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dadigan 60  
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2/7/2022 2:37 pm
618...edited (?)

"Hello, Dreka," I said as I looked around trying to figure out where I was, and how to get back. "Apparently you are like Marnine and don't die easily. Is this going to be an ongoing occurrence? I have a lot of work to do." He laughed, which I figured was good, but I was still in a place I didn't know speaking with a dragon I thought we had killed.

"I wanted you to know, brother, that I have forgiven you." He smiled as I stared at him. I just need access to my caves."

"Forgive me for what, Dreka?"

"For that princess and her monk, of course." I felt like I was losing my mind, again. "That hurt me deeply because I trusted you, but I have decided to forgive you Druk."

"Have you gone insane?" He bellowed in laughter saying of course not. "That was at least hundred years ago and the princess' name was Chesa...the monk was Dache...and I died trying to keep her safe from your men." He was quiet saying that it was an epic battle with both Mongols and Norsemen. I shook my head.

"You always cared for them more than I did, and you haven't changed. It's why I had to stay as Dragon and keep the eggs safe. Marnine plays at being a dragon but you were suppose to succeed me, and then you met that monk, and her."

"Is there a point to this, Dreka? We were friends, and brothers, but then you came after the people I love, just like Marnine and while I'm not exactly sure were we are, I'm guessing you are bound here like she is in Gaia." He growled.

"Druk, you have been upsetting the balance of power with these women, and then the wolves, and then those elves, next you'll make an alliance with the Dwarves." I was silent. I let you kill me because it was time for you to take over and lead our kind back to prominence, but then, after I let you kill me, you immediately join with the elves to seal MY caves, and my eggs....that is the point, Druk.

"First of all, there is such thing as Dwarves, and second, those aren't your eggs and the caves are now mine, along with what's in them." I knew there were Dwarves, even though I wasn't sure how, but I wanted to throw him off kilter, he focused on me saying they were now MY caves. He raged but I didn't move as he blew fire at me. I put up both hands, instinctively, and the flames, and heat, went around me. He couldn't believe it as he blew ice. I did the same but made a foot thick wall of solid ice between us as he expended himself.

"I know Dwarves are real, Dreka, and if it takes an alliance with them as well to prevent you from accessing those eggs then so be it. I'm not sure why you are working with the humans but I'll find out. You shouldn't have let me kill you, brother, because I will never join with you." He screeched and tried to melt the ice but he was old. I shifted into the dragon and added fifteen more feet of solid ice wall between us as I turned and shifted home. I flew over Irina's and headed to town to check. It seemed fine but I needed to a visit with this count and then the Duke. I landed at the barn as Aisha looked at me worried.

"Are you OK?" I nodded. She took my hands but I told her it was nothing and would heal quickly. I was wrong.

"No seems to die." She smiled because Aisha had lived longer than I remember, but I couldn't remember a lot, and there was no telling how old Ama was. It's it was getting easier letting Sofi and the baby go. "Do I/we know the Dwarves?" She was speechless.

"Why, and why he did take wherever he did?

"Because Dreka wants me to share power with him, but more tellingly he wants to get into his caves and get the eggs....I'm guessing his treasure too. It never frickin' stops."

"And the Dwarves?"

"He hates them more than the Elves, or humans, which is odd because he was human. The enemy of my enemy is my friend, but they might be friends of mine in any event." Aisha smiled and said I shouldn't count on that right off the bat, but we did know them," and she said nothing else.

"That's it?"

"Let's just say the last time we had interactions with them, it didn't go well." Fucking great, and I had absolutely no recollection of any of it. Hell, I was surprised I knew Elves, or dragons and now I needed to speak with angry Dwarves.

"Let's go eat and say goodbye. I need to speak Hammish and Ilsa, and Juuka and Eluta, and I have a hole to dig, and I need to lay out a plans for houses that face south, in both fields, and how to transport water from the spring, to the pens, barns, and then the main barn, before connecting into the stream.... and I need to talk with this count." She stared at me.

"That's for today?"

"I was giving myself a week." Aisha laughed as she hugged me and we went to the house for breakfast.

OlderPete58 63  
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2/8/2022 1:38 pm

Aisha knows much more than she is letting on, she hinted that Daniel was older than Dreka much older in episode 617 so what does this mean for things and Dwarfs as well as Elves and he has to take up the invite to the Elf Kings domain.

Daniel needs to sort the future and the past and perhaps even further back!

Too many balls in the air he needs to finish some.

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