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take me part 166
Posted:Jul 18, 2021 4:38 pm
Last Updated:Jul 5, 2022 3:31 am

Chloe, Sara and I walked into the kitchen and waited for Annie, who backed inside. I closed, and locked, the door and told her that we needed to talk. She smiled, and nodded, as they headed out front. Jake walked up and hugged me.

"Are you OK dad? I could hear what was going on." I nodded.

"I know Jake. We'll talk with about it but I'm fine. You don't have to worry." I was lying but I really could lie well when I had too, even though I didn't like it. Help you're gramps and Em so Christine and Bethany can drop her off and get some breakfast. I'll take you the shop, but I need the truck. Your uncle and I need finish the fence at Sara's."

"Dad?" He was quiet and didn't finish.

"Yeah Jake, what's up?" Henry was watching and I could feel Chloe at the door.

"Are you having an affair with Annie?" I looked at him, surprised. but impressed because he was looking for understanding and wasn't afraid ask me.

"No, , I'm not. Your mom's family is... unusual... and there is A LOT going on right now. What I don't know about your family could fill the Grand Canyon kiddo but I Love your moms. Chloe and Annie have known each other for a very long. They are sisters, like her and Sara. We are an... unusual family, but we love each other. You don't have worry. Make sense?" He looked me, smiled, hugged me and said 'yeah' as he went out front Emily. I looked at Henry who was also smiling.

"You handle complicated well, Daniel, now start chopping. We don't all day." I shook my head as I walked out front. Chloe was talking with Jake. She looked up at me and I knew that she was telling him about Annie, and some about the family. Sara, Janey, and Alison were finishing the table settings and getting ready open. They smiled and waved as I walked back the kitchen. I was almost at the door when the headache hit, hard, and I dropped both knees as Joseph was in front of me. I looked up.

" attention Daniel," and he was gone but I was looking at Gustav, who was starting panic as he got bombarded by calls. Sara, Janey, and Alison were around me but Chloe held Jake back and told him it was fine. They watched. Bet and Javier's guys in the EU had apparently been successful. Gustav was getting calls from people all over Europe freaking out, and he had no clue why, yet. He would. It was setting up to a very bad for him, and a very dangerous time for us. There was a knock on the front door as I stood up and told the girls I was fine. They knew what I saw at this point, which was convenient. I went to hug Christine, Bethany and Em and went into the kitchen wondering why Henry and Jake didn't see what I did. There was SO much I didn't know even though I was learning, and figuring things out. It was still very frustrating.

Jake and Emily can back to help as I walked out of the cooler. I told them to go enjoy breakfast, and time with their mom. They smiled and walked out front holding hands. I had a flash that I hope stayed with me. They were coming more often, as were the dreams, but they didn't mean they were real, and that's when all the girls came running in.

"Was that true, Daniel?"

I shrugged as they all growled, even Alison. I saw Jake and Emily waving goodbye to all of us. They were in the front yard of a small home with mature trees and a small fence, and a dog. Em was very pregnant, and they were both happy, but there was something at the back of my mind that I couldn't see, or shake. I didn't tell that part to the girls. I was trying to learn how to filter.

"You're asking the wrong person, ladies, but I think so. It sure felt real." Sara was almost giddy. They smiled and went out front, except for Chloe who looked me, along with Henry. I told him what I saw. He was quiet, which made me wonder.

"What, Henry?" He finished making breakfast as I grabbed a tray to take it out front.

"Don't always trust what you see Daniel. There are those that can manipulate that and Marnine was good at it. It'd be a good way to get you off guard. No one I ever met liked Marnine, and neither did I. I always thought that was odd because I liked, and trusted, everyone else I met, and there were many. It's not a small family. attention, ." Everyone kept saying that, luckily I had chopping do.
take me part 165
Posted:Jul 18, 2021 12:52 pm
Last Updated:Jul 5, 2022 3:31 am

I was unsettled by the dream, dreams. The fact that Sara had almost the identical dream was unnerving, to say the least, and Joseph showing up inside Sara's house freaked , even though I didn't say anything. I was rattled but didn't want the girls to feel it, which was dumb, but a guy, and that is when I felt them. I looked back and told Chloe and Annie to go to Janey and Alison. They were in the car before the front door closed. They were fast when they needed to be. I wasn't sure why they couldn't jump fences very well, unless they were toying with , which I figured was the case. I called to Henry, which was a first. He was half asleep but there inside of three minutes, with a spatula. "Watch Sara, Henry, I need to take a walk.

"You woke of dead sleep because you wanted to take a walk?"

I stared outside because something wasn't right. Marnine was there, but there others I didn't know. I started to growl. "Talk to Sara, Henry, she'll fill you in, but don't let her go outside, even if you have to duct tape her to a chair. Understand?" He looked , and nodded. "I mean it Henry." I was concerned because I didn't know who else I felt, and I didn't want to worry about Sara. She was still out of kilter because on Janie and Alison.

I went outside but stopped to the screen door, and chuckled. I walked up to the fence, which was feet and jumped to the top post, grabbed it, put my foot on the fence, and jumped over. I knew Marnine was there, but wasn't sure where anyone else was, but there were several. They felt different than Marnine, or Joseph. I landed, and pushed outward but it was the same. I growled to myself.

"You're teasing me, sweets. Sadly, we had sex in a dream." She smiled, as I growled. She put her hands up. "Calm down love, it was a joke. I know that you can jump that fence anytime you want but your discipline to not embrace your ego is impressive."

"Who's here Marnine?" She looked at me, stunned and taken off guard.

"What makes you think anyone is here Daniel? Look around, and push."

"I already have Marnine," I wanted her off guard, like Gustav...which she was. She was surprised. "You and Joseph come, and go, as you wish, and I can see you when you want to. I am getting tired of that, but I am learning." She stared at , unsure. I was learning but my confidence was mostly bluster, however, I wasn't going to give that away. I was learning but quicker than she thought.

"Let's walk Daniel. This is my favorite time of . It's not quite night, but it's not quite dawn. I can take your arm and we walk like we use to many years ago.. I will tell you what I can."

I told her her, like I told Ella no, that she could tell what she knew. She howled. "You DON'T tell anything, Dani...." I jumped her, grabbed her throat before she finish, lifted her off her feet, and looked at her. I wanted her wondering, and off balance when we met. If Joseph was right, which I didn't doubt, then I could use every advantage I could get She kicked, squirmed, and clawed at me. She hated when I did this because it showed her she wasn't as powerful as she thought, at least not with me. I knew she was about ready to leave when I let her go, and walked away. I wanted to see if I could discern who else was there, watching. I ignored her.

"ASSHOLE!!!!" She glared at me as I walked up. She took two steps back, which didn't go unnoticed by me.

"Tell me about the dream Marnine?" She looked at me.

"What dream?" I growled and moved forward again. She jumped backward feet and that made wonder if something I felt in the dream was actually true.

"Stop playing games, Marnine."

"You talked with Joseph, did he tell you? We can't tell you Daniel, except that it's a warning, but you already know that.

"Who is watching me/us?" She looked at me, and then off to her left and was listening. "Let me take you arm, like before, and let me remember those times with you. I miss them and I'll tell what I can. I extended my arm to her. She smiled and took it as we walked, Marnine lost in another time. I didn't disturb her. We walked past the shop and headed East as dawn broke. Marnine had her head on my shoulder but didn't say a word.

The sun breaks early in Colorado's Front Range because the plain's are flat. The sun breached the horizon and she stopped, as we watched it. She looked at me, gently kissed me, and turned around as we walked back to Henry's.

I can't tell you about the dream, Daniel, mainly because it was your dream. Those you feel around us, watching, they are the Elders, and they are very interested in you. We are ALL very interested in you Daniel, as well as Chloe and Sara. Joseph is sticking his nose in and you have brought that bitch into this." I figured she was talking about Annie. I was glad Annie was there, but not for the obvious reason.

"Tell me about the Elders, please" She put her head back on my arm as we walked. You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.

"You have to understand that when our lines started, the world was a vastly different place. We were an offshoot of the Celts, based on the Druids, but also the women who worked with herbs, and magic. This was a VERY long time ago, when beliefs were different. When things were different. Our lines predated the Renaissance by a millenia. We evolved out of the dark ages, and adapted... survived... and then thrived. Stories were written about us, folklore passed down. They were mostly based on half truths, but not always. Everything was verbal and passed down to oldest . It wasn't the most efficient way of doing things, but we weren't alone in those traditions. There is still great reticence in sharing who we are, and what we know, even with you. Do you think we are vampires, Daniel?"

"No. I know you aren't."

She smiled, but I was 'grokking' her every time we interacted, and I could feel her. She
moved to bite me, but I touched her chest. not sure why, which stopped her, mouth open. I looked inside as she watched . I could feel Joseph watching, along with everyone else, which I was getting annoyed with.

"You don't have fangs, love." I closed her mouth and removed my hand. She fell into , but I caught her, and kissed her head. "You need to stop doing these things." Her eyes narrowed.

"I have been in my role for a long time Daniel, and I am not ready to let it go just yet. Things aren't the way they use to be love. Magic, and tradition, are relics. You should attention to that. We have the power now, Daniel, and we aim to keep it."

"You don't believe in magic?" I knew that would be her down fall and why she hated Annie so much. I wasn't sure but I had my suspicions. She looked at , but didn't say anything. Everyone was watching, including Jake. I leaned into her. "I told you, love, that if you touch my family, any of them, that I would end you. I know how to do it. If I have to go through an army to keep them safe, then I will. I'd rather not, but remember what I said"

I smiled, kissed her, and then bit a chunk off of her bottom lip before spitting it and handing it back to her. I then jumped onto of the fence, turned and smiled, before I climbed down and walked inside with my family. The one who didn't her back turned to Marnine was Annie. She just stared her. I knew that was going to be an interesting conversation.
take me part 164
Posted:Jul 16, 2021 9:51 pm
Last Updated:Jul 5, 2022 3:31 am

Something was wrong but I didn't know what it was. The house was empty
as I walked from room to looking for everyone. I yelled but no one
answered. I picked up the phone as I looked back, but it was a
busy signal. Buster was looking . I opened the back door and went
onto the deck and said . He growled as Jen called him, and
shook her head . I closed the door and walked front. Chloe,
Annie, and Jake were looking up the which was flashing with
lightening. They turned to , scared, and pointed across the
street. I could see a line of people on the opposite side of the street,
when it flashed I could see that extended at least 4 deep for as far
as I could see on either side. Marnine was standing on the edge of the
yard looking at us, and then across the street but she kept staring at
. There was another flash and Joseph was standing the end of the of
driveway looking . I moved in front of my family as lightening
struck and shattered a tree in a deafening roar. They started to walk
across the street. I turned and looked at Chloe, Jake, and Annie and
began to run at them. Chloe screamed but I had already turned.

I jerked awake and lied there trying to catch my breath. Marnine was
at the foot of the bed just looking at me. She turned and disappeared.
I figured it was probably two o'clock. Annie had crawled over me and
was half enmeshed with Chloe. They were both gently snoring. I couldn't
fault her because Chloe was something unto herself, and everyone knew
it, including me. I looked at my phone. it was ten after two and there
was no way I was going back to sleep. I grabbed clothes, boots,
notebook and phone and went into the bathroom. I peed, brushed, and
got dressed. I opened the door and Joseph was standing there. I yelled Jesus
Christ, in my mind so I didn't wake anyone. "What the FUCK!!!! Joseph. Holy crap," I whispered.

"Let's take a quick walk Daniel, before you leave for work. You know they are both
going to be mad, right?" I nodded. I checked on the girls, the same.
Jake was sleeping soundly like he always did. I locked the front and
we walked.

We walked in silence for a while. We got to the corner and Joseph
turned to go back. "The dream was a warning Daniel, of several things
mashed into one. Dreams have a tendency of doing that. It's very
unsettling." I nodded. "It doesn't mean the warning wasn't accurate
so be mindful. You have a lot of plates spinning at the moment." I
was quiet as we walked up the driveway.

"You guys are kinda sparse with the words." He smiled.

"There is a lot to discuss, which we will. attention and deal with
Gustav as quickly as you can because you'll have enough to deal with.
Marnine won't go quietly. I'll be in touch," and he was gone. God I hated that.
I drove to Henry's but the light's were already on. I trotted around back
and went in. Carole King was playing. Sara! I went front and she was setting the
tables. God I loved her! She stopped, turned, smiled, then cried, and bolted toward
. I felt that pretty much summed things up. She jumped on me crying
and bit my neck. We stayed like that until she got down.

"What are doing here Sara? It's too early. You should be snuggled with
your sisters, love."

"I had a terrible dream, but it seemed so real. There was a terrible
storm and Chloe, Annie, and Jake were standing in the front yard of our home
watching the . Marnine was there, watching, and some man I have
never seen, and there were rows and rows of people across the street from
our you, waiting. You came from the back and looked around. I was
screaming all of you, and jumping up and down, but you couldn't see
, or hear . Lightening a tree and it exploded. You looked
our family and turned as they started walking across the street and
ran then. Chloe and I screamed but you couldn't hear us, and I
jolted awake, covered in sweat."

"Janey and Alison were wrapped into each other. I took a shower, got
dressed, left a note, made sure everything was locked, and came
here. I knew it wouldn't be long before you showed. I stared at her and went into the
kitchen to make coffee. Sara followed. She hopped on the table.
"What, Daniel?" I told her about my dream. She was ashen. "What does
it mean?"

"The man you saw is Joseph. We talked before I came here. You people
are less than forthcoming." She nodded. "He said it was a warning,
and to attention, but that dreams can muddle things up.

" scared Daniel." I walked over and took her in my hands, kissed
her, and told her she was too pretty to be scared.


"Of course goofball. They were dreams, but we attention." Neither
of us mentioned that they almost identical dreams.

"I want to come back home with you and Chloe. I love Janes, and Ali, and I
still want you to figure a way we can all be together...promise?"
I nodded.

Sara, sweets, you don't have to ask permission, love. It's your home, and we're a family.

" OK with Annie being there with us. I set that in motion and I understand that you would make love with her Daniel. It's OK, but you're my family. Janey and Alison are lost in each other. It's OK. I just want to come home." I looked up and Chloe and Annie
were standing there.

"Where's Jake?"

"He's sleeping. He's fine. We left him a gazillion notes and I'll go
back but we were worried about you because you were gone." I nodded.

"Hi Sara. Annie, would you like to hop a fence, take a walk, and have a ?" Sara
smiled, nodded, hugged her, grabbed her hand, and ran back breaking
the screen door, again. Chloe and I laughed, as she started to get the flat top ready.

"Talk to Daniel." I told her about my dream, and them about Sara's
dream, and what she said about coming home. Annie heard everything
because she was listening and was shocked when she came in, like
Chloe. Sara was skipping as she came up to me, because she was Sara.

"Guess what mister?" Annie told me everything and we decided that
Janey and Alison are watching Jake tonight but taking my red dildo
back, because Annie has one of her own and we are going to make you
whimper, but in a good way." Chloe and Annie were laughing and
shaking their heads as Sara walked up to , kissed my cheek, and
whispered, Thank you Daniel." She kissed on my lips and went
front to finish. I smiled, as did Chloe and Annie.
take me part 163
Posted:Jul 16, 2021 5:59 pm
Last Updated:Jul 5, 2022 3:31 am

We climbed over the fence into the back yard as Bob was leaving for
the night. Why leave early when there were multiple people that might
given him a free snack? I smiled and shook my head as Chloe laughed. They
were still concerned about, as were Bill and Ellen. I checked the gate
as Chloe and Annie walked inside. I followed and locked the back door
out of habit. We said goodbye to Unc and Ellen and I told them not
worry. I went with Jake and Chloe and Annie drove the car back to
Sara's. I checked in on Sara, Janes and Ali and they were using both
didlo's. I didn't like it all that much because I getting more protective of both
Chloe and Sara since they were pregnant, but Annie was
right about pent up stress. not even sure when the last time Sara
and Janey were apart, and Sara still had a crush on Alison. I'd have
to deal but it was the least of my worry's.

We pulled into Sara's and I headed back with a flashlight. The
motion light was on so I pushed but didn't sense anything. I
checked the Door and windows and that was when Buster tackled and
started licking to death. Chloe opened the back and started
laughing which was obviously Buster-ese for "NEW FRIEND, " at least I
could get up. "What's his name?" Jake told her as Jen walked up and
I introduced Chloe and Annie. She looked at me and I told her it was a
long story. She nodded and grabbed Buster.

"He's going to be spoiled so we probably do need a gate, or door
because he'll consider y'all family by the morning, if doesn't
already. We laughed and told her to wait until he meets Jake's
girlfriend Emily. We went back inside. I locked up and checked the
feed but there was Buster snooping around like Jen said he would,
least the cameras worked, so that was good. I needed to
Ben and check in, as well as Sabrina, and the 4th was barreling down
on us so I needed to see the Frank's too, and I wanted to take Billy
around to the storage units. OY! The balls kept wobbling and
multiplying and that didn't even include Gustav and Marine.

Jake got some ice cream as his reward for putting the groceries away.
I opened the Bottle of Prosecco I brought from the shop and went into
the living room to check on Simon and Gustav. I was sitting in the
dark because it was becoming less relevant. I could see better in the
dark than I ever had but my sense of awareness was also getting
sharper, and then there was the 'pushing.' I checked on Simon and he
was headed to the EU. He knew how close he had come with both me, and
Gustav. I doubted I would ever see him again, at least I hoped I
didn't. I could feel Chloe and Annie coming down the hall. They turned
a light.

"Whatcha doin' Love?" Chloe was still worried about me because a lot
had happened and it wasn't showing any sign lessening.

" practicing. I just checked on Simon and he's no threat. I need to
check on Gustav and I want to see if I can touch into the guys working
with Bet and Javier. I would prefer a manual. It's a good thing I
don't sleep much."

"Annie and I were talking since we've known each other a very long time.
We think you need to relieve some stress they both said smiling." I
chuckled because it would be nice but I couldn't. Let's get ready for
bed sweets and we can take turns using the glass dildo on you, along
with other things." They laughed. I looked at them and shook my head.

"I need to take a rain check on that, even though it sounds great. I
have to much swirling in my head that I need to get on paper. It's not that
it wouldn't be wonderful, because it would, and if Sara was here I
might feel differently about it, but I just don't feel right about that.
You're welcome to be with your friend because I know it wouldn't be
the first time sweets, and this has nothing to do with you Annie. Like
I said, if Sara was here it would be a different matter."

I wouldn't say they were stunned but they were taken aback. They both
sat on the chair squished onto my lap and kissed me. "How about we get in our
pajamas, I took some from Sara, and we just sleep in a mound. Write
you notes tomorrow. Jake and I can open, and Annie can help. We can be
servants." I smiled and nodded. I asked what jammies you took.
"Penguins and Moose."

"You are so in trouble." She smiled, and nodded. Sisters. They headed
back to the bedroom to change, which I would have liked to see, but I
needed to check on Gustav. I pushed out to him and he was reading the
material his PI complied on Alison. I tried to read it but couldn't
but he was talking with him as well.

"Where is this bitch?"

"I have no idea. I had the condo staked out along with where she
works. I called there but the call went to her voicemail. Getting into
her building was easy but not her unit. She had new locks put on the door.
I could have gotten in eventually but there were too many people
walking around and not Spiderman so there was way to get onto the balcony.

"You've got nothing else?"

"I found a slip of paper with a name on first name, Daniel and what
might be an , but Denver metro is a big place, assuming that's
where it is. working on it but that's all I could find and unless
I get lucky then not sure what else I can do, Gustav."

"You can find her goddammit!!" Gustav slammed the phone down and grabbed
the bottle of Vodka of the freezer and put two olives in it. There
was a knock on the door. It was the woman from the Springs and she had a
woman with her. Gustav smiled and I almost puked as I broke it off the connection. I
pushed to the people Bet and Javier had working on this, but I didn't
have enough info. I knocked on Jake's door instead.


" minutes. Say to Em." He nodded. "I love you both." He smiled.

I went into the bathroom to brush my teeth. Annie was on the toilet
and Chloe was brushing. "Sorry," as I turned to walk .

"You're fine sweets. I don't mind if you don't mind." I nodded and
started to floss and then brush. "Were you able to touch into Gustav?"
I looked her and nodded. I was still sick what I knew I couldn't
stop. Annie finished and was washing her hands. "Bad?" I rinsed and

"Marginal for us at the moment, but likely terrible for the
woman that was delivered to his room." Chloe and Annie both looked at
and all I could do was nod. I couldn't touch into Bet and Javier's
guys. We walked into the bedroom as I got undressed to get into my
sweats, both Chloe and Annie watched, smiling.

"You sure you don't want us to give you a blowjob? We swallow," at
which point they both laughed. "You'll love it."

"I have no doubt about that, ladies, but snuggling, and sleeping with
you, sounds pretty nice right now." They both walked up and grabbed a
hand as they led to the bed. We snuggled, and kissed, until they
fell asleep, which wasn't long. I wish that I did get a sleep, but I
take me part 162
Posted:Jul 15, 2021 2:42 pm
Last Updated:Jul 16, 2021 9:45 am

Bet and I walked up to the shop, laughing, and holding hands. She
helped shift my thoughts, for which I was grateful because they were
weighing on me and I didn't need that now. Javier, Chloe, and
Annie were waiting outside. Shit.


"The guys in the UK said they'd be ready by 6am tomorrow, our time.
They just need the go ahead, Daniel." I wasn't sure how I was in
charge of things, but it was annoying.

"What are your thoughts?" They stared at me. "Seriously, now you're
going mute?" Chloe spoke.

"I say we take them down because money is what's important to them.
Send what we have to your friend and we focus on keeping Ali safe.
This needs to end and we can help end it." Annie and Bet nodded.
Javier looked at me.

"What Javier?"

"We'll have maybe hours.... 24 if we are lucky... before they start
tracking who did it. The guys in the UK are pro's, and their cut is
enough for them to shut down their operation, but there is always a
trail. It could come back on us at some point. It's not likely, but

"Gustav already knows about Alison. There is nothing to link her to
any of it, and I don't think he even cares. He wants to hurt someone,
and he has her name. I say we take them all down and we deal with
Gustav." I didn't want this but it's what we had. I could feel Sara,
Janey, and Alison in the backyard. They were SO happy.

"Give them the O" I knew it would be as secure as possible and the
funds would get moved through so many places that I doubted many folks
would be able to keep up. It wasn't a sure thing, but what is. If we
could end these assholes then that'd be a huge ball out of play, and I
could focus on Marnine. I was still unsure if she was friend, foe...or
both. I walked into the shop, got some disposable gloves, and grabbed
the information to send to my friend at the FB I wanted the heat
turned up. Everyone looked at me.

"You sure about that homes? He's still a cop."

'I'm not sure about anything brother, but I think more heat is
better." They nodded. Chloe, Annie and I drove to FedEx so I could
send the package of information. He'd get it tomorrow. I texted him anonymously, let him know to expect a package, and then destroyed the phone. Bret was a good guy and was OK skirting the lines as long as it wasn't too egregious. There was plenty evidence already being shifted through with the three places that were taken down, and the FBI was already looking at it. We were just giving him the keys. He would follow through on it, I just hoped it was soon enough.

"Why does Marnine hate you Annie?" Silence.

"I'd rather not discuss that...."

"Not an option...."


"It's not an option Chloe. There is too much going on and I need to
understand. I am already at a disadvantage with all of you as it is."
Annie looked at me in the mirror, and smiled.

"My ancestor was suppose be in her role but her family had only ever
cared about power. It's part of why I am here, and won't be leaving for awhile, so get use to me. You can't trust Manine Daniel. She'll do whatever she has to for her own
aims, and I shudder to think what that might be. You, Chloe and Sara
are a surprise, to all of us, especially you. The one thing we have
going for us is that most of us despise her, not all but most. Did you
really talk with Joseph?" I nodded and couldn't tell if that relieved her, or worried her.

We pulled up to the shop and walked inside. Henry and Uncle Billy had
music planning. We made some dinner and went out back to enjoy our family.
I needed to remember to eat more. Sara smiled and waved. She was so happy to have her sisters bac Chloe and I looked at each. It was going to be hard not having her next to us, but now was the time because as her pregnancy continued it wasn't going to be an
option. We would have to figure something out. There was so much that needed to be done.

We all had a great time, especially Unc and Henry as they took turns
being the DJ. It was fun to watch, as was Sara. Her stress was gone. Chloe
and Annie, leaned into my lap, uncomfortably I'm sure, as they hugged
me and watched Sara being Sara with Janes and Al She kept waving. I
could feel everyone wondering about me, Chloe, and Annie...especially
Christine and Bethany, but no one said anything.

Everyone started to head home as we cleaned up. Sara, Janey and Alison
walked up and asked if they could leave. Sara was almost in tears as
she walked up to me and Chloe. We hugged her and said pay attention.
Sara, Janey, and Alison kissed us and walked to the car, after this
afternoon I was getting use to standing naked in front of people, even with clothes on. There were no secrets in this family. Sara was at the car and turned to look at us.

She lowered her head, looked up and ran at us. She hit me and bit my
neck and wouldn't let go. Janes and Ali ran up and Chloe and Annie
were rubbing her bac She was sobbing into me but wouldn't let go. It
broke my heart. I knew some of it was hormones. She finally let go, looked at
me, wiped her mouth and kissed me and Chloe. She looked at Annie a
long time and hugged her, turned and walked back to the car without
saying a word and got in. She wanted all of us together but I wasn't
sure how to do that. Chloe and Annie were talking with Janes and Alison.
I walked up to the car. Sara got out and looked at me.

"Please don't be mad Daniel but I have a hole right here," as she
touched her heart. It hurts so bad you have no idea." I hugged her as
she jumped up on me. She leaned back and looked at me.

"You are without a doubt the goofiest goofball I have ever met." She smiled.


"Ever, and I've lived a long time young lady."


"Without a doubt, love." She jumped down smiling and said good!

"Figure out a way that we can all live together. I mean it mister.
You're a super genius when it comes to things like that. It's nice
that Janes and Ali are bac" I nodded as they walked up and put her
in the car. They kissed me and smiled.

"I'll keep both of them safe Daniel. Don't worry." I kissed Janey as
she got in the car and drove off. I understood about the hole in the
heart as I watched them drive away. Chloe, Annie and I walked back
inside as Christine and Bethany were walking out with Em and Jake.
Bethany said that we needed to talk and to call her tomorrow. I nodded
as we kissed all of them goodbye.

I walked out back and jumped the fence like Marnine wanted me to and
started walking. I felt Chloe and Annie do the same and run up on
either side. "Nice night for a walk, mister." I nodded and kept on
walking. They looked at each other, unsure what to do. I didn't know.

"Fuck this!" Annie got in front of me and looked up. "Stop this
Daniel!! Now," and then she bit me so hard that I grunted, but she
wouldn't let go. These women were interesting because they only bit
men that were important to them, and only on muscle. They didn't mind
blood, but they weren't vampires. The blood wasn't the point. I still
wasn't exactly sure why they bit, but it wasn't random. I was still confused by it all and
that is when Chloe bit me and I blackout. They caught me before I fell.

I opened my eyes as they were looking down at me, talking as if
nothing had happened, because nothing had happened for them. I was
lying on the path. "How long have I been unconscious?"

"Maybe fifteen minutes, love. You needed a break and we gave you one.
They both kissed me as I stood up. You're thinking too much Daniel, and carrying the blame for things you have very little control over. Annie's right, Love, you need to stop. You're not alone. Can we go home now?" We're horny. I nodded.
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take me part 161
Posted:Jul 14, 2021 2:51 pm
Last Updated:Jul 5, 2022 3:31 am

I kissed both Janey and Alison and walked back inside as they caught up with Jake and Emily, who were telling them about Buster. I smiled. We were on borrowed time. I was on borrowed time. Simon was gone, but Gustav wouldn't leave, period. I pushed that out of my mind and walked inside. We had a couple of more days of peace. I hoped.

Chloe and Annie both walked up to me and kissed me as everyone watched, and they weren't shy about it even though it took me by surprise, and confused the crap out of me. Everyone else started coming in as well. Henry and Sara walked in with food from Gio's and
put it on the counter. Sara looked at me and I knew something was wrong. I walked up to her.


"I miss Janey and Alison. I want to spend time with them again. I know said I wouldn't but I want to because I miss them." Chloe walked up and hugged her. "I'm sorry. Janes and I can will take care of Alison. I check everything now, mister." I nodded. She looked at us
with tears in her eyes. "I'm sorry."

I grabbed her, and pulled her into me as she broke down crying. I cried too because I hadn't realized the affect separation would have on them. Chloe and I are Capricorns. You do what needs to be done. We were right in what we did, but we were also wrong. I held Sara's face
in my hands. She looked at me but her bottom lip was still quivering.

"I love you Sara. We love you. Enjoy your sisters. We're staying at your place..... BUT...."

"I know. I watched the camera's and we always make sure things are locked, and we pay attention outside... all of us. We'll keep her safe. I thought you were going to be mad at me," and started to cry again as Chloe hugged her. Chloe said,

"Sweets, why would be mad at you?"

"We sleep together every night. I won't be climbing over Daniel to snuggle with you for a while, and I don't know how long. It hurt how much I missed them. I dealt with it, but my heart hurts." Chloe and I looked at each other and gently kissed Sara. We needed to talk with
Janey but her Alison, Jake and Emily were having a blast. We kissed Sara and said it was fine. She looked at us, unsure. We pointed, smiling, and she bolted into the backyard.

I felt terrible because I had insisted on separating them, and keeping them separated. The only reason we were all together was because Janey and Alison said enough. I lowered my head as Annie walked. Everyone felt it, but lines were being drawn.

Annie was loving, but she wasn't all that gentle at times. She grabbed my hair and pulled my head. "You look at me mister." I nodded. "The one thing none of us needs is for you to start second guessing your decisions, that's the end of that. Understood. You have, had, no good choices. You diid OK, Daniel. Yeah, there's a cost now but that's pent up stress. None of us have dealt with anything like this before. You may not to be able to hear everyone, but we do. We did pretty good. You all did pretty good. We share, Daniel. Sara knows where home is loves, and it's not like it's outside the family." Silence! "It'll be fine. We just need to pay more attention until we deal with this Gustav person."

I looked at Annie, and Chloe, and then watched Sara so ecstatic in the backyard. I knew Annie was right, but there something lingering in the back of my mind that I couldn't shake. I smiled and kissed her, and Chloe. I grabbed a beer and walked out front. Annie was walking after me when Chloe grabbed her arm. Bet and Javier pulled up as I waved, and walked past. Bet and Javier looked at each other.

Javier said, "guess who's her? Aunt Janey and aunt Alison. Let's go attack them. The screamed and ran to the back as Sara and Janey laughed. Bet ran up and slowed down next to me as I walked. "Whatcha' doin'?" I was silent but she could feel me, so we walked in silence. She reached for the beer, which I gave her as she took my hand. Bet was
hard core, but was also the gentlest, most loving, woman I had ever met. She knew what I was going through, as did Javier. I hurt the people I most loved to keep them safe.... that ways pretty heavy and silence is all anyone can offer, because they are the ones who understand. They did similar things daily.

Bet drank the last the of the beer, smiled, and burped like a sailor...or like Bet. She looked at me. "Is that a fence?" I could feel everyone watching, and knew what she was doing, and smiled. I also knew Marnine was watching. She ran and I waited. I jumped over it
like usual. I knew I could do it like Marnine asked me to but I didn't care about ego, or showing my hand. I was on the other side with my hands up as Bet climbed down she hit the dirt and I ran. I was SO going to get hit.

She caught me, and bit my neck, it was normal, but also sensual because she was sucking and everyone knew. They also knew why, and it had nothing to with sex. It had to do with soothing me. Bet could beat the shit out of me, and we both knew it, but we were like brother and sister. We grokked each other and she was doing exactly what I needed, in the way she could.

Everyone gave us space. She finished, licked my neck, and then kissed me deeper then any of them had. "I adore you Daniel because you have no clue who you are. I am head over heels in love with Javier, but I do love you. He knows. Being us isn't easy sweets, as you are learning. Lets go back. Let me win this time."
take me part 160
Posted:Jul 13, 2021 8:13 pm
Last Updated:Jul 13, 2021 10:30 pm

I drove to the shop wondering what else would happen. Holy shit, none of them were shy, and it's not like I actually minded, but there were a few other things going on. I pulled up to the shop and Emily ran at me like a bat of hell, and I knew what was coming. I braced myself and she launched five feet out. Uncle Billy and Ellen were watching, and smiling. She nailed the landing and wrapped her legs around me as she kissed me.

"We HAVE to get a dog, dad. WE HAVE TO!!!!!!!!!! Jake told me all about Buster and I want to help build his gate. Promise?" Uncle Billy and Ellen had walked up and were listening.

"Well, sweets, that depends on Jen and Jeff because it's technically their but they'll let me know tomorrow." She looked at me displeased, jumped down and stormed off. I shook my head. Ellen walked up and kissed me.

"Get use to it dad," laughed and walked inside to talk with Emily who was on the phone with Bethany.

"How'd the fence go?"

"Easy. Jake loved it and we got all the holes dug for tomorrow. We need to get some more 1x's but it shouldn't be bad tomorrow, and that is when Marnine showed up behind Billy, and smiled. Ellen was already walking out and took his arm.

"I need you sweets," as she led him the opposite direction. Marnine walked up. looked at me as she grabbed my balls, and squeezed. She said, "I feel left out Daniel," as she kissed me. Everyone growled, including Annie.

She glared at me. "I can do whatever I want love as she bit me on my chest. Annie? You bring that bitch here after we were doing so well together. I grabbed her under the chin, lifted, squeezed, and waited for her to vanish. She kicked at me, and scratched my arms, but I just squeezed harder. I was done with the games. She spat what she could, and was gone. She knew if she touched anyone in my family, which now included Annie, I would end her but I didn't expect to see her again anytime soon, but I was wrong.

I turned to go back inside as Sam lowered the hammer. I smiled. Janey and Alison pulled up and Janes was out the car before it stopped, and running at me. I braced myself as she jumped and bit me, hard. She wrapped herself around me and started crying as Alison walked up. She kissed my cheek and waited.. Being away from us was brutal on Janey. We all knew it but it was important and spending money only goes so far. She licked me and said she'd take care of that as Alison hugged me, and kissed me.

"We've missed you Daniel. We missed all of you and I don't know what Janes knows. We are not doing that again. Period." I nodded.

"Go say hi and meet my aunt and uncle." She smiled and nodded. Sam walked out with the med kit and said, "Good thing we heal quickly," and took care of the bite. I was still thinking about Marnine and why she had such a visceral reaction to Annie. I pushed to Chloe and Annie, which meant everyone now. Secrets were over.

"Love, we'll talk later. Henry is closing early because Tuesdays are the slowest dinners. We're doing spaghetti and meatballs, garlic bread, and salad. Do we still have enough dressing?" I told her I'd check. I pushed out to Mags and Bet but they already knew.

"Sam, one of these days we'll get things back on track." He patted me on the back and said to stop worrying as he handed me the hammer and headed home to get his family. Chloe and Annie pulled up and got out as I walked up. They smiled, but they were worried. There was also something else that I couldn't discern. Annie's eyes bore a hole into me, but then she smiled, walked up and kissed me, as did Chloe.

"How was the shower?" They laughed and each grabbed an arm.

"Sara and Dad are stopping by Gio's on the way. They've already called. How are Janes and Ali?"

"Upset. We can't do that again." She nodded. I need to get some stuff at the store. Go enjoy your sisters. I'll be back." Chloe looked at me, conflicted."

"'I'll go with him, Love. It'll give us time to chat. Chloe smiled and kissed her, and then me before she walked inside.

"Don't take advantage of her Daniel. I mean it mister!" I nodded. Annie took my arm as we walked to the car. I opened the door as she leaned in and kissed me saying, "you'll get use to it Daniel. We're different. I closed the door and got in. We went to King Sooper's and got stuff to have at Sara's, especially for Jake, which meant ice cream. We were pushing the cart together, Annie's arm wrapped in mine. We were kinda binge shopping.... we got cheese and crackers, hummus, olive tapenade, a variety of olives, peppers, cornichons, chips, fruit I found ripe avo's and heirloom tomato's...and then we got beer and Prosecco. Annie insisted on paying for it, which wasn't easy but she did. We walked out with her head on my arm.

"You can really smell my scent, and know me from it?" I nodded, and that's when I knew what was coming. I just hoped Ellen and Maggie were mature enough to not participate. They weren't. "What do I smell like?" They were all fascinated by this, i guess because no one had ever told them. It was easy for me, and getting easier, but everything was getting easier and that is when I slumped onto the cart as we got to the car. I wasn't unconscious, but I wasn't conscious. Marnine was smiling at me.

"You said you wanted to be bitten love. Enjoy. She laughed and was gone. The girls were going nuts. Annie was throwing bags in the back seat. She grabbed the keys, helped into the car, and called Chloe.

"Where do I go?" Chloe directed her back to the shop. I knew they were all worried about me but they needn't be. I wasn't sure what was going on there but were I was, was interesting. I could see a figure walking up to me in the distance. I waited, because I was curious. He had a hat, and a cane, not because he needed it, simply because he liked it. He walked up to me, smiled, and said..."Hi Daniel. I'm Joseph and we need to talk," And I was back in the present as Annie pulled into the shop and everyone ran out, Jake and Emily leading the way. I shook my head, got out, and exhaled. Everyone just stared at me. Chloe and Annie grabbed me and they both told Jake and Emily to grab the bags as they helped me inside. I could have walked but I'm also not stupid. Everyone laughed, and they both pinched me, hard. We walked out back and they sat me down by the fire pit.

"What the fuck is going on? Who were you talking with? We couldn't see, or hear. I looked at them, confused. "Daniel....who?"

"Joseph." I heard the gasps from God knows where, but there were a lot of them, and then silence. Ellen and Billy walked up and shooed everyone away and handed me a beer. Sam had gone to get his family, and Bet, Javier and the were on the way and Bet was stressed. They were ALL stressed, and that included people I had never met but there was rapt attention all around. Ellen looked at me, and smiled.

'You need to have someone else look at those migraines, Daniel." Uncle Billy nodded. I felt like I was running out of time but the treadmill kept getting faster. Jake and Emily walked up and sat on the arms of the chair.

'Are you OK, dad?" I hugged them and said I was fine and not to worry when, thankfully, Bob walked in. Emily clapped and ran into the kitchen and got a chicken breast. She walked past all of us, five feet from Bob and knelt in front of him. He looked at her, and then at us. He wasn't scared because he knew her. Jake took a video. She closed her eyes, breathed, opened them, and extended the chicken to him. Bob looked at her, then around, and at us again....walked up, and gently took it from her, but he didn't trot away. Instead, he looked at her and then walked to his den, turned, and went in. Emily stood up and I knew Sara was going to be over the moon. Things were getting strange.

Janey and Alison walked up and squatted down and looked at me. "Are you OK, Daniel? We need you to be OK." I stood up and told them to stop being silly, that I was fine. They gang hugged as I wondered who Jospeh was in all of this, and why we needed to talk.
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take me part 159
Posted:Jul 13, 2021 4:46 pm
Last Updated:Jul 5, 2022 3:31 am

Sara waved as Chloe and I walked out front to my car. I hugged her as
she squeezed me and looked up.


"Sweets, that's not the focus right now. I know that's not easy but we
can't do anything about it. Janey and Alison are on their way, as is
Annie. Gustav is still out there, and is a threat, and there's still
all the day to day stuff... and Marnine. We'll deal with it Love. She kissed me and nodded.

"I need to get Sara's house key. There are too many people for your
place and I don't want Janes ad Ali staying alone. I think Sara, Janey
and Alison should stay at your place. You know how excited Sara is to
see them." She smiled,

"You know the three of them are going to use both dildo's, right?" I
nodded. Janey, Alison and Sara were closer in age, and personality,
and Sara still had a crush on Alison.

"I know sweets, which is one reason I think you me and Jake should
stay at Sara's with Annie. Sara's has three bedrooms and you can catch
up with your friend. Sara and Janey can take of Alison and we aren't
far away." She nodded as she handed me the key. "You need to go to
the airport alone. I'll get the house ready. We also need to figure
something out for dinner. I'll leave that to you and Sara but
Christine and Bethany are going to be late."

"We'll figure something out. Thanks, Daniel. I'm feeling better and it
will be nice to see Annie again. It's been a while." She kissed me and
went back inside, waving. I drove to Sara's. I pulled up and Mrs.
McGinty was watering her flowers. I waved as I walked around back. I
looked at the back fence and shook my head as I went inside. I turned
the AC down to cool it off and looked around. Luckily Sara and I had
washed everything and changed all the sheets in case Billy and Ellen
were going to stay there. There was no food, or beer, or Prosecco, and
after today that wasn't going to fly. I walked back outside to look at
the fence.

It was worse than I remembered and Ben was right. Sara's neighbor was in
her backyard and waved as she walked up. "Hi, I'm Daniel. Sara's boyfriend." She smiled.

"I'm Jen, and this is Buster." Buster was a Golden Lab who knew no
strangers, and hated fences. I told her that I was going to tear down the
fence and rebuild it but it would take a couple of days. "We were
wondering but didn't want to say anything because Sara has had a hard
year." I nodded. "We'd like to split the materials since you're doing
the work. There's no sense in having two fences back to back." I
nodded and said deal.

"I should be able to get this torn down today. I can get some temp.
fencing to put up for Buster but the rest of the yard is fenced in so
he can't get out. Whatever is fine with me."

"If you don't mind him snooping around there's no need for a temporary
fence. He'd love it." I smiled, nodded, and said it was nice meeting
her. I called Sam before I headed back to the shop to trade vehicles with
Jake. I checked the camera feeds and they were the same as the shop, and Chloe's, so I figured I could get through it. I hadn't put as much time into it as I had wanted to but there were other things going. I pushed out to Simon and he was on a plane out of the country, smart man. Gustav was still trying to figure out what had happened. He wasn't focused on Alison, yet, but I knew it would happen. I figured we maybe had 3 days.

I told Sam what I needed to do as Unc walked out with Ellen and Emily. I hugged both of them and asked Emily how things were going. She smiled and said fine. Uncle Billy said,
"Take Jake to help so it goes quicker and I can help you tomorrow. I'll help Sam and Emily will be fine. Right Em?" She nodded as Sam said it was fine with him. Jake smiled and went over to kiss Emily goodbye as I grabbed tools, string and gloves. Jake followed me to Home Depot to get the materials and wood and we dropped my car off at Chloe's. Jake ran in and threw stuff in a bag, grabbed his computer and music, and we drove to Sara's. I did the same.

We unloaded the lumber and everything we'd need for tomorrow and took the tools to the fence, along with water and Gatorade. It was suppose to be over 100. Figures. I showed Jake how to use a sawzall. Jake cut the fence in five foot segments and then I cut the posts off at ground level and we stacked the segments by the gate. We were drinking water when Jen walked up with with tuna sandwiches. I had forgotten about lunch and smiled.

"Thanks, Jen. I forgot about eating. This is my , Jake." He introduced himself and said thank you and then he and Buster fell madly in love. I knew Emily would as well and I started rethinking my remodel of the shop because I knew we'd be getting a sometime soon, which is just what we needed. Jake ate and played with Buster as I told Jen my plan for the fence.

"It's going to be a basic fence, with pressure treated wood and vertical 1x6's. I'm fine with putting boards on both sides so it looks like a nice fence for both of us, instead of the back of a fence. Talk with your husband because it won't add that much to the cost since I get a break on the wood, and the labor is cheap." She smiled and nodded. "I think you lost a dog." We finished eating and moved the rest of the fence to the gate and I showed Jake how to run a line so we could start digging holes. We could have eyeballed it but him to wanted to learn, and it's not that hard. My brothers and I built a lot fencing growing up.

We finished the last of the holes as Buster came running up and attacked Jake with licks and tail wags. I let them play as I moved the wood closer so we didn't have to do it tomorrow, moving the cement would be enough. Jen walked up and asked if I needed help, I shook my head.

"Thanks, but it's not that much and I'm already sweating. and dogs. You realize that Jake is going to want a now. Thanks!" She laughed.

"I talked with Jeff about the fence he'd rather have the boards on our side too since it's just the one fence." I nodded. He said we could put them up on our side." I nodded. I told her that was fine but with my Uncle helping tomorrow I didn't think it would take all that long because the yard wasn't terribly wide, but if he wanted to do it that's cool. She smiled. "I love my husband but handy with tools he isn't." I nodded.

"How about we do most of it and leave some for you and the tools for you to finish." She hugged me and said thanks as Jake and Buster ran up.

"Dad." I shook my head as Jen laughed. "Can we get a dog?"

"How about we talk about that with your moms first? Maybe you can talk Jen into us building a gate, or doggie door for Buster." He turned it on high as Jen laughed and said she'd discuss it with her husband over dinner. She called Buster as Jake and I covered the holes, put the tools in the garage, and locked up. Jake dropped me at Chloe's and headed back to the shop. It was almost 5:00pm. I grabbed a beer, put on Floyd and turned it up as I got undressed and walked into to take a shower

It was hot outside but I had the AC on. I was sore, and banged up, from getting bitten, multiple times and then Marlene sticking her fingers into me. I let the warm water soothe me as I listened to "Comfortably Numb." I turned the water off and opened the shower door as I shook my head and wiped water out of my eyes. Chloe was sitting on the counter, and Annie was sitting on the toilet. They were both smiling and Annie was making no effort in hiding the fact that she was looking at my package. Thank God I opted for a warm shower.


"This is Annie. Annie, this is Daniel." She looked up at me, smiled and said hi as she continued to pee. Chloe made no attempt to hand me a towel and just smiled instead, as did Sara and Janey, and likely everyone else I couldn't see. I thought OK and stepped out of the shower and walked in front of Annie because the rack was next to the toilet. She was looking directly at me as she wiped, leaned forward, and stood up still looking at me. I felt blood start moving into my cock as she stepped forward and kissed me.

"It's wonderful to meet you Daniel." She closed the lid and sat back down. I grabbed a towel and walked into the bedroom as the two of them burst out laughing. I was drying off as they walked in hugging each other and watched.

"Seriously." I was definitely going to get hard if this kept up. Annie said,

"What, Daniel? You aren't unpleasant to look at, sweets. Chloe and Sara chose wisely. She kissed Chloe and started to get undressed as I did the opposite. I needed to get back to the shop and help, but I absolutely watched. I was putting my boots back on when Annie walked up and stood in front me, turn about being fair play. Chloe was getting undressed as well so I figured they were showering together.

Alison was the only one who shaved her pussy. Chloe, Sara, and Janey all had hairy pussies to varying degrees, thankfully. It was my preference, but it also prolonged their scent, which I loved. Annie was no different and I could smell her three feet away. It was all I could do to keep from sticking my mouth and nose into her bush, which I'm sure everyone knew. I was also hard, which I'm sure everyone also knew. Annie's bush was not trimmed, at all. She was similar in stature to Sara except she had slightly larger breasts. She was either Middle Eastern, or Mediterranean. She was lovely. I finished tying my boot and moved toward her as I stood up. I could feel their breath's catch. I stopped, inhaled, stood, and then kissed her. She stuck her tongue gently into my mouth. I walked to Chloe and she did the same.

"Enjoy your shower, and welcome to Colorado." I stopped and stuck my head back in. "Oh, I know your scent now. Welcome to the family. Bye Loves," and I walked out smiling as I headed back to the shop. I was either very blessed, or cursed.
take me part 158
Posted:Jul 11, 2021 10:08 pm
Last Updated:Jul 5, 2022 3:31 am

Mags and I walked back to the shop. I was glad she was there because I felt
untethered, and wondered if I could even find my way home since my mind
was swirling. I stopped and called Chloe.

"Daniel. I think I'm going insane." Sara nodded. "Was that real?"

"Chloe, Sara... breathe. All we can do is take one step at a time loves."

"Not if you're bounding over fences, mister. What the FUCK! is going
on, Daniel?"

"Sweet's, I'm not sure, but we have enough to deal with right now, and we need to
figure that out. This is.... A LOT!, but we have time. Let's all take a
breath, OK? We have other things to focus on. Janey and Alison are coming home, and Gustav knows about Ali.... THAT is our main focus, Loves." They were both quiet. They were all quiet, because apparently everyone could hear me. Great.


"Maggie and I are almost back. Have Jake and Emily left?"

'Yeah, 15 minutes ago."

"Good. I'll be there within 15 minutes...OK?"


"I need to call Janey. I'll see you soon." Holy fucking Christ, talk about pulling the rug out from someone. I was still convinced I was insane when Maggie spoke.

"None of us trust Marnine even though we respect her. A thousand years is a long time and it's easy to lose touch, even though she tries. The history is out date, like all history. Remember Love, we live in the present and not the past." I could feel ALL of those voices
chattering, but I could only discern one, Annie, and I pushed out to her. She was talking with Chloe.

"Daniel. I'm Annie, Chloe and Sara are listening. "I'm on my way to the airport. Like I told them, take a breath and chill because nothing has changed right now. You're already having babies. Congratulations, by the way." I liked her already. She was a warrioress and we needed that now.

"I'm looking forward to meeting you Annie. We'll pick you up at the airport. I'll be there soon Chloe and Sara."

Shit! The balls were beginning to wobble in their trajectory, and that was never a good sign when juggling. I called Janey.

"DANIEL....what the fuck is going on?"

"Janey, calm down. Are you driving?" She said yeah. "Pull over and let Ali drive. Now."

"OK, hold on. OK, but we're stopped. What the fuck Daniel?"

"I don't know Jane's. We're all working it out. Let Alison drive and come to the shop, OK?'


"Right now, it's just stories so let's not borrow trouble." She was quiet.

"You don't believe that Daniel, do you?" I was quiet.

"No, but I need you to be safe."


Maggie and I walked into the shop. I told Jake I would be back and to help Sam and drove to Henry's. I knew what Maggie said was true but I was having a hard time believing it since it was so huge. I was glad I was talking with Marnine the next day.

I pulled into Henry's, parked by the cottage, and walked around back. Chloe and Sara knew and ran through the place and broke the screen door, again, getting outside as they both jumped into me, and bit me on either side of my neck, hard. They were stressed. Henry walked out and then turned around and went out front.

These girls were interesting because they all seemed to bite for three reasons. Like they did now because they were scared, or stressed, and needed comfort from a male, because they never bit each other. When they were angry, or displeased, and then it was varying degrees, or when it involved sexual arousal. Now, they both needed soothing, which is why they were sucking on me. I felt bad for Janey, but knew the very first time we met she would launch onto me, and bite me somewhere. I was OK with that.

Chloe and Sara let go and smiled with blood on their teeth and lips, looked at each other, and gasped. Chloe ran back inside and got the med kit, ran back, and looked at me. It wasn't bad. Her and Sara cleaned the bites. Chloe showed Sara what to do. I would gladly deal with it because their stress was back down to a normal level, which was still to high for most people, but apparently not us. Sara put the bandages on, kissed them, and clapped, as we walked back inside. They went back up front as Henry looked at me.

"You going to fill me ?"

"Henry, I feel like sticking a fork in eye, but when I figure out what the fuck is going then you will be the first to know, because I'm sure I don't have a fucking clue. In the meantime, Janey and Alison will be home later this afternoon...and Gustav knows about Alison." He stared at meet.

"I know Henry. You're preaching to the choir but I tried. I'm amazed they stayed away as long as they did. They're your , Henry." He nodded.

"Where are they staying?"

"We were staying at Sara's but it's not ready so they are staying at Chloe's until we work it out. I don't want them staying alone." He looked at me.

"It's not like that Henry. They took us off guard and we need to adapt. They weren't suppose to come back." He nodded. The thing is, it was like that because they were ALL stressed because they were all stressed out of their minds and the dildo's were going to get a work out, as was my bum.
take me part 157
Posted:Jul 11, 2021 6:56 pm
Last Updated:Jul 12, 2021 9:10 pm

Maggie and I walked into the shop as Bet and Javier rode up. Mags went
to Sam as I walked outside. "There are biscuits in there for you. I
had a feeling pancakes would have to wait." They smiled as I looked at
Bet. "Knee me in the balls?"

She smirked, "I get angry sometimes. It happens with middle
in a family. Please tell me you aren't trusting her Daniel."

"I'm not trusting her Bet," I said as I smirked. She lunged for me as
Javier grabbed the back of her shirt and laughed. I went up and kissed
her, but I turned my right leg as Bet rammed her knee into my thigh.
"Are you done?" She smiled and kissed me as I shook my head. Sam and
Maggie walked up.

"Gustav knows about about Alison, and they are coming back today. I
couldn't stop them. I'll keep checking in on him but we have to plan
on him showing up sooner or later since we have no idea what he knows
about her. Did you talk with your people in Europe?" Bet and Javier
looked at me and nodded. "What?"

"They'll do it, but it's not what we thought, homes. The three
operations we took down are nothing. What we got from Philip's is just
for the US. There are intimations of 'other parties' in Europe. The people we work with have heard things but have no information. They are disgusted like we are disgusted. They'll gladly do it and asked if we get any information about Europe to let them know." I nodded.

"They are going to hit all of them at once when we give them the OK. We
have the disks you wanted for your... friend, but you need gloves." I
nodded. "We'll have guys around here, and at Henry's. The guys in the UK said they
should be ready within 72 hours. Daniel, it's a shitload of green. We both wanted to puke when we found out how much." Everyone was quiet.

"Coffee is on. Go have a biscuit while Mags and I take walk." They
looked at us and nodded as the phone rang. Jesus Christ. It was
Bethany. "Hey...."

"Wanted to let you know that we found a job for Melissa in Phoenix.
She starts next Monday and they were glad for the recommendation. She
is still totally confused but they are taking care of her. I thought
you'd like to know."

"Thanks Bethany, you have no idea how important that is to me right
now. I'm in the middle of something but I'll see you later." I almost
started crying because it was such a simple, and uncomplicated gesture
of caring, and compassion. I shook my head as Mags looked at me. I
filled her in.

Mags and I walked in silence drinking our coffee and sharing the
biscuit. Maggie didn't jump fences so we just walked. "Do you know
anything about the Druids, Daniel?" I stared at her.


"Well, what you know probably isn't accurate. Marnine is a Druid
priestess. The common belief is that the Druids were Priests, men, but
that is wrong because it was a pagan society. It was nature based. The stories
don't usually convey what really occurred. There were/are two
lines.... one male, and one female..... yin/yang." She was quiet, as was everyone
else. You could hear a pin drop. We walked as I thought. I could feel
Chloe and Sara listening, breathing. The same with Janie.

"How were you able to deal with Marnine, Daniel? She is one of our
oldest and is able to move through time and space. There were only two
who were able to that. Marnine and Joseph, at least that is what has been
passed down. How?" I stopped and looked at her.

"I was protecting my family, Mags, that's all I know." Maggie looked
at me like she never had. I was a bit unnerved.

"The lines were kept separate, but as time passed, and people
intermingled around the world, our bloodlines expanded. It's why we
have the diversity we have, but the line is the same. It's martilineal
and moves from mother to oldest . You, Chloe, and Sara are an
anomaly that none of us really understand. I suspect neither did
Marnine, which is why she showed up." You could still hear a pin drop as
I looked at Maggie wondering exactly who she was. She took my hand,
which gave me pause.

"Chloe and Sara are the heads of both their lines, being the oldest
daughters. They are also sisters since Sara was an only , but was
raised with Henry and Ella's family since birth. We are still
basically pagan even though we are modern. We are clan oriented, some
call it a pack. it's basically the same thing." I could feel Chloe
shaking, and Sara holding her. I could also feel Ella, and Marnine,
watching, as could Maggie.

"That was odd enough Daniel... both of them falling in love with you, and then
you falling in love with each other. It's not uncommon because our
view of sex, and love, is different than the norm, but it is not
without depth, and caring, and commitment, that wasn't odd. What was
odd was that you started attracting people to you without trying. You
can't feel it, I think because you aren't of this line, but those
voices you heard, they are pulled to you and to Chloe, and to Sara.
That is odd Daniel." She looked at me, which gave me pause again.

"In our line, if a woman has a male as their first born then they will
never get pregnant again. We have Daughters because we are a
matriarchy. We adore males, but power passes from mother to .
Chloe had Jake so, according to the lineage, the next in line would have
Janey since Sara is head of her own line because of Claire, but Chloe
got pregnant, at the same time Sara did. We don't believe in coincidences.

"We only have your word that Chloe's is female. We don't dispute
your abilities, but there is more involved in this than you know,
which is why Marnine is here, and why I think she engaged you as she
did. I'm not sure exactly. My mom would read me the folklore, history,
and legends. If Chloe IS having a girl, then...." I could feel Chloe
drop to her knees. Sara didn't know what was going on, neither did I
but I thought maybe Janes was prescient in wanting to come home. I tried to touch into in Marnine and Ella, but couldn't. I felt like I had always felt since I was a whenever a storm was approaching. It wasn't visible, but I would always know, and I was always right.

"There is a legend that happens every one thousand years. A woman who
has had a male would have a female , and that would
become the new Priestess of our lines. It's legend, and there is a lot
that is likely inaccurate, but.... it does seem strange." I stared at
her as if I was losing my mind, which is just what I needed right

"The thing is Daniel, and this is where it gets interesting, and why I
think Marnine is here, as much of a pain in the ass as she is, and she
knows that, the only way the legend occurs is if the head of male line impregnates the the head of the female line." My brain had exploded.

"Excuse me?"

"The only way that Chloe could be having a girl, according to our
history, is if you are the de facto head of the second line. The
Priests. There is no other way because it has not happened in a
thousand years, not since Marnine was born."

I could feel Chloe faint, but she was with Sara. I could feel Janey
scream as I dropped to the ground. My gut told me it was true, but my
mind told me I was insane. I summoned Marnine as I stood. She appeared
as she always did, unexpectedly, and walked up to Maggie. I was ready
to pounce. she turned and looked at me.

"I mean none of you harm Love. You passed my test, which you had to."
She walked up to Maggie, who was petrified, which I still didn't
understand, and said. "Margaret, you needn't worry. I didn't stop you.
You saved me the work and now Daniel and I can talk about
inconsequential matters on our walks. Have you had Henry's sausage
biscuits?" Maggie nodded. Marnine smiled and kissed her on the lips.
"Thank you. I will fill in the gaps." She turned toward me.

"Yes Daniel."

"Is what she said true?" No one listening breathed.

"Yes, but it's more nuanced, and involved, because your view of time is
linear, and human. Things don't shift because you get a woman a
pregnant, Daniel, not even Chloe. She won't listen to me but please
tell her to stop fretting." I did, as did Sara. "Margaret is correct,
but it's more complicated. You're only..... 6 weeks since she was
conceived, and yes, Chloe is having a girl, as is Sara. Enjoy being
pregnant, being parents."

"What about Sara?" She was quiet but looked at me.

"What about her?"

"They both got pregnant at the same. Why?" She was quiet but smiled.

"That, my dear, will have to wait for another time, " and she was
gone. I looked at Maggie as she took my hand and we walked back to the
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take me part 156
Posted:Jul 10, 2021 10:42 pm
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I finished chopping and slicing and put everything thing in the cooler. I asked Henry for 10 sausage biscuits, when Janey called. I walked out back and knew what was coming. "Hi Jane's. What's ?"

"Don't be mad, and you're on speaker."

"Hi Alison."

"Don't be mad."

"Why do you think I'm mad?" I was mad.

"Because we can feel it Daniel, but we're still coming. We're leaving after breakfast. Marnine sealed it. It was maddening for and Ali had watch. Where are we staying?"

"Well, we were going be staying at Sara's, but it's not ready because we had another day, or two, but you both are putting a fucking bullet in that plan, so you're staying at Chloe's." I was pissed and they knew it.

"We're sorry Daniel but we'll deal. We could just stay at my place. The chances they know about are slim....'

"No! You're not staying alone until we get this done. You don't know who these people are."

"Well, you could stay with us," They both laughed. Jesus Christ.

"I'd rather you just stay where you are. We'd rather you stay there. If you're coming back go the shop, or Henry's...period. Understood?" They said yes and I hung , and that is when Marnine showed . "Fuck!". I turned and said Hi. I could feel both Chloe and Sara moving toward and Janey growling.

"Hello Daniel. I apologize for the abrupt notice. Tell Chloe and Sara that it's fine, and the other one," which made Janes growl the more. "I know I said tomorrow but it's just such a lovely morning I thought we could walk a bit before you leave for work." I told her to give a minute. She nodded.

"What the fuck Daniel."

"Chloe, it's fine. If she wanted hurt she wouldn't need pretense. I'll be fine, and you'll be listening." None of them liked it, just like I didn't want Janey and Alison coming back tonight. well. I grabbed a sausage biscuit and headed out back as Henry looked at .

"You sure about this?" I shrugged.

Marnine smiled and kissed my cheek. "Try do what I do Daniel." She jumped over a 10 foot fence with out touching it. "Try love, I bet you can do it." I put the biscuit inside my shirt and jumped the fence like I always did. I'm not stupid. She smiled as I handed her the

"What's this?"

"A gift from Henry." She was quiet, thinking.

"Ella." I nodded.

"How is he?"

"Better. It's a sausage biscuit." She smelled it, smiled, opened it, and took a bite. She looked at me and spoke with a full mouth.

"This is wonderful Daniel." I nodded as she took another bite. " My God, it's amazing. Can we walk from here?" I nodded. "Please tell Henry thank you for ," I nodded again. I extended my arm. She looked at , shocked. Smiled, and put her arm through mine as people use do when they walked, before hand holding was acceptable. I still remembered. We walked in silence as Marnine ate her biscuit. The girls growled. She finished and kissed my cheek.

"Ladies, you can relax. I mean Daniel no harm. I tried that and it didn't work out so well for me. I am also not trying seduce him either because I couldn't, even if I wanted . He is in love with you, Chloe, and Sara. I am simply curious and have very few beings converse with so please stop. He'll be safe. I give you my word." That ended the angst so I guessed her word was important. I still didn't trust her but I was curious as well. We walked, and chatted about manner of things that were totally unrelated to anything we were going through, until we got back to Henry's. Chloe and Sara were waiting out back. Marnine jumped the fence as she had before.

"Try Daniel. I bet you can do it." I climbed it like had always done, hand over foot until I got to the top. She smiled. She looked at Chloe and Sara and kissed them both on the cheek and then looked at . "Gustav knows about Alison. It's a mistake for them come back, but sometimes things don't work out the way we plan. Isn't that right Daniel? I'll see you tomorrow and if Henry would indulge me with another biscuit I would be most appreciative. Please tell him thank you for me." She walked and kissed the cheek. She looked at , cocked her head the side and said, "You are an interesting man, Daniel. I will look forward our walks," and she was gone. It was still unnerving the way she just vanished.

Chloe and Sara both punched in the arm, and walked inside. Holy crap. I could hear Janey and Bet saying that they would have kneed in my balls, so much for reconnaissance. I went and told Henry what Marnine said. He nodded, but looked at .

"You sure you know what you're doing ? She a lot older than you."

"Is she Henry? I'm not so sure, but my guard is . I think she is just lonely. I don't doubt for a second that she has another agenda, but she is lonely for company, and it's got nothing do with sex. Well, it might at some point but I'm not interested because I am in love with
Chloe and Sara. She wanted know if she could get another biscuit tomorrow?' He smiled and nodded. "I would just make that as a standing order, like Sam." He laughed.

"Go to work. You have a family to support. I nodded. Chloe and Sara walked in and hugged . Chloe spoke for them.

"We're sorry that we you love. We got jealous. We're blaming it hormones, at which point they both laughed, kissed , and went back out front. Holy crap. I said goodbye Jake and Emily. They were coming over after breakfast. I pulled into the shop and everyone was waiting for . Jesus Christ, I created monsters. I handed Sam the bag.....even Maggie was there. I looked at her and shook my head. I would never eat in this family. I took two biscuits into the kitchen for Unc and Ellen and got a cup of coffee. Maggie walked in and said,

"Let's take a walk Daniel. Sam will be fine. We need to talk. She got a cup and took her biscuit, which she did share with , and we walked.
take me part 155
Posted:Jul 10, 2021 5:41 pm
Last Updated:Jul 11, 2021 11:28 pm

Chloe and I pulled up to Henry's and walked around back, arms wrapped around each other. Chloe had her head against my arm. I hadn't said anything to any of them but after meeting Marnine I wondered how much of that had do with me, and how much of it was Chloe being pregnant with a . I admit that I am an odd duck, but it made sense, Chloe made sense. As dark as it was, I was wondering if I killed Marnine here if she would disappear, and actually be dead. There was so much I didn't know that it worried . Hopefully it was an overactive imagination.

"What are thinking about Love?" Chloe asked, smiling.

" thinking about Charlie and Benjamin in Philadelphia. I'd like to use some of the we've gotten to help them get into private . pretty sure they both could scholarships. Mary can't it, even though she wants too. I grok her." Chloe looked and grabbed my cheeks as she kissed .

' fine it with love. I grok it too," as she touched her belly. Sara said she did too and why did we got to have all the fun.

" letting Jake sleep but we'll be there. Why is there blood on the sheets? washing them." Chloe said we'd tell her when she got here as we went into open. Chloe took care of the front as I cleaned up from last night. We needed to find other people to work here just like we needed some people to help the shop. Chloe and Sara heard .

"Let's talk with Mags and Bet. It'd be better to keep it in the family." It was an efficient way to communicate, unless you didn't want them to know something right away..... "Like me and Marnine, Daniel?"

"Shit!" They both laughed as Chloe walked into kitchen and hugged me.

"I've wondered the same thing love. It's why I want to know why she doesn't affect you like us. She kissed me and went front as I turned everything on, made coffee and cleaned up from last night. It was a 4:45 when Sara and Jake came in, followed by Henry who looked around and nodded.

"You've picked up your game since I first met you," he said looking and smiling. I flipped him and walked front as they all laughed. I picked a good family even if it was strange. Chloe told Sara what had happened as I sat and talked with Jake since we hadn't had much time lately, nor would we as things were getting busy. Emily was being pushed in her classes, which she loved. I wanted to talk with him to see if he'd rather be doing what Em was as he still a week to register.

"No dad, but thanks for asking. good in so not worried about that. I want the hand's on experience and I like working with you and Sam." I said OK and go have your Gramp's make you some breakfast. There was a knock on the front door. It was Christine, Bethany and Em. Em hugged as she ran into the kitchen. I hugged both of them as Bethany said,

"We both have crazy days. starting with Charles, but still have 's I have to deal with, and Chris is slammed, and then there's you," to which they both laughed. "Guess who's keeping Em?"

'Her Dad." They smiled, kissed me, and nodded. "She's fine. We'll teach her how to shoot, chew tobacco, and swig beer. Don't worry." They shook their as Christine yelled. Jake and Emily walked .

They both said, "We need kisses," as both them ran up. "Tell your dad no chewing tobacco, but the other two are OK." Bethany nodded. "We're both going to be late, but not too late. us both." She nodded. "Promise."

"Promise moms." They left and sure cried the cars. We all walked into the kitchen, as I felt Marnine. I sent Emily and Jake into the kitchen as I went front, followed by Chloe and Sara. I would have preferred they stayed inside, but that was of the barn. She didn't materialize, which I found interesting. I also didn't pass , or drop to my knees. I did get the headache.

"Who are you Daniel?" I could see her standing in front clear as .

"I have the exact same question for you Marnine. I don't appreciate holes in me."

"Neither do I. It seems obvious that I underestimated you, but I am curious who you are because of the things you can do. Can we a truce? I looked Chloe and Sara. They nodded. A truce now was better than fighting on two fronts.

"One condition, you leave my family alone, period, and that includes my extended family."

"Done, but I have a condition of my own." I nodded. "We walk on your path everyday, and . You are intriguing, and curious to . I've been here a long time and haven't met anyone like you. You confuse me and I haven't been confused in eons." I didn't trust her as far I could throw her, which was probably a fair distance if I was pissed but I said,

"Done," spit in my hand as she did the same. Sara jumped up and down, clapping. She said excellent and that she would meet me tomorrow and we could jump fences, and smiled, then vanished, as did the headache. That was something I had not expected. Chloe and Sara walked up and hugged me. I could feel everyone else listening, including Annie.

"You don't trust her, do you?"

"No, but I'll give her the benefit of the doubt, and it's obvious I had an impact. fine with a truce, and walking, and chatting. I have the feeling that she is lonely. If she is as old as you say then a curiosity, in existence, is a rare thing. neither , nor gullible." They both said that they weren't sure about and walked back inside, as everyone laughed. It was almost and I turned the open sign on and yelled that we were open. Em grabbed a booth with some coffee and started studying as Jake helped Sara. I stopped Chloe as she was joining them.

"What do you think?"

"I'd rather have a truce than no truce, especially until we work the rest of the shit on our plate, Love."

"Agreed. Please Annie and invite her ..." She smiled.

"Four women aren't enough for you Daniel?" I shook my head, smiling.

"You and Sara and more than enough sweets," Sara clapped. "I want to talk with her, but I'd like to meet her since she's your friend. Ask her if she knows a good private in Philadelphia that has a great art program, and a great math and science program. guessing there aren't many with both." She smiled and nodded.

"You're a big mush." Sara nodded. I went in the kitchen and started chopping.
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take me part 154
Posted:Jul 10, 2021 1:57 pm
Last Updated:Jul 5, 2022 3:31 am

Henry, David and Issa left first. Issa was getting close to having the . She kissed and then looked intently. "Be cautious Daniel, Marnine is not to be trifled with. Her and David said thanks and headed to the car. Henry hugged and looked too. I guess I was going to have to get use to that, as much as I hated it. I was still trying to figure Henry , and what he actually knew about all of this.

He smiled, "You sure threw everyone for a loop . It's good for them...keeps them on their toes, but be careful because Marnine can be bad news, least Ella and Claire were scared of her." He hugged Ellen and thanked her for dinner. He loved it because he was from Georgia.

Mags walked up as Sam herded cats with the help of Sara, who was laughing like the and having a great time. None of were actually sure if she was helping Sam, or the rugrats, but it was fun to watch. "We need to talk Daniel." I nodded. "I have questions. We all have questions. Ella was amused that you walked away from her but FYI, she's the one that has the most information." I smiled and nodded as she hugged. " attention Daniel, Marnine will be back. You angered her, but worse, you humiliated her." She kissed my cheek and yelled, ". Here. Now." They all came running, including Sara, who was still laughing. Sam looked and shook his head. He waved as they headed home. Sara jumped on and kissed me as Chloe, Christine and Bethany walked up.

"Bethany told me the news," she said smiling. "Congratulations, that's amazing, and unexpected." We all smiled and nodded. "Does Em know?" Chloe said,

"We didn't want to overstep our bounds but Sara spilled the beans in front Jake so we suspect she probably does but we haven't asked. It doesn't change how we feel about her at all, nor will it. We consider Emily our step and that will never change. We just have an odd family." Chloe was so great at encapsulating things in a matter of fact way. Christine smiled.

" assuming that Bethany and I fall into the family as well." We all nodded and hugged them. All things considered the went fairly smoothly. The space that Chloe, Sara, and I held was so clear, and pure, that it was hard to not accept. David didn't say anything but he needed time to process. Issa would bring him around if need be, and that was one less ball to juggle. I checked the gate as Bob came of his den to go rabbit hunting. He went through his hole and blended into the night. Nice skill, I thought to myself.

Bet and Javier walked up, as did Chloe and Sara. Both Bet and Javier were holding a tired . Sara was still miffed but she could never stay mad for long as it wasn't her nature. "Bet looked at all of us, " sorry I bit Daniel of the blue but I think it was important." The girls nodded.

" not sorry Bet. curious." feeling people I have never met, and hearing Annie. There are more of you than I thought. The girls looked each but didn't say anything thing since I could hear them. "We need to discuss Gustav tomorrow. I don't want any of you in danger. If you trust the people in Europe then let them take the lead and take your split. It'll throw him off even more. I want all of them hurting and then I want my friend knocking on their doors. What they are doing is sick and I want them brought down. Gustav doesn't know any of you. not even sure he knows who I am but pretty sure he'll find about Alison, but that's our problem."

Bet and Javier were quiet. "No Daniel, it's all of our problem because we're family and we take care of our own. It would have been nice if Marnine had kept her nose out of things, but in all fairness you are a curiosity. We'll check in with Europe when we put the to bed and talk with you tomorrow. Thanks for dinner, and the show."

Everyone went inside except because I need to check on Simon and Gustav. Simon was his storage unit figuring if he should take everything and never come back. He avoided his condo, which was wise because Gustav sent someone and he was watching it.. Chloe walked up.

"What do you want to do about Simon, sweets?" He's deciding whether to just leave the country but, either way, he's done with Gustav and if he goes back to his place then he's dead."

"Let him go Daniel. He just slapped me and you took care of that. He's scared. Let him run." I was glad because I felt the same way. Let's go home love. It's been a long for all of us." I nodded and told her I'd been in soon but I wanted to check on Gustav.

It was getting so much easier. He was waiting to hear from the investigator and was still trying to piece together how three separate operations were brought down within hours of each other, that made him uneasy. I figured that he dealt with a lot of bad people and he was now scrolling through all of them trying to figure who he had pissed off, which is what I wanted. I wanted him off guard, and when his started vanishing, along with his ' , that would put the fear of God of him, not that he believed in God, but he would be scared. I was hoping he would leave Alison alone since it would be moot at that point.

I walked inside and thanked Ellen for dinner. Em hugged all of us and said how excited she was to be an Aunt. Everyone nodded and smiled. Jake drove Sara home as I drove Chloe. "I'll tell you everything I know Daniel, which isn't a lot but maybe with Bet, Mags, and Annie...and hopefully Ella you'll get an idea, at least more than you are piecing together now. You scared all of us, but also impressed us. I know you impressed mom because I felt it. We'll talk tomorrow but we need to get up early because Henry is getting good at leaving things undone. We'll have to use the glass dildo another time," she said smiling. "Sorry love." I chuckled.

Even Jake was beat and didn't even get any ice cream. We all got ready for bed. I checked everything and pushed around the neighborhood. Nothing. I was curious what jammies Sara had decide on. Chloe got a kick of whatever she picked, just liked . I just liked watching them get dressed, which they both knew. It was squirrels and penguins. Chloe got squirrels because Sara loved, loved, loved penguins. We snuggled and they were asleep almost as soon as their heads touched my chest, and I wasn't too far behind.

I fell into a deep, but fitful sleep. There was too much information, or energy, and my subconscious couldn't process it so I drifted off. I had no idea what time it was but something shifted. I was still dreaming but it was lucid and Marnine was at the foot of the bed glaring at me. Thankfully, Sara had done what she always did and that is climb over me to snuggle with Chloe. It's very cute, and very sweet, but I was glad. I had done astral projection and lucid dream work in the past so I was curious to see what would happen. I had had some unpleasant experiences when I was in my 20's but got of them.

Marnine moved on top of , straddling like before except this wasn't about sex. It was about retribution and I could tell she was looking forward to it. She didn't speak but there was fury in her eyes. She smiled a cold smile and dug her thumb and first two fingers in the left side of my chest and squeezed, that hurt but it felt like she stuck a voltage wire into . I breathed so I wouldn't panic, and wake myself up. I wanted to see what I could do. I stilled myself, expanded and took the energy in and then moved it through. I also pulled energy upward from Gaia and pooled it in , waiting.

What she was doing was intense and I had had enough of her. I put my right hand in the thumb strike position, focused myself and rammed my fist, thumb first, deep into her diaphragm. She grunted as I released the energy I had just stored. It was intense but I held it as she shrieked and disappeared. I was dripping in sweat and was spent, and my chest hurt. I lied there, resting, and waiting. She didn't come back. I was curious what had happened to her because I expelled more energy that I wanted since I wasn't use to doing that anymore. I was going to have to start practicing that too.

It was almost 3am. I quietly got of bed and went into the bathroom. I took my shirt off and I had three puncture marks where Marnine had . I was amazed, and curious if what I had done had a similar affect. I was cleaning them with hydrogen peroxide when Chloe walked in and peed.

"You were suppose to wake mister." She wiped and stood up as she put the lid down and looked . "WHAT HAPPENED DANIEL!"

"Marnine. She did this in a dream, but I did something too and she went away." She looked at it and said Holy Fuck as she started cleaning it. She got a syringe and shot the H2O2 into the punctures, which hurt like hell, and then dried the wounds off before she put an ointment inside, and around the wounds and then put a bandage on it. She kissed it, and then me.

"I guess you made your point sweets, and it pissed her off. Tell me everything, which I did as we got ready. "You need to try and contact Ella today and see if she knows what happened. Marnine is powerful, but apparently so are you. curious if what you did had an impact." I nodded. She kissed as we went to get dressed. We both kissed Sara and walked as Jake was walking back into his room and waved. He was half asleep. I pushed , into the neighborhood to check. Nothing. Chloe and I headed to Henry's.

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