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take me part 518.... edited and expanded.
Posted:Dec 17, 2021 6:11 pm
Last Updated:Dec 18, 2021 10:41 am

I was finishing the second elk when I felt something, walked outside and look to the sky as a Gryphon landed. Drakon walked next to me, barking as I stared at it. This was unexpected. She shifted and smiled. "You can tell this fierce beast," as she knelt and Drakon completely lost his mind cuddling with her as the horde joined in, "and your wolves, that I am a friend. I am Aya. Annie and I went to University together. I am sorry I couldn't attend your binding. I heard it was most interesting." I walked up, took her hand, and kissed it as Annie and Taiiko were walking up.

"I apologize for my stench. I wasn't expecting guests."She stood, and waved at Annie.

"You should never apologize for doing what needs to be done, Danael. Dragons smell like dragons, that's all. I decided to fly because life interferes with that." I nodded." My people will be here later."

"I see you have my husband, and our that that thinks he's a wolf, Drakon, along with his white pack It's good to see you love, come inside.... this is one of my wives, Taiiko. Love, come in when you're finished." I nodded. "We could have arranged a plane Aya...." I waved at the wolves and went to finish my elk The good thing about it being as cold as it was is that everyplace is a freezer. We put the meat in vacuum sealed bags and filled the freezer and put the rest in the trailer that Jakob bought. Drakon sat in front of me and barked.

"What? The first pretty stranger you meet and you melt...all of you?" He barked and walked back to his stall. I let them in and fed them as others were feeding the rest of the animals. 'I'll finish, go clean up and get something hot to eat and see if Emma made enough so you can take some home." They smiled and nodded as I finished feeding and picking up the bloody hay. The pigs and chickens ate well, and would for days. I put the pieces of meat, and entrails, and offal we didn't want, into 5 gallon buckets. I washed up a good amount of filth, closed up the barn, and walked to Ama's to shower and change. I stripped to my underwear and put my clothes in the wash and turned to go upstairs and Eba, Klara, and Annika were staring at me, at least I wasn't totally naked. Annika was smiling, and Klara and Eba were shaking their heads.

'What?" I didn't want to bring those clothes into the house." They smiled and walked away as I went upstairs and took a hot shower, changed and headed to the main the house. I ran into Klara. I thought she was going to be mad, but she wasn't. Bodies were bodies on a farm, especially in the summer when it was warmer. "Are you and Anna having dinner at the main house?'

"No, we ate already. Thank you for taking her flying. She hasn't stopped talking about it. Do you really think she can be a rider?"

"It's above my grade, Klara, but as I understand it females are dragon riders, and she's a female. I'm sorry for the display. I thought you were at the main house." She kissed my cheek and smiled.

"I'm pretty sure none of us minded, Danael." She laughed and went upstairs. I put my clean boots on and grabbed my cloak as I went to hopefully have dinner. It was later than I expected. I walked into the kitchen as Jakob and the crew waved. I truly liked these people. I needed to figure out a way people could own their own place. Emma walked up.

"Sit, mister, and eat." Where's Annie?" Annie and Taiiko are upstairs with Aya. Aya prefers to eat meals with her friends, and family, so they are waiting but they didn't work as hard as you." I wasn't going to argue and I figured if they were having sex it was only fair but I was hungry.

"Is there enough so they can take some home?" Emma smiled and nodded. It was only seven even though it felt like ten. Those with people at home got stew to go, and pie. I think the pie was probably more important. They all headed home, and I was alone at the table....it wasn't the first time. Taiiko walked in and said Aya was on of Annie's oldest friends. They went to boarding school and then university. Her clan is in central Asia." I looked at her. "I know, right. Isn't that where you died in the past?" Fuck. Emma gave me another bowl and more bread. I nodded.
'Well, that was a long time ago, sweets, and Aya seems nicer than the people that were chasing you back then." She grabbed another bottle of wine, kissed me, and headed back upstairs. Come up when you're finished, love.' Emma sat down.

"Jakob said the two of you spoke with Annie about a weekly family gathering." She smiled, and nodded. "Is that something you can do?" I wiped my bowl clean with the bread.

"Yes, I'll have lots of people who want to help because everyone will benefit, and we'll rotate but it's a good idea, especially as it gets nice out." I'm sure Annie said this but whatever you need to feed everyone, families included, add it in". She nodded. "I want everyone here to have either a turkey, or ham, for Christmas... along with pies. Teach some of the younger people how to make pies. Get what you need. Annie won't care, but I'll talk with her tomorrow before I leave.

"You're leaving,..." She brought me pie and milk. Man I made the right choice with Emma.

"I need to go to Gotland, and then to the past. I have a lot of balls in the air." She smiled, nodded and kissed my cheek as she took my bowl. "Leave that Emma...I'm serious. Go enjoy your evening."

"Aya's group isn't here yet." I told her I was pretty sure I could handle it. She laughed, and nodded as she headed upstairs and said goodnight to Annie as she walked in.

"Where's she going?"

"To do whatever she does in the evening. I told her I'd deal with Aya's friends. They're going to be tired and you can have a proper meal tomorrow...now, they'll just want something in their bellies, and probably a few glasses of something.... and there's pie. I can handle that." She looked at me and pounced as she bit me.

"How did we ever find you, mister?" They are on the way, and you're right. We'll eat in the kitchen...." Taiiko walked in. "The wine is in there with glasses and openers. Please put them on the counter, love. Daniel will be serving us in the kitchen." Taiiko smiled, and nodded as the cars honked and they both went outside to greet the guests. it wasn't a lot, maybe eight,

Your rooms are ready, and we have wine for you to choose from. We are doing a farm meal tonight, here in the kitchen, and we'll have a proper meal tomorrow to welcome you." They smiled, nodded, and sat down as Aya walked in. She looked me serving her family, and then Annie, as she sat down and said hi to everyone. Shifting beat flying any day. They all had a blast and Aya's people grabbed wine and headed to their rooms as I picked up dishes.

"We'll do that, sweets." They nodded as I shook my head.

"I've been doing dishes since before dishwashers. I can handle it. Go catch up. I need to talk with the wolves afterward" They clapped, kissed me, and grabbed three bottles of wine as I shook my head and started to clean the table. Everything was done as I locked the door and walked to Ama's. Fenrir was waiting.

"This new woman is a friend?" I nodded. "What is she?" I told him about Gryphon's as he listened, and nodded. "Drakon, and his white pack melted quickly." I laughed, and nodded.

"I told him the exact same thing."

"Thank you for the deer and elk. My said that what you left is helping is helping the animals. We'll keep paying attention, and watching your people. Thank you also for helping our pack in the past." I nodded.

"I'm trying not to take too many but it's a hard winter in both times, but they are almost over it in the past. I'm going back soon." He nodded and walked up so I could scratch his ears. He howled and wolves I hadn't even felt ran with him as I went to Ama's. I never felt Annie or Taiiko get into bed but when I woke up they were both draped over me, touching each other. I guessed they all did this because Irina, Malinka, and Sofi did exactly the same...and Chloe joined right in. It fascinating, but I was tired and went back to sleep. We still had a lot to do.
take me part 517...edited
Posted:Dec 17, 2021 3:11 pm
Last Updated:Dec 17, 2021 4:53 pm

I really needed to figure out how to walk out of the mist and not get flung. I also needed to figure out how I could keep my family together. I looked over the gate into the dogs stall as Drakon leaned on the door. "You're getting big mister." I scratched his ears as he barked. I let them out as Jakob walked in. "Go do your business and see if friends are here. They all barked and ran out as we both smiled.

"He is quite the character." I nodded and smiled. How are things? Good. Everyone seems less on edge, even the wolves. It's nice. The winter is sucking but at least we have food, and we can help." I nodded. Emma and I had a good talk with Annie since most people work for us in some way because the garden crew isn't back yet, for obvious reasons. We're going to have a family gathering on Saturdays..." Taiiko walked up and hugged me ...."outside if we can, and we're going to rotate Sundays so everyone cycles through a shift. They're pretty lite anyway. It's a good idea so everyone can feel included but also to blow off steam." We nodded.

"It's a good idea. We're going to do the same in Osaka, and Annie and I have talked about writing something up and sending it to the clans when we get the community centers fleshed out. It's important." We nodded.

"Annie is giving everyone a raise and we're going to create a modified co - op here so we, and our family's, can buy things at cost, and we're going to be raising our own animals so all of us so we can have access to meat that isn't hugely expensive." I nodded because they were good ideas. "Annie treats us well with meals while we're here especially in the spring and summer when we'll work twelve to fourteen hours without realizing, having access to the kitchen is huge. She even lets our families come if they . It a good, productive, meeting and I think we are setting the stage for a very successful new year." Taiiko kissed me and said she had things to do. I nodded.

"I need to get more deer and elk before I go back to Gotland. I need to see Annie but I'll go while it's light so it's not so cold." We both laughed. I walked into the kitchen and Annie on the phone.

"I know it's cold. We live here too, but we're all working. Adapt. Find a metal drum and turn it into a stove. They can do something. We need to get those buildings renovated asap. Henri, I don't to hear excuses my friend, I to see results. We all understand the challenges but yours aren't any greater than everyone else's this winter. Make them do their jobs, support them, but if they won't then find someone who will. There are a lot of people that a job. It may be tough right now, but they are good jobs. Good. Thank you my friend. I'll have Daniel load the truck and bring you wood. Good." I smiled at her as she shook her head. I kissed her and hugged her as she fell into me.

"I've missed you. We've all missed you." I nodded. "We're very lucky with the people we have here." I nodded and told her I spoke with Jakob and Taiiko. She smiled. 'It a good talk and will make next year be a good one. "

"I'll load the truck and deliver the wood. Write down where. I need to hunt before I go back to Gotland and then to the past. I to secure all of this before we go to Denver. I'm sorry I'm bouncing all over the place." She smiled and kissed me.

"Don't apologize for doing what needs to be done. We need to get used to it, mister. Chloe told me about the cave. I to go soon, and to the past." I nodded.

"Speaking of that, I need to take more silver back with me so they have it." She nodded. "We can bring some back from Denver...." She kissed me, and shook her head.

"We have plenty Daniel and what we have, we share...all of us. OK?" I nodded. I do to go there because Chloe said it amazing, even though it a harder life. I to meet them." I nodded. "How are the ?' I beamed.

"Amazing, and happy. We had to push them to go back to Denver, but they'll be glad we did." I poured some milk and kissed her. "I to have dairy cows. It's more milk than goats, or sheep, and someone here will to make cheese." She smiled and shook her head.

"Go load wood, mister. Here's the address. We could use more meat." I stared at her. "What?"

"Can you find out where we can get hams and turkeys wholesale, and....." Emma turned around.

"That is fucking great idea, love. Go, I have things to do."

"I'll make a list for the things I need for pies, and whatnot." I finished my milk, rinsed my glass, and kissed Emma on the head as I walked out to load wood. I filled the old truck because we still had people taking down dead trees. They needed something to do and it had been too long since the forests were cleaned up. We also needed a saw mill like Yoshi had. There SO much that needed to be done and after seeing that sketch of the waterwheel I needed to learn A LOT. The first thing how to make bricks. It wasn't complicated...maybe for a factory but not as a business. I wanted people to have something they could do so it wasn't just subsistence living, but they could buy more goats, or more wood, or a bow so they could hunt. It wasn't all that different than it was in our modern day, we just had different priorities. I finished loading the wood as Drakon and the white horde walked past, yawning.

"Did they tire you out?" They walked into their stall as I waved and followed them, smiling. I closed the gate but they were already asleep in a bunch, and would be for hours. I wasn't sure if it was smart for livestock dogs to be playing with wolves but I knew these wolves wouldn't hurt them, and the dogs sense of smell was as good as the wolves so they could tell the wolves from our pac...and no other wolves would live trying to come into this territory. Fenrir doing what I doing here, in Denver, in Japan, and the past...and what Annie and I were going to through the EU. You don't get to come in and shit on our yard without consequences. Period. It came at a steep price, and we got lucky, but wolves knew this better than men. If a bear comes into your territory then you kill the bear even if it means some of you die, because if you don't the bear will be emboldened. I walked in the field as Fenrir and his walked up.

"How are you?"

"I'm fine, Dragon. You?" I smiled.

"The same. I have to deliver wood town but when I get back I'm going to hunt. Are you still at the same place?" They nodded. "How are the herds?" They looked at me.

"Too many deer and not enough el We fear that the Elk will die because winter has just started. Take the sick and old dragon." I nodded and asked what they needed. If you can bring four that will last a full moon". I nodded. "Try and drop a similar number for the other animals . It's hard to hunt in this cold, especially when you are hungry." I nodded as they walked back to the woods. I called Jakob as I drove away.


'Hey Jakob, can you see if you can get more hay?"

"I thinking about that also. Get another trailer because people are going to need it, and I to supplement the deer and elk so they don't die. If they die they it's a fight for survival with predators and it'll screw up the entire balance of things. This is a priority, Jakob."

"I'm heading to my des It'll be done before you get back from town." I dropped wood off at the buildings we bought. They had a metal drum but couldn't get a fire to last. I grabbed a pair of welding gloves, a hammer, and an old screwdriver out the back of the truck and dumped the half burned wood as I turned the drum over. I made holes on the bottom and around the side .

"Do you have cinder blocks, or bricks?" They nodded. "Bring me enough so we can set this off ground." They ran off. "You three, start unloading half of that wood." They stared at me. "Now." Only one got up as the foreman walked up to me. "I'm Daniel, and those two men are fired, starting now. Yes it's cold, and unpleasant but I'll be damned if we are going to them to sit on their asses when we are all working. You do it, or I'll do it." I went to help unload wood.

"That's great..... put a layer of the bricks on the ground and set the drum on top of them and throw wood back in. There's newspaper and kindling up by the cab." They nodded as we finished stacking the wood. The foreman walked back as the men got the fire going. " I'll have someone bring more wood but I these men working. Understand?" He nodded. We are all working at home, men, women, and . It's unacceptable for men to be sitting around, period." He bowed his head and nodded. If you can't find other people then call Annie." I walked over and warmed up as the men were smiling. "Airflow."

I pushed because I still paranoid even though Gaia said there wasn't a threat. Nothing. I unloaded the rest of wood at the shelter and went to the cafe for lunch. "You've mended well," as she poured hot water and set some lemon wedges down.

"I heal quickly. What's the special?"

"Roast turkey and the fixin's." I nodded. I sat at the counter but off to the side so that I could see the door. I didn't need to but it was habit. Wild Bill Hickok died, after all he lived through, by being shot in the back of the head because he forgot to face the door. The food was great and there was no threat. I wasn't sure how long it would take until I let my guard down, if ever, but nothing happened that day. I drove back home to go hunting.

It was early afternoon as I shifted and flew. Fenrir said the deer and elk were in the same places. I went invisible and scouted the elk herd. I needed to talk with Annie about the helicopter. I started taking the old out first I dropped three around that area, and then three for the wolves, and four at the barn. I was hoping if we gave them hay and mineral blocks the sick would get better. I did the same with the deer but I doubled the amount of the old ones because there triple the number of deer. I didn't to take too many because I wasn't sure how bad winter would be. I landed where the wolves were staying as Fenrir walked up.

"I took the old ones. We're going to drop hay for them, and minerals, so hopefully the sick will stronger." He nodded. They were already opening the guts. "I left more deer around so hopefully you, and my neighbors, won't be bothered for a while. I have to go to the past and help them. If you need anything talk with Annie." He nodded as I scratched his ears, shifted, and flew home. I landed and looked around. Jakob was a godsend. They were dealing with the elk and deer as I walked in Ama's kitchen. Eba looked at me.

'You stin" I told her I knew.

"Is Annika here?" She yelled and Annika ran in and smiled as she ran up and hugged me.

"Yuck!" I nodded.

"You to be a rider, right?" She nodded. "Then you'll need to get use to it. Go ask you mom if you can go flying." Taiiko walked in.

"What are you doing?" I told her.

"Alone? Not a chance mister. I'll go with her." Annika came flying out and said yes as Klara walked out smiling. "I'm going with her, Klara." She relieved.

"Let's go Missy." We flew around for about half an hour. There were no dives, or sudden moves, I had just promised Annika that I would take her flying and she would love whatever we did. I landed and she hugged me.

"Maybe you don't smell THAT bad." She ran back inside.

"We are going to have some lucky daughters, mister. I need to help Annie and then call Yosh" I nodded and walked to them hang an elk by the entrance, so I could work away from everyone else. I smiled as I skinned, gutted, and butchered.
Take me part 516....edited
Posted:Dec 16, 2021 11:54 pm
Last Updated:Dec 17, 2021 11:07 am

I shook my head. Man these women hit hard. I finished cleaning and poured some milk as I waited for whatever it was to end. "Turn off your phone. I pulled up Jerry Jeff Walker..Ballad of the Hulk because all of these song were sadly becoming relevant again. I hit play and the listened. They stared at me as Chloe walked up and sat on the table next to me.

"I'm sorry I h...." I put my fingers to her mouth. She smiled. "Neil is next., love. I haven;t heard this song in decades." Jake and Emily were listening. When the Ballad of the Hulk by Jerry Jeff started. Chloe said we were doing the music for the rest of the evening. I nodded but I put in Boot's of Spanish Leather, by Mandolin Orange first , and we stayed up way too late listening to music.

I put on "Southern Cross," and then Bonnie Raitt...."Angel from Montgomery/..." And then Tennessee Whisky, by Chris Stapleton, and Cumberland Gap by Jason Isbell....and Powderfinger by Neil Young. I sat back and watched. Chloe walked up again and bit me hard as Southern Cross started., and didn't let go until the song ended as our listened. There are so much more. They stared at us.

"What?" These are good songs, Ma'" We all laughed and nodded.

"There is SO much music you don't have a clue about, Jake." This is a drop." Emily and Jake stared at us as we played the next song. Haagerstadt and Ama left went to bed and after the last song I selected, we all went to bed too. Jake and Emily hugged us, and said goodnight. We were SO going to be grandparents, if we weren't already.

"That was great. Can you tell us more songs to listen to?" Chloe smiled, and nodded. We kissed them and they went to their room. A lot of of parents would have issue with it because Jake wasn't even 18 yet... he was close. Chloe and I watched them walked down the hall. They would have been married, and pregnant, two years ago in the old days. None of us minded because they loved each other, and they were together. We could deal if they got pregnant, which I thought were.

"Excuse me?"

"You heard that?" She stared at me, and growled.

"Yeah." Wow, and good...that will make things easier, and harder." She stared me.

"How harder?' Silence.

"I don't just make love with you, sweets." She stared at me and nodded. We walked to the bedroom and got ready for bed. We didn't have sex. Chloe curled into me and we had the best sleep of our lives because there was no threat. I woke up as it was turning grey, and cringed because I was going to have to leave. I needed to go to the past, and then we needed to go to Denver, and I needed to meet the clans with Annie, and go back to Japan...but I moved the blankets and shifted Chloe's legs, and I started licking her, and pushed my fingers to rub her inside. She squirted twice before she woke up and then she grabbed my hair and pushed me onto her clit. We made love again with the glass dildo in Chloe's bum. We took a shower because I needed to leave.

"I want to come with you." We bathed each other.

'I know but I have to do things there. It was nice for us, but there's a lot to do....A lot to do." She laughed because knew Malinka and Sofi were a handful. She had no idea. We made love in the shower, again, and kissed as we dressed.

"I'm lucky. Thank you." I stared at her. "You're an idiot. We need to make food." We dressed and went to the kitchen as we shared breakfast before I left. I hated it, but I didn't get to decided. I kissed them, not Haagerstadt, and walked into the mist and tumbled out next to Drakon's stall. He barked as I stood up.
take me part 515...edited
Posted:Dec 16, 2021 8:58 pm
Last Updated:Dec 17, 2021 3:26 pm

We held hands like before and walked into the mist, and we all rolled into the backyard of Ama's, as she watched us out of the door, shaking her head. Jake and Emily got up laughing and ran inside as I helped Chloe up. "Does this happen every time?" I nodded.

"So far." She hugged me. We brushed the snow off each other and walked inside as the were bombarding Ama and showing her what they got from the chest, and how Pytor scared them, and how there were doors in walls, and..... She smiled and nodded like and grandmother would, and then said she got shark for dinner, and we were ALL eating it, and walked into the kitchen. Chloe and I could barely contain ourselves and they turned around and looked us. Chloe said, with a straight face.

"You heard Ama. Go do your chores, both of you." We waited until they were well away from the house until we all burst out laughing. Chloe went up and hugged Ama. "That was better than sex Ama, and I like sex."


"What can we do to help, and what are we having?" Haagerstadt loves Shepard's pie, and works hard. He also liked those biscuits your aunt made, and her apple spice cake. Can you make those?" I nodded. "Chloe, you can help me." She nodded. We spent the next few hours enjoying each other, and having fun. What a difference from what it had been. I kept pushing, and checking, but there was nothing.

"What did you think of the cave, dear?" Chloe stared at her.

"I am still having a hard time wrapping my head around it, Ama. It was amazing, but what is in there is astounding. Pytor and I both think the bulk needs to go a museum." She smiled.

"A lot of that has no provenance. Do you what that means?" Chloe nodded as I finished the batter for the cake. "How do you explain a Rembrandt no one has ever seen for four centuries?' Chloe nodded. 'We'll wait until all of you get ensconced in your roles and rethink it because it might be time to bring most of it out for the public to share. We can talk with Annie. I'm curious why you chose a cross from the chest." Chloe looked at her, and me.

"There is power in it that I didn't understand. It seemed special. I wasn't looking for anything but I picked something because of the , and my hand found that. It's beautiful, and solid silver...other than that, I'm not sure." Ama looked at her and smiled. We went back to making dinner, and I searched my computer and found it. I put on, "This too shall pass ," by Jamestown Revival....hometown boys....and we started a night of music like we use to have in Denver, except it would be mostly Jake and Emily's music.

"Jake and Emily came crashing in the front door, laughing, and Haagerstadt followed shaking his head. Chloe and I looked at him, and he nodded. They stopped when they heard the song..

"We saw them in Denver." We nodded. Emily screamed and ran to get her phone and the music was out of our control, mostly. I was still their dad and I needed to hear some Dylan. The song ended and Jake and Emily searched and put on something we had never heard before, and they started dancing by the fire as we all shook our heads. Haagerstadt stared at me.

"Ask her," as I pointed to Chloe and she punched me.

"What smells so good?"

"My biscuits and cake...." I got hit again, harder.

"It's Shepard's Pie Haag, because we appreciate all that you do for us, and our family. There are biscuits and cake too." He looked at us and sat down and stared at us, at Ama.

"You made that for me?" She smiled and walked up to him.

"I made two...one for us and one for you." She kissed his forehead as he looked at us.

"Don't even think about it Haagerstadt. I'm still hurt." Emily walked up and hugged him. You'll always be our family Haag." Always, and they put on some god awful music that both her and Jake liked. Ama brought out some wine and we ate, and laughed. Chloe brought the cake out and served it as I put Dylan on my computer..... It's Not Dark Yet". It seemed fitting given everything we had been through. I also put on on Hallelujah," by Jeff Buckley for Chloe.

Chloe stared at me. I was SO out of my league with these women, especially Chloe. She walked out crying. Great, leave it to me to fuck up my last night here. I was going after her when Emily stood in front of me. "She's fine Da'. Go do the dishes. Seriously." I nodded. I cleared the table as Haagerstadt watched the dance with Ama. I was better doing this anyway. I always preferred doing this, in the kitchen, alone, while everyone was enjoying themselves. Someone needed to be the cog and I didn't mind being the cog. I was finishing up when Chloe walked up and hugged me.

"Those were two powerful songs mister, especially that last one." I nodded she stared at me. Quiet.

"When my parents died, I lost my brothers, and my uncle and cousins along with. Uncle Billy is back but not my brothers. I had Sam and Maggie, and the two Franks. My life didn't change until I met Alison, but it wasn't because of the blowjob, it was because I met Sara, and then your family. My heart split open when Jake asked me if I would be his dad, even wider when Em did. Chloe, I adore all of you, and our life is...odd, but I so don't deserve you. .." She flat out punched me and brought me to one knee.

"Get up! If you ever say that again I will you myself. Do you understand that?" I nodded. "Good. Our past is our past....leave it there, mister. YOU are the best thing to happen for all of us. ALL of us, even in our past. Stop being annoying." She kissed and went to watch Jake and Emily as I finished cleaning.
take me part 514....edited?
Posted:Dec 16, 2021 4:38 pm
Last Updated:Dec 17, 2021 3:14 pm

I walked back into the kitchen as Ama was getting ready to leave. "Try not to fall."She kissed my cheek and said goodbye. I smiled because I was fairly certain we were going to fall.

"Dress warmly and bring a hat and gloves." I grabbed a bag and put flashlights in it along with snacks, and bottle of the brandy we got from the ship. It was instinct from living in the mountains....you prepare. I grabbed my cloak and went outside to wait. Chloe and the came out smiling, and excited. I focused on the cave, and the island, and called the mist. They all stared at me. Jake and Emily were in between me and Chloe. "Hold hands and try not to fall." We stumbled out, and didn't fall but there was no cave. Chloe looked at me. We were looking at the ocean. Shit. I turned around and there it was. I pointed. Emily said what the other two were thinking.

"Dad, that's not a cave, that's a hill." I smiled and touched the door and the rock shifted as the door opened. "NO WAY!!!!!" Chloe hugged me. "That was so cool. It's like magic."

"It's not like magic, sweets. It is magic." They followed me down the stairs I lit the torches just because I liked them and they had been used for eons. Utter silence. I looked at my family and their mouths were open. I smiled as I opened the two chests Karin had traded me and took out a dozen of the Spanish doubloons and put them in my pocket as they all looked through it. Chloe looked at me.

"This is ours?"

"Apparently. I traded Karin for them." I put the bags of diamonds on top as Emily was looking at the jewelry and Jake was looking at the gold.

"This is amazing, love." I know as Chloe and I walked around. "Daniel, that's a Vermeer, oh my gosh, that's by Pieter de Hooch." She gasped. "That's a Rembrandt....it's obvious." I nodded. Look at all of the icons. Daniel, this belongs in a Museum. This is priceless." She was lifting gold and silver crucifixes and chalices. 'What is that?"

"I think it's an altar. There's more, a lot more. Close the trunks and let go. I lit another torch and we walked through the other rooms. There were weapons, and armor. Religious artifacts and manuscripts, books, journals. There were charts, and maps, and Mariner compasses.... I could spend hours in here just looking at the books, maps, and journals.

"Da', what are these?"

"Those are sextants. They were used by mariners for navigation, and those are called, I think, Astrolabe's. They did something similar but I'm not exactly sure. It let astronomers figure out something to do with the sun and stars."

"These things are worth a fortune...."

"No, Jake, these things are priceless. I think a lot of this came here so it wasn't destroyed, or to protect it from people like the Nazi's. Some of it I think I brought here from the past, but I don't remember. I think our family created this, and secured it with magic." Chloe stared at me.

"Irina and Malinka?" I nodded. Emily asked,

"Who are they?"

"They're our very ancient relatives and they were both powerful witches during a time being a witch was not accepted. "You really think they did this, and then she gasped. You?" I shrugged. We'd know in a few minutes. We kept walking back and the things kept getting older. Jake looked an old book.

"What's this Da'?" I opened it and could read it, which blew my mind. I was going to have to thank Gaia again. I knew this, but couldn't remember how. "It's the Qu'ran, and think it's from India, or at least central Asia. Emily and Chloe walked up.

"It's beautiful." I nodded. "That is a Hebrew Bible. I have no idea how old it is." I lifted up a simple looking book, and opened it. "What is it?" "It's an Aramaic Bible. Many scholars believe Jesus (Yeshua) was an Essene and spoke Aramaic. It doesn't matter but these books are important, which is why they are here." We walked, and looked. I was astonished how much was here. We walked to the end of the cave, to the wall Gaia mentioned.

I look at it because I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. I looked at Chloe and shrugged as I placed my hand where I thought a door should be. Nothing. I stood back and rock shifted into a door and opened with a hiss just like she said. Chloe and Emily gasped as I handed them flashlights, pushed the door open, and walked inside. It was a small room. It had a lot of central Asian art, Russian icons in silver. Silver crosses, a lot of religious artifacts. There were bottles, and jars, of things. I had no clue what they were, but there more maps, and books, and leather portfolio's. I looked around in awe.

"Uh, Daniel. Daniel....DANIEL." What? "These are sketches from da Vinci, all of them. Look at the dates. No one has seen these in over five hundred years."

"Dad, what's this? It's a sketch of a water wheel. Why is that...." I started looking around and found the box, dovetailed joints. I set it on the table and opened it and took out drawings, and notes, and deeds and various coins, and cash, and pages of notes in my handwriting. I walked out as Chloe and the looked through it.

"That's your handwriting." I nodded. "You knew Leonardo da Vinci?" I shook my head but I had no idea how those drawings got there. "You wrote a journal, as best you could, and it shows what and Hammish did. I bet we could find that mill." I nodded. "I know where we are going for vacation, mister. Are you OK?"

"It's kind of a lot to absorb to know that I went back into the past to create our future. It's weird."

"Why, you're a dragon. What would their lives be like if you hadn't done that, mister?" I stared at her. "Exactly. All of the things in this cave are amazing, but what's in that small room was special enough to have an additional seal, and most of it has to do with what you did. I do have to say that the da Vinci sketches are fucking amazing." I walked back in to close things up.

"Dad, you wrote these, and dated them. They start in the fifteen hundreds. How is that possible?" I had some 'splaining to do. I closed the sketches and closed the box. Chloe said...

"Come on, we need to go. We still have things to do at home. Your Da' has to leave tomorrow so lets make the most of it, and don't take anything out of here. I mean it. This is protected. You can feel it." I looked at her because maybe she was a witch." I closed the door and put my hand on it as it the wall reappeared. We walked to the stairs.

"Can we have something out of the trunk dad? Ama said it was ours." Chloe looked at me and smiled. OY.

"One thing only." Jake immediately grabbed a jewel encrusted dagger, and hugged me. Emily took a beautiful necklace with what liked sapphires and kissed me. Chloe looked at me and smiled as she reached to the bottom and fished around...smart. She pulled out a large silver crucifix on a heavy silver chain, and smiled, and so did I because none of us were religious, even though we respected all of those beliefs.

"Why that, love?"

"It felt right in my hand." I nodded because it was same way I felt about the past. I closed the chests and we climbed the stairs. I was almost to the top when Emily screamed. Pytor. Chloe was holding her as Jake stood in front of the them, growling. Hmmm?

"It's OK. Hi Pytor. This is Pytor. He's the caretaker here. He's family. This is my wife, and ." I introduced them and closed the door as Chloe was saying hi.

"We're sorry. We weren't expecting anyone." He smiled.

"Ama said you would be here. What did you think?"

"It was amazing. I could spend a whole day looking at everything." He nodded. "You live here? He shook his head.

"I live over there, on the northern tip of Norway, like my has for generations, but I watch over this place, as my family as since it was created. I'm glad you are leading the clans now. We hid this because of Marnine. It should be in a museum." Chloe stared at me, and smiled.

"I agree Pytor, and I'm going to do everything I can make that happen."

"I'm sorry I scared you young lady." Emily smiled and hugged him and said it was OK. "It's good seeing you dragon." He turned and headed back to his boat.

"Pytor." He turned as I reached into my bag and pulled out a bottle of Napoleon Brandy and handed it to him. "A gift from Ama, and us." He nodded, and smiled, as he went to his boat and I called the mist.
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Chloe walked up and kissed me. "That was nice, mister." I nodded. "That's our family. I can see why you like it there even as hard as it is to live. I wish I could have met Hammish and his wife because of how fondly you speak about them. You make good use of our family's resources, that's for sure. I like Irina, and the girls. We all sleep the same way." I smiled and nodded. "Malinka and Sara could be sisters." I laughed. "What."

"Yes, and you and Irina could too." She stared at me and me gasped. I nodded.

"I made love with my great, whatever, grandmother." I hugged her. She wasn't your grandmother then sweets, but you're cute." She hit me. "Things are different then because there is no privacy and they fuck just like we fuck." She smiled.

"I'll say one thing, mister, you choose good women. She kissed me, grabbed my balls as Ama walked in, and laughed as she went to get dressed. I poured her some coffee and said I'd make breakfast. She sat and nodded.

"I spoke with Annie last night, she's sending money here to help this winter." I nodded. "Was it that bad?" I looked at her.

"They were rationing hay and the horses were too thin. I didn't see the cows but I'm guessing they are similar. It's going to be a bad winter Ama and people are going to need help. It's a bad winter in the past but it's almost over, ours is just starting. Do you have hay coming?"

Yes, and I called after I spoke with Annie to get animal feed and grains. I got a lot like you did in Norway." I told her about Jakob and she nodded. "Annie finds good people. You took Chloe to the past." I nodded. "Do you think that was wise?" I was quiet.

"I'm not sure but she enjoyed meeting them, and they did as well. They've been curious and Sara told me that she was coming with me when I get back Gotland. I need to get better at going through the mist, and figuring out how the time thing works. I have too many people I love in too many places, and have too much to do in all of those places." She nodded as I put bacon on and scrambled eggs. Chloe came out, kissed me and Ama, and grabbed potato's, onions, and peppers from the fridge.

"I went to our past Ama."

"I heard and what did you think, dear?"

"They weren't that different from us. I mean it was harder, and we are luckier because of modern conveniences, but if our relatives five hundred years in the future came back to us now, we'd seem prehistoric to them. The land they have is amazing, and they have wolves helping them just like we do, and the girls...Malinka and Sofi... are amazing. I'm not sure who Sofi reminds me of but Malinka and Sara could be twins." She put another pan on the stove and added lard to melt. "Can I use the mist, Ama?" She was quiet, thinking.

"I don't see why not and maybe you can teach him how to walk out instead of roll out." We laughed.

"I'll have to figure that out first because I was as graceful as he was, but it would be nice to able to visit them since we are family, or will be. I like the girls but I especially like Irina. She is a strong woman."

"Yes she is, and a powerful witch, even though she doesn't think so because Malinka is inherently stronger. She is very similar to you in that regard, my dear." Chloe stared at her.

"I'm a witch?"

"No, I meant you are powerful too but you don't see it because of Sara's power." Jake and Haagerstadt came in, laughing. I was glad Jake and Em wanted to stay here, and I know Haagerstadt was.

"We're starving, and it's super cold outside so picking up poop was easy. Are we still going to cave, Da'?" Chloe and I both nodded. "YESSSSS!" Emily walked in, tired and sat next to Jake and leaned into him as he hugged her.

"What are you talking about?" She yawned.

"Going to the cave after chores."

"Really? I can't wait because I love art history. The potato's were almost done when I took out the bacon, poured most the fat into a coffee can and put the eggs in to scramble. I put the bacon on the table and Chloe did the same with the potato's and fried some rye bread while I stirred the eggs. Fat is as important as protein when it's winter. I put a huge bowl of scrambled eggs on the table and Haagerstadt asked where ours was. We all laughed as we filled our plates and chatted. It was nice not to be worried about anything. I wasn't sure it would last but it was nice in that moment.

"I'm going into town and check on the community center and with our neighbors to find out their needs since Annie is transferring money to help. I want to know what I need to order because it's not going to get cheaper. I want you to stay one more night Daniel so we can have a family dinner again. I'll get shark when I'm in town." Silence until Jake and Emily said yuck, and the rest of burst out laughing. I nodded and said I'd call Annie and Sara after I stacked the wood.

"I need to take some of the coins out the chests that Karin gave me so we have gifts when we visit the clans. Sara and Annie thought they would be good since they'd be the same. Is that OK?"

"Those chests, like the gold coins, and diamonds are yours, Daniel. You can do what you think is best. Everything else is protected." I nodded as we finished eating. I poured some more coffee and smiled at how lucky I was. Emily and Chloe started clearing the table as Ama went to get ready and Jake and Haagerstadt went back outside. I hugged Em and Chloe, and kissed them as I grabbed my work coat and gloves so I could stack the wood and kindling. I finished and called Annie first, and then Sara, to let them know plans had changed. Things were fine and I would have another night to share with Chloe, who loved it.
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We followed Ama, and the girls, to the house. I had been pushing the entire time, but there was nothing. I hoped we had ended it, but I wasn't going to stop being diligent. "STOP!"


"I want to walk. I like the cold air." They drove to the house as Gaia walked up and looked me. There aren't many with the temerity to speak to me the way you did, but it seems you have all clustered in the same family. You were right in your assessment. I should have ended things soon."

"How's Marnine?"

"You truly care about her...them?" I nodded.

"It's brutal for her, but she didn't break. She'll work though it and having Ingrid and Roan is helping her. She's learning to be a mother. How did you know that?" I smiled. "I will help both Ingrid and Roan, in stages. They ran to Marnine after you did what you did, and haven't left her side.

"A mother looking for daughters, and daughters looking for a mother. I feel bad for Miriam." Silence.

"I want you to know that there is no longer a threat to your family. You ended that. There are others, related to the organization, but after St.Petersburg they want nothing to do with it...people being frozen solid was too much for any of them to deal with. You can tell Ama that they won't come back to her lands, at least not in that way." I nodded. She stared at me.


"You showed me a flaw and didn't care. I appreciated that. Marnine needed that, but you certainly don't." I laughed out loud.

"Why do think I chose amazingly strong women, and take being hit and bitten so often?" Gaia smiled as I scratched her ears. I missed Bob.

"I think your cousin said this.....'you may be dumb, but you aren't stupid.'" I smiled and nodded. "I'll deal with Marnine and Ingrid, her brother, and Roan...tell Annie. I'll heal them in stages. Once you get the buildings renovated, they can back here , and help. If they do that, then I'll then free them, even Marnine but I'll watch them, dragon." I nodded as she ran off. I pushed, and listened. Nothing. I hadn't heard nothing for a very long time.

Chloe was walking toward me, smiling. "What are you doing, mister?" I stared at her.

"Do you trust me?'

"Of course, goofball, why?" Gaia was helping me with time and space so I was going to try. It wasn't like anyone was stepping up to help me. I put my hand out and the mist formed, that part I figured out. She stared at me.

"Sara said that it's like walking off of one those moving escalator's at the airport....focus on where you want your feet to be, not where they are. We can do this." She stared at me and nodded as we walked into the mist to our past. We did everything Sara said, and we still rolled into a stall full of goat's, laughing.

"Does this happen to you often?" I stared at her and nodded as Malinka and Sofi walked up and stared us. Ok, this was going to be interesting. We stood up, smiling.

"Who is this woman, Danael?" Malinka was not pleased, nor was Sofi. "?" Thankfully Irina walked in.

"Girls, enough. Let them out and tend to the animals and then come in help with the meal." Chloe said....

"I can help if you'll let me. I'm Chloe"

"Irina." They turned and walked to the house...the umpteenth iteration of Chloe's great-grandmother walking with her granddaughter. I said hi Malinka, and Sofi. Silence. "Jesus Christ." I opened the gate.

"Go before the goats gets out. I'll deal with the animals." They ran out as I closed the door, fucking goats, and then pounced on me. They both both bit me they were so excited. "How long?"

"Two days, things are fine here, but who is she."

"Her name is Chloe. You know the word descendant?" They shook their head no." means family in the future. Chloe is your family from the future." They stared at me. "Go talk with her. I clean the stalls." They both ran as I started cleaning up shit as I thought. If I can be in my life, for a week,or longer, but it's only two days here, that might work because I didn't like having other people doing things for me. I cleaned the stalls, and fed everyone. I walked to the house, thinking to myself, and walked inside....no one. I looked around and the fires were fine. I walked outside, and no one. Shit . I walked to the site of the new house, close to the spring. I could hear laughter as I walked up. I stopped and watched because Chloe and Irina could be sisters. They weren't but they could be.

I walked up and Irina saw me and ran up to me. "You found us. I knew you would. I wanted to show Chloe where our new house will be." She kissed me as Chloe smiled. "I was showing Chloe all the fences we have built. They are not nice men, but they are hard workers for silver. The wolves, and Hammish protect us. So are you married where Danael is from?" Chloe said yes, and Malinka and Sofi growled.

"Stop, both of you. We only have one bed, but you are welcome join us. We all sleep together when it's getting late. Chloe looked at me and smiled as she nodded. She SO wanted to stay here and be with them. They walked backed to the house as I walked into the woods.

"Hello, wolf." I turned and ther were eight wolves looking at me.

"Hello, dragon. Who is this woman?"

"My wife from the future, offspring of Irina. He howled and Chloe would be protected. "How are you? Do you need more meat?" He looked at me.

"Yes, it's going be a bad winter."

"How much do you have left?"

"Four days." I nodded as I'd deal with it. He howled and the wolves pulled back. I walked to the fence and followed it back to the house and the men were all waiting to eat as I walked in. Silence.

"The fence looks good, as does the cellar." They all yelled because mead does that. Sadly, women had to endure these men through generations. Chloe helped served them, because they worked ten hours of hard labor, and we owed them food, and mead. One of the men grabbed her and tried to reach inside of her dress as Chloe fell backward, shifted on top of him, and stared as she held the I gave her to his throat, and her palm glowed white. He laughed and passed out as Chloe looked at , and shook her head. We gave them dessert and they all went outside to the fire. The wolves were here, even though I wasn't.

I started picking up plates, and whatnot, as the girls said they would do that. I stared at them. "Go do something in front of the fire." They stared at me and skipped over. I needed to teach them to read. Crap, I needed to teach them so many things. I needed to LEARN so many things. I cleared the table as Irina looked at me.

"Men don't do this, Danael." Chloe took her hand, because I think she knew who she was.

"They do in our time, Irina, especially Daniel." Irina looked at us, and smiled.

"That is why he treats us so well, because it's normal in your time?" Chloe nodded. She looked at me nodded, which was hard for her. Malinka, Sofi, and I went into the bedroom, which just had a blanket, and they fucked me, twice.

Irina looked at Chloe as they were cleaning up. "Danael is the best thing that happened here since Marnine. He's kept us all alive, even the wolves. We have wolves protecting us from the men outside because of him. Malinka and Sofi are young, and hungry... and pregnant, They want him, as I do, and I am sure as you do. Danael is odd when it comes to men, but he is ours. We share him, and I suspected you do too." Chloe nodded. It" bothers you that they are enjoying him."

"Where we are from, I have many sisters, and it's not unlike here when it comes Daniel. I'm just not use to being behind a blanket." Irina smiled.

"They get can get it out of their system, and you and I sleep can with him, together." Chloe looked at her. "You don't mind but I miss being with Danael." We walked out and I looked at Chloe. This was her worst nightmare. We all cleaned and bathed. I closed the door, walked and pushed, nothing. We went to go to sleep and Malinka and Sofi were curled together when we walked in.

"They are so cute." Irina nodded. We got into bed and fell asleep with the three of us sleeping in a mesh. I woke up because I felt hands on me, both Chloe and Irina, were getting me hard. It worked as they took turns sharing what they had done. I didn't mind one sucking my cock, and one sucking balls. I just missed Sara with her purple dildo. I no idea how long we made love, but it was multiple times, over many hours. I woke afterward and pushed. Nothing. The girls did what they do at home and slept in a bunch....Chloe joined right in. I got out of bed, dressed, drank some milk, and went the barn on the animals.

It was still early. I closed the barn, shifted, and flew. I searched for threats.... were none. I searched for land, and trees, and rivers....there were many and my brain was ticking away with possibilities.. I searched for the deer and they were still in the same place. I had a dilemma...do I help humans over wolves because they didn't" have as many deer as we did in the future. Fuck. I flew for a long time. Nothing. Great! SHIT. I flew and I took more deer than I wanted. I hoped I left enough for them to recover. I dropped deer at Hammish, and at the wolves.. Malinka would be mad. I landed back at the house and woke Malinka and Sofi.

"Go to Hammish and help him. They both got up and did what I asked as i climbed back into bed.

"You stink." I nodded as I fell asleep. I woke up at dawn with two beautiful, naked women lying next to me. Chloe opened her eyes. "You still stink." I nodded as she put me inside of her and we made love as Irina slept and we kissed. We turned and Irina was looking at us. Chloe reached for her and they both kissed, which got me hard.

Chloe grabbed me, and squeezed as she put me into Irina, and I pushed. They were already pregnant, but it was a strong line to make sure these women kept moving forward. It was not unusual for Irina, but it was for Chloe...and me. Irina and Chloe were likely related....many generations in the future. I got up as they snuggled.

I dealt with the fires as Irina and Chloe walked in. Do you have what you need, Irina?" She nodded. "Hammish?"

"We gave him most of what you gave us." I nodded. I'll be back, and stay longer. Chloe looked at Irina. "Tell Hammish that I'll be back, and give my love the girls." The mist opened and we fell on the drive. We looked up at the stars.

"You alive?"




"That all happened, right." I nodded. "Get up because you and I are going fuck for the rest of the night. We made love for the rest of the night, and while she didn't have Sara's purple dildo, she had our glass one. We used it more than once.

I woke up and Chloe was snuggled next to me. I smiled as I walked into the kitchen. Time and space sucks." I looked up at her, as she walked in bleary eyed and nodded. "Help me make breakfast." I poured coffee and stepped into a new realm.
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We pulled into Ama's friends' property as she pointed to where the wood went. I didn't like these, at all, but since I chose to make caskets I had seen far too many. Jake backed the truck up and Em looked as I nodded. She ran to help Ama and Chloe as Jake and I started to unload the wood. "Look around and see if you can find a bin for kindling." He nodded as someone walked up.

"What are doing?"

"We're Ama's family, and she asked us to bring wood before the wake." He looked at me.

"I'm Stefan. it was my da' that passed. Thank you for the kindness." I nodded as I extended my arm. We shook in silence.

"This is my Jake." They shook in silence as he took off his coat, and Jake looked at me. "We can do this, Stefan. It would be our honor." He smiled.

"Thank you, I'd rather be sweaty on this day." I smiled, and nodded, because I would too.We unloaded the wood, and kindling as we laughed, sweated, and made friends. We were sitting on the tailgate drinking raw milk when Ama, Chloe, and Margret...Stefan's mom... walked up.

" What are you doing. Look at you, Stefan. We have a funeral to go to and now you need to change." He looked at her and took a swig of milk as we got off the gate. We all grabbed forearms, and nodded.

"Thank you for this, Danael and Jacob. You are welcome here anytime, as is your family. He grabbed his sport coat off the truck, walked up to his mom, and handed it to her. Let's go bury my father. I'm fine like this." Margret looked at us and followed with Ama. Chloe looked at both of us.

"What did you do?" She sat between us. Jake spoke.

"We told him we would do this, mom, but he wanted to. I think he needed to." She asked why, as she looked at me. Jake was quiet. "Respect for his dad. They're Vikings, right?" We nodded. "Seems better that he stands at his Da's grave in a sweaty shirt, with no tie, after unloading wood, than in a pressed suit." Chloe stared at him, and me. She kissed both of us and walked back in the house without saying a word. We didn't see her tears as Jake and I walked to the barn. We looked in the stalls, and at each other, and at the hay they had.

"Go home and have Haagerstadt help you load the flatbed truck with hay, and add some sweet feed, and grain for the chickens. Now, .." He nodded. I started to throw poop into the center of the barn as I cleaned the stalls. I gave the horses the rest of the hay they had and took the cart into the paddocks. I was raised like this. It was second nature but these animals needed more to eat. I knew where some of the was going. I called Annie and she said she'd transfer to Ama. I found the manure pile and was picking up the last of the crap inside the barn when Jake, and Haagerstadt, showed up. I looked at them.

"I know them." I nodded and we started to unload hay, grain, and sweet feed. Haagerstadt brought a thermos of some tea he liked and we were sharing the cup from the thermos, and laughing, as everyone walked up.... and I mean everyone, because they saw the truck. Margret looked around, started crying, and ran out, followed by Ama and Chloe. Emily sat next to Jake as Stefan shook Haagerstadt's arm. Everyone else went back in the house for food, because that's what we do in these situations. Stefan looked around.

"We had extra, it's a harsh winter, Stefan. Your family will return the favor." He nodded.

"Come and eat....celebrate my Da'." We nodded and Jake drove us to the house. Stefan walked over and hugged his mom as we walked up. The fire in the pit was huge, and there was very nice whiskey being shared freely. I looked at both Emily and Jake, and they nodded, as Chloe and I got three fingers worth. It wasn't unlike an Irish wake... people were laughing, eating, dancing, drinking, and being friends of a family that had lost a dear one. What else can you do?

People seem to save their best for when they need have deal with the worst, whether in their family, or in their community; it's an odd quirk of human nature. Jake and Emily were enjoying the wake, as it was intended. Chloe walked up. "It's my lucky day, mister."

"Why's that Missy?" I kissed her.

"Because you aren't leaving today, and I get to sleep with you in a bed, and cuddle. We can do the cave tomorrow. I already called Sara and Annie." She smiled at me and I couldn't help but kiss her, and nod. She pounced on me as Margret walked up, smiling>

"Ama said you did this, you and your , Jacob." I looked at her confused. Chloe hugged her. "I'm sorry. I mean the barn." I nodded. "Did you know my husband?" I told her no as Jake and Emily watched in silence. "Is your line from the Vikings?"

"My greater family, and probably my from mom's side. My dad's line is Scottish." She smiled, and nodded as Stefan walked up because his mom had too much to drink, too quickly. It was one of those days that everyone forgets out of respect.

"Highlanders, it's the same. My husband's family, my family, settled this land before they went to what you call Nova Scotia. There was no name when they went." I nodded.

"My mom's family is from there, and here. French Canadian, and Viking." She smiled.

"Why would you show us such kindness, Danael?" Stefan tried to get her to go with him because grief and alcohol are not a good mix, but we all understood that. "STOP! Why?" I stared her, as EVERYONE stared at me.

"If Ama passed, what would you do? What would any of these people do?" She stared me, walked up, and kissed me on the lips as Stefan smiled and took her inside, and the wake continued. Chloe walked up and held my hand.

"You still want to do what your Da' does, mister? Emily looked at Jake. He nodded.

"Yeah, just not in Denver because Em and I like it here." We spent the rest of the day having way too much food, WAY too much whiskey, and way too much fun, which is appropriate for a wake. We were packing to leave when Stefan walked up to us.

"How's you mom?" We all looked at him because we cared. He smiled.

"Asleep, but her heart is broken. It'll take time. Forty years is a long time. We were all solemn, and nodded because it was. "My sister is coming in tomorrow and we'll take care of her. Thank you for what you did to help my family. Everyone showed their respects, which was nice, but expected. Your family got dirty to help mine in a moment of crises." He looked at all of us and it was obvious that this line passed from from father to .

"You said you were from Scotland." I nodded. My family is my family, and we have no clan, but you are family starting today. Jake stood up, which surprised all of us, and shook his arm as I nodded. "Thank you." We finished loading the dishes, and whatnot, and drove home. Haagerstadt drove with us. He was sad

"I use to know Stefan's dad. We use to hunt ptarmigan. It was mostly for sport, but we did eat what we killed. He was an asshole, but also a good man. It's strange we can be so different inside of ourselves." We were quiet, thinking, for a while. "You need to pick up the crap, Jake, or it'll freeze." We all laughed, but he was right.

"I'll stack the wood. We're going the cave tomorrow.
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Chloe, Jake and Emily ran me and slid asking what was wrong, but I didn't drop because anything was wrong. I dropped because the weight of what I had been blessed with fell upon me as I opened the door and saw them smiling, and that was multiplied by many. I told them and stood up, and hugged them. I was going to hate leaving them later. Ama and Chloe were making breakfast, and Jake and Emily were setting the table so I went out to chop wood and kindling to replace what we were taking to Ama's friend. I had split the wood and was starting on kindling when Gaia squeezed through the fence, sat in front of me so I would scratch her ears, which I did. She laughed. I would too.

"I've been with Marnine. What you did put the weight of what she has done onto her and it almost crushed her." I stared at and continued chopping.

"Did it?" She looked at me.

"No, but that's not the point Dragon...."

"That's exactly the point, Gaia. Both of you are culpable in everything that she did, and tried to do. I can accept your position, to a point, but not hers. If feeling the weight of what she did destroyed her, then so be it. Karin told Kana and I that part of the reason the Sirens like us so much is because we 'give no quarter.' We don't, nor should we...especially with Marnine. I'm glad it didn't destroy her, and it wasn't my intention to crack her heart open, but I'm glad it happened because now she can become something better than she was, and help Ingrid and Roan do the ." She stared at me.

"You said that Sara and I are getting stronger, faster than you thought. 's true. I feel . I don't understand on my end because I no guidance, but I'm doing OK. Sara has you, and Ama, and even Marnine. Neither of us want do what you do, even if we could, but I will do what I think is important, like using the falls for Ingrid. I don't care about ruffled feathers." I stared at her. "She tried kill Ama, and the people I love, and almost me. I've earned that right but Ingrid is the way she is because of Marnine, and you. 's your mess clean up Gaia, I just started the process....finish . I kindling cut, and a wake go so if you'll excuse me." She stared at me as she squeezed back through the fence. I finished the kindling. Jake could stack all of , and the wood, later. Chloe came out wrapped in my cloak.

"Breakfast is ready, Love." She smiled at me, and I melted. I wasn't sure how I was going manage this with the people I loved the most, separate. I smiled as I walked up and kissed her. "Are you getting frisky, mister?" I nodded. "Good, because I want you inside of me, but we need eat first. Ama and I made quiche, bacon, and potato's?' I kissed her again and we walked inside.

I sat between Emily and Jake as Chloe and Ama smiled. Emily poured me some milk and Jake handed me the bacon, after taking some for himself...guys. "This is wonderful Ama and Chloe. Thank you." They smiled as they sat down. I nudged my two idiot looked up and said the as I shook my head and Chloe laughed. They asked how the cave was and I told them.

"Wait, you visit Marnine? Why? She tried to kill us, and Ama... with Ingrid and Roan, and she treated our people like pawns for eons. Why would you be nice her?"

"Exactly." I grabbed more bacon, as did Jake and Emily. We liked pig, for sure.


"They tried do all of those things...wanted , for sure..... but I am the one got hurt..."

"You almost died, Daniel, saving Ama...in case you forgotten!" Chloe was pissed because I had almost died.

"I know, but I didn't, sweets. They did those things all of us but I bore the brunt. 's mine deal with. Marnine is trapped in Gaia. Ingrid can barely use one of her arm's, neither her, or Roan, can walk well. I made them a very high , too high I think. We're human, what do any of us without redemption, especially now. If I can't forgive them, and help them become better, then I'm lost. It might not work but the other side of redemption is vengeance, and that was Marnine. We aren't Marnine." Ama stared at me, along with Chloe. Chloe was less forgiving then me, because she was highly protective but she nodded. We finished eating as Haagerstadt walked in and looked Jake.

"Uh oh." Jake lowered his eyes because he had forgotten his duties.

I got up. "Sit, my friend. Ama baked a whole a quiche, and half a slab of bacon, and Chloe crisped the potato's the way we both like." He nodded as Ama poured tea, and Emily poured him some milk. I put the food down and he lowered his head and then ate. He was up before me, I'm sure. Jake looked at him, unsure what to do.

"I'm sorry, Haag. I forgot because dad is here. I won't let it happen again. I promise." Haagerstadt looked at him and nodded.

"It's OK, you a wake go , and wood unload, but is shit for you move when you get done with your Da'." Jake smiled, and nodded. I had created a menagerie of amazing friends, across the spectrum, in a relatively short period of time.

"When Haagerstadt is finished eating you and Emily are cleaning up, and then you need get ready. Dress warmly because we're unloading the wood. They'll understand. Ama and Chloe nodded. You mister are moving that pile of crap after we get back from the cave, and you also wood stack." He nodded.

I looked at Haagerstadt. "Tell me what you need for the spring so we can get now because this winter won't get any easier." He chewed and shook his head. "We'll get you what you need, and Jake and I will be here help you. I may come and go, but I'll be here my friend." He looked at me and nodded as he patted my shoulder and knocked me out of my chair as everyone burst into laughter. Chloe came over. laughing, and helped me up.

"Come on, mister, we need to shower and get ready. We went into the bedroom and she closed the door and attacked me. She had my clothes off before I could say anything and pushed me onto the bed and had me in her mouth, getting me hard. didn't take long. She straddled me as she grabbed my cock with one hand, and balls from behind her with the other, squeezed and sat on me as she moan and moved up and down, slowly. She never changed the tempo, the thing that changed the entire time was our breathing, which synced as we came. Chloe leaned onto me and we kissed each other until she put her head next to mine. "If we weren't already pregnant, mister, we would be now. We took a shower and got ready.

"Is this presentable?" I need to unload wood." She smiled.

"Yes, Daniel, take your cape. These are Vikings. 'll be outside, and they will understand because everyone will know what the three of you are doing. 's good that you are making Jake and Em do this. You understand, but they need ." I nodded. "None of them will care about what you wear, love." She kissed me as she finished getting dressed and we walked the kitchen.

Ama was and we helped her load all the food they made into the SUV. "We're going since your .... Ahhh, you decided to show up." I sure hope they weren't doing what Chloe and I were, but they probably were. "Follow us." I gave the keys to Jake, smiled, grabbed my cloak and gloves for all of us and we got in the truck and headed a wake.
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take me part 509....edited
Posted:Dec 14, 2021 11:29 pm
Last Updated:Dec 15, 2021 3:01 pm

I hugged everyone, went outside, and shifted into the bear. I missed being the bear. I was the bear first when Annie and I fought Marnine, that seemed a lifetime ago. I Hhhrrmmmpppphhhhh'd and walked around making sure everything was OK and I walked into Haagerstadt and his broadaxe. I stood up and arrrfffed. He smiled, walked up and scratched my chest, and said he was going to sleep as he walked away. I finished looking even though I didn't need to and walked to my cave.

I missed this because bears lumber unless they are threatened. I wasn't threatened and I wanted to lumber, and think. I didn't even know how to deal with what was coming and that was when Sara hit me with something, and sent me rolling three times. I got up, shook my head, and looked around.

"Stop thinking about the future, you idiot. Think about our present, and our past. Don't make me come over there, mister." I shook my head again, and lumbered to my cave, smelling the ground, and the air...and not thinking. I liked it. I got to the cave and walked around, sniffing. People in the past would build a fire but I didn't need that, even this cold. I lied down in a corner and went to sleep, immediately. There was nothing, which was AMAZING!, and then I ended up at the bridge to Marnine's. I looked around, stunned.

"Are fucking kidding me? I need to sleep. Shit!!!!" I looked around and walked over the bridge, and exhaled. I could hear laughter, and conversation, as I walked up.

"Love, we didn't expect you. How are you, and how is the woman from Japan?

'Kana, my rider."

"Yes. How is she, and how are you."

"Mending. Hi Roan, and Ingrid. How are you Ingrid?"

"Mending." We smiled as I took her hand.

"Come with me." I walked to the waterfall, that wasn't a waterfall.

"Daniel, no. You can't...only Gaia can use it." iIstared at her because Gaia let her reign for almost a thousand years.

"Keep up Ingrid. Get in." She stared at me, and at Marnine. "Make a choice Ingrid." She looked at all of us and got into the energy fall as Marnine stared at me. "Your reign is over, Marnine. If you have truly changed, then you won't mind." She stared at me as I reached in and brought Ingrid out.

"Move your arm." She lifted it about thirty degrees and moved her fingers. She looked at Roan and screamed. I point to Marnine, "that was a from Gaia, just like this is, don't fuck it up." They stared at and nodded. Let's go back to Marnine's." Roan and Ingrid ran ahead as I extended my arm for Marnine. Silence.

"I SO underestimated you Daniel.' she smiled. "You play four dimensional chess." I shook my head.

"I know a Siren, and I love her. Do I trust her? No, because she's a Siren, but it doesn't mean we aren't friends. I know wolves, in the present, and in the past, and we have helped each other but I do trust them, somewhat. I have Ingrid and Roan to deal with, and Ingrid's brother. Do I trust them, or keep them locked up? I left it to Gaia, and took Ingrid to the falls. I got a partial answer, enough to figure out where to put Ingrid and Roan." Marnine looked at me and grabbed my hand as we walked.

"I wish I had known you back when things were bad. Thank you for bringing them to me. Look how happy they are, Daniel." She squeezed my hand hard. "Can you stay for lunch?"

"I can stay, love." She exhaled, and kissed me as we watched Ingrid and Roan play. She looked at me, with tears, and kissed me as gently as anyone could.

"I was worried you would die, as was Gaia. I baked because I am liking it and it took my mind off of your fate. I made almond cookies from Spain. Would like like some, with tea? " We looked at the girls. "Let them play, she's getting the use of her arm back."

"I LOVE almond cookies." We walked backed to her house in Gaia, and Marnine made me tea, and gave me cookies as we sat and watched Ingrid and Roan running, and playing.

"I don't deserve this Danael."

"No?" She looked at me.

"How can you be so kind to me, when I was so unkind to all of you." I stared at her and pointed. She looked at the girls, being girls, like they should have always been...and Marnine cracked. Things went black for me because Gaia stepped in and I was back in my cave, asleep.

The grey hadn't started, but was close, as I stretched and rolled over to look at a fox. She stared into my eyes. "We need to talk because Sara was right." I yawned, and stretched.

"Good morning." I had a great sleep, and felt wonderful regardless of what else happened.

"How did you do that?"


"Use the water fall to help Ingrid...and why take her out? AND.... opening Marnines' heart. I am still dealing with that, but she has Ingrid, and Roan. They will be staying with her, because here house just got three sizes too big." I smiled.

"You and Sara are growing stronger, faster then you should. How did you do that with Marnine?

"I don't know how, but I loved Marnine in the past. I touched that as we watched Ingrid and Roan play because of her arm. I expect you will give her full use when she is helping the people she wanted to hurt." Silence.

"You know that either you, or Sara could do that."

'That's not our role, Gaia, that's yours. You let Marnine reign, but I'm going back to sleep. I slept two more hours until the sun was coming up. It was the best sleep I had ever had. I shifted as I walked in and everyone smiled at me. I dropped to my knees as they all ran to me.
take me part 508...maybe edited?
Posted:Dec 14, 2021 7:17 pm
Last Updated:Dec 15, 2021 3:32 pm

Life is a confluence of mostly competing currents. We are are lucky if we can find the eddies, but they don't last. Nature isn't static, just like life isn't. Sara, as we knew Sara, was going to leave us after the baby was born. How long after? I had no clue. My first thought was to help her. I was a dragon, for Christ's sake, but this was SO far beyond me I knew I just had to deal with it and help everyone as best I could. Ama told me once that she couldn't die, and Sara was preparing for that I thought, but maybe it was more than that. This was happening way faster than I thought it would, but Sara was gaining power everyday, like me, she just had guidance. I got to bounce off of things. I knew Sara wouldn't ultimately die, and she would be in our lives like Ama, and Joseph, but it was still different, at least now. I needed to learn how to deal with it, for my family, because my impulse was to wander. It's part of the reason I wanted to build the house. I finished helping Ama as Chloe, Jake, and Emily laughed and danced.

I took the bread out and smiled as Chloe walked up. "Are you OK, Love?" I nodded.

"I'm tired, and sore.... and hungry." I looked at Jake and Emily as they both laughed. "I'm fine, sweets. Sit down. I'll help Ama." She smiled and kissed me. Ama grabbed bowls and spoons as I lifted the the pot set it on the table. She filled bowls, as I sliced rye bread and got the butter, and honey. I put the pot back on the stove. It smelled amazing and once we all started eating, none of us spoke. They all had two bowls, and I four, with bread. They stared at me in awe.

"What? The bowls aren't that big." They stared at me when Emily said,

"Dad, the bowls are pretty big." I smiled and shrugged.

"Is there dessert?" Ama smiled and brought out lingonberry and cream cheese tarts and she went to make tea. I added wooded to the fire and sat down as she was pouring, and the plate was being past around. I wanted all of them, but I took one and it was fucking amazing. Crap, I should have walked out with my cape, and this plate of tarts. There was one left and Chloe pushed it to me, smiling. I kissed her, cut into quarters, and pushed it away.

"I've had four bowls of stew. Enjoy." Jake and Emily both grabbed a piece and we all laughed as Ama pushed the plate to them saying they could have the last two but they were doing dishes, and cleaning up. They snatched them up like raptors.

I would like to have some of the roast tomorrow before I leave." Ama and Chloe looked at me. "What?"

"The roast is for a wake. One of Ama's neighbor's passed." I nodded.

"Is there anything I can do?" Ama looked me and smiled. "Yes. We'll clean up here. You and Jake load the truck with wood, and kindling at the end. Jake can always chop more when he gets back, and they could use it." I nodded, and grabbed the keys to the truck, and handed them to Jake. "Don't hit the fence. He laughed."

"Shut up!" We all laughed as he went to get the truck. It was dark, but was only seven pm. I loaded wheel barrows and threw as Jake stacked. We filled the last bit with kindling. There was plenty of wood left because of Yoshi. Jake walked in and closed the gate. "It's sad."

"Yeah, it is, but all we can do is help in some way...do what we can. Life is a death sentence starting with our first breath, but you know that nothing really ends, right? It just gets brought back into life in a different form somewhere in the future." He nodded.

"I know, but it's still hard." Fuck. Sara's loss was going to cripple this family.

"It is, Jake, which is why people help each other, or should. They did when I was young which is why I am probably harder on you, and Emily, than you both think I should be. There is value, and wisdom, in the way I was raised. What we are doing is how I was raised. You, Emily, and I will take and unload this for them, with respect. If you want to take over my share of the business then you'll need to understand that it's about showing respect, and love. It's not a just a box. I'll be there with you both." He nodded. He'd gone on these before with me, not many but he was good at them, but he getting lost, not lost...swayed. Shit, I had too many balls.

We finished loading the truck and walked inside as Emily ran up to Jake and kissed him. Chloe and I smiled as she hugged me, and kissed my cheek. "We're going to unload the truck tomorrow...me, em, and jake." She nodded and squeezed me." I needed to be in SO many places at once it was insane. I looked at Ama. What time is the wake?"

"Eleven." I nodded, There were going to be a lot of drunk people tomorrow, but more power to them. We'll deal with the wood; you deal with the food, and I'll hellp when I'm done." She smiled, and nodded.

"What about the cave?"

"We focus on the most important things first, ....especially now...and that is wood, and respecting Ama's friend." Emily pinched him as he nodded. Winter is always when life pushes everything into the narrows, but then spring unblocks it and we start over again." Ama stared at me as I hugged them, and said goodnight to the the people I loved the most. They hated it, and I hated it. Chloe especially hated it. I walked up to Ama.

"I'll be back early to help." She nodded as Chloe walked up and stared at me.

"Something is wrong, what is it?" I looked at her.

"I almost died, as Sara pointed out, because I was protecting my rider...and all of you are pregnant. I also hurt. It's why I am sleeping in the cave, love." She hugged me, tightly. I didn't lie, but I also didn't tell her the truth.
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take me part 507... editing doesn't mean what you think it means!
Posted:Dec 14, 2021 5:02 pm
Last Updated:Dec 15, 2021 11:55 am

It was as cold here as it was in Norway, but there weren't wolves...just a part-time bear, fox, and dragon. I was thinking about what needed to be done, and not chopping off my thumb. I stood up and was thinking when Ama walked out wrapped in my cape. "I hope you don't mind."

I smiled. "You gave that to me Ama. It's more yours, than mine. How long is the growing season here?" I stretched my back.

"It's getting longer but probably five months, without the help of a greenhouse. Why?"

"You are bringing animals here, which will make more animals, and they will need a lot of hay... A lot. You have the land..."



"We, have the land." I nodded.

"We have the land, but it'll take a few years, assuming they aren't brutal years."

"Do you always think about all of this, Danael?" I smiled and nodded.

"I can't help it, you're my family. I'm still thinking about what we need to do in Norway, Gotland, and Japan...and I still have to go the past, Halifax, and Denver....and then we have to visit the clans, and start the community center..."

"You're getting better at juggling all of the balls though dragon." I nodded. "I have the hay secured for the next three years while we seed. It'll come in on a ship, like most things here. Why do you want to build that house, really?" I stared at her, for a long time because I was trying not cry.

"So Sara can visit her daughters." Ama was stunned.

"You know?"

"I suspected. I didn't understand why Melissa suddenly needed to be pregnant, since Sara was. Sara said something about me understanding and that it would make both of us happy, and she just said that I was growing stronger than her, or something like that. It didn't make sense, or why Melissa would want to be pregnant. I think Sara did it so Anisia had a sister and I had a new family. She's been wrapped in wool for a long time, and her power is immense, and growing. I realized that at some point after she gave birth that she couldn't stay in her body until she figured out how to do what you and Joseph do. Am I wrong?" She stared at me.

"You aren't wrong, dragon. She's dying as we speak, but Gaia sustains her because of your . Everything you know is true, but there is SO much more that you don't, know, and I can't tell you about because you are a protector, but you are beginning to merge those lines and understand it anyway. We are all amazed by that, and that you know all of this is astonishing."

"I want to build the house so she will have a place she can be with her daughters in some comfort, but also as way to heal my heart when it happens, before it happens. I will need something to do.." Ama walked up and hugged me.

"You weren't suppose to know, Danael...either you, or Gaia, are shifting things. Build your house, and I'm sorry you have to carry this burden before you were suppose to." Chloe stuck her head out and smiled at me,

"Ama, I'm not sure what to do next with the roast."

"I'm coming love." She touched my cheek and kissed me. "You are strong enough to carry this." I nodded. She stared into my eyes and walked back inside as I wiped the tears away and went back to chopping kindling as Emily and Jake came bursting through gate.

"Ma' said we are going to the island cave so we can keep the diamonds safe. Is that true Da'?" Life.

"Yes." They yelled.

"Are we super rich dad?" I looked at them and smiled because I wasn't exactly sure how I was going to answer this, but I was on my own.

"No, most of what our family, our greater family, has is not ours. It's been entrusted to us to keep safe for the clans, but mostly for the future. It's like us, in Denver...which is why I want you both to go back. Your parents have land, and businesses...resources... pass down to both of you just like my parents passed on to me what they created it (they passed on a shitload more than that, but I left that out of the conversation). We have resources but we are far from super rich. We work for what we have." They looked at me.

"But as a family...all of us?"

"Our greater family has a lot, but it's the not ours. Annie's family is one of the oldest of the clans, as is Taiiko's, and they both have vast amounts of wealth, and land, and businesses. You've spent time with both of them." They nodded. "What were they doing?" They stared at me.

"They were working with everyone else." I smiled.

"We are caretakers for our people, for our clans, for our future. None of this is ours, and you need to understand that. It doesn't mean we can't fly on private jets, but the reason we can fly on those is because someone was really smart and knew there would be a market for that and it would cover the cost of flying people in the clans where they needed to go. The jets break even." They stared at me as I nodded.

"We are a family that works so we can keep our extended family safe, and prosperous. Marnine screwed that up, badly. We are going to fix that, and you will too. None of this is ours, Jake. We just get to use it to make things better for our people. If you want to be rich then go to Ga. Tech and apprentice with your cousins and I'll give you what your uncle gave me for my dads equipment, and you can have my share of the business with Sam and the shop and studio. You and Emily will do fine. Your mom and Ama need help, and I need to finish this before dinner." They nodded and walked inside.

I felt bad, but the lure of wealth is strong, and Jake had it because of where he was raised. It's why I was glad they both wanted to stay at Ama's and go to school but he needed to choose, especially after seeing the diamonds. I went back to chopping kindling when a fox walked up.

"A bit harsh, wouldn't you say?" I nicked my thumb as I split the piece of wood. I put the hatchet into the side of the stump and sat down as Gaia walked up to me and sat. I scratched her ears as she laughed. I love foxes.

"No, I don't, because I have no idea what they see online. I trust my , but I'm not going to take that for granted, and they just saw two big bags of diamonds. What are they going to think when they see what is in the cave?"

"Why show them then?" I stared at her.

"They will be responsible for it after us, just like we are after Ama and Joseph. Money is like power... it's controlling. I adore Karin but do think she would ever let go of anything in her special place?" Gaia stared at me. It"'s the way Sirens are. Humans have a choice. I'm going to make sure they understand that." I started chopping more kindling.

"What if Jake takes you up on your offer and wants what you offered?" CHOP! Thump! I threw the kindling onto the pile. Crap... I needed to move that.

"I think he would be making a mistake, and I would tell him that, and then give most of to him. I'd be fine if he wanted to work with Sam and Javier. He already mentioned it awhile ago. I don't think he does, but it's his life...their lives. They're lives Gaia. They look to us for guidance, and we barely know what we're doing, day day." She looked me and bumped my leg.

"Take strong flashlights with you when you go to the cave and keep walking to the end. You'll come to a rock wall, put your hand on it like you do the door, there will be dust when it opens, because it hasn't been opened in a very long time. You put those things there. You don't remember what you did in the past with your knowledge of the present. Take them in and don't pass out because the only ones left who have seen those things are you, Ama, and Joseph. Marnine searched for that cave for eons. It might help put things in perspective for all you. You are doing well Dragon, even if you get shot too much. She trotted out the gate as I finished the kindling, and then stacked it. I went inside Chloe, Jake, and Emily were dancing to "Louie, Louie." I smiled, and cried, as I watched and looked at Ama. She nodded.
take me part 506... edited, again
Posted:Dec 14, 2021 2:44 pm
Last Updated:Dec 14, 2021 9:26 pm

I took the food out my pack and hung up the cape Ama gave me on the hook by the door. "Eba made that. If you two are hungry go ahead, but the pie is mine." They both laughed as I went out back and got more wood for the fire. They had plenty. I made three trips and filled the bin inside before adding more to the fire. I took my boots and socks off and left them in front of the fire before going into the bedroom. Thank God I still had some clothes here. I stripped and got into the shower. I had finally warmed when the door opened and Chloe stepped in and kissed me. "I wasn't expecting you but I'm glad you're here, Love. I miss you, us." She kissed me long, and deep as she lifted a leg and put me inside of her. I pushed her against the wall, lowered myself, and made love to my wife, slowly. I could feel her belly, our , pressing into me as I pushed inside of her mom until we came. I lifted her as she wrapped her arms, and legs, around me, and we spent the next five minutes kissing. "While I LOVE this, I need to help Ama with dinner, and find you some milk because I guarantee your food is gone. They're like locusts." We both laughed and got out of the shower. "Are you OK? Kana?"

"We're fine, just sore. Gaia watches over us."

"It's done?"

"I'm pretty sure it is, love. Deat, and Klaus at Interpol, are making arrests and we have all of the information, at least that I know about, and everyone is else is dead, and the oligarchs in Russia are killing each other so they are first in doing so ... that was an unintended consequence. doesn't need mean everything is over, because I'm sure nothing will be over....ever.... just because of our new lives. You're not going to like this next part." She looked at me. "I need go to the past and check in, spend some time, but I'm getting better at shifting so it's longer on one end and shorter on the other. it's been awhile." She stared at me, as she kissed me and nodded.

"I understand, Daniel. It's the beginning of our family....through generations linked back to when you died keeping a Queen away from the Mongols. Sara told us. We all understand, even though none us of like it, me especially me." She smiled as I kissed her and we got dressed. "You have to sleep in your cave tonight?" I laughed, and nodded.

"It holds power that I need to finish my healing."

"Can we really go with you to the cave up north?" I nodded. It"'s special, isn't it?"

"You have no idea, Chloe. It's amazing." We finished and walked into the kitchen and both Jake and Emily were gone, as were the sandwiches, cheese, pie and milk. I looked at Ama and she smiled.

"They were hungry and it saved me from dealing with it. Dinner isn't far off and it'll be better for you. She put down a glass, a pitcher of milk, and bowl of something that smelled.

"Is that fermented shark?" She smiled and nodded as I took it the to counter. "Why you people like that is beyond me, but thanks for the thought. I went back to drink my milk as they both laughed.

"Can you split more kindling before dinner?" I nodded.

"Is the land by the cave sacred, Ama?"

"All of Gaia is sacred, Danael. Why?" I was quiet.

"I want to build a stone house ...close to it ... because there is a lot of stone. It'll be rustic but I am a dragon and can fly things in, like water and wood." She stared at me. I had never seen Ama taken aback before.

"Why?" I stared at her but didn't know what to say.

"I want a place that is comfortable, and I like it up there because it's quiet and I can wander, unseen, as the bear, or fly as the dragon, and Sara can stay for while...." Chloe looked at me. "While she's pregnant...all of them can when they visit, but Sara will be there the most. I want to learn to build a stone house for the past. I have multiple reasons." Ama stared a hole through as Chloe went back to chopping.

"I think that is an excellent idea, Danael, and I know someone that can help. You can start in late spring. I'll tell Annie to find thatch, and someone to help you with that too, but I do need kindling. Chloe and I will deal with dinner." I nodded. I surprised her, which was odd since she's Ama but I spent the next few hours splitting wood for kindling. It felt great.
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