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take me part 420...shorter ones
Posted:Nov 19, 2021 7:32 pm
Last Updated:Nov 20, 2021 9:07 am

I was thinking so many things that I thought my head would exploded. I needed to get back to the present so I could into what I was thinking. We needed wood first, and mules, and dogs. That would take years, many years, and then we needed a bank, which wouldn't happen for a long time, and we needed water... and power... and grain... that, we could do. "Hammish!" We all walked the land and I asked them about water, and villages with water. They looked at me like I was insane but they told me as told them of my thoughts for a mill.

"Hammish and Ilsa looked me and smiled. 'We have people to the east and they grow grain...wheat. You want to make flour." I nodded. "You can do that with water?" They all stared at me.

"No, but you can with the power of it. You just need the right spot, and enough water." They stared me.

"We use oxen for that, dragon."

"Water doesn't eat, or sleep, and given the stones, you can mill anything. It would make a family wealthy for a long time. I need to figure out how to make one, and the stones needed, but if we can, then all of our family's will set."

"I think I know a place lke your thinking, it's close and we have family there. You can do that, here?" I stared at him.

"I can learn to do it, then teach us. What I need now is all of this land from your to the end of the road, and as far back into the trees as you go, getting fenced. Irina use the silver as you need. Hammish, I'd like to see the place your family lives. I'm sorry but we are going to be busy. I needed my fricking notebook. I dropped before I could say the next sentence.

I was still on tile, and the girls were still laughing, and having a good time. Chloe sat down. "You've been dropping a lot. We started taking turns." I did the same with her and put my head in her lap as she kissed me.

'I'm not sure how time works, and there are things I think I'm suppose to do, but who knows. I'm trying to keep them safe like I'm trying to keep us safe. The time thing is a complication.
I'm trying.

"Well, we're all glad the main ceremony is off. I think we'd all be OK if we didn't the binding." I shook my head.

"We have to have that Chloe. You tell Annie and Sara."

"OK, love, I will. Why?"

"Tradition." She stroked my hair as I faded away.

"Danael." I pushed myself up with Hammish's help.

"You want all of this?" I nodded

"It's not for me Hammish it's for us, and our families, and all the people that help us build it. I am just here randomly so I need help.Irina and Ilsa stepped up.

"Good Dragon, then let us help you since we do most of the work anyway. There are more of us, and we're witches." I looked at Hammish. He nodded.

"Sounds good to me." I wanted to start doing everything, all at once but that was insane...or was it? It was a hard winter and people needed to work so they could prepare for next winter...and they were scared of me, Fuck.

"Danael? DANAEL!" I looked at Irina.

"Are you OK? We were worried." I smiled and nodded, before I dropped.
take me part 419... happy friday..... edited.
Posted:Nov 19, 2021 6:01 pm
Last Updated:Nov 19, 2021 6:18 pm

I was so out of my element here. I needed fence posts, and figure out how I was building a house, and barn, and then I needed figure out keep it all safe. . I'd start with , and fencing. I looked around and smiled. If we could keep it, which wouldn't come cheap, easy, it would be spectacular. "Does anyone claim land toward Hammish?" She said no. "Do trust them?"

"Of course, Danael. Why?" I need to build a fence and I want all of this land, and as far back into the trees as you can imagine. Our families will need in. We have to lay claim first. They'll secure the well, and the stream, and then mark the rest of the land, as we can."

"Do we need this much, land, Danael?"

"Not now, but we will, Love. There is a hoard of people coming and I need to protect my family from them, which means we need family's on this land, working it.... protecting it. People who will fight to protect their family, and their home. This Is good land, Irina, and someone will try and claim it. I want Hammish and Ilsa involved because of that.. You know the land. Where would you put a house and barn." She smiled, pounced on me, and we made love on the grass.

"Sorry, dragon, but I crave you inside me. The house should go there." She pointed south and east of the spring. "It's better to dig a cellar there.... no water, but not as far away from the spring. I nodded and listened to her wisdom. "What are your plans....."

"Our." Silence. She coughed.

"What are our plans the family." Silence.

"After we build a bigger house, and secure all of this, and build a bigger barn with a smithy and wood shop, Hammish and I will deal with other matters? She stared at me.

"And the other house, and barn?"

"I'm looking gain land the end of the road in that direction. I don't want people around us. except those we choose. We'll lease it a family. You understand lease." She nodded and asked if we could do this. "It's harder take something that is already built."

"Build a new barn, and shops, toward the road...toward where we live. It will be easier, and you, and Hammish, will have access to the road. It'll be easier than living where we live now. We need a bigger a barn, and a place to save hay, and grains,..... "It will help both family's" She kissed me.

'You are going to do this us?" I hugged her.

"If I can." She punched me.

"Do this us, dragon."
take me part 418
Posted:Nov 19, 2021 3:58 pm
Last Updated:Nov 20, 2021 9:35 am

Shit, at least the tile was cool. I pushed myself my knees and Sara was sitting and looking at me. "At least you care." I lied back down and put my head on her lap. "I miss you Sara." Silence, as she stroked my hair.

"I know, love. I miss us too, and Bob, but our roles are to great, maybe even us, and they all adore you but you've been dropping a lot. We figured you had a lot attend . Are they safe?" I nodded. "Good. Are you done a spell?" I looked her and shook my head. She nodded.

"How long as it been, and why are they so happy?"

"It's been maybe an hour, probably less, and Drakon has only peed on you once. I chuckled. 'They are happy, love, because the wolves are gone, we are going have a huge feast, instead of a huge wedding ceremony...Genius... and we just bought half a town the future. What are doing other than saving man and wolf?" I told her pretty much the same as Annie, Chloe, and Taiiko walked up and sat down.

"You back?" I shook my head because I didn't think. "Are they safe?" I nodded. "Can you speak?" I shook my head as Annie punched me and we all laughed. "Bethany and I are coordinating things but we're going to do a low interest loan through our bank the mortgages. Bethany and Charles and the same people at our bank are working on it. It's easier, but we still have a lot of deal with. We're setting up non-profits. We're also funding Britte's renovation and Henry and Sabrina loans buy up buildings around them and you" Me. I asked? "The warehouses around you. Times change, Daniel, and we need be ready. Denver is our home just like here...just like where you are. We're keeping the rest just in case." I nodded as they all kissed me. "We are all celebrating because we're going bring vibrance back here, those who could afford it the least. Be happy dragon, go back our past. Keep us safe."

"That better not be pee." Drakon barked and ran. "Come back here." I chased him around the yard as the girls laughed. "You devil, wait until I catch you." He ran and hid behind Irina, who had her hands on her hips. I kissed her as drakon barked from under her feet."Is there someone in town who can make me clothes...us clothes. She smiled.

"We would like new dresses, and you need more clothes here." She nodded. We know someone, a widow with four ." Jesus Christ. She's an excellent seamstress, but we'll need to get fabric and whatnot. We need to get things in town anyway. We have the coins Hammish made, and we have meat now, which will fetch more." I nodded and told her to trade the extra meat, but to keep enough in case winter lasted longer than usual.

"Have Malinka and Sofi get the wagon ready and get Hammish's coins, and the meat you want to trade, or offer. She nodded. I needed to walk and figure out where to build a new house and barn." She stared at me.

"Malinka was right?"

"You need to be closer to the spring, and it's better land, and protected from the north wind...and there are trees. Hammish is getting men to dig a cellar. I want one in the barn to, but you know this land better than I do. Walk with me." She kissed me as we walked toward what would be our new home, if I could keep it.
take me part 417...edited
Posted:Nov 19, 2021 2:37 pm
Last Updated:Nov 20, 2021 9:42 am

I woke up, confused. Time, and dreams, were being weird. I was surprised I was still here, but not sad. The girls were in a bundle, even Aisha, as I went the outhouse. Indoor plumbing was more convenient but I didn't mind it. I washed my hands as the door opened and Drakon came charging at me. Irina was standing in the doorway, wrapped in wool, looking at me.

"You are a vicious wolf, now go back your mom." She barked, peed, and ran back inside as I followed and kissed Irina.

"What's wrong?" I told her that I have dreams that I'm not sure are true, and then there's time... and now Sofi" She hugged me and lit the stove tea, and breakfast, while I made a fire. "Sofi is a woman, Danael, like, Malinka. They've been that years because our time is different from yours. I don't know about your time but women are barely above horses here in the eyes of many men.. It shouldn't be surprising that women would want be with you. You're a good man, Danael."

'Will Sofi be safe?" She nodded and said the people hated the man she was with.

"She's better off with us, and people know that, and they fear your wrath." I stared at her.

"I've done nothing but try and help them. Why would they fear me?" Silence.

"Word has spread, love, they know who you are.... what you are...and while it kept them alive, it also scared them." Shit. I opened the floor and grabbed the milk." Get the eggs and ham." I did and put the wood back as I put it on the counter and poured a glass of milk while we waited the water boil. I drank half and Irina drank half as I hugged her. "Are you upset I am pregnant? I'm not like Malinka and Sofi" I kissed her neck as I held her belly.

"I'm not upset, love. Surprised, and happy, but not upset. The same thing happened where I'm from." She stared me and I told her about Chloe. "You remind me of her like Malinka reminds me of Sara. I'm going to take back the mule, and make sure they were just dreams. I'll back soon." I walked the mule back to Hammish and Ilsa's thinking about everything I needed to do. I was close when the mule spooked. I told him he was safe as Teesha walked up. 'What?"

"You're not going to like it, dragon." I ran with Bob following, unhappy, because he preferred walking. I got to the barn and Hammish was on his knees. Ilsa took the mule asTeesha watched. "I'm sorry, Danael. I told them that they were starving like our people, and to leave them alone. This is wrong." I nodded and put my hand on his shoulder. I'd have to deal with my rage on my own. He looked at Teesha and said he was sorry this happened. She looked at me and I nodded. She walked up and he hugged her, on the verge of tears. He scratched her ears and stood.

'I don't know who did this but if I find out I'll kill them myself." I nodded. "Most of the meat has been given to families, and I'm smoking, or, drying the rest. There are people coming from other villages as well. What I don't preserve will go bad so we are giving it to the churches." I nodded.

"Can people own land here, in this time?"

"It depends on whether you please the Duke, but lands, like ours, and Irina, It's, is claimed. Are you thinking about Irina's spring?" I nodded. "I'll talk with the people I know looking work. We'll get people digging but more importantly building a fence. We'll come over and you can show me." I nodded. "As far as the rest, what are thinking?" I told him about the land I saw to the North and East. He nodded. "It's good land but more trees to the North... a lot of trees. He nodded and thought.

"You have to get title from the crown, which means befriending him, or those around him, and those around him are vipers. We might be able to get the lands if we have a business that provided taxes and gave them something they wanted."

"Like wagons and....ships?" He stared at me, smiled, and nodded. "I need to take another mule the wolf." He nodded as we wrapped it and tied the mule. I hugged them both and Teesha and I walked home.

"I'm sorry happened him. He was a good wolf and didn't deserve this. What do you want me with him." She looked at me.

"Have the witch take the hide and give the meat your . You have pups coming and they will need fur during winter. "There is bad medicine here Dragon, even you." I nodded but I lived here. "It's sad what they did, but not surprising. Your people fear us, most of them." I nodded. "They fear you worse, dragon. attention." Teesha howled and ran into the trees as I walked home.

I walked up to the barn as Malinka and Sofi walked up and hugged me, smiling. "More game?"

"Not exactly, sweets, but you show Sofi how to skin, and gut a wolf. We'll cut the meat up and share with Hammish his too." She stared at me. "You might know him. I did. I'm sorry. We'll take their meat back with the mule later today. Teesha wanted this...wanted you to skin him 'our pups.' It's sad, but life is sad, girls. Feed the . I need figure out where make a fence." They didn't understand what I was saying, but they did what I asked. I went inside eat because it was going be a long day. I made it half way the house, and dropped.
take me part 416...edited
Posted:Nov 18, 2021 10:41 pm
Last Updated:Nov 19, 2021 1:17 pm

I woke up with three naked women draped over and it still cold... under blankets. Apparently, I still in the past, at least I didn't fuck Aisha too. I getting ready to get up when she walked in. "I don't shit where I sleep, and who says we didn't fuck?" She got into bed and said I should go back to sleep, that I think too much. I fell asleep until the screeching started..

I opened my eyes and it still dar I wanted to scream but they were all sleeping. I counted. Four....GODDAMMIT!. I walked into the kitchen for coffee. SHIT! I grabbed a knife and headed outside to kill guinea hens, when Irina came in. "Leave them alone. They are good watch dogs. Make love with me. I put her on the table and fucked her. I wanted to turn her over but I could hear everyone stirring.

"We all slept together?" Irina smiled.

"What? Malinka has a sister."

Please tell me I didn't have sex with her?" She looked at me and smiled.

"Oh, you had sex with her, she bent over....." GODDAMMIT! Fuc

"How's Sofi?"

"Happy, because she has a kind, home now, thanks to you." I losing my mind.

"I had a dream last night, which probably wasn't a dream at all, but Sara told me that Sofi was mine. Is that true?" Irina looked at me, stunned. She made us tea as the others slept. She lit the stove as I started a fire. I looked outside, dawn was coming but I was still here.

Sofi isn't yours, she's ours, but yes, she's yours."

"So?" Irina nodded. GODDAMMIT!!!!! FUC

"Tend to the animals. I'll make us breakfast."

"We're lovers, and parents at the same time.... and that doesn't weird you out a ? Irina quiet.

"You wake up in my barn, Danael, often in shit. I don't know what weird means in your time...." I looked at her.

"I'll deal with the animals, as I walked outside." Shit. Shit and Shit!!!! Teesha walked up as I walking to the barn.

"Humans are complicated. If you were a wolf the land you mentioned would be ours. You have competing interests." I nodded as I growled. The bear is angry, which is good, and bad." I stopped.


"You won't like it, dragon."

'WHY?" She told me and I ran to Hammish and Ilsa. I plowed through the crowd around them, not killing any, but hurting many. Ilsa stood and looked at me, as did Hammish. I shifted an screamed about them giving help to their families.

"We saved you and you do this to their kind. WHY?" Silence. I spat at them. "We should have spared the deer, or given them to the wolves, because you don't deserve their kindness, or ours. If I find out who did this, I'll kill you with my bare hands." I bent and picked up the body of a wolf I knew and walked to the barn followed by Hammish as Ilsa screamed at them to leave. Teesha and the black wolf walked up when they all left. I borrowed a mule, wrapped the wolf and tied it on bac I hugged Hammish and Ilsa, in silence, and walked home.

"Are your packs ok?" She nodded

"Your people fear you even though you saved them, and us, dragon. Fear in humans is a dangerous thing." I stopped and looked at her, nodded, and walked on. "You should take your family away from this place, and your friends. It's bad medicine here. Hatred can't be reasoned with, dragon." I nodded as we walked.

"Moving is easy for wolves. It's not so easy for humans but I agree with you my friend....there is bad magic here. What do you me to do with him?" I looked into the waning night and growled. I didn't need this.

"Give him to the witch to skin and feed him to your animals. He's dead, but many more are alive. You have pups coming and the fur will be helpful." I nodded as they nuzzled me and ran off.

Sofi walked up and took my hand. "Vati? I feel a threat."

"Good, because we have on, but I'm not your father. You are my family, though, and we might need to leave here." I woke again and dawn few hours away. The girls were intertwined. I left the bed and tried to be quiet. I looked at these women, as I looked at the women in my time....everyday I woke with them just like this....embracing each other. Intertwined. They made me happy here, just like home, and I would keep them safe. These were challenging times. I gently got out of bed, and bowed my head. FUC I tended to the fires, and then the animals. I walked out of the barn as the sun rising. I smiled as Teesha walked up.

"We should have more than enough, dragonbear. This land is bad medicine for all of us...... the new one you brought. Wise, yet stupid. attention dragon. We are leaving after the spring too.... we have scouts checking out what you suggested. You should follow us." I looked at her as the door open and drakon ran out and stood in front us, barking at Teesha. She bowed her head as Drakon growled. "You have a good dog, and a good family. Don't stay here dragon, come with us... to the north. It's for the best...."

I woke, again, and it still dar Fuc
take me part 415..... edited
Posted:Nov 18, 2021 7:26 pm
Last Updated:Nov 19, 2021 12:48 pm

I flew to Hammish and ilsa's...a bit away... and we walked up as the women were rendering the tallow...bless them...and the men, and some women, were cutting meat up and putting it in cloth bags.. "You know how to use knife." I nodded. "Then get at it and section these off so you can get back to your family. There are happy people, and wolves, because of you." I looked at Ilsa and she nodded her head. Fuc I cut the deer as fast as I could, as well as I could.

"You have good knife skills."

"Thank you. So do you. I surprised to see you here, not because you couldn't do this...just because.. I'm Daniel."

'Sofi, and my father butcher. He wanted a , but I know how to butcher."

"I'd say he came out on the better of things."

"He never thought so, but he's dead. There is talk that you're drakon. Is this true?" Jesus Christ. " I won't say anyth..."

"Stop talking and work, bit...." He went to hit her as everyone waited. I could have killed him and no one would have cared. I should have. I grabbed his arm and spun him to the ground. They all laughed because i suspected no one liked this man. We went back to our wor Fuc

"What?" He hit me from behind with something, and I fell, as he grabbed Sof

"Get up , you need to stop him taking Sof. NOW!" I shook my head, spit blood, growled loud enough for everyone to hear, but this my fight. I didn't know why, but I knew it . I stood.

"Stop. You hit me from behind, sir, without warning, which very unbecoming of a gentleman, but you aren't that, are you. Let her go or fight me face to face." Sofi stared at me. Hammish, Ilsa, and the coven stared at me.. He grabbed by the hair. I could see Hammish moving for his bow.

"And if I don't? " He reached for his knife as I walked up to them. I could smell the fear oozing out him. I looked at Sofi and she wasn't scared at all, just waiting to see what I did. Shit

"Do you think a knife could stop me, or her? Sofi grabbed his knife, slit the wrist that was holding her throat, to the bone, and ended it. She looked me as I hugged her. Fuc

"Sof..SOFI!... we have meat to cut for people who are starving. We'll deal with later." She fell into me, nodded into my chest, and picked up her knife. "I'm sorry." I finished helping Hammish and Ilsa, and looked at them as they nodded.

"Sofi, you'll be safe here. I promise. I have to finish this. You're safe."

"I to come with you" Fuc I thought about Bob, and Teesha, and looked at Hammish and Ilsa, as I took a mule and put her on it.

"'ll bring the mule back, or Malinka will." He nodded.

"Wait!!!!!" Ilsa ran to the house, and back, with a red, white, and black blanket made of wool, and gave it to Sof "You have bad magic around you .... this will help. They can help, but you are welcome here." She nodded as she collapsed into the neck of Bob. I patted him.

"Sorry, my friend, but Bob is easier for me to remember." I woke up drooling into tile.

Shit, I pushed myself up ...again.... and stood, breathed deeply because I concerned, and shook my head. I looked around like I in an echo chamber but they all seemed happy and that when the words hit me.....ALL at once. They were all talking because they didn't understand time. Shit, I didn't understand any of it. I kept asking about Sofi but no one heard me until Sara walked up. She pushed them all aside so they could enjoy the evening.

"You're tired, love." I nodded.

"Sofi?" Sara looked at me and smiled.

"Come. They became sisters instantly. You keep adding people to our family'. She'll be safe there, because of all you, but also because of the wolves. You did good, dragon. Gaia will see that the deer will come bac"


"She's yours."


"You took her, which you should have, but she's yours. Congratulations. "


'I know, right? Time is weird and its not like you don't have enough women....what's the worst that could happen. Sleep
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take me part 414....edited
Posted:Nov 18, 2021 5:23 pm
Last Updated:Nov 19, 2021 3:02 pm

We landed at home and Malinka kissed. me. I love you Danael, so does Irina. I know I am childish at times, but thank you for coming into our lives, but you smell three times worse than before. I'll deal with the animals." I smiled as i walked toward the cree

"Dragon." I turned. "You are building us a new house, and barn?" I nodded. "What do we do with these"

"We fix them, and then rent them out, so you have a monthly income, or at least something. People need a place live and there are many industrious family's for a homestead."

"Dragon." I turned again. "Try and stay the night so you can sleep with us. I don't mind sharing, I just you with us for as long as possible." She smiled and walked into the barn. I walked to the creek and fell when I I in the trees. Great.

"Daniel. DANIEL." I shook my head and said I fine but could I get some mil Christ I tired of falling. I pushed myself up as they were all at me.


"You were in the past." .

"O.. so we can nip this in the bud, I have one woman that is jealous, and it's not like I chose this. They are starving, and the wolves are starving, and I'm trying to keep them from killing each...and everything else... and I'm trying to secure our family's legacy... I hope. Aisha will be coming back here, at some point, and she'll need a place to stay." Britte said she had a room and bath. I nodded. "Now how your walk?" They all talked at once as Bethany and Christine laughed.

"O..O I trust Bethany, and she's right. The has to go somewhere, and wealth isn't ." Annie at me. "What, love."

"Will you trust this to me and Bethany."

"Of course, loves." They came up and kissed me. "Good."

"What don't I know?" Henry and Sabrina walked and said A LOT." They all went into the kitchen, laughing, as I shook my head...and dropped.

I looked around and Teesha sitting, at me. "It's hard being a dragon." I stood up and walked to the stream, stripped, and washed with mud.

"You have no idea, Teesha, but I'm learning." I could feel Malinka leaving the barn. "You'll look after them when I'm gone?" She nodded. "I am pregnant." I stopped and was sure I looked insane cover in mud.

"Seriously?" She nodded. "That's wonderful, Teesha. The black wolf?" She nodded. "I am so happy. I will help you get you packs through the winter. There are many animals to the north, and east. Winter was hardest here. North has many animals, and MANY trees. Humans will keep coming but you won't live to see it because it will be many moons, but they will come...countless numbers of them. It's a good place wolves, now. It didn't smell wolves but i wasn't focused

"And you?"

"Humans take, and move outward as more move in, and do it again. I am trying to protect many packs across time and that means I need to work in that world, even though I'd rather bear, or left in peace with my family." She nodded as I rinsed and Malinka walked up and scratched her ears.

"What were you talking abou... You're pregnant? We're all pregnant." She hugged her as I walked out of the stream. "We're all pregnant, dragon." Teesha and I looked at each other because we both knew they were leaving since it was better for their pack, but neither of us said anything. I got dressed as Teesha nuzzled both of us and trotted off. I was going to be the dragon all night long, but I wanted to be clean for supper.

"Is she leaving?"

"I don't know, love but the packs almost died, many of them still might. Hunting was good and there were no humans." I needed to figure out how to land buy here, and then how to keep it safe when I couldn't control when, and where, I went. Malinka and I walked the house.

"You smell like mud. It's better than the dragon, but it's still mud." I side kicked her butt and she squealed. "How?...." Irina and Aisha walked toward us as we approached the barn.

"Is everything OK?" They smiled, and nodded.

"Now is the time to hunt, dragon. You can eat later. Shift Dragon." I shifted and Aisha was my rider once again. Kana was going to be pissed. "Fly, dragon, show me the deer." We circled them for a bit while Aisha watched, and thought. I was more dragon than man. "Drop me off there. She started putting fallen limbs across the path, and then facing them up. Their safety was their doom. This was the only way out. Aisha called me.

"How is this going work with Kana?"

"We fight to the death and whoever wins owns you."

"Owns? And Kana would so kicked your ass." She laughed and said attention.

"Freeze what I laid across the path." I did, high, and solid, and on both sides. "Set fires a hundred yards away on all sides." I did as she asked. " The wolves were there as well "Fly up and behind the herd. You won't like this but life isn't kind. Make yourself visible. I'm sorry." I did as she said and the deer bolted to the entrance of the canyon and ran into each other out of fear, and panic. The wolves wouldn't mind, nor the starving humans, if the meat didn't taste pristine. I hated this.

"Freeze them, but just enough so they die. You can do this, dragon. 's not just fry, or popsicle, you can control this. Focus because we need to skin them." I nodded as I killed countless deer. We landed and Aisha got off as I shifted and looked at what I had done. "Do you know how to skin?" I shook my no. She handed me a knife. "I'll teach you dragon. The first hunt is the worst, hardest, but you did well and your people will survive, but we need to skin these and take them where they needed to go. We'll talk after." Aisha showed me how to skin. We skinned a dozen.

"They don't need be gutted for the wolves. It's cold enough, and they need whatever they can eat. Take them to your wolves and come back for more, and help me. I would bring Malinka next time, even pregnant....she will become a better rider than me. Fly dragon.Time is not on our side." I flew and dropped carcasses for wolves where Teesha told me, to wolf howls. I spent the night skinning deer, and transporting deer. Even though I didn't trust them, the coven came to our aid and helped Hammish and Ilsa, and Irina and Malinka. They knew who I . I dropped deer throughout the night to the wolves, Irina, Hammish. I so confused.

I shifted and sat on the ground. Aisha called me over. It"'s cold enough, Dragon, that we didn't need gut them. They'll do that, and keep what they can, and feed the rest to pigs, chickens, and dogs. This is the last. 'I'll show you how to gut ."

We took everything out and left it on the ground where it fell. Aisha took the heart and cut off a piece. She handed it me and I ate . She did the same and put it in her pouch as she rolled up the hide. "Shift, dragon." I shifted as she strapped the last of the hides to me, and patted my nec

"Nature is not always kind, dragon but Gaia will replenish what taken. We leave this last one for that. She will use it because it's a hard winter, but tonight we celebrate." She climbed on and we flew over the wolves. I could feel Teesha, and we landed. She looked at Aisha and lowered her head. I confused.

"Her kind knows my kind, as they know your kind from now on."

"Do you have enough for the packs, Teesha?"

"More. Thank you dragon. Most packs will leave in the spring, north, as you suggested. We are staying." I looked at her. "Our family's are linked. You saved us and humans need wolves." She came up and nuzzled me, before she howled, and ran into the night. I looked at Aisha.

"You have good friends, but we have work to do, dragon." We landed and walked the barn.
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take me part 413...edited
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"MALINKA! Put the bow down. She walks through time like Danael and is our guest, now come say hello and don't disrespect this house. I'm Irina and she's my , Malinka. Welcome."

"I'm Aisha and thank you. I apologize for showing up unannounced but Gaia sent me to help." She put her hands on Irina's, and Malinka's belly's as I shook my head, said it was nice seeing her, and walked to the barn. Fucking Christ. "You've been busy dragon." She laughed as the three of them closed the door. Drakon came up growling, and peed, before going to the door and barked.

"Traitor." I walked into the barn and started looking around like my da' taught me and there was a lot that needed to be done but I kept thinking of that spring and how far away it was from the house. Repairs needed to be made which meant I needed to be around, but how. I gave the mules a bit a grain when Malinka walked in.

"Don't spoil our mules, dragon." She smiled, pounced on me, and kissed me. "I'm sorry I was jealous. Aisha explained why she is here. She said we will birth dragon riders, and that I will be a powerful witch." She laughed. "She hasn't seen me try to do basic spells. I'm a joke in the coven. They leave me alone because of you and Irina."

I grabbed her left breast, and then her belly. She smiled, as did I, but shook my head. "That is where magic happens." I touched her head. "You think of the spell, or whatever, in your mind but you bring into being through your heart, and will, love. I also like touching your breasts, and belly." She laughed as she slapped my chest. "Want to take a ride?" She clapped. We closed the barn, I shifted into the dragon, and Malinka and I flew off as Irina and Aisha walked outside. I pushed to Aisha and told her what I was doing as I blended into the sky. I was getting better at it but I was glad she was here. Malinka screamed in joy as she grabbed on like she was riding a . I pushed to her wondering if it would work.

"Danael? How can I hear you in my thoughts?" She screamed. "Say more!" We talked as I flew toward the ravines I thought the deer were. I flew high so I didn't spook them. " There they are love, you were right. Look at all of them...smart deer." They were too far away because there were no roads, but that wasn't my concern. We'd need at least a third of them for the wolves and the people to survive, probably half, or more, because people were starving in other villages that were close. It would be a lot of killing, and I'd be doing it. I flew north and then east.

"Do you know this land, Malinka?"

"No dragon but Irina might. Her people were travelers. Why?"

"I'm curious about many things but now I am looking for deer and they are abundant here. keep the wolves, and people, alive through winter.... will take a lot of the deer we saw. That's not good." She nodded as I flew east.

"Am I dragon a rider?"

"Someone has to teach our daughters. It's part of why Aisha is here, I think. She's going to help me cull the herd of deer tonight." I flew over the ridge and winter didn't seem to be as harsh there. It was a gamble but I didn't see any other choice as I flew us back. I prayed to Gaia that my choice was the right one. I landed at Hammish's barn and shifted. Malinka kissed me.

"I don't care that you smell, dragon."

"Brother." He took four steps back.

"Stop, Hammish, this is my husband, and we the found deer, even if he smells." He looked at me, as I nodded.

"They are too far away and not accessible. I'll take them. I'll bring them here and our home." Malinka took my hand and squeezed. "I'll take others to the packs because I know where they are. Do you know how to preserve meat?" He nodded as Ilsa walked up and hugged Malinka. "It's going to be a long night, and longer day." He nodded as Ilsa said,

"We'll on the coven and bring them here to help, and Irina's. We'll make sure the people that need meat get it."

"Do you know people who want to work...hard work?" They stared at me, confused, and nodded. I have to see if Irina owns it, and if not, then I will , but I want to build a house, and barn, closer to their spring but we need a root cellar and basement." Malinka stared at me, speechless. "I know someone that can help me with getting here more consistently, but I'd like it done by next winter, at least the house...but I'd like both done. Would you oversee it for them? No one in their right mind will cross you." He laughed. I'd also like a smithy, and wood working shed...and the tools." He smiled and nodded. Ilsa spoke.

We'll see to that, dragon. You see to keeping our people alive. I shifted as Malinka climbed onto me, and I flew us home.
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Malinka and I walked the mule back after having milk and some wonderful thing Ilsa had baked. I needed to work out the time thing because this was my family as much as everyone else. Hammish said he knew a trader that went to the Alps in the summer and he'd find breeding stock. Dogs were always needed on homesteads, the time didn't matter.

"Why have you been gone so long, Danael? We waited for you everyday. Ma' can't keep much down. She has been sick on her stomach for weeks now. I can't find deer and you keep giving away what we have." She was scared. I stopped and held her. " Are you tired of us, this place?"

"No love, it's been a long day for me. I am learning how I come and go. I have someone who will help me with it. I love you and Irina. You are my family, too, like Hammish and Ilsa. My family in the future knows about you, and accepts that, I just don't know how, or when, I end up here. I'm trying." She smiled and kissed me.

"They know of us?" I nodded as she screamed, pounced on me, and bit my neck she was so happy. The mule started to spook as Teesha walked out of the trees. I pushed and told him it was fine and was in no danger. He didn't like it but he snorted. Malinka knelt down and hugged Teesha. Malinka spoke to her as I smiled and said hello.

"I am learning to speak with them as well, but you can't help me. I'm doing it on my own. Ma' is concerned but I'm not." She smiled as Teesha spoke us.

"Those of us that are strong enough will help in the hunt, but we aren't as many as we need. I looked around your people's farms and they are starving, like us. I'm not sure we are enough even if you know where the deer are." I nodded.

"I'll bring meat back tonight, I wanted us to work together, but it will be easier, and safer, for me. 's best that we respect boundaries, I think. How many you are Teesha?" She stared at me because didn't want say, I wouldn't want either.

"A hundred adults, and more ones, in different packs. I spoken with their leaders because we speak and they trust me." I told her where the deer were but not do anything. I just wanted them there to scare the deer, and confuse them. She nodded as I looked at Malinka

"More... triple that, maybe more, but not everyone is starving. Ilsa would now better. Help me up. We will talk later wolf." She rode back Hammish and Ilsa as Teesha and I walked home.

"They love you very much." I nodded. "Yet you stay away for a moon's cycle? Why dragonbear?" I tried to explain but she couldn't understand what I barely could. "No matter, you are here now. She told me where to leave the stags. "It's two moons, maybe a bit less, until it begins to warm and the game returns." I nodded. "Help us survive dragonbear." I nodded as she nuzzled into me and I scratched her ears. "You are odd for a human." She turned, howled, and ran into the trees. I knew her pack was watching.

I walked home and looked around. I seriously needed to figure out how to shift time. I figured I could otherwise why would I be sent her, now. I was odd but one thing was for certain, there was work to do here. I knew Teesha, and her pack would watch over Irina and Malinka when I wasn't here, and Hammish didn't needed watching over, but they would do that as well, and Malinka would be safe in the woods. I just needed to bring back deer...the work could wait. I walked inside as Irina was throwing up in a bucket. I grabbed a rag and held her hair back until she finished. I got water so she could rinse her mouth and helped her to a chair.

"Do you peppermint?" She nodded and pointed to a cupboard. I put water on the stove and wet a cloth. I was wiping her head as Malinka walked in and ran over. "Werre is the spring?" Malinka pointed.

"It's at the tree line, there is a large rock over it. You'll find it, bear. I'll make us some broth."

"Do you have ginger here?" She shook her head. "Chamomile?" She nodded. "Add some to the broth, not a lot...."

"I'll show you . It seems Danael knows that I am not barren after all." Malinka looked at her, and then me, confused. "I thought I was dragon but you have two on the way it seems." Malinka screamed and hugged Irina, and me, and the Irina. I went to get water, shaking my head, as Malinka made tea and broth. I found the spring. It was quite distance from the house, but the land here was good. It was pasture and not rocky, and was protected by the trees from the north. I started thinking and wished I had my notebook and pen. I made two trips to the house with water. They smiled as I walked in. I was so in trouble. I prayed I didn't shift to some other time. I put the water down and dropped to my knees when someone knocked on the door. I lifted my hand.

"It's OK, please make more broth. We have a guest." I opened the door, smiling. "Aisha."

"Dragon." She smiled and jumped on me as Malinka looked for her bow.
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I opened my eyes looking at the back of my cave, and grunted as I stood and walked out. A fox walked up and smiled at me, like Bob did back in Denver. "You're family loves this fox. You love him. Why, dragon?" Gaia and I walked toward the ocean.

"My family likes him because of Sara. She's the one wouldn't close off his access our yard. After that, he became Bob...a part of our family."

"Like the she-wolf in russia?" I nodded. "And why did you let Bob stay? " I was silent as we walked. She let me be.

"When my parents died, I had no one but Sam, and the Frank's, but they had family's. I built the studio, and the patio, and started create my future. That's when Bob showed up. I've always liked foxes, and he was looking for safe haven, so I offered ."

"Yet you were going deny him when Sara arrived." I bowed my head.


"Go on dragon."

"Bob and I left each other alone...we nodded at each other as he passed by and curled in his corner, and I drank beer watching him. I lived on open space land, and are a lot of coyotes. My backyard was his safe place. He was always just . wasn't until Sara that I knew where he was getting in. She'd none of . I got a lot, over Bob. Well, get for a lot of things." Gaia chuckled "Sara made Bob part of her family. She made me part of her family. Bob accepts me, now, but Bob has always loved Sara, and everyone else...mostly. He does like the privacy of his house but he is part of the family and the adore him. We share that trait. Why are you asking such things, Gaia?" Silence.

"Because you saved wolves in one time, against better judgment, when wolves were tying kill you in another...that is odd, wouldn't you say?" I smiled, and nodded "I came you as Bob because you were like that star I showed you.... you were broken, and about go out, or be lost, I wasn't sure which. You could accept me as a fox while you grieved, and healed, and rebuilt your heart until you ....? This."

"I'm not Bob." She laughed. "You a lot of Bob's in your life,
Dragon. Listen them. You are doing well. I am sending Aisha back because seems you are intent on impregnating women in multiple times, not that I am upset, because would be nice dragons in the skies again. As far as Loki is concerned, you did indeed bite off his head, and it completely surprised him. Sadly his head was not left with his body. Shame.It will take him a while find ." She winked. "Your family will be compensated for the loss and I spoken his Fenrir. He was doing Loki's business but you and he could easily become friends. He'll leave you alone. Loki will too because you earned his respect."

"These are not easy times, dragon, but you are doing well. Aisha will help you, and the riders, across time. Loki came you as Joseph because you knew him...liked him. won't happen again. You can trust Joseph, and he will show you what Loki promised. Wake up, dragon. You still need a gift for a Siren."

I opened my eyes staring at tiles. I was pushing myself when someone yelled, DANIEL!!!, and helped me up. "I'm fine...just having a chat with Gaia. How was your walk?" I the floor again...Goddammit. I needed a fucking helmet.

"WHAT THE FUCK!!!!! Get off of me. Yes, you're cute. Go!" I stood up and looked around. It seemed like dawn, and the animals were awake, and milling around, but I was confused, I opened the barn door and the silver she-wolf, and the black wolf, were in front of me. I closed the door. She looked at me. I extended my hand and he growled. She bit his face as she snarled.

"Walk with me, so they can sleep." The black wolf didn't like it, but he did. "Talk to me."

"Dragonbear, this is a hard winter." I nodded. Our family's need help....the deer, and other game, are scarce here, and we are too week to travel far. The one tries. She leaves us rabbits, and birds, most everyday, as many as she can find, but they are scarce. We need meat."

"How long as it been since I was just here."

"Most of a moon, longer." Shit. I nodded. was a deer hanging in the rafters. I lowered and prayed I wasn't making a mistake. I cut off the hind quarters, and some ribs for Irina and Malinka, and I supposed me, and cut the rest of the deer into pieces and put them in front of the barn as the black wolf walked up and nudged me. The she-wolf howled and wolves came from everywhere as Malinka ran at us, screaming. I heard the howl as I was , repeatedly.

"What you done?" I hugged her and took her into the barn and showed her the hind quarters.

" was that, or these." I pointed the animals. She me, hard.

"Why you been gone so long. Ma' is sick, and I'm scared, Danael...and you aren't here help us." She me again as I lifted the meat back into the rafters.

"Let's feed these animals, but they are our friends too. They appreciate your effort but we go hunting." She smiled.

"You and me?" I nodded. I miss you, but Ma' misses you more. I walked the house and walked inside as Irina looked at me.

"You smell." I nodded and pushed her against the wall, ripping off what I needed as I fucked her. We finished and turned Malinka smiling

"You'll do that me husband, when I'm not pregnant. looked like fun, She laughed and dumped wood by the fire. "I'm sorry I you, but you've been gone almost a moon." Irina looked at me and nodded. "This winter is bad and i don't know where the deer are." I did, but I wanted enjoy my family first. Irina made breakfast as Malinka and I made love. I wanted be with, but were chores. She went help her mom as I went cut wood. I felt the she-wolf walk

"What do they you?"

"Nothing, but you can me Teesha." I nodded. "Do a plan, dragon? My packs are starving." I stopped mid swing. "Our truce stands but at some point I won't be able to stop them." I nodded.

"I know where the deer, but we hunt males, and the weak." She nodded. "No one will like what I am going suggest because 'll mean we work together. Everyone is starving. Teesha nodded."

"Talk with your people and I'll speak with mine." She trotted off as I chopped wood. I filled the bins inside, and the porch,. was more split wood and kindling then they should need for a while. I checked the barn, again, and Drakon attacked me, followed by her moms. I scratched his ears, and butt, and belly, and told her what a vicious wolf she was. We walked back inside.

"What do we do, dragon?" Drakon barked.

"This spring we rabbits, lots of rabbits, raise. I'll build hutches with Hammish. They breed quickly, and make excellent stew, now we go hunting. The deer are in the ravines north of here. The hills shelter the grass, and them." 'I'll go in as the dragon and pull some out at dusk, but we need a lot for the people and the packs." They nodded and hugged me. I needed talk with Joseph, or Ama, about time because being gone for a month wouldn't work. I hated this because do you choose live, and die? I shifted and ran Hammish's. I pounded on the barn as I walked in.

"Brother, you're back." I told him I was working on controlling . "Come and at our investment.. The mules are amazing, and we will breed them, and learn, but at these wagons. They are Anatolian and housed a man, and his dogs, while they watched sheep. or cattle... cares. at the detail." I did, because they stunning made me wish I had my tools.

"We bigger problems. The wolves are starving and I haven't been back here in a month, and don't know why.... and everyone needs meat. I know where the deer are, but 's going take people won;t shoot wolves, because we all work as one." He stared at me.

"Humans, and wolves?" I looked him and shifted into the bear, and roared. Ilsa ran in as I shifted.......He stared at me as Malinka ran in too.

"Hammish, he's our Danael.... but different. He knows where the deer are we can help all of us...men and wolves. Danael showed me that wolves matter too. I didn't use to think so.

"You like the wagon?" I smiled.

"I like the wagon...a lot. We should build them because people will keep moving. with the mules. They are good stock". He nodded. "Your dogs are good but lets breed them with Alpen dogs. Can you find someone?" He stared at me, but nodded. " is much for us do, brother, but we need make through the winter. No one shoots a wolf, or I'll kill them." Silence

"I'm serious Hammish. I gave my word.
take me part 410
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I told them to give me a few minutes and pushed. Nothing. I started to walk around as Annie walked up. "I told them to go ahead of us because we are all family. It's just as well because Henry and Sabrina wanted to go. It seems that you lit a spark in him." I smiled as we walked the perimeter. Everyone smiled, and waved. We talked with people and they introduced themselves with names I needed to learn, but Annie already did, and probably the girls. I needed to get better at being a leader. What happened was a loss for all of us, not financially, but these people cared about this place...this land... the animals, even the wolves. Marnine tried to strip them of that heritage, and connection to the land. I looked around and ran to the barn.

"Daniel." Annie ran after me.

"Jakob...JAKOB!" He walked up. "Si."

"Where is you family from?" "

"Argentina, why Danael?"

"Do you know how spit cook meat?" He looked at me, and smiled, as Annie looked at me confused. I stared at her and laughed. "Henry will understand. Are the Jews here, Muslims?" She nodded. "Jakob, I need pits dug and I'll leave the meat to you and Henry. I'll introduce later. Make sure that people can eat what they are allowed by their customs. Take a goat, or sheep, and a pig, and use beef that is frozen." He nodded. "We feast Friday night, like they did. I will help you when I get back. You can do this?" He smiled and nodded.

"We'll need a lot of wood."

"Send men out to cut dead trees, make sure they armed, just in case." He nodded and went to set it in motion, and find the animals we would use.

"Have you lost your fucking mind?" I kissed her because it was my turn to keep them on their toes. I walked toward the car.

"More than likely, love, but I work better in that space."

"Do you mind filling me in?" I stopped and kissed her.

"Epiphany!" I walked to the car.

"You have lost your fucking mind and I'm alone with you...pregnant...with all this shit going on." I stopped and kissed her.

"I'm sorry, Love. THIS," I pointed around, "isn't about us." I pointed, everywhere."It's about them.... the people. Where I come from was Sioux land, they called the people coming Wasichu. They meant us, mostly. "None of this was about us because we are already wed. It's about them but we are the one freaking out about it." She stared at me.

"We are on the top of the heap, but it's not our heap." Annie smiled. "OUR role is to get the other clans, and people, to understand that. we don't do that with a hand-binding ceremony, even we will. We do it by helping our people... feeding our people...and honoring the people it's about. ALL of us feast, and we are going to be sweaty." I smiled as Annie shook her head.

"We need to go talk with Henry, and his daughters." We headed to Britte's. We got there and the girls were miffed. Bethany punched me.

"Why are you late?" Annie walked up to Britte and kissed her.

"Ask our husband." Nothing like getting thrown under the bus.

"Bethany, I speak for the clans we represent, and Danael speaks for Denver. We are linked." She nodded. What are your thoughts?" She stared at us, and smiled.

"I have known Daniel's family for a very long time. They are my my family. I put an offer in for all of these building, except the main street. They wanted too much." We stared at her. "What, I looked at what....'Bob...' sent. It's got to go somewhere."

"So, you put an offer on all of the buildings on this alley? How much?"

"It's cheap, and not just this alley...the entire block. All of them, but I factored in rehab and and all of that in my offer." We stared at her. "What, it was a good idea. Why aren't you saying anything?"

"How much, Bethany?" Silence.

"Everything for $220, but it includes the place on the corner of main road.... which I thought would a spectacular for Britte' new restaurant, once we redo.... it. You don't seem pleased." Everyone looked at me.



"HOLY FUCKING CHRIST, Bethany. I asked you to look around and let us what yo..."

"They've accepted our offers." She looked at Britte and nodded.

"I'm losing my mind... two hundred twenty million?

"No disrespect, Annie and Taiiko, but that's a rounding error for their family's" She pointed to Annie and Taiiko, both of whom nodded, and you have the money. You pay me, and Charles, to help with your business. Trust me to do that." She was a annoyed, and she should have been. I was just scared by the amount, They all walked off to look around and left me alone. Fine. I walked into Britte's, which had a closed sign on the door, and was looking for milk, when I dropped.
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I woke to something licking my face, and crawling on me... "that better not be pee." Drakon barked. Sara was staring at me, smiling

"It seems you have a way with animals, Danael. The wolves have left here, and will survive the winter without hurting your family in the past." I scratched Drakon's ears as she bit my ankles and growled. You need to shower and eat. We still have long days, love." I nodded.

"What time is it?" She said a little after eight. Annie is waiting for us. We walked around the front of the barn. "The threat has passed. Take turns cleaning up and eating. We'll make sure the kitchen is aware." They nodded. "Thank you all." Sara and Drakon went in the main house to tell the kitchen to expect tired, hungry men and women as I told the rest on guard around the estate. I walked into the kitchen at Ama's as the ran up, even Annika, and then backed away.

"We'll hug you later, Da'." I nodded as I grabbed milk and walked upstairs. I was running the shower when Chloe came in and kissed me. I told her that I wanted to tell everyone but Sara was getting stronger and could see things. She nodded and hugged me. "I'm sorry, love..." she put her fingers against my lips.

"Danny, I understand...we all understand... and we have a strange life in case you hadn't noticed. I have no anger toward Irina or Malinka. There is some reason, or magic, that binds us to them, but you're here now... make love with me." We bathed each other and made love as I caressed one of the women I loved. My heart still hurt for her, and I knew I had to do better with making time for all of them. We dried, laughed, teased, kissed, and dressed as we went downstairs and I got pounced on by three . It seemed like we had adopted Annika as well, at least Emily had. I sat at the table and Klara put a glass of milk in front of me, which I downed. She poured another as Ebba smiled and put a large bowl of porridge down and cracked three eggs into as the all said gross and left. Chloe stared at me and went with them.

"You need to get your own cow, Danael." I laughed and nodded as I ate. "Thank you for seeing us when you passed, most never even look. Annika is so happy and she seems to have forgotten all about the struggles. It's the greatest gift a mother could be given." She kissed me as Annie walked in, smiling.

"This is your home, Klara, for as long as want. We'll see to that..."

"Speaking of that, Anna and I have been talking about her job here. It seems that she has an affinity for horses, and Haagerstadt, our caretaker from Iceland, the man that taught me about horses, is still here so I have arranged for him to introduce her to them. Haagerstadt's family talks with horses. Sadly, it's one of the arts that is dying out among our people....like being a dragon rider. He said that he would take her own as an apprentice but that means that you would need move to Iceland. You would be in charge of the house and cooking, with Ama's help, of course. This is an unusual time, it's usually not this crazy here. Talk with Annika but you'll a place, regardless of what you decide." Klara hugged her as she took my bowl, which I hated because I didn't like being served. Ebba told Klara to take a break. She smiled and ran to find her .

"I'm glad you found them too bear, now find me more. I am an old woman." I went over and hugged her.

"I don't believe that for a second, Ebba, but we will find someone to help." I smacked her butt and walked outside. She laughed.

"Danael!" Annie followed me outside.

"What? I had oatmeal for breakfast." She stared at me shaking her head.

"And had sex with my sister."

"Which one?" She punched me.

"You're incorrigible, mister. Sara told us about the wolves in the past." I nodded. "Will the pact hold." I told her I thought so, and I seemed to be pulled there more regularly now, and time seemed to balancing out, somewhat. It expanded when I was there, but contracted when I came back. I spent a day there but only and hour, or so passed here. I think it's because there is as much to do there as there is here, but wasn't sure.

"If the pack is starving then they will fight survive, and protect their young, and no pact can withstand that. It's a hard winter and humans are greedy. Hammish will help them and maybe some from the coven, but I doubt it. We'll do our best." She nodded. "We need new dogs and the ones Hammish breeds are ideal for wolves and livestock. I know something about this as well because I like learning about dogs. I was actually going to raise dogs in the past, even though they don't know it yet. I'm industrious, too." I smiled. I'll get online later but no more Bernese Mountain Dogs, except as pets." She smiled and nodded.

"All of us are meeting with Bethany, and Christine, for lunch at Britte's." I nodded.

"How's your mom, and Roan and Ingrid?"

'Mom's relieved, I think. She didn't like her role. Ama is spending her time there, and Sara, as much as she can. Ingrid is still mostly unconscious because of the drugs. I'm sure Roan is not pleased because of her new life."

"It's a fucking year, for Christ's sake. You can endure most anything for a year. She's a spoiled that is lucky to be alive, and have a second chance."

"I agree, Love, and I'm hoping that she figures that out because I don't want to lose my sister." I hugged her and she shifted the conversation. "Things are getting back to normal and the men are adding all the ash, and char to the gardens for spring. I didn't like what could have happened, but I was glad because it made us focus, and prepare. It showed me that we need to do better. I'm glad that your friend, 'Bob' was able to access the money of those pigs because we are going to be securing all of the places associated with us so we can withstand whatever he have too. Our ancestors did the same, they just didn't have our resources."

"I agree, sweets, I've had the same thought. Is Ama OK with having Klara and Annika there?"

"Are you kidding? She can't wait, and neither can Emily... Jake, maybe not so much." We laughed. "We are changing things, love, or things are changing because we are here now. Ama making that trade with her neighbor for goats and sheep, and then livestock from Gotland, and highland cattle...and Icelandic horses. Ama knows things have changed and she is making preparations there because Iceland won't just be here sanctuary any longer." I looked at her and nodded. Annie hugged me and put her head on my chest and squeezed. "You want to be there, don't you?" I nodded.

"I like it hear, and love Japan and Denver, but there is something about Iceland. Things will work out."

"Half of your people come from there, love." She was quiet. "Tina and I, and Stephanie too, have surprise for you. Well, for all of us. Tina has never owned a home. Hell, she didn't even have an apartment until a few years ago. She loves Scotland and found a place outside of Edinburgh, outside a town called Kinross. It's got a bit land, from what they told me, and is a working goat farm that produces cashmere. They want to start spinning and open a collective of artisans..."

"They are so gay." She laughed and nodded

"....The house is in decent shape, apparently, and everything comes with it, even the goats, and help. Bethany thinks it's a crazy idea, but it was a good price. The bank gave her a family rate. It's a huge leap for Tina, but she still wants to work part-time, and Steph is going to rent her place out because leases are through the roof. There is an old house there that they were trying to refurbish but ran out of money, I suppose. It's been hard times the last few years. We're blessed, dragon. It's got a new thatch roof on it, and the outer walls are intact, but it needs a lot of work, and they thought since you don't mind sleeping in a barn, anyway, that they would give it to us as a wedding gift.... well, mainly you. I think it was Stephanie's idea because of your Da'." I started tearing up. "I told them you'd do this. Our gift is that we are going there after Denver, and before Osaka, to help bless their house and turn it into a home, and so you can see yours." It was almost more than I could take.

"I've never been to Scotland."

"We know, love, your parents told us" All the girls walked up and said that things seemed handled. We nodded. Sara said,

"Bethany and Christine are already there. They been looking around the area and think Britte is absolutely great." We walked to the SUV and headed to something that would either solidify our realm, or be the start of it crumbling. We drove to Britte.
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"Again with the stall, and the goats. Is there something you need to tell me?" I shooed the goats away. Stop. I pushed myself up.

"At least I land somewhere soft, and covered. I could do without the shit, but I am working on it. It's complicated. How are you and Irina?" She stared at me. We are scared Danael. Wolves have been around, close...too close." I stood up, and thought fuck! I hated what I was about to do but without me, my family couldn't stay safe against wolves. FUCK!

"Do you know how to ride bareback on a ?" She nodded. Do you have a leather strap that could fit a bear?" She nodded. We walked inside and I gave them the pouch of silver from Annie, and told them what it was for. Irina stared at me as Malinka said she would find the leather. Irina was true to her word and pounced on me and scratched me me everywhere she could as we fucked. I t wasn't making love...we did that later.

"Thank you, Danael. You wouldn't have done that unless your women agreed. You have a bond with them. Please give them our thanks. Life is lonely without a man in it, even if it's just occasionally. Why are you here, love?" Malinka came in and lied in bed with us. Pagans were not embarrassed about sex.

"After what Malinka said, I think it's because of the wolves. They killed our livestock also, but for a different reason. I also need a place to keep this safe... trust, but don't trust. Understand?" They nodded and Irina led us into the root cellar. She pulled a rock out and there was a hole behind it. We put mud back in and they grabbed jars of something as we climbed out. I stared at them in awe.

"What? Why are you looking at us like that. Stop, mister" We spent the rest of the afternoon making love, and being a family, if you want to call it that. I kissed them both and got dressed.

'Stay here, inside. The wolves are close. I will deal with them. Stay here ... Malinka!" She nodded. I shifted into the bear, and ran...hunting. There was a pack of six circling the house, more away from them. I killed the alphas, and older males, one of the females looked at me and I pushed to see if she could understand.

"This is not your territory. You have much land." She looked at me. You are welcome to stay if you leave my people, and my animals alone, and live in peace with us." She looked at me and howled as the rest ran off. I ran to Hammish's place, and the others close by before they tried anything and left my scent. Wolves don't like bears. I tried make a truce.

I shifted, and knocked. Mailinka and Drakon came flying at me as I ran to the barn. We fed the animals, and closed the barn up, just in case. I knew Hammish and Ilsa were safe, as were their animals. I made a pact with the she-wolf...the mother of the pups I could sense. There others.The girls went inside and as I turned and she walked up, staring at me. I told her to stay there and went into the barn and killed four chickens. I closed the barn and brought the chickens to the she-wolf as Malinka watched from the window. I knew she was there.

"I told the wolf that we would help as much as we could, but if I had to.... I would end them, even though I didn't want to. I told her about Hammish as well. She lowered her snout and three other wolves came up and grabbed the chickens. She looked at me, howled, picked up the last chicken, and ran.It wasn't enough, but it gave me time. I walked inside, past Malinka.

"You speak with wolves, dragon?" i stared at her. "Danael?"

"I speak with everything, I think. I just can't understand all of it yet. Do you know where the deer are? Malinka smiled and said yes. "Can you show me? She clapped, kissed me, and nodded. I looked at Irina. She was as worried as Malinka was excited. Grab your leather strap, an bring your bow. We need meat." I wanted to give her the kills, but I'd make them if I had too. The deer were holed up in a ravine. There were dozens, scared...we took eight...and blessed them. It was a hard winter. Malinka tied the dear to my back and we walked home. The she-wolf walked out and looked at me. Malinka knew what to do. She cut a stag and let it drop as we walked toward Hammish's. We were close and a black wolf came out and growled. The silver she-wolf growled back. She looked at us and we dropped another as we went on. It was cold, even for animals.... even for wolves. They looked at us as we walked past.

The she-wolf yipped at me. I turned, and stared at her, and nodded. We cut two more deer before we walked on. "We're almost at Hammish's. We'll borrow a wagon and horses." Malinka stared at me. "It's too cold, Malinka, even for animals...even for wolves especially with young pups. We have plenty. She was still angry because of the hides, but also because I was helping wolves and she told me so when we reached Hammish's. She had a point because it was a hard winter, but there were a lot of wolves too.... more balls in the air.

"Do you know how much we lost feeding dumb wolves. Four deer, Danael. Four...hide and meat, for what, wolves. They hunt us like we hunt them." She was livid and Ilsa took her inside. Hammish pour some mead and we sharpened the knives.

' She's young Danael, and strong willed like Irina.Why did you give those deer to the wolves, dragon?"

"You feel how cold it is, Hammish. It won't get better this winter. They'll kill something to survive, and maybe it isn't a goat, or chickens." He stared at me. "I made a pact with the she-wolf. We help keep them alive so they can rebuild the pack, and keep their pups alive, and they leave us alone, and aid us when we can. Would you kill to keep you alive?" He nodded.

"You talk to wolves, too? You are strange, Dragon, but when I hunt I'll try for extra, even though people will think I am insane helping wolves, perhaps we keep that to ourselves." He laughed. We dressed out the deer and Malinka and I took our two home. Hammish and Ilsa gave her their hides since we killed them, and because she was upset. She was being a petulant and I'd had enough.

"Get out out of the wagon." She stared at me. "Get out of the wagon and walk home if you are this ungrateful. You'll take the hides he gave you back to Hammish when you take the wagon and horses back." She stared at me, "One to say you're sorry for acting like a spoiled , and the other to ask if he'll show you how to trap." She stared at me. "Now Malinka, get out and walk home.

"I'll die."

"You can see the lights of the house, and you have warm fur on. Get out and walk home. I'm tired of the childish behavior.Go." She go out and didn't know if she should be angry, or scared. I took the meat and hides home. She needed to understand the link. She was scared. Terrified, which I hated, but I knew the wolves wouldn't hurt her. We made our pact and she needed to understand that. She walked home followed by wolves. She walked up the path, shaking, as Irina and I waited for her. The she-wolf walked up and nudged her. Malinka petted her as it turned, howled, and ran home. Malinka walked up to me, punched me, and then kissed me. "I understand, but don't ever do that to me again.

"I'm cold, and hungry."

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