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take me part 633...edited, again :o)
Posted:Feb 16, 2022 1:02 pm
Last Updated:Feb 18, 2022 2:05 pm

Ilsa called the elves and they came walking out of the woods covered in leaves, smiling, as we all shook our heads. Sara turned around and smiled at me which needed absolutely no explanation... prepare. I nodded. Ilsa stopped and her and Aisha got down. "Come here you ding-a-lings, we need to brush you off, again. You're worse then husbands, to which Sara, Irina, and Malinka nodded, and chuckled. I'd take that. "OK, you lot, do you know what 'being on your best behavior' means?" They looked at each and shook their heads no. " Do you know what being 'polite' means?" They all smiled and nodded. "It means the same thing. We all know that you are going to be excited, and curious about everything, but this town is these people's home, and they suffered just like us, so be nice, and be polite. Can you do that?" They were somber, because they understood, and nodded. "Good, now climb in the wagon and don't go wandering off on your own, you stay close to one of us. OK?" They smiled and nodded. I seriously needed my head examined. I walked closer to Irina and Malinka and handed them silver because they knew better than I did what was needed. They both nodded.

"Will you check with the women that make clothes and see if they have time to make the elves some sturdy clothes, at least two pairs, and we need boots for them, and gloves, hats, and jackets, and socks...." They both laughed.

"They need everything." I smiled and nodded. "We will take care of it and help Ilsa with the other things that we'll need for all three places. it won't be cheap, Danael." I told them rebuilding never was.

"Get what you and Ilsa need for your places, and for the elves, and whatever else you think we'll need. Hammish is giving silver to help the town and the people in the valley, and we'll help them rebuild because we have extra. I want you both to think about something because I doubt we can do all of the building I wanted to since so many people lost some, or all, of their homesteads." They nodded. "Do you want us to build the new house and barn we were planning, or rebuild our house and the barn we lost and expand them?" Neither hesitated, they both said rebuild what we lost and make it bigger. I nodded. They jumped off the wagon and hugged me.

"And plant gardens so they are finished when we come back. Try and finish the new cellar at the new house, and the root cellar for the new barn on the pasture and close them over because can always use them in the winter. If there are men, or women, that still need work then let them start on the smaller houses because they won't take as long." I smiled at both of them. "What?"

"I told you that you were smart." They lowered their eyes and told me to stop being stupid, but smiled.

"We'll all need wood, throughout the valley for next winter, and for building, and these people already have too much to do." I nodded because I had already been thinking about that, and other things like creating smoker's for fish and meat. "See if Hammish can get wagons from Ilsa's people, along with the mules, and if there is lumber, and people who want to work on this side of the mountains. We'll speak with Ilsa, you talk with Hammish. Wood is a good business for trade because it takes much time to prepare for next winter." I nodded and kissed them both. They hugged me and told Aafje to help them round up the elves. They all waved as they walked off. Sara, Ilsa, and Aisha did the same, but in the opposite direction. Hammish and I looked at each other and secured the wagon and mules.

"We need log saws, axes, wedges, stout rope, or chain....things we'll need for a wood business. You'd know better than me." He looked at me." People need work, we all need wood for next winter, along with the rest of the valley, and all of those people will have enough to do repairing, rebuilding, and planting. It's going to be a hard year Hammish, it was Irina's idea because I told them about the need for us having various businesses." He smiled.

"Our women are not dumb, Danael." I nodded and told him about what they said about rebuilding the house and barn, bigger, and focusing on the smaller houses so more people can have a place some to live come winter, since they would smaller and faster to build. "It's smart, especially the wagons and men. There are always young people willing to work and looking for some adventure." I nodded, but was quiet. "What is it my friend?"

"I think Ilsa should go with you, and Aisha, and some of the elves. It's her kin, and she shouldn't be alone in the house." He nodded. "I'm sure she would love to see people there, at least some."We both laughed because there were always people you didn't want to see. "She's probably a better negotiator than you as well." He nodded as he went to find them.

"Go check on our building and see if the stable has been spreading manure on the lot." I nodded as I walked to the river as Aafje walked up and held my hand. She didn't need to say anything because we would all miss Elfas for a long time.

"Where are we going, Danael?" I told her and she nodded. "All of us want to stay here and help our family, especially Irinka and Malinka. A few want to go with Hammish, and explore, but the rest of us want to stay and fix the house and barn, and plant gardens. Elves are good with nature, even though we are just learning to be elves" I kissed her head, hugged her, and said thank you because we could use the help. Winter was waning, but it certainly wasn't time to plant. I hoped the things I learned from my mom would come back to me, and that gave me a thought I wanted to discuss with Sara and Taiiko. The building was fine, and closed up and there was manure on the field as we walked to the livery. The owner recognized me, walked out and shook my hand. I had worked with my hands long enough to match his grip, barely. I introduced Aafje, who smiled as he bowed. She nodded and ran to see the horses.

"She's not from around here?"

"No, from the north, along the coast, distant family. I see you put manure on the lot, is there more to do, or are you finished?" He said there was another pass to do but with what had happened he was too busy. I nodded. "I'll try to get here later in the week, or next week with a couple of helpers and help you with it. He looked at me. "I won't expect any discount. The town needs to work together." He nodded as we walked to the stables. "Do you have an empty stall?" He nodded. "I'd like use it and get all of your old hay to put in it."

"For the land?" I nodded. "If you'll clean these stalls you can have the hay, manure, and I'll let you use the empty stalls." I shook his hand and took my jacket off as Aafje walked in smiling.

"What are we doing?"

"Cleaning stalls.... hay, or poop?" She smiled and said hay as I told her what to do and where to put . It was a little over an hour until we were finished, and Hammish walked up.

"You don't have enough to do?" He laughed as I filled him in. "Well, getting dirty never hurt anyone as he shook Jakob's hand. Jakob said that he was going to need tools soon if that could work. They went off to talk as Aafje and I put up the forks and washed off.

"Which do you like better being an elf, or siren?" She thought as she wiped her wet hands on her cape.

"I like them both, but I more familiar with being a Siren which is why I like it here, like the others." I nodded as Hammish walked up.

"It's going to be a busy year my friends and I'm glad you are helping us. I need some ale." He patted our shoulders as walked to town.
take me part 632....edited, again
Posted:Feb 14, 2022 8:54 pm
Last Updated:Feb 16, 2022 9:48 am

We laughed as we got up and Hammish and I went to the barn while Aafje went to find the elves. Hammish and I talked about boats, and wagons, and mules as Irina and Malinka came out and listened.

"We're making boats? Why?"

"Because we can trade more things quicker, and farther, than wagons. A lot of people will be living in cities and along water. I know people that are good at making boats and they want to help us and then we can use the wagons to move goods for people and stores inland. It will help us create good jobs and build other things.

"Why do we need to build so many things, Danael," Malinka asked? I lowered my eyes and told her she'd see when went home.

"Many more people will be coming here and some of them will be like the men that killed our friends, and family, and destroyed our homes. It takes gold and silver to rebuild, and that takes businesses, and time. Your sisters, family, in the future, part of that starts here with us. I want to give all of you a good life, but we are creating these things for the people you are meeting in the future, and then they will do the same for the people in their future. You are just lucky enough to see it happen in places." They looked at each other, and then me.

"You're still building the new house?" I nodded. "And we can have sheep and goats?" I nodded, and smiled because who wouldn't fall in love with these women. "Good, but take us to see these boats after the babies come." I kissed both of them and said I would. They went inside to get ready with Ilsa, Sara, and Aisha. Hammish looked at me but didn't say anything, he didn't have to because we were both thinking about Sofi, Alfher, and Elfas.

"You have enough to buy the supplies you need for the trip, and to buy things there to bring back?" He nodded. "Bring back seeds if you can so we can try different crops and think about things for women and . It's been a hard winter, and a harder week, and it's going to take time to rebuild right when growing season is starting. This year will be hard too and we need to help as best we can." He looked at me and nodded. "I don't care about the silver, Hammish, I just care it's used wisely but you are going to be by yourself, even though they are Ilsa's clan, be mindful of that, brother." He nodded and smiled.

"I'll have Aisha." I nodded.

"And however many elves you take, to which everything is new." We both laughed as Aafje walked up with the elves who were covered in leaves, and snow, as the wolves ran away. The girls came out and stared at them, too, and then me. "Why are looking at me? I wasn't with them."

"What were you doing?" They all smiled.

"Trying to win at hide-n-seek, but the wolves smell to good. We're better at tag. The girls all chuckled and said to come to them as they cleaned them off. They asked if they had fun and the elves all clapped. "Good, now get in the wagon." They were looking at everything because everything was new to them. Irina and Malinka were sitting at the back of the wagon looking at Hammish, Aisha, and me because they wanted to wait as long as possible before seeing how bad the loss was. We all had our weapons in case, and mules with packs. There was no good way to deal with was to come, and the same thing was happening all over this valley. We where lucky, if you could call it that, in that Hammish was basically at the end of the road and those houses were spared, but not without a high cost.

We rode past the barn as Drakon and his mates walked out and followed us, as the girls gasped and started to cry. They said to stop and got off as they walked into less than half the barn it was a few days prior. I followed them with Drakon as they looked around, touching things. "The animals?"

"Well, apparently chickens do come home to roost." Malinka spread some feed and went to get water. "Drakon, and his mates, herded most of the rest to Hammish's. There are a few goats, and sheep, still missing but hopefully they'll figure it out ." Irina looked to where the rafters should be.

"All the meat is gone Danael." She started to cry as I hugged her. Malinka walked in, put the water down, and hugged her too. My family built this barn, and the house, and Malinka and I have lived here since she was young, and then Sofi.... and now it's all gone, Danael. Why?" I shook my head because no answered matter

"We are building new places, and then we can rebuild this barn and house. It'll just take time...."

"And silver!"

"I have silver, love, and you saw that our Sofi isn't dead, like know it, she's just not with us. Yeah?" They nodded. "This is hard, there is no way around it, only through it. We will make it through, and rebuild this, and the valley. Deal?" They nodded. "Good, by the time you have the babies, and can come back here, it won't look anything like this. I promise. I have elves." They both laughed through their tears as Sara walked in. I looked at her. "I need bulbs, lots of bulbs....Jonquils, Irises, Tulips, and whatever else you can find when you go back." She smiled and nodded as she held Irina and Malinka.

"This won't be easy, loves, but we can do it together, OK?" They walked out of what was left of the barn and gasped because there was only rubble, and metal grates, where the house had just been. The elves walked to them and tried to give comfort because they could feel the pain. Malinka and Irina unconsciously reached to them as they walked toward what use to be their home, our home. The rest of us followed in silence. The wolves were watching from a distance and I felt Sofi but didn't see her. I needed to go to Tibet but there was too much to do. They walked into nothing but rubble and looked around as they started picking up the pieces of metal and setting them outside. It was the same process whenever anyone suffered such a devastating loss, it didn't matter what caused it, or where it happened. The human brain tries to make sense of the horror by saving whatever it can from the past. Irina and Malinka were no different.

They looked at me. "The root cellar?" I hugged them.

"I took everything in it to Ilsa's, along with most everything else. I couldn't take all the herbs or the furniture, but we can build new furniture, or start building furniture in town for all of us, and give jobs that people need." They looked at me.

"Businesses." I nodded.

"You took all of your special things with you, and most everything else inside was saved...the rest can be replaced, loves." Malinka looked at me and asked about the pencils." Grief is a strange beast. Sara walked up and hugged her.

"I'm pretty sure that Hammish has stashed a couple away in his barn, love, along with paper, and there a lot of pencils on Gotland." Malinka nodded as her and Irina went to load the grates, and pieces of metal from the fireplaces. I stopped them."

"I'll put these in the barn, later, because I'll need them here at some point." They nodded as we walked back to the wagon.

"Ilsa, I need your help in planting more herbs for tinctures, and salves. This root cellar should be fine once this mess is cleaned," she looked at me as I nodded. "It might need some mending but we need larger gardens this year and Malinka and I won't be here...." The elves stood in front of her to let her know that they would. Irina started to sob as they hugged her and Ilsa said they would plant a lot more gardens and trees, and find more goats and sheep. She hugged both Malinka and Irina and told them that would work it out, and they could visit. They got back onto the wagon and we went to town in silence but the elves ran alongside and played in the woods all the way to town as we all smiled. It was melancholy, at best, but loss always is and it was a huge loss for us.
take me part 631....updated
Posted:Feb 14, 2022 12:43 pm
Last Updated:Feb 14, 2022 4:18 pm

I stayed on the dock and watched mist dancing on the sunlight as Aisha sat next to me. I looked at her and smiled. She punched me and said shut . "We should go soon because everyone wanted to go to town." I nodded and said more minutes. Aisha hugged me as we looked at the water. "Your idea about boats is a good , and well received." I nodded and told her about my conversation with Eluta. She nodded, and smiled. "Good, it won't bring their back but it'll give them something to focus on. I assume you'll make them a part of it?" I nodded. "It's better to have Eluta as a friend." I laughed.

"No shit. She tried to hurt me." We both laughed and stood as we went to say goodbye. We said goodbye to Eluta and Juuka and Aisha went to say goodbye to Kalevi. "I'll come back and we can talk about this Duke and what interests him. They nodded and hugged me.

"I'm sorry I tried to kill you Danael." We all chuckled and I told her there were no hard feelings. "We like your plans about shallow bottom boats for trade. We'd like to be a part of that." I told them of course. "Good. We're going to talk with my family and find a house. Spring is coming and life doesn't stop for grief, remember that, Dragon. My family lives around Ekenas. We'll be there." I hugged them both and they walked away as Aisha and Kalevi walked .

"I've never met a dragon before but if they are like you then the world could use more. You and your people are always welcome." I smiled as we grasped arms.

"There might be a party of wolves passing through as they scout new lands. I've already spoken with the leader of the wolves around here. They won't harm your people. I'm trying to find new land for them and for my family, land to the north and the west." He nodded.

"Not many people, but not easy either, brother. Come back and we can talk. I know people who have hunted that way." I nodded as I opened the mist. Aisha kissed him and we walked into the mist.

"Shut ." We both smiled as we walked out at Hammish's barn. Sara walked outside, wrapped in wool.

"I'm glad you're still alive, husband." Aisha kissed her and said it was close as she went inside for breakfast. I opened my arms as she snuggled into me. "You're doing fine even if it doesn't feel like it. Go clean and come in for breakfast. We need to check on the elves and Irina and Malinka want to see what's left of their home, and everyone wants to go to town." I smiled, kissed her and headed to the barn. "Daniel." I turned, smiling, because I would never tire of her voice. "Boats?" I smiled and nodded as she shook her head. It wasn't a dumb idea because the roads were crap. We needed the wagons and mules, for sure, but we could move a lot more goods, and people, faster and farther with boats, and we had sirens, and a water dragon, to help fish. There were going to be more and more people and they would all need things. There was a lot to do, I just needed to figure where to do it and I figured speaking with this Duke was the place to start, that and finding out if the map I had was real.... and finally ending Dreka...and God knows what else was coming for us. I was already tired and I'd been awake for a few hours. I put my shirt on and walked to the house for breakfast.

I walked into a packed house because Aafje and the elves were all they there, eating, as I looked at Sara. She said she want to ruin the surprise.

"They're all excited to go to town and meet people." I smiled and sat down as they all came over and hugged me. Ilsa smiled and shook her head but she was loving it because it was keeping her mind off of Alfher but Aafje was still as sad I was about Elfas. It was more of loss for there but he had endeared himself to me in short order, they all had. Ilsa put porridge in front of me with honey and bacon, which lasted about seconds as she started slapping greedy hands.

"Don't put it back because you already took a bite. You eating habits are atrocious." They weren't sure what that word meant, exactly, but they knew it wasn't good and bowed their heads. I looked at Aisha, who was smiling at me.

"Did you tell them?" She shook her head as the elves looked back and forth between us, waiting. We have a house we can use that's close to the ocean, and we also have friends in Finland, it's far ways away to walk but they live by the ocean and said we were welcome. I was immediately gang tackled by eleven elves. "OK...OK....let me so I can finish my breakfast. It's going to take some time because Aisha and I have to get the house ready, and check out the town, but it was someone's home and they may want it back at some point which means that when you there all of you treat it with respect just like the house you are in now, and here at Ilsa and Hammish's...understood?" They smiled and nodded as they got and went outside. I got shaking my head. "What in the name of God was I thinking?" They all shook there heads as Irina and Malinka sat next to me.

"Is it bad, Danael?" I held them and said yes, but that I tried to save as much as I could and that we can rebuild buildings. They nodded and helped Ilsa as went to help Hammish. The were running around with the wolves having a great time as Wolf and Luka walked and watched.

"These elves are different than the stories we were told." I told them that I thought it was because they had been sirens for so long. They both nodded.

"I have a place for your scouts to check, if you want. The leader of the pack said that you'd be welcome stay and pass through their territory. I want to go and look at the land too, but there are too many things happening right now." They nodded as I drew them a map and Hammish and Aafje knelt to watch. "It's many days north of here, unless took you, which I assume would work. I've never tried." Wolf and Luka at each other them me. "It works for us and I seem to be the who rolls out of the mist. The best I can figure it that if you went strait to the north you would hit the ocean that separates country." I drew Estonia, Finland, Russia, and the Gulf of Finland. "There is land to the right, here, which will allow your scouts to go around the water, but there are many lakes in Finland....many, and the country is large. It connects at the northernmost edge with another large country called Sweden, which connects to the west with another country called Norway." They stared me. It's a lot of land but not a lot of people but the winters are harsh. I think most of the people live around the ocean.

The wolf I talked with said there was land for a large pack, easily, but it won't be easy, however, this winter wasn't easy." Wolf butted me. "It's not an easy choice. I'm going to look around here farther east and north but man will eventually encircle you like I said. It would be a couple of generations but it'll happen and violence will get worse here. We are all just buying time, my friends and the best we can. Luka looked at Wolf, and then me.

"Tell me more about the people you know in the Fin-land." I told them what I knew, and that I felt they were trustworthy and would be open to an alliance.

"Both the wolves, and the men, know who I am and the wolves know that Fenrir is my brother. They won't cross that. "Please look around here and let us know and when things balance out I'd like you to take us to meet with these people and the wolves." I was telling Hammish what they were saying.

"Can they understand me?" Luka nudged him as Hammish smiled. "Some of us are going somewhat south but mostly east in a few days and we can look there because I don't think there many people, if any, until you get over the pass."

"It's close to where Ishtah's pack is." They nodded. I'll fly and look for game and try and get a sense of migration patterns. I don't think people will be attacking us again, but I didn't think what happened would happen that quickly, or with so many men. We'll help you find someplace," and that was when Sara and Ilsa walked up.

"WHAT are you doing?" The wolves bolted, and laughed, as we looked up and I smudged the map.

"What did you just erase, mister?" I looked up, innocently. "Daniel?" I told her about Finland and the wolves. They both shook their heads and went back to the house. "Get the wagon hitched, and find the elves." Ilsa looked at her.

"They're all ," to which the both nodded and shut the door. We went get the wagon ready and Aafje went elf hunting.
take me part 630.... edited, again
Posted:Feb 13, 2022 10:09 pm
Last Updated:Feb 14, 2022 11:16 am

Hammish and I walked inside to amazing aromas and laughter. Malinka looked at me and smiled as Hammish hugged her, and kissed Ilsa. We were weeding our way through the vines and walked to the door and opened it as Sara was getting ready to knock. I smiled as she shook her head and handed me a canvas bag. Malinka yelled and ran to her as Aisha looked at me. I shrugged. "Is there enough for one more?" Ilsa told her to stop being stupid as Aisha and Hammish walked up and we looked inside the bag. They stared at me.

"Excuse me....Helllloooo? Why did you give me this?" Sara exhaled and walked up to me. She kissed me and said,

"Juuka and Eluta lost everything because of that prick. This wasn't his but I want, we all want, you to find everything he valued and take it, and if this Duke had anything to do with what happened in the valley, to our family and friends, then you end him." Aisha and I looked at her, and nodded. "Why are you both still here? This won't ease their pain, or bring their babies back, but it will help them be free while they try to move on. The elves need a house by the ocean, and they have one they will never go back to." I lifted the bag and looked at her. "It's not ours, love, and it could never be enough, now go." She pushed us outside as she said, "She will hit you Daniel. Take it," and she closed the door in our faces as Aisha and I looked at each other and walked into the yard. I pushed to Juuka and knew where he was as I shifted and Aisha climbed on. We flew but I circled around, and then over the town to check before heading north to Finland. We landed with the welcome you'd expect from an unannounced dragon. I shifted as Aisha took my hand because these were Vikings. One of them recognized me and told someone to fetch Juuka, and Eluta as he walked up with a jug and horn glasses.

"You have balls, dragon. We'll see how long they last." Aisha growled as he laughed and poured us ale. "I am not a threat, sister, but it's coming." I could feel them and pushed Aisha behind me. Eluta was rabid. She tried to knee me in the balls but I deflected it as she scratched my face and aimed a punch at my throat. I lowered my jaw which took the blow. She tried to break my ankles as I dodged her feet and she hit dirt, which just made her madder. She grabbed a knife and sliced at my throat but I was quicker with my arm and she slit that when Aisha screamed, took the knife, and threw her to her knees and yelled "ENOUGH!" Eluta got up and was coming back as I moved Aisha away. She beat her rage into me. I was able to dodge most of if, and I would heal. It hurt, but a part of me felt I deserved that, and more. She fell to the ground crying as everyone watched, and nodded. Juuka picked her up and took her home as the head of this village offered us a drink.

"You fight even when you don't fight." I nodded and told him she could hurt me. They all laughed aloud and nodded as they poured more ale. "She is Viking for more generations than we can count, dragon. Come and eat with us." I looked at him and said I still needed to speak with them, but I would welcome sharing a meal because I wanted to talk. He nodded and motioned us to their house. I knocked, even though Aisha told me she should. The door flung open and Eluta was glaring at me as she broke down and fell in front of me. I dropped to my knees and hugged her as we howled together. We stayed like that, holding each other with tears, and snot, covering our clothes until she pinched me and wiped her face.

"Why are you here, dragon?" I stood and wiped my face as the villagers watched us, wondering what would happen. Aisha walked up and handed her the bag of gold and silver coins.

"Sara sent us, but we would have come, regardless. This is not to try and replace your , because that can't be done. It's for your house and so you can move forward, and..." Eluta looked in the bag and handed it to Juuka as she looked at us. There was no way this was going to well as I stepped in front of Aisha.

"That is more than our home was worth." I nodded.

"It's not our money but we'd like to buy the house, your home, and keep it. None of us think you would want to go back, but in case you do we can keep the house for you. We have need of it because it's close to the ocean. We can keep all of your things as they are, even though it's not enough, it'll be a place of yours in case you want to go back. The Count is dead, as are his men, but they took a high price as you know. This isn't for your , because there is no amount that can compensate you for that loss, but it is for them in the sense that we are trying to give you the means to build a different life, one in which you can be here and still enjoy the memory of them." I turned, crying as they watched me, and walked back to the lodge.

Aisha helped Eluta up and helped her sit on a chair. Danael didn't cause this, Eluta, but he is willing to carry our grief, and take your anger, and pain. Think about that. This money is exactly what he said. It helps you and it helps us because we have sirens who need access to the ocean, and we can keep your house if you ever want it." She looked at Juuka. "He won't ask you but we need to know about this Duke. We all lost people we loved. Danael more than anyone. I hope you come eat with us but we'll understand if you don't." Aisha kissed both of them and and walked away as they looked at each other. She walked into the lodge as everyone yelled Dragonrider in Finnish. These were Vikings and they knew the loss Juuka and Eluta bore, but they also knew their where with their ancestors and were celebrating that. Aisha sat next to me.

"This is Kalevi. This is Aisha." They nodded, and smiled....holy crap. "I have been talking with him about building boats. She looked at me. They poured more ale and brought Aisha food.

"Boats?" Kalevi laughed "that is what said but after listening to him, he is not as dumb as he seems." I smiled as everyone laughed. "We still have boat builders but they build houses now. I'm sorry, eat and drink, and we will discuss these things afterward. Aisha drank and started to eat as Eluta and Juuka walked in and looked at me. Everyone was silent as they walked up and Eluta pushed Kalevi over as she sat across from me. There was nothing but silence as she stared at me.

"I have things to say to this man." This could be good, or really bad. "He spared my husband when they attacked his people the first time, and he brought us to his land when the Count's men were looking for us, and then he brought us here to be safe. We should have stayed, but we didn't because there was a house, and small barn, and land....that we could own. We decided to go back there because we thought it was away from any danger. We were wrong, and our are dead." Silence. "I blamed Danael, but it's not his fault like it's not our fault. Who knows the will of the gods. We deal with the pain we are given, and embrace the joy we receive." She looked at me and smiled. "You can have our house, Danael, and Juuka will tell you all he knows about the Duke, and even introduce you, but if it turns out that he had any hand in what happened to our , and your people, then I want you to bring him to me, alive. Agreed?"

Everyone was silent as I stood, straddling the bench. I had no weapons, but Aisha did. I grabbed her knife before anyone could react, and roared as I drove it through the table to the hilt. Everyone stared, and then screamed as Eluta smiled, and nodded. God help this Duke if he had ANY roll to play in what happened. We all ate too much, and drank way too much. Aisha left with Kalevi as I wandered about trying to avoid women. I made it into the forest, so deep I good barely hear the music, and could see no light, but I knew I was surrounded by wolves. I laughed, and said hi. Nothing, so I kept walking as I looked at the trees, and stars, and hummed "Our Town" because I couldn't get it out of my brain. The alpha wolf finally walked up because they didn't know what to make of me, or what to do because I wasn't scared of them. I knelt and scratched his ears. He was taken aback, but smiled because it felt good, and I passed out as Fenrir walked up.

I slept with no dreams, or angst, and woke in a cave filled with sleeping wolves. I moved as quietly as I could and climbed out as dawn was just starting to break. I stretched, yawned, and went to pee. I turned as the Alpha wolf was looking at me. I spoke.

"Can you understand me?" He nodded.

"We all understand, you dragon. You are brother to Fenrir." I nodded as we walked. Is there enough land to the north, and west, for a large pack to find a home?" He nodded.

"The land that you mention is untamed and probably has more bears than wolves. Why?" I told him as he stared at me. "Are you planning on bringing your people there?" I nodded and told him I was hoping to gain access to that land before other men. "Why?"

"We want to work with Gaia, not against her, but it's a losing struggle. Men will come." He was quiet and nudged me.

"If your wolves want to venture north, and west, they are welcomed to stay with us before they leave. Some of us might want to go with them." I nodded as the first light broke the horizon and I said thanks to him. I walked back to the village. He yipped as I turned.

"The village is that way." I smiled, and nodded as he shook his head and trotted off. I walked into the village and wondered why the wolves didn't just kill these people because there were sleeping bodies everywhere. I started waking people because it was cold. I went into the lodge and there were even more of them asleep on the floor as I loaded wood on the fire. I walked around the village and did the same with the rest of the fires. I sat on the dock and watched the sunrise as Eluta sat next to me, held my hand, and bent her head into my chest.

"Why do you want to build boats?" We watched the changing light and didn't move.

"Trade. The Norsemen built boats to conquer the world. I want to build boats that can go from ocean to river and transport goods, and people." We sat in silence because neither of us had anything to say until Eluta kissed me and stood.

"I'll speak with my family because they use to be the best boat builders." She walked away as I nodded.
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We walked out at Ilsa and Hammish's as they walked outside, smiling, and Aafje, Irina, and Malinka ran at them and pounced. They ended up on the ground, of course, as Hammish took the brunt of it, but the laughter was clear. The elves looked at me as the wolves walked out and looked at us. The elves stood behind me, sacred. I was going to have to learn eleven names. Crap. I knelt and Wolf and Luka walked up, followed by the rest. I scratched all of them and looked behind me. "These are our friends and they have suffered losses like we all have. They are friends, understand?" They nodded as they moved in front of me and petted, and scratched them. They went off with the pack as Wolf and Luka looked at me with sad eyes. "What, my friends?" They stared at me.

"We are considering leaving this valley because humans are becoming more violent...to everything. We have to focus on our pack, Danael." I nodded because losing wolves was brutal, on multiple levels. I was silent, but nodded. "We have sent scouts to search for good land."

"Where are you looking?" He said south and east. "I shook my head. Don't go south, and east won't be much better. This is the beginning of the time of man, and their weapons will only get worse, I'm sorry to say. You and Luka, and probably your grandchildren, will be mostly OK, even though there will always be danger. I shouldn't have involved you in our conflict my friends." They butted me but Luka nipped my leg, to show her displeasure, and walked away to the elves as they made friends with the wolves.

"Where can we go, Danael?" I stared at him.

"Right now, nowhere because the people in this valley, and even in town, value you. You are safest here for the foreseeable future. It just hurts, but it hurts all of us." He howled. "I am looking for new land, and will finish all of this soon, but I'll do it on my terms with the one who caused it." Wolf butted me but I told him I had to do it alone. "This Count is dead, and his men, and I'll finish the one who instigated it, but there is still this Duke. I was hoping Juuka could lead me to him." Wolf lowered his head.

"Losing a , let alone two...in front of you... is not easy to overcome, only the strongest can overcome such things, brother." I nodded.

"I think the Count was working on his own, and that this Duke had no knowledge of what was happening. There was no reason for such violence except greed. I have the map they based all of this on, a map that was suppose to show a place where gold was buried. Riches. Please consider staying, at least until the fall. Send your scouts north and then to the west, but east is probably better than South." Wolf looked at me, howled, and the wolves ran off scaring the elves.

"Did we do something wrong?" They all came up and huddled around me.

"No, they are wolves and they move as a pack. They just needed to leave. They like you, and you are part of their pack now, their family. It's an honor." They nodded as Aafje walked up with Irina and Malinka. Irina spoke as Hammish hitched the wagon in silence.

"We want to see the house Juuka and Eluta stayed in." I nodded. "We'll look at ours tomorrow before we go into town." I nodded. "Ilsa is gathering food. We'll help her, you help Hammish. You lot, go explore but stay within the sound of our voices, understand?" They nodded. "Go explore, but stay close to us." They smiled as they ran off and Aafje looked at me.

"Make sure they don't get into trouble." She smiled, kissed me, and ran after them.

"We are staying here tonight, and the elves can stay at Juuka's house. We'll figure things out tomorrow. You are best suited to sleeping in the barn,' She smiled as I hugged her and they walked back inside. I went to help Hammish. He didn't blame me, like Eluta, but his grief scarred his soul, like Ilsa, and they had to find their way back from that loss, and devastation. We loaded the things I shifted from Irina's. I took the pots and mattresses, because we could build new frames. I took clothes, and food, and the gifts they had saved, and cherished. Irina and Malinka didn't have a lot, so I was able to save most of it. Drakon and his mates were able to herd most of the animals here even though random goats, and sheep, were still wandering in. I had no idea where the chickens were. We loaded what was left of Irina and Malinka's home, their life, in silence and climbed onto the wagon. I turned and looked at the horses that Hammish and Alfher were going to deliver, but said nothing as the girls came out. I called the elves as they all came running as Irina walked up to us.

"I'm going to make sure things are arranged properly. Malinka is staying here, with Aisha." I nodded and got down to help her onto the wagon as she touched my face and smiled. The elves and I walked behind with Drakon and his mates following. We unloaded everything I could save from the house as Irina told the elves where to put things. There were enough clothes for them, and food, and things they needed until we went to town. Juuka's animals were still there, as was the hay and feed, and everything else like nothing had happened, except the absolute worst had happened, but the elves were oblivious to that and happy to be in a home. I was happy they were there, too. We went and got water. I was going to have to learn a lot of names, and it wasn't like elves looked all that different, like humans. Aafje smiled and walked up as she hugged me.

"I know you have many wives, and I understand why. You are a sound man, Danael. I will take care of them and then we can rebuild these places, and mend our hearts." I kissed her and nodded as Irina walked up to us.

"Are you OK being here, Aafje?" She nodded. "It'll get easier, sister. We'll go to town tomorrow and get what we can." She nodded as Aafje looked at me.

"We need a place we can stay at by the ocean, for us and Lisbet." I nodded as she went to help with dinner and the rest of us went back to Hammish's in silence. Hammish and I put the wagon in the barn and fed the animals.

"I don't think we are ever getting those chickens back. They are worse than herding cats." That broke the wall as we both nodded, and laughed.

"Chickens are cheap," and we were finding our way back. "I need to take the horses, all of them now, over the mountain to Ilsa's people." I was silent, but nodded. "I want to take some of the elves. Aisha said she would go with me. I would ask you but you are the only one I trust to watch over what we have left." His grief was still palpable, but he was moving through it. "She knows the elves, and can keep them in line, and they need training. She also knows the wolves." I nodded.

"Let them work the wagon and ride the horses on the way over the pass because they'll need that when you come back." He nodded. "If you run into trouble have Aisha push to me and I'll be there. I'll take care of things here." We finished with the animals, closed the barn, and went inside. It wasn't what it was, but we were starting to come out of it and I could still hear Iris DeMent as clear as day, singing "Our Town."
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I lumbered around the north end of Iceland with such a burden that I knew it was unsustainable, but I didn't know how to let it go. I kept hearing the Iris Dement Song, Our Town, playing on an endless loop in my brain. I needed to do something because I couldn't meet Dreka like this. I knew that he thought my hesitation was a sign of weakness when, in fact, it was the exact opposite. I would end him once and for all but it would be on my terms. Revenge is dish best served cold, the people in my past understood that. We were very patient and while Aisha didn't like it, she understood it as well. I lumbered back to Ama's as Gaia jumped onto my back and laughed. I couldn't blame her because things were simpler as an animal, even though we still had the same burdens. We just walked until she finally spoke.

"What are you going to, Dragon?" I stopped, and thought.

"I'm going to rebuild the past, and fix what was damaged in the present. The elves, and Elisabeth, will help me find more treasure. They could probably spend the rest of their lives looking for it and still not come close to what has been lost in the oceans. It doesn't matter because it won't bring the ones we loved back, but it's to focus on." Gaia was silent because she knew that I was the on who could assuage my guilt and no words from her would matter.

"And Dreka?" I growled as she jump down and got in front of my face. "His power comes from thing, remove that and you can destroy him." She nuzzled me and then trotted off sniffing the ground as I walked to the house and shifted as I walked inside. The elves ran to me, led by Aafje, as I hugged them. Irina and Malinka walked followed by Sara and Chloe.

"We want to see our home Danael. We have been to the baby doctor and are taking the pills she gave us. We like it here, and will come back, but we need to see our home, and people. I nodded as Aafje grabbed my hand.

"I'm going too, Danael, and I'm staying with Ilsa and Hammish to try and ease the pain in their hearts, my heart, for the loss of Alfher and Elfas." I nodded. "None of these things that happened were your fault but it speaks to you that are carrying them for us. Elves have lived a long time, longer than dragons even, death is a part of life, Danael." I nodded and kissed her forehead. Most everyone had gone back to their homes after tribute. I looked at the Elves, who were sad because I was sad.

"We can take you hom...." Aafje smiled.

"They are coming to the past but we need to find a place we can swim as sirens. I smiled and nodded as I shook my head. Sara and Chloe walked and bit me saying that I should consider it practice as they held their growing bellies. I said goodbye, opened the mist, inside thank you very much, and we all back to the past, me and eleven elves. What could possibly go wrong.
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The pain in my head was almost unbearable as I dug my hands into Gaia to try and stop it. Hammish fell to his knees next to me asking what was wrong but I could barely see him as I watched Sofi and our walk away. She turned and pointed to the sky as it kept turning darker, and they were gone, along with the pain.

"What is wrong Danael?" I looked at him and shook my head.

"Where's Alfher?"

"Hunting, why?" I pushed to the wolves and heard them howl. They'd find him and bring him back.

"I need you to get Juuka and Eluta and bring them here, to stay for a while. Please just do it. I'll explain when I can but there's too much to do." I ran to the house and burst in scaring everyone as Hammish got the wagon ready. I knelt as the elves ran up to me because they were scared, so was Ilsa. "I need you to do something for me." They nodded. "Ilsa and Hammish are your family, like I am your family. You understand?" They nodded. "Good, because I need you stay with them for a bit, and help them.... protect them if you have to. Something bad is coming." I looked at Ilsa. "I'm going to try and stop it but if I can't then you fight with them because they are your family. Do you understand?" They all looked me and nodded as I kissed them and walked outside as Hammish was leaving with the wagon.

"Do you want me to get your animals?" Get Juuka and Eluta and what you can and protect this place. I'll deal with the animals." He nodded and rode off as I looked up. I needed to be in too many places. Wolf and Luka ran to me.

"The sky is bad, brother, what is happening?"

"I'm not sure but bring your pack here, all of them, and call Ishtah to see if she can help. Don't worry about Irina's house. If they go past that then spread out as you think best, but try and save this place." They howled and ran as I looked at the sky. Fuck. I shifted to our barn and let the animals out and told Drakon, and his mates to try and take the animals to Hammish's. "Don't stay here, if they won't do what you want then let them be. Go to Hammish, understood?" They yipped and started herding the animals, except the chickens, down the drive.

I shifted to the house and looked around thinking that all it took was the end of my world to happen before I could do this. I put everything I thought the girls felt was special by the door and went into the root cellar and looked at it. Crap. I touched Gaia, prayed, and shifted myself and everything else. I was back at Hammish's as Ilsa, and the elves, walked out staring at me. "I can't believe that worked." Everything I wanted was there. I exhaled. "Hide the silver and deal with the rest. I'll be back as soon as I can." Thy nodded as I shifted into the dragon and flew toward town. I pushed and there were no dragons except Dreka and the men he controlled. He got through the wall, at least I hoped that was all it was. Men were amassing in town.....where did they get all of these people. I shifted and was in Ama's as they all stared at me.

"Something is very wrong and I'm not sure what it is, look outside." They all walked out and the sky was just like it was back home. "This is happening in the past too. I think it's Dreka, but I'm not sure. Jake, you, Em and Haag stay here with Ama and the elves." I looked at the the elves. "This is your home and these people are your family. You protect them if you have too, yeah?" They nodded, and growled. "Good. Chloe, go back to Denver but check on Tina and Stephanie first. I don't know the extent of this. Talk with Janey and Alison." She nodded. I looked at Sara, she nodded and was gone, back to Gotland. Hide whatever is of value, just in case. We can rebuild buildings." They nodded as I reached out my hand to Annie. She took it and we walked into the barn in Norway as she stared me.

"That's what it took?" I smiled as she ran to find Aya and Gerel and I went to find Jacob and pushed to Fenrir. I heard the howl as Jacob walked out. I looked up and the sky was the same as I shook my head. I should already be dealing with Dreka but I wasn't for some reason.

"I'm not sure what's coming but if it comes, it'll be here too." Fenrir walked up and said the sky was bad. Taiiko, Kana, and Airi walked over, wearing their weapons.

"Our people are around the compound and watching." I nodded as I looked at Taiiko. She shook her head as I opened the mist. She stared at me as I nodded.

"If they come, they will come for all of us, love. I can't be everywhere, but I'll try." She nodded and walked into the mist and back to Japan. Kana walked toward me but Airi stopped her. She called two people to her and walked up to me.

"We'll go back with you because they'll want to destroy you there but will make you fight everywhere else as well. I nodded as the mist opened and Aisha walked out carrying a different harness, one made by the elves, one made for battle. She was wearing dragon scales as her armor. Kana and Airi bowed as Annie walked up and looked at me.

"Be careful, goofball. You have a coming." I nodded and opened the mist as Aisha, Airi and here people, and I walked, into our past. Airi and her people ran to Hammish's as I shifted to the dragon, screeched, and Aisha and I flew toward town. There were too many men for these people, but I couldn't just stay here. I destroyed as many for them as I could to disrupt their movements. I wanted to find the Count and end him but I had to deal with Dreka. There were so many men that it didn't make sense. I flew back to Hammish's and tried to put out the fires as I flew, and freeze the men I found. They were trying to burn everything. I could see Sofi and our waving at me, smiling, and I knew. I focused on where I was and left the rest to my family. Homes, and barns, were burning throughout the valley, and these men were everywhere, until I ended them. I froze as many fires as I could, up and down the valley, and stopped most of the men as I landed in town. Aisha got off and handed me a sword. I grabbed it and looked at her as she smiled.

"It was yours a very long time, use it like you did then Druk." We went through them like they where butter until I found the Count. The few men that remained ran into the woods. They were lucky the wolves weren't here. He knelt, shaking and begging for me not kill him.

"Why?" I could feel Dreka and I was pushing against him, and his influence everywhere. I couldn't do it for long. "Why do you want this land?" He stared at me. I slit his cheek.

"Gold." I shook my head.

"There is no gold here. There are trees, and fish in the ocean." He looked at me and handed me a map.

"There is gold, hidden, and this map proves it." I asked him if he knew who made the map as I felt Dreka sneer. He shook his head no. "So, you did all of this to your people because someone gave you a map, and told you a story?" He stared at me and looked around as the townsfolk walked out with any weapon they could find. They found the other men and buried them in the woods and the rest walked up to us. I looked at them, turned and Aisha and I walked away as the Count met a just fate. I shifted, she got on and we flew to try and stop the rest of the damage as best we could. I prayed everyone else was OK. We put out the fires as we could but a lot of homes were destroyed. Shit! We flew back to Hammish and Ilsa's and passed over Irina's. Aisha grabbed my scales as I circled and looked at nothing but rubble where the house was, and half a barn. We landed, and I shifted, as Drakon walked up and looked at me with sad eyes as he lied down in grief.

The house was gone, except for the stones, and mostly the same for the barn. I petted Drakon and walked to the barn. "Did you get the animals out, Drakon?" He yipped and pranced. "Good, dog. This isn't your fault, Drakon. It's mine. Your mates are safe?" He yipped. "Good." I walked toward Hammish as Aisha and Drakon walked along side me. I should have killed Dreka again, or the Count, or the Duke. I pushed to everyone in the future and they were fine. I told them not to let their guard down.

There were bodies everywhere....men and wolves. I cried as I walked. Aisha let me be. I hated this because my battle was coming but my loved ones died trying to stop this from happening....for a map. I roared as I dropped to my knees and beat the dirt. The wolves all circled around me as I raged, screamed, and cried. They let me be until I was done. I raised myself on my knees as the wolves walked up and nuzzled me and then went back to their posts. They felt my grief and knew the loss I felt was greater than theirs. Wolf and Luka were the last as we walked to Hammish and Ilsa's in silence. We walked down the drive and the house, and barn were still standing. I bowed my head, thankful, but Wolf nudged me and I saw the bodies and howled as Aafje walked up and collapsed into me. She was covered in blood. Hammish stared at me in silence as Ilsa was screaming into the ground, and then I saw that she was screaming into Alfher. Juuka and Eluta just stared at me as I looked at their lying motionless in front of them. The silence was so loud I could barely stand it. I turned with tears in my eyes as Wolf and Luka limped up

"How many?"

". Fourteen, there were too many. We stopped them, but at a great price, Danael." I bowed my head and nodded. "Did you stop them?" I nodded and told them there were too many but we did. Aisha knelt beside Ilsa and hugged her. I couldn't understand why Alfher couldn't have stopped them. I couldn't think, but I could feel and I could feel everyone screaming at the loss. I walked up to Hammish and hugged him. I looked around and saw Elfas lying dead. FUCK!

The rage was building in me, and everyone felt it. It wasn't anger. It wasn't close to anger. I pushed to everyone and they said they were all attacked, but it wasn't as bad and no one was hurt. I looked at Aisha.

"There can't be two Dragons, Danael." I stared at her.

"I killed him." She shook her head.

"You killed an old dragon, and released his essence. He's bound by that, but he's still powerful." I shook my head because I really just wanted to be left alone, and I had all of this.

"How do I end him?" Aisha looked at me as said she didn't know. Great. Aafje walked up and hugged me as we looked at Elfas.

"He blocked for me one last time, and saved my life." She screamed in pain as Aisha and I held her as she fell next to him. This was going on throughout the valley, and the losses were extreme in town but especially in the valley, and I felt all of it. Wolf and Luka walked up.

"How can I attend to your fallen?" They stared at me.

"Bring them into the mountains, away from people, and let Gaia take them." I nodded. I pushed off of Wolf and knew where his wolves were. I pulled from Gaia and sent his wolves to the ravine where the deer had been. Energy surged through all of us and the wolves were lying on ground they knew. Wolf and Luka both howled, and then ALL the wolves howled and kept howling, as I walked away. It was going to get harder.

The grief was almost more than I could bear, but we needed to tend to our loved ones...all of them. Aisha and I went in opposite directions and comforted people as we could, but it came down to dealing with death. I got Juuka, and Eluta. I walked up and knelt away from them. They glared at me.

"YOU did this! Our are gone because of you." I bowed my head because she was right, even though I thought they would be safer there. If she could have killed me with her eyes, then I would be dead. I walked away heart stricken as I looked at Ilsa and Hammish kneeling over their . They both looked at me, lost and in pain, as Aafje knelt beside them.

We spent the next several days bringing bodies together and either burying them, or burning them on pyres, most people chose burning because I offered as the dragon and they thought that was an honor, even though I didn't. Hammish and I dug numerous graves along the woods. Everything was upended. No one told Malinka and Irina they had lost their home and barn, or about the death and destruction in the valley. We finished attending to the ones we lost, and had gatherings, ceremonies, and whatnot, and they all looked at each other as a community even though we were all lost. The town pulled together and helped people rebuild, as communities do. Hammish used the silver that was at Irina's, to help and I had no issue with it.

Irina and Malinka were another story, one which I needed to deal with, and I had Dreka to deal with too, and Hammish and Ilsa, and the wolves....and a lone elf. They didn't destroy Ilsa and Hammish's place, or Juuka's, even though they wouldn't go back. I couldn't blame them. Juuka and Eluta stayed with Hammish and Ilsa through the depth of their loss, and then I sent them back to Finland as my heart broke. I walked away carrying the weight of their loss.

Aafje and I stayed at the house Juuka's family was suppose to stay in. We worked to fix it, and make it better while we there. We didn't talk much. Aafje slept beside me every night because we were both lost. I went everyplace my family was to check on them and they were OK, as bet could be. It was hardest on Irina and Malinka, not just because of the house but because so many were gone. I let Dreka wait for me as my rage boiled. Aisha stayed with us, and helped Aafje, and Ilsa. I tried to help Hammish but there was nothing I could do. Life was brutal. I walked to Irina's everyday. I needed to do something, anything. I pulled out the map the Count gave me. I'd see if it was real because we all needed something to shift us out of our grief. Aisha walked up.

"When are we going to deal with Dreka?"

"After I heal the pain he caused us, if I can. He wants us to come after him, but he's not going anywhere. We won't forget what he did, Aisha, and I have access to the caves." I brought Elfas back to Iceland and placed him in the cave as we all gathered around so he could finally go home. I cried anew as he disappeared and I walked out. I looked at everyone gathered but the sadness was too great because we lost so many. I shifted to the bear, and walked away. Ama stopped everyone from coming after me. It was my burden.
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They were looking around, and saying hi to the animals as I got . "Thanks for the help." They both turned, smiled, and ran as they hugged me.

"Were are we, Danael?" I looked at them shaking my head, but was smiling inside because I didn't play by the rules either.

"You are some place you shouldn't be. What were you thinking?" They looked at me at the same time they looked around, and breathed, and felt.

"This place is different, Danael, older...much older than where we were." They looked outside as I grabbed them by their collars and threw them into a pile of hay. Ama walked into the barn as they lifted their heads.

"Seriously? You said I was almost as old as the elves and you just appear." She smiled.

"I remember more than you at the moment. I'm here to take these miscreants back to Iceland." She stared at them as they hid in the hay. I was having a hard time not laughing. "You don't just get to decide where you go in the mist, is that understood?" Nothing. "IS THAT UNDERSTOOD?" They stuck their heads out and nodded as they looked at me. "Good, now I'm taking you back with me." They hid back inside the hay.

"Ama, can they stay?" The elves stuck their heads out and watched me. "I could use the help but they would have to be well behaved." We both glared at them, as they hid in the hay again. "I have a lot to do, and they have a lot to learn. I could use the help." Ama looked at me as if I had lost my mind, and smiled, shaking her head as she walked to the mound of hay the elves were hiding in. She knelt down.

"Look at me." They both stuck their heads out and looked at her, then me. "Look at me." They did. Ama scared me, and I was a dragon. "You were both bad elves for doing what you did." They nodded and bowed their heads. "With that said, you did take initiative and did something unexpected, which is fitting with him." They laughed. "I suspect you deserve each other, BUT, you do what Danael says, period. Understood?" They nodded and went back into the hay. Ama and I smiled at each other, even though I knew my life was going to be a cluster fuck. "Come out." They both crawled out of the hay, stood, sheepishly, and looked at us. Ama looked at me. "Are you sure?" I nodded as she glared at them. "Don't make me come back," and she was gone. I heard them gulp as they looked at me.

"Didn't think it through, did you?" They looked at each other and shook their heads. "It's OK, I rarely do either, but you can't just push your way into things because you want to, understand?" They nodded, but were still scared. "What are names?" They looked at me.

"I am Aafje, and this is Elfas. You aren't going to us back?" I stared at them as I walked out of the barn.

"I suppose it depends on how well behaved you are." We walked to the house so I could check the fires before going to Hammish's when ALL the wolves encircled us. Aafje and Elfas grabbed me, shaking, as Wolf, and his mate walked up to us and stared at them. I knelt and scratched them as I looked up at the elves. "These are friends, if you want to stay here with me then you need to know each other. They like being scratched on the neck, shoulders, butt, and belly.... Excuse me?" They were looking at the wolves standing away from what we were doing and they bolted toward the wolves. They tackled them and then they went running to God knows where. They looked at me as parents do.

"Wolf said good luck as his mate bumped me, and mouthed me. I knew what she meant regarding them and keeping them in line. I was learning a lot from this pack. None of them had names, and I didn't want to give them names. I called Wolf, that, for me. "You are either very smart, or very stupid." He howled as they walked off. I checked the fires, and put a couple of logs on each fire, put the screens back, checked the house, and walked to Hammish and Ilsa's wondering what I got myself into.

I wasn't concerned because they were elves, and the wolves liked them, which was good enough for me. The problem for me was realizing what my girls were going to be like, and I shuddered. Wolf walked up and nudged me as I walked to Hammish's. You can fly, or run, but you choose to walk. Why?" I petted him as we walked.

"I am missing most of what I love, but I can walk wherever I am, brother. It connects me." He nodded.

"My mates name is Luka. Wolf is fine with me, as it would be for you." I nodded. "I have never shared that with anyone but she told me I needed to. I'm not sure why." I smiled and scratched him.

"Us trying to understand what women know, let alone think, is like early man watching a comet and trying to understand it, at least with me women. Please tell Luka thank you." He butted me.

"Elves?" I laughed as we walked to Hammish's. "They are playing with our . They are innocent and not like elves we knew."

"They spent their lives, until a few weeks ago as Sirens." He stared at me. "I released them so they could be elves once again. They are ." Wolf stared at me, again."

"Why?" I looked at him.

"These elves were bound millennia ago and were forced to become sirens, and live as that. Most were forgetting who they were, and where they came from. It wasn't right, and I could change it."

"And now we have elves running around with our wolves." Luka walked and put her head against me as I smiled at Wolf, and scratched Luka. "Nice, right? Are the elves a threat?" Wolf laughed.

"They are like , but make excellent babysitters. Be careful in dealing with Elves, Danael. They were banished for a reason, even though it was long ago, but your elves are having a lot of fun. We'll look after them and them home." I smiled and said thanks as I walked.

I walked down Ilsa and Hammish's lane. They all saw me and gasped as I turned to see the elves running at me, followed by wolves, and a sky darkening at midday. The elves hit me, and we rolled until the wolves hit all of us, which was odd, but Aafje shifted and rolled then climbed to top of the barn. Elfas and I stood and looked at her, as did the wolves. She was smiling.

"Aafje, come down...NOW."

"No, not until they say I won the game." I looked at them as Luka walked . We both asked what? "They told us we were playing 'tag' and she won." Luka looked at me and shook her head as she pushed to Aafje that she won, as the wolves howled. She knew my life would be hell. Aafje climbed down as Elfas walked .

"We had SO much fun in this land, Danael. It's amazing, and the wolves are...." "You're angry with us."

"I'm not angry with you, but do you know where you are?" They looked around because they knew I was there and they followed me. They shook their heads.

"You climbed into the barn to win Aafje, and you Elfas followed with the wolves." They had lost themselves in joy, in a free place. It was to be expected but I needed to temper the tendencies they had. Aafje, and Elfas bowed their heads, because they didn't know where they were. "You need attention to where you are and not just have fun. The wolves can help you and show you the land. There are other people, too, and they don't know about elves. It's not just about fun." They were , and having fun, and that was when Ilsa walked .

"Who won the game of tag?" Aafje raised her hand, smiling.

"Elfas blocked for me because I am faster, but we played as teams." Ilsa smiled and gathered them into her arms and hugged both as she took them inside. The wolves howled because they lost in a fair match, and I shook my head because I had enough to deal with. I went to talk with Hammish about our projects, and him leaving. I looked as Sofi, and my , were looking at me, smiling and waving. They walked away, and I dropped to the ground.
take me... addendum
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For those of you who read these stories, you know that I like Imusic and I add it, mostly in the Denver stories a ways back, because it brings people together, and makes things going on...more poignant. This is of the poignant moments. Jerry Jeff Walker is of my favorite song writers/singers, because I'm older. I am old enough to see a lot of the songs of the 60's-70's to come back around, and have meaning again, because humans don't seem to learn.

I've been listening to the Ballad of the Hulk and thinking how amazingly prescient he was. Can't give you a link, but you know what to do, if you want to listen.... and i hope you do.... because it's a good song and we need to understand it for our country.
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625...edited, again
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Annie, Chloe, and Sara walked away, not mad but something was . I looked at the elves who were staring at me unsure what to do, or how to be. I smiled and they looked at each other and smiled back. "I'm sorry about the cave. I considered it mine even though it isn't because it's more yours, and your runes are very impressive." They still didn't know exactly what to do, and neither did I. "Are you enjoying it here?" That did it and they smiled, clapped, and all started talking to me at once so I spent the next twenty minutes smiling, nodding, and looking back and forth at them acting like I knew what they were talking about. Ama finally had pity on me as she motioned for Jake and Em who sat down and kissed me.

"You lot go play with Jake and Emily and help Haagerstadt if he needs it..." They jumped and started to go outside..."aren't you forgetting something?" They all came over and hugged me, which was very sweet. "That's very nice but I meant your coats, hats, and gloves." They laughed and went to grab them as they walked out front. Emily handed Ama the diamond, smiing, as she followed Jake outside.

"Are you OK with this, Ama? I feel bad because I'm not here often and just sprung them on you."

"This house hasn't been so alive since the fall when everyone was trying to kill us, or at least all of you. It's fine. We love having them here and they adore the , including Haagerstadt." We both laughed. "They'll be fine and you're handling them as you should because both sirens, and elves, are mischievous by nature and need a firm hand. We all recognize that, and then there are Jake and Emily. They play with them and show them about things, and are their friends as they explore. I wanted them to wait on the cave but they were too excited to be able to visit home, and it is their cave even though you think it's yours." I laughed and nodded.

"Do you know what's going on with Sofi?" When I mentioned that she had visited us to both Chloe and Sara they bolted. I just asked again and they all walked away." Ama was quiet but looking at me, reading me I guessed. "Sofi shouldn't have been able to do the things she did, especially not with your . It's odd, Danael, but everything has been odd since you and Sara met. Sara and Chloe are starting to learn who they are, and rediscover their abilities like you, like all of you. You are all different, and the girls are learning, and remembering, at different . You, Chloe, and Sara, and now Annika are progressing the quickest but they are all aware. Chloe, and then Sara, went to where they thought she would be, a place very familiar to you, but laden with pain."

"Tibet." Ama was quiet but nodded.

"They wouldn't let them in but the head of the monastery spoke with them as a courtesy because they had both studied there, but she wouldn't let them see her." I stared at her. "All of you have been on this wheel much longer than you think, especially you. They are unsure how to tell you because they are worried what you'd do. You can be, shall we say, a tad unpredictable at times." I smiled.

"Is he still behind the ice wall?" She smiled and nodded.

"They are in the bedroom trying to figure out how to tell you, go put them out of their misery." I nodded.

"Can you me back to the past about thirty minutes after I left there this morning?" She nodded. "Will you once I talk with the girls and say goodbye to everyone?" She looked at me and nodded.

"I will, but you can do it yourself, although a lot has happened already, and you have things to do there so I will, but don't ask me again." She got and kissed my cheek. "Go talk with them." I walked down the hall, knocked, and walked in as they looked at me and I went over to sit on the bed with them. They were obviously stressed, and worried, and unsure what to do.

"Ama told me about Sofi." They all exhaled at the same time, and all bit me at the same time. I hadn't realized just how stressed they were. They spent the next twenty minutes all talking to me at once, but there were just of them. They finally stopped to breathe and Chloe asked about the diamond as Sara and Annie held her hands and looked at me like I knew something.

"She didn't tell me why just to give it to them, but she is a sparse with words most times. She's always there as a fox, though, which is nice." Sara lowered her head because she missed Bob. I put my hand on her leg. "We'll all go back in a few days, love, because we all miss them. I need to talk with Hammish and Ilsa but we've been gone too long." They all nodded.

"Do you think they are planning anything?" I shrugged, as they all hit me in the chest, and laughed. We talked about the , the elves, Irina and Malinka, and Karin and Lisbet, before heading into the kitchen. Everyone had come inside and were drinking hot cocoa by the fire, even Haagerstadt, especially Haagerstadt since he was using a beer stein. I told them I needed to go but that I would come back often. I hugged everyone, put on my cloak as Ama opened the mist for me. I waved and walked in as of the elves ran after me, everyone was yelling for them to stop but they made it through. Ama closed the mist before the rest could follow. I rolled into the barn back home in the past and stood as the elves flew out, hitting me and sending us rolling next to Bob, the mule, who was staring at us like we were idiots. He wasn't too far off. "What is wrong with you?" They laughed as they got and started looking around. Crap.
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I looked at my cave, turned, and walked back to the house. I wanted so much to play in the ocean as the bear. I walked home reveling in the silence of this place. It was my home, even though I had no home, or had too many. I looked down at a flash and stopped as I picked up what looked to be a diamond, and Gaia rubbed against me as we walked to Ama's. "Are you ever going to show me how everyone can go where they want and I fall out of the mist, and am apparently the only one.... and is this a real diamond?" Gaia sat and looked me as I sat too.

"First of all, you are doing fine when it comes to getting around, wouldn't you say?" I nodded. "You, Dragon, are a knot that only you can unbind and in order to do that, well.... it'll take some time because your existence is just short of the Elves, so you tied a lot of knots, Danael, and that was before who you were in this life which we'll leave for another time. You are doing fine, and yes, it's a real diamond. It's actually exquisite and there are more facets locked inside. It's a gift for Jake and Emily but I wanted you to look at it as we walked to Ama's." I stared at it as we walked.


"Look at it, Danael. What do you see?"

"It's multi-faceted, and each facet is brilliant and glints in the light."

"That stone, that diamond, would be consider low grade until it was cut to bring out it's essence, but it's beautiful now, wouldn't you say?" I nodded. " The only things separating this stone, and what your cousin Stephanie, could create is time, and skill. Sound like someone you know?" Gaia looked up and laughed as she trotted away..

I hated riddles. Men fucked this planet up, to be sure, and these women were going to try and drive me insane to remind me of that. I stared at the door as I breathed, closed my hand around the diamond and wondered if the stones I saw in the past actually were diamonds. I went to open it when Haagerstadt whispered that I shouldn't do that, but he didn't know how to whisper and the door flung open to three off my wives, and they weren't happy to see me. They glared at me and walked away as the elves watched. I stared at them and they huddled in the corner as I walked up. Emily stepped in front of me, followed by Jake.

"It's not their fault, Da'. They didn't know it was your cave. They're just happy to be here." I looked at all of them and bowed my head. I handed the diamond to Em and told Jake to call Stephanie. I turned to the elves and opened my arms. They ran into me as I told them I was sorry. The diamond caught the light of the fire, and glinted, and they all ran to Jake and Emily to see the stone in her hand. They were still part Siren and liked shiny things. I smiled and shook my head as I felt the girls looking at me and turned.


"We were suppose to go meet the Elves as a family, Daniel! What did you give Emily and Jake?"

"I didn't GO there, I was taken there. Talk with them and Gaia gave me a diamond for a lesson, but also to give them and that's wha...." All three of them ran to Emily and Jake. Jesus frickin' Christ. I walked into the kitchen as Ama was smiling and holding a glass of goat's milk. 'We need Yaks, Ama." She nodded.

"I tried to warn you." I drank half the glass and looked at him as I wiped my beard.

'Haag, we need to work on what whispering means." Ama laughed and walked back to the stove as he stared at me, confused. I hugged him as we sat and talked until the rest of them were done. I needed twelve adopted elves like I needed a hole in my head. I was shite with names to begin with, what was I thinking and that was when they all they walked up to me, and stared. OY!

"This is your home, you don't need my permission to treat it as such. Sit." They smiled, and stared as Sara sat next me, not mad at all. I looked at her as she smiled, and kissed me. I was definitely going insane.

"They are enthralled by you, Daniel, and consider you a father, of sorts." I told her I gathered that much. "They are learning to be both elves, and sirens, because they have chosen to stay here, like our Karin. It will take some time so being here in Iceland was a smart choice. They have the freedom to be both, which you experienced. It will take them a little time to blend being both siren and elf. We are all sorry that we hit you. Aerin Is beautiful, and she's an Elven Princess, and we're....."

"Pregnant with our daughters?" She nodded, and sniffled, as I hugged her. "Stop being dumb, I'm better at it." She bit the side of my neck and laughed as Chloe and Annie walked up and did the same. "Tell me about Sofi." They stared at me and walked away.
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take me part 623....short but edited
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The Elves gasped as Ama smiled, and shook her head because fools go where Angels fear to tread. I suppose that made me a fool, but it was my cave. They added their runes to the walls and ceiling and all of the runes began to glow, and I was gone. I opened my eyes and looked around as bows were pointed at me. Great, like I didn't have enough crap to deal with. "Can you understand me?" They nodded. "I am Danael and I have twelve naughty Elves who.... adapted my cave on Iceland. May I stand?" They nodded and lowered their bows as Aerin walked up.

"How did you get here unannounced, Danael?" She helped me up and hugged me as she spoke with the leader of the archers.

"Ask your Elves, Aerin, they added runes to my cave. They were very proud of themselves until I went inside and lied down. They're like ." She laughed and nodded.

"That cave predates even you Dragon, believe me. The Elves made those cave to travel in the beginning." I told her I used it to sleep, and heal. She smiled and took my hand as we walked toward a wonderful city along the side of a mountain. "As far as them being like , they are because all they have ever known was being a Siren. Karin shifted that with her courage in engaging with you and making good trades for her friends. The rest saw that and then you released them."

"So you're saying I've adopted a dozen elves that are just learning to be elves?" She laughed, kissed my cheek and nodded saying more, or less. I shook my head as we walked. "Why am I here?"

"I don't know but our runes recognized you as one of us. I'm taking you to meet my father Aelfraed, perhaps he knows." I told her I had a lot of places to be. "We can send you back shortly after you left your cave, don't worry. How are Karin and Elisabeth?" I told her they were happy as she smiled.

"Why is everyone staring at me?" Aerin squeezed my hand

"Silly, you freed our people, their brothers and sisters. You are a hero to my people." I stared at her and shook my head.

"No, no I'm not. I just had the ability to change something that wasn't right. I have no interest in being a hero. I have enough to deal with, Aerin. Please tell them that."

"Such things don't work like that, Dragon, certainly not here." We walked to a sheer a cliff as I stared at her. Aerin smiled as we rose to the first landing. I looked out over their land and wondered I could fly here as the dragon. "You can fly anywhere as the Dragon, Danael, and lumber here as the bear because this land has welcomed you. Come, my father knows you're here." We walked inside as more elves stared at me, god I hated that, and we walked into a huge hall filled with crystals, light, and waterfalls. I let go of Aerin's hand and walked to one of the falls and stuck my hand in. It was water, which splashed me in the face. I smiled and turned. "We have energy falls like Gaia, Danael, but they are deeper in the mountain." I nodded and took her hand again. A simple man, yet regal, walked up after putting his hammer on an anvil and extended his hand. "This is my father, Aelfraed. Father this is Danael, the man I told you about. The Runes like him." We shook hands.

"I wish we had more time Danael, but you have unhappy women waiting for you. It is curious that our runes sent you here, such a thing hasn't occurred in almost ten thousand years, but it is a pleasure to meet you. I, we all, look forward to meeting your family, properly, so we can become better acquainted." I nodded. "Sadly, this is an inopportune time," as he looked over my shoulder, "and I apologize for being rude." I was turning as I glimpsed what I thought were... and I woke up in my cave as the Elves finished gasping. Why was I the only one who didn't know how to do these things. I got up, walked outside as the elves backed away in awe, Jesus Christ, and then I got slapped twice, and punched once, as Annie, Chloe, and Sara stormed back to the house. I shook my head and looked at Ama.

"They're pregnant." She gathered the elves and took them home as they stared at me.

"That's it?" I was alone as I turned and looked at my cave, which was no longer my cave. Holy crap. I walked to the house to deal with three pregnant women and a dozen elves, and two ... and a Haagerstadt. I was never getting back to the past.
take me part 622...edited
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I got up, as everyone walked away, and looked around. I said hi to the animals who still remembered me. I hated that I was gone from the places I loved for so long that I was losing the rhythm of the place. I bowed my head and walked into the office and looked at the work schedule coming , and through the orders, and manifests for what was coming, as a Norwegian cat jumped in my lap, kneaded, my legs and the lied on lap, purring, as Annie, Aya, Gerel, and Jacob walked in.

"What? You're the ones that left me on the ground being mauled by my own dogs, and walked away, laughing, and don't think I'm not annoyed at you, Drakon. I might be a cat person now, mister." He growled and huffed off.

"DANIEL! You hurt his feelings. he...."

"He'll get over it, Annie. He peed on me for three months as a pup." They all chuckled. "Who's this amazing creature?" Jacob said, Katt, as I stared at him. "Seriously?"

"Annie wanted to call him Bob, but the rest of us agreed on Katt." I looked at Annie and smiled.

"At least someone has sense, love." She walked up and kissed me and asked why I was here. "This Katt is mine, by the way, at least when I'm here. I'm reconnecting because I want to see how time works, so I am checking in with everyone and hopefully will go back thirty minutes after I left." They all looked at me scared. "What?"

"Are you sure you want to try something that complicated, Love? Maybe you should get Sara, or Ama, to help you." I scratched Katt, who was asleep but still purring, and looked at Jacob as Annie watched me because I had no problem stepping back in. I touched the work schedule, orders coming, and manifests of pending orders. It was a lot, but this was a large property and we weren't buying just for us.

"All of this make sense with what we have discussed in the past and what you, Annie, and everyone else have discussed?" He nodded and I trusted Jacob because he would cut off fingers to protect this place. "And you're working with farm crew, and getting them what they need?" He said yes. "Good, now tell me about the important part.... the family meal on Saturday." They all smiled and Jacob told me all about how it had expanded to not just the workers, and their families, but also friends from town, and people from surrounding farms.

"We have stopped work at noon now because it has gotten so popular." I looked at Annie and she smiled and nodded. People bring all manner of beef, game, fish, and baked dishes. It's why we have all the plywood down because it's getting warmer than it should but it's going to freeze again this week. We didn't want a muddy mess, but no one wanted to stop these because it was a hard winter and these bring everyone joy. Annie is talking with people around us to share the hosting but keep it a weekly gathering since we are going into the hard time of the year, and the really long days." He looked at me and smiled.

"What, Jacob?"

"People are happy, Danael, and we spend a day a week being a community."

"You are learning to become Vikings again, it seems. Don't let them have swords." They laughed as I picked Katt up and handed her, asleep, to Jacob. "How is she with the dogs, and the wolves?" Everyone laughed.

"She scares all of them, except Fenrir, but she doesn't back down from him either." I smiled.

"I think we need more of these katt's here, and Iceland, and on Gotland. It's good seeing you, Jacob. Thank you." I hugged him as I walked out because I felt the wolves coming. I need to speak with the wolves, but I wasn't here to inspect the property. We walked out as Fenrir, and his daughters were there, with others. I walked up and knelt as the girls came to me.

"You are getting close, and you, old wolf, are going to be a grandfather again." They yipped and nuzzled me before walking away as Fenrir walked up and butted me.

"Let's walk my friend." I looked at Annie and she nodded as I got up and followed Fenrir.

"Where's your ?"

"He's out scouting with his friends." I asked if they needed meat. "No, brother, the bad winter has broken and the animals are starting to move again but they are learning new routes, so we must learn them too." I nodded. "Our packs our strong, and healthy, as are the herds. It was a brutal winter, and many of all us died, but we are all stronger...healthier. The small game is abundant, and we are focusing on it now because it teaches our young to hunt, like your pack in the past." I nodded. How are they?"

"Well, brother, our friendship is strong even though men are encroaching." Fenrir stopped and looked at me. "We have dealt with them but I am trying to learn why it's happening, aside from the obvious, and I'm looking for other lands. I have made an alliance with Ishtah, and her pack, along with another from the pack Wolf belonged to before leaving." Fenrir smiled, and nodded.

"Good, brother, tell me of these new lands." We walked for at least an hour as I told him of my plans, and told me of how things were there. We were both relieved there were no threats except for the past. We walked back to the barn and Annie, Aya, and Gerel, were waiting for us. Fenrir went to get scratched.

"Seriously, you too?" He laughed as he walked up to me. I know you don't trust most humans, which is wise, but don't trust most wolves either because Wolf and Ishtah are unique. I trust you to lead my packs to safety. I have pushed into your thoughts and you know much of what is coming, which is good, but you also need to be observant of the signs that nature shows you, trust the bear and listen to your friends." He howled and wolves none of saw ran after him to the woods. Aya and Gerel smiled at me as they walked up and hugged me as Annie watched, smiling.

"We all miss you Danael, and we know that you think it is unwise for us to return home," Aya said, "but it is my home, our new home, and we will decide, with you, how to deal with this." I nodded. "Aisha, Kana, and her warriorresses will keep us safe. I also have people I trust, love." I stared at her. "I do, since I was a . We all know you don't like us leaving your care, but we must. We are all strong and capable, love." I hugged them both and looked at Gerel.

"How is your brother?" She smiled.

"It was wise you took him to Norway, Danael." Gerel looked at me. "I am sorry I hit you." I laughed as I hugged her and said that everyone else had, numerous times. She looked at Annie, who smiled and nodded. "He will walk again, which is good. I am angry at him, and my family, but I will deal with them...." I grabbed her hand, and Aya's, as I motioned for Annie.

"No Gerel, we are either united, or we are not. The others aren't here but it's the same. I have no illusions about my role with Aya, and you. They won't stop, love, because they haven't learned to embrace the feminine. They see you and Aya as weak, even though you aren't. They won't see me as weak. This is too complicated to discuss now, but I will be back soon to discuss it. Gerel, you brother tried to kill the woman you love, and possibly you. I'm sure there were people in your family, Aya, who helped them. How long until he can walk? How much longer do the doctors want to keep him Norway?" Gerel and Aya looked at each other.

"Another month, Danael, and I am making my family reimburse Annie for the cost." I nodded.

"Good, because they should, but that's not my reason for asking. I am going to ask you to both do something you won't want to do, for different reasons, but it's important." They stared at me. "I want you to spend time in Japan with Taiiko's clan, and then in Denver with mine, ours, while your brother finishes his rehab. You can communicate with your family via the internet, or phone, and you can have your confidantes watching out for you there...." they both tried to speak. "Please let me finish and then speak your minds, OK?" They nodded.

"I know the people we are dealing with, or I am remembering them because they don't change quickly. You are not safe there, even with Aisha, and Kana. I think it is better if they go there, and do what they know how to do, which is gain intelligence before you actually go back." Silence. "I wanted all of us to go spend time together, as a family, in all of our places, but that was naive, and foolish thinking, because life doesn't work the way we want it too. I still want you both to see these place, and meet your new family, and you have a month to do it in. The girls will teach to you use the mist, or there are the planes" They both laughed. "You can already use it?" They nodded. "And neither of you fall out of it?" They laughed, and nodded. "Hmmmmppphhh."

Aya said, as she kissed me lovingly, "if it is any consolation, Danael, the mist has always been used by women, which is why we know how to use it. know how as well, innately by blood, and our protectors are taught. You learned on your own, which was both interesting, and entertaining, but you are doing well. What Ama and Joseph can do, most of us and can't, Sara and Chloe are the only other ones but none of us no why. We are all, and there are many watching, think you do amazingly well, even with the acrobatics." She spoke with Gerel.

"Gerel and I will do as you ask, Danael. It is wise, and a good time. Annie, her friend Tina, are dealing with our ceremony..." I stopped them and looked at Annie, who smiled sheepishly as I shook my head.

"I want all of us married together because it's not right any other way. You can spend your lives together, but I know your people Gerel. We will give them the land your brother's family has control of and take them away from the land they shouldn't have. We will talk more about it but they will agree if they have land, and we have the leverage with that because of what your brother tried to do, and what you did for him." Gerel smiled as she walked and hugged me.

"We will do what you ask, Love. We are both curious about these places, but who will watch over my brother. I despise him, but he is my family.

"I will, Gerel. I know the perfect person to help get him up and moving about. It's smart for you to see Japan, Iceland, and Denver, now because things are more mellow, except Denver. It's pretty insane there all of the time." I stared at her but didn't say anything. Aya and Gerel talked, nodded, and said they agreed, but they wanted to wait until Irina and Malinka came so they could see their younger sisters again. I looked at Annie and she nodded. I wasn't going to argue with witches, or whatever, I was just glad I bought another month, or so. I figured Annie could buy me a few more weeks if I needed them.

Gerel and Aya hugged me as they went to help in the house, and help feed the people. Annie walked up and hugged me. It's not easy for them, especially Gerel." I nodded. "Do you know what you are doing by making her a part of the ceremony? You can do it, love, but you are going to unleash a backlash of anger, in men. What are you thinking, mister?" I smiled.

"I need maps of all of their lands because I have too much I am trying to remember. I especially need the eastern provinces of what was/is Gerel's land." She stared at me.

"You can't..."

"I just need information, sweets, and I am living in the sixteenth century. I also need all the maps you can find for the Baltic region, Rus, Germany, and Scandinavia, and early Russia if you can find it." She stared at me. "I have evenings free, love, and a lot to learn. I also need need books in old Finnish and Swedish... and if you can find old German that would be helpful too."

"What are you up to, mister?" I smiled.

"Make sure they visit everyone else, and make his recovery prolonged and hard." Annie nodded. "I want to be here, but I want to be everywhere. I haven't figured out how to do that. I trust Jacob. Do you?" Annie smiled, kissed me, and nooded.

"He's amazing. They are all amazing because our people are coming forward and helping gird us. We are good, and Iceland is good with Haag, but people are coming to our aid, and there are the Elves you brought out of the ocean." I looked at her. "They aren't leaving because they like Ama's land, and there is good fishing, and, apparently, a lot of treasure." She smiled. CRAP!!!

"I need to leave, I'm sorry. Please tell everyone I love them, and I'll be back." Crap! Annie smiled, and nodded, as I opened the mist and fell onto Iceland. "FUCK!!!" I got up and was walking to Ama's as a dozen Elves tackled me, from all directions, laughing, as we rolled down the drive.

"OUCH! What is wrong with you? Every time?" They bowed their heads and I instantly felt bad. "It's OK. I'm happy to see you as well." They smiled, and pounced on me, knocking me to the ground, and hugging me before dragging me toward the ocean. "EXCUSE ME!!!! THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE BEHAVIOR." Holy crap. I shifted into the bear and roared as they wall backpedaled. I shifted back.

"You can't just pull people away because you are happy to see them, understand?" They looked down. Jesus Christ. "I love all of you, and I miss you and want to know how you are, and I know my time is limited, but you need to learn to interact with other people. It's why I brought you here. Elves, aren't Sirens, yeah?" They nodded. "Good, now lets WALK to whatever you wanted to show me. We walked to my cave, which was no longer my cave. Ama walked up next to me and said she tried to stop them. They were smiling as they pointed. I looked at them angry, but grateful. I walked inside and lied down as everyone gasped.

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