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take me part 469...edited
Posted:Dec 3, 2021 6:57 pm
Last Updated:Dec 4, 2021 12:00 pm

It always disconcerting when thunder and lightening happened when it snow. I wan't on the floor long, but it didn't matter because these people cared about . I was going get shit as Kana walked and looked .

'"Eat, dragon." I nodded and sat back down. I drank glasses of milk, and had a full breakfast. "You need sleep." I had too much to do but I looked at her, and nodded. She took Ama's house and helped get undressed. I falling asleep as I fell the pillow.

"How?" She smiled.

"He's my Dragon." They nodded as I slept..... for eighteen hours. Annie, Sara, and Melissa were all in bed with me when I woke , which was different. I figured it was because we were all separated. We were like uprooted Aspen trees. We were disconnected from our source, and people were trying kill us again....at least . I looked at my phone. It am. I got of bed and the mist appeared.

"Focus. Balance. attention. I walked in and tumbled out and rolled four times. GODDAMMIT!!!!" The animals stared a me as I walked the house. It was barely light here. Time was stange. I needed be in too many places. Wolf walked .

"You're injured, dragon." I nodded.

'I'm fine. It'll just take some time. How are things?"

"Same. You haven't been gone long, maybe a day." I looked at him because I didn't understand time. "Your women are fine. The men leave them alone. You are here enough scare them, and the big man, and we watch over them them." I nodded and said thanks. It was early and I didn't want wake them. "Go back your pack. I'm going feed the animals and go back" He looked at and trotted off as I fed the animals. I had more do in the future. I finished as the mist appeared. I exhaled and got thrown out as I rolled into the barn. Jakob looked down at .

"What?" He helped .

''You're awake." I nodded

"How are things?"

"Mostly good, but not great. Annie and Sara are dealing with it. We have wood piling , and it's still snowing.

"Are the chainsaws serviced?" He nodded. "Can you spare someone he...." He shook his head. I nodded.

"They went home." I nodded.

"I'll deal." I loaded the chainsaws, the tool bag, gas and oil and hooked the trailer. I was still sore, and my head hurt, but I had work do that couldn't wait. I walked into the kitchen as Emma looked at .

"You're early." I nodded as she put milk in front of . She filled my thermos with coffee.

'Thanks. I'll be back eat later." She nodded as I walked back the truck and drove the north fence line. I spent the two hours before dawn cutting logs, and I spent the next loading them. I could be very productive when I needed. I had the truck, and most of the trailer loaded as the crew came out keep cutting. We nodded as I loaded the chainsaws and headed back the barn.

"Have them sharpen and tighten the blades, and check them over. I'm going eat." Jakob nodded. "I'll split wood later.I walked into the kitchen as Annie and Sara smiled.

"Emma said you were here earlier. We don't know if you're coming, or going, mister?" I nodded.

"I think I'm doing both but we'll have more wood by the end of the day." They nodded. I like chopping wood but Jakob got the splitter out. We'll unload when I'm done. Emma put a mound of food in front , and stared.

"You eat ALL of that." I nodded as Annie and Sara smiled.. I walked back the barn and they were starting unload the wood. I loaded chainsaws in the older truck and went back out. It was still snowing, hard.

Jakob.... have someone scrape the snow the north.....just the snow." He nodded as I went back cut more wood. I wasn't sure how long I had worked, but the logs were cut, and loaded. They were still working in the trees. I made a fire, and left my notebook "Get warm. I'll be back" I set thermos by the fire. I honked and drove off. I went into the kitchen and Emma had stew and pie ready. I smiled and nodded. "Coffee?" she nodded. "I'll be back" I started unloading wood. It didn't take to long because I wasn't stacking. I changed out chainsaws and went to the kitchen She gave the cast iron pot, and bread, and a casserole of some sort, and pie.... and multiple things of coffee, along with a basket of bowls, plates, cups, silverware, and napkins.

I loaded it, strapped it down and drove where I made the fire. Everyone was there, and hungry. "Two hour lunch." I gave them everything, as they smiled, and finished cutting the logs they brought down. They worked harder than I did. I cut and loaded all of the wood as they finished and I loaded the gear.

"How was the pie?" They all laughed and walked into the woods. I drove to the house and unloaded the cookery. I set it in the sink and started cleaning as people started slapping . "Sit." Emma put some milk in front of me, which I downed, and then a warm piece of berry pie, and vanilla ice cream. I stared at her, and smiled.

"I figured you wouldn't have any." I nodded as I ate.. "Did they have enough?" I nodded.

"Until dinner." She nodded. I finished my pie and went clean my plate and got slapped numerous time. I said thank you instead and went unload the truck.

"There you are mister." I smiled because I missed them. Jakob is delivering wood. Yoshi is bringing people back in a few days when Melinda and Deat go home, until then, you need attention." I nodded and walked the barn trade out chainsaws. Jakob had a very good crew. I walked out as Annie looked at .

"They all need raises." She smiled, and nodded and unloaded the wood.
take me part 468...edited
Posted:Dec 3, 2021 4:17 pm
Last Updated:Dec 5, 2021 1:48 pm

People ran as the car backed . It probably saved my life as they sped away. Someone called Annie as they took me to the hospital. I moved enough to not get , mostly, but enough be pushed, and roll, which I did. I my head, hard, and skidded the asphalt as the car drove off. They knew who I was, or it was fluke, and I was unconscious, but at least Kana was there.... wait, how was she ther.... I was in a coma for two days and all I remember was being in my cave. I opened my eyes and reached for something drink. I pressed the buzzer.

"Welcome back. The doctor will be in soon." I pointed to my mouth. "Thirsty?" I nodded as she got ice chips. "You've had everyone worried. You have good reflexes. It probably saved your life." Annie and Sara walked in because they could feel me. "You can't be in here ladies...they stared at her as they looked at me.

"Can you speak?" I shook my head and pointed to my throat. They nodded. 'We're fine and are on guard." I nodded. "So is everyone else. Javier contacted Bob. They are figuring it out, but it's odd." I nodded and passed out. My brain was hurt. I slept for two more hours, woke , and pushed the buzzer.

'I'm hungry." The nurse smiled as Annie and Sara ran in. They had given trying stop them. They looked at , both of them smiling.

'You're back" I nodded

"I was in my cave, but I want get out of here."

"The doctor is her way."

"I don't care." I pulled the catheter out of , which hurt, and pulled out the IV's.

"Daniel...STOP!!!" I got , stumbled, and walked the bathroom so I could pee.

'Where are my clothes?"

"Daniel, you've had a serious head injury. I'm Doctor...."

"Where are my clothes?" I walked back into the room and started undressing.


"WHAT? I'm going home but I need my clothes. NOW!" They nodded as Annie spoke with the doctor.

"We have an ER nurse in our family, and you won't be able to stop him doctor." She said I needed to sleep, which I probably did, but I needed to find who did this, and end it. I wasn't going to cat and mouse games. I was going end them. I had a lot of work as i undressed and got into my clothes. The nurse smiled as the doctor walked out.

"How long?"

"This is day five." An orderly brought 'food' and I shook my head.

"Is it still snowing?" They nodded. "Where are my boots?" The nurse brought them over and asked if I was always like this. Sara said...

"Only when he's cranky, or tired." She smiled.

"Jacket?" Thank you. It's not personal but I don't like hospitals. They brought in a wheelchair.

"Daniel, it's policy. Jesus Christ." I limped past it and said no thank you. I went out front as Annie dealt with desk.

"Where, Sara?" She unlocked the doors as Annie walked out and I walked the SUV. They looked at each other and shook there heads as I got in back.

"Are you hungry. we could sto....."

"I want to go home, please." They nodded. "How are people?"

"Fine, and watching. The police think it might have been a and run incident...." I looked at Annie in the mirror..

"Yeah, we didn't think so either. How did they know?"

"Jaak, or Rasmus. I'm guessing Jaak They were targeting us for other reasons but when you have nothing else, you leap conclusions. Why they'd want just kill , I don't understand." I turned around. "How long have they been following us?"

"Since town."

"Is there a curve coming ?" She nodded. "When you go around it slow, but no brakes." I rolled out, which hurt, and shifted and ran the woods and waited. I ran at their car, it, and knocked it it's side. I was pissed. I pounded the car and scared the crap out of them as Annie and Sara walked and looked at them.

"You want die?" They both shook their heads. Get out and then your knees." I walked and took everything they had. I squatted in front of them and grabbed them by their throat's.

"Do something else because the next time I see you, I will kill you." They nodded. We left them and drove off. Annie looked at me. "They won't say anything." We headed home. I was so confused because I didn't even know what day it was, and I needed to check in with everyone, and the past. Fuck. We stopped and they came to help me.

"I love you both, but go do something else." They growled, but walked off. I walked to the barn....limped to the barn. "Hey Jakob, how are things?"

"Shouldn't you be in the hospital?"

"I've been there too long. How are things?"

"We're good. It's not letting . Hay is at a premium, as is wood."

"We don't do that Jakob, even if we can. They're our neighbors." He nodded. "Re-figure what we need through spring so we know what we can give, or share." Drakon walked and peed. "Seriously?" She barked and marched away. I shook my head as I walked the kitchen. I was tired, but I was also hungry. I sat as Emma looked at . There were no words spoken as I drank milk, and slipped off my chair and onto the floor.
take me part 467...edited
Posted:Dec 3, 2021 2:16 pm
Last Updated:Dec 4, 2021 12:43 pm

"Ouch." I got as Jakob looked at .

"You OK? I heard a thump."

'I'm fine. How are things?"

"It's still snowing," as we walked inside "How did you know this was coming."

"Educated guess. Have you had a chance speak with the vet about how much hay we will need?" He nodded.

'With what we just bought, we have plenty. Annie will fill you in, and we're going loading hay for the next few days, but we're going be selling, or giving away, most of the hay in the barn at our cost, plus fuel, etc.' I nodded. "After breakfast I'll have a few of the guys start loading the truck and trailer and then you can start dropping it off. We'll load wood too until people can catch . It's going a long day of back and forth." I nodded as I walked the kitchen. The sun was just coming here.

"Daniel!" I stopped and smiled as Sara and Annie walked and kissed .

"You didn't come bed, mister." I nodded.

"I'm trying figure how use the mist, and Joseph isn't being forthcoming. I roll a lot. I went check the girls and make sure they had what they needed because there's a lot going everywhere." I didn't tell them what Deat told . We walked the house. "Jakob told about delivering wood, and hay. It's going be a busy a week It doesn't seem like it's breaking anytime soon." They shook their head. Sara said,

"Taiiko and Yoshi are fine. They are use hard winters, but it hasn't them yet. Melinda and Deat are fine. Melinda is over the moon happy about leading those who aren't affiliated with a clan."

'We're leaving it them decide and will help them whatever the choice."

"Chloe, Ama, and the are fine. It's bad there too, but we're prepared. They are going to check with the community center later today, but Haagerstadt, is Haagerstadt. He's like you, only bigger." I nodded. We're waiting to call people in North America. They called us when they landed, and it was getting bad. They closed DIA after the plane refueled and took off. We think it went to England."

"Ama and I have been contacting the northern clans, most are prepared, but some weren't so we are sending what they need. The clans in the south are mobilizing supplies, and resources. We're dealing with the towns around us as well. All of the clans are. Jakob has men back in the woods taking down dead trees for firewood. It'll be good for the forest in case there are fires in the summer." I nodded. "Once you are finished delivering hay and wood, take the truck to the tree line and start cutting logs." I nodded. It was going to be a long day. We walked into the kitchen. Emma waved. "Smartest thing you ever did, Daniel, was firing that chef." I nodded as we sat down. Kana sat next to me, and leaned in as Annie and Sara smiled.

"You figure out who these people are that are looking for you." SHIT! Annie and Sara and stared at us. "You didn't tell them, yet..FUCK I'm sorry"

"Tell us what, mister!" I couldn't get a break I told them everything. "So they don't know who you are." I shrugged.

"I'm going to call Bob, the hacker guy, and see if I can find out who it is exactly and if It's related to everything we just ended. They lost a lot of mone, and a revenue stream, and people are starting to go to jail. I'm sure someone would be pissed. I don't know where Jaak is, but he could link us to it, in a sideways manner. I'll deal with it but we have work to do. Plates of food were put in front of us. Emma put a carafe of milk in front me as the girls smiled.

"Reindeer. We're working on Yaks." I smiled and drank most of my glass before Sara took it and the carafe was spread around the table. It was OK, because it cold and they needed the extra fat. I kissed the girls, and hugged Emma, as i walked to the barn. I started the truck to warm it up as Jakob walked up.

"What are thinking?"

"I need to take wood and hay so I want to load the wood on the front of the trailer first and we can stack hay on top and strap it down, and then we can load the rest of the hay. Have them meet me by the hay barn." He nodded as I drove the truck around. They started throwing wood on the trailer.

"NO! Stop. We need to stack it like this but keep it in the wood, not the metal. They had several layers as I put the slats in the trailer and climbed on. "OK, now you can throw wood. I stacked until we had half the trailer loaded and went to the barn to load hay. It was close to ten am when we finished loading hay and I thanked them.

"I can send them with you." I shook my head and told him there was too much do here as Annie walked up.

"He's right Jakob. I'm going with Danael. There will be people to help, and if not, I will. I know where all these places are." He nodded and walked away.

"You're kinda puny." She looked at me, smirked and punched me in the chest.


"Exactly. I'll drive. I tossed her the keys as i climbed in.

'You're sexy when you're feisty." She smiled, kissed me, and bit my lip.

"We have a lot of stops but you'll get to meet our neighbors. Thank God you thought about this because no one was expecting it." A truck flashed it's lights as we stopped and Annie rolled the window.

"Thank God, can you spare some of that hay, and wood. I can't find hay, and what do find I can't afford, same with wood." We blocked traffic as we unloaded hay and wood. It was the country and people drove around us and some even stopped to help. Annie gave her a card with our number. "Call us if you can't find more. We might be able to help." She hugged us as we drove to our deliveries.

"Not a good start to winter, love." I nodded. Annie's was large in comparison to most of the homesteads around but it gave us an advantages of scale. There was a lot of dead standing timber that needed to be cut down and we could sell it to cover the costs. None of us were going to take advantage of neighbors during a hundred year storm, but it didn't stop others. Norway had good infrastructure, and winter was a given, so the power stayed on but a lot of people burned wood. We hadn't started with the community center idea yet, there was just too much to do, but there was a shelter in town and we stopped there last. Annie went in as I backed the trailer into the back and someone came out to help me unload wood. There wasn't quite a cord, but it was close.

"Thank you for this. We have a lot of elderly folks that use their stoves, for heat because they can't afford the utilities." I nodded. "This is amazing." Annie walked out.

"When do you close?"

"We aren't right now. This is bad." We nodded.

"I'll be back with more wood, and some hay if we can." He nodded.

"You drive, mister." Annie was on the phone to everyone.

"Tina and Steph are fine, the house is fine. I got a hold of Bernadette.... everyone else was out. They said they were OK, but it hit them hard too, and they are use to winter like us. They thanked us and were just grateful they got back in time. I spoke with Sabrina because everyone else was away. Things are fine. There's a lot of snow there too, and things are shut down because it's so cold. They're at zero and it's suppose to get colder. Henry and Billy are checking on the houses, and the neighbors. The shop is fine, as is Henry's." I nodded as we pulled up to the barn.

"Do you need help?" I shook my head, kissed her, and said no as I went and loaded more wood. We had plenty and this wood wasn't the greatest, but it was free, and would keep someone warm. I loaded the truck and with the last of the wood and started loading some hay. I only took thirty bales because wood was easier to find and drove back to town. I backed the trailer in and grabbed my gloves as I unloaded cords of wood. It was still snowing as the director came out and thanked me.

"Can I leave this here and get some coffee?" She nodded. I walked across the street to the cafe and saw movement in my periphery. I jerked as the car glanced off of me. I went tumbling, rolled, and passed out. The last thing I remember was people screaming.
take me part 466
Posted:Dec 3, 2021 12:05 pm
Last Updated:Jul 3, 2022 11:6 am

I didn't sleep long, maybe a few hours but it enough. I needing less than I normally did. The girls were sound asleep as I got of bed. I stoked the fire and put water on as Drakon walked over and yawned. I scratched his ears and said i missed. We walked outside as Wolf walked up with part of his pac Drakon finished peeing and walked up to the. A couple of the adolescent wolves started playing with him.

"How's the pack?" He watching Drakon.

"He'd make a good wolf." I nodded and smiled as Irina walked up and hugged me. Wolf bowed his head. "We're fine dragon but it seems you are having hard times." I nodded. "We'll watch over things here. The big man is feeding your people. Winter will break here soon but it seems yours is just starting." I nodded, sadly.

"How do you know this?"

"Wolves are everywhere, throughout time. You are the only with abilities, dragon. You're part of our pack, like we are part of yours. I check on you." I nodded and scratched his ears as Drakon walked up and sat in front of Wolf, and barked. He nuzzled him and they walked off.

"It's bad?" I nodded.

"We are prepared but a lot aren't. We're working through it but I wanted to come and check on you and the girls. I can't stay. I'm sorry." She nodded.

"We're fine. Hammish and Ilsa are in on us, as are the wolves, and the men leave us alone. I don't know what your said to them, but it scared them."

"Good, it should have. Come on Drakon." We walked back inside as the first grey of dawn showed to the east. I brought more wood in as Irina made us tea. I grabbed my bag and pulled out the pouch of silver and sat down. "Most of this goes to Hammish, but there is some for you. I'll bring more later. I to make sure I could bring it with me before I brought all of it." She nodded. "I don't have time to see Hammish and Ilsa so make sure he gets it. It's to cover he used to buy the warehouse and land." She sat on my lap and kissed me, deeply.

"You're a good man Danael. Tend to the animals and check the wood before you leave. It'll give the girls time to explore in the woods. They like the wolves.

"Sofi's not scared of them anymore?" She smiled.

"Malinka is a force of nature and she drags Sofi behind her. They both love the wolves, as Drakon obviously does." I kissed her and her belly as she got up. I going to have to figure out how to be in two places at once. I grabbed my coat and gloves and walked to the barn to feed and water the animals. I needed to find barrels, if I could. It seemed the worst of winter over here, but just starting back home. I finished mucking stalls when Malinka walked in and hugged me. I kissed her head, and her belly as she snuggled into my chest. "Ma' says you have to go back, there's a bad storm." I nodded as I started dropping hay. "We miss you."

"I know, Love. I miss you too. This storm hit unexpectedly and a lot of people were unprepared. We're trying to help. It's like us helping the wolves." She nodded and helped with the hay. "I'll do the hay since I'm dirty. Give the and mules some grain." She smiled. "How's Sofi?"

"She's getting braver with the wolves, not has brave as Drakon, but close." We both laughed. She's getting better with the bow, and tracking, too." There is woman in town who helps with birthing. We're all going to see her next time we go with Ilsa and Hammish." I nodded.

"Once this storm is over I'll be back more often. I'm getting better at moving back and forth." We closed the barn and Malinka took my hand, and kissed me.. I needed to talk with Steph about rings. "I need to check the wood pile and get water. Help you mom, sweets". She smiled and went inside. It wasn't an easy life, but it was a simple one and there was a lot to be said about that. I sharpened the ax and chopped the rest of the wood, and stacked it. We needed more, a lot more. I also needed to clean the chimney. I had so much to do but I knew I could bring things with me, so that was exciting. I walked to the spring and the men were showing up to wor

"The cellar looks good. Thank you." They nodded. I took the water inside as Sofi stumbling out of the bedroom. I put the water down and she jumped on me. I sat down as she curled into my lap and kissed my nec

"Danael has done your morning chores so you can take Drakon and explore in the woods after breakfast." Sofi perked up.

"Really? We don't have to clean the stalls?" I shook my head. She bit my shoulder she so excited. "Maybe we kind find a rabbit today." Malinka nodded. It wasn't a bad life but I felt myself being pulled home. I kissed them goodbye and walked out front to mist. I focused on the hay barn. I waved and walked in, and tumbled out into the side of the barn. "FUCK!"
take me part 465
Posted:Dec 2, 2021 11:35 pm
Last Updated:Dec 4, 2021 2:02 pm

I glad everyone happy. We were doing what we could but people were for us, and my family separate. I ate with everyone, my mind planning. I needed to contact Bob, and find out who for my family, because I going to hurt them. Emma sat down.

"You need to eat more." I nodded

"Can I get milk, please." She nodded and brought me carafe. Kana sat down.

"You are worried dragon. Why." I told her. "Do you know who they are?" I shook my head. "Find them. We'll fly when you do and end these people, for good. The night crew walked out as we were eating. I drank my milk, kissed Kana and walked outside. Sara and Annie stopped her. Kana highly protective of me, but she singularly focused.

"He's fine Kana. We can't stop him. He'll do this until he drops." She looked at them and nodded as I walked to the barn. The heaters were electric, but there still hay everywhere. I told them. I checked on Drakon, and his pac They slept like the girls, only there were mor of them. This the shift because there wasn't much to do.

"I'll be bac" They nodded. I walked to the hay barn and I pushed because of what Deat said. Nothing....at least we had that going for us. I walked back to the main barn when Fenrir walked up.

"You don't sleep." I shook my head.

"You care about your people." I nodded.

"This is going to be a hard winter for all of us, like the past." I nodded. 'There are too many deer. Once we make it past this, we'll start culling the herds to keep them healthy. I'll call on you if we need you dragon." I nodded and the mist appeared. I walked in and got thrown out.

"GODDAMN IT! SHIT!!!!!!!" I walked out the barn in the past. It still cold. I grabbed wood as I went inside I filled the hearth, and went to bed. The girls were asleep, and intertwined. I undressed and took my quarter of the bed. I tired and fell asleep in minutes.
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take me part 464
Posted:Dec 2, 2021 7:29 pm
Last Updated:Dec 4, 2021 2:03 pm

I walked out and looked the north, and west. I wasn't going break anytime soon. I walked the kitchen with Sara.

"You were SO cute hunched over with drakon on your lap. NO one wanted disturb you. They respect you Daniel, as one of them because you work harder than anyone, like you did in Osaka. The hospital is fine. They fuel or the generator, and food, and 's not much mischief they can get into." I nodded as we trudged through snow to the kitchen I walked back to the barn, as Sara stared at me, and got a snow shovel. I cleared a path. She shook her head, and smiled.

"What? We walked inside. Some folks were getting off, others were starting, but the kitchen smelled GREAT! Emma was still . I walked up behind her and hugged her as Sara watched. I kissed her cheek.

"If wasn't already married, I'd ask you in a heartbeat. I squeezed and kissed her again. She turned and looked at me, and kissed me.

"Eat something, and get back work." I nodded. Sara smiled as I walked up.

"You are something else, mister, but she's right, you need eat." I had a full breakfast and walked outside when the phone rang. was Deat.

"You're awake."

"More or less. Are in Scotland?"

"Yeah, but I from Klaus, at Interpol. No one knows you are, but people looking for you, brother..... bad people." I exhaled. "I know, right? Watch your six, just in case. We'll help Henry, and everyone in Denver. Melinda is ecstatic about her role with the clans, and the girls a excited, even though they don't why. attention, brother. I've called my team in Denver. They're checking on things."

"Thanks, and enjoy Scotland. You beat me ." I hung up.. !!!! Jakob looked at me.

"A pain in the ass I deal with." He nodded. "Are you good in the barn?" He nodded. "I'm going bring back wood, and I'll start chopping if I get the chance." I grabbed the keys, and drove the treeline. The phone rang.


'Yeah , I'm here. Are you home?"

"Almost, we landed and the plane just took off. We're heading home once we get through customs. We'll be fine. I know you hate this, 's our life right now and we need us, everywhere.


"I'm here, and you're right. Help your mom and Ama. You and I will talk about you being pregnant. I love ALL of you and we'll see you as soon as we can." Shit!!!!! I spent the next four hours loading logs, in silence, and the I spent the four hours splitting logs.. It wouldn't take the sting away losing my family, but it gave me something do. I came in with and a load of wood and unloaded it.

"Jakob sent me help you." I nodded

"Thanks, but tell him you help in the barn. I've got this" He didn't know what do.

"'ll be fine, and the barn is better right now. Go" He ran back the barn. I didn't time think about what Deat said. I needed contact Bob because I needed nip this in the bud, but I wood split. I spent the rest of the day splitting wood, until the sun faded. I could see because senses were enhanced. I had more split when Annie and Sara walked up with Drakon and his merry band. I put the ax in the stump and sat down be mauled by puppies. Drakon sat between Annie and Sara, watching. I played with them, as they bit and licked me, until Drakon barked. They left lemmings off a cliff. He walked back the barn do whatever. I was fine with it, and chopped wood.

I chopped as the light drifted away. Annie walked up.

"You plan on doing this all night?" I laughed I as split a log.

My senses are getting better, so I want take advantage of them."

"And you'll be in...when?"

I smiled.... "When this wood is split, and stacked." She shook her head, kissed me, and walked away. I was stacking wood as Sara walked up.

"You work hard, mister." I put more wood on the stack and shook my head.

"They are all home. I thought you would want know." I looked at her and smiled. I threw the last few logs.

"Thank you." Sara smiled as she walked away and I got in the truck. Life happens when happens. was still snowing. They had butchered the venison and was packed in freezers, not that we needed that. Kana was teaching people how clean a hide. she looked at me smiled.

Christ, I was lucky. I unloaded the wood in a mound. I took the chainsaws to the shed. I walked inside and no one stopped. Jakob brought me mead, and Emma brought me food.

Sara walked up... "EAT, you can't save everyone." I nodded. I was tired.
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take me part 463
Posted:Dec 2, 2021 5:19 pm
Last Updated:Jul 3, 2022 11:6 am

The night crew, which I would part of, was finishing and chatting with everyone else. Leave it a monster storm to bring people together. The crew from the woods walked in and dropped off everything, and sat down to eat again.

"'s Emma?" She raised her hand and they clapped. were no easy jobs on a farm, but cutting, and hauling, trees in a snowstorm would be one of the worst. were vegetables, and stew, and fresh bread, but also salmon, and asparagus. I looked at Emma.
She smiled.

"Left over from the party, and you can use . You've worked hard." I nodded and told her to keep the skin for the dogs. She nodded. wasn't a lot of talking going on because we were all hungry. The girls and I left the salmon and had the stew and roasted veg. wasn't enough. Emma put a warm apple tart on the table and they went crazy. I filled my thermos with Russian tea, kissed Emma's cheek, and walked outside. It was still snowing, hard. I went on the barn. Jakob was , which I was impressed with.

"You good here?" He nodded. The kitchen is open on our schedule until this stops. Let the crew get warm." He nodded as I grabbed the keys to the truck with the snow plow. I cleared the drives and the entrance, and I went into town. I had done this in Colorado, so it wasn't unusual but I still got stopped because I didn't markings on the truck. They looked at me, and I looked at them. I went on my way. I was good at moving snow. The phone rang.

"Where are you. mister?"

"I'm in town clearing snow. 'll be a long night." Silence.

"Ama, Chloe, and the , are home in Iceland, and the rest took off fo Halifax, and then Denver. The others will land in Glasgow in a couple of hours, and then on to Osaka. They'll be home by the time we wake up, but you aren't coming to bed are you." Silence.

"No." Silence.

"Take care of yourself, love."

"I will." I spent a good portion clearing driveways, and alleys, and roads. was snowing a lot. I pulled in and checked on the barn. They were fine, and the animals were fine. Drako walked out, tired.

"Go get something eat, and warm drink. I'll stay here." They went the kitchen as I sat down and drakon climbed into my lap, and fell asleep. I smiled and closed my eyes. Sara nudged me awake.

"Welcome back, mister. You two been asleep for five hours." I stared at her. "Yep. Jakob called me and asked what I should do. We let you sleep longer, you are getting in the way." I scratched drakon's ears as he stretched. I stood up and looked outside. .

" hasn't let up. Jakob is getting someone plow what just plowed." I smiled as I stood up. Jakob walked up.

"Things, OK?" He nodded. "Can you give the dogs some meat scraps?" He smiled, and nodded. "Are they back in the woods?"

"Yeah, danael, an hour. I nodded.

"Do you need anything?" He shook his head. I picked up drakon.....

"Go back your pack and show them snow. I'll be back." He looked at me, barked, and marched off. I went eat
take me part 462
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I went nowhere, which was odd. I wasn't sure how long I was out, but no one was looking me. I pushed myself up and took a shower. I was getting dressed when Annie and Sara walked in.

"You smell nice a change," Sara nodded. "We need you. The rest of the hay and grain is here and everyone has left the airport. Billy and Ellen went too because of Ellen's , and to help if need be." They both kissed me and grabbed my balls. "You smell nice now." I put on my boots and jacket and grabbed my gloves and hat, went to stack hay. Even with the tractors, it was heavy work....none of it was easy and it all needed to be stacked. We had unloaded about half. Annie walked up.

"Go eat something, and get warm. It's no going anywhere. I'll deal with it." They smiled and walked to the kitchen. "What's up. sweets?" Annie was taking her jacket off.

"You do the hay and I'll do the grain." I nodded. "Everyone is on their way. They'll us later. I know you hate it. love, but it's good that we have family everywhere we are present." I nodded as I grunted and lifted a sixty pound bale of hay. "How did you know this?"

"Winter in the past is brutal. If wasn't the dragon, we'd be dead, and would the wolves, and our friends.. There is a gap in the timeline, but I figured we might have that happen here...and then I felt things change."

"How are they in the past, and how are the wolves here?"

'Fine, and fine. Fenrir said there was a enough until the storm broke...'

"You're good with him?" I nodded.

"I nodded to hit something. He can just hit back harder. We're fine. I took more of the older deer and dropped them around, away from the wolves. We are removing snow from the north fields so it's easier the deer. Nature doesn't seem do anything in half measure." Annie smiled and kissed me.

"I need deal with the town.... The chef is fired so make that a point if you need to. I'll leave this to you." I nodded. "Sara is dealing with all of the rest, because she's Sara. I know you hate this, especially after learning about Jake and Emily, but we need to get use to be separated." I stared at her. I kissed her, but she was right. !" I kept moving hay, and grain, until people showed up. I walked out as the driver was loading up.

"Hard storm." I nodded.

"Have you eaten?" The wind and snow were still howling as he strapped down his tarps.


"Grab your thermos." He nodded and we walked into the kitchen. Emma smiled. "Whatever he wants, Emma." She nodded as I shook his hand. It wasn't easy working people anywhere around here. I trudged back the barn finish unloading the pallets. We put as much as we could in the barn and were moving the rest the hay barn. It was close four when we stopped and Sara and Annie brought us Russian tea.... it had cinnamon, and all of the similar spices , and had orange and lemon peel, and a strong black tea. It tasted good and had caffeine. We had everything where it needed to be but men were still in the trees.

"Do we have thermoses?" Emma nodded. I need all of them. "Do we have a cast iron pot?" she nodded.. "I need that and stew. I also need cups, and bowls, and utensils, and dessert. We have men cutting wood." She nodded.

'Will this work the pot?" I smiled and nodded. "Good, we'll fill it. They can heat their tea in this." I nodded.

"I'll be back with a truck. Thank you, Emma." She smiled and walked off. I took the flatbed and strapped things down. I knew they a fire to get warm. It was Norway. I honked many times as men started coming out of the trees, smiling. "Where's the main camp?" They pointed. "Help me." We took everything into the woods about a mile. There were enough coals that the stew heated quickly, as did mugs of tea.

"What's that, Danael?' I took the paper off of it.

"It's an apple tart. Emma was going to it later but when I told her I was going....." They almost pounced at it. I chose well with Emma. The logs were lined up along the tree line. "I need a chainsaw, gas and oil. They nodded . I cut most of the wood before the chainsaw did what they did. I didn't bother. I loaded the truck wood, and strapped the chainsaw and gas on top, and drove back to the barn. I honked when I got to the barn. Jakob walked out.


"Behind the hay barn."

"Grab the chainsaw and gas. It needs work." He nodded. When winter was really bad, people did what they did, and if they had worked on a ranch, or a farm, you pretty much knew what needed to be done. He came and got the chainsaw.

"It'll be ready by tomorrow. How are they?"

"Good, Emma gave them a hot meal and an apple tart. I think we might be having one tonight." He smiled and walked backed into the barn as went to unload countless pounds of wood. I was almost done when Sara walked up.

"There you are, mister. Annie has been in contact with clans. Melinda is still trying to figure how they want to deal with themselves. The planes are away, East and West. They shut the airport down. Ama and the , and Chloe, might be staying in Nova Scotia. We'll see." I smiled. ''Annie said you were sad." I looked at her as she hugged me, and I cried.

"What, love?"

"My family is gone. I understand it, but it hurts, especially after Jake and Emily." She smiled'

"Parents, and grandparents....go figure. You carry too much, but we need that now. A leader shouldn't be a leader if they can't cry for their family, or people. Don't forget, Danael...no get back to work." I unloaded all of the wood and went back to get a second load, and unloaded that. I was getting to twilight as I started unloading the second batch. I finished as Drakon walked up with his pack. I dropped and petted all of them.

Kana said, he was whining for you. I didn;t know where you were, so I let him lose, and he came here.? I smiled.

"You're smart, aren't you Drakon?' He barked. I kissed and hugged Kana. "You stayed.

"You're my dragon. It's hard because of Airi, and what we need to do at home...... but you are my dragon...period. I won't leave my dragon." I nodded as I finished and Kana took the pups back to the barn. I parked the truck as Kana closed the barn. Everyone was gone until the next shift started. We walked to the kitchen as she held my hand.

"Your women in the past... they are riders?"

"Two of them are, why/" She stared at me.

"They would be my kin. We are jealous of our dragon, but I am seeing that can't be. There aren't many of you. Anna is a rider. We need to teach her. I'll make sure she does well in school." I hugged her as we walked into a boisterous kitchen. Annie and Sara smiled and waved.
take me part 461
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Jakob walked up. "The last of the hay and grains will be later this morning. There's three feet outside and it's not stopping. I nodded. "I have men scheduled to cut dead trees around us, for us, but also for the town. We'll start to butcher the deer when the sun comes uo, and deal with the hides. It's going to be bad, isn't it.

"It's going to be bad, Jakob. We need heaters in here and we need to be on twenty four schedule. I've ordered as much heat tape as I could. I need your help. Look at this lasting until spring. If you need anything, get it. Run it buy Annie, Ama, or me, but if you can't, and you feel we need it, do it. He have to spread responsibility." He nodded "I'll be in early for breakfast until we leave, if you need anything then tell me. Do you have fire extinguishers?" He nodded. Put them through the barn, and by the hay barn. We need people on around the clock. Have someone figure out how much of the we'll need. the vet if you need to. We need to know how much we can , or give away, because we're all in the same boat. It's not going to be easy. I'm going to talk with the kitchen about meals, and warm drinks for everyone. None of us will be getting a lot of sleep, but attention and make sure people take time." He nodded. "When the snow lets up have people scrap the fields by the wood line, not the ground, just the snow." He looked at me. "The deer need to eat. There are a lot. We may need to take more. Thanks Jakob." I walked to the kitchen and had a similar conversation with the staff and cooks.

"Where's the chef?"


"I'm sorry I don't this but what's your name?"


"Hi Emma, I'm Daniel. How long have you worked here?"

"Fifteen years."

"Congratulations, you're head cook, and in charge. Organize your staff because we'll be working around the clock for the foreseeable future, so there will be multiple meals. There is venison in the barn, and Annie stocked up on supplies. They should be here today." She nodded. "Fancy is not required, except maybe on the weekend so people have something to look forward to, just make good, hearty food. If you need anything ask one of us." She nodded as the girls walked in, all on their phones. I grabbed cups and coffee and poured. Taiiko got off first.

"Japan is fine. It's winter, but OK. I told them to prepare. They are buying hay and grain, and food like here. We have harsh winters so it'll be fine, but being prepared is always good. Thanks." She kissed me. "We're going to parents, and grandparents." I nodded as Sara got off the phone.

"Denver is getting slammed. Henry and Sabrina are going to the airport with Janey and Alison. Tina and Steph are considering going back to Nova Scotia to check on things." I nodded. "This thing hit hard, and fast, and came down from the north all over. Mags and Bet have been on the phone with Sam and Javier. They're fine but they've needed to run the generator you bought twice so far. I'm not sure about the houses, but they're well built. Sam is going to check on them. He used the company card and stocked up on things because he had a dream. They're fine. He bought a bunch of chicken for Bob who has been there for days....smart fox. He's taking care of him. It should be less bad there.

Annie hung up. "We are going through what we have because it's bad in town. The shelters are maxed out. I sent an email to all of our people. I called the hospital in Oslo and they said it wasn't bad yet but they were getting extra fuel and food just in case. The airport is still open but they're all leaving, soon....Ama too. She's going back to Iceland with Jake and Emily. You need to say goodbye." I nodded. "I called the farms around here and they are OK for now. I told them if they anything to call us and we'd help if we could."

"I told Jakob to figure out how much hay and grain we would need at this level of cold. He's going to talk with the vet." She nodded. "We might be like this until spring." Annie stared at me.

"We can't go to Denver." I shook my head

"I fired the chef, by the way."


"Emma is the new chef...head cook. I've already talked with her about things because we are twenty four, seven, for a while. The chef was sleeping while everyone else is awake.... that doesn't work." She nodded. " him to and I'll deal with him." She smiled and kissed .

"I need to contact the shelters and talk with Bethany before she leaves about the you got." I nodded as Taiiko and Chloe walked up.

"You're leaving." They nodded and hugged .

"Melinda and Deat are leaving for Scotland to stay at Tina's for a week before going home. We're all going back to Osaka, except Kana. She won't leave her dragon. Airi is needed at home." I nodded.

"I'm going with Ama, and the . Sara is staying with you. We need to split to help each other." I nodded. They went to pack. It was still snowing. Tina and Stephanie walked up.

"You are nothing, if not entertaining." Tina kissed me. "We're heading back to Halifax." I nodded. Steph said...

"We'll see you Quebec. The fluorite will be here today. I told him to find the richest purple. Good luck with your Siren." I kissed both of them, and said goodbye to half of my family...most everyone was leaving in one direction or another. I hated it, but it was necessary. I walked behind the barn, shifted, and ran into the woods.

The snow was deep. I approached the deer I had killed as Fenrir walked up. "Is this enough?" He nodded and said until after the storm breaks. I nodded as I shifted into the dragon and flew. There were too many deer for this bad of a winter, especially up here. I hunted and killed six more and dropped them away from the wolves and flew home. It was pristine, and glistened, it was so cold....so much for anything working out as planned.

"There you are, everyone left. I nodded. "You didn't want to say goodbye to them." I nodded" Annie hugged me. "It sucks being us right now, love, but we can't leave." I knew that but I still didn't like it. "I spoke with with the chef, and with Emma. The chef was annoying as ever. He's leaving at the end of the week. Emma is amazing!" I smiled and nodded. "You're like a human whisperer. She cooks just as well, but is totally unpretentious."

"She's been here a long time and everyone likes here. We need that now." Annie kissed me before walking off. Life had just gotten thrown on it's ear and my family was splintered, and I didn't like it one darn bit, but my responsibilities had grown, and everyone seemed to 'grok' that point. We were responsible for more than just our kin. I went to take a shower so I could start this again. I made it to the bedroom before I dropped.
take me part 460
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I got hit... a lot... because of how fast I landed, but I knew i could and I thought that maybe I was learning to fight. I wished Aisha was here. I was dealing with all of this on my own, but I'd take getting hit, because it wasn't the first time. I walked inside as everyone was sitting around the table. "Sweets, sit and look what you brought us.

"They were Spanish coins that I never seen before, and I liked gold coins. They looked at me because the value of that chest was immeasurable, but it wasn't ours. Sara looked at me, as did everyone else.

"These are excellent gifts because they are all the same." I nodded. "They won't know how to respond. It will buy us time with them so we can figure things out."

"Stephanie, do have a purple fluorite." She stared at me and got on her phone.

"What are you doing, Daniel, we have something to celebrate." I nodded as I waited for Steph.

"I can get you a rock, and the polished stoned. The rock is cheap.... the polished stone is $600, but I can get it for $400." I nodded.

"Do both." She nodded.

"They will be here tomorrow. What are you doing?"

'I'm trying to make an alliance." We looked at the coins until everyone got tired, and fell asleep. Ama and I were the only ones awake. I didn't sleep until I needed to.

"Are you OK with your , and grandchild, staying here. They aren't your blood, but they are yours as much as Chloe's." I stared at her because I hadn't thought about it.

"They can do what they want. They have have family everywhere they would want to go.

"You left all that gold."

'It wasn't mine, Ama. We took what we needed."

'It was yours, Danael. You could have had all of it." I looked at her

I have too much to do. May I leave?" Ama nodded. I walked to to the barn. I said hi to the animals.


"Jakob, I'm glad we met. Can you get more hay?"

He stared at me.... "Can you?"

"Yeah, probably...."

"Call, now."

"He's asleep, danael."


"Ok, how much?" I breathed.

"All of it." He looked at me.

"That bad?" I nodded. We had hay, and grain, en route. If I was wrong, I'd take the shit.

"I got a phone call, mister. You mind telling me why we are spending so much in hay, and grain?" I looked at Annie, as Sara, and Chloe walked up. I was SO getting hit. I looked at them, and nodded.

"Our past." They stared at me. "Our past, and our present are linked. It's the worst winter that anyone can remember. I don't understand everything, but I am trying to keep all of us alive. I think it will be a bad winter."

Annie stared at me, and got on the phone. She woke everyone up and by morning we had supplies coming for us, and the animals. It took three days for us to get everything, and the winter from hell hit. We had done the same in Iceland, and they were preparing in Denver, just in case.

Winter hit us like a freight train. I went out to the men in the trees,. The wind was so strong I could barely understand because it was Norwegian. I looked up and it was bad. It hit too fast. They were freezing.

"Strap those logs, and hold on." They looked at me.

"Do it." They climbed on and I ran. I made it the house and collapsed. It was too much weight with the men, and the snow. I opened my eyes and heard people talking, and laughing. I walked out. They stopped as I looked around. Chloe and Annie walked up.

"We're having grandkids, mister." I nodded as Annie hugged me. I fell asleep.

"You saved multiple men because the storm hit so fast. The bear brought them back, with the trees. We have people out cutting dead fall, but they are prepared. You slept for sixteen hours but you brought them home. They know what you can become, but they are alive" I looked at her because I didn't care. I was having a grandchild.

Annie listened to me and bought hay and grain before the price spike. She also bought supplies for us. It was an expensive month but the worst winter we ever had, hit. I opened my eyes.

Sara said,..... "You're alive." I sat up and smiled as everyone ran around me.

You're awake..... They all said the same, but I was looking to the west. Sara brought me milk
which I drank. I looked at them, smiled, went outside and ran. I ran north until I ran into Fenrir. I stopped and turned as Fenrir looked at me.

"This is a brutal winter, brother. I want you safe." He looked up. We all need meat, dragon. now. He howled and all his wolves went out to get whatever they could.

'I'm sorry for hitting you...."

"Save that until the spring, and keep us alive." I shifted and flew. The deer were plentiful here. I took the old, and sick for the pack. It was cold, and it wasn't going to get less cold. The wolves would gut them. They had enough. I kept hunting. There were a lot of deer, too many. I took ten and dropped them by the barn. I pushed to Annie but I kept hunting. There were too many deer for this winter. I took twenty more. I gave six to the wolves and dropped the rest by the barn, and I still didn't think it was enough, I landed and walked to the front of the barn. Annie stared at me like everyone else.

"is anyone a climber?" Hand's went up and I pointed. "Hunter's?" Hands went up, and I pointed. "The rest of you do what they say. They did what they knew and we were skinning and hanging deer. We had pigs, so they were happy. It hit so fast that we were taken of guard. I walked out after I showered.

How's the town?" They stared at me.

"How did you know?"

"It's a bad year in the past. How are people here?" We were a ways from Oslo. Annie looked me. We're going to get the bulk of the hay, and the grains, you bought. They'll be here tonight.

"it's not going to get better this winter." She nodded we spent the night loading hay, and grain, in the barn as people gutted and skinned deer. We finished with the hay as Kana finished with the last of the deer. She looked at me. I had never seen her this tired.

"We need to clean the hides, but there is meat for everyone.

"Can the hides wait?" She looked at me and nodded. "Go to sleep, love, and thank you" Airi walked up and took her, like the girls took me. Kana and I where warriors. It was hard for us to give up. Airi took Kana to bed. I looked around, and to the north. Fuck.
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take me part 459
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Everyone was looking at me askance, which they probably should been because things were changing faster than I could keep up with, but I was trying my best. I was just remembering the dinner with all of the people that were disaffected by Marinine, and how happy they were feel included, for the first time in their lives. still caught my breath and hurt my heart, but we were moving inclusion for all of our people, and I would deal rebut when came. I could deal with that easier than having these people alone, and away from their people.

Annie and I were responsible for overseeing, and guiding the clans, and groups. They all us so we could watch over the least of us. wasn't much, and no one likes a tax when you already a tax since we had lives, inside of lives, but we didn't benefit from it.... Marnine did. Annie and I had a lot of patch work do, but we were starting with these people, and Ingrid, and finding something take the clans. We could do what we wanted, alone, but would be division, and we had too much of that already. We all sat by the fire and chatted. We were going to be going to Denver soon. I kept pushing to on threats but weren't any, and all of them were beginning unwind. I wasn't, but I couldn't because they were my family and I knew with Deat, when let your guard down, you get bite in the ass.

"I need go, loves. I'll bring it back here and then Kana and Airi, and Anna, can go with me the island. Anna went crazy. Karina is wily so she she may something else..."

Chloe said, "You do know that she wants you, right?" They all nodded as I stared at them

'Jesus Christ Daniel.... She's a Siren. They collect things and you are the prize. Holy crap."

'She's right love, attention and come home us, but don't trust her. 's transactional with Siren's." I nodded and hugged everyone. I grabbed the Jade, which was in a leather bag, and flew the North Sea. I probably didn't need , but that was where I met her. I hovered, and pushed. I suspected that Sirens could shift distance like dragons. I wasn't sure about time but wasn't long until she was floating on the surface and showing me her breasts.

"Hi Karin."


"I'd like make a trade with you."

"REALLY?????" What do you ?

"First I'll tell you what I am looking for." She nodded.

"I want a chest from a Spanish ship, as large I can carry. I need give presents." She smiled, clapped and said OK. She reminded me of Marnine, at least now.

"Show me, show me, show me" I handed her the bag and she held , expectantly, and opened . "OH MY GOSH....... THIS IS AMAZING!!!!!!! They won't believe . Do you know what this is?" I nodded. "This is jade from China, and 's old...VERY old. You'd give me this for a chest of gold whatnot's?"

"And an alliance between you and I.... a friendship." She was rubbing the jade, which was stunning, and I'm sure meant a lot Ama. "Go on Dragon."

"We may be able trade things because my family safeguards ancient things , and you a lot of ancient things." She smiled and dove. She returned with a ruby necklace.

"Like this?" She smiled. I nodded. "It's a gift. Tell me why you want a whole trunk?" I told her as she rapt attention. "They value these things. I nodded. "And you, Dragon?" I was silent.

"I see the value, but I choose work instead. I am trying bring different people together, and this will help, and we can save lost things." She looked at me intently.

"I will trade with Danael, for the jade. I know a chest you would like and will take you to it. It's yours because NO has jade like this. You treat me like a princess, but I want something purple for the necklace."

"Deal, Karin." She clapped.

"Follow me dragon and keep up, it's a long way." It was a long way, and deep, but was a large chest. "'s a fair trade dragon, but you owe me something purple. Thank you for the jade. I LOVE ." She swam off as I grabbed the chest and swam the surface. I flew home holding the necklace, and the chest, knowing that I was going be involved with Karin for a long time. I landed after midnight, but everyone was awake, and walked outside as I set the chest down and dropped the necklace.

Ama looked me, and smiled, as I shifted. Emily picked up the ruby necklace. "What's this?"

"It's a gift for your ." Utter silence. Everyone stared at me.

"You know?" I nodded.

"I'm not sure how, but could feel the spark. I just find a purple stone for a Siren. Congratulations." I was cast aside, along with the chest, and Deat.

"You curious?' I nodded. A pen could opened the lock. The girls were going crazy, which they should because what Emily was carrying in her womb, was the true treasure of this family, and we knew . We just needed this in the meantime. Deat the lock and we opened as Jake walked up. Guys.

"Da'...we're rich?"

"This isn't ours, , that necklace is yours. This is Ama's. was her jade." The girls all started walk up and touch the gold, and gems, inside.

"Take nine coins, and then take the trunk to island, Danael, and bring back champagne." I smiled, and nodded. We took nine coins, none us were enthralled by wealth. Everyone was more focused on Emily and Jacob. I walked outside followed by Kann, Airia, Anna...and her mom

"You want to be a dragon rider?" She nodded. " means you be smart and know languages, and math, and science...and astronomy... so means you need do really well in school." She looked at me and nodded. " Ok, you'll sit in between Kana and Airi and we'll fly." They climbed on and I flew the island. We landed and I shifted. I opened the door and we took the chest into Gaia. Kana found champagne, and we walked back up.

" is so much down , Danael." I nodded.

"Our family keeps these things when they find them. is SO much they could save, but they did what they could.

"Why is in a cave?"

"Humans covet things. They will stay safe here for a very long time." "I locked the door and Kana tied the champagne on me.... the corks would pop. "Hold onto her." The smiled, and nodded as they climbed on my back. I shot straight up as they all screamed. I was getting stronger. I flew to the point were they could barely breathe, and hovered. We looked down at a planet that so divided, our clans were so divided, that I wasn't sure we could fix .... but was beautiful. I dropped, and they screamed. I could hear Kana.

"You're going too fast. and we Anna." I didn't slow.



I pulled back my energy, and put my wings out. I shifted and each of them me, hard. At least they knew what a dragon rider involved. I was shifting faster than I could keep up with, but I was trying. We walked in side as Chloe ran up me.

"They're having a ." She didn't care that they weren't married, and Jake was technically in high school. We had shifted into a new realm. "You knew?" I nodded and told her yesterday.. "The necklace is stunning." Thank Karin.

"Chloe, that necklace is priceless. Seriously. Let them at , but take away and keep safe." She smiled and nodded. "We're going , and a grandchild." She smiled, and nodded."
take me part 458
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I opened my eyes and everyone was looking at me as I pushed myself on my knees and shook my head. was like the worst hangover of my life. "What happened?" Sara and Annie knelt next me.

"You don't remember?" They looked at each other.

"I remember meeting with people, and having the chef berate me," which made them smile, "and then I ran and Fenrir and I tussled, and I lost...and Iceland... and chopping wood, and I think Joseph was , but 's like a dream. When is the dinner?" They looked at me, worried, as I stood.

"The dinner was two days ago and was a success. You don't remember?" I shook my head. Melinda, Chloe, and Janey handled most of but we were all , even you." I looked at her. "We're going work on the best way bring these people back into clans, if they want, or we're going to create a new clan for them and give them equal representation. The others won't like , and won't know about until after we meet all of them, and you infatuate the women, but 's not much they can do."

"What day is ?"

"'s Wednesday, love. Focus." I was in a swirl and memories would come back as they passed by. was very confusing.

"You, Melinda, Chloe and Janey brought our people back. will be some won't like , but they won't like a lot of things," Annie said. "We'll deal with our mistakes first and then move forward from ." I nodded. "Erasmus is situated, and watched over even though it's not an issue, and both Ingrid and Roan are happy because Ingrid is happy. The surgeon said that he is fairly certain that she will regain a good portion of the use of her arm, but it will take at least a year of rehab." I was coming back from the fog.

"Does she need stay after her surgery?"

" three weeks, why?"

"Is Bethany here?"

"I am, you goofball."

"Do we own those buildings?"

"She looked at everyone." I was probably freaking everyone out but things were merging together. wasn't easy learning be a dragon.

"We do, Daniel"

"Is a space above the new restaurant on the corner." She nodded. "Is large enough house three people?" "Good. needs be remodeled as one of the first.' She stared at me and nodded. I was back. "Annie, we need find a physical therapist around here because once Ingrid is mobile, she is coming back here and they can all live above the restaurant. Roan will learn how chop and peel, and do dishes. Ras can help us with the alleys, and your can learn be a . 's not Ama's responsibility deal with it.


"I'm here." I smiled and told her thanks.

"Do you want a job? The goes for both of you..Chloe and Janey. They/you've been disconnected for a long time." Annie walked up and hugged me.

"He's right, on all of this. Melinda, you and Bethany are first up. Janey and Alison are going back Denver help Henry. Chloe has things do as well. "We'll give you all the support we need and Chloe can help when we get back. Ask for whatever you need, both of you. Getting them back here makes sense, and my needs deal with her inaction."

"I'm sorry that I am...scattered... but time is a complicated thing." My memories were starting come back but I still had a lot of balls in the air, but I also had a lot good women helping me, us. We might just make this work. We went in for dinner, just us. Soup and bread, which I was grateful for.

"I need leave after dinner, and chatting. I need speak with Karina." Spoons stopped mid-stride. Sara said,

"The Siren?" I nodded as I ate because the soup was great.

"We need to offer something special to the clans, and she special things...and because the dragon likes to swim." Everyone but Jake got up and me, hard, but he shook his head, smiling.

"You just like her."

"I do like her, but not in that way...in the way I like the wolves in the past, and Fenrir, and his pack here. She likes unusual stones above the ocean and she has access to amazing things below the ocean, but I can be invited. I need find some Jade."

"No you don't dragon, and you are wise in this course of action regardless what anyone says. I'll be back." Ama walked out of the kitchen. "Yoshi gave this me a very long time ut what you are attempting do is more important." Everyone looked at each. "Karina will covet this as soon as she sees , but you ask for what you want first. They like shiny things, but they like new things better. You can carry a lot, dragon. Get the oldest chest you can find." I nodded. I looked at Kana and Airi and shook my head as we went back eating.
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I opened my eye and I knew all of , because I remembered all of . I remembered Nova Scotia, and my mom's family. I remembered Scotland and my dad's family. I remembered everything in between as I stood and wiped my eyes with the song playing in my ears. Melinda and Chloe looked at me.

"Give them everything you would give a king.They deserve it. the kitchen make special dessert, and use the wine." I looked up. "I'll be back before dinner." I was hurt, and angry, as I walked behind the barn, shifted, and ran into the woods. I needed to think, so I ran north because weren't as many people . I could feel someone following me, so I ran faster. He caught me as I stopped and swiped, hard. pissed Fenrir off and he ran. I growled, and braced, but I went tumbling. I shook, growled, and walked backed....quite a long way.

Fenrir looked at me."Stop brother, we mean each other no harm. Grief does strange things." I looked at him and lied down. He walked up and nuzzled me. "Good, brother, I mean you know harm... and you hard." I woke in the cave, in Iceland, with a fox looking at me.


'Don't try and fight Fenrir, you aren't strong enough. He sent you here heal. He considers you a friend, embrace THAT!" I nodded as I tried sit up.

"Did I hurt hurt him at all." She smiled.

You sent him tumbling a long way. The reason you are sore is because he ran from where he was, and you weren't paying attention. He you hard because he was mad. You went farther. He's your brother. Go back sleep so I can heal you, and don't do this again." I nodded and went black. I woke in the past.... holy crap.

I was in bed with all of them. I looked around. I was where I thought I was. They slept like Annie, Chloe, and Taiiko, did. I went into the kitchen and set a fire in the hearth for the stove, and the fireplace. We needed both because it was cold. I washed my mouth out and brushed with ash as I grabbed my coat and gloves.

I walked behind the house and shifted my vision and I started chopping, and slicing wood. I chopped for a long while and my ability to use the expanded sense was getting better. "You aren't subtle."

"You are becoming stronger so I was uncertain how to respond." I stopped chopping.

"You are my friends. You will be my friends. YOU are my friend. We are that so don't worry if I other things on my mind." Is your pack OK?

"We are fine. Did you really fight Fenrir?"

"Do you need more meat?" I didn't want discuss that.

"No, we plenty. We'll keep watching over your women, but whatever you said put fear into them. They are very respectful, even though they don't want to be. We'll keep them safe but you seemed to done that."

I looked up and was still an hour until dawn. "Let's walk." He nodded. "You really fought Fenrir?"

"No, I was angry and I him, and he back. I was asleep for two days." He smiled. Our pack is happy that you are OK.." I nodded.

"Is he as big as they say?" I looked at wolf.

"Bigger, but was a mistake.

"You didn't die?" I laughed. I would if I wasn't shifted. We are fencing in this land keep animals in, and we will dogs keep the sheep and goats safe, not from your pack because we are friends, but will be others, and the coyotes." He nodded. "I'll figure a way for you come the house so we can talk when we need ." He nodded

"I need chop wood." He nodded and walked away as I walked back keep chopping. The sun was coming up when they came and got me but I wasn't in the past. What the ? Sara and Annie looked at each other, as did Chloe and Janey.

"Danael, what are you doing?" I looked at them

"This is odd........." Joseph walked in.

'You're focusing on where are. Focus on where you want be.....either here, or ... you need be specific, and went black.

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