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take me part 294
Posted:Sep 14, 2021 7:24 pm
Last Updated:Sep 15, 2021 8:44 am

Most everyone having dinner were still in their work clothes, and considering this was a communal farm, among other things, no one minded, not even Yamaita, because we were all raving about the food, especially the chicken yakitori. I was glad I hadn't had lunch. She was spoiling us, at least she was spoiling me. I left the last of the food without reaching because my mom always told me and my brothers to never take the last of anything and there were many people who worked harder than I did so i pushed my plate a little and they pounced because it was that good. I seemed to have stumbled into this life with these four amazing women and it would be very easy to abuse that position. I wasn't going to do that. I was sure I would have to make tough decisions, and some would be disliked, but I figured if they knew that I cared for their well being then we could work through it. It was like it was in the military, or at least should be, you don't eat until you know your people are being fed. Power and prestige are seductive; i cared for neither. Taiiko put the last piece of her chicken on my plate and held her stomach and smiled at me, as did Yoshi. I kissed her cheek and ate it.

Everyone chatted about the day, but since I couldn't understand I thanked Yamaita, bowed, and started clearing the table, everyone stopped and Taiiko said something as she joined me. They smiled and enjoyed more tea and laughing as we started clearing and soaking plates. We had things soaking when Yamaita, and Yoshi brought in bowls of green tea ice cream...everyone cheered. Yoshi handed me andTaiiko one and picked up his as we leaned against the counter, smiling. It's always better to have happy workers. "This is amazing." They both nodded but they had it before, I never had.

"Yes, it's wonderfully refreshing. I am sorry you had to delay your trip but I am glad you did. Were you able to get all the posts set." I nodded and told him that was the easy part, putting up the wire was the hard work.

"I'm plan on being in Iceland, or Norway, when that happens." We all laughed, but I wasn't kidding. It's a pain in the ass. "What time do we need to leave for the airport?" Yoshi said six. I nodded and looked at Taiiko. "Love, you need to sleep without me tonight because you'll need to deal with the airport." She looked at me me and growled. "Please, if it makes you feel better, you can pack for me." She nodded as we finished washing the dishes and Yoshi rejoined the table.

Taiiko made us some tea and we went to sit on the porch. It was close to eight and twilight was beginning to turn all black. We held hands, rocking in silence, and sipped our tea. People came out and waved goodbye to us. Ren and Jiro walked up. Jiro said, "Ren said that you and excellent worker." I smiled.

"Please tell him thank you and I feel the exact same about both of you. I'm sorry I won't be able to help with the paddocks because I enjoy working with both of you. We make a good team." Jiro translated and Ren got a huge smile on his face. He bowed, as did I.

"Thank you Daniel-san."

"Thank you, Ren. It'll be a strong fence." He nodded and they left. I was going to miss this place. Taiiko squeezed my hand, and kissed it, seems you've made a friend, Daniel." I nodded. I liked Ren. I liked everyone I had met so far, except maybe the cousin, I just needed to learn one of the hardest languages in the world in short order. OY! and that was when I got the headache and Ella walked up.

"Daniel, who is that?" Yoshi walked out smiled, as did Ella.

"That's Ella, she's Chloe and Janey's mom, and sometimes a royal pain in my ass. Let's hope that's not the case now." Ella and Yoshi laughed.

"At least you didn't pass out and hit the ground," which was true. "You need to pay particular attention tonight, Daniel, because the danger is still present and it won't end unless you end it tonight. The threat will still be there going forward, but you must stop the present one tonight, if you are diligent you can." Ella reached out her hand to Taiiko, "It is lovely to meet you young lady. Congratulations. I knew your mother. I still know your mother. She is fine and sends her love and wanted me to tell you that she will communicate with you once Daniel is familiar with her energy. It is easier in the beginning to communicate with someone like Daniel who straddles both worlds. It won't be too long my dear." Taiiko was crying.

"Please tell I love her and miss her everyday."

"I will, Love, but she is keenly aware of that. It won't be long. You'll learn many things with Ama." She looked at me, and there was no mistaking her energy. "You have to end this tonight Daniel because it's important that you are on that plane tomorrow morning and in Iceland. Focus, dear one, and pay attention to your instincts." and she was gone. Taiiko gasped as she squeezed the crab out of my hand.

"It's OK sweets, they take a perverse pleasure in doing that, at least Ella walks up so I can see her." I knew she had questions. I'll try and answer what I can, and share what I know, which isn't a lot, on the plane tomorrow. We have so much to talk about that the flight will go quickly, but I need to go Love." She nodded and hugged me like she was desperate for me to stay, which I'm sure she was. I nodded to Yoshi walked down the steps and to the woods,turned, waved, shifted and ran. I headed to the saw mill. I didn't expect him to go back there but I wanted to check the because as far as I knew there were only two ways onto the property by car, the driveway, and the road to the saw mill. It was a long way to the house which was why I was a little surprised to see a car parked off the road. It was the same scent, and strong, but there were others, at least two, possibly three. I followed the strongest because it was heading to the barn, but also the house. I followed it on the opposite side of the saw mill and stayed well in the woods. I was getting closer. I ran to the barn and waited. I could smell him and was hoping I was close enough to see him. I wasn't. I wished either Annie, or Melissa were here, they were less.... cumbersome. He was heading directly for the house like he knew the way. I ran to the house and circled around it. I was hoping one of Yoshi's abilities was mind reading. I shifted in the woods on the other side of the house and pushed to Yoshi to stay inside and pay attention. He turned the front porch light out. I was hoping that was a sign to his people as well.

I pushed outward to find out who was there. I knew were the one I knew was. I was interested in the others. I moved toward them as quickly, but as quietly as I could. I went to the last one first. He was watching the driveway. I moved in behind him, and growled. He froze and turned as he pointed something at me. I clawed his hand, he dropped and I back handed him into a tree. I was fairly certain he had hurt his shoulder but I didn't care. I shifted and started to disarm him. My senses stayed heightened for up to thirty minutes after after I shifted back to me so I could see well enough as I went through his pockets and it was like he was on a special ops mission. I took everything he had and took off the night vision goggles and the ear piece off. We were keeping these. We were keeping all of it. I hid all of it, just in case and used some of his zip ties to tie him to the tree. I took a rag, stuffed it in his mouth and taped it. He was starting to come to and moaning. I punched him, hard, and he was out. I shifted and moved to the other two and did the same. I pushed but could only feel the one I already knew about.

I moved in behind him but stepped on a branch and snapped it. He froze and then turned. I growled, which scared him. He fired to soon and I ripped a large chunk of his hand off which sent the gun flying. I hit him in the chest. He hit the ground and was knocked out. I shifted and zip tied his arms and legs and dragged him out of the woods toward the house. Four people approached me, two men and two women. I said Yoshi. One nodded and said Hai, and ran to the door. Yoshi walked out by himself. Taiiko stayed inside. He said something to the person that walked back with him. He bowed, grabbed the man by the shirt and dragged him onto the porch. I wouldn't want to fight these people, even the women....especially not the women.

"There are three others down the driveway. They are tied to trees and in varying states of unconsciousness." He chuckled.

"Are you OK? We heard a shot."

"He missed."

"That's fortunate."

"I thought so. Can you call Taiiko? I need to talk with her." He did and handed me me the phone.

"Yoshi. Is D..."

"It's me sweets. I'm fine." She started crying. "It's OK, Love. I'm fine. We'll be in soon. There are some lose ends to clean out, and I need to go back out, but I'll come in before I do."

"You better mister, because I need to to punch you." I laughed and told her OK but to stay inside and away from windows. Call Annie and tell them what you know. There were four of them, armed. We'll be in soon. Two other people were running down the driveway as we started walking.

"One was watching the driveway and road. I've pushed but didn't feel anything else. I reached in my pocket and handed him the earbud and mic. "You might want to put this in. They each had one. One of them is in there and there is a pile of his things hidden in the trees about fifteen feet opposite him. One came dragging him, flipped him and zip tied him again. The other one came out carrying a bunch of stuff, and walked back in for the rest. Yoshi looked at me. "They had a lot of stuff. It's why it took me longer to get back to the house than I wanted." One person stayed with him playing with the goggles. Yoshi said something and he put them down. He both smiled. I was going to that when I could. We walked about a hundred and fifty feet. There's in there but a little deeper in the woods, same with his gear as the last one. I could still smell them.

We walked toward the road. "These guys were heavily armed. I'm not sure about the one closest to the house because I just dragged him out but there is a handgun in the trees, along with part of his hand. I'll find it when I shift again. This was planned out, Yoshi, and if he didn't set the fire it might have worked, whatever it is. There's a car on the dirt road off on the side. I'll go and check it out after I see Taiiko." He nodded. "The other one is in there. I walked in and grabbed the gear while Yoshi's student, one of the women, cut his hands lose and started to drag him out. I was impressed by these people. He reached for throat and she broke his wrist, effortlessly, and kept dragging him out. She put his hands behind his back and tied them. He cried out in pain but none of us had any sympathy. She took a bag out of her pocket and handed it me. I nodded and put the things in and handed it to Yoshi. "Tell her that was impressive. I'm going to check the road in both directions for a mile. I won't be long. Have her turn around." He nodded. She did and I shifted then ran toward the road.

I ran along the side of the road for a mile in both directions but couldn't sense anything. I listened to see if I could hear the high pitch sound of a drone, but couldn't. I zigzagged through the woods on both sides of the driveway and then behind the house and didn't feel anything. I stopped where he was and shifted and looked for the gun. It didn't take long I put it in the back out pants and walked to the house as I pushed. Nothing. Two people stepped out of the shadows. I could tell they were both wearing goggles, for which I was glad. I waved and they waved back as I walked onto the porch and knocked. Yoshi opened the door. Taiiko is right, you do smell. Taiiko ran at me and jumped and then bit my shoulder as she hugged me. She kissed me before getting down and then punched in the chest, at least she alternated. Sara didn't. "You scared me, mister."

"I know, Love, I'm sorry, but I have to go back out. I don't trust that they are alone."

"I know, Yoshi told me." I told her not to worry because I could see better than them even with the night vision goggles. "We know a doctor and he's on his way. He's trustworthy. We're still trying to figure out what to do but he won't be using that hand well ever again.

"Ask the doctor if he can get Pentothal, or something similar, maybe we can get the truth out of them without torture." She looked me. "We need to know what's going and there aren't many ways to do it. They had a lot of weapons, and zip ties." She nodded.

"I need to go Love, but I'll be fine." I walked outside and a ways down the driveway, walked into the woods, shifted and ran to the car. I checked the buildings as I went . It wasn't hard to avoid Yoshi's people because they were close to the buildings and not in the woods. I was very leery about the car I circled it by a hundred yards before approaching it from the woods. I shifted and pushed and felt nothing. I grabbed a large rock and broke the passenger window and unlocked the door I checked the glove box and grabbed the registration and put it in my pocket. I checked under the seats but there was nothing. I popped the trunk and looked, even where the spare was, but there was nothing. I walked into the woods shift and smelled and as I trotted toward the road listening, looking and smelling. There was nothing. I did the same as the driveway and checked in both directions but nothing. If someone had been here they were gone. I hoped there wasn't. I zigzagged through the woods to the driveway and back to the house. I checked the saw mill and barn one more time to be sure and went around behind for about a mile as I headed to the house. I sensed nothing. I shifted and pushed and it was the same. I shifted back and ran to the ridge. I couldn't see, hear, or smell anyone but I needed to talk to Yoshi about this. I headed back to the house, lied down and focused my senses as I waited. I guessed it was probably three and I could tell by their scents that people watching the house were different. I was glad. I waited until almost four to trot through the woods, I shifted and walked out and toward the house This was going to be interesting.

I got close to the house and two people stepped out, looked at me, and waved. I waved backed as they walked back into the shadows. If only I were younger. I knocked on the door and Taiiko opened it. I wasn't surprised. I knew she wouldn't be able to to sleep. "You smell mister. I've already showered you know the drill." I walked into the laundry room and stripped. I handed her the registration. She nodded as she put my boots aside and said we'd leave these clothes here since they were for work. Yamacita will dry and fold them tomorrow." I nodded. Let's get you in the bath before you stink up the entire house. We were walking down the hall when the young woman who broke the man's wrist walked out of the bathroom in front of us. All of us stopped as she stared at me, and smiled. I waved, which made her laugh. What else was I suppose to do, it wasn't like she could un-see me naked. We walked past as she watched me and Taiiko shook her head. She watched until we closed the door. I was tempted to turn around but I didn't want to get hit.

"What is it with you and women." I shrugged and she hit me in the arm before running a bath. I soaked as as Taiiko went to make me some tea. She came in chuckling. "She said I was a very lucky woman and asked if you had a brother." I shook my head and dunked myself. Taiiko put my tea on the counter and washed my hair and rinsed it before bathing me. She told me to stand so she could wash my penis, balls, and butt and my legs. I was starting to get hard. She smiled. "Me or her?" I said who do you think. She smiled and kissed my balls, and then squeezed. "That'll have to wait love because we're running out of time and Yoshi wants to leave earlier after last night in case there is something else. Kana, your newest admirer and someone else, I'm not sure who because I don't know all of them yet, are coming with us just in case. We're all packed. Get dressed and come to the kitchen and I'll introduce you to Kana. She's quite pretty and since she's seen you naked and liked it, it's only fair that she do the same I stared at her. She laughed and kissed me. "Get dressed and bring the bags." Jesus Christ, I was never going to live this down.

Taiiko and Kana were talking and smiling at the table but when I walked out they both stopped and started giggling. She introduced me to Kana and we bowed. "Kana says that you are very different from Japanese, that your...." I said that was enough as I walked onto the the porch to both of them laughing. Holy crap. Yoshi walked out smiling and sat down.

"Every woman here will know about this by the end of the week so you might as well resign yourself to that fact." I nodded. There are worse things, Daniel. The man whose hand you hurt was our cousin. I have calls out to people we trust to discuss what we should do. He's not talking but the doctor gave him pain meds. I have no idea who the other three are but we are thankful for the gifts they brought us, especially the goggles, earbuds, and mics. I nodded and said it leveled the field a bit.

"Those things aren't cheap Yoshi, and on top of all of this you need to listen for drones. It's a high pitch whine." He nodded and reached into his pocket and handed me copies of the id's and passports and I'm sure I turned white. The three men were Finnish.
take me part 293
Posted:Sep 14, 2021 12:43 pm
Last Updated:Jul 5, 2022 11:28 pm

We had breakfast and headed the burn site. Yoshi was already . We got out of the van and grabbed our gloves as Yoshi walked up. "The guys at the saw mill said a gaijin was putting out a fire on the building but was gone by the time they walked back around. I assume that was you." We all laughed. "What happened?" I told him about the scent and the car and wanting to chase after . He was quiet, but looking at me. "The saw mill is not an easy place especially in the dark."

"No isn't, Yoshi." I hadn't told Taiiko because I'd be telling her grandfather. She was stunned, and now worried because he had moved deeper onto the property. "We were lucky that my timing was good. Saw mills burn quickly. seems personal, and angry." He nodded.

"I'll put more people around the buildings in shifts and people patrolling the woods when you and Taiiko leave tomorrow." We both stared at him. "You have to go. I can take care of things here and I'd feel better if were in Iceland for a while, until the ceremony. We can discuss later. I need you and Jiro head the barn help Ren, Taiiko can help here. We are short staffed and they are putting up fence. I assume you have put up fence before?" I smiled, and nodded. "Excellent. Jiro can translate. Take the van." Jiro and I nodded. I kissed and hugged Taiiko and told her would be OK, and that I loved her, and we headed the barn. I had been building fences with my dad and grandpa since I could remember. It's not all that complicated but it needs be sturdy if animals are involved, which I figured they were. I'd miss Taiiko but I always enjoyed fencing. I didn't care for doing in humidity but that's what we had. Jiro drove the barn.

We walked up and Ren, the lead worker, foreman, waved and walked up as he and Jiro started talking. He walked away and we followed. "Ren said that we are just putting in posts today. We aren't going to fence the field until late winter, but we are going to add to the paddocks sooner. I nodded.

"Metal or wood posts?" Jiro yelled to Ren.

"Cedar. He said we have a lot and they resist rot." I nodded as we walked into the tool shed. Ren grabbed line and post hole diggers, Jiro grabbed two others and I grabbed two metal fence posts in case we weren't using an existing corner post. I also grabbed a hammer and some nail and the pounder. Ren smiled. "We're going to do the field first because 's larger and are three of us, two people can do the paddocks easily." I nodded. 'I liked Ren. He knew what he was doing . We were using an existing post so I hammered a nail into the top of the post, towards the outer edge put the hammer in the loop on my pants, grabbed a large cedar post and the post hole diggers. I motioned to Ren which way and he showed me. I told Jiro to yell when he wanted me stop and then motion were he wanted the corner post. I didn't know how Ren did things considering I was in Japan so I was going off of his lead. I wasn't about to act like I knew better because I didn't.

When my family did fencing we'd mostly eyeball once we got the corner and middle posts set, then was a matter making sure the posts were on the inside of the line since the corner posts are larger. Jiro walked out with a level and two poles tamp the dirt around the post. Jiro and I got the post set. I finished tamping and filling the dirt in around the post as Jiro went get the line. I wrapped around the nail and asked Jiro walk back halfway and let me know when the line was taut, this was were you could really screw things up. Ren was watching and I knew that knew . Anyone has done fencing has broken the cord. 's a fine line been taut, and snapped. I was getting close. I could sense . Jiro raised his arm and I tied off. I grabbed the digger and Ren grabbed a post and we walked the middle. He was smiling. I put the post against the inside of the line since was fairly the edge of the corner posts and looked at him. He nodded and I pound the post into the ground to make a mark and Jiro and Ren took turns digging as I laid posts about every ten feet. I grabbed the other posts and to the outer corner and dropped them. Now that we had the end posts, and middle one in line, would go fairly quickly but was , and humid, as we went in get some water and take a quick break. Taiiko was walking up with the box of cookies, smiling.

"She kissed me. You're all sweaty mister. I like it, too bad are other people here." I smiled because was too bad. "I thought you'd like some cookies." She opened the box and Ren and Jiro pounced. "That's a large field." I nodded. "You know what they are going to use for?" I told her I assumed would be for more animals in the spring, and they would do rotational grazing." She looked at me and started talking with Ren as Jiro and I grabbed another cookie. She hugged me and looked up. "You were right." She stood on her toes and kissed me. "I need to get back so we can get the site cleaned up." 's an architect in the family in Osaka. She's coming up tomorrow or the next day to at the site and talk with the family. She's going deal with the permits because they are pain." I told her they were a pain everywhere. She waved and headed back to Yoshi. I walked to the other corner post to see if the middle one lined up and it looked good so we started setting posts. It took us a couple of hours to get the first line in the ground and then we set the second corner post and the middle one and took a lunch break.

It was a decent morning of work, or as my grandfather would say, "It's good enough for government work." I smiled because I could still hear him say it at every break and when he called it a day. Jiro and Ren offered me part of their lunch. I told Jiro thanks but I wasn't hungry. Yoshi walked up and spoke to Ren first since was the lead worker. Ren nodded and smiled, so did Jiro. "It looks good Daniel." I nodded and told him that Jiro and Ren were excellent workers and Ren knew his stuff." He nodded. Do you think it'll be done by the end of the day?" I nodded because I figured Ren was thinking the thing I was, "'s our fence so we finish ." 's smarter anyway because we knew how we were aligning .

"I'm guessing Ren and Jiro are thinking the thing I am. We'll get the posts in the ground." He looked around.

"You have no lunch." I told him about Jiro and Ren and how I wasn't hungry.

"Taiiko and I had a big breakfast." He smiled, said goodbye and headed back the house site. We rested in the shade for about fifteen minutes until Ren got up and we grabbed posts to lay out. Jiro grabbed the level and we stared digging. It was probably close to four when we started on the last section, none of us were stopping. We had almost fours hours of daylight left and the wasn't that hard because the ground was reasonably soft. None of talked because he had developed a routine and we made a good team. Ren and Jiro were tamping in the last post as I walked back out and undid the line and went and got the metal fence posts we didn't use and the tamper, and checked to make sure we didn't leave anything. We didn't. Jiro and Ren were walking to the barn, laughing, so I headed too. I figured was almost six. We put the tools away and got some water. Ren held out his hand, smiling, and we shook, which was interesting. We both nodded because we both had respect for each other. I already respected Jiro. Taiiko walked up and spoke to Ren and Jiro. I assumed she was inviting them to dinner by the smile on their faces, and the nods.

"Would you like to walk back to the house mister?" I was tired but I would never say no to Taiiko if I didn't have too. I nodded and went to wash up. I took my shirt off and washed the sweat and grime off, as best I could and ran my head under the faucet. It felt great. I put my shirt back on and impropriety was out the window. Jiro and Ren raced to do the . Taiiko and I both laughed and said goodbye. Having a gaijin around had 's benefits. We were walking toward the house when I said,

"Too bad we didn't have a woman working with us." I knew I was going to get . Taiiko looked at me in utter disbelief and me, hard, in the chest, and then we both laughed. She shook her head as she took my hand. was a good day.

"You made quite the impression on Ren, all of my family, at least those you've met." I told her I liked to work. She bit my arm and hugged me. I asked how her day was. She smiled. "Not as hard as yours, but good. We got it done. Yamaita's family is still upset but they are working through it. They saved the things of meaning to them. The rest can be replaced. The site looks good. Yoshi and I were looking at it and wondering if was a better place for the new house. We'll see what the architect says but the original site as all the system already ." I nodded. "I know you're hesitant leave Yoshi alone but he can take care of himself and I'm equally concerned about my sisters." I nodded because I was too. "Take a shower before dinner and we can relax on the porch." I shook my head.

"That's why I washed at the barn. 's no sense because I am going smell after I get done tonight." She nodded. "They'll have to deal, or I'll eat out here." She smiled.

"You mean we'll eat here, don't you mister?" I kissed her and told her yes as we walked in for dinner.
take me part 292
Posted:Sep 13, 2021 4:20 pm
Last Updated:Oct 4, 2021 5:33 pm

We headed to the truck. "Is everything OK?" She nodded.

"I've known her my entire life and she's had her role but things are beginning to change because I am stepping into mine and it causes friction until we find balance. She wouldn't take no for an answer so I stopped it. It'll be fine. I'll talk with her when we return." She handed me the keys. "You drive." I was good with directions and always paid attention in case I ever had to drive back somewhere if something happened. The village wasn't too far. We went to the shoe store first. Taiiko went to the counter and I sat down to take off the boots I got the day before. She brought my old boots back, smiling and asked if I was happy. I smiled and nodded.

"Please tell them that the other boots are wonderful." She nodded while I put on my work boots. We waved and walked to the tea house. I opened the door, we walked in , and I stopped. Taiiko could feel the shift. The scent that I followed was there, strong. I lead us to the table in the corner and watched. It didn't take long before I knew who it belonged to. I pointed at the man, maybe mid to late thirties and pointed. "Do you know him?" He turned and saw us looking at him and hurried out of the shop. I was getting up to follow him when Taiiko stopped him.

"I know who he is, kinda. He's a cousin but we never see them except at the family gatherings. I don't know much about him, or that side except they are family. We can speak with Yoshi. Do you trust me to order?" I kissed her and said of course. She came back carrying a big box of cookies and we chatted until they brought breakfast. There was a big plate of scrambled eggs and vegetables and a friend potato and vegetable type pancake only it was thicker, both were amazing. We finished, had another cup of tea, and walked to the van and went to help work. I pulled into the driveway and parked to the side as we went to talk with Yoshi. Taiiko told him about the cousin.

"I know who you mean. I'll call his father later this evening." I asked.

"Can you check with the couple, later, and she if they are in any kinda of trouble, financial or otherwise, or if they have enemies?" He nodded. "This whole thing seems strange because it doesn't seem random. The house is too far out of town and too far down the drive." He noded and handed us gloves.

"I will. Take the charred wood and throw it into a pile. We'll take it the garden after lunch and then start sifting through the remains to see if we can find anything for them, even something." We nodded and got to work. We worked several hours as the farm truck pulled in and backed down to the charred wood. Two of the garden crew got out and waved as the lead took two baskets to Yoshi and he called for lunch. Taiiko and I weren't hungry so we helped with loading the wood figuring the sooner we were done, the sooner we could have tea and cookies. We both room had for that. It didn't take long. The workers ate but Taiiko and I just had tea cookies, which everyone loved it. We went back to sifting through ash and debris for several more hours. We put what we found in baskets. Yoshi called it a day and everyone started heading to their homes. We put the baskets in Yoshi's van and the tools in ours before we said goodbye and drove home. It was a decent days work. We were going to look through one more time and then put the rest of the debris in the truck and the ash in buckets. We probably could have been done all today if we hadn't slept in, and then had breakfast.

Taiiko and I walked to the house, holding hands, laughing about something as we took our boots off and went inside. She went into the kitchen and walked down the hall into the bedroom. I was in the bathroom undressing when she walked in and started to do the same. I finished folding my clothes and started with hers as she finished. "Everything OK?" She smiled and nodded. "Good, she's too good a cook to get her mad at us." We both laughed and got in the shower. We bathed each other, dried and got into comfortable clothes and then walked to the porch and sat down to wait for Yoshi. Yamaita brought lemonade out and set it down. We both bowed and said thank you. I pour us some and we rocked and held hands until Yoshi pulled up. He brought over a chair and poured a glass. It hit the spot because it was hot and muggy.

"They said they have no issues, and enemies that they know about. They were both inside when they started smelling smoke so they looked around and then went outside and the side of the house burning and it was on the roof, the hose wouldn't reach so they tried to salvage as much as they could until it became to dangerous and then waited for the fire department. The person that came up was driving down the road sped toward us. They said they knew know one who would do such a thing."

"Unless there was faulty wiring, and it only burned outward, which seems unbelievable, that means someone deliberately set it, which is risky with people inside, and dumb because arson is bad enough but murder is a whole lot worse. I'm curious why your cousin's scent was there, and he hurried out so quickly. He obviously recognized you, and could tell we were looking at him, that I was looking at him." Yoshi nodded and said he'd call after dinner but needed a shower. I called the girls and put it on speaker, they were ecstatic. I got to say hello and goodbye but it was a good call because they had all bonded.

Taiiko and I walked into the bedroom, got naked and climbed on the bed to make love since we couldn't later. We kissed, touched, licked, sucked and bit before she lied on top of me and made love. We weren't in a hurry. I came and we snuggled and kissed until I got hard again and did it again only this time, afterward we drifted to sleep in each other's arms for about an hour. It was seven and we got dressed and went to have dinner. Taiiko and I did the dishes as Yoshi sat on the porch thinking. We thanked Yamaita for dinner and went out to join Yoshi for a bit.

"I'm a little concerned to leave you to handle this by yourself, Yoshi. Taiiko says that you'll be fine but since we don't know what we're up against...." He interjected.

"It'll be fine Daniel, but thank you for your concern. I have skills you are unaware of. Taiiko smiled and nodded. It would be good for you to patrol again tonight, and maybe tomorrow night before you leave. I am going to post patrols around all the buildings. I'll keep people out of the woods until you're gone. It'll give the members of the dojo real world stealth training. We all smiled. It was almost dark when I stood up. I could feel Taiiko not wanting me to go but she knew it was smart so she just kissed me and told me to be careful. I nodded and walked to the edge of the woods, shift, turned to look at them and snorted before I ran into the trees. I headed to the ridge Yoshi took me to that overlooked the river. It's where I'd come up. I looked and smelled. Nothing. I shifted back and pushed, because I couldn't when I had shifted. Nothing. I shifted again and ran along the ridge for a mile and turned back to the house and circled it, making sure to avoid the guards. I zigzagged my way to the barn and did the same along with the dojo and wood shop.

I headed to the saw mill because I had good sense where it was. As I got closer I smelled that same scent and ran. The fire had just started but no one was around. I wanted to go after the car because I could have caught it and spun it out, instead I shifted and ran to the saw mill and yelled. I found a shovel and started throwing dirt at the base and on the wall but it was starting to gain speed. Three guys ran around the side and saw what was happening, two grabbed shovels, the third called Yoshi and ran to grab the hose and dosed the roof and the wall until the flames were out. Luckily, my timing was OK. They started walking to the other side to check on things so i shifted and ran down the road. I lost the scent at the main road, again, but it was the same one. I zigzagged back to the burned house and then did the same back to the main house. I checked around it, and the barn again. Nothing. I walked back home and lied down in the woods and watched, listened, and smelled until sometime after three. I shifted and pushed, still nothing. I tried holding the scent in my mind and pushing but I only got flashes. Shame I couldn't push when I was shifted. I'd have to talk with Ama about that. I walked up to the house, took my shoes off and walked in. Taiiko was waiting for me and smiled.

"I'll kiss you after I bathe you, Love." I told she could have gone to sleep. " I sleep when you sleep." She lead me into the laundry and I stripped as she threw my clothes in the wash and led me down hall to bathe me. "The bear is growing on me, but it still stinks." I nodded. After the bathed I got into bed, Taiiko took off her nightgown and climbed over me. She snuggled against my right side and put her head on my chest. I had my arm around her with my hand on her butt. I got the better deal. We were both tired and fell asleep quickly. I woke to her mouth licking and sucking me. I pulled her legs to me and she eagerly accommodated. We licked and sucked each other until we both came. Taiiko turned, smiling, and crawled up me and we kissed other deeply, sharing the last taste of each other. We got ready and went for breakfast.
take me part 291
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Taiiko hugged we walked the kitchen, but I knew, because Annie knew, and that there only other place who knew about and Taiiko, and it was part of this clan. We walked into the kitchen and Taiiko sat down and heated a roll she smiled at . She warmed a piece of pork and put pickled cabbage it. I just watched, and smiled, because I was looking forward it. She turned off the burner and moved the griddle pan off the heat and got some cheese out of the fridge and cut a nice piece, placed the sandwich, put it back the not burner, and pushed the top bun down for a few seconds. She took it off, cut it in half, and smiled. I smiled, she laughed. She handed the plate and I grabbed half my sandwich, and so did she. Taiiko finished hers before , but it was a good sandwich. I told her that as I kissed her, even though it was only half a sandwich.... I wasn't going to quibble. She smiled, kissed , and burped, and then laughed with her hand her mouth I shook my head.

"Can you pour some sake? It's your grandfathers' study, and it's not my place, and that was when Yoshi walked in, disturbed. He looked at us and asked if I had eaten. She smiled, and nodded. They were alike...beer, food, it didn't matter. Yoshi poured us sake and downed it, so I did the . I'm not stupid. He poured us another cup Taiiko stared at us in disbelief. I drank hers too because she ate half of the sandwich she made for .

The fire started the outside of the house. We know people and he looked at the scene. It's not conclusive, but I'm going with it even though I don't understand it. I drank another cup and held it out because I was going shift and it wouldn't matter. Yoshi poured both of us a cup and Taiiko took hers, I smiled.

I took a sip. "The only people that know about and Taiiko are her sisters, and Ama, and and people from the pig roast, or in town, and Marnine. He stared at and downed his cup, and poured another. He was both upset, and scared.

"Will you shift for us, Daniel. I drank the rest of my sake and nodded as Taiiko stared at . Yoshi grabbed flashlights and told us to follow him, We walked a good quarter of a mile into the forest. I didn't know where I was; but I knew exactly where I was, and Yoshi knew that.

"Please, Daniel-san." I walked Taiiko and kissed her.

'I'm sorry, Love, but I won't be back until dawn, but I'll be fine. You need trust ." She bit the neck, and slapped . I stepped backed turned, and looked at them. I walked Taiiko and snuffed, I nudged her. She looked at and started scratched my ears. I lied down, and groaned she climbed started scratch my neck and jaw. I wanted it go forever but I had work do. I stood, which startled Taiiko and she jumped down. I walked her and put my head into her and waited. She hugged my neck and scruffled my ears. I looked at her and then walked Yoshi. I looked at him and he nodded. I looked back at Taiiko, and ran into the forest.. Taiiko fell her knees and cried.

I ran Yoshi told her my role, which applied to her well. I ran the perimeter of the land and worked my in the center, which was the house that burned, and the main house. I wanted know if anyone was walking in these woods, because they shouldn't be since it wasn't hunting season. That was when Marnine appeared in front of .

'What are you doing love?" She was nervous, very nervous. I went around her and she appeared in front of again. "YOU will not take what I spent a millennia creating Daniel, not for your bitches, not even the new one. I shifted and stood in front. "We won't let you."

'Who, Marnine? Who won't let ?' She stared , scared. I had tried, but I was done. I walked her, grabbed her by the back of the neck I pushed my hand into the hole where heart had been. She tried to shift but Gaia was having none of it. The roots were already growing around us I pulled the power of Gaia. Marnine looked at terrified, but I no longer cared. I summoned Gaia, and pushed, and the essence of Marnine was gone. I hoped I didn't have kill her a third time. The roots moved around us and took Marnine's body, into the Earth, were she belonged, to wait. It was done, I bowed my head, shifted, and ran until close to dawn. The only scents around, were around the house that burned. I followed them as far as could but lost them because of the road. I spent two hours circling the house in expanding circles. Nothing. I shifted, and pushed. I felt no threat, so I walked in. Taiiko was sitting, waiting, for . She hugged .

"You smell, mister. You need take a bath before you get into my bed." She took my hand and led the laundry room. "Strip." I took my clothes off and she put them in the washer, hot, with extra soap. I can't say I blamed her.. She grabbed my hand and led me her bedroom. We walked into the bathroom and she ran another bath, only she wasn't getting in. I got in and went under the water, and stayed longer than I should before I came smiling. She punched twice in the chest. I lied back.

"Do my sisters think you are a pain in their asses?" I nodded. "I thought so." She more times, hard. "That's for them." I nodded, because it was still hard for me speak because I had just shifted not long ago and was only half back, part of was still watching. Taiiko kissed and bathed so I could share her bed. She rinsed , dried and I got into bed naked because everything else was packed. I kissed her and fell asleep as she was asking questions. Taiiko curled into like I was a pillow until ten. I jolted, which woke her , but I was pushing because Marnine wasn't alone and I knew the scent. Taiiko looked at , smiled, grabbed and got hard. It was morning for so it didn't take much, and put inside her and rode until I came inside of her. She smiled she leaned forward and kissed .

"You are full of surprises, but we need go and get your boots, mister." I nodded. We didn't shower, just went the bathroom, brushed, dressed and walked the kitchen. Yamaita met us at the kitchen and Taiiko spoke with her, and then harshly. She bowed. Taiiko walked and touched her head and explained what we were doing. Yamaita bowed we walked out and got into her car and headed to town.

"There is going to be more of that because they grew with , and had charge over . It's not your concern, Daniel." I took her hand and told her that of her concerns were my concerns, period. She looked at , smiled, and squeezed my hand, hard. We drove town.
take me part 290
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Jiro and I pulled in the vans and backed . Mine was empty. I grabbed gloves and a shovel and walked Yoshi and Taiiko. "I'm sorry I didn't tell you sooner, love, but this needs wait for another time. Can you get some people and get the house ready for them? Yoshi it might be good for you help because you know it, and also contact people for clothes, personal need supplies. I'm sorry, but I grew up in the West and embers travel and the last thing WE want is for these woods catch fire. Jiro can translate. You said it, Love, we have be a team." She hugged .

"Hai!." Her and Yoshi walked her car and left. I told Jiro to gather the men that were and have them grab a shovel or rake. They came back but they just stood there looking at me.

"Tell them to grab a shovel, or a rake, and spread out in the forest for a mile looking for anything smoldering, and put thm out."

'I told them Daniel." GODDAMMIT. "I want you to transl verbatim for . You understand the meaning of verbatim?" He nodded, and I yelled.


"GRAB ONE, GODDAMMIT!" Jiro translated, and they did, but still looked at . Jesus fucking Christ a roll. "Tell them spread out in the trees because if the trees catch fire, we won't be able stop it.." They looked at and ran into the woods. FUCK!

Jiro grabbed the last rake. "It's nothing personal Daniel, but we don't speak like that." I looked at him and said that was because you haven't watched houses destroy while you're breathing in the smoke. You can apologize for later, right now I want make sure there aren't smoldering embers." He nodded.

"I'll go this way along the, and you move that way. We'll move in and away from the road and meet back at the house. Get back before it's dark, Daniel. It's easy get turned around in these woods especially in the dark, and if you hear something, ignore it." I nodded. I had walked until what I figured was eight. I hoped the rest did the because I tamped out few soldering embers. I had walked at least a mile, It's was probably still a little bit light outside of the forest but Jiro wasn't kidding. These forests were thick. It gave an idea since Yoshi said he had a sawmill.

I wasn't concerned about finding my back. I could shift and easily find my way Taiiko, or Yoshi, but I knew where I was. I just walked longer than I thought. I walked out of the woods as people were sifting through the rubble, because my boots were at the cobbler, I couldn't. I was filthy, and tired, and I smelled of God knows what as i walked the the house, and the vans. Jiro smiled, Yoshi pointed. Taiiko ran full out, and pounced. She landed and bit my shoulder she wrapped her legs around , and hugged . I kept telling her I was fine. She jumped down, looked at , slapped in the face, and walked away with my phone. Shit.. I walked the van and Yoshi hand a litre of water, he smiled.

"Get use it times," he counted his fingers because he's an asshole, "four. You might want prepare for the when you do go back Iceland. Taiiko is a sister, now." I nodded and drank water. "Did you find embers?' I nodded. " Everyone found a few but put them out. We are lucky about that." Jiro walked and gave some kind of stew, and a piece of bread. I didn't even know what it was, but I devoured it, and that is when Taiiko walked . She took the bowl and handed it to Jiro, and openly kissed in front everyone. She wasn't shy about it, and everyone was watching, and smiling.

"I'm sorry I walked away from, Daniel. I have long, complicated stories too. May I wait to tell you?" I kissed her and said of course. The guys the I yelled at walked and patted the back before going home. I stared at what was a home and swore if Marnine, or anyone associated with had done that, I would end her. She was cutting close the quick. I looked at Taiiko and Yoshi.

"Are they settled?" They both smiled and nodded. Taiiko squeezed .

"The community came together, it always does, with things they might need, or that would give some comfort. We got them set , and ready. They have food, They have what they need exist until we rebuild their house, which we will. It won't be easy but we'll be back tomorrow morning to look through things, except you and I are going to the Village, getting cookies, and getting your boots. Yoshi and I both agreed. He hadn't started and we'd rather them you than those shoes because they walk through fire without fear." We laughed. Jiro drove his van back. "After you eat something else, we need call the girls. They are worried and said it didn't matter what time, which means it doesn't matter what time." I nodded I hugged her. I suppose the kami didn't want leave quite yet. I looked at Yoshi.

"Your kami are poweful , Yoshi." He smiled, and nodded. I was beginning wonder if free will really did into things. He told us to go home, clean , eat and have some sake in his study. I wasn't going say no that.

"I need talk with these folks about things."

He looked at , and while I wanted know, I nodded and I followed Taiiko home in the other van. We walked in and the older women came out, walked , and hugged , and went back into the kitchen. I stared at Taiiko. I prayed to Gaia that she could help learn languages quicker than I thought I could learn them. She smiled, took my hand, and led back our room. She ran a bath, undressed , and got undressed we touched each other while we waited.

"Yamaita is the eldest of her family. They've been with my family since before I was born. I remember her from when I was young. She was always very nice, unless you did something wrong." I smiled "The couple whose house burned, it was her sisters' and brother-in-laws. She was terribly worried because word spread. Word also spread about you mister." She turned off the water and we soaked, and talked. "Everyone knows who you are, who we are, and what you did without thinking. Jiro talked with those men when they came back. They waited to see when you would, everyone did. They will never do that again and you won't have to say word. You came back over an hour later, in the dark.... you scared the crap out of me, but I'm just, probably pregnant. It had an impact, and you need to have an impact to get through to them, but seem to know, either with a carrot, or a heavy stick. You need to learn Japanese." I nodded as I dunked under the water and push my shin against her pussy as she laughed, and squealed. I came back up.

"Are you getting frisky, mister?' I nodded as she moved toward me. She grabbed me, squeezed, and started rubbing as she landed on my chest, and started kissing me. She pushed me into her, as she kept kissing me, and biting me. I was doing the work this time, but I didn't want to clean up water on the floor so I move slow, but deep...that look was back in her eyes, and probably mine, as we kissed, and stared. Taiiko was getting ready to come because I was rubbing bother her clit, and g-spot against me, inside, and out, but me coming was what matter to her, and I came. I pushed her hips onto me and pushed as deep into her as I could while I came.

These people didn't view pregnancy, or marriage, the I grew with. I still wasn't sure why I took to it so easily, but most people would be shocked, yet they are worried where they are going to find care. We didn't have that problem. Our lives were unusual in how many of us were pregnant, but none of these people cared, as long as you were family, part of the clan, part of the tribe. We were part of the tribe.

Taiiko looked at and smiled she nip my cheek. "You have a lot sperm and semen, sweets. She nipped me again. "I over compensated because I thought we were leaving tomorrow, but the kami weren't having it." She smiled, and nodded.

"You know that I am fucking you at least twice tonight, right? Whether you are awake, or not." I nodded as she reached down and grabbed my balls, and moved of as me she stood , and stepped onto the wooden mat. There was only marginal water on the floor. "We need to get you something to eat and i don't want to hear about it, mister." I nodded as I stood . I got into my sweat and Taiiko got into her nightgown and then a fluffy robe, and slippers. that looked similar to the boots she bought , only ankle height. "We can deal with the bathroom later, it'll be fine. We need call the girls." I nodded.

They all yelled Daniel at the . "Hi Loves, I'm fine. How are you? Are you paying attention? Don't rely on that being neutral land." They were silent because no one knew what say. Annie spoke, which was I called her.

"What do you mean, Daniel?"

"I mean that you, we, can't trust the past, and the norms, as if they matter anymore. People form Finland tried kill you, and we don't exactly who you is,.Jaak is Finnish." Annie was quiet because she knew Jaak was Roan's fiance.

"'s Chloe. I need talk with Ama." That was why I called Annie.

"Hi Chloe." They were all there, even Jake and Emily. I talked them down, and reconnected , especially with Jake, and Emily. I told them what I wanted to tell them in person. They were probably rolling their eyes too when Annie got backed on and walked outside.

"Is that why we brought guns in. Did you know about this?"

"I brought those because I thought someone was trying to kill you, now I think they are trying to kill all of us. The only reason I am here is because I can shift, and they can't." I could feel her nod. "We'll get there as quickly as possible, which should be tomorrow evening, or the day after. I'm going to run tonight."

"How will Taiiko like that since you aren't leaving?" She chuckled.

"You're a pain. She won't but I can cover more ground and pick things. They are coming after both clans but no one knew about Taiiko, and , except Marnine. Does she still have family?"

"I'll ask Ama because I'm not sure. Ama is bringing in her oldest friends help. They are their way. I'll keep us safe , Love. We are better prepared, so attention." I told her I would. "It's only you Daniel and you are the one person none of want to lose so attention. Call if find anything. I don't care what time is." I told her I would, and that I adored her, and to say the everyone else, and hung . She didn't say it because she knew Taiiko was listening, but I felt it LOUD and clear. I looked at Taiiko.

"We need talk with Yoshi."
take me part 289
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We were enjoying a wonderful meal everyone was laughing after a hard day when someone came running in, yelling. I looked at Taiiko, she said fire. I tossed her my phone. "Call Annie. Tell her." I slipped on my barn shoes and ran to the SUV. I jumped on the sideboard with two others, who nodded. I knew I should have brought more than one pair of boots. GODDAMMIT! We drove about ten minutes and pulled a house, not far off of the main road, that was almost completely consumed. There was nothing we could do except keeping it from spreading. Shit. Yoshi was looking at it with tears in his eyes as I walked .

"You know them." He nodded. "Do they work for you?" He looked at . "They work for you and Taiiko, Daniel." Was anyone hurt?" He shook his head. "They were able grab some precious things, but not . They are homeless now. I stared at the fire, and the couple whose house it was, and the first thought I had was Marnine, and I growled. I wrapped my arm around Yoshi and squeezed as Taiiko came driving up, and ran us.

"They are not homeless, Yoshi. Put out the word for clothes, and whatever they need that isn't in the house you showed us this afternoon. They can stay there until we rebuild this for them. I looked at Taiiko. She took my hand, looked at Yoshi, and nodded.

"Agreed, Yoshi. They our family and we take care of family, of you taught that."

"We need see if we can save anything for them. It'll be important because of how much they have lost. The remodel can wait until we rebuild this. You need put the word out be alert. Taiiko, please do the with Annie." She nodded.

"You don't think this is an accident, Daniel?"

"I have no idea, Yoshi, I know is there are plenty of people who mean of us harm, especially now." He looked at and nodded Taiiko walked and said it's done. They are on alert and I said that we'd call later. I kissed her. "We won't be leaving tomorrow. They both stared and were getting ready resist. "Can anyone shift?" They both looked at stunned, but shook their heads. There are people in Iceland who can, and there's Ama, and God only knows what Chloe and Sara can do." I looked at Taiiko. "We're staying, Love," she nodded.

"I'll cancel the flight so they don't they wait and call my sisters back and let them know, They'll understand."

"What do we do, Daniel?"

"We keep our people safe, Yoshi, and we rebuild this soon we can. I think it would be wise invest in a sawmill." He smiled.

"We have one on the other side of the ridge. I couldn't show you everything given the circumstances. I smiled and hugged him Taiiko walked .

The girls understand but they want us call them when we can." I nodded she stared at , intently. "You can shift?" I nodded. "Into what?"

"A bear. A large bear. I was going to tell you but it's been kind of busy for the last few days." She stared at and walked away, which hurt my heart. I went after her but Yoshi stopped .

"Sometimes a woman walking away isn't a bad thing Daniel. Give her space because we need you , and that was when Jiro pulled over from his time in the village. He came running . Yoshi stopped him.

"Take Daniel and bring both vans back but bring bottled water, and shovels, hard rakes, and gloves. There is a box of cookies in the kitchen. It's pink, bring that well, and hurry. Jiro and I ran the van Taiiko walked back . Does it matter if he can shift Taiiko?"

"You know it does, Yoshi. My mom could shift, and she died, and I'm probably pregnant.."
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take me part 288
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Yoshi headed barn as Taiiko and I walked inside. She was smiling and happy. It was a lovely place and would make a good home. I was still trying figure how with three places. We walked into the laundry room and I started taking the laundry from the dryer as she asked.

"Did you really like the house, Daniel?" I nodded and told that I did because it was quite special. "We'll need to do some work because we have a large family." She was right about that. "Once the cooler weather comes the gardens won't need as much attention so we'll have more people to help with remodeling, and you and Yoshi. It needs work but it'd be good training for the ones of us who want to learn the old ways in woodworking." I nodded.

"Before we leave I'd like you to Yoshi for the bonsai trees, and whatever you spent for the combs, and boots. Please, and let me know what's left." She looked at me oddly. "We can use some of that for the house because it does need be remodeled." She jumped on me and kissed me and said she would as she started go through the wash see what couldn't go in the dryer. I would have just thrown everything in. I suppose that was why I was banned except for towels and underwear, and I couldn't go above medium. I grabbed the basket, kissed her, and went into the bedroom to fold. I was half way through when Taiiko walked in and started helping. She looked at me, and was silent as she went back to folding.

"What sweets?"

"I'd like you to tell me how you so have much bitcoin." I stopped folding and sat down on the bed and pulled her onto my lap.

"Does your gut trust me?" She nodded. "I'll tell you but it's involved, and is still resolving itself. Can I tell you about on the plane, love? We have things to do this evening because we have to get up early. I don't like secrets, Taiiko, that's why I am trying to be as open as I can about Chloe and Annie while we adjust to a new normal." She nodded, but was silent. I waited.

"Will they like me, and accept me, Daniel?" I kissed her forehead.

"Yes, Love, they will. They all will. Sara said they would be in love with you inside of forty minutes. I don't think it'll take that long. Sara's going to the one who feels left out because you and her are similar and I'm sure will become friends, but her and Melissa sleep alone which is fine because a bed can only hold so many people." Yes. she laughed and kissed me.

The more I was involved with these women the more that was presented me. These were fiercely independent, capable women. Strong. Competent. Self-assured. Yet they had the most gentle hearts of anyone I knew. It was amazing. I felt almost like I was walking in a land I stumbled upon, and could barely speak the language so I was trying find my, and that was just involving our own dynamics with them. I was definitely swimming in water over my head.

"Go pack love, I'll finish folding and I trust you Daniel. Implicitly. I kissed her and went into my room. I pulled out what I was going to wear tomorrow and hung it up. I got comfortable clothes for later so I could wash what had been wearing and put the rest in my suitcase. I only had one, when Taiiko walked in with folded clothes and stared at me.

"You're done?" I walked up to, took my clothes and zipped up the suitcase.

"I am now." She glared at me as she ran, and launched, laughing. I took the hit and we fell onto the bed as she bit me and I tickled her. She sat up laughing.

"STOP!" She stared at me. "I haven't even started." I said that I'm a guy. She shook her head and slid off, which I felt it because I was getting hard. "Wait right there." She ran back into her bedroom and came back carrying things wrapped in paper. I stood next to her as she put them down. I got the girls something. I wasn't sure what to get Jake." I told her I had that covered. She smiled and nodded.

"I wanted to bring them something from Japan. Ama was the hardest, and also the easiest after you combed my hair. I didn't think it would be appropriate to give her what I am giving my sisters." She started opening the paper. I stared because I new what they were. Kimono robes in various colors. "Do think they'll like them? I knocked her on the bed.

"Of course, they'll LOVE them goofball." She laughed as she got up and hugged me, smiling. I know Sara likes red, and Chloe and Annie like green and blue, but I can't remember which is which." She stared at me. "I know, I know."

"Give me your phone. mister and since you're packed, go do something." She called Sara.

"Hey Love, we all miss you and can't wait to meet Taiiko."

"Hi Sara. It's Taiiko." I could hear the scream from Sara as I walked into the hall. I walked into the kitchen and she turned and looked at me. I held up hands like I was confused. She smiled and pointed to a pile of onions and daikon radishes. I nodded. Henry was going to love this woman. She walked up and took the skin off on of the onions and started to dice it in larger pieces. She took the radish, sliced it, and then looked at me. I smiled, nodded, and got to work. Taiiko walked out after about twenty minutes and bit my shoulder. I felt her coming.

"I am totally, and completely, in love with Sara, and you were right. We'll be friends. She told me about the colors and I have them marked but I need to take one of mine for Emily. I forgot, so you are forbidden from the laundry room because I need to was it special. I Love you mister. I'm going back to pack." The older lady looked at me. I smiled and shook my head as she walked up to check my progress. She patted me on the back went back to the stove. Words are highly unnecessary sometimes. Yoshi walked in as Taiiko came back from the laundry room and hugged him, and them me.

"Are you going to be OK with us leaving tomorrow. I'll be gone about a week, at least, Yoshi. I've never had sisters." She was so excited. He nodded, kissed her forehead and walked back into his study. She walked next to me and bumped me with her hip. "Move over, mister, and hand me a knife, and the daikon, as she kissed my cheek." We sliced and chopped in silence until Taiiko was was done and went to to help cook. It was about five-ish. I grabbed the shoes I wore when I helped muck out stalls and left the boots on the porch and walked to the barn. I figured this would be fun since I had no clue what they would be saying.

The people in the garden smiled and waved, as I did the same and walked into the barn. There were two people, only one was mucking stalls. I tapped him on the should. He turned around and smiled as he clapped my shoulder. I didn't need to be a rocket scientist to understand that. I motioned for him to follow me. I stopped at the door. He looked at me confused. I did sign language. I took the manure fork from him and motioned to me and then it and the stalls. He nodded. I pointed to him and then the garden and did a picking vegetable gesture and then I pointed to the house, used walking fingers, and rubbed my stomach. He laughed, nodded, and went to help the others in the garden. The other person was smiling because we all understood...the sooner we got done the sooner we could relax and share dinner. I went to pick up poop.

I had two wheelbarrows loaded when I realized I had no idea where to take it. I walked up to the guy feeding the sheep. He needed to milk the goats, and the cow, still. He turned and smiled. I touched his shoulder and pointed to the wheelbarrows and shrugged like I had no idea. He nodded and picked one up and walked outside as I followed with the other. We walked around the barn, toward the woods to a growing manure pile, not unfamiliar to homesteads everywhere. I nodded as we walked back into the barn and we went about our tasks.

I finished with the last of the manure and set the wheelbarrows against the wall and hung the fork on a nail in the wall and tapped him on the shoulder again. He had just finished milking the goats and was getting ready to milk the cow. I shrugged like what should I do. He pointed to the slop buckets for the pigs. I nodded. He took three large flakes of hay and pointed to the sheep, the goats and the cow, and made a fluffing action. I nodded and went to grab the buckets. I had fed enough farm understand. I was finishing up with the goats as I walked in the cow as he was finishing. I waited until he grabbed the milk and stool. I opened the gate, he nodded. I closed it, walked in front of the cow and start separating the flakes of hay so it was easier to eat, and then patted her on the neck as she started to eat. Some cows are a pain in the ass but most are nice and curious. I went out and locked the gate, checked the others. Everyone seemed fine and content, especially the pigs. My friend with no name was putting wet towels over the milk to keep the fly off and motioned for me to follow him. We went to the garden to help finish up. They were laughing and having a good time, but working. It didn't take us long. The people from the garden set the produce in the in the barn because it had a fan, and covered it with muslin, put their gloves and tools up, washed up and headed to the house. The three of us who were working in the barn went to get the milk. They both patted me on the back before we headed to the house too.

I was feeling Taiiko because I didn't tell her were I was going. She was
busy, and I'm sure she was confused when she found my boots. The three
of us were walking, laughing, smiling. I had no idea what they were
saying but they were so happy that it was infectious. I looked and saw
Taiiko staring at me, and then start to cry as she walked in and I
thought, oh shit. Yoshi walked onto the porch and smiled as the garden
crew took there boots off and went inside. He came back out as we
walked up with the milk. I looked at him.

My friends walked into the kitchen. Yoshi took my bucket and said,
"Taiiko is fine Daniel, she didn't know were you went until she saw
you. It overpowered her. Thankfully you didn't use your new boots.
She's in her room. She's fine. I'll take that," and walked inside. I followed him.
I knocked on Taiiko's door and walked in. She stared at me, still with tears in her
eyes, looked at me and led me into the bathroom. She started to undress me
and placed my clothes in a pile. He ran hot water in the sink and grabbed a wash
cloth and began to clean me, neither of us said a word. She led me to the bed and sat me down as she undressed, she knelt and started to suck me. It wasn't necessary. I scooted back on the bed and held out my hand.

She smiled and crawled to me. She grabbed the base of my cock and moved it along her lips and then started sitting on me as we moaned. She reached for my hands, and we interlocked fingers as she started to ride up and down. She was getting faster when she leaned forward onto me and we kissed as she pushed she move forcefully, insistently, onto me. It took maybe seven thrusts and I came into her. She smiled and hugged me as she nibbled chest and shoulder. We were like that until I was no longer hard. We walked into the bathroom and she cleaned me, and then herself. We took my clothes to the laundry room and walked into the kitchen and dining room as dinner was being served. She never said a thing about why she was crying. She didn't have to.
Take me part 287
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Taiiko and I walked him, smiling. She kissed Yoshi and turn , "down that hall is the laundry. The clothes can be dried medium because it's underwear and towels, put the next load in but I'll take over drying after that because I don't want you shrinking my shirts, mister. You can fold" She smiled and kissed me. "Come help us when you're done love. We need to be a team." They walked into the kitchen I shook my head because I had been doing laundry since I was a . I did what she asked, walked into the kitchen, and started cleaning and chopping vegetables, at least I had plenty of experience because of Henry. "How did it go?"

"It was tough, and pretty complicated with of the buttons and knobs." She bit my chest and laughed. It was impossible not to fall in love with these women. Yoshi and I were grunt labor. Taiiko and the older woman were in charge, thankfully, because it smelled absolutely wonderful. There was miso broth with scallions, fried vegetable pancakes, rice, pork stew of some sort, and rolls, and there was a lot. There were rounds of folks because tables weren't large. Yoshi ate with the first group. Taiiko spoke with second but didn't eat. She and I ate with the last group but waited until everyone had their plates and then sat with them. I obviously didn't understand what was being said but they didn't seem mind. They went remove their plates but Taiiko and I shook our heads. We were definitely in sync.

She walked out with them I scrapped plates into the pig's buckets and filled the sink with hot water and soap to soak the dishes. I was going to have to start learning Japanese and start with names so I could at least say hi them. Taiiko came in smiling and grabbed towels. I washed and rinsed, as she dried. "Are you you still hungry, love?" I was but I shook my head no. She nodded and went back to drying. The workers were hungry. It was hot and humid and it's not easy work. These meals were a work in progress, and I was fine with that. I had just finished rinsing the the last glass when I heard the buzzer go off. I kissed her cheek went into the laundry room. "Don't you touch the clothes in the washer." I smiled.

I took everything out except towels and socks and turned the dryer back on as I took the willow basket to Taiiko's room, which I suppose was our room now, and started folding. Most of it was hers because my underwear was colored and not white. I had folded everything when she walked in. "Are you smelling my panties?" I told her only two as she laughed and looked at what I had done. "Not bad mister, I think I'll keep you around. We're done in the kitchen for a few hours but Henry wants us to meet him at the wood shop. "We can just leave everything on the bed because we have to pack anyway. She hugged me around my waist and led me to the shop.

"Will this do Daniel? I like your idea about a large table and benches very much so anyone who wants can share communal meals together, since we're family. I prefer this idea to the formal dining set we have now. It's nice, but it's limited. Taiiko nodded. I'll find a place to store it while you two are gone." I was constantly amazed at how quickly we shifted into our new roles. It happened with each of the girls just like it was happening with Taiiko, and also with Yoshi. "I'll make some sketches and take measurements and we can start when you get back." I nodded even though it wasn't going to be for several weeks. The phone rang. It was Chloe. I told Taiiko and Yoshi, I wasn't big on secrets, and said I'd be back. They said to meet them back at the house.

"Hey Love."

"Were you going to tell me about your surprise, mister?" I couldn't tell if she was mad, or nor, and with the hormones from being pregnant it probably didn't matter anyway. I had forgotten that Annie said they would get it ready.

"I was keeping it as a surprise because it's important." She was quiet for quite awhile, and then she started to cry. I waited until she blew her nose.

"It's just going to be you me and Annie."

"It's you and me one night, and then me and Annie, just the two of us." She was quiet and sniffling.

"Thank you Daniel, that is exactly what I needed. How you knew that, I haven't a clue but I'm glad you did because it's perfect, for both us. We don't mind sharing you with our family, but this is very important and it didn't go unnoticed, Love. We can't wait to bite you." They both laughed. We need to make the bed and bring food. Do you want beer, or anything?" I told her no. She was quiet. "We adore you and we can't wait to see you. It feels likes years." I told her I agreed, and that I loved them too as I walked to the house. It was mid-afternoon. I walked in.

"Daniel, will you join for some sake?" I nodded and sat down. "Taiiko is making sure you didn't damage any of her clothes. God help you if you did." I smiled and nodded. Taiiko and I will begin preparations for you wedding. We need check with people since they will be in Norway in a few weeks, but it would be respectful for you and Taiiko be married before she begins show because of our culture. The West is more lenient that than the East." I nodded as I sipped the sake. I wanted gulp it.

"There is something I want show both of you before dinner because we need get early. I won't say anything else about that, but I wanted you know that I am happy the two of you getting married. I've already spoken with Taiiko. You two are wonderful together, natural. Taiiko is very capable, you know, but our culture believes men know better." I told him a lot of mine did too. He nodded. "There is a flow, and a respect, that is instinctive between you. Yin/Yang in action. You are strong enough in yourself to be strong she wants, or needs. Thank you for that." Taiiko walked in and sat my lap.

"I was telling Daniel that there is someplace I want show you. Did he destroy any of your clothes." She smiled and shook her we walked the SUV. "This is someplace that your mother loved and I want show you before. I didn't say anything because I didn't want you sad. She never talked about it much after your father died, but it was very special her. It needs some work but we have time. It's not that far from the main house but the road meanders so it takes longer drive, but it's not unpleasant. Come." Taiiko was almost giddy with excitement because it had do with her mother. I stopped her from getting in the back and instead open the front passenger door. She smiled and kissed . It was a beautiful drive but it was a meander, but only about five minutes.

We pulled through a pine thicket and the road/driveway opened into a clearing and meadow there was lovely house nestled amongst trees, and Taiiko started to cry as she looked at me, and Yoshi. Yoshi handed her a handkerchief. Yoshi stopped and we stared. "I remember this a young , Yoshi, but I didn't know it was mother's."

" of this was your mother's, Taiko, and now it's yours, and soon be Daniel's. Come." We walked the door and took our shoes off and walked in. It's maintained regularly. It's not modern the main house, but it's very comfortable and I thought you and Daniel, and Chloe and Annie would prefer stay rather than in the main house. We'll need those rooms anyway. There's only one bath, but it's large and we could make additions. It wouldn't be hard for us expand this room. There is another bedroom down the hall, and then the kitchen and living area. If the ground is dry, and you are intent, it's about a minute walk the house in that direction. This is an option but your mother did love this." I said that I could see why. Taiiko looked at , and Yoshi and launched herself onto him he laughed.

"Grandfather, I love it." She got down, took my hand, and asked for him to show us around. It was a lovely home, not overly large but excellent craftsmanship and the land was special. He was smiling as he showed us around because he saw his in Taiiko. She had her arms around me. "This is perfect Yoshi, but we will need to make that part into a master suite so the other bathroom can be used for guests." There will be babies. She looked at . "What do you think Daniel?"

I kissed her, "I think it's perfect, and the land is very special." She nodded and hugged we we grabbed our shoes and walked out back and through a small thicket of trees a small clearing that looked down the river. It truly was spectacular and reminded that we needed create the for our , and grandchildren. Yoshi locked the back door and we walked around the side so he could lock the front and we walked back SUV.

"I'm glad you both like. I was hoping you would. I wanted you see it before you left. He drove us home they reminisced about Taiiko's mom. I was wondering how we were going manage distinct places halfway around the globe from each other.
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take me part 286
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Yoshi joined Taiiko and I in our van because Jiro had a girlfriend in the village and Yoshi gave him time off. He told us and we chuckled. Even though they were Japanese Taiiko and Yoshi's people viewed sex the the girls, sacred, but natural. The were unashamed of their bodies. I thanked them for the boots because they were very comfortable and the ones I had waiting in Iceland had seen better days, even though they were good work boots.

"It's our pleasure love. We can thank you and give our community." I was confused.

"Thanks for what? I am your guest." They were both quiet before Yoshi spoke.

"And still you spend your time helping us, Daniel. You, at least me because I suspect my granddaughter is aligned with you, know that we must give, and help. What you did yesterday, and today, showed that I had forgotten that. Even though you don't speak our language, and this is your first visit, you understand our ways well of anyone. I would say it warranted a new pair of boots for your trip, since yours walked through fire." We laughed Taiiko drove us home. She parked and we got out. Yoshi went check things. I hugged Taiiko.

"I need make some calls the girls but also Denver. I've been lax in that. I also need say something that I don't find easy." She looked at me and nodded. "I need be with Chloe tomorrow night, and Annie the following." She was silent, waiting. "Chloe is the strongest of of them, even though she doesn't know it yet, but she has the gentlest heart. I thought Sara did but I was mistaken." Taiiko looked at , smiled and kissed .

"Then we won't waste the last of our time and I'll stay with Annie and Sara, and then Chloe and Sara, and get know my sisters. I understand Love and it makes happy that you care so deeply for us." I told her I would join her soon and help. Taiiko hugged and grabbed my balls and squeezed. "Very soon, Love." I called Sara.

"It's about time mister. How are you aside from Chloe?"

"I'm fine except I miss all of you."

"Join the club, mister. Are you bringing us something nice?" I told her I was and asked how Melissa was, and Jake and Emily." Melissa's wonderful, Daniel, and I so in love with that it hurts. It's the level I feel for you, but different. I can't quite explain it. We've been having a wonderful time. I've been spending a lot time with Ama and she's been talking with me about top secret things."


"Yep. Who knew I had abilities too?" I told her I did and she got very quiet. "Yeah. Jake and Emily are loving it , and are definitely having sex. We've talked with them and we've gotten the disgusted eye rolls, not much more that we can do except help with the baby if they aren't careful, but we wouldn't mind. Emily is spending time with me, Melissa and Ama. Ama adores her, and Jake is spending time with Haathguard. He's getting quite strong so you'll have some chopping do catch . Daniel, Chloe will be OK. Ever since Jake asked you be his dad, and she and I heard it, she melted. She had dreams of it being just the of you, which it is but she just has bonuses. I hope you aren't planning on marrying anyone else," she said laughing.

"I hadn't planned this just like I didn't plan it with Annie."

"Well, I'm looking forward it mister because I like having sisters, and Chloe and Annie pretty much OK too. They'll be over the moon inside forty minutes. It's different with because I have Melissa. Chloe and Annie have you. We miss you, but they really miss you. Dildo's are nice but it's not the and none of us like being apart. I need go sweets because we need talk with Ama. I'll tell Jake and Emily you love them and say hi. I love you Daniel." I wasn't sure what I had done in past lives deserve this but I was thankful. I called Annie.

"Hi Love, what's ?"

"We'll be there tomorrow afternoon/evening. We'll call from the airport. We're finishing things and we need do laundry, and pack. Does Ama have a cabin not too far from the lodge?" She was quiet.

"Yes, why?"

"I'd like you to get someone to get it ready, and stocked. I'd like to spend a night there with Chloe, and another with you so we can reconnect, alone. I'd like Chloe to go first. I've spoken with Taiiko and she understands." Silence. "Annie? Is that a problem?"

"No Love, I was just marveling at your instincts because it's the exact right thing to do, especially for Chloe right now. Thank you. She and I will get it ready. She'll love it and I'm sure it will lift her spirits. That was very wise Daniel and we can't wait to be with you. We are all looking forward to meeting Taiiko, even Chloe. There is a lot to discuss, love," I told her I knew, "but we can leave that until you get here. We love you mister and can't wait to bite you. She laughed and hung . I called Lieve but it went straight voicemail. I told her I loved her and that I was heading to Iceland the next day and would call her there and to say hi to Heather. I called Henry.

"Hello stranger, I'm putting you speaker because Sam is ." I said hi Sam. "How are things?" I told him complicated. "When isn't that the case with you." I laughed.

"There's a lot going and things are shifting pretty quickly and we'll need discuss them, of us but the phone isn't the place. It's nothing imminent but we'll need make decisions a family how move forward." Taiiko walked and hugged . "How are Billy and Ellen, and Bet and Javier?"

"They're fine. We'll let them know you said hi." I asked about Sabrina and Maggie and could feel them both smiling. "They're good. We need get back work because one of our workers is slacking in Japan. Call us from Iceland and give us a few more details." I told him I would. I hung and hugged Taiiko.

"Everything OK, love?"

"Yeah, just a lot of balls in the air." She nodded. I told her about the cabin and a night alone with Chloe and Annie and that we have a communal bed after that. Sara and Melissa are involved with each other. She looked at me and smiled.

"Daniel, I went to university in Europe so it won't the first time I've slept with women," she squeezed my hand. "I knew what I was getting into and I'm fine with it. You have more than enough love, sweets, now come . We need make love because I want you inside often we can before we leave. I'm ovulating." We walked inside and Taiiko led her room, closed the door and started undress before sitting the edge of the bed and getting her knees. She spread mine, grabbed my balls and starting licking and sucking them before moving my cock. It was obvious that she didn't mind some sweat either. It didn't take long for me get hard.

She stood and started to undress, which definitely would have gotten hard. She put both feet the bed, straddling , and lowered herself onto we both moaned because her weight was pushing inside and deep I could go. Taiiko wrapped her legs around my back and hips and squeezed she started grind, and rock. We were both moaning but neither of us tried go faster. We just stared into each other's eyes, through the mist of ecstasy. She started digging her nails deeper into my back, she leaned backward, pushed onto and moaned I released and shot into her. She kept grinding and rocking until I was now longer hard, which took longer than I thought, but it did with of these women. She leaned forward and bit me until I stood and she climbed off of . She kissed deeply and led into the bathroom and we took a quick shower. We dried each other and started to get dressed.

"We need to go help with lunch, and then with dinner. Grandfather is inviting everyone to join us, but in stages. I told him about you table and meal idea and he smiled. We walked to the kitchen holding hands Yoshi was walking in help.
take me part 285
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I looked at my phone and dreaded the I was about make because I knew I had hurt Chloe's heart, not intentionally but it didn't matter. We were all hurt, even Taiiko because she felt us, and loved us, but it was necessary. My life was much easier before I met Sara, and then the others but I wouldn't change it for the world. I called Chloe. She answered, which was either a good thing, or a bad thing.

"Hi Love."

"Hey sweets. I love you and I'm sorry that life is so complicated." Silence. She wasn't making it easy.

"Annie explained, and I do understand Daniel. I just wanted it be us," and she started crying, so I walked and let her finish. She blew nose. "I'm sorry, my heart and head are working it out. Annie said Taiiko is coming meet us. When will you be here?"

"We're leaving tomorrow morning. It's only 9- hours, but I'm not sure exactly when we leave. We're in the village delivering food. It's been hard for them and most of the pig from last night came here along with other stuff...two vans. I hate this Chloe but things are shifting. I think we are all feeling it. Annie told me about her conversation with Ama and while I'm not sure I completely trust Ama, Annie does and I trust Annie. She's known her for as long as she can remember. My love for you hasn't changed nor has how much I adore you." Taiiko walked up and hugged me.


"Of course goofball, the one thing I am really good at it is loving someone. I'm like the Grinch after he became nice." She laughed. "It'll be fine. We're apart now and none us like that."

"You got that right, mister. None us so you will be bitten by everyone except Jake." Taiiko held out her hand for the phone. She was not shy.

"We'll from the airport before we leave. Taiiko just walked up and would like say hi. I love you Chloe." I handed Taiiko the phone as she walked away.

"Hi Chloe. I'm Taiiko and I know this is exceedingly hard, especially for you, but Daniel is right. It was necessary, and it will be fine, and I am SO looking forward having sisters...." That was as much as I could hear. I walked around and found the park and started swing. I always like swing because it was relaxing, although it was getting scarier now that I was getting older. When I was I would swing so high that the chain would jolt as I dropped. Yoshi walked up and sat down.

"You haven't picked an easy path Daniel, none of you, but you have created a strong family in a short period of time. Life is never easy, but there are ebbs and flows and from what you and Taiiko did yesterday and today, I have no doubt that you'll do fine." Taiiko walked up and handed me the phone.

"I like her and we'll be great friends, and sisters. She'll be fine Love. I hope that eases your heart a ." I nodded. "We need get some things and see if they can salvage those boots, mister." I smiled as I stood up Taiiko took me hand, and we started walking. We got herbs, dried, and vegetables and fish. Yoshi said he'd meet us at the shoe store. Taiiko and I walked in and she smiled as she started speaking with the couple who owned it. "Take off your boots." I stared at her. "Don't be dense Daniel take you're boots off so he can look at them." She shook her head but kissed me anyway.

They spoke back and forth for awhile. Do you have other boots, or shoes, in Norway?" I nodded. I liked thrift stores and since I have very wide feet if I found boots that fit I would buy them because they were rarely over ten bucks on the half off day. Good he said he could resole them. These will be your fire pit boots because they aren't scared of hot coals and that will be your job now because Yoshi needs a break." I nodded and raised my hand. She smiled. "You don't need to raise your hand goofball."

"What am I going to wear to get home?" She smiled, and clapped.

"That's the fun part. They are going to take a drawing of your foot, and measurements of your feet, and make you a custom pair because your boots are only for pig roasts, and might last a year. In the meantime, pick something out that is comfortable." Yoshi came in, said hi, and sat down. I looked around. They had massed produced shoes, and boots, but what caught my eye was similar to Uggs. Taiiko walked up. "What size?" I told and she talked with him as I sat down. My head was kinda spinning.

"Do you like the village, Daniel?" I nodded and told him very much even though I was unsure how I was going to reconcile places in Denver, Iceland, Norway, and now Japan. "Everyone is very interested in you because they see how you are Taiiko are. You will need to learn Japanese." I looked at him and nodded as Taiiko walked up.

"Try these on love." I did and they felt comfortable. I moved my ankle and walked around. They felt great, which was surprising because that rarely happened. "Well?"

"They feel great, and are very comfortable."

"Great, but no cleaning out stalls in them. We have things to do, mister." She walked up to the counter with her checkbook and gave them a check and bowed. Both pair of boots will be ready by the time you and the girls get back. You can for those but these are our gift. I'm glad you like them. They look nice. Let's go have tea and something sweet, OK Yoshi?" He nodded and went the counter and spoke with them. Leave it me pick three of the hardest languages, because I going have learn Gaelic as well, that there are. I was either very smart, very stupid. We went the tea shop and walked in. It was obvious that everyone knew everyone. We had tea and some sort of delicious cookie that tasted like an almond cookie from childhood. They were amazing. Taiiko was gazing at me, and smiling.

"Can we get enough of these for everyone at home, and for later? These are wonderful. She kissed me, nodded, and walked the counter.

"It's impressive how you care for the people, your people. Marnine never did. It's important but Taiiko is right, no stall mucking until you get back." We both laughed as Taiiko came back and sat down.

"We should head back because we have laundry and we need pack, and there are things we can help with that won't require Daniel mess up his new boots." We all laughed as we got the box of cookies. It was a good day. I was going miss this place until we came back. I still had no idea how things were going play out, but I loved it here. The problem was that loved Denver and I was sure I would love both Iceland, and Norway. We headed home.
take me part 284
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I shook my head and got dressed and was putting my boots on when when Taiiko walked in smiling and sat next to me on the bed. I had been thinking that there was a lot to do. She looked as good in work clothes as she did last night in a dirty kimono. She truly was exquisite. Yoshi was absolutely right. She kissed me and held my hand. "We need to get you some new boots, mister." I smiled. "I know this is harder on you, and my sisters, than me, and I am sorry, but it needed it to be done and I chose all of you. Dynamics are changing Daniel and none of can us lead our clans alone, especially not here. It won't be easy for you to master the dynamics, and especially hard here because you are gaijin to many people, but you will. We will. We all will." I took her head in my hands and kissed her. I moved to get up and she smiled. I want us to leave tomorrow morning. I called about a plane while I was in my room. Tonight I want you in my bed." I smiled and nodded. Annie was right, as much as I ached it was easier for me then them.

"Do you like eggs?" She looked at me totally confused, but nodded. "Good, I'm going to make us breakfast." Taiiko smiled, and clapped as she took my hand and we walked to the kitchen. Yoshi was there reading a paper and drinking tea. He looked at us over his glasses and smiled as Taiiko kissed him.

"Daniel is making us breakfast." I was already walking to the fridge.

"Is he? Excellent. I am glad to see you take your responsibilities seriously." He got up and made us more tea. "How did you both sleep?" We looked at him and he laughed. I now had another family, although they were all my family. It was odd.

"Sweets." Taiiko walked up and wrapped her arms around me. "Is that buttermilk?" She nodded. "Do you have a food processor?" She nodded as she looked at me confused. "Do you have have flour and baking powder?" She nodded. "I need them and a cookie sheet, parchment paper if you have it, and the largest frying pan you have." She nodded and stopped.

"Will a wok do?" I smiled, if you'll help me." She clapped and went to gather things as Yoshi watched us, smiling. I put the bacon from the pig that was slaughtered onto the cookie sheet and into the oven as I started to make buttermilk biscuits. Taiiko chopped onions, peppers, and mushroom and broke 18 eggs into a large mixing bowl and scrambled them. I put the dough on the butcher block. "What is that for, love?"

"My mom was from the south and we'd have buttermilk biscuits and buttermilk pancakes when I was a . I'm making biscuits because they are great with bacon, ham, or sausage. Do you have jam, or honey?" She nodded and kissed me as she went to get it. I checked the bacon. The woman I had met yesterday, whose name I couldn't say walked in and stared at us. This was her domain. Taiiko walked up and spoke gently to her and motioned for her to sit and poured her a cup of tea. She looked at Yoshi. He smiled and shrugged and handed her some of the paper. I turned the bacon and put it on the second rack and put the biscuits in as Taiiko started making the eggs.

Yoshi heated water and made more tea as some people started to come in. They all stared. I motioned for them to sit. Luckily not everyone ate breakfast but there was close to a dozen folks. They were laughing and talking even though I no idea what they were saying but they were happy, which is what I wanted. I kissed Taiiko as I held the platter and she removed the eggs. She took it and put it on the table and said something as I removed the biscuits, and bacon. She hugged me. "I told them that you made them a southern breakfast from America." I would need to get grits. We transferred the biscuits, and bacon, on to platters and set them on the table as everyone started eating and more people walked in. Taiiko made us small plate, which we shared. She looked up at me and I nodded. We were already in sync. They would work much harder than us but that would be changing once we all got back. I wasn't surprised by the eggs and bacon, but they devoured the biscuits. I would have to make a double batch next time, at least.

Taiiko and I did the pans and she showed me how to care for a wok. People we smiling, saying thank you, and bowing as they went to work. There was nothing left as Taiiko and I started to clear the table. The older lady shook her head and told us to sit. "She said that it was very good and she liked the biscuits." I smiled and bowed. Yoshi folded his paper and poured us tea.

"It was a very good breakfast. Thank you for that, both of you. Enjoy your tea and I'll be back shortly." We nodded.

"How do you know how to make buttermilk biscuits. I told her some about my mom and none my brothers weren't all that interested, but I was, and how I got almost everything, including recipes, even though I didn't make them very often." She held my because she could feel the melancholy I still felt.

"I need to learn Japanese, and Norwegian." She nodded. "I am also going to call my cousin about another ring." She smiled, took my hand and stood up. She said something and bowed as she led me to her room and sat me on the bed. She grabbed box and sat next to me. "You don't need a ring Love," as she opened it and pulled out a fabric bundle and set the box aside. She unwrapped it. "This was my great-grandmother's wedding ring, my mom used this with my dad. Yoshi wanted to buy a ring too but my grandmom wanted this one, and so do I. The pearls are enough because I adore them, in case you can't tell. I also have my mom's wedding dress." She wrapped the ring back up and put it in the box. "We should go." Before I stood I asked if there was a wood working shop. She nodded. "Why, love"

"We need a bigger table, and benches, because we are going to start sharing meals...all of us." She had tears in her eyes as she bit me and then said we needed to go. We walked onto the porch as Jiro and Yoshi were walking up. We said hi as we walked down the steps.

"Are you ready? There is a shop in the village that makes excellent custom boots. We'll stop there but yours stood up well. We'll see if they can resole them." I nodded. Yoshi threw keys to keys Taiiko. "You know where we are going?" She said hai. I went with her and Jiro went with Yoshi.

Taiiko kissed me before we got into the van. "I am so excited for you to see the village. It's wonderful, and lovely, but it's been a tough year." She started the van and followed Yoshi. "We help as much as we can, all of us do because they are our greater family so we are responsible to help as we can. We have a great deal of forest land and we all hunt on it, with in reason. Life is balance, like nature. We process the game and have been taking that in for the community to share, same with our gardens, that is why it was so moving what you did yesterday. They have the hardest job right now because they need more workers. We have day help come from the village but people don't want to work if they aren't getting paid."

"Not even if they are the ones receiving the benefits?"

"People are odd, Daniel. It's a fine line. Most people have their own plots in town but it takes a lot to feed a village. There aren't easy solutions at the moment, in many places. We try not to judge, but instead help. A gift is a gift. There should be no expectations. It's the way I was." I was quiet for a bit.

"You'll be a good mother, Taiiko." She looked at me and smiled. We pulled in the community center and both Yoshi and Taiiko backed up to the loading area and we got out. Yoshi handed me gloves and we started to unload boxes and bags of various things, and numerous people came out, bowed, and started carrying things inside as we kept unloading extra produce and jars of various things. I loved this way of life because it preserved the bounty Gaia provided. We pulled crates of pork, hams and bacon from earlier, and the dried skin along with the head, the only thing not there was the squeal. I looked at Taiiko as we lifted the head onto the dock. She laughed.

"It's a sign of respect, Daniel. Some of the best meat is on the head but it will be cooked down and used in many ways. It's surprising how many meals can come from that one head. There will be a communal meal and we would be invited, but we'll be in Iceland. Come on." She took my hand and walked me up the stairs and inside. "I've been coming here since I was little, probably even before I can remember. They use to have fall and winter dances in here because it can't get cold. There is park not far from here where they would hold them in the spring and summer. They were good times. They still are good times, just harder. I need to speak with a few people and then we can walk around town and see about your boots." I told her I needed to call Chloe. She nodded and kissed me. I started walking.
take me part 283
Posted:Sep 8, 2021 8:40 pm
Last Updated:Sep 9, 2021 5:25 pm

Taiiko and I feel asleep in each other's arms after making love. I was trying not think of Chloe. Sara and I met first, but Sara is Sara, which is why she with Melissa now. Annie, Chloe, and I remained together even though we are together. Annie understood but I knew it would hit Chloe hard, at least for a time. Taiiko and I slept soundly until Joseph walked up, and sat on the side of the bed.

"How many wives do you need, Daniel? You don't choose badly, but all the same ." He smiled.

"Bastard!" I asked him if we were in a dream, he nodded.

"You're an asshole Joseph, and I mean that. I can't wait until I can actually hit you." He laughed. "What do you ?"

"Jokes aside, lad, you did well bonding with Taiiko, and it looks it's mutual. Chloe will understand, but you will be hit, and hard." I nodded. "Ama didn't tell Annie about Roan, because she is... her sister, and biased. You did well in your choices of gifts. I was impressed, and maybe the tree could chip away enough of Roan's shell, but you shouldn't count on it. She would rather see all of you dead, along with Taiiko. Don't underestimate her."

"How are you?"

"How the fuck do you think I am, Joseph!" He laughed.

"Good. Things are going be somewhat intense." I stared at him. "I know, right. You are only partially involved in what is going on because you aren't married, and you can't get married earlier because the date was set and people have plans. It's a conundrum you have to deal with, even though it sucks. Look on the bright side, you could be marrying five women."

I swung as he disappeared, and laughed. I went outside and called Annie,


'Yes, I'm sorry because I have no idea what time it is. I hate being separated from you. We need to tal"

"Is it done?" I was silent as I lowered my head.

"Yes." Silence. I knew Annie's heart hurt like mine, but she knew what I knew, the tribe first.

"How's Chloe?" I knew Sara would be fine, Chloe was an open question."

"Upset, expect get hit, but she understands. Chloe wanted you to herself, which I suppose we all did, but our lives didn't care, so we adapted. She'll be fine, even though your balls may hurt. Why did you call?

"Joseph came to me in a dream and he said something. He said that we were only partially involved because we weren't married. Is there any way to get more information from them since we'll be dealing with it?" Taiiko walked out and sat on my lap. "I'm putting you on speaker because Taiiko is here. This is Annie." She took the phone.

"Hi Annie, I met you when I was younger and my mother was alive." Annie was quiet.

"That's right, sweets, and apparently life isn't getting happier. How are you?"

"Good. We are excited for all of you to come and stay. I am coming with Daniel to meet my sisters. I can't stay long, but we'll be back for the ceremony.

"Are you?" That is wonderful, Taiiko. We can't wait to see you, and since you are there, you might as well finish our conversation with us, because it involves you, love. Go on Love."

"We don't have the information Annie. I understand that things are opaque with your family, but can you talk with Ma', or Ama, and ask them about it? We need as much information as we can get.

"I'll ask, and push, but I think they are the only only ones who know, and they don't share for some reason, Daniel, but I'll try, maybe Ama but I doubt it".

"Annie, we have to take food to the village down the road from us, and then we are on our way so we need to sleep." Annie didn't didn't take the bait, and I was glad. I would have enough to deal with when I saw Chloe.

"How did he do with the gifts, Taiiko? Daniel, stay out if."

Taiiko was smiling as she touched her pearls. "He did well, Annie, you'll be happy."

"And the trees for my family?" Silence

"Annie, my grandfather has been doing Bonsai for I'm not sure how long, but a lot longer than I've been alive. Time is weird with us. Anyway, Yoshi sold Daniel... for you... trees he wouldn't have. He did it because of Daniel, and because of you, that's I can say. I'm sorry, but I'm taking Daniel back to bed. We'll call you after we leave for town. I know it sucks, love, and I am sorry." She handed me the phone and started to walk inside.

"I hate this Annie."

'WE all hate this Daniel, but it'll be O She needs to be pregnant Daniel, it's the way it works. I'll deal with Chloe, until she hits you. Sara is just excited to meet her sister. This isn't easy, Taiiko, but we are family, and it's necessary. Don't hurt him."

"I can't promise that, Annie. We love you and will call tomorrow." She hung and bit hard. "We are leaving all that and you are making love as many times as you can, then we deal with the village, which we must, and then we go to meet my new family...now come inside and make love to me, multiple. times. We did, and drifted of to sleep in each others' arms. We woke several times throughout the night and made love. We didn't fuc It was about one thing, we tried to make it as enjoyable as possible, and it was.

I woke and Taiiko was gone. Dawn was breaking. I yawned, and stretched, as I walked into the bathroom and Taiiko stared at, in horror, i was still tired and started brushing my teeth. "DANIEL! I'm on the toilet, in case you hadn't noticed." I told her I had. "I'm pooping!" I nodded as I spit out my toothpaste, and turned the shower. She huffed as I got in. Taiiko wiped and got in and looked at me as shampoo was streaming in my eyes. I closed the doors as she bit me. She let go as I started bathing her and she leaned against the wall. i washed her, including her bum, and stuck my finger in and moved it around, which took her by surprise even though she didn't stop me. I finished cleaning us and was kissing her shoulders, and back as I rubbed her pussy.

"You walked in when I was pooping, mister!" Taiiko started moan. "You plan doing that regularly?"

"Only if you're pooping, love. It's not like I plan it."

"You don't mind?" I wasn't even sure if Taiiko had been with a man. I figured she had because was in college, but she hadn't since she moved home.

"Sweet's, we're bonded. We just made love three times last night and I'm about to fuck you now. I just cleaned your butt. I don't care. Poop is poop." She turned and looked at me and I pushed into her, again as I rubbed her clit and squeezed her nipples. She was trying to grabbed the wall, but couldn't so she pushed her face into it, reached around, grabbed me, and pulled me into her. I pushed against the outer side of her vagina, as I rubbed her clit. Taiiko was starting growl, so I pushed harder and she squeezed harder. I was ready to come when she stopped, shuddered, and came all over us she moaned. I didn't stop but it wasn't long until I came deep inside her.

Taiiko's face was still against the tile, her hands on it as well, as I held her, massaged her breasts, and her belly, butt and legs. I stayed inside her until I wasn't hard, kissing her back and shoulders the entire time. I came out of her, as most of me came out of her as well. I bit her on the neck as I washed it away, and then washed her legs. I stood as the shower was beating her head, and water was running down her face. Taiiko looked at me, pushed against the wall, she grabbed my balls, squeezed, and pulled. What was it with these women and my balls?

She kissed me as we got out and dried each other. We finished getting ready, and kidding with each, as any couple would. We walked into the bedroom and Taiiko got a comb out her bag. "This was my mother's, and grandmother's, and my great-grandmother's. I am not sure beyond that because they are all gone. Please comb my hair." I did. Her hair was amazing but my combing her hair wasn't about that, it was about her mom, and her grandma, and great-grandma. Taiiko smiled and stopped me. "You'll do fine with our daughters. Thank you, that was wonderful. She got up, in a towel, walked out to her room to get dressed.

"Wait....what? Daughters?
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take me part 282
Posted:Sep 8, 2021 4:47 pm
Last Updated:Sep 8, 2021 5:32 pm

I followed Taiiko as she ran to Yoshi and showed him the pearls. I stopped, and watched, as she handed him the case and he smiled, nodded. She clapped, turned, and lifted her hair as Yoshi dropped the case and put the pearls on his granddaughter. She turned to him and he smiled as he kissed her cheek, and hugged her. Everyone was watching them, and more than a few were looking at me, which I hated. Taiiko waved, and I walked up as she hugged and kissed me.

"They look beautiful on you Love." She smiled. She grabbed my hand saying we needed to show people before they left. In for a penny, in for a pound. I knew this was going to be the hardest on Chloe, and it broke my heart, but Annie was right. We were in the middle of a geo-politico chess game, and we were somehow in charge, or soon to be. The only things we had going for us was that Marnine had brutalized them, which was terrible, but they also didn't know about me, and Annie and I were about to be married. In their world, they waited to see because I had killed Marnine and rid them of that tyranny. They were waiting to see. The one thing that was clear, was that EVERYONE knew who I was, which I hated.

I swallowed, squeezed Taiiko's hand and we mingled. I wished I was hot, sweaty, dirty, and pounding metal...or cutting wood. It was then that I remembered Joseph telling me that I would have to let go of things that I loved. Taiiko and I spent the rest of the night, mingling. Everyone knew what it meant, and they weren't saddened by it because Taiiko was beloved. Word spread about what we did at the barn, which I figured was a plus. I had no idea, all I knew was that I did love Taiiko, and I trusted Annie. I would have to deal with Chloe when I got to Iceland.

Yoshi was saying goodbye to the remaining guests as Taiiko and I started picking up plates,with the others doing the same. Yoshi came to help us and Taiiko admonished him in Japanese. He nodded, smiled, and went inside to his study. I looked at her. "He wanted to help and I told him no, he had done enough, that this was our job, which it is." I nodded as we continued picking up plates and glasses, and laughing with everyone.

I've always like washing dishes, so I washed as the others were waiting to dry, including Taiiko. She put some music on that I couldn't understand, but they all did, and liked, so I washed. I hoped Gaia could help me with languages because I was going to need it. We all finished cleaning and Taiiko said something, which I figured was praise, and thanks, and they hugged us and left. She walked up to me, hugged me, and bite my chest before looking up at me and smiling.

"You know things have changed, right? I nodded. "I am going with you to Iceland to see my sisters, and to meet Ama in person. I've only spoken with her in my dreams. Sadly, I can't stay long because my place is here until you all return We will prepare. The worlds are shifting Daniel, and it might be because of you, but it's time. We'll be there for the ceremony, all the clans will, just as they will for us. They are looking to see who will lead, our family will show them. I am so excited to meet my sisters." I told they would adore her as she smiled and hugged me. I couldn't imagine the pain she must have endured being so isolated and alone.

She lifted on her toes, kissed me, and said, "We need to bath, and go to bed because nine means six to Yoshi, and he will notice." We walked to the rooms. "I need to get some things but run us a bath, Love." We were already mated. I was already naked as Taiiko walked in. "You are only partially Japanese, Daniel." She looked at me and smiled, which I took as a good sign.

I was decent to look at, and larger than average. I never thought about it, and no one else seemed to mind. Taiiko, was taller than average, maybe 5'7", and strong because of Yoshi. She had long black hair, which was gorgeous, and smaller breasts. All these women, as lovely as they were, shared one trait, other than beauty, and that was their bums and hips a bit wider. I hadn't noticed until Taiiko started undressing, that, and none of them were shaved. I didn't mind either.

I watched Taiiko undress and started getting hard, very hard, as she smiled and continued. I walked up. Her eyes were misty, longing. She knelt and put the head of my cock in her mouth and started sucking as I grabbed her hair until I was close and stopped her. She looked up at me as I lifted her and knelt before her. I separated the lips of her pussy and started lick toward her clit which was starting to un-hide itself. She grabbed my hair and pushed my face hard into her. She was strong. I focused on that, licking and sucking. I put two fingers inside her, touched her g-spot, she shuddered, and came. I kept licking until she pulled my head away and pulled me up to her, and kissed me with lust in her eyes. She wanted to make love. I led her to the bath and we stepped in and washed each, as we smiled.

We dried each other, brushed our teeth, and walked into the bedroom. I turned the bed down as Taiiko got candles out, and some incense, When she was done she climbed on top of me and smiled. We didn't need words. We touched each the, sucked each other, licked each other until she climbed on me again, straddling my hips, and reached between her legs to put my cock into her. I pushed. It didn't take much. We weren't trying to fuck. We were making love. Our eyes were the same because we were both coming but trying to time it. Taiiko closed her eyes and shuddered as I pushed into her, and groaned. It was probably when we became pregnant, but we wouldn't know for weeks. We fell asleep in each others' arms, and that was when the dreams started.

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