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625...edited, again  

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2/11/2022 5:41 pm
625...edited, again

Annie, Chloe, and Sara walked away, not mad but something was . I looked at the elves who were staring at me unsure what to do, or how to be. I smiled and they looked at each other and smiled back. "I'm sorry about the cave. I considered it mine even though it isn't because it's more yours, and your runes are very impressive." They still didn't know exactly what to do, and neither did I. "Are you enjoying it here?" That did it and they smiled, clapped, and all started talking to me at once so I spent the next twenty minutes smiling, nodding, and looking back and forth at them acting like I knew what they were talking about. Ama finally had pity on me as she motioned for Jake and Em who sat down and kissed me.

"You lot go play with Jake and Emily and help Haagerstadt if he needs it..." They jumped and started to go outside..."aren't you forgetting something?" They all came over and hugged me, which was very sweet. "That's very nice but I meant your coats, hats, and gloves." They laughed and went to grab them as they walked out front. Emily handed Ama the diamond, smiing, as she followed Jake outside.

"Are you OK with this, Ama? I feel bad because I'm not here often and just sprung them on you."

"This house hasn't been so alive since the fall when everyone was trying to kill us, or at least all of you. It's fine. We love having them here and they adore the , including Haagerstadt." We both laughed. "They'll be fine and you're handling them as you should because both sirens, and elves, are mischievous by nature and need a firm hand. We all recognize that, and then there are Jake and Emily. They play with them and show them about things, and are their friends as they explore. I wanted them to wait on the cave but they were too excited to be able to visit home, and it is their cave even though you think it's yours." I laughed and nodded.

"Do you know what's going on with Sofi?" When I mentioned that she had visited us to both Chloe and Sara they bolted. I just asked again and they all walked away." Ama was quiet but looking at me, reading me I guessed. "Sofi shouldn't have been able to do the things she did, especially not with your . It's odd, Danael, but everything has been odd since you and Sara met. Sara and Chloe are starting to learn who they are, and rediscover their abilities like you, like all of you. You are all different, and the girls are learning, and remembering, at different . You, Chloe, and Sara, and now Annika are progressing the quickest but they are all aware. Chloe, and then Sara, went to where they thought she would be, a place very familiar to you, but laden with pain."

"Tibet." Ama was quiet but nodded.

"They wouldn't let them in but the head of the monastery spoke with them as a courtesy because they had both studied there, but she wouldn't let them see her." I stared at her. "All of you have been on this wheel much longer than you think, especially you. They are unsure how to tell you because they are worried what you'd do. You can be, shall we say, a tad unpredictable at times." I smiled.

"Is he still behind the ice wall?" She smiled and nodded.

"They are in the bedroom trying to figure out how to tell you, go put them out of their misery." I nodded.

"Can you me back to the past about thirty minutes after I left there this morning?" She nodded. "Will you once I talk with the girls and say goodbye to everyone?" She looked at me and nodded.

"I will, but you can do it yourself, although a lot has happened already, and you have things to do there so I will, but don't ask me again." She got and kissed my cheek. "Go talk with them." I walked down the hall, knocked, and walked in as they looked at me and I went over to sit on the bed with them. They were obviously stressed, and worried, and unsure what to do.

"Ama told me about Sofi." They all exhaled at the same time, and all bit me at the same time. I hadn't realized just how stressed they were. They spent the next twenty minutes all talking to me at once, but there were just of them. They finally stopped to breathe and Chloe asked about the diamond as Sara and Annie held her hands and looked at me like I knew something.

"She didn't tell me why just to give it to them, but she is a sparse with words most times. She's always there as a fox, though, which is nice." Sara lowered her head because she missed Bob. I put my hand on her leg. "We'll all go back in a few days, love, because we all miss them. I need to talk with Hammish and Ilsa but we've been gone too long." They all nodded.

"Do you think they are planning anything?" I shrugged, as they all hit me in the chest, and laughed. We talked about the , the elves, Irina and Malinka, and Karin and Lisbet, before heading into the kitchen. Everyone had come inside and were drinking hot cocoa by the fire, even Haagerstadt, especially Haagerstadt since he was using a beer stein. I told them I needed to go but that I would come back often. I hugged everyone, put on my cloak as Ama opened the mist for me. I waved and walked in as of the elves ran after me, everyone was yelling for them to stop but they made it through. Ama closed the mist before the rest could follow. I rolled into the barn back home in the past and stood as the elves flew out, hitting me and sending us rolling next to Bob, the mule, who was staring at us like we were idiots. He wasn't too far off. "What is wrong with you?" They laughed as they got and started looking around. Crap.

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2/11/2022 8:42 pm

Hello Daniel, it's been a few days since I wrote a post. I've been a bit busy at work.
The women are busy driving Daniel crazy, but I think he relishes in it. Life goes on even as things are up in the air for Daniel. He must learn with so many balls up at one time. Stay Well my friend, JOE

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