop to her side and walked toward the cash register as she looked me up and down.... just like I was doing. I couldn't tell if she liked what she saw, but I certainly did. She went behind the counter and I moved forward.... it seemed like some strange mating dance that birds do.

I walked up and she said she was Beka and had no idea who Charlie was and smiled. I knew it was my turn to speak and luckily my body is smarter than I am because it had take a large sip of coffee. I breathed, swallowed, and said, "Charlie use to work here. I just saw
him Friday. I'm Daniel and I deliver your bagels and pastry's." She smiled again and said, "OK, that's why you went behind the counter in the back. I thought you were a crazy person." I was in trouble, but in a good, I hoped.

I explained that I delivered Monday-Friday, usually around the same time, and Charlie and I would chat. I asked if she liked bagels and cream cheese and she said, "FUCK YEAH! Who doesn't like bagels and cream cheese?" Her favorite was cinnamon raisin and plain cream cheese. I made a mental note.

As we were talking, I was noticing her 'ink,' and complimented her on it.... what I could see anyway. She had what looked like two full 'sleeves' but it was cold and she had a sweater on but it was pushed up on her arms, and she had tat's coming up and around both sides of her neck. She was amazing.

I asked if she'd mine if I looked more closely at her arm. She looked at me for probably 20 seconds, just staring in my eyes, before she took her sweater off. I tried to act cool because I was looking at, and speaking with, a Goddess of ink.

She didn't understand the concept of layering, which I was totally fine with. I'm not sure what it's called but women were it in lieu of a bra, thank the dear lords! It's like a tank top but way sexier, and cool, and it gave a pretty good sense of what her breasts looked like, especially the nipples.

I did my best to be cool, which I failed miserably at. She was smiling the entire time. The 'sleeves' were complete, and moved into her shoulders, and chest.... and I suspected belly. She hadn't turned around but I suspected her back was complete as well, or would be. I held out my right hand, palm up, and asked if I could take a closer look and said...

"Are you Yakuza? I was serious because it looked like she had a full body suit. She smiled and said no, but she held my gaze. This was an interesting woman.

As she was moving her arm toward me she looked down at my out stretched palm and froze, staring at it. She grabbed my wrist, and MEAN grabbed my wrist and pulled it toward her. Being a guy, I was hoping she was going to place it on a breast because it was a perfect
fit. She didn't do that. Instead, she raised it up to look at it more closely.

"Where did you get this done, "she asked?"

She was looking at a tattoo I got a couple of months earlier. I took a long weekend and went to Austin, TX and was set to go back in January for the other palm.

"In Austin, I said... and she stopped me mid word."

"I know exactly who you went to but can't recall his name, but he learned this at an Eskimo village in either Alaska, or Canada (sorry, but I won't name him, or the village he learned the tribal art)."

"Sounds like the same guy, "I said, as she ran her thumb over the ink on my palm." I see him at the end of January, before he heads back north, so he can do the other palm and finish the pair. I am also hoping I can get in, before he leaves for the summer, so he can start on another one I have in mind for my left foot."

She had been rubbing her thumb on my palm the entire time without even realizing. When I mentioned my other palm, she reflexively reached for my other hand and started looking at it, doing the same thing.... rubbing my palm with her thumb.

"What are getting here, she asked" I had a 'tribal-esque' version of a bee on my right palm. It fit perfectly. The bee filled most of my palm, and the stinger moved down my wrist a bit. The wings stretched to the sides and came around just enough to see there was ink.

"A dragonfly in the same tribal design. It's tail will go into my wrist but the wings will stretch further onto the top of my hand. The bee was yellow but the dragonfly will be turquoise," I said. "I am able to look at them daily, but I can also hold my palm up and show others, which I wanted to be able to do for some reason." She let out a sigh as she let palm go.

"What design do want on your foot," she asked?

"We're still working on it but I want roots coming from the side, and back, of my foot and from in between..... like they were coming out of the ground. I'd eventually like, if I can afford it, to have it go past my knee. I can see it going up my left leg to my balls and dick, going around spreading up my torso to my neck." She was stunned.

"That's a lot of ink, and A LOT of money, and I still have to come up with a design. The dragonfly is fine for now but I do like the thought of the roots," I said.

I wasn't sure what had happened but her eyes had changed... not in a bad way... and she said, "Do not move...." and went into the office. she came back with a large sketch book that she placed on the counter.

"This is why I took this job. I am able to draw, for hours , mostly uninterrupted." She opened it and moved through it until she found the page she was looking for. She looked at me and smiled as she put the sketch book down so I could see it. She came out from behind the counter and stood next to me and took my right hand as I looked at her drawing. In primitive, or aboriginal, cultures i think we would have been married.

First of all, I was speechless because she was an amazing artist, truly amazing. I got lost in the detail, as i can. Once she took my hand, I lost all sense of space and time, looked at her, looked back and I was looking at my tattoo..... EXACTLY, hers moved up the left side of the neck with tendrils branching onto the cheek, and around to the back. I didn't move. I couldn't move except to squeeze her hand...hard, which she matched.

She asked how often I delivered, and which days, and when I was going to Austin. I told her and she squeezed my hand again as she stood on her toes and pulled me down to her (I'm 6'3") and kissed me as passionately as I have ever been kissed. I couldn't compare because my brain turned to mush. If I think about it, I can still feel her tongue in my mouth and heading down my throat, and the depth of the energy we were embraced in.

She looked in my eyes, squeezed my hand, hard, and said she see me tomorrow. I nodded, because I'm an idiot, and walked out in a total zen experience. I left the other half of my cookie, my cold coffee, but more importantly... Beka. I'd have start getting to work earlier!
take me...
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So I am taking a break at the most inopportune time, as it should be with stories. I am looking for some place other than this to continue writing. I want to keep writing, but I won't, for a while. I have a lot for you to read and have left some clues about what would likely happen along the way.

This Is has gotten me to write. I had two other stories here, in years past, but I can;t find them. As screwed up as this site is, since I have it I figured I might as well write, and I did. I doubt I'll be able to stop writing for long, but who knows. I never did expect nearly five-fifty stories. Wowzers!

We'll see what happens. I'll take the interim and I wish all of you a blessed new year, because we need it. Being fractured is not good as you have been reading about, and sadly...it might get worse for us. I wasn't kidding about being adopted.

I'm a pessimistic optimist. We might pull it off, but I am hedging my bets. Why do you think I write about Scandinavia? ) Please be safe, and have a wonderful new year. Maybe we could go back to being civil. Maybe?" That's my New Year's wish.

I'll be back.
take me part 545....edited
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I figured I would walk into Hammish's barn, but I rolled. "FUCK. I hated this mist. I wanted to go back into time but I didn't know anything about the dragon except my own will, and no one was helping me. I pushed myself up and told the animals it was OK, and walked to the door. This was going to be fun because it wasn't light, but it wasn't dark, and I was unannounced. I knocked, and stepped aside as the door was flung open.

"Hammish, it's me."

"Danael?" I stepped out of the shadows and into his home.

"What are you doing knocking on our door after you just left?" I looked at them. confused.

"I am still trying to figure out moving through time, but what we were doing. We bought the building in town, with the land." I nodded because everything was happening to quickly. "The men are starting to build the fence, and our mules are coming."

"You have the wagon?" He nodded. "I need you to do me a favor, which you won't understand now, but I need a large bed made, along with the mattress, and blankets." They stared at me. "I know, but please trust me. I also need clothes made for women, but one young man, my build but shorter, and a twelve year girl" Ilsa stared at me because she was a witch. "Sorry, but are there empty homes around here with access to fresh water. If so, I would like to buy them." I put the bag of silver on the table as Ilsa was finishing their meal. She walked over and lifted it.

"Why so much, Dragon?"

"Hammish and I have a lot to do, and we all have costs, and then there is there coven, and the town, workers, and the unexpected opportunity. Right now, I need to bring people back here to keep the safe but I have no where for them to sleep, or be, which is why I need the bed. My and I can sleep in a stall, but I won't allow that for the girls." Hammish nodded.

"It will be finished and we'll look for homesteads with good water close to Irina and us." I nodded.

"I need to go to town and I'll take the girls with me. They will like the trip and the seamstress can make clothes for all of us. You won't mind?"

"I 'm leaving the silver because I consider all of us family, but I am not here as I would like, use it as you see fit, or need. Get something you wouldn't. I'm sorry for puting the burden on Hammish, but I will be back, hopefully soon but I'm still figuring things out, and we have all of our other projects." They both nodded as Ilsa put stew and bread down.

"Use what you both need, and what the girls need. I trust you. I want all of us to do well. I know I am strange but...."

"You are NOT strange to us. You are our Dragon. The people in town know that you have kept them alive. It's odd, but we have memories of dragons and they weren't bad. We'll find what you are looking for." The mist opened by the fire.

"Sorry, I think I need to leave." I rolled into Ama's kitchen as Haagerstadt waved while he was eating.

'Would you mind telling me exactly what you are doing?"

"Hi Ama. Hey Haag...how are the animals?' He gave me a thumbs up.

'I asked you a question, Danael." I looked at Ama but didn't want to say that I didn't care, because I did. I was just beyond that.

"I need to keep my family safe and the only I know how is to move them back in time until I can work things out." She stared at me.

"You do understand that you are the thread that binds ALL of you together...from the beginning." I nodded. "If you die, Dragon, it all dies." I nodded.

"It has moved beyond that Ama. They don't want us, they want our girls. They will be safe there, not comfortable, but safe. I am talking with Yoshi, but we needed time to prepare, this gives us time, and it gives us more hands to build what we will build." She stared at me and shook her head, but smiled.

"Go home." She flung her hand and I rolled through the barn. "FUCK." I walked to the main house as I looked to the East. Shit, and the mist opened as Joseph walked through. I stared at them as he smiled.

'What?" I turned and we walked inside. Everyone looked at me, us.

"Eat, we wont have this food for a while in our experience of time." I poured a large glass of milk even though I could have that there. I didn't really care about anything else other than Chunky Monkey, or pizza. I was SOL.

"Have you seen what's coming here?" I nodded. "And we're leaving? This is our home."

"I know Annie, but get ready. You are what they want, and you are what they can't have. We leave in thirty minutes. If it worked, then you'll be as comfortable as possible." I looked up as the mist opened and Aisha walked out.

"Miss me." Kana walked up and hugged her. "He's still sort of your dragon but they need you here, love. Where we're going he's going to need me because we will be going to battle. May I use your dragon?" Kana nodded as Sara and I opened the mist. Chloe took Jake, Emily and Anna's hands, followed by Klara, and they walked through as she told them about the moving conveyor belt. They knew Chloe. The rest followed until it was just Sara and I. She smiled, and I pushed her into Hammish's hay loft as she screamed and I closed the mist, and locked it. I was getting stronger by the day.

"She's going to hurt you for that, dragon." I looked at Aisha and nodded. "Are you ready to fight?" I knelt down as she climbed on. "Good, but we have nothing to fight except the source of this.... that is where our battle will be and it will be mostly up to you, but a dragon needs a rider. They can't find what they want, which are the girls, so now they want you. That ominous darkness will shift as we move east. Quite the homecoming." I laughed as we both looked East.

"Fly dragon," and we flew East.
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IF... the person who runs this site reads these.... FIX YOUR SOFTWARE so people can actually read what others of us write. Your listings are jokes, we all know that. Why not do one thing right?

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