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dadigan 60M  
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2/10/2022 10:25 pm

I looked at my cave, turned, and walked back to the house. I wanted so much to play in the ocean as the bear. I walked home reveling in the silence of this place. It was my home, even though I had no home, or had too many. I looked down at a flash and stopped as I picked up what looked to be a diamond, and Gaia rubbed against me as we walked to Ama's. "Are you ever going to show me how everyone can go where they want and I fall out of the mist, and am apparently the only one.... and is this a real diamond?" Gaia sat and looked me as I sat too.

"First of all, you are doing fine when it comes to getting around, wouldn't you say?" I nodded. "You, Dragon, are a knot that only you can unbind and in order to do that, well.... it'll take some time because your existence is just short of the Elves, so you tied a lot of knots, Danael, and that was before who you were in this life which we'll leave for another time. You are doing fine, and yes, it's a real diamond. It's actually exquisite and there are more facets locked inside. It's a gift for Jake and Emily but I wanted you to look at it as we walked to Ama's." I stared at it as we walked.


"Look at it, Danael. What do you see?"

"It's multi-faceted, and each facet is brilliant and glints in the light."

"That stone, that diamond, would be consider low grade until it was cut to bring out it's essence, but it's beautiful now, wouldn't you say?" I nodded. " The only things separating this stone, and what your cousin Stephanie, could create is time, and skill. Sound like someone you know?" Gaia looked up and laughed as she trotted away..

I hated riddles. Men fucked this planet up, to be sure, and these women were going to try and drive me insane to remind me of that. I stared at the door as I breathed, closed my hand around the diamond and wondered if the stones I saw in the past actually were diamonds. I went to open it when Haagerstadt whispered that I shouldn't do that, but he didn't know how to whisper and the door flung open to three off my wives, and they weren't happy to see me. They glared at me and walked away as the elves watched. I stared at them and they huddled in the corner as I walked up. Emily stepped in front of me, followed by Jake.

"It's not their fault, Da'. They didn't know it was your cave. They're just happy to be here." I looked at all of them and bowed my head. I handed the diamond to Em and told Jake to call Stephanie. I turned to the elves and opened my arms. They ran into me as I told them I was sorry. The diamond caught the light of the fire, and glinted, and they all ran to Jake and Emily to see the stone in her hand. They were still part Siren and liked shiny things. I smiled and shook my head as I felt the girls looking at me and turned.


"We were suppose to go meet the Elves as a family, Daniel! What did you give Emily and Jake?"

"I didn't GO there, I was taken there. Talk with them and Gaia gave me a diamond for a lesson, but also to give them and that's wha...." All three of them ran to Emily and Jake. Jesus frickin' Christ. I walked into the kitchen as Ama was smiling and holding a glass of goat's milk. 'We need Yaks, Ama." She nodded.

"I tried to warn you." I drank half the glass and looked at him as I wiped my beard.

'Haag, we need to work on what whispering means." Ama laughed and walked back to the stove as he stared at me, confused. I hugged him as we sat and talked until the rest of them were done. I needed twelve adopted elves like I needed a hole in my head. I was shite with names to begin with, what was I thinking and that was when they all they walked up to me, and stared. OY!

"This is your home, you don't need my permission to treat it as such. Sit." They smiled, and stared as Sara sat next me, not mad at all. I looked at her as she smiled, and kissed me. I was definitely going insane.

"They are enthralled by you, Daniel, and consider you a father, of sorts." I told her I gathered that much. "They are learning to be both elves, and sirens, because they have chosen to stay here, like our Karin. It will take some time so being here in Iceland was a smart choice. They have the freedom to be both, which you experienced. It will take them a little time to blend being both siren and elf. We are all sorry that we hit you. Aerin Is beautiful, and she's an Elven Princess, and we're....."

"Pregnant with our daughters?" She nodded, and sniffled, as I hugged her. "Stop being dumb, I'm better at it." She bit the side of my neck and laughed as Chloe and Annie walked up and did the same. "Tell me about Sofi." They stared at me and walked away.

OlderPete58 63M  
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2/11/2022 3:17 am

Trouble just seems to find Daniel but he will over come it.

Another fine episode and thank you for sharing this as always keep up the good work.

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