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take me part 544...edited.
Posted:Dec 27, 2021 8:29 pm
Last Updated:Dec 28, 2021 11:06 am

I walked out of the barn and looked to the East. Fuck. I walked to the house and pushed for Fenrir and the girls. I walked into the kitchen as the girls walked up. "Pack...all of you. Now. The , and Klara. They are looking for us because you are the threat. They will leave the rest alone. They aren't like the others, at least not yet. They are trying to maintain the past. I need more silver Annie." Annika ran in with Jake and Emily. "Anna, I need you to help your brother and sister, and you need to be quick about it." They stared at me concerned. I need you get your mom, and pack warm clothes that you can fit in what you can carry in a back pack....think underwear and socks. Hurry, love." She nodded.

"Their intent isn't me, it's our . Aya having twins set something in motion. I need you to get ready. It's not urgent but they are coming because they know Tashi failed. I need to deal with that. Pack a bag but minimal. I'll figure something out but I need to go." I called the mist and walked onto Gotland, and didn't fall. I smiled as Elisabeth plowed into me and we went rolling three times. She ended up sitting on top of me.

"How do you do that?"

"I feel you coming because I miss you."

"Would you please get up?' She nodded and kissed me. She grabbed my hand as we walked backed to town. "I hear that you are excellent at catching fish." Elisabeth smiled, and nodded as she blushed. "Don't blush, love, your skills will save this community during hard times, and probably the entire island." She hugged me. I need to talk with Kana and Airi." She smiled and ran. She was a dragon, but she was a also a sixteen year old girl on an isolated island. Kana and Airi walked out smiling and stopped. I walked up.

"What?" Elisabeth listened but didn't understand.

"Airi, I need you to stay here and help Elisabeth....teach her about boys." She smiled. I looked at Kana. "I need you now. Pack you things." She nodded. I poured some milk and finished as Kana walked out with a bag over her back. We hugged Airi and Elisabeth when I heard Karin calling. Shit. I'll be back as I ran to the shore.

"Hi Karin, I have a lot going on at the moment, sweets. Can this wait?"

"I found a cave with things that you would like. It's not underwater and there are those things with pages and other pretty things. The water is rising in that cave,more than it should." I bent down and kissed her as Elisabeth knocked me into the water.

"You like her more than me?" Jesus Christ.

"Elisabeth, you are sixteen. I am fine kissing you, especially if you'll stop knocking me in the water. Fuck." I climbed out as Airi and Kana were laughing and taking her back to town. Karin looked me.

"You love her." I nodded.

"It depends on the definition of love."

"You care about her."

"I do. It's not easy being a dragon. I can't imagine what it's like for a sixteen year old girl." She stared at me.

"Can I teach her about the ocean...please? I know them better than anyone which is how I found the cave with those things with bound papers, and the pretty images. I can help her learn about the ocean better than you can." I was silent because I was about to make a bargain with a Siren, and I had a few other things going on.

"What do you want?" She clapped.

"For the things in the cave, I want four special stones from the area you live, and you can have everything. For Elisabeth, I want you to use your magic and let me walk on land for a day and meet my other sisters. I will teach the young dragon in the ocean, you teach her on land." I extended my hand as she jumped in and out of the water. "You're the best, mister."

"Does the cave have access from land?" She shook her head. "Paper and water don't mix well love, but let me think. I'll also have to figure out about you walking on land, but I will. I promise. Please teach Elisabeth." She smiled, jumped up, and kissed me.

"I will. If you have a bag that doesn't take in water then my friends, and I, can get it to the surface in under a minute, if we work together. We are powerful when we do and my closest friends loved those stone flowers you gave us. They would help me, but they would want something." I nodded, and smiled.

"I'll figure something out Karin, but help Elisabeth, please." She nodded and slipped back into the sea as Kana walked out.

"I said goodbye to Airi. She's with Elisabeth." I twisted my hand and the mist appeared. She looked at me and smiled. This was getting easier. I rolled four times through the middle of the of the barn as Kana walked out. "Shit!" I looked up and Sara and Taiiko were looking at me and shaking their heads.

"Can we talk?" I nodded. "Hi, Love. Welcome home, how are ....."

"I'm fine, thanks." I got up as Drakon and the horde walked past me. "Seriously?" Jakob let them in their stall, and laughed.

"You, and the wolves, created a monster." We both laughed because he was right.

"The wolves are going to be around more. We are part of their pack and they won't hurt any of us. Limited your time in town. People are looking for us and I'm taking the girls away. They have no reason to hurt anyone else, but bring Lacie here just in case." He nodded. I walked out as I saw darkness moving to us from the East. I looked at Sara because Taiiko took Kana and was preparing her. She smiled and shrugged.

"Are they ready?" Sara nodded. "I don't know enough about the dragon yet. Do you know how long it'll be until come to look for us?'

"Twenty four hours, maybe longer. They are hesitant of you, as they should be, but they are determined."

"Get them all ready, and my bags. I'll be back, I promise." I pulled on Gaia and opened the mist as I walked back in time.
take me part 543...edited, as if.
Posted:Dec 27, 2021 5:13 pm
Last Updated:Dec 28, 2021 10:54 am

Emma was a godsend for us. Because of this winter we had a LOT of venison bones and she wouldn't let us get rid of them. There were two stoves in the main house and one had nothing but bones simmering for long periods of time, and then stock being made. We were experiencing the end result of that love for lunch with a vegetable and beef soup. I had three bowls which made Emma and the girls happy. I took my bowl and glass to the sink and Emma slapped my shoulder. "Go do something else." I smiled and nodded as I reached for Chloe's hand. We got our coats and walked outside holding hands as we walked up the driveway. I would need to deal with it at some point.

"I'm sorry...." She kissed me.

"Stop, love. You are not fighting these battles alone. They are ours, not yours. Inconvenience means nothing, besides, I have our here and it's time they learn to speak with the wolves, wouldn't you say?" I smiled and nodded. "No one will harm us here but it was right for me to stay. I'm not as powerful as Sara, but I can move energy like she can." I nodded. "It's wise for me to stay, and I like the idea of the going back so they can see what it was like. They are our family. You carry too much, Daniel. We know that you can, but you carry too much." I nodded as Fenrir walked up and looked at me, us.

"The deer and elk are moving." I stared at him.

"Is that good?"

"It means the storms have passed, for now, and they are strong enough to seek other grazing. Prey animals only stay in a place for weather, or because they are injured or weak. It's a good sign. My is tracking them so we know where they go. Your hay seems to have worked, Dragon." I smiled and scratched his ears...so did Chloe.

"Can you hear me Fenrir?" He looked at me and then back at her, and nodded. "I want my , our , to interact with your pack. Is that possible?" He walked up and licked her hand. "Good." I'll figure out how to push so I can hear you but in the meantime can we communicate like this?" He nodded. "Thank you." He howled and trotted off as two males followed him. She stared at me, stunned. "I had no idea they were there."

"Wolves don't usually travel alone. They are a pack, like we are a family, and clan among clans. It's the same principle." She nodded as we walked back. Chloe went inside as I walked the barn and got attacked by puppies, led by Drakon. They succeeded in tripping me and then pummeled me into submission until Jakob came out, laughing.

"That'll teach you for ignoring them earlier." I nodded as he helped and Drakon led them to fight snow. "I've been checking the weather and it looks like about a ten day window, maybe longer." I nodded. "I was going to send some men back out to cut dead trees. Even if we stack them and haul them later, it would be good to clear them and the men need something to do because they have families. I spoke with Annie and she said I'd talk with you but that she was on board."

I agree Jakob because your instincts are like ours. I don't like dead standing trees because they are a hazard and our family needs to work. Can you check into draft mules, and the tack needed to haul things?" He smiled. "You already are." He nodded. "As far as I am concerned, you are in charge of the outside, with the exception of the gardens because I don't want an angry woman coming at me with a hoe." He laughed and nodded. "I'll talk with Annie, but the only thing I would say is to treat your people than yourself because they want to know that you will be when they need help. Bring them warm meals, and treats. I'll speak with Emma too but after what we just went through, I want as much wood as we can get." He nodded. "Keep watching the price of hay and the hay. We still have six months of winter left." He was silent. "What, Jakob?"

"Why do you trust me?" I stared at him.

"You've never given me a reason not to trust you. You care for this family, and the land, and you've never cared about who we are, the wolves, or the unusual things that go on here. This is your home, and you'll protect . Am I wrong in that."


"That's why, now get back to work, slacker." He laughed and headed back the barn as I went inside to talk with Emma and Annie.
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take me part 542...edited.
Posted:Dec 27, 2021 2:03 pm
Last Updated:Dec 28, 2021 10:55 am

I got dressed and went downstairs for breakfast but I wasn't looking forward . What happened with Tashi was a gut punch that blindsided me. I was going go back the monastery and deal with them, deal with Tashi's teacher, and the head of that order, Lashin, but I wasn't strong enough deal with all of them yet. The problem I had was one of alliances. I hadn't been for a very long time, and even when I was my training was solitary and isolated, unlike Tashi's. I had few teachers, Dreka. Dragons usually live very solitary lives which was my current life was so odd. They would know Tashi was dead and they would know I killed him and they wouldn't care that it was painless, so much for this stopping. It seems that meeting Aya escalated things but they would need be dealt with. Chloe was not going be pleased when I asked her stay here and not go the past with us. I didn't want but I had . Life was getting complicated again, as if ever ended. I walked into the kitchen and kissed my family, and Emma, and got coffee.

"What do you want for breakfast, love?"

"I'm not hungry Emma, coffee will be fine. Thank you." I put on my jacket and walked outside to the hay barn. Annie and Chloe were getting up to come after me when Sara told them to let me be.

"We can't help him. It would be like him having to kill Deats to keep us safe, that can't be fixed endured." They nodded as I walked by the pups, were playing with the two wolves, and sat on the chopping block finish my coffee. I took my jacket off and spent the next three hours chopping and stacking wood. was close lunch time when the girls walked out and handed me a glass of milk as I put the ax in the block.

"You need eat something, Daniel." I nodded and told Annie I knew, and said thanks for the milk as I hugged her. I looked at Chloe. .

"I'd like you stay here Chloe. I'm sorry but if anyone else does show up, which I doubt, you can help Annie and Taiiko. You similar powers as Sara. I know you wanted go but I can make another bed and we can go back another with the ." She kissed me and said she understood. I looked at Aya.

"Did Sara speak with you about coming back with us, Aya?" She looked at me and nodded and then walked up, hugged me, and bit my shoulder.

"We do what is in the best interest of our family, and people." I nodded and hugged her. Sara smiled as she walked up and hugged me.

"Let's a nice lunch, Emma is worried, as are the . The crew is already washing up and you don't smell, so that's a plus. I smiled and kissed her as Melissa walked up and hugged me too.

"I've missed you." I nodded. I was a lucky man and I'd be damned if I would let anyone hurt these women, or any of my family. We walked in smiling. Sulking in my pain would do no good for anyone. The girls walked into the kitchen as I washed up in the mudroom and walked into the kitchen as the work crew looked at me.

"Jesus Christ, how many meals do you people need?" They laughed as the girls brought chairs in from the dining room and we got soup and bread. Emma kissed my cheek and fed her helpers as we all sat down, scrunched together, but happy as family can be.
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take me part 541...edited.
Posted:Dec 26, 2021 11:01 pm
Last Updated:Dec 27, 2021 3:22 pm

Fenrir nudged me until I came ....thank god for wool. "Don't leave brother." He nodded as I walked into the house. I took off my cape and shook off the snow as Emily and Anika ran up to me as I pushing.... nothing. wasn't right. I squeezed both of them into me, kissed their heads, and tickled their ribs, as they both screamed. One of them was eighteen, and the other twelve, both my adopted daughters, and both reacting the way. I suppose getting tickled does that. I let them go and they both pounced on me, and bit my shoulders.

"That wasn't funny, Da'." The work crew was waving and leaving as Jake walked up and hugged me.

"It was kinda funny. I want you guys stay here. I need talk with Klara and Eba...OK?" They nodded as i walked up Emma, Klara, and Eba.

"I need you two take the home, now, and please don't ask questions. The wolves are out but they won't hurt you. Bolt the doors, I don't think is a threat anyone other than me but don't let anyone in besides us. Emma, please take what you need and go upstairs. I'll deal with the dishes, and the kitchen." She stared at me, nodded, made a plate, grabbed some wine, and a glass, and went up the back stairs as I made a plate, calmed myself, and walked into the dining room.

" he is." Everyone was happy and having a good as I smiled and sat down.

"You wouldn't wanted me sitting here if I didn't shower." I was so confused because I remembered Tashi. I was remembering all of it, well, most of it. I got up and added wood the fire. I could feel Tashi searching me as I walked back the table, smiling, and started eat.

"Emma made you eat too?" I nodded

"I wasn't about to say no to her meatloaf, because she kinda scares me." The girls all burst out laughing and nodded. I could still feel Tashi searching but I had no opening for him so he joined in the merriment. made no sense ruin a wonderful meal, even though my heart was breaking. Tashi's students were getting up excuse themselves.

"No, please stay." They looked at Tashi, and I knew they were. They wanted go upstairs so they could feed him power unseen. 'd been a long time since I used magic. They went leave...

'I said stay!" They sat back down as everyone stared at me. I could feel the girls pushing into me as I looked at Tashi, and smiled. Sorry, 's been a long few days, brother." He smiled and nodded. "As Annie and I were flying after feeding the deer, I started thinking, because was quiet, and I was wondering why you would walk down my driveway, unannounced, after I had the dream I had that night. never made sense me and then I saw you and my past came flooding back me." Tashi was unsure what was going on but smiled and nodded. I looked at his 'students' and I knew Sara already had understood, and the others were waiting to see what happened. We were getting better at linking with each other, even Aya.

"Here's the thing Tashi, when I apologized for hurting you said that, "you fared better than the archer," or something like that," I could feel him pulling power, and building magic... "and then you said that you didn't expect me being a bear. I'm curious about that old friend. How could you know that when both the archer, and the bear, were behind you?" His 'students' were casting spells that were ineffective at best. Sara walked up to them, touched their foreheads, and they collapsed, as she glared at Tashi. Annie growled and moved next to me.

"Why, Tashi?" Silence. I could still feel him building something.

"You no idea what you are doing Druk. You got her pregnant in the beginning, and then you came back save her line, but wasn't the you that that I knew because Druk was high in the mountains. He was always more diligent than me. We still don't know how you were able do ."

"You were helping the Mongols?"

"I was trying find out was going be in power." I stared at him as my eyes filled with tears and Annie touched me.

"You are unlocking things that shouldn't be touched, Druk...." He tried to cast some spell and I sent it back to him. He froze, staring at me as Annie and I walked up.

"Tashi, you are breaking my heart." I released him from his magic as he gasped.

"How did you do that?"

"Tell me about the archer, Tashi" He stared at me. "Now."

" We didn't expect you as a bear. I suspect he was trying to keep us safe after you knocked us unconscious. We also didn't expect you would align yourselves with wolves." I shook my head because this wasn't the person I knew, but it had been a long time. "It's easy for you Druk. You get to come and go while the rest of us endure this unending wheel. "I lowered my head because he had no clue when Annie walked up him and grabbed his throat.

"You no idea because you are so lost in your own envy, and greed." She squeezed. " are you working for?" We'll find out. If you don't tell us I'll let go, but then your death will be...unpleasant. ?" She let go.

"Lashin, but is so much more than that. You no hint of what you are fighting. Do you think we are acting alone? You're fools." I walked up and put my hand on Annie's shoulder as she walked away.

"Brother, you are going align with women, after all of your lives?" I lowered my head and stuck my hand just below his ribs, at his solar plexus, and pulled his soul out as his body dropped. I wrapped it in energy and sent it on it's way home. Tashi was my friend, my brother, at one time. I exhaled and shook my head as Sara did the with novices, and looked at me. I had no idea what was happening. Annie walked outside and called Fenrir as I lifted my Tashi and walked outside as the girls carried the other two out. I was still holding Tashi as I looked at Fenrir and could see sadness in his eyes for the first time.

"Can you deal with them, brother?" He nodded in silence. "Thank you. I walked into the field and put Tashi's body down as I shifted into the dragon and roared in agony. I grabbed him as gently as I could and flew north, where no one lived and landed. I looked at him as the dragon and incinerated my friend's body turning him to ash. I roared, and flew away. I landed close to my cave, but by the ocean. I looked North and tears were streaming down my face as a fox walked up and sat with me. She didn't say a word. I wiped my eyes, and nose, scratched her ears, shifted, and flew back to Norway.

I landed, and shifted, as Fenrir walked up and bumped me. I scratched his ears too as he howled and trotted away. are some things that can be dealt with alone. They can't be fixed with hugs, and well wishes, or kind words...the hole is too deep. Fenrir understood, and so did Sara because she was waiting for me on the porch, wrapped in wool. She didn't say a word, took my hand and lead me to the main house and into Aya's room. She undressed me, and herself, and she washed me, and dried me. We got into bed, naked, and I curled into her and cried until I fell asleep. I woke alone, but I had clothes, which was a plus. was still grey. I just hoped I hadn't lost a day.
take me part 540...edited.
Posted:Dec 26, 2021 8:33 pm
Last Updated:Dec 26, 2021 8:59 pm

Annie felt like she losing her mind, because she in a certain sense. Sara walked up and hugged her, and squeezed. "It will get easier, sweets, soon." Annie stared at her and burst into tears but had no idea why. They walked in the snow, in silence as Tashi, his students, and I ate pie and another cup of tea.

"I'm sorry that I hurt you, brother." He smiled.

'We fared much better than the archer, and it good training. Your skill has either increased, or ours as decreased. I do know that I wasn't expecting a bear." We laughed as Annie and Sara walked in, sat down, and started eating pie. Tashi got up to go sit with his students to give us privacy. Annie said with a full mouth,

"Sit." He sat as she finished her pie. I was amazed because she ate like I did, in gulps. She poured some tea and held the pot toward Tash He nodded as Annie wiped her mouth. Sara and I looked at each other. Your people...clan, order, tribe..."


"Thank you Tashi, your order knows things that we don't, through various means, is that correct." He nodded. "And you've been doing this since before time?" He nodded again. "And you understand reincarnation?"

"Some, Annie, but we can read the signs."

"Are Daniel and I the reincarnation of Druk and Gawa?" I wasn't surprised because I was wondering that myself, but Sara was because she stared at her sister, I think because she didn't expect her to Grok that."

"Yes, but it's more involved than that." She exhaled.

"Thank Gaia...I thought I was losing my mind." I told her welcome to my life. "Did your students enjoy their meal?"

"Very much, and thank you. We can continue this conversation later." Annie nodded as she handed me back my wallet and Tashi and I went to the counter, me to and him to write down the recipe for butter tea.

"You have interesting friends." I nodded. "Is Aydar gone?"

"He had to leave quickly. I didn't speak with him, because I unconscious, but the invitation is a standing one, if you it. Our life is perpetual flux, Halle." She smiled and nodded as Tashi handed her the recipe we use to make.

"We used yak butter but any butter is fine. What Danael and I made pretty close, and using a blender is way more convenient than a whis...and quicker." I nodded because memories kept flooding into my mind. We walked back to the table as Annie got up and hugged me.

"I'm scared Daniel because things are changing so quickly." I kissed her, held her tightly, and said that I knew.

"Let's go home love." She nodded and laid her head against my chest as we walked to the SUV and headed home. I pushed as we were leaving, nothing. I glad, but not at ease, because I didn't know who the archer . We were going to be eating a lot today, it seemed, because it only five when we got back and Emma would expect us to eat her dinner. Annie, Sara, and I looked each other, smiled and exhaled as Taiiko and Chloe came out and we introduced everyone.

"Where are Aya and the ?" Chloe hugged me

"Emily is at Ama's house helping Annika with math, or something, and Jake is in the barn helping Jakob and Aya is on the phone with either Gerel, or Aydar. I smiled as I looked at everyone.

"Tashi, you can introduce me to your students later but I need leave and check on some things. I shouldn't be that long but the girls will make sure you are comfortable and we can all talk over another dinner because I'm not going to refuse Emma." He nodded as I walked into the barn to say hi to Jake but they weren't there. I walked around to the side, shifted into the dragon, and flew to check on the deer. They were moving around, which good sign but the hay gone. I flew farther north and there were still frozen carcasses, so that would buy some time, but not enough. I flew back, invisible and high so I didn't scare them and started to cull the old and very sick out of both herds...the elk and the reindeer. I dropped some to the North to try and keep the predators there, and I dropped some for the wolves. I flew home and pushed to Annie to find Jakob and get round bales ready.

I landed as she climbed on, Taiiko and Chloe were speaking with Tash We took two bales to each herd and Annie did what she had done before.... gathered the twine and spread the hay. She climbed on and I pushed to her to hold on. She did as I felt her merge on top of me and press her knees hard into my side, and we flew. It dark when we landed. The barn closed, and only Ama's porch light on as we walked into the kitchen. The crew
eating together, with Jake and Emily. Annie hugged me and started to cry. Both Jake and Emily asked why she crying.

"She's happy, and proud." You lunkheads enjoy your meal. Is there pie?" They all nodded, smiling. "Good." I kissed Annie and told I going to shower and change. She nodded as I went back to our home so I could change. I threw my clothes in the wash, put my boots on, and grabbed my cloak as I walked back to the house. I pushed but there was nothing I could feel. Fenrir walked up.

"Those are the men you stopped." I nodded. "They are friends now?"

"They were always friends but I didn't realize it because my past is just starting to come back to me. I couldn't understand why they were walking down the driveway. It started to unravel when we met them."

"And the one in the tree, the one that tried to kill you? They aren't connected?" I stared at him and everything went white as I fell into the snow.
take me part 539...edited
Posted:Dec 26, 2021 5:32 pm
Last Updated:Dec 27, 2021 11:09 am

"What did you think? " Sara smiled as she finished her cup while Annie slid her cup to her. We all laughed. Annie said,

"I don't dislike it but Sara obviously likes it more than me, thank you for sharing that with us. Have you tried fermented shark?" Sara almost spit out her sip and then laughed with Annie and

"It's an inside joke, butter tea is way better than fermented shar"

"I would imagine it would be but do they eat this here?" I nodded.

"Yes, for much the same reason. Our people have eaten it for millennia just as your people have drunk this tea. We are all different, yet all the same." He smiled and nodded. "How are you and your students? We have had multiple groups of people try and attack us for various reasons. Daniel is highly protective, which had been good. I'm curious why he didn't realize that you were friends, Tash" She cut straight to the point but in a very polite way. Tashi smiled and looked at me.

"You have chosen wisely Dru As to your questions Anryd. We will be fine by tomorrow. We are able to heal ourselves and no bones were broken. It still hurt and rendered us unconscious for a time but we can use that to aid ourselves, which we did. Thank you for asking, and for your kindness by letting us stay in your home. It will make things easier. As to why Dru...Danael... didn't realize who we were it because he didn't know. Danael's memories go back only since he can remember during this life, with flashes of previous ones. Danael never knew me, Druk knew me and he hasn't been the dragon for very long. The Dragon has not come back often in recent times. We weren't surprised, but we were taken off guard when we realized. It's a long story but one that I will gladly share with you. Our astrologers, and mystics, are still trying to understand why Druk decided to appear now. As far as your question in the police station, we know about you because you are all bonded with Danael, with Dru Annie and Sara were almost spellbound. I trying to keep my head from exploding because so many images were flooding in.

Halle brought our meal. We all got the same thing on her recommendation which Farikal - lamb and cabbage stew with boiled potato's and also rye bread with butter. Halle made it like a traditional stew so it thicker but this what people had eaten for generations in Norway. We all thanked her as Tashi bowed his head and took my hand. I already reaching for Annie's without thinking as my past flooding into my present. Blessing, prayer, offering, silence, holding hands, singing.... they were all the same thing. He took a bite and immediately smiled.

"This is so much better than the sandwiches we were given in jail." We laughed, and nodded, as we ate. Tashi excused himself and walked to his students and came bac "They are most pleased. We have lamb, and chicken dishes, but they are more heavily spiced. This is sublime. Annie nodded, and smiled. I could see her suspicions melting away.

"Where were we...ah yes , how we know about your family, and Aya's. We'll leave Aya for another time but you didn't just bond with Danael, you bonded with Druk, and even though they are the same being they were separate until Danael became the Dragon. The reason we stopped you earlier because he beginning to integrate the two. He still is." I nodded as I ate in silence and tried not to go insane. Annie and Sara ate like they were watching the best movie ever...totally oblivious to the food.

"Our calendar's are vastly different so trying to determine dates is pointless but Druk predates the time that Danael went to find a stone in the Himalaya's and met a princess. Her name Jungney. She Tibetan but Tibet, I'm using the term you know, a vast place then and rivaled China but the Mongol's didn't care about violence and took what they wanted. Those at the lower elevations were often raided, which not uncommon anywhere during those times, and sadly still isn't. Jungney taken in a raiding party. The Khan took a fancy to her and made her a concubine. It's a long story but it not an accident that your Danael met her in the northern regions of what Tibet long ago."

"Sara stopped eating. Druk the father of her baby?" Annie nodded.

"No, Druk high in the mountains at that time training as the dragon's successor. Druk never met Jungney, but around the time that we were going to begin our training at the monastery, our lives are longer, Druk, and who you would call a noble woman now, even though the terms have vastly different meanings, fell in love and the inevitable happened, as you know all to well." They both chuckled and looked at me. I don't know her name, but...."

"Her name Gawa, it means joy. I can see it, and feel it. It wonderful, and brutal. Her family found out and took her away and I never saw again, but her friend told me later that she healthy and had a . We had a . I hadn't taken my vows yet so I still able to get into the monastery and learn, train, but...." I silent as I started to eat again, some things shouldn't be relived.

"So..... Druk Jungney's great----grandfather?" Tashi swallowed and nodded. "Then who the father, Tashi?"

"No one knows, at least I don't. We think it someone where she taken. The Khan wouldn't have wanted her if she wasn't beautiful, but no one knows. Whoever it was must have her loved, and had some status, because he was able to get out, and back to the mountains."

"But you said Daniel knew her when he was for a stone for Karin...how is that possible, Tashi? How can both Druk, and Daniel know the same women when neither had met her at that time." Annie stared at me, and then at Tashi, who smiled. She put her her spoon down as Halle brought us more hot water and tea.

"Halle, this superb. Thank you, and thank you for letting us make the butter tea. It made us feel like we were home."

"Before you go can you write down the traditional recipe for it. I like collecting them and offering them here." He nodded as Annie staring a hole in me. I didn't realize it at the time but when my memories started unlocking, our powers and abilities started to unlock as well....everyone's.

"You started our lines. Gawa our beginning, blending, and shifting, through eons. You started all of this and it taken away from you, like your parents were taken, and like your brother's left you. It's why you risk so much to protect us, and keep us safe." Sara smiled as she ate. "You were the dragon who had the first rider, that's why you met her as the dragon, and yourself on that mountain. That's why Gaia told you that you had to keep her safe, and get her to the Norsemen, that's why you lost one of your lives doing that, because if you didn't succeed then all of this would be different. Druk wasn't ready to help her then." She looked at Tash

"That is all true Annie. Druk completing his training, as They were different, but similar. A Dragon's magic is harder to learn, even harder to master, and few can move through it without succumbing to it's power. A dragon needs a rider and Jungney met a dragon, it just wasn't the one she would learn to fly with. Dreka taught Druk and Gaia taught Gawa."

"What does Druk mean in Tibetan?" Annie stared at him and touched her belly, our .

"Same as Dreka in old Norse, Dragon."

Annie grabbed her coat, and walked outside and into the snow as I watched her leave, again.

"She'll be fine. It's a lot to take in. Keep eating because it's too good for it to get cold. We'll be bac"
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Annie and the Sheriff looked at me, stunned, as I started speak in a dialect that no longer existed. I was pretty stunned myself as I handed my wallet Annie so she could the fines.

"We apologize for coming unannounced, and at that hour, but was important and we didn't realize how quickly you were gaining power, Dragon. Thank you for not killing us when you easily could , and thank you for getting us out of this jail, we much discuss but not much time." He was the one spoke but I would be far more hesitant in fighting these men now that I saw them. power was immense, as I'm sure magic and skill was, but was something familiar about him, something lost in the recesses of an ancient memory and that was when the bolt of energy and I fell one knee. Annie ran me but they put out their arms as she growled. "He is fine Anryd. He is processing." I started seeing images of landscapes, and people, fighting, training. Feelings started flood in. The place I saw was my home. Building carved in rock walls along river valleys, and then I saw a face. was different but the energy was the . I stood.

"Tashi, Is that you? How?" His smile was almost blinding as he hugged me. I didn't know the other two but I knew Tashi from my beginning, at the beginning I could remember anyway. "How are you here? How did you know where to find me.

You are the Dragon, Druk. We always know when you reincarnate and touch that source of power. was more pronounced this time because of the role you taken on with your new family, and even more so since Aya." Annie stepped past them and next me, suspicious, as she looked at me.

"How do you so much about us.... about Aya." She was highly protective, but then again so was I.

"May I answer your questions over a meal Anyrd? We are still healing ourselves since Druk is unaware of his power just yet," he smiled and clasped my shoulder. I had the thought that he and Fenrir would get along fine. Annie nodded as we thanked the Sheriff and walked Halle's. I pushed out of habit as Tashi looked at me smiling. Sara smiled and stood up as Tashi's friends walked to another table and sat by themselves. We all looked at Tashi.

"They are students and are sitting alone out of respect." We nodded and sat down as I introduced Sara and Tashi. Sara bowed slightly, as did Tashi, and they both smiled. I was losing track of Sara what knew. She was astounding.

"Can your friends read English?" Tashi nodded. "Please tell your friends to order whatever they want to eat and drink." He nodded and walked over as Annie stared at me.

"It's a long story that I don't fully understand yet, Love, but he's a friend." Halle walked over with menu's. "Would it be OK if I plunder your coffee bar so I can make something?' She smiled and said of course. I motioned for Tashi to follow me as I headed behind the counter and Halle gave menus to his students. "We a lot catch up on old friend." He smiled and nodded as I put water on boil and grabbed the blender. He smiled and found the butter, milk, and salt. We made Tibetan butter tea as we laughed and caught up. Halle was confused but smiled nonetheless. Tashi took cups to his students got big smiles and bowed in gratitude. Butter tea is, and was a staple in the Himalayan region, especially at higher altitudes because of the fat. I put water and soap in the blender soak and told Halle I'd be back to clean as I gave her a cup. "'s an acquired taste," and took the tray to the table. I just wanted Tashi and his students to a taste of home and share that with the girls. We all had the teas we liked separate as we got warm, looked at the menu, and got acquainted.

I gave Sara and Annie one cup share because if they liked they could mine. 's unusual the west, unlike Chai. "'s Butter Tea Sara, my people drink for energy because of the extreme cold where I live. I'm curious about your thoughts of . Sara and Annie looked at each and Annie drank first because she would always be Sara's older sister and watch over here. She smelled and took a sip while looking at us. 's one of those experiences that your brain doesn't know what do with even though it's familiar with all of the flavors. She took a larger sip and handed the cup to Sara was looking at her. was so cute, and was one reason why I fell in love with all three of them. They were sisters and they adored each other even if they gnashed teeth at times.

"It's not bad, just unusual. It's very rich. I can see why you would drink this Tashi." Sara took a sip and smiled as she moved her chair away from Annie. We all laughed as I slid my cup to Annie and we looked at the menu.
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Fenrir trotted off and howled as his daughters followed even though no one knew they were around. Everyone had come to accept the wolves just like they had come to accept all of us. Our time with the clans was going to be vastly different than Marnine's, if we survived. There was so much to be undone, and rebuilt, and changed, but we decided to start from the center and move outward... so we started with Marnine. I started with Marnine. Sara kissed me and handed me my coffee as we walked to the SUV.

"That was sweet but who knew you were gay." I stopped as Annie and her laughed and kept walking. I just needed to come to terms with the fact that I would always be three steps behind these women, which wasn't a terrible thing because all of them had nice bums. I got in and Annie kissed me.

"We know you aren't gay, Love, believe us...bi maybe, but not gay." I shook my head and asked if these men were OK. "They're sore but nothing serious. Anders isn't quite sure what to do with them now which is why it was good timing in waking up when you did, all they did was trespass and now that they are awake he needs to either hold them on some cgarge, or let them go, but they will only speak with you." Great, I thought, as we drove to town.

"What about the other man?"

"He's going to jail for attempted murder and assault but he'll be moved to Oslo tomorrow." I nodded as I thought. This had to be related to Aya in some way, but why wait in a blizzard to try and kill me, assuming he was trying to to kill me. The wind was strong and could shift the trajectory of an arrow, and it was cold which limits mobility, but very few people are capable of dealing with that kind of weather. Yoshi could, and probably Taiiko and maybe Kana. Deats and I could but we would have had the best gear. None of this made sense, and why was I having that dream again, and why was Annie following me this time. Crap, again I had way more questions than answers. It was getting annoying. We were close to town when Sara leaned forward.

"Does your friend Hammish have wood working tools?" I nodded. "Good, because you need to make another bed, and we'll need to find a mattress, or whatever they use....and blankets. I brought more silver from Ama's when I went to get Chloe, and the . Haagerstadt says hi, by the way." I smiled.

"Why do I need to build another bed?"

"Because Aya is coming with us and otherwise you'll be sleeping on the floor and I assume there are mice. She won't like it, but she'll do it." I stared at her as she kissed me, and we pulled up to the Sheriff's station.

"Let me handle this." We nodded.

"I want to speak with the archer. Is he still here?" She nodded.

"He's in the hospital but they are going to transfer him tomorrow. The damage was too extensive to try and re-attach his hand. Wolves do massive damage, like bears. I think he's still sedated but we can check but I doubt that will happen, sweets." I nodded as we walked in and Annie asked for Anders, the Sheriff. He came out and smiled as he hugged Annie and spoke to her in Norwegian. Her family had known him for a long time. He shook our hands and asked how I was in English. I told him fine, and thank you.

"These men understand what we are saying to them because they said they would only speak with you but they will simply not respond to anything else, and we don't know what language they are speaking between themselves. We have nothing to hold them on because trespassing is just a fine."

"Were you taping them?" He nodded. "Can I watch them communicating?" Sara smiled and whispered, 'smart dragon.' He nodded. They were well disciplined and only spoke for about two minutes but it was enough. "Please release them, Sheriff, Immediately." Annie stared at me but nodded.

"They'll need to pay the fine..."

"I'll pay whatever it is for all three, just please expedite the process. They've been in jail too long, and that is my fault. Annie, please call and have rooms prepared for them in the main house. Sara, will you please..." She smiled and was already walking to Halle's Cafe to get us a table. It was still cold, and snowing, but it was now a normal winter for Norway. It took about half an hour but they walked out and I stood up. They walked up to me and one of them spoke in a language that I didn't know I understood, but did. I spoke back to him in an ancient Tibetan dialect from millennia ago. I didn't need Gaia's gift for this because I already knew it.
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I woke in the cave in Iceland staring at a fox. "You are a handful dragon, I'll give you that, but you are helping Elisabeth along with the two riders, so thank you. It is quite comical to watch her plow into you. I can see why they can't wait for you to show ." I grunted as I stood and sniffed.

"The storm has passed, and I'm glad I amuse you. How are Marnine, Ingrid, and Roan?" She stared at me, turned and started walking the ocean but just said they were fine

"It passed here but Norway has at least another day, but no one in the northern latitudes spared. You know that from your past. You'll need to keep giving hay to the elk and the deer for awhile longer. I've spoken with Sara, and shifted time to accommodate this. You have to attend to the needs of your people, and place, before you leave. Why are are bringing the things you have set aside, Dragon?" I stared at her. "This is my realm."

"They are my family and I take care of my family, and my time is limited there until I get better with the mist. I wanted to see if I could bring back tools that Hammish and I could make, and that could help us. It's not like I'm bringing back a chainsaw." The fox smiled and kept walking.

"And the pencils..."

"I want to teach them to write, and then to read later. My knowledge, and what I can find online and learn, comes with me when I walk through the mist so why not things to help with that. They are the beginning of our family..."

"They are not the beginning of your family, but it's fine what you are doing as long as you attention, which won't be easy with Malinka and Sof You were wise not to those kill men because they meant you no harm. The one in the tree did, obviously. They are still unconscious because bears don't know their own power. They will heal but I made sure the archer's hand surgery didn't take. It's a long story that we don't have time for. The men will only speak with you when they wake, which is why I intervened." I stared at her.

"Life is is a puzzle dragon until you are expanded enough to see, and comprehend, it. You aren't yet, nor is Sara, but you are on that journey even if the paths are different." I looked at her and we were back at the cave."


"You need to go back to sleep, deeply, so I can finish healing you. Go into your cave, bear, and sleep." I walked in and curled in the corner and fell asleep. I had no idea how long it had been but it light outside, and I always woke in the dar I peed, showered, brushed, stripped the sheets, and getting dressed when Sara walked in. I stunned.

"What are you doing here?" I hugged and kissed her, and didn't let go.

"Gaia told me what happened. I'm not sure if you follow trouble, or if trouble follows you, mister...but it's nice to see you, and I'm glad you're mending."

"I met Gaia in the Cave and we talked. I'm still trying to make sense out of it but she said I need to stay here longer and that she is dealing with time. The storm has passed Iceland and should pass here in a day or two, but there are animals to take care of before I leave, we leave. Are you staying here?" She nodded as I smiled. "And Melissa?" She smiled.

'Elisabeth is doing much better since Ama mentioned fishing. The Elders of the town are figuring out the amount of fish they need for themselves and for trade. It gives Elisabeth a purpose, which she is excellent at, and wears her out like the pups fighting snow. Annie told me."

'What time is it?

"Noon, the day after you went to sleep." I stared at her.

"Yep, you've been asleep for nearly thirty six hours. I hope you are well rested because we have guests eating lunch in the main house." We walked downstairs and I thinking that at least I wasn't indispensable. I put the sheets in the washer, put my boots on, grabbed my cloak, and walked to the barn as Sara followed smiling.

"I am beginning to see why you like wool." She nodded. Jakob walked out of the office.

"He lives." I flipped him off as he laughed. "You OK?" I nodded. "Good because the storm is almost over and there are things that need to be done.?

"How are the dogs?" He pointed as I looked into the stall. They were all curled together around Drakon, sound asleep.

"Fighting snow?"

"That and playing with the wolves, they could barely eat they were so tired. We've been considering filming them and putting it on Youtube. I'm glad you're OK" I nodded. "I talked with Lacie about the shelter and now that the storms are almost over we're going to take wood for them to store in their shed in case this happens again."

"And?" He smiled. "Good for you, Jakob. Lacie is a nice woman and she didn't give me her number because of firewood, or hay. I need to eat something. You're focused on your people, yeah?" He nodded.

"Fenrir as been worried. He's been here off and on. I can't talk with him like you, but I don't need to. He's been worried." I nodded and told him thanks.

"I spoke with him before he left. You aren't the only one who has to deal with things in multiple places. He's been doing it a lot longer, so he has a lot more places." We walked into the kitchen and everyone dropped their silverware and ran at me but Annika won and jumped. She bit my shoulder and told me I was a big, dumb, idiot. I squeezed her and told I loved her. Jake and Emily did the same, followed by everyone else except Aya.

"Where's Aya?" They stared at me as she walked in from the family room.

"I wanted to go home but my sisters wouldn't let me, nor would Aydar. He went instead to be with Gerel." She didn't move as I walked up and hugged her. She broke down in my arms as I held her. "I'm sorry." She stopped crying and I looked at her.

"You're here, that's what's important. We are stronger together, love." Annie said,

"Then why are you always fighting our battles mostly alone?" They all stared at .

"Look down." They smiled as I went to kiss Emma. "Miss me?"

"Nope, now sit sit down." I did and I was mauled. Emma brought over a big bowl of beef stew and bread. "I have boysenberry pie in the oven, and they are not easy find, mister."

"Seriously? I love boysenberry pie." Annie said they knew. I caught up on things and most everyone went to do their thing.

"We'll all talk over dinner but you, me, and Sara need to go talk with men that attacked you." Emma put pie and coffee down.

"Only the one with the bow attacked me, and according Gaia, he a steep price. Have you talked with Deats?'

"I've been talking with him and all of us to throttle you."

"Melinda's still miffed?" They all laughed.

"You're gift for understatement is astounding, but Deats is happy because she's focused on you." I smiled as they shook their heads. "Eat your pie, mister and take the coffee for the road. I'm driving. The three men won't talk with anyone but you, and the other one isn't talking, period. Deats is still trying get information." I finished my pie, put on my cloak, and grabbed my coffee as I walked outside and there a huge wolf waiting for me. I handed Sara my cup and walked up Fenrir and knelt in the snow as I hugged him. He put his head over my shoulder as I rubbed his ears. EVERYONE watching but I didn't care because we were brothers, and he worried.

"You're OK?" I nodded as both Sara, and Annie said they wouldn't go so far as to say O.at least mentally. He bumped me and knocked me down saying he agreed.

"Regardless what the peanut gallery says, I'm fine Fenrir. Thank You for helping me. You might have saved my life." Sara and Annie were silent and walked away. "It dumb not look up when I couldn't smell things well. I won't make that mistake again.

"We all failed, brother. He didn't just materialize in that tree. There were no tracks, not even hidden by fresh snow. He used the storm to get in that place because there a crook of branches so he could rest, and he waited." I stared at him. "He didn't just materialize, brother. I need to leave, but I am glad you are well. The wolves in your past are fine. I've been checking on my packs. We'll talk more when you are finished, and get back I nodded as he bumped me, and ran off.

"We need to go, Love." I nodded as we walked to the car. I NEVER sleeping for thirty six hours again, that for sure.
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I got milk as Annie and Taiiko checked on Klara and Annika. "I've known Aydar and Gerel for most of my life. She and I were in school before I moved to a school in Switzerland, that's where I met Anryd. You can trust him, Love." I looked at her as I drank my mil I never one to shy away from getting punched.

"What I said to him the truth, sweets. I don't trust him, but I don't distrust him. I'm like Switzerland. She smiled as she shook her head and kissed me. "I hope you're right, Aya, because I like him, and all of you do, but I have benefit of being removed and I'm going to use that because I love you, but he's the one who said members of his family might be trying to you. We'll know more when my friend Deats gets back with us and we can go from there, in the meantime I would like it if you would act like he might not actually be telling you the truth and be cognizant of him and his men. What I'd really like is if all three of would to go Japan but I know you won't." She smiled and lowered her eyes.

"I'll attention, Daniel. I promise and if he does have anything to do with this then I will him myself."

"Men don't like giving up power, especially to women...and they live in Turkey." She stared at me as that sank in. She the one who said, "you'll notice it all men..." after they tried to her.

"Are you coming to bed, Love?" I nodded as I held up my mil Aya smiled and went upstairs. I finished it and pushed outward all around us, nothing. I cleaned my glass and went upstairs as I smiled at what Annika left. I wanted to take her back but I didn't think Klara would allow it. The girls were already asleep and scrunched together. I made a fire and got into bed as I drifted off. I tired.

The dream, or vision, started as it always did, I standing in the Highland's of my Da's people in Scotland as the mist building. It a New Moon. I looked North and then to the West and I in Denver at Sara's at the party from a few months ago. They were all having fun and laughing but I couldn't hear them and the girls weren't there. I walked around to the front yard. It dusk but they were all standing on the yard across the street. Sara turned to , concerned, and pointed across the street. There were multiple rows of people that seemed endless. I walked in front the girls and looked at them, then turned and looked out as they all started to walk toward us. I turned again to look at the girls before I shifted and ran across the street only this time Annie did the same. I woke drenched in sweat and pushed. FUCK! I got dressed and tapped Taiiko. She opened her eyes and nodded as she rolled away, got dressed, and grabbed her weapons. Annie and Aya were sound asleep in each other's arms. We both smiled as we walked out and I closed the door.

"Do we all do that?" I smiled and nodded.

"It's pretty darn cute." I smiled and nodded as we walked into the kitchen. "What?"

"I'm not sure yet but something. Don't let anyone leave...period, and don't let Aydar, or his men in just in case. You can let me in." She smiled and kissed me.

"Maybe, mister. You smell when you're the bear. Be careful." I nodded, put my boots on, and the knives and cape, and went out. I pushed and there something. Shit. I couldn't say I surprised because if going to someone, or kidnap them, this is when I would do it. The thing that confused me , just like in town, these weren't professionals, at least not like Deat and I knew the term. There were only three and they were heading down the driveway. I shook my head and shifted into the bear and went around them. The problem I had that the wind diminished my smell. I watched the men walking to the house more confused then ever. I didn't to them but I also wasn't about to let them walk up at two am in the middle of blizzard. I pounced on all of them and knocked them unconscious as the arrow hit in the back by my shoulder and I fell and waited. I felt the thump as the person jumped from a tree. I had forgotten to look up. If the wind hadn't been so strong I would have smelled him.

I waited and then spun around and ran at him as he sent another. I dodge but it still hit me in the chest and I stumble as he grabbed another arrow. I pushed myself up and ran as he was getting ready to pull the bow back and Fenrir grabbed his left arm and bit. The bow, and his hand lay in the snow as he screamed into a blizzard. Fenrir growled, grabbed him by the shoulder and flung him over me and into the snow by the others. I pushed myself up and grunted as he howled and twelve wolves showed up. Four stayed with the men and the other eight went on patrol.

"You're hurt." I grunted as I started to limp on three legs back to the barn. I made it inside, collapsed, and grunted. Fenrir pawed Ama's door and howled. Taiiko opened it and yelled for Annie she came running, mostly dressed, followed by Aya. Annie was putting on her boots.

"He's in the barn....take you phone. Aya, love, you're staying here and that's not a request. Please sit." Aya glared at Taiiko but did it, as Annie followed Fenrir to the barn. The wolves were dragging the four men inside as she got there and slide up to me. Annie pushed to Fenrir asking what happened.

"He missed one in a tree with a bow because of the wind but that man will never use a bow again."

"Are they dead?"

"No, unconscious. He could have killed them easily but just hit them, but they might be injured because bears are powerful." Annie called our vet and worked on the man that Fenrir dealt with. She stopped the bleeding, the cold helped, cleaned the wound, poured hyrdogen peroxide on it and bandaged it as the truck pulled up. They looked at each other. There were only two arrows but the heads were broad, and jagged. I was unconscious but she gave me a local anyway and made incisions so the arrow could come out easier. She packed the wounds and shave around them, poured Betadine on them and stitched them closed as Annie helped her. I shifted as Drakon and the pups were going crazy and Annie was going through the men's pockets. Dead bodies were always easier but I hadn't seen a until I got shot from behind. Fenrir said they would keep patrolling.

"Thank you, Fenrir. You are a good friend. I've called the Sheriff so let them through." He nodded as I opened my eyes and grunted.


"It's not serious but it's going to hurt for awhile. I nodded. She gave some pills for sleep. I could deal with pain.

"Thank you again, we need to put you on retainer." She laughed.

"It's probably be cheaper." She hugged Annie as I let the pups out.

"What are you doing, Daniel?"

"They're upset and concerned." They all cuddled around me with Drakon in the middle as we petted them and told them it was O They went out to pee and Annie gave each of them a biscuit as they went back into their stall and went back to sleep as the Sheriff pulled up and walked into the barn.

"The ambulances are on the way. What happened? I told him, mostly, and explained about the man that lost his hand. The deputies went back and found it, and the bow and arrow. The packed it in snow and gave it to EMS as they drove off. Annie had taken photo's of their ID's and handed them to the Sheriff, or equivalent. "We'll look into these men but they were on your land, at two am, during a blizzard. I can't see how they were up to anything else other than no good. I'm glad you're OK, Daniel. It's a good thing you have an attentive vet." We all laughed as they drove away. Fenrir walked up and bumped me.

"Thank you, brother." He licked my hand and Annie's, went outside and ran to the front as Annie helped me inside. Aya stared at me and hugged me before I sat down. Klara put a glass of milk in front of me, which I downed and then pulled out the IV. They all stared at me as Taiiko grabbed the first aid kit. I told them about the dream, and then pushing, and how odd the men seemed and then getting hit with the arrows. Thankfully Anna didn't wake up. I got up and said I tired.

"Please don't leave. I need to sleep." They all nodded. "Thank you." They helped me upstairs and into my sweats and t-shirt and said we'd have to wash the sheets as I nodded and we all laughed. I took one of the pills and climbed onto the bed as they pulled the covers over and kissed me. Aya sat next next to me.

"If this is related to me Daniel, I'm so sorry." I smiled and stuck my tongue as I went into a dreamless sleep.
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Aydar didn't seem to be a threat, and if he involved then he good enough to fool four people who aren't easily fooled, but that didn't ease my worry. Charming doesn't mean you aren't a viper. I knew the girls could defend themselves, but what I concerned about that they might know they needed to until it too late. Roan obvious. My concern that Aydar had a similar intent but with more guile and charm. Fuc Jakob looked at me and motioned. I excused myself and walked to the kitchen. Emma feeding the workers first, which good.

"I couldn't find a hook knife but I thought we had one. I can check tomorrow when there is more light." I nodded.

"We have draw knives, I'm guessing, and files."

"A lot and they are obvious when you walk in the tool shed. You me to get some?" I shook my head as I grabbed my coat and a flashlight.

"Nope, you enjoy Emma's meal and dessert. Thanks for checking." Living in Colorado for as long as I had cold weather nothing new for me, but this new. The flashlight almost useless because of the blowing snow, luckily I knew where I going. Fenrir walked up beside me.

"It's getting worse, brother." I nodded. "I told the wolves not to patrol. It's too cold to be outside." I nodded.

"Good, because you're right. I don't sleep much so I'll push and make sure there are no threats. I doubt there will be but I have to leave tomorrow to go back to the past. This has to break in a day or two. How much meat do you have?"

"Enough for five days but our scouts are for dead animals as well and there will plenty. We'll watch over your family even though we probably don't need to, none us would to fight them." I laughed and nodded.

"They are formidable, that's a fact my friend." He bumped my leg, howled, and ran off as I walked to the tool shed. I turned on the light and the draw knives were obvious. We could get more so I took two and couple of files. It probably wasn't the best to sharpen them but it would do. I wanted to see if Hammish could make the knife, or even the file but I didn't know the quality of what he used. I was leery of bringing too much back to them but I could walk through time and we had a lot of work to do and who's to say when the origin of the draw knife was?" It's not all that complicated and we had lots of building to do. I walked back into the kitchen as the crew was starting their dessert and put the knives and files down as Anna jumped on me.

"Do I know you?" She laughed and hugged me.

"I found what you wanted, Da'." I kissed her forehead and smiled at her.

"Thank you. We can get you more next time someone goes into town. Are you hungry?"


"Well, hopefully these lunkheads left us some." They all shook their head. Annika had become the adopted younger sister to all of them. She grabbed my hand as we walked into the dining room and I pulled the chair out for her. She smiled as I pushed it in and sat next her as the girls smiled and we started to fill our plates. This was going to be a good meal. Everyone chatted through dinner and dessert. I started picking up plates.

"You're with me munchkin." Annika smiled and started doing the same as her mom, Klara, stood up. "Nope, I'm very good at doing dishes. You can stay there." She nodded. "I told Emma she was off as Anna and I cleaned up and put the leftovers away. She nodded and took her pie and tea to her room. Taiiko walked in.

"I'd like two new people watching Aydar's men tonight. She nodded.

"You and my grandfather will get along well. You are both steeped in tradition." She smiled and kissed me. "That was a compliment, Dragon. I was going to do the same thing." She hugged me. 'We'll be fine, Love. You worry too much." I nodded. "We are going to miss you."

"Ama is going to help with the time thing so it seems like we were gone less here but we can have time in the past to start somethings." Aya was an unexpected thing." She smiled and nodded.

"Ya' think?" I laughed. "It's a wise decision and it seems you sense the need for strong alliances, as do I even though I couldn't say why. Yoshi and Ama know, I'm sure, but neither are saying." I told her to get used to it because all of them were pretty tight lipped. She nodded as she kissed both of us and went to sit by the fire and have tea. We were almost finished when Eba and Klara walked in.

"We need to get you ready for bed Missy."

"I'm not done yet."

"Listen to your mom, Anna. There's not much to do and I can deal with it." She hugged me and nodded as did Klara and Eba. "Did you leave the light on at Ama's?" They nodded. "Good because it's a blizzard out there. Hold hands and lock onto the porch light. I'm serious because it's very easy to get disoriented....never mind. I'm going with you."

They laughed, "Sweets, it's a hundred yards...."

"Exactly. A hundred yards is long way in a blizzard." They didn't argue because people have frozen to death getting lost walking shorter distances. Our brains don't seem equipped to deal well with swirling snow because it's so disorientating. I grabbed my coat and walked them back to Ama's and I was glad I did because the snow had gotten worse, and it was colder. I walked back to the main house and pushed but felt nothing. I hoped that continued. I walked into the family room to get some tea and sat by the fire to warm up. They all looked me.

"I walked them back to Ama's because there's a blizzard." They nodded. Aydar looked at me.

"May I speak freely, Danael?"

"Of course, Aydar."

"I have the sense that you don't trust me." You could hear a pin drop.

"I don't, but I don't distrust you either. Watching you and Aya helped to assuage some of my concern but you are correct. I trust my family and the wolves that protect us. I am slow to trust others because of past events, but you are now family and have given me no reason not to trust you, Aydar, nor have your men." He was quiet as he held Aya's hand and whispered something in her ear.

"I would do the same, brother. I look forward to proving that you can trust me because you have already shown me that you are worthy of Aya." I nodded. "Thank you so much for opening your home to us, especially tonight. The meal was wonderful and Emma is a gift you should treasure." We all nodded. "If you will forgive me I am going to say goodnight. It's been a long couple of days. He hugged and kissed the girls and shook my hand. "You will come to trust me Danael, and we share the same purpose of keeping them safe." I nodded. He said good night and went upstairs to his room. Everyone looked at me.

"What? I'm not charmed by the accent. Did you see Halle?" Annie and Aya laughed and nodded. We sat together on the couch watching the fire in silence until it was just coals. The fireplace was stone and the floor in front was tile but I made sure the screen was secure as we locked up and went back to Ama's house.

"I can see why you wanted to walk them back and here we all thought you were just being a mother hen," Annie smiled and kissed me as Aya and Taiiko laughed. I pushed again as we walked back and got ready for bed. In the back of my mind I still thought this would be the time for someone to try something, at least we were all together.
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I parked the truck and walked up to Annie. "I'll deal with the trucks. I'd rather have you inside with Taiiko just in case. I'll check in with Jakob and I wanted to see how Eba, Klara, and Annika are."She smiled.

"You aren't looking another wife are you mister?" I rolled my eyes. She laughed and kissed . "Invite them to dinner, or pie." I nodded again. "I see why we all fell in love with you Dragon, don't worry." I backed the truck and trailer into the hay barn and parked the older one by the main one as I walked in. They were finishing up with the animals. The dogs were sacked out. I smiled as Jakob walked up.

"Tough day?" He nodded.

"It's hard fighting snow." We both laughed.

"You have a girlfriend?" He shook his head no as I handed him Lacie's cell number. "You could if you wanted one. You're the contact for the shelter now and when I told her that she got a big smile on her face. My suggestion is to go talk with her in person about what the shelter needs over coffee, I'm just saying. Also, do we have hook knives and sharpening gear we can spare. " He smiled. "I'm not sure about the knives but I'll check. I nodded and went to Ama's house because I needed to talk with Annika. They hadn't eaten and were all happy not to cook. Anna hugged . "Do you have extra pencils, erasers, and either notebooks or binder paper. If so can you leave some on the table for me?" She nodded and asked why. "I have some people I care about and I want to teach them to write, and later to read." She nodded as I kissed her cheek. "I'll see you in the main house, sweets." Christ this storm was a pain in the ass. Fenrir walked up.

"Friends?" I told him I wasn't sure yet but that one was Aya's family and we were on guard. He nodded.

"Is you pack your OK?" He said yes. "I think we'll be fine tonight so your wolves can hunker down."

"It's good training for the younger ones. Your warrior's have been training with us, which is smart. It's also smart for us to deal with weather like this when it's here because it heightens our awareness." I nodded. "We'll take turns patrolling and if anyone is dumb enough to be out in this, and makes it past us then I don't envy them." I said thanks as I went into the kitchen and shook the snow off. I kissed Emma's head.

"Sorry for the unexpected guests, and Eba, Klara and Annika are coming too." She smiled and said good. "I don't see enough of them and Klara and Anna will be leaving soon. It won't be easy on Eba." "I know Emma, leaving isn't easy on any of us." She turned and looked at me and went back to making mashed potato's

"We'll have plenty. I made a large ham earlier and it's easy enough to make side dishes. Planning." I smiled and went into the family room. Aydar's men and Yoshi's students were playing dominoes. I looked at Taiiko. She smiled and shrugged as I shook my head. I shuddered to think what Yoshi would do. Aydar and the girls were laughing and completely at ease. I guess it was my job to worry. Annie got up and walked over.

"Stop worrying, Love, they're fine, neither Taiiko or I sense any ill intent. They aren't connected with the other men..."

"Except it's his family that is trying to her." She nodded. I went to sit with them as they chatted but I was listening, and trying to get a sense of Aydar. I didn't like that I was leaving tomorrow, but Aya was happy.
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Halle and Aydar were having a wonderful time talking about coffee and I got the sense that Halle was smitten with him. I prefered no grounds in my coffee so I never cared it much and then Aya walked in looking around and followed by Annie trying keep up, along with Yoshi's men. The guys seated up front stood and headed toward them. Annie glared at them and growled which made them stop as Yoshi's students stood between them. They sensed it would be a mistake and sat back down. Aydar was walking around the counter when I stood in front of because I didn't have a fucking clue what was going on. Aya touched my shoulder.

"It's OK Daniel, this is Gerel's brother." She walked around me and hugged him. "What are doing here Aydar? You could have gotten hurt, worse after what's already happened." Annie walked up and looked at me as confused as I was. We sat down and Aya introduced us. Hanne brought us coffee and tea.

"There are rumors that some of my extended family would see you dead. Gerel asked me come. I just sorry I arrived too late but I see you are in competent hands Aya." He looked at me Annie. I should have called but I wanted observe first. One of the men up front was here when those men tried to kill you. He was going to stop them but Danael and Anryd were too quick, and brutally effective, so he remained unnoticed. The vast majority of my family do not hold this view, I can assure you of that sister. Gerel is protected and I wanted to make sure you were. I now know that you are, much to my relief." They chatted, and caught up as Annie and I listened. I was trying to figure out if I trusted him and I figured she was doing the same. I needed way more information before I got into the conversation, or trusted him, so I just ate my shortbread, drank my tea and, enjoyed them catching up. It was obvious they had known each other for a long time and cared for each other. It was still pretty shitty timing with me needing to spend time in the past. I was starting to think I had bitten off more than I could chew.

"Aydar looked at me, "I apologize for not approaching you directly Danael but you did that for us and it worked out better than I expected, and I met Hanne, another lover of fine coffee."

"Please don't take this the wrong way Aydar, but I think Turkish coffee is likely an acquired taste which I don't have." He laughed and grabbed my arm.

"That is true brother, that is true, but perhaps what you had wasn't prepared properly. When all of you come to Bucharest I will take you to Turkey, to my family's home and show how we've made it centuries, if not longer." I nodded as Hanne brought him another cup and refilled our pots. "And you dear lady, if you can take the time to get away you are more than welcome. Aya can show you Bucharest and I can show you Constantinople, or Istanbul as it is called now. Sadly, both Turkey or Iran, which was Persia, are no longer viewed in the context of history, only the last hundred years and by the actions of their leaders. Both civilizations were remarkable. Aya, Gerel, and I, along with our families, would be honored." She smiled and blushed as she went back to make orders. It was getting busy because the storm was getting worse.

Annie said, "We should go home because it gets dark quickly. We can continue this over dinner. Your men are welcome, but they will be guarded until we feel comfortable. I mean no disrespect Aydar but we have dealt with a lot of strange things and we weren't expecting another, and neither was Aya." He nodded.

"Of course, Annie, there is no disrespect in being cautious and protecting your family. We would be most thankful because I wasn't looking forward to the drive back to Oslo in this. We finished and Hanne waved off us paying. Aydar and Yoshi's men, while not friendly weren't hostile and had been talking while they drank their coffee. I walked back to the shelter and Lacie came out to thank us again.

"This is my cell phone number. I'm not always inside in case Jakob calls but I always have my cell." I smiled and nodded as I followed the rest of them home. I hoped that what Aydar was saying was true because I didn't need another ball in the air.

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