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take me part 129
Posted:Jun 26, 2021 2:53 pm
Last Updated:Jul 6, 2022 1:4 am

I walked out back as Pink Floyd started play. Henry and I stood
and watched. We looked at each other because we were all family. Jake and
Em and Billy and Ellen were talking, and they were all loving it, and
it's exactly what Jake and Emily needed. Chloe, Sara, Christine, David and Issa
were chatting. They looked over, smiled, and waved. How is that you
can love so many people, so easily? I walked with Henry to meet my aunt and
uncle. I introduced him and said I'd be right back and staggered to a chair and
sat down. Sara kept talking with Christine and moved her toward
everyone else as Chloe came over. Sara was stepping into her own, as
was Janey.

She didn't say anything, just held my hand which is what I needed.
Simon was at Philip's looking through everything, and getting drunk.
The doorbell rang, and I was curious about that, but it was food. He was
in for the night. I pushed out toward Janey and Alison. They had just
made loved, again, and were getting ready to go to dinner. I felt no
threat close to them. The Broadmoor is one of the nicest hotels,
period, but certainly in Colorado. It was going to cost a chunk of
cash but I knew no one would mind taking some of Philip's cash so they
could be safe, and happy, while we dealt with this. I looked at Chloe and

" Janey and Alison. They're fine. They're getting ready for
dinner." She smiled and walked inside. I was getting up when I did get
a splitting headache and sat back down holding my head. The images
flashed quicker than I could make out, just bits and pieces. I saw
Boston, disturbing images that I couldn't place, like waking up from
a nightmare and saying thank you that it was a dream....except this wasn't a
dream. I saw a plane take off, and then I saw his eyes again and
knew why Simon was frantic, and getting drunk. Whoever this guy was he
was heading here, but I had the sense that he was making a stop first.

The pain subsided and I started to stand and I saw Ella. "Jesus
Christ!" She looked at me and she wasn't smiling. I pushed into her
but it wouldn't work. I had the thought that it was one way only with her,
which made sense. She kept looking at me, intently, so I started
looking at her eyes and she smiled. I understood what she was doing.
She couldn't speak with me so she was using whatever was happening
with me, and that sense, to engage me. It was the eyes with these two,
not trying to push out to them, and she was gone. "Fuck!"

I shook my head and could feel Sara watching me, worried. I got up and
walked inside. Chloe was laughing with Janes and Ali as I walked into
the shop and out the front door. "Janes, you two have a wonderful
dinner, but attention. We love you." Sara was beside her as Chloe
turned and ran out front. "Daniel, what?" I bent down and yelled as
Maggie, Sam and the girls, and Bet and Javier all pulled up. Chloe
and Sara looked at them. There were too many balls in the air, and I dropped.

I could feel them all worried. Chloe took charge and told Sara to take
Javier, Sam and the girls out back. Sara growled and both Chloe and
Maggie stepped up. Sara lowered her eyes and did it even though she
wasn't happy. Sam, Sara, Javier picked up a munchkin and stopped in
the shop to get some chocolate. I could hear the screams. I could feel
the three of them talking. They were more curious than worried. I
wasn't unconscious, but I wasn't conscious either and that is when
Ella walked up to me and squatted down.

"Hello Daniel. I'm Ella. It's very nice meet you." I said hello and
that Henry and the girls were going to be pissed...Maggie too. She

"They'll get over it. I can speak with you because your emotions are
tied to them and not me." I nodded wherever I was. I told her there
were too many balls. She was quiet.

"Yes, Daniel, there are so share a couple. It's going to get worse
before it gets better but it will get better. Janey and Alison need
to leave Sunday and not Monday." I nodded. I need to leave but I am
learning to, Daniel. The reason I can talk with you is because of
Bet's bite. It will take time but I will guide all of you as best I can. Tell
them I love them and I am never far. It will get easier, but not now."
I could feel her slipping away, but she stopped it.

"Watch over my family...." ...and she was gone. I moved and said
"FUCK!!!" and stood up. The three of them looked at me unsure what to think.
I shook my head, said hi and started walking back into the shop. Bet and Chloe
were moving forward when Maggie stopped them. Let him process loves. He's
dealing with a lot and he just spoke to Ella. He'll remember but you need to give
him space." Chloe and Bet looked at her. Chloe said,

"You speak with mom?"

"No, I just feel things sometimes sweets. We are all learning our way together."

"Daniel's the monkey wrench." Chloe smiled and nodded. I walked in
and took Pink Floyd off and was digging through my CD's. Mags and Bet
walked past me as Chloe wrapped her arms around and said,

"Take your time Daniel but you're not doing this alone. Remember that,
love." I stopped and grabbed her hands. and asked if she locked the
door. I could feel her smiling.

"What do think mister," as she bit my ear. I found it, and exhaled.
Dermot Kennedy. Live at the House of Blues, Boston 2019, and I started
crying. Chloe just held me as Sara walked in and did the same. It was too much
energy. So much for this being smooth. Energy is an odd thing. I washed my face
and eyes, and we walked out back and I tried to act like I was normal.
I was usually pretty good at that but felt like I was slipping.

We walked out and Christine saw us and said, "WHO wants food?!"
Jake and Emily were halfway to the door followed by the munchkins. No
one noticed me except Sam and Javier, and they were both concerned. We
walked up to Billy and Ellen

"Are you having a good time?" I asked.

"I was big until you took off Pink Floyd, but who is this? We're
liking him." We all walked in to get the food Christine brought. I
showed them the CD and said,

"Thank all of you for being here because it's an important day for
lots of reasons but the main one is because Jake and Emily are out of
school for the summer, well mostly. I also want to thank Christine and Emily for this
meal that we are sharing. They brought it from their family's
restaurant. Load up and get in line for the microwave. Everyone
cheered. Before you do there is one other thing we need to discuss and
then we can eat, drink, listen to music and enjoy each other's

Jake, I need the truck key and held out my hand, "now ."
Everyone was deathly quiet. Jake handed me the key, confused. I handed
it to Chloe and Sara who walked up to both Jake and Emily, who were utterly
confused and looking at each other. Chloe spoke with Sara by her side.

"Jake, both of us, your moms, and your dad talked and...." Sara
couldn't contain herself and yelled the truck is yours, and started
clapping. Chloe looked at her. Jake didn't say anything. "Sara's
right. We're giving you the truck, ." Sara kept clapping and then
everyone started clapping. Jake and Emily were in shock because they had
no idea. Jake looked at me and I nodded and he ran at me and jumped on
me and hugged me, hard, crying. I squeezed him. I kissed his cheek and
said go hug your moms, Jake."

Jake and Emily were beyond excited. I went out back and put more wood
on the fire while everyone congratulated Jake and Em and got food.
Chloe got Prosecco out of the shop as Uncle Billy came out, or course.

"That's a huge day in a young man's life." I nodded.

"He deserves it Unc. He's smart as a whip... he actually reminds me of
you and dad.... and he works at Henry's and has been helping here, and
he's an all around great . He also makes a mean fire."

"That is true. I was very impressed, but I'm guessing he had a good
teacher. You have an interesting mix for a family but Ellen and I both
love them all, we especially like Javier and Bet." I smiled.

"This isn't the way I had planned this but there are many things converging
all at the same time this weekend so you'll need to bear with us," he nodded
as I added another log. It was cottonwood so it wouldn't burn as long like oak.
"Chloe and Sara are up to something and have roped Ellen into it for tomorrow.
We are kinda doing a tag team thing at Henry's so we can help David and Issa.
They don't work there that often like the girls. We may be bouncing around a bit
but we are going to see Frank, the butcher." He smiled. "He wanted to see you
and Ellen so we'll work that out."

"I open for Henry with Sara, or Chloe. We're trying to get him to
sleep until 5:00am. I'll swing by and pick you up after 7:00. I'll
show you about the coffee pot, and everything before I leave. I'm glad
you and Ellen are here, and Chloe, Sara, and Jack are so excited they
can barely stand it. He smiled and said them too before saying,

"Are you going to tell me about Chloe and Sara?"

"I am Unc, but not tonight. I'll talk with you tomorrow whether you
want to hear it , or not. OK?" He nodded has Sara and Ellen walked up
carrying food and Prosecco for us, followed by Chloe Sam, and Maggie.
The rest were inside eating and playing with munckins. We ate, and
laughed. and I said excuse me, as I shook my head.

"I'm feeling a little strange." Billy and Ellen were confused but the
rest were smiling and got up and took Billy and Ellen to the other
side of the fire pit. Maggie asked if they would like some more and
they both nodded. I actually did too but the tickle monster can only
wait for so long. They all went in and got seconds, came back out,
and sat down for the show. Chloe and Sara gave me some of their
champagne and I started to shift.

I walked inside and everyone looked at me, oddly, but the girls were
on high alert as they huddle together because they weren't sure. I
walked toward the shop and stopped, shuddered, and turned around as
the tickle monster and stretched my arms out with my fingers moving
and grunting. The girls screamed but Jake and Emily beat them out the
door, only they were laughing. I started after they girls as they ran
outside. Bet and Javier tried to stopped but yelled... 'Run. girls,

They ran to Sam and Maggie for protection but I kept coming and chased
them around the yard. They ran back to the fire pit and that is when
Ellen put her plate down and walked out as the girls ran toward her.

"Hide behind me girls." I staggered up. Ellen put her hand up, like
Janey had, and said NO!. I stopped. She turned to the girls,

"Watch and attention." I kept moving forward and she started
tickling me. "Now girls. Tickle him so we can turn him back into
Daniel, and they attacked me. Sara joined in as well, I fell to the
ground, writhing and twisting, growling and then stopped moving, shook my
head and say loudly,

"WHY ARE YOU TICKLING ME?" They stopped as the girls looked into my
eyes. "Have you completely lost your minds? Ellen, what is going on?"

"You became the tickle monster and we had to stop it," she said smiling.

"You people are crazy. There is no such thing as a tickle monster."
The girls, and Sara, got close to and said, "Shhhhhhh!!!!!! It might
still be around, and then hugged me because I was me again. They helped
me up, the girls hugging me, as we went back to the fire pit in time for me to
see Chloe finishing my plate. Holy crap!
take me part 128
Posted:Jun 25, 2021 9:09 pm
Last Updated:Jul 6, 2022 1:4 am

I walked out back and asked if they want another, they shook their
heads so I sat down to catch up on the family. It'd been a couple of
years since I'd seen them because I can lose track of time. Unc said,

"The place is fantastic Danny," Ellen nodded. "The front looks like I
remember it, except for the rocks, but the studio and back here is
awesome, and what a view. I guess you're glad you took this, and all
of your dad's stuff and let your brother's have most of the money."

Ellen touched Billy's arm as I was quiet. I was glad even though it
was hard for a while. money never meant as to me as it did to them.
Because the house and land had exploded in value and the shop hadn't,
because it was industrial, I did make the smart call but I hadn't done it for
that. I simply couldn't sell it. Unc was here, partly, to look at
dad's equipment, and it was hard, but I knew I needed to move on. My life was telling me
that. I was telling me that by taking Sam and Maggie on as partners.

I looked at them, wistfully. "I couldn't let this place go Uncle
Billy. It's my home. They sold the house and land so this is the only
place I have left, and the city is encroaching on it. Most people here who own
their building don't want to sell either, but they don't live here.
It's why I put the rocks out front. It's my home. I have more to do
but only so many hours because there's a lot going on," and that is
when Sara and Chloe walked in, followed by Jake and Emily. They were
all laughing. Sara walked up to Ellen and introduced her to Jake and
Em. Chloe walked up and kissed me on the lips, turned, and said,

"You must be Uncle Billy. I'm Chloe, Sara's sister and Jake's mom. We
have another sister, Janey but she's out of town for a couple of weeks
with her girlfriend, and a brother, David, who you'll meet later. It's
wonderful to meet you," and she hugged him. We all bunched together
and Sara and Chloe changed places. Sara introduced Jake and Emily to
Billy, and Chloe and Ellen said hi and chatted. I went in and got more
beer and gave them all one and pulled Jake and Em aside. I hugged
Emily, and kissed her head.

"How old are you Em?"


I opened a bottle dumped some of it out into the fire pit until it was
a little more than half full and handed it to them. The both said
Yeesssss! "Hey Unc," he walked over. Let Jake show you how make a
real fire." He smiled.

"Deal." Jake handed the beer back to Emily and told her to save him
some. I wasn't trying to get them to start drinking, I figured they
would sooner or later. I want to start teaching them about
responsibility, and being able to trust us and it's more effective
with actions rather than lectures. Jake was going to get some talks this
weekend about Emily, the truck, and alcohol but I figured it's half a
beer split between them, and they're 17. Emily was hugging me as she
sipped the beer and we watched Jake show Uncle Billy how to make a

She looked at me and smiled, and that is when I knew Simon was in
Denver. I acted like nothing was happening and watched as long as I could. He was
north a bit, but he was here and he was stressed, and angry. I was
sure that he was going to Philip's though. I was tempted to just call
Javier and let him know, but I didn't. I hoped I wouldn't come to regret
that. Emily's phone buzzed.

"Mom's out front Daniel." I kissed her cheek, and she beamed.

"Stay here sweets, and save some for your boyfriend. I'll go." She
nodded and I went up front to help Christine, followed by Sara. She
caught me in the kitchen and wrapped an arm around my waist as
we walked into the shop.

"We missed you, mister." I kissed her head and said likewise as we
opened the overhead and said hi to Christine. She had her SUV backed
up with the back open and filled with enough food to feed 5 blocks. We started
unloading as Ellen and Chloe came out laughing, all three of them were
fast friends. It didn't take long to bring the food in, and that's
when Bet and Javier rode up. Christine had met them before, but Ellen
was nervous. Chloe took her hand,

"They're family, Ellen. They just look scary. It'll make sense when everyone
gets here and I can draw you a diagram." Sara walked up and grabbed Ellen's hand,

"Can you help me and Christine arrange the food?" Ellen nodded as
Chloe walked toward Bet and Javier and I grabbed beer. We sat where Sam
and I moved the chairs, the only shade on this side of the shop. I
kissed Bet on the lips, because this family did that, unashamedly, and
Javier on the cheek and we sat. I gave them theirs and hand Chloe our beer. Javier said,

"You first homes." I filled them in on everything to current, about the
eyes I couldn't recognize, about jumping over the fence, about seeing Ella,
twice, and that Janey and Alison were OK, and then told, in detail,
about the house in Scottsbluff. They were both quiet and looked at
each other. Bet asked,

"Would you recognize it?"

"The house, yeah, and I might be able to push in again since Simon was
there and it was so intense." Javier said,

"We'll check out houses on line with that number and try and get
photo's. I can tell you now, just from that, that these are warped
motherfucker's, and that alone makes them dangerous. They do cover
their tracks though, so they have some skills, but we're close to
unraveling Simon. He was more careful than Philip, but he's also
freaking out. You need to pay attention, all of you. We'll let you
know about the house." I could feel Bet looking at me, and Chloe
looking at her.

"Tell me about Ella, Daniel."

"She didn't say anything, Bet"

"I'm not interested in that. I'm interested in what you felt," she
looked at Chloe and something was shared.

"Well, I saw her was this morning as I was walking, we were walking,
Chloe and Sara were worried and caught me. We jumped the
fence onto the ditch path..." Chloe interrupted.

"Sara and I climbed the fenced. Daniel jumped the fence. He hit it
mid-height and vaulted over it and was walking before we got over, and
we beat him climbing fences." Bet looked at me.

"I told you I was getting better at climbing fences." She smiled. "The
girls asked what was going and I told them that I had no answers
because I hadn't been born into this like them and that is when I
dropped to my knees and saw Ella smiling. It's odd because my first
thought was that maybe I was born into this, but then it was gone. I know I'll be
seeing Ella, but I'm not sure if she'll speak to me, I doubt it, or if
I'll feel things like this. It's odd and confusing, and I have way
more questions than answers," she nodded.

"However, since we are talking about this I was thinking about
something Chloe and Annie mentioned after they talked that I wanted to
ask you. What do you think would happen if Maggie bit me? I have no
idea how Sam would take that, or Mags. It's not sexual, but after you,
and especially now after Ella, I'm curious." Chloe and Bet looked at
each other as Javier watched. I could feel him. He was a little
concerned. Bet was quiet for a bit.

"I can't say I'm not curious," Chloe nodded, "about Annie too since we
are all different lines. I'm still trying to grok why Sara's bite
seems to merge in with Chloe's and Janey's. As far as Mags, she's
intense. I would say see what happens over the next few days because
things are shifting with you, quickly, but it would be interesting.
It's obviously not my call but I don't think you get hurt.... well,
except for the actual biting but you don't seem to mind that," Chloe and Bet
laughed and stood up. Bet kissed me and said to keep her informed and handed
me her empty and then hugged Chloe.

Javier hugged me, "we might need to take a drive to Scottsbluff,
homes." I nodded. We all walked to their bikes.

"We've got something to do but we'll be back." We waved as they rode
off and we closed the door looking at each other. We walked into the
kitchen and food was everywhere, plates and silverware were set
up. The microwave was going to get a work out. I stopped at the
turntable and looked through my parents albums, Chloe hugged me, until
I found it, Dark Side of the Moon, by Floyd. Chloe smiled and kissed
my cheek as Henry, David, and Issa walked in. Chloe took David and
Issa out back and introduced them, as Henry stood next to me and
picked up the jacket. He put his hand on my and said nice as I hit

"You mind if I look through these some time."

"Not at all Henry, and can play whatever suits your fancy tonight, or
anytime," he nodded, "but let me introduce you to Billy and Ellen first."
Take me part 127
Posted:Jun 25, 2021 8:36 pm
Last Updated:Jul 6, 2022 1:4 am

Sara and I hugged them and said we'd be back soon and said goodbye to
Sam. I told him he could go be with his family and Jake and I would
finish up. He smiled and nodded. He asked if they could bring anything
and we both shrugged.

"Christine is bringing food from her family's restaurant, I assume
it's Chinese food. Maybe beer you like and ice cream. Sara held my
hand as we walked to the car. I opened the door and she jumped on me
and kissed me and hopped down.

"That went well but you need to tell us what you saw. Unless it's
urgent it can wait. She got in and I closed the door. I dropped her
off and said I'd be back soon. I wanted to check in with Ben. She
nodded and went inside. The beauty of Henry's, and the family's houses,
were that they're close together. They are all in the same area and
close to one another so it didn't take long for me to get to Chloe's.
Ben was getting stuff out of his truck and waved.

"Hey Daniel. I'm almost finished, come on and I'll show you what I
did." He took me around and pointed to the various cameras and showed
me where we could use more lights. "This more challenging than the
shop, by it's nature, because neighborhoods have multiple access
points, and mature vegetation. I installed motion sensors around the
front and the back." He pointed them out. "I also put signs on the
windows and one down by the street. You'd be surprised by how effective
they are. Come around back." We walked toward the back fence. "My
suggestion is to research fast growing bushed with thorns, like
pyracantha, and plant it along this fence in particular." We walked back to the
house. "Also plant it in front of the windows, especially out back and on
the side. It'll deter almost all petty criminals because the harder
you make on them the more likely it'll be that they'll move on." I
nodded as we walked inside.

"I need to check a few things, and set up a couple, but it's basically good to
go. You feel confident enough until Sunday?" I nodded. "I'll run
through it with you again then. It's not all that complicated, just new."
I hugged him, and thanked him and Kim. He said he'd give me the key on
Sunday and they were looking forward to it. Kim was making a huge a
batch potato salad. I smiled because I love potato salad.

"I sat in the car and pushed out to Simon and he was there pretty
quickly. He was in Wyoming and heading to I-25. I figured he'd be in
Denver within 3 hours, unless he stopped again. I was still fairly
certain that he was headed to Philip's. I figured if he didn't already
know where Alison lived he'd probably find out there, unless it was in Philip's
phone in which case he would never know. It didn't really matter
because it was highly doubtful he'd get in anyway. I pushed toward those
eyes I saw and nothing, again, which was frustrating. I pushed toward
Ellla and she was looking at me, smiling. She didn't say anything,
just nodded, and she was gone. She seemed less worried. I'm glad she
did. I headed back to Henry's.

The lunch crowd was thinning out. Chloe and Sara smiled. I waved at
David and Issa as I walked into the kitchen. "Hey Henry, you need any

"Dishes, get Jake and Emily to help. They can rinse and you schlepp.
Nice seeing your aunt and uncle I bet." I said it was as I walked out
front. I said hi to Jake and Em told them what Henry said. Jake
smiled, took Emily's hand and walked into the kitchen.

"It's easy Em. I'll show you what to do and it'll go quick with Daniel
clearing the tables and bringing in the totes." I called Sam and said
to lock up but don't turn on the alarm and then called Unc and told him I
was running late. I hugged David and Issa and started clearing tables.
I wanted Issa doing as least as possible. The three of us made a good
team too. I cleared the tables and David cleaned them and Issa helped
with the remaining guests. It would be slow until probably 4:00 and I
was pretty sure Chloe would come back to help. I took the last of the
dishes into Jake when Janey called. I walked out back.

"Hey Janes."

Hey, you're on speaker."

"Hey Ali."

"Hi Daniel. Janey told me about this new person. Are we good?"

"Yeah, but I can't see anything yet. Simon is heading to Denver and
will be here in a couple of hours. I don't feel any threat other than
what we're already concerned about. How are you two?" Janey said,

"Spoiled," and they both laughed. "This place is SO nice Daniel. We
were going to drive up PIke's Peak but we're lazy. We went back to bed
and played. We're getting ready to have brunch and then show off our bodies
by the pool and work on our tans, which was funny since Janey is
black." They both laughed again. There was such a difference in energy
from a day ago. I smiled. Sara and Chloe walked out and I put them on

"You both sound way less stressed, but keep paying attention and don't
open the door unless you know who it is. It's easy to lose focus. Have
fun loves. Hold on a sec. I'm heading back to the shop, come over when
you can. Call Unc if you need me." I kissed both them and handed Chloe
the phone. Thank God we are no longer paying by the minute. I said goodbye,
got in the car and pushed toward Janey and Alison to check. Nothing.
Simon was eating. Still nothing on this new person. I thought maybe he
was too far away but I didn't know. I headed back to the shop.

I pulled in as Sam was getting ready to close the door. 'Don't worry
about it Sam, get outta here. We'll see you later. What did you and Mags
think about Charles?"

"We like him but we mostly impressed by Chloe and Sara, especially
Sara." I smiled because I was too. "We got the sense that he knows
what he's doing and will watch out for us. We're still a little nervous
about the buy in but we'll see what him and Bethany come up with."

"Don't worry Sam. I want, and need, you as a partner to move forward.
Charles and Bethany will work it out so let it go. You're like an
old woman." I wrapped my around his shoulder and laughed as we walked out back.
Billy and Ellen were having beer and watching Bob, who was sniffing around.

"Hey guys. Sam is heading out but wanted to say goodbye. He'll be back
later with his better half and the rugrats, and the tickle monster may
make a surprise visit." Sam said goodbye. "I need to clean and lock up
in the shop, but it won't take long. I'll grab a brew and head out
when I'm done. Looks like Bob couldn't sleep." Ellen said,

"He really is quite docile, and very comfortable here. Sara's right,
he does feel safe here and shame on you Danny for thinking about blocking
off his access." I shook my head. "What's he sniffing around for?"
Uncle Billy and I said "a handout" at the same time and laughed.

"I won't be long, enjoy Bob." I blew off the table saw and tools and
put them away and locked the door. I still needed to clean gramps' .45
and dads' .22, but I was less concerned at the moment. I got
everything cleaned and organized and push out down the street.
Nothing. I reminded myself about being focused because now was not
the time for complacency, closed the overhead, grabbed a beer, and
went out back to catch up.
take me part 126
Posted:Jun 25, 2021 8:35 pm
Last Updated:Jul 6, 2022 1:4 am

Sara was anxiously awaiting Billy and Ellen. I was, too, because it
had been a while since I seen them, but there were a few other things
going and that worried me. I felt them coming. They walked off the
escalator. I touched Sara as she turned, smiling. I pointed. She
turned back and I pointed again and she screamed and ran. "Uncle Billy!
Ellen!" She hugged both of like it was the first time she had seen
them, which it was, but they had long since become family to her. She
was so excited she was bouncing. She gave Ellen the flowers as I walked
up and shook Unc's hand, and hugged Ellen when I could.

Sara started walking away with Ellen, in the wrong direction. I looked
at Billy, shook my head, smiled and yelled "SARA!" She stopped and
looked me. I pointed over my head with my thumb. She smiled, turned
around, and kept talking about God knows what. We waited for the
luggage, chatting, and catching up when I felt dizzy, bent down and
saw Simon as he was arriving at a house outside of Scottsbluff.

I went to sit down as Sara told them that I get headaches sometimes,
but we've checked it out and it's not serious. Ellen asked if was like
a migraine.

"Yeah Ellen, but they usually don't last long, and they're random but
they happen out of the blue. He'll be fine in a couple of minutes. So
how great that you get to see your . Tell me about them" Force of
nature was an understatement.

Simon was walking up to a nondescript
house. It was residential, but older, because the houses weren't
close. It was pretty run down. He went in and I could smell the
stench, which was odd. I didn't want to know but I kept watching. He
walked into the
kitchen, cursing, and almost puked because no one cleaned out the
fridge. He didn't either, instead he opened a door, turned on the lights,
and walked into the basement.

It seemed like I was watching this in real time. He walked into a
large room and I almost gasped. There was sex equipment, S/M and
bondage gear, and video cameras. He didn't pay attention to any of it
but I did because I could feel what had gone on there. I tried not to
be sick. He walked through all of that to a door in the back, unlocked
it and went in. It was full of recording equipment and had two large
safes. He opened one. it had cash, weapons, and what looked like
DVD's. He grabbed cash, several handguns, and some pills of some sort,
locked everything and went back upstairs. He was still pissed at the
kitchen as he was walking out. I tried focus on things to see if there
was an alarm. I couldn't. Instead, I pulled back to see if I could
figure out where he was like Bet suggested. I would know the house and
I already knew the number 765 from when he went inside..... and it
faded away. SHIT! I stood up and walked back to everyone as the bags
started coming.

"You OK Danny?" Ellen asked. "Sara said you get migraines sometimes."

"I'm fine Ellen, they just come on unexpectedly. We are so glad
you're here. Talk with Sara and let me help Unc." I walked next to
him and he pointed. I chased it down and grabbed it. "Is that it?" He

"You OK?" I nodded.

"You want a cart, Unc? The car isn't too far." He shook his head because
our family would rather drag our suitcases than pay for a cart. Billy
and I put the bags in the back as Sara and Ellen got in the backseat.
God only knew what Sara was saying but I had given up caring. We
caught up and I said I was going to drop them off at the shop so they
could chill and then take Sara back to Henry's. I filled them in on dinner.
Sara started saying,

"So, if you don't want the noise next week then you can stay at my
place. It's not that far, and nice, except for a busy body neighbor, but
we can work it out."

I pulled up to the shop and Sam came out. I introduced him to them as
my partner, which was nice. Sara took Ellen inside as Billy and I
grabbed the bags. "It looks like remember it Danny." I smiled, and

"Wait till you get around back Unc, but mostly it's the same. The area
has changed somewhat, and is trying to, but we're holding out. I know
I am." We walked into the studio and he said wow. It wasn't all that
impressive as it was unexpected. Sara was out back with Ellen. We
dropped the bags and I asked him if he wanted a beer. He nodded. I went
to grab some as he went out back. When I walked up Sara was saying,

"This is the den we're making Bob. Bob is our fox. He showed up here
because he feels safe and it's someplace for him to go to get away
from the dumb coyotes. We finally figured out how he was getting in
and Daniel wanted to close it off. Can you imagine that?" she said
shaking her head at me. That's when Bob walked in, as if on cue, and
looked at us. I pulled them toward the chairs and we sat down as Sara ran
to get some chicken. She ran back out and said,

"You want to throw it to him Ellen?" Ellen shook her head confused
and looked at Billy. I took a swig of beer. "That's OK." Luckily she
didn't try and get him to take it, instead she threw it to him. Bob
looked at us, picked it up and walked into his den. Sara clapped as
she turned.

"He loves his den. Bob is harmless so don't worry." I told them the
same thing, that he'd been coming back here for a while. He left
me alone, and I left him alone. "He'll probably sleep anyway. He
feels safe here and has been here with more people so don't worry."

"You make yourselves home. There's beer and Prosecco in the fridge in
the shop. Sam will be here if you need anything. I need to take Sara
back to the restaurant and check on something. I'll be back in 45
minutes and we can catch up. There is a lot for us to talk about but we
can do that tomorrow. One thing you do need to know, because you will
meet him, and his girlfriend, is that Sara and I have a ." They
looked at each
other, and then at me.Sara clapped and I figured what the hell.

"Jake is Sara's sister and doesn't remember his his dad because he
just left. He asked me if I would be his dad and I said yes." Sara
said. "So that makes me one of his moms." Sara could tell you that
were going to die the most horrible, excruciating death imaginable, in
five minutes, and you would smile, and be happy for it.

"We have things to talk about, but not tonight. Tonight is a
celebration so just chill and enjoy the space. I'll be back as soon as
I can. Bob really is harmless so don't worry. He'll probably sleep
until later until people start showing up. We are giving Jake the
company truck to use and the family is going to be here, so it's good
timing. We've got a lot going on, but when is life ever smooth."

"Sam, Jake, and I are pouring a pad for a generator at Sam's tomorrow.
Unc, you are welcome to join us and oversee." He nodded. "I'll swing
by and pick ou up and bring Henry's sausage biscuits for breakfast."
They both smiled. Sara chimed in,

"Ellen, if you would come with me and Chloe that would be a huge help
and we can fill you in. We have lots of things we're doing that are
top secret and the boys can't know about." She put finger to her
mouth. Ellen smiled and nodded." At least that was set in motion. We
hugged them and I said I'd be back within the hour and we left. Thank
God Sam was now a partner.
Take me part 125
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Last Updated:Jun 25, 2021 9:57 am

Ben and Sam pulled at the same time. Sam went into the kitchen for
coffee and a sausage biscuit. He was going to be sorely disappointed
and walked back into the shop, forlorn, holding his coffee and looking at
me as Ben and looked on.

"We can't have them everyday Sam. I'm already sure Mags is going to kill me
in my sleep. There's oatmeal in the cupboard." He said fuck you, and
Ben and I laughed. "There might be one more pack of Poptarts in there.
He made a dash to the cabinet as Ben I walked out back since I hadn't
seen the camera yet.

"They are pretty good biscuits and I can see how we could eat one everyday
and not think twice."

"Maggie thinks twice, believe me. How was dinner?"

"Expensive." We both laughed because I didn't care. They shifted
their life, and business, to help us.

'Good. I hope you and Kim had a good time."

"Daniel, it was spectacular, a truly wonderful evening. Kim wanted me
to give you a kiss, but I'll leave it to her. She does want to know what
we can bring on Sunday."

"We've got all the meat covered. You can bring a 12 pack of beer you
like so we can taste test. Aside from that I'd say bring a summer side
dish for a cookout, or a desert. It would probably be good for her to
talk with Mags, or Chloe. I don't think we are really focusing on it. As
long as everyone doesn't bring a bag of chips, we'll probably be
good." I was thinking that I would have to find my Mexican
extravaganza dip recipe.

Ben showed me the camera and said there were motions sensors on all of
them so if a human walked up it would alert. I'm not sure how he did
it but they were connected to our cells, and emails. He showed me how check the
cameras, and move between them. It wasn't hard but I'd need to
review a couple of times,which I would, but I told him I was good so he could
finish Chloe's place. He wanted to be done before noon. I hugged him
and said thanks.

"I'll get the other places done next week, as well as Henry's." I
told him those weren't urgent and that we were all locking the back
door. He smiled and said goodbye to Sam who was finishing the last
poptart. I shook my head. I was walking into the kitchen to get some
more coffee, because I never finished a cup, anywhere, when I fell to
one knee.

I saw eyes but they weren't Simon's. They were whoever Simon was
scared of, and he should be. These eyes didn't care about life, at
all, in less it benefited him. He was pissed, and Simon was scared, and
that's why Simon was drunk in Scottsbluff. I was still unclear why he took a detour
but I could only see what I could see. It's why it was so frustrating but I hoped
things would start to make more sense. I was just thankful that I could see what I did.
I pushed into the eyes, and nothing. I tried again. Nothing. I was guessing this was what Ella
was trying to convey. I conferenced called Chloe, Maggie, and Bet.

"Hey love. Hi Daniel....Sam better not have had a biscuit of any kind."
I said he hadn't and everyone laughed. Bet said, "hey sweets." Chloe
took over.

"What Daniel? You wouldn't call all of us if it wasn't important. Tell us."

"I saw new eyes." Silence. Maggie spoke but Bet interrupted.

"Sorry, but I'm putting this on speaker with Javier. Continue."

"Do you know who."

'Not much except he is the guy Simon is scared of, and the reason
he's passed out as we speak. He does not to come from here. My sense is
this guy is extorting wealthy, and influential people via Philip and
Simon, and Alison was someone Philip liked."

"Bet chimed in, are you sure she doesn't know what was going one, Daniel?"

"I'm sure about that Bet, because was scared of Philip and you can't
make that fear up. She may know something, or have seen something, but
but doesn't know it. Alison is fine."

"Chloe stepped in. I agree, Alison is not involved in this,
knowingly, and that is done anyway. The concern is this new person. We
are limited, except that it seems obvious he pulling the strings and
won't get his hands dirty. Our main threat is still Simon, and now
he's scared." Everyone agreed.

I said, "I think Ella was trying to warn Henry and Chloe about this person
because I knew about Simon already so she would be aware of that. The
thing that makes me uneasy is that we don't know who he is, or if he is
even in Denver, but he is pulling the strings. We also don't know who else is involved." Everyone was quiet.

"You were right Daniel," Bet said. "It's going to be a fucked up weekend
but it's good Janey and Alison are gone. We deal with what we have to deal with."
Everyone agreed, and hung up except Chloe.

"You OK sweets?"

"Call them and fill them in. I'll tell Sara. David and Issa just got
here. It'll be tense until I get back but we're on our way love." I
called Janey and woke her up. She was whispering,

"Hold on sweets. Let me go outside. Everything OK?"

"As of now, yeah, but I had another vision but not of Simon, and...."

"That's bad."

"I don't think it's good, but it is helpful because I can try and
push into him and glean more information." I didn't tell her that I
couldn't see, or feel anything. It's only been a few days since I've been
trying to understand how the visions worked

"Are we safe here?"

"Yes, love. I can push around you, which I do. Philip is passed out in
Nebraska. We are where we were except these new eyes are a change.
We'll deal with it. I'd say don't be paranoid, just pay attention.
Don't drink as much, but still enjoy yourself but I do need to talk
with both you and Alison later. It's going to be a busy day. It's
nothing serious, I just want some background from Ali. Go back to
sleep, or go exploring. You're safe now. We love you sweets."

"We love you too, sweets. Say hi everyone." I was beginning to think
that maybe Alison did know what they were looking, except she was
unaware of the significance of something because Philip was such a prick.

There were too many GODDAMN balls in the air, so I took a walk. I was
headed down the side street to the ditch when Chloe and Sara pulled up
and ran toward Sam. "What the fuck is going Sam?

"He needed to walk. We have time."

'SAM!!!!!!!!!!!," as they ran after me. They caught up with me before I
made the fence. I could feel them coming and stopped. They both ran in
front of me and stopped. "What the fuck Daniel? What is going on,

"There are too many ball in the air. I needed to walk before we met the
attorney. Walk with me." They hugged me, and held my hands in silence
until we got to the ditch. They both kissed me and ran to the fence. I
waited, and waited, and then ran. I hit the fence in the middle and
vaulted over it as they were still climbing. I told Bet I was getting
good at climbing fences. They had both stopped at the top and were
looking at me.

"Come on, we don't have all day." They both growled at me. I kept
walking because I need to process and movement helped in some
way. They both got in front of me, again.

"How did you do that, Daniel?" I was silent for a long time and then
turned them around because we needed to get back soon. "DANIEL!"
They held my hands, which was soothing.

"I have no answers to your questions, loves. I am trying to figure
things out too. I wasn't born into this, like you, so I am twice
removed from you both. I don't know what the fuck is going o....."
and that is when I fell on both knees and barely kept from crashing my
head into the the asphalt.

Ella was looking at me, and smiling, which was disconcerting at best,
but I knew why she was smiling. I also knew I would be seeing her
often. So much for life getting easier. I pushed outward and I could
feel Sam and Mags getting worried. I knew we had enough time. Chloe
and Sara help me help me up. I kissed them both.

"I'll tell you everything I know, but we need to get back, now. I
climbed the fence normally and both of them beat me, as they laughed
and teased me half way home. I smiled, and would gladly take that,
because they had no clue what was coming.... and I only saw a glimpse.

We walked into the shop and I said, "Finally! We need to go, sheesh."
I looked at Mags and she looked concerned. I smiled. "Follow me, we'll
get there on time." We were actually early but I knew everyone was
concerned about me. I was a little concerned myself, or I had been
until I saw Ella, but that had to wait.

"I know you are concerned about me, but that has to wait. We need to
get this done." We walked in and Charles greeted us, which was
impressive to me.

"Rght on time. It's wonderful to meet you." He introduced himself to
everyone, ladies first, as it should be, and then Sam, and finally
me. "I'm Charles. It's very nice to meet you, all of you. Come in."
We followed him into the conference room and there was a table with
coffee, bagels and cream cheese, and pastries.

"Please have a seat and help yourself, and enjoy. I know we have a bit
of a time constraint and that won't be an issue for you, so relax and
enjoy." Charles and I looked at each, and smiled. I liked him
immediately, and I was SO taking all of this with me for tomorrow
morning since I was paying for it. Sam went for a half bagel and then
looked at Maggie. She smiled, nodded, and laughed. He loaded it and
smiled. Chloe and Sara were deciding between pastries and bagels.
Maggie watched me and Charles as she grabbed a pastry and poured some
coffee.. I got up and poured some grapefruit juice and looked at

"Would you like a glass?" He nodded. We both smiled because we
understood each other, but simply drank our juice until everyone else
was finished. Mags was still watching us, enjoying her pastry. I have
to admit, they did look fantastic.

Charles said, "shall we move into my office. I'll have my assistant
take care of this. Everyone stood up but me and looked at him.

"If you would have your assistant package this back up to go that
would be wonderful, and if she has please make sure she takes
plenty for them. My aunt are uncle are arriving in a couple of hours
and they would enjoy this tomorrow morning, I assuming I am paying for
it." He smiled and nodded to his assistant

"Follow me." We followed him into his office, and it was obvious, to
me, upon entering that Bethany had described the situation because
there were five chairs, five comfortable chairs, around his desk. I had no
problem with that because it gave him the information he
needed to make a cogent decision for us.

"Please, have a seat. Before we start discussing the particulars of
the partnership, I want to say that Bethany gave me your tax returns,
because if you hire me then she can no longer be you accountant
because of attorney- privilege." I hadn't thought about that.
Sara looked at me with tears forming. Chloe hugged her."

'She knew that when she gave you my card. I have been trying to get
her to work for this firm for years. I am hoping you might be the
lynch pin. She also told me about your particular situation." We smiled.
He looked at Chloe and Sara and said.

"I assume, ladies, that you trust Daniel?" They both narrowed their
eyes and growled loud enough to be heard. Sam and Maggie looked at
each other but I was curious. "I mean no insult. You will find that
I have no pretense, ladies. I am merely verifying that." Chloe didn't
look at me at all, and I wouldn't want to be looking at her now, because
I felt her.

"Perhaps, sir, you should ask that question to Daniel. However, in
answer to it ,,, yes, we trust him implicitly." He smiled and looked
at Sara, who growled.

"Of course. Don't ask us that question again Charles."

Charles looked at me and then back at Chloe and Sara. I was able to
feel him somewhat and he was impressed.. "Please forgive me for
asking. It wasn't personal. This is a complicated arrangement. I
wanted to know because I have path I think might work but I wanted to
gauge you.

"Were you able to do that Charles," Chloe asked?

"I was Chloe. It's easier to structure the business between Daniel and
Sam. I didn't ask Maggie because they have been married for many
years. You just met Daniel and I wanted to be sure." They both
growled again. "I am."

"Chloe, Sara.... he's doing his job. Maggie, if Sam and I are the
only partners, do feel OK with that?" She looked at me smiled. "Yes."
Chloe and Sara were looking at me, and at Charles, and at Mags.
"Sweets, it's the same thing, only we are unusual, and, complicated.
Charles has to find a path through that, and that it why is asking
these questions." They both looked at me and then at Charles again. Sara looked
at Chloe and something was passed. Chloe spoke.

"We apologize Charles because your question was so far away from who we are.
Of course we trust Daniel." Charles looked at them, in awe I thought.
I knew I was in awe. "I suppose my question is can we trust you?" Sara
looked at her in disbelief. Silence

Charles looked at Chloe and she didn't flinch. He smiled, without
looking me, and said, "there are things I can do on the back end of
the partnership. He looked at me, and then back at Chloe and Sara.
"Maggie and Sam are married, and have been for a long time. I have to
work a way that all of you are protected, legally, because you can't
marry two people and have it valid. I am sorry for being blunt." Maggie
and Sam watched in silence. I didn't care because they were family.

"We kinda got off track, and that is solely my fault. I can structure
the business in a very conducive way for everyone. There is
latitude." He looked and Chloe and Sara. "I need to meet with you
three but there are many ways we can work it. Listen, I'm sure my
telling you that your situation is odd, isn't news to any of you. I don't care
about that. My job is to protect you and help you save money" We
all smiled. "I also understand that you now have a , Daniel. I
assume that is not in name only?"

That is when I growled, and I don't growl often. Charles sat back in
his chair as I moved forward until Chloe's rested her hand upon my back.
I sat back in the chair and closed my eyes. Chloe spoke.

"It's been an extreme few weeks Charles, and sadly, Daniel has carried
the brunt of that weight but he is particularly sensitive, as Sara and and I are, when are
family is involved. Daniel is Jake's father except he didn't
impregnate me. He knows it, Jake knows it, and all of us know it. I
understand that you work in a different realm, and we need that, but I
hope you understand that we are family, first, all of us. You need to
show me why I should trust you, and this has nothing to do with the
business. Show me, Charles."

'We are a complicated lot, but before I agree to spend what you are
going to cost, for us, I want to know you have all our backs. I assume
that you are working out the details for Sam and Daniel and the
business but none of us are happy that Bethany won't be our accountant.
Call us when you find the structure best suited for the business, and
we will come and speak with regarding our family, and our , and we
can proceed from there."

"Charles, I will leave it to Daniel because I trust Daniel, but if we
hire you then you address all of us. Is that understood?" He looked
at both Chloe and Sara, and then at me.

"Yes, it is."

"Good." Chloe and Sara got up and walked out as Mags smiled." I said,

"So, if you can send your recommendations regarding the business, that
would be great so we all go over it" and that is when Sara walked
backed in, walked around his desk, and looked at him, and just stared,
none of us said anything. She looked him dead in the eye
for at least a minute. Chloe walked up next to as we watched.

"You pay Bethany what she deserves, with full benefits, good benefits,
so she can be our accountant, then you'll be our attorney." She spit
in her hand, because she's Sara, and held it out. Charles looked at
me and Chloe and we nodded. Charles spit in his palm and shook
Sara's hand saying,

"Deal." Sara clapped and hugged him, which was uncomfortable for
about 10 seconds because she could hug a telephone pole and it would move.
Sara skipped to Chloe and they walked out as Charles looked me, Maggie
and Sam.

"I had no idea," we nodded. I reached out my hand and said I agreed.
I liked Charles from the beginning but Chloe and Sara focused it, and
I knew Charles would look at them differently.

"As far as the business, and partnership goes, don't worry about it.
We have flexibility but Bethany already told me it's a done deal, I
just have to make it work. I'll make it work. Consider yourselves
partners. As far as the rest Daniel, if ALL of you want me as your
attorney we can do that separately, which you'll need to." I nodded.

"Agreed," as I reached out my hand.

Charles walked me Maggie, and Sam back into the conference room and
everything was thing was neatly packed, waiting. I looked at Charles
and we smiled because we understood each other. I shook his hand and
he'd said be in touch next week. I could feel Chloe and Sara getting
anxious. I walked up to the assistant and said,

"I'm Daniel," as I held my hand out to her.

"I'm Karen." I shook her hand and asked,

"Do you have ?" She nodded saying three. Maggie was next to me by
that time and asked.

"How old?

"Three, five, and eight." She looked at me and then looked at Charles
as she went to the table got the bags and brought them back. These are
ours but they are now for your family. Karen looked at Charles.

"Don't look at him because he has nothing to do with it because we
paid for them.." Karen looked at Charles and he nodded. "This is for
your family." Karen hugged her as Maggie looked over Charles and walked
towards him. He took two steps back.

"Daniel wants us as partners, we didn't ask him." He nodded because
Maggie can be scary. "Keep that in mind because, as far as the
business goes, you represent both Sam and Daniel, correct? He nodded.

"Good, then give that young lady a raise, a nice one and benefits,
including childcare." Mags just looked at him. He smiled.

"You're family is either going to send me to an early grave, or make me
live a very long time." He looked at Maggie and spit in his hand, she
did the same and they shook. We had a tax attorney but we were late,
and that never goes well.

Sam and Maggie dropped off Chloe at Henry's and Sara and I drove to
the airport. She was SO excited. "You were pretty impressive young
lady," which she was.

"No I wasn't. We need Bethany dealing with us. It's smart."

"It is smart, but you came back in to make the point, sweets."

"It's Bethany, Daniel, she deserves what she wants."

"I agree, love, but you are the one who drove that point home. We were
all very impressed. I was very impressed. I watched Chloe and Mags and
they weren't looking at me, they were watching you and Charles."


"Yep, Bethany got what she gets, because of you. You drove the point
home, like you did with Alison." She looked at me, tearing, and then

"Stop!" I was startled and asked what was going on as I pulled over.
She rolled down her window and asked if I had cash. I took it out of
my pocket and she grabbed a $20. "How much will this buy me?" The
young woman handed all of the flowers to Sara, smiling. Sara smiled back,
shook her head and picked four bunches that she liked, and smiled. "Gracias!" I
didn't tell her because she made that woman's day, for $20.00, and she
didn't even know, nor should she.

We parked in the airport garage nd Sara ran in because she was so excited. She came running back out and asked,

"Where do we go mister?" I took her hand and walked where their
flight would disembark, at DIA. I looked at the arrival sign.

'They're running late because of the plane, sweets." Sara got in front
of me with the flowers and waited.
Take me part 124
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Chloe and I walked into the bathroom. She pee'd as I got the water
warm. We washed each, lovingly, as we kissed letting the shower rain
down upon us. She stroked my cock but it was unnecessary because just
being around Chloe and Sara was enough for start getting hard.
When we were naked, I was hard. She jumped onto and wrapped her legs around
my hips, reached between her legs and positioned my cock between her
lips and rubbed, and then dropped onto as she moaned, her eyes
clouding. We kissed as we looked into each others eyes. She pushed
onto as far as she could and started grind. The way she
positioned my cock moved against her g-spot. We were both moaning but
continued kissing and looking at each and going slowly. We could both feel we
were going come. Chloe pushed hard onto me, smiled, and bit my
bicep, hard, and sucked. She ground onto me as we both came with me
shooting deep inside of her. She kept grinding as we kept kissing. She
reached down and pulled me out as I lifted her up. She looked
up at me, smiled, and said, "nice, mister." She washed me off, which sent
shock waves through my dick and body. "I need to wash my hair. It takes more time
than yours." She kissed me as she shooed me out the shower. She let as
much of my cum drip out of her as wanted to come out as she washed her hair.

I had finished brushing my teeth as Chloe stepped out and dried off.
She wrapped a towel around herself in case Jake walked in. She was
brushing her teeth as I went to get dressed. I kissed her and told her I
loved her. She smiled and said, "merrrrrrr togrrrrr." She had finished
her hair as Jake walked and said he had to pee.

"O" She kept fussing with her hair. He looked at her. "I gave
birth you Jake, after 18 hours. It's not like I haven't seen it
before." She could barely keep from laughing. He rolled his eyes and
waited. Chloe kissed him on the cheek and said she was just messing
with him, and go back sleep, and came into the bedroom smiling.
"I'll tell you later." I was putting my boots on and then bent to
kiss Sara on the back of the head, she rolled over, kissed me on my
lips, and said,

"Next time we make love like that," and went back to sleep. I said deal as
Chloe was smiling at me. Sisters are usually jealous of one another
but not these , weren't especially Chloe and Sara. Chloe was a little
with Janey and Alison, but they were bonkers over each other so it was
a rare occurrence that we all shared. I adored Janes and Ali, and of
course it was fun when all of us made love, but I was completely
content with Chloe and Sara. There was no jealousy between the
of us at all. We were like one organism with parts, that shared
each other intimately. Chloe and Sara certainly had worked that
dynamic out. Chloe and Janes had never been intimate but I suspect
that was because they were blood related, but I didn't know. She had fucked
Alison though, and watched both of them fuck , and Sara. It was an odd
relationship, be sure, but it worked.

I kissed Chloe and checked on Jake. He was a sleep. I wrote a short
note them.... "Morning. We LOVE YOU. attention." as Chloe read it
and kissed my head. She opened the back door, without saying a word as
I walked out into the night, and then locked it. She left the kitchen light
on, walked out front and listened, waiting for . I walked around the
side and she hugged as we got into in Janey's car and drove to

"Why were you laughing at?" She told about her interaction with Jake
in the bathroom, and we both chuckled. I was practicing this new
skill more and it seemed be paying off. I pushed out and I saw
Simon in the hotel and it looked like he was dead, but he was passed
out . I focused my attention back toward the house and it shift there,
nothing, and then moved from there until I stopped it. There was WAY
more that I didn't know but I felt like was gain better control. We pulled
up in front of Henry's and we looked at each because there a sign on
the door. I turned the high beams as Chloe walked up to the door. She
came back smiling.

"Closing at 6:30pm Friday for a family event Thanks for understanding.
It must be Jake's truc" We both smiled as we got out of the car and
walked around bac I was never concerned around Chloe because she
paid attention like I paid attention and we read energy in a very
similar way. We were also deeply connected, beyond thinking, at the
instinct level. It's what made us so formidable in case anyone messed
with our family. Janey and Sara were learning, and getting better by
the day. Neither of us wanted either of them deal with any of it
sooner than necessary, but apparently it was necessary. Janey was
with Alison, and Sara was focusing on Jake, Emily, Christine....and Bob,
of course. Chloe and I would take the brunt if anything happened. God
help them. Bet, Javier, and their crew were our ace in the hole. Henry
was back up. With Janes and Ali out of the picture it was easier for
us deal more effectively with our roles.

They weren't assigned. They were understood. Chloe mentioned something
a while ago about them being more like animals, than human, and I
grokked that because I have always been like that, both my mom, and my
ex, would tell me I was more bear than man. They were right and I would
take it, especially now.

Chloe turned off the alarm and turned on the lights as I locked the
backdoor, when there was a knoc I knew it was Henry, and smiled, as I
opened it let him in and locked it again.

"You trying run out of my own business?" Chloe said we are
trying but you're stubborn. He kissed her. "Chloe, you deal with
the front. Daniel, I need you doing prep. We are short staffed and as
much as I love David and Issa, they don't know the kitchen." We nodded
and got wor Chloe went make the coffee when Henry said, "Let
Daniel make it, his is better because I taught you how make it." She
smiled and kissed her dad before she walked out front.

"I still like your coffee pops, but his is better." It was probably a
little before six when the back door opened and Sara and Jake, and
Christine and Emily walked in. Sara locked the door behind them and
stuck her tongue out at as she smiled. God I loved these women.
Emily, Jake and Christine went say hi Henry as Sara walked up
, turned around, and then grabbed my balls.

"You're making love with like that next, understood?" I nodded. "Good and
then I want you in my butt mister, but we have to go slow." I nodded.
Sara smiled and clapped as she went out front to help her sister.
Christine walked up and hugged as Jake and Emily went out front.

"Are you guys sure it's OK that I leave Em with you?" I kissed her
head and told her absolutely, that we adore Emily. "That is such a
HUGE help now given my work load. It should balance out in a week or
when Emily starts taking online college classes. She's only taking
2 but she's excited. Is Jake doing that?"

"I don't think so because he wants work with us at the shop and with
Henry here, but if Em is then that might change, which would be fine. Have Em study at the shop. We have great WIFI and she won't be alone. Talk with Chloe and Sara about it before you leave, and have Henry make you breakfast, or lunch. His chicken salad is pretty
good. Also, between us, we're giving Jake the company truck use,
mostly, tonight and we all want you and Em there... don't spill the
beans to Emily. Christine. We consider you both family so you'll just
have to get comfortable with that." She nodded.

"What are having for dinner?" I looked at her blankly because I
hadn't even thought about it. "I'd like to bring dinner for everyone. My
extended family has a restaurant too, and the food is wonderful.
Please let us do that Daniel." I smiled.

"It's fine with, and I sure Henry. Talk with Chloe because there will
be a lot of us because it's a pretty big deal but I'm sure it'll be
fine. I need to get back to chopping or Henry's going to get pissed."

"Damn right slacker." Christine went out front as I walked over to
Henry and patted his bac Christine and Em are bringing dinner for
everyone. Apparently we aren't the only family with a restaurant."

"Nice!" I finished as Chloe walked in.

"Christine told us about dinner, that was nice." I nodded. "We need
to talk with her about us." I nodded. "How are Janes and Ali?" I said
fine as far as I can tell and that Simon was passed out in Scottsbluff.
"When do Billy and Ellen arrive, and how are we going to handle this,

":00am. I thought I'd take Unc and the the shop because it's
more familiar, at least Em. Unc and I can help Sam finish up, which
Billy would love, and then I could show him around the area because
it's changed. Jake and Em will be lost in themselves, and their music.
I can talk while we wal" Chloe looked at with lust in her eyes,
and smiled as she kissed .

"You are a Wiley one mister, but I LIKE it, as she dug her nails into
my bac What about us?"

"We need stuff for Sunday." She looked at and smiled and I knew she
was up know good. "What?"

"Nothing, love." We've got it covered. She kissed again, said by
pops, I need talk with Sara." Henry looked over at and smiled.

"Is this what you bargained for ? It's only going get more involved."

"I didn't bargain for anything Henry but I wouldn't trade what I have
now for anything. I love them, I have no say in that. Even with the
current angst I wouldn't trade it. You're my family Henry." He
slapped his spatula down and smiled. "But you're talking with my Uncle
FYI," I said as I walked out.

"Daniel!" I was terrible, as I smiled and said goodbye everyone quickly and headed the shop.
Take me part 123
Posted:Jun 23, 2021 11:32 am
Last Updated:Jul 6, 2022 1:4 am

"You good if I go check on Chloe and Sara." He nodded and said of
course. "Jake's heading back here but I should be back by then and
asked if he wanted lunch."

"Is there another sausage biscuit?" I nodded. "I'm good with that.
I'm cooking burgers and hot dogs for the girls so your cleaning up,"
as he smiled. I said deal. Ben called as I got in the car.

"I'm calling an audible Daniel."

"OK, Ben whatever you think is best."

"I was looking around outside and noticed fresh scratch marks on a back window
like someone was trying to pry it open. They aren't very old but don't
panic yet.
I'm thinking it was a petty thief because the person wasn't a
professional, if he was he wouldn't have left a mark, but I'm holding off on the
camera's unless I have time. I found the motion lights and puts those
up so they could get a charge and I'm headed to get new deadbolts and
security film for the windows because that's the priority now given
the stuff going on. You good with that?"

"Yeah Ben. Thanks for being diligent."

"Remember that when you get the bill." We both laughed. It should go
pretty fast because it's not hard and I've done it a lot. I'll try and get the
cameras in the back and hooked up, but the lights and film are more

"Agreed, thanks brother." I pulled up to Henry's and pushed outward.
Simon stopped early and was yelling at someone. I was pretty sure it was
the person he was scared of. I was also pretty sure he was coming up short in
finding out anything about Philip, or Alison, but i figured it was
only a matter of time, and that's when Bet called. Chloe was looking
at me, worried, I smiled, blew a kiss, and gave her the thumb's up and
answered the phone.

"Hey Bet."

"Janey and Alison need to leave now. Period..." I interrupted.

"They left about an hour ago. I got them a nice place through Sunday
and they are going on a random road trip. I got Janey on my company
card and gave some of the cash. They aren't coming back until we deal with
this. There were too many warnings. I've been having visions and both
Henry and Chloe have had dreams of Ella worried. She was trying to
speak with Chloe. They are out of Denver. They didn't notice anything
unusual and I didn't feel, or see, anything and I figured I would if
this is about protection." Chloe walked out as I got out of the car
and put Bet on speaker. We both leaned against the hood of Janey's car and

"Hey Bet."

"Hey Chloe. I just told Daniel to get them out of here but you already
did. We don't have a lot yet, but we're working on it. Simon's a prick
though just
like his brother," I said worse, "agreed. He is and it looks like he
is tied in with some bad people, but we're still looking into that. We'll
come by and fill you in. Two of our best guys are going to be at
Henry's tomorrow and Saturday, just in case. You won't know they're there. Well,
you two might but no one else. I'll let Javier know and I'm
feeling better that Janes and Ali aren't around. Good call. See you

"Should we be worried, Daniel?"

"Cautious." I handed her the phone and said call my business cell. I
was going to help Sara and kissed her. "It'll be OK love." I wasn't
sure about that, and neither Chloe. "Don't mention any of this to them and
especially not Sara." She nodded. Sara smiled as I walked in and she
pointed to the kitchen as I nodded.

"Hey Henry."

"They gone?" I nodded.

"Yeah, Chloe's talking with them now. I'm helping Sara until
she's off the phone. Can you make me a chicken salad on wheat with
extra lettuce and corn chips?" He looked at me.

"No fries?"

"Sam." He laughed and nodded as I grabbed the tray. I followed Sara
around as she put the plates down and went and got the next tray. We all
made a good team. We were becoming symbiotic in a lot ways, which we
might need. Chloe walked in smiling, relieved. Sara walked over
as I delivered plates to tables. They hugged and both were smiling.

"Chloe, go tell Henry and Sara, check on tables. I'll grab another
tray." They gave me the eye-eye captain sign and smiled. I followed
Chloe and loaded the tray as she told Henry. He smiled, and exhaled.
Most of the orders were done. It would still be busy for an hour or so
but Chloe and Sara could handle it. We walked into the kitchen and I kissed both
of them, giving them hugs. We were growing on Henry and even though he
though he wasn't keen on it, he still knew we were a family, as odd as it was. I grabbed my
sandwich, said thanks and bye to all of hem and headed back to the
shop. Sam of course saw I had food, stopped, and washed his hands. We
sat down out front and I opened the box.

"Chips, why no fries. We love Henry's fries."

"Mags," and that is when Maggie drove up. He looked at me as I smiled.
I knew she was going to show, I didn't tell him that, but he didn't need
to know. Maggie looked at both of us with her hands on her hips
as she walked up.

"Let me see." I gave her the box while Sam went to get a knife because we
both knew where this was going. She smiled. "Corn chips, impressive." I didn't
tell her about the sausage biscuits and hoped Sam had thrown away the
evidence away. Maggie took half the sandwich as Sam cut the other
half, in half.

"Did Bet call you?" I nodded and told her Janey and Alison were on the
road and I didn't see, or feel, anything but I figured I would if there
was a threat. "Good, and I suspect you would." We ate lunch chit
chatting. Maggie finished and said she needed to pick up the girls. They were
at a pool party because it was so hot. "Thanks for lunch." I smiled
saying that her chicken salad was better. She smiled and kissed me.

"It's not, but that was sweet. I'll come over Sunday and help get
ready. Sam said you are going to load the grill and bring it over." I
smiled and said,

"Yeah, if we can lift it. after the pour."

"I'm pretty sure you can." Simon kept flashing in and out of my mind.
It was getting easier and I hadn't fallen in a day, so that was a plus. He was
getting tanked in a hotel room in Scottsbluff, NE, so it must have been a bad call.
He'd be Denver tomorrow but I still felt he'd go to Philips. I recycled the box as Sam
and I got busy finishing orders for the day and then prepping wood for tomorrow.
Thankfully it was a lite day. We planned it that way when we knew when Unc and
Ellen were coming. Jake and Emily pulled up and got out laughing.

"How did it go?" They both smiled, bigger, if that was possible."

"One more test and we're done. We're going to raid the fridge and see
if Bob is here and then study." Sam and I nodded. We finished close to
6:00 pm and I checked in on Jake and Emily. They were still studying
but holding hands.

"You guys hungry?" I, of course, knew the answer to that as they
nodded. I'm going to check in at Henry's. What do you want?" They both
said a cheeseburger and fires. I smiled because the only thing my
brother and I wanted as teenagers was bacon cheese burgers. "Here's
the deal you two. I'll get you both a cheeseburger but with a salad,
and I'll get a side of fries, but you have to eat the salad. The
burger and fries will keep, deal?" They both said YEEEESSSS!!!!!
"Call you're mom and and see if she want's anything, Em."

"She said thanks but she still has half the breakfast that she's going
to eat. She said she should be there by 8:00. Thanks Daniel." I said she was
welcome. I walked back into the shop and told Sam to go home. He
stayed longer than I wanted because the girls were exhausted and
Maggie had already fed them but he was getting ice cream on the way home
for a movie which they fall would fall asleep half way through.
I called Chloe and Sara because I didn't want Jake and Emily alone.

"Hey Babe."

"Hey Sweets."

I told them about dinner and they laughed. "You really
are stepping into this Father thing mister. Impressive. David and
Issa are here so I'm headed there. I'll talk with Henry and make the
salad for them. You want anything?" I told her no and then said a
salad sounded good. Sara went. "OOOOO! I'll make a big one for us with
lots of stuff the wouldn't like. Good idea and we can share. If
you don't mind my Germs."

"Sara, I like your butthole. We probably have the same germs by
now. Tell Dave and Issa I said h" She laughed, and said I was speaker,
which I might have been. I cleaned up and walked to the corner and pushed
outward. I was able to go further with greater ease. Ben called me as
I was walking back to the shop. "Hey Ben."

"Hey Daniel. Finished about minutes ago. I got the locks done, and
the film, so it won't be easy to get in. I suggest you put bolts in the windows
but you and Sam can do that. I'll tell you what to get. I was also
able to get camera's up out back but they aren't connected. I feel
better about the film, the new locks, and the lights. You need a
couple more, but I figured you and Sam can install those as well.
Can't get to Henry's tomorrow so make sure everyone is locking that
back door, and I mean everyone. I'll swing by the shop and show how to
use the stuff, and then finish up at Chloe's. It's the same system.
I'm home and need to take a shower and change. I'm taking Kim out for
a nice meal because I'm late." Smart man.

"Add it the invoice Ben, including drinks and dessert, and thank both
of you for watching our backs. Say hi to Kim."

'Will do brother, and thanks."

I was walking inside as Sara pulled up with food. She kissed me and went
into the kitchen as I locked up, and the phone rang. It was Janey and
Alison. "About time. ladies." I knew they were O

"We're sorry sweets but we lost track of time. This place is amazing.
We had an wonderful lunch, and guess where we are, mister?"

"Sitting by the pool having drinks." Silence.

"Damn, Daniel. You're good, that's exactly what we're doing. We found
a shop with amazing swimsuits, and we look amazing."

"How many amazing drinks have you had?" They laughed. I wasn't worried
because I knew they were safe. I sure wish I knew how I knew.

"I talked with the front desk like you said and they boxes in the safe with a key
so we took some of the cash and put the rest in our box,
so it's secure." I said good. "Thanks for all of you insisting. we are
so less stressed even though I'm guessing you guys aren't. Thank you

"You're welcome, and I'm glad. I'm going to get our salad ready and
hang with Emily and Jake. Here's Sara." I heard we love you as I told
Sara who it was and she screamed.

"Call Chloe when you're done. I'll bring dinner out." She kissed me. I
was guessing this was Emily and Jake's most formidable test because
they stayed inside, I'm sure studying mingled with kissing. I needed to make time to
take with Jake. I made a fire because I was getting rusty and Sara and
I had salad and a beer while we watched the fire. Bob came in and went
into his den. Sara ran in and and grabbed a chicken breast and walked
up to the entrance, about 6 feet away. Bob looked at her, and then at
me. I didn't like her doing it, but she's Sara. Bob came out, gently
took the chicken inside, set it aside, and curled up to go to sleep.
I didn't want to tell Sara that the chances of Bob being a long term
guest were kinda slim. She came and sat on my lap.

"Something's wrong with Bob, Daniel. He's not acting normal."

"He probably hurt himself and is tired, sweets. I'll check on him
tomorrow morning because I'm getting here early. He'll be fine because
he came out to get the chicken, but I wish you wouldn't do that."

"Bob wouldn't hurt me silly. We trust each other, like you and I trust
each other," as she kissed me.

"Go tell the to stop studying and come enjoy the fire and sky.
They can study more at breakfast. Grab a couple more beers." I put
some wood on the fire. Christine got there around 9:00 and called Em.
Sara went running back but see didn't need to because Chloe walked in
with her and Sara hugged both of them. Sara was ALWAYS so happy to see
people see loved. She came with Christine, followed by Chloe who two
more beers and handed one to Christine. It was a stressful week as
Chloe sat on my lap and kissed me. Emily didn't notice, but Christine
did. We would have to tell her next week and see what happened., but
she was too tired to care as she swigged the beer.

Chloe said, "Henry kicked me loose because David and Issa were helping
him close. We're opening and David and Issa will fill in until we're
done with the attorney, and you and Sara get back with Billy and Ellen."
She looked at Christine. "Daniel's aunt and uncle are coming into town
so it's 'catch as catch can' at Henry's. You'll meet David and
Isabella, and Billy and Ellen on Sunday, if you're still coming.
Christine nodded and took the beer and handed it to Jake. He looked at all us
and we were glaring at him. He put it next to the fire. Sara and
Chloe walked out with them and Christine gave Emily the keys. She had
half a beer but she was exhausted, mentally and physically. It was a
long day. Luckily it was only 9:20.

Jake and I cleaned up outside and Jake started rinsing off plates and
putting them in the dishwasher. Sara said she wanted to stay there
because she was worried, all three of us said, in unison, not a
chance. She was coming home. She didn't know what Chloe and I did,
neither did Janey. We'd have to tell them tomorrow, Jake too.

I told Sara to check on Bob, look in the to look in the top since it wasn't
closed in yet because we needed to add more grasses. She looked in
quietly. Bob was asleep but half the chicken was gone. She came back
smiling and jumped on me.

"I think you're right sweets. He'll be fine. He ate half his chicken.
I put he lid on the fire after spreading the coals around and locked
up. Jake and Chloe drove in the truck, and I went with Sara. We were
five miles from the house and I was pushing out with out realizing.
This was getting interesting. Sara and Chloe went inside with Jake. We
didn't need to speak, we just moved. I walked around sensing. I got to
one of the back windows and I knew it was the one Ben mentioned. I
pushed into the marks.

"I knew who he was... a in the neighborhood, and where he
was.... 4 streets over. I knew what he looked like and knew he wasn't
a threat. It was about getting money for pot and he knew Jake lived
here. If I saw him we were going to have chat, and that is when I saw

He was stressed, and worried but not about his brother, about himself.
He was passed out and I doubted he'd leave until noon, at the
earliest. We'd already told Jake to go to Henry's with Emily after their tests.
I made sure everything was locked; it was. I knocked on Jake's door and
he said come in. He was in bed.

"How are Janey and Alison dad?"

"They're fine. you can talk with them tomorrow. Get some sleep ," as
I kissed his forehead. I love you. Sweet dreams, and don't worry." He nodded
and said he loved me too. I brushed my teeth and into our room. Chloe and Sara
were snuggled into each other like they were intertwined roots, and fast
asleep. I turned off the light and put my hand them, pushed outward one
more time to take in the entire neighborhood, nothing, and fell

I woke to Chloe climbing over me, whispering for me to be quiet.

"What?" She kissed me.

"Nothing love, we're fine. We just need to open. Let them sleep."
Take me part 122
Posted:Jun 22, 2021 4:23 pm
Last Updated:Jul 6, 2022 1:4 am

It was still early for most people. I went the shop, dropped the
biscuits on the counter, and got on the computer. I looked through my CD's and put in
the Avett Brothers, Live. Vol. Four and listened "Satan Pulls The
Strings," because he might be.. I booked Janes and Ali
at the Broadmoor down in Colorado Springs. It would be expensive but I
didn't care. I wanted them be safe, and happy because I loved them. We loved them.
I called Janey.

"Hey Love. What's up. I want you listen sweets. OK?" She was
quiet and the said.

"OK, Daniel. Let go outside because it seems this will be intense.
Go ahead sweets."

"I have you booked at the Broadmoor through Sunday. I want you take
Alison on a road trip after that. We don't know how good these people
are. We don't much of anything yet. Understood?" She was silent.

"Understood. The Broadmoor is too much Daniel."

"It's not our Janes. Enjoy yourselves. I'm calling AmEx next.
Enjoy Alison, but attention your surroundings, don't be blind
because she's
pretty, just in case. I good feel her smiling. "Are jonezing for my
girlfriend mister?"
I chuckled "There are too many balls in the air Janey. We want you
both on the road by noon, OK?" She was quiet for longer than I thought she would be, and I knew she

"It's that bad?"

"I think it's worse Janes, but I'm not sure. With Alison out of the
mix it levels the field for us. I don't like alone but it's the better option right now.
I don't want to see either of you
until we get this done, and we will get it done. Don't go anywhere either
of you know. I doubt they could track your passports but don't risk
it. I don't want to be wrong. Have Ali write down all the numbers
she's needs, you too, and leave both your phones here. I'll get your and
check on your places.

"Daniel, you're kinda starting scare ."

"I'd rather over compensate Janes, and keep you safe. If Alison has
vacation have take it, so she doesn't have call, use email instead, and enjoy the brea
It's Philip's . I'm sorry for being so blunt but we're running out of time. Simon on his way."

"Hold on, Chloe just walked up.." Silence. "I understand Daniel. I'll
take care of us. You take care of my family. Promise."

"Promise, love. I want see you leaving here by noon, earlier if possible, and DO NOT go your places, period. Work it out. with Sara and Chloe."

"OK, here's Chloe. I need get bac We love you mister."

"I know Janes." Mumbles.

"Hey love, whatever you told her sunk the point home. Thank you.
She definitely understands the urgency. Is this better Daniel?"

"For us no, and we'll miss them terribly. Overall, yes because it
levels the field because won't be worried about them. He'll show up
Chloe I feel him. It's better for us that they aren't here so we can
focus on him but we need to find out who he is, and what's he involved
in. I need to call AmEx love. I want them on the road by noon. I'll
come in and help if I need to, but I want them on the road. Tell
Henry and say your goodbyes sweets." She sniffled and said O"

"I love you Daniel."

"I love you , Chloe. It'll be O" Ben pulled up waved. "Gotta go babe,
Ben just pulled up." I waved as he got out and walked up.

"Hey Daniel," I nodded. "I'm going put up the last camera and then hook
everything up. Should take a couple of hours." Figures. 'I'm not sure
I'll be back by then. I need go see the insurance adjuster but I'll

"Don't worry about it. If you're not I'll go Chloe's and start on that.
It'll take most of the day because of the lot, and it's neighborhood." I told him not to
worry about it now that Janey and Alison were leaving. I just hoped we
hadn't waited to long. I called AmEx and then the housekeepers. They fit us
in because there were places and that would make a for a good day.
Sam pulled up.

"Hey Sam. Coffee's on and there are sausage biscuit," as we walked
into the kitchen. Ben's putting up the camera in the bac I need
go see Beth about the insurance. Janey and Alison will be here in a
couple of hours pac They're going on an extended road trip until
we get things worked." He nodded, which remind . I opened the safe
and took out the cash Javier left and took out $4000 in fifties and
put in an envelope and in the dresser drawer, just in case it was more extended than we wanted. I'll be back but if anything weird happens call asap." He nodded.

I grabbed a biscuit for Beth, pee'd, and got a go cup of coffee
anyway. I said bye Ben and then Sam and was going go fill up the Pirus. I
called Chloe. "Hey love, it's slow so you're on speaker with all of us."
I told them what I had done and that I needed to head to Beth's about the
insurance, and that I gave a Ben my key because he's heading there
after here. She said O

"Should be back in plenty time and Sam is watching out for things.
There's cash in an envelope in the top dresser. Leave your credit
cards. I'm heading to get phones now." Silence.

Alison said, Janey and I don't feel right about y'all dealing with
this. I certainly don't..." and that was when Sara chimed in."

"Ali, we've already talked about this. It's non-negotiable, and
important. It's better for us that you're safe so we can figure out
what's going on. When all adore you both but you're a liability now
loves." Alison reluctantly said O I said goodbye and pushed outward
Simon. It was getting easier. He didn't have a goodnight as he was
just checking out. He was east of Scottsbluff. I figured he was 7-8
hours away from Denver depending on how fast drove. I knew he was
heading Philip's. I wasn't quite sure how I knew these things but I
did. I was still betting on him showing up on Saturday or Sunday, He
better not show up on Sunday because it would be a very bad day
because we'd all be there. I would be a bad day for him regardless. I
just wish I knew who these other people were, especially the person he
was scared of.

I stopped at Walmart and got burner phones and calling cards and paid
cash for them. We had water and snacks at the shop and Prosecco. I got
gas and headed to Beth's. Beth had been my insurance agent for personal and
business for about six , since around the time my dad died. Were
weren't as close Bethany and I were but I had known Bethany a lot
longer. I walked in and she gave me a hug because we hadn't seen each other for a
while. She was going be happy. I filled her in about Sam and
Maggie being partners, and all of us seeing the tax attorney tomorrow
morning. Luckily Chloe had already spoken with Dave and Issa about tomorrow because Sara wanted to go . She was so excited.

"We're seeing the tax attorney before we pick my aunt uncle up at the
airport to discuss how to structure the business and figure we won't get
that info until next week, which is fine. We can make a list today for an overview and
then we can all come next week and go over it. I mentioned partner
insurance and if we needed to change the current business policy,
including the Umbrella, since I'd be doing more deliveries. I told her
about Jake and needing him on the truck's policy and that I'd get his
license info, and that was going to working at the shop this summer. She nodded.

"Now we are getting into the complicated part Beth."

"How so? Thanks for the biscuit by the way, I love Henry's biscuits."
I thought about to frame it and figured there was no good way so I just started.

"Well, I am deeply in love with women, one being Jake's mom."
Hard swallow. "The other is her sister." I left Janey and Alison out
of it. "We're a family, as unusual as it is, and we know it's the not
norm. I also know it might complicate things for you..."

"Excuse me Daniel. Did you just say you're dating sisters, and one
of them is Jake's mom?" I nodded. "So the other is his Aunt?' I
nodded but when you say it like that it kinda puts a fine point on
things. "And you're a family?" I nodded. She was quiet for a bit and
processing the information. "OK, let's move on before my imagination
goes inevitable."

"I know it's a bit odd," she nodded and then shook her head which was
probably the right reaction. " Chloe is Jake's mom and Sara is Chloe
and Janey's sister since birth but they aren't blood related. Their
parents were partners and the grew up together." She stared at
in disbelief.


"I'll say, and I don't think odd is the right word but I can't think
of another one."

"I need get options about putting all of them on my policy. I am
especially interested if both of them can be added the health
insurance, along with Sam, Maggie and their girls, and Jake of
course so we can figure out works best. I basically need options and recommendations because you're great at this stuff. We can all discuss it when you figure it out and we
decide on how structure the business."

"Holy crap Daniel, what a way start the morning. Does everyone
know?" I nodded. "Even Jake?"

"We told Jake first. It kinda a just happened after Jake asked
be his dad and then Chloe started falling in love with because of that.
It was mutual but I loved Sara too and there was no way I could choose. It'd be like
choosing which arm you wanted to keep. Sara was the one who mentioned
it and it just developed from there. We know it's unusual but it
isn't to us, not even to Jake because it works, and now he has a dad and moms."

"Wow! You know I am very rarely speechless but you, my friend, have
succeeded. I'm going have hire someone because I might have
devote most of my time you. I have some thoughts and I'll put
together a packet, let me know when you want to come in because I am
dying to meet Chloe and Sara." She shook head as we stood up.
"Please tell me there isn't more." I was going to say, Well...but I
didn't. I just shook my head. She walked up and hugged me, smiling and
shaking head.

"I'll take care of things and give both suggestions and
recommendations. I'm actually looking forward to it because it's a
challenge." I kissed her on the cheek and said thanks and headed back
to the shop when Chloe called.

"Hey sweets. We just kicked Janey and Alison out of here. They still
aren't happy about it but we'd feel better if they were on the road
asap." I agreed. "You on your way back, mister?" I said yes. "How
did it go with Beth? Did you fill her on things?"

"Yeah, her and Bethany were similar because you can't really have secrets and be
protected. She was obviously surprised but recovered quickly. If Billy and
Ellen handled it half as well, I'll be pleased. She's curious to meet you."

"I'm sure."

"How are you and Sara? We're O We're both sad. Sara is more upset
but understands it. She'll be fine love. Get them on the road as soon
as possible Daniel. I don't like all the wildcards in ." I agreed.

I will love. Give Sara a kiss for . I miss you."

"We miss you too."

I was almost at the shop when I saw Simon. I pulled over. He was
driving but hadn't made it Scottsbluff yet, which was good, but he was
on the phone with someone trying to get information. It felt like it
was a friend of Philip's, but I couldn't be sure, better that, I
thought than a PI. I was glad they made Janes and Ali leave early. They
pulled in right after me. Sam came out and we all hugged each other. Janey
and I traded keys and Alison gave me one of the access cards to her

I told them to pack, and not be neat. They had already down the numbers they needed.
They packed their toys and said they didn't have bathing suits and other things. I handed them the envelope with the cash. Use the AmEx but I wanted you to have cash. It was
probably overkill. They looked inside and said, "yeah."

"Remember Janey, you're an employee. A sales person so use the card
for gas, hotel, and food and use the cash for the other stuff you
might need, just keep it safe, and I wouldn't leave it in the room.
Get a manila envelope and give it the front desk to keep in the safe just write your name and
room number on it. Tip them and be generous with housekeeping. It's not our , ut don't nuts. I put you in the Broadmoor as transition, and so that you'd unwind, but attention, both of you. Stay at the better chains." They nodded. They in pac I grabbed a cooler from the shop put in a couple of bottles of Prosecco, some kombucha, and ice and filled a bag with some snacks.

"You OK Daniel?"

"Focused Sam. I want them on the road." I gave Janey my business phone because the burners needed charge. I should have bought them yesterday. I figured I was forgetting something but we could it out. We all wanted them on the road. They brought their bags out.

"We didn't know where we going?" I smiled. They were holding one of the Alpaca blankets. "Can we take this?" I said of course,

"Just don't squirt on it like the wool pad." They both smiled, and blushed. They hugged and kissed me, several times, and were tearing, as was I, but it was for the best. Sam walked in and we carried out the suitcases. Janey already knew how drive the Prius. Sam grabbed the cooler and bags of snacks.

"Don't go either of places. Period." attention in the rear view. I seriously doubt anyone will follow you. I've pushed out and if there was a threat either of you I would probably know. There's water and kombucha in the cooler, and Prosecco." I handed them the bag of snacks. "If you have pee do it now so you don't have stop. Wait to eat at the Broadmoor, and let the desk know that you are expecting a FedEX tomorrow morning and may need to put something in the safe. It won't be unusual there." They didn't want to leave but knew they needed to, that was a wise thing to do.

"Call us after you check in, and enjoy yourself as much as possible. We'll handle it." I kissed each of the again and they drove off. I pushed after them just to be sure and didn't feel anything. Alison called about 20 minutes later.

"We're on I-25 and haven't seen anything unusual. We'll call you when we settle in. Janey wants to know if we can rent dirty movies," and they both started laughing. I said I was pretty sure it qualified as an expense. Sam put his arm around me.

"You OK brother?" I nodded.

"I am now Sam," that's when I saw Simon and he wasn't happy.
take me part 121
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I pulled up to Henry's and walked around back to go inside. I stopped and pushed outward toward Simon because I figured it was a skill I needed to develop. I was wishing I had a manual when I knew Simon was asleep, after a long night of anger and frustration. This other person scared him and he was getting frantic, which was not good for us. I was going to try and get Janey and Alison to leave, at least a few weeks, to buy us sometime when I felt Henry walking up.

"It's easier to get in when you unlock the door. I couldn't sleep and knew you'd be here." He went in, turned the alarm off and turned on the lights. "Make coffee and take care of the front and then come back here because we need to talk." I nodded. I had everything ready up front, and Chloe and Sara were right, I was spoiling them but I didn't mind. I was walking into the kitchen when Chloe called. She had just woken up.

"You're not in our bed mister?"

"No love, I'm not.

"Why didn't you wake me so we could all go in together."

"Because you and Jake were tired sweets and I wanted you to sleep longer. You don't need to rush because Henry is here. He couldn't sleep and wants to talk."

"I'm on my way because we need to talk." I suppose that was the definition of counter productive. I walked into the kitchen, got a cup of coffee and asked what was up.

'Everything done out front for the girls?" I nodded and took a sip. "We need to figure out a way to get Janes and Ali to go somewhere for a few weeks. I have a bad feeling about this. I don't know as much as you do about this guy. I dreamt of Ella again last night and she was still worried."

"I know Henry. It's what I was thinking about about back when you walked up, but I'm not sure they are going to do it, and we can't force them, but you're right to be concerned. There is someone else involved in this that he'd worried about, and he's getting frantic, and just who I am aware of. He had a bad night. My sense is that he's not rushing here because he's trying to figure out what happened and calling people. The problem we have, which is why I want Janey and Alison gone for a while, is because there are people we don't know and I only see Simon because he is the threat to Alison. I'm thinking we try and insist and ALL of us tell them, maybe that'd work." I poured myself some more coffee.

Henry was quiet for a while, thinking. "Sounds like a good plan, a full court press, but it needs to happen today." I interrupted.

"It needed to happen yesterday Henry, but yeah, you're right. Simon may have hired someone to check into Alison already. I don't know. I got Ali out of her place right when Simon was focusing on her and my buddy changed the locks and she already got an updated card, and extra's. Janes got stuff from her place back when Philip was a threat. We got cameras installed at the shop. Ben is going to connect them and show us how to use them. He's doing Chloe's next, and them here, and then the rest including Sam and Maggie."

"Buying time would be a good thing and they just have to understand that. I think you, and Ella, are the ace in the hole with this."

"What do you mean, ?"

"They adore you both, and all the girls miss their mom, Alison understands that. If you tell them how concerned you both our, and focus on your dreams about Ella being worried, that might have an impact we can build on. I think your dreams or similar to me visions because it's about protecting the family."

'I hadn't thought about that connection Daniel but that makes sense, and I like how wiley you are, because you need that with them. I know I had some issue with you before but I don't now. I'm glad you're here."

"I know Henry," and that is when Chloe and Jake came in. Chloe kissed me as she went to her dad. Jake hugged me.

"Dad, we need to get them out of here. You have to make them listen. I had a dream about mom. She was trying to talk to me but I couldn't hear her," but she looked at me very concerned. I still can't get them image of her frustration because she couldn't tell me. I didn't want to tell you over the phone Daniel. I don't think it's safe for them here. I did, because I thought we could protect them, but now I'm not so sure." She was upset.

"Daniel and I were just talking about that because I had another dream too..."

"That's it, I'm demanding it. We'll all fill in Daniel. We'll make it work. There is plenty for them to have a nice time somewhere for a few weeks so Bet and Javier can sort this guy out, and what's he involved in. We have to do this pops." He nodded, and Jake and I nodded.

"Say hi to you gramps and tell what you want for breakfast," as there as a knock on the front door. We all looked at each other. I walked out front as Chloe watched the back because we hadn't gotten in the habit of locking the back door like Ben suggested.

"It's Christine and Emily." I let them in, and hugged them both. "You want breakfast?" They looked at each other and nodded.

"That would be great Daniel because I have a hell of of day." I smiled. "Take a booth. You want coffee? Em, Jake is in the back talking to Henry. Go on back sweetie. I kissed her on the head as Chloe walked out smiling and sat down with Christine. I got them coffee and a menu. I put the coffee down and hand her a menu. She smiled and waved.

"I know what I want Daniel." I liked this woman. "Bacon, onion and cheddar omelette with avo and home fries and a biscuit. It's going to be a long day and we've been here before and I bet Em is getting blueberry pancakes and extra bacon." Chloe and I smiled. "I know this is an imposition but it's going to be a terrble day because I have more work than hours. Can Emily stay with you late because she loves it there, and I trust you.." Chloe took her hand. It was amazing how easily she shifted back into nonchalance.

"Of course, Christine. We all adore Em. She can stay with us whenever you need. It's not easy being a single mom. I had my family, and now Daniel. Seriously sweets, don't even consider it. You two are a part of our family, and we all agree on that. Jake and Em came out and pushed them over as I walked into the kitchen. and gave Henry Christine's order. He slapped the spatula on the grill and said,

"I like them both." I nodded.

"We all do Henry, and Jake is over the moon happy." He smiled. 'I know we have a lot of shit coming at us all once this week....'when it rain, it pours...' but we're giving Jake my truck to use. " He looked at me and smiled. "We'll still use it as needed but Sam has a truck and we're looking for a van. Chloe and I talked about all of us giving it him on Friday. He's not a senior but he's doing great across the board, and he has a girlfriend. We thought maybe Friday night after you close up the shop." He smiled and nodded.

"Invite Christine and Emily." I nodded. I went back to the pantry and got the bottle of pure maple syrup and put the dishes on the tray and walked out. Jake smiled, stood up and started to serve Christine and Emily, both of them, and Chloe, all beamed. I looked at Chloe.

"You want something love?" She smiled and said a sausage biscuit. I stuck my head in the order window and told Henry 6 sausage biscuits but one of them for Chloe. He slapped his spatula. I refiled coffee and went and started chapping onions, because it's my favorite thing to do.

Janey, Sara, and Alison walked in the backdoor, and I was impressed because Sara said,

"Isn't this suppose to be locked, mister?" I nodded smiling. She jumped on me and kissed me as Chloe walked in and smiled. She hopped off and skipped to her and kissed her too. She missed us as much as we missed her.

"Go see our sweets. He's having breakfast with Christine and Emily." She clapped and ran out front. Janey and Alison hugged all of us but said "what?"

Henry and Chloe looked at me so I spoke first because might as well save the most powerful cards for the end, if need be. "We need to talk. I had another vision, and both Henry, and Chloe, had dreams with Ella being worried, really worried. She was trying to talk with Chloe, and it was about you, but Chloe couldn't hear her." I was laying it on a little thick but I can be intense when I need to be. They both started tearing up and Chloe went to hug them.

"We understand why you want to stay. We do, but he's not Philip and there are other people involved that I can't see, but I know they are there, and they aren't good folks. You both need to go on vacation, but I don't want you flying. Janes, you and I are switching out cars. Take a random road trip, go someplace and chill. The Prius gets great mileage and it's been to my mechanic. We can cover for you Janes, and Alison, take time off it you can, if not then work from the road but I want all of you credit cards before you leave. ALL of them."

They stared at me, as did Henry and Chloe. "This is not up for debate loves. It simply isn't. The stakes are getting to high and we need time for Bet and Javier to get information. None of us want you to leave because you're are family, but we need you to leave, because we love you and want to keep you safe. Frankly, if you're here, then you are a complication because we don't know what's coming yet."

"Whatever you don't have you can buy. DO NOT go back to your places, that means you Alison. Period! Understood?" She nodded. I mean it Ali. Period! She nodded and hugged me. I was probably harsher than I needed to be but we were running out of time. They both looked like deer stuck in headlights.

Henry walked up and kissed both of them. "Daniel's right. I've seen Ella twice, and Chloe saw her last night Janes. This is serious. You need to let us handle this while we're figuring it out. I know you don't want to, but it's important. Jayne and Alison nodded..

"OK. We don't like it but Ella is pushing us so we'll listen."

Chloe hugged them, and I knew she was relieved that she didn't need to force the issue. "Work breakfast and then go back to the shop. Daniel will have a reservation for you in the mountains for the weekend. Do not use your credit cards for anything, and I want yours Alison. That is non-negotiable. She nodded. He'll have new phones for you as well and you need to leave those behind." She looked at Alison. Work it out Alison. Try and take vacation so it's not an issue, or say you're sick. Whatever. We don't know who these people are, and what they can do, so we're being extra cautious."

"I'm calling AmEx when I leave making you an authorized user on the company card Janes." She looked at me and Chloe." Only use that card, period. Understood?" She nodded. I'll have it sent next day to the hotel so you'll get tomorrow morning. None of us want this loves, but we need it."

Chloe looked at them and they both started to cry. It was big sister time which was why I wanted to be the force. I don't like doing it, but I can do it. Chloe and I made a formidable pair. They stopped crying and looked at us and Alison said,

'I have never had a family that cared this much about me. Thank you." I walked up and kissed her, and then Janey.

"Like I told you, you do know. Please do as we asked. I'll have phones for you before lunch. Take time off if you can because it'll just be easier." She nodded. I hugged them both and walked out front. I was starting to constantly push out and check my surroundings as a practice. I was going to have to be more diligent. Sara watched me and she knew something was up. I smiled and sat down. I looked at Christine and asked,

"If it's OK with you I was going to have Jake drive Emily to school, and then pick her up. There are a lot of things converging at the same time. If you are uncomfortable with that then Chloe can take them. He's a cautious driver." She smiled and said that would be fine, because it was going to happen soon anyway.

I handed Jake the keys to the truck. He took them but I didn't let go as everyone watched. He looked up at me. 'I'm trusting you Jake. You understand?" He nodded. I let go. I've got to go but I needs hugs. Jake and Em hugged me and I kissed both of them on the head. Jake said thanks. Christine hugged me for a long time because she was relieved. I kissed her on the side of the head and told her Em would be fine. Sara walked out me with toward Henry's, where I parked the Prius.

"You going to tell me what's going on mister? I don't want to hit you again," she said smiling.

"Janes and Ali are leaving today." She jumped on me, bite my shoulder, and wouldn't let go. "Sweets, I do need to leave. I have a lot to do." She jumped down and kissed me, smiling. I had another vision and both Henry and Chloe had dreams about Ella last night."

"Both?" I nodded.

"Chloe will fill you in. We didn't exclude you love because being with Christine, Emily and Jake was important. There are a lot of moving parts right now so we figured it was divide and conquer. We needed to play hardball with them but we think they got it. You are our ace in the hole."

"I am."

"Of course because you're you. If they start to balk, because they will tell you," she nodded, " you close the deal on them. She nodded, smiling.

'You know what this means mister?" I looked at her. "It means I get to sleep with you and Chloe again, at home." She bite my lip and said she loved me as she skipped back inside. Holy crap I loved them. She came running back. "We need to get the shop cleaned, my place cleaned, and Chloe's because I think she want's Sunday there since it's Father Day, even if it is smaller than Sam and Maggie's. Did I tell you that I adore you," as she ran off.
Take me part 120
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Henry left and we were all cleaning up. Jake put some of his music on as I walked the shop lock the guns in the with the tools. I'd show him how to clean them tomorrow. I wasn't happy about this all but I'd rather be the one teaching him. I was blessed with good parents and good grandparents and I was going to be sure to pass that on. Jake had already dealt with the fire and most everything was done so I walked front. I was a lovely, clear, evening. Thankfully it had cooled off. Chloe and Sara walked up and hugged . Sara said,

"Daniel, sorry I bit you."

" three times."

" three times."


"Hard," and we all laughed. She kissed me on the cheek and asked what we were going do.

"We're going keep our family safe. I just wish we knew more about Simon." We need go, or I need go, Becky, the insurance agent tomorrow because life's not on hold." They both said for handle it and let them know. I nodded. "We have the attorney on Friday and then Billy and Ellen.

"I'll Bet tomorrow to have a couple people around Henry's for Friday just in case. Hopefully you'll see something else, but try to not fall. You scared us." I kissed them both on the head and we walked inside to say goodbye. Janey and Alison walked up hugged all of us. Alison looked and kissed my chee She was scared and we all knew it. Janey hugged us both and stepped back with Alison. Words didn't really matter at this point because there wasn't much we could do except let it and deal with it. I made sure the back doors were locked. They followed us up front and we made sure they locked the door and set the alarm.

I knew there was no threat so Jake and Chloe got into her car and I followed them home in the truc. Chloe was on the phone as her and Jake walked in the house. I walked around back check, nothing. I walked front and stood in the shadows and felt outward. I focused on Simon. Nothing. Maybe these visions just happened and I had no control, and that's when I saw him. He was in hotel room, on the phone. I sure wish I could have heard the conversation. It was about whatever Philip and him were involved in. He was angry, but also worried. There was another person involved that scared Simon, which was a problem because you never back a scared animal into a corner.

I called Bet and told them. I was hanging up when Chloe walked up. It would never matter how dark it was we would all find each other. I told her what I saw and that Bet said they send some guys for Friday and that were amping up the search on Simon. Chloe was talking with her friend Annie when they walked inside. She took me hand.

"Come inside mister, we need to talk and it's time for Jake to go to sleep. He has a test tomorrow so he needs to get up early with us so he can study. Christine is dropping Em of at Henry's, early, so they can study together. I'll drop them off if you'll pick them up. I nodded. I knocked on Jake's door and said lights out. He nodded.


"Yeah Jake," Chloe felt it and walked in behind me. We sat on either side him holding a hand.

"Should we be worried for Alison?" I looked at Chloe.

"Worry is a losing bet because most times nothing ever comes it of except a loss sleep, and stress. We should be cautious and prepared, as much as we can. We don't really know what the deal is with Simon but we know he's coming here so we are aware of that. We have an interesting family ," Chloe smiled at me. "We'll keep Ali safe but that's not your concern mister. Your concern are your last tests, and enjoying summer with Emily, but you and I still need tal" He smiled and hugged us.

"I love you and happy." We kissed him and walked into the kitchen. You want talk with him alone?' She nodded. "I don't think Sam and I are going have time check a van but I still want give him the truck on Friday so we're going have work the car thing but there are enough, especially when Unc and Ellen leave."

"Agreed, but we all have be there when he gets it."

"Agreed. Tell about Annie."

"I explained things, mostly and her about all of us sharing, and biting you but when Bet bit you something happened. I told her what an oddity you are for us because you're hard for us to read, except for Sara and that it took us being intimate before we all could." I interrupted.

"I wonder if Bet can now since she bit me. We need to ask her."

"I hadn't thought about that but it's a good idea. I feel like we're trying to put a puzzle together without the picture. Annie knows more about her family because they are all alive, which usually happens with us. We live long, especially the girls, but for some reason neither mine and janes mom, nor sara's did. Again, more questions than answers."

"She is intrigued by you because she can't get a sense either, and Annie is very good at that. She's going to talk with her mom and over the weekend. I told her about Simon and she could connect with him and she said what you said....be careful. She told that twice, so she was concerned. She thinks the visions are something you were able to do naturally and getting bitten just enhanced it but she'll talk with her mom about that too."

"She was confused why us biting you didn't trigger that but thinks maybe it's because we are connected somehow. Our families have . Dad and Ella had David, and I have Jake, but we mostly have females because it's a matrilineal line. Like you, Daniel, certain males are drawn us, all of us, just like dad was drawn Ella and Sara's dad was drawn her mom. I don't understand it, but it happens. sure there is a reason but I don't know it."

"Annie thinks, since you and Bet aren't intimate that is why these visions were triggered. She was curious about what would happen if someone else you weren't intimate with would bite you. kinda curious about that myself. going talk Maggie and Bet about all this. I know Bet and I are trying figure things out and Mags has more answers but we need get sleep."

We brushed and got ready for bed. Sex had taken the backseat, which was fine. We fell asleep holding each other and I woke up at 3am in the exact position, which was wonderful. I rolled out of bed, took a shower and was brushing my teeth when Jake came in to . He finished kissed my cheek and stumbled back to bed, I smiled. I quietly went into the bedroom and Chloe was was sound asleep, breathing deeply. I knew things were weighing her down and regardless of what I told Jake about worry, she was worried. I grabbed my clothes and dressed in the kitchen, left them a note, and headed to Henry's after checking the perimeter.
Take me part 119
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They won't let post a link that works but a gift for Juneteenth, and Father's Day. This song is as close as I can get to Sara. It embodies her.

Dawes...Most People. The Austin City Limits version is particularly good. Youtube it.
Take me part 118
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I walked into the kitchen as hurricane Sara stormed in and I braced myself. She didn't say a word but hit me in the chest, hard, three times and walked out front. It was going to leave a bruise. Chloe followed her, also not saying anything. She put her hand on my chest where Sara hit, kissed my cheek, and walked out. I grabbed a beer and walked out back with Jake. Somethings didn't need to be conveyed with words. I would show Jake how to clean a weapon and teach him how to shoot like my dad taught my brothers and me. I prayed he never needed to use it, like I prayed I never did, but it's a good skill to know. I didn't like hand guns because they're loud, too easily used in anger, and a lot of people think they know how to use them when they don't.

I liked rifles for the same reason I like knives and bows. They require skill, and diligence to master, especially long range. I understood why Sara and Chloe were upset, and why Sara hit me. I didn't like it either, but I would teach him. I would focus more on the bow and the knives but I wanted him to know what to do if he ever needed to.I takes more to get a driver's license than it does to buy a handgun, I prayed he didn't. I prayed I didn't. Jake was listening to music as Janey, Alison, and Henry walked out. Janey and Alison clapped as Henry sat next to Jake and hugged him.

"Is Bob in it?" I said yes and they jumped up and down as Sara ran up and started telling them how we were going to 'retrofit' Bob's den. Chloe kissed Henry and Jake and sat on my lap and took my beer as she kissed me.

"Does it hurt love?" I nodded. "We understand Daniel but it takes Sara longer to process somethings." I nodded and kissed her as she told Jake and Henry to follow her into the kitchen for dinner. It was a fucking pain the ass day, and they weren't going to get any easier. Sara walked up and looked at me with tears in her eyes and sat on my lap. She put her head on the spot she hit and started to cry into me. I kissed her head, gently stroked her hair, and let her.

When she was finished she looked at me, kissed me, and said we needed to see if we could convince Janey and Alison to leave town and let us try and deal with Simon with Bet and Javier. Since Bet had bitten me we had all linked, I knew that, and it meant we were more than family. They would stand with us just as we would stand with them. We would have anyway because they were our family, but it was different ...more intense. Sara put her head back on my chest and never said a word about punching me. She didn't have to.

Jake came out and started building a fire as Chloe and Henry finished getting dinner. Janes and Ali knew something was up but didn't know what. Jake said.

"Mom told me about you teaching me to shoot dad, that's awesome!" Janey and Alison glared at me and I figured I would be hit again. Jake was , mostly, and a guy, and it's a typical response.

"Jake, it's feels awesome you because you're young and you don't know anything about guns. It's necessary, I think, whether you ever continue follow through. It is fun when you are shooting at paper targets but you do that in case some day you need shoot at something that isn't paper." He got quiet and looked at me as he kept building the fire. Janey and Alison walked inside crying. Sara stayed on lap hugging me.

"Shooting is fun, and is a good and vital skill have for protection but also for hunting. I like it because it's a skill master. It's not a game and the first time I see you taking it as game, we're done. Do you understand?" Sara looked up at me. Jake was quiet.

"Yeah dad. Can I get a gun? I could feel Sara tense as she looked at him but it was an innocent statement. I was remembering what my dad and grandfather's had taught me, and I was grateful.

"You have one, it was my dad's. He taught us how shoot with it. When you get it is up you . It's something deadly and you need truly understand that. He was quiet as he pushed the logs around and looked me and Sara. He nodded but didn't say anything. Henry, Chloe and Janey came out with Chinese as Sara kissed me. I told you I know what you like mister as Chloe handed and her a plate. Alison came out with a bottle of Prosecco and glasses and started pouring with a third of glass for Jake. He beamed and was on the phone talking with with Emily.


"Yeah dad. Leave the gun conversation until we tell you. Capiche?"

He nodded. We ate and enjoyed each other and even though there was slight tension it didn't last long. I picked up the plates from everyone and went inside. I put them to soak in the sink and looked through the records, this time for one of mine, Dawes, Stories Don't End because I had heard them on the radio when Most People was on and wanted to hear it. I walked into the shop and grabbed another bottle of Prosecco and walked back into the kitchen and Janey and Alison where standing there, arms folded, looking at me. I put the bottle down because I figured I was either going to get hit, get bitten, or both.

"WHAT! Daniel?"

"Simon is on his way. He's either in Iowa, or Nebraska. He'll be here this weekend, if not sooner. He's looking for you Alison because whatever his brother was involved in, which none of us know, so was he. He's worse." Alison nodded. "He'll find you sweets. I would."
Everyone had walked in and were listening. "I think you should reconsider going somewhere, or several somewhere's, until we can figure out who he is and let us deal with it. He's going to end up here, Henry's, or Chloe's sooner or later because Philip did. It's just going to be harder for Simon, unless Philip talked to him.

This place has lights and cameras up and the cameras will be connected tomorrow, and at Chloe's, and hopefully Henry's by Saturday. I'm less worried about Henry's because there are more of us but we need to more attention and keep the back door locked." They both looked at me because of Philip.

Alison stood upright and wiped the tears out of her. "We aren't running Daniel. Period. I understand why you want me to but I won't do it. I have no idea what he's looking for because I have no idea what Philip was involved in. I'm not running from this prick." I admired her chutzpah but she didn't understand Simon.

"Simon isn't Philip Alison. He doesn't care about you at all. We're your family, and will stand by you but he's worse than Philip." Alison was quiet for awhile and nodded. Janey said,

"We aren't running." Sara did what Sara does best. She grabbed the Prosecco, and Janey and Alison, and they walked out back with Henry and Jake. Henry did look at me concerned because it was obvious that Janey and Alison were a couple, and family now, as convoluted it was with us. I hit the counter and growled because I had felt this SOB, but I wouldn't have run either. I couldn't tell WHEN he would show up, just that he would and it was frustrating. Chloe gently bite neck, and sucked.

"Let's go outside love and be a family. We'll deal with what we have to deal with. Bet was right, we know more than him." I looked at her because was I wasn't certain and asked,

"Do we?" I dropped the needle on Dawes and went out to enjoy the night , the fire, and our family.
Take me part 117
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I wasn't sure how long I was lying on the cement floor. I could hear voices in the distance but I needed to finish this. I just wished I could figure a way to see these things that wasn't so sudden, and involved falling of the blue. It's not easy to bounce on concrete. I saw Alison and then Simon and I knew he was coming here to talk with her. He already tried calling. I knew he was somewhere in Iowa, I thought, and would be here by the weekend, which is why I felt relieved that Ben was on it. I wish that Unc and Ellen would have picked another week, but you play the cards you're dealt.

I exhaled loudly, mainly because I was annoyed, and opened my eyes as Sara slid into me asking what was going on. Chloe and Jake were on their knees in front of me, worried. Sara was now behind me, worried. Bet and Javier were standing, and looking at me, not all that worried. I wondered what they knew and smiled as I reached my hand. Javier grabbed it and helped up as Chloe, Sara, and Jake hugged .

"You need to stop hitting the ground Jefe," as he hugged . I nodded as I hugged my family and told them I was fine, even though none of them bought it, but I was looking Bet because she was boring a hole through with her eyes.

"What did you see?" Chloe and Sara both looked at her, and then . Let close up and we can go back. Jake said he'd do it and lock up. Chloe grabbed beer as Sara walked with back with Bet and Javier. Jake sat on the edge of the fire pit and looked at Chloe. She smiled and nodded and handed him her beer for a swig, at which he smiled at and accepted, and took two.

Bet was still looking at . I was beginning to get a sense about this even though I didn't know much. Maggie, Bet, and Chloe were in charge but Bet and Maggie were definitely in charge. Chloe was different. She was the Alpha of the girls, without a doubt, but there was a difference I didn't quite understand. I thought it might be because they were sisters, or because Sara had her own lineage, but was also part of Chloe's family.... maybe and ...and Jake. It was complicated.

I looked at Bet, who was waiting patiently, but intently. "He's on his way. He's somewhere in Iowa, I think, or maybe Nebraska, but he's coming and she's coming to talk with Alison. I saw her first and knew. Chloe and Sara growled."

"What else Daniel?"

"He is worse than Philip because he doesn't care about Alison. He was involved in whatever was on those drives and disk. I kinda wish I had looked now." Bet and Javier both shook their heads. "He's not going to be like Philip because he doesn't care about violence, and he's pissed because he figures something bad happened to Philip and Alison is his connection to find what happened. I have no idea what was on that stuff we destroyed but it matters to Simon...a lot... and he won't rest. It's going to be a fucked up weekend. Happy Father's Jefe." Bet and Javier smiled.

"We'll deal Daniel."

"I know Janey and Alison said they didn't want to take a trip but I think they should use some of that and go somewhere far away. Sam and Maggie won't care and there is plenty there to fill in the gap. Simon is not Philip. Philip was easy because he was a coward heart. Simon's a psychopath. The lights are on, but no one's home." Bet asked if I saw anything regarding Denver.

"No. I think it's to far , and still uncertain. I don't think he even knows where she is, or if he has any real info but I know what I would do in that situation, if I didn't know you." They smiled. "I'd hire either the best PI I could find, or someone on the fringe. He'll find her here. I have no doubt about that, and if they are good enough he could probably find them anywhere they went given time. I hate it, but I think our best option is strength in numbers, and being diligent."

Everyone nodded, including Jake.... nothing like getting thrown into the deep end of pool. Bet said, "We know something he doesn't know. We know he's coming, and you know what he looks like. We're as ready as we can be and we've dealt with worse." I shook my head no because I wasn't sure we had." Silence.

"On a side note homes," Javier handed me a bag. "Our guys got into his accounts. They didn't drain them, but they took their cut, and we took ours. That's yours. We are still waiting on the condo thing. We know he has crypto but we'll never find that. I understand the 'stand and fight' view, but there is plenty for Janey and Alison to take a 3 month vacation, anywhere. We can get them new passports, and ID's, inside 2 weeks. just sayin' brother. It'd give us time to know who he his. We're working on it, but it takes time because we're careful, and thorough." Chloe Sara and Jake looked me.

"We'll discuss it over dinner, and thanks." Bet and Javier got up and hugged all us as I walked them front. Bet kissed . "You keep informed Daniel. Any other things happening?"

"I can jump fences pretty well." She smiled. Javier said,

"You may want to rethink the gun thing homes." I nodded. I was starting to think about that as well

I locked the door and walked out back. Bob had walked in and was looking at his new den, and then at us. Sara had a chicken breast in her hand and threw to him. He immediately picked it up, walked to the entrance, looked in, and went inside. Sara went crazy. She hugged Chloe and Jake and jumped on me, biting my neck and then kissed me before she hopped down.

"Chloe and I are going to get Chinese. Henry's coming over too. I know what you like, love. Henry likes being here, and he hasn't seen the den, but look how happy Bob is." He did look pretty content, but I was figuring it was the chicken. I walked inside with the bag Javier gave us. I didn't even look inside. Chloe, Sara, and Jake were watching and laughing. I smiled as I turned. I opened the safe and put the bag in and took out my grandfather's .45 from when he was in the Air Force, and the .22 pistol my dad taught my brother's and I how to shoot with, along with ammo and the cleaning kit. I put them in a plastic tote and put towel over it when I felt Chloe walking in. I could smell her. I put it down and I was closing the safe when she hugged me.

"Whatchya doin?" She bent down and lifted the towel. There was no way I could ever to lie any of them, which was fine by me. I was wondering what she was going to say. She looked in the tote and then at me. She said somberly, "Do you think the threat is that bad Daniel?" I was quiet as I looked her and nodded.

"It might be and I haven't used these in a while. How would you feel if I took Jake to the range?" Tears started to well up in her eyes and she hugged me, hard. I kissed the side of her head and whispered to talk with Sara about it." She nodded and walked out back as I put the fake wall in place.

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