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Posted:Feb 21, 2022 7:25 pm
Last Updated:May 23, 2022 5:10 am

We all laughed as the girls, and danced like we use to. Jake and Emily ran out back, jumped off the deck, and dancing as Bob came out and watched. Our would love music, that was a given and that was when Green River stopped. We all looked at each other as Uncle Billy walked outside. "It's time for some real music. Drop it." Ellen put the needle down on Bob Dylan's "Rolling Stone," and the night went from there with a battle over my parents records. I could care less because I loved all of them and my family was here, and we were happy. I went inside to eat and there were pieces left, both corners which I was thankful. I went out and sat back down as Jake, Emily, and Annika sat down and grabbed the pizza out of my hand, smiled, and stared eating.

"Jesus Christ, what is wrong with you? Drop them. Crap. Haagerstadt keeps you locked with no food?" They smiled and nodded. "It's all gone?"' They nodded. "God almighty, order one more pizza like the last, and a large lasagna, get bread sticks and sauce, BUT bring the pizza to me. Understand?" They laughed and walked out front as Jake called Frank. "Did the girls eat like locusts?" He was silent as they all sat down, staring at us. He nodded and they all punched me.

"Why are you hitting me?"

"You asked, mister." They all laughed, which was like music to me. I needed way more time than I had, but it was a start and it started to snow again but we put more wood on brought out blankets. It was around , when Jake and Emily came back and left the lasagna on the counter with the bread sticks and sauce and brought the pizza out and handed it to me.

"What?" They all looked at me. "Oh Jesus Christ..." I took a corner and handed over the box as the girls fought Jake and Emily for the other corners. "You are worse than elves. I got to get some lasagna and to put Charley Crockett on.... and there was nothing left. I yelled if they had licked the pan. Everyone out front laughed. I put the record on and shook my head as I walked out back to a bunch of chipmunks with full cheeks. I shook my head but smiled. It was a good night for Frank and it was a good night for me, too.

"Get , Jake." He laughed as I sat down and he sat on me. "I'm well prepared for elves." I hugged him because I missed him and Emily sat on him, as I grunted, and that was when sat on top, and everyone laughed, except me so I started tickling. "You people are idiots.... and you eat too much." They jumped and laughed even louder as they went out front. We had been gone for longer than we ever had in their lives, and everyone was reconnecting, except me. I kept looking East. I did my best because I cared about these people, my family, but I could fell myself becoming more dragon than me. I looked as Henry said something.

"I'm sorry Henry, I was distracted. It's been a long day. What did you say?" Sara stared at Aisha as Henry told me about the new Henry's, and how we were already selling food for pick- and to go, and people loved it. I said why wouldn't they. I missed being in the kitchen with him, I missed all of it and i interrupted him in mid-sentence.

I got quiet and looked at Bob, and remembered everything and I had to do in order to build Bob's den. "Do you remember the first time we met, Henry?" Silence and that spread as EVERYONE walked out back. He looked at me and smiled.

"I remember because I handed you a broom and you didn't do a bad job cleaning the floor." I smiled as Sara hugged me as Chloe and Janey walked . I remember that you took your time eating my pancakes that first time, and I remember how you looked at my Sara. You've never stopped that, you just expanded it." Everyone laughed. "Why?"

I miss those days when you told me to chop vegetables, and we'd be here, like now, and play music I miss that." Everyone was silent.

"Things change, , but I understand. I still walk out the back door to go to work and Chloe and Janey's mom, and Sara's mom and dad. Life changes even if we don't want it to." I nodded as the song the Dragonborn Comes came on. I stood and waked to the fence and jumped over. Everyone looked around.

"It's OK dad. It was nothing to with you. He just has a lot to think about. Let's enjoy the rest of the evening and have fun." They shifted the song as Sara looked at Aisha and shifted to the bear and walked into the snow.
take me part 643...unedited
Posted:Feb 21, 2022 5:32 pm
Last Updated:May 23, 2022 5:10 am

I looked around and pushed to Hammish and Ilsa's and they were happy with a packed house full of elves....go figure. It made my heart happy after the loses we had gone through. I still had so many things to do and Aafjer and I needed to check the house by the ocean, and then Dreka. I made sure the cave was secure and shifted to Denver and landed on the roof. "FUCK!" I looked around so I could get off of it without anyone knowing, but nothing would hold me. "Crap." Bob was staring at me as Sara and Taiiko outside, laughing.

"Why are you on the roof, love?" The smirked.

"That's funny."

"You could just open the mist because you're better at that, mostly," They laughed until I turned into the dragon, and frosted both of them as I landed and stared at Bob, who went back into his den. "I can't believe you did that to your pregnant wives!" They laughed as I walked inside to take a shower. I rummaged through the dresser and found clean clothes as I poured some wine, walked into the bathroom, and locked the door. Blessed peace. I soaked under a warm shower, thinking about everything. I turned off the water, wiped my face and opened the door to all of them standing there.

"How did you get in here? Hand me a towel, please." They laughed as Annie held a paper clip. "Jesus Christ, you are worse than the elves. Go enjoy our family and I'll be there in a few minutes." They laughed and walked out. What the fuck was I thinking. Aisha smiled. "I blame you because you should watch my back." I got dress as she watched.

"What? It's been a long time. You actually landed on the roof?"

"Don't start." She laughed as we walked out. "I've barely figured out the mist, let alone shifting and Aerin wants to teach me how they move through time." She stared at me. "I know, right, what could possibly happen with that?"

"You know she's smitten with you, right?" I stared at her. "Shut , and don't start with me. Is there any pizza left?"

"I'm serious, Danael. She fancy's you, and she is a Princess...of the Elves. You are going to have to deal with that." I shook my head.

"I have enough to deal with now, and I'm , I don't need new problems." We walked into the kitchen and I opened empty boxes, except for crust. "Who doesn't eat the crust?" Chloe, Tina, and Stephanie walked in. I looked at Chloe. "Can you please call Italian Frank and order a Sicilian with sausage and jalapeno's, and extra sauce on the side, and whatever else because the locusts devoured these." They laughed. "Who doesn't like crust?" Chloe kissed me and went out front to find Jake and Emily. I hadn't seen everyone yet, but I could feel them and it was like it had always been. mostly.

"Thank you for you and Aisha did. We have decided to out the house, Daniel." I stared at them. "Hear us out, please." I nodded as I bowed my head. "Those men won't be back and if others come back then our friends will tell us, and we'll tell you and Aisha. Besides, I've been wanting to remdel the carriage house, but haven't since I was living there. If we lease the main house then I can redo it and we'll a place for all of us to visit. I miss my family, and I want to see all of our other homes." I couldn't fault her for that, and nodded. "If they come back, then we'll come back." I smiled.

"I'm going to talk with with Uncle Billy, and Ellen...."

"They already have, big , and Ellen and I have already talked about it and we are going back to help. We're both curious and I am very curious about forges. We are going to pack...thanks for the pizza, by the way." I nodded. Sara and Taiiko are taking us back later, which is earlier the next day..right?" I shrugged. "We'll be fine." I smiled because they had no fucking clue but I said thanks, and hugged them. They went to pack.

"They have no idea, do they?" I shook my head and walked out front as I was bombarded by munchkins, and Jake, Emily, and Anna.

"Who ate all of the pizza?" They stared at me, waiting, as I handed Jake my wallet and turned into the Tickle Monster. They all went screaming out the front, snow and all, as I chased them around our parking lot. They kept telling me to stop but I wouldn't until Janey and Alison stood in front of me and commanded me to stop, and to leave, as I fell into the snow. All of the girls walked and looked me as I opened my eyes.

"What happened? Why am I in the snow?"

"You were the tickle monster again."

"No I wasn't, that's insane. There is no such thing."

"Unh unuuhhh, ask Janey and Alison because they stopped you." I looked at them and they nodded, trying not to smile.

"I still don't believe it but help me ." They all helped me, hugged me and said they were glad I wasn't the tickle monster any more, and ran off. I smiled and shook my head as I went to say hi to Henry and Sabrina. I walked to them both smiling

"Welcome home, . We've missed you...all of you. We have a lot to show you, and things to discuss." I nodded and hugged Henry, and Sabrina, and told her I was looking forward to seeing the warehouse, and the center.

"Shouldn't you be in Norway?" She smiled and punched me. as Henry laughed.

"I do the drawings, not the actual work, but we were there." I smiled and nodded. "It's going to be impressive because of the buildings, and location. Very few will see the inside, like the warehouse, but they will see our shopping center." I smiled, and nodded.

"When is the big day?" She looked at Henry.

"I meant 'we' as all of us... SHIT." Henry and I laughed.

"I knew what you meant Bri, but when?"

"Summer, early fall, we want to finish everything. There's a lot going on." I nodded. "Keep this to yourself." I ticked the lock and nodded. I pointed to the back yard.

"Let's build a fire and freeze while we get warm and you can fill me in on things because I won't be able to stay very long, which I hate. They nodded as we grabbed Prosecco out of the fridge and went out back. "At least their priorities are right," as I opened the bottle and poured, "and they made new chairs." It took about minutes for and Maggie, and Bet and Javier, to come out with more bottles, and glasses. Uncle Billy had multiple albums ready to drop and we listened the music Jake and Emily hated but Green River came on and all of the girls came running out back and danced in the snow as we all watched, smiling.... including Bob.
take me part 642...edited, and updated, again
Posted:Feb 20, 2022 10:06 pm
Last Updated:Feb 23, 2022 12:02 pm

It was snowing, heavily, as it can in Colorado during the early spring. It's when we get our worst snows. I looked up and to the east as I bowed my head as Aisha, Sara, and Chloe walked toward me. I looked at them.

"Everyone is here, except Janey and Alison and they are coming. We can take care of ourselves, but we will all go to Japan when you end this. We'll let them know. It's not going to end until you end it, Danael." Bob stared at us from his den as I looked at them and nodded.

"Dreka can wait a little longer because I want to spend time with my family and I haven't seen Henry or Deats yet...or the Franks, and I have a couple of days before Hammish and Ilsa leave, and the elves show up, and I still need talk with Billy and Ellen, and Javier's people." They all stared at me.

"Elves?" I filled them in and they nodded.

"Aisha and I have things to do now but we'll be back soon. Thank you for not fighting about going to Japan. It's the safest place for all of you to be, and the best." They nodded. "I need a hundred dollars in pennies." They looked me as if I had lost my mind, but they had been doing that a lot lately. I told them why and they smiled, and said they'd go to the bank tomorrow. We hugged and Aisha and I said bye to Bob. Aisha said Dragon and I shifted as she put the harness on as they watched. She put her weapons in it, and the bottles for Pytor, and hugged them all as I chafed because we needed to leave. There was a lot to do.

They walked up and kissed me as she climbed on and said fly, and I did, as they all looked at each other, fretfully, before going back out front. "Where are you going? Dragon...Danael!!! WHAT are you doing?" I landed at the cave as Aisha took the harness off. "Do you have ANY idea what a pain in the ass this is...of course not." She unbuckled the last strap and I shifted and opened the door as Pytor walked up from the dock, smiling. I waved.

"The bottles of Armagnac are for him, give me your sword." She stared at me as if I had lost my mind. "Jesus Christ." I grabbed the bottles and walked to him. I will be bringing things here, a lot of things. I will deal with them, and make sure it's secure, but you can't be here." He looked at me, and then east. I nodded. "I'll bring you more venison soon." He nodded and thanked me for the bottles. "Enjoy them, but not all at once." We both laughed. Fuck! The people on the outer rings always got left out. I pushed to Sara as I looked at Aisha staring at me. Sara nodded.

"Give me your sword." She glared, but gave it to me. "Follow me, but don't take anything. I'm serious." We walked into the caves and she looked at things that were...

"Daniel, these things belong in a museum. How are they here?" I told her I wasn't quite sure.

"You can touch, but don't take. If you take then not even I will be able to get you out of here." She swallowed, hard, and nodded. "You can look, just don't take anything even though itt's tempting. Did I mention not take ANYTHING."She nodded as I kept walking and Aisha looked around. I wasn't exactly sure what I was looking for but I knew it was some place at the back of the caves, and I needed to find it.

"Danael." DANAEL!"


"Do you know what these are?" I looked at them.

"Sketches. I need to find something."

"These are from DaVinci. Danael. Holy shit, Danael!"


"Is that?"

"Yes, we have kept things safe for a long time. You are welcome to look, just don't take anything. I'll be back." She stared at me and looked around. She was like all of us, more interested in preserving than owning, but she still touched everything because few people had ever seen these, let alone touched them. She looked around, and sort of followed me. I knew what I wanted, but I didn't know exactly where it was. I went to the end of the caves and looked around because it was empty. I could hear Aisha calling for me. I yelled as I looked around wondering how they made a domed room out of rock.

"That was the most unbelievable thing I have ever seen.... DANAEL!!!! We need to leave this place. NOW!" She was trying to drag me out as I looked around and nodded, but said no.

"What I need is here." Aisha looked at me, terrified.

"Danael, this is a burial chamber. There are Runes all over these walls, and ceiling, and all of them will gain you access to something we don't want to know about.. We need to give thanks, and leave." I nodded as I looked around, shifted, and froze the stone so the runes were visible. Aisha looked around and said, "Wow." I shifted back walked around looking at the runes, thinking. There were too many for what I was looking for and I started to get glimpses of the ancient past as I fell. Aisha helped me stand.

I looked at her and smiled. "This isn't a tomb. It's a vault and the runes are the combinations to take you certain to things that were too valuable for the cave." I closed my eyes and pushed and opened them a long time in the past, alone, as I placed a sword, and shield here. I was hurt, but not badly enough to lock them inside. I looked down and knelt as I touched the ground where I died saving other things I needed to protect. I looked at Aisha who was crying because things were coming back to me. I looked at the runes and it took no effort for me to choose what I wanted. The weight on me was all of the other things hidden here that I couldn't recall. I touched the Runes, and waited, as Gaia opened that vault. I exhaled as I walked in and traded Aisha's sword for the sword and shield in the vault and waited, nothing until I walked out and then it closed. Aisha was crying on her knees. She looked at me and stood as she grabbed her sword, and took her shield and looked at me then walked out. I wished I knew what she did, in that moment. I shifted and heated the room to hide the Runes and followed her.

Aisha was waiting outside, rocking with her sword and shield as I closed the caves. Pytor was gone and dusk was approaching. "Why are you rocking?"

"We are going to war and only one of us will come back, which means you'll die again. You are remembering a great many things that you don't fully understand yet I have flown with two dragons. One died, and the other is remembering." She cried and walked off as I remembered the battle that killed her dragon, me, during the great war. We had lost everything and any semblance of reason in the world was gone, but we still fought even in though it was in vain. I fought Dreka, and he tried to kill Aisha, which we never did. I sent her to Tibet as we attacked each other, and I was gone but Aisha was a live.... a dragon protects his rider, period. I looked at Aisha and she lowered her head as I walked to her.

"You." She nodded.

"You died saving me, and our people. I spent my lives bringing them back and he's hated you ever since." I stared at her and saw Sofi in her image, and Geral.... and.


I screamed as she cried while looking at me. "She left, with your , to go to the protection of the monastery of our clan. They wouldn't even let Sara and and Chloe in." There is so much more that must come to you, Danael, that I can't simply tell you. I nodded as I exhaled. My head spun as she bound me in the harness, again, and climbed on as we flew, and I thought. I flew east, fast. "What are doing?" I dove into what was Dreka's cave. There was water that came up from Gaia so I called Karin and Elisabeth and waited as Aisha stared at me and we walked around. I could feel Dreka raging, but he was bound, by me, which made him even madder.

"What are doing?" I smiled...."PsyOps," as Karin popped her head out of the water and Elisabeth climbed out, naked, to look around. "Jesus. I need your help and I'm trusting you both. You can't tell the elves, or anyone. Promise?" They nodded. "See those eggs?" They nodded. "I needed you to hide all nin e of those in different places.... places that are safe and that only you know about." They stared at me.

"This is very important?" Lisbet looked at Karin, and me.

"Very important, loves." The flurry as they snatched their eggs, and dove, was amazing. Aisha looked at me and said we still had eighteen more as Joseph and Ama walked in, followed by Aerin. I was curious how his would go, and if I would have to intervene. There was bad blood here, and it could be felt as I walked into the mix and they glared at each other, and I slapped all of them.

"ENOUGH!" They stared at me because they were more powerful than I was, but I had things to do, and then Sara walked in and stood next Aisha and I. They all nodded, begrudgingly, but did what I asked. "You each get three... They all started to protest as I roared. "ENOUGH!!!!" I'll keep the rest safe." They stared at me. "There is nothing else to be said." They stared at us because the three of us were powerful, even If I was just remembering it. "Hide the eggs until it's time, and let the past go for goodness sake. I freed the Elves for a reason." They looked me and then each other, and nodded and they were gone. with their eggs

Sara and Aisha smiled as they took the eggs to our caves in the Himalaya's...no one but us would know where they were. Karin and Lisbet hid their eggs better than their most special things. Ama and Joseph hid theirs, deep in the cave, and Aerin took her three back to her land. I was alone, again, but I could feel Dreka raging because it reverberated off the walls. "It's going to get worse, brother, but you are going to have wait. I will come for you." I was remembering almost more than I could process. I focused on everything else in these caves and sent them to the cave on the island, and then shifted there, which was far easier than I imagined. I opened the door and start carrying everything down. I was almost finished when Sara and Aisha walked out of the mist.

"Done?" They nodded, and smiled. "You forgot those, love." Aisha smiled.

"You brought all of this here by yourself, Daniel?" I smiled at Sara and nodded. "I knew I fancied you for reason. Come home when your finished and enjoy your family. I have left both Pyotr, and Hammish, gifts." I kissed her, and said thanks, as Sara opened the mist. Aisha picked up her sword and shield, smiled, and they walked back to Denver as I finished taking the rest of the things Dreka coveted to a place he'd never be able to access. I looked around, smiled, and shifted to Denver to be with my family.
take me part 641....edited
Posted:Feb 20, 2022 7:00 pm
Last Updated:Feb 21, 2022 10:56 am

I walked out of the mist, which I was getting better at but I still didn't trust myself to open it inside. I walked toward Ilsa and Hammish's as the door flew and there were eleven elves running at me, screaming, as I braced myself. Ilsa laughed as Hammish walked out of the barn shaking his head. They pounced on me and we toppled over each other as they all laughed. "What is wrong with you?" They laughed as they hugged me. "I love you too but I'm getting to old to be tackled every time you see me, goofballs. Go inside with Ilsa and I'll be in soon. I need to talk with Hammish." They finished hugging, smiled, and walked inside as I shook my head. Aafjer walked up and hugged me deeply.

"I miss him too, love." I was quiet, thinking. "Go inside, love, and help Ilsa. I need to speak with Hammish." She nodded and hugged me as I pushed to Aerin. I walked into the barn. "I'm bringing people here to help us, all of us in the valley, because we need it." He looked at me and nodded. These are people who know their skill and want to be here. I am getting the girls squared away, even though they don't know it yet, and shoring up every place else. He nodded because he could feel the threat, as could the wolves as evidenced by Wolf walking into the barn, even though they didn't know what it was. The reason I was looking to go north and west was because where we were was never going to peaceful, but nowhere was during that time.

"The stone masons backed out, well, most of them. The lead and a small crew will honor their word, but they want more." I nodded and asked if they had access to stone. He said yes.

"I should be back in day, or so, but when are you planning on leaving?" There's a storm coming in a day, or two, so after that. Snow will be easier than mud." I nodded. "There are few other things we need, and we have to get the clothes for the elves. I'll tell them we'll pay them more but we want first access to the stones." I nodded and said good. "We have don't much silver left, Danael.
We have enough for us to get the horses over the mountains and come back but we gave a lot of it away." He looked worried as I patted him on the back.

"I'll bring more soon, and copper. We'll have what we need Hammish, ease your mind." He nodded as I petted Wolf and that's when Aerin walked into the barn. Wolf lied down as Hammish and I looked at him. She walked up, kissed me, nad touched Wolf telling him to stand.

" You are too proud to lie before anyone, Wolf." He yipped. "Danael, who is this large man?"

"Hammish." He stared at me, unsure what to do and I didn't know because she was a Princess. The Elves came out and walked to the barn in awe as Ilsa followed. I glanced at her as the Elves were mesmerized by Aerin. She was pretty impressive.

"Hammish. It is a good name, sir. Thank you for caring for my kin as they decide where to be. They chose wisely." She kissed him on the lips and turned. "Ilsa, please... she extended her hand. I am Aerin and these are my kin that you are caring for, and by the looks of it you are doing a marvelous job because young Elves aren't easy. I can't imagine what it's like for young elves that spent most of their lives as sirens. Thank you."

"They can be a handful, Aerin, to be sure, but they have endeared themselves to all of us with their curiosity, love, and helpfulness. They can be a handful though." Aerin laughed, and nodded as she hugged her and walked to Aafjer, who knelt before her. "Never kneel before me, or anyone, Aafjer. She stood and looked at Aerin. "Better. I am sorry for the loss of your dear friend Elfher. It's part of why I am here." She motioned for Hammish, Wolf, and I as we walked . "You are a motley crew," as Ilsa chuckled, and nodded. "But you are strong, and care deeply for your people, and each other, and this valley, and welcomed my elves into your lives, and hearts. It is astounding to my people, and we thank you." She bowed to us, which made the elves gasp. "I need to borrow these young ones, including Aafje. They need to see something. Would you allow that? They are more your family than mine." We looked at each other and they all looked at me.

"I freed them for a reason, Aerin. You are speaking to the wrong people." She smiled and nodded and began to speak Elfish as we watched them remember. I couldn't understand most of it, but enough to know it involved Elfher. They looked at us, but nodded. Aafje walked up. Some of us will come back but we all have to do this." I nodded as she hugged us, they all hugged us. Aerin smiled and they were gone so they could lay to rest their brother, and meet their family. Ilsa cried as she walked back inside with Hammish following because we were all upset, even Wolf.

"We liked the elves. It will be sad for the oung wolves tomorrow, and this valley." I nodded as he butted me and walked away. Sadness seemed to be following all of us. I made sure the animals had what they needed and closed the barn as I walked to the house. I knew Ilsa was distraught and that was when something other than the mist opened and the elves walked out behind Aafjer. They were all there, smiling, but more followed....a lot more, as they looked around, put their gear down and looked up as the wolves walked out of the woods. They looked at each other, smiled, and ran together as Aerin walked out and stared at me, smiling.

I smiled and said, "Aafjer, go get your Ma' and Da' because their hearts' hurt." She nodded and ran to the door, and knocked. It was what you would expect as I smiled at Aerin.

"You are corrupting my elves, mister."

"Technically, I've been corrupting Sirens, which I am OK with because there is a lot treasure in the ocean that should be saved." She laughed and said that was a fair point.

"We work time differently and I will teach you how in thanks for freeing my kin. We are like you in that our heart aches when we are isolated from our people, so I understand the ache you forcall of them, Danael." I nodded. "We are sending craftspeople to join yours to rebuild but these wanted to explore because your elves, and I mean that because they adore you, all of you, spoke quite convincingly about this place. The craftspeople will be here within the week." I nodded and told thank you because we could use the help. She smiled and nodded. "This valley is more important than you know at the moment. You have done this before, and you are doing it in the future. It's why trees like you, and wolves," as she petted Wolf. "You are doing fine, Dragon." I looked up because Sara had just left Norway and I needed to go, but I smiled and stayed.

"Thank you. I have a question." She smiled and nodded. "Why are the Elves meeting with Dwarves?" She stared at me, smiled, and kissed me as she said her father would tell me. "I'll tell them you needed to leave." She smirked, put her hand on my chest, and pushed me backed to Denver. I rolled out of whatever it was in the backyard and into the fence with my legs in the air.

"Fuck!" I rolled over and Bob was looking at me. "Thanks." I pushed myself up but no one noticed. "Nice!" I walked toward the music out front wondering about ... everything.
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take me part 640...edited(?) This site hates certain words. It's weird.
Posted:Feb 20, 2022 3:41 pm
Last Updated:Apr 11, 2022 1:28 pm

This was my home, and business, but I was a stranger to it now. I wanted to leap the fence as the bear and run but I didn't, instead I went and hugged my family as smiled and handed me a beer. Sara, Irina, and Malinka played with Bob, who was in heaven, but I think Sara was pretty close to it as well because she had missed him, immensely. Everyone around the fire pit stared at me when Uncle Billy finally asked, "you mind telling us how y'all did that with the mist?" I smiled and told him it would take a lot more beer." We chatted as we regained our rhythm and Sara brought Irina and Malinka over for proper introductions. They could understand everyone but none of the people in Denver could understand them so Sara, Chloe and the interpreted until whatever Gaia had given me spread to everyone. The big focus was on clothes and Ellen said that she things that would fit until they went shopping. Jake, Emily, and Annika were playing with Bob, who almost overcome by joy as women brought and Maggie's, and Bet and Javier's from school. They saw us and screamed as they ran at all of us, taking turns, before heading to Bob and the , and we were back in the groove. Chloe went inside and stole a computer to get us rooms because all of the houses were being used. It was funny because this our home but we had no where to sleep. The guys and I went to the shop, which was now 's shop. We sat, smiling at each other, as we looked out the overhead door at snow falling as we drank beer in silence, just reveling in the moment.

Chloe came out and sat on my lap and grabbed my beer, like she always had, and finished the rest then burped. "Whose Suburban is that? Miguel, of the new workers we didn't know yet, raised his hand and introduced himself. "I'm Chloe, this is Daniel...welcome to the family. I need your keys." He stared at her, and then everyone else because he was unsure what to. "Now, Miguel, I need to get my dad and I'm taking a crowd as they all walked out." and Javier laughed as they both told him in Spanish to give her the keys. He tossed them to her as she said thanks and got off my lap. "You have a family, Miguel?" He nodded. "Call them and have them come over, or take another vehicle and get them. We going to have a party. I'll be back soon." He nodded and stared at all of us she shuttled Sara, Irina, Malinka, Klaara, and the to the truck and headed to Henry's to surprise them.

"Be thankful you aren't married to her, Miguel." , Javier, and Unc laughed and started showing me around as threw him the keys to the truck. Uncle Billy asked,

"You staying long?" I looked at them and shook my head. "Chloe told us what happened and we're all heart broken for all of you, and us even though we didn't know them. It's hard to wrap our heads around but we are family and that's our past, in way or another." I nodded.

"There's a lot to talk about, and we will, but I've missed you lunkheads so let's just enjoy being somewhat like it was and show me around what use to my shop." Javier grabbed more beer as Miguel left to get his family. I was amazed at how much they were doing out of this space. It wasn't just the caskets and benches, but they were making dovetail boxes for ashes, which they had just started.

"Maggie and Bet are taking over the world," said. We have a backlog of benches for people, but also for cemeteries because they are starting to make them more appealing to family's like they use to be when we were ."

"We'll take you to the warehouse tomorrow, Jefe, so you can see the full extent. We went to town with your notebook and most of our guys are legit now, like Miguel. There are a LOT of happy women. Bet came in and hugged me and said that was a fact as she stared at me, and kissed me.

"We're sorry." I teared and nodded as everyone lowered their eyes. "What is it though with you and getting women pregnant?" I smiled as everyone laughed and Ellen walked and hugged me tight as well.

"It's good to have you have back, at least for a while. Bill and I will pack and go to a hotel...."

"No, Chloe has that covered for us, and there's a lot of things to discuss so you're fine, but thanks," and that was when the van from the airport pulled in as everyone looked at me. I smiled. " , you know the combo to the safe, yeah?" He nodded. "Good, my cousin is going to need to put some things in it. I'll be back." I hugged him opened the mist and walked into Japan. They might as well get use to it.

I walked out just off the road, and immediately felt people aware of me, and watching, as the trees started humming. I was halfway down the drive when Yoshi and Taiiko walked toward me, smiling. "So much for sneaking on you, between your people, and the trees." The laughed and nodded as we hugged each other. Taiiko held my face and kissed me deeply.

"We have seen your Sofi here, with your ...an older version. They take solace in your trees Danael. We aren't sure why, but we are glad." I nodded. I looked at the forest and Yoshi told me to go and we'd have Sake when I got back." I nodded, kissed Taiiko, shifted to the bear and snuffled my way into the woods and the sprites, and trees, greeted me as I walked the land I loved, but I loved all the land. I wanted to stay but I couldn't, even though I had slowed time. I walked out of the woods, as I shifted, to see Taiiko standing on the porch wrapped in a wool shawl, smiling.

"You smell, mister, let's make you presentable." She hugged me as we walked to our room and she ran a hot bath. "We want to show you the old house, which is no longer old. I've called Annie and they are getting ready, and we are all slowing time. There will be enough time so don't fret, Love." I nodded. "Who picked these out because it obviously wasn't you." I stared her. "It's not that you can't, silly, it's that you don't." I smiled and nodded as I finished bathing. I was getting dressed as Taiiko finished packing. "You have places you need to be, which we all know you hate, but it is necessary, and I have new sisters to meet." I smiled and nodded as I grabbed the bags. Taiiko took her packages, and we walked to see Yoshi. We set things down by the front door and went into the studio as Yoshi smiled and stood.

"It's good to see Danael-san." I bowed. "Sit." Taiiko poured us sake as Yoshi sat at his desk. I could feel the weight of things I didn't understand but I pushed to Sara and she nodded. Taiiko held my hand as we sipped our sake. "We have asked the people here if any of them wanted to go back to help rebuild and we had to limit the number because everyone did, including us." I started to tear and bowed my head as Yoshi was quiet. I nodded. We have chosen a mix of people, mostly younger who are learning skills, along with intermediate, and then a few who are skilled. It's a good mix of skill level, and abilities, and will help you rebuild." I nodded, bowed, and said thank you. "They will be ready, as will their tools, when you come back for them. Let's go look at the old house."

We drove to one of the original houses that Taiiko wanted us to expand, and remodel. It was amazing and almost finished. Taiiko hugged me as we walked through it. Between this, and the main house, and the other smaller houses we have been working on, there is enough room for everyone to be here as long as they need. You are thinking the same in the past." I nodded. The craftsmanship was astounding. I had no words but I knew I wanted the girls here, even though I wasn't sure why. "The path to the main house is almost finished because it's quicker to walk than to drive." I smiled and said I remembered and I wished I had been here to help with this. "Yoshi drove to the barn to check on things as Taiiko and I walked home.

"I miss you." She said she knew but the Japanese had much in common with the Vikings, and the Highlanders. I nodded. "I still miss you." She smiled and hugged me as we walked in silence. We walked around the side of the house and Sara stood as Taiiko screamed, and ran. Sara smiled and waited. They hugged each other as I walked , smiling. I saw the chest and nodded at Sara. They went into the kitchen for tea and sweets and brought them out as Yoshi drove and got out with a big smile. Sara trotted down the stairs and ran to him as he hugged her as he would his other .

"You, lady, are a sight for old eyes." She smiled and kissed him as he hugged her tightly and they walked toward the porch as Taiiko and I smiled. I poured us tea as Taiiko went to Sara and Yoshi.

"This was a to Daniel from the elves/sirens. We want you to have it for what you have done, and are doing, for our family." She opened the chest and it had gold bars with a Spanish mark in it. They looked at her, and me. "You could probably get more with the mark, but..."

They smiled and Taiiko said, "then we'd have to explain where we got them. That is a significant amount of gold Sara." She nodded, and smiled as she kissed her and walked to me for some tea, and it was done. We sat together laughing and talking, drinking tea, until Sara stood.

"I'm sorry, but we need to go. We all miss you even though some us have met you thus far. Yoshi smiled and hugged her, and Taiiko, as I grabbed her bags. Taiiko picked her gifts and her and Sara walked down the stairs as I said goodbye to Yoshi.

I bowed and said that I would see him soon. He said "Hai." and walked into the house as I walked down the stairs because neither of us wanted the other to see the tears. Sara and Taiiko smiled as they opened the mist and they went to Norway. They waved and were gone as I bowed my head and walked the drive to the road. I missed this place. The trees tried to soothe me as I walked. I opened the mist and walked into my past.
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We stumbled out of the mist in front of Sara and Ama as Haagerstadt walked up. "I need answers, Haag, and I don't care how you get them," he nodded as Ama opened the door and we went inside so I could get warm. The yelled and ran at me as they launched. I smiled as I hugged and kissed them. I hated not spending time with them like I wanted, but they weren't the only ones. Chloe walked up and kissed me.

"You look pretty sharp mister so there is no way you picked this out." Everyone laughed as I said funny and went to get a glass of milk. "How are Tina and Stephanie?" I stared at her and said on the way to Denver.

"Pack a bag because we're going to Denver. You too Klaara. It won't be for long but you both are part of the family now. Sara will bring you back and I'm sure Ama and Haag can make do." Ama smiled and nodded. I looked at Sara and she nodded as she went back to get Irina and Malinka. I wasn't exactly sure why I was doing this but I knew it had to be done. I also wasn't sure why these people were still after us, and why Finland? I hated having more questions than answers. "Just take a backpack because we all have things there." They nodded as I sat at the table and Ama sat next to me.

"Everyone thinks I want to kill people but I just want my family and friends safe, and I haven't been doing such a good job of that, Ama. These people from Finland keep coming at us and I don't understand why. The man Haag has said that they all work for Dreka. How do you stop something that doesn't die?" She hugged me.

"You think too much, Danael, and worry even more. Life ends, period. It's no ones fault, or responsibility unless you are responsible for the action. The people you loved died because it was their time and they had other things to do. You've seen Sofi, and your , and you will see them again, in due time. You have enough weight to carry Dragon, stop adding more. Life is usually harder than not, you best realize that. Enjoy your family in Denver. She kissed my cheek and went to finish in the kitchen as Sara, Irina, and Malinka walked in through the mist. The two of them saw me and ran, hugging me and looking around as Ama walked up and said hi, then hugged them.

"You both are amazing because you take everything in stride even if it's strange and unusual, where you are going will be a big change but you'll be with family, and friends, who love you and will keep you safe." They looked her, and Sara, and then me.

"Are you going with us, Danael?" I nodded and said I was as they smiled, relieved. Everyone came out and ran to Irina and Malinka and hugged them. We all missed each other and I didn't know how to resolve that. 'We have no clothes to bring." Sara said that they would go shopping when we got there, both of them smiled and nodded. We said goodbye to Ama as Sara opened the mist and Chloe, Klaara, and the walked through followed by me, Irina, and Malinka, and then Sara. We walked onto the driveway to my shop as Sam , Javier, and Uncle Billy looked up staring at us, and then each other because they didn't know what to do. I walked up and hugged all of them as they smiled with tears in their eyes.

"It's a long story, but go say hi and meet our new family. I walked inside to the kitchen followed by Sara. We both went to the freezer and got chicken and walked outside as Maggie turned around and screamed, dropping her beer, which made Bet and Ellen turn and then they did the same thing before they ran at us and everyone else started coming outside. "It's a long story." We hugged them and went to see Bob who was looking at us from his den.

"Look at how different his den is, sweets. It's like it's always been there." I nodded as we sat down. Bob walked out because he smell the chicken, but he could also hear the noise behind us as he looked over his shoulder, checking. Irina and Malinka knelt next to Sara as everyone watched. They smiled and both said "lis" which is Polish for fox but Sara said his name is Bob. They said "Bob," smiling and he walked over and crawled into their laps as everyone looked on stunned, except Sara who smiled and took my drumstick and then handed them to the girls. Bob was obviously smitten, and I couldn't blame him as I got up and went back to explain, which was going to be involved. Sara had explained things to Ilsa and Hammish, so I wasn't concerned about them but I was still worried and wasn't sure why, but we were home, at least for a while, although that word didn't mean as much right now but I smiled anyway as I walked up to everyone.

"We need to order pizza and listen to some music." They all yelled and got on their phones.
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I could feel Dreka trying to pull me to him. I said goodbye and told them to leave and let someone else eat at this table. They spoke to the owners and a young couple celebrating a prom, with friends, had a wonderful night as we walked out the kitchen door to the SUV.

"Thank you for tonight, but they aren't gone. They want your land. They want all of the land on the inlet, and the river, as you both know" Aisha said they are gone for now but that we will protect our lands." They looked at her, confused. "This was Viking land. We'll work it out."

They got in and drove to the airport as I went to the end of the alley, and flew toward those idiots, the others were embarrassingly incapacitated, and went to jail for things they never did, as these men were dragged out to sea. I grabbed each of them, as they screamed and took them farther out. There were three of them but there were more sharks, which made them terrified. I plucked them in and out, and then dove into the water to make sure nothing bothered them, except us. Predators recognize greater predators, and I was that, as were Lisbet, and Karin. They both swam up as the men were paddling to stay a float, and yelling.

"Are you my husband, Danael?" I looked at Karin who smiled.

"No, your dating Karin." She nodded. "Can you focus on this?" She got serious and nodded.

"These are bad men and they are trying to hurt people that we love." Lisbet roared and dove in front of them, which terrified them even more because she brushed against them. "We don't want to hurt them, OK" She nodded. "We want to make them wish they never knew where Nova Scotia was." Lisbet nodded, but growled, which made them scream again. "Karin, do you know where Fleur de Lys is on New Foundland?" She nodded and smiled because I knew what she going to do afterward since there was a lot a treasure around there lost deep in the ocean, and sirens like shiny things.

"I do."

"There is a point on the North end, take them there after you have your fun, but this water is cold for humans, try not to kill them before you finish playing tag." I went to buy wool blankets, and some surplus clothes, and food. I built a fire on the point, which was deserted, and warmed everything. I wasn't mean, but I would protect my people. Lisbet and Karin threw them onto the beach, as they coughed, and hacked up sea water.. I lifted them and pointed to the fire as they stumbled there and took their clothes off as I gave them blankets and food, and beer. They had a hard enough time. They ate and drank as I took everything they had, even their phones because Javier's hacker friends might be able to do something with them.

"Thank you for helping us," They all nodded as the leader looked at me and gasped. "You." I smiled.

"I told you to eat at dinner, eat now because you are cold." They stared at me but they ate and got warm as I brought warm clothes for them, and extra blankets. "Do you where New Foundland is?" They all nodded. "Good, because that will be helpful for you. You are from Finland, yes?" They stared at me as Karin walked out of the ocean and started to pick one of them up and walk back as he screamed.

"Yes. yes."

"Why are you here, bothering our friends?" The leader stared at me.

"You don't know?" I stared at him. "Your family protects the life blood of Gaia. You have from the beginning.

"You work for Dreka."

"Of course, we all work for Dreka. We are just amazed that you are still alive." I dropped some of their money in front the two underlings, as I felt Sara and Ama watching, and picked up their things, and the leader.

"Go south after you eat, dress, and get warm. There should be enough for you to leave. If you come back to any of these islands, the ones who were playing with you, will eat you alive. Understand?" They nodded and shivered as they ate. I opened the mist and was getting ready to take whoever this was to Iceland and Haagerstadt. I pushed to Lisbet and Karin but they were staying put for a while because this was their home too, and they wanted to look for treasure since they were here. I nodded, and smiled as I pushed to Aisha and asked how she liked the fancy jet, she smiled. I pushed to Sara and asked if I did OK? She nodded as I walked through the mist to my family in Iceland, but I was worried.
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I glared at Tina as we walked out of the store and to the SUV. "What?"

"I don't like attention and you chased me around the store." They all laughed and said I needed to get use to attention." We went to Stephanie and Tina's favorite restaurant on the inlet. My Ma's family was from here and the house that Stephanie owned was the same house we all use to spend summers in when we were young, although not as nice and way different, but it was the same land and that was why I so adamant about them not not selling it, or selling it to me. I'd fight Ama for what was in the cave in order to keep that land in the family, but I didn't know why. I saw Joseph out of the corner of my eye, smiling, but then he was gone. We need to get three bottles of that Armagnac to take with you on the plane because I need to give a couple to Pytor since we have things we need to put in the caves." Stephanie looked at us. "I can't tell you until you two get married, but I like these," as I touched the Bolo. It was wonderful, and Steph knew stones.

"The owner walked up and whispered in their ears, and both Tina and Stephanie shook their heads and said we were visiting from far away and they wanted a table along the river. She nodded as we waited at the bar and caught up.


"Well, yeah, but they were raised as Sirens."

"Karin?" I smiled as Tina grunted

"We worked it out and the sirens had been banished elves for all this time. How crazy is that?'

"And you just released them?" I said yeah.

"Why?" I stared at her and lowered my head before looking up.

"Would you want to live your life being someone your not because someone told you had too?" Tina cried and leaned into me because being gay was kinda like that, luckily wool is good with moisture. The hostess took us to our table which was at the far end of the deck so we could see the town lights as dusk turned, as well as the inlet. The waiter brought a bottle of Champagne as compliments of the house.

"We use to eat here several nights a week because there are regulars we enjoyed meeting but these took over this place and took over the deck. It wasn't worth it. They are doing it all over town, especially along the waterfront."

'Why didn't the owners call the police?"

"They did but what they were doing were only implied threats, and as progressive as Canada may seem to you, most police, and officials, are still white males." I looked around because this place had changed SO much. If I lived here, I would eat a place like this just for the view. The waitress walked up with menu's but Steph waived them away and ordered a sharing menu for the table. It was going to be an expensive meal but Stephanie could afford it, and so could Tina. People were coming to the table because they hadn't been there in a while and they introduced then as Aisha and I smiled, said hi, and chatted as we watched the men inside waiting at the bar. Tina and Steph were back to the reason they loved this place, their friends and I wasn't going to let them lose that. Aisha excused herself as I chatted, which I hated. I'll be honest, I'd rather fight a wild boar...but I did it, smiling, and everyone commented on the tie. Tina told all of them that Stephanie was making them. The funny thing was they didn't care about the money for themselves, Jesus, they use to come to this place several times a weeks. They liked the money for what it could do, for themselves, and others, and that was when three obnoxious men walked up and scattered Stephanie and Tina's friends. Aisha walked around them and kissed me, as she whispered in my ear, "Five down in very compromising ways but one walked outside," as she smiled and poured more Champagne.

"You're sitting at our table." Everyone was watching and I realized I just needed to get use to it. I motioned for the waitress.

"Can you please bring us three chairs and place settings?" She stared at me and nodded as Aisha got up and placed the chairs around the table and then sat next to Tina as I motioned for them to sit between me and the railing. "Isn't the inlet wonderful at this time. Aisha put a chair at the head of the table and said 'please sit,' and enjoy our hospitality. Stephanie and Tina smiled and nodded as the waitress brought another bottle and glasses. They were completely confused and looked at each other. Stephanie ordered another large dish for the table, and tapas.

"This is OUR table, and you aren't welcome at it." I smiled and poured him some champagne.

"Drink, eat, laugh...enjoy the river... and get here earlier next time. We are visiting, but this is a wonderful location." I glared at him, which he felt. "What is that you do, friend?" He looked around as the food started to arrive, mostly seafood but a wonderful mutton stew with crusty bread and aged cheddar. Tina and Stephanie started to offer food to the other two men sitting there as they raised their plates. I looked at the leader.

"Eat and enjoy the evening."I looked at the water in the inlet and saw it was receding, quickly. We all started eating, even his men, as the leader... a very unpleasant person... stood an told us to leave. We all looked at him, smiling, confused, as he screamed, which jarred his men from the wonderful food. They all stood up but were confused as I threw them over the rail into the inlet as they struggled to stay afloat because the tide was stronger than I thought. The leader reached for something and Aisha stabbed a fork into his hand as he screamed. Everyone on the deck was silent but watching, as she pushed him to me and walked to the bar. He saw her coming but only made it as far as the alley.

"I have friends waiting for you when the tide takes you to the sea, and then we'll have some fun. I took him to the railing and threw him over as Aisha walked back up and everyone clapped and people that had gathered here for years in peace did so again. I hugged Aisha and told them all to get on plane after dinner. No one reported anything because this was their place and they were fine with someone sticking up for it.

"You need to stay with them, Aisha." She growled as I kissed her. "Save that for Dreka." She nodded as I walked away to find these idiots, and keep them alive until Lisbet and Karin showed up.

"Danael. She hugged, and kissed me. Don't kill them, but if you have to then keep them in the ocean." I nodded and smiled as I got up leave.
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check out the Siren Song for Brother Where art Thou.... it's a great soundtrack, period, and a wonderful movie, but will give you a sense of Sirens.
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"What are doing Daniel?" Sara was not pleased, but not so displeased that she was in Nova Scotia trying stop to me, because it was all on me. She was shaking her head a lot though.

"We are heading to Denver because I wanted to see everyone, but mainly because I wanted to see if Uncle Billy and Ellen would like to come out and help us in the past. We could really use the help." She was silent. "Sara, there is too much work that needs to be done in a short period of time. We can't get it done by winter because there aren't enough people in the valley which means next winter will be worse." She was quiet. "I'm going to ask Bet and Javier to ask their families and see if any of them want an adventure and get paid in silver, or whatever. People in Colorado have outdoor gear and I'm betting a fair amount of their family are pretty good with stone and building. We have to think outside the box, sweets, because those people won't make it threw another winter, not after what has happened. I can rebuild the house, and barn, for Irina and Malinka, and even the smaller houses and we can start on the wagons and the boats because I have the silver, and can get more with the elves, but I don't have enough people to do the work." Silence. "I didn't want this with all of you being pregnant, and not being able to see everyone, but I have to fix things here, and then end Dreka, or we will always be in peril. Silence.

"Agreed, but try not kill anyone," and she was gone.

"Daniel. DANIEL!! What are you do doing?" I could see both Sara, and Sofi, looking at me before they faded away. Shit. "Daniel? Where are you? Look at me. What are doing? I smiled and said I had always love it here, like Iceland, as I pushed to Taiiko so she knew I was coming, and why. I owed them that. I couldn't push to anyone in Denver. "Daniel." Stephanie pinched me.

"I need pants, and a shirt, and then I want to meet these people bothering all of you. Aisha nodded. "Are you packed?" They nodded. "All the important things?" They nodded. "It's in the SUV?" They nodded. "Good, then let's buy some clothes, and have a nice meal." Aisha and I smiled as Tina and Steph looked worried.

"Is there a plane coming, Tina?" She looked at me and nodded.

"It'll be here within two hours and will be ready to leave when we want."

"Good, if anyone asks you were just going to see family." They looked at me, intently.

"Why does everyone think I want to kill people just because I'm a dragon. I don't, but I'll protect my family, and community, and I failed at that. I won't let that happen again, if I can help it." Everyone was quiet as we drove to a ranch/outdoor store and walked in. I was at home here, and it was pretty similar to Boulder, or any mostly rural, or isolated place. I walked backed to the sporting goods section and looked at braided cord as Aisha took Stephanie to help look at clothes for me.

"What are you doing?"

"Preparing, love,"

"Are you going to kill them?

"NO, unless they want me to." I went to look at tarps. "Daniel, you aren't easing my mind, especially since you are looking at tarps." I walked away and went to look for duct tape, and mothballs, or something similar.

"DANIEL!!!!" I looked at her as I held my things, as was everyone close to us because the store was busy. Tina glared at me, but smiled to everyone else, which I couldn't understand. She pinched me under my arm, and squeezed HARD, as she walked away with me saying ow! She took me behind the tents and tried to knee me in the balls.

"What is wrong with you?" She whispered...

"Your're going to kill these people aren't you, Daniel?" I told her to shusssh, and no I wasn't. I was going make them wish they were dead if they dealt with you, this town, or province, again. "And all you need is a tarp, duct tape, and rope.

"And mothballs.

"Why mothballs?"

"Because tracking dogs get weirded out by them." I laughed as I walked to the men's department and started looking at pants. Tina flung me around as I grabbed her. 'I have no intention of killing these men, but I will if I have to because you are family. All I want to do is hurt them, because they need that, and Aisha will probably do it anyway, and then to let know that if they come back to this island, they will be dead."

"What are you going to Daniel?" I kissed her and said she didn't need know because her and Stephanie would be on the way to Denver, with Aisha"...even though that wouldn't be a fun conversation.

"I'm going to play tag with them, and Lisbet, and Karin." She stared at me. "Help me find some nice pants as I went to the Carhartt section. "I need a shirt too, as she stared at me and shook her head. "I'm practical and I like a nice, heavy, white shirt." Tina put it back on the rack as Aisha, and Steph walked up. I knew I had already lost this so I waited as they looked at shirts. I found a chair and pushed to Sara, who was laughing. I shook my head as they walked up holding... I stared at them as they smiled.


"I buy white because it goes with everything, and I can bleach the stains out."

"This goes with your pants. You won't be alone here and we will make sure you stand out a bit." They handed me a light green/grey shirt that matched the pants that were brownish/green-grey, I had no choice but it was comfortable, and heavy, which I liked. I smiled and nodded when they handed me a Turquoise Bolo tie. I stared at them as they smiled and I officially gave up. Stephanie said,

"I'm thinking about branching out because I can sell a lot of these, and buckles, for both men and women, besides, we're going to a nice place because it's the first time Aisha has been here." I shook my head and walked off as they all laughed. "Pull the tags, mister." I nodded and went to get my regular clothes as we checked out. They stared at me as they rang up the rope, the tarp, the duct tape, and mothballs, and then tried to put my old clothes in the bag with the mothballs. I snatched my clothes and then the bag.

The girls smiled as we walked to the dressing and Aisha walked out, looking amazing. She looked liked a native. I turned and walked away and said I'd wait by the truck. "You don't think about this but you know the flow of color, even if you don't think you do. Put your gloves on, which were handmade elk from Norway, and your cape, now look at yourself next to Aisha." I huffed as I did what she asked, and I stood in front of the mirror and was astounded. I turned around, and then looked back as Stephanie smiled like the Cheshire cat and said she told me so.

"Can we just go to dinner?" I got patted on the back way too much as we walked outside, while the girls laughed. I told Sara to shut up but I did look pretty nice in the cape.
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not sure what happened to the last one but they sure messed up the edits, per usual. I'll work on it this weekend.
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I walked inside as everyone looked at me, and started laughing as I looked around and grabbed a flour bag, a chicken that was cut in pieces and stuffed it in the bag as they watched me in silence. I cut a slice of bread, a large piece of ham, and cheese, and wrapped in a cloth and put it in my cape as I walked outside and back to the barn. I took the oldest goat, a very nasty billy, and ended him with no pain as I bled him into a bucket. Hammish stared at me, as the girls walked up unsure what to do, or say. I started to gutted it as I took the liver out and handed it to Ilsa. She nodded and walked back inside to soak it in milk and I took the heart and kidneys and put them in the bag, and started to put the entrails into a bucket as I cut the head off the goat off and Hammish raised it. No one said a word but they starting to help as we put the offal in buckets, and then skinned the goat. The girls took the offal and split it with the pigs, dogs, and wolves as Irina and Malinka looked for Hammish's saws. Sara took Aafje with her and they looked for cloth to wrap the meat in, but no one said a word. Aisha went inside and and grabbed her armor, and bag. Hammish and I split the goat in half as Irina and Malinka started to butcher it. I told them only half, as they nodded.

"I have a lot of places to be tonight, starting with the home we lost. I'll be back soon." They looked at me, bloody, and didn't say word because we were an odd mix of people but we were all warriors, and they nodded. I walked down the drive as Aisha kissed the girls and trotted after me.

"Will you fucking slow down and have you completely lost your mind? Where are we going?" I stopped and looked at her.


"Oh, and I thought you might be dumb enough to be going to face Dreka....by yourself... because you're a moron." I stopped and looked at her.

"That comes later because he hates waiting." She said I was right, that he did.

"Will you slow down, Jesus Christ...I'm a pagan." I stopped. "Thank you, but what are we doing?" I told her as we walked and she stopped.


"Can't we take one of Annie's fancy jets?" I looked around. "Oh yeah, but why are you taking half a goat?" I stopped again and told her because there were no fish in town. She stared at me like I had lost my mind, again.

". I have gaps to fill, and people to see, and friends to thank.....just follow me to the barn, love." She nodded as we walked to our half barn and Drakon and his mates came out. I fed the chickens as Aisha went and got water. The wolves walked up as I put the goat down on hay since it was wrapped in cloth. I took the heart out of the bag and cut off three slices as I put it back in with the kidneys, and I cut pieces of meat from the goat, and broke off bones. I gave Drakon and the girls the heart as they looked at Wolf and Luka; they yipped and all three of them devoured it. Aisha brought over the pieces of the goat to Drakon, and the girls, as they looked at us. "Thank you for watching over this place." They yipped. "Go and hunt with the pack until I get back. There's nothing else to destroy here, but don't kill the chickens." They all laughed as Aisha gave them the meat and, bones, and they lied done to start eating. Aisha and I took out our knives and cut the goat into sixths as we walked outside and the wolves walked up.

"I don't like killing our animals but it needed to be done because they had no fish in town." Aisha handed the heart and the kidneys to Luka who smelled the bag and howled which reverberated back to the dens because this was for the pregnant wolves. She grabbed the bag and ran off with her protectors. "I gave half to my family, because it's growing," he yipped, "and I have pregnant females too, and youngs ones." He butted me as wolves came up and took pieces of carcass out of our hands, and trotted back to the dens. It"'s just goat, but it's different from deer. When I get things settled in the next few weeks then we will be bringing fish here to smoke for the town, and I will make sure they have some to bring you and Ishtah, raw, for your fill. If there are bear's here, or lions, I'd like to make an arrangement with them. I have too many fights coming, brother, I don't need others." He nudged me as Drakon and the girls walked up with the meat and bones in their mouths, and nuzzled us. "Go with your pack, and learn to be a wolf, Drakon, and visit when you can. You have a lot of exploring, and learning, to do." Wolf nuzzled them, and mouthed them as they ran off.

"We will watch over them, and teach them, like we will your elves. Some of our younger males want to go with the big man over the mountains. They wanted to go to this Fin Land, but we told them no because Luka and I need to see this place, and these people, for ourselves". I nodded. " It would be good to curb their wanderlust, for a while though." I nodded. "Our pack thanks you for the goat because it is different and everyone will get a treat. I thank you, and we will look forward to more of that fish." He butted both of us as he yipped and ran, and the land was suddenly empty as we looked and walked down the drive so I could check, to be sure.

"So where are we going, mister?" I smiled and told her she could relax as I opened the mist and we walked into Nova Scotia. Well, I technically stumbled, and set off an alarm went off as we were walking toward the house. We were surrounded by men with guns. We looked at them, and then at then each other. "Thirty percent?" I scrunched my face and said eighty. She rolled her eyes as Tina and Steph walked up smiling. Stephanie actually ran up telling them it was OK as she plowed into Aisha.

"Seriously? You're my cousin. Jesus Christ." I walked past the guards who were unsure what to do. "Put them away, guys, we're friends." I walked up to Tina as she hugged me and walked me inside. She poured us large glasses of Armagnac.

"How are you?" I kissed her as we walked onto the back deck, which I loved. "Annie told us, and Chloe told everyone in Denver. I assume you are going there next?" I nodded. "How are Irina and Malinka?" I looked at, her tearing, as she hugged me.

"Strong. They saw the loss of their home, and barn, and dealt with it. I think they are putting Sofi off to the side, like I am, like the others, but they are amazing. It's not the way I wanted things to be, but it's what we have to deal with." She nodded as she leaned into me. "How are you and my cousin?" She was quiet, but I could feel her smiling.

"Goood." I laughed and said good and asked her where they got the Armagnac, and why the guards, as Stephanie and Aisha walked onto the deck with glasses.

"We are glad you're here, but next time let us know so we don't have to explain a bunch of dead security guards." She kissed me. "I'm sorry to the depths of my heart, love, for all of it." I hugged her, tightly, because Steph had always been my favorite cousin.

"Thank you, sweets, but why do you have guards?" They told us about how things had changed, and people that weren't "normal" were becoming less welcome. People knew she made jewelry, and on and on but things were changing. "Here?" They both nodded.

"People have always known that I made jewelry but now they think I have lots of gold, and also that we're lesbian and unashamed. It goes on from there because.....? We're thinking about selling this place."

"NO! I almost yelled because I had gone too long, even though I hadn't, things were just too quickly" I looked at Tina and told her to get a jet here. She smiled, and nodded. "Pack everything you need, we'll help. Keep the guards here but come with us to Denver. You can stay in my place because I'm going to persuade my aunt and uncle to come back with me to our past to help us, because we need it. No one cares if you're gay in Denver." They looked at me. "We're not selling this, Stephanie, or I'll buy it , because this is our home...our family's home....your home. Who are these people that are making you do this, and why do they want to do this?" They looked at each other and explained that there were only a few a few now, eight, maybe ten, total but they seemed obsessed with them, and violent in their intent, but they were doing this randomly around. "They haven't done anything, yet, except try and intimidate but the police won't do anything." I didn't say that eight to ten wasn't a few, but I was glad we were there when we were.

"This is going to seem a bit odd, but I need you to smell me, and check my clothes." Aisha smiled and poured more Armagnac. "Oh, and did you get this here?" They nodded. "Good, because I need a couple of bottles to say thank you for something, but I still need to know if I smell?" They looked at me, and each other, shaking their heads. Aisha said that I didn't smell, and they nodded. "Great, what about my clothes?" Tina took over.

"You look like a worker for the fifteen hundreds." I smiled, said good, and asked if they had an outdoor store. They nodded, but I said they would they would have to but me clothes as Stephanie took Aisha to look through the closets. Tina laughed and hugged and asked what I was up to?

"Where do these people harass you?" They told us as me had Tina get a map of the area so I knew where we were, and where everything else was. Pack as I look over this. Take the valuable stuff because I have a safe, and keep the guards here for now. I'll make sure these people don't want to stay here. But let's have a nice meal at this place because you shouldn't be scared going to places you like, nor should anyone else. I'll deal with it after that." She looked at me and got on the phone and walked out as Aisha


"No. I, because you wanted fly on the fancy jet and I can handle this. Besides, I'd feel better if you were with them." Stephanie and Tina watched us, smiling, because we were like an old married couple. "I've got this, loves. I've already pushed to Karin and Lisbet and they on their way as Aisha stared at. Sara is going crazy, but they won't hurt them, they'll just have some fun with them and then throw them onto an isolated shore where I will take their wallets and tell them that Nova Scotia doesn't want them here. I'll leave them some cash but I'll make it known that if they stay thta the next time they go in the ocean, which they will, they wouldn't come out." Sara exhaled, and shook her head but Stephanie and Tina hugged me, and we went to pack.
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We were talking about all of the work we had, and laughing at the elves playing hide-n-seek with the wolves, and then themselves, as Sara walked up with most of the elves and asked, "Why are you and Aafje so dirty?"

"Where are the rest of the elves. You can't leave them alone." Hammish and Aafje both nodded for emphasis. She said you first. "We were mucking stalls for the big lot we bought so that they would fertilize it and till it. Jakob's giving it to us if we'd do the work because he's super busy. I'm bringing some of the elves later in the week" She nodded. "Your turn."

"They went to help Ilsa and the girls, and to see things. I think they are the ones going with Hammish," All the other elves nodded. "Where are you going?."

"No where in particular. Why?" She shook her head and looked a Aafje.

"I'm counting on you to keep them in line." She nodded, seriously. "You two idiots don't drink too much and don't let the elves get drunk. You still have shopping for the trip, and packing." She shook her head and mumbled to herself as she walked away. Hammish said,

"Come on my friends, we'll have snacks and ale before we finish shopping and packing. They clapped and followed Hammish. I looked at Aafje.

"Did you get clothes? The work is going to be hard but I'd rather give them the money for their families. She held out a lovely scarf and smiled, sheepishly.

"Irina said it was fine and all of the girls picked one out. They boys didn't understand the purpose because we have good capes. It's's OK, Danael?" It's fine, Aafje....whatever any of them say is fine. You don't need my permission but it's very pretty," as she wrapped it around her neck and smiled. We walked inside as Hammish laughed, and waved. I hadn't come to know most anyone in town, except by site, but they all waved because they knew me. I was kind of hard to not know, all things considered. Villages weren't that different from small towns, except more primitive, and not having access to enough things, but that was beginning to change, and would change more if Hammish and I got our way. It was a double edge sword because I knew the havoc capitalism could reek if it wasn't regulated, and that was already beginning in Italy as Aafje and I walked to the table, smiled, and sat down as the elves looked at me.

"Did you get fitted for new clothes and things?" They all laughed, and clapped as some sort of potato snack came out with bacon and some cheese, or curds. The only thing I could compare it to would be twice baked potato's but runnier. I looked at Hammish and the Elves looked at me...waiting. I handed out spoons and took a bite as Hammish smiled and drank. I looked at the elves, smiled and took another bite as they all reached for the spoons and started to devour it, laughing at how good it was. I raised my hand and asked for two more, and whatever else was popular. The owner smiled and nodded. The plate was cleaned, and three of the elves were taking turns licking it when I whacked them on the head with my spoon. They stared at me. It wasn't that hard, just enough to make a point. "Polite!" They nodded, and looked down. I didn't remember elves from before, but I was sure I knew them, and couldn't imagine what they had done to be banished to the oceans as Sirens because these elves where so innocent, and curious, and gentle, and helpful as you could imagine. The waitress brought two more plates and set them on the table as Hammish chuckled. I pushed the plates to both sides of the table so it was mostly even. It'd been three hours since we had breakfast. Teenagers had nothing on young elves. They all looked me. "Be polite," as they grabbed their spoons and ate everything in site. I went and sat next to Hammish as he poured me ale.

"How many do you want, brother?" We both laughed as Aafje sat between us so she didn't miss anything. "Do you always eat this much?" She smiled.

"The boys more than the girls, but yes, especially now as they put two more plates down and the other elves, and the girls walked.

"I said spoons down as Hammish got up and asked for more of everything and more spoons. I took one of the large plates of what looked sausage and cabbage rolls to the table next to us and set it down as they stared at me like I had abused them. I chuckled. "Down worry, they didn't eat everything, but you lot did want to explore." They nodded as Hammish handed them spoons and they looked at me. I took a bite and smiled as they grabbed spoons and started eating as all five of the girls yelled......"be polite!" The waitress brought the potato's to the elves that didn't get it, and then later brought some strudel and tea. Thankfully they were all to busy eating and talking to care about ale. Hammish and I weren't trying to get drunk but we left the food to the elves. It was a fun way to spend silver coins.

Ilsa and Sara sat on either side of us. "Did you finish getting what you need?" We looked at each other and started to get up. "Too busy planning to conquer the world?" We smiled and nodded as we walked outside. Ilsa said, "go with them Aafje, and keep them in line. It'll be good training for your future." She smiled and nodded as she followed us outside. We checked the wagon and the mules but none of us thought anyone would steal anything from us. Some of the people Ilsa knew, including the owners, starting coming over and talking with everyone. They knew how we had helped them, even though we were strange, but in these isolated places any stranger was welcome as long as they weren't violent, and helpful, and the elves were the furthest thing from violent. The girls did what they did best, which was engage with the community and bring all of them together. It was packed because it was lunch and people were all working so they all got up to leave so others could use the tables. Ilsa went and spoke to the owners.

"These people are family from the coast up north, and this is strange land to them, but they love it here and are going to stay and help us rebuild."

"They are very sweet, a little odd, but who isn't." They both laughed.

"They are unfamiliar with the customs here, and everything is new, so if they get away from us while we are here, please watch after them. They are like in their innocent curiosity." They smiled and nodded because it was almost impossible to dislike the elves. "They wanted you to have this, since Hammish and Danael bought lunch for them. They want you to use it for people's meals, and to buy them pint. It's been hard times, and we still have slough ahead us." They both nodded.

"Tell them thank you because every kindness shown now is magnified." They all nodded as Sara and Ilsa went outside to ten elves almost passed out on top of the wagon. Irina, Malinka, and Aisha turned, smiling. "They ate too much." They went to sit on the walk waiting for us.

"That was smart, what you did with the silver, Ilsa." Sara filled them as the elves moaned and belched. "It's always wise to solidify friendships. Getting silver is easier than good friends. They started to move back to being like they were before the losses as we walked up carrying and dragging...a lot.

"What is wrong with them?" Four of them burped at the same time. "Never mind. Aisha, please help Hammish tie the large things to the mules, but leave the smaller stuff, and show Aafje. Leave the elves alone and let them sleep. I'll be back." I walked back to the main store and looked around quickly. I bought more gloves, and socks. I bought blankets, because they had a lot. I bought extra rope and some branches that I thought would work. It would save me from looking for them, which gave me another idea. I also asked for a pound of peppermint candy, ginger candy, and horehound. She wrote the total down and I reached inside my cloak as I looked at her because I didn't have anything and Irina walked up, kissed me. She grabbed the paper as she looked over the things. and handed the owner the silver, smiling, as we grabbed the bundles and branches.

"You need to stop giving us all of the silver, Danael." I nodded. "You didn't buy anything for you." I smiled.

"I bought the branches, for me." She looked me like I had lost my mind. "You'll see." We got back to the wagon as Ahisa, Aafje, and Hammish where finishing tying the large things to the mules and looking at the rest still on the ground as Irina and I put the bundles down. I handed the bags of candy to Aafje because I wanted her be a part of the family, but also in charge of the elves. "Please take these too Ilsa and Sara, and then wake your brothers and sisters up and give them each a couple of these to suck on and tell them to go back to sleep. You can take whatever you want then come back here and watch what we're doing. It might be helpful some time." She smiled and nodded as Hammish looked at me and Aisha said, "smart dragon."

"You know we are a surrounded by forests, right, and you don't need branches." I nodded but asked him if he wanted to traipse through the forest looking for the right ones. He said no as Aafje came up and hugged me.

"What are those, Danael?" Candy, and the ones I asked you to give the elves will help their bellies beside just tasting nice. They ate too much." She laughed as I told her and Hammish to sit and watch as Aisha and I split the rest of the things and bound them in the blankets. We tied them closed and started to lash the branches together in an 'X" as Hammish smiled and nodded. It wasn't a lot but this would be easier. Aafje looked at Hamish and asked what we were doing."

"They're making packs to carry the rest of our things so we don't wake the elves. It's easier than trying find places on the mules, and quicker, and we can use all of these things. You were right, Aisha....smart dragon." I smiled, and hoped it worked, which it did. The ropes weren't the most comfortable things but we weren't going all that far and we'd been out long enough with no one at the houses except the wolves. We needed to stop relying on them so much. We had a lot things to do, and a lot of changes to make. The packs were pretty good for the first attempt, and it accomplished the aim, and with some sheep skin they might be reasonably comfortable. We walked past Irina and Malinka's without stopping but we all looked down the drive.

"Rebuild that first, Danael." I nodded as they watched it fade around the bend. We unloaded the elves as Sara, Irina, Malinka, and Aafje got the elves down and gave them another peppermint candy. Irina gave Aafje eleven more for later tonight. "Have them drink water, but only from the spring, NOT the stream. She nodded. They helped them down the road and put them to bed as they got broth going, fed the animals, got water and wood. "We'll bring your things tomorrow but Danael got extra blankets, and we'll go back to get your clothes later in the week." Aafje nodded. "If there is a problem push your thoughts to us, or Daniel, but use emotion with it." Aafje hugged them, nodded, and said they'd be fine.

We had everything unloaded in the barn as the girls walked up. "That Aafje is something else, thank god because those elves are a handful. Are you sure you'll be OK with them?"

"What could possibly go wrong?" They all stared me, even Hammish which was a shock, and they all walked inside. "No problem, I've got the rest of this...and the animals. I finished unhitching the wagon, brushing down and feeding the mules and the other animals, and mucked out their stalls. I washed off and was walking to the house when Hammish walked toward me. "Don't you fucking start," as I walked past him and he laughed.

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