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617....edited, again  

dadigan 60M  
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2/6/2022 6:46 pm
617....edited, again

I woke while it was still dark and the girls were softly snoring, and sleeping peacefully. I put wood on both fires, dumped the water in the barrel, and put salt in the buckets to clean them in the snow. The amount of salt left wouldn't hurt anyone, and the who would be here would be me anyway. I cleaned the buckets and walked to the spring. I looked in the root cellar of the new house as I walked by. I needed to build a fire on the ground to thaw it so I could dig it deeper. I also needed more stones. I was filling the buckets when Wolf walked and sat, staring at me. "You worry us, brother because we don't how to help you, and you are still grieving. Wolves don't do that for more days because the pack needs them, us." I nodded and told him I was fine. He nipped me and said he didn't believe me. I stopped and sat on the capstone.

"There is nothing I can do for Sofi, or our , except to let them move on. I'm tired of Sofi hitting me in the jaw, and she's right. It's not fair to any of them. It's better for the girls to be where I come from because there is better medical care for humans, and animals.... magic and herbs can't fix everything my friend." He bowed his head. "There is a lot that Hammish and I need to do before next winter.. and now Jukka as well. A lot."

"And this new man you chased away? He is the one who sent all of those men to harm us, and that dragon?" I nodded. He stared at me trying to understand about conscience and instinct.... I was trying to understand the same thing and it was a fucking annoyance. "Humans are strange to us, but interesting. When there is a rogue wolf in our midst that doesn't follow the laws then it is in the pack's best interest to kill that wolf and make an example of him, because it's rarely a female. It seems to me, brother, that this man is a rogue human and should be dealt with the same if you want to protect this valley." I was silent, but he was right. "Drakon, and his mates, are terrible hunters. We want them to stay with us so we can teach them, we will teach the big man's as well when they return. We will bring you the game we kill so you can take the pelts, we'll take the meat afterwards." I nodded. "We liked that fish."

"Thank you, and I'll speak with Hammish and Jukka to see if they know any fishermen, or I'll bring Elisabeth back here because she fishes very well." He nodded.

"She is a dragon too?" I nodded and told him that she is a swimming dragon. He was astounded. "You always change my view of things, Danael. Walk slowly and focus, water is heavy." He yipped and ran off as the very first light of dawn was creeping through the trees. I did what he said, even though it made my shoulders and neck hurt. I set the buckets on the porch as I opened the door to find Sara and Aisha staring at me. I picked buckets and walked in as they closed the door.

"Please don't hit me, I don't want to walk back to the spring again." I poured them into the barrel and set them off to the side of the fire so they would dry slowly and started scrubbing the cooking pots with some salt and birch twigs.

"Why are you awake, mister?" I told them about my dreams and they both stared at me, and then each other.

"Dreka let me kill him. I thought he was tired of being here and all of us depleted him, but now, I'm not so sure, and there is still another dragon here." They stared at me.

"Can they can get access to his caves?" I told them I didn't think so because I pulled on Aerin, the Elf princess, and she helped me. "Why not Gaia?" I stared at them as I made us tea. "Daniel?"

"I trust the Elves, and all you, at the moment." Their faces went ashen. 'I have no idea what's true, except that I can trust my family's, and the Elves....for the time being." I drank my tea and hugged them. Please make breakfast while I deal with the animals, and don't dawdle in leaving, which they will want to do, which I wish you would do, but this Count won't wait long, and Juuka, Eluta, and the are vulnerable. It's better that it's quick for all of us, especially Irina and Malinka. I'll visit soon." I kissed them both and walked to the barn with tears leaking down my face. I lit the candle lanterns and the animals made their sounds acknowledging me. I walked into Drakon's stall and broke off a fish and set it down, along with some venison, as they stirred. I let the animals into the yard so they could walk, and be animals, as I got water from the stream. I was cleaning the stalls when Aisha walked in.

"You're worried, Dragon." I looked at her and smiled.

"Cautious, love, because he remembers what he's done, and his abilities, while I fly into trees." She laughed.

"You haven't done that for a while, Danael, and you are older than Dreka, by a lot. There is so much that you don't know, and so much that I can't share because they are your memories, but it was smart to trust the Elves, just like it was smart to trust the wolves." She started fluffing hay and putting some grain in their buckets as I moved to the next stall. "I think I should stay and help with this duke and count."

"No, Aisha, you and Airi need to go with Aya. Aya is the I trust in those families, and I need you there to help guide and protect them. The of you can pull me there in an instant." She nodded.

She hugged, and kissed, me. "I don't like seeing my Dragon sad." I smiled as I flung poop, and we both laughed.

"I won't be sad for long, love. There is too much to do." We finished with the stalls and put some hay in bunches around the yard as we let the chickens out to forage, and collected their eggs. I needed to have Emily find me drawings of chicken tractors on skids because maybe we could build those as well as wagons. There was no reason for me to build caskets here because they did the smart thing and wrapped their dead in linen and then either bury them, or burn them, but I sure missed the people in Denver. It would be a wonder if we were all able to get things done this year with everything going on and that was when I was staring at Dreka, in some in between place, as he smiled at me.

cjg045 69M  
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2/6/2022 10:24 pm

Hi Daniel, things are so busy with the women all leaving ,Hammish & Alfer are going over the mountains so Daniel will be alone. Thing could go awry but I have faith in the dragon, maybe he should just burn the count to a crisp. How about them apples !!!!!!!! Stay well my friend, JOE

OlderPete58 63M  
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2/7/2022 10:28 am

So Dani is older than Dreka there is more to this than meets the eye he has not yet discovered his true and full history. Interesting snippet.

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