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2/9/2022 4:11 pm

Irina and Malinka where attached to me but the townsfolk where all smiling, and waving. It was a smaller community at the northern end of the island. I stopped and spoke with the girls. I had been lax about being here because I needed to be in places at once but I wanted Irina and Malinka to feel at home here and I wanted the people to accept them because of how challenging it was of Elisabeth and the Elves. I shifted into the dragon, which made everyone scream in laughter as I flew over the town and landed. Elisabeth and Sara told them they could have rides as they, and Irina and Malinka, helped people climb on for a quick flight. Taiiko flew with them because there was no harness. I wanted Irina and Malinka to get use to interacting even though it would take some time to learn the language, hopefully Gaia's to me with languages would rub off. I also wanted the town to identify them with me, the fact they were pregnant helped in that regard. All of the opted for a ride and more adults than I thought did as well.

I shifted back and parents were saying thank you because it made the put down their phones. Elisabeth, with Karin's help, because she was much older even though you never know it, were engaging much more with the people than Lisbet had been in the beginning. They were all coming to understand that they needed each other and Elisabeth was being embraced as an important member of their community for the fish, and protection, she could provide, but also a symbol and a part of them. Karin was Karin and was just happy she had found a partner. God help anyone who tried to hurt Lisbet because the one thing you don't want to deal with is an angry Elf, especially one in love.

I had been there a couple of hours, which I had planned, when we went to have some warm milk, tea, and sweets, and talk. I wanted to go to Denver but was going to Norway after this because I wanted to check in there as well. I hated being apart, we all did, and I wanted it to be as un-jarring as possible. Irina and Malinka sat on either side of me, holding my hands but unsure what to do, or even if they should be there so I started with them.

"I'd like both of you to start to learn the language here, Sara, Elisabeth, and Karin will help you. Learning Swedish will make it easier to understand Finnish, Norwegian, and Icelandic. Our other home is not far from these places and you are already learning English with your family so you have a ability for languages." They smiled, proudly, and nodded. "I'd also like both of you to think about why this Count would want to take your land by force..."

They both said, "Our land."


"You said 'your' land. It's our land, Danael." I smiled and nodded.

"Why there would be interest in it that would cause someone to use force to take our land. You both have live there longer, and know it better than I do, so I wanted to have you think about it, especially to the east and then south toward town. It's not urgent but think about it and discuss it because it will help our family to understand his motives. If you need anything ask Sara, or Taiiko. I'm sure you'll be bored just sitting around but I have no doubt that there are many places around here that would love to have help, and you are both excellent workers. Once you feel comfortable leaving then you can go to Norway for a time to meet our family and friends there, and then Iceland. These places are all very similar to home, just more modern." They smiled, and nodded as they hugged and kissed me. I could feel them relaxing, which was one reason I wanted to be here. Transitions are always hard, especially the one we were asking Irina and Malinka to make....or I was. "Go with Lisbet and Karin and explore the town, and meet the people, and then they will show you your rooms.

"We won't be together?" They were instantly worried.

"Of course you will be together, loves, but this is different than our home... places are larger. You'll see, and be amazed, but I won't spoil it for you. You will be together, loves, so don't worry." They exhaled, and nodded, as Lisbet and Karin took their hands and started to walk around town. "I kissed them both and said I would be here often and would take care of our home, and the animals." They plowed into me, bit my shoulders, kissed me and walked away." I really was a lucky man.

"Are you sure you know what you're doing, mister?" I looked at both her and Taiiko and said of course, after a brief silence we all laughed because I had no frickin' clue, but it felt like the right decision, especially after losing Sofi.

"Do either of you know why Chloe bolted earlier?" They shook their heads and asked what happened. "I told her that Sofi had been there and that it helped Irina and Malinka, and me..."

"Sofi was there?" I nodded. "How many times, Daniel?"

"Several and then when she talked with Irina and Malinka. I went to get water to give them privacy as sisters." Sara was doing the same thing Chloe had done, gasped, and ran as she disappeared while Taiiko and I looked at each other.

"What's going on Daniel?" I shrugged and said I didn't have a clue and that I was usually last in the loop. We walked toward the strait hugging each other.

"Are you OK being here? There are a lot of things that need to be done in a lot of places." She kissed me and said yes.

"There are still weeks of winter, which limits what we all can do here. You are going to be the busy one for the next month. We have a strong family, Daniel, and very good friends. Yes there is a lot going on but we have people to help." I nodded as I hugged her and exhaled as she squeezed me into her. "We'll be fine love and I think you are making the right decision after everything that has happened. We are in a chess match with forces we don't fully understand yet, but it's obvious that they don't want us around, or in our roles. It's easier to keep Irina and Malinka safe, healthy, and teach them here. It's a sound decision." I nodded.

"When Sara comes back please find out what the heck is going on." She nodded. "Also, there are multiple chests of who knows what that Karin, and the other sirens, brought me to say thank you for releasing them. There might be a lot more, and others off Iceland, and then there is the fact that we need to meet Aerin's father. I don't even want to think about that." She chuckled. "Don't you even go there, Missy! Please talk with Karin and Sara about getting whatever is down there out so you can look through them. I'd like bars of gold and silver to come to me, and also to you and Annie, if she needs it, so we can melt them down. I don't want the heirloom coins, and other things touched.... those go to the cave. Ama can access it, or I can. Have Annie speak with Bethany, and Henry, and Tina to see if they need resources. I know I will need it because of what I have planned in the past." She stared me. "Karin, and the Elves, were giving me these things, and Ama already verified that. I also have everything in Dreka's cave, and everything we got from last fall. It's a lot, but there is a lot to be done, and a lot of uncertainty." She nodded.

"What are you going to do, Daniel?" I looked at her, and smiled. "Probably something I shouldn't but I need to get better at reading Japanese. Can you ask Yoshi if I can read through your families archives? I am happy to go there to do it because I miss everyone but I'll have time on my hands during the evening for a while." She stared at me, sadly, and nodded.

"What are you up to mister? You've got that innocent-devilish glint in your eyes which makes all of us uneasy." I smiled.

"I'm thinking about so many things that I can't explain because they keep changing, because the world keeps changing, and because I've just touched the surface of what I know. Right now, I need to figure out why a Count wants my family's land and then lay the groundwork for our futures, along with all of the other things we need to deal with across our families." She smiled and kissed me.

"I'll speak with Yoshi but aren't you concerned about ripping the fabric of time and space with these things." I chuckled as I opened the mist and hugged her.

"We are hell and gone from that love, and I'm a dragon, afterall. What could possibly go wrong?" I smiled as Taiiko chuckled. "Take care of Irina and Malinka and if you feel they should go to Osaka then I trust your judgment, sweets.I think it would be good for them, especially in winter while it's familiar." She nodded. I waved as I walked through the mist and rolled into the barn in Norway as Drakon, the dogs, Jacob, and the girls, all stared down at me. The dogs sniffed me, barked like crazy dogs, and pounced on me, nibbling. "I'm sure this is a hoot to watch, but would mind." They said not at all, and walked away laughing, even Drakon walked with them until he got to barn door, turned, and barked as all the dogs followed him outside. "THANKS, assholes."

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