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2/21/2022 7:25 pm

We all laughed as the girls, and danced like we use to. Jake and Emily ran out back, jumped off the deck, and dancing as Bob came out and watched. Our would love music, that was a given and that was when Green River stopped. We all looked at each other as Uncle Billy walked outside. "It's time for some real music. Drop it." Ellen put the needle down on Bob Dylan's "Rolling Stone," and the night went from there with a battle over my parents records. I could care less because I loved all of them and my family was here, and we were happy. I went inside to eat and there were pieces left, both corners which I was thankful. I went out and sat back down as Jake, Emily, and Annika sat down and grabbed the pizza out of my hand, smiled, and stared eating.

"Jesus Christ, what is wrong with you? Drop them. Crap. Haagerstadt keeps you locked with no food?" They smiled and nodded. "It's all gone?"' They nodded. "God almighty, order one more pizza like the last, and a large lasagna, get bread sticks and sauce, BUT bring the pizza to me. Understand?" They laughed and walked out front as Jake called Frank. "Did the girls eat like locusts?" He was silent as they all sat down, staring at us. He nodded and they all punched me.

"Why are you hitting me?"

"You asked, mister." They all laughed, which was like music to me. I needed way more time than I had, but it was a start and it started to snow again but we put more wood on brought out blankets. It was around , when Jake and Emily came back and left the lasagna on the counter with the bread sticks and sauce and brought the pizza out and handed it to me.

"What?" They all looked at me. "Oh Jesus Christ..." I took a corner and handed over the box as the girls fought Jake and Emily for the other corners. "You are worse than elves. I got to get some lasagna and to put Charley Crockett on.... and there was nothing left. I yelled if they had licked the pan. Everyone out front laughed. I put the record on and shook my head as I walked out back to a bunch of chipmunks with full cheeks. I shook my head but smiled. It was a good night for Frank and it was a good night for me, too.

"Get , Jake." He laughed as I sat down and he sat on me. "I'm well prepared for elves." I hugged him because I missed him and Emily sat on him, as I grunted, and that was when sat on top, and everyone laughed, except me so I started tickling. "You people are idiots.... and you eat too much." They jumped and laughed even louder as they went out front. We had been gone for longer than we ever had in their lives, and everyone was reconnecting, except me. I kept looking East. I did my best because I cared about these people, my family, but I could fell myself becoming more dragon than me. I looked as Henry said something.

"I'm sorry Henry, I was distracted. It's been a long day. What did you say?" Sara stared at Aisha as Henry told me about the new Henry's, and how we were already selling food for pick- and to go, and people loved it. I said why wouldn't they. I missed being in the kitchen with him, I missed all of it and i interrupted him in mid-sentence.

I got quiet and looked at Bob, and remembered everything and I had to do in order to build Bob's den. "Do you remember the first time we met, Henry?" Silence and that spread as EVERYONE walked out back. He looked at me and smiled.

"I remember because I handed you a broom and you didn't do a bad job cleaning the floor." I smiled as Sara hugged me as Chloe and Janey walked . I remember that you took your time eating my pancakes that first time, and I remember how you looked at my Sara. You've never stopped that, you just expanded it." Everyone laughed. "Why?"

I miss those days when you told me to chop vegetables, and we'd be here, like now, and play music I miss that." Everyone was silent.

"Things change, , but I understand. I still walk out the back door to go to work and Chloe and Janey's mom, and Sara's mom and dad. Life changes even if we don't want it to." I nodded as the song the Dragonborn Comes came on. I stood and waked to the fence and jumped over. Everyone looked around.

"It's OK dad. It was nothing to with you. He just has a lot to think about. Let's enjoy the rest of the evening and have fun." They shifted the song as Sara looked at Aisha and shifted to the bear and walked into the snow.

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