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Take me part 91
Posted:Jun 11, 2021 12:24 am
Last Updated:Jul 7, 2022 7:45 am

Sam and I unloaded what we brought back and put it in the shop. We had
a lot of work do, but we also had more keep safe. We were going
be busy, especially once Jake got out of school. I told Sam to
have lunch and checked out back, and of course Bob was sniffing around
because he had been trained.

I justified it because we didn't feed him every time he came in, at
least I didn't, and I was the one there most of the day. When he did
show , we'd given him a wing, or drumstick in the evening, and a
breast in the morning because we figured the rabbits were faster, and
that would suck. It's why Sara first wanted make Bob a den.

He was sniffing around. I finally got Sara not feed him cooked
chicken, because she was feeding the cooked chicken I liked. It took a
few conversations but she finally grokked that he's a wild animal and
we didn't have to bake, or boil, the chicken. I went to the fridge
and got the platter because there were still some bits and pieces, and
blood. I took it to where his den would be.

Bob followed the entire away at a 5 foot distance, as he should. I put
the platter down and walked away without looking back, but I could feel him
watching me. I wasn't sure how I knew it, but I did. I also knew when
he started licking the plate and i was pretty sure Sara was clapping,
even if she didn't know why. I checked the fences, went back in as Bob
was finishing and laid down.

It pained me, but I think Sara was right, because Bob felt safer here
than wherever his den was. I locked the back doors and pulled the
blinds, set the alarm, locked the front door and called Chloe as I
drove off.

"Is Sam there?"

"What do you think, mister," as she laughed?

"When does Jake get out? I want to drop off the paperwork the cops
gave me. The State troopers have to send it to the state of Colorado,
but I'm clean sweets"

"Even in WY?"


"Hour and a half."

"Can you stay there and heard the cats? I need to talk with Bethany.
I'll get Jake and take him back to the shop so he can help. I'll check
about his tests firsts. Tell Sara that Bob is licking his plate and I
haven't forgotten about chicken." The phone was just mumbles, and then
a scream, and clapping....and silence, and then,

"Mister, I adore you, and I miss you tons!"

"Hey, is she crying?"

"Tearing, but so am I. We're fine love, but we I don't think you have
any idea how much we miss you. It's crazy."

"I think I know babe. I'm heading out to go talk with Bethany again...."

"What about?"

"You, Jake, and Sam. You, because it was a curve ball, and I have
known her for over 10 years. Jake because he is working here, Sam because I
wanted to see if we could give him a raise because his share will be
less, but he'll be doing more... I also am trying to have a surprise our , but I don't want to say until I talk with her."

"... and he has a family with ."

" yeah, and there's that." I wanted laugh but I didn't. Silence.

"You're a jerk Daniel, but you're our jerk. Call when get our
so we can say hi." I told her I already knew and that was a dingbat, but she was MY dingbat!
I told Chloe that I adored her, and that I would...first thing.... and drove to Bethany's, looking around the entire time.

I walked inside, knocked, and heard a muffled sound that I thought was
Hawrowwww? I opened the door and walked in. Bethany glared at me but
I got that a lot, so I was use to it. "Whhawwrratt?"

"What are you having?"

"Tuna salad with sprouts, Why?"

"Do you have another half?" She looked at me and nodded. I reached
out my hand and smiled.

"I haven't had lunch yet. Can I have the rest of that half, and the
pickle? You can have the chips and cookie."

"How do know there's a cookie?" I just looked at her.

"I had worked
with Bethany for at at least 10 years, but I knew her before then
because she did bookkeeping while she was in school. She was part of
the family, so much so that my dad left her an inheritance. It didn't
go over well with the rest of my family, but I was happy.

After the burial, everyone left. Bethany and I went
back to the shop, even though it was VERY different then. After getting a
bottle of 20 year old Scotch. I grabbed the air mattress out of the
back of my truck, and both sleeping bags, and we walked inside. I locked
the door but there was no alarm. Bethany set the pizza on the counter, grabbed two glasses, and walked out back as I followed her. It was still a shop, but the fire pit had been built..

Bethany blew the air mattress as i put 6 records, or as many as the
record player would hold, I can't remember, turned it and spent the
night of my dad's death, next a roaring fire, fully clothed. We ate
an X-large pizza, kicked ourselves for not getting ice cream, but it
was before delivery of ice cream, and listened my dad's favorite albums as we held each other. It had nothing do with sex, at least for us... not in that moment.

We kissed, deeply, and touched each other, deeply. We shared our
grief, and loss, lying an air mattress and looking at stars, sadden
the rest of the family wasn't there with us. I'm Irish, and I was going be
Goddamned that I wouldn't have a proper Irish wake for my dad, regardless of
my family.

We finished the bottle, which was a mistake since neither of us drank
Scotch, but we didn't care. I put more wood the fire and put the
screen . I got towels to use for pillows. Bethany kissed as
gently, and lovingly as anyone has, with tears in her eyes, but never
said a word. She lied down facing opposite, stuck her butt toward ,
and exhaled.

I got onto the mattress as I put both sleeping bags over us and pulled
them as i pushed my crotch into her. One of my arms moved
under her, as I pushed her shoulders toward and grabbed her breast.
My other hand reached forward, as did my hips, as my hand landed upon
her stomach.

My face was in the crook of her neck as she softly breathed, dead to
the world. We were both fully clothed and remained like that until we
shared the bathroom the following morning. I was peeing, naked, as she
came out of the shower dripping wet, which started getting me hard.
She looked at me, smiled, walked up after I finished, and said as she
grabbed my cock,

"Take a shower Daniel. We have things to do." I stuck my hand between
her legs, which she spread, as I put my hand between her lips and
pushed. She was wet like I was wet. She moaned, like I moaned. We held
that for I'm not sure how long as we kissed. She sat down and peed,
and I took a shower and we went to deal with will. We never made
love...we never fucked. We never took our clothes off except in the
bathroom, which you sort of have to do.

I walked out in a towel and Bethany smiled. She was in her underwear
and smiling at me. She walked up, dropped my towel, bent don't and
kissed my limp penis and then kissed me. "Get dressed love, we need to
go and deal with this." Bethany and I never talked about that again but it solidified us.
We never dated. We never had sex. We were never naked again because she was account, as was she in that moment, but we never stopped being us."

She handed me the unfinished half of her sandwich, and the last half of the pickle. "You mind telling me what you're thinking love?"


"She glared at me." I took a bite and said,

"It just sorta happened Beth. Jake, Chloe's , asked if I would be his dad after a family party. Chloe and Sara were tipsy, and listening, and I told him yes. I would love that, because I would. It got complicated, and went sideways after that, but the end result is the same Beth.
I have two wives, and . I'm complicated" She looked at me.

"You do know what your mom and dad would say, right?" I looked at her and smiled.

"Of course sweets, and you'll be able to hear it when Uncle Billy and Ellen come in on Friday."

Take me part 90
Posted:Jun 10, 2021 6:47 pm
Last Updated:Jul 7, 2022 7:45 am

Sam and I at looked rocks, which sounds boring but was actually pretty
interesting. I was pretty sure the girls would be yawning inside of
three minutes, until they would able pick out their rock so I didn't
feel bad. Heather remembered me, and I told her what I was doing. She
smiled and said she would put my name on the pallet. Before y'all start in on me, I took both Sara, and Bob, into consideration and thought....fuck it.

"You think Kevin's fork lift can make it pass the generator into the back yard, and lift those?"
Sam thought about it and nodded.

"Hey guys, what's up?"

"Two questions.... are you working here this Sunday?" She nodded,
saying she works every Sunday. "Great. Sara, and the girls would be
very disappointed if you weren't. Second, those big rocks in the
corner, what's the deal with them?"

"They're misfits because they have chips, and cracks, and they are big....but
not big enough. You interested?" I felt like a trout when a fly
gently lands 18 inches from it. "They want them out of here so I
could probably get them for you below our cost." "I knew that was
only going to piss me off because of the markup on the other rocks, but it
everyone would smile.

"Can you check, but it's got to be an insanely good price taking into
account the crap price I am paying for the rest." She smiled, nodded,
and said she'd be back as Sam and I went to look at the rocks I knew I, and Bob,
were destined to own. Sara and the girls would be happy about his den.

"Have you lost your mind Daniel? They're rocks, and you have plenty.

"I'm making a point Sam and besides, I'll bet lunch of choice, that I
get them for $25.00 or less, and I'll pay 0%, and get free delivery."

"First of all...DEAL!... because you're insane. Second, you aren't
teaching her a lesson Jefe. You are giving her ideas. How many women
are in your life?"

"Four-ish. Why?"

"How many women are in my life, and don't let the ages of the girls
fool you? They are every bit as devious as their older counterparts
because they have been learning since before they could breathe
oxygen. Trust me, you are so far out of your league," and that is
when Heather walked up smiling. "I told you Jefe. They're like a cult."

"Hey, so I talked with my manager and showed him what you bought and the
rocks you selected, and he said he'd them for $50 each because of the
size." Time do the dance. I looked at Sam, and then back at Heather
and went, 'hmmmm," as we walked the rocks and I looked at them more
closely.... kinda like Sara was examining my butt when she was shaving it.
I walked around looking at all of them, shaking my head. Heather was

"That's too much even though I like misfit rocks and could give them a very
good home because I have ideas, that will require Sara, and the girls,
to come back again...God help me... to figure out a plan with you,
which I'm guessing you'd love. Here's what I'm thinking, have your
manager lock at my recent purchases and he can charge me $.00 per
rock. We'll be over at motion sensitive lighting." She looked at me,
and then Sam, smiled and shook head.

"OK, I'll meet you there but if you can pull this off I will be totally impressed
and buy you a -pack of whatever you want." She laughed as she walked off."

"Heather, I wanted ask for free and smiled."

Sam and I went lighting and I explained my dilemma and that I was looking
for solar power motion lights. He showed me what he would buy, which seemed
reasonable, and that they were all going on sale that weekend since it was
Memorial Day. Sam said he'd be back. Matt said draw a rough outline
of the building on graph paper, which I did for all the buildings I
knew. I had never been Janey's house and Alison lived in a condo.

"This is more involved than I thought and I am the only one on the
floor" so I gave him my card and me when he got his suggestions worked
out. I wrote the orientations, and what was around each place, and how dark
it got, etc. I had been thinking about this since Philip showed up so I
had my sense of things. Sam and Heather showed up except Sam had a
cart with some power tools in it. I looked at him.

"Trust me." Heather looked at both of us shaking her head. Why did every
women, even women we just meet, do that?

"Are a warlock, Daniel?" I told her possibly. "He looked over your
recent purchases, looked at the rocks you were buying, and said fine.
He also said he'd give you free delivery, which you'd likely be getting
anyway, but it was a smart move. I'm impressed. I don't work
Saturday's, but I can switch days because those girls sure are cute.
Here's my card. Let me know the beer. Again, I am amazed. I need to
get back. Let me know."

"Lunch AND beer. Nice."

"You're an asshole," as he headed to check out." No, we didn't "buy" any
rocks, but it was a pretty good day for me so far. Sam checked out and
verified the delivery. I told him I'd be right back went to see if
they rented jack hammers. They didn't but I got a card with a
discount. for a tool rental place close by. Sam and I were walking to the
truck when I asked,

"So, what's the deal with the tools?" He smiled.

"We can fill out Jakes' belt with stuff we have but these were on sale
and at what entry level starts at "not on sale." He'll have these for a
long time. We have some used ones around but I'd rather you use them
because you can compensate, like me. You're not as bad working with
wood as you portray." I was quiet for several moments.

'You're a good dad Sam. You're still a pain in my ass, but you're a
good dad," as put I my hand on his shoulder.

"I want to read your notebook." I nodded saying I'd get it back from
Sara. I dropped him at the shop and said go to Henry's and have lunch
and that I'd meet him back here after I picked up Jake and we could do
some actual work. He smiled, and nodded. Sam never passes up Henry's cooking.
Take me part 89
Posted:Jun 10, 2021 11:07 am
Last Updated:Jul 7, 2022 7:45 am

Chloe and Sara were still staring at me as we walked Javier to his
bike. He hugged us all again and said that Philip would get the but
nothing permanent. He didn't say he wouldn't be in the hospital. I had
my doubts it would stop him, but I hoped so, because there weren't many
more chances. Of course Sara spoke first first,

"That was FUCKING awesome Daniel. You have to show me how to do that,
me and Bet, and maybe Issa, if she wants. Promise?" I nodded and
kissed her as she went back to Sam and Maggie. Chloe hugged me as we
watched Sara skip away. We looked at each and laughed. On the one
hand, Sara was kinda like our in many ways because of her
innocence and sheer joy, but we also fucked each other and were deeply
in love. It was an odd situation and I was curious how Unc and Ellen
would handle it. Chloe kissed me as we started walking back.

"I think you should wear that belt until we get this worked out," I
nodded. "I have some herbs at home that can help your knee. I'll make
a poultice later. Don't run on it," as she pinched my balls, and
ran, laughing. Sam and I locked up and they followed us to Bethany's office.
We all walked in laughing as Bethany stood up looking at us. She was
smiling, but confused.

"Hey Bethany." Sara walked up and hugged her as I introduced Sam and
Maggie, and Chloe. She was still looking at me. "It's complicated
Bethany." I pointed to the three of us and said we're a family, and we
have a . Sam and Maggie have three girls. We'll need to meet again
and figure things out but we're here today to figure a way to make them partners.
We can flesh out the details later." She looked at me, and Chloe and
Sara smiled and said,

"OK. It does complicate things, but not too much, because nothing has
been decided. If this is how things are going forward," she looked at
the three of us and we all nodded, except Sara added a thumb's up,
"then you need to talk with your insurance adjuster. You'll need to do
that anyway for partner insurance." She handed me and Sam a folder. Sara
took mine and started looking through it with the tip of her tongue sticking out
the side of her mouth, intently focused.

"You don't need to go over that now. It lists options for you to
restructure the business. I wouldn't recommend a partnership,
especially now. I would recommend that you talk with a tax attorney. I
put a card in each folder of someone I have worked with for years."Sara raised
her hand. "Yeah Sara?"

"What's a LLC?

"Limited Liability Company, and it might still be a good option, but I can't give you
advice, only information." Sara looked at us and said.

" I think we should choose that one. It limits liability, and it has initials." Chloe smiled
and said that sounds like a viable choice but we should talk with Bethany's tax
attorney, to which Sara nodded.

"As far as a buy in goes, I have listed some options as well using the
business to cover the bulk of it. It's sort of like a lease to own
situation with a house, but more complicated. Daniel and I have talked and he is more
concerned with having you and Maggie as partners then he is with how
we work it out. It just numbers, and I'm good with numbers." Sara
jumped in,

"That's because you're a super genius Bethany. I told them." Bethany smiled.

"Thanks Sara. The bottom line is that things will change a bit given
the new dynamics, but it's not a huge issue. I am glad you told me because
it'll help me when we do structure things. I would strongly recommend
making an appointment with Charles and talking with him after you look
over the information in the folders because he can guide you better
than I can in all of that. I can call him and let him know you'll be
calling if you like." I nodded.

"Good. You won't be disappointed. I was figuring we would have this
squared away by the end of this month and I don't see any reason that
won't stand. Charles is busy but he makes room for the few I
send to him as a courtesy. Again, this all about numbers, and time, so we
can work it out. What's going to need to happen now," pointing to me,
Chloe, and Sara, 'is you three are going to have to decide what you
think a fair buy in amount is since it's now two large families and
not just Daniel and Sam. It can be done, and no doubt will, it's just
an added step in the process. Do you have any questions?" We all
shook our heads.

"Thanks Bethany. We'll go through this and talk. I'll call Charles
later and make an appointment. We appreciate this. Chloe and Sara
asked if they could make an appointment regarding Henry's as I talked
with Sam and Maggie and let them know it was fine.

"Sara was right about my notebooks and needing you Sam." I hugged Mags
because she looked nervous. "What I want to do means I'll need to
spend even less time helping you, don't start mister, but I was
thinking Jake could fill in that gap somewhat because he really wants
to learn and it's summer. He thinks you're smart for some reason. I told him he
was out of his mind but he's totally convinced. Let's read over this and we can
talk about it. We'll work this out guys. Seriously, don't worry. I know the moron
in charge," as I hugged both of them.

I walked up to Bethany as Sara and Chloe smiled and went to talk with
Sam and Maggie. I had know her for a long time. She smiled at me as I
walked up. "What?"

"I like both of them, a lot, but we're talking," she said shaking her
head. "Call Charles and talk with your insurance agent, with them,
especially if there is a in the mix, and about Sam too. You both
need partner insurance in case something happens. Do it this week
Daniel, that's not a suggestion." She hugged me and we walked out.

We walked to the cars and I asked if Mags could take Chloe and Sara
back because Sam and I needed to go to Home Depot, all three glared
us. "You better not be buying rocks without the girls and me,

"Never sweets. we need cement, and a few other things, and Sam and can
I talk. We can all meet at the shop one evening and discuss things in more
detail. Please go back to Henry's you two. I don't trust Philip. Bob will be fine. I'll
pick up more chicken." Sara clapped and said deal! Sam and I headed to
Home Depot.

"I finally figured out who Sara reminds me of. I was watching this
thing about Tom Hanks, and him doing voices of various people and it
hit me.... Sleepless in Seattle. Sara is like Annie, or pretty much
any character Meg Ryan ever played, because they are the essence of
cuteness and effervescence even through they look totally opposite, except for height.
Sara's breasts are way nicer though, but don't tell her that because it'll
go to her head." I looked over at Sam who was staring at me.

"I think Meg Ryan has nice breasts," he said as he looked out the window.

"Too much information, Sam, but I am so going to tell Maggie." He never turned back.

"Do that and I will hit you with a hammer, by mistake. Hard."

We pulled into Home Depot and headed to the cement. Neither of us
wanted to do the math to figure out how many bags we needed so we let
the guy do it. Sara's fence needed repair and I had some projects so
we doubled the amount and called it good and the delivery truck came with
a forklift so they could just put the pallet in the garage, which got me to thinking
since we knew the drivers. We set up the delivery and I asked,

"You know if Steve your delivery guy is around?" He paged him and
Steve walked up and smiled because he liked our coffee. and snacks. The cement guy
left. "Hey Steve. You remember where you dropped the genny?' He nodded.
"We're getting cement delivered this week, but you going to be around that area anytime next week?" I told him why. He smiled and said he'd check. I gave him my card and said we'd
make it worth his trouble. Sam and I headed to the garden department.

"Smart thinking, but you told Sara you weren't buying any rocks."

"I'm not. I saving rocks because I get to pick them out. The girls can
pick out some smaller ones but since we'll be schlepping them, I'm saving what I
want." He looked at me.

"I'm still sticking with stupid over brave, Jefe."
Take me part 88
Posted:Jun 7, 2021 11:38 pm
Last Updated:Jul 7, 2022 7:45 am

I kissed Janey and Alison as Sara and I walked toward the door, hand in hand, when she stopped me. "I'll be right back. don't move. I'm serious mister!" She ran into the kitchen for probably 15 seconds, ran out smiling, with her index finger up and ran back to Janey and Alison. They talked. She jumped, and clapped, and came running and launched herself onto me, and bit me on the side of the neck before she jumped down.

"I'm going with you and Chloe. I talked with Henry, Janes, and Ali and they are fine because they are safe here. I'd rather be with you and Chloe at night, but I understand that. Let's go love." I smiled. Kissed her, and grabbed her butt. She pushed my hand deeper into her and bit my lip.... these sisters were a handful.

I looked around as we drove up but didn't feel Philip. Sara and I got of the truck as Chloe and Sam were pulling up. Sara went running over to her and told her with a huge smile. Chloe smiled and looked at me. Sara was like a star that made everything circle around her, but had no clue. Chloe and I both shook our heads. I opened up and made coffee for us as Javier rode up.

"Mags called me, Jefe. Sounds like you had a situation. You should have taken the gun brother."

"Guns are conspicuous, and loud. I don't like either. I almost had him until my knee gave out... but I do appreciate the offer."

"I'm just saying that sometimes you might want something other than a knife." I had plenty of guns from my dad and grandfathers. They were inside, locked in a safe, with other things of value. I held my index finger before limping out, dragging a straw filled target and a belt. I dragged the target about 20 yards against the fence and walked back to everyone. Sam was the only one smiling because he knew, and I hated doing this kind of stuff. I put the belt on and told Javier to hit the stop watch on his phone when Sam said go. Sara and Chloe looked at me, and then at each other, as Maggie drove up. Sam waited. Maggie knew what was happening, even though it had been a while since I had practiced. She went over to Sara and Chloe and said..."watch."

I breathed, and centered myself, and told him whenever. He waited, because he's Sam, and said NOW. I threw 6 throwing darts at the target, hitting black, inside of 10 seconds, and had another in my hand waiting.. I was walking to the target before Javier, Chloe, and Sara even moved. Chloe and Sara were staring at me when Javier said,

"Shit homes... I guess you don't need a piece. Can you teach me how to do that?" I nodded and said if he could help me with the target because my knee hurt. Sara and Chloe still had their mouths opened. I was actually quite impressed I was able to do as well as I did since I hadn't trained in weeks. Javier and I went and get the target.

"I'm serious Daniel. I'd like to learn that, for me, but because it could come in handy. I'll pay you" I hugged him, because that's what I do.

"I'm happy to show you Javier...and Bet too... but you're family. I don't want your money." We carried the the target inside and came out laughing with the coffee pot and refreshed everyone's cup. Chloe and Sara's mouths were still open and they were staring at me.

I told Javier what happened and gave him Philip's address. I said to hurt him, but not irreparably, and to take what he had, and what Philip had managed to fix. I wanted the damage to be ancillary, if at all possible. Don't get me wrong, I wanted nothing more than to fuck him up, but I was trying. He was just making it hard. He kissed me on the cheek, hugged everyone else, and rode off. Chloe and Sara still had their mouths open as they looked at me.
Take me part 87
Posted:Jun 6, 2021 7:25 pm
Last Updated:Jul 7, 2022 7:45 am

Chloe and I walked out the front door, looked at each other, and walked
back inside like we had forgotten something. "Stay here, and I
mean it>" as I walked the back door."

"I'm going with you Daniel..."

..."NO! Everyone I love is in this house. No one comes in here but
me, understood?" I went over the side yard fence, opposite the front
door, because it
was dark, and felt into the night as I tried to find him. I didn't know
exactly where he was, but I knew he was close so I waited, calmed my
breathing, and listened. Chloe said that we were alike and I was
starting to understand, especially after last night. We were more
animal than human. I moved to the front of the yard, along the fence
when the neighbor started his car and turned on the lights.

"FUCK!!!" I saw him, knew it was Philip. I ran after him but my knee gave out
as I was getting close.


I limped around looking at cars that seemed out of place, hiding in
the shadows as best I could. He was close. I called Chloe.

"Are you OK?"

"More or less. Get everyone ready and . I'm fine
sweets....please do it."
She hung up. I half saw movement close the house and half ran as a car door
opened and I knew it was him. I still had the phone in my hand as I
hobbled toward
the car, and took a picture of the license plate, as it sped off. My phone buzzed as
I walked to the front door, limping.

I knocked. "Chloe, it's ." The door flew open and Chloe was first
on , followed by everyone else, including Jake. It was nice be
loved. "Make sure everything is locked....windows, doors,
garage...everything... then meet me out here. Chloe, your taking Janes and
Ali. I'll take Sara and Jake." She nodded. I wasn't sure what we
were, but we made a good pair." I called Henry.

"You over sleep?"

"Not exactly Henry, but we're on our way. Lock the back door, now."

"Will do. Everything OK?"

"More or less, pops. We're fine, and will explain when we get there.
Should be there in 15 minutes."

Chloe brought everyone out and kissed Sara, and Jake, as she looked
me. I nodded. She got into her car with Janey and Alison, backed up
and headed to Henry's as we followed them, They went in the front door
as Chloe, Sara, and stood bac

"Go inside and get ready open like normal, please, make it as
normal for them as you
can. They don't need that stress. He's here, but not close. It's easier if I
do it, less worry," they both asked,

"for whom?" I smiled and kissed them.

"It'll be alright. Please. We don't need of us out here at the
same time." I went the darkest place I could find, turned off my
phone, and waited. Philip never showed and I stopped feeling him. I
unlocked the back door, walked in, and Henry, Chloe and Jake were
standing there. Henry had a small baseball bat, Jake had a knife, and
Chloe had her hands. I would be worried about Chloe. They all smiled when
they saw . Henry asked, "we good?"

I nodded. Chloe kissed , smiling, and went back out front. I reached my hand
out Jake and he handed the knife as he should, and then hugged
, hard, but didn't say anything.

"It's OK Jake," thanks for back-up. "Henry, can you make some
oatmeal?" He nodded as I went out front fill out the paper work
for Jake's school. "Jake, help your grandpa." He waved as I went out
front. Janey, Alison and Sara ran up and group hugged . Chloe
walked up, smiling, and shaking her head but she hugged us too.

Chloe and I told them what we knew, and said not to panic. Sara wasn't
panicked but was looking at and Chloe in an odd way, which I wasn't
looking forward , but we had things do. Jake brought my oatmeal
out and I asked him for 0% maple syrup. He looked at , and the rest
us, shook his head, and walked back into the kitchen. Chloe and Sara
sat down as Janey and Alison finished opening. They both asked,

"What do we do?" I finished filling out the forms for the school and
slid them to Chloe. Sara smiled and hugged her.

"Can you drop those off this morning? I'm going to police station
before I go into the shop." Chloe smiled, with those eyes, and nodded.
"We don't stay in one place again, no matter the reason. The shop is
the safest place for them, but it has to be locked and you can't be in
the back drinking Prosecco and watching Bob, and not paying attention."

Chloe and I looked at Sara. We think you should stay with them until we
work this out, which we're working on." Sara looked at both of us and
started to tear,

"Are you trying to get rid ?" as she began cry. Chloe squeezed her hard
and said, "Of course not sweets. We want you and Janes watching out
for Alison, and each other." She sniffled. "Really?" I grabbed both of
Sara's hands, and smiled, as I looked into her eyes, and said,

"Love, the of us are like a heart that has expanded. You and
Chloe are halves; and you are halves; and and Chloe are
but together we are one heart....one family." Sara was crying....

"...and Jake." Chloe said,

"Of course, sweets, and Janey and Alison. We are family Sara, and we
want to keep our family safe. It's got nothing to do with us Sara. We
adore you, and always will." Sara looked at .

"We never liked him, did we?" I shook my head no. "Can I bring the
red dildo?" Chloe and I laughed out loud. Chloe kissed her on her
lips and said of course. Sara screamed, and clapped as she almost
climbed over the table so she could run Jayne and Alison as she
pointed us and smiled.

Chloe scootched up and hugged , as we waved. They no longer knew who
we were.. Chloe kissed as we watched them let go of the fear,
again. "You OK with that Love?" She looked at , and cocked her
head the side as she smiled.

"What do you think, Daniel? We aren't going be getting a lot of
sleep mister, and not for that reason. I'm OK sweets. It does bother
but they are family. There's no way it would be happening if they weren't."
She kissed , and looked into my eyes, searching. I knew what she
would fine.

"He's stalking us Daniel," as the phone rang. It was Mags. I put it on speaker.

"Hey Mags..Sam." They said hello and Maggie said,

"He'll be at the shop in an hour, with Sam, and you can chat. We still
on for :00 am.

"Yeah Mags, and thanks.

Chloe looked at and walked Sara, Janey, and Ali tell them
what was happening, and that NOTHING would happen without Sara's
approval. She wasn't happy but understood because Sara was protecting
her sisters. I went into the kitchen and yelled,

"JAKE!" He came out of the cooler and looked at me. "Grab your
stuff. Your mom and is taking you to school."

"Which one?" Henry laughed as he looked at me.

"Chloe, smart ass. Don't be doing that mister." He smiled.

"OK dad." Henry looked at me.

"Everything OK?" I nodded,

"We'll work it out Henry. Keep the back door locked just in case.
Chloe and I will let know."

"Sounds good. We'll be fine here." I said goodbye, and was walking out
when Henry said,

"Watch your back ." He looked worried. I nodded.
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I thought this would be different than the stories, and what I wrote would actually show up. It's not. This site is an total annoyance. The typo's, and deleted words, are a complete annoyance but I don't know a way to fix them. Sorry. It annoys me way more than you. For those of you who stumble upon these, they are n the stories if you want to start from the beginning, most will be annoying.
Take me part 86
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Now I have say, and this is probably a personal preference, that I have never minded the smell of ass, within reason, sweat, or pussy....and I especially enjoy when my woman is having her period. I'm not sure that would be the case with anyone other than this group because I had absolutely no interested in being with ANYONE outside of these four. I pushed Chloe off of me.

"Am I suffocating you sweets, smiling, because she knew I LOVED it."

"No, is that the desensitizing lube?" She smiled...bent and kissed me, then pushed her ass back on my face, and pulled my hair. As you would expect, it went par for the course with Chloe riding my mouth and both of us moaning. She twisted, and looked around and then kissed me as she winked.

"Sara gave Alison the red dildo, and Janes is letting her go first. Breathe. Relax" ....and then thank God for lube because Alison had been waiting for this for a while time. I grunted. Moaned, and went back licking Chloe's ass. I knew Jayne would likely be worse, or better, because she and I had been flirting since we met, and she liked the purple the dildo.

I shuddered think what Sara was going do. One, or both of them, were sucking and squeezing my balls. Alison put more lube on the dildo, raised legs, bent and over , and totally fucked as Chloe pushed her ass harder my mouth and nose. I cried into her. Luckily it was muffled, and I actually whimpered as I came, but I think I had lost my mind by that time, but not enough to know that it was only going to worse....OR better. Sara was last, and had the thickest one....with bumps and ridges, and I knew she wasn't going to have fun.

Chloe moved back and sat on my belly, stared at me, smiled, and then kissed me as deeply as she ever had. She cocked her head and looked at me. "I see why you like that. I get to try too." She looked around, and then back, smiled. "Janes. Breathe, Love as Chloe stuck her pussy on my face and Janey grabbed my ankles, pushed them to the wall and fucked me like I am guessing she has always wanted to fuck a man.

"I was sucking Chloe's clit while my tongue was trying to stick inside of her pussy. She was pulling my hair to try and get me to stop but I wouldn't. I had my nails, what there were of them, dug into the flesh above her knees and pushed her onto me. She squirmed....tried to lift ...pulled my ears, pulled my hair, and the head and then exhaled...

"stop,stop,stop,stop,stop. PLEASE." I kept sucking her, as her sister kept fucking in the ass.

'daniel...... puhleeeze, intense. puhleeze." and that is when I bit her clit with my lips and nibbled. I'm pretty sure Chloe lost her mind as I losing mine. I didn't know what Sara and Alison were doing my balls. All i knew was in that moment, I didn't care because there is a fine line between pleasure and pain.

Chloe pushed her clit harder onto my mouth, pulled my hair sideways, and then . She bucked, screamed, pushed down my mouth, and drenched . She left go and said "asshole!" and then "thank you" as she fell back, and over. Sara caught her and kissed her as she made sure Chloe was the bed

"Chloe..... we squirted way more than I ever do." Jayne never let go focus and fucked until she came from the vibrating thingie. Sara came back from the dresser with her Alpaca blanket, which was originally mine, but no longer, and put it over her sister as she started stroking Chloe's hair. Chloe just moaned and held her hand but her other one on the side of my belly, and pinched. Alison was still sucking me and playing with balls as Janey fucked me.

Jayne was in as deep as she could be. She leaned forward, onto my chest, as she used her weight to grind into me moving to my left side, by Chloe. Alison was on my right. I was gone by that time, even though Alison was still sucking my now soft cock. I felt my prostate clench, along with my butt muscles, as I pushed forward. Alison laughed. Patted, and squeezed my balls, moved my mouth and kissed , sharing the last bit of cum I would have for weeks.

Jayne was still staring at as she arched her back and then dug her nails into my sides, just above my hips, which her like a motherfucker, but she kept as she looked at . I could feel Ali looking at her, perplexed, because of her eyes. She was confused . Janey looked only at , and dropped my chest, while she still inside my ass. She looked at , growled, and bit harder than either Sara, or Chloe.

Both Sara and Chloe reacted, but Chloe pushed Sara off the bed, jumped onto both Janey and I, and bit her on the back the neck , hard, and a loud enough growl for notice. Chloe didn't hesitate. She grabbed Janey's shoulders, rolled off of , and threw Janey onto the floor. Chloe climbed off and stared at them and growled. They were naked still.

Janes, you stay. Sara, you and Alison go take a shower, which they smiled at, but bring the first aid kit and hydrogen peroxide." She looked across the hall and then looked at them.... be quiet." They both nodded. Sara walked back in and kissed my wound, then kissed Janey, and Chloe. They looked at each and Chloe lowered her eyes as Sara walked out. I thought I was starting understand after Chloe and I talked after Philip showed . Chloe walked and Janey hugged her, crying. We could hear the water as Sara and Ali where taking a shower. Chloe walked Janes and I reached my hand out.

"I'm sorry," as I stroked her hair...."

...." you can do that later Janes. It's my fault, not yours. It was too soon, and too much intensity. Sit next Janey and attention. You bit WAY too hard, but that is my fault." Chloe touched my cheek and looked at with sad eyes. Chloe was right, she knew in a that neither Sara, or Janes did. I had no idea where Alison was in this family.

"What happened sis? I was fine and then I was gone."

"We'll talk about it later, not tonight. We are spent, for a obvious reasons." Chloe sat next . and poured hyrdogen peroxide in the wound. Jayne was looking at it, and looking at Chloe. Chloe grabbed her by the hair, "Stop! attention. We don't have much time." Chloe looked at me and kissed me as she touched my face. "This is going to hurt love. I'm sorry." I nodded.

Chloe and Janey dabbed the H2O2 and Chloe showed Jayne a small packet of herbs and told her about them, but I couldn't hear they said. She sprinkled some in with her fingers, being sure to keep them inside the wound and then they both licked it, which I thought was odd, but I also thought I was hallucinating after this night.

Chloe kissed me and smiled, but her eyes meant pain. She held a curved needle . "You can't go emergency care Daniel. I nodded. Janey kissed me and said she was sorry. "Do you want a couple of shots, love?" as Janey squeezed my hand.

I shook my head no as I grabbed onto the sheets, twirled them around my hand and pulled.... both Chloe and Janey said, "We love you Daniel. Breathe, and relax." I did as Chloe stuck the needle into the muscle and started closing the muscle. My eyes rolled into the back of my head as I squeezed and breathed.

"Janes.... you CAN'T bite that hard. again Put some saline in. This was my fault, not yours, so don't cry, but you can't bite that hard. I didn't take into account the intensity of what you feel, and the stress since meeting Ali. and before. I'm sorry." I think I blacked about then but when I opened my eyes Chloe and Janey were looking at me, smiling as they kissed me. Janey kissed where she bit me and said sorry.

Chloe kissed me as gently as she does, I'm sorry love, It's a weird a few days." I pulled her onto me, grabbed her butt and pushed her onto my mouth as I kissed her as deeply as I ever had. "We need talk after we deal with other things." Janey and I nodded.

Chloe went over Sara and told her she could tomorrow with whatever dlido she wanted but we needed to go to bed. Daniel is sleeping between and Janey." Sara's eyes narrowed, and kept narrowing.

"Sara, enough. You have Alison. It's important." Sara looked over at her, turned and looked at but kept going. I could feel Janey. "I'm serious Sara. It's too late to do this bullshit. We're exhausted and Daniel's in pain. You need trust sister." Sara kept coming toward her. I had never seen her like this..

Janey, subtly stepped close to Chloe as Sara looked at , and at them. She wasn't stopping. Chloe started to growl which made Sara start to growl....which made Janes start to growl.....which made Alison jump on the bed next to and "Say what the fuck is going daniel?" I held her hand and said it's be OK. I wanted go sleep but I couldn't. "It's fine Ali. They're sisters."

Sara crouched down, looked at , and started at Chloe and Jayne. Chloe waited, in silence, and pounced. She jumped at least 10 feet before landing close enough Sara grab her hair before she could exhale. I reached and touched Janey's shoulder and shook my head as she looked at and Alison. she sat down. Chloe got inches from Sara's face and growled in a way that would have scared . Sara looked at her wide eyed and looked the ground.

Chloe let go and started stroking Sara's hair, and hugging her. She kissed both cheeks and said she was sorry. Sara looked with tears in her eyes and threw herself into her sister, both Janey, and Alison went over. I either fell asleep, or passed out, but I woke in the dark and both Chloe and Janey were lying on .... faces breathing gently my neck, one hand each on my chest and Janey's hand on my cock, and Chloe's hand on my ball. Sara and Alison were completely entwined and snoring peacefully. I fell back asleep and slept for what I thought was 4:00am, but it was only 3:30. I felt great. I kissed both Janey and Chloe as I tried roll her over and next Janes. She opened her eyes, looked at , smiled, and then bit my neck muscle above where Janey bit , not hard enough break skin but hard enough leave a mark. "be quiet and let them sleep."

We got , gently, quietly, and walked into the bathroom, naked....uncaring. She kissed , and my bandage, but said I couldn't take a shower with her so it didn't get wet. I brushed my and was peeing when a wet woman hugged from behind, grabbed my penis, and directed my urine as she giggled, kissing my neck. She shook it, and squeezed my balls and then shook it again...and then grabbed both at he base, squeezed, and shook it again.


"Yeah sweets?"

"I think I'm finish."

'I know, love, I just like touching because I might be falling for you mister." She kissed as she filled the sink with warm water, gave a sponge bath, brushed her teeth and then peed. I knelt in front of her and kissed her bush as I took some toilet paper and wiped the pee from her. Her hands never left my head until I was done. She pulled me her, gazed at as she kissed , and smiled. It was 3:50.

We stopped at Jake's door and gently opened it, naked. He had seen , and probably his mom. It wasn't a "thing' but it happens in a family. He was half off his bed, again, and we had stifle a laugh as we walked back into the bedroom, grabbed our clothes, kissed everyone, and then went into the kitchen to change. I was putting my boots when Chloe sat on my, grabbed my face and kissed .

"How's you bum mister?"

'A little sore, but not too bad. i've learned to relax and breath."

'That's good Love, but what Sara and I do to that cute butt hole, with the glass one.... will blow your mind." I bit her lip, and drew blood, and smiled.
take me part 85
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I went to the bedroom and Sara and Chloe were naked, hugging each, and
clapping because they were so excited. Chloe might have shaved balls, and
an ass, before but I don't think Sara had. Apparently she was going to have her
chance with some big sister's advice. I shook my head, held up a finger,
and walked because they had no razor, no towels, no water, and no
lube...just in case, because you never know when you'll need lube.

I came back into the bedroom, and smiled, put everything down on the
night stand, except the towels, which I threw at their faces and
laughed. They laughed and flipped me off. I figured I was going first
since they were clapping and started laying down towels. They told to
get back toward the headboard, kissed me, smiled as each of them lifted a
leg toward my head, wrapped a rope them and then tied them to the
bedpost. They did the same to my wrists and the same as well. They were both laughing, and clapping as they kissed each other.

I figured that they had already seen it before before, and both of
them had fucked it several times, which I really didn't mind since
they were so happy.... that is when the door opened and Jayne walked in with Alison. Chloe
looked at me and said "don't be mad," as Sara jumped. up on down the bed, clapping.

"I followed you and waited. I checked, got them and brought them back
here because neither Sara, or I, were comfortable with them staying
alone." I glared at them when Sara said.

'It's OK, Love, because this is the perfect thing to share as a family, and besides
Jayne and Ali haven't used the purple, or red, dildos on you. They
wanted too, and you like, and Chloe and I can watch and clap. Besides,
you might get luckier." I bowed my, head, exhaled, and felt like I was
visiting the Proctologist, now I knew why they insisted on giving me an

Chloe knelt beside me and gently kissed me as Sarah, Janey, and Alison
were acting like . "Please don't be mad sweets. They were scared and we
are family, and we share. I don't like sharing you but they're my family, and scared, and you make them less scared. Besides, Sara's is right and you might get even
luckier because they both want you to fuck them...more than once.
Sara and I haven't decided. They are both looking forward to this Daniel, and
we knew you wouldn't mind....after a fashion. They are very scared and we didn't want them alone, Love, but they aren't now, and the nasties will go poof tonight. It's going to be a very full bed but that's OK. You are going to be ganged hugged, and maybe more, by Janes and Ali because they adore after yesterday and today.. They feel safe here."

I smiled, and said kiss . "Are you and Sara OK with with... scratch
that. Are you OK with this." She smiled and kissed .

"Not as much as Sara, Janes, and Ali... but yes. They are my sisters
and they are all nervous. They aren't nervous now. Besides Love, I
like watch you getting you fucked in the ass. She smiled, kissed , and
squeezed balls. "Let the fun begin," as she smiled, and winked.


"Yeah sweets?"

"Please don't let them cut anything off, and not the bush because
payback is a bitch." She was quiet for a moment and said that she
would do her best as she picked up the razor.

" oldest. I go first." Sara said no fair and the tension was
broken. Sara crawled up and kissed .

"Don't worry. You'll love this even if I have to go last. We all
talked about it, and there a three dildos of various sizes, we figured
Chloe and I figured you could sleep in tomorrow because you may not be
able to walk, and we can all meet the super accountant :00.
We figured we might as well get this of the way, because it's Janes, and now Ali,
Both want you inside them, and I was going to let you fuck Alison, with , anyway.
We'll go in early because you let us play and open all the time. It's fair, BUT,"
as she a box of condoms down. "They'll hate it, but them's the deal mister."
She kissed and clapped as Chloe smiled.

I lowered my eyes, and shook my head as Chloe grabbed my balls and
shaved half of them and then handed the razor to Janey, who looked
, smiled, and licked her lips as she followed her lead. They both
did my perineum and took a wash cloth and wiped down as they did
everything imaginable to my balls and taint, both alone and together.

Jayne gave the razor to Alison, as everyone clapped. She leaned
forward, grabbed my balls and squeezed as she sucked my cock. It didn't
long for to get hard because my cock remembered her from the restaurant. The girls
were ALL smiling, as why I. Ali got me hard, which didn't take long
and then brought pair of scissors and started trimming. Chloe
walked up and they whispered.

Alison said, "don't worry Love. It's just a trim. She shaved my cock
down to the base, and a bit around it and then grabbed the cloth and
wiped as she stuck inside her mouth and sucked until I
came.... all the while with Sara clapping because she loved my butt and that was hers.
Jayne handed Sara the oil as she wiped butt, and rubbed a little oil in,
stuck her tongue of her mouth as she rapt attention at what
she was doing, especially around my butt hole, and shaved smooth as a 's butt.

She smiled as everyone clapped. I was just praying this went one least once a month.
Sara crawled up to and kissed my lips. I reserve my butt time for the end but this is because I adore you, and you have done the same with me....which I LOVE, mister!" She crawled back down to her handiwork and started kissing, licking, and sucking my balls and ass. We were both loving that went she stopped, looked at me and bent down
between my legs, and stuck her hard tongue as far inside of me as she could, and licked. I gasped, grabbed her head and pushed as I hard as I could. I heard a muffled laugh. Chloe looked at me and smiled as Jayne and Alison were next to Sara, watching.

Luckily it was :00 and I didn't have to wake early, even though I
knew I would. Chloe walked , and then came back in with the lube. She
smiled, and kissed me, as she whispered.... "I'll leave that ass for later when
Sara is done with my glass dildo." I nodded. "In the meantime, you
can lick my pussy, and my asshole, until I tell you to stop. By the
way, a little fragrant like you like.... but clean. She then
proceeded to stick her ass on my mouth and nose as she pushed, and pulled my
hair, making sure I was close.
Take me part 84
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Dinner was great. Everything was amazing, but the the flank steak was
delicious. Henry made a big deal about how Jake did most of it, to his
utter delight. It'd been a hard year for Jake after Ella died, a hard
year for all of them, but things were shifting even if they weren't
getting easier.

Javier and Bet had a good time. David was uneasy, but he's always
uneasy. Sara, Issa and Bet were fast friends. She took them inside and I
knew what coming. All I could do was shake my head as Chloe kissed me.
"Sara's Sara Daniel, and she'll always be like that but who do know
that you get fucked by women like us." She had a point. I looked up and both
Issa and Bet were looking at me, and smiling. Sara was totally
oblivious has she ran after the girls.

Chloe didn't have a fire pit but Henry, Sam, Javier, and me were
drinking beer. He thanked us for the meal as did Bet, who smiled at
me. "Javier says you make custom caskets. You mind if stop by your
shop and take a look? I like wood." I told Javier I didn't mind at
all and gave in the address. He said he'd stop by after the thing was
done and was looking forward to. He and Bet got up and thanked us for
the meal, and gave high praise to Jake. His smile couldn't get any
bigger. Chloe and I walked them out front, chatting. We got to their
bikes and hugged each other.

"However it plays out Jefe, you're family just let Mags know and we'll
deal with it, but watch your back. If you want a gun let me know." I
told him I preferred knives. He looked at me and smiled. See ya bro
and they drove off. Chloe hugged me.

"Let's take a walk sweets."

"I like them," I nodded. "He's not close babe but you should follow
the girls back to your place. They should stay there. No sense in
showing this prick where everyone lives."

"Agreed." We were walking back as Sara was walking toward us.

"Everything OK?" We nodded. "I love,love,love those girls, and Bet
too. Her and Issa want a red dildo like mine." I shook my head as
Chloe laughed. "What, they were impressed and everything. I told them
you have a cute butt hole but not to use two enema's," as s Jake's first in line"
She grabbed our hands and ran us to the backyard.

David and Issa took Henry home. Issa hugged me and whispered she liked
the red dildo as she laughed. I hugged David. Maggie wanted to stay
and help but we told them to go home as I faked turning into the
tickle monster and chased the girls around the yard as they screamed
No Daniel!!!!!

The rest of us cleaned up and loaded the dishwasher. I washed the pots
and pans. Jake was in his room listening to real music. Ali finally
said, "I'm sorry I brought this mess to your door. Chloe walked up
and kissed her.

"Alison, never say that again. You are family and look how happy you
make Janes. We can deal with trouble when we have to sweets." Alison
and Janey hugged her. "Daniel is following you home. None of us feel
anything but he's checking to be sure. Stay at his place until we
resolve this. Daniel or I will get you whatever need from your places
but since you have the purple dildo it probably isn't much." Sara
clapped. We walked down the driveway. Sara and Chloe kissed me. "Be
safe." I nodded.

"Lock the doors," they nodded" "This ends soon. We aren't living like
this." They hugged me and said, "Agreed." I got Janey and Alison settled and
showed them how to use the stereo. Bob was lonely so I got the last
chicken breast and we sat outside as Alison tried to feed him, against
my, and Janes, caution. He walked up looking at her and gingerly took it as
he went to his spot. Ali and Janes clapped. I called Chloe.

"Hey sweets, you're on speaker. What's up?" I told them about Bob and
Alison, and Sara screamed, she was so excited. I'm going to hang out
another 15 minutes and head home. The girls wanted to see Bob. We
went inside and I locked the back doors and closed the blinds as Janey
put on Dylan and got the Prosecco out of the fridge.

"You're welcome to stay and be nasty with us Daniel," as they both laughed.
I told them it was tempting and kissed them. They followed me to the
front. I walked out as heard Janes lock the door and set the alarm.
It was still dusk as I walk to the corner and looked around. I didn't
feel a threat but I knew that one was coming. Philip was an asshole,
and a coward, but he was smart. He'd suspect we had something to do
with his problems even if he couldn't prove it, and he'd be pissed about his $600 tires. This is why I hate
these situations, because they tended to escalate and Maggie was
right, someone would get hurt. I was going to make sure it was Philip.
I got in the truck and drove the long way home watching my rear view.

I walked in the back and looked around and then knocked on the back
door. Both Sara and Chloe walked up holding knives, saw me, and
smiled. "Hey love. You surprised us. How are Janes, Ali, and
Bob?" I told them, and about getting nasty with them, which made them

"How's Jake?" They nodded. I walked down the hall and knocked on his door."


"Hey Jake. Mind if I come in?" He sat up and took his headphones off."

"No dad, never." I walked over and kissed him on the head as I sat down.

"Wanted to say that I'm impressed with the grilling mister." He
smiled. "I also wanted to say that I'm sorry that I didn't spend more
time with you today." Sara and Chloe walked in and sat on either side
us. " My aunt and uncle will be coming into town on Saturday and
staying for a while so we'll have more grilling but today kinda got
away from us, from me, and I'm sorry." He hugged me, tight.

"It's fine dad. I had a great and Henry showed what to. It was great because
I've missed hanging out with him. Is this because of that man
yesterday?" I nodded. "I heard bits and pieces of you and mom
talking with gramps. Is everything all right?" Chloe said,

"Everything is fine Jake.It's not your concern . We just had to figure out how to handle it
bu. Me, Sara, and Daniel are dealing with it," as she kissed his hand.


"Yeah ."

"Are Javier and Bet bad people?" Chloe and Sara were intently watching me.

"Javier and Bet are family Jake, like Sam and Maggie, and all of their clan."

"Good, because I like them." I kissed him on the cheek, as did Sara
and Chloe, and told him he had an hour but that we needed get up
early. It was his last week of school.

"Did you finish your homework." He nodded. Chloe said,

"JAKE!?" He smiled.

"I did mom, really." Both Sara and Chloe tousled his hair and said
one hour, and they meant it. He put his headphones on as we walked

"Come on mister. We're taking a shower. We decided to use the red
dildo on you tomorrow but we still have something planned starting with us
washing each other. Sara, Chloe, Jake, and I were a family, without
doubt to any of us, and we didn't care what anyone said, or thought. It
was totally natural because we simply fit together. I had done REALLY good in another to have them sharing our bed, and both Janey and Alison wanting to. Having Jake as a was the icing on top.

Sara wasn't blood related, but it didn't matter because they were sisters. I fell for Sara first. Her mom and dad were white, but had Mediterranean origins. She had rich, olive brown, skin, Mahogany hair and deep brown eyes, unlike my Irish, Scottish and Swedish hertiage.

Maggie's sister's family is black but she could care less, nor I. Chloe is oldest, and closer to my age, while Sara and Janey where closer. Chloe is taller than her sisters. She's darker than Janes, more like Henry. Janey was like Ella. Chloe's eyes are hazel with pronounced specks of deep green. Her eyes are stunning. All three of their eyes are stunning. It's like looking at three Angels with skin of different hues. Chloe's eyes shift with the light, like mine except her are's brown, amber, green and some light blue. Mine shift between green, blue, and gray.

Janie is older than Sara by a year, and they are alike in their personalities, as is Alison. It's why Sara had/has a crush on her, and why Ali turned up in our life, but you'll need to go and and catch up and all that. All three of them are stunning in their on right, but we all agree that Janey, she doesn't and rolls her eyes, is model stunning even though she doesn't care. Her skin, and hair, are the color of deep rich honey. Her hair is naturally curly, and her eyes are reddish amber...more amber than reddish.

We got out of the shower laughing as we dried each other. Sara and
Chloe were hugging and kissing each, which always made me smiled. It seemed weird to people that they so easily became intimate, but not me because they absolutely
adored each other, Janey too. I had no doubt that we'd all be
sleeping together, and sharing each other, if it wasn't for Alison. It
may never have happened if I hadn't met Sara, but I'm glad it
did....we're glad it did, because we were a family.

We were all wrapped in towels. Sara and Chloe were giggling and were
SO excited. I went to get water and check the doors. I was going to
call an electrician I knew to come out and give me a quote on
security systems. Sam and I could mount solar motion lights but I
wanted video set up just in case. I was hoping Philip didn't have to
die but I would go down that road if need be.

I walked into the bedroom and both Chloe and Sara were naked and
waiting for me, and clapping. "We're shaving each other, not
completely but cleaning up the edges and there might end up being some
lip, tongue, and finger action involved in the process. I smiled,
because Holy Crap who wouldn't with these two.
Take me part 83
Posted:Jun 5, 2021 12:16 pm
Last Updated:Jun 5, 2021 2:29 pm

Chloe and I were still on alert and not really present with everyone.
We had left that Sara, which she relished because she and Sara. She
was a joy contagion. I was blunt with Maggie asking, If Philip
doesn't stop what would it take to end it and who do we need to talk to
Chloe squeezed my hand, hard. Maggie looked at Sam and then back at

l'll check and let you know but I hope it doesn't to come that. As
far as the partnership goes, Sam and I don't want to feel beholden but
we do want see if something can be worked out because we think it's
good for all of us. Chloe and I nodded as we got up. I kissed
Maggie's forehead and said was no way she could be beholden
us. Him, absolutely. We'll it work out. I led Chloe over to Janey and
Alison. Sara watched us, walked over and sat down. I could feel Henry
watching all of us.

Philip showed. They looked shocked and scared. He's gone but
we all think he'll be back. We made it very unpleasant for him,
hopefully too unpleasant, but he knows where we are. He knows where you

What happened Daniel? If humans had hackles then Janey's would have been up.

Chloe, Maggie and I took care of . He's going to have a bad day but
we need talk with you because if he persists then we'll have to end it.
We are trying to avoid that but you don't fuck with our family.
Period. Sara and Chloe nodded but remained silent.

I'll call him but I wanted to avoid that because he's a prick when
he's jealous and he saw me with Janes, which I'm sure infuriated him
since he's not controlling me any longer. He can't intimidate you but
you're right, he will keep trying because he's a prick and his now ego is bruised. I make bad choices with men I date. Janey said,

"Me too, and hugged her."

I think you and Janey should file a police report and get it on record
but be very circumspect in what you say and find of about a getting a
restraining order. It won't stop him but will be a record.
We're hoping that he'll be busy trying fix the disaster that is
waiting for him when he finally gets home.

"What did you do?"

'It's better you don't know Alison but it's going be a very bad day
when he finally makes home. Don't bother calling because his phone
broke but attention and watch your surroundings..... and keep the
doors locked for awhile. We kissed them, said don't worry, and went
on our was grilling.

Sara, Chloe and I walked over the grill and said hi Henry and Jake.
Jake was ecstatic, and so proud. "Dude, at you. You're a grill
master." Henry took me aside and asked, "Everything OK?", as Sara doted on Jake.

"More or less Henry, me, Chloe, and Mags handled , for now but we're
working on options just in case."

"He showed up here?" as Chloe hugged him.

"We think he followed Daniel and the girls after they finished
closing. Daniel went back on them and the back door was wide
open. We've talked with both of them, and will again. We'll deal with
it dad. Mags is destroying him financially. He'll likely get it back
but it won't be fun for him and hopefully bad enough jar him back
reality because he won't like what comes next." Sara walked up and
hugged me.

"Anything lead back any of us?" We shook are heads. We were
careful. We had our phones off, Daniel threw his out the window, broke
the GPS in his car and wore gloves." Henry looked at me and smiled.
"He was fine when we left even though his tires weren't," as Sara
chimed in.

"I get destroy the tires next time. They promised," as she went
back fawn over Jake.

"'s either going be the easy way, or the hard way pops. We are
hoping 's the easy way but Daniel and I will handle in either case so
don't worry. Mags is already checking with her family just in case.
It'll get handled dad." Henry went back with Sara and Jake as Maggie
waved at us.

"My cousin, Javier, is on his way because it's not a phone
conversation." We both smiled. He should be here soon but I'm going
help Sara, and Isabella get things ready for dinner. We're so
glad Henry is starting this again. Ella use love .

"You OK with all of this Sam." He nodded.

"I'm thinking more about being partners than that prick. Mags showed
me what they found out. He's a coward but she's right that Alison is
better off away from him. We won't lose sleep if something happens
him," when Javier walked around the corner and hugged him. He
introduced us and asked if he wanted a beer. He nodded. We shook his
hand. Chloe knew him, basically seen him at Sam and Maggie's and said hi
as he hugged her. Family was a big thing for all of us.

"Maggie tells me you're a bad ass and handle things quick."

"More a badass-in-training Javier." He laughed as Sam, Maggie and
Sara walked up with beer. He kissed Mags on the cheek. "We're working
on what you asked us do, should be done by tomorrow morning. He'll
be fucked for sometime," as a woman walked around the corner and
hugged Maggie and Sam.

"This is Bet," Javier's better half. I smiled and said lucky we all
have one, or two as Sara and Chloe hugged me. They were totally not
embarrassed about us.

"We good?" Bet nodded. "So this thing you may need, you want
visible or quiet? Visible is harder and costs more." We told him
quiet, random. We'd just want him gone. We're hoping doesn't come
that but we'll protect our family.

"I'll give you the family rate as Javier and I laughed," I like a morbid sense of humor.
I'll let you know the cost but he has a good amount of coin so we'll see what we
get. We've got you covered Jefe. We shook his and Bet's hands and
asked if they'd like stay for dinner since was almost ready.

"What are you having?"

"Sara chimed in......"Flank steak, grilled veg, mashers, salad and
biscuits with honey." Javier looked at Bet smiled and nodded as
Sara took Bet by the arm and introduced her around. They were best friends inside
30 seconds I just prayed she didn't show the red dildo but I figured she would. Chloe,
I and Sam introduced Javier to Henry and Jake
Take me part 82
Posted:Jun 5, 2021 12:00 pm
Last Updated:Jul 7, 2022 7:45 am

Chloe walked ahead of us see Janey, Sara, and Alison...well,
everyone. Maggie put her arm around me as Sam walked up. I know
everything about him, Daniel and he's a prick. I can arrange whatever you want,
'll take a and a bit of time. He's not going stop, and Alison is lucky to be
away from him, but 'll get worse and someone will get hurt.

"Chloe and I recognize we may have end . I'd rather not, but if he
doesn't stop we won't have a choice."

"No, you won't."

"Can your family drain his resources and make his life a financial
hell?" Sara and Chloe walked up as I asked, and handed me a beer.

"I told them to set up but not the switch. I'm guessing it's
either done, or close, so whenever. They are good at this." I looked at her

"Good thing you're married, and I'm deeply in love, because I might be
a bit taken with you young lady. Take him down. If he's reasonably
smart he should have figured out how get into the back seat but
he'll have an annoying walk home because he has no idea where he is.
Hopefully 'll rain. When he finally gets home I want get worse
for him. Take everything and him up. Sara and I knew something
wasn't right. I don't want know what's he's done because 'll just piss me off.
Have them take their cut but Janey and Alison might as well get some
benefit." Maggie nodded as her and Sam walked out back. Sara and Chloe
hugged me.

"Why do you two get all the fun?" Sara said kissing me. "Chloe told me
but I get to destroy tires next time, mister. Come in the back and
let's be a family. We're fine right now."

"We will love," as both us kissed her. We'll be in a few." Sara
smiled and ran out back. Chloe wrapped her arms around me and put her
head on my chest. "I was impressed by your restraint, mister."

"I don't like hurting people but he's starting piss me off."

"If what Mags does doesn't deter him them 'll need be ended
Daniel. Period. I won't risk my family."

"I know sweets, but we don't have think about that now. We need
enjoy our family." We walked in the backyard and waved at Jake
was grilling with Henry and David. Issa and Sara were playing with girls.
Janey and Ali were kissing, as usual. Maggie walked up us and said
was done and he would have a very bad homecoming. I called Sara and
the three of us talked with Sam and Maggie and showed them the
numbers, and valuations, of the business and they looked at each
other. Sam said,

"Daniel, we can't possibly come close that. We both want this because we think
being partners is a good idea for all of us, but 's no way on our end." Sara chimed in as Sara can.

"We are going talk with a super-genius accountant tomorrow, all of
us, and we'll work something out because I've read Daniel's notebooks and
he needs you Sam.. You're like Bob. We are making Bob a den. The
accountant will make you and mags a den as well. Don't worry." She
kissed both of them and ran back to with the girls.

"She's right Bob....uhhhh.... Sam. It'll get worked out. Let's enjoy
the afternoon."
take me part 81
Posted:Jun 5, 2021 9:48 am
Last Updated:Jul 7, 2022 7:45 am

Jake and I walked around back. He handed me the bag because he knew
what was coming, especially after yesterday when he officially became
the girls hero. I opened the door and yelled...."I need munchkins,"
and stood to the side. The girls screamed and ran out of the kitchen
and attacked Jake as I walked in unnoticed. Sam and Maggie were
smiling at me as I handed Sam the bag.

"They don't love me anymore." Maggie shook her head and said,

"You need more problems Jefe? Are those what I think they are?" I smiled.

"Jake made them... himself. You got coffee." Mags handed me a cup.
There are few things better than a good cup of coffee, and a good
sausage biscuit. The girls, and Jake walked in. He handled the girls
very well, even though he'd rather be left alone. He grabbed a
biscuit, as did the girls, and we all ate, chatting. I said to Sam and
Jake that we needed to get at it because Jake and I were helping Henry
with dinner.

"Jake, grab some gloves out of the console and back the truck up."
Both him and Sam looked me like I had lost my mind. "You can do it
, just go slow, and don't use the mirrors, look over shoulder. I'll
teach you about mirrors later." He was nervous.

I hugged him, "You'll be fine Jake. It's like driving, but in the
other direction...just go slow, and don't hit anything." He backed
into the street, turned around and started backing up the driveway as
me, Sam and Maggie watched. I was taping it for it his moms. The gate
posts were the lynch pin but he did fine, and Sam and I got him
lined up. He turned the truck off and got out carrying the gloves,
with a huge smile on his face. Maggie gave him a huge hug as both Sam
and I told him what a great job he did. I sent the video to Chloe and
Sara and Jake's phone rang within minutes as all four them called him.
Sam and I smiled and started unloading cattle fencing, scrap wood, and

Jake finally walked up with a sheepish grin, "Nice of you to finally
show up," Sam said smiling. "Come on, let's get to work." Sam had
already figured out the dimensions. We showed Jake how to make sure
they were true and accurate, we made our shovel marks, took down the
line and started digging. The generator was heavy, but not that heavy,
so this was more for Jake than anything else but we did want it a
little elevated with drainage so we had digging to do. We also needed
to go to home depot again, but what guy doesn't like that.

Maggie came out with some iced tea about 10:00. We all smiled, took
our gloves off and wiped the sweat off our faces because it was hot in
the sun a mile up. We were doing OK. We sat down when Sara walked up
the driveway and said,.

"Slackers," as she hugged Maggie. "I'm still impressed mister," as
she hugged Jake. She , kissed Sam on the cheek, and sat in my lap
stealing my iced tea. "I like you sweaty. Mags and I are going
shopping with the girls because we didn't do it last night." She
finished my glass, smiled and kissed me again. "Get back to work.
You're burning daylight," as her and Maggie laughed, walking inside.

We finished around 11:00. We had boards set, and the used cattle
fencing laid for the cement when we poured. Sam wanted to build
something around over the generator, like we were going to at the shop
because of the snow but we had plenty of time for that. Jake was
loving it, and it was mostly for him, anyway, so he could learn. It
was a solid few hours of work and we got it to where we needed.

We cleaned up and loaded the truck. "You got room in your garage for
some cement to stay for a bit? He nodded.. You two willing to help
move gravel. We nodded. I hugged him, as did Jake, and told him we had
a meeting tomorrow with the accountant for all of us discuss things.

"We can all talk later tonight but we'll work it." He nodded.

"Bye Sam." Jake and I got in the truck and headed to Henry's. "Pull
around by the cottage and park." We got out were walking to the back
door. I had my arm around Jake.


"Yeah ."

"Would you be disappointed if I didn't go to college and worked at the
shop? I really liked today." I turned us around and headed back to
the truck, dropped the gate and sat down. Chloe had seen us drive up
and walked around the front, saw us, listened, and turned around.

"The flat out answer, Jake, is not at all, and neither would Chloe,
Sara, or Henry....or Janey and Alison, but it's more complicated.
You're 16...

"almost 17..."

"...fair point, almost 17, but that is still young, and you are just
engaging with life. I think it's great you are interested in both the
shop, and here at Henry's, but there is a ton of interesting stuff out
there , and you are smart enough to do most anyway of it. There
maybe be many things you want to do and move on from to try others,
that's great. Neither I, or your moms, will care. If you want to
work at the shop, and take over someday, I could never be prouder, or
happier, but give it time and let life unfold for you, because it

He hugged me as we headed inside. "Jake. Wash up.' Chloe came up,
kissed me, and whispered....

"You're making me horny all sweaty, and stuff." I am assuming the
"stuff' was my growing cock pushed into her. "You cost me $50 mister,
and Sara already demanded the money." She kissed me smiling. "I need
to get back out front, at least wash your face and hands."

I did. Jake was at the flat top with Janey, who waved. Alison was
chopping for tomorrow. I hugged her and she kissed my hand as she
pushed her ass into my crotch. These girls loved to flirt. "Pretty
impressive with the scent challenge mister, I must say. We were all
impressed but are hatching a new, harder, challenge...as she reached
around, grabbed my cock, and squeezed...hard, and held on. smiling.
"Me and Janes. We're all figuring out the rules. I bit the back of
her neck, as she squealed, and said fine.

"Where's your dad, Jane's?"

"He's out front with David and Issa. You taking advantage of my woman?"

"More, or less. Learn from her Jake. She's gifted."

I walked up and said hi. "Is this a private party, or can anyone
join?" Henry looked at me and said,

"Why don't sweat like that here?"

"Because 25% of 0 is nothing Henry." He laughed and said I had a good
point. "What do you need me and Jake and to do. We saw Sara earlier
before they headed to the store."

"Is there room in the fridge?"

'I'll make room Henry."

"Take the steak over and chill it. I'll deal with the grill with Jake.
so I can show him. If you can prep all the rest that would be good.
David and Isabella will take me over. Pretty good crowd." I nodded
and patted his shoulder. "It's because you're closing early. They they
think you're dying."

"Janes, you good with him learning the ropes even though he smells?"
She stuck her tongue out at me.

"He smells worky, and yes I am."

"See ya." I grabbed the marinating steak, put it on the floor, prayed,
and called Sam.

"Hey, what's up?"

"You got a big wash tub, or something, to hold beer and ice?


"Bring it over to Chloe's.

I went into King Sooper's as Maggie, Sara, and the girls were walking
out. Sara saw me and ran, without looking, and jumped on me. "I LOVE
my red dildo and I told Janey and Ali and they are SO jealous. Fun
times tonight mister." She kissed me as Maggie and the girls walked
up. I put her down and focused on the girls.....

"I know you," as I looked at the them, "and I am starting to feel
something," as I moved my fingers toward them. They screamed as they
all ran to the car. I got beer, Prosecco, pretzels, ice cream, and
ice, and drove home. I honked and the girls came running out, hugging
me. They looked at me closely, making sure I wasn't the tickle

"Grab the bags, but be careful with that one, so the Prosecco doesn't
explode. Tell Sara, or your mom, t o put the ice cream in the
freezer." Sam pulled up behind me, brought the tub over, loaded the
ice in it and carried it around back, as I lugged the beer. "We should
think about kegs Sam." He nodded as we walked around back.

Sara came out and said, "I have a bone to pick with you, and not that
one. You haven't kissed me?"

"Sweets, I'm kinda occupied at the moment. These are heavy especially
after what we did. Can you kiss me after I take a shower?" All I got
was a silent stare but she stuck her head out with her mouth puckered.
I leaned forward and kissed her. She clapped and ran back inside. I
knew what she was doing but looked at Sam anyway.

"I tried to tell you, Jefe. Put some of those in the freezer and take
a shower. You smell." I shook my head and walked inside. Sara and
Maggie had music on and were cleaning veg. I made room in the fridge
for the steak, and put some beer in the freezer as Sara walked up and
hugged me.

"I was just messing with you mister, but I liked that you kissed me.
Go take a shower and I might join you if Mags will me go." I couldn't
remember if we had washed sheets and towels, we had. I stripped and
stepped in the shower when I could feel the door open.

"Maggie, Sam is in the back yard. What is wrong with you?" The shower
door opened and Sara stepped in.

"Does every woman we know want to fuck you?" She knelt and started
sucking me as she squeezed my balls. Sara was, shall we say, generous
when it came to squeezing my balls. She squeezed, and pulled, and
tugged, and twisted, and licked...which I especially enjoyed, and dug
her nails into. I was shuddering as I thought about the other toys I
had she didn't know about. She bit both of them before I came. She
looked up at me and smiled as she climbed up so I could lick the last
drops of cum off her mouth. "We are both fucking you in the ass
tonight. We've talked with Janey and Ali so we are opening later, and
yes they know why, now finish, get dressed, and come help up us
mister." I probably won't tell Mags about your butt.

Sara dried off got dressed and went back to the kitchen as I finished
showering. I walked out and Sara hugged me. "You're spiffy."
Maggie looked at me and smiled, which chilled me to the bone because
if any anyone would say something, it would be Sara..

"Can Sam and I have beer before I start chopping?" They nodded. I
took the beers out of the freezer and put them into the fridge,
grabbed two, and walked outside handing one to Sam.

"You regretting your choices Jefe," as we took a long swig. Do i look
like I am? We laughed as both Sara and Maggie came out and stood on
either side of us as. We said hi and smiled as we held up our empty
bottles, and laughed as they hit us hard in the back of the head and
walked back into the kitchen. Sam and I walked in smiling, because
laughing would cause us pain and misery...... and kissed our
respective loves multiple times until they were smiling. I won at four
until Sara smiled.

We had everything ready when Henry, David, Issa, and Jake walked in.
There were no locks for our families. Janey and Ali were closing. I
told Sara I would be back and went to Henry's and walked in the back
as I always did....locked the door, looked around to see if I needed
to do anything, which I didn't, and walked out front and watched them
as they laughed and cleaned up. They turned around, saw me and
screamed before they realized it was me, yelled, and threw spoons,
which I dodged. "WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!!!. You scared the crap out of

"Join the club shitheads! The back door was open." They looked at
each other, and then at me. I nodded. I took a pad and pen and gave it
to Alison and told to write Philip's full name and address down.
She looked at me. "Do it." They chose the Dead and cranked it up as
we cleaned. I did the bathrooms.

I walked out and Ali and Janey were dancing, and kissing, like they
were high. They saw me and walked over and started dancing with me.
We danced until the song ended, and it was the DEAD so it took a

Janey checked the front door and Ali checked the bathrooms for water
leaking.... that was my particular obsession. We checked the back as
we left, we set the alarm and walked out front. I was still primed. I
looked around as I walked them to their car. "We need to be careful
until things work out. I'm serious!"

I could feel a twinge at the back of my neck but hoped it was nothing.
Everyone was there when we got home. Janey and Alison ran into the
back as I walked up the drive and the hairs on the back of my neck
stood up. I turned and Philip was walking up the driveway. Chloe came
around the corner, as did Maggie.

"I just want t talk with her Danie..."

..."as i punched him in the solar plexus and dragged him to his car.
Maggie and Chloe were walking up.... everyone else was in the back
having a good time. I grabbed Philip by the hair and jerked, "I told
you." I took his keys, wallet, and cash out of his pockets. I kept
the keys, unlocked the trunk, and threw him in, and started the car. I
handed the wallet and cash to Mags, who nodded, and walked out back.
"You're following me," but Chloe was already heading to her car. I
wanted going to get gas and torch it, but I was trying to be nice.

I left with Chloe following me as I drove fast, and erratically, for a
long time. Chloe didn't call me, which I was thankful for. I pulled
onto a road that was accessed for cattle and drove down. I
slammed on the brakes, got out, and opened the trunk as Chloe walked
up. Philip cowered in the back of the trunk. I took out my knife and
held it up, and handed it to Chloe. She destroyed all of the tires,
pulled his legs to her, spread them, and then slammed the knife into
the trunk between his legs.

"You come close to my family again Philip, and those won't be the
thing you'll lose." She gave me back my knife, spit on him, and walked
away. I took his shoes off. I was thinking about taking his pants, but
that seemed mean.

"Listen Philip. We gave you a break. You won't get another one," and I
closed the trunk.... at least it wasn't on fire. I got in the car as
Chloe drove away. She took my hand and kissed it. You realize we may
have to kill him. I looked out the windshield like Jake did when he
learned what I did and said, "I hope not love, now lets go home.

It not that hard to get out of a trunk. His walk would be be a pain in
the ass, but he deserved thrice over. Chloe and I got home and walked
up the drive when Mags walked toward us saying... he alive". We
nodded. She smiled and said you're going to be happy. Go be with your
family, as she kissed us both.

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