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Take me part 141
Posted:Jul 2, 2021 9:12 pm
Last Updated:Jul 6, 2022 9:38 am

I walked up to Chloe and Sara and nibbled there necks. They smiled as
they both reached back and stroked my hair. "What can I do to help?"
They said I already helped but I could cut up the peppers and mix with
olive oil, salt and pepper for the grill, and then slice onions,
tomato's, and the avocado's.

"Take the chips and pretzels out first and see how everyone is doing
and bring us all a beer.... we're fine.... and then get back in here
mister. We like you close to us." Chloe pointed to a cabinet that had
large serving bowls. I went outside and yelled "Munchies!," and the
horde descended upon me. I put the bowls down and hid behind Sam,
laughing. I checked in on everyone except Christine and Bethany
because they were the only beings that existed. Unc and Ellen were
having a great time with Bet, Javier and their extended family. It was
nice. David and Issa walked up. I hugged them and told Issa the girls
were in the kitchen. She smiled because she was as excited as them.
David and I walked over the grill.

"I'll the peppers and onions out in 10 minutes Henry. Jake and Emily
were still sipping the beer between themselves as they helped Henry,
and then Sam. It was nice. I grabbed 5 beers and back in to start
slicing and chopping. I wished I had access to more information
because these women were something else. I wondered in Issa was like
the others because of David, and also if Christine and Emily were like
them, or if it was my imagination being overactive.

I checked into Janey and Alison and they driving through the mountains
on their way to Glenwood. They having a blast, and not having sex. I
told Chloe and Sara and everyone laughed. I wanted all of us to enjoy
this day as much as possible because we still had a bumpy road ahead.
I checked in on Simon and he was speaking with Gustav what he had
found but apparently it wasn't what he was looking for. Simon yelled
at him, which I was surprised by, and told him to go himself, that
there was nothing else here.

"She gave me all the information she had Gustav. He didn't me where
any on this shit is, and I'm his brother. I don't know where her is,
and I really don't care. I'm done with this shit. There is no telling
where any of it is. I found no keys. I found no codes, I found nothing
and I looked everywhere. Of course I checked the freezer. I checked
everywhere and I went through every book he owned and every album and
CD. I went through everything and there is nothing here. Your problem
isn't with me Gustav. It's with my brother and I can't help you with
that because I don't know where he is. I'm going back to Chicago.
Call me when you are done in Denver and we can figure out what to
moving forward. I think we should take a break for a few weeks and see
if turns up, otherwise it's likely that he is dead. They want anything
to do with us, just like I don't want anything to do with them. No,
Gustave. I'm not giving you that, period. Why? Because they'll know
who gave you the address and I have enough sleepless nights dealing
with you. Call me in Chicago and we can figure things out. I'm

I put my head on my arm as Chloe and Sara walked up. I looked at all
of them and said I'd be right back as I walked outside. Bet followed
me and Javier noticed. We walked around front. You can only push a
so far into a corner until it lashes out to get free. I was
surprised that he was more scared of us than Gustav. I wouldn't have
been, but I wasn't partners with him. This was a definite curve ball
as long as Simon held his ground. I wasn't hopeful for that. I got the
sense he would be leaving within the hour because he wanted out of
this nightmare, asap. He was scared of Gustav, but they worked
together. He knew I was serious about taking him into the desert and
that terrified him.

I told Bet and Javier what I saw, I needed to check on Gustav but he
was on the way to the Broadmoor so I wanted to wait to see if he'd be
calling people. I told them I'd keep checking and keep them informed.
Javier was on the phone to guys heading to Scottsbluff. Bet and I were
walking back when I saw both Ella and Claire standing in front of me
and I started to fall. Sara and Chloe were running down the drive
followed by Maggie. Luckily I was on grass.

Claire didn't speak. Ella did, but they looked at me intently. I
wasn't sure if they were worried, or if they wanted me to pay
attention, or both. I was getting fucking sick of not knowing what was
going on.

"Pay attention Daniel this is important." It was like what happened
when I thought about something new when I was looking at something
and pushed, but happened faster and was WAY more intense. I felt
like I threw up. Things stopped moving and we were standing in
Philip's kitchen as Simon was packing and mumbling. I looked around
and then over at the baseboard. It hadn't been disturbed.

"Pay attention Daniel. We don't have much time." I shook my head because I
was getting woozy, but I focused on them. They held hands and both touch
the top of my head. My eyes seems to roll into the back of my head. I
saw an image of a hide-a-key. They looked me and Ella said I had to
pay attention. I shook my head again. Claire and Ella went on either
side of the refrigerator and reached a hand around back, at the
bottom and looked at me. I nodded. Claire moved toward me,
squatted, and smiled. She touched my cheek and I felt a jolt as Ella
said, Pay attention Daniel. They walked back to the fridge and they both
put one hand on the front and one hand on the back and acted like they
were trying to pull it away from the wall. I nodded. They smiled and
were gone.

The last thing I remember was Simon calling someone. I had the sense
it was the person in Scottsbluff, I couldn't be sure but I knew I
needed to remember all of this and that was when I heard voices all
around me. I was getting tired of hitting the ground. I opened my eyes,
looked around and asked if we were having a party as I got up. I had thrown up, again, and Sara handed me water, again. I was getting tired of that too. I looked at Javier and Bet and they nodded. Sara and Chloe walked me back into the kitchen. Mags stayed behind. Things were definitely shifting. We walked past Henry and Sam and they both looked me, worried.

"You OK ?"

"Yeah Henry, I'm fine. I'll have the peppers and onions in 10." I could hear Sara say,

"Maybe we're biting him too much. There are two of us." Chloe looked at her. I picked up the knife and start and started slicing. At least I was beginning to hear them.

"It's got nothing to with you biting me Sara. I like you biting both biting. It was your mom's showing me something. I just wasn't use to it." They looked at me utterly speechless. They were lucky there any flies in the kitchen or they would have swallowed one. They looked at each other and then back to me.

Chloe said, "You heard that?" I nodded. I pointed at the phone.

"It's Janey. She knows. They can't come back yet. Period. There is no discussion. Understood?" They looked at me stunned as the phone rang." They both stepped back and looked at me which made me chuckle given who they were.


"Are you and Sara pregnant?." Bet and Maggie heard it as Chloe and Sara walked into the bedroom. Everyone was looking at me, which I hated. Mags spoke.

"Are you OK Daniel?"

"I'm fine Maggie. I just saw and Ella and Claire and it was intense because I'm not use all of this, yet. I just heard Chloe and Sara's thoughts to one another." Now they looked at me stunned. Thank God for onions. No one knew what to say, and I couldn't help them wrap their brains around it. Javier walked in as Chloe and Sara came out.

"They're not coming back, yet, but it wasn't easy. We made them understand but..."

"I know. They're pulled to you and Sara, even Alison is but she doesn't understand it. You, we, are a lot like a pack." They were all speechless, again. "They need to stay away longer because the danger is still present." I could feel so much just out of reach, waiting for me to realize it. I thought is was because Chloe and Sara, but maybe Ella and Claire were helping as well. I told them what I saw and they all looked at me stunned, again.

Bet said, "Are you sure?"

"I'm not sure about anything except that you need to make sure your guys are very cautious. Don't let them go inside, period. Understood?" They nodded. "Have them take a photo's of the backup house and garage, and bring them back. Let them stay at a nice place. Simon will pay for it. I'll give it back to you . They earned it." They earned it. We need to go back into Philip's after Simon leaves and before Gustav gets here."

I dropped the knife and my head hit my arm again and I was watching Gustav in his room at the Broadmoor. He was going to meet someone for dinner but was talking with someone on the phone. Shit, this was going to be close.

"I want you to find this bitch. I want to know everything. I believe that Simon tore his brother's place apart but after you find out about this woman, I want you to search it but I want to know everything about her first. Understood?" I heard the voice and pushed toward it and saw him talking on the phone. I wouldn't forget him. He was in south Denver, but he was in Denver, and I knew he would find her. "Call me tomorrow. I have to meet someone. I'll be in Denver on Wednesday." I knew he was meeting a woman. I'd have to check in later even though I didn't want too because my stomach was already starting to turn. He didn't realize he had made a huge mistake by focusing on Alison first, or at all.

I was never sure if these happened in real time, all at once, since I was outside of time. It sucked. I told them and Javier got on the phone to his guys in Scottsbluff and other people here in Denver. No one said anything because what could be said. We went back to our jobs. Javier walked back inside.

"They're getting set Daniel. We know how to get in and get out unseen, and there will be enough guys to handle whatever. Let us know when Simon is gone." I nodded. I finished slicing and chopping everything, glad I had something to focus on, as were the girls. Bet and Javier went out to hang with his family and Billy and Ellen. They really did like them. It was nice. I took the platter of veg to be grilled out to Henry as Sara put the rest of the onions, tomato's and avocado slices in the fridge and started putting the condiments out. I came back in and kissed them both. They looked worried. I hugged them and said I was fine. I grabbed more chips and the buns, as Chloe grabbed the olives and her and Sara started to binge eat them.

Luckily neither Billy and Ellen, or Christine and Bethany were aware of anything unusual. I hadn't wanted any of this to encroach on today because we celebrating Father's Day, which wasn't lost on me but there was way too much going on to think about it so I didn't even bring it up. I checked in with Henry and Sam. Jake and Emily had split up. Jake was helping Sam and Emily was helping Henry... they were both loving it because Em had a Grandfather, and Henry had a granddaughter. If he only knew, but he would soon enough because secrets didn't last very long in this family.

I checked in with Simon and he was back on the phone... "LISTEN to me! Take the cash, gold coins, and the guns and meet me in North Platte. You cross me and I will track you down myself. Turn off the cameras, get what you value from your place and get the fuck out. Leave everything else. Call me when you're on your way." I wasn't sure what he was doing because it would be obvious it was Simon. He was leaving the tapes and whatever was in the garage, which gave me an idea. I told everyone and Bet kissed me on one cheek as Javier kissed me on the other and smiled. His guys in Scottsbluff would have to wait for their down time, but now there was even more to coordinate.
Take me part 140.... Happy 4th!
Posted:Jul 2, 2021 4:46 pm
Last Updated:Jul 2, 2021 10:18 pm

Bet and Javier got with their and the part of his crew that could come got with their family's. I started walking down the driveway, smiling. I liked these people. I knew what they did but they had code they honored, which was why four of their guys were heading to Scottsbluff to check it and get additional information. I waved as Chloe and Sara walked up beside and took my hands. Jake and Emily followed. The saw Jake and bypassed us without even saying as we all laughed. Jake was magnet and Emily didn't seem to mind, least Jake could keep the names straight but he had known them a long time. They all went running into the backyard to do whatever do. We hugged everyone and walked back to introduce them to Uncle Billy, Ellen, Christine and Bethany. They were all intimidating. Bet could beat the crap of any of us without breaking a sweat.. Bet, Chloe and Sara led everyone out back as Javier and I stood back.

"How are things jefe?" I filled him in as we walked to the truck.

"Simon found some things in the books but not as much as is likely on the microfiche." He nodded. "I did notice something that I wouldn't have if you hadn't mentioned the guys checking baseboards. There was part of a baseboard at Philip's that was askew. It caught my attention because you had mentioned it. Simon didn't notice and sure he won't. He's still freaking about this Gustav. He's seriously scared. He got drunk last night, again, and I wouldn't be surprised if he just leaves. It'd be because Gustav has , and isn't afraid to spend. He's flying first from Dallas to Colorado Springs. What is that, a two-three hour flight tops? There's no way he's staying at Philip's so if Simon does leave it might be worth a quick visit since I know exactly where it is." I reached into the truck and grabbed the legal pad I was taking notes on and handed it to him as the girls walked .

Chloe and Sara hugged and Bet hugged Javier as they were looking through the notes I took. This family, our families, were interesting because there were more than one but we all united as a clan. There was equal power sharing between and female. It was unspoken and accepted. We were the farthest thing from a 1950's nuclear family as you could possible get, even Janey and Alison. , Chloe, and Sara were an anomaly because there were three of us and it was complicated because Sara was their sister so she fell Chloe's leadership as the head of that clan, Sara was also independent of that because of Claire. The three of us being in love, and pregnant, put a whole other spin on that, and that seemed to be accelerating.

Javier and Bet looked at me, shocked. Bet spoke. "How can you do this Daniel?" I shrugged. "Is this accurate?"

"It's what I saw Bet and, after Melissa, I suspect it is but that doesn't mean I saw everything. Each time it seems to get easier, and more detailed but I don't want to trust it without trying to verify the info. I'd suggest having your guys check it out, and take photo's of the back up location because I'd recognize it. I need to say something though. We might be getting in over our heads on this. I know I am but it's easier for me. Those back up sites worry me." They all nodded. "Bad shit happens in those places but I know there are others, and I would like to know what goes on and try and take them down, but not sure that isn't realistic. It might more prudent to check the baseboard because if there is something hidden behind it then it's bigger a couple of envelopes of microfiche."

The girls were confused. Chloe asked, "What baseboard?" I filled them in.

"Let's go hang and be a family. You guys have a beer and through that," I said pointing the pad, and we can talk. Let's enjoy today while we can." Sam and the girls drove up and the munchkins ran up to us. I ran back at them and they screamed as I chased them around the front, and into the back, with them all screaming..... "Stop Daniel. Stop Daniel." Jake and Emily finally saved them. They came up and in the stomach. What was it with females, of all ages, hitting . Javier and Bet went up to Billy and Ellen and hugged them. They were talking with his family and having a great time was they watched the be . If they knew. I walked back to the truck and grabbed CD's since Chloe didn't have a turntable.

Jake, Em, and Henry, and now Sam were getting the grills going. I asked if they wanted beer and they nodded. I looked Jake and Em and smiled shaking my head but walked up to Christine and Bethany who were lost in bliss just like Janey and Alison were not too long ago. I kissed them both.

"How would feel if I gave Jake and Em a beer to split while they're helping Sam and Henry? She looked Bethany, who shrugged. "I attention, and Jake knows I attention. I want them to start thinking about being responsible Christine." She was quiet.

"You're their father Daniel. I trust you." I smiled and was walking away. "Daniel." I turned. "Thank you for inviting Bethany." I smiled and grabbed 4 beers, one for , and handed them . I handed one to Jake and Emily and Em took it, which I was thought was interesting.

"Half each and no sneaking, understood. They smiled and nodded. Emily was older than Jake by months so it wouldn't be long before she could legally beer anyway. I told them I'd be back and walked inside to help. Chloe was right about needing to figure out where we were going to stay. I had some thoughts but they all involved remodeling, which was a pain, but we all had nice places. I suppose it would depend on Jake and Emily and were they went to . Again, I had way more questions than answers.

I turned the stereo and connected it back and looked through the CD's as I glanced up Chloe and Sara. They were working side by side like they were one being. There was something there that I couldn't see and that's when they both turned, looked at me, and smiled as they walked over.

"Are you flirting with us mister.?"

"I believe I was ladies, and who wouldn't." Sara took my hand saying, "Well, we're married, and pregnant, and our husband is on his way home, but..." and lead me and Chloe into our bedroom and locked the door. Bet and Maggie shook their heads. They took my clothes of and pushed me onto the bed. Sara sat on my and pushed her pussy onto my mouth as Chloe sucked my cock and balls. Sara leaned forward on the right side of my stomach as Chloe stopped sucking and started squeezing my balls and moved up to the left side of my stomach and they bit in unison, hard, and started sucking. Sara was riding my tongue as Chloe was squeezing my balls, not as hard as Sara but exquisitely hard enough. I breathed and lost track of time. They stopped, kissed me where they had bitten, and licked the remainder of the blood off. It hadn't healed yet but I wasn't bleeding. They kissed each other and started sucking my still hard cock. To say that what had just happened wasn't totally erotic would be a lie. It didn't take long before I came. They took turns sucking the of , both of them squeezing my balls. I was beyond caring. The pain had become enjoyable. They crawled up, lied on me and took turns kissing me as they shared my with and then each other. They smiled.

"How was that mister?" I was beyond words. I got dressed and washed myself, and my as Chloe and Sara walked into the kitchen holding hands. I walked in to finish with the CD as Mags and Bet smiled . Bet walked up and kissed on my mouth.

"Feel better Love?" I nodded, smiling like an . She punched in the chest.... "Just wait Daniel." I put on "Long Night," by Guster and was reminded of Chloe telling that she had scared away Jake's biological father, and that he would never come back. Something happened with these women when they were pregnant, and I had two in my life, but I knew I wouldn't leave.
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take me part 139
Posted:Jul 1, 2021 10:14 pm
Last Updated:Jul 6, 2022 9:38 am

Bob was is his den, napping. I called Jane's.

"Hey love, you're on speaker. We're having our last brunch by the pool."

"You probably need it to keep your strength up." Silence.

"You can see that Daniel?" I laughed.

"Guess I see what's going on when I look. I'm not really sure how it
works yet, but that seems to be what you're doing, mostly. I just
check in, smile, and check out and then get pinched by either Chloe or
Sara...usually Chloe, but she's always smiling. I'm just checking in.
When are leaving?"

"After brunch. We're packed and know were we're going but we're taking
the scenic route. We checked it out last night, after...and
before....we 'fucked like bunnies." They howled. We'll call you when we're
heading out and then when we get there and fill you in." Alison

"What's up with Simon?"

"Work in progress. The other guy is getting into the Springs around
two, I think. I met with Simon this morning at Henry's. I gave him the
locket and told him that Philip was going to give you a leather bound
book, but never did. I suspect he is tearing through every book in his
place. I'm just hoping he finds something. I'll keep checking. It's a
juggling act here but we're all doing fine. The whole fam, except for
you, is going to be at Chloe's. It's sad loves, but it's necessary.
Keep enjoying each other. We're working on ending this soon.
Stay safe and pay attention, and we all adore you. Enjoy brunch."

I hated that but it was necessary. I pushed to Simon and he was
ripping covers off of books, which I hated because I love books, He
ripped a leather binding of a book and there was a small envelope
inside. It had a few pieces of microfilm. I hoped that was enough to
get Gustav off our back.

I moved out to Melissa and she was crying at the table with her girls,
relieved. It wasn't what I wanted to happen but I suppose I would have
done the same thing. I didn't want her to feel weird but I didn't
know how else to send it so i just said, "someone said this would
help. It's a gift." I was glad because they seemed like a nice family
and there was a enough shit going around in the world.

I went inside, grabbed another beer, sat at the table and focused on
Scottsbluff and everything I could make out. I was disconcerted because
when pushed into the garage there were cabinets everywhere and multiple chest
freezers. I drew as detailed a map as I could, and of the neighborhood,
the yard, and the house inside...main floor and basement. I gave as accurate
a description of the safes as possible and looked around. There was
another door I hadn't noticed. I pushed inside and it had multiple,
high-end, reclining chairs with big screens on the wall and wireless
headphones. I stopped thinking about it after that. I went out back
because I hadn't done that and noticed the camera's on the eve's. They
went the length of the house. I pushed to the front and looked and
they were too.

Thank you Ben! They were so small I missed the first time I was
there. I looked around for infrared. I could make out glints but
didn't see anything. I went inside and thought about the camera's and I
was immediately taken to the next street over, and halfway down the
block. I pushed inside and looked around. It looked like a bachelor
pad but I found the door to the basement. It was freezing. There were
multiple DVR's, not only for the outside camera's but also for the
ones inside the other house I hadn't seen. It seemed to be unprotected but I knew it wasn't. There was only one guy and he was bored out of his mind. I moved into the garage and the was a vented generated extending to the house I wrote down everything I
saw, and felt. This was above my pay grade.

I moved to the Dallas address. It was getting easier, and quicker. It
was the same set up as Scottsbluff. I found the backup site easy
enough. I was hoping I was able to do this because I had an emotional
charge to it. I didn't want to think I was good at this particular thing. I spent time like did in Nebraska and tried to look at everything I could, especially the are and the neighbors because I most worried about them. Didn't matter how good Javier's crew was, one yappy could end it, just like if I missed some toggle motion detector. I was starting to think maybe we should just leave it alone but then I left what was happening in these places. FUCK!

I wondered if there was a place in Denver, and I was jolted to a place in Commerce City, close to the refinery. Jesus Christ who were these people. I did the same as before. It was the same set up. I had the feeling they were all isolated, and self contained, but part of the same group. I shuddered at how many other of these places there might be.

I tried to bypass how I felt because these were terrible places. I wrote everything I saw and felt. I focused on the area and the surrounding houses and while I didn't move inside of them like I did with Melissa, I gauged the energy. If I had to push inside I would. I was their spotter in some weird sense. I locked the back door, jumped the fence and started walking. Chloe called me inside of two minutes.

"What's going on mister?" Sara was there too. I started sensing that we were all linked more intimately as a group since they were pregnant. It might explain why they were almost connected at the hip. They loved each other but there was a difference that I could see. These women could communicate together. I felt it before this, even if I didn't understand them. I knew when they doing that. There weren't going to be any secrets between us from here on out, but I didn't think there were anyway. I was curious how long it was going to take Janey to call her sisters.


"I'm OK loves. I'm walking on the path because I need to burn this off and you aren't here." They both laughed. "This is not an easy thing to navigate, and I picked the worst possible people to learn from, or they got dumped in our lap. I'm headed back. However, on an up not, I get to jump fences, even though it's small. I'm locking up and coming home to help. I'm fine. Call Janes and Ali, but don't say anything. They'll want to come back and we don't need more balls in the air. I love you both and I'll be there soon."

I jumped the fence as Bob looked at me. I waved, unlocked the back door, re-locked the back door and opened the safe. I put the money that we got from Simon in the bag and grabbed my belt with the throwing knives. I had always preferred bows and knives to guns.
Personal preference I suppose. I was very proficient with with firearms, especially a rifle at long range because my brain understood the math and physics involved even if I didn't. I still preferred the less often used weapons. I loved slings, and slingshots but I was most
comfortable with knives and bows. It's why I was so touched when Javier and his guys brought me the bows. I mean they took the guns, but still. I thought about taking one of the throwing axes I had, but that seemed excessive. I did grab two larger knives and their holders.

I locked up, pushed out and nothing. I checked Chloe's, and nothing. I check into Simon and he had found some other things, mostly note cards of information. I was beginning to think the book Philip gave to Alison had the bulk of the info in it. I just hoped that it appeased
Gustav, but I doubted it would. I drove home as Chloe called.

"Are they using the burner phones?"

"Yes, they doing mostly what we want Love. They're west into the mountains and then heading to Glenwood Springs. Janey is paying attention. I reiterated it to her but she is starting to feel something because we are already linked as sisters. It won't be long
until she knows....and."

"...and what Chloe?"

"Sorry sweets, but our family moves quicker than most because we are connected, at least we were before Ella and Claire died. Things got messed up then but it's shifting back and I think me and Sara being preggers is doing something I can't explain." I was almost home.

"We can discuss all this, but can it wait. I'm almost home. Do you need anything."

'Salad dressing and good avocados since you know how to pick them out. Grab a variety of dressings. Hold on..... Get condiments, and olives. We're craving olives.... and croutons. Henry has enough stuff to make a salad for the neighborhood.. Buy more buns, both."

I Laughed.... "You want me to just buy everything?"

"Stop mister but hurry up because we miss you something fierce." I stopped at King Sooper's and was checking out. I checked in with Melissa and the girls and they were burgers and fries and waiting to go to a movie. The relief was palpable. Gustav was having a bloody Mary on the plane, which was chilling for many reasons. Simon was still going through books. I looked in closer because something caught my eye after what Javier had said about checking baseboards. There was piece behind Simon that was slightly askew, He would never notice it. I wouldn't have either except for my conversation with Javier. I made sure I knew exactly where it was.

I pulled into the back and honked. Chloe and Sara and came racing out, hugged me, and both bit me, drawing blood, and sucking. They didn't care, but it stopped bleeding right away after they were done. It was terrible to have no one to ask questions too but I was beginning to sense things on multiple levels and was getting a sense about the biting, especially now because it was more intense.

Em came out and looked at us and then to her mom. She was perplexed. I could feel her thinking about Jake, but I didn't have time to try and figure that out. We started grabbing bags. Uncle Billy and Ellen came out and grabbed the rest as Bet Javier and his crew and family pulled up. They were in SUV's, thank God.
Take me part 138
Posted:Jul 1, 2021 5:06 pm
Last Updated:Jul 18, 2021 3:25 pm

I was putting on my boots as Sara and Chloe walked holding hands,
smiling at me. Sara went to get them coffee as Chloe sat on my lap and
kissed me deeply. "You fucked me in my bum, mister."

"I did," I said smiling.

"I LIKED it!"

"I'm glad love because so did I. I suppose our rugrats are going to
have get use to that sort of thing." Sara sat down and said.

'They won't mind daniel they know we love them, and we love each
other. It's be fine, silly." She was an absolute marvel and no idea of
that fact.. Chloe said,

"I'm scrambled and Sara is making toast, because she loved making
toast....always has since she was a little . You OK with that. I

'Thanks. I'm going to check on everyone and then I need to take the
truck over to Sam's for the grill and coolers. I need to stop by
Henry's and get the meat and chicken, and beer, and ice

"And prosecco from the shop. This is our last weekend. We also need
to find an OB/Gyn, and a midwife," Chloe said as Sara nodded. "We
need to talk with Beth, and Bethany and Charles too, and we need to
figure where we are all going to. This is not big enough." I smiled.

"Anything else?" They both said,

"Tons, mister." I laughed.

"Chloe and I both Capricorn so we had been thinking about the same
things. Sara is Scorpio so we weren't going to have a problem being
prepared. I chuckled because we'd only know for 24 hour and we already
mobilizing the Normandy invasion. God help the Germans. I went out and
checked on Janey and Alison. Jesus Christ these two were insatiable.
At least they were well suited for each other. I knew they going to
brunch and then leave by noon, probably earlier. Simon was awake but
hung over and worried. I pushed toward Mr. eyes and was making calls
and having breakfast in his room. My sense was that he would get into
the Springs until around 2:00. He didn't mind spending money so
whatever he was into was lucrative.

I walked into the kitchen as breakfast being served and grabbed myself
another cup of coffee and some hot sauce. "It looks wonderful Sweets,
and it's obvious that you have been making toast for a long time. It's
perfect." Sara beamed as Chloe looked me and half smiled. We enjoyed
breakfast as Jake staggered out, sat on Chloe's lap and took a bite of
the toast.

"Good toast." Sara nodded.

"You want us to make you some love?" He shook his head.

"Thanks but I'm going to Em's for for breakfast and they're going to
follow me back here. They never been here. I need to take a shower."

"You took a shower last night. Rough sleep?" He looked at me like I
was an idiot and shook his head. Chloe and Sara waited until he was
in the bathroom until they laughed. I kissed them and said thanks
because it was very good. "I don't think Simon even knows about this
place. I'm going to call him after I talk with Bet and Javier and have
him meet me at Henry's. I'm giving him the locket and telling him
that's all Alison got from Philip. We'll see if he buys it but I can
be convincing when I need to." We kissed each other and I left Janey's
keys for Jake. I called Bet and Javier and hoped I didn't wake them.

"Hey Homes."

'Hope I didn't wake you."

'Bet said no."

"I need some advice..."

"My advice is don't get Janes pregnant," as she laughed.

"Jesus Christ. You're a pain in my ass." I'm calling Simon after we
talk and giving him the locket since we can't in it. If we can diffuse
things then that is better."


"My question to you is should I tell him that Philip was going to give
a book but never did so he'll start looking around Philip's for that?
I can lie convincingly when I need to. I'm on the fence about it
because there might be other stuff at Philip's. Part of me want's to
know, but part of me want's to leave it alone, especially after
yesterday and the girls." They were quiet.

"We think you should mention it. We aren't keen about going back to
Philip's just like you aren't but we are very curious about
Scottsbluff and Dallas. We put some feelers out for Dallas and we
have some guys heading to NE now." I think it's prudent to act like
we are giving him everything we know, our book aside. We need the map today
Jefe. It's going to be a busy but we need as much info as can get.
It's smart that you
stay here. Bet's staying and we'll coordinate. This new guy is an
unknown, but he's dangerous. You're going be busy homes because we
want you watching our back as well." I was quiet feeling the weight of
whatever this was, but they were right.

"Thanks, that's what I was thinking but I'm new to all this. I'll drop
Billy and Ellen off and go back to the shop and hang out with Bob, and
write down everything I see once I drop everything off. I'll see y'all
in a few hours and I'm glad to be meeting everyone."

I headed to Sam's. It was after 8:00 so I knew they'd be up. I opened
the front door and yelled, "I NEED rugrats. The girls screamed and ran
to the door. I was taking the brunt
since Jake wasn't there. They hugged me as we walked into the kitchen.
Sam and Mags
were smiling at us. I kissed Maggie on the side of the head and
smiled. She didn't understand what was happening either, but she was happy.

"I saw Ella and Claire last night. They walked up to the bed,
together, and smiled at us. They didn't say anything but it seemed
obvious why they were there. I'm going to try and contact them, later,
but I have a lot to focus on a lot because ALL the chickens are coming home
to roost at once." She was speechless, and thinking. I hugged Sam and
we walked into the garage. I opened the door and we grabbed the coolers
as we walked to the gate. Sam opened it as I got in the truck to back it
in.. I'd be glad when we got the generator situated but it wasn't
going to be until Friday until it was finally... once less ball in the air. A lot could happen in five days. I moved the straps and opened the gate as Sam wheeled his grill to the truck. We
were a little sore from the slab. "You ready?"

He nodded and we lifted it onto the tailgate. It was heavier than we thought and I was pretty sure we but pulled at least one muscle each but it was done. We strapped down
tight and sat on the gate.

"How are you doing with Chloe and Sara? That's quite a change in your life brother." I smiled.

"Actually, Sam, I'm not concerned about them at all. I knew Sara was eventually going to get pregnant because we had discussed it. She was OK with it, and so was I. Chloe was a complete surprise so we're all wrapping our heads around that tidbit, but we're all on the same page about preparing. We're all planners. I'm more concerned with everything else. We'll get through. I need to get to Unc and Ellen. I've got a lot to do. See you soon." I hugged him, got in the truck and called Simon.


"I called Alison and I'll convey to you the limited amount she knows but I want the name, and spelling of this guy, otherwise it's no deal. I want to know who I'm dealing with." He was quiet.

"Do you have the drive, or disk?"

"Alison doesn't have either of those things Simon. She has no clue about them. Philip is a prick. Alison just wanted to be done. Philip gave her a locket, which I have, and he was suppose to give her something else, but he never did. I will share what it was but I want something in return. I want his name because I want to know who we are up against
However, if you push us again, then we'll push back.

"I know. His name is Gustav Griegery. I think he's Spanish, or Basque, or Gypsy. I don't know. All I know is that he's scary bad."

"Meet me at the restaurant in an hour. Stay in the car. I'll meet you there. Understood?"


"I can't guarantee it'll help but it's all Alison knows." I drove to the shop and called Unc so I didn't disturb them."

"Hey bigboy. We're having coffee out back and watching Bob. Ellen
threw him a drumstick. Hope that's OK." I said yes, and to have Ellen
tell Sara. She'll be ecstatic. "I'll meet you out back." I walked in
and turned off the alarm and walked out back. I kissed Ellen of the
and patted Unc's shoulder.

"Daniel, Sara was right, Bob is cool. I told Bill that I want a fox."
He shook his head. Give me a couple of minutes and I'll be ready. Can we
bring something?"

"Actually, yeah. I need to stop and get ice and beer. You could get a
variety of ice cream because there will be a bunch of rugrats." She
smiled. "Unc help me with the cooler so I can load up the Prosecco." I
called Sam to have him bring extra propane but it was already in the
back of the truck. I locked the back and the set the alarm and looked
at my watch. We had time so I head to King Soopers as they followed
me. We got beer, ice, chips, and more ice cream than we could possibly
consume, which meant I might two spoonfuls, and drove to Henry's."

Simon wasn't there yet I grabbed a cooler and we walked around back in
case Henry hadn't turned off the alarm yet. He had. "Henry!" He walked
out of the cooler.

"Took your sweet time." I rolled my eyes and Billy and Ellen laughed.

"It's my day off Henry."

"Slacker, bring the cooler in here and we can load up. You get ice?" I
nodded. "I was going through stuff that we need to use and thought we
could grill some veg and make salad. It's going to go bad by Tuesday
anyway." We all nodded. We walked up front because Henry was going to
lock the door and set the alarm. Uncle Billy and Henry looked outside.

"What's he doing here?"

"It's OK. I called him. I'm trying to diffuse the situation. It'll be fine. He doesn't want anything to do with us, but it's complicated."

"You sure you're good?" I nodded.

"I'll meet you out front just in case." I nodded, again. I lifted my finger up as we walked to the truck and put the cooler in the back of the truck. Unc climbed up and dumped ice in it.

"You good?" I nodded.

"Henry will probably walk around the corner with a meat cleaver, or something"
which he did. Simon extended his hand. I looked at him.

"We aren't friends Simon, and I want nothing to do with either you, or your brother. When you hear from him, tell him to stay away from Alison, and that goes for too." He nodded. I held out the locket that Philip gave her.

"Alison said that Philip gave her the locket and was going to give a leather bound book but never did. She had forgotten about that until I called her last night. He didn't give her anything else. She doesn't want that so it's yours. My suggestion is to see if he has leather
bound books and check those. I wouldn't have thought of that. Alison doesn't know anything Simon. She's scared of Philip. We don't want anything to do with what you are involved in, but if, or this Gustav, come back here pushing us then we will hurt and what I said about the
desert wasn't an idle threat. They would do that with a nod. Am I making myself clear?"

"He nodded. Thank you, at least it's something because he does have a lot of books. You won't see me again. I can't make promises about Gustav because he's a psychopath. Be
careful. Thanks, and I'm sorry."

I still didn't like Simon, and I had hurt him, badly, and I understood his situation. He wasn't the threat. I walked toward Henry.

"We good, ?"

"For now Henry...for today. You need to teach Jake how to grill so he can show of to his girl." We headed back to Chloe's, thankfully, because missed I them both, insanely. I backed the truck into the back as Jake drove up out front, followed by Christine, and Bethany...that
was interesting. I was bombarded on two fronts. Chloe and Sara ran and hugged me, biting my neck, smiling. Henry shook his head. They walked back inside with Ellen and Billy chatting. I heard Sara scream so I guessed it was about Bob and how Ellen wanted a fox. Emily ran up and jumped on me, kissing my cheek.

"Guess what, dad?"

"I have no idea sweets."

"Mom is SO, SO happy. I mean beyond happy, and so is Bethany. Yesterday I
was worried about it but not now because just look at them. They are lost
in a world of happiness."

"You're right sweets, they are."

"Bethany stayed over last night, but slept on the couch, which of course she didn't," She rolled her eyes like only teenagers can. "I'm not stupid, but I don't care if my mom is
this happy. Daniel, I have never seen my mom this happy." She started tearing and hugged me, tight. "We had breakfast and it was just normal, like it had always been that way, and then Jake showed, up."

"Kind of a perfect morning." She looked at me and smiled as Jake walked up and hugged her.

"Before you and Em go out back I need your help. We unstrapped the grill and wheeled it to the gate. Help you Uncle because he's old." We took the grill off and we slid the coolers to the end. Unc and I took one and Henry and Bethany and Christine took the other and walked
around back. Mags was there but Sam and the girls weren't yet. I walked inside and wrapped my my arms around Sara and Chloe and kissed their necks. They were sticking close together, which I thought was interesting.

"I need to go back to the shop for a bit. They turned around and looked intently at me.


"I need to check into things, there are a lot of lose ends that I have to try and get information about, and I want to check in on Melissa. It's easier at the shop because it's quiet." They smiled. "She'll be confused but I want to know she got it. I also need to replace the cash with with what Bet and Javier gave me from Simon." They nodded.

"What else Daniel?" Sara looked at her, and then at me. I smiled.

"I want to get my knives just in case. I don't like guns, and I haven't cleaned them yet." They both looked at me, nodded at the same time, and kissed me as they went back to helping Mags. Enough said. I called Bet as I was driving to the shop. They were on speaker.

"Talked to Simon. I'm fairly sure he's good and Philip does have books. It was something for Simon to check out. I'm pretty sure he bought it. The other guy, I doubt but Simon said he was done. I haven't checked yet but my sense was that he's tearing through the books as we speak looking for something. If there are leather bound books there then he'll likely find something. I've got a name."


"Gustav Griegery. Simon said he thought he was Spanish, Basque, or maybe Gypsy. Check Boston because that's where he was coming from, at least it's something. I'll draw maps and write down everything I see for both places and have it done by the time I come back. Save me some food." They laughed.

"The guys thank you for the pizza and beer homes, and they are looking forward to today. They don't often get invited to cookouts, or their families. Thank you for that Daniel." I was quiet. To quote a friend of mine,

"Family is family, homes! I want to be up there with you in Scottsbluff but not with this Gustav heading here. I don't have a lot of experience but I will keep my family safe, all of them. Bet said,

"Do what you do love and write down everything. We'll see you soon and exchange notes." I walked into the shop, locked the door and set the alarm out of habit, grabbed a beer and walked out back with a pad and pencils.
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Take me part 137
Posted:Jul 1, 2021 11:07 am
Last Updated:Jul 6, 2022 9:38 am

I woke first, and Sara had climbed over me during the night, like she always does, to snuggle with Chloe. I smiled and listened to them breathe. I didn't think I could fall more deeply in love with them but I had. All three of them loved each other, adored each other actually, but there was some some unique connection between Chloe and Sara. Maybe it was that Chloe was the oldest and Sara was the youngest, or because they were both heads of their specific lineages. I suppose it didn't matter. It was surprising to me at how instantaneously both of them became intimate, all of them, but sharing affection with this extended family didn't seem an issue. Chloe and Sara stirred, kissed each and rolled over to look me, smiling. They both said,

"Morning Poppy, and kissed me" You got to sleep in mister. How great is?" I kissed them again and said nice.

"I saw Ella and Claire last night as I was falling asleep." They looked at me stunned.

"You saw my mom," Sara asked with tears in her eyes?" I nodded. Did she say anything?

"Neither of them did. They both walked up and stood at the foot bed smiling. I assume because you're pregnant. They didn't say anything and I have no idea how long they were there. I'm going to try and connect with both of them later. We went and checked on Jake. He was half off the bed as usual, sound a sleep. It was 6am. We went into the bathroom and the girls took turns peeing. I reached in the cabinet and got an enema and the lube out and set it on the counter. Sara clapped as Chloe smiled at me. Neither Chloe or I knew why Sara was so enthralled by giving the enema, but she was. She was like a little at Christmas. It was probably as simple as the fact that she was Sara. I turned on the shower and Sara and I got in and started washing each other until Chloe was finished. She got in we both washed her.

Sara and Chloe were kissing, and sucking each other's breasts as I put lube on her and my fingers and gently stuck them inside her butt to get her use to it. She enjoyed that. I put lube on my cock, especially the head kissed her shoulders and said relax and breathe, which she did. I put the head inside of her and stopped, gently kissing her and waiting for her to relax. Sara was still sucking her breasts. I could feel her relax and her breathing slowing as I slowly pushed in a little at time until I was all the way inside of her. She moaned, touched Sara's head with one hand and reached back to touch mine with the other as I started slowly moving in and out her the entire length of my penis.

Sara kissed her way down Chloe's belly and put her mouth on Chloe's clit, licking and sucking as she put two fingers inside her sister's pussy and started fucking her G-spot. Chloe moaned louder and started breathing quicker. She reached down, grabbed Sara's hair and pushed her against her mound as she came with a shudder. Neither Sara or I stopped. Chloe was relax and my cock had little resistance except for the natural tightness. I moved faster, and deeper but not harder. Chloe came again and squirted on Sara's hand. I was close, even though I wanted to keep fucking her ass. I pulled out until I was just inside and moved faster. I came as I pushed my cock inside her as far as I could, coming the entire way and kept moving deep inside of her until I was finished. Chloe shuddered and moved back on my chest while I was still inside. I had my left hand on her belly and my right hand on her breasts and was kissing her shoulders as she gently moaned. Sara stood, clapped, and kissed her. Sara and I just hugged her, loving her until I pulled out. I washed her, and myself, as we continued kissing each other. We got out and dried each other smiling and brushed our teeth. Sara and I went into the bedroom to get dressed.

"I'm next mister. Promise." I nodded and kissed her as Chloe walked in. "How was it?"

Chloe smiled. "Amazing Sara. You are going to love it." Sara clapped and wrapped her arms around Chloe. She was so excited. I grabbed my boots as they finished dressing, went to make coffee and check the video feeds. I wasn't expecting to see anything, which I didn't, but wanted to get comfortable using it.
Take me part 136
Posted:Jun 30, 2021 7:10 pm
Last Updated:Jul 1, 2021 11:45 am

So much for a simple, mundane life....that is hell and gone. I kissed
them on their heads and went out back. Bethany, Christine, and Emily
had been joined by Jake and they were having a great time. It was
nice to see. Sam and the girls were watching Bob. They were fascinated by
him. Sam smiled and shook his head. Javier was chatting with Henry,
David, Uncle Billy and Ellen. Billy and Ellen had no idea about Bet and
Javier but it was obvious they liked them. I had the sinking feeling
that tonight, maybe tomorrow, may be the last semi-sane days before things
got bumpy. The girls came out of the house and they were all smiling like
the cat that caught the canary. This was an odd mix of a family but it was
my family and I would protect it.

Chloe and Sara hugged me and said "we adore you, Poppy," and smiled.
Sara skipped over to Sam and the girls. "Why did you send Melissa some
of that money. I curious."

"I'm not sure how me seeing things works yet, or why, but I saw a flash
and it lead me to them. I'm not sure if it was a fluke, or on purpose
for some reason. I also intruded on them to see if I could glean
information that was accurate. I knew she was in dire straights with
twins and terrified about what might happen. We got that money from
Simon so I figured I'd err on the side of me being there for a
reason." She kissed me and held my hand without saying a word as we
went and sat down with Unc, Ellen and everybody.

I pushed toward Janey and Alison and they were, of course having sex.
I was tempted to watch, I didn't but Chloe pinched me so she knew
and then laughed, shaking her head. She was still a little freaked out
because today had thrown everything she knew, or thought she knew,
upside down. Sara was, well Sara, but she was kinda in shock too. I
was expecting to see a pig flying down the path and it wouldn't have
surprised me. I asked if anyone wanted more pizza. Chloe nodded but no
one else. I went into the kitchen and pushed toward Simon. He was
talking with Mr. eyes and neither of them were happy.

I heard motorcycles and walked out front. The guys walked up to me and we shook
hands. I was terrible with names but I needed to focus on that. I asked them
if they wanted pizza and beer. They all smiled. We were walking in when
Bet and Javier opened the door. "We're getting pizza." They nodded.
I grabbed pizza for me and Chloe walked out back. I didn't want to
intrude because they had other things to deal with than just us.

Chloe smiled as I walked up. I good feel her relaxing about being
pregnant. She didn't understand it but she also liked it, and so did
I. I had no thought in my brain that both Chloe and Sara would be
pregnant at the same time. I was hoping Ella could offer some
insights. I was sad that Ella and Claire weren't here. I was going to
see if I could contact Claire but wanted to talk with Sara first. I looked up
and Javier was staring at me. I said I'd be back and walked inside. I could
feel Chloe and Sara watching me.

The guys were eating and having beer. Bet was looking at the locket
they brought seeing if it would open. The book was on the counter.
"They looked through Alison's place again. They checked vents
baseboards any place that could hide something on the small side and
didn't find anything. I checked the book, and the binding but didn't
feel anything." I called Janes as Chloe walked in.

"Hey love. We're getting ready to have dinner. What's up?"

"Put it on speaker as I did the same. Alison, the guys found the
locket and book at your place. Bet is trying to open the locket. Did
you ever open it?' She said no. "Are you attached to the book at all?"

"I don't care about either of them and don't want them back. I forgot I had
them. Why?"

"Simon stopped by here looking for a disk or a drive. The guys
couldn't find anything at your place but I had a thought because I was
a nerd in high school and loved using microfiche. I want to rip the
leather off the book. It's a shame but I have no other ideas. If there
is something under the cover I'd like to know about it to see what we
are involved in. I'm tired of mostly questions and few answers. Enjoy dinner but pay
attention. Now is not the time to get sloppy. We love you."

Bet looked me and shook her head smiling. "A nerd?" I shrugged.
Javier was working on ripping the covering off. There were two small
manila envelopes tape to the inside of the leather, one in the
front and one in the back. The leather hide them well. Javier handed me one to open.
There about a dozen sheets of microfiche in mine, and I figured the same in Javier's
envelope. We pried open the inside covers but there was nothing. We
checked the spine but nothing there either. I wondered how many more
leather bound books Philip had at his place but it was too dangerous
to check. Chloe hugged me as I handed the envelope to Javier. "Your
computer guy can probably scan these." He nodded.

"Glad you were a nerd in school homes. We're going to check this out
and we'll fill you tomorrow. Tell everyone we said goodbye. We nodded
and hugged them. Bet kissed us both and put her hand on Chloe's belly and
smiled. "Amazing." Chloe and I walked out back. Henry, David and Issa were saying goodbye to everyone. Issa walked up and hugged us saying she wouldn't say anything. Chloe nodded. Sam and Mags were rounding up rugrats. Chloe and I walked up to Christine and Bethany, who were holding hands and stole Jake and Em to help us inside. Chloe wrapped her arms around them and headed inside. Bethany and Christine smiled and said thanks as they started kissing. I wondered how long they had wanted to do that and smiled as I walked inside too. Jake and I loaded the dishwasher as Chloe and Em chatted and split up the pizza so everyone could take some. It was a good night.

Everyone drifted in and then out toward home. Bethany and Christine came inside holding hands and Emily smiled because she was liking her mom happy, and she liked Bethany. Bethany was hard not to like, just like Sara. They said goodbye. I told Unc and Ellen that I'd come by mid morning and they could follow me to Chloe's. Unc locked the door and set the alarm as I pushed out around the neighborhood and then toward Simon. He was getting drunk so wouldn't be a threat tonight. I left Mr. eyes alone. I'd know if he was a threat and I didn't want to shift the vibe. Jake drove Chloe home as Sara and I walked to the car I opened the door and she wrapped her arms around and put her head on my chest.

"We're having babies mister. How cool is that?" She kissed me and got in as I closed the door. I was hoping, it wasn't going to be twins. Jake was in the shower when Sara and I walked in. I locked up and went to check the video feeds to refresh my memory. It wasn't very late but it was a long day, and would be a longer one tomorrow. I was hoping Javier's computer guy could scan what was on the microfiche. Jake got a bowl of ice cream as the three of us shook our heads and marveled at him.

"What? I like ice cream."

"Don't stay up too late but you can sleep in tomorrow." Sara and Chloe walked into the bathroom as Jake went to listen to music and call Emily, I'm sure. I turned the bed down and got into my sweats and walked in to brush my teeth and floss. Chloe and Sara were naked looking at themselves in the mirror they were lifting each the other ones breasts trying to feel a difference. Chloe's were obvious to me so I thought she was farther along but Sara's were starting to change as well. I put the last two tests on the counter. Sara peed first and then Chloe and impatiently waited. They were still pregnant. as we all smiled and went into the bedroom. Sara pulled out Scooby and Scrappy jammies for them we got into bed. They put their heads on chest and we loved each to sleep without ever moving. They always fell asleep before me, which I loved because their gentle breathing always soothed me.

I had drifted off, at least I thought had, when Maggie and Claire walked up to the foot of the bed smiling. They didn't say anything, just smiled. The three of us slept until just after dawn.
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take part 135
Posted:Jun 30, 2021 2:56 pm
Last Updated:Jul 6, 2022 9:38 am

I walked in and got some pizza and salad. Jake had taken over making
the fire. I left the plate on the counter and walked out front and
pushed toward Melissa and her girls. They were having pizza and salad
too. The girls were happy but Melissa was stressed. Her life would
shift tomorrow. I smiled as Chloe, Sara, and Bet walked out.

"Whatchya doin?"

"I'm looking at Melissa and her girls. They're having pizza and salad
too." Bet asked,

"How do you that Daniel? You were dead on." I shrugged because I
didn't have a clue.

"I guess it's like a muscle but with them I was prompted. There was a
flash that caught my attention and I went to it. We had the money from
Simon, and from Philip, and they needed help. I figured we could use
all the good karma we can get." Everyone was silent. I pushed into
Mr. eyes and started to fall. Bet stopped me and I went on my knees
and threw up. Sara ran in and got some water.

"DANIEL!!!!" I stood and rinsed my mouth poured out the water as we
stepped away. I looked at Bet.

"Do you know people in Dallas?" She nodded. I need to stay here but I
think Javier's guys should take down the house in Scottsbluff and find
out what this shit is we're dealing with. I'll look into it again and
try and see what's in the garage. I'll try and look around the area as
well, and do the same in Dallas. Go back inside loves, because this is
going to be intense. Sara and Bet went inside but Chloe wouldn't
leave. We sat down and I focused on him again what I saw made me
retch. I turned, because there was nothing I could do then, and looked
around, and remembered. I moved through the house. It was similar to
Scottsbluff. I pulled back and looked for a number. Saw
it and pulled back looking at the neighborhood. I was remembering
every detail. I saw the street name, pulled up and looked at where I
was in relation to Dallas. I moved back to him and looked at him. I
couldn't tell what he was looking for here but he was frantic too.
Fuck! I knew we'd have to end him, that I would probably have to end
him because I wasn't going to risk having him alive, and pissed.

Chloe and I walked inside. I was no longer hungry but poured some
Prosecco and searched the records until I found what I wanted .... The
Firewatcher's by Brandi Carlisle, and walked outside. Chloe
pulled me back inside and kissed me as passionately as anyone ever as,
and then she bit me until I bled.

"I'm not sure how I am pregnant sweets, neither are Bet or Mags. I
shouldn't be pregnant Daniel." Sara walked in and hugged her. I'm
glad. We're glad. Are you?" I reached out and touched both of
their belly's."

"Never ask me that question again." She nodded as Issa walked in and said,

"Oh My God! You're both pregnant?" Chloe and Sara hugged her. Jesus
Christ. The entire western United States was going to know before we
left tonight. I walked outside. At least Chloe hadn't asked me what
sex the baby was because that would really twist her. Mags walked up
with some Prosecco and hugged me.

"How are you doing?"

"I'm juggling, Mags."

"You're doing pretty good so far Daniel."

"More balls keep getting added and I can't drop any of them. I need to
tell you something. I'm going to try and talk with Ella. I haven't
mentioned this to the Chloe and Sara yet, but they are both going to
have girls." She stared at me, stunned.

"BOTH?" I nodded. "Are you sure?" I nodded. "Holy Fucking Christ,
Daniel. That should happen. Chloe shouldn't even be able to get
pregnant. Sara makes sense, but not Chloe. Holy Fuck. I'm not sure
what to do with that." She looked at me and kissed me. "It's not bad
love. It's just unprecedented, as far as I know and I have no one to
ask so I have no answers." Chloe and Sara walked up, as did Bet....of

"What are we talking about," Sara asked? Chloe looked at me, and I
knew what was coming. Sara looked at both of us.

"Tell us Daniel."

"You're both having girls." Sara clapped because she didn't understand
the significance of the statement. Chloe looked at me, and then at
Maggie, and Bet and then fell into me.

"How?" Maggie shook her head. "It's been 17 years since I had a baby.
Boys first mean no more . Mom said it was a rule with us."
Maggie nodded.

"I thought so too, sweets. Daniel is going to try and talk with Ella
tonight but the reality is that you're having a baby, with Sara, and
Daniel, and you have family all around you. It's disconcerting but we
may never know why, and Daniel could be mistaken." Chloe looked at
her and said. "Daniel's not wrong," and fainted. I caught her and
carried her into the bedroom as Sara ran to get a wet wash cloth.

I pushed into Chloe. She was having a girl but I didn't know more
beyond that because the soul wasn't present yet. It was just too much
input on top of Prosecco. Chloe was fine. I kissed her forehead and
stroked her hair as we waited for her to wake up. Sara sat on my leg
looking concerned. I kissed her and told her it was fine as Chloe
opened her eyes. She looked at me, and Sara.

"We're having daughters, together. Sara smiled, clapped, and climbed
onto her as she nuzzled her sister.
take me part 134
Posted:Jun 29, 2021 7:14 pm
Last Updated:Jul 6, 2022 9:38 am

Unc, Jake and I drove up to shop and Simon got of his car. 'STAY HERE!
I walked him like I was going to throw him through the wall that was behind him,
because I was. He had his hand's up but I didn't care.

"Stop Daniel. Please. just looking for something my brother has. I
can't get a hold of him. I need it." I released my fist.


"I think it's a drive, or a chip. I don't know. He never told me but I
need it. I don't want to deal with any of you again, but he's coming
unless I can find the drive." I knew he was.

"I'll Alison and ask but next time I see anywhere close to my
family, I will hurt you. Do you understand?" He nodded. "Leave." He
drove away as the girls drove up. Sara was of the car before it
stopped, running . She launched and .

"Are you OK mister?" I smiled and nodded. Chloe walked up smiling.

'Things good?" I shrugged.

"I need to hear from Javier, but it's good now, and for tonight, so finish
what you were doing, but thank you. They drove off as we started
unloading rocks and grasses. we put everything in the back and took
turns taking showers. Jake wore one of my old shirts as we sat
outside watching Bob. Jake shared my beer.

The girls came in laughing. Chloe plopped on my lap and kissed me open
mouthed. Ellen did the same with Billy. Sara sat next to Jake and
hugged him before they changed and Sara was on my lap, kissing me. I either picked the
best family, or the worst, but I had it...too many balls. I got up. Unc looked at me.

"You OK?" I shook my head.

"I've got no idea Unc. It is what it is. Things were all hitting at the same time. I looked at Ella. She smiled, and shook her head. I knew what that meant, but in for a penny, in for a pound. Unc and Jake were fast friends, which I loved, when the phone rang. It was Bet and Javier.

"Sorry homes, lots of shit is happening at once." I told him I know. "I got the info you wanted...Bet Chimed in,

"How did you know this Daniel?" Javier continued....

"Her name is Melissa and she does have twins. They are Heather, and Amanda. It's not easy times, but guessing you already know that. She lost her job two weeks ago." I knew what she did but I asked anyway because I wanted to verify.

"What does she do?" Silence. Bet asked what I thought she did. I smiled because I liked Bet.

"Paralegal." Silence

'Fucking Christ Daniel, who are you? Shit."

"I need the full . it to . Thanks for that. I wanted to know. If you want pizza, stop by in a couple of hours, your guys too. They'll be plenty.

I wrote a note to Melissa and went to the FedEx store. I put the , $8000, that she needed, it wasn't my but I'd give it to her anyway, I sealed it and sent it on it's way, next . I knew she would get it. I texted both Charles and Bethany her contact info and
called both leaving messages. She'd have a job in a few days. I drove
back to the shop, but made two stops. Too many balls.

I stopped and called Janey and Alison...

"Hey love! We're by the pool."

"Daniel, I am paying attention. I promise." Janey was many things, but a liar wasn't one of them. "We're making the most of our time here...." They were drinking. I pushed, and checked. Nothing.

"....and it's been so great. We're leaving mid-morning and we'll call when we settle on a place. We're the liking the pool action." They both laughed and I couldn't help but smile. "We'll call before leave. Promise. Tell everyone we love them. Thank you." I knew they would be fine. Mr. eyes was still in Dallas. Simon was in an untenable position. He didn't want to deal with us, that was obvious by him showing up, but this guy scared him.

The wildcards were getting of control. We'd be lucky to get of this undamaged but life wasn't cooperating, at all. I pulled into the Walgreens parking lot, walked inside, and bought four EPT's and headed back to the shop. I was pretty sure Chloe was pregnant, which was strange because she was convinced that couldn't happen since Jake was her first born. I was also pretty sure it was a and I didn't even want to wrap my mind about the ramifications of that tidbit. I wasn't sure about Sara, but considering the way things were going I figured it was prudent to check.

I got out of the truck and was walking inside when Chloe walked toward my, smiling. "Gio was SO happy about the seafood. They're picking a date and we're all invited. Henry will love it. Watchya got mister," as she ripped the bag out of my hand smiling. She looked in and then looked at , stunned. She looked back to be sure she hadn't imagined it. She hadn't. "Why do we need four?"

"They're not 0%, even though I knew they were accurate enough."

"Daniel, I can't get pregnant. I told you that." I took her hands and placed them on her breasts. She gasped and went running inside. I followed her into the bathroom. "There's no way Daniel. I can't be pregnant. It's not suppose to be able to happen." She peed on the stick and we waited as Sara walked in and looked at us smiling, and then said "What's wrong," as she looked at the boxes and gasped. I shook my head. Jesus Christ life was getting complicated at the exact wrong moment. Chloe wiped and got up as Sara sat down and started peeing. This wasn't the way I thought it would play but least we'd all know. I already knew.

Chloe came over and hugged me, confused and of sorts. This threw her completely off balance but she waited for Sara's test to register so they could checked together. Silence. They looked , stunned, and then each other, and then back . I hugged them both, and kissed their heads. I wrapped them in toilet paper and put them in the trash so no one would see and put the bag behind the toilet paper in the cabinet. They were both speechless which was saying something for Sara. I walked with them as Bill and Ellen came inside. Chloe and Sara were hugging each other and walked past them into the backyard.

"Everything OK?" I nodded. "We've been thinking about July 4th. Is it OK if we stay? We were also thinking of seeing if Bill and the can come down from Idaho. Sara said we could stay her place." I smiled because I hadn't seen them in forever. We started walking back.

"We're fine with that and we'll make it work. There's plenty of space," assuming we get through the next few days. The phone rang. Holy Crap! It was Bethany.


"Daniel, I got your and your message. So you don't have enough on your plate mister?" If she knew. She laughed. "I actually know some folks in Phoenix and Scottsdale. I left messages but probably won't hear back until Monday. We'll find her a job Daniel. Don't worry. Charles and I have talked and we're working a strategy. We'll be in touch."

"Thanks Bethany. glad my dad hired you." She was quiet.

"Shut up!" I chuckled.

"If you want pizza swing by the shop, otherwise I'll see you tomorrow." Sara was sitting on Chloe's lap and they were both drinking Prosecco. They would have been doing that anyway so I didn't figure it was much of a problem, especially this early. It certainly put a new spin on things. I knew that at some point Sara would get pregnant but I didn't expect Chloe too, and certainly didn't expect both of them to get pregnant at the same time. Jesus, Billy and Ellen were just coming to terms with our family dynamic. This was definitely going to twist their noodles. I kissed both Chloe and Sara. They touched my head but didn't saying anything.

"Jake and I are going to get the pizza." They nodded. "Hey Unc, you want to come with us and get the pizza's. He nodded and handed Ellen his beer. I tossed Jake his keys and we walked front as Christine and Emily were walking up . I hugged and kissed Emily who then buried herself in Jake as we all smiled.. I hugged Christine and told her what we were doing and to go back. It was obvious Em was coming with us. Unc and I got in the backseat as we drove to Gio's.

We walked into Gio's laughing. Uncle Billy had his arm around Jake and Emily was snuggled into , both them eating it up because they craved this. I shook my head because I was going to have four now. Well, at least I had two wives. The way things were going I was going to have to move to Utah. I shuddered to think what Bet and Maggie would say. I introduced Billy to Gio and then he made a huge fuss over Emily and Jake. He wouldn't take any but smiled about the seafood because it reminded him of Italy. I put $20 in the tip jar, and so did Unc. We had enough pizza for half the state. Jake drove us home. He was holding hands with Em.

"Both hands on the wheel Jake. I mean it, whether in the truck or not. Got it?"

"Yeah dad." Unc looked and smiled. least I'd have some experience when our rugrats came into the world. Of course it wouldn't apply for years. Holy Crap! We put the pizza's in the oven on 200 to keep them and went back. Maggie, Bet, Sara, and Chloe were talking and looked . Great. I grabbed a beer and walked over. Bet broke the ice.

She kissed and said, " Poppy!" and everyone started laughing. Chloe and Sara kissed and wrapped their arms around . Mags shook her head but smiled. "Javier is working on Scottsbluff but will be here soon." She handed an envelope. "We took a cut for the guys like you asked but that ain't ours love." I nodded and put it in my pocket and filled them in on Simon. What I saw and what he said. "He stopped by here?" I nodded. Philip must have written down the addresses. "He must be shitting pickles to come here?"

"He's scared, and trapped. He doesn't want anything to do this us because I put the fear of God into about ending up in the desert, but he's terrified of Mr. eyes."

"What about you Daniel."

" apprehensive. I'll do what I need to do in order to keep my family safe." I hugged Chloe and Sara and they both rested their heads on . " not a psychopath and that is a disadvantage because he is, but aware of that. not even sure he'll engage. He likes to get other people to do the dirty work and we are ancillary in this."

"Maggie said, Simon knows, so he knows. They think Alison might have what they want and that's a problem for all of us. I think we will be visiting the desert before this is all over." Javier walked up and wrapped his arms around Bet. She kissed him.

"Guess what mister. We're going to have nieces or nephews. He looked at us.

"Seriously homes?" We smiled and nodded. He hugged all of us. "Y'all don't waste anytime. On a darker note, I think we found the house." He showed us a picture. I nodded. "I sent a couple of guys up to check around the area and get intel. I talked with Bet and we want to know what's in those safes, if possible, and with Simon here now might be the time to do it. Can you draw us a map of the inside? I nodded.

Sam and the girls came in and I started running after them with Jake and Emily running after me and tackling me. The girls piled on as I tickled all of them. Bob walked in, shrugged, and went into his almost finished den. Henry, David and Issa walked in as well. The family was here and my phone rang. I stopped everyone from attacking me. It was Bethany.

" locked mister." I laughed and headed front. I hugged her as I locked the front door. Chloe and Sara walked up smiling because they both loved Bethany. Sara said,

"Did Charles offer you what you're worth?" She was serious. Bethany smiled.

"He did. We agreed over lunch today." Sara could barely contain herself she was so excited.

"Does that mean you can be still our accountant?" Bethany smiled, and nodded. Sara punched me in the chest. "See mister. We got Bethany back." We all walked back. Chloe and Sara walked back to Mags and Bet. Bethany stopped in her tracks.

"Who is the Asian woman Daniel?" I looked up and Christine was looking us intently as well. I smiled.

"That's Christine. Her is Jake's girlfriend. She's family. Why?" She looked and smiled. "Are you a lesbian Bethany?" She smiled, and nodded. "I had no idea."

"I don't flaunt it Daniel. Will you introduce ?" She was getting flushed. I kissed her cheek and led her over to Christine to introduce them. I went in and got the pizza and put the salad in a huge bowl and got plates and forks . I got all the dressings , and the various add-ons we have. Ellen walked in and hugged .

"It's nice to see you happy Daniel." I touched her hand and nodded. "Are you Chloe and Sara OK with us staying longer than planned, and having Bill and the stay. Steph and Alison might come too, but that's up in the air. If it's too much then let us know. I turned as Chloe walked in Sara was hanging with Jake and Emily while Christine and Bethany were talking.

"What are we talking about," as Chloe wrapped her arms around .

"I was asking Danny about us staying and maybe having Bill's show up, but we don't want to intrude.

"Ellen, You are family. Period, Done, end of sentence. We have plenty of places to stay, and plenty of vehicles. You can stay as long as you want and bring all of your . It's the Fourth of July and there are going to be a ton of people here because we can rip it wide open and not get in trouble. Bob may have some issues. Any of your that want to come are welcome." Ellen looked at me. I smiled.

"What she said." Chloe went to the door and yelled.... "PIZZA!!!!"...and the horde descended. I went back to build a fire but walked up to Christine and Bethany who were still talking and now holding hands. I smiled. Maybe there was something about this place. They looked up and smiled.

"Would you like me to bring you some pizza and salad? Any preference? They nodded their heads and said no preference. I went in, got two plates, a bottle of Prosecco and went back out. It was nice to see them both happy. I started making a fire when Emily walked up. "Dad?"

'Yeah sweets."

"Who is the woman with mom?"

"That's Bethany, Em. She our accountant."

"Are they flirting with each?" She was watching them.

"Come here. I sat down and she sat on my lap as Sara walked up and stroked her hair. "I think they are kinda flirting Emily. Does that both you?" She had her head on my chest and was holding my hand.

"I suppose not but I didn't know mom was gay." She was watching them as we talked.

"She might not be Em, but she is very worried about getting involved with another man after your dad left, but everyone needs love Emily and they like each other. Your mom is less worried about you now because have us in your life, and we're family, so she can breathe and maybe find some happiness." She looked up at me but didn't say a word. She put her head back on my chest and closed her eyes. We were like that for about 5 minutes. She raised her head and kissed my cheek, stood up, hugged Sara and walked toward her mom and Bethany. Sara sat on the arm of the chair as we watched holding hands She extend her hand to Bethany, who shook it and smiled. She took a sip of her mom's Prosecco and sat in her lap. They spent the rest of the night talking and laughing.

Sara looked at me, teary, and slid into my lap. The fire was on hold. She put her head, and one hand, on my chest, glad you're a good dad sweets because we're going to have babies, and she snuggled into . Chloe came up and sat on the arm of the chair, wrapped her arm around my neck and stroked her sister's hair. "Quite a ." I nodded.
take me part 133
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I hung up with Janey and Alison and knew I needed more attention.
Simon got too close before I knew. There was a lot going on but I
needed to focus. I pushed out around all of us, and we were O I
chased the rugrats around the backyard, not as the tickle monster, just as
Daniel, and laughed with them. I hugged Maggie. We looked at each and
she smiled. She would call Bet. That was handy and I guess I was
learning share in it, even though I was in WAY over my head.

We headed Henry's check in and get lunch. We were al dirty, sweaty,
and laughing but that didn't stop Chloe, Sara, and Ellen from kissing
us in front of everyone. The regular's at Henry's have been
entertained before but the shows have been getting more frequent. The
guys took a booth and I walked into the kitchen.

"Hey Henry."

"You took your sweet time slacker. Get to wor"

"I'm here for lunch." He smiled. Issa was there and I hugged her. I
liked Issa but I was always curious why she chose David because they
didn't really fit. I was beginning think she chose him because of
the family, but I wasn't sure. She looked at in an odd way.


"What did you feel when you touched my belly yesterday? I felt it but
didn't understand." I put my hand on her stomach again and closed my
eyes.... Aliaha kicked.

"Daniel. How can I speak with you?"

"I'm not sure love, but odd things with ." She smiled.

"Put my mom's hand under yours." I nodded and told Issa. Henry just
watched as Chloe walked in. I removed my hand and put Issa'e hand on
her belly, and then mine on top of it, and pushed. Issa staggered but
Chloe was there in second, and holding her. Issa looked at and

"She can't hear yet, Daniel, but she felt . ! Tell them my
name. I have go. I'm still learning but I am glad you're my uncle."
She was gone and Issa looked at .

"Her name is Aliaha." Issa hugged me and cried all over again, as did
Chloe. Henry smiled. Issa looked at me for a long time.

"You are an unusual man." Chloe laughed. I kissed her and said that
was an understatement and went back out front. The guys were eating. I
stepped in working and everyone took breaks and noshed. Chloe and Sara were
all over Jake as he told them about the pad. It couldn't have been better for
him unless Emily was there. David and Issa had the tables covered so I
cleared and moved the dishes into the back and started washing.

"Kinda above your grade Daniel." I smiled.

"Was it above yours, Henry?" He was quiet, and smiled, shaking his
head. I never minded doing grunt wor Work is wor Jake came back
and said he'd take over.

"Go be with your moms . I'm not . He smiled and went back out
front, and that is when I dropped my knees. I could feel Chloe
coming, and Sara looking but staying with Jake. Simon was on the phone
with Mr. eyes, and neither were happy. Fuck! there was an ultimatum
given and no way for Simon do it. Chloe crouched next as I
stood up.

"It's not over," and I went out back to call Bet and Javier. I told
Javier where the locket and book were inside and gave the key, and key
card to his guys. I heard a bike ride off.

"We'll get them Daniel. You think some thing is there?"

"No idea, but it's all Ali knew. We'll see. Check the binding and see
if the locket opens." I went back in as lunch was slowing. Issa and
David walked up.

"You good if Chloe and Sara leave? We're leaving Jake to help. They
smiled and nodded. David looked at me.

"You spoke to our ?" I nodded. "How?" David was like my
brothers, very 'cut and dried.' I told him I didn't know exactly.

"She told you her name?" I nodded

"Does she know us?" I smiled.

"She adores you and is SO impatient to be born she can barely stand
it. She knows who you are. I just took her by surprise when I touch
Issa's belly yesterday. She's pretty clear on the name." David came up
and hugged me, which wasn't usual.

"You are an odd person Daniel, but thank you." He had NO idea what was
coming into his life. Jake stayed to help, even though he didn't want. to
We dropped Sam off and went to see Frank the butcher. The the girls
were doing whatever they were doing after that. I had a notion. Unc
and I took the truck because we were going to Home Depot to, god help
me, get some more grasses, and rock for Bob's Den. I had a piece of
metal for the top. Jesus Christ, it was like he was our .

We pulled into Frank's and Uncle Billy, Ellen, and the girls walked
into the back to say hi to Frank, and get our order. I walked into the
front and said hi to the I knew when I wasn't a . We all
hugged and chatted. They were sorry they couldn't come but they were
going to be there for July 4th. I walked out back to laughter.


"Hey Fran" He hugged and kissed .

"I needed see your . I'm glad you'll be there on the fourth." Frank looked at Bill and Ellen.

"Are you going be here July 4th?" Billy and Ellen looked at each
other and nodded.

"We could be. Why?" Frank smiled.

I told them about the block party, and that his entire family would be
there and they could stay as long as they wanted. They smiled. We
picked up the meat and head back to Henry's to drop it off. The girls went on their
secret mission even though I was pretty sure what it was. I called Chloe.

"Hey love, wasn't that great!"

"Yeah, it was . When you go to Gio's order some pies I'll you what, but Christine likes pepperoni. onions, and anchovies. Call and see if Sam and Mags want come.
It's been a long day and tomorrow is going to be longer. I'm pretty sure we have tonight until things start to crunchy."

"How did you know we were going to Gio's, mister?"

"You and Sara want ...." Shit! I could barely breathe. the images
were coming so fast they barely made sense. It had nothing to do with
what we were dealing with. I looked up and said and FUCK!

"Daniel?, are you OK?"

"I'm fine. You wanted to give Gio something for his kindness, invite
him to the fourth of July party, and his entire family. We live on a
circle for a reason. I figured that was your secret plan. Sara got on
because I was on speaker.

"You have super human abilities Daniel." I could feel Chloe and Ellen
smiling. "How do you know this stuff?"

"The same way I know where you are most ticklish." Silence.

"Daniel. Don't you dare."

"What. It's cute...that little spot right...."

"DANIEL!!!!" We all laughed except Sara, but I suspect she was
smiling. Chloe chimed in.

"You're right, love, we are going to Gio's and will deal with the
pizza. It's a good idea. We'll let everyone know. We need more
Prosecco. I'll call Henry about David and Issa in case they can come.
We need to go love. I'll give Sara and Ellen a hug and see you soon." I
collapsed on the chair. FUCK! So much for life being simple.

Uncle Billy and I got the stuff at Home Depot, got beer and Prosecco, and
picked Jake up. I helped him clean up as Uncle Billy and Henry
talked. There were a few customers but david and issa said they had it
covered and they'd be there for pizza night. I smiled. I hoped they
would spend more time with us. I wasn't sure why they didn't, but I was
pretty sure Aliaha was going to change that. These females were
something else.
take me part 132
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I gave Sara the cash I took for the free breakfasts. She smiled and
kissed my chee Sam left and I pushed out Simon. It was immediate
as well. He was in the ER because I had shattered his nose. Lucky it's
cartilage, but no wonder my head hurt. He was lucky I dealt with him
and not Sara and Chloe. I reached out Janes and Ali and they were
sleeping peacefully after having sex most of the night. I was tempted
call them, but I didn't. I looked at Ella, and she was there
smiling. She nodded and went poof.

I looked at Mr. eyes and they opened and the same malevolence hit me
like last time but I was ready for it and let it move through me. It
was still disconcerting because I wasn't sure if he saw me as well,
that's how intense his eyes were. Jesus Christ, he had these
operations going on in multiple locations. He had more stops
before he got here. I calmed my self and opened, Dallas,... FUCK!
Colorado Springs. I pushed in, hard. Godammit! He was staying at the
Broadmoor on Sunday. Ella was right. He'd be in Denver early next
wee I called Bet.

"Morning love, you need stop calling like this because my
husband might get jealous." I could hear Javier laughing. "I'm putting
you on speaker. We know what happened. You and the girls OK?"

'I've got a sore jaw, and a headache and Chloe got slapped, but we're
good. I saw Mr. eyes.
This is a nasty piece of shit. He's headed Dallas and then the
Springs. Silence."

"Ella was right."

"Yeah, the girls are sleeping. It was a long night. Bet laughed. "I'll
call them later and let them know they are leaving Sunday. Javier, I
need a favor asap."

"Whatever you need Jefe."

"Your guys took a DVD, and some cash, along with guns, off of Simon. I
don't care about the guns but I need some, maybe all, of the cash,
except for a tip for the guys. I also need you to find someone for me. I
don't want to know what is on the DVD, but I need to."

"Understood, homes."

"Bet, this is for you too. I pushed out this morning to practice. I
stopped in Phoenix. It's crazy. I had to stop it. Short of it is that
I focused on a specific location that caught my eye and I want to know
who lives there Javier...everything you can find and sooner rather
than later. If what I saw was accurate I need to know. 439 Birch St.
Phoenix. It's a mother with twin girls. I want to know if what I see is
accurate before I try it on the house in Scottsbluff."

Bet said, "he's on the phone Daniel. You'll probably have the info
withing the hour."

"Let me know what it costs," she laughed. "I need to pick up my Uncle
and pour a slab. See y'all tomorrow. Thanks." Jake walked up and got
in the truck, and smiled. We headed to the shop, walked in and turned
off the alarm. Unc and Ellen were out back drinking coffee. I grabbed
the pot and walked out back with Jake.

"Hey." I handed them the sausage biscuits and refilled their coffee. I
gave the pot to Jake and he walked back inside." With all four of us
it won't take to long so enjoy it." I sat down and Billy said, after
looking at my jaw,

"What happened?" I filled them in. "You OK?'

"I can take a hit if I have to. He shouldn't have slapped Chloe but he
was lucky because Sara was going to rip his head off. It's the brother
of Alison's ex-boyfriend. Hopefully it's over. You mind if I go in
your room? I need to get something out of the closest." They shook
their heads. Billy and Ellen were talking with Jake about his truck
and Emily. I was opening the safe when I felt Unc walking up.

"Sorry, should I leave?"

"You're fine Uncle Billy. I needed to get some cash for someone. I put
it in my pocket, locked the safe, and put the false wall back up."

"You still have your grandfathers' .45?" I smiled, and motioned for
him to follow me as I walked into the shop. I unlocked the tool closet
and took the guns and set them on the table. Ellen and Jake walked up. I
wrapped my arm around him."

"I need to clean and oil them and then I'm going to teach Jake how to
shoot and use a firearm." He looked us both and smiled as he picked
up the .22.

"Is this your dads?" I nodded. "I remember shooting this when I
was young. I didn't look but do have the the rifles and shotguns,
too?" He handed Jake the .22 and picked up his dads .45 as I nodded.

"There's been a lot going on but I'll clean them." He smiled.

"You mind if help and go to the range with you and Jake?" Jake looked at me.

"Nope!" He smiled and put it down. I wrapped them back in their oil
cloths and put them in the closet and locked it. We locked up and
Ellen grabbed her bag since we were dropping her at Henry's before we
went to Sam's. Jake and Ellen walked to the truck, arms around each
other. Jake opened the passenger side door for her. She smiled, kissed
his cheek, and got in the front . Billy and I looked at each and
smiled as walked we up and got in the bac Jake drove us Henry's
drop Ellen off. I walked in with her and Billy and Jake chatted.

Billy and Ellen had shifted into us like everyone seemed to do. We
were an odd family, but we were a family that loved each other deeply,
and that was indisputable. All was well, I pushed out to Simon as I
walked to the truc His nose was messed up. I hoped that, and my
story about the desert, dissuaded him from continuing, but I doubted it
would. I checked Janey and Alison. They were still asleep. I got in
and Jake drove us to Sam's.

"Back in Jake because I need take some of the cement to Chloe's, and
then to Sara's." He wasn't nervous this time and did it flawlessly,
without help, but he still smiled. I kissed the side of his head. I
opened the back door and yelled...... "I need rugrats!.." and pushed
Unc out the way. Jake stood there shaking his head at me as 3
shrieking girls attacked him. Billy and I walked inside with the
biscuits. Maggie hugged both of us, and looked at me, as I handed the bag to of
biscuits to Sam, much to his delight. Ben walked in the back,

"Sorry, but there was mob out back so I just walked in." We all
laughed. Sam handed him a biscuit, and Maggie poured him some coffee. "I
was driving close to y'all and thought I'd stop and get a sense. You
mind if I walk around and take notes since I have a little time?"
They both nodded their heads. Jake, and the munchkins, came in. He
really was very good with them, and they adored him, even though he
had a girlfriend now. We chatted and had a nice breakfast.

Me, Unc, Sam and Jake went outside and started moving bags of
cement out of the garage and showing Jake how to mix it. Sam brought
the mixer from the shop so we weren't doing it by hand. Unc did more
than oversee. We had the slab poured by eleven. Jake and I were loading
bags, which we would have to mix by hand for fencing at Sara and Chloe's. We put
the last bag in the truck and clapped hands as Mags brought out iced
tea. I smiled, took mine, and walked out front to call Janey and Alison.

They said, "Hey love, guess what we're doing?" I knew, which was
unfair, but said.

"You're fucking like bunnies." They laughed and said...

"Daniel, you're on speaker. Shhhhssssshh!" No, that happened an hour
ago. We're having champagne brunch, by the pool! How awesome is
that?" It was awesome, and they were so cute I could barely stand it.
"How are things sweets?" I got quiet.



"We met Simon. He's having a bad day. He slapped Chloe and that went
over as you would expect." I could hear Janey growl. "That was
Sara's reaction too. Chloe had to keep her from ripping his head off. I
just broke his nose, but the regulars got a free show, and breakfast."

"You OK?"

"I'm fine. I wanted to know him and I do. He's out of it for a
bit. However, you need to leave tomorrow morning so enjoy yourselves.
Mr eyes is in Dallas, and will be staying there tomorrow. I spoke with
Ella yesterday..."

"You spoke with my mom, Daniel?" I forgot I hadn't told them yet.

"She spoke with me, sweets, briefly. She said she loved you and that
she was learning too." Silence.

"Hey Daniel. Janes is taking a wal" I nodded. "Talk ."

"You need be gone by noon. Pick some place random and go there.
Keep moving. This guy will be here Monday or Tuesday. I need you
think about something Ali. Simon is looking for something specific and
I don't think it's what we destroyed. Did Philip give you anything?"
She thought.

"He gave me things, one was a locket, and the other was a leather
bound book of the Princess Bride. They're both in my condo. Why?
Janes is bac"

"Hey Daniel. You took completely off guard. How's mom?"

"Good, but concerned about us."

"I can't believe she spoke with you. Why not one of us?" I told her
Ella said and that we are all working through this process. I'm the
one who isn't emotionally attached, so it's easier for her.

"Have you spoken with her again?"

"No love, I just check in. She showed how do it. I see her eyes
and get a sense."

"Talk with Ali and enjoy today. I'm sorry I disturbed your brunch.
Call if you need us. We love you both."

"Daniel, we LOVE you too. Tell everyone we said hi, and we thank
them." Janey continued, "Daniel, I love you. Keep our family safe Please."

"I will Janes. We'll see each other soon and things will get back to
normal. Alison, where the locket is, and the book, and if you
remember anything, let me know. Are you on vacation?"

"I am. I called them yesterday. I'll be doing some stuff online but it'll
mostly be emailed and I'll use the phone you got me otherwise."

"Enjoy today and tomorrow morning. Did you get the credit card?"

"Hey Daniel. I got it this morning and activated it so we're good."

"Good loves, have fun. We all adore you, and miss you. attention.
We'll talk later. I'll fill everyone it."

I pushed out Simon again and he was down for the day. I looked at
Ella, and she smiled. I looked at Mr. eyes and and my stomach turned.
He was in Dallas. I didn't look, but heard the cries, and screams, and
knew that I would end up killing a man in this life. I called Bet and
then Chloe. I filled Mags in before we left.
take me part 131+
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First of all, thanks all of you who like the story....I do too. Second, even though I like all the characters, I absolutely adore Sara. Youtube Ashe, Live at Brighton Music Hall, 2019.. She's a pretty good embodiment of Sara

thank you
take me part 131
Posted:Jun 28, 2021 10:44 am
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I woke only remembering Ella's looking at me, intently. I wondered
what she thought seeing me lying naked next to Chloe and Sara. I
suppose there was some solace in the fact that she was learning to
communicate with us as well, as frustrating as that was. At least we
could now communicate. I pushed out hard to see where it would go, and
when it would end. It felt like I was casting a fly rod only it didn't land.
It kept going, fast, until I stopped it. I pulled back to broaden the
lens and felt into what I was observing. It was Phoenix. I was
starting to hear things on these journeys, which was odd because I
knew it was happening as I watched. I made a mental note to practice
like I actually was fly fishing so I would send this where I wanted with more

I was getting ready to pull back when I noticed a flash and moved
toward it. It was a small house in old Phoenix. I saw the number, 439.
I pulled back and focused, kinda like Google maps and moved. The
street name was Birch. I'd have to try this with the house in
Scottsbluff. I moved back to the house and pushed in. I was
uncomfortable doing that but I almost felt compelled. It was an odd
sensation. It wasn't like an out of body experience, or a dream,
because I was awake and lying next to Sara with her and Chloe gently
snored. I hated doing this but I needed to figure out how to use this
ability so pushed further.

There were two , girls, twins, eight
years old asleep together. I shifted and moved to the light that was
on. It was in the kitchen. Their mother was at the table looking at
bills and wondering what to do. The information came in faster than I
wanted but I understood what had happened and she didn't know how she
was going to keep the house. She was frantic but she was also a mother
so she had to deal. I pulled back and opened my eyes and lied there
looking at the ceiling wondering what I had gotten myself into because
I knew what I had seen was accurate. I was going to check the address but
I knew it'd be the same as I saw. I gently rolled out of bed and went
into the bathroom.

I brushed and shaved, even though I hated it, which was odd because I
had a beard so it wasn't that much and Chloe and Sara shaved my balls
and my ass, and delighted in it, so I wasn't sure what my complaint
was. I showered, opened the door to grab a towel and Chloe was on the
toilet with her eyes closed. She heard me step out, smiled and waved.
She was tired. I kissed her head as she kissed my belly and bit my
hip, lovingly, and chuckled . She finished as I dried off. She washed
her hands as I wrapped my arms around her, one hand on her belly and one
hand on her breasts, and noticed a difference that I thought I was
imagining. I kissed her neck and she reached back and stroked my hair.

"Go back and sleep with Sara, love. Henry's orders. We have it covered."
She turned, kissed me and walked into the bedroom. Her and Jake past
in the doorway but both their eyes were closed. I kissed the side of
his head as I left and said go back to sleep. He nodded. Chloe was
snuggled into Sara with the comforter pulled up, sound asleep, and
breathing gently into her nec I got dressed and took my boots out to
the kitchen. I wrote a note and then looked at the camera feed and
tried to remember what Ben showed me. I scrolled though but I knew there
was no threat, at least not yet. I put my boots on, locked up and
headed to Henry's.

I sat in the car and pushed just in the immediate area and I went out
in all directions five miles. I pulled back around Henry's and
nothing. I pushed to Simon and he was asleep. I didn't check the eyes,
and walked around bac It was 4:00 am. We didn't open until 7:00 on
Saturday but I was already awake. I went in and turned off the alarm,
turned on the lights, and locked the door. I turned on the flat top
and made the batter of biscuits, pancakes, and waffles. I put the last
two in the fridge, got out the potato's and onions, oiled the griddle
and put them on, and made coffee. I went out front and got the coffee
ready, and the water, and started taking the chairs off the tables. I
made sure all the tables were clean. They were. I checked the
silverware, plates, and glasses. David and Issa were thorough. I checked
the bathrooms, because I'm obsessed with that, especially in a
restaurant and walked into the kitchen to turn the potatoes. I started
chopping fruit and veg.

It was about 5:30 when Henry walked in. "Don't you sleep?" I smiled
and said not much these days. I didn't tell him why. "Is there anything
for me to do?"

"Baking, and flipping the home fries." I poured him some coffee, and
me as well, when there was a knock on the front door. None of us knew
why Sam never went around bac I walked out let him in and we could
smell the bacon and sausage cooking. Sam smiled, of course, and we
walked into the kitchen. Henry had made batter for muffins to use the
extra blueberries. I was going to talk with everyone about doing
smoothies because a lot of younger folks were moving into the area but there
were a few things going on, and that is when Chloe, Sara, and Jake
walked in, laughing. Sara looked at me and smiled as Jake walked up to
me, Henry, and Sam. Chloe and Sara got coffee and made a fresh pot as
they were chatting.

Henry asked if drove his mom's in his truck and Jake beamed. "Yeah,
Gramps, and it was awesome. He looked at me and asked, "is it really
mine dad?"

"It is Jake. Sam and I may need to use it sometimes until we find a van,
but it's yours. Your mom's and I felt better with you being in the
truck instead of the Prius. My insurance agent is working on it as we
speak but you're covered."

"Can I take Em places?" Henry and Sam both looked me. Henry
because he had already been there, and Sam because he would be there,
times three. We all love Emily, Jake, and Christine, but you and I have
a few things to discuss..."

".... mom already told me about sex dad."

I smiled, "I know, she told me, but it's not about that. It's about
other things. As far as you driving with Em, and dating her, really
dating her, Chloe, Sara, and I are OK with that but you need to ask
Christine because it's the respectful thing to do." I could feel
Henry watching me, and smiling. Jake was quiet, thinking.

"You're right dad, and I will because I like her." He hugged me, and
kissed my chee "Thanks for the truck dad. It's awesome." I hugged

Help your gramp's before he beats Sam." Jake smiled as Sam and I
walked out front with Chloe and Sara following arm in arm.

"You really are a wicked person Daniel." I smiled.

"I'm not the one playing him Sam. I tried to get him to shift to
checkers," Chloe and Sara were smiling. "Don't lay your guilt on me

"Whatever," as he spread out the dominoes.

I walked over to my loves and hugged them. They both kissed me. Sara
spoke first.

"Thanks for letting us sleep because I needed it. Last night was
intense, but unbelievably amazing. Oh my God. Chloe and I talked about
it in the shower to process. Guess what's happening next time mister?"

"You and Chloe are changing places."

Sara looked at me stunned, as Chloe smiled. I could barely keep from
smiling. "How do you know these things, Daniel? That's exactly
right." She looked at Chloe in amazement. "Yeah, that's exactly
what's going to happen." I said O

"I still haven't been inside either of you, so schedule me in as
well." Sara smiled, and clapped as she hugged Chloe. "How was the
glass dildo? It's intense." Sara hugged me and kissed me.

"Sweets. like I was telling Chloe, as it started it was intense and I
needed to make myself relax, which I did, but after that....OMG, I
lost my mind. I can't wait for Chloe to try it, and Janey and Alison.
It's different with you." Chloe and I looked at each other. "It was
indescribable," as she hugged both of us. We both kissed her as
Henry walked out to annihilate Sam in dominoes for the first time ever.
He looked at me and I walked over.

"Muffins are in and there are two more batches. They sell well on the
weekend. Biscuits need to go in. Have Jake chop more fruit just in
case because juice is big too." I nodded. One last thing, you never
asked me to..."

".... don't start with me Henry." He laughed. "I did call you sir
until you said your name was Henry." He nodded. "Beat his butt."
Chloe and Sara said the same thing trying to build up his confidence.
I walked back into the kitchen with Jake and we got ready to open,
about 6:45....

"Goddamit! He cheats. of a BITCH!!!! Henry threw the door open and
went outside to wal I unlocked the door. Jake looked at me, shook
his head, and laughed as Sam came in.

"You bringing biscuits for all us?" I nodded. "I try and let him win,
but don't know how. I'm headed out. We'll put coffee on. We probably
won't start until 8:30-9:00, with all of us it won't take too long so
don't rush, but NO tickle monster, although that was a hoot last
night. You really should take it on the road. Ellen was great." I

"We'll see you soon." Chloe and Sara came in before they opened for
the regulars. They shook their heads but were smiling.

"You two are shameless."

"How did I get roped into this. You've known Sam longer than me. I
tried getting them to play checkers because at least he'd have a
fighting chance."

"Dad sucks at checkers." Henry came back in, took the spatula,
checked the biscuits, and muffins, and flipped the potato's. He put
more bacon on as Chloe and Sara went out front and I wrapped up what
Jake had already chopped. David and Issa walked in the back and Jake
showed him the truck key, and told them about it even though they were
there. They acted like they weren't and smiled at me. He was so
excited. Issa walked up and hugged me.

"Hello Daniel." I put my hand on her belly and almost staggered. I
knew she was having a girl and I was listening to her. She was
impatient. I told her to stand in line, it gets worse. She was quiet
and asked

"Who are you?"

"I'm Daniel. I'm your uncle."

"I'm Aliaha," and the connection was lost. I kissed Isaa's belly as
she smiled. "Not too much longer." David came up and hugged me.

"No, within the month....."

I stopped listening because Simon was here.

How did I not that know sooner? I told Jake to stay here and went out
front and looked around. Sara was at the far end dealing with tables.
She smiled, and waved. Chloe
was talking with someone, and it was Simon. It was slow motion, but I
saw everything all at once. Sara felt what was going on and looked
over at Chloe. Chloe shook her head and said Alison wasn't here, and
put her hand up, and Simon slapped her. and she went with the blow, as
she should, and growled. Sara screeched, dropped the plate she was
holding , and ran toward her sister.

Chloe took the blow, and moved with the impact, but was on one knee
and ready to attac. I actually would have put money on her. She
looked at me as Sara was running at Simon. I was halfway there as
Chloe turned and moved toward Sara. She caught her low and lifted her
off the ground to stop her.She didn't, as Sara screamed and writhed,
at Simon.

He saw me coming, and I had been waiting for this because I wanted a
gauge on him. I had boxed for exercise, for years. I could take a hit.
The bear was out as I walked up. Simon looked at me and swung a right
cross without saying a word, that told me a lot. I pulled back but it
landed on the side of my face, but I didn't stop. I grabbed his shirt,
and rammed my head onto the bridge of nose, breaking it. He cried out
as I drove my knee into his balls and pushed him onto the floor.

Everyone was watching but luckily they were all regulars. I grabbed
him by the shirt and started dragging him outside as Sam walked up. We
dragged him into the parking, behind the cars. Bet and Javier's guys
walked up. I checked him for weapons. He had one that I slid away. I
checked for knives, none. I threw his wallet to the guys and they took
photo's. I was deciding what do with him because I didn't think he was
done. I should have ended it then, but I didn't want to be that. I
reached into his pocket, took out a wad of cash, and slapped him hard
so he would focus.

"Tax, asshole. You touch my wife again and I will put you in the
hospital." I gave the keys to Javier's guys and heard the beep, so did
he. "Who the fuck are you?"

He was still moaning because I nailed his balls. "I'm Philip's brother
and I need to talk with Alison."

"And you slapped my wife, why?"

He looked at me. "Your brother is a prick, and it obviously runs in
the family. Alison doesn't want anything to do with Philip. We haven't
seen him in weeks. Alison want's nothing to do with Philip, and id you
show here, or anywhere my family is...I will hurt you. I dropped his
keys on his chest. "We took the 9mm under the seat, but left some of
the cash. We left your bag in he backseat, but we copied the

I got down next to his ear. Simon was still holding hid balls. "The
impulse of my friends is to take you out into the desert, where no one
will ever find you, tie you into the ground, gut you and leave you for
nature to deal with. Is that what you want?" He shook his head. Sam
and I lifted him up and pushed him toward his car. We all watched him
leave. They handed me the cash they took and I told them to give it to
Bet and Javier, they nodded and moved back to where they were as Sam
and I walked back inside. Thankfully it was just the regulars.

I walked up to Chloe and asked how she was. She smiled and I knew. I
did the same with Sara. She jumped on me and bit my neck away from all
the customers, hopped down, and said she was right as rain, and

"Sorry about that folks. It was someone looking for an ex. However,
breakfast is on the house, and the show was free. There shouldn't be
any more drama, but we are us. Happy Saturday." Everyone clapped,
including Sara. I walked into the kitchen. "Henry, can I get ten
sausage biscuits? He nodded.

"He gonna be back?"

"I don't think so Henry. He's regrouping. We took his guns, but he
might have one more, I can't remember. We have most of his money, i
didn't want to be mean. He looked at me. He knows we can beat him into
the ground. I'm not worried about him, because he's scared, and Bet
and Javier are watching us." He nodded.

"You OK?" Jake was watching me.

"I'm fine Henry but thanks for asking. I wanted to know who he was. I
do. I'll take the right to the jaw." Henry slapped his spatula on the
grill. "Get outta here." I walked out front to say goodbye to Chloe
and Sara. I walked up to Sara,

"I have to say young lady that I was pretty impressed," Chloe nodded,
smiling. "You were like a fucking animal. I heard that Screech and
thought, Jesus Christ, there's a mountain lioness inside here, and
then you ran." Sara was smiling at both of us but all she said was.

"He hit my sister." I kissed her and said I know. Sara smiled at me
and went back to the tables.

"Will he be back Daniel?" Chloe asked.

"He's looking for something he needs, but he's concerned by us. He is
weighing us against the guy we don't know. Hopefully, we pushed him
hard enough, but I doubt it. I didn't want to take everything, and
piss him off. I'll push into him later, right now he needs to deal
with his

"How's your head?"

"It hurts, but it's the benefit of having a hard head. I need to go."
I kissed Chloe as she pulled me aside. "Yes, love?"

"Did you call me your wife?" I looked at her because I had.

"I did. Should I not have said that?" She smiled, and climbed onto
me as she kissed me.

"You know the same applies for Sara as well, right?" I nodded. She
climbed off and went back out front. I shook my head as I walked out
front. Jesus Christ this family was intense.

"Thanks for the biscuits Henry." He slapped his spatula.
take me part 130
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Last Updated:Jul 6, 2022 9:38 am

The tickle monster is always a big hit, at least with the adults, and
I suspect the girls love it too. I wanted to lighten the mood from
earlier before we all left, which didn't seem likely soon because
everyone was having a great time. I went in side and was looking for a
CD when Mags and Bet walked in. I played dumb because I'm a snot, at
least that's my mom use to call me.

"Hey, what's up," as if nothing had happened as I fished through the
CD's looking for the one I wanted. Maggie didn't bite me, but Bet did,
hard, on my back of my neck, and she did draw blood, and wouldn't let go.
I didn't give her have the satisfaction of stopping, even though I was wincing.
She bit like Chloe. I found the CD and took it out and put it in, as Bet let go.

"Your an asshole Daniel." I turned around smiling and said I know.
Maggie looked at me, smiling and shaking her head.

"You saw Ella." I nodded. "What happened?" I told them everything,
which really wasn't that much, but at least Ella was communicating
with us. Bet and Mags looked at each other.

"I wish y'all would stop communicating silently. I'm getting annoyed."
They looked at me, shocked. Maggie asked me when I knew that.
"Yesterday, I thin..maybe today. Time is blurring. They did it
again. "Seriously. Jesus Christ you both are an annoyance but sadly I
adore you, so I'm stuc I'll tell all of you everything that happens.
I'll talk with Chloe and Sara when we get home. I'm calling Janey
tomorrow morning. They are having a nice dinner, and evening, and I
don't want to spoil it." They both nodded.

"Chloe is right, you are the monkey wrench in this for some reason."
Bet and I looked at her. "We do what we always do,...pay attention,
stay focused, stay close. Ella's right, it's going to get worse before
it gets better." I said,

"In the mean time, let's relax and enjoy the evening." I put Rye
Whiskey on by the Punch Brothers and cranked it up as we walked outside.
Chloe and Sara were looking at me. I walked up to them and told them
I'd tell them everything when we got home. They both smiled, and Sara
exhaled because she was the one being left out. I kissed both of them
and said I'd be right bac I need to check on things. They nodded. I
walked out front and pushed out to Janes and Al

They were still eating because they got a late start. It's a good
thing they couldn't get pregnant because they were fucking like
bunnies, again, but they were having such a good time. They weren't
paying as much attention as I'd like, but I was, and they were in no
danger. It was instantaneous with them now. I thought about them and I could
observe their surroundings. I didn't want to do that with just anyone else because of
privacy....some things you can't unsee and I'm not a voyeur.

I pushed out to Simon and he was still frantically looking for
something. I made a note to talk with Alison tomorrow to see if she
might know what Simon was looking for but was unaware of it. I focused
on the eyes I didn't know and they opened, sadly. Ella had been right.
The malevolence hit me like a club and I staggered backward as Sam and
Javier walked outside. They ran and stopped me from falling, again,
and asked what was going , at least I'd be prepared next time. Ella
was right. It was going to get worse before it got better. I told them
the little I knew but it fit with what I saw with Simon in
Scottsbluff. Javier looked at me as Sam watched.

"This is getting dark homes, and you're right about too many balls in
the air. Janey and Alison out of the picture is good. Simon is here
and I suspect he'll engage soon," Sam and I nodded. Bet walked out and
I filled her in. "We split our guys up, half are working on Simon, and
half are working on the house. Can you describe the safe?"

"It was similar to mine Javier. I think it's a gun safe, probably,
because they aren't all that expensive. There were two but he only
opened one and it only had some handguns in it along with DVD's and
cash. There could be other stuff. I didn't see. There were multiple
DVR's in the room though though. I was focused on Simon so I was following
him. I'm just learning all this but next time I'll see if I can shift focus."
They all nodded. Javier said,

"Once we find this house, and we will, and depending on what happens
with Simon, I'm thinking we head to Scottsbluff with a few guys and check
it out and see who's coming and going and maybe see what's in those
safes. If they're gun safes then it wouldn't take our guy long to get in and
we can take that ball out of play." Bet and I looked each and I said,

"Yeah, i would like to know what's going on, especially with Ali involved,
but it might also be like hitting a hornet's nest with a stic I know what to expect with
Mr. Unknown now when I look, and I'll keep looking. I know how to
access him, and Ella, thanks to her. Bet, fill Mags in because I
need to get out bac" We hugged each other and I walked out back and smiled as Henry
walked up.

"You OK ?"

"Mostly Henry, but I'm getting there."

"Slow and steady wins the race, right?' I nodded. "Let the girls
sleep in. I'll meet you and we'll be done before I beat Sam's ass." I


"I've said good-bye to everyone. David and Issa are dropping me off at
the cottage. Say goodbye to them." I nodded and hugged him and went
out back to say goodbye. Sam and Maggie and were also saying
goodbye because the girls were beat. They all came up, hugged me, and
said that they were so glad that I wasn't the tickle monster, anymore, but
that I should get that looked into. We all laughed and I said I would do that and then
kissed them on the head. Christine and Emily were saying their
goodbye's too. We all thanked them for the amazing food, at least the
limited amount I got. I hugged and kissed Em. She held onto me for a
long time as I squeezed her. I was still amazed that I had a , and a
inside a few months, go figure.

"Can we bring anything on Sunday? Sara chimed in and said.
"yourselves," and hugged them both. Chloe and I walked them to the
car. Emily was driving because it'd been a VERY long week for
Christine and she was tipsy. We kissed Christine, and then Emily."

"You good driving at night Em?" She nodded. I knew she hadn't sneaked
anything, or Jake either. I hugged her and whispered to her that I was
glad about being her dad and that I had always wanted a . She looked up
at me and wrapped her arms around my neck with a huge smile.

"Me too dad," and she got in the car. We waved as they drove off.
Chloe turned me into her and kissed me.

"I might be falling for you mister. So now you have two wives, two
alternates, two and a crazy family. Is this what you signed
up for?" I thought about it for a bit because it was odd, and happened
quickly and then it dawned on me, and I stopped. Chloe looked at me.

"I just realized how we all coalesced." She was looking at me confused. "Jake."


"You, Janey, and I would just tease each other but it was that dinner
at Sam and Maggie's when Jake asked me if I'd be his dad while you and
Sara watched, that was the moment because after that everything
shifted." Chloe was quiet but watching me. "We started falling in
love after that. Well, in the "falling in love" way. I always loved
you and Janes, but that's what set it in motion. Sara made it real
that evening by the fire." Chloe looked at me and started to tear as
she hugged me. I could feel Sara, but God bless her she stayed with
Billy and Ellen even though she didn't want to. Chloe looked up at me.

"I loved you like that before then Daniel, but that blew the gates
wide opened and here we are. Do you regret it?" I pinched her and she

"Don't ever say that again Chloe. Ever!" She nodded. My heart can
hold a lot goofball." We held hands as we walked out back and sat
down. Sara smiled and poured the last of the Prosecco as Unc asked if I
minded if he put on some vinyl.

"Help yourself. Ellen is more entertaining to talk with anyway." He
mocked glared as everyone laughed. I knew they were staying here
because it reminded him of the past, even though it was a bit bumpy,
it was water under the bridge, but it still brought up memories. He knew
those albums better than me. It reiterated the fact that I needed to clean
out my past and I suppose that was the reason I called Uncle Billy in the
first place, since it had been years. There are storage units all around us
that dad, I, own that are full of memories. There are more filled with my
dad's equipment, machines, and tools. I heard the needle drop and I knew
what he picked when I heard the first few notes because I remembered them playing it.
when it came out. I had tears in my eyes. I stood up and turned as my uncle walked out. Ellen, Chloe, and Sara were confused but watching. He walked up to me.

"You kept it." I nodded and hugged him as Alabama's album
Mountain Music started playing. He hugged me liked my dad use to hug me.
Our family had some bad blood across generations. We hugged until
Mountain Music was finished and sat down. I can't believe you kept
that Danny, and I can't believe you remember. I'm glad, but shocked."

"I kept everything Unc and I have the storage units to prove it."
Uncle Billy explained, briefly, the angst there was between my dad and
him, but this album preceded all of that. Things kinda went down hill
after that, across the board. Chloe knew this was going to be a late
night and got the last bottle of Prosecco and brought it out. Jake was
loving it even though he didn't know what was going on, he was just glad
we were family. Chloe and Sara kissed him as Chloe poured him half a
glass, saying "Sip it mister. You have work to do tomorrow." We
listened to the full album and just enjoyed being family.

The last song finished we each had one more glass when Ellen asked,

"Can you tell us about you now instead of later?" We looked at each
other and nodded and then looked at Jake. He was loving this because
he didn't care about it, but he was being included in the conversation." We
nodded and I got ready to tell them when Chloe spoke, and I listened,
in awe like I had with Sara.

She shared with them what we had just talked about, but deeper and in
more context. She sat in front in of them and talked about us, and how
things developed, and Jake, and Emily. How quickly we were a family
and how everyone knew from the principal of Jake's school, to both
Frank's. and Gio. She weaved it all together and Uncle Billy and Ellen
were utterly mesmerized. Sara and Jake sat next to her at some point
but none of us could remember when. She ended with,

"Billy and Ellen, family is challenging. You are our family as far we
are concerned, period...past aside. It's water under the bridge. We
want you in our lives, and I speak for all of us, but we are who we
are, and we are unashamed. You'll have to accept that, or not. We
don't do judgment. We hope you accept us as we are because we won't
change, period. We're a family and we love each and aren't changing
that for anyone. Not to put to fine a point on it, but we Sara and I,
didn't change for our dad. We won't be changing for you. We are
expressive in our affection for one another and that won't change but
we are what you see. We're saying this, because I speak for Sara and
Daniel, in front of Jake because he knows who his family is. Family is family,
and private is private. We want you in our lives, and I know Jake want's you
in his life."

Utter silence. I was listening to Chloe in awe, as I'm sure all of us
were. I was listening to my past in the music, and listening to my
future in Chloe's words. The juxtaposition was almost more than my
befuddled brain could take. It was funny because I never liked that
album all that much. I mean there some good songs, and I like Alabama,
but there were other songs I enjoyed more. However, I remembered it because
it was emotional because of what was going on at the time and I could
see my family being ripped apart and had no idea how to stop it. It
made me think of Ella saying the reason I could talk with her was
because I wasn't emotionally connected to her, but Chloe was
absolutely emotionally connected to Billy and Ellen, and Sara is
emotionally connected to everything, including rocks. We were ALL emotionally

Ellen looked at Unc and was probably regretting asking but said,

"Chloe, thank you for trusting us enough to understand and accept who
you are as a family. Honestly, it is unusual for us...."

"...as it is for most everyone Ellen..."

"...agreed. It is not our business and you are our family as well.
Tonight proved that and I suspect Sunday will prove the point even
further," she looked at Jake, "and you young man...we both hope you
will consider us your aunt and uncle. We are very happy about your
truck, and being able to be here for that. We're sure Emily is as well."

Jake didn't hesitate. He got up and body hugged both Ellen and Billy.
The album ended and after Chloe there was nothing more to be said. She
encapsulated what would have taken me minutes in five. Jake took
care of the fire as the rest of us cleaned up outside, and then cleaned
up inside. Thank God for dishwashers. I showed Unc how to use the
coffee pot, and where the coffee was, and how to set the alarm and told him
it needed to be set. He nodded. I told him not to worry about the
cameras but showed him how to switch between them. I locked the back and
closed the blinds.

We all hugged each other and while Ellen and I were hugging I asked if
she could say the same to Em that she said to Jake about being an
aunt and uncle. She leaned back, looked at me and smiled, and kissed
my chee "I had already planned on it Danny. You doubt yourself, but you
are a good man." We said our goodbye's. I waited for the beeps,
and they came.

I drove Jake home in the truck, and Chloe drove Sara home. Chloe took
them in and I checked even though Ben had installed what he had. It
was a beautiful evening. I stood in the backyard and pushed out
randomly and it didn't stop until I stopped it, and I felt, and then stopped,
because I was intruding on things that didn't involve me. I was going
to call Mags but it was getting late. I was able to see more than I
thought I should.

I knelt on the grass so I was closer to the ground and looked into his
eyes and it was like a tunnel and I was there, watching, and what I
saw made me retch. I broke the contact and called Bet.

"'What?" I knew she could feel me because she had bitten me twice.
Jake was sleeping... a half a glass of Prosecco will do that to you.
Sara and Chloe walked out.

"Put the call on speaker. Chloe and Sara are on."


"I just tried to see Mr eyes, and I did, and it made me retch, the
limited amount I viewed. He's beyond a sadist, and he doesn't care
who it is. Simon focuses on women, which is still disgusting. I think it's why
we are in the middle of this, because Ali felt something about Philip. I'm still
unclear unless we end it. He doesn't even know who Alison is. I still don't
understand the connection with Alison but I'm beginning to feel that Philip loved her
in his twisted way and I stumbled into it, unbeknownst to me, and then
brought Sara into it, and then all of you." Sara kissed me and said,

"Stop being dumb Daniel, if you hadn't found our Ali, then there is no
telling what would have happened to her. You kept her safe and you
found me, and Chloe, and Jake, and Janey, and all of us. Don't be
sorry for what already happened, and what needed to happen." Bet said,

"When did you get so smart Sara? Listen to one of your better halves.
It's better it played the way it did. Regrets aren't helpful love.
Hold on sweets,"

"Homes, I'm going to say that Bet needs to bite you a few more times
if your open to it, because I am only seeing pieces but it is
disturbing.I think maybe every alpha female should since you seem to
be able to take it, internalize it, and then share it. It's odd."

"We need to talk again because I am thinking that maybe daniel is
showing us our connectivity. I don't understand it but I know that i
would rather be linked in with Daniel, then not. I want to be clear,
and I only saw a limited amount of what Daniel did, but this man is a huge
threat. Period. If he is coming here then we need to be on guard. We'll have
guys at Henry's." Bet said,

"We can't do anything now but keep us updated, and thanks for tonight. You'll
see all of us on Sunday." Sara clapped. We brushed and went to bed naked, which
was probably an unconscious sign because we started touching each
other in unspoken
ways, Sara licked, and sucked balls even though I was hard, and
dripping. Chloe leaned
forward and sucked it up so it didn't go to waste and then pushed her
pussy back onto my mouth. These two were SO much better than
restraints because they worked in tandem, even if it was unconscious.

I loved Sara licking, and sucking me, and I especially loved her
trying to fit both of my balls in her mouth. She wouldn't give up until
she did it, which wasted a lot of pre-cum, but gave me time to enjoy
Chloe's pussy and clit, which I did as Sara was trying to stuff my
balls into my mouth before she sat on my coc She finally got both
in her mouth and was being Sara, which was both excruciating, and
exciting, not that Sara needed to make me hard. She was just having
fun. I tried not to wince and waited for her to make love with me like she wanted.
until then Chloe ground her clit onto my mouth.

Sara and Chloe were obviously sisters. There is NO doubt, and blood
but when it comes to orgasms they are vastly different. They are both
like earthquakes. If any of you have spent time in an earthquake zone
then you'll understand what I am about to
say. I grew up in CA and there are two main types of earthquakes. One
is the "jolt," It hit's suddenly, and with intensity.... that is Sara.
She is highly orgasmic, but only when she is excited. However, once
she is, if I just licked her lips, and didn't focus on her clit, she
would squirt on me, and clap.

Chloe, on the other hand, is like the "rolling earthquake." She
builds, and builds, and builds, and then releases. I usually end the
same way, wet. I was thinking about this to keep from thinking about
the ache in my balls, whether from being
shoved in Sara's mouth, and sucked mercilessly, or because I now
needed to come. I was instead focused on the gift that sat my mouth.

Sara's Sara, and she was lost in her fun. I tried and isolated that. I
love pussy, period. I love the way it looks. I love the contours, I
love the smell, and I especially love the taste. I was thinking that
as Chloe dug her clit onto my mouth, so hard that I could barely move
my tongue, so I sucked. It was all i could do but lordy did I feel
nice giving her that. Chloe leaned forward, pushed hard against me and came
all over me as she cleaned my coc She leaned back and stuck
her ass on my face as a tease, and laughed, so much for sleep, and I started
to lick her butt.

Sara pulled my balls out of her mouth. She was holding my cock and rubbed
it along her lips, and inside, which
felt amazing because She was so wet. Chloe got off of me and walked away. Sara was looking at me smiling and made me focus on her eyes as she grabbed my cock and pushed it inside of her. I felt her moan as she fell onto my chest and pushed me deep inside of her. We were kissing as Sara and I made love.

That is when I felt hands move my legs apart, and two knees join next to my legs.
Sara gasped in surprise since I was already inside of her. She inhaled
as Chloe pushed the glass dildo inside of her ass, with me already in her.
Sara looked at me as it went in, and I began to fuck her g-spot.
Sara's clit was riding on my belly, and my cock was moving inside her.
Both Chloe, and I, were fucking slow and deep The glass dildo was
intense. I knew first hand.

Sara was looking at me but I was l seeing mostly the whites of her eyes. She was beyond gone. She had already come twice. She arched her back for the extra muscle contraction as she came again, drenching my cock but I didn't stop, neither did Chloe. Sara looked at me and just moaned. She dug her nails into the back of my shoulders as she pushed
onto me and I fucked her pussy, Sara bent onto me and lifted he ass and Chloe used that to her, and Sara's, advantage.

Sara was completely lost in rapture as I came inside, I stayed
semi-hard as Chloe fucked her ass. I could feel her ready to come, as could
Chloe. We held hands and pushed ourselves into her. Sara gasped and
came one final time. She kissed me and bit my neck I thought I would
pass out. I came again, and there is no way to determine how many
times Sara came. We both wanted her to come. She was on my chest as as
Chloe pulled the glass dildo out of her. Sara didn't move but her fingernails where
still embedded in my bac

Chloe walked into the bathroom, came back with wipes and cleaned Sara.
She didn't need to but the gesture was enough. Chloe looked at me and
smiled. Sara was passed out on my chest because of us. Chloe checked
the doors, turned off the lights and kissed me until we fell asleep.

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