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take me part 432... I HATE this site. maybe edited
Posted:Nov 21, 2021 8:57 pm
Last Updated:Nov 22, 2021 4:26 pm

I woke at the estate in Norway with Sara sitting next to me, and smiling..She pulled my hair and kissed me as I sat up and stared at her. "You're tired." I nodded. "You can't be tired, Dragon. We have too much to do. Tell me about Ceba." I did. Silence.

"You called the wind?" I nodded. She looked at me."And Ceba?"

"She is heading west, and south. I can't see how they can follow us...her." Sara stared at me.

"You did that with the wind? On your own...no help?" I nodded. "I will slow time so you can get her where she needs to be"

"Which is, where?"

"Figure it out.." FUCK!!!!! I didn't even know what time it was when Ceba was alive, but she was having a baby. I kept looking back to the east but the winds kept blowing. I was heading to the only place I knew around here, heading west. I was going to the Baltic. I wanted to go North and into Finland, where I sent the wolves, but there was no Finland, and Teesha didn't exist.

I was losing my mind. I looked east. "Can you ride?" She nodded. I put grass and wood on the sled. "We need to go until dark. It will be hard but I want sand, and darkness, obscuring our path." I helped her on the .

"You need to eat, dragon.." I shook my head as I looked to the east I made camp and cut grass, and wood. I made a fire and we ate dried beef as I shifted and flew to the east... and I dropped, at the barn, in Norway.Shit.

Sara helped me up. "I'm getting Joseph, or Ama, to teach you how to do the time thing without showing up as an unconscious." "How is Ceba?" I looked at her because I had now idea where I was.


I nodded. "We're alive and headed west. It's not hospitable." Sara lowered her head. "Get her home to us, Danael." FUCK>>>>FUCK>>>FUCK.

I made a small fire and fed the . "Your eats less than he should." She smiled and nodded..

"Like you dragon. We need to rest. I need to rest."

"We are resting...

"I need to until dawn, dragon.....so does the ." I looked at her, shifted, and flew as she made something that smelled amazing. I cold smell the wolves around but they smelled me as well.

"You smell dragon". I nodded as I ate. I looked to the East.

"Why do they keep coming. WHY???.

I shifted back to Norway. SHIT! I pushed myself up as Drakon ran up, barking, and peed in front of me before running off. I looked around as Sara walked up. "Don't worry about now. Where are you." I shrugged. She nodded. as I woke.

"Why?" Ceba looked at me.. i went to feed and water the . I took the bladders for water and thought. I waked back and sat.

"Tell me why they are chasing you, and how? I used the wind to stop them, but it didn't." She looked at me, my family are witches.... not all of them good. I carry the of someone they don't want, but it's my ."

"I'll be back." I flew, and found them.. They more insistent than I thought they would be.I exhaled turned them into ash.... all of them. I landed and looked for what i could for what be spared. I pushed the wagon.

'Where have you been?" I collapsed, and fell asleep. I could hear fire, which meant it was cold,

"Water." Ceba came over and gave me water, smiling. "You're alive. Are they following us? " I shook my head and passed out. I think I woke up two days later.
take me part 431
Posted:Nov 21, 2021 7:01 pm
Last Updated:Aug 13, 2022 7:25 am

I woke in my cave, in Iceland. I took me a while to realize before I stood and walked out. A fox was waiting for me. "You shift into the bear, because it's very cold." I nodded, and did, as we walked. "You met a siren. They don't let go of what they find, lightly, you made an impact, which is no easy feat. Women aren't enough for you?"

"I didn't choose any of this....it just happened. Any idea how?" She smiled, but didn't say anything.

"Be mindful, dragon, because Sirens are lustful beings, and jealous of they consider theirs. You are on that cusp." I didn't think any of the girls would tolerate that nonsense, but I wasn't going to discount it.

"Walk with me." We walked as a bear and a fox, in silence, toward the ocean. "Your life in the past. What has been the hardest thing young dragon?"

"They killed wolves that were starving too....and Teesha leaving." Silence.

"She means that much to you?"

"I could talk with her, and were connected in some way. I don't understand. She's better off being in the North Land. I miss her, but they are better there.

"Would you bring her bac......."

"No, Gaia! Don't ask." She looked at me and nodded. We walked in silence as it snowed. "It's cold." I nodded. "I've aided Ceba, and her . They would have died that night because they were to high." I nodded. "She misses you. I stared at her.

"I didn't expect to anyone. I was looking for stones for a Siren."

"Yet you were there....and save them. She's pregnant Daniel, and not in a nice way." I stared at her and shifted as i went storming off, cursing, and throwing things. I came back, shifted, and looked at the fox.

"What do I do?"

"Be who you are. Your life won't be easy wherever you are, Love, accept that as fact, but it doesn't mean you can't help them.." I woke, freezing as Ceba and her were walking away. The wind was blowing at me so they didn't hear me as I walked up from behind, which was stupid, but felt familiar. She turned and sliced. I was able to shift the cut from my throat, but she sliced my hand, and cheek. I grabbed her until she knew who I was. I stuck my hand, and face, in snow. Ceba lifted me.

"I'm sorry dragon. I didn't think you come back. We need to get to my yurt, and make a fire or we could die tonight, too. Do you see that peak?" She pointed in front of me" I nodded.
"Walk there. You'll find me, or I'll find you. I'm going to get it warm, make food, and herbs. It's smarter." I nodded as rode off.... at least the moon most full. The wind obscured the tracks but it didn't matter, I found her, and the . I looked around, and flew. There was grass around, and wood. I found a rock outcropping sheltered from the wind. I blew fire into it, hard, and walked backed to get the . I was leaving when Ceba walked outside, looked at me, and followed in silence. I gave her the , shifted, and blew fire into rock. Ceba made her lie down close to the rocks, I made a fire as Ceba and I walked back to her yurt.

"You need a place to keep animals safe." She looked at me and nodded, in disgust.

"I know what i need dragon. I don't know how to get it. I have food, and a fire. Thank you for my .... that's twice you kept me, us, alive.

"I'm hungry." She nodded as we walked back to her yurt. I knew where the grass was, and wood.

"Eat and then get us more wood, and grass." I nodded I ate some kind of amazing stew, and cheese....and milk. I stared at Ceba.

"It's Yak, and it's good." I nodded as she smiled. "Wood and grass, dragon." I nodded as I flew. I knew what I wanted but I'd have to do. I broke the branches and them to Ceba, and I took grass to the , who had friends. They looked at me. I pushed and said it would be OK. They all closed their eyes as I almost melted stone. I put grass around, and put the rest of the wood on the fire, and walked away.

I patted the flap of the yurt. "Come in Danael, and tell me about my ." I walked into warmth, and love.....and I was SO in trouble. Something smelled amazing. "Sit." She poured buttered tea as we waited for the stew be done.

"I think they are fine because rocks hold warmth."


"Rabbits, antelope, mice.... I have no idea, but it's cold and I made the rocks warm." He looked at me and smiled. Take that off and bathe. She handed me a clothe, and watched me as she cooked. I cleaned everywhere as she watched. I grabbed gloves, walked outside, and threw the water out. I was freezing. I wipe the bowl with snow, and then packed it with snow, and walked in, set it on the hearth, and sat down,shivering, with my feet facing the fire. I was naked, and cold.

"You're insane," she said smiling. "Where this...at least you don't smell.. Add wood to the fire." She kept looking at me. Ceba put a bowl of stew, and some milk, next to . I said thank.

'Eat." Why are you back dragonbear?" I looked at her.

"I'm not sure except i couldn't leave." She nodded as we ate. I took the bowls outside and cleaned then in the snow. I wiped all of out food bits out, and went back inside. Ceba looked at me and smiled. She laid Yak pelts on the ground and got undressed, She looked at me, and smiled. Holy crap, I was in so much trouble. I dropped the robe, and kissed her before I tasted her pussy. She pushed my head into her until she grabbed my cock, and squeezed, as she kissed me, and bit me. She laughed as she wrapped her legs around me, took me and put me in her, and then pulled me onto her as she exhaled, and grunted as she came. I supposed she would be pregnant to, because I came a lot. We fell asleep but woke four times and made love. She looked at me after the last and kissed me, biting my lip, and drawing blood.

"Why are you here?"

"I don't know, but I think you need to move west. Ceba moved down and started sucking me.

"Do we have to leave now? She squeezed me as she sucked the head of my cock?" I shook my head. "What, love."I grunted. I looked at her as she took me and put my cock inside of her. She moved it around, even though she was wet, and looked at me as she pushed herself onto me, and came. She didn't stop because that was when the biting, and the fucking, started. I didn't know they had dildos back then. We collapsed into each other as we fell asleep. I woke early to check on the . I brought wood, but they were fine. I looked around, and would have been happy on the steppes, but... Ceba came out wrapped in a blanket.

"How the ?" I smiled and said fine. We need to leave this place, Ceba, now." This is my home. "Then stay, but you should go with me." She made breakfast as I got the and cut as much grass, and wood as I could find.. I wrapped it and folded the yurt, and put everything onto.... I looked up, to the East. "We need to leave, now." We headed west, and south. I just hoped I was in time. We walked three days. I wanted to go longer but Ceba made me stop.

"They can't do this, dragon.... I can't.... We need to rest." I looked at her, and nodded.

"Find a good place, with water. I catch up." They left as I growled. I didn't like being tracked. I called on Gaia, and the winds. It didn't work last time, but I had reason, now....and I pushed as the wind obliterated everything around me, and then moved toward the east. I thanked Gaia and headed west.
take me part 430
Posted:Nov 21, 2021 3:51 pm
Last Updated:Nov 21, 2021 4:18 pm

I pushed the goat away from me, and closed them back up. "You're vicious, but cute." They bleated as I closed the door and walked toward the house Mailinka and Sofi didn't wait but after what Irina told me yesterday about them having sex, why would they. I was good for babies, I supposed. I walked inside and grabbed the water buckets, salt and a brush as they stared at me. "What? You need to clean these once a week. They're green." I headed to the spring crumbling.

I wasn't mad, because they didn't know. I just had a lot to deal with.... a lot I was worried about, and I didn't see it getting any better... and Janey and Alison were staying in Denver...and Lieve, and Heather. Lieve. Fuck, I barely got to spend anytime with her, them. FUCK! I took the rock off the spring and cleaned the buckets as best I could... at least they were green. I rinsed them and filled them. I left two and walked home. They all looked at me, even Aisha.

"What?" Irina spoke as drakon barked at me. "Don't you pee in the house, drakon." Sofi opened the door and she ran outside. 'What?"

"Are you angry with us ?" I looked at them and shook my head as I opened my arms. They ran at me.

"No, not at all. I'm sorry you thought so. Green water buckets are not healthy. I have too much on mind but I'm not mad at any of you." They smiled, as I dropped. I was hovering above the North Sea and Karina was bouncing on the waves, smiling at me.

"Karina." She smiled.

"I've been looking at the stones you brought me. They are wonderful. I have many things, because we like gifts, but those stones were from the top of the world, a place I can't go. It was a thoughtful gift, dragon. How long can you hold your breathe?" I told I thought and hour, maybe longer. "Follow me because I have some for your people." She dove and I followed to the bottom and into a cave. She pointed. It was a closed chest. She nodded as i grabbed it and looked around. It was unbelievable what was done there. She motioned for me to follow her. We swam to a much smaller cave and there was a smaller box filled with all kinds of treasure, but my nine stones were on top. She smiled and motioned up. I hovered carrying the chest as water drained out, thankfully, because it was heavy.

'Your people save valuable too, yes?" I nodded. Good. Save these in thanks for you your stones. I am the envy of all other Sirens because of those stones.... because of you. We've known dragons for a long time, but no dragon has ever flown to the top of the world to bring one of us a gift." She kissed me and sunk beneath the waves as I flew to to island and landed. I shifted as Pytor walked up.

"You're back, dragon. What's that?" I shook my head as I shifted the lock and it crumbled. I opened it as we both stared in awe. There was gold, and silver, and gems, and jewelry, nd what would have books..... AND. We stared at each other and Pytor helped me take into Gaia for safe keeping. He grabbed a bottle of brandy, and smiled, as we walked out and I locked the door. "How did you come by this, Dragon?"

"I owed a gift to a Siren and she like the stones i gave her so much she took to a cave filled with countless treasure. She gave me this." He stared at me.

"DON'T ever go into that cave, Dragon...not even you will emerge, uninvited. Sirens are more powerful than even dragons, when they are angry. That chest was a gift, and a test." I nodded but I didn't care about the things that were in that cave. They where safe, just like these things were. I opened the door again and went down. I walked out a bottle of Champagne. Pytor smiled.

'Women." He nodded as I shifted and flew. I was standing in the front yard and could Drakon barking. I was confused, and holding a very good bottle of Champagne when Drakon bolted at me ad attacked my boots. "What is wrong with you?" She licked my hand as I petted her, and she growled. I shook my head as I looked up to smiling women. I handed the bottle Irina and told her to put under the floor to chill. She nodded.

"You've been to the island." I told Aisha about the stones, and Karina, and the chest. She stared at me. "Be careful, dragon. You don't a Siren mad at you, and don't ever go back to that place, unless she invites you." I nodded and told her Pytor said the same thing. She nodded. "Malinka, Sofi, come outside. I'm going to teach you how to fly on a dragon. I'll teach the harness later with your Ma'."

"Shift dragon," and I did. She told them about being a dragon rider, and respecting their dragon. She showed them how to climb on, and where to hold. We flew, all three of them, gently and then Aisha took Malinka alone and told her to hold on. "Tell him what you want him to do."

"Disappear, dragon, and fly. Find us deer." I did and Aisha said nothing. "Take the large stag with the big antlers." I did. 'Fly to Hammish." I did and landed with a huge reindeer stag as Hammish, James, and Ilsa walked up. I shook my head and and took steps backward because I smell. Aisha whispered that she told me Malinka would be a better rider than her.

"Can you deal with this Hammish?" He looked at her, stunned, but nodded. "Good, Aisha is teaching us how to ride dragons. Sofi's next. Shift dragon. I did and they climbed on. Home." I loved these women, and my rider, and Kana was going to be SO pissed, but I had absolutely no control, except maybe not hurting people. It was strange. We landed and Drakon peed on my foot. I sent her rolling. She growled, bark, and hid behind Irina.

Sofi climbed on.... "Up dragon." I hovered. "Straight up, and fast." I did what Sofi asked until she could barely breath. "Dive, dragon." Aisha never said a word. "Dive into the ocean." Sofi moved against my neck, and Aisha move behind her. They became as flat as they could. I took the force of the impact but it only slowed me a little. I swam because they couldn't stay down here long. Karina swam next to us as I emerged, and hovered. Sofi and Aisha breathed.

"Aisha.... you are training riders again. She nodded. "This one has no fear. I'm Karina dragon rider. I'm a Siren."

"I'm Sofi."

"Wait there." She came up and handed Sofi four strands of pearls. These are new to use but the silk won't last. You have a sister, and two moms, yes." Sofi nodded. "Good, take care of our dragon. He is special to me." Sofi nodded, put the pearls inside her vest, said thank you, and bye, as Karina slipped under the waves.

"Home, dragon." I landed again as Drakon marched up, barking, and growling. She peed and walked away. I let her. Sofi and Aisha got off as I shifted. She showed them the pearls and said they needed to take one to Ilsa, I shook my head to regain where I was, as Aisha hugged me.

"It took me decades to learn what these two knew innately It's amazing." I nodded. "'ll come back after your feast, and yes, I'll be there. They have innate ability, but it's not enough." I nodded as Aisha shifted and I was attacked by two young women, and a wolf pup.
take part 429
Posted:Nov 21, 2021 1:00 pm
Last Updated:Nov 21, 2021 9:00 pm

I fed the mules, and goats, and milked them. I collected eggs and fed the pigs more of the wolf meat. "Malinka will bring you scraps when she gets . They snorted. I put the eggs in the basket next the milk and dropped.

Shit! No one was around so I pushed myself and walked into the kitchen, looking for milk. I poured a glass and turned around to woman with tattoo's pointing a knife at . "WHO the fuck are you, and put our milk down."

"NO, and I'm Daniel. Who the fuck are you?" She stared at as I drank. "What's your name?" Silence.

"Astrid. Who are you?"

"Tri, put the knife down, this is Danael. She's protective." I nodded as I drank. He's Danael...with the girls?" She smiled but held the knife her side. "You're back. You this a lot I gather. We have get ready for dinner." I poured milk.

"More now than usual."

"Anryd filled in. You have a lot going, in multiple places." I nodded as she looked at . "If you could peel those when you are finished with your milk, it would be a huge help. We have a LOT do for tomorrow, even with the meat."


"It's fine Danael, you can't do everything. Henry and Janey are helping, and the girls left to help them. How are your women in the past?"

"Multiplying." She looked at me and laughed. "I'm sorry if I startled you Astrid." I started peeling.

"Did you see the building where my new restaurant will be." I shook my head. "If we have time before you go back we'll walk over. It's a perfect location, and large. I'll be able to hire many people. Annie, Tina, and Bethany are working on the renovations. They think we could open by the Holidays.'

"That's wonderful, Britte." She smiled. I was obvious how happy she was.

"Yes. Astrid, love, will you go pick vegetables for us. I'll be fine, Love." She kissed her as Astrid stared at and put the knife down as she walked out. "She is very protective of . She didn't have an easy life and she doesn't men." Britte looked at me, and smiled. "Not even good ones, but I'm trying. You move quickly dragon." I looked at her, confused. She laughed. "Not that, silly, I mean of this." She pointed around here. "It didn't take long." I nodded.

"You can thank Bethany for that. She watches over ...us. I just saw the potential and knew if we didn't buy it that there never be a way for working people be here." She nodded. "I'm glad that she was able the building the corner." She smiled and nodded.

"I use have that until Marnine got angry with . she could do was send here, which I didn't mind because it made focus my training. A small kitchen is just as productive as a large one. They're just different." I nodded. "Marnine wanted do more but even at the height of her power she feared Anryd's clan so I was just exiled. It wasn't terrible because I grew here."

"Marnine is dealing with a similar thing, now. Gaia has her pretty short leash." She nodded.

"Is it true that you bit Anryd first?" I smiled, nodded, and said I didn't know who she was, or the customs. She laughed. "Well praise be to Gaia because she obviously did, and you two are perfect together, of you. I hope the women in the past are the same." I nodded as Astrid walked in.

"Danael, will you help me with the boxes." I nodded and asked if she was going stab . She laughed. "No, Britte likes you much and she a better judge of people than I am.." I nodded as we walked the alley. "You're the dragon people are whispering about?" I nodded as loaded boxes into my arms. She was quiet. My people were dragon riders, but it's a been a very long time. It'll be good to have a dragon here other than Marnine. Will you take for a ride some time?" She opened the door as we walked to the kitchen.

"You'll be at the feast?" She said that everyone would be at the feast. It's why they were prepping then." I looked at her and told her I'd take her flying. I put the vegetables down and shifted back to having a baby goat licking my face.

"Stop, you beast. Holy crap. Sofi and Maliinka were watching, and laughing. "You could have stopped it." The shook their heads and started walking away. "Get you butts back here." They did I handed them the eggs and the milk. "Don't be annoying." I needed to find a dictionary, or figure a way to bring one back. I petted the goat and closed the barn. I still missed Teesha.
take me part 428
Posted:Nov 21, 2021 11:29 am
Last Updated:Nov 21, 2021 1:12 pm

I was pushing myself when Drakon ran at barking and started licking my face.
" Well little wolf that's better than peeing ." She barked, peed and ran back Irina. I shook my head and smiled as she walked .

"It's a sign of affection."

'Really, then why don't you pee on my?" She was taken aback, but laughed.

"Because I do other things, mister." She grabbed my balls as she hugged . It was complicated having families as scattered as I did, as well as a Siren who was now smitten with , but I couldn't say I minded...at least it wasn't boring. "Are you OK with Sofi being here? Malinka and I are a handful, and pregnant. What happens when of us are?" She stared at and laughed. "She will get pregnant, Danael. It's just a matter of when. She's young and enjoys sex. Why do you think her and Malinka spend time alone in the barn, and are always laughing and hugging each other?" I smiled.

"I like Sofi just as I do you and Malinka. You were right, she is better off here." She kissed me

"Why did you bring James with us, Danael? I like him and he will get along fine with Hammish until we start building here. I'm just curious."

"He reminds me of someone and he knows a lot about a lot, most importantly right now, about growing fruit trees, and making hard cider. The village here is small now, but it won't stay that way. I thought he would be ideal run a tavern but in the meantime I think he can help you learn read because he has a box of books." She stared at

"How do you think of of these things, and what is a chicken tractor?" I laughed.

"I'm probably insane." She smiled and bit as Malinka and Sofi walked and hugged us. "A chicken tractor is like a wagon for chickens. In my time, it's used to keep them safe, let them forage, eat bugs, scratch, and poop on a piece of land, and then it's moved to another piece."

Sofi looked at me, "they do the work and get the ground ready for a garden." I nodded.

"It's easier to work with Nature, than against her. The wagon keeps them safe, and gives them a place to roost at night, and they aren't running around the yard and barn." They laughed. "Irina, do you know where we can get cats?" She nodded. 'Good, we need get some for the barn because the mice, and rats, and we'll need more once we build the other barns. Storing grain here is different then in my time. It's harder to protect from rodents." They nodded as we walked inside. I added wood to the fire and they sat . We took turns making love throughout the night. They were happy. I was happy. It was early and they slept like the girls did, in a bundle. I wondered if was because they were witches. I smiled as I went into the kitchen and got milk. I lit the stove, and made a fire and walked outside as Aisha was walking .

"You, or Joseph, need teach how do that." She laughed, and nodded..

"How are your women?"

"Where?" She laughed.

"Good point. Here." I told her they were fine. "And the people around here?" I stared at her and looked down. She nodded.

"Someone killed wolves. They've moved farther north, where I told them to. It's better for them but I miss Teesha. The people look at like I'm the devil even though we saved their families."

"Yet you still want stay, dragon. Why?"

'It's good land, and Hammish and Ilsa are here, and the girls, and there are houses and barns...and they are pregnant." She nodded. "It's easier build from here then start from nothing, at least I think it is."

"Your ideas are sound, Dragon, and you have found good people. You seem have a knack for that, and Dragons are still around so that memory is in their minds, at least the old ones, and their stories. You just scare them, worse than witches, or wolves, because they don't know how to fight you."

I was sad and confused...."I don't want to fight them. I want to help them and help us. Things don't ever seem to change."

"Human's fight what they fear, usually it's each other, but not always. Life here will never be easy for you dragon. I want to ride with Malinka, and Sofi, and show them about harnesses." I nodded as the door opened and drakon came tearing out barking. She sat between me and Aisha, barking, hackles as we laughed. She reached down and picked her . "A wolf and a dragon. Thank you for protecting ." She put her down and drakon growled, peed, and pranced back the house. I shook my head. "You're the only one with balls, dragon." I went the barn feed the animals, and gather eggs.
take me part 427
Posted:Nov 21, 2021 12:27 am
Last Updated:Nov 21, 2021 12:59 am

I walked away and then flew. She found a place I could use to keep us alive. Stones retained heat...especially dragon heat, but we needed food, and I needed to find grass. I flew and saw grass not far away, and antelope.... I blended, and dove and grabbed an old male as the herd scattered. I hated this.

I set it down and shifted as they both looked at me. She found a place with rocks facing south. I was the dragon and made the rocks hot, very hot, and between the rocks, and the fire, it was mostly warm. The stayed by the rocks, and I knew where to find grass. The woman was cold.

"What's you name?


"Ceba, you won't live unless you let me help.It was too cold. I didn't think it would be so cold. We have meat, and a fire, and I know where to find grass for the but it's still cold for you." I shifted into the bear and pushed her into the rocks. It was too cold for me.

I woke early, shifted, and went walking. I brought back wood..first... and started a fire. I made three trips so we had enough. Ceba was still asleep. Her didn't seem keen on moving, either, I used all of the wood, and put stones around and put meat on the stones as I went out. I found more wood, not much.

"Ceba.... you're awake." I dropped the wood. She looked at me. Silence. I was used to that. "I know where grass is." She stared at me, in silence, as I walked away. She didn't know what to do...I just wanted to find some pretty stones and didn't expect encounter someone.

I walked back with as much grass as i could drag, the was happy. I was tired.. 'You've been working since before dawn, and you need to keep working. Why?"

"Now, I needed to keep up alive, but I need stones for someone who's never seen stones like these. It's important. It's why I am here." She looked at me.

"Eat bear". I grabbed meat and ate.It was still cold but the fire was enough for me. The stirred, and ate what I left.. I told Ceba where to found the rest. They were too high.I told her that but she still stared.

"You are insane. The only reason you, and, your are alive is because of me." I turned and walked away in anger, grumbling as I do.. I walked for a long time, thinking.I still needed to find stones, and I saved Ceba, and her , but nothing seems to be enough. I looked into the stream I was crossing. I saw green, blue, pink and purple..... and gold. I reached for everything but gold. I looked at the stones, and smiled as Ceba walked up and looked at what I had.

"Someone special?"

I nodded.

"Thank you." I nodded and motioned.

"That...." She stared...

"That, is gold." She stared at me.

"I know. It's good and bad. It won't get easier wherever you go, but I appreciate this stream so I could find the stones I needed. She stared a me, as I dropped, I woke by the same stream with nine stones in my hand. I looked at them. I already knew gold was there, but aside from Ceba....I didn't care.

I shifted, and left. I went to the North Sea, hovered, and waited. She made wait.

"Dragon, you took your time."

"Did I, I'm sorry. I have had a lot going on." She looked at me. Silence.

"You have my gift?" I nodded as she clapped. I didn't remember what they were, but I had nine different stones and gave them to Karina. She looked at them, and me, because she knew where they were from, and dove. She flew out out of the sea and launched at me. She wouldn't let go.... "I LOVE,LOVE.LOVE. them." They are amazing and you traveled there for me.

"Thank you, dragon. These are my most special gifts. Our debt is paid, Danael. I LOVE these...........LOVE. LOVE. LOVE, them." She went away.

I didn't know if I should be scared, or happy. I still had a lot to do, and in different times. I moved back to Ceba.... she looked at me. 'You're leaving." I nodded because I had enough women in my life.


"You saved me, and my . Thank you.....that was a gift you can't imagine.".

"You showed me the stones I wanted. Gold will make you rich, but it may also destroy you." She looked at me. as I got pulled back to the ocean. Karina Kissed me.

"These were my best presents..... ever, ever, ever." I smiled. Thank you Dragon! She dove back and I shifted to...."
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Sara looked at me as i opened my eyes.. "How long?

"Three hours. Who's James?" I sat up.

"A nice old man that knows a lot about a lot, and he knows people looking for work....and I need that back then. He shouldn't be doing what he's doing, love, but he has to. I'm more interested in his brain, than body. We'll work it out it either.

"Are you keeping all of these things straight, because it confuses me, love."

"My brain works differently, but I do need a notebook and pen, or pencil. I have all of you you there, and everything we have learned. I have a handful of people, and some wolves that have left because they are smarter than us, and I don't even know what is available. Im guessing not a lot, but I am here so I trying."

"Tell Malinka and Irina not listen to the head of their coven...Ilsa too. You can't trust her and they don't need her anyway. Their Magic comes from Gaia, It will come through you being there, and Aisha. You will stay there longer than here. It will be hours for us here, but you'll be there for days, maybe longer because you need to be there....except tomorrow."

"The binding, and feast."

"Yes. tell them because they are getting use to being there. You also need to go Tibet and find some stones for a Siren. You don't want them angry at you, Danael....especially not her." I nodded. "You did good with the wolves, even if the humans are scared....better to have wolves as friends, where you want to go, dragon." I woke and pushed myself as I walked to the house. Shit. I looked around and thought Teesha would walk up.... but she was gone. It wasn't as easy for humans. I walked to the house.

Irina, Malinka, and Sofi were laughing. Something smelled wonderful, and they looked at me.
"What? Have you lost your minds?" They pounced and bit me, laughing, and grabbing...tickling. Drakon joined in until I grabbed all of the.

"Enough!" They laughed and stopped. "What is wrong with you?" I looked at Drakon and she growled as hid behind Irina. "You better hide behind her, and have you lost your minds?" They laughed and nodded as I shook my head and brought more wood inside. It was going to be cold.

"We don't go to town often, I'm not sure Malinka or Sofi, ever have. It's a lot to deal with, but we got fabric, and thread, and other things...and you got grain, and hay, and James." I laughed, and nodded. I tended the fire as Irina finished dinner and waited for the bread to be done. I sat n the kitchen as Malinka and Sofi played.

"I will have to be away longer the next or so." She looked at me and nodded."It's challenging being in two places. I am still learning how to do it but you are my family, just like they are." She smiled, and nodded. "After the next couple of days, longer. I will be here more. I will still drop, but I'll be more, I think. We have a lot of work to set in motion" She nodded. "Did you get fabric for James?" She smiled, and nodded.

"We did, and boots. He'll need a coat for next winter, and gloves but we have a lot of deer hides. Spring is close but it was good you took him away from there, and it is good what you want to do. I just hope we can...in time." I nodded.

"You are going to a problem love....even the witch's are scared of you."

"We saved them."

"I know...we know, and the wolves knows....but they left." I exhaled in anguish and disgust. We are here. We have a house, barn, friends.... We'll change the bad medicine the wolves spoke of. This is good land, and there are good people here, Danael." I nodded. I will be gone for a while after dinner." She nodded. We ate and the girls played as sisters would, because neither of them had sisters. They were jubilant because of their time in town, and James...and that they were sisters, which was most important.

Irina and I cleaned the kitchen, and smiled. "Thank you, love, for a wonderful meal." She looked at me ans touched my face but didn't say a word. "Do you know how to read, or the girls?" She looked at me and said a little. James had a box of books, and I would teach them to read. I kissed her, and dropped.

The wind was howling. I shifted into the bear because I would freeze.....poor plannin, or at least poor landing. I looked around. Sniffed wished I could stay longer. I need someone to help me. I lied down and exhaled. I could feel someone looking at me.

"We have no bears here? I opened my eyes and stretched.

"No, you don't any longer, but I'm not from here. Do you have a wool blanket? She nodded. May I borrow it?" She took it off her and handed it to me. I shifted and she too three step back.

"I'm sorry. I'm daniel." She didn't scream, which was good. She stared at me, but wasn't scared. "What year is this?" She stared at me. I looked around, confused. I was cold. I wrapped the blanket around myself.

"Why are you here, bearman?" So, I was guessing it was a long time ago. I exhaled.

"I need to find stones, pretty stones, but i don't know where to look."

"She pulled stones out of her pouch and showed me.''

Yes, like that those."

"Why, and how many?" I told her. We shivered as she looked at me. "Find wood for a fire... a lot. It will be a cold night. I'll show you where I found my stones." I brought wood back. We were to high for grass. She opened a saddle bag and took grass out, and grain, and patted her. I looked at her.

"What? Our is our family." I nodded. "When you go into places there is no grass, you take grass. My dies, I die." I nodded. "Get more wood if you can find it. It will be very cold tonight." I nodded as she started a fire with what we had. I brought back as much as i could find. It wouldn't be enough. She gave me dried meat and looked at me. I shouldn't have come this way because we are going to die this night." She pointed to the sky. I looked around. Shit.

"Will your lie down for you?" She stared at me but nodded. "I'll be back... look for more wood, but some place with rocks...and a ledge... but give your what you can because it will be a hard night. I'll find you." She stared at me as i walked away. Shit. I maybe had six hours, and we need food. I walked away, and flew.
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I spit grass out of my mouth as Malinka and Sofi walked up, smiling, but bloody. 'Sofi is good, Danael. We have to clean the hide but it's still cold. We want to go to town. They both wiped blood on theirs faces as they smiled. "Go heat water, Hammish and I will get more." They clapped and ran.

"Teesha wanted us to use the wolf that was killed. We'll split it. Do you need anything in the village?" Ilsa looked at him and nodded.

"Go with them, Ilsa, and get what we need. I'll take the the mule back and the meat. I have work to do anyway." She smiled and kissed him. I walked with Hammish to the barn as the girls went to the house. "You have coins."

"Yes, and Irina said extra meat, and that would be a better trade now." He nodded and said he'd balance things later. "Anything you want?" He smiled and nodded.

"If there is something sweet, unusual, I would like that...Ilsa too, but she won't ask." I nodded and told him I'd bring her home when we got back. He nodded, and hugged me. "I hope you work out this time thing, dragon. I like having you here." I nodded as we loaded wolf meat onto his/our mule and he walked home.

Irina walked into the barn and hugged me as we watched Hammish walk off. "Ilsa is helping the girls. I need to get ready too but...." she looked at me.

"You are free to speak your mind with me Irina." She kissed me.

"I want to buy Ilsa nice fabric for clothes, for both of them. They save everything for their , which is wise, but we have the meat, and you and Malinka can get us more.." I nodded as she jumped on me and bit my neck.

'"Bring Hammish's coins, some of them, in case we see things. She nodded and ran back to the house. Drakon barked at me, peed, and followed her, barking. I shook my head as Teesha, and the black wolf, walked up. 'I'm sorry, but the young ones dealt with your wolf.

"Life is death, dragon. Our view is different than yours because we don't walk through time." I nodded. "Thank you, dragonbear. You kept out families alive. You kept all of the families alive but I suspect that we are more grateful, and less fearful, than the humans." I nodded.

"You've decided to leave." Silence.

"Yes. It's easier now and our scouts have said there is good hunting, and the females have found dens for us. We need to lead our pack like you do." I nodded and told her it was more complicated but I was trying. "You respect our kind.... you're family respects our kind. We have made it known that none of you are harmed, or your animals.... and your large friend too. He has a gentle heart." I laughed and said he does. I was thinking about both Sam and Javier.

"When do you leave?"

"Now, dragon, because weather to the north is worse. Winter isn't over." I nodded and knelt as they walked up and nuzzled me as Malinka and Sofi walked into the barn.I hugged them, scratched their ears, and said I would miss them. Teesha bit my hand, not hard, and held it, before moving away. She did the same to Malinka as they ran. We could hear the mournful howl as they ran north.

"You have wolves?" Malinka hugged her and walked back to the house as I closed up the barn, and wiped the tears from eyes. I gave a bit of grain to the other mules before we left. I needed to make a chicken tractor.

"I walked to get water since Hammish left. I looked around and shook my head. If I could do this it would be amazing, and if I could secure the rights to the land north of us, at least. It was land to the Arctic, and into what be Finland, maybe was already Finland. I walked backed with the last two buckets thinking that I needed to figure a way to get water from the spring to house, at least the new house... and the barns. Drakon stood in front of me barking, growling.

"What little wolf?" She peed and pranced as the girls laughed. "You aren't helping with this/" They laughed again and said she was young and was protecting them from a fierce dragon. They had a point. I washed and went to hitch the mule to the wagon. I grabbed a club, but wished I had my knives. I took two from the barn, and we went into the village.

None of the girls were paying attention, which was a problem that needed to be addressed, but I was and everyone was looking at us. I dropped the girls off at the store as i went to livery, and then the feed store. It was different than I would think, but not so much.

An older man, injured, limped up. "Yes, sire."

"I'm Daniel. Can you give my mule a bit of grain....just a bit... I want him to go home." He nodded and laughed. "Do you have hay... decent hay, not moldy?" He looked at me and nodded.

"Bring your wagon around back and I'll give what I can." I nodded. We loaded the wagon with good hay. "Six silver coins." I looked at him because I didn't know and he said four. I reached into my pocket and gave him six. They were less than an ounce. He smiled as Malinka walked up.

"I got what you wanted for Hammish... chocolate from the Alpen lands. He'll be very happy." I gave her coins and told her to buy four more, and give one to him, as I pointed. She nodded. "Why?"

"He's a nice man and life has been hard to him, a bit of chocolate would be enjoyable." She smiled, and kissed me, as she ran off. "You know people who are willing to work?" He nodded as Malinka ran up and introduced herself as she handed him a chocolate bar.

"I know people, starting with me. I'm old, but I know a lot about a lot." I nodded.

"Grab your things and get in the wagon. Malinka, tell Irina to come here." She nodded. "What's your name?"


"It's nice meeting you James."

"Come with me sire." I followed him. They are holding this hay until the end so they can raise the price, but the price is the price, now. I say fill your wagon, which we did, and tied it down.

"Thank you James. Get your things...you have a new home." Irina and Ilsa walked up. "This is James. He'll be helping us because he knows a lot, about a lot, and we need that" They nodded. "And he knows people looking for work...and he likes chocolate, so Hammish will like him. "He needs clothes like me." Irina nodded as they walked back to the store as James grabbed his thing. I helped him with a box and looked at him.

"Books." I smiled, and nodded. We waited outside the the store as people watched us. I sat on the back of the wagon with him.

"You know how to make hard cider, or beer, James?" He looked at me and smiled.

"I do, sir.

"Do you know how to grow fruit trees?"

"I do."

"It is very fortunate that we met, James." The girls climbed on will parcels, and bags, and I didn't even want to know. We added bags of grain to the back and Malinka and Sofi sat there chatting with James, as Ilsa and Irina sat with me. "You seem pleased, Ilsa." She smiled as Irina laughed.

"They had something called licorice. I thought it was strange looking, but he gave me a piece and Oh my goodness, it was amazing. Hammish will be SO happy." Silence. "He works SO hard and doesn't ask for anything for himself, .... but he does have sweet tooth. Have you had licorice?" I nodded and told her it was very good.

"We dropped of Ilsa and James at their house, along with most of the hay because they had a loft, and a place in the barn for James to stay. Hammish would need the help, and we would compensate him, even though we would need so many people because we would be blessed during the coming years.

I unhitched the mule, fed him and the other animals, closed the barn, and dropped.
take me part 424
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I think I had breakfast, but hadn't eaten here. Drakon growled at me and then licked me chin. "You better not pee on me, Missy." I pushed myself to my knees, and sat, as Lieve and Heather looked at me, smiling. "Your turn?" They nodded. "I hear that you're staying in Denver." They nodded. "Can't say that I blame you at all, but we'll have to find some place for you to stay while Sabrina deals with the studio. You won't be able to stay there during that."

"We thought that we could stay in Iceland, or with you in Japan, until it's finished." I stared at them, stunned. "Really?" They nodded.

"We don't want to leave you, Da', but we should be balanced in where we as a family is." I stared at her...speechless... because she was right. I looked at Heather.

"What do you think, Heather?"

"It depends on your timeline. Are you thinking about us, or our , and grandchildren?" I stared at both of them, and smiled.

"Go on, Love."

"If you are doing all this, now, then you care about legacy." I nodded. "People mistakenly think they are doing something, now, for themselves. If they have then that is ego." I nodded. You aren't like that, dragon. We think you see seven generations ahead, and you are playing chess." I smiled. "Denver has always been a good place, and it likely will be. Water will be an issue, but we'll pay attention, and adapt before it happens. It's our home, too, Danael, and we'll help bring it along with us." I nodded.

"Family?" Lieve spoke.

"We want babies, Da', and it's strange to ask you. We are looking into in vitro." I nodded. "Neither of us mind not having balls and a penis, but it would be less complicated if one of us had them." I laughed, and nodded.

"Both of you?" They looked at each other and smiled and nodded, as I hugged them.

"We'll try this first but if it doesn't happen then we'll ask you. We won't go meet some random guy and we aren't blood related." I stared at them and hoped that wasn't necessary but told them we'd deal with it then....then fell.
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I pushed myself up, and shook my head. "How long? Hammish said maybe enough to bounce. we chuckled.

"We need men working now, dragon, if you want fences up on all of this...a lot of men. It won't go unnoticed and they'll need food." I look at Irina.

"We'll do without if we need to while you and Malinka find more. There are many family's...good family's... that would love a homestead, Danael." I kept hearing what Teesha said about there being bad medicine here. Maybe this could change it. Ilsa and Irina walked home ahead of us talking about the coven. I didn't doubt the strength of women, or the power of witches, I still didn't like the coven.

"Tell me about this coven, brother." He looked at me and smiled.

"You are wily, Dragon. The leader is... challenging. She likes power. She changed somewhat when you entered Irina, and Malinka's lives. Ilsa thinks she's scared of you so she subdued herself.'

"Malinka said they make fun of her but me and Irina hinder that." He nodded.

"Irina is a powerful witch, but she doesn't care are power, neither does Ilsa. Power does strange things to people," Danael. I nodded. "It won't be easy to keep this amount of land, even with your plans." I nodded. "Having businesses and connections.... and lawyers and people in power.... will help but it still won't be easy. I nodded.

"It's a big world Hammish, and we have short lives my friend, but we need to build a solid foundation for the future. We will, brother, but I need to know how I can talk with the duke, or whomever, so we can secure land, There is a connection to the North that accesses lands to the west."

"Viking lands?"

"I'll have no part of Viking land, Danael." I nodded.

"I'm not asking you too, but it's good land, and times are shifting rapidly, friend. Trade is more important and the resources they have are substantial."

"Can you lead me to someone so I can gain an audience?"

"Possibly, but why?"

"I'm going to make him an offer he can refuse." He stared at me, confused, and I dropped.
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I snorted and and looked up as Janey and Alison looked at me. "You're like a bad sweater at Christmas, and we all to have to deal with it at some point." I chuckled as I rolled onto her lap, and said sorry. They both pinched me and stared.


"We're going to stay in Denver. We think Lieve and Heather will do the same. Your uncle, and Ellen are looking for a place, and we can stay at Alison's until they find it so Sarah and the girls aren't disrupted. Dad, and Sabrina, need the help." I nodded as they both stroked my hair.

"You've told them?" They nodded.

"Jake and Em took it the worst because they figured we would all live in a bundle, forever....but that isn't life." I nodded. "We need our presence there. dragon. Melinda will work with us and help unite those that are unaffiliated. We are expanding, and we need to expand at home as well." I nodded as they both looked at me.

"What?" Silence.


'We want , and you seem to produce girls with us."

"Both of you?"

"Me, for now, because Alison has a good job, and I can help Henry and get us settled. Later, maybe Alison. We've spoken with everyone and they are fine with it...happy at the thought... and think having us in Denver is wise."

"Sabrina needs to focus on the shop and studio, and have them look for other houses. Henry did well choosing yours." Janey nodded. "We'll need more homes. We'll need homes for Sam and Javier too." They nodded.

"You're sad." I nodded.

"It's smart, and wise, but I thought we'd be together longer than we have. We're lucky because we have access to planes, but it's different. I remember summer and us dancing on the grass while Bob looked at us like we were insane." Janey squeezed my hair. "Do what you need to Loves, you have my blessing and as far as a baby goes....you aren't an unattractive woman." They stared me before they pounced, and bite me, laughing, until I faded away.
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FYI...... I've been writing this here for discipline since I mistakenly paid for a year. I figured I should use it, as annoying as it is. I have a several more posts to get us through the ceremony and on the way to Denver. I'll probably focus on that as well. I am laying the story out, in my mind, for a book, and have been trying to incorporate the past and the present. It's hard to do in snippets, and may seem jerky, and disconnected, but it's not disconnected in the story...at least I don't think so. We'll see.

Once I get through with Denver, I won't be writing as much, maybe the weekends, because I need to compile all of these (I hadn't planned to write almost 500 but the girls are a force of nature), and I need to edit them.... and there are mules, wagons, dogs, houses, barns...and pregnant women to attend to.

'I'm glad you enjoy these, at least if BBWMatchMate's numbers are accurate, which I doubt, but wanted to give you a head's up. It's very hard to read things like this here because this site is so screwed up, and makes it hard to go back...at least i can't figure it out. I didn't post all them on the blog but they should all be in either 'romance?' or taboo.

Thanks for reading,
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Shit! I opened my eyes and looked up at Taiiko, who smiled and tousled my hair. I figured it was safer to just stay prone but I put my head on her lap. "We're figuring out how to get you padded clothes." I smiled. "How long have you been there?"

"Two days."

"It's been a little over two hours here, but there is nothing urgent here, at the moment. We've all walked around these alleys. It was a wise decision, dragon. It will help to bring this town back. I've spoken with Annie and the girls about using some of the money to help us do the same. We have towns around us that have suffered a similar fate. You are changing the fabric of our reality, Danael. We'll speak with the heads of the other clans, and members of those unaffiliated, and discuss how best to use rest of the funds." I nodded.

"Are your students still here?" She nodded. "Have they heard anything about another attempt on our lives?" She shook her head no. I still needed to deal with Ingrid's brother but dealing with the past seemed more important. I faded away.

"Danael, are you OK?"

"I'm fine. I just get bounced around a lot. Hammish help me up...again, and smiled.

"You are odd, dragon, but I like that in a brother, and friend." He hugged me and possibly cracked a rib. "Now tell me about your plans and try not to fall again." The four of us walked the land as Irina told them about the house, and barn...and 'our' plans. The girls moved ahead of us, talking, and planning, as we smiled. "Irina and Malinka are happy, and Sofi. You've built quite a family Danael. Is it the same in your time?" I nodded. "This is a lot of land, even for a dragon. I nodded.

"People will come here Hammish, sooner or later... a lot of people and there is only so much land. He nodded. I want to create a community, a collective, here. Do you understand collective?" He shook his head. " A group of like minded people focused on a task, or purpose. The purpose here is to hold this land, and prosper from it, each doing something different as a trade, and working the land."

"You want peasants?" I was taken aback at first but I could see how he would think that. I shook my head.

"No, brother, I want industrious men and women, I don't care which, that want to build a good life for themselves, and all of us....the collective. It's a lot for one family to master everything, even me, but what if you had ten family's, or twenty, on this land, each doing something different, but helping all of us. There would be overlap, tending to the land and the animals is a joint task, but look at this land Hammish," Irina hugged me and Ilsa hugged him. "Imagine ten or more houses spread around the perimeter, and a barn in the center of the field. Fruit and nut trees, and various animals, crops, spinning of wool, weaving.... lumber" as I pointed to the trees. Each family has their own house, which they could own, but not the land. The land never changes hands, just the buildings. And down there," I pointed to the end of the road, "down there we can grow hay, and oats, and...." Hammish laughed and hugged me.

"I see you are more ambitious than I am, which is saying a lot. I understand your vision of this collective. It's like a small village." I nodded as Irina kissed me. He looked at Ilsa. "It's not a bad vision, Love." She nodded. "

"We have silver, Hammish, and people have meat now, and they look up to you. It's a lot to do and I'm not sure how often I will be here, but there are people that could use work. It's harder to take something once it's been built, especially if those people own it. We need the fences first, I think, and the cellars for the house and barns, and lumber, and.... It's a lot. I know, and we have the mules, dogs, and wagons...and your blacksmithing."

Ilsa smiled... and pregnant women." We all laughed.

"And pregnant women..." We walked back to the house. "I also need to get rabbits to breed." They looked at me like I was insane. "Rabbit's are prolific breeders, and make a good stew, and the pelts can be used, or traded. Rabbit's could have gotten us through this winter even if we didn't find deer." They were silent, thinking. I'd like you to show me other land, than is close to either you, or here. It doesn't have to be as good as this" He nodded.

"Why Dragon?"

"I want to plant trees.... fruit and nut... plant crops, mainly winter crops....lots of root vegetables and build a place to keep them safe so the people around us can survive. There will always be harsh winters. We'll need a person to oversee it, someone smart but trustworthy. Winter's can always be hard but if we plan, then we can all make it through even the hardest. Rabbit, potato's, carrots, herbs, and bread is a fine meal and would feed a family."

He nodded, and I dropped.

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