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take me part 153
Posted:Jul 9, 2021 8:29 pm
Last Updated:Jul 10, 2021 9:13 am

I pushed out as I was walking away and it didn't stop until I stopped it. Ella was still there, watching me before she left. I pushed toward Marnine to see if I could connect but I couldn't, lucky her. I grabbed two beers and went into the kitchen to help Ellen. I could feel the girls and no one knew what to say so they said nothing. I think they were waiting for Chloe. I handed Ellen a beer, washed my hands, and mouth, as I asked what she wanted me to do. She smiled and said the okra and hush puppies. I nodded. I went to the stereo and put in Lake Street Dive and turn it up. Uncle Billy, Sara and Emily came in about 15 minutes later. Sara hugged me as Unc put the okra and hush puppies in the oven.

"Em, you want to help me make the rest of dinner?. It won't take long and I have a feeling that everyone else will here, as she looked at me and smiled." Emily smiled and nodded. I finished the last batch as they all walked in, oblivious to what had happened earlier. Chloe was last carrying two bottles of Prosecco. She was smiling, but worried. Sara looked at her, and then at me, as did Issa, and they all walked out back. I figured Chloe and I were going to have a talk. She put the bottles on the counter.

"Mind if I steal him Ellen?" She smiled and shook her head no as Chloe took my hand and led me into the shop. She kissed me as deeply she ever had, and then bit me as hard as she ever had. "Don't ever do that again Daniel. I'm serious," as she opened the overhead door and walked front toward the corner. Everyone that could was listening. I followed her and took her hand. "You have no idea who she is."

"I can't promise you that Love because it's not up to me." She growled at me. "I can do that too sweets, but mine is scarier and only happens when someone is going to get hurt."

"I know Daniel. We all know. You took Marnine by surprise, that won't happen again. We'll tell you what we know, but not now. You also have no idea who Ella is. She was surprised that you turned your back on her and walked away, not many do that. We need to know how you were able to touch Marnine without experiencing what Sara did." I said, with a straight face,

"Because I'm me." Everyone laughed except Chloe, but she did smile and roll her eyes, before she punched me in the chest and said let's head back because dinner was almost ready. Dinner was great, of course, because Ellen is a good cook, even the enjoyed it. We all let go of what had happened, at least in the moment...all the angst was still there... listened to music, and enjoyed being a family. I didn't feel any threat. I didn't get much notice about either Ella or Marnine but I suspected neither would engage me again, at least that night. I was wrong.
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take me part 152
Posted:Jul 8, 2021 9:21 pm
Last Updated:May 23, 2022 4:1 am

This certainly wasn't going the way I thought it would, and I no
longer had a fucking clue what was going on, but everyone was looking
at me again. I walked to the back fence and hopped it like it wasn't
there and walked. I needed to walk and try to understand what had
happened. I already knew Gustav was bad but I didn't care because he
might be coming after Alison. People like that respect two
things....money and power, with him those equated force because he was
a sadist. I understood Javier's worry but we couldn't do anything to
these men except take their money, which I intended to do. We could
help the people
investigating them. I intended to do that too. I shook my head as
Sara walked up and took my hand. I could feel everyone worried about

"Whatcha' doin'?"

"I'm trying to figure out who Mary is, and why she walked up with Ella
and Claire." I could feel everyone, even people I had never met, on
pins and needles. "I had a dream about her but her name wasn't Mary,
but it was close. She was in the backyard of a home, my home, in the
yard with Nymphs. They were frolicking because they didn't think I
would see them when I walked out onto the deck, but I did. She looked
at me, jumped onto the deck from the first floor, and touched my
forehead. I woke up in bed with her naked and kneeling over me. She
put me inside of her and fucked me until I came. You, Chloe, Janey,
Maggie, and Bet were in the other room. She got off of me after I
came, took my hand, and we walked out, naked, past all of you as you
watched, and went onto the deck. It was a full moon. She kissed me and
jumped to the ground effortlessly. She looked back, smiled, and they
were gone. I woke up lying between you and Chloe." I looked at Sara
who was almost in shock, and I could feel nothing but silence.

"Why didn't you tell us about this Daniel?"

"Because it was a dream sweets, a weird dream but a dream."

Her name isn't Mary, Daniel....." Everyone was screaming at Sara to
stop. "She is one our oldest ancestors. Her name is Marnine. She was
one of the first of our lines in Scotland and Ireland. We are Celtic.
I remember my mom and Ella talk about her when I was young but I
didn't understand. I still don't." I could hear Chloe.


"No Chloe. I won't. She came into his consciousness, twice, and that
was for some reason. We have to understand why and help Daniel to
unlock it. Period. Keep it to yourself Bet! I'm still pissed because
you bit him."

"The headache happened again and I dropped only this time I didn't
pass out, but Sara dropped with me, and Marnine was standing there,
looking at us. Sara looked up, scared. Marnine touched her head and
Sara screamed, which made everyone crazy with rage, including me. I
instinctively dug my hands into the ground and pulled energy up from
Gaia. I don't know how, but I did. I was enraged. The bear was out,
and was hunting. I growled the lowest, guttural sound I had ever heard
and I pounced, breaking the contact with Sara.

I grabbed Marnine by the throat, picked her up and threw onto the
ground. I wasn't sure how she was able to materialize but she had, and
she was real, so I squeezed. She didn't know what to make of it but I
could hear Chloe, and Maggie screaming for Sara to stop me . She
crawled over and put her hand on my back and pushed into me.

"Sweets, you can't do this because you're not strong enough yet to
take what will come. Stop, Daniel." I eased the pressure on Marnine's
throat. She gasped in shock. Confused. I could she wanted to leave but
couldn't, I think because I was touching her. I pushed into her and
said that if she ever touched my family again that I would end her,
and then bit her so hard that I pulled off a chunk. She screamed as I
let go, and she was gone. I spat the chunk of flesh onto the path, and
wiped my mouth, spitting that last of her out of me. Sara stared at
me. They all stared at me, but no one said a word. I helped Sara up
and asked if she was OK. She nodded as we walked back to the shop.

I was thinking to myself that I didn't need this shit on top of all
the other shit that was happening, but you play the cards you're
dealt. It was quickly becoming my favorite line. Sara and I climbed
over the fence as everyone stared at us. Most of them didn't know what
to make of what had happened, at least I didn't think they did but, at
this point, they all could know and I was the only who didn't. Maggie
and Bet looked at us in shock, and disbelief. I could feel Chloe and
Janey. They were almost frantic. I needed to call them.

"Hey everyone, sorry for the drama. It's been a long week." Everyone
laughed because it was only Monday. "I'll be right back and we can
shake this off. Unc, put some music on please." I went inside and told
Ellen I'd be back to help her. She nodded, worried, as I walked out
front to call Janey and Chloe. I called Chloe first.

"How's Sara?"

"She's fine love. I broke the contact. I don't understand it but
Marnine is human when she's here." Chloe was quiet for a while.

"Daniel, you don't understand who she is...."

"No, Chloe, I don't and all of you need to fill me in. What I do know
is if she hurts my family then I'll hurt her. Period. I don't care who
she is to you, any of you. I care about my family.

"Did you really bite her?"

"Yeah, I wanted to make a point."

'Well sweets, I'd say you did that. Call Janey, she's worried. We'll
be there soon. I love you." I told her I loved her too and called
Janey. It went about the same. Everyone was very worried about this
woman. I was worried about me because I wanted to kill her. I turned
to go inside when I dropped to my knees but didn't pass out. I waited to see who would walk up. It was Ella. I stood because I was tired of always being on the ground. She looked at me and smiled.

"You actually bit her Daniel?"

"Goddamn right I did. She was hurting Sara. I was going to kill her. I didn't pass out Ella and I want to know what the hell is going on." She looked at me and smiled.

"I'll start telling you what I can..."

"No. You start telling me what you know. I'm tired of beating around the bush. I've got enough crap to deal with, I don't need more. If you can't, or won't, then connect me with someone who can, and will." I was done. I turned around and walked off as Chloe, Janey, Sara, Maggie and Bet gasped. I didn't care. I needed to deal with keeping Alison safe and I was tired of the bullshit.
Take me part 151
Posted:Jul 7, 2021 10:59 pm
Last Updated:May 23, 2022 4:1 am

I could feel the angst from Bet and Javier as they pulled up with
their . I called to Sara, who was walking under the overhead door.
Chloe. Janey. and Mags were focused. I chased the around the
parking lot until Sara saved them. They didn't even care if I was the
tickle monster. They'd take it. Sara played with them out front as we
headed to the backyard. I told them to grab some beer as I went in the
kitchen and looked in my CD's until I found what I wanted.

Music was enjoyable to me, but sometimes it was important, and
poignant. Tonight wasn't that because Gustav was focused on other
things. I had an old CD player that would hold five disks, I put three

1. Lily and Madeline
2. Greensky, Bluegrass
3. St. Paul and the Broken Bones..... Half City Album

Sara and the were crouched down waiting for Bob when I walked out, but I figured he
was asleep. Bet and Javier looked at me as Bet checked in. That was
new to me because they could do it before way before me, but I was just
learning. I knew Sam and Maggie were on their way, and Chloe and Janey
were listening, as was Sara. She looked at me and winked, because
she's Sara. We sat by a fire pit, with no fire, because it was 98 degrees. We all swigged our beers. Bet started.

"We opened a can a worm Jefe. I'm mean a major can of worms." I looked
at Javier and he nodded, and looked slightly worried. "We know
everything about Gustav., and Simon. Philip didn't trust either of
them. This would have gone to waste if wasn't for Ella, and Claire, but
it's hardcore, detailed, and scary as hell because he'll have people as
good as ours, maybe better, and these are bad guys, Daniel. We know
people in Europe who could take him down. We've worked together a few
times but when you do that, it's out of house, and it's iffy, but it's

"We're going to need to discuss this Homes, none of us want our
family's jeopardized."

"Agreed, but I want them done. Contact your people and see if they are interested..."

"They'll take the chance. They're young and, so far, it's 8 figures,
but we're still looking. Philip had everything documented. We can
bring down Simon too. I reached out to Chloe but she didn't say

I say we leave Simon but that's Chloe, and Ali's call." They
nodded.. "Can you get me copies of everything you have?" They nodded,
"I need that. I also need a phone that can't be traced when I call an
FBI agent." I waited for the shock, which came from all sides. I

They ALL said "EXCUSE ME!!!! WHAT THE FUCK!!!!," at the same time. It
was cute, and I knew I would be hit multiple times. I told them to
cool their jet and listen. "Contact your guys in Eastern Europe and
see if they want in. Tell them who we're dealing with and pick the low
hanging fruit before you send it to tehm. I'll leave Simon up to Chloe and Alison, and Janey."

"Why do you want to get the Feds involved?" I don't. I want to get an agent involved but I don't want him to it's me, until I do. They can deal with this and bring this down, and it'd look good for my friend, which would be good for us in the future. It's about relationships, right homes? . If we do this, we clean most everything out in the accounts, but not all. I'll contact him at the same time with all the records because it'll take him time, but the trail will still be there. The FBI is already investigating this." SILENCE!

Javier spoke for all of them, "You know someone in the FBI homes?" He looked at Bet.

"Chli. I know someone from before he went in the FBI. He wouldn't be opposed to what we are considering, but he also wouldn't be opposed to doing it if we could them down. He's on the fence. I've just learned to jump that fence more easily. You don't have to worry about it. Bet walked up, smiled, and bit me on me on my neck muscle, HARD, and wouldn't let go. I could feel the blood dripping down the back of my neck. Sara walked up growling. Bet looked at her and told it was fine. Chloe and Janey were livid because apparently that didn't happen, but Bet was Bet, just like Sara, was Sara, who was still growling as she moved toward me. Bet let go.

"You wanted to know what would happen if someone bit you. I didn't really bite the first time, Daniel, that was a peck on the cheek. You just responded." Chloe, Janey, and Sara were pissed, but I was curious. "Let's see what this does, love." Bet pushed out to everyone, as she moved away from Sara.. I pushed out too everyone too , but I think it went too far without my knowing it, and told them it was fine.

Sara was still growling at Bet as she walked up and kissed me, glaring at Bet and Javier, but I understood their hesitancy. I could hear Chloe, Janey, and Mags as clear as day...but i could hear Chloe's friend Annie, and numerous others I didn't know. I push out and the voices were too many. I passed out, hit the grass, and stopped breathing. Sara looked and Bet as Javier ran to his bike, just in case. Bet started CPR. I could feel everything. I felt bad for them but knew I would be OK. I turned away and sat, waiting. Ella, Claire, and another woman walked up. I had sensed her earlier, but thought it was my imagination. Bet was still doing being CPR. The woman walked up to me, knelt, kissed me on the lips, smiled, and placed her hand on my chest. The intensity I felt made me jump, and pushed Bet back at least five feet.

"I go by many names but you can call me Mary. I will speak with you again dear one. You are an intriguing man." Everyone growled. She smiled, waved her hand, and was gone. I looked at Ella and couldn't understand what she felt, so I smiled, opened my eyes and sat up, as I shook my head. Sara, Emily, and Jake gang hugged me as Mags, Chloe, and Janey were saying WTF. Bet and Javier were standing back. Bet felt bad, but Javier felt worried. There were so many voices commenting and I didn't know any of them, except for Annie's. I knew she was calling Chloe.

I stood up and walked toward Bet and Javier. I kissed Bet on the cheek. I wanted to bite it but I didn't. I walked up to Javier and hugged him, and didn't let go until he relaxed. Bet and Sara walked up, I stepped.back.

"Nothing has changed between us brother. You either believe that, or you don't. I'll deal with either." He looked at me, smiled, and kissed my cheek as we all hugged. I needed to keep this family close, and together. Chloe called.
Take part 150.. boring to most people, it's back story to come for me, but long.
Posted:Jul 7, 2021 8:15 pm
Last Updated:May 23, 2022 4:1 am

I hugged Javier and told him I'd see him later this evening, he
nodded. I was feeling anxious and wasn't quite sure why so I asked Sam
if I could take 20 minutes. He nodded. Billy was finishing cleaning
the rifle. I started walking and made it around the corner when Chloe
walked into the shop.

"Where'd he go Sam?"

"He took a walk but we're good. Chloe trotted after me. Chloe, Janey,
Sara and I were more connected than ever, and Maggie and Bet were becoming too.
I was starting grok it but there was a lot to unravel. She caught up to
as I was walking to the fence along the ditch. I felt her, turned and

"Whatcha doin' mister," as she hugged me.

"I'm not sure love. I feel anxious and I don't why. Walking helps and
it's quiet by the ditch.'

"Mind if come with you?" I looked at her like she was insane and kept
walking. She smiled and held my hand as walked to the fence. When we
got there she punched me in the chest and ran toward it. I waited like
last time and hit the 10 foot fence over halfway up, and vaulted over
the rest over the rest, looking up at Chloe and smiling.

"I'll meet you back at the shop." She growled and climbed down as I
laughed, putting up my hands. She shook her head and kissed me. After
what Sara had done to the door I was wondering if the girls were able
to do things as well and wanted to talk with Maggie about it when I
got the blinding headache again and dropped. Luckily my head fell on
my arm this time, at least body was starting to pay attention.

I hadn't checked in on Simon or Gustav in a while. I wasn't concerned
about Simon, but I saw both of them, and then Janey and Alison. They were
leaving the next day, and that's when Ella walked up and knelt down as I
sat up, wherever we were. I could feel Chloe. She wasn't scared, just

"Will I stopped falling Ella?" She nodded.

"It's takes time but you are doing better than I thought you would.
You have a reprieve with Gustav but he will be here. You all pushed him
back on his heels, but you angered him. He doesn't suspect you, yet,
but don't count on that lasting." I nodded because I was already
expecting that.

"When are you going to start sharing more with me about you and the girls?"

"When you stop falling Daniel. The energy here is vastly higher than
you are use too. You're doing fine , just have patience. I'm sure it's
frustrating. Tell Chloe I'll talk with her, and teach them how to jump
fences. Neither of them like losing to you, or anyone. I nodded, and
smiled, as she
drifted away. I opened my eyes and stood up.

"Mom?" I nodded and told her the rest as we walked.

"She said she'd talk with you soon and for me to teach you and Sara how to
jump fences, and I assume Janes, because you don't like losing." She
smiled and hugged me as we walked home. We had to jump a another
fence before we got back to the path behind the shop, but it was only 5
feet. I let Chloe win, and she knew it but smiled, and kissed me
anyway. We climbed over the fence into the backyard as Bob, Jake, and
Emily watched us. I thought I should put a gate in to make it easier,
and then shook my head.

Chloe and I hugged them both and checked in with how they were doing.
"Come back to the shop after your done Jake." He nodded. We went into
the kitchen and Ellen and Unc were
talking. Chloe looked at me and went to help Ellen as Uncle Billy
handed me my dad's rifle.

"Thanks for that Danny." I nodded. "Can we shoot it when we go to the
range. I nodded as we walked into the bedroom and put it back in it's case.

"Yeah, it's why I asked you to clean it. I knew you'd enjoy it and
give you something to do. I haven't fired it in a while and if we're
all going hunting this fall then I'll need to practice and get it
sighted in." I was opening the safe when Unc said,

"Ellen tell me that you, Chloe, and Sara have news." I stopped and
turned around. He was smiling. "Wow," was all he said.

"That's pretty much the consensus Unc, with everyone. Chloe wasn't
suppose to be able to get pregnant. Sara and I knew she would, at
some point, which we were fine with. We didn't expect them both to get
pregnant at the same time. It's kind of a surprise, but we're happy it
about and the shock is wearing off. Sorry for throwing all this at you at
once." He laughed as I continued with the safe.

"Danny, Ellen and I have watched y'all and you're happy... everyone is
happy. You found an interesting family but you fit in it and we
couldn't be happier. We had a great time yesterday and can't wait to
meet Janey and Alison, or for the 4th because all of Javier and Bet's
family will be there. Are they a gang?"

"No, not in the way you think of it, they are family but they skirt
the law sometimes. I skirt it too, sometimes. The have a code they
honor but they are family."

"There's no disputing that they're nice people. We had a blast and if
push ever came to shove in a situation, I'd rather have them on our
side." I smiled, and nodded. If he only knew. We walked into the
kitchen. Chloe and Ellen looked up smiling. Billy walked around the
counter and hugged Chloe saying congratulations. "May I?" Chloe
kissed his cheek and nodded as Uncle Billy put his hand on Chloe's
belly. Both Billy and Ellen LOVED and were tickled pink. I
wouldn't be surprised if they did move back to Denver. The phone rang and
I went out front. I wanted things to slow down so I could spend more
time with Sam and Jake but that didn't seem to be happening. It was

"Hey brother, I got Sara's done and my plant selection is the same, but
that back fence needs to be replaced...ASAP. You could blow on it and
topple it."

"I know Ben, it's top of the list. Janey and Alison are coming back in
a day or two, hopefully two. It's super glue and duck tape time at the
moment." He Laughed.

"I hear that, and I'll get Janey's done tomorrow morning. I've got
what I need. Thanks for that check, I know cash flow is hard for
every business but I have jobs I'm waiting on to pay and didn't want to use
the line of credit. Kim said to give you a kiss for it, but I'm still
not that." I laughed.

"I'm OK with that Ben, and don't worry about it. I do understand. Stop
by Henry's and have breakfast tomorrow, or grab a biscuit. You're family as far
as we're are concerned." I started walking inside to help and the phone
again. The cell phone is an amazing tool, but I still hated. It was

"Hey Papi," they both said laughing. "We're looking at coming back
tomorrow unless..."

"I need you to stay a day or two later." They clapped. "I need to
rebuild Sara's fence because we're all staying there until we get this
worked out. Gustav his dealing with his misfortune so he's not focused
on us yet, but I don't want you alone. We'll have to figure something
out. Spend a night in Aspen, but don't buy anything because it's so
overpriced." Silence. Jesus Christ, I created monsters. Call me
tomorrow when you get there, or stay another, or two there. How do
you like Redstone?"

"We LOVE it daniel. We got a room with a half bath, which is
convenient, but we both love it. You were right, and no we don't want
to go New Mexico, at least not now. We miss our family. You were right that
the food is great. Thank You love. We'll call you when we get to
Aspen. We love you all...tell them." I said I would.

I walked back inside to help Sam and Jake. I felt terrible, but life
was weird and I knew Sam understood. Sam and Jake finished the order
they were working, and Jake was proudly wearing his tool belt when
Sara pulled up. Chloe had already commented on it. Sara came running at
me, and launched, biting me on the neck, but not hard. She looked over
at Jake and smiled as she jumped down and walked up. Emily walked out
and hugged me as we watched.

"That's a pretty impressive tool belt mister. Mind if I try it on?"
He smiled and handed it to her. Sara clapped as she jumped up and
down. "Show me how to put it on Jake." Emily walked over and watched
as Sara looked over her shoulder and smiled. Sam and I shook our heads
as I went to help because I knew what was coming. Sara was going to
pretend to be a gunslinger and Emily would want to try it on. I told
Jake to take 15:00. Things weren't too bad, I just hated not helping
but that was my problem to solve. Jake was a big help and loved it, and he
was picking it up quickly. The rest of June wasn't terrible,
schedule-wise, but July was going to be intense and it would only get
tighter. We needed to look for other help. Sara won her gunfight, and
gave it to Emily as she blew me a kiss and went into the kitchen.

"Sam, I know things are getting gummed up, and it's only going to
worse in the short term, but I need to tear down Sara's back fence and
replace it so I won't be around much tomorrow. I'll be in early so leave me a
list...I mean that... and I'll deal with it before I leave." He nodded.

"You tearing out the cement?"

"No, I'm going to cut them off at ground level and then eyeball it.
I'll fill the gaps in between. It'll be fine for government work." He
smiled, and nodded as it was our catch phrase, and one I learned from my
grandfather. Unc came out and heard me.

"What's good enough for government work?" I told him. "You need
help?" I nodded and said that would be a huge help. "Done. We need to
load the genny in the back of the truck tomorrow." With both of us
working, we could probably get it finished.... and the phone rang. He
patted me on the back. "Don't worry about it , I'll help Sam. I
know my way around a wood shop." I smiled, and nodded because he did.
He was way more qualified to help Sam than I was, and that was just
with wood. Jake came back in beaming and waved. I was a lucky man.
Bethany was on the phone.

"Hey sweets."

"Hey back at you. Both Chris and me need to work a little late, can't
be helped. I called Sabrina and gave her your number and told her to
just show, that it be would fine. Was that cool?" I said yes. "I
figured, but wanted to let you know. She's SO excited, Daniel. I know
she doesn't have a lot of experience but give her a chance to show you
her renderings. I really think she'll be good for whatever you want.
We'll get there as soon as we can, love. Tell Emily that we love her."
I smiled.

"I'm betting Emily likes having two mom's as much as Jake." She was
quiet and I new she was tearing.

"I think she does, Daniel," she whispered. "I know I sure do. We'll
see you soon." Chloe came out and said goodbye to Jake, Sam, and Unc
and then kissed me.

"I'm heading back to Henry's to help with dinner. Monday's are usually
lite. I'll make sure Henry leave's the bulk for tomorrow morning, but
I'm coming in with you, and I'll be majorly pissed if you let me
sleep." I nodded. "She you soon sweets."

Sam had plenty of help so I grabbed a beer, gloves and a shovel, and
went out back. I kissed Ellen, and Sara and told Em about her moms.
She smiled, and nodded. I told Sara about Sabrina, and she clapped
because it would be a new friend. I took a couple of swigs and started planting
grasses and placing a few more rocks inside to make the den, 'cozy for bob so
he could feel safe," as Sara put it. I was finished with that part, and
finishing my beer when Sara walked out and hugged me from behind
without saying a
word. It's one of the reasons I asked Bethany if she knew an
architect. Nesting is not an unusual thing, even with humans, but it
was heightened with Chloe and Sara, and I could feel that, and we
didn't have much time to remodel something.

We walked over to Bob's den and she jumped up and down clapping
because she was so excited. "This is perfect, Love. He will feel so
safe in that, but it needs a roof." I nodded. He already felt
comfortable because he dug himself a hole in the dirt so he could be
cool in the heat we were having.

"Can you go get Jake and Em, and get gloves for all of you." She smiled
and kissed me as she ran inside. I unlocked the gate. I had metal stored
in the side yard and found a piece I thought would work. I could have taken it
over but I wanted them to help, and feel a part of it, especially
Sara. I needed my dad's welding stuff but I wanted Unc to show them how
to use it as well. I had some ideas for it but I was starting to regret telling
Unc I would sell dad's equipment. I would, if he wanted it, but I was
realizing there were things I want to keep. They all walked out.

"Everybody grab a corner. Sara, you I and are walking backwards." She
got serious and nodded. "Let me know if it gets too heavy. It's heavier
then I thought and it's better that we put it down instead of dropping
it on our feet." We got halfway to the den when Sara looked at me and
I stopped. "OK, new plan. Sara, I want you to lower your corner to the
ground, use your butt muscles." She nodded. "Jake, I want you to edge
into the middle and hold it and then Emily you can let go. I did the
same and lifted. Ladies, get in between us and both hold a side." They smiled
and nodded. Jake and I had the weight but they were helping. We placed
it on top of the den. It was too big but that's why I needed dad's welding
equipment. When I was finished it would look great. Jesus Christ, I
was as bad as Sara, and now Ellen who had come out to watch.

The girls hugged us. Jake and I closed the gate and walked toward the
shop as Bob walked in and looked at all of us. Emily ran into the
kitchen and grabbed a drumstick and tossed it to him. He picked it up
and walked to the den and stopped. Moment of truth. She sniffed and
looked it, and then back at us as he walked in. The girls went nuts as
Jake and I walked back inside.

Sam said, "Get the den finished?"

"Mostly, we need to cut some metal, but it's covered." I had placed the den
as close to the back fence as I could in case we did any kind of construction
work. I liked Bob, like everyone else, because I knew him before
everyone. I didn't like the girls giving him chicken but it's what he
eats, and I made sure they didn't spoil him. I also liked doing these
kind of projects. The phone rang.

"Daniel? It's Sabrina, Bethany's friend."

"Hey Sabrina, she called me. You're welcome to stop by whenever."

"I'm at the corner but wanted to call before I pulled in. I'll head
up." I walked into the shop. Sara knew and had three beers. Ellen and
Emily were on their own. We walked outside as she pulled up in an old
land rover. It was beat to hell, but I smiled because I knew I had
found my architect. Bethany was right. Sabrina got out smiling and
waved, which was Sara-speak for..."OMG, I have a new friend." She
walked up with the beer and they were best buddies by the time they
walked back toward me. I introduced myself.

"Nice truck Sabrina. I love them. I've wanted one but never went
there. I'm jealous." She smiled and tossed me the keys, smiling
because she knew we were alike.

"I'll hang with Sara and meet everyone. She's temperamental in
reverse, so go easy. Sara laughed as she looked at me.

"You mind if I show my and how to drive a stick?" She
shook her head no. " You mind hugs?" She shook her head again as Sara
walked up. I hugged her. "Sabrina, I already know I found my
architect. Enjoy your beer and hang out. I won't be too long. She
smiled as Sarah clapped. I knew she was, but it wouldn't have made a
difference because Sara would have made sure she was.

"Jake! Get Emily and get out here, now." They came running out. "This
is Sabrina. She's our new architect. Tell her thank you because she's
letting us use her rig so I can teach you goofballs the first steps in
driving a stick
shift." They did, smiling. "Jake, you're in the back." Emily beamed.

We were in the exact right place for this, being in CO, and did I love
these. Yeah, they
were a nightmare on gas, and maintenance, but the darn things could
drive through whatever life threw at them, and that's something we
were experiencing
that. I looked over at Sara and she shook her head know. I could hear
both Chloe, and Janey laugh. I flipped them both off.

I let Em go first as Jake stuck his head through the seats. I showed
her where the gears were, and about the clutch and gas, but it's not
something you can explain and I told them that. We were gone for about
40 minutes when we pulled in.They both did fine for their first time.
Em was driving, and honking as everyone came out. She stuck her head
out the window and yelled,

"Watch this." We practiced reverse too, and she was temperamental but
we found her sweet spot and it was like butter. Em put it in reverse,
without grinding gears and back up down the parking lot while Sara and
Sabrina laughed, hugged, and clapped. She put it in first and drove
back with a huge smile on her face as Christine and Bethany pulled in
behind them. She forgot to to turn of the engine and stalled it as she
jumped out and ran back to her moms as Jake and I chuckled. I took the
key out, rolled up the window, and put the brake on as Jake and I
walked over to Sabrina and Sara. He hugged both as Em walked up and
did the same. Learning to drive a stick is embarrassing, like parallel
parking, but once you how to do it, the sense of accomplishment is
wonderful. I gave Sabrina back her keys and said thanks. She kissed my
cheek and said you're welcome.

Bethany was right about Sabrina being fringe...not fringe to me, but
to the mainstream. I think Harry Potter referred to them as 'muggles,'
but no one in this family was a muggle. "You have time to walk around
with and give me an idea of what you're thinking?" Sara and I nodded.
I knew Chloe was linked.

She was a little taller than Sara but she had piercings, and tats. She
had a full sleeve on her right arm. I had a idea tattoo that I wanted
that was extensive as well, but never got around to it. I was
impressed that she was willing to be who she was, especially since
vital to her fledgling business. We were all comfortable, and knew it
was a done deal. If she didn't get that with me, then she certainly
did with Sara. I could feel Chloe smiling. Distance was becoming less
of an issue with us, even Janey.

"Did you show Sabrina Bob's den?" Sara beamed, and nodded.

"I did mister and she loved it because she's a super genius
architect." Sabrina laughed.

"I'd be fine with genius, but it is very well built. What are you going
to do with the metal?" I told her. "Can I make a suggestion?" I said
of course. Put a series of opening around the perimeter," She drew on
her pad. "That plate metal is strong enough for you to get close.
It'll let light in, and air, but also water, or rain. Put the opening
over the grasses. They don't need a lot of water, but they do need
some." Sara and I looked at each as Sara hugged her. Em. Bethany, and
Christine walked. up. Em introduced Sabina to Christine.

"Thank you so much letting them learn to drive a stick. I have been
wanting Em to learn for awhile." Sabrina nodded. "We can chat later
but we're going to help Ellen with dinner.

"So Daniel, I've looked around and the back is amazing, and I like
the rocks up front. Bethany told me about your situation with Sara and
Chloe...I think that's cool, and congrats." We nodded. "Are you
planning on keeping the shop here?"

"I have to Sabrina because I'm grandfathered in. My family and I can
live as long as we don't, rent it out, and there is an industrial
business here. However, I am looking around to see if there is a
reasonable place for sale close by. It hasn't reached us yet but this
is becoming a place people are looking at it."

"Have you thought about just selling and finding someplace else?"
Sara, and Chloe both beat me, even though Sabrina couldn't hear Chloe.

"No, Sabrina! We won't sell this. Daniel was raised here and our
will be raised here as well, and hopefully our grand . Sabrina
looked at her, and me, as she nodded. Chloe smiled because Sara was
stepping into her power.

"OK, 'nuff said on that. Give me an overview. Don't go to much into
the details because that'll come later. I want big picture....from
both of you." Sara said she's be right back and brought two beers,
one for me, and one for Sabrina.

'I'm waiting for some Prosecco, and smiled."

The building I called home was, had been, my dad's business. I spent
my childhood, and teenage years here. Where I live was just like the
shop. I got it turned into "live/work" before that was even a thing,
and grandfathered in for me and my family. Denver was changing,
rapidly, and I knew inside of 10-20 years this area would be zoned
mixed-use, so I wasn't concerned about what I was thinking. I just
hadn't discussed it with the girls, and Sara's house could be
remodeled. It's just easier, and quicker, with industrial buildings.

"So, Sabrina.... first of all consider yourself our architect, but
I/we want to see your book." She nodded. "If I can find a warehouse
that is close, and in good shape, and doesn't needed too much work,
that is my ideal situation for the business. We'll discuss that later
it's not relevant now except to say that we are expanding." Sara
chimed in and pointed at Sam.

"That's Sam and he is a super amazing carpenter and he's going to help
Daniel get the ideas out of his notebooks. You should read his
notebooks Sabrina. Unbelievable." Sabrina looked at me and smiled.

"I'm going to start looking around, and we aren't on a stringent time
line, but there are a lot of balls in the air at the moment.. So
overview, If we can't find a warehouse." She nodded as she took notes.
"Starting with the shop, we'll need to expand because business will
need to, and will shift as well so it won't be just a shop. There will
need to be space for warehouse orders, and working online as well. I'm
not there yet, but I'm thinking about it." She nodded. I walked over
to the wall where the chairs where.

"If we keep everything I want a shop over here for welding, and
blacksmithing. I'm figuring most of this, but that's ancillary right
now. My dad has a lot of tools, and equipment, but I'm getting rid of
a lot it. I grew up working with metal, and don't want to lose that.
Again, that's a side note." She nodded but I was feeling her brain
work, and I like it, and her."

"Ok, what about the living area? What are your thoughts on that?"

Sara chimed in and both Chloe and I felt each other. "I'm not sure what
Daniel's vision is, but we trust him. It needs to be two stories,
period. I want a backyard so you can't take too much away. I want
chickens, and I want gardens. We deal with those. You take some of the
patio and we can redo it." I checked in with Chloe and we were both
impressed. Sara walked us over to the side yard. "There isn't much
room here unless we figure out where to put the genny," I smiled. "
We need to be able to get a truck, and Bobcat to the back, just in
case because we don't have access from the back. I would like take
maybe 10-12 feet off the back so we can expand the kitchen and make an
eating area... that is a deal breaker." Chloe nodded.

"As far the upstairs goes, we have to have a large master suite along
the entire East side," Sara smiled, and stuck her tongue out at me,
because she thought that was North when we were planning Bob's den all
those years ago. "We also need at least another 3 bedrooms and 2
baths, and a large play room would be great.... that's as far as I've
gotten." Chloe and I looked at each other in awe as Sabrina looked at
me in the same way. The thing that people don't understand about Sara
is that even though she is innocent , and can be a space cadet, she is
way smarter than of us, and she pays attention. Sabrina looked at me.

"What she said." Sabrina smiled. This is going to more involved with the
building so you'll need shift gears. I'm on the fence with encroaching
on the side yard, but if we can figure out where to house the
generator, then expanding would more give us more space, which is
better in the long run." She nodded. "Most of the stuff back there is
there because it has nowhere else to go at the moment, but that might
be changing. What I am thinking, and this is to just build an
exoskeleton around what is already here and the close it in It gives a
crawl space for the mechanics and sound proofing, and we don't have to
demolish what I just spent six years building. It's the least invasive
thing to do. I'm not sure how they'd do it on the North side because
there's not as much room but it doesn't make sense to tear down what
is already there."

Sabrina looked at me, stunned...in silence... as her brain worked. "So
you're talking about leaving the bulk of the building intact and
building around it." She was quiet as she looked at it. We walked to
the North side as Sabrina looked at it, and thought. She was loving
this because I pushing her. "This side is the weak link Daniel and
Sara because you're right, there's not room. I know a crane guy, and
cement guy that could do, and more importantly, would want to because
of the challenge. I also know an engineer, if you'd be willing take
another risk." I looked at her and she nodded. "It's an interesting

"If we found another warehouse to move the bulk of the business then
we'd only need to the extend upstairs out maybe 15 feet for a
cantilevered deck to shade the shop, and focus on landscaping. Think
about this, and take notes, but we're a couple of months away, I think
unless, I find a great deal on a warehouse. We would like to see your
sketches, and
drawings, and I'd like to the engineer sometime soon. I can call him
now, if that's OK, both Chloe and Sara nodded. "That's fine Sabrina.
Sorry to ask but is he a personal partner as well as a business
partner? Both Sara and Chloe glared at me but I needed to know.

"He is Daniel but that won't be an issue." I knew it wouldn't because
she wanted this, and so would he, because this area was going to
change dramatically. This was going to be pricey, but it wasn't all
that complicated, and Sam and I could do most of the interior work. I
needed to start sourcing wood, and materials. Sara and Sabrina walked
in the back. Sara grabbed her another beer and walked to the fire pit.
It was still to warm for a fire. Sam walked out as we heard the bikes.

"Something I need to know?"

"Yeah, but it's not soon. I need a place for my family. We'll all talk
Sam, don't worry... you're family, and my partner. You need help."

"No, Jake is great. He's a super fast learner and is great with his
hands. We just need to clean up. I'd rather have him do it since I'm
his boss. I smiled and hugged him. He waved at Bet and Javier as he
went back inside. They looked at me intently. Life wasn't getting
Take me part 149
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I parked at Henry's and pushed toward Melissa. She was crying at the
kitchen table but they were happy tears. She was totally confused,
which I was sorry for. She had no idea who sent the money to her,
except that it came from CO. She also had no idea how law firms she
didn't even know about were asking if she wanted a job. It wasn't a
bad place to be, and I knew she was competent and would be fine. I smiled
and wished them well.

I called Bethany. She answered, which was a first when she was
working. "Hey you." I could feel the smile shining through the phone."

"Morning sweets.... have a nice weekend?" She laughed.

"OH MY GOD!!!! Can you fall in love with someone in three days?" I
told her yes. "I absolutely adore them, and Em is over the moon happy.
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!"

"Right place, right time love, but I need to talk with you. I wanted
to do it in person but there's too much going." She got serious
because she has known me for a long time.

"Everything OK Daniel?"

"Yeah, it's just something you and Charles need to know. Both Chloe
and Sara are pregnant." Silence. "Chloe wasn't suppose to be able to
get pregnant, but she did. I wanted you and Charles to know because
that's gong to shift things somewhat." Silence. "We're still fine with
Sam and Maggie, none of that has changed, but it'll change things for
Charles and you regarding me and the girls. We're also adopting a
...who I think you know. Not legally, but it means the same
to us." Silence.

"Wowzers. You keep me on my toes, mister. Congratulations! Tell Chloe
and Sara I am sending my best. I'll talk with Charles and we'll figure
things out. Welcome to Monday. You need to talk with Beth because she is
the most important person to talk to right now Daniel."

"I'm calling her next Bethany. Thanks and we're very happy about you
and Christine. Don't fuck it up." She laughed.

"I'll call you later in the week and we'll work a time to go over the
business but also y'all. Wow. It is pretty exciting. I'll call you
sweets." I called Beth and the response was about the same except she
had more wor"

"Don't let them go to the doctor until we finalize your insurance.
They don't really need to right now but I'll focus on that first so
that it's covered. I'll give you tiers to choose from and include Jake
in that as well. I'm not sure if it'll be one policy but I'm not sure
why not since it's obvious that man can get two women pregnant."

"Asshole." Beth howled. I'll work it out Daniel. You keep this up and
I get a boat. I'll call you. Congrats, and pass it along to Chloe and
Sara." I walked inside shaking my head, The girls smiled and waved as
I went into the kitchen.

"Grab a tray and take these out. It's getting busier. I know it's
better for Janes and Ali to be away, but Janes is huge help back here when
it's busy."

"I think they are coming back early Henry." He looked at me. "We get
the hand we're dealt. Gustav is own his heels and that is buying us
time. He has other worries at the moment, and will have more, soon."
Henry nodded. "We'll keep our family safe. Did Billy and Ellen stop
by?" He nodded.

"Yeah, they invited us for dinner. I'll talk with David and Issa when
they get here."

'Leave the bulk of closing Henry. I'll do it tomorrow morning. I'm not
sleeping much anyway after Bet. Her bite accelerated a lot of things.
I'm serious." He nodded. I took the tray out front. Sara and Chloe
both kissed a chee They didn't care who knew. Jake and Emily showed
up for lunch but went into the kitchen to ask Henry what he needed. He
smiled. Jake helped Henry on the grill and Em cleared tables and
rinsed dishes as I kept bringing out trays of food. Chloe and Sara
pushed that they adored Emily. I agreed. She was part of the family. It
seemed to be getting larger by the day.

I walked into the kitchen and told the to order something and sit
down. They both got burgers, fries and milkshakes. The funny thing
was, they would be hungry again in three hours.

I pushed Jake over and sat down. "Did your aunt and uncle invite you
for dinner?" She smiled and said, with food still in her mouth, that
they had and she called her mom and Bethany." I smiled because she didn't
feel weird about having burger left in her mouth. I kissed both of
them and went back to help Henry.

"What do you need?"

"Take that tray out and then Chloe and Sara can handle it because it's
slowing down. You can clear table and bring the dishes back and
replenish up front so it's done for dinner. Monday's
usually aren't that busy but who knows since we're closing on
Sunday's. I think Sara is sticking around to help." I covered all the
busing and cleaning while the girls did orders. Jake and Em walked up
asking us if they could help and we shook our heads. Sara and Chloe
told them go back to the shop and hugged them. They said goodbye to
Henry and walked out holding hands as we watched.

It was 1:30 when things were slow enough for me to leave. I finished
the last of the dishes as both Chloe and Sara gang hugged me and
kissed me.

"We miss you mister." I kissed them both and nodded. You know what
we're having tonight?" I shook my head. The girls walked out front and
I said goodbye to Henry and headed back to the shop. Billy and Ellen
were there raiding cabinets and the pantry. Emily had moved into the
shop to my desk and had her head phones on but she could flirt with
Jake, until I got there.

I pointed to the headphones and she took them off. "I love you Em, and
you're fine being back here, but no flirting with Jake while you are.
Understood?" She nodded. "He's already a teenage boy," she smiled,
"he doesn't need the distraction because of what he's doing." She
looked me deadly serious and nodded. I kissed her as she put her
headphones back on. I walked over to Jake and smacked him on the back of
the head, not hard but to get his attention.

"Stop flirting and pay attention Jake. I'm serious." He looked at me
he knew I was. ", you can easily lose a finger, or hand, if you don't pay
attention. I love having Emily here, and today is odd, but when you're
working that is your focus. Understood?" He nodded. "Em will be there
when you're finished.

He hugged me. "Sorry dad. I'll focus. Sam was telling me that too."

"Sam's the boss Jake. I'm just your Father. Got it. He smiled and
hugged both us. I kissed Emily again as I grabbed my paper work and
went out bac I put it on the counter in the kitchen and asked if
they needed anything. Ellen asked if I had a deep fryer. I looked at
her while was I thinking. I had all of my mom's stuff because my brothers
didn't want any of it. I went outside and opened the shed and looked
around until I found it. I never used it but I wasn't it throwing it
away. I brought the box in and set it on the counter, smiling. Unc was
impressed because he was more of a pack rat than me.

I looked at what she making and knew why she wanted the fryer. They
had gone to Frank the fish monger and got catfish. It still wasn't as
popular as it was in the South, but it was catching on and Frank
always stayed ahead of the curve, that why he was so busy. She had it
soaking in mil She was going to make hush puppies and fried okra,
which I was never keen on but Ellen was a good coo

"You get potato's?" She smiled and nodded. "I'll come in and help when
I'm done." I love mashed potato's. I grabbed a beer and walked out
back as Bob walked in and went into his den. I needed to finish it
tomorrow. Unc had watered the plants earlier. I pushed out to Gustav
and he was on the phone, screaming. I thought off balance was good
with him.

"Find out what the fuck happened and who did it. I want heads." He
slammed the phone down and poured more vodka. I called Bet.

"Hey Papi, how are you. I smiled."

'I'm good sweets. If you ever want to ditch that guy you're with let
me know." She laughed. I knew it was on speaker.

"First of all, I have enough , and second 'that guy' is listening."

"Oh, hi Javier. I was just kidding." We all laughed. "Seriously, I
just pushed into Gustav and he looking for who took down his places.
He has no clue but he wants heads. Are the guys in Commerce City and
Dallas clear? I don't want blow back on them, or us. We'll have to
deal with him soon enough.

"I'm sure they are homes but I'll call and check before we head over
just to make sure. Thanks for letting us know. We'll see you soon.
Can we bring anything?"

"I have no idea. Beer and ice? Ellen is a good cook but if the
don't like fish I have hot dogs so maybe some chips. They chuckled.

"You stepping into this Papi thing Daniel. It's nice. We'll see you
soon love." I cranked out the rest of the bills when the phone rang.
It was the driver for Home Depot and he was finishing up a job close to
Sam and wanted to know if he could stop by on his way home..

"Hold on," as I went jogging into the shop to tell Sam. He nodded.
"Yeah. They should be there in minutes or so. OK, sounds good, and
thanks." That was one less thing. I'll finish up but hold one. I need
to give you some cash for the guys. Em, you're welcome to stay here
and hang with us, or go with those lunkheads. It's your call sweetie."

"I'd like to see Maggie and the girls, and watch."

"Sounds good to me. You can come back with Sam and Maggie." They
nodded. "Pay attention Jake and help if needed." He smiled and
nodded. He was loving being included in things. I walked back into the

"Mind if I go in your room. I need to get some cash out of the safe."
They shook their heads.
I grabbed three fifties because i didn't know how many guys were
there. I figured better safe than sorry because they were doing us a
favor. I grabbed my dad's 30-30 and the cleaning kit as well. I was
better suited to the kitchen and Ellen and I hadn't had a lot of time to
tal They would both be happy and I wanted to shoot it when we went
to the range. I walked out and they looked at me, surprised.

"You want to clean this for me while I help Ellen." They both smiled.
"Jake and Emily are going with Sam. We need to clean the handguns
tomorrow with Jake, and probably Em, but today got away from me. I've
been wanting shoot this."

"Is that your dad's?" I nodded. "I remember when he got it and how
excited he was. We took down a fair amount of mule deer with it, and a
couple of pronghorn's." I smiled because I remembered us doing the
same. I missed them. "Yeah, Daniel, I'd like to clean it if you don't
mind." I checked it and handed it, and the kit, to him as we walked into
the shop. They were getting ready to leave. I handed Sam the cash and
hugged Emily and Jake.

"Don't worry Jake, we're cleaning the handguns tomorrow. You're not
being left out. Your Uncle knows this gun and he's cheap labor. Go
move a generator, and have fun with the rugrats." Chloe pulled up as
they were leaving.

"What's up?" She kissed uncle Billy as I told her. She smiled. I
grabbed some beer out of the fridge and opened one for Billy on the
side of the bench and told him to have fun. I put Credence on and
connected it to the shop as well. He yelled Thanks.

Chloe hugged Ellen and they started chatting. I got the potato's out
and the okra, and asparagus out and washed. Nothing needed to be done
so Chloe took Ellen outside, came back in, grabbed a chicken wing,
kissed me, and walked back out. I knew what she was going to do
because she didn't trust Sara not blurt things out. I suppose we were
going to tell everyone else tonight as well, even though most people
already knew. I was guessing Jake was going to tell Emily, and Bethany
was going to tell Christine. Two people can keep a secret when one of
them is dead, but we weren't killing any of these folks.

I watched out the doors as Ellen opened the wing and held it out. Bob
smelled it and looked at her, and Chloe, and walked up, cautiously. He
looked at Ellen again and gingerly took the wing from her hand and
trotted to his den. Chloe was filming it for Sara. Ellen clapped. It
would be nice if they moved back here but I didn't think that because the
business was in GA, as was half their family, but I did figure they
would come out here more often. I got to work cleaning veg.

I could feel Ellen through Chloe. She was stunned, but not surprised if
that makes sense. I looked out the door and Ellen was hugging her. The
conversation was getting animated. I was glad I gave Unc the rifle to
clean. Chloe was pretty wiley because Ellen would tell Billy and diffuse
any objection he might have, which was probably minimal. I had water on
to boil when Ellen and Chloe came in laughing. Ellen looked at me
shaking her head, and smiling. I shrugged. She hugged me and said
congratulations Dad. They shooed me out of the kitchen. I flipped the
record and went out back to check on people, and practice.

I pushed out to Claire, and then Ella. They both waved. We were all
trying to figure our ways through that. I think it drained all of us
for them to talk like that. I was hoping I would see them in dreams
more often because I had questions.

I pushed out to Simon. He was only stopping for gas, peeing, and food.
He was well into Iowa and didn't seem inclined to stop. I pushed into
Gustav again and almost threw up before I closed off the connection.
If I ever met him I was at least going to hurt him like he hurt these
women. I didn't take it any further than that.

I pushed out to Charlie and her family in Philadelphia. I wasn't going
to try and find Gustav's operation then, but I would. I wanted to wait
until Bet and Javier figured everything out. Charlie was drawing, like
she was last night. It took her out of her life. She didn't like
school, except for art, and music, but that sucked these days in
public school. Mary, her mom, had a decent job, and they lived in a
nice town home, but she didn't make enough to send Charlie, or
Benjamin, to private school. I pulled back and called Janey and
Alison.and knew what was coming.

"Hey Papi, guess what we're doing?"

"Spending money."

"No silly. We've already done that. We got a late check out and we're
heading to Redstone for a couple of days because it looks nice, but we
need to talk with you about something. We are coming home after that
and not going to New Mexico.... don't be mad Daniel. We miss you."

I smiled because I couldn't blame them. "O I'll let everyone know.
Try and get here before Friday and you can meet my aunt and uncle.
A lot has been going on and we all miss you just as bad." Silence.
I almost laughed because I could see them looking at each confused. I
could feel Chloe and Sara laugh.

"Seriously, Daniel?"

"I try not push rivers unless I have too loves. We'll work it out."
Alison spoke.

"Holy crap Daniel, we thought we were going to have to fight you on
this." Oh my God, what a relief."

"Sweets, none of us wanted you away from us, especially now. We know how
hard it's been. It was easier for what we're dealing with, but
it's for our family. and beside, Henry needs you helping him Janes."
They both laughed. "Loves, we'll work it out and keep you safe. I do
think you'll like Redstone Inn because it's funky but also up scale,
at least it was when I was there. I need to go Javier is almost here.
We all adore you, but pay attention."

Chloe smiled as I walked through. I was getting better at hearing
them. I still couldn't hear Bet or Maggie and no idea about Chloe's
friend Annie but I was still interested in what happened if they bit me
too. I was beginning to feel that i was an anomaly. Ella told me to
focus on what I was feeling. Chloe looked at me and nodded. Sara asked
what we were talking about. Chloe told her as I walked into the shop
and Unc was walking outside. Uncle Billy hugged him and said was
cleaning a rifle. Javier asked to see it as he looked at his saddle
bags. I nodded as I hugged him too. Chloe and Ellen and came out as I
grabbed two large canvas bags and walked inside, nonchalantly.

It didn't matter because I was nonexistent at that moment except to
Chloe and Javier. Billy handed him my dad's rifle and started telling
him about it. Unc told him we were going shooting and asked if he wanted to
come. He looked and Chloe and Ellen and they both nodded.

"Yeah Billy. I'd love to, just let me know and if you and Ellen come
back in the fall we can go hunting. You'll need to check into the
licenses but we have great hunting." Unc smiled and nodded as I put
the bags in the safe and walked back into the shop. They were all talking. I
hugged Chloe and told her I needed to make a call and that I'd be
bac She smiled and nodded. i knew she would listen. I didn't care
because I had no secrets from any of them. I walked and listened to
Ella because I was trusting my feelings. I called Bethany.

"Hey love. I need to say something. I was out of place but I spilled
the beans about you and Chloe and Sara. I'm sorry. I figured we are
all family and there are no secrets in a family. Please don't be mad"

"Have I ever been mad at you sweets?" Silence.


"I'm not mad, and it's one less thing for me, so thank you. How did
she take it?"

"She was quiet at first, thinking, but said it made a lot of sense
given her interactions with all of you, and that was that. She was
very excited about the babies so I'm pretty sure you'll have tons of
babysitters when the time comes. Are you sure you're OK Daniel?"

"It's fine Bethany and you're right, you are family. Most everyone
knows, or soon will. I'm guessing Jake will spill the beans to Emily.
We were going to tell everyone that didn't know, tonight. There aren't
many. It's fine. It would be very hard for me to be mad you."

"Good! What's up?"

"I need to find an architect, but not just any architect. one....."

"I know the perfect person. She's young and doesn't have a lot of jobs
yet. She has her own business, but works for a firm in Denver. Why?"

"I/we need to figure out where we are going to live as a family and
none of the places are big enough and we're not going to sell any of
them because they are family homes, and WAY better made than the crap
that's out there now." I could feel the girls tearing. This took
eavesdropping to a whole new level.

"I've been thinking about expanding the shop because we'll need to
hire new people in a year or so. I'm looking around the area to see if
I can find someplace for sale rather than expanding because it'd be
easier. I haven't discussed this, so it's tentative but I'd like our
family to be raised here. I'm grandfathered in and it's industrial and
residential as long as I don't rent it.. I need someone who can blend
metal, wood, and stone. There is plenty of space and I have some
ideas." I could her Sara clapping because she loved it here, and
missed Bob. Chloe and Janey were happy too.

"Let me call Sabrina. Can I fill her in on things?" I no longer cared
about secrets and told her yes. "Good. She'll understand because she
is fringe too. I'll let her know and give her your number. I'm so
excited. You'll love her. I'll see you in bit." I walked back and put
the girls out of my mind because they were already excited and chatting up
a storm. I walked up as Javier was leaving.

"Start practicing homes because we're going hunting this fall. Nice
rifle. We like your aunt and uncle," I smiled and said I know. It's
mutual. "She you soon." Chloe and Ellen picked up my slack and dealt with
the potato's, and okra. the asparagus would wait. Mags, Sam, the
girls, Emily and Jake showed up. As did Bethany and Christine. Bethany
pulled me aside.

"I overstepped my bounds again Daniel?" Chloe walked up and heard.

"You're family Bethany....that's not possible, and besides your one of
Daniel's oldest friends and know pretty much everything about him." I
pointed to Chloe.

"I invited Sabrina because she lives close to here, and she was so
excited to see the place she was almost jumping out of her skin..." My
phone rang, and Chloe's phone rang. I was talking with Sara, and Chloe
was talking with Janey. We listened, nodded, and smiled as we shook
our heads at each other.



Chloe spoke. "It's unanimous. Sabrina is more than welcome so let her
know. Hold on. Ellen, is there enough for one more person?" She
laughed. "There's your answer."
take me part 148
Posted:Jul 5, 2021 5:21 pm
Last Updated:Jul 10, 2021 3:17 pm

Sara and Jake were helping the early morning regulars. I walked up to
Jake and said I needed the keys to the truck. He smiled and handed
them to me, relieved. I grabbed my tool bag out of the back and walked
into the kitchen as Chloe and Henry looked at me.

"Sara's stronger than she knows." They nodded. I fixed the screen
door, luckily it was just one hinge. It didn't take very long and the
squeak was still there. I smiled because I'm odd. I put the tools back
and tossed Jake the keys as I walked back into the kitchen again. I
took over for Chloe and finished chopping and slicing as she went out

"Can I get 10 sausage biscuits Henry?" He nodded and slapped his
spatula on the grill. "How are you with all of this Henry?" I didn't
want anything to linger. He turned and looked me, and smiled.

", I couldn't be happier, and Ella is ecstatic. I'm not so old that
I can't accept what is obvious. It took me awhile because they are my
daughters, but I understand that the three of you are.... unique. I
think we all are realizing that. Billy and Ellen might be shocked
because they haven't had much time yet, but they see the same thing I
see. I'll never pass up being a grandpa and I know you'll take care of
them. I was impressed at how quickly Jake accepted it but I think he
did that before any of us because he loves having a father." I
"Now get back to work, those onions are going to chop themselves."

I finished up and put everything in the cooler, washed my hands and
went out front. I grabbed the dirty dishes and brought them back to
rinse. Henry handed me the bag of biscuits. I hugged him and said I'd
be back to help with lunch. He nodded. I went out front and said
goodbye to Sara and Chloe. Sara looked at my forehead, kissed her
finger and touched it and them kissed me. How could anyone not love these two?

"Let's go Jake, you need to pick up Em." He smiled as he said goodbye
to Sara. Chloe walked out with us. I handed him two biscuits for
Christine and Bethany. "Yours will be at the shop. I'll see there
kiddo." He smiled and hugged both of us as we watched him drive off.

"How's Henry?"

"He's fine sweets. Happy because he's going to be a gramps again. I
think Janes and Ali are going to come back early. I hope I'm wrong but
we need to plan on that. I'm not exactly sure how that will work
because I don't them being alone. We may have to move to Sara's until
we deal with all of this." She nodded but was concerned.

"We'll work it out love."

"I'm pretty sure Ben is going to Sara's today and will stop by the
shop before he does. I'll make sure he gets it done. He should have
Janey's and Henry's done by the end of the week." She nodded and
kissed me.

"Have I told you that I love, mister?" I nodded as she kissed me again.
"We're having a baby." I kissed her as I got into the car.

"By the way, love. I don't do diapers." She smiled as she flipped me
off and walked back inside. I pushed out to Gustav because he was the
only threat now. His guy wouldn't find anything at Philip's unless I
had missed something, which was possible but I didn't think likely
with Ella and Claire helping me. I figured he'd find out about Alison
but I wasn't sure if he'd link to our addresses but there wasn't much
I could do about it except plan that he would.

Gustav was on his heels and worried because everything in all three
locations was in the hands of investigators. I'm sure there were a lot
of powerful men shitting pickles right now. Gustav was going to be
busy so that bought us time. It was a crap shoot if he would assume we
had anything to do with it. Nothing tied us to it but Alison was his
link to Denver, and we were protecting her. After watching what
happened I wasn't that concerned because we all made a good team, and
Bet and Javier's crew were top notch, but I wasn't going to take any
chances. I made a note to see if I could get info about the operation
in Philadelphia, and I needed to check back in on Charlie.

I pulled into the shop as Jake and Emily pulled up. She smiled, ran
and jumped on me like Sara does and kissed my cheek. She was SO happy.
"Guess what Dad?" I liked how that sounded. Jake walked up smiling.

"You're happy." She nodded.

"I'm pretty sure I'm going to have two moms like Jake." I put her down
and kissed her forehead and told her I was glad. I took a biscuit out of
the bag and handed the bag to Jake.

'Go say hi to your aunt and uncle. I'll there in a few minutes." They
nodded. "Hey Sam." I handed him a sausage biscuit as he smiled.

"Thanks. Mags is making me eat cereal before I leave. Yesterday was
great. We all had a great time, mostly," as he looked at me. "I'm just
going to leave the grill at Chloe's and we can take it on the 4th." I
nodded. "What happened?"

"I forgot to bounce." He chuckled as he ate his biscuit. "I'm seeing
Ella and Claire more often
and I'm not use to the energy shift so I pass out sometimes, usually
on hard surfaces. Chloe said I needed stitches but scars add
character." He laughed. "I'll be back in a few with Jake." He nodded.
"You want coffee?" He shook his head and pointed to his mug.

Billy, Ellen, Emily and Jake were in the backyard enjoying their
biscuits. I should have gotten 11 but I could grab something when I
went back to Henry's to help with lunch. Since Chloe and Sara started working there
business had increased. I kissed Ellen's head and patted Unc's shoulder. It certainly wasn't me.

"When the hell are you two leaving?" Everyone one laughed. "Chloe
said she would be happy if you never left. I said she didn't know you
yet," as I looked at Uncle Billy, Ellen chuckled. Unc and I gave each
other grief but I'd be OK if they moved back too. I doubt they would
but maybe once they found out about Sara and Chloe. I know Jake and Em
would love it.

"Kidding aside, when are you heading out to see Bill and the ? I
wanted to take you around to the storage units and thought Jake would
like to come, Emily too if she's interested." Ellen chimed in, "If
she's not then us girls can have an afternoon." Emily beamed, as did

"We were going to talk with you about that. We've shifted our plans a
little since we're staying through the Fourth. Can we still use the
car?" I nodded. "It's still up in the air but we're looking at
giving Sarah and the girls the tickets and renting an RV and camping
at places in Utah and the Four Corners." I said they'd have a great
time but it'd be hot. "We're looking at heading out on Friday and
getting back a few days before the 4th. Sarah and the girls would fly into SLC
and out of DIA." I nodded. "We're pretty sure that Steph and Ally are coming
out the 4th but the boys aren't...too much work and they have family's."

"Sounds good to me Unc. We'll play musical homes but it'll work. Too
bad Bill and the can't make it." They nodded. I kissed Emily and Jake
and told them to finish up and get to work and headed out back to help
Sam. I grabbed the bag of biscuits because I knew Bet, Javier, and Ben
would show up soon, and grabbed some coffee.

I was still in limbo with my plans for expanding because of all the
recent developments. We had plenty of business so I wasn't concerned
about it but I wanted to get it started during the summer while Jake
was here, but it was slipping away from me. I needed more hours. Jake
came out back while Emily got online to do her classes. Sam was showing
Jake what to do and Jake was picking up my slack for me as I did paperwork
and looked at the schedule of work coming up. July was going to busy,
and that didn't include the unexpected deaths which we always accommodated.
Losing someone was devastating enough. It didn't matter how long we had to work.
It's one of the reasons business was good, and consistent. Ben pulled up. I
grabbed a biscuit and walked to his truck. He smiled because everyone
loved Henry's sausage biscuits.

"How are the ?" I handed him the biscuit.

"Better. Thanks, I love these. Kim stayed home from work to be with them because
being sick sucks." I nodded. "Can I get the key to Sara's place, and Janey's?
I'm heading to Sara's after this and will do Janey's place tomorrow.
I'll have time later in the week to look at Henry's. Are you OK with
the setup?" I nodded and told him I'm figuring it out.

"You still going to put better locks in and the security film on the
windows?" He nodded.

"Yeah, it's commonsense and easy. I'll put the lights up too because
it won't take me long." I nodded. He handed me an invoice for the shop
and Chloe's. "Can you cut me a check for that one now? Cash flow." I

"Come on in." He said hi to Sam as Billy and Ellen walked in. They
were taking a drive and picking stuff up for later. They were making
something for dinner for us. I introduced them to Ben. They walked
over to the setup and Ben walked uncle Billy through it in more detail
than I did. I handed Ben a check and waved to all of them as Bet and
Javier rode up. Billy and Ellen stopped and chatted before driving
away. I guessed they would be here for dinner as well. I was tickled by
how they were becoming fast friends.. I had tried slowing time down but it
wasn't working. I took the last two biscuits out and asked if they
wanted coffee. They nodded. We walked in and they hugged Jake and Sam
and followed me into the kitchen. They both kissed Emily on the head
and said hi as we went out back. They looked at me as they ate their
biscuits. Bet spoke first.

"Thanks, we love these." I nodded. " We need to have a family meeting
jefe. Our computer guy is getting the microfiche downloaded, somehow.
It's above our pay grade but we've seen some of it already. Some of it
is lists of accounts, and some of it is names. We haven't seen all of
it yet but he said it should be done today. Our impulse is to clean out
the accounts, if we can, while they are still active." I agreed and
told them to do it.

"There were hundreds of names on part of the sheets as well with very
detailed information. Our guys are looking into them. We don't have
access to the Dvd's, obviously, but the cops do. It seems obvious that the
guys on the microfiche are, or were, . We want to take them all
down financially, but we need to bring more people in and it'll cost
but these people are powerful, and rich. Once we're done it won't be a
problem." Javier finished chewing.

"You good with us doing that homes? We'll split it up when it's all
done." I nodded. "We figured but we wanted to check in first but
there's more. We haven't gone through everything we got at Philip's,
but he was cautious. We found the drives that Simon wanted behind the
baseboard. We don't know what's on them yet but we're working on it.
What they found under the fridge is why we need to have a family
meeting. Philip documented everything he knew, which was substantial,
and detailed. The guys grabbed dozens of notebooks. There was also
cash and gold coins as well as a few of passports and visas. We know
someone who will pay top dollar for those but we were going to give
them to him if that's OK. We've worked him for years and have
cultivated a relationship of trust. We'd rather have the favor instead
of the money."

"Agreed. You never know what'll happen, and friends are more important
than cash."

"Exactly, homes. You speaking for the girls about this?" Bet stepped in.

"They've been listening and are fine sweets." I nodded "We should
have everything done by tomorrow. We'll stop by Henry's early tomorrow
with the . They've been wanting pancakes and we can talk." I nodded.

"Simon lost out because there was a lot in the safes in Scottsbluff.
Bet and I wondering if all the places had that much, or if they put in one
location and we lucked out before it was moved. It was a good haul.
You got room in your safe?" I nodded. "I'll swing by later and drop a
couple of bags. We're accounting for everything but you're in the
loop. Our guys are honest because we take care of them." I nodded because
I trusted them. They're family.

Bet said, "One last thing, and most importantly. Thank y'all for
including our crew and families yesterday. They LOVED it, especially
the women and . It's not often they hang with people other than
us, so that was huge." I could feel Chloe and Sara tearing. "Not
everyone was there but everyone will be there on the 4th, if that's
OK?" Bet and I laughed at the same time. "Never mind. The girls just
said yes, including Janes. We'll see you tomorrow to discuss
everything and later this evening for dinner. Billy and Ellen invited us and the
." Sara clapped.

We hugged and I walked them out front. They kissed Em and hugged
Jake and Sam. I was running out of time and buckled down on the
paperwork and stopped at 11:00. I went in to see how Emily was doing.
She smiled and hugged me.

"I'm good dad. It's a lot but I like learning. I have the time, and
I get to be here so I'm not alone at mom's." I scruffed her head as she

"Go to Henry's with Jake when you reach a stopping point and
have lunch." She nodded. I kissed her cheek. "Love you sweets."

"Love you too dad." It was amazing to me how quickly both her and
Jake accepted me as their father. It hurt my heart thinking about how
long they didn't have that. They didn't care that I didn't look like
either of them, just like they didn't care how each other looked. Hopefully
their generation would save this planet. I said bye to Jake and Sam.

"Take your girlfriend to Henry's for lunch Jake." He smiled and
nodded. "You want anything Sam?"

"Mags is stopping by and Bill and Ellen invited us for dinner, and I'm
guessing Ellen is a pretty good cook." I smiled, and nodded.

"I'll be back after lunch. Get back to work, slackers." I checked in on Janey and Alison and they were having brunch in bathing suits and sarongs. They were going to spend every last penny of that $4000, but I didn't care. Janey pushed into me and said they loved me.

I checked in with Simon and he was going as fast as he could to get back to Chicago. He was making calls with people to grab stuff out of his place because he didn't want to go back there. He didn't have much there except clothes and the stuff to making living enjoyable. Everything he needed was in a storage unit outside of town. I knew where it was but he paid his price for hitting Chloe. He was a prick but his brother was dead. He had a broken nose. He was probably running from the cops, and certainly running from Gustav. If he made it through that alive then I figured he should have what he had. I wasn't vindictive.

I pushed toward Gustav. He was having brunch with the woman from yesterday. I had the sense they were partners but they were both freaking out because they had no clue what was going on, which is exactly what I wanted. They were both livid, and scared, because they didn't know their exposure in this. You can rarely cover your tracks 100% and they were in that place of wondering, and that made me smile because it couldn't happen to worse people.

I drove to Henry's to help with lunch.
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take me part 147
Posted:Jul 4, 2021 11:04 pm
Last Updated:May 23, 2022 4:1 am

I smiled as they walked out front because I was understanding that
with Emily, and would be experiencing it times two, maybe times three at
some point. It was mind blowing what was happening to me, to all of
us, but life is. I looked at my phone and it was 5:00. I was amazed.
Henry and Chloe came back in as Sara and Jake walked in. Sara ran at

"Guess what dad? We're having babies." You can't fault Sara for pretty much anything because she is genuine, open, and loving. It's why fell in love with her, but the woman has absolutely no filters. Henry took her out front to talk as Chloe and I looked at each other stunned, and then at Jake....who looked at both of us. Holy Crap.

"Mom?" She went and hugged him and took him outside and told him
everything. It was a shock to all of us, but I couldn't imagine the
shock it would be Jake. They walked back in and looked at me as I put
Henry's spatula down and waited. He ran to me and hugged me, which I
wasn't expecting. It didn't bother him that both his moms were
pregnant, just that he was going to have sisters. I looked up and Ella
was standing outside the door. I looked at Chloe and then back to the
door. She did the same but looked at me confused as Sara and Henry
walked back in. Jake hugged Sara, and they went out front. I was confused
because Ella was still there, looking at me. Henry looked at me

"I need to take a walk, alone. I'll be back soon, and walked out the
back door as Chloe and Henry stared at each other. I followed her,
jumped the fence, and kept walking. I called it a path but it really
wasn't unless you broke the law and jumped the fence, which I had been
doing since I was a , and which most locals did. It wasn't open to
the public even though locals considered it ours, as we should even
though few people used it

Ella stopped and looked at me. I got a blinding headache and passed
out. Ella and Claire walked up and knelt down, which I thought was
nice. I was still unconscious but I sat up and looked at them shaking
my head.

"I'm tired of falling." They smiled.

"Hi Daniel. I'm Claire. I'm Sara's mom, and your 's grandma."
I was speechless. Ella has been helping me but I wanted to say hi.
Tell Sara I love her and I am SO happy." I looked at her confused as
she stepped away and Ella spoke.

"You need to fix this Daniel. He won't stop, and they will come back,
especially because of Chloe and Sara. You don't understand what this
means. Tell Chloe I will speak with her, but you are still in peril.
You're doing fine but focus on what you are feeling, and learning. We
have to leave but we are both glad you are there," and they faded
away as things moved to black.

Chloe was on the fence as she was reaching out to Sara who grabbed the med kit and hit the screen door so hard it came off a hinge. Jake was bolting after her. He passed her at the fence and was over when she pushed to him. He turned as the med kit flew over and Sara bolted over the fence too and they both ran. Chloe reached me after Ella and
Claire had just left. I wasn't sure where I was but I knew she was
worried. Jake came running up and slide into us, handing his mom the
med kit. Sara was right behind him.

I was fine, but they didn't know that. I pushed toward Ella and
Claire, but it had closed. I pushed out to Gustav. He was livid because
three of his operations had state, and federal authorities all over
them, and were done. Everything in Commerce City, and Dallas was
compromised. He lost all of it. The depth of his depravity was so
blatant that if he was in front of me I would have killed him,
regardless. Ella was right, he wouldn't stop. I wanted to stay in that
space and practice but I could feel the worry. I opened my eyes and
sat up. They all looked at me, but Jake was the most worried. I hugged him and
said I was fine. It happens, and I am getting use to it. I'm fine.

"Dad, you have a gash on your head, and it's bleeding." I reached up
and came back with blood. Chloe looked at Sara who moved next to Jake
and moved him aside. I had a good family.

"Jake, Daniel is fine. He has a hard head....it's his blessing, and
curse," I laughed. "He'll be fine. Anything on the head bleeds like a
stuck pig. She was cleaning the wound and looking at me.

"Come here Jake." He plowed into me. "I'm fine , really. Chloe
knows how to help. You and Sara go help gramps, OK? I'm fine."
Sara said she'd race him to the fence and they took off. Sara pushed
back that she loved us as she raced Jake.

"Good thing you are hard headed mister. You need to stop falling on
hard surfaces. You need stitches, Daniel." I looked at her shaking my

"Is there saline in that kit, and butterfly's?" She nodded. "Fix it
love." Chloe cleaned the wound, put antiseptic ointment on. She
showed me where to hold it closed as she butterfly bandages on it and
coated it with Betadine. There was a suture kit but I didn't want her
to do that because it wasn't the bad, although I did have a massive
headache. She looked at me shaking her head as we walked backed. I
told her what happened, and Sara was listening. She beat me over the
fence and we walked back into Henry's. Sara came flying out of the
door and launched herself onto me, and bit my neck. She was upset.

"You spoke to my mom?" Chloe was watching, and waiting.

"Your mom spoke to me Love. She said to tell you that she loves you,
and she is happy for all of us." Sara started crying but still clapped.
I looked at Chloe. Sara kissed me and went out front. Chloe and I had
locked eyes. I exhaled.

"Claire is learning to communicate and it's easier for her to do it with
me, but she needs Ella. They are learning just like we are but they
can do more. Ella said she would talk with you." Chloe smiled. I
didn't tell her the rest because it was enough for a morning that
hadn't reached 7:00 am. I grabbed her face, kissed her, and told I
loved her, and went out front.
Take me part 146
Posted:Jul 4, 2021 6:58 pm
Last Updated:May 23, 2022 4:1 am

I got to Henry's at 2:45. He was sound a sleep and it was warm because
of the heat wave we were having. I jumped the fence. I landed on it
higher than before and bolted over with an ease that was surprising. I
had begun to notice that my reflexes were getting quicker, more
responsive, just like my intuition. These were abilities I had prior
to Bet biting me, but they were becoming more pronounced. I walked. I
could sense the critters that were out. I had always been in tune with
them. I knew there was a small group of coyotes and 300 yards to my
right, watching me. I was trying to wrap my mind around all of this,
which would have been plenty, but there were a few other things going
on aside from the changes in me. I enjoyed the evening and just
walked in the silence.

Janey and Alison were sound asleep. They were deeply in love and it
felt right that they would get married. I knew Janes was going to ask
me to get her pregnant at some point. The things I saw seemed to be
expanding exponentially. Janey and Alison had bonded. They were mates,
but they wanted a baby at some point. I wasn't sure how that would
play with me, or anyone else, but it was a ways off. Still, it
surprised me that I knew. I was curious if any of this came to pass, but so far everything had, which was highly disconcerting, and worrisome because complacency meant problems, and
that affected the people I loved.

Chloe, Sara, and Jake were all sleeping soundly, which made me smile.
I didn't sleep well to begin with and that, too, had been accentuated.
I would gladly be tired for them to not be. I checked on Emily and her
mom, and Christine and Bethany were making love, so I left, but smiled
because they made a nice couple. I couldn't wait to see Bethany and
smile at her without saying a word to hear her say...... "What?" It
would also make telling Christine about me, Chloe, and Sara easier. We also
needed to tell them, and Henry, and Billy and Ellen about the pregnancies. OY!

I pushed to Melissa and her girls. They too were sound asleep and I
could tell that Melissa was having the best sleep she had in months. I
knew that Bethany and Charles had put balls in motion for her and that
she would be contacted about a new job tomorrow, or Tuesday. I wasn't
sure why I was involved in that but I didn't care because it me smile
seeing her sleeping in peace, and being able to buy her some time.

I pushed to Simon and he was walking out of his hotel, still frantic. It
was going to be a long day. I was wondering how thorough he was in
covering his tracks in Scottsbluff. Simon was a prick, like Philip,
but my only issue with him was he slapped Chloe but he paid for that.
He was a shit, for sure. I had no idea what was going to happen to him.
People like him seem to skate by things but I knew he was worried.

I pushed toward the woman I saw with Gustav. I left her info at home,
but I knew her. She was in bed, asleep, with two young men. I didn't
care but pushed deeper, and dropped to my knees, and retched. I knew
why I disliked her when I first saw her and why her and Gustav were
connected. I would need to speak with Javier and Bet. I wasn't sure
why but there more, and more, people that needed to be dealt with. I
stood up and walked back to Henry's.

It was 3:30 when I jumped the fence and unlocked Henry's. I left the
door open because there was no threat. I plugged my phone into the
sound system and put on Dylan as I opened. I never minded being
alone, working alone. It was peaceful, almost soothing to my nervous
system. I missed my family terribly, but I was able to be with them
whenever I wanted and that was a blessing. I started the griddle, put
water on to boil, low, made coffee, and went out front.

I checked the bathrooms, because that was my thing. The girls laughed
at me which I always thought was strange. I took the chairs off the
tables and setting all of them when Henry walked.

"WHAT, are you doing here?"

"Couldn't sleep Henry, and the girls were beat. I've got this so go
sleep a couple of more hours." He looked at me, pushed his hand at
me, and walked into his kitchen. I smiled. I finished out front and
went to chop and slice. Henry had home fries on, and bacon. He didn't cook it until done but enough so all he needed to do was warm it for meals. I got stuff out of the cooler.

"Sara needs to place an order." He nodded. I started doing what I
usually did there.

"I had a dream about Ella last night."

"Yeah," I did the fruit first and the onions last. "They're happening
more often Henry. I'm sure it's kinda bittersweet." I had no sense of
what was coming.

"No, , it's nice. I miss her being here terribly but I made peace with
that. She came back when you showed up and I'm OK with that. She spoke
to me."

"Really!" I still had no clue. Henry was putting sausage on.

"Yeah, it took me by surprised because I had forgotten how much I
missed hearing her voice. We were in our favorite place."

"That's nice Henry." I started making melon balls with cantaloupes
and honeydews because fruit was popular for breakfast in the summer.
It was 4:30 and I felt Chloe drive up and walk around the back.

'You going to tell me ?" He turned and looked at me, as I looked up
at him. I could feel Chloe listening with her hand on the screen door,

"Not now Henry. I'm sorry." Chloe walked in and looked at him, then
at me." She was a girl again standing up to her dad. She was having
trouble breathing normally, which amazed me because she was her.

"I'm pregnant dad, and so is Sara." I thought alrighty then. "I
wasn't suppose to be able to get pregnant. It's a surprise to all of
us.... and we're both having girls." Henry put his spatula
down and opened his arms. Chloe ran into him crying. She was so

"Your mom told me last night, but I don't remember half of half of what she said."
He looked at me and said he understood why I was here and let them
sleep. They went out front. I took the sausage off and turned the
potato's thinking that was easy but knowing it wasn't going to
Take me part 145
Posted:Jul 3, 2021 11:38 pm
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It was close to midnight when the last bit of folks drifted away. Javier and Bet's crew were now family, not only with us, but Billy and Ellen. I wasn't sure they knew what that meant, but I did, especially after tonight. I needed to learn names.. We said goodbye to everyone and they thanked us, which was totally misplaced, but they loved that they were included, and they were. They were family and Bet and Javier knew it. They showed Unc and Ellen the way back to the shop and made sure the door was locked, and the alarm was set.

Neither Simon, nor Gustav, were threats now but you don't get sloppy. I checked the backyard for plates, and things, and brought them in. Jake was already asleep, and the girls could barely keep their eyes open. I cleaned up the kitchen, brushed my teeth and went into the bedroom. Chloe and Sara were intertwined, breathing into one each other. I couldn't disturb them so I gently closed the door and went out back because it was a warm evening, and while I was exhausted, I wasn't tired.

I pushed out toward Simon. He was sleep. I did the same with Gustav, even though I didn't I want to. He was asleep, but there was blood on the sheets, and it wasn't "happy" blood. I growled....loud. It made no sense for me to sleep for 2 hours, because I was going to let my family sleep, regardless of what Henry said, and he knew that. I closed my eyes and just pushed outward with no thought of where.

I first went to Melissa and her girls who were sleeping peacefully, and then I launched outward. I think I fell asleep. I could only remember bits and pieces, but both Ella and Claire were there. I opened my eyes, looked up, and figured it was after 2:00am. I heard the coyotes on the open space, and an owl, and smiled. I got up, walked in and locked the door. I checked on Jake and he was sleeping like he always did. I smiled. I quietly walked into our bedroom to get my clothes, and boots. Chloe and Sara had changed positions and Chloe was now draped on top of Sara, and they were both gently snoring into each other. I watched them for the longest time and started to tear because no one knew how much they adored each other, except Janes, and she was in exile. I wanted to kiss them, but i didn't because I didn't want to wake them. I was going to be hit, multiple times, and likely bitten, but I was OK with that. I could deal with 40% unpleasant if Javier could.

I locked everything and pushed out around EVERYONE. It was getting easier, and more detailed, and easier to use. I centered myself and cast outward and let it stop when it stopped. I was curious.It stopped as Chloe walked out.

"What are you doing mister? You aren't in our bed."

"I know love. I'm not tired. Go back and snuggle with your sister." She smiled, kissed me, and walked back into the bedroom. I turned my attention back to my energy, and where it landed. A girl was drawing at a kitchen table. She looked up, but then went back to what she was doing. I hated intruding but I did anyway because I had seen everything with Janey and Alison.

I looked and her mom, Mary, was asleep, finally, as was her younger brother Benjamin. The girl was maybe 11, and an amazing artist. She called herself Clarice, which had very unsettling thoughts for me, but not for her. She thought it made her sound older. Her name was Charlie, which I loved even though she didn't. I pulled back and got the address, and street but realized I had no idea what city I was in, so I pulled back more. Philly. She looked up again as I pulled away and went to Henry's.
Take me part 144
Posted:Jul 3, 2021 8:42 pm
Last Updated:May 23, 2022 4:1 am

We walked around back. Bet and Javier checked in with their family. Unc and Ellen, Jake and Emily were right in the mix having a great time. I smiled because Ellen was scared when Bet and Javier first rode . Chloe had tell her it was OK. Sara smiled, waved, and said she LOVED!!!!!! us....without words. We went inside help Mags. I looked in the bag of CD's I usually keep in the car, hoping it was there. It was. I had the album at home, which was better, of course, but any port in a storm. It was totally different from DKM but I grew in CA and this was my band as a . I put in Pet Sounds by the Beach Boys, but didn't crank it, even though I wanted .

Chloe and I helped Mags clean while Sara worked the crowd. Bet felt us and came inside but we chased her off as she laughed. I handed my phone Chloe and said, "Jane's." She shook her head and smiled as she went outside. I hadn't had much of a chance talk with Mags. She looked like Ella and Claire looked at .

"How are you Daniel? Really"

I was quiet for a bit. "I'm in over my head Mags, but I'm holding my own, and learning quick." She smiled.

"Thanks for not lying ."

"Maggie, paraphrase a great movie..... 'there is no lying in this family.'" She nodded. We could both feel Chloe approaching and looked at the door. Chloe walked in, followed by Sara.
I knew what was coming, and I think Maggie suspected. Bet walked in as Chloe said,

"They are going do what you told them to do. They checked out the places but after that they said they were done and were coming home. Period! It's doesn't matter to them because we're their family." Everyone was silent, thinking.

"There's more." Sam and Henry walked in, as did Javier. Sara and I already knew, but it was taking everything ounce of strength for Sara not to spill the beans. "They want to get married at the cottage and no one is going to stand in their way." Sara jumped and down, clapping. I often felt like Chloe and I would be raising . Everyone else looked at her because they were thinking what I was thinking, and what Chloe was thinking...not Sara. She was already planning.

"It's not ideal timing, be sure, but they aren't budging. The only reason they are waiting is because of Daniel, and they are curious about the places he suggested. After that, it's done so we either finish this, or we deal with it..... and then there is July 4th." Everyone was still silent.

"I think Janey has been biting Alison. I don't know for sure, but I suspect it. It seems be a mate thing, and not a gender thing because Ali is changing." Henry looked at her. "How do you feel about this dad?"

"About Alison, I couldn't be happier, but about them coming back now, I'm concerned." He looked at .

"We'll keep them safe Henry, but I understand it. I told them when I we spoke that the burden rested them. I think that's why they are doing as I asked and giving us time, but we're their family."

Maggie said, "we deal with what we have deal with. Period. They should be married at the cottage. Bet and Javier looked at each other, and then at and Chloe. They didn't need say anything.

"Jane's said it'd be at least a week, and it would be good have them back because they are getting very comfortable with spending money." Everyone laughed, and the mood shifted. Sara clapped and ran back outside. Chloe and I shooed everyone outside and kept cleaning.

"You knew?"

"No, sweets. Some part of me knew that I don't understand yet. I told them to enjoy their honeymoon but it wasn't in that context. It was enjoying each other and sharing. Love, I don't hide things, but there are so many things I don't know that it's astounding."

She smiled, walked and kissed as she grabbed my balls, hard. Great, now there were two of them. "Sara and I have talked and we're going drain you tonight mister. We're using the glass dildo. Sara suggested it even though it's her turn." I lowered my eyes and smiled. "We're deciding who gets to wear it, now get back to back work slacker."

People came in to help us but we shooed them away. Henry and Sam brought the dishes in from outside and hung then out with everyone outside. Chloe, Sara, and I were interesting. Chloe and I were the alpha's of the pack/clan....whatever, but Sara was a hybrid. It was like we were alpha's. It didn't matter us, and I didn't get the sense it ever would because Chloe was the oldest and Sara was learning from her. There was teeth gnashing, but they were sisters. We were fitting, naturally, into our roles, and our roles, at the time, was cleaning so our family could enjoy the rest of the evening.

Christine, Bethany, Emily, and Jake walked in. Christine and Bethany thanked us. We smiled. Jake was going to show them the way back to Christine's. Apparently there was another family in the making. Jake said,

"Can I stay over? I'll sleep the couch." Silence. I had hand it them because neither Jake nor Emily cracked a smile. the adults were speechless until we said in unison....

"NO, you may not!," at which point Jake and Em howled. They got us, and they knew it but Bethany was still going spend the night, only not on the couch. Emily didn't mind because she had two moms too. We shook our heads at them. I looked at Jake, and he nodded.

Chloe and I looked at each and we were thinking the same thing.... "HOLY CRAP!"
Posted:Jul 3, 2021 7:00 pm
Last Updated:May 23, 2022 4:1 am

If you want have a good time the Youtube Dropkick Murphy's at frontrow boston. It's fun. It's amazing how screwed this site is. I appreciate you enjoy my story but it would be so much nicer if the words were there.

Happy 4th. Hopefully we'll remember we are American's and stop the foolishness.
Take me part 143
Posted:Jul 3, 2021 6:51 pm
Last Updated:Jul 8, 2021 4:26 pm

I flushed what I had just experienced. The family knew, just not the extent. I brushed my teeth and hugged my wives as we walked into the kitchen in silence. No one said anything because there was nothing to be said. It wasn't too late. I looked through the CD's I had in my bag and smiled. I put The Dropkick Murphy's, Live at the House of Blues, Boston, St Patrick's day in and went to get a burger. I was suddenly hungry. I didn't care if it was cold. I was never into punk but I loved this band. The Boys are Back came on, not that one, and Jake and Emily looked at me, smiled, and walked , as did Billy and Ellen.

"You like punk?"

"I like these guys," I said with a half full mouth of burger.

Chloe and Sara walked and hugged . I needed check both Simon and
Gustav. I figured Simon would either be dead when he got back Chicago, or plane out of the country. Gustav was my worry. This went way better than I thought it would. Unc, Ellen, Jake and Ellen went talk with Christine and Bethany. Uncle Billy and Ellen like people, and like have fun. It didn't surprise they got along so well with Bet and Javier's family.

Chloe and Sara were attached like moss the north side of a tree, part of it was concern for , but mostly we were shifting since they were pregnant. I didn't mind. Bet and Javier walked .

"Everyone safe?" They nodded as I exhaled. They told there was stuff in every place I mentioned. I knew it because I had watched his guys. It was overwhelming say the least say the least.

"Everything is secure and we'll go through it tomorrow. The rest of the crew is headed here if that's alright?" I looked at Henry and Sam to be sure we had enough. They had enough. It wouldn't be great but there was plenty of beer and Prosecco ,and Billy and Ellen had new
friends to make. "Let's enjoy the rest of the evening, homes." I kissed both them because it sounded good to me. Sam and Henry had the chicken, burgers, and dogs a platter and handed it . It took it inside, covered it, and put it next to microwave so they could heat it and put buns into the oven to warm.

"Good call the extra buns, sweets." Chloe smiled. "Any olives left?" They both smiled and shook their heads no, and we laughed. "I need call Janes. and check Simon and Gustav. They went out with our other as I walked around front and sat on the back of the truck.

"Hey Papa," they both laughed. "So you felt the need impregnate both my sisters? I feel left out Daniel," neither laughed that time.

"Chloe wasn't suppose get pregnant."

"I know. How weird is that?..." She was getting ready say they wanted come back.

".... No Janes!"

"No what?"

"No you two can't come back yet. I'm sorry."

"How did you know I was going say that Daniel."

"I'm still figuring that out Loves, but I think it's because Chloe and Sara are pregnant and we are linked in a different way. I'm trying work it out but it's frustrating without the manual. How are you both?"

"Have you ever been here?" I told them I had and that there was a small town outside of Carbondale called Redstone that they should go to next, but there was no warm pool. "We are having a great time but we feel guilty sweets, both of us."

"I know. You two have to carry the heavier burden, especially now, but it's important because things are moving quickly. Enjoy your honeymoon together," Silence.

"How did you know we talked about that Daniel?"

"I don't know half the things I know Janes, but I can feel both of you. Go to Redstone. It's an older place, but nice, and they have a great restaurant, and then drive through the mountains toward Taos and Santa Fe. You'll love it and hopefully by then we'll have wrapped this
. I need go because Javier's crew is coming. We'll call you tomorrow and fill you in. We're still looking into it. We love you. I love you. Enjoy, but attention."

I walked the street as Bet and Javier's crew rode with their ladies. I could feel Bet, Javier, Chloe and Sara walk around the corner. I knew the guys that went Scottsbluff and hugged them . I shook everyone else's hand and said I'm Daniel. One of the guys I
didn't know said, "You're the seer. Everything was exactly where you said it would be."

Thankfully reinforcements arrived and I didn't have respond that. Bet Chloe and Sara said hi and hugged everyone and took them around back as Javier and I walked to the truck. We were becoming brothers like and Sam. "How are Janey and Alison?'

'Champing at the bit get back here but I told them they couldn't. They didn't like it but they understood. You ever try telling these women something they don't want to hear?" He smiled.

"I get bit a lot homes, and only 60% is enjoyable, get use to it. We'll stop by the shop tomorrow. We're looking into Gustav but we know people in Boston." I told him great and I needed to check on Simon and Gustav and that I'd be back there soon and to make sure they got what they wanted. He nodded and walked around back. I sat on the front
steps as the neighbors walked by looking me. I waved.

Chloe brought out two glasses of Prosecco, sat down, and put head against my arm. She didn't need to say anything. "Where's Sara?" She smiled. "She's introducing everyone, and loving it because it's her most favorite thing. Well, not MOST favorite thing, and we both
laughed. "Billy and Ellen are great, and they seem to really like Bet, Javier, and his crew. I'd be fine if they never left." I nodded because it had been a long time.

"I need to check in with Simon and Gustav."

"I know Love, that;s why I'm here... in case you pass out or throw ."

I pushed toward Simon and he was frantic. He had given calling the and figured he'd either been arrested, or would never be seen again. He was planning the same. He just needed get Chicago before Gustav sent someone. It was 50-50 but he didn't know about Commerce City, or Dallas. Simon wasn't an issue. The plastique did enough damage inside the safe's make a point. It didn't damage the disks because the charges were high, and small. It was meant as a warning, which Gustav and Simon would recognize, but not understand. It was well played by the guys because we wanted Gustav confused and off guard. The charge on the garage door was more substantial and designed give the cops probable cause enter. It blew the door apart and that many chest freezers in the middle of a garage, in Scottsbluff, was odd.

I still had no idea why Scottsbluff, except it was small, but not too remote, and wasn't that far from larger cities. My brain didn't work like that, thankfully. I touched into Gustav and the woman he was with and retched. I pushed into the woman, while I could stand it, took a pen
out of my pocket and wrote her info my hand and moved back Gustav. Jesus Christ. His phone rang.


"WHAT?!!!!" The waiter came over and he lowered his voice. He was just another rich person among richer people. He was livid. He called the waiter back cancel his order, told the woman to leave, went back to his room and ordered dinner, a bottle vodka and olives. He called Simon, got a busy signal and screamed. He turned on the news and what had happened in Commerce City was starting to come in because the Springs wasn't that far from Denver.

He turned on CNN and it was all about Scottsbluff because there were bodies. He watched stunned. He didn't care about anything except what was in those safes, and that an entire operation was ruined. I grew to dislike him every second I knew of him. He called someone in Dallas and it was a similar story.... gangs, drugs, weapons....no one knew what
the fuck was going on, which is what we wanted. It wouldn't be connected to us but Gustav was like a feral animal so he might assume something, at some point, but we were expecting that, and making contingencies. His dinner arrived and the women he met called and told him she was sending someone over in an hour. I pulled back because there was nothing I could do, and I didn't want to know.

I opened my eyes, spat, and down the Prosecco as Chloe hugged me. I could feel Sara but I told her I was fine. I told Chloe so I could remember. We walked toward the back but Bet and Javier met us at the truck so I told them. We walked toward the back yard as the police
pulled . Javier and Bet kept walking, casually, as Chloe and I walked the street. Chloe said,

"Hi officers, can we help you?"

"Do you live here ma'am?"

"We do. This is my husband, Daniel." I extended my hand.

"Ma'am. We got a noise complaint about the music."

"Is it past time music?" Chloe was amazing. An ice cube
wouldn't melt in her mouth.

"No ma'am it's not, but it's getting close, and we have respond."

"I understand sir. Our family's here celebrating Father's Day and my cousins just showed after riding in the mountains," as she pointed the bikes lined . "It's been a hard year and we may have gotten carried away. We'll turn the music down when we go back."

He smiled,"Thank you. You aren't doing anything wrong but we have respond these complaints." His partner, a female officer asked.

"Who is this you're listening too?"

I said, "It's The Dropkick Murphy's" She smiled.

"I thought so. I love them."

"I saw them in Boston after the bombing, when they came home. They pack the House of Blues. Wait right there. I'll be back in a minute." I ran in the back and took the CD out and put it back in it's case and wrote my name on it, and went trotting back to the street. Chloe and
the officers were chatting. I handed her the disk.

"I think the show is on Youtube but enjoy it. You know where Henry's the restaurant is?" They nodded. "I don't listen to it often so really enjoy it and you can drop it off there when you're done. We trust you." They laughed She took it and said thanks.

"We'll keep it down. We just lost track time."

"Not a problem ma'am, and enjoy you're family. We're all glad we are getting back to a sense of normal." They smiled and we said to be safe. We waved as they drove off and walked the driveway.

"We make a pretty good team mister." I nodded. Bet and Javier came around the corner.

"We good?" We nodded and told them what happened. The officers came in after a night shift days later drop off the CD and Henry made them eat their fill of blueberry pancakes and bacon. They didn't seem mind.
Take me part 142
Posted:Jul 3, 2021 2:24 pm
Last Updated:Jul 3, 2021 9:16 pm

I wanted to put Dylan, or Bombay Bicycle Club on but didn't have them. They are totally
different but they fit in my brain in a similar way, especially then. I put Zep on and wanted to crank it but I didn't. There were so many thoughts, and feelings, going on I felt like I was playing five dimensional chess on 'shrooms.....fun, but very disconcerting. Everyone was still looking , which I still hated. Bet came in to fill us in.

"Javier is talking with the guys in Scottsbluff and we're calling an audible. They aren't on their bikes, too much attention. They are going to jack a car and wait for the guy Simon called and follow him inside because it'll be after dark, unless they're complete idiots. If he's
shutting things down no one will know, but the guys take precautions. They are going to leave a little gift but will let the guy go. They'll do what you suggested too but there's no sense in giving them the spoils. These guys are good at what they do. They'll get it done and make sure the cops check it . Do you want to know what they are doing Daniel?" I shook my head no. The little I felt was bad enough. I just wanted to bring this down. I had no illusions that it would last, but I wanted it to hurt.

"We need the back from Simon, Love.... not now but we are calling in favors in Commerce City, and Dallas..We value these contacts for lots of reasons so we didn't want them risking something that was unknown and going in. It'll like gang activity across the board, except Simon won't have his . The guys will tell whoever is working in Scottsbluff that he needs to run, and keep running ."

"Have them give him some of the , Bet." It wasn't a suggestion. She looked , and then Chloe and Sara, smiled, and nodded.

'I'll tell Javier, jefe. Can we eat?" That broke things and I turned Zep up a little louder. I was glad that Ben and Kim's got sick, not because of that, but because it was one less thing. I made a mental note to check on them Monday. Javier came in as people were starting to get food.

"It's in motion homes. It's being coordinated in Denver and Dallas. Scottsbluff is up in the air but our guys are on it. We ate, me not so much because the I saw in that basement didn't know what he was doing. I was concerned he would screw things but surprisingly he
didn't. He had his car packed and was waiting for it to get dark. I pushed around the neighborhood and it was quiet. My suspicion was that people minded there own business and didn't want trouble. They were about to get it.

I went out front and walked because I could sense things were starting. The in Scottsbluff waited until just after dark, but he was scared. Javier's guys were ready and followed him inside, and down stairs. The had no idea they were there. He opened both safes
and did what Simon told him to. He took , gold, guns, and other things of the safes, but left the disks. It filled two duffel bags. He turned around and nearly shat himself. One of the guys taped his mouth, frisked him, and sat him down while the other put a small
bit of plastique in each safe and set it. I needed to talk with Bet and Javier. They took the bags upstairs and placed one more charge inside the garage on the overhead door.

They gave the $25,000 and told him to run, and keep running. They also told him he needed to stay calm. He nodded and drove off slowly. There were four of Javier's guys in Scottsbluff. Two dealt with the , and the other two were in the stolen car waiting by the
backup house. The SUV drove down the street, out of view as three explosions went off, on after the other. The black Dodge Charger drove past the backup house and opened up with automatic fire and sped off. It was abandoned outside of town. A black SUV stopped and picked up two hitchhikers about a mile away from it and drove away toward Cheyenne. They waited to until they got into WY but the police scanner was going nuts. Scottsbluff isn't a huge place so this sort of thing would make the news.

They called Javier on burner phones and filled him in. They split up into three separate vehicles and headed back to Denver. There was no way the SUV could be identified but the bags went in the rental cars just in case. They made it back as Gustav was having a very bad night in Commerce City, and Dallas. I pushed to Simon and he was calling the who was suppose to meet him. He had the news on and saw what had happened. The
cops, and Nebraska State Patrol, were all over both houses. He turned white but kept watching. I pushed toward the main house as the police came of the garage ashen. I broke off contact when the coroner showed up. Simon packed and left, heading to Chicago, petrified. None of us would lose any sleep over it.

The folks Javier and Bet knew in Commerce City and in Dallas earned their . They firebombed all of the houses, and shot them up, making It like gang retaliation, The cops were all over those as well. I was done. Javier's crew had already been in and of Philip's before any of this happened and put everything back the way is was, but they cleaned everything Philip had hidden. They found his bank records, and papers, and grabbed those as well. It was uneventful across the board, except for Simon and Gustav. I needed to check in because I want to find who this woman was, but also to gauge his reaction when he found what had happened.

I walked back up the driveway as Zep was finishing, and then around back. I wasn't hungry but Maggie gave some Prosecco which I downed. Henry walked up and said.

"You're off tomorrow , and I mean that. Understand?" I nodded. I went and sat with Uncle Billy and Ellen like nothing had happened. Bet and Javier's family looked at me and nodded. I was thankful they kept them occupied. Christine and Bethany didn't need anyone to keep them occupied. I excused myself and went inside, walked down the hall into the bathroom and puked my guts as Sara and Chloe sat behind , touching , in silence. The extent of what was discovered would make the national news but I knew it wasn't finished.
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