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take me part 505....edited
Posted:Dec 14, 2021 12:58 pm
Last Updated:Dec 14, 2021 3:18 pm

I stood up, soaked, with all three them smiling at me, trying not to laugh hysterically. Elisabeth had her legs wrapped around me and was pressing into my crotch as she kissed me. "Will....you.... STOP biting. Will you stop." I pushed her off, and back into the water as I climbed out...which was a mistake. "Now I'm soak." Elisabeth shifted and started to slink out of the water. "DON'T! Be nice. I'm hurt. Don't you do it!" The girls were all laughing as Elisabeth, in dragon form, stalked me. "Stop! Christ." Sara laughed and stepped in front of her.

"Stop and shift back Elisabeth. Now." She did. "You can kiss him, and grab his balls if want, not too hard, but that's all. He is hurt and you need to back inside with Airi, and Kana. She nodded as she walked up, grabbed my balls...hard... and kissed me for a full minute... smiled, and walked away. Kana and Airi looked at me.

"You do realize that she's only sixteen, right? They howled and walked to the kitchen." Sara smiled and hugged me.

"Don't worry, she'll out grow this, probably. This is all new to her and you're the only dragon she knows. It'll pass. Aisha is working with her, but it was kind of funny."

"Your not soaked, and what's the deal with the dragon's..."coming out of the woodwork left and right?"

"I was wondering that myself. I think Gaia and Dreka might have plans we don't know about. Dragon eggs can lay dormant for millennia and you seem to create girl babies, maybe those eggs were waiting for riders. I don't know but I have wondered about it because Janey wants a baby, not for that reason, but it's the likely outcome, and so does Kana, and then there's our family in the past.... and of course Elisabeth."

I stared at her as she burst into laughter. "I was kidding, but you should have seen your face. Priceless."


"She loves Airi and how else are lesbians going to get pregnant, and if you say IVF I'll punch you. She hasn't said anything? " I shook my head. I was going insane. They had finally breached the walls and done it.

"All of you are driving me insane," and that's when when Karin popped out of the water. Jesus Christ. 'Hi Karin." We walked up, and I shuddered to think what was about to happen. She looked at both of us, and smiled.

"We are family, just so you know. What is it called?"


"Lapis! It's stunning and I'm still speechless, as are my friends. The box doesn't compare but there are special things inside of it. I wish you could live under the water, Danael. I smiled and reached my hand out. She took it and smiled. Thank you both, again. I'd like something pink next time. She laughed, and dove.

"Well, she's not shy, I'll say that about her, and she's adorable. It's impossible not to like her, but you do realize she's not the only one you're going to have to buy stones for now that you gave her friends something." I stared at her. "Oh my God I can't believe how dense you can be around women." She shook her head as she walked. "Change your clothes when you get to Iceland, it's cold there and I'm coming with to our past, by the way. Say hi to everyone for me, and enjoy your cave. I know you like it and miss being the bear. I love you. We love, and remember what I said about walking out of the mist...and try not to get shot." I looked around. Fuck.

I called the mist, focused on Ama's and stumbled out, but didn't fall, until I ran into Haggerstadt. Shit. He bent down and helped me up, and hugged me. "I'm hurt Haagerstadt, not so hard, please, but it's nice seeing you too." He slapped me on the back, which almost made me fall again.

"You're here!" I liked him, a lot. He was a gentle giant, until he was angry. "Come see our new animals. You'll like this. The ground is frozen but we have a lot of fencing to do in the spring, and hay to plant, and a barn to build." He looked at me and smiled as I laughed.

"Subtle, my friend. I'll work it out." The animals were fine in the existing barn but that wouldn't last. Ama was totally shifting this place, not that I minded because I considered this home. I loved Denver, and grew up there, and missed it, but I was pulled here. "How are Jake, and Emily?" He smiled.

"Amazing." I smiled and nodded. "Emily works with Ama but Jake works with me. He's smart, and strong."

"I'm sorry to take them away but they needed to go back to Denver and reconnect with people because I know they want to stay here. We are all fine with it, after this trip." He nodded. "They love it here like I love it here."

"It's a good time for them to be gone since it's winter, and brutal. Ama and I can handle things. and Klara and Annika are coming, which will help. Ama is liking that young people are here." I nodded.

"I need to go say hi, and change clothes because these are starting to freeze." I hugged him, walked to the house, and walked in.

"Da'!!!!!!" They hugged me as I winced, but I'd deal. "What are you you doing here?" Chloe walked up and kissed me, punched me in the shoulder, and walked back into the kitchen. I waved at Ama. I was going to have to stop getting shot. The took me to the couch and filled me in on everything, and how excited they were about Klara and Annika, and.... "We don't want to go back to Denver. We want to stay here, Da'." I looked at them.

"You can stay here...." They yelled. ".....after you come with us and see everyone for a couple of weeks. There's a lot to do and we need your help so you save the drama because you're going. Ama and Haagerstadt will be fine, and you'll have a good time. Besides, you need to pack and help your mom's." They were starting to..... "Save it." I kissed them both and walked into the kitchen to say hi to Ama.

"Come to stay in your cave, bear?" I nodded. "You did what you needed to, Danael, that threat is over, or has shifted like Roan and Ingrid. I am impressed by that because it was unexpected. There is still much to be done, by all of you. It's good that you ended this part before leaving. Your antics made the news even here. It's still on it nightly because they are nasty bunch and pitted them against each other. It's only a matter of time before snake fights snake.

"I need to go to the island cave to keep things for us safe." She nodded as I took two canvas sacks out of my pack and set them on the table. Chloe, Jake, and Emily stared at me because Ama already knew what it was. I took the cash and few gold coins out as well and put it in front of Ama...."for the community center." She smiled. "Go ahead, you can look." All three of them started opening the bags. "Can I take them through the mist so they can see their legacy." She stared at me because she knew I was getting more powerful, and learning to control things, mostly.

"Since you created it Dragon, I don't see why not." I smiled

"Da'.... these are diamonds. We're rich!" I smiled.

"We are rich, , but it's got nothing to do with those. All three of them took handfuls out and put them on the table. and moved them around. I totally understood because I did the same thing with gold coins.
take me part 504... edited
Posted:Dec 13, 2021 9:40 pm
Last Updated:Dec 14, 2021 10:37 am

I stumbled out on Gotland and was ready to fall when Sara caught and smiled, and that is when Kana came rolling out and took us both to the ground. We couldn't stop laughing, even though I hurt. "It seems like Dragon, like rider. You are both klutz's, but it's good to see you, and Airi will be glad to you Kana. FYI.... stop focusing on where your feet and focus on where you want to them to be. It'll work better. It's like trying to get off the moving walkways in airports. How are you? You first Kana."

"Fine. Gaia gave me the energy I needed and healed everything she could and then sent me home to Norway. Annie knows a lot of people, so I was able to avoid going to the hospital and explaining how I got shot. Melissa was there to help. My vest was only chainmail but it deflected the bullet enough so it didn't do the damage it could have, but we were lucky. Gaia blessed us for sure." Sara nodded.

"And you?"

"About the same, would one of you mind helping me up. I'm on a schedule. I need to a siren before a young, horny dragon realizes I'm here." Sara stared at .

"I didn't know I was shot, OK? I was focused on Kana, and the bad guy, and what was in the floor, and then getting us home. Now can one of you please help me up because it's not going to be long until she realizes I'm here, and I'm not sure I can shift quite yet. I need to give Karin, and her friends, their presents before I go to my cave."

"You're going to Iceland?" I nodded. Sara stood and helped me up as Kana looked at her, confused. "I'll explain after he's done. I didn't realize he was going to his cave." She walked with me to the strait. "You're powers are growing faster than mine dragon, not that I mine. Why?" I knew what she wanted to know.

"Dragon and rider share a bond. Kana shifted that with Airi riding the dragon, but Kana is my rider. I protected her because I have to.

"At the cost of your own life Daniel, and we are all pregnant." I lowered my head.

"I know." I put my hand in the water and pushed to Karin. It took less than a minute and she was there, with her friends, bobbing on the water. Sara smiled and said I was lucky.

"I knew you'd be OK, mister. I knew it. It's hard to a dragon. Did you the very bad man?" I nodded. They all clapped. Kana had gone to find Airi. I reached into the pack with the stones and took out the sodalite.

"This for your friends because they helped . I think there are extra but should be enough for each of you." They all swam up and waited as I emptied the bag on the grass by the water. They all squealed and clapped, including Karin, as I spread them out and they stared at them.

"Oh my gosh, we've never seen anything like these before. I told you he brings good gifts." She said something and they all grabbed the one they wanted before smiling and swimming away. "We all have special places, love." She stared at me, waiting. She was very cute. I put the rest back in the muslin bag and set it in front of her.

"Gifts." She clapped as I took out the bag with the Lapis in it. Stephanie did good because it was stunning. I wanted it. She was staring at me, expectantly, as I opened it. I thought about prolonging it but I didn't because I liked Karin, and she helped us, and she was cute. I took the Lapis out and set it on the grass in front of her. She stared at me. It wasn't huge, but it was a substantial piece. She looked at it, then at Sara, who was smiling because she was understanding why I liked Karin. She looked at both of us, again, and dove under the water. Sara and I waited, and waited, and waited. Karin surfaced, not saying a word, and put a sliver box on the grass then looked at us.

"This is beyond my words. Thank you." She picked up the Lapis and the bag with the remaining sodalite and sunk into the water as Sara looked at me, smiled, and picked up the box. I heard Airi and Kana yelling and turned around, and that was when Elisabeth pounced on me and sent both of us into the ocean.
take me part 503...edited
Posted:Dec 13, 2021 7:52 pm
Last Updated:Dec 14, 2021 10:53 am

I walked to the barn, limped to the barn, to check in with Jakob. They all looked at , and smiled. They didn't know what had happened but they knew something had. We had a lot happen around here. Jakob walked up and touched my shoulder.

"You're injured." I nodded. "You'll be OK?" I nodded.

"How are things?"

"Fine. We are almost finished repairing the barn. The wolves still patrol and two come up daily to play with the pups. People here are more at ease than before."

"Tell them they can trust these wolves, but they can't trust all wolves. It's best to be cautious with something that can you." He nodded. "How are we with meat, and feed?" We are fine with meat for here, but I'm not sure about town or what Annie is doing." I nodded. "We have feed coming but shipments are delayed. We are a priority but it's still up to two weeks. You told me to buy what I thought we needed so I bought a full trailer full of feed, grains, seed. I bought a lot. I also bought a used trailer that I saw. It was cheap so we can transfer everything into it and keep the rats away. We won't lose if this winter is as bad as seems it will be because other people will need to buy things. I haven't told Annie." I smiled.

"You did the right thing Jakob. I'll speak with Annie. You keep doing that, and trusting your gut. We'll be away for a time and it's good that your instincts are keen, and you protect this place and our people. You did right. How are Drakon and the pups?" He smiled.

"Tired. The wolves wore them out, I think to let us get our work done." I nodded.

"They're the babysitters in the pack. It's their role. Start planning for spring and sourcing what we need. Winter won't last forever. If you can find used two by eights, or tens, or twelves then buy all that can. Try and find crusher run...do you have that here?" He nodded. "Have it delivered while it's winter, and if we need rock, or dirt, or whatever, buy it know that the ground is frozen, just put it out of the way. Lay tarps on the ground, and cover the dirt with tarps. When this melts its going to be all slosh, better to have everything we need already delivered before then, and we can make pathways for us to walk on." He nodded.

"That's smart, Daniel. I'll start looking into it since we have time." I nodded. "Should I run large purchases by you or Annie?"

"Just let us know Jakob, we trust you. It's more for us to understand for planning. Running a farm takes , and planning. We know that. I also want you to think about doing something for everyone, maybe Friday, or Saturday, evening... we can brainstorm about it. All of you work hard, everyone works hard, and I want there to be time where you aren't working, but are enjoying each other's company. I'll talk with Annie about that, and raises. Let me know what your ideas are. I need to check in with the wolves, but don't hesitate to either , or Annie, or anyone. They only punch . Thank you." He smiled. I walked into the field as Fenrir and his daughters walked toward . 'Where's your ."

"They are checking on game. We have plenty thanks to you dragon but it's good to know where they are, and what other predators are around."

"Are they coming after what you have?"

"Not even bears, or wolverines, would attempt that. Our food supply is safe, and protected. You're hurt." I nodded. "Bad?"

"Not anymore, but I'm healing. I'm going to be away for a bit. Do you have what you need for half a moon cycle?"

"We have enough but if you go hunting leave us two or three, if you can, and drop at least six around like you did. These storms aren't stopping." I nodded.

"I'll be back tomorrow and I'll check the herds." I knelt down and petted the girls. "I'll see you when I get back.

"Good, don't get hurt. You're a good friend." They turned and trotted off as Drako and the white horde marched up. He was teaching them well. He sat and looked me.

"What?" He barked and I got on my knees, which wasn't easy. I wasn't sure how I would get up. He licked my hands, and then I got pummeled by white fluff balls as he walked toward Annie.

"You showed him who the big, dumb, idiot is, mister...that's a good Drakon." He barked and followed her back to me as I was getting licked and nibbled from all sides. I looked up.

"They're getting heavy. We need to discuss what I told Jakob." I grunted. "You mind helping me." She smiled.

"Drako, take your pack to the barn. Da' needs to rests." He looked at her, and then me, and barked. The puppies followed him back to the barn.

"It would be nice if one of you would tell me how you do that. I'm going to need help because I didn't think about getting back up when I lied down." She smiled, and shook her head.

"It's a good thing you are well loved, Dragon, now tell me about Jakob." I filled her in all that he told me, and everything we discussed, and what I told him. I told her about the wolves, and everything. She was my partner. She nodded the entire time I was speaking.

"Even in pain you think of this place, and these people. I chose wisely...We chose wisely. I'll Bethany and let her know that Jakob is authorized to make purchases, even large ones. I like the initiative, and he was right in his choice. The same is true of you and the things we need for spring because no one is thinking about that now. I'll speak with with people that deal with the plantings, and crops. We can put it behind the chickens, but we should keep this crusher run by the barn, same with the wood." I nodded. "I'll talk with Emma about doing the thing on weekend for her staff... I'll talk with all of them. It's a good idea, as are raises. I need to see what the is, and all of that, but I agree. Are you sure it's a good idea for you to stay in your cave?" I nodded.

"You're not....graceful when you exit the mist, love." I stuck my tongue at her. She kissed it. It's true. You have a tendency to roll several times, and you're still healing." She was worried, which, truthfully was probably what she should have been.

"I'll be fine. What's the worst that could happen." She screamed and punched my shoulder before walking off. "No problem, I can get up. Where's the cane?" I finally got up and walked into Ama's kitchen. Eba was there alone. "Do you have any cooked meat?" She nodded. "Would please make a couple of sandwiches, with spicy mustard and lettuce, if you have it, and cheese, and pie, if you have it...and a thermos of milk. I need to go away tonight." She nodded. I kissed her cheek. "Thank you Eba. Klara is working out?"

"They are both amazing and I'll miss them but she'll be in charge at Ama's, and she's more than capable. Annie found someone else for me to train for here. I'll have it ready in twenty minutes." I nodded as I went to change. It was too cold for for sweats, even though I'd be warm enough as the bear, and would heal faster like that. I put things into my pack but left room for the food. I was tying my boots and grabbing another bag for the stones when Annie and Melissa walked in.

"Lift your shirt, mister."

"I just got dressed."

"Do it!"

"Yoshi sent this for the wound. USE it." I nodded. "He sent these for tea, make one when you get to Ama's, and then another tomorrow before breakfast...and eat breakfast or I will hurt you." I smiled and nodded. She hugged me. "Don't do anything stupid." I smiled. She hrrrrmmmppphhh'd, and walked out. Annie kissed me.

"Try not to fall coming out of the mist. You are still hurt." I nodded. "I love you goofball. Say to hi to everyone, and I'll see you tomorrow. I need to go." She kissed, long and deep. "Don't get hurt again." I nodded. She rolled her eyes, punched me and walked out mumbling to herself as I smiled. I went into the kitchen and Eba had everything ready. I thanked her and packed it, and the packed the stones that Stephanie sent in the second bag and put them over my shoulder. I wrapped the wool cape that Ama me around me, grabbed the cane, and walked outside. I called the mist and focused on Gotland as I walked in.
take me part 502... edited number two
Posted:Dec 13, 2021 4:40 pm
Last Updated:Dec 14, 2021 1:32 pm

I opened my eyes, looked around, and winced. I was in our bed in Norway. I was so confused. Melissa walked in. "Well look who decided to wake up." I pointed to my throat. She nodded and stuck an ice chip in as she moved the blanket back and removed the catheter, as I winced. "Stop getting shot and you won't need one, you daft bastard, but we're all happy you aren't dead." She put two more ice chips in my mouth. I whispered Kana. "She's fine, lucky, but fine. You are even luckier because the bullet passed through you but cracked a rib and that nicked your liver, that's why you are in pain. Come on mister, I need to get you up and moving and get some food into you. Everyone still here will be glad to see." She helped me get into sweats and socks and walked me toward the kitchen. "The stairs are going to be a challenge, and painful, but you've dealt with pain before. You and Kana are famous, even though no one knows who you are." I grunted as we started walking down the stairs. "You are healing quickly but you've been on you back for five days." I stared at her. "I know, right, five days. Kana was up in three, but she had the presence of mind to where some kind of vest. You'll never live that down, I'm just saying." We madeit to the bottom and I needed to rest. "Take your time. I've never been a personal nurse before. It's kinda fun."

"How are we famous?"

"Oh, because of what happened in St. Petersburg. Kana told us that you destroyed part of the main transmission line into the city to cause the blackout, and set the docks on fire."

"What? I set the roofs of some of the older warehouses on fire for a diversion so it would keep the police busy."

"Yeah, well best laid plans. You burned down half the buildings on those docks." I stared at her. "There's more but we need to keep moving even though it hurts. We all know the guy you went after, and the one coming after us, but the world didn't, until now. He wasn't a nice man, but he was very well connected, but he also had a lot of enemies. Seems Russia is a pit of vipers and everyone is pointing fingers at everyone else, including the Kremlin. The media is saying it was a power grab because the kitchen staff that you tied up said you spoke Russian. People are dying right and left, not nice people." I wanted to go back to bed but we were at the kitchen. Eba and Klara came up and hugged me. I grunted.

"How's Annika?" I winced as I sat. Klara beamed.

"She's so happy Danael. She's in school but she loves working in the barn. Jakob has taken her under his wing and is showing her everything, and we have a suite in the main house."

"What would you like to eat?"

"Milk, and porridge, with two raw eggs in it, and bacon or ham, if you have it, please. Thank you Eba. I'm so happy Annika is liking it here, Klara. What about you?"

"I feel like I won the lottery. We're here until the storm breaks and then we're going to Ama's and I'll be in charge of the house. Annie has found someone else to help Eba when we leave. Annika isn't pleased, but she'll like it. She adores Haagerstadt. It was like a miracle when you saw us on the side of the road. I can barely remember it, and Anna can't remember it at all, which is good."

"Tell Annika that I'll take her flying when I feel better." She smiled and nodded as she went to help Eba. I drank my milk and poured another glass and was drinking when Annie walked in and kissed my head.

"You aren't subtle, I'll give you that. She put the London Times, and the Guardian on the table as I drank my milk. It was the main headline for two days, but it's still on the front page. The oligarchs are starting to eat their own and the conspiracy stories are running rampant. Did you leave any trace?" I shook my head.

"We wore hoods and gloves, and the lights were out so there were no cameras. I spoke in Russian. I have to remember to thank Gaia for that gift. I need to thank her for a lot of things. There was some blood on the carpet but I poured vodka on it before we left. How's Kana?"

"She's fine. She's proud of her dragon, that's for sure. You didn't know you had been shot?" I shook my head. "She's outside training with Taiiko. Yoshi sent herbs for you to have now that you're awake. Did you see what you took out of the floor?" I shook my head no. " Well, Sara was right about that. Notebooks and ledgers documenting everything, we suspect. I called Bob and told him and they are going look into them because now is the time since there is so much chaos. It seems Yevgeny liked diamonds over gold. There was some gold, and some cash, but mostly diamonds.....a lot of diamonds. Did I mention diamonds?" She smiled. "Everything in the notebooks is in Cyrillic but Bob knows someone he trusts. Someone in his group. He'll let us know."

"Where's Sara?"

"She's on Gotland. She told Karin what happened. Stephanie sent what you asked her for. We couldn't help ourselves so we opened the box. The sirens, especially Karin, will be happy. The Lapis is magnificent, but the Sodalite is as well. How did you get so good at forming alliances?"

"Unconscious competent." Eba put my breakfast down and I put four pieces of bacon together and ate them in three bites.

"Hungry?" I smiled and nodded. Airi is going to stay on Gotland for awhile to help Elisabeth. Aisha is still there as well. She's adjusting well, as is the community now that the shock has worn off. They have their own dragon. It's a pretty big deal. Gustave and the villagers are going to stay in the houses on the north island, but are also going to rebuild their village, or we are going to rebuild the village. The north island on Gotland has deep water not far off shore. We're also going to build a dock facility for the island on Gotland and also a dock for the village. Winters are easier on Gotland but there is good hunting, and growing at the village. Gotland has embraced them. The entire community of North Gotland met and agreed that it benefits everyone. I've already called Bethany to have her deposit money into our bank because we can use it as a reserve to make loans." I kept eating.

"When you're feeling strong enough we'll go to Iceland to pick up Jake and Em. They didn't want to go but Christine, Bethany, and I nixed that. We're stopping in Halifax to say hi to Tina and Steph and spend a few days because everyone has been worried about you, and then onto Denver to rest and reconnect. I've talked with Deats several times, and he has been in frequent contact with the person he knows at Interpol. He said the information they got from Bob was astounding. The person who signed all those passports from Finland is in jail... A LOT of high ranking people in Finland, but throughout the EU are starting to go to jail, and they've just started. He asked if we had anything to do with Russia and I said I knew nothing. He laughed."

"Schultz from Hogan's Hero's." I finished my breakfast and poured more milk.

"That's what he said but I didn't understand. Chloe, Janey and I talked with Henry on a conference and Sabrina and him are getting married." I stared at her with the glass halfway to my mouth. "That's not the big news, he's making Deat and Melinda full partners in everything. Charles and Bethany will be earning what we pay them." I nodded. "Apparently a little bird whispered that idea into his ear. It'll be good because they all get along great and I don't think there's a on that planet that wouldn't adore Henry."

"Been a busy few days." She smiled.

"My master of understatement."

"I need to go see everyone in the past before Denver. I feel the pull. She nodded."

"Not until you're healed mister." I nodded.

"I'm going to sleep in my cave, but I want to say hi to Kana and Taiiko, and check in with everyone, and Drakon and the white horde." She smiled.

"Excuse me?" You're going to do what?" I smiled.

"Is there a cane?" Annie nodded as she walked off. "Thank you Eba and Klara, that was great!" They smiled as I grunted and pushed myself up.

"A cave."

"My cave. It'll help." I reached out and she hugged me. "Thank you for taking care of me, seems to be a recurring theme, either that or you just like my penis." She laughed.

"Don't die in the cave, and take water. If you come back alive tomorrow Jackson is taking me to Gotland and I'm going to stay until Sara comes back. He's going to give the rides until you feel better." I nodded and kissed her as Annie walked in with cane.

"I'm fine and I'm more than capable of taking care of myself." They all laughed as I walked outside.
take me part 501... edited...maybe
Posted:Dec 12, 2021 9:11 pm
Last Updated:Dec 13, 2021 2:07 pm

"Walk with me dragon."


"Of course, Danael, you called me for help. I help everyone, when I can. I especially help dragons, when I can, and I especially help you when I can.... that Lisbeth is going to be a handful. What made you want to make a necklace out of one of your scales?" I stared at her, confused.

"I can't recall except she was mute for no apparent reason, and she loved flying on me after they helped me."

"A lot of people help you dragon, just like you help a lot of people, and a lot of people love you."

"I suppose. How's Kana?"

"Your rider is fine, dragon. She's unconscious but she'll be fine. You are the one we are concerned about because you wouldn't let me treat you first. You insisted that I treated your rider."

"If a dragon dies, the rider lives, but if a rider dies..."

"The dragon dies as well. It's true. Your rider wasn't going to die, but you, dear one, are on the razor's edge at the moment. Do you know anything about weaving?"


'Weaving. Do you know anything about weaving?"

"Some, I know I like it from the spinning wheel to the loom. Why?"

"Because you are much like weaving in this world dragon, which is why you can't die, even though you seem hell bent on it. What joint do you use in your caskets?'



"Because it's a strong joint with just the wood and some glue."

"Strong enough to support a large man, in dignity, so he can be presented to me for his family." I started to tear.


"And the glue?"

"Yes, but it doesn't really need glue if it's made well."

"Can you make this dovetail well?"

"Yes, but not as well Sam, or my Da'."

"Why, Danael?"

"Practice, or skill."

"Weaving is much the same, dragon. Your dovetail binds the wood much as the 'weft' binds the cloth. Your glue is similar to the 'waft,' the main difference is that wood is much stronger than yarn, but that doesn't mean they can't accomplish similar things."

"I'm confused, Gaia."

"I know, Love. Keep walking with me. If a weaver is good at what she does then she can make a piece of fabric so strong that a man can climb down it, just like your dovetail can carry more weight than it should be able to. Do you know why, dragon?" I stared at her, still confused.

"Because the load is dispersed."

"You Da' would be proud...exactly."

"Humans are not unlike this, nor are Dragons...especially not dragons. You are the 'weft' in the "warp' of life Danael but you fall to see it. You are what gives the strength, everything else is the glue that holds you in place. If you die, then this all shifts into something less than it is, certainly less than it could be. You all had to do things that you shouldn't have had to in order to keep the people you love, safe. If you haven't noticed, the number of people you love, and that love you keeps growing by the day. What would happen if your 'weft' was removed from their 'warp? Think about that Dragon.'

"We're back and I think Marnine is baking you some kind of almond cookie from Spain. She is quite worried about you."

"How is Ingrid?" Gaia was quiet.

"Why dragon? You almost died because of her."

"I'm pretty sure Marnine loves her. She told me she was an only during a time that wasn't very pleasant. I know Roan loves her. I thought that they could visit for tea and cookies." Silence.

"Go back to sleep, Dragon."
take me part 500... edited
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Elisabeth swam into the strait and out of the water, and then shifted as she looked at Sara, Aisha, and Airi. "The sirens said we need to take the boats to the east and sink them." They nodded. "What happened?" Sara and Aisha stepped forward.

"You protected your island, dragon, without hesitation." Aisha took her to the kitchen for tea as Airi walked Sara. "I'm staying until she learns more." Sara nodded.

"Good., not all dragons need a rider, but they all need friends and she especially does because what she did was brutal, but necessary, and she's isolated. This is confusing and people aren't going know how be around her. You staying is a good thing, and Kana staying would be a good thing, at least for a time. This is very different from Japan. Airi looked at her and smiled.

"Very." They walked the kitchen as Kana and I were flying past Helsinki. I felt it but we needed focus.

"You OK dragon."

"I'm fine, sweets, just focusing." St. Petersburg wasn't that from Helsinki, especially for a dragon. It was dark so I stayed blended and above the water as we approached. I knew where he was because I was getting better at navigating. I went invisible as we approached the city. It was no surprise that he lived in a wealthy area along the river, that never seemed change. It's why Hammish and I bought the land along the river for the mill, and other things. I needed get back but there were too many balls again.

"Focus, dragon." I shook my head as I flew us to the house. There were a lot of men and it was well lit. They weren't stupid. I counted at least fifteen and that wasn't counting those roving or in the house I figured twenty and five of them were on the roof with uzi's. "Piece of cake."

"What did I say about not being cocky?"

"I was kidding. Twenty is a lot, especially with light. It's not like Finland, and, just so you know, it won't take long for reinforcements, or police, to so up. It's not going to be easy. I flew up and started looking. It was Russia. I found the transmission lines and started freezing the lines up and down. Direct cold is different from ambient cold. It didn't take forlong for them to fail. I didn't wait. The was a substation close to Yevgeny's house I froze that solid, flew to the far side of the bay and started a fires on the tops of warehouses along the docks as the power went out throughout the city. I wanted diversions. We flew back to the house. They weren't panicked, but on alert. It was citywide. They nad night vision googles, which would help but it gave me the ability to do what I needed, but I was waiting to see if.... and that was when four police cars showed up. I could see everything fine, and hear it...and understand it, which was a first as the dragon. The lead cop said it was citywide and asked if they needed help and they said no they had a generator. Shit. I froze the men on the roof first and searched for the most flashlights. Bingo I dropped down and froze the men and the generator. The police were leaving and I froze all the guards after they closed the gate and searched for other people, there were four. I hovered above the ground. Kana jumped off, took her sword out of the the bag and grabbed a pair of NVG's. She took the two closet to her and ended the two on the far side. It's's human instinct to bunch together when it's dark...better odds, but not that night.

I didn't need the googles as I walked to Kana. Thankfully we didn't need to speak to communicate. She was going through her bag. I took two of the automatic rifles, which had suppressors on them and extra mags along with my knives. Kana took throwing stars, and her two short swords, along with the gun and mags. There were only two of us but we were formidable, and that was without the dragon. I went inside first because I wouldn't be as blinded if someone shined a light in my eyes, but there was no one around. There was a light further down the hall... it was the kitchen. Kana dropped the guard as I spoke in Russian to the staff get the ground and put their arms behind their backs. They all did, thankfully. Kana zip tied them, and taped their mouths. I asked the last how many guards, and where.

Two in the control doors down...he motioned with his head. Two upstairs, and another roving down here, probably smoking in the bathroom. Where? Two door down in the opposite direction. "Don't do anything stupid and live, OK?" They nodded. Kana took the guy in the bathroom and I took the two in the control center. We met back at the kitchen.

"This is going pretty well..."

"Don't get cocky. We are still here." I went upstairs first. There was someone at the top of stairs but his back was turned, which was a mistake. I took my knife as I climbed the stairs and Kana watched our back. I was almost up to him when he lit a cigarette. Why people in the military, or in security smoke is totally beyond me. I get it for stress, but you can see a match, or even a cigarette, from quite a distance, and smell the smoke...which is distinctive. He took a drag and put the knife into his brain stem and helped him to ground and motioned for Kana. She ran silently up the stairs.

"How do you that?"


"We stick together because my vision is still enhanced, and I can see infrared." She nodded as she watched our backs. The house wasn't as large as I thought it would be. It was big, but not huge. The other guard was sitting outside of a door that I figured was Yevgeny's suite, which was half of the top floor. I moved quickly up to him and as he looked up I shot him right below his ear. Instant, and no pain, and all he did was lower his head...which is what I wanted. I pushed and there were two people in the room, no one else. I looked at Kana and she shrugged, so I knocked.


"We both walked in quickly. Kana shot the woman on the bed before she could scream, which was unfortunate. Yevgeny shot at me and missed, at least I thought he did, but in Kana in the chest above her heart. She fell as I emptied the mag into him. She was still alive, and conscious.

"I didn't zag." I laughed and pushed.

"No shit Sherlock." I opened the bag and looked through things. I took bandages. "Is this Cayenne?" She smiled, but was going into shock.

"My dragon is smart too, and she passed out. He didn't hit an artery. I poured cayenne into the wound to stop the bleeding, which it did. I put gauze in it just in case, and bandaged it. Her pulse was strong, she was just unconscious. I ran to the desk and pushed that shit away and ripped out the bottom two drawers, opened them and removed the floor boards, and started throwing things in the bag without looking at it. There were false bottoms and I opened those and removed everything on both sides. It took a little over a minute and I was done. Sara wanted me to burn the house but plans change. I didn't have time to deal with the people in the kitchen. I put the bag over my back, reloaded the rifle, and put smelling salts under Kana's nose. She coughed and came too.

"I need you to help me. I pulled her up while she used her legs.

"Why is my breast showing? Are you getting fresh, mister?"

"With breasts like those, who wouldn't, sweets, but I need you to stay with me because we have to get to the roof, and you need to climb onto your dragon." She smiled.

"My dragon."

"Come on love, we're almost ." I opened the door but they were all dead. I leaned her against the corner. "I need you stand for a second, sweets. She nodded but she was fading again. Fuck. I shifted, and lied down.

"Rider. Your dragon needs help, now." She opened her eyes and stared at me. "I'm hurt and need you to get on so we can leave." She nodded and climbed onto to me.

"How bad, dragon?"

"Bad, but I know where to go. You need to hold on, tight, and don't let go for any reason. Understand?'" She nodded and squeezed her legs against me and grabbed two scales in a death grip, ever though she grunted. "Good, Love, don't let go for any reason. I flew, and went invisible as the lights came back on. We flew west as I called out to Gaia for help. I wasn't sure if this was going to work but I pulled on the power where Sara had showed me, focused on the waterfall, that wasn't a waterfall where they took me after I got shot saving Ama, called to Gaia, and shifted. I don't remember anything after that.
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Kana and I flew east and north in a zig zag pattern over the Baltic. I really didn't want do this because I didn't want destroy a boat we shouldn't. I figured most would be armed, but not as heavily as the others. 's so much valuable equipment you will risk losing unless you're the military because that's not the important thing. It could be those plates are worth risking whatever it takes get them back, in that case we wouldn't be going Denver. If they didn't two sets, then they're idiots. We had been flying just above the water and blending because was easier, and that was when I heard the whine. Fucking drones.... I hated drones. I went invisible and flew high and then blended again and looked. Oh, cool.


"I telescopic vision. I can see fish swimming, and everything them if I shift my vision. I sure wish I had a manual. I could see the drones and they were linked in some sort swarm, which was scary as hell. 's not like the world didn't enough shit deal with, and this was just from a megalomaniacal billionaire asshole. I sure hoped I never pissed off a government. However, drones were better for surveillance, and relatively cheap. I was starting wonder if were even boats looking when I saw them. "Hold on. I flew at the swarm of drones and froze them as I burst through. They shattered and fell into the ocean. I was curious how many this guy had. " are eight boats that came out of Helsinki. Two are going north and six are moving east and south. I stayed blended, but dove quickly until we were skimming the surface of the ocean.

"That was fun dragon."

"Watch this." I flew as fast as I could. Kana turned and looked and we were making a wake as I flew at the closest boat. I knew they had weapons, probably bad weapons, but I trust the sirens, and Sara was , in case we missed a couple. I pushed faster and froze the boat as we passed over and the force behind us tipped them over and started sink. didn't take long because ice is heavy.... at least what I did.


"Sara said conserve." We did the with four other's and I pushed Sara.

"Yes, Love?"

" were a dozen drones and eight boats. Two are heading toward you and two went north. Karin said they would handle at the island 's starting get dark.

"Go north and end them. We'll be fine handling two. Besides, 'll give them something do. They will do far worse. Stay safe. We love you. Sara out." She laughed, and clapped, as we both shook our heads.

"She's insane, isn't she?"

"Possibly, but she's adorable."

"Fly north dragon." They went the places they could think of... the village, and were I dropped the body. was almost dusk, and we were still blended but I was pissed about what they had do their homes, so I set the boat on fire, which made explode and sink.

"Subtle, but justified. Do the with the other. Take no quarter...GODDAMN RIGHT!" It didn't take long find . were other ships, and boats around, but not close enough matter. I did the exact and exploded as we flew by and headed South. I wanted for drones one last time. "I wouldn't say was cathartic, but I certainly don't feel bad. You think Karin and the others can handle the other two boats?" We started laughing as we went listen for drones. I didn't hear any so we flew St. Petersburg.

"These people are going be well trained, and well armed so don't get cocky. We stealth, and surprise, and the fact that they never expect anything because nothing as ever happened."

"And the wall."

"And the wall, which is not an issue."

"I like having a dragon." I chuckled.

"I like having a rider."

"You flirt with everyone, don't you?"

"Shut up." She laughed as we flew Russia.

The boats were approaching Gotland when the sirens popped up and started sing the men on the first boat. They were mesmerized as they stopped the engine and stared at them, beckoning, calling to them. were four men per boat and three of them dove into the water and were surrounded and taken to the bottom...at least they died in their illusion. The last one bent over and stared at Karin, looking at her breasts as she bobbed on the surface. She was getting bored so she swam to the boat and jumped out of the water grabbing his head and breaking his neck as she pulled him under. They all popped to the surface and looked at the island, clapping.

"ELISABETH! STOP!" Aisha and Airi were running after her but she was at the strait. She shifted and dove as she screeched and swam to the boats. She surfaced by the sirens and looked at them, and the boat. They clapped and pointed to the second boat. Elisabeth dove and swam to the second boat. She was less subtle. She leapt out of the water and grabbed one man by head while knocking the other three in the water with her body and tail. She bit and head left body. as the other three were screaming because it was almost dark and they had no idea what had happened. They met similar fates, with more fear because they had wait. Elisabeth was but she had strong instincts, and senses, and she knew was a threat the island, her home, and she acted. Effectively. She swam back the sirens and surfaced..

"Well done dragon. We weren't needed after. 's good that your island has a fierce dragon. Tell your people we'll keep watching but they should take these boats the east and sink them. Do you understand?" Elisabeth screeched and swam off. We wouldn't hear about this for several days.
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Sara took Elisabeth to the kitchen to talk with her and explain what was going on as the mist appeared and Aisha walked out and kissed both of us as Airi walked. "Miss me, loves?" We nodded. "I'm Aisha." Airi introduced herself. "It's very nice to meet you. I'm the first one to ride him." We all stared at her. "Well, not in that way." She looked at Kana. "You're sharing your dragon?" Kana nodded. "Interesting. While I would love to stay and chat I have a new dragon to attend to. It seems they are coming out of the woodwork with people shifting left and right. Airi, say your goodbyes and meet us in the kitchen. Toodles, and try not to get shot Danael." She laughed and walked to the kitchen like she knew where it was, which she obviously did. Airi hugged and kissed us as she ran to catch up with Aisha who put her arm around her. Kana stared at me.

"Is it always this fucking weird?" I nodded. "What the hell was she?" We started walking toward the sirens.

"What I heard when she shifted was Wyr. I'm new to this, and don't know a lot about dragons. Hell, I'm still trying not to fly into trees, she's like a cross between a British Dragon, and Japanese Dragon, which peaked her interest."


"I think so but we can ask Aisha when we get back. I suspect she will be staying for a while. Ladies." They all giggled. Karin said.

"We like you Dragon, and you too Kana. Your kind and generous, and fun to watch, but give no quarter. How can we help?"

"There are ships looking for these people. We are going to look for them and if we find them we will destroy them, but we might miss some. Can you and your sisters protect this island? They will have guns so it won't hard be hard to tell."

"These are bad men?'

"Yes, bad men that work for a very bad man."

"And you will be going after this very bad man after you search?" We nodded. She clapped.

"We'll make sure they don't make it to land. Although we shouldn't because of the new Dragon. It would be fun to watch. If they come here, they won't leave here dragon."

"Thank you ladies, and my friend is going to you find you something blue. I should get them in several days. They did their high pitch call and dove so only Karin remained, staring at me. "I asked her to get something for your friends for helping us but she's getting something special for you." She beamed, clapped and dove.

"Who knew your were such a flirt. Are we leaving or what?" We walked to get the harness and weapons. "Everything?" I nodded. If we made it out of this I 'd be amazed. Sara walked up and hugged us. I sure hoped that wasn't an omen. I really didn't want to spend the rest of my life in a gulag.

"You'll be fine, just conserve your energy and work on building it from here." She touched my upper stomach. "You have a furnace there that can do more than just create the fire you breathe, Daniel. We'll take good care of Elisabeth. Airi will likely stay for a bit to help, and you are welcome to as well Kana. Daniel will be fine. She has few friends and finally becoming who you truly are is scary, especially when it's a dragon. The good thing she has going for her is that her people respect dragons, and she has you and the scale. She'll be fine but having a couple of powerful big sisters wouldn't hurt. This man you are hunting, and you are hunting him, make no mistake about that, he is as arrogant as he is vile so most of his men are outside because we can't conceive of anyone getting past them, prove him wrong. He's in St. Petersburg but it's a walled estate. He'll have men close by so pay attention to that. Save your strength for leaving, just in case. Do your best to get what is underneath those drawers and then burn it and them to ash. Don't come back here. Go to the village just in case. Make sure there are no tracking devices before you come back. Better to deal with them there. We nodded. The sirens will keep us safe if some of the boats get by you. I like Karin. I see why you like her." Kana snickered. " She kissed us both and walked back to the kitchen as I shifted and Kana put the harness on. She strapped on the duffle bag, climbed on, and we went looking for boats.
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"We're what?" I handed her the paper Sara gave.

"That's the head of the snake and you and I are taking the head, unless you me to do it alone." She punched me, smiled, and grabbed bacon and eggs. Yoshi Samurai and trained as such, but he also studied Ninjutsu and trained them as ninja's....light and dark/yin and yang. Kana no longer had anything to prove because she her older sisters equal, except that she wasn't oldest, and they lived in Japan.

They are for us, and the boat. They'll come to this island at some point. After we eat I need to talk with Karin..." Kana said 'we' with a mouth full of bacon.... "we need to talk with Karin so they can help protect this island if we don't find them. Airi can't come with us."


"I don't know but Sara told me that and I trust her." Kana nodded, and grabbed a biscuit, and more bacon. "Hungry?" She smiled, and punched me as Elisabeth and her mom walked up. Elisabeth pounced on me as Kana rolled eyes.

"She can speak? I'm her mother and this is the first time I've heard my spea How?"

"Part magic, but mostly a nudge. She could always speak but she had forgotten, or refused, for some reason. She just needs to use her voice to retrain her brain, if she wants to. It's her voice, and her choice, but it's not hard and the scale just set it in motion. It's up to her. Elisabeth stared at me. She reached for some bacon and Kana smacked her hand, Elisabeth snarled and hissed as Kana stood up. I pushed her back as Elisabeth almost shifted into a Wyr but stopped herself. Her mom stared at her, and at me, as Elisabeth ran off.

"My friend Sara is going to speak with her. Your is, and I pointed to the statue that Gotland proudly displays, a dragon. She hasn't spoken. I think, because she's been trying to understand, and merge her selves. I think it why I came here, and the scale necklace shifted the block in her. It will help, and Sara will help...and there are others, and me. Sadly, not right now because we have to go deal with bad men. Elisabeth is still Elisabeth, just something special and she's been trying to suppress it all this time because she has been full of fear until she rode on me. She's been ridiculed for being different because different, so she pushed everything don. It's not a complicated story, just more involved." She smiled, nodded, and hugged me as she went to find Lisbeth. I made a bacon biscuit but I couldn't resist because my mom always said I a brat.

"Did the dragon scare the big brave samurai?" I smiled, and ran. It didn't take long for her to tackle me, and tickle me until she ended up on top of me with both of us laughing. Kana stared at me. "We need to go talk to Karin, and then....." She kissed me, deeply. "Have you lost your mind?" It wasn't a bad kiss. In fact it was a nice kiss, but holy crap. "We need to focus." She smiled and got off me.

"You shouldn't make fun of me, and I wasn't scared. She just started shifting out of nowhere and morphed into half, and ha....."

"Brwoc..brwoc.. brwoc" I ran, again.

"I am SO going to hurt you." We ran, laughing....which nice.... to the water. Airi there, and hurt. Kana walked up and hugged her.

"You were asleep, love, and I have asleep. Daniel got up early and talked with Sara, and then I got up. I didn't know anything until thirty minutes ago but Sara said she needs to talk with you." She said she 'will' talk to her...but I didn't get involved. "Sweets, don't be mad, it's Sara and she's a seer." Airi looked at her and nodded as Kana grabbed her.

"What are you doing?" She looked at me and I figured it probably better if I took this one.

"We need to talk with the sirens, and then we need to search the Baltic for boats that are for us before they get here, and then we need to find the house of terrible man and make sure we cut his head off.... figuratively... and if we can manage to get inside we need take the things he most values from his desk, kill the bad guys, and destroy the house without his neighbors knowing..... oh, and it's in Russia." I smiled as Kana hit me hard in my hurt shoulder, for added pain, and Airi bit me on my other shoulder, right below my neck and walked off.

"No problem... I'm fine, but we we still have to do these things. I'm just saying." I started to grumble and eat my bacon biscuit when Elisabeth walked up. I smiled and she pounced on me, wrapping her legs around and grinding her hips into me as she kissed me. I swallowed as she stuck her tongue in my mouth and bit my lip. She strong. Holy Crap. I pulled her off.

"What are you doing?"

"I you, Danael ," and she started to shift as Sara walked up yawning.

"Let her, and shift... just don't have sex with her. She needs to be who she is." I stared at her.

"It's your life."

"Fuck youuuuu......" I shifted as I got hit by a , horny, Wyr. Holy Fuc I rolled over and sent her flying into the strait. I rolled back over and the sirens were watching, all they needed popcorn. Oh shit. She came flying out and tackled me. We rolled and she trying to wrap her legs around me, and kissing me...and dragons have longer tongues.

"Will...you.... stop." I pushed her off and flew because Wyr don't have wings. She screeched. "Be nice. I know it's strange, but be nice." I landed and she launched at me and wrapped around me like a snake. "Will ...you...STOP. Fuck, I don't have time for this. Enough." I shifted away and she around, confused as Sara walked up and told her to shift back, which she did because Sara is Sara. Jesus Christ. Kana walked behind.

"Scared of the dragon ?" I flinched. FUCK!! It never ending.

"Come on Lisbeth, let have breakfast and tal I can help you understand what's happening, and I have friends who have gone through this, like Daniel." Elisabeth hugged her and nodded.
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for those of you have read this for a while.... there are people in the story, a lot of people in the in story, and I didn't write down all of the names because these are first drafts in an ongoing saga.... I've got the past and present, so it kinda has to be. I HATE BBWMatchMate, except for the fact that I've written almost 500, barely readable, stories. I'm basically just writing, but I like the story, and the people...human and animal alike. Some of the names may not sync but saying...'the captain" all the time is clunky, so f you thought names didn't line up, they probably didn't, but that's why. I'll deal with that in editing later.

As far as this goes, I'm trying to tie this part up at five hundred, which blows my mind, but I only have until I think Feb. until my membership expires. I won't be renewing. I am at a blog site so I can continue because I like the ongoing story format. Now that I am writing regularly, and this story is flowing, I can see doing an ongoing blog, for a period of time and then turn it into an ebook, maybe. Who knows. It needs editing, and to be fleshed out, and expanded upon simply because of how you write on a site like.

I doubt a lot of you have read this from the beginning, but it started in a very different way and morphed into something I never expected.... this. I liked the beginning, and the middle, and I like this, and I'm not sure this will ever end until I do, because I love these people and their story's.

Once I get them through this next cluster fuck, and on their way to Denver. I'm taking a brea..but I'll probably just limit myself to a few days a week because these words are pretty insistent. I to get everything formatted, and edited, so I can put it on a blog in a way that you can actually enjoy reading. I stop editing after three times and it's still screwed up. It's like it's set up to do it that way....sucks for you, and me.

I'm not sure I believe anything on this site, but a good amount of people are reading this, if the numbers are accurate, even though there is only limited sex involved. If you do to keep reading this, message me because I doubt they will let me post wherever i end up, and I'll message you bac

In the meantime, enjoy, at least for a couple of months.... OH, Happy belated Chanukah... Merry early Christmas, Boxing Day, Kwanzaa...... and in keeping with the story, Saturnalia.

Happy weekend,
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I didn't think dragon's dreamed. I wasn't sure why I thought that, because it's what led me back to the lake house in Finland, but for some reason I just thought it and that was when I opened my eyes, and shifted. The wrap they put on me split. My shoulder was sore but Kana was right, that goop wor It's hard for a dragon to get up quietly, but I tried. There ...something wrong. Sara standing and North and she wrapped in wool.

"The Sirens were impressive, and powerful, and you are clever dragon. It wise to make an alliance with them because we may need their help again. They're for the ship. It smart to put it in Riga. They will think it headed to the North Sea, but that will lead them here and we ..... are like this, until they can find space. We have maybe eight hours. Houses can be replaced. Ships can be replaced. Animals can be replaced. People can't be replaced. Can you fly, Daniel." I said yes as I shifted and moved arm. It hurt but didn't pop. "Good. Deat right. We need to cut the head off of the snake. Bob called while you were sleeping and this is the snake. He scares them, as he should. Kill the snake Danael, so we can have some peace. Take Kana, but not Air I'll talk with her." She wrapped the wool around her more tightly.

"Are you OK?" She smiled.

"They are for Anisia, our . They won't find us, love, but it doesn't stop them from trying." She handed me a piece of paper. This is his address. His name is Yevgeny Sakurov. He's an oligarch with ties to the Russian mob. He lives in St. Petersburg and facilitated the transfer of women, girls, drugs, .... everything. He's a very bad man, which is why Bob doesn't to deal him, but he isn't coming after Bob, Dragon, he's coming after us. There is a computer in the kitchen with a map showing where his house is. It's not isolated so you'll need be discrete." We both laughed. She turned and walked back to the buildings.

I forgot about this because all that has been going on. Your dad, uncle, and Yoshi figured out a how to put a hole in your scale so we could make a necklace for your friend here that's mute."

"Elisabeth." She smiled and nodded.

"She's on her way, but you need to eat and drink as much milk as you can. This won't be an easy day, or night, even for a dragon. She handed me the necklace and it beautiful. It shimmered, and swiveled on a waxed leather cord. "There is old magic in dragons, Daniel, that rarely exists outside of our lands, remember that. I need to go rest in case they get past you. Come back to us Daniel....both of you. It's important." She walked off. "Oh, and don't go for the safe, pull the bottom drawers out of the desk in his office and lift the floor boards. Everything he values is there. The safe is a decoy. Hi Elisabeth, I'm Sara. We can speak later."

"Elisabeth nodded, walked up to me, and hugged me."

"Things better in school, and with the ?" She smiled, and nodded. "Are you hungry?" She nodded. "Good, so am I, lets get some breakfast. I have somethings I need to do today but when I get back you're the first to fly." She beamed. "I have a present for you, turn around. I put the necklace around her and closed it. It sparkled when I closed it. She looked at it, touched it, and hugged me. "Let's go eat." She nodded. We went into the kitchen and sat down as they smiled because they knew who both of us were. They brought us milk and Elisabeth pushed hers away.

"You don't like milk?" She scrunched her nose and shook her head.

"It's goat's milk, and it smells. I like cow mil" The cook almost dropped our breakfast as she and I looked at her. "What?"

"You're speaking." Her eyes went wide and she screamed.

"I did...I mean I am. I'm talking. How?" She picked up the scale and looked at me.

"Keep it on and 'll be permanent after about a month. It's not your voice that is the problem, it's your brain. You need to remember that you can spea" She pounced on me as the cook went to gossip and Kana walked in.

"She's a , don't you think, dragon." Elisabeth kissed my cheek and looked at Kana.

"I'm a Lisbeth." She stuck out her hand and Kana shook it.


"It is very nice to meet you, Kana." She kissed me again, grabbed a biscuit and all the bacon and ran home. "Is there something wrong with her, never mind, you need to stop sneaking away." The cook came back out.

"I've known that my entire life and she's never uttered a word, and then bam." I smiled and nodded.

"Can we get some more bacon and biscuits....and more milk, please?" She nodded. "Thank you. I can't help it if you're a sound a sleeper." She growled. "Never mind, we need to do something so eat...as much as you can."

"What are we doing?"

"Cutting the head off of a very deadly snake in Russia.
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We kissed and hugged Annie and Sara. "Don't get shot." I smiled. They were concerned, with good reason, but better me than anyone in the village. We walked outside as Annie was on the phone with Gustave. Taiiko walked up, bloody.

"What?" We told her. "Give me five minutes." Kana looked at her, and touched her belly.

"No. He's my dragon. You need to stay here Taiiko, Airi and I will be fine. We a dragon." Taiiko stared at her, said Hai!, and walked back the barn. I turned Sara.

"Tell we love her, and...."

"She knows love. She also knows her sister is right, but be careful." I nodded and shifted as Kana and Airi put the harness on. Annie came out as I turned at them.

"They are preparing the ship and getting things ready load. I told them you were on the way. I walked up to Annie and Sara and they both scratched my jaw as the girls climbed on. I flew to the barn as Taiiko came out and did the . I turned, screeched, and flew east. I pushed and thought we had time. I didn't want shift because was still draining but I learned I could fly faster than I thought I could. We got the village in under an hour, which amazed me. I flew an arc around the ocean side of the village and was nothing, but was also something coming. I could feel .

"Tell Gustave bring him out and the women and turn their backs." I landed and they both jumped off and ran Gustave. He brought the man from the lake house out. I hated what I was about do, even as the dragon, but he brought on himself and would be fast. I didn't want any of these people getting hurt for him, or for me. They were Vikings, though, so no one turned their back as I crushed him and flew away. He still had the blindfold on and the ear plugs in so his brain didn't time register . He probably didn't deserve but I could at least give him a painless death. I flew north where Finland and Sweden joined and dropped him in the sea. I screeched and flew back. I'd feel worse later but now I was a dragon protecting my people. I landed as they were loading the last of the things they valued. They didn't many animals, but this was still their home and they were leaving , and didn't know if they would be back. Their fishing boats, and gear, were already gone, along with the communities valuables. People were getting onboard when I could feel thump, thump, thump. I looked east and said Kana.

"Go with them and keep them safe as I flew meet the helicopters. They need leave." She was not happy, but I didn't care. I guessed I was not bound as stringently since I shifted in a dragon. was a lot I didn't know, but I one thing I did know was the helicopters that were heading toward the village, and meant them harm, I and wanted them over open water. I went invisible and flew as fast as I could between them which created a vortex that made them lose control momentarily and they both turned into each other before they could adjust. They were too close together and my unexpected turbulence shifted them enough for the blades to connect and shatter sending them into the Baltic. I flew back around and set them on fire before flying toward Finland. They exploded, and sank. If anyone was following them, which I'm sure was, they would seen the explosion.

"Kana, they need leave, now. We can replace whatever they leave behind and find them someplace new, but they need leave."

"We are bad dragon. We're heading south. They set their own houses on fire. Keep them the east and us time blend with the other ships." I flew east.

. were two heavily armed boats, and a helicopter gunship, so much from being no tracking device. One of the boats banked right and headed north, were I dropped the body the others headed toward the village. I flew at the helicopter and showed myself. I had to hand the pilot because he didn't flinch. He fired off two missiles, which I was expecting and breathed the hottest fire I could as he fired and the missiles exploded about fifty feet in front them and the fireball consumed them. I screeched, turned and did the with boat. The boat started melting and the gas tank exploded as it sank. I screeched. I was pissed. I flew north and destroyed the other helicopter as it was flying back and then headed south. I turned and flew toward the ship. I looked at the village, burning, and screeched in anger, and pain, as I flew toward the ship I heard barking. I turned back and as looking up, and a cow. I gently picked up both of them and flew toward the boat as I pushed. No one was coming yet, but they would be. I found the ship hovered and set them down, and flew east.

! were six armed boats heading toward them at high speed and the large boats had .50 cal machine guns, and were moving fast I dove into the water. "Hi, mister, this is SO exciting. What are we doing?"

"I'm a busy right now, Karin, give me a minute." I swam up toward the boat as fast as I could and with my shoulder, which hurt, as I flew out of the water. It upended the boat. I flew high and dove fast, which was likely a mistake but I was pissed. I with such force that I drove it twenty feet under the sea. It filled with water and sank. Karin swam up and clapped.

"This is so exciting. are sirens from everywhere. Are these bad men?" I winced, and nodded. "Are they going after that large boat?" I nodded. "Follow me." We popped above the surface. "Those boats." I said yes. "Watch this, dragon. We'll handle from here. You're hurt, and wanted and alliance. She turned the direction of the ship and said something I couldn't understand and mist appeared, and then turned into fog which obliterated everything. She kissed me and clapped. "Watch." She dove and I could hear a high pitch of some kind and could feel water being sucked from under me as the boats were bearing down on us. was nothing and then a fifty foot wall of water shot upward and arced over the boats as they rode into and crashed on top of them driving them into the ocean. Karin and the sirens popped up smiling.

"Oh my gosh, that was SO much fun. took all of us but we don't like bad men. We'll watch your boat and make sure no one knows where they go. Is someone on the boat I can talk with?" I told her Kana and said thank you. She smiled and told me to remember something blue. I jumped out of the water and flew toward Finland when I heard the whine. Fucking drones. were about a dozen, linked. I froze all of them because I needed conserve my strength. I was hurt. They all fell out of the sky. I was expecting a plane, or submarine, next but was nothing more. The fog bank covered the western half of the Baltic and Karin was true her word. Her, and her friends, guided the ship the strait at Gotland. Ama had already called them and they were expecting us. I kept flying even though I was sure was no threat, but I wanted make sure. I flew back the village and was nothing but smoldering embers. I screeched, and flew away. Dirt doesn't burn and we had the rebuild , or somewhere else, and compensate them. I flew Finland and zig zagged back Gotland. Nothing.

I landed with a thud because my shoulder hurt and ALL of the ran out see me as I remembered we hadn't fixed the scale a chain for the that couldn't talk. Crap... too many balls. I needed to do that in Denver. They all wanted rides but Kana said tomorrow because I tired. They didn't like but walked away as I lied down and fell asleep and pulled from Gaia. was dark when I woke. Kana and Airi where close and had fires going. I shifted, and grunted, as I stood up. I walked over as they stood up. My shoulder hurt.

"Don't move." Airi got the bag as Kana took my hand and started telling me my shoulder was disloc... She pulled and shifted back in place as I winced, and grunted. She put my arm against my stomach as Airi wrapped and then they both rubbed some paste on my shoulder, and kissed me.

" smells better than you, which is amazing because we never thought anything could smell worse, but works. We've all had dislocated everything so we experience." I smiled as Gustave walked up.

"I'm sorry about your village...."

"Please stop, Danael. They were houses. We got what we needed to safety with your help. We can rebuild houses but our people are safe, our animals are, are ships are safe, and our valuables are safe.... and our dragon protected us, at least that is what everyone believes, including myself."

"You burned your own homes."

"We weren't going to give them the satisfaction." I nodded and looked between him and Kana and Airi.

"Vikings are not dissimilar to Samurai." They all nodded.

"We are safe and all that we need, and these are our people. They will take care of us until the ship is ready, and we discuss what we want do."

"Where is the ship?"

"Riga, will blend in , unlike here. We all laughed. The trawlers are fishing." I smiled because they were smart... keep your valuables separate just in case.

"We the means rebuild your homes, or find you another place, one with a deeper place dock." He smiled and nodded. "We'll do whatever your people want. Take a few days for the shock where off and discuss as a community. Riga was smart." He smiled and that was when I heard the thump, thump, thump and started shift. Kana put her hand on my cheek.

" is no threat, dragon. 's Annie, Taiiko, and Sara. They are bringing food, and goodies, and cash." I exhaled as both Kana and Airi kissed me. I was tired.

"Can I get some milk?" Gustave nodded as the helicopter landed and the all screamed. I couldn't blame them as I smiled. Kana walked Annie and said something. Annie smiled and nodded and spoke with Jackson. They unloaded everything and Sara and Jackson shuttled the , and adults wanted, which was most, all around the island spare an injured dragon. I didn't worry and was asleep before the milk made back.
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I smiled as I hung up and put the phone in my pocket. The light was on in the barn, and I wanted to go in and help them but I was hungry, and then I felt Fenrir, and some of his wolves. Drakon started barking. Thankfully they ignored him. We had to keep him in check. I walked out the gate and into the field, toward wolves. I didn't understand it, because no one would help explain, but I my senses were getting better, even when I was me. I could see Fenrir, and three other wolves. Two were female, and pregnant....I wasn't sure how I knew that, maybe smell....and a male.

"Hi Fenrir, who is this?"

"This is my family, dragon....my daughters, and ." I started to tear, which wasn't unusual. I knelt and said hello. The girls walked up first and stuck their heads under my arms, it did not go unnoticed what an honor that was for them to do that, especially since they were pregnant. His walked up, sat, stared at me, and watched me for a long time. He butted me with his head and the three of them trotted off as I smiled.

"Like father, like , and you're a grandfather. Congratulation's"

"You know that?"

"My senses are shifting, even when I'm human." He was silent.

"Thank you for the elk, and deer. We gutted them before they freeze and covered the insides. We are used to eating frozen flesh but it's easier now." I nodded. "You gave all of us peace through this storm. It was kind what you did for that bear, most humans wouldn't, or going back"

"You were there?"

"We were close but not me. I'm like you and have to be many places." I nodded. "You know many will die, Danael."

"I know brother but I'll do what I can, within in reason."

"We'll scout the herds after the storm. They are going to be hit hard, bit so is everyone. We'd rather going hungry and keep the herds strong. It's better for all of us." I nodded. "The storm is building and I wanted let you know...and introduce my family since I know yours."

"Is your the one that got shot?" He nodded.

"Wolves die. People die....Dragons die. My didn't die." He butted me and ran off. I could feel it getting colder as I walked into the kitchen. Everyone had eaten but Emma was waiting for me and poured me some milk as she took my dinner out of the oven, and fried some rye bread to go with it as Annie and Sara walked in.

"It's a good thing you showed, mister, as she fixed me a plate and set my pie in to warm. Annie and Sara sat on either side of me and kissed me. They said Emma was the best decision I had ever made. I smiled.

"Where's Melissa?" Sara smiled, proudly.

"She's in the barn learning to butcher deer. She's a nurse and anatomy is anatomy." Emma put my bowl and plate down and smiled.

"When the timer goes off, one of you two take the pie out of the oven...and turn it off." They both smiled and said they would. "Good night. We're all glad you're back safe." We all said in unison, even though I had a full mouth.

"Sleep well Emma." None of us could remember this place before her. I inhaled my stew, potato's, bread and salad. The timer went off and Sara got my pie, and I inhaled that. too

"Oh my God, that was good." They smiled and nodded.

"Everyone felt the same way. It doesn't go unnoticed that you are always the first up, and the last to go to bed, Daniel. They do things for you, for us, because of that. Do your dishes, get some milk, or wine and come into the study." They both kissed me and walked out. I wasn't going to be the last one awake tonight and maybe not the first one awake, although I could feel the snow coming. I did my dishes, got some milk, and wrote a thank you not to Emma. Her food was way better than the last chef, but she hadn't accepted it yet. I walked into the study. Annie spoke.

"We scanned all the papers to Bob because they are better at sending than us, and you and i are going into town tomorrow to check on things and we can overnight the drives, and disks so that duplicate them and send them to Interpol and Deat's." They pushed paper toward me.

"There are a lot of Russian names." They nodded. "Interpol doesn't operate in Russia. They're trying to start it back up again!" Silence "FUCK!!!" "Who's this? The name is familiar." I drank some milk as they smiled.

"He's in Finland's Ministry of Defence. He's upper-mid level, but he has access to passport and he went to school with Jaak. It's his name on all of the fake passports" I growled. "Calm down bear, as you read further into this, it seems that it was set in motion and it just played out."

"I'm confused. What about Francis?"

"We're waiting on Bob to fill in some details but we're thinking Francis was involved in everything, but they were separate operations and Francis was responsible for us, and he had the attack yesterday already set in motion."

"Fail safe."

"Something like that,but not as dramatic. He wanted to go on holiday with his mistress."

"Wait, what? He set it in motion because he wanted to get fucked?" They nodded.

"Yeah, that's why no was concerned when he went missing. The people he worked with/for knew, and his family thought he went a business trip." I looked at them, stunned. "I know, right, go figure. Sleaze, on top of sleaze, on top of sleaze. Jaak's father is gone, and Roan hasn't heard from Jaak, and she hasn't tried to contact him." I was too tired to think about all of this. "We'll know more tomorrow when Bob digs through it all. We told them to dig through EVERYTHING....better we know." I nodded.

"So the people at the lake, and the guy on the ship weren't involved with us?"

"Not specifically, at least it seems that way, that was Francis. The other guys seem to be higher up and were planning an expansion...."

"...and it involves laundering counterfeit hundreds for the Russians."

"Something along those lines, we think, but we have everything they had, and Interpol, and the FBI, will have everything by the end of the week.

"Fuck.." I called Bob.

"Don't dig too deep into what...."

"We started, and stopped. We won't go up against the Russians. We are disseminating everything and will send all it to of you but you won't hear from us again, not against them. We are leaving tomorrow but everything is safe and we'll send everything to you and will go to, Interpol, and the FBI. Your shares are safe, and substantial, and we'll keep bouncing them around for awhile. I'll be in touch but your shares are safe. You all did good with this, these are just worse people, and we don't fuck with the Russians. We'd rather deal with anyone else, and my advice is to you is to heed that warning. We'll see if they can find anything on you and I'll let you and Javier know.

"Thanks Bob."

"Pay attention, and get rid of ANYTHING you have..... get those discs in the mail tomorrow and buy new phones. Write this email and number down, and memorize them. Use burner phones to contact the number, and find an encrypted email server. Get rid of whatever you have linking you to them, even if you're curious." I was nodding. "These aren't the people you want to go up against. I'm sorry my friend but we all have more than we should."

"Can you tell me who we're dealing with, Bob?" Silence.

"Get rid of your phone, the other one too. I'll let you know. Good luck." The girls looked at me as I walked back to Ama's.

"Daniel. Daniel. DANIEL!! I didn't stop until I found the burner phone and activated and handed it to Annie. Call Gustave and tell him to move the ships, dump whoever he is and send his people somewhere else." Sara said "Gotland." Tell them do it tonight. Load their animals, and hay, and precious things...meaningful things...whatever is of value to them. Have him throw his phone into the water. DO IT ANNIE! and destroy that phone when you're done, and tell him not to call anyone else, we have the means to replace whatever they might lose. Tell him I'm on my way."

"You mean we're on our way, Dragon. We are connected Daniel." The bags of gear were draped over their shoulders." I nodded. "I'll contact you when we get to Gotland, or wherever. I got them into this, and I have to get them out." So much for sleep.

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