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part 104
Posted:Jun 14, 2021 11:44 am
Last Updated:Jul 6, 2022 9:40 am

We watched Mags drive away as we finished our breakfast when Chloe
called, on speaker with Sara and Janey. "Spill it mister."

"Aren't you suppose be working?"

"Spill Daniel. Now!" I laughed as Sam shook his head and walked
away. " is this girl?"

"I don't know. I told you what I saw and had turned around by the time
he looked. He likes her, for sure, and they know each other." I could
feel all three tense. "Breathe ladies. Her energy is nice, and Jake
likes her, that was obvious since she handed him her backpack and he
took ."

"She's Asian but they are friends even if they may like each other.
was sweet but I'm going have talk with him. was silence,
which rarely happened with these three." Chloe said,

I've already talked with him about sex Daniel."

"Thank god since he's almost 17, but that's not why I want talk
with him sweets." Silence.

"Why do you want talk with him?" Sara and Janey both said "yeah?"

"I want him know he can talk with me, but I also want him know
how treat, and respect, a girl so he'll know how treat, and
respect, a woman. Silence. Silence. Silence. "Jake is a great ,
and I'm guessing he knows that but social media is weird. I want him
know he can talk with me because it might be easier than talking
with you lot." Silence

"Janes got on. Chloe and Sara are out back bawling their eyes out.
I'm pretty wet myself, but not like that. Well, a little like
that. They'll you later mister. Thank you for Alison. She adores
you, but not in that way....well, yeah. She has never had a in
her life do what you did."

"Janes, I didn't do anything. I......"

"Daniel, we all know what you did. The reason you didn't kill him
was because Chloe and Javier intervened. Her stop you, and because
he knows how to do . You were still going do . You don't know
what that means me," and that is when Alison called. I told Janey
and hung up.
part 103
Posted:Jun 14, 2021 11:38 am
Last Updated:Jun 14, 2021 1:19 pm

I walked Jake into school, hugged and kissed him, when a very cute
young lady walked up to him and handed him her backpack, which he
slung over his shoulder. I could feel him looking at me but I had
turned toward the office. I was so telling Chloe and Sara. I walked
in to make sure things were OK with, and they were. I drove to the
shop and called Chloe about Jake.

I pulled up as Sam and Maggie drove up. She was worried about me but
smiled when she saw me. "You don't seem any the worse for wear,

"I bounce Mags."

"Apparently, because you don't know Bet is. Did Chloe fill you in?"

"As much as she could, but she was unclear, as I handed then the
sausage biscuits as Sam went get coffee. I grok , mostly, but I'm
OK with being unclear. I am just glad Philip is gone."

"Philip is why she bit you, Daniel." You are odd them, and me
as well. What Bet did, by biting you...especially on the face... is
rare. usually aren't many reasons for that, especially since
Bet and Javier are bonded. 's odd all of us. How are things?"

"We are relieved Mags. Janes and Ali are going one of their
place's, which is kinda sad because I woke up a pack sleeping in
our bed this morning." She gently touched my cheek and smiled.
"Aside from that 's OK. I want know how fit into this Maggie."
Sam stopped chewing, as did she, and they both looked at me.

"It's not time Daniel. It may never be time, but if it is then I will
tell you. You have my word. Thanks for the biscuit," as she kissed me
and walked to their car. Sam and I watched her walk away and waved. I
looked at him.

"Are we insane Sam?"

"He nodded, and sat back down to finish his biscuit.
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part 102
Posted:Jun 14, 2021 11:32 am
Last Updated:Jul 6, 2022 9:40 am

I took Jake his breakfast as Chloe unlocked the door so the early
morning regulars could take their places. Henry walked out, poured
himself some coffee, and sat down at Jake's booth. "He make that?"
Jake nodded. "'s too runny." Jake nodded. Chloe walked up and
smacked both them as she laughed. "Show your paper ." Jake slid
across the table.

Sara, Janey, and Alison walked in the back door as I walked into the
kitchen. Janes was putting on her apron as she walked up and kissed
me. "We were wondering if you'd wake up. Bet doesn't bite people, but
none of us try to kill someone in broad daylight either. How do you
feel." I bent down, grabbed her armpits and lifted her.

"I feel OK Janes." I put her down and she stared at me, and then
Chloe was watching from the door, and then Sara and Alison. "Get
work. I walked and sat next Jake as Henry finished reading his
paper. Chloe and Sara pushed us all over and sat down.

"I'll show your dad how make proper oatmeal, Jake." He laughed and
nodded. "As far as this goes, doesn't matter grade you get because
's amazing. Jake looked at Henry and said, "I didn't know anything
about that until yesterday when Sara and Daniel told me. I'm pretty

Henry reached out his hand, which Jake took, and kissed . You are
very blessed Jake, but 's still not going be easy, finish
studying." We all got up. was starting get busy. I walked into
the kitchen and asked Janes what she needed.

"Chop fruit and chop veg. Alison needs to go to work." She walked up
to me, looked me in eyes, and exhaled into my mouth as she kissed me.
She hugged me, and whispered thank you. She kissed Janey and went out
front to say goodbye to everyone. "We won't need to stay at the
shop. Beside, you need sheets and towels, but we did replace the wool
mattress. I tickled her ribs, and nibbled her neck as she shrieked.

"We can stay at my place, or Ali's, but we reserve the right for a
pack night. Deal" Chloe and Sara walked in and said deal at the
time. I got sausage biscuits go, and another cup of coffee and Jake
drove us school in the truck he didn't was his
part 101
Posted:Jun 14, 2021 11:24 am
Last Updated:Jul 6, 2022 9:40 am

I felt fantastic. I'm not sure if was passing out and sleeping like a
rock, or that Philip was no more and that stress was gone, but I felt
amazing. I was turning the home fries when I knew Chloe and Jake had
pulled up. I turned and waited and they walked in as I looked at them. Chloe
smiled and Jake came up hug me. I kissed his head and asked if he
wanted something eat.

"Oatmeal and toast, please. I need to study." I nodded. He was
walking out front..

"Jake, good job on your history paper ." He smiled and walked out.
Chloe came up and hugged me, touching my heart saying was pretty
amazing for a 17 year old. I nodded and kissed her as I put water on

"What happened last night?"

"Bet. She bit you. It's a little involved Daniel but we'll talk about
it. Bet is alpha in her pack, with Javier, like you and me. We are
more complicated because of Sara, and Janey. Alison is an interesting
twist. We are trying figure our way through because Sara met you first,
and you bonded with her, but you also bonded with me and Jake, and
Janey and Alison. It's why our bed was so full. It's complicated. I
know you have a ton of questions, and have had, because I have felt them."

"Philip showed all of us our roles. Bet biting you was unplanned,
especially on your cheek. Me, Sara and Janes have bitten you because
we are connected....linked in a sense. We are a pack. Maggie and Sam
are a part of that pack as well. We are family. We are linked, if that
makes sense. Javier and Bet are family but they are their own pack. We
aren't linked with them, until Bet bit you."

"The Alpha female is the one can link a pack with another
pack. None of us are sure why she chose do that but that is why you
passed out. We have an enzyme in our saliva that is similar, yet
different. You know ours. Bet's is different."

"I felt Bet and Javier earlier....not really them, but around them,
like I was able watch over and see if everything was OK."

"We all develop with our packs. Sara and Janey are learning but you have that
instinct naturally. We didn't hesitate when Philip showed yesterday,
and we didn't need communicate because we're linked."

"I need talk with Bet and Javier because this doesn't happen often.
Packs engage but it's like circles whose lines don't merge. Bet merged
our lines and none of us are sure why. It's nothing bad, but it rarely
happens." I was quiet as i finished making Jake's oatmeal and put the toast in.

"So, are you werewolves, or some hybrid? Actually, you're close. Our
line is ancient. It's what those stories were based upon. We aren't
that but we mark, and we don't mind blood, and we are more animal than
human at times, but we aren't vampires, or werewolves. We are different
though, as you are finding out."

"The reason is tension between me and Sara is because she marked
you first, but I'm the Alpha female. Jake in the mix is a twist. We
are OK with sharing right now. The way things work with us is that if
a woman has a boy then she will never have a girl after that, and
girls have the enzyme in their saliva. We have more girls than boys.
Again, it's involved but are groups of us interact, and are
drawn, inexplicably, each other.... like you were Sara. How
Alison fits in is still a mystery.

"That's why you said you couldn't pregnant?" Chloe nodded I didn't
ask my next question.

"You feel the way you do because of Bet's enzymes. I have no idea how
far it'll go. You had these tendencies already, and you have been
bitten by each of us, a lot. How that merges in you system..... well,
we are kinda curious about."

"What about Mags and Sam?"

"You and Sam are brothers, which you know. Maggie is different. I
don't know everything yet because my mom died before she said, and
Maggie won't tell me. I think she is waiting for something, but I have
no idea what. Her and my mom were like sisters. Sara's mom was the
, but they were different from us, I think. I'm not clear on
because Sara is like me and Janes, but we aren't blood related, so
's confusing. The long answer a short question is that I have way
more questions than answers.
part 100
Posted:Jun 14, 2021 11:23 am
Last Updated:Jul 6, 2022 9:40 am

I woke but didn't move, except for my eyes and nostrils. I could hear
deep breathing as I looked around. Sara got her wish about sleeping
like a pack. was dark and I was on the end. I had no idea how I got
, or what happened, but I knew Philip was out of lives which made
me wonder why Janey and Alison were here. I figured was residual

I looked over and Janey and Alison were totally draped over Sara. I
started getting hard even though I wasn't thinking, Jesus Christ!
Chloe was lying by my side, with her hand on my chest, and breathing
gently. I put her hand on her chest and gently rolled out of bed. I
had no idea what time it was but I felt great. I also didn't have a
clue what happened.

I got out the shower and was brushing my teeth when Chloe walked in,
smiled, sat on the toilet, farted, and peed. I said good morning with
a full mouth of toothpaste. She smiled, and nodded. She was so tired.

"Sweetie, go back to bed and hug someone." She looked up me and nodded
but her eyes were closed. I walked her in the bedroom as Jake came out
to pee, bleary eyed,. and waved. I put Chloe back into bed, kissed
all of them, and got dressed. I felt amazing. I could her each othe
them breathing and knew the rhythm, and sound of each. I knew their
scents, but I knew that already. I knew Jake was asleep again and
would wake until one of his mom's woke him up. I looked at my phone
and it was 2:30. I kissed Chloe on the lips and she touched my cheek
as she rolled over. I pulled the blanket over them and walked out to
the kitchen. I felt into the night but it wouldn't stop.

I could feel lots of things but none it had to with us. Some had to do
with Javier and Bet, but peripherally. I walked into the kitchen
and had some juice and Jake's paper was on the table. I started
reading it, and was almost finished, when Chloe walked out with her
robe half open, and sat down next to me.

"Whatchya doin'?" I kissed her and said go back to bed, but read this
when you get love. She nodded as she walked to the bedroom, taking off
her robe. She dropped it in front of the door. I locked up, and
checked, but I didn't need to. I sat in the truck and just felt, and
then I pushed outward, and then I pushed outward, and then I pushed
outward and still I felt, eve though I didn't know I was feeling.
I started the truck thinking that might be a problem. I got Hnery's
but was 3:30am. Henry walked in, looked around and at me, and
then walked out go back sleep because everything was done.
Take me part 99
Posted:Jun 12, 2021 10:12 pm
Last Updated:Jul 6, 2022 9:40 am

I sobbed into the ground for reasons known only to me and stood. Henry
knew, but he went back to grilling in silence, for which i was
grateful. Javier and Bet walked up. Bet spoke.

Our family will be at Chloe's on Sunday,..... thanks for that. She
kissed me as gently as any woman ever could and said, "you're family
Daniel." She smiled, and bit my cheek. Javier didn't move . Chloe and
Sara didn't move. I wasn't going to so I took it. She kissed me, open
mouth, and said.

"See y'all on Sunday." Javier, Bet and their crew walked out front.
Chloe and Sara left. I was standing there with a bit mark on my cheek,
which fucking hurt. I thought I was losing my mind when Maggie walked
up and looked at it, took my hand and led me the bathroom.

"You know our families are nuts, right?" She smiled and nodded. She
dabbed hydrogen peroxide on the bite and said it wasn't bad. Bet
wouldn't do that. "Great, tell that to my face." I walked out back
and no one noticed. I felt like I was losing my mind when I dropped
and hit the grass, thank God. The last thing I remember were echo's of
words I couldn't understand, and then nothing.
take me 98
Posted:Jun 12, 2021 10:11 pm
Last Updated:Jul 6, 2022 9:40 am

Chloe and Sara walked up and hugged me as Javier, Bet and part of his
crew rode up. I guessed these were the guys that helped keep me from
killing Philip. Bet looked directly at me, and I admit I was a little
scared, and flat out kissed in front of Javier, Chloe, and Sara, and
didn't care. She kissed Chloe and Sara, who kissed her about as
robustly as Bet kissed me. Sara and Bet walked into the back talking
and laughing since they were best friends. The crew followed, and why
wouldn't they.

Javier hugged Sam and thumped in the chest. He kissed Chloe, grabbed
my hand, pulled it into to him and whispered, "You leave that shit to
us, understood homes?" I nodded as I kissed his cheek. "Good, bro."

"We good Javier?" He nodded. "Let us know what it costs."

"Flushing shit don't cost sister, next time it might." He wrapped his
arms around us and we walked into the kitchen as Sam closed the
overhead door. Javier said hi to Jake and then went outside with Sara
and Sam.

"Dad, being black sucks." Chloe and I looked at other with tears
welling in our eyes. He was researching his paper. We hugged him,
because what else could do.

"Yeah, kiddo, it does. It sucks being anything other than white, and
it sucks being white if you are a woman, gay, or poor. It does ."

"Why? Why don't you and mom care? You're white" I sat down as Chloe
hugged Jake and Sara walked up.

"Well, I'm guessing the Sara doesn't care because she has known your
family since she was born, and she has known you since you came out.
You're family, and color is irrelevant. As far as i am concerned, I
don't care, because I don't care. It's dumb and you mom explained it
way better than I can."

"Can I use your credit card?" We all looked at each other.

"Well, I suppose that depends on what you want, "

"Books," as he showed us his cart on Amazon. He had a book on
Reconstruction. One on MLK and the Civil Rights March, and one on Kent
State. Chloe lost it, kissed him, and hurried outside. Sara and I
looked at each other. I handed him the Discover card because I might
as well earn .

"Save it Jake and use for any books you want, any non-fiction books
you want, and get Prime. Anything else talk one of us." He nodded.
"Come out back when you're done." We kissed him and I made it four
steps outside before I fell on my knees and started sobbing. Chloe
rushed up and her and Sara hugged me. Janey and Alison had their hands
on me. Javier, Bet, and their crew had their eyes lowered because they
understood some things you can't keep inside. I stopped and Lynrd
Skynrd's Simple Man, the original, started playing.
Take me part 97
Posted:Jun 12, 2021 12:23 pm
Last Updated:Jul 6, 2022 9:40 am

Chloe and I walked into the shop marveling about Sara as Janey and Alison walked toward us. Janey knew the threat Philip could pose and was on alert like the rest of us. None of us were sure about Philip, which was odd for this group. was certainly odd for me, which is why I was concerned. He was a threat me because I couldn't grok his intention, but I knew that wasn't just for him talk Alison.

We waved as they walked up smiling enjoy the beginning of summer with our family and Philip pulled up behind them. Chloe and I bolted. We didn't speak because we didn't need speak. She got Janes and Ali, took them inside, and yelled. I made Philip as he was getting out of the car and kicked the door as hard I could. He screamed as I grabbed him and threw him on the asphalt. He actually slid because that was how angry I was.

I felt, rather than heard, a rumble because I was focused on Philip. I was going kill him and didn't care. was done. Chloe jumped on my back and bit me so hard on my neck that I dropped my knees but she wouldn't let go. I could see people drag Philip away and then Javier in front of me as Chloe let go, and got off.

"Jefe. Jefe!" I finally heard the snapping. "Don't do what you don't know how do homes." He smiled and kissed my cheek. "We'll be back for food later. Thanks for the assist but we'll take care of ." I grunted and stood up as Chloe hugged me.

"Come on mister, I bit you too hard but you wouldn't listen. I need to take of that. Sam, Maggie and Sara were guarding the door. The rest were in back with Bob. Sara looked at me, and then at Chloe. "He wouldn't stop Sara. Come help me."

I shook my head as Sara and Chloe were fixing the wound. The hydrogen peroxide helped clear my mind somewhat. Maggie walked in to on me.

"Doesn't he need stitches Chloe?"

"No, as she put damp herbs on the bite and a bandage. I'll teach you how close wounds but we don't go the ER unless 's terrible This isn't terrible." I shook my head and stood up as Henry walked in smiling.

"Thanks for the backup Henry. 's grilling?"

" do you think ? I didn't need do your job Daniel, nor did Jake. 's why we hung out with Bob and the girls. None of them needed be involved in any of that. Is done?"

" would have been but your bit me, hard." Chloe looked at him.

"It's done."

"Welcome the family Daniel. Come and get something eat." Maggie kissed my cheek and went out back. Sara and Chloe kissed me in silence and went out back too as Janey and Alison walked up. They both kissed me and started pulling records. I walked to the shop. Sam was watching. I put my arm around him and asked,

"Everything OK?" He nodded.

"I thought you were going to kill him."

"I was Sam." Silence

"We need to go to the insurance agent tomorrow." I laughed as we heard, and felt, the rumble of Harley's.
Take me part 96
Posted:Jun 12, 2021 11:25 am
Last Updated:Jul 6, 2022 9:40 am

Sara hugged Jake, hard, and I knew she was crying. I didn't move and
let them be. Sara was every bit a mom him as Chloe. 's what was
why 'us' so amazing, The lines were blurred but what was was
pure. They kept walking. Jake had his arm around he and Sara had her
head on his shoulder. I followed.

" is very little difference Jake. Do you have a pocket knife?"

"Yeah, Daniel gave me his old one when I started working at the shop, why?"

"Give it me please." I walked up because I knew what she was
doing. She opened the knife, which I knew was sharp so whispered that
into her ear as she nodded. "Open your hand ." He did and she
flicked hard enough draw blood. She did the with her palm
and then with mine. She wiped the blood off the knife on her hand,
closed it, and handed it back Jake.

"What do you see ?"


"What color is it?" I, at this point was in awe of Sara. I knew her
and how smart she was. It's why I know was with her but damn."


"What color is my blood, and Daniel's?"


" are 4 blood types Jake. In a world of 7 billion people
are 4 base types of blood, but they are all red. I have no idea how
many different colors of skin are. You are advantaged by being
are, where you and, and with whom you were born . You are
blessed by the people around you but the color of your skin will
likely be a problem at some point. You are young and this country is
learning, but you will still be judged by 's color. We don't care,
at all, but a lot of people do. 's dumb because we all bleed red,
but 's a fact." We were quiet for a while as we walked back the

"Any of us would die for you Jake, and kill keep you safe, but we
can't protect you from the color of your skin. We just can't. We can
love you though, and we can teach you, and we can be for you.
Things aren't great Jake, but they are moving toward better. You'll
need to research in order get a good grade because you'll have
write more than what you think and feel, but you wear history
everyday , you just don't know it yet, nor should you, but you
must. Go help gramps, and then study."

Holy crap! Tears were streaming down my face as I hugged Jake and he
went back inside. Sara kissed me and ran to see if Bob was here. Chloe
walked up to me, concerned.

"Are you OK love?" I told her what I had just experienced and she
hugged me as I wept into her and that is when everything converged.
part 95
Posted:Jun 12, 2021 11:24 am
Last Updated:Jul 6, 2022 9:40 am

Broken record, I know. I HATE that my words are mangled and amazed you get any enjoyment from them.
Take me part 94
Posted:Jun 12, 2021 12:31 am
Last Updated:Jul 6, 2022 9:40 am

"Let's take a walk." Sara asked if she could come, and there's no one
who can say no Sara.

"I'm good at math. I'm not good at real stuff." Sara and I both looked
at each other, as she said

"What does that mean?"

I'm terrible at history, and writing. I'm good at math and science. I
don;t get history" Sara glared at me, and I stepped back.

"Really? What is your final on ?"

"I can pick what I want to write about. We have to give our thoughts
on a something important in this county. I am better with numbers.
History is abstract, and not convoluted." Sara growled, and I stood
back, watching.

"Is it?" She was pissed and everyone knew it, even though alone.

"Look at your hands?" She was pissed, but not at Jake. "LOOK, at
them. Now look at Daniel's, and look at mine?" She was hardcore on
this. "What's different Jake? We were quiet for a while, thinking,
when Sara said,

"Write what you feel Jake, and let them deal with it, but be honest.
We don't care what you think. Do you need to write it tonight?" Jake
was silent, looking at Sara.


"Do you understand what I said?"


"Write what you feel about that. Write what you think about that. Look
at your hands , and then look at Daniel's, and Sam's, and mine, and
write what you feel, or what you think.


"Yeah, baby."

"There's not that much difference, and why does it matter?
Take me part 93
Posted:Jun 11, 2021 6:43 pm
Last Updated:Jun 23, 2021 12:15 pm

I dropped Jake off and told Sam I needed to make a as i walked
toward the ditch that Sara, Chloe, and I had jumped. I wanted this
ended, but that wasn't why I was calling. I wanted the entire family
together on Sunday.

"Hola, Daniel. We're working on it Jefe. It takes planning."

"Hey Javier, I appreciate that, but it's not why I called. My Aunt and
Uncle are in town and we'd like you and Bet there because it's a
family dinner and you are the people in Maggie's family that I
kinda know. There was silence.

"You want us to meet your family."

"Yeah, you're our family. Stop being dumb Javier!" Silence.

"We have a large family Daniel."

"Javier, I just need to know how many adults and since I think
it's a cookout. Have Bet Sara, because sure they are best
friends by now. Family is family, Jefe!"

"We'll let you know Daniel and I'll keep you updated on that."

"We are changing tack on it. Everyone is staying at Chloe's until this
is done. There is angst, which I think is justified, that we shouldn't
be separated. No place is secure and he already knows Chloe's .
Focus there tonight. If you want a burger, or dog, then stop by
around 7:00pm the shop, earlier if you want to around. You're
crew is welcome as well. It's industrial, which is why I like it
here." I walked back to the shop and texted Chloe to bring more meat,
and , and why, as I went inside to finally work with Sam and

Jake was inside studying as Sam and I were going through wood to prep
for the week. We had another hour to go when Henry drove up, actually
drove up, and walked in. Our mouths could have caught flies because
they were open so wide.

"Someone told me that we're having a cookout." Sam and I still stood
with our mouths open because it was like seeing a dragon, or a
unicorn. "Jake inside?" We nodded and looked at each other shaking
our heads as we finished the wood.

It was almost summer....well, it was summer. Maggie and the girls were
out back with Jake. Bob hadn't shown yet. Sam took a shower and walked
out as I was putting the beer in a tub..

"Take a shower..you smell."

"It was occupied Sam, and now I have cold water, thanks. Go help
Henry." I was VERY sweaty and went into the bathroom. I was halfway
into the shower when the door opened and Sara walked in smiling.

"I don't think so mister. I get to wash that sweat away," as she
started to undress. I didn't move, because not . She pushed
into the shower and jumped on while kissing like she hadn't
seen in 20 years as the water beat down. Sara looked at , as she
reached in between her legs, grabbing my cock and putting it into her,
and nodded. I let go, briefly, and she dropped onto as she gasped.

Sara wrapped her legs around my hips, and pulled. Hard. She moved
liked I moved. I was trying to maintain when Sara tapped my forehead.
I opened my eyes and looked her. Her eyes were as glazy as mine but
she bit my neck in a way that Chloe would be pissed, as she rode my
cock as hard, and as deep, as she could. I held as long as I
could and shuddered when I came, holding Sara.

"You came inside me mister! I kinda like that," as she kissed me.
"Please do it later." We washed each other, brushed our teeth
laughing at.... things... and got dressed. We came laughing and
Jake was walking by looking worried.

"What Jake," we both said?

" worried about History." I kissed Sara, and marveled that he
didn't even blink that we came out of the bathroom together. I asked
Sara if she could orchestrate. It was like telling a duck there was
water it could play in.

Jake and I walked toward the fence.
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Take me part 92
Posted:Jun 11, 2021 6:41 pm
Last Updated:Jul 6, 2022 9:40 am

"Billy and Ellen are coming here? Why didn't you tell , and why?"

"I wasn't sure but Unc texted the info a couple of hours ago.
calling them later. Why is because I called him a few weeks ago and
asked if he still wanted to dad's machinery and tools. Did you know
he had retired?" Beth just stared .

"Yeah, Daniel, it's been years since he retired. You're going to
your dad's stuff? Why? You don't need the unless
you've been lying to ." Bethany and I are as close as you can get. She
knows more about my life than I know about hers because she's my
accountant, but when push comes to shove we'll both get in each
other's faces if necessary.

"It's time Beth. never going to do what dad did, and it's a waste
to have the stuffed stored away when my family can use it. I should
have done it a long time but I wasn't ready. still not sure I
can let go of it all because everything has a memory attached to
it. It's why I have the shop and some storage units filled with
stuff." Bethany came over, sat on my lap and kissed me.

"Daniel, your brothers didn't want any of this. You're the one who
chose wisely and they are pissed at that, but it's on them. As far
your Dad's stuff goes, memories take time but happy that you are
starting to let it go." She kissed again and looked .

"You smell like tuna Beth." She pulled her head back and then punched
me in the chest, got up and went back to her chair laughing.

"First of all asshole, I like both Chloe and Sara. Second, are you
telling Billy and Ellen?"

"Yeah, I don't have a choice. We are an unorthodox bunch, but
we love each other, and we adore Jake. We're a family, just an unusual
one. We aren't ashamed by it. If we didn't tell them then we would
have to pretend to be something other than who we are and we can't do
that, literally.
I wouldn't do that to any of them. not looking forward to it but
also not
years old."

" not sure of the exact details yet but I think we are having a
family gathering at Sam and Maggie's so everyone can mingle, and
hangout. You, of course, are invited. I'll let you know but I need to
talk about a couple of other things. Do have a few minutes"

"Sure." I asked about factoring in a raise for Sam when she was
figuring out the numbers, and also about Jake and how to handle that
since I had just been paying him in , and she said that she would
deal with it and stop by later in the week, but that we needed to talk
with Charles,
the tax attorney. "Anything else?" I nodded.

"We're going to work a way for this to work Sam and Maggie, and
that means we are going to have more work, and more deliveries. I
wanted your thoughts on leasing a Sprinter type van for the business.
We're going to need the added space, and it's enclosed. Jake is
almost and needs a car. I was thinking of giving him the Prius but
I'd feel better if he had the truck but I didn't want to say anything
until I ran it by you. What do you think?"

"Beth was quiet for a bit, thinking, and said, "Well, it makes sense
given what you are creating. You don't 'need' it right now but we've
depreciated the truck already so it's just fuel and mileage. Leasing
something would be a good thing for the business since you need it
anyway. I'd say that it makes sense." I smiled because I knew she
would say that. Beth and I never made love during all the time we
knew each but we love each other as deeply as anyone can.

" not surprised but thanks for the OK." We got up and walked .
Bethany stopped and looked . I put my hands on the sides of her
and kissed her. "You know I love you, right?" She smiled and nodded.

"I know goofball, now go back to work.... and let know about
Sunday." I waved as I walked out. I was still on alert with Philip
since I hadn't heard from Javier. We were heading into family
gatherings, and meals, and parties, and I didn't want this prick
screwing that up. I also didn't want Janey and Alison to feel like
prisoners, which they did now.

I headed to get Jake and called Chloe.

"How did it go?" I laughed.

"Fine. She gave me shit, but who doesn't. She likes you and Sara,
although she's very curious to see what happens with Bill and Ellen."

" kinda curious about that myself sweets."

"It'll be fine, and if it's not then oh well. headed to the
but need to stop for chicken because Bob is . Do we need anything?
Since Sam, Jake and I are going to be late, at least and Sam, I
thought maybe grilling burgers and the shop."

"Hold on love." The mumbles went on for a while until Chloe said.

"Agreed! Talked with Sam, and he called Maggie, so count them in.
David and Isabella can't but will be there Sunday. It's Monday so
we're closing early according to Henry. He already put the sign up,
which is fucking awesome. We'll have to eat Euro style but it'll give
you and Sam a chance to catch up and Jake time to study. Have I told you
how much we love you?"

"A time or two babe, you got 5 more minutes?"

"Of course sweets, what's up?"

"You, me and Sara need to talk about Jake and a car. He's almost .
I was thinking about giving him the Prius but I would feel safer if he
was in the truck. If I need it then it's not like he couldn't use another car.
We seem to share things in this family," Chloe laughed out loud.
"Think about it and we can talk. We need to go to the insurance agent anyway,"

"I'd be happier with the truck but what are you going to do for the business?"

"I talked with Beth about leasing a van because if things
work like I think they will then we'll need it. Once Bill and Ellen
head home Jake can drive the Prius until we find something." Chloe said,

"The three of us can talk tonight, love, because it's a great idea
since summer is almost here and he should be able to have fun.
We can find him a car to use. Can you imagine how happy he'll be when
he finds out. Get ice cream. I have to go but I love you."

I headed to Frank's, the butcher, for ground beef, and to let
him know Unc and Ellen would be arriving Friday. He was so happy, like
Bethany. We use to go the corner butcher but lost that tradition
along the way, to our detriment, because the meat is just better...at
least it is Frank's. I told him we were doing something on Sunday and
his family was invited. I figured chicken and burgers but I told him
I'd leave it to him and Henry.

I got to Jake's , after going to the store, about minutes
before got . I was walking in with my forms when Sara

"Are you avoiding , mister?"

"Why would I do that? You know where I live?" She was quiet for a long time.



"What's up, sweets. Talk to me babe."

"I know I wanted to stay with Janes and Ali, but I don't....I mean I
do but I don't think any of us do right now. I'd rather sleep like a
pack than be separated from you and Chloe. I can't explain it daniel,
but it doesn't feel right. I think we are safer together than we are
divided. I have to go love, when you get Jake I want to hear
his voice."

I dropped off the forms and waited for Jake in the passenger seat of
the truck he didn't know was his. I saw him walking toward the truck,
smiling, and got , hugging him as I took his backpack.

"How was your ?"

"Awesome dad!" The last week of was always the best, and
worst. There were final tests, but a relief that everyone felt, and
reveled in. Jake was reveling. "I made an A+ in math....98.

"What's 2+2?" He shook his head. "That's amazing Jake and you keep
that up next year and you'll be able to go any college you want." He
looked at like he had something to say. "Hold that thought , and
your moms....Sara first." We waited until he finished. I was
smiling him.


"Feels pretty nice having two moms who adore you that much, doesn't
it.... even if it is odd?" He was silent for a while and said,

"It does, dad. I have friends that can't get either parent to talk to
them, and I have three....and Janes and Ali, and Henry....and Sam and
Maggie. All I know is that you love so I am OK with that. I kissed
him on the cheek and said to go to the shop. We had work to do...AND
he then he studying to do...AND.... then he had grilling to do.

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