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take me part 531...edited
Posted:Dec 22, 2021 10:51 pm
Last Updated:Dec 23, 2021 11:25 am

We were both laughing as we got mauled by puppies. Drakon sat and watched them do his biding, as did Aya, Taiiko, and Jakob. "Will you stop biting me, you fiends. Why does everyone want to bite me. Ouch." Drakon barked and they got off us. It seemed Fenrir had been teaching him.

"Are you two finished?" Taiiko asked. We laughed and looked up.

"How is Roan?" We got up smiling. I had been told by each these women that I chose good women, and it started to sink in at that moment because Taiiko had only cursory interactions with Roan, and only knew they were trying to kill us, yet her thought were for Annie because her and Roan were sisters.

"She doing well, Love, thank you for asking. When Daniel gets better at the mist we'll take you both because I want you to meet them. Ingrid is beginning to use her arm, and Marnine has changed, and it's not a ruse." We walked out as the pups went to play in the snow.

"They're the ones who tried to kill all of you, and your treat them with mercy."

"I wouldn't call it mercy, Aya. Daniel almost killed them. He would have if it wasn't for Sara. He did about the same to Marnine."

"Yet you show them kindness." Annie walked up and kissed her.

"Yes. We can't lead like Marnine. We all make grievous errors of judgment at times, some require swift retribution like the men trying to kill, you and others don't. Life is complicated. We knew the threat of Roan and Ingrid was there. We didn't know anything about the men sent to kill, or kidnap, you. We'll do what is necessary to protect our family, and people, but we won't do it at the expense of our compassion. I may not have understood the importanc of that if Roan wasn't involved."

"How long have we been gone?"

"Less than an hour, thankfully. We are getting calls requesting hay and wood if we have it." Annie and I looked at Jakob. I wasn't sure about Annie, but I was pushing him to be in charge of the barns and grounds. He'd done well so far.

"We have more hay coming when the truck can get here, but we are giving hay to the deer to try and get them through, and we've sold hay to everyone around here. We have a lot of extra wood, and we can get more once the storm dies down." Annie looked at me.

"You know this better than us Jakob. What should we do?" He stared at us and didn't hesitate.

"We have to give what we can spare but wood is easier than hay. If we cut back for us, and the deer, I think we can spare a hundred bales and the delivery should be here within a week. We can get hay, it's just going to be expensive. We have to help our neighbors if we can." Annie wrapped her arms around me and exhaled. "Annie, you need to call everyone you sold hay to and tell them they need to ration it because after this it means our animals suffer, as well as the deer. The shelter is almost out of wood, and hay. A lot of the people around here could pay for hay, even though it is outrageous, but they call you won't gouge them. Raise the price." Annie looked at everyone.

"What would you suggest?"

"Double the price of it. It's less than what it's selling for now, but we'll need to replace it and if this continues then we'll be the same boat. It will let them know that while you are caring, you aren't stupid. Sell the wood for half the price it's going for and give a bonus to those men. They were dead standing trees but that's hard work, Daniel knows."

"Agreed, and there's no rest for the weary. We'll take hay to the people that called, and don't fret, love, we are more than capable of dealing with something but we'll take along of Yoshi's men. You and Jakob can take wood and some hay into town. They will be looking for us there anyway, if they still are. II'm sure the wolves will follow us. I'll call everyone we delivered to and let them know to ration. It's better to have hungry animals than dead animals, but we need to round up dogs." We had everyone helping to load the truck and trailer with hay, and some wood just in case. It was Norway, and people had wood but it was a bad storm, luckily the power hadn't gone out. People had heat, and lights but a lot of the elderly didn't want to use the heat. Jakob and I filled the truck with wood and and then loaded hay on top and strapped it all down.

"I'd like you to stay here, Jakob. You know what needs to be done and they have people to help unload." He nodded as I went to town. I took my knives just in case. I backed into shelter and Lacie, the manager, walked out. It was still snowing hard and the wind was starting to blow. I wasn't all that worried about Annie because she grew up in this.

"We'll keep bringing what we can, but there is little hay left to share until the shipment comes in. They need to ration it and people don't like to ration food for their animals but they can live on meager amount for time." She nodded. "Make sure they understand Lacie. There is no more hay unless we get the shipment and even then it's not up to me. It's up to Jakob. He's in charge of it now." She looked at me and smiled. "I'll have him check in with you. People treat their animals better than themselves, but this is bad." She nodded.

"I'll have some men unload the truck, and thank all of you. Go have some tea at Hanne's." I nodded and walked to the cafe as two men approached me. Goddammit. There was a car that was obviously out of place so I walked up to it as the men followed me. I knocked on the back window, nothing. I pounded and said that the next time I would break it. It wouldn't be hard because I pissed. The window rolled down and I extend my hand.

"I'm Daniel."


"It's cold. Would you and your men like to have some tea, or coffee?" I was curious and needed information and I didn't want any more 'feral dog' attacks. He nodded as he rolled up the window, got out, and shook my hand.

"Is it always like this," as we walked to the cafe.

"It's Norway, in the winter, but this is odd.." I opened the door for him, and his men, who stared at me. "If I wanted to kill you then you we wouldn't be doing this, take a table and get warm. I just want to talk" The lead guy looked at me and nodded. He was trained but the other one wasn't. I was so confused by these people. Hanne walked up and took Aydar and I to a table toward the back and made him sit with his back to the door, God love her.

"Can I get you something to drink?" I extended my hand to Aydar.

"Do you have Turkish coffee? I know it's a long shot." She smiled.

"I'll bring you your tea and shortbread but I'm going to steal him for a bit." I smiled. He held his hand to his men as the waitress was taking their order. Hanne LOVED all things coffee and tea. She had to have a cafe, with food, because she couldn't make it doing what she wanted...a coffee and tea house/bookstore. She took him behind the counter and start bringing out the pot used for Turkish coffee, and the ornate cup and saucer and they were both new best friends. The only problem was that I might have to kill him, and that was when Annie called.

"Hey love, hold on, OK, your on speake Whatcha doing?" I'm going to have tea...."

"You? Where is Jakob?"

"I told him to stay and deal with everything else because Lacie has people to unload." Silence

"AND, Daniel?"

"And there are some men that I invited for something to drink"

"What men? Are you OK?"

"I'm fine sweets. We're in Hanne's and she is finally getting to use her vast knowledge of coffee. Aydar is behind the counter with her and she is showing her about proper makingTurkish coffee. I think she might be smitt...."

"Did you say Aydar?"

"Yeah Aya, I saw the car, knocked, and invited him for tea so I can find out is going on."

"Don't hurt them Daniel. We're on the way."
take me part 530...edited?
Posted:Dec 22, 2021 4:18 pm
Last Updated:Dec 22, 2021 6:22 pm

I got out of the shower, again, and started drying off when Sara walked in. "Is the dragon picking on you, Love?" I flipped her off as she laughed and kissed me. "I miss that by the way. Elisabeth is doing fine, you are just the focus of her lust because she's a sixteen with raging hormones, and a dragon, and she has a crush on you. You're doing well but I would expect it keep happening for at least ten years, longer." I stared at her in disbelief and she burst out laughing. "I no idea but we'll all manage . What's the plan with the past?" We walked into the bedroom and I started getting dressed.

"Barring any crap, I was going to Iceland tomorrow morning to get more silver and say hi to the . Can you please meet me ?" She smiled and nodded. How's Melissa? Happy, but isn't keen on me going." I nodded. "She'll be fine and I can come back. 's important that we are because Chloe and I can spend time with the girls and you and Hammish a lot of things start.

"I also go Bucharest with Annie and Aya because of the attack and make a show of force, and we a binding so I need more gifts. seems that we get rid of three things and six more pop up. Ama is going help me deal with time so it's longer for us in the past than it is here. I'm not sure that'll work but it would make things easier for me in the future." She nodded as I laced up my boots and Elisabeth walked in, sat next me, and hugged me.

"I'm sorry Daniel. I'm trying, I just can't control myself but the fishing helped because I'm tired." I kissed her head.

"You're doing fine, Elisabeth. How are the townsfolk treating you?" She said better as she fell asleep against me. Kana and Airi came in and smiled as I lifted her and put her head on a pillow as they covered her with a quilt.

"Thank God for Ama, she's exhausting but now she's exhausted. The fishing idea was smart across the board." I kissed them both and said goodbye. Sara and I walked outside as the storm was starting.

"Is it bad in Norway?" I nodded but said they were used to bad weather in the winter. "I feel bad about leaving but we need to go to the past.," I nodded. She kissed me and said goodbye as I called the mist and went back to Norway. I walked, out mostly, but didn't fall so that was a first. I headed to the front of the barn to in. Annie was talking Jakob as I looked into the dog's stall....they were dead to the world. They walked up. smiling

"They were asleep within five minutes after eating. You haven't been gone very long. Is everything OK?'' I told them and Jakob headed to the house as Annie hugged me. We're going to miss you mister."

"I know, Love...likewise. Ama is going to help us with time so we have more time do things, but won't be as long here. She stared at me and I shrugged. "She's Ama and its way above my grade at the moment."

"I got some silver for you and 's a box in the bedroom from Stephanie, which we opened." She smiled. "I'm part cat so I'm curious. You're taking them with you?" I nodded. is the fourth one for?"

"Hammish give Ilsa." She smiled and kissed me.

"You certainly aren't dumb, Daniel. Well, some times like you two being out last night. What were you thinking?" She shook her head as we went the kitchen for some tea. I didn't tell her but what I was thinking was that it would been a perfect time approach the house. Fenrir understood the threat and they would watch over them while I was gone.

"I want you to take a couple of Yoshi's people with you if you go anywhere, and that's not a request, Love." She looked at me and nodded. "I don't like not being here and it's best to be cautious." She nodded and kissed me. I would advise not having anymore champagne." She laughed and pinched me as we went inside. Aya was still on the phone, as was Taiiko. I put water in the kettle for tea. I need to in with Marnine, Roan, and Ingrid. Do you want come?" She got tears in eyes and nodded. Gaia said I cracked open Marnine's heart and the things she did are weighing heavy. Annie kissed me as Emma walked in.

"At least you no longer smell, well not too bad. Are you hungry?" I kissed her head and said for slice of pie. She smiled and went the oven take a pie out that was warming. Aya got off the phone and kissed me.

"I spoke Gerel and she is very excited meet all of you, as well as my mom and dad. They were shocked by what happened and all of them are checking the sources they see if they can give any insight. I told them to make known that we were coming back after you finished some business. I"m sure is a leak somewhere, because is always a leak. I wanted them know I will be hopefully keep anyone else from coming here." We nodded. "They are very excited meet all of you, as well as Chloe and Sara." 's a big deal for them so prepare yourself. We smiled, even though I would rather just elope.

"I talked with Yoshi and things are fine . He told me to stay here since Kana and Airi are staying on Gotland with Elisabeth for a while. Our people are staying here as well. We can train together and they all made friends with the wolves and run with them, which puts them through their paces. It's actually excellent training. I told him about and we discussed cycling through students so can come here and train for a month, if that's OK, because it is excellent training for them in stealth, speed, balance, and focus."

"Of course sweets, this is your home now, both of you. is no asking needed. Daniel and I are going on Marnine, Ingrid, and my sister. We'd you come but he's just learning use the mist and I'd rather be safe than sorry." They nodded as Emma set pie on the table, and Jakob walked in. We all laughed as he smiled and sat down, waiting for a plate and fork.

"That's some pretty excellent timing as Emma set them down and poured some tea. He worked hard and deserved the break. It was a welcome break because Emma's pie were amazing, and I boiled water pretty well. "Is anything either of you need? Annie and I will be gone for a bit after this, and then I'll be gone starting more?" They shook they shook their heads. If something comes up while we're gone you can ask Taiiko or Aya, or just your instinct." They smiled and nodded. We finished our pie and tea and took our plates to the sink. Emma stared at me as I lifted my hands and smiled. We kissed Aya and Taiiko and said goodbye as we behind the barn and I called the mist. I took Annie's and focused on Marnine and we walked out at the bridge to Marnine's cottage.

"We didn't fall." I nodded because I was as stunned as her. Roan walked out, saw us, and ran. She hugged Annie and started crying, which made Annie cry. They were sisters, still, even Roan was plotting to kill her with Ingrid. She hugged me and took our hands as we walked.

"Come inside. It's so good to see both of you. came visit." Marnine smiled as Ingrid got up, painfully, and extended her injured arm. Annie stared at her.

"Ingrid, that's wonderful." She nodded.

"Gaia is treating me and helping Roan and Marnine as well. She said that she's done and the buildings in town renovated that she would consider letting us move so we could help the community. We know it will take a tremendous amount for you trust us but we'll show you that you can." Marnine walked, kissed my cheek, and extended her hand Annie.

"You may never be able trust me, or even accept me, like Danael. I understand that but you shouldn't judge them by actions. I was old enough know better. Gaia is showing me that, and you, naughty dragon, how did you do that?" I shrugged because I really wasn't sure. "Do you time for tea? I still some lemon cookies left." We spent a couple of hours chatting, laughing, having tea, eating cookies, and trying mend things that were broken. We hugged everyone, even Marnine. Ingrid held me, tightly.

"Thank you for helping us, Danael. You pushed Gaia for us." I kissed her cheek and nodded as we walked across the bridge and into the mist, and got flung into the puppies stall. was seconds before got mauled.
take me part 529... edited?
Posted:Dec 21, 2021 9:08 pm
Last Updated:Dec 22, 2021 12:32 pm

Fenrir and I were strong, and more immune to things like weather. He was older, and maybe a lesser God in the Norse ways. I had no idea what that made me but we stayed out all night and there was no threat. He didn't need to howl because the pack came up on their. I told them to wait as I shifted to the dragon and flew. I searched everywhere and there was nothing so I pushed to Fenrir but he left wolves around us anyway as I searched were I dropped the hay. It was almost gone. I could feel the deer, and the elk, and shuddered. SHIT. There were rock clusters close to both of them. I flew home and started grabbing the logs the men cut, and dropping them by the rocks. I heated the rocks as hot as thought they could stand and then set the logs on fire. The fire would be too hot to be put out by snow. I flew home and pushed to Annie.

"What Love?"

"Rough night?"

She growled... you could say that."

"The three of you need to make calls. You get to call Chloe because I"m going to Gotland after breakfast." Silence.

"I thought you went there last night?"

"Fenrir and I sent the wolves to their dens. It was too cold...."

"And you idiots stayed out in the storm. It was cold in here with a fire, comforters, and the three of us snuggled together all night long. Nothing?"

"We're men." Silence.

"She chuckled, "We are SO going to hurt you both, and we'll get the she-wolves involved...but thanks for the trash cans. You shouldn't mix brandy and Champagne." I wanted to laugh, but didn't.

"Call Jakob and tell them to put out 8eight of the round bales of hay...."

"Hold on, we're awake and I'm putting you on speaker."

"..... have them start putting out round bales of hay. I just hope the deer are smart enough not to eat the twine.:

"Let us get coffee and get dressed, and we'll meet you by the barn. Taiiko and Aya said they carry one, and you could probably carry two. Taiiko is getting me a knife. I'll fly with you and I will deal with the twine, and spreading the hay. It won't be the first time." I flew back and we spent the next two hours spreading hay away from the fires I set. I was trying to keep everyone alive. I did take eight of the oldest and drop them north for the other predators so they didn't go to down the deer. Fenrir wasn't going to bother them unless he had to in order to keep his pack alive. I had too many balls, again. We flew home. Annie went to talk with Jakob about hay as we went in to eat. Emma stared at us. Aya said.

"What, we were working, and it was a hard night, don't start, Love. Emma smiled and started making pancakes and bacon. Annie walked in as we were all laughing.

"Are those lingon berry?" Emma smiled as Annie hugged her. "Gaia Bless you, Emma.. "We have enough hay but that was the right thing to do. You're right, we need to keep them alive this winter, and maybe into the spring." I nodded. "Are the wolves OK?" I nodded. "You and Fenrir?" I stared at her. "It was minus 20 Fahrenheit, daniel."

"We're fine love, but I'm pretty sure he didn't get lingon berry pancakes and bacon." They all laughed. I was cold but better me then any of the wolves. Fenrir and I could adapt. 'Thanks Emma. I kissed all of them and said I needed to check with Sara, and then push to Ama about the past. All of them hated it, even Emma. I didn't like it much either, but I needed to be down there. I kissed them all, and felt the weight of their sadness as I walked to the barn to check on Jakob, and the pups. Jakob was laughing because they wanted to get out so bad and play in the snow. I pushed to Annie and they all came running out smiling as Jakob let them out and Drakon led them straight into at least three feet of snow. They all split off and jumped up and plowed thru more. They were like snow snakes. The two male wolves that played with them walked up, sat, and just watched them. They looked at me.

"I'm pretty sure they don't need to play today." They yipped and ran off as the pups spent the next forty minutes chasing snow., or whatever. They finally came out and the girls were all over them. They were soaked as they grabbed towels and Jakob added meat to their food. I was pretty sure they would get bones too. I smiled, called the mist, and walked onto Gotland,, and I rolled over twice as Elisabeth plowed into me....at least I wasn't wet.

"NO! NO! NO! Elisabeth you can't do that.....DON"T YOU DARE SHIFT. GODDAMN IT! LEAVE HIM ALONE" WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU." Airi pulled me away as Sara and Kana dealt with her. "She's a horny sixteen year old girl, who is now a dragon." I nodded.

"So, you're all staying here?" She nodded.

"Sara comes and goes but we're the only ones she really trusts, and who can barely contain her. The townsfolk just wait for you to arrive so they can see the show." She smiled; "They love her for who she is, and what she does, but they don't understand her. We kinda do because of you. Kana and I are talking because we think it's important that we stay here since she is the first dragon since you." I nodded

The mist opened and Ama walked out as Elisabeth slither/walked up to her and bent her head into Ama's belly. Ama scratched her chin. "Are you being naughty, Dragon?" Elisabeth rubbed her head against Ama. "Go fishing and when you finish eating bring fish back and throw them on the grass. You have a lot of people to feed Dragon, and it's getting colder.

I shook my head and went to take a hot shower as Kana and Airi stared at Ama..

"She is the guardian of this island, and it's people. She's a sixteen year old, and that has it's own complications, especially when she is one of only two dragons. She also needs to know her job here. She instinctively knew to protect her home, and people. She will fish until the elder says she has enough. She will be tired. She'll eat first, but she'll be tired when she's done. Give her milk and dessert and bathe her, and make her feel pecial by dressing her in in something pretty. She doesn't understand how to be a sixteen year old and he has no idea idea how to be a dragon. You both are staying. Daniel doesn't need riders, but dragons need riders, which mean riders need teachers. Aisha will be here soon. He'll be fine but your job is to get these people to adore their Dragon. She will be exhausted which is why you need to help her, and the island folk understand their role. She protects them, and they care of her. Elisabeth will live eons, unless she dies in a battle. This is her home. These people need to understand that, and instill it so that it passed on through generations. You aren't riders just because you were lucky enough to ride on dragon....even in battle. Take care of her when she gets back and bring the people to fawn over her for the fish. They will be happy for it in twelve hours. I need to speak with Daniel but you can call if you need me." Ama walked off.

I was muttering to myself as I soaked in the hot water. I opened the door and yelled. "Would you stop doing that, Jesus Christ, you scared the crap out of. Stop looking at me, and please hand me a towel." She laughed.

"It's not the first time I've seen you naked, Danael, but it's a long story." I stared her as I dried off. "Time is complicated and I can't teach you how to deal with now, but Joseph and I will. We wanted to see what you could do as the dragon, and with the mist, but what you need to learn is how to compress time on end, here, and expand it on the other...your family in the past. I know we frustrate you Dragon but we wanted to get a sense of your abilities. You have the ability to slow, or even stop time. You have the ability wherever you are. Don't, do right now, but that will help you with what you are creating." I stared at her.

"What am i creating, Ama?' She smiled.

"You are close to knowing, Danael, even though there is so much beyond that. As far as time is concerned, slow it down like you did to save Ama. I'll fill in the gaps because you have work to do there, all three of you, but you can't be gone for a month. You'll be fine."

"Where do you keep the silver coins? I don't think i got enough from Annie, and when have you seen me naked before?" She smiled. Haggerstadt knows, and it's a long story. The mist appeared and she left as I heard Kana.

"Elisabeth! Stop! You can't just walk in on someone," but she did, and pushed me into the shower as she turned it on...and kissed me as she was wrapping her legs around me

"Do you mind? Don't just stand there, do your job, for Christ's sake." They laughed as they turned off the shower and peeled Elisabeth off of me. I was beginning to see why everyone kept saying not to make love with a Siren if a dragon was like this. FUCK!
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take me part 528.... edited
Posted:Dec 21, 2021 7:03 pm
Last Updated:Dec 22, 2021 9:58 am

Annie took Aya back to our room because she felt bad , even though she was just scared for her friends, and us. Taiiko to call call Yoshi and Kana, which didn't happen, and Emma went her room. I got a large glass of milk and shook my head. "Holy Crap, this never shit never ends," I and called Bob and left a message. I needed to buy stock in burner phones. I took photo's of the ID's and sent them, and destroyed the phone. I was about to dispute him but there was no point hiding that I knew Deat so I destroyed it. Deat's family was living in Sara's house for Christ sake.

"Good new, or bad news?' I laughed and told him the latter. He told me to tell him. I was almost through, after I told him about Aya, when I asked,"

"Are we on speaker?"

"You bet your ass we are, mister."

"Hi Melinda."

"Are trying to marry, and impregnate every woman on the planet, Daniel?" I didn't really know what to say because it seemed like from the outside but there was something else that was going one and I think it had to do with dragons, but I had no idea, so I said "Yes." Deats laughed as she huffed off.

" Maybe she'll forget before she has a chance to bite, or punch, you....but i wouldn't count on that." I finished telling him what happened, and sent photo's of what I had. "You married into multiple vipers' nests my friend. I'll find what I can do about tac vests. Don't count on them just using knives. Where are going? Outside of Bucharest, and that was when all of my pasts started to collide and I was silent.


"I'm here. I just saw something I wasn't quite sure of. I'm fine."

"I'll run these tomorrow, and see what I can find, and see if I can find vests, or you what you could buy. See if she can get you couple of a guns, just in case brother, because you are using up your lives." I was silent because he was right and Chloe told me I couldn't die because Aya was having.... !!! FUCK!

"Thanks brother, some of us will be coming out and the rest will later. Fill in for me at frank's fish party if I'm not there. You, Unc, and Henry." He said OK. "I hated this because I wanted to be everywhere, all at once, but I doubted a dragon could even do that, and that was when I noticed the lights on in the barn and walked in. It was Jakob. It wasn't very late, but it felt like because it was so dark, and snow didn't help.

"What's up?" He looked at me and I knew he was working off the stress of the day.

"Wanted to check on the animals and make sure they had enough to eat because it's going to get VERY cold in about an hour." I nodded because I could feel it. I was going go see Sara but I decided to stay so the wolves could go to their dens and hunker down because it was going to be that bad.

"You OK about earlier?" He looked at me and smiled.

"It's not everyday that someone tries to kill, but my family, like most here, has worked for hers, yours, for a long time. You get used to odd things. We're all family and the town feel the same. They've helped all of for as long as I can remember. If anyone checks, which I doubt, it'll be that we have been fighting a pack of feral dogs because it's plausible, here, and believable, and that is all they're looking for." I smiled and nodded.

"It's a shame that you couldn't meet Anyrd's Da.. The two of you would have gotten along great. After he died, we all kinda hide because Marnine was no longer kept in check. Miriam wasn't strong enough. It's when things got bad and Annie and I were too way young do anything, even though we wanted to.....but that has obviously changed because you and Annie are strong enough to deal with whatever, and our town knows that, which all of the towns around us will, as well, in about two days...even with the snow. The fact that we have other strong women in our family just makes people think the prophecy is true." We walked out and locked up. "We are all glad that you are here, Dragon." He walked to the house as I walked to Ama's.

I could hear giggling, and laughing and walked into the bathroom and the girls were in the Jacuzzi tub with bottles of Ama's Champagne open. This was SO not going to not end well. They all played Sirens and tried to entice into the tub. Annie said,

"What, are breasts aren't good enough for you," as they all lifted out of the water and pouted, and then burst out laughing. I kissed all of them and told them I loved them. They waved and said, "Yep, and laughed." I shook my head and went downstairs to grab my coat and called Chloe, Sara, and Yoshi. I didn't have Gerel's number. Klara walked in as I was getting milk. I smiled.

"We really need get a couple of reindeer, or yaks." She laughed, and nodded. "Can you keep an eye them, please. They are in the Jacuzzi and drinking Champagne after having brandy. If have plastic trash cans here them grab some and put them around the bed, and make sure they don't drown." She nodded.

"It was that bad." I nodded, kissed her cheek, and told her to tell Annika I loved her as I went outside. I called everyone and told them what was going on, and that the girls would call tomorrow morning. I didn't tell them about the Chamagne and Jacuzzi as I walked to the front and Fenrir walked up. Hard day for them, brother. It's good they let this go. Women are better at that." I nodded.

"Tell your pack to go back to their den's because it's going to get colder... and it's already cold. No one will come out in this and if they do they will deal with a very angry bear....and you know what that's like." We laughed. Fenrir howled and I could feel the wolves running back to the pack. "You still have enough meat?" He nodded

"I'll take the back yard, and you take front but we stay close to your people, and buildings." I nodded, shifted, and bumped him. He bite my neck in jest and walked to the back as I walked the front.
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take me part 527.... edited
Posted:Dec 21, 2021 3:33 pm
Last Updated:Dec 23, 2021 7:47 pm

Emma looked at Aya, as Annie and Taiiko stared at me because they knew what happened. wasn't exactly correct but also wasn't fiction. "What happened Aya?' Taiiko pushed the glasses around. Aya took a sip.

"My grandmother's story didn't come until later because they had to learn to communicate, but my Norse people wrote stories about a man that fought like bear and killed a hundred Mongols, that wasn't true, of course, but was a time of legend. was the very earliest beginnings of a new age. is still a statue of a bear in the town I was born that honor's that fight. Norsemen, Vikings, respected what that man did. didn't mean that they felt any regret killing him because they knew he would do the them but they took nothing from him, as they did Mongol's they found. They gave him his weapon and put his hands over them, and on his chest. The respected warriors, men or women, were unafraid die in battle. was not uncommon across the lands, and in various tribes." She took a sip. "This is really good." Annie and I smiled as I thought, 'wait until you see the cave."

"My family settled around the Black Sea, but we deep lines throughout Scandinavia, but we also a line stretching into the steppes of Mongolia. 's complicated now because of China and Russia, and basic politics, but most of our clan stayed between the Black Sea, the Mediterranean, and the Baltic, but are those from the East that dispute our claims even though all of my grandmother's family were killed except her, and her , and my mother has the ring. I suspect was them, but I don't know. I am surprised they found me, and even more surprised they tried kill me. They are also likely not pleased that I am in love with a woman is Mongolian and can trace her own line into the past. You noticed these were all men that tried to kill us." "We nodded."

"I called Gerel, and my , and let them know so they would be on alert. I told them about you and told Gerel to fly here but she refused to leave my, our, 's side." She looked at Taiiko. "She is very much like your women." Taiiko held hand and smiled because she was right. This was going complicate an already complicated situation because we had be in multiple places.

"Are the people protecting you family competent?" She smiled, and nodded. "Anything else?"

"People, even family, will do strange things for , or power. I didn't know was a threat or wouldn't come, even though I'm glad I did. I could use more strong family." Well, she had that.

"May I?" They looked at me and nodded, even Emma. "My initial thought was take your family Japan, but I've reconsidered that. 'll complicate things we do, but we can all figure that out, but I question. Why knives?" I preferred knives, or a sword, or any blade, a gun because I didn't like guns, even though they were effective, but I wanted more insight.

"My families used swords, and knives, for millennia. We become very proficient because we are trained at an early age protect ourselves." She smiled.

"My gut says that we figure out which of our family goes where, because we are spread out we all want see each other, but that you, Aya, Annie, and I go your home and walk in the front door, not howing any sign of weakness because be would be a mistake. your people and tell them what happened and them start figuring out. We their ID's, assuming they aren't fake, which I doubt because these weren't paramilitary people. We need finish up here and I need speak with Chloe, and go Iceland, and then the past for a bit but I'll ask Ama for help with time. I'll need silver, sweets." Annie nodded. "I'll talk with Sara but I'm guessing she'll stay because of Elisabeth, and Airi too, which means Kana would likely stay. Taiiko, can you see if your people would be willing to stay here, just in case." She nodded and said she'd called Yoshi when we were done.

"I don't think is a threat us like before, but I'll Bob and Deats and them see what they can find, but my instinct is go in force, unafraid, and deal with what we deal with since we are now family. I'll also ask Deats if he can send us tactical vests, or at least tell me which get. We can't assume 's just going be knives but some of them can stop slashing and stabbing. Can we bring blades through customs?" She said yes as I looked at Taiiko, nodded. "I want them know that we will stand with you, period, all of us....whatever happens." Annie nodded as Aya kissed us.

"Come back our room Aya. We all need sleep and 's your bed, now, as well since the four of us are bound." She nodded as Emma kissed our heads and went her room. I walked outside Deat's, and Chloe, and Sara.
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Annie walked up Aya and said she was sorry and kissed her, and then kissed Taiiko and went get brandy and glasses. I suppose that spoke of how upset she was since they were all pregnant. Taiiko hugged her and took the tray because she was still shaking a as the adrenaline wore off, and poured some brandy for our nerves. We were all more than human so some brandy wouldn't hurt any of us. Annie sat next Aya and hugged her. They were waiting for me but I sipped my brandy so they did likewise.. I could feel everyone calming down.

"Annie is upset because we've had months of people we didn't know trying kill, us including her own sister. We thought we were going get a break but unless Jakob is living a double life, which seems doubtful, they all smiled which is what I wanted, they were coming after you and they didn't seem mind killing you. You're our family and if someone is coming after you, then they are coming after us, and that's a mistake, but we need understand what is going on. All of the clans dynamics at , some in plain sight but also thoughs behind the scenes." She stared at us, finished her brandy, and poured another.

" is extremely complicated because my family, my clan/tribe, stretched across such a vast swath of the world when began.. doesn't any longer because of life but when my clan was formed the alliance my grandmother and grandfather formed was massive, I no idea of the iteration's of 'great' but they came from vastly different worlds. The stories are still told of how my grandmother escaped the Mongols rather than be married to their leader, while pregnant with the of the man she loved. She had friends that helped her get away but the Mongols were excellent trackers, and relentless, and all of her friends were killed but she was able to make it to what is now Tibet. The legend says that she met a dragon looking for a stone. He helped her but this was before were riders and dragons scared people. He flew them far enough away that he thought she would be safe and left." Annie and Taiiko stared at her. "What?"

"Nothing love, go on." He came back find her because she was pregnant and the leader would killed the , and the husband, and Gaia told him he needed to lead her safely to the East, to the Norse. They flew by night because she didn't know where she was going, she just wanted to escape, and the dragon knew the east, Norseland. was fine because most of that land had few people on , but that started change and was dangerous be seen as the dragon so she sold most of her jewelry and bought horses, food and the things they might need. They made the Caspian Sea over many weeks of long, tiring, days but they both knew the Mongols wouldn't stop tracking them. They headed north and then west again and skirted the Black Sea but the dragon knew the mongols were stronger riders than a pregnant woman. He had what Gaia had told him as his guide and he pushed them as hard as he could, but wasn't enough."

Emma sat down, "what happened?"

"He had them dismount and packed everything onto him, and spoke to the horses in some tongue, and sent them back the way they came to hopefully to them enough time so that he could deliver the princess the Norsemen and fulfill his oath her and Gaia. We aren't really sure if this is true, or what her actually was, but was true that she was a princess because you can't hide that from anyone and we still the one ring she didn't sell, would never sell. She slept by a fire made in a hole with rocks around for warmth, and keep the the glow a minimum but he knew they didn't much time. He shifted and flew as she slept. The Mongols were less than a day behind and weren't fooled by the horses, and the Norsemen were a day in the opposite direction and they considered this their lands. The dragon landed, because he didn't want her alone for too long, shifted, woke her, sadly, and said they needed to go. Gaia tasked him with getting her to the Norsemen and he was failing at that task.

"Why to them?"

"They treated all their people better, not their enemies to be sure, but certainly women and , mostly. Dawn was breaking and he knew they couldn't out run the Mongol's and the Norsemen were still too far away. He pointed her in the direction she needed to go, gave her a sword and a knife, and told her to run, that they would find her and keep her safe as he walked back to face the Mongols. The Mongols were fierce fighters but they weren't use to fighting an angry bear. The bear still hurt many times but he an oath to fufill. He was following her tracks when the Norsemen surrounded him and he shifted to human because he could see her. She wasn't hurt and he exhaled as they charged. He fought but were too many, and they were too strong. He had shifted, and fought. The Norse where use to dealing with bears, and with dragons. He shifted back as she ran towards him but he was already dead. They burned their own dead and left the others for the wolves, and bears." Everyone was silent.

"It's good lore, except it hasn't been altered for at least a thousand years. She married the man that finally killed the bear with a spear, the leader of the tribe, and he saw how sad and upset she was. He knew she royalty. It took time for them to learn the languages but she eventually told him the story of the dragon, and the journey they made, and Gaia. She was the first Dragon rider. Their lands were vast and stretched both north and south, east and west. They went as far South as Africa, because they were merchants and knew how to build ships, which is why my skin and eyes are they way they are. The Norse embraced the as their own but my family spans two sides of the world and that's complicated." Silence as Taiiko poured more brandy.
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I walked to the house and looked north...fuck. I went inside and took my jacket off. "Good, you're back We need to deliver hay. The men are cutting down more trees, and stacking them. Jakob is taking more wood into the shelter. How's Gotland?" I smiled. "I take it your Siren liked her gifts." I nodded.

"She gave two of them away to her dearest friends." Annie stared at me in disbelief. "Seriously?," I nodded.

"Wait, what?" You know a Siren?"

"Not only does he know one, Emma..." I shook my head and poured some coffee as Aya walked in. Great.... "she is madly in love with him. " Aya walked in and hugged Annie, as she smiled.

"Are you finished? I was surprised too because what Steph sent were beautiful but we didn't have time to talk because Elisabeth tackled me, and took us into the water." Annie started laughing.

'I'm glad you find it amusing."

"It's not our fault that women, and other beings, fall in love with you." I poured more coffee.

"Are we going?" She laughed again.

"Can you help Jakob, Aya? I want to make sure the shelter has extra wood. There are a lot of elderly folks that need the shelter for help, especially with something like this. She nodded and kissed Annie, and then me.

"Thanks Emma." I walked outside as Annie hugged me. "Have fun?" She nodded as I bumped her with my hip and almost made her fall into the snow.. I undid the block heater and started the truck so it could warm and went to check the animals. We had blankets for all the animals, and quilted sweaters for the dogs. They didn't like it but were getting use them. They'd like it in about sixhours. Annie gave the dogs biscuits and petted them.

"You spoil them." She stared at me.

"PLEASE! We're going to have a lot more mister if you keep adopting strays." She kissed me. "I don't mind...I'm just saying." We got in the truck and delivered hay to our neighbors because they couldn't find it...at any reasonable price. "Let's take the last bit to the shelter and we can have lunch. I nodded. I backed the truck and trailer into the yard as Aya and Jakob walked out of the store smiling. They smiled and waved as I slammed the truck into park and Annie and I ran at them as they froze. We shifted and leapt over them. I blocked Aya and Jakob and the knives went into me, as Annie killed the men trying to kill our friends. I looked at her as she shifted and looked around. She walked up and pulled three knives out of my side. The town wasn't huge, and Annie's family was generous and knew the police, all five of them. They came and looked at what happened, saw the knives. They took the ID's as Annie asked to get copies. They nodded. Aya and Jakob were staring at us shocked and scared.

The chief looked at us, "we've been having a problem with feral dogs. We nodded and someone was getting a nice Christmas gift.. We went to our vet.

"What did you do this time Danael?" Annie told him as she hugged Aya and Jakob."Take your shirt off, mister. "It's not too bad. She did what I would have done if i could reach the wounds, because I don't hospitals....clean the wound, put ointment on them, and close them with butterfly bandages and put some gauze over it. She gave me antibiotics. "I'm a vet and while you are part animal, I'd rather treat the pups and livestock" I smiled and nodded. Annie took Aya and Jakob to the cafe as I watched and pushed. Nothing. I didn't understand as I walked to the cafe.

They smiled as I walked in. "I need to sit there Jakob. Seriously." Annie put her hand on his arm as he got up. I grabbed Aya's hand and pushed into her to try and calm her nerves..Hanne, the owner, walked up smiling.

"Some storm coming they say." We nodded. We all ordered and they all looked at me. I drank my latte as I asked what? "They weren't coming after me. They would have had guns." Aya looked at me and Annie. "I think we need to have a talk when we get home. Are you OK, Jakob?" He nodded as our lunch arrived. "What the fuck just happened?"

"We don't know yet Jakob, but it's OK...we'll figure it out."

"It's not OK Annie. You ran at us, shifted, and jumped over us....that's not the, it'll be OK kinda stuff. It was in town." Hanne walked up with another round of coffee drinks.

"We don't serve alcohol but did you hear about the dogs attacking those men in the street? This storm is making things crazy." "It's the same where my people come from only it's sand and not snow and ice. It can drive the weak insane before it passes."

"We are a strong lot here, and use to cold and snow, and we protect our own from feral dogs. Annie reached out and took her hand. "Kindness isn't forgotten quickly with our people, Anyrd. Lunch is on us." We finished eating and I pushed. Nothing. I walked to the counter and put five twenties down. It was all I had and I walked outside and looked around as Annie walked up.

"I'll go with Aya. They were coming after her, not Jakob. I'm stronger. She nodded as we went the long way home. I wanted to fly but none of us knew what the threat was, or where, and we had two vehicles that we needed to get home. We were almost home when two cars stopped in front of us and four men got out, and waited. I pushed to Fenrir and got out also after telling Aya to get on the floor. She didn't want to, but she did. I pointed at Annie and put my hand down as they went down. I pushed behind us and there was nothing except wolves. I was confused because they weren't professionals. I walked up to them.

"What?" They stared at . "What? One of you is going to have to speak or I'm going to kill all of out of sheer annoyance." They looked at each other as I pulled on Gaia just in case.

"We want Aya." I was getting annoyed and there were wolves everywhere. I asked why." It's not your business."

"It kinda is because we are going to be bound, and the men in town were trying to kill her." They stared at me and pulled out knives as I pushed at them and sent them flying off their cars. The wolves dragged them off the road as Fenrir walked up.

"Those were bad men...evil intent. We'll drag them into the forest and eat and then leave them for the smaller animals. I nodded but walked to them and took everything in their pockets. I walked back to the truck and said it was ok as I grabbed gloves> I parked the cars on the side of the road, took everything out of them, which wasn't much, left the keys on the seat, and looked the doors. I said thanks to the wolves again and we drove home. What was wrong with these people. We parked the trucks and plugged them back in and checked on the barn. Annie was pissed. We were walking to Ama's house....

"What the fuck Aya?" Jakob walked away...smart man. Aya looked at her and me as I stepped in between them, and Annie glared at . Figures.

"Let's take two steps back, take showers and change, have a drink, and talk about it." Annie was SO pissed, and I couldn't blame her, but we needed to hear from Aya before we got angry. She walked into to the bedroom and slammed the door, which was a problem because my clothes were in there.

"I'll go back to my room in the main house and shower." I kissed her and nodded as I walked into the wrath of Annie. She was mad and scared, and mad but she didn't know why and we had too much other shit to deal with. She stood and stared me at me as I walked and hugged her. She fell into me and started to cry. I just held until she was done.

"I thought we were past this." I nodded. "Where's Aya?'

She's in the main house. She's fine. The wolves are watching. We'll send the info to Bob and Deat's. We took a shower, changed, and went to the main house to find out what going . Taiiko and Aya were in the kitchen waiting for us.
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O...that totally my fault." Aya laughed and hugged me. It never ceased to amaze me how quickly these women bonded. Annie did the same thing, as did Taiiko, and now Aya. It in a blink of an eye and they were bonded, and sisters.

"We're assuming you went to see Chloe." We nodded. "And how it?"

"Fine, apparently I choose good women. Go figure." I ran but didn't make it to the end of the barn before I leveled and three women were biting me and laughing. I rolled over smiling and they all collapsed onto me. We got up laughing. I think we would find something to laugh about if we saw mushroom clouds. It just the way were built. Annie and Taiiko hugged and kissed us and said it good that we went there for Chloe. We nodded.

Annie stared me. "You, mister, have a certain lady who is waiting to have breakfast with you .... she made french toast. I'm pretty sure we are all invited so it good timing. We walked into Ama's house in Norway and took our boots off as Anna launched herself at me. She kissed my cheek, jumped down, grabbed my hand and led to the table.

"I made breakfast."

"No you didn't."

"Uh huh, I did. Ask mom." I looked at Klara who smiling as Annie hugged her."

"What did you make? Cereal?" She stared at me and punched me as the girls burst out laughing.

"No, mister idiot-head. I made french toast."

"No way!" She nodded. "French toast is my most favorite breakfast, well aside from bacon." She smiled.

"Mom made the bacon." I lifted her and squeezed. "Da'? I can't breathe." I put her down and kissed her head as we sat to eat. Anna beaming because I really did like french toast, and it showed, and she had a had dad. I kissed the side of her head.

"Shouldn't you be in school?

"It's too cold so we're off." I stared at them.

"It's Norway...in the winter."

"It's suppose to be minus fifteen by the end of the day. Besides, it's a good day to read and have hot cocoa. If Amazon is correct her books are out for delivery." Annie asked what she got.

"Nancy Drew, the first ten books." All the girls sat down, as Klara walked over to the sink, and started telling her how they loved reading those books when they were . Annika over the moon happy.

"Thank you Daniel." I looked at her strangely.

"For what?" She pointed around and then at Anna. "Stop, and help me wash. There's a lot to do. I never read Nancy Drew." She laughed..

"I'll finish, go check on what you need to. I nodded and kissed all the girls. I'll be bac I'm going to check on Gotland. They smiled and nodded. I went upstairs and grabbed the box with the mineral clusters in it, checked in with Jakob and called the mist. Sara stopped me from falling.

"I don't think I'll figure that out." I kissed her and said h

"How's Chloe?"

"Fine. Aya and I went there earlier and they met and are now best friends." She smiled. She misses you and I'm bringing her here when the storm subsides. She wants to go back with us. She didn't meet Hammish or Ilsa." Sara smiled and nodded.

"What's in the box?" I handed it to her and she smiled. "Your cousin has a good eye for what sirens like." We walked to the shore and I pushed for Karin. It didn't take long before she popped up, smiling.

"You're here. You do have a crush on me, mister. What's that?" I put the box down in front of her as Sara smiled. "Oh my gosh."

"I don't have anything for your friends, but I will. We have bad storms to deal with." She nodded as she opened the box, reached inside and pulled out three mineral clusters - one pink, one lavender, and one almost chartreuse - and put them on the grass. They were very delicate, yet stunning. She stared at them, and held them and stared at them, and then stared at us, and then held them again.

"What are these, mister? They're beautiful." I told her. OH MY GOSH!!!... from inside the Earth?" I nodded as two of her friends popped up and said something. I couldn't understand Siren. Karin kept the pink and gave the others to her friends who smiled and dove.

"These are too precious for me to keep forall of them for myself, except this pink one. She lifted out of the water as I bent to kiss her because she frickin' cute, and Elisabeth tackled me and we both went into the ocean as Kana and Airi ran up.

"Hi Karin." They waved. "We tried to stop her but she is way too fast. "Oh, Karin, that's beautiful." She smiled, nodded, and handed it them.

"My Danael gave it to me because I wanted pin"

"It's stunning, sweets. There can't be a lot of those where your from." Karin shook her head as I stood up with Elisabeth on me."

"Only three and I gave the other ones to my dearest friends because they are so special that they should be shared." Kana nodded.

"Will....you... stop. We aren't having sex. You're only sixteen , and don't you dare shift, Missy. I set on the bank as she kissed me. "Can one of you help me?" They all laughed, even Karin.

"She can't help herself. It's not easy being a dragon when you're female. Karin hugged me. "You give the best gifts. I'll find something to trade that is suitable, even though I'm not sure what would be because I have never seen anything like this.

"You don't have to find anything Karin. I still have to look in the chest you gave me, and at the sword. We're even, sweets. I'm just glad you like you them." She smiled, kissed me, and dove as I got out of the water and reached my hand to Elisabeth ao I could help her up. "It's too cold to be knocking us into the ocean, and no we aren't taking a shower together so don't as" She huffed and stomped off.

"At least she didn't shift, so you've got that going for you." I nodded and laughed. "We're fine here. It's actually very peaceful. You're going to get hit harder than us because the ocean helps mitigate things." I nodded. "Go back before you freeze. I'll explain and we can go when you feel comfortable leaving." I nodded. "You have one very happy Siren, mister." I smiled and called the mist as I walked thru and landed in with the puppies, who attacked me, even Drakon. Jakob and Aya were staring at.

"Whatcha' doin'?"

"At the moment, I am freezing, and getting mauled. Oh my god, you're soaked. What happened. I told them as I got up, petted all the pups, and Drakon, and walked out of the stall.

"A siren? You know a Siren?" I nodded And I assume she's in love in with you?" Jakob looked at me, as I nodded. "Come on, mister, we need to get you in a hot shower and you need to tell me about this Siren. We took a shower together, got into bed, and made love before dozing off. I woke up and Aya snuggled into me and sound asleep. I kissed her head, gently rolled over, and got dressed. I would deal with cold after that. I wanted to see what in the trunk Karin gave me but I had more important things to do. I walked to the main house to get some coffee.
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Emily walked into the kitchen, screamed, ran, and launched at me as Chloe sat up. "You're back. Can you stay?" I shook my head as Aya extended her hand.

"Hi Emily, I'm Aya." Em looked at us and then Chloe as she sat down.

"We an odd family, sweets. They were checking in with us because of the storm coming but they need to go back after breakfast." Em smiled and grabbed my hand as Aya sat down and both of them had a new best friends. It was so strange that it boggled my mind. Jake and Haagerstadt walked in and hugged me. I looked at Haag.

"We're fine, and the animals are fine, and we can help others through the storm if we need to. I nodded as I went in to help Ama.

"You scared the crap out of me this morning." She laughed and said she wasn't trying to. "That's the crap Joseph does. She smiled as I went to the fridge and got stuff for home fries..

"I can do this Daniel. We both looked at Chloe, Aya, Jake and Emily and smiled.

"It's better that I do this Ama." She kissed my cheek and nodded. I had a completely bonkers life, with way too many women in it, but somehow it worked even though the logistics were a challenge, and not getting any easier. I was waiting for the lard to melt so I could do the home fries as they walked up and my phone rang. Aya took the spatula as Chloe got the cast iron weight out.

"They like them crispy." Aya smiled as Chloe hugged her. Jake and Em were by the fire with Haag. I smiled and shook my head.

"Hey cuz....hold on." I put on my jacket and walked out front. What's up?"

"Hey love." I told Tina hi.

'We wanted to check in. Where are you?" I told them and said that everyone was fine." We're going back after breakfast." Silence.

"We're going back?' Jesus Christ.

"It's a long story Tina. Talk with Annie, she started it." They both laughed.

"Everything at home is OK...."

"Yeah, but cold This polar vortex thing is brutal on the northern latitudes but we good folks and we're prepared. How are you?"

"Not as bad because glanced off of us but Newfoundland was getting slammed. 's still cold here, but 's winter." We laughed. How did your sirens like the stones?"

"Holy crap, they lost their minds, especially Karin. Her friends loved the sodalite but that Lapis was spectacular." Steph clapped.

"I know, right. I didn't want to send it."

"I wanted to keep it too, and it made Karin speechless, which is no easy feat for a siren. She gave me a sword that I still need to at and just gave me a large chest with German writing on it that I haven't looked at either. The mineral clusters aren't as as impressive as the Lapis, but are equally amazing and I'm curious what she thinks about them. I know I like them. You have my permission interesting things because 's kinda fun see how excited she gets. I got myself into a pickle with the sodalite for her friends so I need two tiers of gifts. I need to get my head examined."

"We've known that for a long time, love....ask Billy."

"Shut up." They laughed as the said goodbye. I walked in, smiling, and shaking my head as Chloe walked up and kissed me.

"I like her, mister. You choose good women." I smiled and nodded as we sat down. Aya on one side of me and Chloe on the other. 'When are you going to Gotland, and to the past?" I had my mouth full of food, as did Jake and Haag. The girls all laughed.

"After I see how bad the storm is. I'm going to Sara when we get back. Don't worry, I won't leave without you." Jake and Emily looked at us. "Your mom misses her sister and we things do in the past. Don't even start. You responsibilities here right now. We'll go another time." Bummed would be putting it mildly. I never bought into the belief that if you went back in time you would screw up the fabric of existence. I was pretty sure we needed to screw up the fabric of existence. I just wished they had high-speed internet so I didn't need to take notes.

"How are the potato's? Chloe said that you all like them crispy." We had our mouths full, again, and nodded as all the girls laughed and shook their heads. Aya and Chloe both kissed me. It wasn't far from what good families were always like, I thought. Life is various gradients of hard but at least with us we had moved past the man being the 'head' of the family, because I'd get my clock cleaned. It's why I always gravitated to powerful women. Everyone woman in my family was strong, and capable but the dynamic was still similar.... was just more respect and sharing of responsibilities. It was like with the storm. We split duties and worked seamlessly but they would fall into me at some point because my essence was different. I was raised to pull power and do what needed to be done, but I suspected it was enhanced when I shifted to the bear, and then to the dragon. I don't know but it was interesting to watch. I guessed because of the way I was, it allowed all of them to be they were...on all levels. Guys aren't one dimensional, but we certainly aren't as complex and intricate as women are.

We enjoyed each other's company and I hugged Haag and Jake as they went back outside. Emily jumped on me and bit my shoulder and stayed like that as I hugged her, and Chloe teared up. Em missed me. She let go and kissed me.

"I'll be back soon, love. Promise." She nodded. Chloe did the thing except she didn't jump on me. "I'll and let you know." Chloe nodded. We said goodbye Ama and walked out I front. I called the mist....I wish I could figure out how walk through as easily as I could , at least weren't any trees. We waved, held hands and walked in, and back Norway....and rolled into the side barn. We laughed and stood up as Annie and Taiiko were staring at us, shaking their heads.
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I was giving up. I had a two eighteen year olds, not counting Lieve, the drone queen, and her lover, Heather. I had Janey and Alison, and Sara and Melissa. I had Kana and Airi, because I knew that was coming, and the women I married.... and now Aya. The weird thing was that I could be in bed with three women, making love with them, but I would wake alone most times, and the girls would be in intertwined, but during the day they would fawn over me, be protective and coy. It was very curious and it wasn't like they didn't have other men to choose from. They were all beautiful women. I didn't really know what the deal was, but I had worked to do, in many places, during very hard times, and now I had a new .

I wasn't at all upset about that, even though she beat me at Risk, and I knew no one else would be. I was amazed at how quickly she basically made me her dad, She stripped to her underwear, with no hesitation. Daughters do that, because they trust their. Da.'". She was going to be SO happy in Iceland. I just needed to figure out how I was going to be everywhere at the same time, and now Aya? I walked into the kitchen and got some milk It was four am.

"You are ....." I yelled and almost dropped my milk, as she laughed.

"What the fuck, Ama?"

'I'm sorry. I didn't realize dragons could scare so easily."

"You are beginning to see things unfolding. They are unfolding in the present, and somewhat in the past, but your heart aches, Danael." I looked at her. I understand what I am doing. I can expand my love easily, to include anyone. The girls, are the girls. they wake up in a bundle but fawn on me during the day. Sara and Chloe are different, but Sara loves Melissa. Chloe loves me and this is hardest on her, which is hard on me." Silence."

"You can change things Daniel. You are being blown around by the winds. Make the winds blow around you."

I looked around and Ama was gone. I cleaned my glass and went outside. The storm was starting and it wasn't going to be kind. I walked to the barn. The animals were nervous, scared. I knelt, bowed, and pulled on Gaia as Aya walked in and watched as I pushed out to the animals to calm them and stood.

"You don't sneak well, Aya." She smiled.

"How did you do that?"

"I've been able to pull from Gaia since I fought Marnine. I have no idea how. You're going to wish you left because minus anything is cold, and we'll have that by the end of the day, if not sooner. She kissed me.

"You know that we have to be bound now, right?" I nodded but it was the least of of my concerns.

"I know. Your rules are strange." She nodded,

"We are strong women, and you will give us more strong women, that are either leaders, or riders." I shook my head as I let the animals into the paddock

"Put hay out for them. This will be the last time they are out for a while." She nodded. They played, and stretched their feet as I could feel the storm moving in. I walked away and called Chloe.


"Hi. I take it that Annie spoke with you." Silence. FUCK!!!!

"Her, and Ama, and Sara." Silence.

"All of them?"

"Yeah, because I don't like it, even though I understand it. Sara told me that she gave you to me, which she did, because of Jake. I understand all of it Daniel, I just don't like it.

"Chloe, I understand it too, and I don't like it either. If I could have a bed large enough for all of us....I'd be happy but I'd wake up alone on the side, but I'd smile because all of you would be in a bunch." She laughed.

"That's true because we always slept like that, and I guess we still are. Do you love this new woman?"

"Aya, I wouldn't have slept with her if I didn't. I'm not a bull, Chloe. I understand what they want, and I have enough love in me." Silence. Silence. Silence. This is not the life I would have chosen. I would have been happy with a simple life with either you, or sara...or both of you...." She laughed

'We are kinda gone from that." I laughed. "We need to figure this out, and that might mean you getting better at moving through the mist. I want to spend time with you, and also Irina and the girls." Understand, mister."

'Yes. Do understand that we are going to be the parents of many babies, and ." Silence. Silence. Silence. Silence.

"We need to figure a way that we can sleep together, regularly, and I want to go back to our past, but I do understand. I'm going back soon with Sara, but this storm is complicating things.

"I want to come. I miss my sister, and I liked them Daniel.."

"OK, love." I hung up as Aya looked at me smiling. I shook my head.

"Do you regret what you created, or accepted?' I looked at her.

"No. I love all them, and I love you."

"Good, because you are having another , and another binding." I stared at her. I was fertile when we started, and I'm not finished. Let's deal with the animal's, and make love in a bed. I laughed. "Did you have a good talk with Chloe?" I said yes. "Good. I would like to meet her. Really?" She nodded. We put more hay out and I took her behind the barn. "OK, we're probably going to roll.' She smiled. I grabbed her hand and we walked into the mist to Iceland. We fell, and rolled in the backyard. Aya looked at me.

"Does this happen to you often?" I nodded.

"You have no idea." Ama opened the door as we got up. it was still dark

"This is an unexpected surprise....she looked at Aya and they both smiled. OK, first, what are you doing here, and second, what are you doing here? Aya looked at me and nodded as I went to our bedroom. Chloe was sleeping alone, which was abnormal. I got naked and crawled into bed...and waited. She turned and looked at me as I smiled.

"You're here......." she looked to the kitchen. She kissed me. "You brought her here." We got out of bed without making love, got dressed and walked into the kitchen as Aya turned and Chloe plowed into her. Aya was laughing as Chloe stepped back.

"That was not the response I expected, sister." Chloe jumped on her again. I stared at Ama and she shrugged. OK.... help me up. Chloe took her hand and helped Aya up as they laughed and Chloe fell on one knee.

"You're pregnant, and will have twins." She looked at me. "You can't die, Daniel. She passed out. Chloe was on the couch, by the fire as she opened her eyes and smiled as she looked at me. I kissed her and the she gasped. I told her. Our are meeting their new aunt. Let's just leave the future to the future. She stared at me as Aya walked up and held her hand. How I was going to manage all of this, I had no fricking clue.
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Jakob and I walked into the barn. The crew was already feeding the animals. I looked into the dogs' stall and they barked at me as I let them out. They all went running outside, and Drakon didn't even bark because their friends were outside. I cleaned out the hay and added fresh. They were getting better but they were still puppies.. I told Jakob to take his crew inside and either eat here go home because tomorrow things would shift. I could finish up. They didn't need to be told twice. I put fresh hay down for the pups and kept cleaning stalls as Annika walked in and grabbed a fork and started at the opposite end without saying a word. Drakon barked as she walked out of a stall.

"Are you hungry mister?" They all barked as she led them to their stall and got their food.


"Yeah, sweets." "Will you have dinner us tonight?" I thought I just adopted another . I would love that Anna. " "Will you introduce me to the wolves?"

"Let get the barn squared away and I'll call Fenrir and his family. She finished with the dogs as I hung the manure forks. Give them some more hay and a SMALL handful of sweet feed. I'll dump this and call the wolves." She smiled. I put the cart on it's end and we closed the barn for the night and walked into the paddock as Annika grabbed my hand.

"Are you scared?" She nodded. "You should be because wolves are dangerous. One wolf is dangerous, but there is never just one wolf, but you don't need to be afraid of these wolves. They are friends. We help them, and they help us. Fenrir walked up with his daughters. I walked Anna to them, even though she was scared. This is Fenrir, and his daughters. This Is Annika. She wanted to meet you. Your is scouting?"

"They're checking the north country." I nodded as Fenrir's daughters walked up to Anna.

"They like their ears scratched just like I do when I'm the bear. Annika knelt, and hugged them, and scratched ears.

"You prepare quickly. You are building an army of Dragon rider's, but you have no dragons. We laughed as Anna played with the wolves.

"They're pregnant." I nodded at Annika

"How many of the females are pregnant?"

"Most of the young ones. When?"

"Spring, but this winter is odd."

"You tell either me or Annie what you need, understood?" He nodded and butted my leg. "Come on Anna, you can play with them another time. You are part of their pack now. Let me know what your so finds. They dropped hay today the elk and the reindeer. We'll keep doing it as long as we can. It's best for all of us." Fenrir walked up to Annika and pushed.

"I'm Fenrir." Anna looked at him, and then me, and pushed back. I'm Annika." He bumped her leg, howled, and multiple wolves ran as she watched, and I smiled.

"THAT was so cool, Daniel!" I nodded as she grabbed my hand and we went to eat. We took our boots off and Anna started to take off her clothes as I stared at her. "What? I'm almost twelve and our clothes stink like the barn." I couldn't argue with that logic so we stripped to our underwear and walked into the kitchen as Klara was staring at me.

"She started it." I went to shower and change as Anna told her mom about the wolves. I walked into the kitchen in sweats and slippers carrying the game Risk and set it down. Can I help. Klara kissed my cheek.

"You are giving my a world she only dreamed of...I only dreamed of. Eba went to read. Anna was excited about meeting the wolves. Are you sure she is safe?" I nodded.

"She's fine. The wolves could take all of our animal, including the pups. We have an alliance. I'm sorry about earlier. She stripped before I even realized. I set a bad example to begin with, but I didn't want her to feel strange about it because I didn't care."

"She feels comfortable with you, Danael. She has since you found us, wrapped her in your jacket, and carried her to the car. She is beginning to see you as her Da', though....fyi." I nodded. Klara made hamburgers as Anna and I set the table. We had German potato salad with them and Anna had coke, which she burped up repeatedly, and laughed at. Klara cleaned up as I opened Risk and explained it. I felt bad because I couldn't remember the last time I lost playing Risk, and she was almost twelve so she was fair game. Klara sat down and I filled her in and we started to divided the world, and.....

"You little sneak thief." They both stared at me. I have played this game since I was young, and the two places I always get are Madagascar, off of Africa, and Kamchatka, in Russia, because no one ever wants them, and you took both of them. I'm pretty sure you're cheating, Missy, and we haven't even started." She smiled as Annie, Taiiko, and Aya walked in .


"She cheats. Did you eat? Your home early." They shook their heads.

"I have extra hamburger, and potato salad." They nodded and Annie hugged her.

'Thanks Klara. Where's Eba?"

'She's reading. I'm taking over more because of the weather and it'll help me acclimate to doing everything in....."

"Get out of my brain Annika and stop stealing all of my countries. I don't want to have to tickle you, but I will because I'm bigger than you. are" Aya and Taiiko scootched up next to her and said that wouldn't happen.

"Are you fucking kidding me!..."


"Sorry, but this nymph is cheating. It's totally obvious." Anna folder her arms and smiled, and I got another . The girls ate, and laughed, and rooted for Annika, Klara sat next to me because the other three were huddle around Anna trying to destroy me. I lost before I even I started because I didn't get Madagascar or Kamchatka and it jinxed me. I put up a good fight, until I got annihilated....by an almost twelve year . Risk was like Monopoly and it took as long as it took. It was almost ten when I finally conceded and made Annika's day.

"YES!!!!!!!!!!!!" I smiled as the girls hugged her and I started picking up plates.

"I can do that, Daniel."

"Go bask in the glory of your . I'm good at doing dishes." She smiled and hugged Anna as I smiled and cleaned up. Annie walked up and hugged me.

"That was fun, mister, but did you really introduce her to the wolves?" I told her that she asked, and she's almost twelve." We both laughed. "She's fine with the wolves...she's part of their pack, like the pups... and they won't hurt her. They'd die trying to protect her." She nodded. "We have a new though." She smiled and bit mt my neck.

"I figured...we all figured. You can't help herself."

"Apparently not, but I'm not sure what I'm going to do with Elisabeth." She smiled. "Well, mister, Aya is sleeping with us tonight so she's not alone, and we need to talk." I shook my head. "What is it with you people?" I wiped my hands as Annie smiled.

"You're perfect for them, like with Janey and Alison, and Kana and Airi. You're part dragon, part bear, part you...." She smiled..... "and you're a good a man, Daniel. We talked about this the entire way to the airport, and the entire way home. You have NO idea how lucky we are and Aya mentioned that. It's a weird system, especially in a system that accepts gay people. You don't want anything, from anyone, which is why you are trusted and embraced. Aya's family is like ours, one of the oldest, older than mine, or Taiiko's, but she still has the same constraints that we have. Would it be so bad?"

"Ask Chloe." I walked outside and looked at the sky as Aya walked out and hugged me.

"Shock?" I nodded.

"Chloe has a hard time with this, and I also have a ,young horny dragon that's only sixteen, and a Siren...and I keep adding wives, and ." Aya smiled.

"Annika was SO happy that she bested you at your favorite game. The reason so many of us want youto give us babies is because you are a natural father....most men have to learn, but you already know it. You do it without thinking." I nodded. "Danael, I have my partner, but I need a male to bind with, and give me a , or six. My parents want many grandchildren. They can overlook the fact that I chose a woman, as long as I choose a suitable man to give them babies. I know.....like you don't have enough to deal with, but we would make amazing babies." I stared at her and walked in side. FUCKING CHRIST! Taiiko and Annie looked at me.

I nodded as I walked inside. "Talk with Chloe." I went upstairs. I knocked on Klara's door. They opened it. I pointed at Anna.... "I want a rematch, Missy." She smiled and nodded. "I got on my knees and looked at her. "If you want a Da', I would be honored be that for you, Annika. Things are kinda weird right now, but we have a lot of family, so think about it and let me know." She looked her mom, smiled, launched herself onto me, and bit my neck. Annie and Klara had to get her to let go as they both laughed. I looked at Aya, and nodded. I needed to accept I was going to have a lot of , and I didn't think it was going to change. It wasn't the worst thing in the world to have three gorgeous women, from different parts of the world, naked in bed with you. Annie and Taiiko made love while Aya and I did. We made love off and on into the morning. It wasn't the worst thing for me, but my cringed for Chloe, because she didn't like that part, even though she understood it. She was a part of it, but it still hurt me. I woke and it was still dark...at least I was getting that routine back. I was taking a shower when Aya walked in, knelt, and started sucking me until I was hard. She faced the wall and I fucked her from behind while I held her breasts, and her belly and came inside her again. She turned, smiled, and kissed me as we finished washing and got out. We dried each other and she went back to bed as I got dressed and went outside.
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Taiiko and I were drying each other. "You know we all want other babies, right?" I smiled and nodded. She kissed me. "Good. You don't trust Aya?" I stared at her.

"Now, I don't trust anyone but my family and the wolves." She was quiet.

"Do you think that will last?" I shook my head. "You're worried again, love. We were hoping we'd find some peace.." I nodded and kissed her.

"We have peace, sweets, but you didn't see the darkness descending. It took everything I could pull from Gaia to stop it, and I wasn't sure I could." Taiiko hugged me.

"Maybe it was just a dream, sweets." I smiled as we started getting dressed and both Annie, and Aya, walked in. Great.

"I'm sorry to intrude, but not too sorry, she smiled. Dragons don't dream like humans. They dream a reason." She was looking at me as we put clothes on, at least I hadn't gotten hard, yet. "Annie told me about your dream. Can you recall the words you said?" I said no as I put socks on and walked downstairs. I wasn't trying to be rude but there was too much to do, and I needed to leave. I put my boots on, grabbed my jacket and gloves, and walked to the house. Fenrir was there, worried. "What?" The girls walked out and stopped.

"A worse storm is coming."

'Worse?" He nodded. I wanted to let you know. The girls walked up and Aya pushed.

"I'm Aya."


"How bad?" He looked at us.

"It's freezing in the north."

"How long, brother?" Late tomorrow. "Do you have what you need?" He nodded.

"I wanted you to know so you could prepare." I nodded and said thanks as I looked at them. Annie, I need a helicopter here, ASAP because we're dropping hay the deer and the elk. Taiiko, please let Emma, and Eba know. They need make a list of food they need. Aya, I'm sorry about your welcome dinner but we'll have do it another time. Now is the time you, and friends leave. Talk with Annie about a jet.." Aya walked up and kissed me on the lips. I will, but I'm staying. I walked the barn looking Jakob. The were uneasy, as were the dogs. I let them out and Drakon looked at me.

"Get it out of systems now, mister because you'll be staying in the barn a while. He barked and led his pack out play as Jakob walked in. I told him and he nodded.

"I saw Annie and got online. It'll be negative degrees. We a farther south, but not much." I nodded.

"Let everyone know and if people live somewhere that might be unsafe, then have them come here, and bring their families, just in case. Fuel the vehicles and plug in the diesel's. He nodded. Take all the equipment we might need out of the shed and bring it into the barn. Get ALL of the gloves, hats, jackets that are around and take them into the mudrooms at the main house, and Ama's. Make sure we keep water running and fill as much as you can. Have some people secure the chickens. Do something to block the wind. It's going to brutal, and cold." Jakob was good. He was taking notes. "We aren't going to get a lot of sleep, again. I'll talk with Emma about shifts. We have maybe a day so we need to make the use of it." I walked inside and called Sara and told her.

"Make a list of what you want, need in town. I'm loading wood and hay and leaving a couple of hours."She nodded.

"Aya is staying but her people are leaving so we have the rooms. She nodded I and told her what I said to Jakob. Annie smiled and kissed me. We all made a good team. The helicopter is en route. "Why?"

"I had Jakob order more hay yesterday. I want to drop hay the elk and the deer, especially now. If they die then we'll have a fight with the predators." She nodded. Get people the barn help load, and drop it. Make sure they cut the twine and see if Jacob as extra mineral blocks and drop those too. I'm hoping the sick ones will get better." She nodded. told her where they were the last time I saw them. "I'm loading wood and hay town. Emma is making a list and I need to to talk with Eba...."

"I'll talk with her and bring them to you."

"I'll help you, Danael. I nodded and told Aya thanks."

" you neighbors Annie and spread the word. If it's as bad as it looks, and Fenrir says it is, it'll be bad. Ama. I called Sara." Aya and I walked Ama's house and told Eba about the list and told her to write chocolate on it, she nodded. We weren't unprepared but we had more people coming and comfort foods were important during hard times. Aya and I walked to get the truck and look at wood and hay. She took my hand as we walked.

"You are intriguing dragon. You help your people more than any of the clans."

"I don't consider them 'my' people, Aya. I consider them family. It was the way I was raised. I wasn't raised like this. We walked into the barn and I grabbed the keys for truck....luckily the trailer was still attached. "All that Annie's family has is in large part due to people like these. I parked the truck and we got out. "I'll toss and you stack?" She smiled and nodded.

"My parents seem to have been similar to yours. I was considered royalty, like Annie, and we had amazing opportunities, but I cleaned out stalls every morning and evening. I still do it some times, but not as much as you it seems." I looked at her and smiled.

"I enjoy hauling shit." We both laughed as Annie walked up and looked at me. I threw her my gloves. She smiled and climbed on the flatbed to help Aya..

"Are you flirting with my husband?"

"What do you think, love?" They laughed as I threw and they stacked..

"Let's stop there and we'll leave the trailer here and just load the rest with hay. I backed up to the hay barn and disconnected the trailer as Jakob walked up and said the helicopter was on the way. He went to deal with chickens as I lifted hay onto the truck and the girls stacked it. We finished strapping it down as Emma walked up with lists. Annie gave me the credit card and hugged us as we climbed in and headed to town. I backed the truck into the yard at the shelter, and store.

"They can help me if you'd get the stuff on the list, and whatever you want. I'll meet you there when I'm done." I handed Aya the cad and lists as she kissed my cheek and smiled. The director of the shelter came out smiling and yelled as two men came up. I unloaded and they stacked. It went a lot faster. I waved as I drove down the street the store. Aya was standing outside with two carts as people were starting to stream inside. We started to put the bags in on opposite sides.

"Busy?" She smiled and nodded.

"Why do people buy toilet paper when they start to freak out? You can clean your bum in other ways. I saw a woman with a cart that had nothing but toilet paper. I assumed her husband was buying food." We laughed as we walked the carts back.

"May I ask you a personal question, Aya?'

"Of course, love."

"Are you married?" She looked at me and smiled."

"Right to the crux, dragon. No, I'm not, much to my parents chagrin. I prefer women but I need a to pass the line on to after me. It's complicated when the person you love only has a dildo." We both laughed and I told her I could see how that would complicate things. "You have no idea. My parents don't care that I am gay, but they do care about grandchildren." I nodded.

"You're a beautiful woman, Aya, surely you could find someone." She looked at me and smiled.

"Thank you, but it's not that easy because we would need to be bound, and then he would need to be OK with the fact that I am already in love with someone who doesn't happen to have penis. Being the oldest of one of our lines, while it certainly has it's benefits, it also has it's detriments. I'm not sure why things are the way they are but all of you seemed to have found a way to make it work....until you need to change diapers, that is." We laughed and pulled into the estate as a truck was backing up to the used trailer. I kissed Aya's cheek.

"I'm sorry if I seemed distant. I have a lot on my mind. Thank you helping me. Will you take this inside and let Eba know." She smiled and nodded. I grabbed my gloves, trotted behind the barn, grabbed four two by eights and walked the truck. Jakob saw me and smiled.

"Great minds!" We put the boards between the trailers and started unloading. We put the hay in the back, and stacked it, and down one side and then filled in the rest with everything. Annie, Taiiko, and Aya climbed up and helped us finished so the driver could get back. We closed the trailer and the guys took the wood back.

"You hungry?" He nodded and we all smiled. "Park your rig by the barn we'll meet you there." He smiled and nodded. We looked at the chickens and the bulk of the winds that were coming should be taken care off. 'It looks good Jakob. Have your crew take a pie, cookie break." He smiled and nodded. The driver was walking up as I shook his hand. "Thanks getting here so quickly." He nodded as we walked into the kitchen. Annie said,

"Emma, we have a hungry man that has a long drive, and the entire barn crew is on their way pie cookies."

"I'll deal with the food, you deal with the dessert. The girls smiled, and nodded, as I put water on the stove tea, and made coffee...thank God Ama. We were a good family. Hans, the driver did nothing but smile the entire time and Emma never left his side. I looked at the girls, smiled, and shook my head as I grabbed my hat, gloves, and jacket and connected the truck and trailer and backed it into the hay barn and started to load the trailer. I wasn't sure how long I was going to be here because I needed to be in three places, maybe more, at once. Annie, Taiiko, and Aya walked in.

"What are doing, mister?" I told them as they nodded. "We're going to take Aya's folks to the airport, and we're going to have dinner so we can catch up. Do you mind?" I smiled and shook my head. "You are welcome to come but we figured you wouldn't want to given everything." I wiped my face on my shirt.

"You figured right, loves. I'm betting there isn't a restaurant in Oslo that has a better chef than either Emma, or Eba. I'm fine here, but thanks. "I'm sorry your friends didn't get to stay longer, but I'm glad you are Aya. Thank you again helping me." I reached in my pocket and handed the credit card Annie. "Enjoy, but don't destroy Oslo. I haven't seen much of it yet. They laughed and waved. When I was , I had the thought that women were like wolves, and men were like bears. Women liked their pack but men were happy be alone. It's changed some over the years but I still think it hold's true. I had the trailer loaded and strapped down and was putting hay on the flatbed when Jakob walked in , climbed up and started stacking.

"I'm already getting calls see if we can hay and feed." I nodded and told him it was a good thing he bought what he did. It wasn't going to an easy winter but I thought we could make it through. We strapped the hay down on the truck and walked to the barn so I could check on Drakon and the horde. The truck and trailer were still there. I looked at Jakob as he smiled. "It seems that Emma is smitten with Hans, the driver. I'm pretty sure he's staying through the storm." I laughed as we walked into the barn.
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I could hear someone calling me. I walked outside as the sky opened, spinning. Danael! I looked around as the winds blew in all directions making it hard tell where the call came from.



"Danael....why don't you come when I need you?" I spun and looked as the darkness grew closer.


I knelt and dug my hands into Gaia and spoke in a tongue I had forgotten and the earth shook, and the wind shifted, and when I was finished speaking I looked , raised my hands, and pushed everything into the darkness....nothing happened until it exploded in light, and Sara dropped in front of as I collapsed. I opened my eyes. Annie and Taiiko were cuddled together as I got ready and went outside. I figured it was am. I was getting ready shift into the bear when Aya spoke.

"Bad dreams?" I stared at her. I didn't trust her, but I also didn't distrust her. I nodded. "I have them too but I hear they are worst for dragons. It's our burden for the ability to protect our people. Do you often do menial work?" I stared at her because I didn't think she meant any disrespect.

"There is no menial work in our family, Aya. If you'll excuse me " I shifted to the bear and ran until it was getting grey and walked back home, thinking about my dream as Fenrir walked .

"You're troubled, brother." I nodded as we walked.

"Something bad is coming and I'm not sure what it is. I thought we'd have a break" He looked at me.

"Life doesn't give many breaks. If you've had them consider yourself lucky. Tell us if we can help. I walked into the paddock and Annie was standing there, wrapped in wool...waiting. I looked at her, and shifted.

"What? I told her about the dream. I wasn't sure if it happened because of Aya, or if it happened and Aya was just there. there was SO much i didn't have a clue about. Annie walked and hugged . Taiiko, Annie, and I showered and made love. We went the barn feed the animals and let the white horde out. They all ran outside but Drakon sat and stared at us.

"Embarrassed." He barked.

"Don't you listen him, mister. It's OK cuddle with nice people. Go with your friends and come back for breakfast." He barked twice and ran off. I shook my head. "What? He's doing fine with his pack, so what if he has a soft for cuddling with pretty woman." I stared at her and shook my head as she smiled. 'She is a pretty woman." I nodded.

"She's one of my oldest friends. I wasn't expecting her otherwise I would have let know. She was intrigued that you served everyone last night. It's not typical behavior for the clans, even with female lines." I shrugged as she kissed me, and bit my neck No one knows were put you, sweets. You intrigue them, and scare them, all at once. I started mucking out stalls.

"We have people we can get do that." I nodded. I liked doing this. It was hard, honest work, and I missed that since I wasn't helping Sam, or Henry. She looked at and walked back inside get dressed because they were going Oslo. Jakob walked in as I finished.

"Couldn't sleep?" I shook my head as I took the manure to the pile and started to chop wood. It was still early, and I needed time to deal with my dream. I split wood until it was done, and then stacked it. I was about done when Annie and Taiiko walked .

"Are you going have breakfast before lunch.....Emma is curious." I laughed and nodded. "We'll be back later." I smiled as we walked into the kitchen and washed .

"Look what the cat dragged in. SIT!" She put lingon berry pancakes in front of with scrambled eggs, sausage, and fried rye bread.....and milk She looked at , intently. "You push yourself hard. Stop." Aya sat next to , and smiled.

"Did you have a good walk?" I nodded as Annie looked at us. I'm a guest here, correct?" I nodded because I was still eating. "Good, then after we get back I'd like go flying with you." I stared at her, and then Annie, and then Taiiko. "I'm your guest, Danael. Enjoy your brunch. We'll be back soon. I wanted buy gifts for the people attending our stay. I nodded as I stared at Annie. She shrugged and smiled. Fuck! I took my plate to the sink and Emma smiled because I think I was the only one who did my own dishes

"They came back later and Annie said, go and get it over with. She's not unlikable." I nodded as I walked outside, past Aya, behind the barn. She followed as I shifted, and flew. She yelled shifted and flew after me. I was wondering if Taiiko would as well. I wasn't sure what Aya was too, but I had all the women I wanted, and was content, both in the present, and in the past. She was beautiful....caramel skin and amber eyes. Her and Janey could be sisters, but all of the women in my life were gorgeous, in some way, and that was when she landed on my back.

"You're slow, dragon." She laughed as I dove, fast, into the ocean. She dug into my scales and scrunched down as I the water. Karin swam .

"Who's this?"


'Hrrrrrmmmmppphhhh." Come with me, dragon. I have a present because of that amazing blue stone."


'Lapis" Aya let go and swam to the surface as I smiled. "I don't trust her, just so you know." I nodded. Follow me because it's the biggest chest I have found but it's recent, not old like the other ones I gave you before." She took me down and it had German writing on it. "You can have it as my gift, just bring me something pink next time, love." She smiled and kissed me. Karin is the only one whoever kissed me as the Dragon, except for Elisabeth, but she was a young, horny, dragon. I nuzzled her, grabbed the chest, which was heavy, and swam to the surface.

'Remember some think pink, dragon." I flew out of the water and shifted to the island as I put the box down. I opened the door and dragged the chest downstairs because it was too heavy for me to lift, as me. It took everything I had to keep it from crashing down the stairs and killing me. I dragged it next to the other two and left. I was curious, but not that much. I had other things to do. I closed the door, and locked it as Joseph walked . I stared at him.

"You're miffed."

"A little, but I need go." I called the mist and went home. I bounced a couple of times but nothing too bad. Annie, Taiiko, and Aya were looking down at me, smiling. I got up and walked past...."NOT a fucking word." They all laughed.

"I see why you like him so much. He's cute, and endearing, and has abilities.... and friends." They nodded. Taiiko said...

"And because he adores us, all of us. There's that." She walked after me and joined me in the shower. It was nice making love to them since they were already pregnant, but we didn't really seem to care about that. Life was taking care of it. We had what we needed, and apparently we needed riders, or the women I loved just wanted babies. I was fine with that even though I didn't totally understand it, but I loved all of them and I'd rather do it this way then some other way. We had enough money, and I had enough love in my heart. I may be rethinking that when it came time to change diapers, or deal with screaming babies, but I sure loved having Jake and Emily in my life.

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