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take me part 608...edited
Posted:Jan 31, 2022 7:45 pm
Last Updated:Feb 1, 2022 11:14 am

Sara and Kana laughed and went to deliver wonderful, homemade pies, and a few other things, to Hammish, Ilsa, and Alfher. I was looking forward to seeing Annika and Klaara again but Annika needed to be with Ama after what happened so she could process it. None of us understood why her and Alfher had such power at such a young age but we would have to figure it out. Ilsa and Hammish were already doing that with Alfher because the one thing he wanted most was a family, and he had that now. It didn't hurt that his aunts and uncle were stronger than he was. Sara kicked Hammish's door as he opened it and smiled and they walked inside.

"Danael asked me to go to Norway to get some things but the cook insisted on sending back almost more than Kana and I could carry, included in it were some of her amazing pies. I'm not sure what else she put in it but you can check tomorrow, Ilsa." Sara handed her two bars of chocolate. "I doubted any would be left."They smiled and kissed them because this was rare as diamonds to these folks even though we could have as much as we wanted. Funny thing was that none of us really cared that much for chocolate, maybe on the rare occasion but for people here it was an rarity. This was the problem with using the mist. I could bring boxes of chocolate, and other candy, back here and take money away from hard working people, or start a shop in a town like the one Juuka and Eluta lived in and become wealthy. It was a slippery slope and I kept hearing Dreka saying, "just wait, because the power is immense. I'm sure Sara didn't figure a few chocolate bars for family that had only heard of them would matter too much, but we needed to be vigilant.

They said goodbye and shifted to Juuka's. They waited for their eyes to adjust as Kana said they needed lanterns, and candles. Wolf walked up and bumped Sara, who scratched him. "Thank you for watching over them, this is a new place for them." He said they were watching over, but also leery because he led what happened against all them. "We know my friend but Danael trusts him, as do I. People change and he cares more for his family than his job." He nodded and walked away as Kana nodded. "Juuka. It's Sara and my friend. We have something for your family." Juuka and Eluta opened the door.

"It's dark, Sara. What is so important that it couldn't wait until tomorrow? You shouldn't be out." Ilsa had given them candles and they had the fires for light and warm. They would be comfortable tonight, and well fed, but the shop keepers would be the happy ones tomorrow because all of us needed to restock, and Hammish and I needed to find workers. We were all going to town and we'd have to find something special for the wolves.

Sara and Kana extended two half pies, one boysenberry, and one strawberry/rhubarb. Sara also smiled and handed them two chocolate bars saying it was a special treat. They lifted the cloth off the pies and the screamed. "We wanted you to feel welcome on your first night here. We have to get back but the wolves are watching over you and you don't need to be afraid if you have to go out later. They won't hurt you. You probably won't see them. Enjoy the pies." They hugged each other and the girls walked outside as they opened the mist and walked back into Irina's.

"How do you that?" They both laughed and walked away. Crap. "How long until the stew is done? Irina said half an hour. I walked outside and opened the mist the only way could and walked onto Gotland, and braced...nothing. "Hmmmm.?" I walked toward town and got tackled from every direction as they all laughed. "There is something seriously wrong with all you." They laughed and got off of me. I shook my head, but smiled. "Are you liking it here....fitting in?" They stared at me as I looked at Karin.

"I am use to human's because of you, and Lisbet, even though you are also dragons, but I had time to adjust because of you. They don't have that and there are a LOT of people here. They are nice, but there a LOT of them. They want to stay but are beginning to think it might be better for them to return home like the rest." I nodded. Crap. I tried tying up one lose end and more unraveled.

"Do they have personal items?" Karin nodded. "Tell them to bring them here. I might know a place they might like better as they adjust." She nodded. They ran off and Karin looked at me, waiting. "You told me about me a place that had artwork and books, and paper in caves that you could only get to deep in the sea. Do you remember?" She nodded. "After I take your friends to look at some place that might be easier for them to adjust to, I need you and Elisabeth to take me to those caves." They both nodded as the Elves ran up with the belongings they had. They couldn't talk with me yet, but they understood me and i told them my idea, and they nodded. I opened the mist and we all walked through, including Karin and Elisabeth, outside of Ama's house on Iceland. "Go ahead and knock, Lisbet." Karin stood next her and the other Elves gathered around. They were so excited as the door opened and Emily smiled.

"Ahhh, Ama, we have guests." Emily laughed as she saw me and everyone walked to the door.

"Well, don't just stand there like a bunch of sardines, come in and tell us why you're here." Ama looked at me, smiled, and shook head. She took me aside. I'm beginning to think I should just throw in the towel." I smiled and kissed her cheek, telling her not to do that as Chloe and my hugged me. They made room at the table and I filled them in about the Elves.

"I thought this would be the best place while they adapt to being out of the water. They have the ocean, but there aren't a lot of people, and we are friends. They can go into town and interact and them come back to decompress from interacting." All of the Elves nodded. "I'm sorry, Ama, I should have talked with you first but I'm trying to fit a lot of things into limited time. She nodded.

"Chloe, dear, you are going to have to change rooms to the smallest, with the twin bed, because the elves don't mind sleeping in bunches, and Annika and Klaara are coming home tomorrow." She nodded and said it was fine. "What else do you have up your sleeve?" I smiled as I petted Sassa.

"I'll tell you if it works, please make sure they feel comfortable here...." they all nodded. "Good, I'll be back as soon as I can so we can all figure out how to making stay with humans, work for you." They nodded. I said goodbye to everyone, especially Chloe, Jake and Em. "I will be back as soon as I can." They hugged me as Ama, Karin, Elisabeth and I walked outside. Ama opened the mist.

"If you can do this, it'll be amazing. Good luck." She pushed us to the caves that karin had mentioned and we ended up in water inside of a large cave with multiple offshoots as Karin clapped.

"Come on, Loves, wait until you see." We climbed out of the water and onto the rock ledge and Karin lead us back and up. "There are many smaller caves, Danael, and everything is different. It's as if many ships came here over time to keep these things safe but the seas changed. The water is deeper now than it was when I was last here, and told you about it." I had slowed time down as best I could because I wanted to be with my family. Karin lead us deeper into the caves. "There are many but I didn't go into all of them, just glanced. Most have shiny things but a few don't, they are this way. We walked back and up and I knew that someone had carved these chambers and that was when Karin led us into a large chamber toward the back of the caves. Everything else we had seen could get wet, these couldn't. I was amazed they were in the condition they were in because there was little rot on the wood. These had to be protected by magic, which gave me pause as I told Karin and Elisabeth to stay behind me.

I looked around and said, "Hellooooo," which made laugh until I heard the groan, and a creaking, as Karin and Elisabeth ran back to the pool and dove in. I shook my head and looked for a torch or something. I shifted into the dragon and set my hand aflame as I tried to walk around. I could fly, and swim, better than I could walk. I knew what I was looking at, they were pagan carvings in wood, and also in various types of stone. I turned, because I felt someone watching me, and I was staring at a tree, with eyes. I tried to say hi but I was being surrounded by roots. I frosted them and shifted to the other side of the room and saw torches. I lit them and shifted back to me as the frost melted and the tree turned toward me. I was beyond weird at this point but it made sense that pagans, and Druids would rely on trees to protect their prized things. I remember what Taiiko said about me being the Kami of their forest, and land. I called to them asking for help as I waited. This protector was unsure what to do because I posed no threat and that was when the spirit of the trees in Japan stood around me and spoke to him a language I couldn't understand, which saddened me because it was beautiful. One my tree spirits walked up to me, smiling and pushed.

"We have explained who you are and where you want to take these for safe keeping. We explained the ocean and that all this would be lost some time soon. He seemed to know of this island you have in your mind. We can help you send this to that place if that is what wish." I told them I did and that there was another room with books, scrolls, and paintings and asked if they could me with that. They said they would have to see it. "We can send everything here, including the protector, but not the metal." I nodded as I imagined Ama's backyard and asked if they could feel where I wanted these things. She nodded as i pulled from Gaia and the elves and my tree spirits said something and it was done. All of the wood and stone statues and carvings were gone and all that was left was the metal which I easily sent between the table and the sun room at Ama's. I called for Karin as they came running in.

"Where are the books and paintings you mention?" We followed Karin and walked into a room about half the size of the other one, but there were so many rolled canvases, and scrolls, manuscripts and drawings and icons that it was full. I looked at my new spirit friend. Do you know where Taiiko is?" She said they always knew where she was, just like me." I bowed and said thank you. "Please send all of this to her, but there are a lot of people there." She nodded as I pulled energy, again, to help and everything was gone as both Karina and Elisabeth clapped because they were no longer scared. "Karin, is there anything else made out of wood or stone?" She shook her head...

"Not that i know of, it's all shiny things." I nodded and turned to the forest spirit.

"Thank you, all of you. I'm not sure I could have saved these things without your help." She smiled as she spoke to the others, which was sent back to the forest, because I could feel the trees shudder.

"We serve our kami and now you are our kami...you. We serve Yoshi, and Taiiko, and their family, as well because they take of us when many don't." I bowed and they were gone as Karin, Elisabeth and I landed outside of Irina's. They looked at me and I said it was fine, that they were all family. We walked in as everyone, including Ama, looked at us in stunned silence.
take me part 607... edited(?)...again...and expanded
Posted:Jan 31, 2022 12:57 pm
Last Updated:Feb 1, 2022 2:21 pm

I hugged and kissed Malinka and told her I was going to get wood. She turned to go with me but I shook my head and told her to enjoy her sisters while they were still here. She smiled and walked inside. We didn't Emily's ipod and speakers so was no music but was more than enough laughter inside. I opened the heavy blanket that covered the top of the wood pile. I wasn't sure what was in but if we were back home I'd say was waxed canvas. I was loading wood on as Aisha walked around the corner and smiled. After Sofi, things changed in how we all interacted, not in a bad way just in the natural way of things. We were getting back into our usual pattern but were a lot of people in a place. 's a reason why Chloe, Jake, and Emily stayed in Norway and went back Iceland, and why Aisha, Annie, Aya, and Gerel would be going Norway tomorrow, or the day after, but they all wanted to see the village so I was figuring late tomorrow, or the following day.

"Want some help?" I nodded. "I'm guessing you already know that we'll be leaving, but Sara and Taiiko are staying so doesn't feel suddenly empty for Irina and Malinka." I smiled and nodded and was always astounded at how deep the love was between all of us. "Annie needs to on the businesses and the development in town, and in with Bethany." I needed do the thing in Denver. "Aya and Gerel want on Aydar. He's still Gerel's older brother." I growled but nodded. "We'll talk about things tonight but we are all strong willed so good luck trying to talk any of them out of something if their mind's are made up. I'll stay with you if ask, but I figured you wouldn't." I nodded, smiled, and kissed her. "I'm figuring that Aya and Gerel will want to go back to Romania because is a still a ceremony that needs take place. I've talked with Taiiko and Airi and I are going with them, along with one or two of their students, just in case. They thought it was overkill but none of us did, and we knew you wouldn't."

"You got that right, but I'm trying 'not push the river these days, sweets."

"How's that working for you?"

"Marginal, at best." We both laughed as we picked up the end of the blanket and dragged the front. We weren't sure if the snow helped, or hindered. We were finishing the stacking as Annie walked out and hugged me. "I say that's some pretty impressive timing lady." She smiled and bit my shoulder as she hugged me.

"I'm guessing big mouth spilled the beans." Aisha stuck her tongue out as she walked inside. I picked up the blanket and we walked around back. Annie helped fold it and secure it on top of the wood.

"She told me but I was already feeling it because life doesn't stop because 's a loss, as devastating as may be. This place is too for everyone even though they all loved you here, and Sofi was able share in that, so I take great solace in that. With Dreka gone I feel a bit better but I am still uneasy about Aydar, and his people, and needing be here for awhile longer complicates things. I was thinking of taking Irina and Malinka Iceland and then Denver because I need in like Annie does in Norway, and 's family as well." Annie stared at me. "I know but isn't much time before they need be with all of you, somewhere, and Norway is the logical place because it's similar here...familiar. 's not much for them here since the ground is still frozen." She nodded. " is a lot of work that needs be done before next winter, which means a lot of workers I don't know, and a lot time I'll be focused on other things. I think would be better if I stayed here get things ready and y'all help the girls learn and grow in Norway. They are both very smart, and curious, and they liked . 's easier for me use the mist and I don't want them coming back here with babies. It's a good house but it's older. I'd rather they be in the new house if they want stay here" Annie nodded.

"I think 's a sound idea and 'd be better for them the health care in Norway than none here." I looked down and nodded saying that I couldn't lose someone else. Annie grabbed me and squeezed. "'s still a few more weeks of winter and as we all leave they'll start miss their sisters. 'll also give you time adjust the new normal."

"Can you through the clothes you and see if anything will fit them so when we go back, even briefly, they'll feel like they fit in. I also need get more silver so we can for workers between Hammish and I. 's silver in my safe in Denver, and plenty in the caves that Ama said belonged us, and supposedly Karin and her siren friends are stacking up chests waiting for me because they are all so happy that I released them back being Elves."

"We are still shaking our head's about that. You plod your way into these seemingly insane decisions, which we all assume is because you are losing your mind, but then you come out the other end and for some reason works out. 's an oddity that none us can figure out, not even Ama. We'll find something for them wear, and is plenty of silver if you need . You don't need ask, love, and we all think Irina and Malinka will be OK staying with us until after the babies are born and the new houses are built. You, Hammish, and Juuka will busy, and exhausted." I nodded.

"If Juuka and Eluta stay, which is up in the air, and then we deal with this Duke."

"They'll stay, but someone is going load up their things and bring them here, or sell them and just bring back their prized things. We were watching Eluta and Juuka, especially after the wolves, which was as clever as was counterintuitive. They were terrified until the scratched their ears, and laughed, then Eluta and Juuka felt safe. This Count person seems like someone holds a grudge so feeling safe is important, and 's a nice homestead for them, different from where they were, but better in other ways." She stared me. "You're planning on building a village outside of a village, aren't you, mister?" I smiled and shrugged as we walked the front bring wood inside and spend what might be last night with all of us under one roof for a while.

We walked inside and it was like old times in Denver, just without music. Irina saw us, smiled, and motioned for me. I nodded and put the wood down as Annie added some the fire. I walked up and Irina kissed me. "Help me so Malinka can enjoy our sisters before they leave." I nodded as I cleaned potato's and carrots and cut them along with onion's that needed to be used. I put bacon grease in a large iron skillet and took it to the other hearth and spread the logs around so the grate would fit and handed Annie the the wooden spoon and said crispy. She smiled and nodded. I went into the pantry and then into the root cellar.... wasn't much left. I grabbed the worst looking apples and set them on the floor of the house as Irina looked down and asked what I was doing.

"Making room, love." She smiled. "Is enough flour for a cobbler and biscuits?" She nodded. "We'll need butter for both." She looked around, worried as I lifted the last of the ale and mead up. She stared at me. "Don't worry love, we can restock tomorrow. Come show me where you hid the silver so I know how much is here. Irina pulled a stone out of the foundation that I never would suspected was loose.

"We a lot, Danael, even after what you gave Hammish for Juuka and his family...will we get that back?" I nodded and told her we would. "We the silver you brought and then the coins that Hammish made that we all use." I said take a bag of Hammish's coins so we had enough restock the pantry, and Ilsa's if they needed them before Hammish melted the bars down. She nodded, hugged me, bit me, and wept. I just held her until it passed because she was trying to be strong for Malinka. "I miss Sofi so much that I'm not sure I can bear the loss staying here, Danael, but Malinka feels that Sofi is still here, but she is .

"We'll work things out my love, but lets focus on the joy of all us being here and believe that Sofi is watching us and smiling." She nodded and kissed me as she climbed up the ladder and I pinched her butt. She squealed and thumped me in the chest with her heel as she laughed. I motioned for Sara. "Can you go Norway and get butter, flour, baking soda, and powder, buttermilk, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, and cardamom, and dark chocolate if they any, and the tea I like?" She nodded, smiled, opened the mist and walked through as I shook my head because I was convinced was a coven secret. I was corrupting them into using the mist as a pack mule but we were paying a high enough being in all of this, and was shifting a lot of other norms. Irina looked at me, confused. "She's going get a few things that will be helpful." We went back work as Malinka asked if she could help and we with both said no, at the . She laughed and walked back the fire enjoy her sisters. The house was but we all fit when we had too, and was more than enough room house all of the love that was present.

I had finished slicing the apples and was making dough for biscuits when Sara and Kana walked in carrying a large tote that seemed heavy. I stared at them and they both told me to shut up because neither of them were going to argue with her. Kana went to the other fire while everyone walked in the kitchen except Annie, which wasn't easy because it wasn't a large space. Everyone made room for Malinka walked up and stood next to Irina.

"Well, go ahead." Sara pointed to the tote. "Just lift the lid off and inside. are things from the pantry in Norway. The cook wouldn't let us leave until she filled , and she's not one be messed with." Malinka and Irina looked worried for Sara. "Go on Malinka, open it up because are goodies for all of us, and Hammish and Ilsa, and Juuka, Eluta and the , and are some things for your pantry." Malinka and Irina opened and gasped as Sara reached in and grabbed the buttermilk. "This is for Daniel," as she handed me a pint. "We all like your buttermilk biscuits and are a few cast iron things in too. was heavy, mister." She walked next me and wrapped her arms around and whispered. "They miss you, a lot. We need figure out a way get them Norway, at least for a decent period of time." I nodded as Irina and Malinka were speechless looking through things and that was when they started lifting out pies wrapped in cloth. I looked at Sara and Kana.

"She wouldn't stop." made my life easier because I couldn't really remember how mom made her apple pie, and stewed apples, especially with spices, would be a huge a treat, and way easier. The pies were on the counter as they were still rummaging through the tote, gasping at things as Sara and Annie tended to the other hearth and I made two frying pan's full of buttermilk biscuits. and covered them as I sliced pies and put them on plates. I was getting ready to go outside and go to Hammish's when Sara and Kana put out hands. "Not a chance, mister, because the likelihood of these ending up on the ground is at least seventy percent." Kana said 'at least.' "You're adept at stirring." They chuckled and walked outside as Irina and Malinka found the chocolate and screamed. Aisha set up the ipod and speakers and Jamestown Revival came on.... "This too, shall pass." I smiled as I stirred and Annie smiled at me from the other heath doing the just like at Henry's. was going a be a good evening.
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take me part 606... edited, again
Posted:Jan 30, 2022 5:16 pm
Last Updated:Feb 1, 2022 8:54 am

I hugged Ilsa as everyone else was finishing loading the wagons to at least give Jukka some comfort in an empty house while we dealt with the Count and the Duke. We finished and Ilsa and Irina went in to make lunch as i spoke with Jukka, and Hammish as everyone listened. "Hammish do still have the coins you made?" He nodded and went inside and came back with a leather bag. I handed him the silver I brought from Norway. "Can we swap? I want Jukka's family to be able to provide for themselves until we get things worked out here. He swapped out blank silver coins for the bars I brought. I handed them to Jukka as he stared at me, and then us. "You can us back when you figure things out and sell your property.

"Why would you do such a thing after we tried to hurt you?" The girls hugged him and Sara told him that this wasn't an easy place to live and all we wanted to was to be left alone and that he seemed to want the same thing. Jukka. He nodded. I told them we'd back soon and I opened the mist as Malinka walked .

"I want to go with you," I nodded as we walked to the place we took Jukka's family. They weren't expecting us, and were alarmed, but they recognized him and yelled in Finnish as Eluta and his ran and hugged him. They introduced us and Jukka told them he wanted to check and see how they were as he quietly handed her the bag of coins. She nodded and smiled at me. I asked if Malinka and I could walk around and they said yes as everyone went about their business and the Juuka and Eluta talked as a family.

" It looks similar to were we live, and also Norway, but closer to the ocean." I nodded as she took my hand. I could feel her thinking about Norway. Their life was a good one, simple, loving, but hard, as it was with most people across time. I wasn't going to push because none of these decisions were easy. Jukka waved at us.

"Where's your family?"

"They went to get their bags. We can stay here, or we can go to my family, but they want to be with me until that happens. Is that OK?" Malinka and I both nodded and said of course. Eluta told her people and said goodbye as I opened the mist and we walked out at Hammish's as the girls were getting ready to go inside. Everyone smiled, especially Ilsa and Irina as they hugged them. They didn't have a lot compared to what we did in the future which was why having family and friends was so important. I hoped they stayed because they would be a welcome addition. Jukka handed the silver to me and we all shook our heads. We have to go into town tomorrow and you there are things you need until we work this out." They nodded as we went inside for soup, bread and honey. We got them unloaded at the house. Irina and Ilsa gave them what they could spare so they could cook, and have something to sleep on, and under. We took firewood. It wasn't ideal but it was their own space.

Hammish, Jukka, Alfher and I dug out the spring and lined it with river rocks so it looked similar to Irina's, but closer to the house. We sealed off the fireplaces as best we could with old blankets, climbed on the roof and cleaned them with fir branches to make sure nothing was living in them that would stop the draw of smoke. They weren't as bad as any of us thought. Nothing was ever clean there but we did the best we could and started fires so they would have a good bed of coals for dinner which was, again, provided by Ilsa and Irina sharing what they had. Everyone having a was better than someone having nothing when community was vital. The house was closer to Ilsa and Hammish than it was to us which meant it was farther from town, which was good. The girls helped them get settled and unpacked and made plans for going to town the next day. The rest of us, including Malinka walked around the land. Malinka was sticking pretty close, and I suspected both her and Irina would be for awhile.

There was a small stone barn that needed repair and the roof patched but it was something and not in terrible shape. There was an old fence along the road all the way to a side road. I needed to go exploring which Malinka might like. She didn't get to ride on the bear very often. Jukka knelt and dug into the Earth.

"It's good soil," as he stood and looked around. We nodded in silent agreement because it was good land. Someone had cared for it. There was a large cleared field which would be good for hay, and smaller ones that still had rocks that needed to be cleared but they could help with the barn. The stream ran in front of the house but was deeper, and faster, which meant there might be fish, but regardless it would be a good source of water for cleaning, and cooking, or even drinking, after it was boiled. There were fruit trees and berries, both of which were over grown, and there was a dense forest at the back. I looked at Hammish.

"You and Ilsa did well, this is a good homestead." Everyone nodded as Hammish smiled. Jukka kept looking around as we watched .

"We could stay here until we get things worked out with our house?" We nodded. "It's nice, and there are things Eluta would want to bring, of course, but it is more crowded there, and not a lot of land at our house. Eluta's family were farmers and fishermen. Malinka walked and hugged him, which I was surprised at, as was Hammish because he glanced at me and smiled.

"Your family is welcome here Jukka. Spring will be here quickly and this is good land. It needs a good family and my husband and Hammish could use help.... we all could use the help. If you choose to go back to this Finland we'll understand because family is a strong pull, but see how this place fits you and your family. Change is never easy but you have friends here." Malinka walked and hugged me as I whispered and her asked how she got so smart. She smiled and pinched me as we walked back to the house. I pointed.

"Good smoke out of both chimneys is a good sign, Jukka. They need a work, as does the roof, but not a lot. The house seems sound at least until you and your family decide what to do." He nodded. We walked in as everyone was laughing and organizing the there was at the moment. They had kettles of water on and buckets from the spring to drink. They were peeling vegetables and browning meat to make a stew. Sara and Ilsa pulled in the wagon with more wood, hay, and their animals along with more staples from Ilsa's pantry. They had their animals and the rest of the things they brought through the mist so they could feel at home. We unloaded everything and I pushed to Wolf and the pack. They all howled which scared them, especially when wolves started walking out of the trees. The were terrified, especially the . I knelt down and told not to be afraid, that they were friends, and our neighbors, and we helped each other. I took their hands and walked to them as Eluta gasped. Malinka and Irina hugged her and said it was fine.

"This is Wolf and his mate, they lead this pack. I introduced them and said they were friends. Wolf looked at me. "He's a friend, now. They like their ears scratched like this." They looked at me and then their parents. "They won't hurt any of you. I wanted them know your scent and introduce you. Go on, like this." I walked them and it took about thirty seconds until they were laughing and wolves were coming and going to get scratched. Jukka and Eluta walked and did the same. The clapped because they were so excited. The wolves howled and trotted away as Jukka and Eluta looked at me. "We helped each other this winter and became friends. We watch out for another. I wanted you to meet." They smiled and nodded.

"You are a strange man, Danael." Sara laughed and said he didn't know the half of it. Irina and Ilsa walked inside with Eluta and the to make sure they had what they needed until the morning.

"We'll bring the wagon tomorrow after chores and breakfast and we'll go to Irina's and then go into town while you scruffy lot start fixing things". We nodded as the girls went inside. It was starting to get chilly and we needed to head home because there was a couple of hours of light left but.

"There aren't many people this far from town, and the wolves watch over us, but keep these until we make you new ones." Hammish handed him a hatchet and some knives, and a hickory stick with a large knot on the end. It was meant to be a walking a stick put could be used as a weapon if need be. "You're welcomed here for as long as you want to stay." Jukka nodded and said thank you as we all said our goodbyes and went back to Hammish and Ilsa's before going home. It was a good day and we were all glad their family was together while they figured things out. Sadly, I had the feeling that my family was going to split. I figured we'd be discussing things over dinner, and afterward. Everyone got off the wagon and walked to the house, talking and laughing. Malinka went with me as we backed the wagon into the barn.

"I can do this, love, go spend time with everyone because some of them may be leaving in a day or to check on things." She stared at me and nodded as she ran to the house. I unhitched the mule and brushed her down and gave a handful of sweet grain then put her in the stall as I threw the manure onto the cart. I did the same with rest and was giving them hay when Malinka walked in with the slop bucket and fed the pigs. We made sure the stalls were latched and left the stall for Drakon and his mates open and headed back the house

"Sara's going to read more of that book tonight and hopefully I won't fall asleep. How do we understand each other so easily, Danael?" I told her I thought it was something to do with the Gaia gave me with languages and that we were family, but I wasn't sure. She nodded, took my hand and put her head against my arm as we walked to the house.
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take me part 605...edited
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I kissed everyone, put more wood on the fire, grabbed my work coat and gloves and the water buckets, and went outside, was still cold but sunny. I set the buckets down by the gate and headed the barn as the door opened and closed. I turned and Malinka was running after me, smiling. She hugged me and took my hand as we walked to the barn. Thank you for the shells, they're wonderful and Sofi would love hers. 's nice three." She kissed me as we walked the rest of the way in silence. We got the door where I saw Sofi and Malinka looked at me. "Does ever stop hurting, Danael?" I hugged her tight and told her at some point the pain fades into the background but until then all we can do is cry when we and keeping moving forward and loving one another. "Do you think Sofi is here?" I kissed her and put my hand on her heart.

"I think Sofi is here, love, and will be until we meet again." She nodded and dealt with the animals while I picked up poop. She asked if I thought Sofi would liked Norway. "Did you?" She smiled and nodded and said wasn't that different from here, bigger and fancier. "I think Sofi would liked and all of you would been amazed when saw what was beyond the farm."

"Are you wealthy?" I chuckled because I suppose I was but didn't mean much, especially now.

"Where you went belongs Annie's family. Their family is very old so they had a lot of time become wealthy. I live a long way away from , the west, in a place called Colorado. The world is very big sweets with many different people." She nodded, thinking, as she went feed Drakon and his mates. We worked well together, we all worked well together. She followed me and gave the animals food and water after I cleaned the stalls. I dumped the manure walked back inside as she was closing the last stall and smiled. She kissed me.

"Can you stay with us for awhile longer?" I squeezed her and said of course. She grabbed my hand and squeezed as we went to get water talking about everything, and nothing. I put my buckets on the porch and went around back to chop wood. We had enough to get into spring but I would need to cut trees and split and stack wood for next winter and find dead trees for wood to cook. I needed to talk with Hammish about hiring some guys both of so was plenty for next winter. I wasn't sure how any of this would work because they all would give birth before the end of the year. I was hoping Malinka's mothering instinct would into high and she would see that would be better be in Norway and visit here rather than the other way around. The girls walked out see how I was.

"As good as can be expected, I suppose," as they nodded. was hard for all of us because we loved each other deeply. "'s a lot do and my plans are crumbling in front of me. I need stay here for a bit while Irina and Malinka adjust," they all nodded. I'm hoping they come around and decide stay in Norway but 's too soon. I need to plan like they won't leave but I'm not sure how that is going to work." Taiiko spoke.

"I think they will surprise you, love." They all nodded. "They are still raw, we are all but especially them, and you. We need to give them time, space, and love." I smiled and nodded as i shooed them away so I could finish the wood. "We're going to Ilsa and Hammish's to on the them and help with the other house."

" Irina see how much silver is here. I want take Jukka in with his family make sure they are OK. They a very nice house that something will be done with but in the interim I want make sure they can provide for themselves. I'll meet you when I'm finished. They nodded and walked the front as I chopped. I was almost finished stacking and wondering if this actually was enough when Wolf walked up and sat waiting for his shoulders and ears be scratched. I had created monsters.

"The pack is grateful for you helping our wolves, especially Sassa. Will she be OK by herself? We've always lived in packs. are no longer wolves on that island." I nodded and told him about Haagerstadt and my family and that she would be part of a pack but would just be different and that are wolves in Norway.

"If she gets sad I can ask Fenrir if are wolves would want an adventure. would be totally different because isn't as much game as is in the forests of Norway but for now they are happy." Wolf was perplexed.

"This Haagerstadt, he wants mate with Sassa?' I laughed and said no. They are friends and companions enjoy each others company." He nodded. " Sassa had internal injuries and Gaia wasn't sure she would be able pups even if she could survive in the pack." He was quiet. We're thankful she is happy. 's quite an adventure for a wolf travel the future. She is the first, except for Fenrir but he's a god." I hadn't thought about that but he was right. Wolf butted me, howled and ran followed by the wolves that I rarely saw until they ran after him. I finished stacking, washed my hands in the snow and went inside for some milk. The girls were gone so I checked the fires make sure they were safe and headed Hammish's.

was lovely day, brisk but Spring was definitely coming and I needed think about a lot things, so I walked. I didn't want push Irina and Malinka too hard, or too quickly, but at some point they were going to stay with us, somewhere. was too much that we going to be responsible for, and that was aside from caring for infants. wouldn't work if we were separate, in five years but not this year, that was going be an interesting conversation with these women. Now, I needed deal with the Count and then the Duke, and figure all of that out, and talk with Arad about how it was that he was working with humans. I was hoping he wasn't going be stupid enough try and claim Dreka's position, that was why I sealed Dreka's cave. I was fairly certain that would never be an end juggling balls. I walked up the drive Ilsa and Hammish's house and everyone waved, smiling as they loaded things onto the wagon. I smiled and waved back. I was happy and hoped lasted until some of the rawness of losing Sofi passed.
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Chloe stayed with Jake and Emily and were going to go back to Iceland but everyone else was still here. I can't say that I was surprised by Malinka because and her and Sofi were more than just sisters and she was still here in their view of things. It seemed that once we got rid of one threat then three more sprang up. I went to the barn to feed the animals as Drakon and his mates sat in front of me to be petted. "You dodged a bullet." He barked and they ran off to join the wolves for whatever they were doing. I sure wished life was that simple. I cleaned the stalls and fed the animals and was getting ready to dump the manure when I looked up and Sofi was standing in the doorway of the barn, smiling at me. She turned and walked away as I followed her across the drive and into the field to the west. I trotted to catch up but she was always a few yards out of reach. She walked into the trees as I sat down with tears in my eyes. Wolf walked up and nudged me before lying down.

"You saw your woman?" I nodded as I wiped my eyes. He was silent as we watched the sun set. and I told him about Sassa staying on Iceland. He nodded because injured wolves didn't last in a pack. I scratched his shoulders and walked back to the house wondering if this was going to be my life... seeing Sofi and never being able to speak with her again. Sara and Chloe were standing by the gate waiting for me. I knew they were worried about. They hugged me as I walked up.

"You saw Sofi?" I nodded as I wrapped my arms around them.

"Can you speak to Irina and Malinka when I'm not around, and understand them?" They looked at me like I was crazy but then thought about it because they didn't they know the language. They both nodded "I'd like Irina and Malinka, and everyone else, to see a doc and find midwives. They like the mist and I'd rather they have their babies there. I don't want to lose anyone else." They both kissed me and nodded as we walked inside. Irina and Malinka walked up and hugged me.

"Are you angry with us, Danael? We saw you walking across the field." I kissed them both and hugged them and told them not at all. They smiled as we set the table. We were trying to get back to normal but it was odd for all of us because we expected Sofi to run in at any minute. It's amazing how people play such a pivotal role in our lives that we never realize until they aren't there. We were almost finished when Sara spoke.

"We want you and Malinka to stay with us for several days so that we can all go to the doctor to check on our babies, and ourselves. Our medicine is very advanced. None of us expected any issues because we are all young and healthy but as we sadly learned complications can happen. Daniel will stay here and clean up the poop." They all laughed, which nice to hear. "You can come back when we're done but there will need to be regular visits which means you'll both have visit more than once." They both smiled and nodded. Well at least I wasn't wrong about my thought of sending them there. Chloe put a bag down in front Irina and Malinka as they stared at her, confused.

"You asked Daniel to bring you something something from the ocean." They at looked the girls, and then me, and smiled as Irina slid the bag to Malinka who clapped and, reached inside, and took out three large conch shells that were exquisite, both them gasped and teared because there were three. They got up and hugged me as they cried both happy and sad tears.

I started clearing the table and told them to take the shells and enjoy the fire. They nodded and walked to their version of a couch. Doing dishes here was way different. Irina walked up hugged and turned me around as she kissed me. "Thank you." I smiled.

"You saw Sofi, didn't you? That's why you were walking across the field." I looked at Malinka who was finally smiling again with the girls and nodded. "It's a ghost, Danael."

"I don't believe in ghosts, Irina. I believe in person spirit, but not ghosts. She 's not haunting me, she smiled at me in the barn just like she always did. I'll take what I can get for as long as i can but I know I belong here. I need to get some of the silver for Jukka and his family until we can work out selling their house for them, or until they can get someone to handle it. They had a nice house in a lovely town by the sea north of here. I thought they would like to stay because there is good land here but family is important as I hip bumped her and she splashed water on me. "How are the letters and numbers going, and writing?"

"She smiled, sadly," and said fine and we both dropped it. There would be a lot of that until there wasn't. We went to sit down. Malinka got up and Irina and I sat as she curled up in our laps. Sara grabbed a book she brought, Mark Twain...The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and she read to us, but mainly to Irina and Malinka. It took about fifteen minutes for Malinka to doze of, smiling, and maybe twenty for Irina. She stopped and looked at me. I smiled and told them to go to bed because I wasn't about to disturb them. They put a blanket around us, more wood on the fire, and kissed me as Irina and Malinka folded in on me and we fell asleep. We were all exhausted. I woke just before dawn and we hadn't moved. I yawned and went back to sleep until I smelled bacon. I was lying on my side. I sat up and smiled as i stretched and Malinka came over and climbed onto me.

"Breakfast is almost ready, mister. Thank you for not disturbing us last night. It was the best sleep we've had since Sofi " She kissed me. "I'm sorry for wanting to st...." I put my hand on her mouth.

"Never apologize for something you feel in your heart, Malinka." She smiled, kissed me and pulled me up.

"Come on, it's getting cold." I was going to have figure something out.... we were all going to have to figure something out. We went to share breakfast and were all smiling.
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Taiiko ran to her sisters as I stood, watched, and thought about Dreka and what to come, and what I had to do, and Neil came into my mind and I heard the entire song, Powderfinger, as I watched my family, and my new family, which everyone had already adopted, and prayed things would work out as I listened in my head. Hammish and Ilsa saw me as Ilsa walked up.

"You are not here, Dragon." I shook my head. "Where are you?" I told I far in the future listening to a song I know that reminds me what we are going through. "Can you ever be here with us, Danael?" I stared at her as the music stopped in my head.

"I'm not sure, Ilsa." She kissed me, and walked away as the song continued with me at more places than I could barely take in, but I did and it included Sofi, and that when the songs started. Shit, because I wanted to be with them but Neil finishing Powderfinger, and singing it to me, and then the Band started with the "The Weight" and then 'Cripple Cree" I'm guessing for fun because the last song before I stopped and growled, "Acadian Driftwood." I could feel Sara and Chloe watching me, concerned. I kept listening as I watched everyone. I growled, shifted, and disappeared as they screamed. I figured I had the advantage because I blamed Dreka for the loss we were all feeling. I could feel Arad stir. We'd know once and for all. I shifted in Dreka's cave as I snarled, and walked to him, unarmed. He knew I there, but I didn't care. I walked into into his 'chamber.' He looked at me with a respect that he never had.

"Druk" I growled as he stared at me, uncertain. "Do you think that you can end me?" Look around you, my friend." I surrounded by men with weapons but the only thing I had in my mind vision of Sofi, and my baby that I would never see in this life. "Join me, Druk, and we can rule this world." I stared at him as Bob Dylan started singing, "Blowin' in the wind," and I looked up, listened, and smiled, making Dreka totally confused as I ignored him until the song ended. I growled as I and moved toward him. He laughed.

"You actually think you can best me.... how wonderful. Please, do try dragon. Look around you. I only stared at Dreka as I raised my hands, and flicked my wrists, and they all dropped as I walked toward him, and growled again. He sent a bolt of energy at me which I grabbed in my hands and sent into my belly, as I glared at him. The girls walked in behind me. They were going to be mad as I bound them in safety, but Sara walked out immediatley and stood by me, and then Chloe walked out, and then Aya, and Annie. They kept the rest protected as I stared at Dreka. He nervous. I could feel it, and I wasn't the only dragon.

"He raged in anger, and I bound his mouth and his legs. I sent the bonds to the depth of the Earth as Gaia watch. I knew he would break my bonds soon, but I didn't care. I walked up and shifted into Druk, and stuck my thumbs into his eyes as he screamed. I shifted back and walked away as he raged at me. Arad shifted into the room and stared at him, and roared because we both trusted Dreka, and he lied to us. Arad landed in front of him and burned him.

'Why???" He raged and and roared and flailed. "We trusted you." Arad ripped half of his face off as I walked up to him as me, I no longer needed the dragon. I felt sorry for Dreka as I touched him.


"Yes, brother. It's me."

He laughed, just wait brother. the power is immense. You'll see if it wasn't for..." I ripped his throat out and he died as I held him because I had known him for millennia. I cried as I released all the girls and they looked at me. Sara and Chloe sent them back to the past as I grieved again. Ama and Gaia walked into the cave and looked at me because they were astounded. They went to deal with Dreka.

"Leave him, please." This brings me no joy. Take the slaves he had and make sure they are well taken care of while you teach them." They nodded. Sara and Chloe knelt beside me. "You know what you need what you have to do." I nodded as Arad landed next to us and we ripped Dreka's head off. I gave it to him so I wouldn't know where he went. I grabbed the body, shifted and ended up over the Southern Ocean by Antarctica. I took him to the bottom and laid Dreka to rest. He wasn't what he became when I knew and loved him. I shifted back to his caves. Sara and Chloe and looked at me.

"Is everyone out?" They looked at me and nodded. I sent them both back to our home in the past, as I sat and cried. Gaia walked up and crawled in my lap as I petted her. There were no words to say, and I could feel what went out into our world, which I hated because I had enough to deal with. Gaia looked at me and asked what I was going to do. I stared at her as we walked out and I sealed the caves in ice, with magic that only I knew. I knew there were eggs in them but we weren't ready. I growled because I didn't any of this. I looked at Gaia, smiled a half-smile, and went home as the caves were locked, and Dreka gone. They all looked at me as I walked up and hugged me.

I wished this the end of it, but it wasn't. I just bought us some time, but not much. Everyone else was enjoying our new family. They all went and embraced them as I shifted into the bear and walked into the forest. I could feel the wolves following me, but they let me be. I walked all night and ended up at Irina's. I knew what I we needed to do, regardless. I cleaned the barn, fed the animals, and went quietly inside as I started the fires and started breakfast. Part of me hated to do this because as hard as it was, part of me would rather be here, but the threat wasn't over. Irina came out and smiled as she hugged me.

"What, love?" I looked at her and cried, again. "Do you think we need to leave our home, Danael?" I looked at her and smiled such a sad smile as I said yes.

"I would rather that we all came here, but life doesn't work like that, and since Sofi, I to keep you and Malinka close, but that is in our modern times. I can take you there, but I won't if you don't me to. I do have a plan." She stared at me, and looked around, touched things and looked up. "Those men that came won't be the last and this is a house... we make it a home, love.

"What do Malinka and I get if we follow you to this place?" I smiled.

'You get a pain in the ass because you'll have to learn to be in a world you couldn't imagine, but you'll have a huge family that will love you, and help you, and you'll never be alone, or worry that someone breaks in your door. I think you both can do it. There are many people in my country who don't know the language, or customs, but they learn with the help of their family."

"Can you take us there to see it?" I looked at her and thought about it.

"You'd have no reference for what you would see and it might be overwhelming because change takes time." I could feel Sara watching me as Chloe talking with Jake and Emily. Irina looked at us.

"I have lost Sofi, I won't lose Malinka. Show me where you to take us, Danael." I looked at Sara and she smiled.

"Get Malinka ready," as Chloe, Taiiko, Jake, and Emily stepped up, waiting, as I smiled. I bowed to Gaia and said thank you. "What you will see is sort of similar to what it's like here, but beyond it is different. I'll care for our home here while you look at our home there. They will take care of you They were scared, but they were strong, and nodded. I opened the mist and they all walked into Norway. I walked back to the barn to deal with the animals. It still light as I dealt with what I needed to. Everyone else getting Jukka, Eluta, and their family settled in their place as they showed them the house, which wasn't as nice as the one they had left, and they mentioned it. Jukka was silent as Eluta was saying how different it was. He kept nodding because it was a huge change. "Shusshh, and look at I am at. Look down, Love." Eluta looked down, and smiled. She looked at Jukka. "There is rich land, a lot of it.."

"We have lost everything."

"What did we leave that we can't back? They were coming for you, for me."

"And they won't come for us here?" She had a point.

"Danael said he'd take us to Finland. She smiled. He brought us here to keep us safe."

"What does he , Jukka?" I walked away.

"He wants the people that are trying to harm his people. I understand that because i don't like what they are doing. I am not interested in being like that, but that doesn't matter and Danael knows that for some reason. He brought us here to keep us safe, but he said he'll take us to Finland...."

I walked up as they looked at me. "Who's family would you be going to?" I still raw from Sofi, and Dreka. Eluta spoke.

"It's my family, but Jukka has family there also." I nodded.

"Discuss it because I will take you there now. It's smart because I'll have to deal with these people, but I don't to lose any more. I'll gladly take you to where ever you to be. I just need to know where the Duke is." I walked away.

Everyone stopped, and watched. Eluta and Jukka spoke and walked up to me. They looked at me and Jukka spoke. "Can you take us to Finland?" I nodded as I said I just needed to know where." Eluta grabbed my hand as I saw where. "I'll take you there but I Jukka to stay, for bit longer, so he can show me how to deal with this Duke, and Count. I hoping you would like it here because my family will likely be leaving for a time, until I can resolve things and they have animals that need tending. You'd be ." They stared at me. "Grab your bags and Jukka and I will bring your animals separately." They nodded as I opened the mist. I tired and wasn't going to pressure them because I understood wanting to be close to something you knew, which was why it was hard for me to ask Irina and Malinka to go to the future. We walked into the mist. They got settled and Jukka and I came bac We were there four hours but only thirty minutes passed as we walked onto Hammish and Ilsa's land. They looked us, saddened

"They won''t stay, but it gets worse." Hammish and Ilsa looked at me. I am taking Irina and Malinka home to keep the safe until I can figure things out here. I'm not sure what the threat is but it's real. Ilsa looked at me and nodded. I will be here, but after Sofi, I need to keep them as safe possible. They are visiting there, now, with some of the girls, so they can see it. They may not to stay and I won't force them but there will other men trying to take this land unless I can resolve things here." Hammish nodded as the girls brought Irina and Malinka bac They ran up to us, smiling and hugged Hammish and Ilsa.

"It's amazing there, Ilsa...Hammish." Irina looked at me, and looked around. "It's the best place to keep Malinka," safe as she cried and hugged Ilsa. "Can we come back?" I nodded. as we walked back to the house and Malinka glared at me. We got to the porch and Malinka turned.

"I won't go. It's wonderful but this is our home and we don't belong there. What about the animals, and all of the work we are doing? Sofi died here, not there. If we are destined to die then I it to be at home....here, on our land. I won't go Irina. I'll visit, because I like there, but you and Sofi and I have worked too hard here to let it go to some greedy man." We all stared at here because she Impressive. Irina looked at me.

"Seems like we're staying here, love. Besides, Ilsa needs help keeping Hammish in line, and now there's Alfher. We will visit though because the mist is exciting." Malinka nodded.

"OK, then it's settled.." Malinka hugged me, followed by Irina.

"It's amazing there, Danael, but this is where Sofi's spirit is." I nodded as they walked inside and I looked at Hammish and Ilsa, smiling.

"Never mind." They laughed and hugged me as they went home to help Jukka get situated. I wouldn't be long before he'd to be with his family. I wanted to keep everyone together but it like herding cats and my plans kept getting dismantled so I decided to stop pushing the river and trust. I wondered how long that would last.
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I always missed being the bear so I trodged, sniffing the air and the land and walking in the surf. I felt her coming, and waited, smiling, as Sassa leapt onto my back and bit my neck, fake growling as Haag laughed. We walked like that for quite a ways because while she couldn't speak with me yet, she knew the depth of my loss. Haagerstadt and Gaia sat and watched us. 'Is he going to be OK, Gaia?" She stuck her head under his hands so he'd scratch her her ears.

"He's already OK, Haagerstadt. Grief, and loss, stay as long as they do. It's different for everyone, but he knows they are fine, will be fine, and he will share that with his family but he also knows the wheel doesn't stop, life keeps moving and there are things they need to deal with. It's why he's here. He has an important choice to make, a choice that he can make but that has never been made before, that's why he's lumbering around the island carrying you girlfriend." Hammish smiled.

"She almost died." Gaia nodded. 'Why didn't you help her in the falls?"

"Danael is learning too much, too quickly. I've realized that isn't going to stop so I wanted him to remember other aspects of being a Dragon, which was good for you and Sassa. There is so much he is remembering, that is just coming to the surface of his memory, that it's amazing. There is more to being a dragon than power. Haag nodded as Sassa and I chased each other in the surf. We walked back to Gaia and Haag as Sassa nuzzled him. I smiled because I knew Haag was happy to have a companion, and I also knew that Sassa felt the same. She was alive but she was partially crippled and wouldn't survive any pack, let alone by herself. They both would be happy and when Jake, Em, and Chloe came back they would have their pack. Annika and Klaara would take a little longer thanks to the old witch, Abieta, but things would balance out.

'We walked up and I asked Gaia how long I had been gone."

"You'll be gone three hours regardless of how long this takes, Dragon. It's an important decision that you are weighing." I nodded and walked inland as they walked back to Ama's. Sara was right, a bear is a bear and I always needed space to ponder. My parents understood that even though my bothers didn't. I snuffled the ground as I walked smelling things that hadn't been there in eon's. maybe millennia, and wondered if there were bears here when there were trees. The sun was shifting and spring was definitely on it's way and I knew what I wanted to do, but it was huge, and wasn't up to me. I exhaled and walked back to Ama's in peace. I needed to stop in Norway but also Japan before I went back so I needed to speak with Gaia, she was suddenly walking beside me. I lied down and she scrambled onto my back, and laughed as I got up and walked.

"You've made a decision then, Dragon."

"I know what I think is a good idea, but I'm not a dictator Gaia."

"Have you thought about all of the outcomes?" I shook my head.

"That's impossible, all I can do is the best I can and then fix the leaks as they happen." Gaia was silent as she stood on my back smiling, and breathing. "Are you having fun up there?" Gaia laughed.

"I probably could stand in your way, and prevent this, but you are far stronger than we imagined and that doesn't include the girls in the mix. I am curious because it's an interesting thought, what you are considering, and could be exactly what all of need, especially after Sofi. Your brain seems to think in three dimensions, and then moves ahead." We walked up to Ama's as Gaia nodded and nuzzled me before I shifted. Ama walked out smiling.

"What, someone has to feed the big lug. You smell. Go take a shower and change before you go where were you need to go. I looked at Ama since Gaia gave me the gift of languages it was hard for me to not understand something. Gaia nipped my leg and trotted off because I think she really liked being a fox. I scratched Sassa's ears as I went to help Haggerstadt with wood before I showered. He smiled when he saw me and threw the hatchet me.

"Will you please stop doing that?" He looked at me and said no as he loaded wood in one arm.

"You catch it, and it's good training. I'm sure your friend Yoshi is far more stringent than I am." I couldn't argue that. "Chop more kindling and I'll take in wood. It's going to be cold again tonight." I nodded. I finished all the kindling, stacked it, and took some inside as they were eating with Sassa alongside Haag. She looked at me.

"You have your own bowl, Sassa, that's wonderful." She yipped as Haag petted her. I hugged him and said I was glad as I walked to the hearth and set the kindling down as Ama asked if I wanted to eat.

"I'm not hungry, Ama, but thank you. I would like some milk before I leave though. I walked into an empty room and and took my clothes and got into the shower. I cleaned myself and just stood under the warm water thinking of Sofi as the shower door opened and Sara and Chloe walked in and held me as I cried, again. We walked out in silence, dried, and got dressed. I showed them the shells that Karin and Elisabeth found. They were old, and stunning and Sara and Chloe smiled and said they would love them. I sat on the bed and they sat next to .

"I still have to go to Norway, and then Japan." Sara and Chloe were quiet. "Gaia said that it would only be three hours for however much time I needed. I feel like things are starting to unravel and instead of trying to put the threads back, it's smarter to blended them into something else." Sara smiled and they both nodded. I looked at Chloe and smiled. "There is wolf on Iceland again. I'll be back soon but I think it's smart for you and Jake and Em to come back here. I'm sure Bethany and Christine would love to see them, and they will be over the moon happy to have Sassa here." She nodded. "Please wait until I get back because there is a lot we need to deal with there, and I could use the help." Chloe took my hand and kissed it gently before biting my bottom lip.

"Stop being dumb. We'll take these to Irina and Malinka, and to think that we thought you were bat shit crazy when you met Karin." They kissed me, opened the mist and walked in as I was yelling that they needed to show me how to do that... Jesus Christ. I finished getting dressed and walked into the kitchen. Ama handed me a glass of milk. I scratched Sassa's shoulders and ears as she smiled.

"We're glad you are part of our pack, Sassa," she yipped. "Other's are coming back soon." Haag stared me as I nodded. He hugged me. "Don't break anything, Haagerstadt." Ama laughed as I tried to open the mist in the house. She said at least I wasn't falling any longer, which totally jinxed me. I went outside, opened the mist, said goodbye, and rolled through the barn in Norway. Fuck! I looked up.

"Hey Jacob, help me up." He filled me in, and I let him even though I trusted him to handle whatever he needed to, so did Annie. "How are the wolves?"

"They're fine. they come and play with the dogs, which aren't pups any longer, and they take them around the woods with Drakon in the lead." I nodded. "Winter has broken and even though it's still cold, it's not brutal."

"Your people have the plans ready for spring because it's going to be a sloppy mess when things start to melt." He nodded. We are cutting down as many dead trees as we can, and trees to use for lumber and bringing them back while the ground is frozen. We have few more loads of things for the garden. We're ready." I hugged him and said thank you as I walked into the house.

"Been awhile, mister." I nodded as I poured milk.

"We need yaks." She smiled and nodded. "I want to bring my family back here and I wanted to give you a head's up." She smiled and nodded.

"Good, because it's been far too quiet." I cleaned my glass, hugged her and walked to Ama's house. I walked in and there was a screech. " At least you didn't drop anything," I said smiling. We hugged and I got more milk. "I am trying to bring everyone back here," She nodded. "Can you have a room with a king bed prepared? What languages do you know, oma?"

Some Swedish and Finnish, German, of course, and some Polish and some from the Baltic states. Why?" I told her as she looked at me, smiled, and nodded.

"Fingers crossed. I kissed her cheek and went outside as the wolves were coming up. Fenrir pushed his head into me and moaned.

"We all ache at your loss. Ishtah told me of your pain." I thanked them.

"Is there one of youryoung females that would teach a human female. She was going to do that with her sister but I still think it would be helpful. I have to talk with them about my idea's but I think they could be here within a week. Malinka is already familiar with the forest. I want her to have something to take her mind off her sister until she is too pregnant to run." He nodded.

"We'll find a suitable wolf. It will be good to have you here, again, brother." I nodded as they howled and ran off. I turn and got slapped on both sides of my face by Kana, and Airi, which was the most perfect thing they could have done. They looked me and then hugged and said how sorry they were.

"How many of your people are still here?"

"A dozen."

"Do they like it?" They both smiled and said they loved it because of the wolves. I nodded. "Tell them that you'll be gone for a bit and come back here." They nodded. They were walking up with someone else.

"He's hurt and we want to take him home." I asked if it was serious. Airi spoke.

"No, just painful. Being home, and among friends, will be helpful." I nodded and opened the mist as we walked up to the front of Yoshi/Taiiko's house as they came out. Taiiko ran and hugged me as Yoshi bowed his head and took the others inside. She kissed me as I held her. I wanted to be in so many places at once. Taiiko didn't mention Sofi but I knew her heart was broken like the rest of us. She took me into Yoshi's study and sat on my lap while she held me in silence. I was fine with that. Yoshi walked in and Taiiko got up and sat next to me, holding my hand.

I bowed as he looked at me. "How his he, Yoshi-san?"

"He'll be fine but Kana and Airi did the right thing because more activity would make the damage much worse. Everyone wants to go to Norway to train with the wolves so even when people get hurt, they don't want to give up their place." I smiled and nodded.

"Would you, Yoshi, at that age?" Taiiko squeezed my hand because I talked outside of protocol. He went to get sake for us.

"It's fine, granddaughter. Danael is not Japanese even though he is close. The answer to your question is a question. Would you?" I told him no. "Now you have my answer, and I'm sure Taiiko's as well. Let's bless your wife, and unborn , three times with sake." We each drank three cups of sake before he sat behind his desk. "You seem to have things on your mind, Danael. Tell us." I told them what I was thinking, and how they played into things, how all of the girls played into it until we dealt with the families. He listened.

"You are far wiser than I am Yoshi," Taiiko squeezed my hand, "but things have changed since we planned on coming here. The problem I have, personally, is that I wanted to come back here, but once Dreka said we had to, and then what happened in the past, I feel it's wiser to be in Norway. I don't want to bring any harm upon this place, but it means that Taiiko will need to stay there as well." She looked at me.

"Do you not think that I can protect my granddaughter?" She squeezed my hand, which meant tread lightly.

"I have no doubt that you can protect Taiiko, and all of your people, but they want us...the girls.... and we are stronger when we are united. I thought being here made the most sense until Dreka saw Annika and told us to stay here. He has lied to me the entire time. There is another dragon, recovering in Gaia." They both stared at me. "I don't want any of this, but I have it, we have it, and our strength is our unity because it becomes exponential. Yoshi, I can't be multiple places at once, but Taiiko, Kana, and Airi can help train your older students while you train the younger ones. I can't imagine Dreka would want to fight you for no reason." Taiiko squeezed my hand, and dug her nails into it in anticipation.

"Taiiko, pour us one more cup of sake before you, Kana, and Airi pack. I have three others I want you to train with the wolves. I will come there as soon as I can to meet the wolves. What you say makes sense, Danael." We drank as Taiiko bowed and walked slowly of the room before she ran to the bedrooms.

"Does she think she is being quiet?" He laughed.

"I have never been able to determine that because she could easily run and neither of us could hear her, but she chooses to run like a water buffalo being chased by hornets, and she's done that since she was a . We both smiled as he poured one more cup of Sake. I am sorry for the loss of Sofi, and your , for all of you." I nodded and we toasted them. "Life is loss with pleasant bits in between." I nodded, again, because he was right. "Let's walk.

"You know that you are going to have to deal with Dreka?" I told him yes. "I thought you were the only dragon left, aside from Marnine. Marnine chose a dragon as a totem, which was good enough. You can learn a lot in eons, but you and Dreka go back to the beginning of your race. It's why he is so fearful of you. The fact that there is another from your time is interesting. Where is he?" I told him. "Do you trust him?" I was silent.

"I am beginning to unlock my memories, and abilities and he seemed sincere in believing that I had destroyed our Monastery, which I didn't. Dreka is involved in something to do with man. I'm not sure why, unless it's greed and a lust for power, but Arad is with Gaia, and said he would stand with me...whether that is true remains to be seem. What is true is that I will have to end Dreka, but the death of Sofi, and our , crushed me for two days, Yoshi." We walked down the drive, in silence as a fox walked up, and sat in our path. Yoshi bowed, so I did. She walked up to me and sat, smiling...waiting. I knelt and scratched her ears as she laughed, looked at Yoshi, and ran off as we kept walking.

"You are strange in the beings that pledge an alliance with you. Do you know who that was?" I was listening to the trees singing.

"Gaia appears to me as a fox because we have a pet fox at my home in Denver, but I figure that was Inari since we are in Japan." He nodded. "Why they take an interest in me is strange since I'd rather be left alone and build a life for my family." We walked as I kept looking up and into the trees and Yoshi smiled. Taiiko walked up and hugged me.

"We're ready grandfather." She kissed me. "Your trees are welcoming you back. You have to hear them singing?" I nodded and looked around as they swayed. "Love, I told you before, you're the kami of this land, and they know that. It's why we suggested for everyone to come here, but that was before Dreka. We walked and I went into the forest, which shuddered as I touched the trees and said thank you. I was beginning to see what my life was going to entail, what our lives would be but for now I wanted the the girls in one place. It was dangerous, but it was also wise. It was a stalemate for a time. I walked out of the trees smiling.

"You seem peaceful, sweets." I nodded and told her that we needed to leave as Yoshi smiled.

"I like trees." We walked back to the house as Yoshi told her for all three of them to grab all of their gear. Taiiko ran back to the house. "You want them to hurt me Yoshi?" He smiled and spoke in Japanese.

"You understand us. I looked forward to a time when things aren't the way they are now. I want them to train you, and those who want to learn." I bowed and said I would rather make swords. He stared at me.

"That is not your destiny, dragon, perhaps when you older." I nodded and we walked in silence to the house as the girls were waiting, and smiling. He hugged all of them, and then hugged me ad whispered.... "take care of my granddaughters Danael-san." I looked at him, bowed, and said Hai, as i opened the mist and we walked home to Norway. I told Kana and Airi that we'd back, opened the mist and walked into the past to no one. We walked inside, nothing. We walked into the barn, nothing. Taiiko looked at me concerned. I opened the mist again, and we both stumbled at Hammish's, without falling, to what looked to be a party. We looked at each other and smiled.
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The weight of losing Sofi, and our unborn , was a devastation that I would carry for a long time but it didn't stop everything else from happening, and the things we needed to do. I hated that I was gone for two days but I knew that our family would take care of Irina and Malinka. The three of us needed to find a way to deal with the loss while moving forward and doing the things we needed to. I was hoping Jukka's family would help Irina and Malinka with something else to focus on beside their usual routine. I walked onto Gotland and Elisabeth and Karin tackled me as the rest of the Elves climbed on for good measure as they all laughed. I couldn't help but smile but shifted into the dragon, and shook, sending people tumbling in all directions. I shifted back as they all stood and laughed and Elisabeth and Karin walked up. Karin stared at me, hugged me, and said she was sorry for my loss as Elisabeth stared at us. "I'll tell you later Lisbet."

"How are the Elves adapting? Karin smiled and said well.

"Is it true that you released all of us? I nodded and told her I had spoken with Aerin but that Ama and Gaia weren't pleased. Karin stared at me in disbelief. "Do you know who Aerin is?" I shook my head. "She is the of the leader of the Elves." "I told her that she was very nice.

"I need a favor, Karin and you and Elisabeth can help me." They both smiled. I need three beautiful, large shells." She nodded. "I'm curious why the other Elves have stayed and didn't go to their homeland..

"They like this place, and I have Lisbet. They are intrigued by humans and being a Siren is all they have known. There is great freedom being able to swim in the oceans but also walk on the land." I nodded. "They, we, have brought you many gifts for your caves, and we will bring others when we go into the water. Our debt to you is great, Dragon. We will find you the most amazing shells, Danael, won't we? Lisbet nodded and kissed me as they ran and dove into the strait as Ama was walking up. She hugged me as I collapsed into her.

"It never gets easy Dragon, even as strong you are such a loss will try and destroy each time but nothing ever dies dear one, as you saw in your dream. You can take solace that they will move onward together once they leave the center and venture back onto the spiral of life." I nodded. "Let's walk, shall we?" I extended my arm, she smiled and took it as we strolled toward town. "You, my friend, are an oddity." I smiled and nodded. You're father was a protector and your Ma' was of the highest order of the Druids and you seem to have received a fair helping of both. Joseph watches over you, even though it may not appear as such, but there is little for him to do, except watch, and smile, because protecting those you love, and even those you don't, is embedded within you, same with your Ma's gifts. You have an uncanny knack of doing the right thing, dragon." I laughed, which felt good.

"My mom would shake her head and say that I was an unconscious competent." Ama smiled and nodded. How are they, Ama?" "Saddened, like the rest of us but engaged in things they can't leave." I nodded. Gaia and I thought that you made a huge mistake releasing the Elves from the sea, but Haagerstadt spoke with Gaia while you played with his new mate because he was there when they bound, but also knew them before they fell. It made me recall many things, Dragon. We were both surprised that they simply followed Aerin home."

"Why Ama? Why would it surprise either of you that they would want to go back to their home and people?" She was quiet for a bit.

"Because we have become jaded, Danael. We have stayed for too long but there weren't those worthy to take over. You are all beginning to guide us because we realize that you becoming too powerful to stop, even if we wanted to. Each of you, even dear Sofi, has a center that is pure, untainted by the desire of greed, or power. Neither of us can fault anything that you have done which is why this idea you are contemplating, the reason you go to Iceland, is receiving great latitude. We expect that you will consider all of the consequences of that choice. I'm not saying it's a bad idea, just consider it." I nodded. "Finally, Aelfraed, the leader of the Elves, would like to meet you and your family when you can. He rarely brings humans to his realm so it is a huge honor, Danael," and that was when Aerin walked up and hugged me. Ama smiled and walked away.

"I am sorry, Danael, we all are but it was her choice, for her own reasons. I am glad you were able to there before she passed, and that you were able to see them as they would have been." I nodded with tears in my eyes and Karin and Elisabeth came back with shells and Karin bowed as Elisabeth looked at her and then Aerin, confused. "Stop being silly Karin and stand like an Elf." Karin smiled and introduced Lisbet to the woman who would become Queen of the Elves. Aerin hugged her. "You are the Dragon that serves, and protects this island?" Elisabeth blushed and nodded. "I hear that you are also quite adept at knocking Danael to the ground and making him roll." I looked at Elisabeth.

"Don't you do it, young lady," and she disappeared. "Great and that's when she hit me and rolled us three times, shifted, and kissed me, laughing as her and Karin helped me up.

"You quite adept at that Lisbet but I have something for you, Karin, and the other Elves to do for me in the seas." Aerin looked at me as I was gauging. "Times have changed dragon." She showed them drawings as the other Elves gathered around. "They would be well hidden, maybe even scattered. Please do your best to find them, loves." They nodded as the ran to the strait and dove in.

"Something I should be concerned about?" She smiled and softly kissed me.

"You released countless Elves into my care against the wishes of Ama, and Gaia so I figure it won't be that big of a deal. It's the sword, shield, and armor of our leader. It's ours and we want it back, Danael." I nodded because I couldn't fault them for that. "My father wants to meet all of when you find time to breath and take a break. It's a huge honor, Danael."

"I know, Aerin, I just have loose ends I need to tie up."

"We understand love. I am very sorry for your loss, for all of you. There are none of us who aren't devastated by the unexpected loss of one such as Sofi, but I have a gift for you from my people. Close your eyes." I did as Aerin touched my heart and space opened and I was in her realm and there they both were, smiling at me. I stared at Aerin and asked how this could be? "They have decided to merge paths. This is who they your be would had she had she lived. Elven magic is as old as yours, Dragon. I could give you this."

"Can they see me?"

"Yes. Danael. They can't speak but they can touch you all though what you see is what they would have been. They are energy now." I stared at them, smiling as they waved, with tears streaming down my face." I looked at Aerin and asked her to show me what how they looked like now." She nodded and Sofi, and our , Aethelind, were like a mirage as they moved toward me and I opened my arms. I could feel them hugging me, and kissing me, and then they merged into me and were gone as I looked at Aerin.

"You are an interesting Dragon, which is saying alot."

"Thank you, Aerin." She nodded.

"I wish I could do the same for Irina, and especially Malinka, but they are too young. It's important that you have closure because they need you...they all need you, and there are forces that are unpleased by what have done, and what you will do." I nodded as Elisabeth and Karin walked onto the shore with a sword and a shield. Aerin looked at it, and smiled as they laid them in front of her. Aerin touched their cheeks and said thank you. Karin knew what it meant but Lisbet didn't, only that it was important to Karin, and that was enough and that was when the two oldest elves brought the armor and laid both pieces on the ground and Aerin didn't hesitate. She bound them and sent them home, finally for them. I wondered if I had made a mistake. I didn't think so but I saw the other elves struggling with a very large chest. I shifted into the dragon as they stepped aside, picked it up and set it down in front of Aerin, Karin and Elisabeth. I shifted and watched from the side because I smelled. The townspeople came out to watch. It wasn't odd for them because these were their legends come to life. Aerin looked at the elves?

"Are there others?" They nodded as she looked me and Ama walked up again. Aerin nodded as she opened it. It was filled with scrolls, papers, manuscripts, all undamaged. Aerin fell to her knees and sobbed as I knelt beside her, and held her hand. She looked at the Elves, and Lisbet. "Please bring me the rest. You will be well compensated with land and gold." They ran and dove as I looked at Ama and then Aerin. She put her hands on the books and scrolls. "We thought they were lost forever. These are the ancient writings of the Elves, from the beginning. I'm not sure how many there are because I always thought it was a legend."

"There are eighteen, Aerin, for the original tribes of Elves. I will return to your people what they don't find but I am curious to see how many they can find. Danael has shown me least that it is time to move forward, as bumpy a road as that might entail. Aerin nodded as I hugged them and said goodbye. I had slowed time down but I missed my family. I went to Iceland, to my cave, and shifted into the bear as I lumbered toward the ocean.
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I walked out of the mist and stared at the door without realizing that I hadn't fallen. I exhaled and walked inside as the grief devastated me all over again but at least I was expecting it. Malinka saw me first, cried and ran to me as Irina followed. They both hugged and bit me, which I didn't feel at all. 'I'm sorry I wasn't here." They just kept biting me and crying as everyone gathered around and touched us. They were all deeply saddened but not like the three of us. The house seemed empty, lifeless, and we had many things to consider and discuss. Malinka and Irina let go and asked if I was hungry and I shook my head no as we all went to sit by the fire. Jake and Emily hugged me, crying, because they loved Sofi, like all of us, but they had never seen me distraught before. I wasn't going to hide my pain and the hole I felt inside of me. Malinka and Irina sat on either side of me as everyone else got as close as possible.

"Sara told us that you were fine, just lost for a time. Where did you go?" Everyone was curious about that.

"I'm not sure. I don't remember much of it I just walked and ran until Ishtah's pack found me. I saw Sofi and our little girl, or who she would have been. They smiled and waved and were gone and that was when Ishtah told me I had been there for two days. I had no idea and I'm sorry. I should have been here." Everyone was silent until Sara spoke.

"Bears are bears for a reason Daniel, there is plenty of love in this home so stop. You carry too much as it is." Irina and Malinka hugged me as everyone else nodded. I looked around. "Hammish took him until you came back and we decided what to do with him because sooner or later Dreka will know his plan failed, and the man who sent those troops will understand the same thing, but we have a bit of time to just be a family." I nodded. We spent the next two days just loving each other and learning a new way of being that only had Sofi's memory. Irina and Malinka gradually moved back into their routine but would clench me during the night. Everyone knew that we had decisions to make and things to do. It was noon on the second day I had been back, four days since Sofi died as we were preparing the noon meal.

"I need to check on Elisabeth and Karin, and spend a couple of hours at the cave on Iceland. I won't be gone long, I promise, but there are decisions to be made and one in particular is very important." There was dead silence until Irina walked up and kissed me, followed by Malinka.

"We'll see you when you return, husband. Please bring us a gift from the sea." They smiled, kissed me and went back to the kitchen with everyone except Sara and Chloe who walked outside with me.

"That was easier than expected."

"We are all learning to accept the loss of Sofi and the baby. It'll take time but life doesn't care about such things and we are alive. We know what you are considering and it's wise think about such things in Iceland, especially for you. We'll be fine because we have a strong family." I kissed both of them and opened the mist as i walked to Hammish and Ilsa's because I needed to figure out what to do with Jukka. I walked out at the barn, and didn't fall, but I wasn't going to jinx it, as Hammish and Alfher walked out, smiling. Hammish hugged me like he was trying to break me in half as Alfher laughed.

"We've missed you, brother." He looked sad, as did Alfher.

"It's OK, Hammish, grief takes time but there are still things that need to be done. How is Jukka?"

"Come see for yourself, he is quite the blacksmith. I think he has lost the taste for conflict, but he misses his family." His language is similar enough that we can communicate. He is worried about his family." I nodded as Ilsa walked up, hugged me, kissed my cheek, and went back inside. "It's hard for all of us, brother." I nodded as we walked into the barn. Jukka smiled when he saw me. He shared condolences knowing that they were pointless but it was all any of them could offer.

"Hi Jukka, Hammish says that you are quite a blacksmith." He nodded. "We need to discuss what to do with you." His smiled faded, which would have been my reaction too but I had enough of death. I knew it wouldn't stay out of my life forever but for now I'd rather find another option. "If I let you go what would you do considering you are the lone survivor of a large contingent of soldiers? It'll be hard to explain." He nodded. "You mentioned going back to Finland," he smiled and nodded. "I'm getting the sense that Hammish wouldn't mind having you stay around here." Hammish nodded. "Staying here is problematic if this Count of yours is intent on taking this land." Jukka looked at me.

"I wasn't sure about you, any of you, but I am now. You are similar to my family, and my wife's. The Count wants this land for himself and will use force to seize it. What I said about ships is accurate, among other things, but the Duke wants them." Hammish looked at me and I had an idea.

"Your were Captain in the Duke's elite guard, yes?" He nodded. "So the Duke knows you, correct." He nodded. "Will this Count come here, again?"

"He has a huge ego, so yes, at some point, but he doesn't have the men to spare, especially for personal gain because he serves at the pleasure of the Duke." I nodded and looked at Hammish.

"Is the house you found livable?" He nodded saying it still needed some work and the spring had to be dug out and filled in with rock but it was ready. " Jukka, I am going take to you back to your family so that you can pack some belongings and then I'll bring you back here but you'll need to trust me. It won't take much longer because they'll figure out that they failed in their attempt. I have other things to do but I'd rather have your family safe here while we figure out the next step. Does that sound like something you are OK with?" He nodded. "I need you to take my hand and think about your home, envision it, he did as I opened the mist and we walked in the front room of a lovely home in a small town in Estonia. His wife came out of the kitchen, screamed, and feinted as Jukka ran to her while I looked outside. It was nice here and would be hard to leave but being free was more important to a lot of people and I suspected Jukka was one of them. It also fit into the idea I was having. Jukka hugged his wife and helped her up as he told a bit of what was happening.

"Danael, this my wife Eluta. This is Danael." I nodded at her and smiled. He told her about leaving for a bit to keep them safe from the Count. She stared at him. "It's only a matter of time until they come here trying to figure out what happened and I don't want you or the here. We can deal with the house later but we need to go in order to be safe. Danael said that he would get us to Finland." She stared at me and asked if that was true. I smiled and nodded but said they needed to pack quickly, anything we could carry or touch. She stared at him, scared. I would be too but she went to pack clothes and personal items, she packed for the , who were at school, and for her and Jukka as he opened the floor and took out coins and papers and put them in his satchel. Eluta walked into the kitchen and filled empty flour bags with jars, butter, honey, dried meat and fish, rye flour, her favorite pans, knives, utensils. She took blankets and pillows. Jukka put a rope around the their dog, grabbed their cat and gave it Eluta to hold and put the chickens and rooster in baskets. He tied the milk cow and the two goats and looked me as I smiled. I wasn't about to say no after what happened. Jukka put his tools in a bag so he could earn money and that was when the two walked in, a girl about sevn and a boy fiv. Jukka and Eluta spoke with them. They ran back to their room and grabbed their favorite toys and walked out. There was nothing constant except change.

Jukka put a bag over his daughters shoulder and neck so it was behind her and Eluta gave her the cat telling her not to let go. She nodded. Jukka put out the fire, put a bag around his sons shoulder as he and I picked up the heavier bags, two around our neck. I took two bags in my hand Jukka took one. Eluta did the same with the kitchen things as we walked outside as there was a knock on the door. Jukka tied the bags to the cow as I opened the mist. I told them it would fine and to touch the person in front of them and to keep walking. The knocking turned into banging as we walked into the mist and back to Hammish's. Jukka went last. We all walked out, which surprised the hell out of me, even the animals. Everyone looked around, stunned , as Ilsa and Hammish walked up.

"Alfher, please go to Irina's and tell them that we have guests here and to bring the wagon." He nodded and ran because he wanted to be with the wolves. Drakon and his mate yipped and followed as the other dogs howled because they were closed off. "Jukka, I'll be back and we caan discuss things but your family is welcome here. We'll figure things out later." He nodded. I hugged Hammish and Ilsa and told them I'd be back soon and went to Gotland.
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I was tired, but I turned anyway to face a fox staring at me, unpleased. If she could have put her hands on her hips, like a scolding mother, she would have, instead she said for me to walk with her.

"The wolf seems well?" I smiled.

"She is, Gaia, thank you. Her name is Sassa and her and Haagerstadt seem to fancy each other, not in that way, obviously, but as companions. Sassa survived but she wouldn't survive the pack, but she can be happy here, and Jake and Emily will love it." Silence.

"You are changing a great many things Danael, and we all wonder if you know what you are doing." We walked along the shore as Haag and Sassa went back to the houses. I was silent as we walked along the ocean and Gaia chased the waves, as I smiled.

"You can't help yourself, even as Gaia, can you?" She laughed and shook her head. "I can't either when I am the bear, which is why I miss being the bear. There is a purity with him that I don't have with me, or with the dragon. I wouldn't chose it because of my family, but I would be content to spend my life as the bear, in my cave.

"What am I changing, Gaia? Really? The past?" She stared at me as I scratched her ears and ran to the ocean and kicked the waves like I used to do as . I felt Sassa before I saw her and she ran behind my knees, yipping, as she took me down and I fell into the water as Haag sat next to Gaia and put his hand on her.

"He's a good man, Gaia." She looked at him with sadness in her eyes.

I shifted into the bear and chased after Sassa who howled and ran, circled, and came back at me. I splashed bear paws of water at her, and then tackled her. She yipped as we rolled and got wet.

"They are oblivious to what they have to deal with, Haagerstadt, but they are fun to watch because of the unbridled joy." Haag was quiet as he scratched Gaia's ears.

"May I speak freely." Gaia nipped him. "OK. Sassa almost died, Gaia, the reason she didn't was because of Aerin, and Elven magic. I don't understand it, and I don't care, Sassa doesn't care, we are happy because she could never be part of the pack now ." Gaia looked back and was silent. "Danael is my friend. I'd go to battle with him, but, more than likely, we would fix something that needs to be fixed. He is odd, to be sure Gaia, but I'm odd. I haven't had to deal with all of the things he, and his family have had to." The fox was silent.

"You know that I am old enough to the know Elves. It's true that I knew them at the end, and I helped you banish them, but I also knew them before that when they were amazing. I think Danael did the right thing because you can't keep people bad forever. There has to be some kind of redemption, or we are all wretches." Haag was silent as Gaia curled in his lap and fell asleep. Haagerstadt petted her. Sassa and I stopped playing and walked out of the ocean, shook, and walked to Haag and Gaia. Gaia was asleep as we walked . Sassa lied down as I walked around my island as they were quiet. I snuffled the shore as I lumbered but I wondered how my family was, even as the bear. I had SO many things I needed to deal with, in SO many places, and I didn't think I had even scratched the surface. I was swinging the weight seeking the center that I couldn't find, or, understand. I ran into the water and bit the waves with sheer joy.

I walked out as Aerin was looking at me. "What?"

"There is a death, Danael, and it will hurt deeply." I stared at her. "All I can I do is take you there. It's beyond us." I screamed to take me there as I slid into Irina's in the chaos. I looked around but I didn't care. The girls walked with pain in their eyes.

"She had a miscarriage and we are trying to keep Sofi alive, but she lost so much blood." I hugged all of them because I should have been there. I knelt beside Sofi, who was barely conscious. She smiled as I kissed her.

"I guess we aren't going hunting this time 'round?" She smiled and shook her head.

'I'm sorry lo......" I stopped her.

"Don't you even dare. Life is fickle, at best." I kissed her, and held her hand as she looked at me. It was the hardest thing I had ever done, but I did it. "You were an amazing to me, love, and part of a very unusual family." She smiled, nodded, and grasped my hand as everyone watched. Malinka and Irina were distraught.

Sofi grunted and looked at me.... "give our a proper burial. she smiled and the light left her eyes as I tried to breathe, and everyone else screamed in agony. I closed her eyes and put my head on her belly as I sobbed, and howled. No one touched me until dawn when Hammish walked .

"Brother, we need to tend to them. Come with me." I looked around like I was lost, and unsure where i was, or what was happening. I don't remember any of it except I was looking at my loves, dressed in white, but in willow boxes, and I woke in Iceland as a fox scavenged the shore. I called to her... "Gaia!..." It ran off. "Bob?" I was back at my home watching everyone but me enjoying it as Bob walked into the yard."

"Bob!" He walked to his den and had no idea I was there. I opened my eyes.

Thank God it was a dream... and I smelled the sage and looked around as everyone looked to me, like I could make this right. There were bodies, wrapped in linen. I picked my and looked at Chloe and Sara. They pointed east and I walked as they followed with Sofi. I was crushing in on my self as I walked and that was when Sofi stood in front of me, and punched me in the jaw.

"STOP!!!!" I looked around, smiled, and kept walking. Why did these things have to be so long....

It looked like the entire town was there as i looked around, and clenched my unborn against me. They said prayers that I didn't hear, and put Sofi on the pyre as they waited for me. I walked way, knelt, and sobbed...alone, until the girls came and brought me be back because it wasn't just about me.

I walked back to the pyre, kissed my , and wife, took the torch and set the wood
aflame as I walked away. I wasn't sure how far I walked, or ran. I think Ishtah's pack found me heading east. They said it took wolves to stop me. I don't remember any of it until the cold wind hit my face and Sofi was looking at me with our . I looked at her perplexed. She knelt, spoke, and pointed at me, the smiled and waved. Sofi smiled, and they were gone, I would never see them again except in dreams. I opened my eyes. Ishtah looked at me. I scratched her ears.

"How long have I been here?"

" days." I bowed my head.

"Thank you," They all howled as I called the mist and walked into Irina's.
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I breathed and got ready to go into the mist when I was jerked back and thrown onto the ground. Ilsa and Klaara were staring down at me. I assumed Emily was with Chloe. I looked up and smiled, which was the exact wrong thing to do. They stared at me, screamed, and stomped off. Shit! I got up, slowly, and followed.

"Will you two please slow down. Jesus Christ, I'm hurt." They both spun around and walked at me as I back peddled. Stop. Why are you mad at me?" They glared at me, turned, and walked off!!!! "Stop. Talk with me, please. I'm not totally dense. It's obviously about Annika and Alfher." They spun back around and growled. "Fine, do what you wannnn...." They both pounced and knocked me to the ground as they bit me. I breathed, winced, growled under my breath, and basically took it. They finished, helped each other up, and walked away hugging one another.

"That's it, then? You're just going to leave me lying here, injured. Nice!" I stood up, shook my head and opened the mist, again, and stepped through quickly and tumbled into ferns as goats looked at me, while one jumped onto my chest. I looked at them and smiled because who doesn't like baby goats. "You, are going to be something else," as I go up with the goat in my arms and Marnine walked out.

"I see you've met Loki." I stared her. "I know you've already met Loki which was I named this little hellion, Loki." She kissed me on the mouth as she petted the goat. I handed it too her as she smiled. "We've all missed you love. The girls will be SO happy that you're here." I didn't mention that they had tried to kill everyone I loved. "I'm guessing that you are here for the energy falls. You are certainly putting them their paces, you little scamp. Your friend will be fine, in time. He's safe here. You think I was a handful, just wait until you deal with Dreka when he's angry, and he's very angry at you sweets."

"Am I losing my mind?" She nodded.

"More than likely, love, but on the plus side what you did for me, and the girls was the absolute best thing ever. We love it here, and we have baby goats, go figure. Can you stay a bit after you attend to whatever?" I shrugged. "Do try, love, because we all miss you. They are at the falls." I was definitely losing my mind. I turn and walked to the falls. Ama and Gaia looked me as bodies seemed to be everywhere. Ama walked up.

"You certainly know how to create a situation, I'll give you that."

"How is he, Ama?"

"Between his magic, and the falls, Arad will be fine. Two of the wolves will be fine, but one isn't doing well. A female who risked her life saving one of your people." I could feel Gaia watching me.

"Please take me to her, Ama." The she-wolf was lying comfortably on wool as I stared at Ama.

"We had to make a choice. We could help both of them, or her, but she is injured inside. I squatted and picked the wolf up wool and all.

"Open the mist to my cave on Iceland, Ama." She smiled and nodded. "Help me not to fall." The mist opened and I finally walked out at home. I breathed my air, and heard my sounds. It was still cold so I built a fire under the chimney opening and laid the wolf down as I knelt and called upon Gaia but a woman in shimmering silver-white appeared as I looked her. She spoke a language I had never heard, but was beautiful, like water dripping over rocks and that was when the runes started to appear, emblazoned on the cave wall. I could feel others around me but I only saw the woman. She knelt and placed her hands on the wolf's body and it glowed silver-white. The woman looked at me.

"Danael, you are known to us, even more so after Alfher. How is that you are as powerful as you are?" I stared at her.

"Can you help this wolf?" She looked at me and touched my cheek as she smiled.

"Your friend will be fine, Dragon, worry not."

"What is your name, Elf?" She smiled.

"We underestimated all of you, Dragon. We didn't pay attention until Karin, but you got our it when you unbound Karin's friend's." I bowed my head. "What Dragon?"

"I need to go there and be with them, help them adjust because Karin is a basket case, but things never seem to stop.

"My name is Aerin. I will see to the wolf, you have my word." She knelt and kissed me. I woke up with something staring at me. An owl was perched on my leg, looking at me. I didn't move because I love owls. We stared at each other for a while until I pushed.

"I'm Danael." It screeched and flew into the darkness with no sound. "That figures." I stood up and was immediately tackled and sent tumbling. I opened my eyes and Karin was smiling at me, with Elisabeth looking over her shoulder.

"Hello, Mister. We've missed you but you've been busy." She kissed me as I nodded. We are SO amazingly happy you have no idea. Thank you, thank you, thank you." I couldn't fault either of them because they were innocents. They had no idea how to be in this world, that was on me. I looked at both of them.

"How are your sisters?" They stared me, confused, and then gasped and ran back to town. "'s OK, I can get up just fine." I shook my head and started walking to town as I felt something odd and looked up and all of Karin's friends pounced on me at once as I rolled and slid, at least they weren't biting me.

"Will you stop.... NO! Get you hands out of me. STOP . Jesus Christ." I pushed and knocked them off and stood up looking at them. I should listened. "Don't you do it. I mean it. Don't make me mad. Shit." They pounced and that was when Aerin walked up, smiling, and they stopped, and bowed as I watched wondering who Aerin was. She looked at me, smiling.

"You provide a great deal of entertainment, Dragon. Your wolf friend is healed, and sleeping. You can take her back when we are finished here. Extend your left hand." I did as she spoke what I thought was a combination of Gaelic and old Norse. A blue stone appeared above my palm as she kept speaking. She placed her palm over mine and pressed into my palm as I collapsed. I woke at my cave. It was brutally cold because there was a storm coming off the North Atlantic. I added more wood, shifted into the bear and fell asleep next to the wolf. I was tired, very tired. I had no idea how long I was asleep and if everything I remembered was a dream but the licking wouldn't stop.

"What?" She yipped, smiled, and pranced around. Aerin was true to her word. "I'm glad you are better, and thank you." She butted me and pranced off, exploring. "OK, I'll take you to the ocean." She yipped, and ran because she could smell it. I lumbered after her, waking up and wondering what the hell I had gotten myself into. I just prayed that letting the sirens become Elves again didn't mean I had to marry them too. I was SO in over my head.

The wolf came running back, scared and growling, as she stood by me. Haagerstadt walked out of the fog carrying a blacksmith's hammer. He saw me and smiled as I knelt.

"This is my brother, Haag. He is a friend and won't hurt you. He scares all of us." She butted my leg but didn't move until I did and she followed. We walked up to Haag and he and I knelt as the wolf looked at us. She walked up to Haag and smelled him, licked his hand and started prancing as Haag laughed.

"She wants to see the ocean." He laughed and ran to the ocean with the wolf following him. I shuddered to think but I couldn't help smiling as I walked over the hill and they were frolicking in the surf. The wolf kept biting the waves because they didn't stop until she decided to chase Haagerstadt, and then vice versa. They were like a couple of at the ocean for the first time. I sat and watched them, smiling.

"You have quite the family, Danael." Aerin took my hand as we watched them. "I have sent aids to help the sirens transition but they still need you in their lives because you set them free and they feel a debt to you." I looked at her.

"Am I dreaming?" She kissed my cheek as we watched Haagerstadt and the wolf playing in the ocean.


"They don't owe me anything. I feel bad because I didn't think about how to help them with all that is going on, and it makes me...."

"You have a tendency of being too hard on yourself, Dragon. You gave them access to both the land and the sea, and I'm sure Gaia is miffed by that." I nodded. "Good, She has kept them in the ocean for longer than you can fathom."

"What about good elves and bad elves?" She was quiet and looked me.

"What about good humans, and bad humans?" I was quiet and stared at her. We just want our people back. What happened was from before time, before dragons. I looked at her.


"You, all of you shifted everything. You ripped the web, and you will need us. You are the only one that could do this. They don't want you to but..." that was when Karin, Elisabeth, and the other Sirens popped above the surface as Haag and the wolf stared at them. I exhaled as I got up and extended my hand to Aerin to help her up. We walked to the ocean as I let go of her hand and she stood watching me as I walked into the ocean up to my waist and put my hands in the water and these words In Gaelic, my Da's language, came out of me.

"May the hills lie low
May the hills lie low,
May the sloughs fill up,
In thy way.

May all evil sleep,
May all good awake,
In thy way."

I pushed into the oceans and the tides went backwards. I thought I had created a tsunami, but the water flowed back as I felt beings coming toward me. They all walked past me and touched my hands in the water and disappearing back to their land, I supposed. It lasted a long time but they kept coming and they all did the same thing, touched my palms as they left the ocean. I turned to look at Aerin and she had tears in her eyes. I wasn't sure how long I was standing in the water but it was past noon. Haag and the wolf were curled up and napping on the sand but Aerin was staring at me. I pushed one more time, and waited. Nothing. I walked out of the ocean Aerin looked at me, which made me confused. I was freezing as I walked up. She touched my face, kissed me, and wrapped me in her cloak.

She smiled. "You and I are a great deal alike, Dragon. We give endless grief to those in power because we do what we trust. Thank you because you will pay for this my new friend. She took my hand, squeezed, and was gone. I still had her cloak which was made of gossamer, and other things... all I knew was that I was warm. I nudged Haagerstadt. He grunted and yawned as the wolf opened her eyes as well.

"Did I disturb you?" They both smiled, yawned, and stretched. I could feel the wrath building. I'd rather it be here because I consider this my home, and there were few trees. Haag and the wolf looked at me as I smiled.

"Sassa is staying here with me, Danael." They kept looking up. "She likes the ocean, and she likes me. I would rather sleep with someone I care for, than with someone I don't, and Sassa feels the same. We are happy even if 's odd. I smiled and knelt as Sassa walked up and stuck her head into my chest as a sign of respect, which I didn't need....but needed to get use to. Shit!

"I'm happy you are better, Sassa." She tried pushing but couldn't so she yipped. "I'll come back and we can practice pushing but my will be here soon, again, because they don't want to leave this place just like I don't. You can practice with them until I get back." She yipped and pranced, and ran away as Haag stepped back. "Hello, Gaia.
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"Are you hungry?" He looked at me and nodded as I walked the kitchen. Aisha walked up and hugged me and I winced. She took my shirt off and called to Irina and Ilsa.

"I need something very astringent to clean these and then a poultice. Do you that?" Irina nodded was they into the root cellar. I asked what was. "You were lucky because you several deep gashes but they were glancing. You're remembering how how be a dragon, which is good, but you are still in this life even if your sprite isn't, that is dangerous." I nodded.

"Can you get him some stew and bread, please?" Aisha stared at me like I had lost my mind. "I need information from him and he's hungry, and scared." She nodded. When people tried hurt my family was always personal but when was over I didn't hold a grudge, but no one I loved had been killed either. It didn't mean that I wasn't annoyed, or angry, because I was, all we wanted was be left alone live in peace. Can you also with Wolf and see how his pack his?" She nodded as Irina and Ilsa came back with herbs and clean rags. They pushed the herbs into the wounds, which made me wince again but also to understand that dragons can wreak havoc on other dragon. They wrapped my wounds and helped with my shirt and then stared at me, worried.

"Alfher, and Annika, will be fine. They are teenagers, which complicates things and they don't understand what happening, that they tremendous power. None of us understand why, exactly, but they do and we help them understand how use . We also need teach them, especially Alfher, how be part of a community. It's going be bumpy but that is why Chloe did what she did. They both need know that are bigger dogs in the yard, especially Alfher because of his anger and pent up rage, and because he has Elven blood in his lineage. You and Hammish will be good parents and love is stronger than anger, and he has the rest of us roll him in the snow if needed." They laughed and hugged me as I got most of the rabbit stew, and rye bread. "If is any ale left can you bring us some, Irina?" She nodded and kissed me. I walked back the fire and sat down eat. He stopped and looked me as I put the bread done and Irina brought glasses and ale.

"Please, finish your meal. might be some left if you are still hungry." He nodded as Irina looked at me. "Please, love." She scowled but took his bowl into the kitchen and spat in it as she gave him the rest of her stew. Irina held a grudge and was not to be trifled with, but none of them were. She glared at me and plopped the bowl on the hearth to show her displeasure, and disgust, and she walked away. "Help yourself to more bread." He nodded as I watched him because he had military training and while the language was similar, the dialects were different." I was intrigued because I wasn't quite sure where we were. I knew, roughly, but I hadn't climbed high enough to gain perspective.

"What is your and where are you from? You dialect is different." He stared at me. "Please finish before you answer because Irina is a good cook." He smiled and nodded as we finished our meals. I wasn't sure of the exact year either because I hadn't asked but I knew it was mid, , late sixteenth century and in what were the Baltic states, mostly, but I thought we were farther north. I was curious. I was also curious why was SO much interest in where we were. We finished our stew and leaned back drank some ale, much as friends would, but we were far from friends.

"You were in the military, yes?" He looked at me, trying gauge me, as he finished his cup and pointed the pitcher. I nodded because he was scared but trying his best not show .

"I was a Captain in the Duke of Lithuania's elite mounted brigade." He poured more ale as the girls watched from the kitchen. "I retired because of injuries and serve the Count of Latvia and Estonia now since they merged with Lithuania." I nodded

"So you lead armed thugs now?" I could feel him bristle, which told me I was right....they were mercenaries for hire. He offered the ale and I extended my cup as everyone started to come in and busy in the kitchen.

"I work for the Count and do as he asks." I nodded. "Why the interest in this town, and this property?"

"I do what I am told to do, which is why I am away from my family. I no interest in being here, especially now, but the Count sent another group of men that never checked in so the Count tasked me with finding out what happened them, and finishing their mission."

"Did you?" He stared at me, blankly. "Did you find out what happened the other men?"

"No. The people in town were less than helpful, all they said was that were many wolves in the trees, and was a harsh winter." I nodded and told him that had been a brutal winter.

"What was your purpose for bringing all of the men you did this place?" Annie walked up, sat next me, and put his saddlebags, and pouch, on the floor as she glared at him. He became visibly uneasy. "You are an educated man, at least enough know that she is a threat you, they...I moved my hand toward the kitchen as his eyes followed.... are all a threat to you and I am the reason you are still alive, and the hope you of seeing your family again." Aisha walked up and whispered in my ear. "Please excuse me, I'll be back as quickly as I can. Please, more ale which he did."

"Wolf has three of his pack injured, seriously, the rest are mild." I pushed Sara and Chloe as the witch Abieta walked out of the darkness saying get Irina and Ilsa. Aisha ran inside. "Take me them Wolf." He walked into the woods as Abieta, Irina, and Ilsa followed with their pouches.

"Can you go to the energy falls?" Aisha nodded.

"Go and find out how long it will take for the dragon, just in case." She nodded as I walked back in to find Annie glaring at the Captain. I couldn't help but smile because they could all be a force of nature when they wanted to be and she apparently wanted to be. I sat down. "I apologize. Where were we, ah yes, I asked you to tell me why you came to this property."

"I just do the Count's bidding, nothing more." I nodded.

"And a large force coming at us, from all sides, unannounced?" He stared at me. "I will say to you again that I am the reason you are alive, and the hope that you see your family again. Tell me about your . I adopted , which are a handful let me tell you, and my own on the way so I understand the urge for return them. Annie, would you please bring us another pitcher of ale, and a glass for you, love, but not too much." She smiled, and nodded.

"Men end up doing what they but 's the women, and , that bear the brunt of our decisions, wouldn't you say?" He was quiet, looked at me, and nodded. What is your , Captain? I am Danael." I extended my hand as we shook. Annie walked back smiling and poured more ale for us as she sat next me. The girls were beginning understand the languages as I did, at least when I was around. We hadn't investigated because was always something else going.

"I am Jukka. Do you always let your women lead and fight with you, Danael?" Annie and I both laughed, and everyone in the in the kitchen chuckled. "Do you think I any choice, Jukka? I'd rather them by my side any day. Jukka is Estonian, is not?" He stared at me, again, which is what I wanted. I wanted him be unsure about everything.

"Yes, my people come from Estonia and Finland. Our lands were in southern Estonia but..."

"But the Duke had other plans and, what, you family had to move?" He nodded. "Yet you carry out the on others." He nodded and lowered his head. "Tell me about your family, Jukka." He spent the next hour telling me about his family, and where they came from, and how much he missed them, and his ...two sons and three daughters... which Annie took my hand and squeezed, hard. "What would you and your family like to do, Jukka?" The ale, stress, and fear, where having the desired results. None of us wanted to hurt this man. We didn't want to hurt anyone of them, but they would hurt us and we were having none of that. Jukka stared at me and let go.

"My people, on both sides were Vikings. They were/are craftsmen and boat builders. I would like take my family back Finland, back my people. They took our lands because they were fertile, good lands. Land we built houses on. Land we raised families on, and they took . They said they were giving us more land, and silver, compensate, but we start all over again but why, so they will come and do the ? I am angry. " He poured more ale. Jukka wasn't a zealot. He wasn't power hungry, or craven. He needed provide for his family and they were suffering the fate as a lot people, and was even more come because was no good place for anyone go in the Baltic region.

"You're people would take you in and you could land?" He nodded.

"My family owns a lot of land along the coast, and inland, and the north, and east. We are farmers, craftsmen, and fishermen/boat builders. I left when I was and stupid because I wanted see the world, and adventures. I created a good life for my family until things changed." Sadly, some things never seemed change. "They would love us back because of how long 's been."

"How is that a dragon helping you, Jukka?" I poured Annie and I more ale. Jukka had too much, which is what I wanted. I wanted him to let his guard down so I could get information. I didn't want to hurt this man. I liked him. I would be friends with him and my brain was going a mile a minute.

"I don't know. I think the Duke made some arrangement which is why Lithuania was growing, but I can't really say. was a special group that dealt with the dragon but they are dead, they are all dead but me, which means I'll die, as will my family, when the Count learns of what happened because he won't take responsibility for it, that will lie with me. I'm dead either way, as is my family." He started cry as Annie glared me and dug her nails into the back of my hand. Everyone else had pulled benches up behind us and were intently listening. reminded me of Karin because as strong and powerful as they were, they were also gentle and caring. Jukka stopped crying and poured more ale, which was fine because we were all tired and I'd rather him sleep through the night even if he did a terrible hangover.

"Jukka, do you know why they want our land?"

"They want all land, but this, in particular, because of the trees behind you. They want build ships and those trees are large, and straight. They may other reasons that I don't know of but the Count might know. I'm sorry. You are much like family and I am ashamed that i was a part of this, Danael, and Annie." We nodded. I touched his shoulder and told him was OK. Once again, I had more questions than answers but I was beginning think that Dreka was using the remaining dragons for his own means, and that pissed me off, but that would wait.

"I need information Jukka, and your guidance." He looked at me. "Would you be willing trade?" He looked around, and then back at me, smiled, and nodded. Not now, but I need know everything you can tell me about the Count and the Duke, and everyone in between. I want know where they are and if you know where they keep their riches. I need know where your people are, and if the are scared of dragons. I need know a lot, Jukka, but we some time. However, I need know where your family is because we can take them Finland and can help you start over." He stared at me in disbelief. "Most importantly, I need boats built, and someone help with that. Not deep water ships, I want cargo boats, and passenger boats, and fishing boats, that can sail around the Baltic down Denmark and up the fjords trade.... shallower hulls." He stared at me and nodded. "Vikings are the best boat builders, yes?"

"Yes," and he passed out, dropping his empty cup. Annie and I moved him what would be a version of a couch and she put a wool blanket over him, and added more wood on the fire because was still cold.

"You're something else mister." She kissed me, and smiled. "What are we going do?'

"We're going sleep. Irina and Ilsa walked in. "How are the wolves?" They are holding their own but they could use these falls that you speak of and that was when Sara and Chloe walked inside.

"Ama wants talk with you. Your dragon friend is doing better and will be fine." I nodded as they looked at Irina. "Where are the wolves?" Irina grabbed her cape and walked out into the light of a full moon as I pushed to Drakon. He scratched on the door as Emily let him.

"I need you to stay here and watch this man, Drakon. He can go to the kitchen, the outhouse, and back here, otherwise make him aware of his boundaries. Tell your mates that I'll be staying in the barn...." everyone stared at me ..... "because beds are limited. They can go where they want, and thank you, and them." He yipped and put his head against me and went to the door as Em opened it. He trotted back to the barn. Annie gave me a glass of milk, which I downed in three gulps, I'm sure, and I hugged all of them, went outside because I still couldn't open the mist inside, and walked in to meet Ama at the energy falls.
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"Hammish, we all love you but you squeeze to hard."

"That is because I am happy brother. Ilsa and I have a , that want's us. Alfher. It is a good name." He had too much to drink, but why wouldn't he, it was the best of their lives. They had a , a family, that none of them thought possible. People were eating, and drinking, luckily mead and ale was brought from town. It was amazing in such a small community, that had so in resources, that they would expend so much for a feast like this. I would in a heartbeat but I had options they didn't have. I guessed it was the strength of, and faith in, Gaia. Really, when you think about it we aren't that dissimilar. We ultimately depend upon our community, for better or for worse. Their's seemed to have at least some strength. We sat and ate, enjoying Alfher and that is when I felt it. I looked at Aisha and she nodded as we quietly got up and went outside.

Aisha left the bag hidden on the porch as she moved the wood and prepared. Hammish walked out, and into the yard, laid first in the snow, bellowed and got up laughing. He walked to Aisha who was stunned. "Give a sword and knives woman, and something for empty my hand." She handed him a hickory stick with a knob on the end that my grandfather gave me when I was a so I had something when I wandered in case I needed it for a dog. "That is excellent but what are we fighting?" We stared at him. I know you Danael, better than you think."

"We don't know Hammish but everyone is ill at ease, and I feel something I can't explain." Wolf walked up and butted Hammish before speaking.

"There are many men, on all sides, but the most are coming from the front. There are too many for us and that was when the girls came with Jake followed by Ilsa and Irina. Sara walked up.

"You need to stay inside unless the house is ablaze. We need witches inside as well as . It will be harder for you but keep them calm." They nodded and went in as Annika and Klaara walked . "Where do you think you're going lady?"

"We're helping and you can't stop ." She slide Sara twenty feet in the snow just by looking her.

"We can't fight all of them, Dragon." I looked the girls. Can you give us some for the front?" He nodded. "Give us what you can...." The four wolves walked up, and four from behind the house. Annie scratched Wolf. and walked toward the streets

"Follow wolves," as she shifted and ran to the road." They followed, howling.

"We'll watch the other three sides but it's still a lot.' He howled and ran to the back as we all looked at each other. Chloe said,

"I'll guard the back Sara, you watch the fr...."

"No. You both stay here because you'll be needed. My ma' is a witch, too, and can take care of herself. I need the new to help. He has power I can use if I have too." We looked her, stunned, as Hammish asked Alfher. "Yes, the elf warrior....now, please, because they are coming and that was when fire reigned from the and set our barn on fire. I ran, shifted, and froze the flames as I searched, and felt, for the dragon. I could feel Aisha push saying I wouldn't see him so I had to feel him, and I dove to the left, spun and banked right as I blew fire whatever flew past . It screeched as it tried to put the fire on it's wings I flew to the barn and froze the roof, wall and all of the trees around it, not solid but enough so flames wouldn't take easily. I did the same to the house as I went to find him and Aisha said drop, so I did, as fire reigned over me. He was pissed but I knew where he was because I could smell him as I chased him and and froze his tail and back legs. He screeched as he fell and I dove toward him from an angle. He was of balance and fell in a wobble as I gained speed. I was aiming for his head but his body shifted and I ripped one the wings off. The roar of agony hurt but I didn't stop. He turned his back to as he fell and I ripped off the other wing as I grabbed him and and flew him .

I turned and dove toward the ground, gaining speed...fast. I could hear Aisha saying i was going to fast but I went faster. "Dragon, you can't pull that speed which I knew, if this didn't work I was dead but I went faster toward the large rock in the side yard by the barn. I could her Aisha, Sara, and Chloe screaming for to stop, and that was when I shifted and the other dragon slammed into the rock breaking his back. Everyone was looking for me but I was at Hammish's. There weren't as many, and they hadn't set anything on fire but I snapped all of them for the wolves, the pigs, or Gaia. I did the same with their house, and barn too. Their wolf-and mate ran up and howled. I landed and pushed and told them what was happening. They yipped as two more wolves ran up. I flew back to Irina's and the fight on the road. I flew over all of them and roared and then turned....

'....Drakon and his mates came running of the woods as men were going inside the to the animals and attacked them. Drakon's mates were killing the four in the barn and Drakon turned at the entrance as men with swords were approaching. He growled and moved foward.'

'....Emily screamed, "Jake, stop." Men were coming from all sides after getting past the wolves. They killed as fast as they could but there too many men, and they had weapons. "Jake." He ran and shifted into the largest wolverine I had ever seen ever. He pushed to Drakon as he plowed into the three on the right. The others froze as they heard screaming and Drakon attacked, protecting his home. Jake ran up.

"Stay here, Drakon. Keep the barn safe and watch the back." Drakon howled as Jake ran back, reveling in the wolverine but he was too late. There were too many, and too close, but Sara was calm. He ran toward them as fast as he could but Sara stopped him.

"Go back to the barn NOW, Jake." She pushed him and he ran to the barn as Emily screamed and everyone she could see, except Sara and the wolves, yelled in agony before falling. They were alive, but blind. The ones in the back didn't far as well. forty men came from the forest on three sides. Chloe could have ended them but didn't, instead she waited.

"Alfher asked what he should do?' Annika took his hand, calmly, and said,

"nothing but wait. I want them all to come because I don't want to hurt the trees. I need your power to help because there are more than I can deal with alone." Chloe watched....

.... I came back around as Annie and the wolves moved into the forest on either side of the road and turned those men into ash, except for the one who fell off his . I roared and flew off as Annie and the wolves came . Annie shifted and disarmed him, grabbed his , and lead him back to the house. Two wolves stayed with her, following in the woods, which the didn't like, while the rest circled around to join the pack. I flew to Aisha, and the dragon, because I new she would be there. He was hurt badly. Dragons can heal quickly, and can't be killed easily, but some injuries are more than can be overcome. It didn't matter. I landed next to him.

"Who sent you, brother?" He looked at me but could barely move. "Who, Dreka?" His eyes widened, and his mind opened and I saw it. "How many of us are there?' He gave up.

"Marnne isn't one of us. You and I are the last from the monastery in Tibet, which you destroyed, that's why Dreka sent me. not sure if there are others"

"I didn't destroy the Monastery, brother. I ended the monks because they had turned to the dark but new monks were brought in. It's still there." He stared ....

'What do I do?"

"Hold. Annika pulled from Alfher, and who knows where else, and she pushed outward, and they ceased to be, but two hundred feet and there were still men coming of the trees. Hammish and Ilsa walked around the corner and Chloe stopped them. "I can't do anything else, Alfher." He nodded and walked toward them as Ilsa gasped. Chloe touched her and said to watch, that she'd be sure it was OK.

Alfher walked toward the men, who laughed. He stopped and waited so all of them came of the trees, which was smart, They all walked and were coming him from three sides. He knelt, grabbed the ground, Gaia, and raised his hand to as the moon started to turned to blood. The men yelled but it was too late as a ball of lightning obliterate them, leaving nothing but char marks. Alfher looked around and then collapsed as Ilsa screamed and both her and Hammish ran to him. Annika looked at Chloe.

"Is he OK?"

"He'll be fine love. I wanted you to realize that power isn't everything. You needed him to stop them at two hundred yard, and it wasn't the bulk of them. What if you didn't have Alfher?" Anna stared at her. "You both have abilities but neither of you know what you have, or how to harness it. You're arrogant because you are ." Annika growled and pushed Chloe, which was a huge mistake because she took what Anna had left, and sent her tumbling toward Alfher, who growled and ran toward Chloe, Ilsa and Hammish screamed for him to stop. He was stronger than Anna and was pulling energy from the ground as he ran, getting madder, which is what Chloe was looking for, what we were all looking for. You can't help someone you don't understand.

He yelled and threw a ball of energy at her and Chloe caught like she was playing catch and threw it back to him, which he wasn't expecting. It knocked him twenty feet back and into the snow. He lay there as Ilsa screamed. He got up like a mad hornet, which is what Wolf was talking about, and he ran at Chloe as she smiled. Sara walked around the corner because everything was pretty much over. He yelled as Chloe put out her hand and pushed. Her energy his momentum and it pushed him to his parent who were fifty behind him, and then she lifted him in the air.

"Which way do you want fly Elf?" Ilsa and Hammish looked her, like they didn't know her because they didn't. "I understand part of your anger. We all do, your Ma more than any of us, but now your anger is stronger than their love and I won't have it Elf, none of us will because we are all stronger than you, even Annika but she can't control it yet. You have a choice, Elf, either embrace the family who already loves you, or I will break Ilsa and Hammish's heart and send you back to your kind. It's a different world elf. Have a nice walk and think about it." Chloe flung him to the spring as Ilsa howled. Hammish grabbed as Chloe walked up.

"Alfher is fine, his ego is bruised, which it needs. He has great power and great anger, and you chose the right name because his line is Elven, but there two lines and the Elves decide to which they belong. It was a long time ago but obviously things are changing." Ilsa stared at her.

"What are you saying?" Sara walked up.

"Chloe is saying that you and Hammish chose an interesting to adopt, or he chose interesting parents. You picked the name for a reason, and we are all together for a reason. He is not a bad , he is an an angry , for many justifiable reasons, who has great power that he doesn't understand. The same is true of Annika and we have to temper it while praising their ability...." and that is when Alfher walked of the darkness growling. The wolves stood by unsure what to do because we were all family. He went toward Chloe as Ilsa stepped in front of him and slapped him so hard he turned to the side.

"Enough Alfher! ENOUGH!." He looked at her like a lost and she opened her arms as he hugged her and sobbed because he had just killed more people than he had ever known in his life. Hammish walked up and hugged both of them as Chloe hugged Annika and they and Sara walked back to the front to check on Emily and Jake....

....... Dreka said you destroyed the monastery's and all the monks.

"I destroyed the monks that Dreka was using to harm my family, and betray everything we were taught, nothing more. You can ask Gaia. She'll tell you. He looked at and closed his eyes. Several minutes later he opened them and looked at .

" sorry, brother." I shook my head.

'You believed a lie and thought it was real, but now we have two choices...one of which may not work given your condition. I can you and send you to either fire, or water, or I can try and take you to the energy falls in Gaia so you can heal, and be safe from Dreka. We don't have much time because he sent you here and you failed. He will know soon enough.

'Take me to Gaia, brother so I can help you when i am healed." Aisha looked at me, smiled, and nodded as she walked away.

"Don't read anything into this," as I climbed on top of him to try and shift us both and that was when Ama walked of the darkness and looked us.

"You are a very strange dragon, now get off of him unless there is something your wives should know about. We both laughed. "You can't take him there, but I can and you need to stay here. "Don't do anything dumb, Danael, and they were gone." I shifted and fell to my knees as Aisha came up next to me.

"Are you OK?" I nodded and asked how everything else was. "Fine, we have a strong family. Do you remember the man on the road that you spared...with the ?" I nodded. "We have them both and he was in charge, the man not the ." I smiled as she kissed me on the lips. "You did well dragon, but you scared me." I grabbed her hand.

" remembering more of when I was a a dragon, but I had help. Thank you, love." She nodded. "Is Hammish and Ilsa's house and barn OK?"

"Fine, his dog, and mate, came back and protected it after you left. It was smart to partially freeze the buildings from the dragon but you couldn't do that inside. I guess that's why it's called a TEAM, mister." She punched me and stormed off as I stared at her,, confused. Holy crap. I walked to the barn to check on it and both Em and Jake ran at me as they hugged me.

"Da&#39?. Emily started crying as I picked her up, knelt, and sat with her in my lap. She sobbed because of what she had done. It was different for Jake and I because we need to protect them. They were both unexpected, but not surprising. When we're shifted there is no morality, no right or wrong, there is protect all and when it's done, it's done. Emily didn't have the benefit of that, and she was . Shit, they were all , and most of them were pregnant too boot. Emily sobbed into my chest as all the girls huddled around her, holding and touching her until Chloe said,

'"Come on love, let's go show you why you did what did. They all got up and walked away without a word. Jake helped me up and we checked on the animals. They had settled and were sleeping. Hammish and Alfher walked in.

"I told him about your gift, given all that happened." Alfher hugged me.

"Don't just stand there, grab a piece of venison...you too Jake. I'll fill you in later. We walked out of the barn as the town people were leaving. They new something had happened but there were no bodies, maybe it'd been better if we let them watch. The sad part was that none of us wanted any of this. We all missed Denver. Jake and I followed Hammish and Alfher so we could end this night. Alfher looked at me as his family and closest friends gathered around.

"What do I do, uncle?"

"You the wolves, ."


"Push and ask Wolf and his pack to join us. I can't tell you how you do that, but you can." Alfher looked to the woods and the wolves came from all around and there were howls from the distance. Wolf howled and other wolves showed up, and then others. There weren't many and the packs seemed to know each other. Hammish and I walked back to the barn and cut two of the last three halves into quarters and carried them back, neither of us knowing what to say. I pushed to wolf.

"Are these friends?" He said yes, that they branched off from the old pack like they had. They're friends. Is that for them?' We nodded and he nodded.

"Wolf, I am not like Danael, and it will take me time to learn your language, and your ways, but I want to offer your pack this in thanks for helping my family." Wolf walked up and smelled it as I told Alfer there were two other packs here now, that he called. Alfher stared and at me as Wolf howled and wolves came to take the meat away as Wolf, and his mate, walked up to Alfher. The she wolf walked up and sat as she at looked him.

"She wants you to scratch her neck and shoulders, and behind her ears. We all do that because we have fingers, and it feels good." He did and she butted him and ran off.

"You have two other packs that you called here unintentionally. Your dad and I brought meat for them as a gift, just play it cool.

"There are two other packs here." They howled. Will the first members please come forward, you are safe." sorry, but I am just learning to speak your language but you are welcome here. My uncle speaks for me as I learn." This was going to be interesting. The wolf, and his mate, walked up to us. They looked at him of respect, and then looked .

"You can speak with us?'

"Yes, welcome."

"How is it that he can us from such a distance but can't speak for himself?"

"He's and is learning his abilities. He surprised all of us by calling you, and the other pack. He was trying to call Wolf's pack." The she wolf walked up, as did Sara. They were both dressed in white and looked each other.

" Ishtah. We are from the mountains beyond your mountains and have been scouting since the winter was so hard."

" Sara and this is my husband, Danael and our nephew, Alfher. Welcome to you and your pack."

"There is much death here, Sara."

"Yes Ishtah, we have people angry with us but we protect our family...our pack." She nodded. "How can he us from such a distance?"

"I have the same answer as my husband, we don't know but he is learning quickly. It may because this gift to the pack that helps us was a surprise to him and didn't know the extent of the message he sent. It was offered to him on behalf of Danael so Alfher would feel more comfortable with the wolves and realize the strength of friendships, but after this night there should be no doubt about the benefit of strength and alliances." Ishtar looked at Sara and walked up to me.

"You are the Dragon?" I nodded "We would like to make an alliance with you even though we are too far to help with sudden things like this," as she looked around. I nodded. "We know Wolf because we are all family, even though we are different packs and that complicates things. Packs split apart like families...like clans. Yes, dragon?"

"Yes, what is it you, and your pack want, Ishtah?"

"Your help during winter if they are as bad this one. Yours was worse, but ours was bad. If ours was like yours then most of the pack would have died.

"And in return, Ishtah?"

"We will stand by you and help where we are, or where we are called and offer your family passage and protection through our land." Hammish said that is where his family is

"We have family on your side of the mountain as well." She nodded. "Do you have a ?"

"Yes, why?"

"Have her to , through you." Sara stared . I shifted and was gone and came back with Ishtah's and set her down as I shifted back. " sorry. I didn't mean to scare her but I wanted to know where your pack is from, the region. I can take her back. I didn't hurt her. Ishtah's walked up to .

"You smell dragon, but that was fun. Please take me back." I nodded, shifted and took her back before I shifted in front of them

"You can on when you need , but then, and I will not deplete the deer to save your pack. Agreed?' She nodded as Alfher and Hammish brought up the meat and Sara followed.

"Since Alfher called you unexpectedly we will take back so you don't have to journey so far and you can enjoy the meat with with your pack. Will you trust me?" Ishtah nodded as Sara opened the mist and told them to follow her to their home. She came back and we did the same with the other pack Alfher called to us, from even farther away but they were exploring like Ishtah's pack. We were uncertain what to make of Alfher, but he was family and we had done our work. Alfher would be learning from the wolves with Malinka and Sofi, and now we just needed to figure how to deal with everything else and get , Klaara, and Annika back in time to work with a witch. I shook my head as we walked inside. I hoped there was still something left to eat. I looked at the man leading the troops that came for us and growled...

" Danael, and you and I are going to have .

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