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Aisha and I walked inside and sombre wouldn't come close to describing it. I knew this was coming because there was no way this was going to be easy for any of us, especially not Irina and Malinka because they felt they were betraying Sofi, and the baby, as well as me and it was even harder for them because they wanted to go with Karin and Lisbet, and see Gotland and her people, and then meet their people, their family. Life has been varying degrees of hard since the beginning, and it hadn't stopped being such in the sixteenth century, nor had it in the twenty-first. We just had better infrastructure and toys. We walked into the kitchen and Irina and Malinka ran to me, crying, as I hugged them. Everyone else went about making breakfast, and packing.

"Get your capes and walk with me." I grabbed the buckets and the ladle as we walked outside. They each took a bucket and put their other arm through mine on either side as we walked to the spring. I wanted them to understand even as I felt their heart's ache and that was when Sofi walked out of the trees, smiling. I knew the burden this place bore on a dragon, I couldn't imagine the strength it took for her to come back here one last time for her sisters. I pointed as they screamed and ran to her. I was as surprised as they were. I walked to the spring, filled the buckets, and waited as I blessed Sofi for what she was doing for Irina and Malinka, the sisters she loved. They both walked smiling and crying as they fell into me and we held each other. Irina said,

"Sofi is not dead, Danael, yet she is not living with us. We are both happy, but how is such a thing possible, even for witches?" I held them and explained as best I could as we stood to walk. I wanted to share with them my thoughts before they left because if I was able, this place would be very different when they came back, as would they. I understood why anyone would want the land that we had claimed just for the land, and what it could provide, but the count didn't care about the land. He cared for what it might hold within it. I told them about growing hay in this field, and on the land that Hammish bought, that Juuka and Eluta were on, and grains on the bulk of the pasture on the other of our current house and barn. I told them about building smaller stone houses around our new house, at least the hole in the ground that become our home, for us and everyone else because it wasn't like they wouldn't be here all the time, or Irina and Malinka being in in the future. Malinka stared at me.

"You are creating a village close enough to town so we can shop, but far enough away that we can live in peace and so people, families, can have a house and a small plot." Irina looked at me.

"Is this true, Danael?" I nodded and told them it would take a lot of work, and a lot of men to accomplish it quickly, in both fields, while helping Hamish and Juuka and their projects.

"How many homes?" I told them I wasn't sure because I needed to speak with Gaia, they both smiled. "And there will be animals around the houses for the people....goats, chickens, maybe pigs?" I nodded "And they could have a place for a garden, and herbs, and fruit trees?" I nodded and said that was I wasn't sure how many people because we needed land for hay, and grains, and orchards., and livestock. "What else is in your mind?"

"I want to build a sawmill to the west, there in the corner, because that is where the most trees are and we will need lumber. I also want to raise sheep and goats so we can spin and weave.... there is a lot I want to do, a lot I want all of us to do, but after Sofi, I want you with the girls because it's better for you, and the babies....safer." They nodded as we started walking back to the house. "You are both very smart and can learn a lot while you are there that you can bring back to help people here. Sara and Ama can help you with magic much better than the coven, and Kana and the wolves can teach you in Norway as these wolves would have taught you and Sofi here, Malinka.. I know you want to stay and help me but it will be easier for me if you were with the girls because I won't have to worry, and be distracted, so I can focus on getting as much as done as possible." They were both quiet, but nodded. "I can visit, and will...often, and you have family, and new friends and you'll make even more friends. You will like it there even though it's strange compared to here."

They nodded as we walked onto the porch and Irina opened the door. Everyone stared at us and sighed as we walked in smiling. We poured the water into the barrel as Irina and Malinka told them about talking with Sofi, and the plans we discussed for this land, and how they needed to learn things in the new home they were going to so they could come back and teach people here. The girls were enthralled as they ate breakfast and talked, laughing and smiling. I walked outside and around the house to look at the woods. Sofi was standing at the edge of the trees, wearing a white cloak. She smiled, waved, and disappeared into the trees as the wolves howled. I smiled, turned and walked back to the front to find Ama and Joseph waiting for me.

"I was wondering if I would ever see you again, Joseph. I never thought I would grow to miss you scaring the crap out of me like you did at Henry's." They laughed. "I'm guessing this isn't a social call."

"How secure is Dreka's cave? He is angry, and...." I interrupted because I wanted to spend time with my family before they left.

"Is he still behind ice?" The both smiled, and nodded." Joseph said that was one reason he's so angry. "Is he bound in that place like Marnine is bound in hers?" They nodded but Ama looked at me.

"Dreka isn't Marnine and he wants access to his caves, and to the eggs. He is jealous of anyone who has them, and they aren't safe in one place, not with Dreka because his lust for power is too great.

"Who controls his caves, and the eggs?" Silence. They both said that I did. "Why haven't the eggs hatched before now?"

"The eggs don't hatch until it's rider is found, and there haven't been riders for a long time. If riders come back then there will be more eggs because there will need to be more dragons. It's what Dreka wanted, and everyone else feared..."

"And....Ama?" Silence.

"And now you banished Dreka and joined magic with Aerin, of the Elves, instead of Gaia. We are a concerned, dragon." I nodded.

"Come have breakfast with us and bid my family farewell and we can talk of these things later but we needn't worry. I'm not Dreka." I turned and walked to the door as they followed me. I could feel their hesitation as we went inside to joy.

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