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Take me part 116
Posted:Jun 19, 2021 4:08 pm
Last Updated:Jul 6, 2022 9:1 am

Jake and Emily went running into the kitchen. I sat in the truck as Dawes' song Some People finished. It was going to be an intense few days. Hell, it was probably going to be an intense summer. I was thinking I should have Bet bite me again. I could feel Sam watching me, worried. Sam rarely got worried. I knew I had too many balls in motion, but they needed to be in motion until they resolved themselves. Simon was the wildcard. Sam walked up and knocked on the window. I rolled it down as I turned off the truck, since it was hot.

"Everything OK brother?" I looked at him and smiled as I got out and we walked into the shop. "It's heading in that direction Sam but it's not there yet." I told him about what Emily said and started helping him finish up. I was thankful that the motion lights were up. Ben pulled up.

"You trust me?" I looked at him and acted like I was going to smack him. "I've got you covered and we'll just charge % over wholesale for the equipment because it's best on the market. Kim and I talked and we both agreed. We don't know what the actual threat is but we want your family as safe as possible. I couldn't sync a satellite, but this stuff will come close because it's advanced as they have. I'm going start out front and hopefully I'll finish the back today, but we'll get it down by Saturday." I hugged him.

"Let us know if you need help, and thank you."

Chloe was still waiting to hear from Annie, her friend on the East coast but we were plodding along even though it felt like one step forward and two steps back. Sam and I cranked out the remaining orders and prepped the wood for the following day. It was close to 5:30 when Ben walked in and said to follow him. We walked to the end of the parking lot and he pointed onto a pole where an innocuous camera was placed high enough that it couldn't be tampered with. He also showed us the laser trigger that he installed that would notify us if anyone, anything, tripped it.

"I need to set all this up inside but those are wireless. I checked the signal and it's fine." He pointed to the cameras as we walked up to the shop. We could barely see them. He pointed out two above the front door, covering the entire entrance and another on the side. You'd never notice them if you didn't know they were there.

"The technology just keeps getting more advanced. I'll put the one out back up tomorrow morning, connect everything and show you how to use it," as Chloe drove up. "I'm not sure I can do all four places by Saturday." I nodded. Chloe walked up and said hi as she hugged me.

"If you can do Chloe's house and Henry's that would be great because we can wait on Sara's and Sam and Maggie's, and will cover the places we'll be. If something happens it'll be at those three. Do what you can do." He nodded.

"That's totally doable and lets me get some other jobs done as well. Henry's will be easiest. It's strange times." We all nodded and hugged him. "It seemed to me this place was the most urgent. I'll be early and get everything hooked up here and Chloe's will be done by the weekend, and I should be able to get Henry's worked in but it's pretty secure as it is. I checked when I was there. It's habit and paying attention. Locking the back door. It's the simple things that are the hardest." Sam and I nodded.

"Thanks Ben." I told Sam I would close up and to go home. I told Chloe what Emily said about me her wanting me to be her dad too. She looked at me, smiled, and nodded. I was never sure I would even have and now they were coming out of the woodwork. Christine pulled up to get Emily so we all sat down and I told her about Em, and she started crying. Chloe went to hug her because she understood.

"Emily hasn't heard from her father for most of her life. It breaks my heart but I don't want to go down that road again because I don't want her to be disappointed but for her to ask you after such little time says something. I'll talk with her."

Chloe said, "Christine, Daniel just told me too. He told her that we would talk but that he would be honored, because he would, we would, but ponder it and talk with Em and then we can all talk as a family because the way it feels, Jake and Emily are a thing." She hugged both of us as we went inside.

I was cleaning up in the shop as Christine and Emily came out. I waved to them because I had sawdust all over me. "We can pick her up and bring her here tomorrow if you want." She nodded and said thanks. Jake and Emily hugged and kissed as we all watched and then walked to the car. We, of course, smiled. I could hear Bet and Javier heading our away, or feel them. I was heading to fridge to get some beer when I dropped to the floor, luckily my head landed on my arm.
Posted:Jun 18, 2021 7:12 pm
Last Updated:Jul 6, 2022 9:1 am

Chloe and Sara left. The larger rocks were placed...two in the back
yard, and two out front on either side of the driveway. I wanted
rent a jack hammer but I ran out of time, which was fine. They weren't
going anywhere. I had been wanting dig some of the asphalt and
plant fast growing shade trees for the shop, but also some fruit trees
and herbs since it faced south and west. It looked like the deal I got
the large rocks was kicking that into motion. I didn't really save
any money on them but I'd rather it go to the delivery guys because
they bust their asses every time they deliver. It's a main reason I
have snacks. I use to drive and deliver and there's not a lot of down
time because driving is stressful, so I understood.

I talked with Sam and filled him about what I saw. I figured Chloe
would talk with Mags and Bet. He worked front while I planted and
moved rocks. Bob's den was larger than I thought it should be so I
planted some of the grass inside the rocks give him a sense of
protection. Jesus Christ, I WAS losing my mind, and Sara was right
that we needed more grasses. I didn't think we needed more rocks but
it was looking pretty good as a den, but also as a feature in the
yard. The front would be the same once I got it done. It was an
industrial area but there was no reason why it couldn't be
aesthetically pleasing. I was looking at the rocks in the front when
a couple of neighbors walked up. Sam came out too.

"What's with rocks?" We were a pretty close knit group because we
were at the end of the industrial park. We all owned our land and did
various things but they were all similar meaning it was good, honest
work. If the shit ever hit the fan we would be OK, at least longer
than most.

"I got a great deal on them. I wanted to rent a jack hammer before
they were delivered but I ran out of time but am going to dig up some
of the asphalt and plant shade, and fruit, trees and some herbs, but
it's a work in progress." They looked at me like I had lost my mind
but I considered this place my home and wanted it to feel like it was.

"We still doing the July Fourth cookout?" I nodded. "Talk with Frank
and his family about coming and let us know what the meat costs and
we'll all get together and work it out. It's going to be a large crowd
because Covid is waning , and it's fucking HOT, but that's why God
made beer.

"You're right, and I will. I'm checking in with him today. Let's
check in and try and get a reasonable count from everyone." They
nodded and hugged me and walked off. I looked at Sam and said FUCK! It
was going to be Juneteenth, and Father's Day, this weekend... and
Uncle Billy and Ellen were coming, and Philip's brother was on the
way. Crappola!. I needed to call both Franks. Fuck!!! I had just
finished planting the last of the grasses when Sam and Ben walked out
with some beers. I smiled and shook Ben's hand because I was filthy.

"Hey, what's that?" I told him it's suppose to be a den for our
resident fox but apparently it's not done." He laughed and nodded.

"You have a fox?" I nodded and told him about Bob and Sara and how
he's part of the clan now. Ben was quiet for a bit. "Is it safe for
the to come over and see him. I filled him on Bob and how I have
been interacting with him for years and how he's been getting in the
backyard but I never cared because he didn't bother me and I didn't
bother him. I told him the girls would be fine.

"So, I changed out the locks and put in an extended deadbolt that is
hard to pick." He handed me the keys. "I checked for line of sight
for camera's and I could work it out in the future if you want. I also
checked around the building just to get a sense of their security. It
wasn't terrible I couldn't get in any of the doors. Well, I could have
but not a random person. Have Alison change out her code ASAP and let
me know about camera's. There are some other things I could do to
enhance her safety but buildings like that are pretty safe from the
outside. It's the whack jobs inside the building people need to focus
on because most folks drop their guard. Show me what you're thinking
around here and I'll go have lunch and get what I need."

Sam and I showed him what we were thinking about around the shop. We
walked to the end of the circle and I mentioned it would be nice if he
could rig a warning trigger and maybe a camera at the entrance as
well. He smiled, because he loved this stuff, and nodded.

"You want me to see if I can sync a satellite?"

"Can you do that?" We all laughed. "You know where Henry's is?" He
nodded. "Lunch is on us. I'll call them and let them know but prepare
yourself because they're a handful. He hugged us both and said he'd be
back. Sam went back up front. I called Chloe and let her know, and to
find out what time I was getting Jake and Emily. I washed up and went
out front.

"Lock up and go have lunch at Henry's, but eat something healthy." He
smiled. "What?"

"I found the pizza, but I did have a veggie slice. Gio's is great.
I'm good hefe, but thanks." I told him I needed to talk with the
Frank's - Frank the fish guy, and Frank the butcher - but that I'd
be back and help him.

"Things will balance out next week, I hope, when Jake is out of
school." He looked at me. "Yeah, whatevs, asshole."

"Get back to work and save some of the Hawaiian and anchovy one for
Jake and Emily, otherwise I don't care." I got in the truck and
called Chloe.

"Hey love, you're on speaker. You seem to have excellent timing. What's up?"

"How large is Gio family here and do you know where they are from in
Italy?" Chloe spoke because she was the oldest.

"They have a large extended family but I'm not sure how many, but
they're close. They're Italian. I'm not sure of exactly where his
family is from but along the coast. It's why Sara and I wanted to go
to Frank's to him back since he never lets us . Why?"

"I'm my way both Frank's. I have a good sense of what get,
and I'll ask Frank for his suggestions, but I thought since it was
Father's day this weekend maybe they would close and have a family
thing." Silence.


"We're here. You always take us by surprise mister. We trust you love
but with food, and an Italian family, more is better. Here's Sara. I
think your friend just walked in. I love you Daniel."

"Hey there mister! How's Bob's den?"

"It's good but I made some slight alterations." SILENCE.

"Excuse me."

"Cool your jets, sweetie. I planted some of the grasses inside because
it was pretty big, and you were right, again, that we need more
grasses and rocks. If Bob is a Bobbete then we are screwed.... luckily
he was a Bob.

"I can't wait see it but I need get back. It's getting busy but
we adore you." I smiled as I pulled in Frank's, the fish monger. I
said hi his and we chatted and then said hi Frank and that
I needed talk with him.

"Let's sit out back. Ice tea?" I nodded. Both of my Franks came from
the Mediterranean so they had nice gardens. Gardens that I wanted
emulate at some point. "What can I do for you Daniel?" I told him
about Gio, and my new family, and they wanted to do something for
them. He was quietly thinking.

"Do you have any ideas?"

"I do Frank, but we are in the middle of the country so I'm not sure
if it's available but I was thinking....mussels, calamari, and
octopus. I figured that his family would be familiar with those, and,
maybe sardines.

"When do you want it, and how much?"

"I'm not sure. I'm going to stop by and talk with Gio but I figure
plan like you were feeding your clan, and then maybe add something
since they're Italians." He laughed. I'll talk with him and give you
a call so we can get it as fresh as possible."

"I would add either swordfish, or snapper. I'm thinking snapper. Let
me know because I can get all of it, even sardines...and Italians like

"OK Frank, I'll call you and thanks. Send the bill to the shop and
I'll give you the address to deliver it to. It's not far from you." He
nodded as we got . I hugged him and said I'd call him. I drove
the other Frank for Sunday, but also the 4th.

"The thing I like about Frank's, the butcher, is that the deal
with most of the business because it's the new part and is shining.
The people that have known Frank forever go into his old shop, which
they built around. I had known Frank my life, or at least as long
as I can remember. I walked in and he stood , smiling, as he walked
around the counter and kissed my cheek.

"Where are you pretty young ladies, and when do Billy and Ellen get
into town." I told him as he nodded and smiled. I told him about
Sunday but he said he couldn't come because the covered Father's
Day, but that they would be there the 4th.

"That's why I here Frank. We think It's going more people this year
because Covid is waning." He nodded. "I'm figuring last year plus
maybe 25% because people want mingle. Thank God it's BYOB but I
wanted be sure we in the que."

"You are front of the que . What do you need for Sunday?"

"I'm guessing maybe 50 people, maybe twenty , or so. I was
thinking maybe dozen hot dogs, and ten pounds of ground chuck,
maybe a dozen brats.. I figured going over was better because can
freeze the excess but I'll leave it because you know better. Do
what you think."

"We are pouring small foundation at Sam's on Saturday but when we're
done we'll bring Billy and Ellen over. We'll pick the meat then.
Bill it the business and I'll see if I can get it pass Bethany."
He laughed. My final stop was Gio's. They weren't open but I knew
they were in there so I pounded. The blind lifted and Gio was staring
at and started smile as he opened the door and kissed both
my cheeks.

"Daniel! Where are Chloe and Sara."

"Someone has work Gio" I said laughing. "I'm my lunch break but
I needed talk with you. First of , thank you for last night. Who
knew anchovies were so good pizza." He nodded, and smiled. "The
reason I'm here is because our family wants do something. Chloe and
Sara had this idea, but I executed because I know someone." Gio was
looking at me perplexed.

"Chloe said that you have a large extended family here," he nodded,
"and that your family comes from somewhere along the coast." he
nodded, still confused. "I know the best fish monger in Denver. We
just spoke 40 minutes ago about you. He is going
deliver....mussels, calamari, octopus, sardines, and either snapper,
or swordfish. If there is something else you'd like then let him know.
Here's his card. We are doing this Gio, period! I just didn't know
when a good a day was for y', and didn't want presume."

"This is for your entire extended family Gio... of you, so it's a
"shut the place down" kinda thing. Henry isn't serving Sundays any
longer so if you need use that for size it wouldn't be a problem.
We wanted let you, and your family, know how much we appreciate
you, and your family."

Gio stared at with tears filling his eyes. He held Franks' card in
silence. I could feel the watching. He put the card in his apron
pocket, grabbed my cheeks and kissed the lips. The only other
time I had been on kissed on my lips, was by dad when I was young.

"Come, sit with me. Can you?" I nodded as we sat. "You are reminding
me of my childhood. Thank you but our family wants your family with
us." I nodded. I will talk with my brothers and sisters but Sunday is
a good day, and Henry is smart for closing and focusing on family." He
reached out his hand and I took it as he squeezed. "You have no idea
what this means to mean. I wish my wife was here. Our family will
gratefully accept your family's generosity as long as join us."

I nodded, and Gio kissed me on the lips again as we got , so I
figured that was going be a thing. I waved at his family, who was
hanging out of the kitchen, watching us. At least my family wasn't
unique in that, but they were more stealthy. Gio walked the
door and hugged . I was sure he was going go call Henry right

I got in the truck, breathed, and smiled, when the phone rang. It was
Chloe, frantic...."MEET me at the school. Now! Jake got in a fight. I
need you," and a dial tone. I called Sam. This fucking week was going
to drag out regardless of what we did. I was closer then Chloe so we
got there at the same time. She ran at me, and jumped, crying into me.
I squeezed her, and kissed head.

"Babe, let's find out what happened." Chloe had her arm around me as
we walked into Jake's school, and then into Claire's office. Jake was
there with Emily holding his hand. Christine was behind them upset.
Chloe walked over and looked at her , our , because he was
bleeding. I closed the door and asked Claire what happened. I liked
Claire and she was in a hard job, but I also didn't like bullshit.

I nodded at Christine and said, "what happened, Claire?" She was
silent longer than she should have been and I already knew.

"Jake got into a fight with another boy..." I cut her off. I wasn't
concerned with being rude.

"Why?" Silence. She didn't respond.

"What was the fight about Claire?" She looked at me and swallowed.


"Jake hit someone because they weren't black?" Claire smiled and said no.

"The other boy instigated it. Jake didn't do anything until the boy
started taunting Emily. He is much larger than Jake, but Jake hurt

"Does Jake look like he's hurt to you Claire?" She nodded All of
them were watching me, especially Jake and Chloe. "Can we meet the boy
and his parents?"

"No. It's against school policy. We have a zero tolerance policy
toward violence, and ..."

..."you do realize these are teenagers, right?" She nodded.

"I do Daniel but I have to do my job. Jake is suspended pending a
review." We could all hear Chloe growl." I'm sorry but...."

"You're going to suspend Jake two days before he gets out of school
for protecting his girlfriend? What is wrong with you?" Silence.

"Daniel, I don't like it but I have little choice. Jake can take his
final two tests with a proctor so he'll be fine with that but he can't
be at school until we review it. Look, I don't like it either but my
hands are tied.

"What's happening to the other boy?"

"Nothing, because Jake hit him first." Emily stood and yelled that
wasn't true. "Brad hit Jake twice before he hit back." Jake was wise
beyond his years. "It's not fair Ms. Henderson. It's not fair." I
could feel Claire's dilemma, but I didn't care.

"Claire, I abhor violence but there are people that don't those hold
these views, and there are times someone needs to fight to protect
themself, a person they love, or a stranger. It's terrible; but it's
true. I'm guessing the other boy isn't being punished." Claire was

"He was, by me, but I got overruled. I hate this but I can't do
anything except to make sure Jake gets a proctor, which I already
have. Chloe was still growling as I walked up and shook Claire's
hand, and said thank you. Call, or text, where he needs to go.

"Come on Jake and Emily. Let's get out of here. Luckily, they hadn't
scheduled the families back to back because Chloe was about ready to
rip off a head. "Who want's ice cream?" All four hands went up. The
beauty of living in a neighborhood is that you usually have most
things close by, especially popular things like ice cream. Jake and
Emily got theirs and took a table, and the of did as well.

"I wanted strangle her when I heard what she said."

"Join the club Christine."

"I have say that I am very impressed with Jake and how he
responded, and standing for Emily even though he got hurt. I like
Claire, and feel bad for her situation, but somethings you just have
do." Chloe and I looked at each other. "What are you going do?
I'd rather Em be dating Jake because it seems like that's going
happen regardless of us." Chloe looked at . "I mean, are you keeping
in school?"

"I suppose we'll wait and hear what the school says, but Jake is way
too smart for either of us to care. He'll get into any college he
wants even if we home school him. Chloe and Christine were quiet
looking at each other. The finished their ice cream. Chloe and
Christine said goodbye and I took Jake and Emily back to the shop.

"Dad, are you mad at me?" They were in the back seat of his truck. I
looked at him in the mirror. Puzzled.

"No, Jake. Why are asking that?"

"Because I got in fight." I was silent for a bit, thinking.

"Jake, like I told Mrs. Henderson, I don't like violence but, sadly,
sometimes you can't avoid it. I think you did exactly what you should
have done even though you got hurt. Pain is transitory , most
people don't understand that."


"Yeah Emily."

"Are you Jake's real dad?" The thing I like about young people is
their filters are off and they just say what they think, or feel, as
annoying as it can be.

"I am Jake's real dad Em, but I am not his biological father. It
doesn't matter to me because I love him, and he wanted me to be his
dad. Things get more complicated as you get older...fyi."

"Would be my dad too?" Jake took her hand and I looked at Emily in
the mirror. "I can't remember the last time I saw my dad and I miss
that." Holy shit, my life was getting complicated.

"Sweetie, we'll talk with you and your mom, but I'd be honored." Em
got a huge smile on her face and kissed Jake, this time on the lips. I
looked away before he looked at me, and there was no way I was telling
Sara and Chloe. Well, maybe.
Posted:Jun 18, 2021 11:53 am
Last Updated:Jun 23, 2021 12:09 pm

I watched Chloe walk away, and she knew because when she got the
front door she stopped and waved at me over shoulder, wiggled, and
walked in laughing. Holy crap, these women owned me. I was driving
away when Chloe called me, and I knew was on speaker.

"Did you like that love?" I was thinking about about saying
"what?..." but I didn't. Instead I said,

"Yeah I did Janey. I'll you later." I heard one growl, and three
hysterical laughs. Sam was was right. I was stupid. I hung up. and
called Ben so I could keep my family safe. I would for calling Chloe, Janey, but I'd
take as I smiled.

"Hey brother. I got your . What's up?'

"I need pull in a favor Ben. 's important and urgent." Ben was
quiet for second because I figured he was talking his wife.

"Hold on daniel."

"What do you need brother. sounds intense. You have the day. I
talked Kimee and she is rescheduling right now. Shit happens my
friend but it feels like yours is more intense. Talk me." I told
him what I knew and that were multiple places. I had him focus on on
the shop, Henry's, Chloe's, and Maggie and Sam's, and change the locks
at Alison's. "This is going be more than my balance brother but I
feel the urgency and we'll get done. me Alison's info because
's easiest."

"I told him OK, and texted him. I just need done Ben and
if costs more for the short notice, I'm OK with that. I need it
done by Saturday. I know it's short notice but it's important.

"I'm picking that up. Don't stress, you're family. We've known each other a long time. Hold on a sec." Silence...Kim and Ben came back on... "Daniel."

"Hey Kim, how are you and the ?"

"OK, but they sure miss the tickle monster. What's going on my friend?' Silence.

"I can't tell you except it's defense, but it's moving quickly and I can't be everywhere at once...."

"...and you want be everywhere at once."

"How long have we known each other?"

"I have forgotten, but a frickin' long time. You've got us until 's done Daniel.
I'll deal with the complaints. Are you OK?"

"I am but are people I want keep safe. 's complicated Kim, but
thank you. What are you doing Sunday? My Aunt and Uncle are coming
into town and you'll get a glimpse of my life, 's complicated but
's family." Silence

"Send us when and where. 'll be done brother and we'll be ."

"Good, I miss you. 's a cookout so bring something you like but
bring the munchkins and they should be on high alert because I am certain the
tickle monster will be . " They laughed and said deal.

"I'll you the info for Sunday, and the locations Ben, but stop by
after the lock change, and we can talk."

"I'm on my way to change the lock. I'll when I'm done and then stop by."

"Thanks guys, I love you and you have whatever you want on top of the
cost. I hope you are Sundays because I need tickle some
rugrats. Thanks."

Sara called.... "Yeah Love, what's up?"

"Are the rocks yet?

"Sweets, 's just after 7am, but I promise I'll you."

"Deal, mister! Are you mad at Chloe? Don't lie."

"First of all, I would never lie you. No sweets, I'm not mad at Chloe. I have never been mad at Chloe?" Mumbling...

"Have you ever been mad at me, or Janey, or Alison?" I smiled as i
shook my head.

" No, I haven't." Mumbles


"Hi Chloe."

'What is going on?"

"I think they were concerned that your were mad at me, and got
sidetracked, so we went on a meander." Silence....Silence...

"Are you mad at me?"

"No, I am not mad at you, nor have I never been mad at you..... but I
reserve that right." I couldn't help myself. Chloe looked at me through the phone, and
I knew the sisters were listening.

"You really want be Jake's dad?" I heard the gasp before she muted
. Silence.

"Chloe, I am Jake's dad and if you don't think so then you need let
us know," Silence. 's complicated how we'll make work legally,
but that's irrelevant as far as I'm concerned. You and Sara are Jake's
moms. Period. I don't need anything else...I'm just sayin'." Silence.

Sara got on the phone.... "we need go love, but you better me
mister." I pulled up the shop shaking my head as Sam opened the
overhead door. I didn't bring out the bag of biscuits because he would
want them. I did tell him that I told Henry that he wanted to switch
to checkers, because I was actually hoping that would happen. Henry
would still lose, but it would be closer.

He looked at me and shook his head, "He thinks he's going to win,
right?" I nodded. Silence. "What, you want me to let him win? You
can't cheat in dominoes, and you can't cheat at checkers either, daniel.
What makes you think it'd change if we started playing checkers?"

The truck pulled up with Bob's rocks, and I called Sara. She screamed,
and hung up, which wasn't surprising. What was surprising, thank God
Sam was , was that Chloe got out of the car too as the guys were
unloading a pallet of a 00 pounds of rocks. Sam grabbed me and said
he'd deal with it...with Sara. I handed in the bag of biscuits for the guys.

Chloe was standing by car with her head down as i walked up. I reached my
hand under her face , and she took it. We stood like that for longer than I
thought we should but I kept holding her hand, and breathing. She
squeezed my palm.

"You want to be Jake's dad?" Her eyes were still downcast. I grabbed
the side of her face and lifted so we could see each other. She
resisted, but I persisted. I won. She looked at me. She didn't want to
but she was Chloe and she wouldn't look away, regardless of the
reason, even if she wanted to.

I looked at her like she had lost her mind, and then kissed her as
passionately as I have kissed any woman. I could hear Sara clapping in
the background. "Chloe, I already am Jake's father. We just need to
make legal as a family. Chloe fell into me and breathed. Sam and Sara
were having all the fun, but Chloe didn't care about rocks, and
started crying into chest as I hugged her.

Sara looked over at Chloe and I and smiled. I'm not sure how long we stood
but Sara came up and tapped me on the shoulder. She was sheepish
but said "the delivery guys were expecting a tip..........AND they
moved big rocks mister, but Bob's den will be amazing once you two stop
hugging. They need to leave. I came back to my senses, mostly, and
nodded. I handed each of them a fifty. and said sorry, but thanks. I
expect to see you both next week when we have that thing" They
smiled and nodded. My dad taught me that money was important in how
you used . If you worked hard, were reasonably smart, and paid attention then
you'd make money. How you give away determines your worth. I was glad I
had a god dad because I was quickly becoming one.

Sara grabbed us and dragged us back the rocks, and Bob's den.
Sam, Chloe, and I walked as Sara ran, and sometime skipped. Oddly, we
got at about the time. Sara showed us Bob's den, but said
wasn't done. I said,


"No, silly. We'll have fill in with grasses, and more rocks." I
looked at Chloe as if I had lost mind. She looked at me, shook her
head, smiled, and kissed me.

Come sis, we need get back and I'm sure Daniel's head is going explode.
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I wasn't concerned about anyone, except maybe Jake because he had lost his mind for Emily,which was understandable, but their energy did merge pretty well together. I'm not sure how I knew that, but I did. They were both smart, and focused on that. Jake had started asking me about something a bit ago but never followed up, and I was curious about it, I thought it was about college but he let it lie and I didn't bring it back up. Being a dad was new to me but I didn't think I had fucked it too badly so far. Well, except that I had sex with his moms, one of whom was is aunt, and both his other aunts had fucked me. OK, maybe I had some things to learn. None of us seemed to mind since it was all isolated. I hoped.

I opened as usual and felt nothing. I had the chairs down, and the tables set. I enjoyed that because I had worked, doing something, my entire life. It was cathartic. I got the water ready, and extra plates, cups, utensils, but didn't make coffee, and walked into the kitchen as Henry was entering the back door.

"Henry, you do know that you can sleep in a little longer, right?" He nodded as he poured a cup of coffee. I flipped the home fries, put bacon on and then put biscuits in the oven. It was 5:15.

"I know but I need to know what's going on? I had a dream and Ella was worried." Henry moved to in charge of the grill as I got fruit out of the cooler to cut for juice. I exhaled, loudly as Chloe and Jake walked in. Chloe immediately asked what was up. Henry and I both looked at her.

"Jake, get something to drink and go sit down. Henry will make you breakfast." He nodded as he was walking out front.


"Yeah dad."

"You feel good about your tests today ?"

"Yeah dad. Em and I are going to ace them. Why?"

"Drop your backpack, tell your gramps what you want for breakfast, and then plant your butt on that stool and listen." Chloe glared at me as Sara, Janey, and Alison walked in and then all took a step bac Henry looked at Chloe, and then at Jake.

"Jake, do what your dad says. Eggs or oatmeal?"

"Oatmeal Henry, thanks."

Chloe glared at both of us. "What is going on? I set the ball in motion but Henry spoke as he made oatmeal. "I don't usually have dreams of your mom, your Grams, Jake, but I did last night." The feeling in the room completely shifted. Janey, Sara, and Alison moved next Chloe and they all instinctively hugged each other. Chloe and I were sharing energetically, instinctively.

"She was happy, because we were happy, and then her smile faded and she looked at worried. I've known our Ella for a long time, as long as can I remember she rarely looked worried. I know her, dream or no dream. She was worried and shared that with me. I wish I had words. I came in early and Daniel started telling me about what happened when y'all walked in." Henry put the oatmeal in a bowl and gave it Jake who fixed it for himself."

"Daniel's right Chloe. Jake is enough now because of who he is we are. Daniel's either the boys father, or he isn't. You'll need decide." She still glared at us as Jake was eating his oatmeal and watching us. Janey stepped up and Chloe glared at her. Janey growled and said, "What the FUCK is going?' We all said unison not use that word. It broke the tension.

I told them what I saw, and felt, and what I thought was coming. Jake was totally confused but Chloe and Sara were on either side of him. Henry finally said, "sorry Jake but there is no easy way to come into this mix, but you were born into it, so it'll likely be easier. We'll all talk about it. He finished his oatmeal and looked at all of us and asked, "Are we OK?" Everyone was silent. I said,

"Yeah Jake, we're good. Go out front and refresh your studies. He smiled, and nodded, as he walked out front. Chloe and Sara came over and hugged me as Henry said.

"There's not much we can do except let everyone know and hope Daniel keeps having his visions, but it's obvious that he's on his way here, and the only person he knows is Alison. I suppose the of you could take an extended trip starting today...."

"Not a chance Henry," they both said. "You don't come here and fuck with our family, period. We deal with Simon anyway we have to, as a family." Chloe and Sara looked at him and said they agreed. Chloe looked at me, and then at Henry.

"You think he is ready to know about this?" Henry was silent for a few moments.

"I wish Ella was here because she has the answers, but she no longer talks with me." All of the girls, including Alison started to cry as I walked out front to talk with Jake. "I think so, and Daniel thinks so, but you should talk with Maggie about it because she seems to know the most. I will say to you four, do you think it's easy being a in your lives?" They were all silent, looking at each other. "Get work! We need open, and leave Jake alone. He has enough process."

The four of them walked out, stunned, and looked at , and Jake, and opened Henry's without saying a word. Jake and I were talking about his tests, and about Em, and her kissing him. He smiled and said,

"I really like her dad. We seemed linked in some odd way....like we know each other." I smiled and said there's a word for that and it applies. It's "gro"

"What does it mean?"

" is and don't worry, we're fine." I know dad. I have all of you watching over ." I kissed is forehead and asked what time he got off. I went into the kitchen and Henry asked how it was out there?

"Jake's fine, but we'll see about the girls? Please make me sausage biscuits."

"If Mags finds out, and she always does, your toast." I smiled because it was obvious I lived on the edge.

"They aren't for and Sam. Bob's rocks are being delivered." Sara walked in, heard that, jumped on my back, and bit on my neck, hard....and sucked. It wasn't long but it hurt. She hopped down, spun around and kissed full mouth.

"You call when they get there. I've already talked with Chloe, and Janes, because I want watch." I nodded. "And don't worry about Chloe, she'll come around. I mean I'm Jake's mom too, like you're his dad. We aren't blood but it's still real, and she knows that love, it's just happening fast for her. You're good at that sort of thing. We are a family first. Janes and I will watch over Alison, and you and Chloe can watch over Jake. Henry can take care of himself." He slapped the spatula down on the grill and said,

"Damn right!"

"It'll be fine love. go say goodbye to them and let Chloe walk you to the truc"

"Who are you?

"I'm Sara, silly, now go, but call when the rocks get there."

I walked out front as Janey and Alison walked up and hugged . "She's fine Daniel."

"Are you sure?" They kissed on my cheeks as Chloe looked at . She wasn't glaring, so that was a good sign. Janey said, "Daniel, this is new for all of us and she didn't want Jake involved, but he kinda his. You and Sara are his mom and dad too, especially to him, but Chloe is his blood. I know it doesn't mean much to us but it's different for her." I was quiet. Thinking.

"It'll be fine but tread lightly, which you do, but attention. I kissed them on the lips as Chloe walked up, smiling.

"Am I interrupting anything?"

"No ma'am. "Would accompany my truc" She put her arm through my arm as we walked outside. I think most of the people that came into Henry's was so they could see what might happen with this clan. I leaned against the door and Chloe leaned into me and kissed me. She was going to say something when I put my finger on her lips and said.

"I'm sorry Love. I should have talked with you first but things because life is moving to quickly and Henry and I reacted. We do think he needs to start understand, but I still over stepped my bounds. I'm sorry sweets."

Chloe put her head on my chest and breathed and then bite me as hard she could, as I grunted, and she wouldn't let go. She kept biting as I took it. She stopped and looked up at me and kissed me.

"Don't you EVER apologize to me for loving us, and being Jake's Dad, even if I disagree. The same applies to Sara. Do you understand me?" I nodded. "Good, mister, we are unusual, but we are a family and none of us has veto power. Understand?" I nodded. "Good. You and Henry are right, Jake needs to start learning that his life is different. I was scared because I didn't know exactly how his life WAS different, but I forgot that I was no longer alone. Are you OK with Sara staying at the shop?"

"No, but it's wise, and she did the right thing, even though it hurt." Chloe started tearing

"Agreed. Do they make a bed that is larger than a king?" I smiled as I kissed her.

'I need to go love. Are we good?" She grabbed my face, kissed me, and nodded. I was getting in the truck when she turned around, smiling.

"Call Sara when the rocks get there."
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Chloe and Sara got up hugging , asking what was going on. They were obviously concerned but I couldn't focus on them. I pushed outward toward the eyes I saw in my mind, and opened myself to feel as much as I could. I had my eyes closed and could feel both them touching and asking what was wrong, but I pushed outward. I knew it was Simon, Philip's brother, but I didn't know if this was visions of , or if this was another premonition of him.

I remembered what Bet said about the map and see if I could sense that. I couldn't remember what Alison wrote down but I knew he was outside of Chicago. I also knew that he was involved in whatever Philip was, and getting increasingly concerned because he couldn't get a hold of him, other than that he was unsure what was going on. I could tell already that he was worse than Philip, and a threat someone. Alison was right about that, and that was when I saw Alison's face.

I yelled PHONE! Chloe lunged for it and I called Alison. It rang times and she answered, barely awake. "Hello?'" I said hi, relieved. "Daniel? What time is it? Is everything OK?"

"Love, I'll explain later but I think Simon is trying get a hold of you." Janey asked if he was here. "No, but I'm fairly certain he's on his way. After we hangup turn your phone off for the rest of the night, and don't answer yours again at night. We'll call Janey?" She said OK but I could tell they were stressed. "Sweets, there is no threat, now, but I didn't want you answering the phone when he called. Try back sleep. We love you. Turn it off." Simon left a message as I was talking with Alison.

Chloe and Sara weren't freaking out but none of us were going back sleep, that was for sure. We went into the kitchen and got some juice and I told them what happened. Sara got up and walked back into the bedroom as Chloe and I watched her. She was visibly upset.

"There's more Daniel. What aren't you telling us?"

"I can't remember what Ali wrote down because I just glanced at it because I was focused on the parking lot, and making sure there was no threat, but I don't think it was Chicago. Unless the city she wrote down is a suburb, then he is on the move. This is the third time I've seen him in days, and it's altered my/our behavior. Some of that can be ascribed an overabundance of caution, but seeing his eyes like I did tells he's a threat, and he's coming here, and Alison is the only person he can get information out of. That is not an ideal scenario."

Chloe was silent, thinking, when Sara came out with a bag and walked Chloe, sat on her lap and kissed her crying. She did the same . "I'm so sorry but I am staying with Janey and Alison until this over. I hate it, but I am. I figure and Janes can handle what either one of you can." She kissed us both again and walked the front door, crying. "Protect our ," and walked out.

Chloe and I looked out at each with tears in and our eyes, and our hearts aching, but we both said "WOW!" Sara was the youngest and often came across as a space cadet, but she was smart as a whip and I wouldn't want fight her. She was right in her assessment, as difficult as it was. I was SO glad Unc and Ellen were coming into town in days, not. My sense was that things would probably converge over the weekend. I looked at the clock and it was 3:30am. Chloe said,

"Go Henry's and open. I'll call them all in a bit and calm their nerves. We all like that Henry is coming in later because he knows you'll be there." She kissed . "We'll deal with it sweets, but it was pretty impressive what Sara took upon herself and did." I nodded, and smiled. "I have a friend on the east coast, like us, that I met in college. I'm going to call her in awhile, check in, and see what she knows. This verbal tradition as both strengths, and weaknesses."

"Ella died, unexpectedly, as did Sara's mom, so we've been a drift but it was never an issue. It's an issue and I'm getting information even if I had to ruffle protocols." I kissed her and went into the bathroom. When I walked out Chloe was watching Jake sleep with tears streaming down her face. I hugged her as she pushed her face into my chest and we closed the door.

We walked back into the bedroom so I could get dressed. "Sweets, I am SO glad you are in our lives....all of us. I don't care if it seems strange to people, including Billy and Ellen, or anyone else. We are a family and that is obvious." I pulled my pants on and hugged her into my stomach as I kissed her head. I was walking away as she grabbed my jeans, pulled me back toward her, and unbuttoned them.

She dropped my pants, and my underwear, as she put my cock into her mouth, grabbed my balls and pulled down. I rubbed Chloe's back, ribs, and the sides of her breasts as she kept pulling my balls down more. I suppose she didn't want me to come, but she was too good at that even though it prolonged the inevitable, which I didn't mind at all. We could both feel me getting ready to come. Chloe started sucking on the head of my dick, and scratching me with her teeth. I resisted as long as I could but she dug her nails into my ass and pushed me onto her mouth as I came....neither of stopped.

Chloe finally let go and started sucking the head, which sent me over the edge and the rest of the semen came into her mouth. She looked up smiling as I dropped onto my knees and kissed her so she could share the last bit of my come with me. I swallowed and kissed her as I staggered back to getting dressing. Jesus Christ I was a lucky man, and I felt sorry for Simon.

"I'll bring Jake in after I talk with Annie about what's going on." I nodded, kissed her, and said thank you, love. She smiled.. "Were you serious about what you said regarding those rings Daniel?" I knelt in front of her and put my head on her belly as I hugged her. "I was. I am. You are my family, Chloe." She ran her finger through my hair, kissed my head, and said,

"Go to work slacker." I got up and kissed her as we walked to the back door. Neither us even thought about it, we just moved like we did with Philip. Sara and Janey were learning that. I opened the door and kissed her again.

"I adore you. You know that right?" She smiled, and nodded."

"Go to work goofball." Chloe locked the door as I acclimated to the darkness and reach out. The more I worked with this the more I was realizing this was akin to Bob's sense of smell, hearing and eyesight, since mine were marginal compared to his, but I doubted he could see a threat 00 miles away. I knew Simon was a threat of some kind. I didn't tell Alison but Sara knew, and Chloe knew, and I knew.... and by the end of the morning everyone would know.
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Bob walked through his hole and started sniffing around. Jake was getting to ready to start the fire when he told Emily not be scared and that he'd be right back. Alison and I were watching them as we sipped a beer. I was actually finishing them but I knew that wouldn't last pretty soon. Jake came running out and handed Em a raw drumstick. She looked at him like he was nuts.

"It's what he eats. Show it to him and then throw it, gently, off to his side. It'll be fine. Bob's cool."

Emily looked at him but took the chicken, showed it to him, which peaked Bob's attention, and threw it about six feet to his side. Bob looked at her, walked over and smelled it, picked it up and walked to his den. Emily screamed and hugged Jake, kissing his cheek as Chloe, Sara, Janey and Christine walked out back. Alison and I waved. Sara grabbed Christine's hand and pulled her onto the grass and sat down watching Bob as she told her all about him and that he was harmless. She was being Sara. "He feels safe here and needs a place he can get away from the dumb coyotes in case they are chasing. Daniel wanted to block it off. Can you imagine that? We are making him a den..... OH!!!!! your got the plants in. They are perfect." No could resist Sara's charm. She had her arm around Christine and smiling. "You really don't need to worry. Bob won't hurt anybody, and he's not a pet, he's just safe here and the are never out here alone." She kissed Christine on the cheek, got up, grabbed me and said, "come on mister....we need to make salad," as she grabbed my beer.

Henry walked in about fifteen minutes later. "You lock the door?" He nodded as Sara punched my arm. "Grab a beer and go enjoy your family," which he did. Alison and Janey were looking through the albums and Janey screamed. "Daniel, show us how to do this again," as she showed me the jacket, Johnny Cash, Live at Folsom Prison. I smiled because I had forgotten my parents had that. They cranked it and ran out on to the grass, followed by Sara. Folsom Prison Blues came on and Chloe screamed. They all started to dance with each. I walked out as Henry turned around and smiled. I sat down next him.

"Ella and I love Johnny. Thanks!." "I told him Janes picked it out. He smiled with a wistful look. "The girls would dance to this, would dance to all our music, when they were you. David never did." I patted him on the shoulder and sat next to Christine. They were all smiling too because the girls were infectious in their unbridled joy.

"Come on and let's get food and come back out. Go ahead Jake, take your guests inside." What do want Henry?"

"A meat and a veggie and some salad with Caesar."

"Enjoy your daughters." I made a plate for Henry and grabbed a slice of pepperoni, onion and anchovy and took a bite as everyone watched. Christine looked me and smiled and said, "What do think?" I told her I liked it and was glad the girls got a large. I grabbed another and a slice of veg and some salad. I knew once Chloe and Sara were finished dancing one of them would grab my plate, and I smiled. It took 3 minutes.

Bob finished his drumstick but was still hungry, we guessed, and went out his hole as Sara and Emily clapped, hugging each other. Christine turned, looked at me and smiled because she got it. She told her to say goodbye to Jake and thank everyone, which she did. She thanked all of us and said it was wonderful evening but she was bringing something Sunday. Chloe said she'd let her know what and hugged her. Sara and I walked in with them. I grabbed a slice of their pizza and handed them the box as Emily beamed. "Cold pizza is the best." They both nodded and hugged us. We walked them to their car and said goodnight. I looked around, and felt. Nothing. I hadn't called Ben about the locks and cameras but it was too late to disturb him.

Jake and the girls were cleaning up as Henry quietly finished his beer. Sara and I sat on either side of him. "You OK pops?"

"I'm good baby. I'm just remembering you as , and Ella as a mom. Good memories, not sad ones. he got up as I spread the coals in the pit and put the lid on. Sara walked inside with Henry as I walked to the back fence and jumped it like it wasn't there and started walking up and back on the path. I figured caution wasn't a dumb thing when you didn't know exactly what was going on. I hoped back over the fence and Chloe was smiling at me.

"You're pretty spry for an old man as she grabbed my balls and kissed me." It was a good night. "Everything OK?" I nodded and said I was just checking. She nodded as we walked inside. I locked and bolted the back doors and closed the blinds. Jake had some of his music on as they cleaned up. Sara smiled said,

"Henry said goodbye and thanks. I like the plants mister. They look great." I told we were getting the rocks tomorrow and she jumped up and down clapping as water flew everywhere. Janey and Ali said to go home they'd finish and they wouldn't open the door for anyone. I had already given them the drill but they understood now. We said goodbye and waited for the locks and the beeps. The motion lights came on as we walked outside. I walked to toward the side gate and that one came on too. Sam would happy like me. Chloe and I walked to the corner and took opposite sides, avoiding light if possible and felt. We turned around. Jake lowered the window in the truck as we walked up.

"Can I drive?" We nodded as Chloe got in with him and got in with Sara. Chloe wanted to see how he did driving the truck, especially at night. We got to the house and still didn't feel a threat but I was looking at cars, and knew Chloe was too because we came from opposite directions. Sara took Jake inside as Chloe and I checked around back and then knocked. Sara opened the door. Chloe and I both said,

"Did you lock the front door?" She got a big smile on her face, nodded and then, hugged us. Jake got a bowl of ice cream and we all said. "30 minutes mister and lights out." I took a shower at the shop so Chloe and Sara took one. I brushed my teeth, turned the bed down and then got into my sweats. I felt great but I was tired and the rest of the week wasn't going to be any easier. Chloe and Sara walked in with towels wrapped around themselves hugging, closed the door and dropped them. They smiled and sat on either side me as we kissed. I kissed and sucked breasts as they kissed each other.

"Sweets, we want to make love with but we're tired. I nodded. They hugged me and Sara picked out jammies for them. I was still unclear on many pairs she had. We got into bed with Chloe and Sara draped next to me. They were asleep before I was but I loved feeling their breaths on my neck. I drifted to sleep but had fitful dreams. I wasn't sure what time it was but sat bolt upright in bed, mostly still asleep with a pair of eyes staring at me.
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Sam and I pulled up and Chloe was sitting out front having some juice, waiting for us. She had opened the overhead door and smiled as we got out. "I was very glad see those things gone. Your spread them around?" We nodded. Any chance any can be looked at?" Sam and I said no at the same time. We sat down.

"How was breakfast Sam?" as she laughed. He smiled and said good. I talked with both Mags and Bet and we all agree that we all need talk about things. Once again sweets, you are a monkey wrench in things." I smiled and took her hand. "We all think it was a premonition of some kind but we don't how exactly how. We think it's because you were guarding Alison and there's a a limited connection her and this brother and you touching into it. It could be nothing more than his brother hasn't heard from Philip and is concerned and you linked into that. However, it could also be that they were involved in whatever Philip was into and if it that's the case then that could a problem, and potentially dangerous. We simply don't know. Alison and Janes are staying here, or Sara's, until further notice."

Sam and I nodded as Chloe handed me her glass. "I need to get bac You good with picking Jake and Emily up?" I nodded. "Sara talked with Christine and she's fine with it, and is calling Claire and letting her know that all of us OK with picking her up." Chloe kissed both of us and said she see us later. Sam started changing out the blade as I grabbed gloves and headed out back dig holes. Divide and conquer. I laid the plants out as best I could based on the diagram, except for the grasses and started digging. I was almost finished when Sam came out bac

"They're dropping off the cement in half an hour so I'm going head over, and they're dropping the rocks tomorrow." I said good, because that would be done. 'I'm going to have lunch with Mags and talk with her because I really think she needs to tell everyone what she knows. I don't even know the full story. She can be a little stubborn."

'They can be a little stubborn Sam. It's part of why we are love with them." He smiled and nodded. Sam caught up speed on what was doing. I had some time before I needed leave pick up Jake and Emily. It wasn't that much so I buckled down figuring I'd finish the planting later. I washed up and made a tomato and sprout sandwich with some cheese, grabbed a beer and a pulled one of the chairs out front into the shade. I had put Zep back on the turntable and was enjoying my lunch when I saw Philip's brothers face again.

I didn't know where he lived but he was still there. I knew that but he was making calls. I suspected he was trying to get a hold of Philip but I knew what I had to do, instinctively. I called Chloe and Sara, told them and asked if one of them could get Jake and Emily if I didn't get back in time. Alison was on her over. I finished lunch and was locking up when she pulled in. She locked her car and climbed in the truc

"You're sweaty Daniel," She said smiling. "Is Simon here?" I told her no but that there was a pad and pen in the console and I needed all the info she knew about him. "I only met him once and Philip never spoke about him, which I thought was strange. I just his name and the city and state." I said that would be fine. "Do we need to worried again Daniel?"

"None of us sure why I'm seeing this, or even if it as anything to with you, but you're the common denominator in it. It could be he's just wondering about his brother, but it seems important for you to grab your stuff now instead of waiting but I didn't want you going alone. Write down your full address and what access code you need to get into the building. I have a friend who's a locksmith and security guy who owes me a favor. I'm going to have him change out your locks and you can change your code when he's done.

I looked around as we drove into the parking lot and felt outward and didn't sense. I kept pushing out but nothing. We walked into her place and I said. "Grab clothes, essentials and things you don't want people finding.... toys, papers, personal info. anything like that."

"What makes you think I like toys Daniel," as hugged me. Ali packed large bags while I cleaned out the fridge into a trash bag. She smiled. "Good thinking. There's a trash shoot on the way to the elevator." I dumped the bag and said lets take the stairs. She was only on the fourth floor. I walked out first and looked around and then motioned for Alison and did the same walking out front. I still didn't sense anything. We threw the bags in the back of the truck and headed to Jake's school. I was watching my rear view but didn't notice anything. I did feel a sense relief wash over me.

"Call Chloe and let them know we're heading to the school." Chloe, Janey and Sara were relieved. We got there about five minutes before the bell rang and Jake and Emily walked out . Emily had met Alison yesterday afternoon. We headed back to the shop. Sam was back as we pulled up. Ali and I grabbed the bags and followed the inside. They went into the kitchen to raid the fridge and cabinets while Sam, Ali, and I chatted.

"I saw Philip's brother again and got the strong sense to pack up stuff for Alison. We need to put the motion lights up tomorrow, unless we have time to do it now."

"Give me 20 minutes to finish up and we can get them up so they can charge." We took the bags to the bedroom. Obviously, make yourself at home but you and Janes need to stay here because I think it's the most secure. I'll call my friend after Sam and I are done. Grab a beer and hang out side when you're done."

'I'll do this later because a cold beer sounds pretty good." I nodded.

'You guys good?"

"Yeah dad, we're good." Emily smiled and nodded.

"Call your mom Emily and let her know you're here." She nodded. Luckily I didn't have too many more plants to deal with and Ali could water them. Since the lights were solar, and facing mostly South and West, it wouldn't be a problem keeping them charged. Once we finally figured out how to read the instructions it didn't to long, orienting them was the challenge since we didn't want animals setting them off and draining the batteries. We had one at the front door and one on the side focused on the gate. There was one more for the back but we could do that tomorrow because we both wanted a beer before either Chloe or Sara showed up. We grabbed beers and told Alison to come out front when she was finished watering.

Alison walked out, kissed us, and sat down. "Thank you both for watching over me. Well, all of you. It's means a lot to me because I have never had that."

"Well you do now sweets." Sam nodded and put his empty down saying he was heading out.

"We can install the other one tomorrow, first thing, because it won't take much to do it since we understand the instructions now. I need to get ready because it's family night. This was the girls last day so we're having dinner out, pizza, and then getting ice cream. See ya' tomorrow."

'Pizza actually sounds pretty good. Say to everyone for us." I called Chloe. I actually call all because it's always on voicemail, or gets related, and mentioned pizza. It was an emphatic yes. Alison and I walked inside. She took the bottles while I locked up.

"Hey guys, how's the studying coming?" They said O "We're getting pizza later and you and mom are welcome stay. Call her and check," she was already dialing.

'Mom, please. PUHLEEZE! We haven't seen Bob yet. It's not an inconvenience. Daniel told us. Here, talk to him." Smart girl.

"Hi Christine. It's not an inconvenience at all. We all like Emily. Jake can get on our nerves sometimes but is his best behavior. Really. We'd love you to stay because it will allow him to impress Em with his fire making skills." He glared at me. "Take your time and finish up. Nothing, just bring yourself. They're getting salad too. The family has gone to the same Italian place since the girls were young. The pizza is great and we get a mix of pies. If you like a certain thing let me know because mix and match. Deal. I've wondered what that tastes like. See you when you get here."

Jake asked if we were going to Gio's, as I slid a pad and pen to them. I nodded. "YEEESSSS!!!!! You will love this Em. Thanks dad."

"You're welcome. Write down what you want so I can call your moms. Neither Alison or I cared that much. Christine liked pepperoni, onions, and anchovies, and I was actually curious, and Emily liked that too, since she grew up with it, but she was also curious about Jake's Hawaiian. I called the girls. "You got a pen ladies. Ali and I don't care but we need a medium Hawaiian and a medium pepperoni, onions, and anchovies unless you're as curious as I am then get a large. Try and him but at least pump him for info about the seafood he grew up with so we can go Frank's.... also get salad. We have dressing. OK loves, see you when we see you."
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Sam and I were eating when Javier called. "We're out front homes,
Chloe said we need to talk." They hugged me. "You figured out what
you're doing with those yet," as he pointed at the pile we unloaded. I

"Want some coffee?" They nodded as I handed them the other sausage
biscuit and a knife. I gave the rest of mine to Sam. Bob walked in and
alarmed them both, which I found both ironic, and funny. Sam and I
said...."that's just Bob. He's family."

Bet smiled and asked what was going on. I told her about the spinning,
and almost passing out, which she wasn't concerned about at all, but
when I told her about Philip's face morphing into someone else and
then asking Alison if Philip had a brother she got quiet and looked at
Javier. "Was it Philip's face?" I nodded. "You saw it clearly?" I
nodded. She was quiet. Thinking.

"Get us his name and where he lives, at least the city," Javier said.
I nodded. Bet was silent for longer than cared for.

"I'll talk about all this with the girls, and when we are together,
but Chloe was right about the dizziness, and almost passing out. It's
also why you feel so good and don't need much sleep. It's the enzyme
in our saliva. You are familiar with Chloe, Sara, and Janes, but not
mine. You're odd Daniel..."

"Everyone keeps saying that to me, Bet. How? I'm not biting people on
their face." Both Javier and Bet smiled.

"He does have a point Bet."

"Your odd because none of can read you like we read people and I was curious."

"So I was an experiment." Bet lowered her eyes, smiled, and nodded.

"More or less, but given Chloe, Sara and Janes I didn't think you'd
mind. It's not like we're vampires Daniel. Our saliva just enhances a
person's innate abilities, and I was curious. We were curious, and I'm
guessing Maggie is as well. Tell me about the face." I told
everything I saw and remembered even though it didn't last very long.

"Did you know it was his brother?" I nodded. "0%?" I nodded.
"Would you recognize him?"
I nodded. Could you find him in on a map?" I shrugged. Try that when
it's late, or early, and see. Push out with that in mind and see what
happens." I nodded. Is he a threat?" I was silent.

"He's a threat, but I'm not sure it's to us. I don't think he as any
clue about us, but he met Alison once and she said he was worse." Bet
and Javier looked at each other. I really like this family because
they didn't fuck around. They protected their own.

"Get me his info from Alison jefe, and get rid of of those drives
today." I nodded. Bet came over and sat on my lap and kissed my cheek
where she bit me. "It's mostly healed. We'll talk and I'll tell y'all
what I know about my family. I'm trying to get Mags to share
information as well. We're good for now but get the info so we can
check him out. Alison is the only link to this guy so it might better
if she doesn't stay at her place for a while and if she can work
remotely, that would be wise too, until we figure out who he is
because Philip was a total prick." Her and Javier got up and hugged
us. "We'll be in touch and pay attention to what happens with you,
love. I'm curious."

Sam and I looked at each as he finished the part of my biscuit. I was
never finishing anything in this family, put it did have some perks.
Sam changed the blade on the table saw and sawed the drives and
laptops into quarters as I broke the zip drives in half, along with
with discs, mixed them all up and separated them into black garbage
bags. I was a little paranoid at this point, and I knew it was
overkill but Sam and I drove to 6 dumpsters to get rid of them just in
case, and good riddance. I'm glad I didn't look.

Sadly, that was irrelevant because it would be a simple cup of coffee,
on a Saturday morning, that would bring Philip's brother to our door,
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It was 4:00 when I got Henry's and started opening and I still felt amazing. I hoped this feeling didn't go away but it might be worth have Bet bite every now then and that is when the room started spin and I dropped on knee. I saw disjointed faces and people I had never met. I saw Philip's face but it morphed into someone else that I knew was his brother. There was no immediate threat but apparently there was still some threat. I stood up had some juice in case it was blood . I put the home fries on the grill, along with bacon and sausage and made biscuits. It was almost 5:20 when Henry walked in saying,

"Those biscuits are done," as I set them on the counter and smiled. He looked at them and nodded as he poured himself some coffee. Can we talk Henry? He nodded as I put another sheet of biscuits in and stirred the potato's. Chloe told me some things about her and Janey, Sara, and Bet. There are way more questions than answers but something happened to me after Bet bit me, and I'm still totally unclear about Maggie. These are your girls. Can you shed some light onto this for me?

Henry was quiet as he got a refill of coffee. I'm not exactly sure about Maggie except that her family is similar. They are slightly different but have the same origins. Ella didn't tell me much that other than it was ancient and it was matrilineal but there are different blood lines that diverged. Ella passed before she was able to share her insights with Chloe and she took over being the oldest . We haven't figured out how Sara fits. I suppose that is why all of you have bonded because while Sara is family, she's not blood related. Chloe has tried talk with Maggie about it but Maggie said it's not time. There a lot more that I don't know .

"You have any idea what the largest living single organism is Daniel." I shook my head no. It's an Aspen grove in Utah. It's symbiotically connected via it's root structure. It's huge but it's all a single organism." I stared at him. "I know, but it's true. I don't know this for a fact but I think these blood lines are like that Aspen grove and they're linked in some way because they seem gravitate each other, and we males that are involved also have some connection."

"Chloe mentioned something about that being why Sara and I connected."

"Maggie seems know the most, I think, but for some reason she isn't saying. I do know that in a family the girls are different than the boys. I'm not sure about Jake because he's an only but it's the case with Chloe, Janey, and David. He's just different from them, not in any inferior sense, just not alike even though they are blood." He walked the stove and took the biscuits out that I had forgotten, and smiled as Janey, Alison, and Jake walked in the back door laughing. We all hugged each other and Henry asked,

"You want some real breakfast Jake?" Jake smiled, looked me and laughed. I rolled my eyes as I walked out front and called Chloe and Sara.

"Morning love," they both said. "You're spoiling us sweets. We think pretty soon you're going to ask us to marry you," as they both laughed.

"Well, there were rings in the bag Bet and Javier dropped off. I'm just sayin." I could barely keep from laughing. There was a prolonged silence and I knew they were staring at each in shoc "Hey goofballs, I'm definitely not opposed the thought but how about we focus on immediate concerns?"

I could feel the growl through the phone. Chloe said, "you are so getting pinched mister, and Sara said....'yeah, in a place you might not enjoy." I laughed.

"This is not urgent but attention as you leave. I feel no threat but I am uneasy about those drives so attention. I'll explain when you get here." Janey and Alison walked up and said they loved hanging with Jake, who smiled.

"Ali, does Philip have a brother?" I was trying keep it present tense. She stared at in shoc

"How did you know that? I only met him once but he was more of a jerk than Philip." I explained what happened and said it was likely nothing but continue attention. They unlocked the front door as Henry brought Jake's breakfast. I grabbed a piece of bacon and smiled..

"I like Emily kiddo but you and I need have a talk, OK?" He nodded as he went back studying.

"Hey dad, can Em come the shop after school so we can study there and she can meet Bob?" I told him it was fine with me if it was OK with her mom and your moms. "Cool." I walked into the kitchen as Chloe and Sara walked in looking worried.

"Henry, can we have 15 minutes?" He looked at the girls and nodded. I motioned out back and we all jumped the fence and walked along the ditch. I told them what I had experienced and Chloe kept looking at me. Sara had no clue what I was talking about.

"Was this a real person, Daniel?" I nodded.

"I asked Alison if Philip has a brother and she was shocked, but he does. She only met him once but said he was a prick too. It was weird. I felt great and then everything started spinning and I thought I was going to pass out. I fell to one knee and that's when Philip's face morphed into a similar, but different face." Chloe was quiet as Sara looked at her.

"Do you have your phone, sweets?" I nodded and handed it to her.

"Mags, I need to talk with you. Can I stop by after I drop Jake off at school? I'm not sure but I want your take. It involves Daniel. O I'll see you then."

"Bet... yeah we do but can you and Javier stop by the shop this morning so Daniel can tell you what happened. I think I know but I want your take on it. No, it's not urgent but it's odd and y'all should now. I'm talking with Mags. OK, thanks." She handed back my phone as we turned around.

"I need talk with Maggie and press her for information, but I think what happened is that you pushed out too far and you weren't use to it. The face is a worry because it started as Philip's. It might be that since you were guarding Ali you connected to her in that regard and if there is threat, or perceived threat, you'll sense it. I don't know but that's my hunch. Like I told you, you are odd to everyone."


"They can't read you. It's disconcerting, not in a bad way, just in an odd way because it rarely happens. I couldn't read into you until we were intimate, but I think that's more involved because of Sara and Jake and we are a family. I'm not sure about Janes but she's still learning, and I have no frickin' clue about Alison other than you protected her. Bet knows her line better than I know mine, and better than Sara, because our mother's are gone. Ella told some stuff but it's a verbal tradition. She might be able share some insight but it's wise keep them in the loop in case you saw a threat before it became a threat. Destroy those drives sweets and get rid of them." I nodded as we hoped the fence.

Chloe and Sara walked out front help Alison and say hi our . "Either of you need do anything." They shook their head. "Can you make 3 sausage biscuits Henry?" He nodded. "Sam said that he's getting worried about you and is thinking of asking if you want switch checkers." He smacked the spatula on the grill and nodded.

"I'm kicking his ass on Saturday," as he smiled into his delusion. Janes whispered in my ear that I was terrible and kissed . I grabbed the biscuits and walked out front say goodbye.

"Jake would like Emily come the shop and study so she can meet Bob. I told him it was fine with me but he needed Em's mom, and you , on board. Sara said she'd call Christine as Alison walked up."

"Should I be worried Daniel? I was just starting breathe normally."

"No, just attention and act like you just left because Philip was a pric Don't go beyond that if someone asks you. We're looking into it but now there is no threat to anyone.. She hugged me and went back to waiting tables with Sara. I kissed Jake and asked when they got off and said I'd pick them up. Chloe walked me to the truc

"This is going be a busy week sweets." She nodded as she hugged . We need see the insurance agent and we have the appointment with the attorney Friday morning, which is Jake's last day of school. Sam and I have to install the motion lights at all the places and plant, and then move the rocks for Bob's den." She smiled and shook her.

"I know. I know, but have tried saying no to Sara?" She kissed me. "Yes I have and it's darn near impossible but Bob will happy, as will the girls. Sam, Jake, and I, and probably Unc need to pour the foundation on Saturday, which is going to be brutal because it's going to be HOT...... and I need to tell him about us, which will be fun. On top of that, I was hoping Sam and I could look at vans because I'd like to let Jake know about the truck on Friday now that he has a girlfriend and all." I smiled as I stepped back but she was too fast and hit me in the chest.

Chloe wrapped her arms around and kissed me. "We'll work it out sweets but it would be nice for him to get the truck this weekend. He's going to be SO happy, and, mister, we all like Em... a lot, and Christine."

I headed to the shop. Sam was already there. I walked in as we was making coffee. You're late."

"Been an odd morning Jefe."

"When isn't with you." I put the bag on the on the counter.

"Chloe is talking with Mags about stuff so we should be safe. Do we have a carbide blade for the table saw.?" He nodded.

"It's not the best. Why?" I told him the drives. He was quiet but nodded. I wanted them gone even though I curious what was on them but I didn't need to borrow trouble.
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Sam and Maggie left to get the girls and Sam looked at me when Mags
hugged Jake. I nodded and smiled. I kissed Maggie and hugged Sam and
said thanks and that we were seeing the attorney Friday morning. Janey
and Alison showed up as we were walking out. I told Sara not to say
anything about the safe until Jake wasn't around . She got serious but
nodded. Chloe smiled and shook her head.

They walked up and hugged Mags and Sam bye, and kissed them, as the
three of us asked where Henry was? They smiled. He's chillin'
because as he said...."I ain't worried no mo'. We all need to plan on
being in early," as they looked at me. We pretty sure he went and got
a nice bottle of 25 year old single malt." We all smiled.

Sara looked at them.... "did you eat?" Janey and Alison nodded. "Want
a beer?" Janey and Alison nodded, and smiled. We walked through, and
out back. Jake SO wanted to be out there but he knew he needed to
study. He was anything but dumb and knew his grades were super
important and that he/we would send out college applications in the
fall. I felt like I had been doing this my entire life, but it was
less than 3 months. I was amazed, but happy.

I added a little more wood and we told Janes and Ali about the
recorders and hard drives and computer....and everything else. We were
talking about inconsequential things when I said... "I'm going to stay
here tonight because I don't like that stuff here alone and I have to
figure out a way to make sure it's actually destroyed." They looked at
me like I had lost my mind....mainly Chloe and Sara.


"This is the first night that Janey and Alison can stay alone and not
worry. Jake needs his room and he needs his moms, besides I feel great
and probably won't sleep much anyway so I can open. I'm meeting Sam
here early so we can plant and get caught up. I'm bringing sausage
biscuits." They all burst laughing and telling me that Mags better not
find out.

Chloe and Sara were tearing and said together.... "but you'll be all alone."

"I've been alone most of my life sweeties. It's only one night. We'll
be fine" They weren't buying any of it. Alison said....

"How about Janes and I stay at Chloe's with Jake and you three stay
here and we figure it out tomorrow.. Sara clapped as Chloe hugged her.
I preferred waking up a pack in the bed even though I didn't remember
anything about last night, but that didn't seem feasible. Chloe and
Sara said deal at the same time, and it was decided. All I know was
that if Jake played his cards right that he would be getting an eyeful
of beauty because Janey and Alison weren't shy. I put sheets and
towels in the wash as they checked the dresser to see what they could

Jake came outside and said his brain was full and he was tired. We
told him what was happening and he nodded. He knew something went on
with Bet and Javier because we wouldn't let him be involved so he knew
something was up....but he was tired. We kissed him, and HATED!!!
being separated. Jake was fine and kissed us goodbye. We waved bye
and both Chloe and Sara started sobbing in my chest as I held them. I
was tearing too because I missed all of them. I had no idea how this
would play out.

We took a shower but it wasn't sexual. We were tired and didn't want
to wait for the laundry. I put everything in the dryer so we'd have
sheets and towels for tomorrow. I grabbed an old wool comforter and
spread on the bed as Chloe and Sara got into jammies that sara had
there.... rocky and bullwinkle, and the really smart with the
talking dog. I got into my fraying sweats and t-shirt, checked
everything, and pushed outward. I just kept moving outward but there
was no threat I could tell..... here....at Henry's, and Chloe's, or
Maggie and Sam's, or with Bet and Javier.

I turned everything off, made sure the alarm was set, and went to bed.
Sara and Chloe were snuggled into each other. I took a photo of them
because it was adorable and got into bed. I put my hand on them and
fell asleep. I awoke at what I thought was 3:00am, and felt great,
but we hadn't moved, and I was guessing Janey and Alison hadn't moved
either, although they did have the red dildo. I was betting they just
slept, like us, because we were tired.

I gently kissed their heads and went into the bathroom to brush my
teeth. I walked out and both Chloe and Sara were standing there with
their eyes barely open. "Whatchya doin'?" I smiled and hugged them
as I led them back to bed. They climbed in with Sara first... Rocky
and Bullwinkle, and then Chloe with the Smart guy/ and the talking
dog. Sara curled up and Chloe started to snuggle her. They were asleep
before I pulled the blanket up. I cleaned the lint trap, turned on the
dryer in the shop, felt outward, and smiled. I set the alarm and
locked up as i drove to Henry's. I got to the corner and waited, out
of habit, but there was nothing.
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Janey walked up first, smiling, and kissed both and Henry on the cheek as she went into the kitchen to make Jake and Emily lunch. Chloe and Sara walked up misty eyed but smiling. "He's so happy." We all nodded. I kissed both of them and said I need to go help Sam. They both put their hands on my chest and smiled. I said goodbye to Jake and Emily and said she was always welcome. They both smiled.

Sam and I cranked out the bulk of what we needed to do and he said he'd come in early if I got sausage biscuits again, and then we could put the plants in the ground because they needed to be planted. I agreed. He got the the wheel barrow, and shovels, from the side yard as I closed the door and and grabbed Sara and Heather's design. I called Sara to verify.

"Hey Love. We adore Em, and her mom. We just met her and they're coming on Sunday. Jake is over the moon happy. You definitely have to talk with him about stuff." I laughed.

'I will. I promise. Sam and I are going to start planting but I wanted to make sure about the orientation since North is on the drawing. What direction do you think North is when you're in the back yard." Silence.

"North, looking at the open space. North." I shook my head smiling. "O Do these plants have arranged exactly." Sara was quiet.

"I suppose not except I wanted the grasses around the rocks for Bob's den. That isn't North?"

"No sweets, it's East. I live in a complicated area because of all the circles."

"Can you wait 20 minutes and I'll bring Jake over and we can talk?"

"Of course, Sam and will have a beer. Take your time." I turned on Stairway Heaven and grabbed brews." He asked what was going on and chuckled but we'd both take it. Maggie walked out and looked at both us. I explained as she smiled. I handed her my beer and grabbed another. She was kissing Sam as I walked up. She sat on his lap and said,"

"Javier called. They are stopping by here a little later. The original thing is down and they took their cut and wanted to drop off the split. They actually went into his place, but they know what they're doing, and it's good Ali and you didn't because he had camera's. He was a nasty piece of wor There were a lot of drives. They're bringing it all and no one looked at any of it, but they didn't want just destroy them so they are are bringing everything here. It sounds like he had other stuff as well. I didn't ask," as she took a swig.

"Quite a piece of wor" She nodded as Sara and Jake walked out.

"Did you lock the door, sweets?" Sara smiled, turned around, came back, and said yessir as she sat on my lap and grabbed my beer. I showed her the design and asked if was based on the outline of the yard, or where she thought North was.

"The yard," and she pointed where North actually was, and said that plants went over there except the grasses where for Bob's den. We needed place the rocks first. Which reminded that I need rent a jack hammer before they were delivered. I was unsure about how we were going get all this done when the phone rang. It was Unc.

"Hey Unc, hold on." I told Sam and Jake to just water the plants and we'd deal with them tomorrow and to hang out. They both gave a thumb's up as did Sara. I walked out front, grabbed my own beer, and sat on the back of the truc

"Sorry, there's a lot going on. What's up?'

"Hey bigboy.... Hey Danny!"

"Hi Ellen."

"Just wanted verify that everything is set. I emailed the arrival time...."

"Oh, you wanted us pick you up? OK" Ellen laughed. "I got it. Don't worry, we'll be there and work it out. We're looking forward it. You actually have places you can stay now. You can stay at Sara's house, or you can stay here at the shop in the studio, but Sam and I are getting busy. You guys don't sleep late, and know it. We'll leave it up you...either is fine and neither is an inconvenience." Sara walked up, grabbed my beer, again, and said.

"Hi Uncle Billy and Ellen." They both said hi and you could hear their smiles. Sara did that. "We'll take you both because they aren't that far apart and you can pick which is most comfortable. Both will be clean. As far as you both are comfortable then we're happy."

"You'll be here through the weekend, right?"

"Yeah. we're going drive see Bill and the in Idaho next Friday and see Utah and then come back and spend some time there with y'all and then fly CA see Ellen's . It's WAY cheaper out of Denver."

"That sounds great Unc and we can talk about the machinery and whatnot, if you're still interested. We need run because we've got folks coming in but we'll be there, don't worry.

"BYE!!!!!! we love you." Sara finished off another of my beers and burped."

"What are you, a bottomless pit?" She kissed again, smiling, and burped on my mouth, and laughed hysterically.

"Nope, mister," as she patted her leg. "Hollow!" We walked toward the back as Bet, Javier, and a truck pulled up. Sara went to get Sam and Maggie as Jake listened to his music. We hugged each other as Bet touched my face where she bit and looked at it.

"You heal fast Daniel" I nodded, because I did. "The five of us will talk soon but it's not strange. How do you feel?" I looked at both of them and said,

"I feel fantastic Bet. I haven't had time see what I can do, but what I have seen is awesome." We are all curious Daniel because you are odd us."

"Maggie said that as well."

"I'll leave it Mags like I'll leave this bit Javier because it'll just piss off." Her and Sara hugged each other and walked the bac. Javier hugged as I waved at his guy in the truc

"Open the overhead, homes. We have stuff drop off. I grabbed them a beer, which they gladly accepted. I told his guys there were snacks in the cabinets and pointed. "This was a nasty prick Daniel. Alison is WAY better off." He opened up the back of the truck and there were half a dozen digital recorders, multiple computers, and DVD's along with a bag of finger drives. I looked at them with my mouth open.

"We didn't look at any of it out of respect but we are all, including Bet, regretting he didn't suffer, but bottom line is that's he gone." I nodded. "My suggestion is to destroy it all and don't even loo He had nothing written down that we could find but he had cameras everywhere. We looked but couldn't find any link outside of his condo, and our guys are good at that."

"He did have a safe but we have a guy who is expert at that. It took a while but was worth it." I just stared at him. He smiled. "I told you homes, don't do what you don't know how to do." Sara, Maggie and Sam walked up with Bet as Javier was handing me canvas bags...one heavy, and one not as much. "You have a safe?" I nodded. "Good, you'll need it."

This is what we got from his cards, and what not. He had checks backed by his condo which we used but that's a crap shoot, and more dangerous, but we'll see how it plays out. It's going into an account and we'll shift into bitcoin if it works. Don't count on in it but the crew is top notch. We took our cut of the cash and the bling we bought....not cheap shit. Your cut is in that bag. Bet knows jewelry so that's usually what we buy because it hold's it's value....at least what she buys. Sara clapped and hugged her."

"This is part of what was is his safe. We left the drives for you but again, my suggestion is to destroy them because you don't want to know. That sort of thing will fuck you up faster than anything else, homes. If he's blackmailing people then just let them wonder and move on." He didn't need to tell me that.

"He had gold, silver and some platinum in his safe, and a few diamonds. We're checking to see what he was involved in but we aren't finding anything. We think it's what's on the drives and he just shifted the cash into something tangible. He probably had bitcoin but we couldn't find it and we're done. We didn't leave a trace and no one saw us." He handed me the bag and smiled. I looked in and looked at both Bet and Javier. They nodded.

"You took your cut?" They nodded. "Jesus." I handed the bag to Sara as Chloe pulled up smiling.

"I've got no idea what he was into but he was good at it. He had some guns and ammo, which we took since you don't like them, but we found these in a closet." Javier pulled a blanket out of the truck and unwrapped it. There were various bows, quivers, and and an amazing amount of arrows. "Bet and I thought you'd appreciate these." I started tearing up as I hugged them together.

We unloaded the drives, computers and everything else as their crew drank beer and ate snacks. It wasn't that much from a 'bulk' perspective, but it was substantial. Chloe and Bet hugged but didn't say a word even though I knew a lot was passed.

Bet said, as they were going and was there anything they could bring Sunday." Chloe and Sara shook their heads and hugged them. We walked inside and locked up. We put the bags on the counter. There was close to $40,000 in cash. There were multiple high end watches and what looked like antique, platinum rings. We all just looked at everyone. I walked into the bedroom and opened the back of the closet so I could open the safe and walked back out. There were gold and silver coins strewn on the counter.

"Shit!" Everyone nodded. "Are you OK if we just put this stuff in the safe and deal with it later?" They looked at me and all said, "Safe?" We put everything in the bags and walked into the bedroom. No one else knew about this but these people were beyond my family. I would kill for them. I almost did. They looked in the closet, and then at me. Chloe and Sara hit me in the chest at the exact same time as Mags smiled.

It had my family's guns and some gold, but mostly silver. It had the deeds to some property....all the stuff you want to keep safe. I put the bags inside, locked it, and closed the panel hiding it, and pulled my clothes bac Sara and Chloe were still looking at . Sam left and brought some beer and we walked out back as Bob walked up. Sara jumped up and down and handed me her beer as she ran into the kitchen. I yelled drumstic

Jake built a fire even though it was still a little warm for one. We did live in high desert and once the sun started set it could get cold. Jake was talking Em and telling her about the fire and Bob.

"Seriously, Em, we have a fox. It's not a pet but it does take chicken out of my mom's hand. I'm serious. You can come over and see...your mom too. No, he's super friendly and chill. He's not a pet but he's family. Yeah, we are kinda odd. Hold on em."

"Yeah dad."

"Do you and Em need to study?" He smiled.


"Hey.... we need to study but you can so come over and see Bob. Deal. See you tomorrow."
Chloe and Sara gang hugged him and said they both like Emily as he smiled. "Are you , mister?" He shook his head no....... "Maybe some ice cream."

It was such a relief not worry about Philip showing up. I was a little concerned about the drives in the shop under a tarp but I put it out of my mind. I decided that I was going stay at the shop until we got rid of them even though I wasn't sure how that was going go over.
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"Hey Ali, what's up?"

"Hey, I just wanted say how relieved I feel....and I interrupted her."

"Alison, it's fine and we're glad you're going be there on Sunday. We'll let you know what you can bring. Let's talk in person because I need help Sam. Swing by when you get off of wor" Silence.

"OK, I'll do that. See you later."

"Sounds good sweets. Sorry cut you off but swing by and we can chat."

I realized that we needed talk but everyone was too accustom to talking on their phones. I called Chloe and filled her in and she agreed. Sam and I busted our butt's for the rest of the morning. We had an appointment with the tax attorney Friday morning before Unc and Ellen were arriving, and it was Jake's last day of school. It was going to be a busy week but at least Philip was gone.

Sam and I were getting ready to stop for lunch when Mags pulled up. I looked at him and he smiled. "Lunch. I'm on Henry restriction." I laughed out loud as I patted his shoulder. Maggie walked up and kissed both of us.

"I made a sandwich for you too. Get us some water. I walked back with bottles and a bag of corn chips. I wasn't going push my lucky with potato chips. Mags handed a sandwich wrapped in wax paper, school, and smiled. It was chicken salad with sprouts.

"Any time you want ditch this moron just let know Mags." Alison drove up and walked over waving. It's was so nice feel the relief in her. There were only chairs out front, which was an obvious over site so she sat on my leg and started eating the other half of my sandwich. Sam and Maggie couldn't have cared less.

"This is great, and I love the sprouts." I had my mouth full but pointed Maggie. "So what was that earlier Daniel. You seemed odd."

"We take phones for granted but we have be careful what we say, especially about that....especially you and Janes." Maggie nodded as she grabbed more chips. "I think it's best that you know as few details as possible, and we don't discuss anything on the phone except family gathering details, and wor... mundane stuff.... especially you because you have a history with him. Do you have stuff at his place?

"Some clothes and hygiene items, nothing important. We stayed at my place mostly because I was never comfortable there. Are they things you can just let go of?" She nodded. "Good. Don't go back there but expect to get a call, or visit at some point. You may not but someone will wonder what's up sooner or later, so be prepared for that. It may never happen. Less is more. You don't know anything except he's an asshole. Leave it at that. You broke up with him. Haven't seen him. Don't know where he is, and don't care because he's an asshole and leave it that. Less is better.

"They won't find anything Alison. I can tell you that because Javier is thorough but Daniel is write. Stay away from his place. Delete his number and get rid of his key. Daniel's also right that don't discuss anything on the phone, especially with Janey because you're comfortable with each other."

Alison was quietly eating and nodding. "Thanks for that, I hadn't even thought about it."

"It's why we didn't want to involve you sweets."

"He's got some nice stuff..." All of us said NO, at the same time, which made her laugh. "Alrighty then."

"It's a suckers bet Alison. Even if he has gold it's still a suckers bet." Maggie was nodding. Ali kissed all of us on the cheeks and headed Henry's see Janes as Chloe called. "Hey love, you're on speaker....Mags made us lunch."

"Yum. I forgot but Jake had a half day. Can you pick him up?"

"Yeah, we're finishing up. Can he work here help Sam so I can plant the gazillion plants Sara bought?" She laughed and said yeah. "No worries babe. I love you."

"Love you too sweets. Thanks"

I told Maggie thanks for the sandwich. I hoped I would have full one some day but I doubted that would happen. I grabbed 2 more waters and headed out. "Enjoy your alone time." I pulled up at the school as the Jake and his friend were walking out. He was carrying her backpack again. They walked up and I hugged him.

"Don't be rude , introduce your friend."

"Sorry dad. Em this is my dad, Daniel. We call everyone by first names in our family, mostly. Dad, this is Emily." I reached out my hand and said it was wonderful to meet her.

"I'm guessing you're as happy as Jake about this being your last week before summer brea She got a HUGE smile and nodded. "Best week and worst week of the school year." They both nodded.

"Dad, Em forgot tell her mom that she had a half day and her mom isn't answering. Can we take her Henry's so she doesn't have wait here. We can study. Sure. Hop in." We were almost at Henry's when Em's mom called her. She told her what was happening.

"Daniel, my mom would like to speak with you. Her name is Christine."

"Hi Christine. I'm, Daniel. You have a wonderful . Not a problem at all. You know Henry's, the restaurant. Yeah, yeah. I'm dropping them off there. They can get lunch and study and it's family so she'll be totally fine. Don't stress about it. They'll be fine and the lunch crowd is starting to thin out."

Jake pulled up to Henry's and we walked in. He opened the door for us, which I was totally impressed by, and put their packs in a booth. Chloe walked out of the kitchen carrying a tray and I thought she was going to drop it. I walked up smiling and took the tray. "Her name is Emily."

I dropped off the meals and was going to start refilling water drinks when Sara came out carrying a tray, and she almost dropped it. I grabbed the tray and said her name is Emily. Janey walked out, looked at Jake and then at me as she walked up, and I said here name is Emily. I dropped off the meals and called Sam to tell him what was going on. He laughed. Henry walked out and put his arm on my shoulder and I said her name is Emily. We smiled as Jake introduced everyone.

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