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dadigan 60M  
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2/23/2022 10:09 am

All I could hear were echos, mainly of Aisha screaming at me and crying. I wanted to go with Sofi and Amrita and didn't care where but I thought about the girls, and my greater family and how much we had to, and I willed my heart to start as I pulled Dreka's power into me, since he would no longer need it, and if he did manage to come back again then I'd rather have it. I just hoped that I strong enough to wield it, and not let it consume me like it had Dreka. I looked outward again and Aerin walked up to Sofi and Amrita as they all looked me smiling. They waved, turned around, and walked away as I started breathing, but it labored. I opened my eyes, at least my right one, and I shifted as Aisha gasped. Most of left side badly burned, I could feel it. Thank God for the scales or I would be dead. I hurt everywhere and having a hard time breathing, and something wrong with my bac I sat up as best I could and looked as Aisha.

"When you heal I'm going to beat the shit out of you, mister." I smiled and said fair enough. "I thought you had died in front of me again. I'm getting too old for this. You're not to good. We need to get you to the falls." I nodded as she helped me up. She opened the mist but I pointed to her sword and shield.

"I don't to come back here. What's wrong with my left eye?"

"Dreka burned you pretty badly. It's fused shut." I nodded as she wrapped her arm around my back and I screamed. She lifted my shirt and I had gash marks all over my back and sides and a large hole on the left side of my back, deep. "This is going to hurt. I grunted as we walked through the mist to the energy falls. I just hoped I didn't fall. The girls where waiting and gasped when they saw me, luckily the weren't there.

"It's just a flesh wound. I'll bounce back in no time," and then I passed out. I have no recollection of anything after that, or how long I there. The only thing I could sense Dreka's power, now my power, moving through me. I stopped focusing on it and drifted away in some in between space that neither light, nor, dark, but seemed to be both, if that could make sense. I floated there without the worry of time. I tired and needed a break anyway. There would be plenty to do later, assuming I healed.

I could hear people laughing and talking as I opened one eye....that sucked. I sat up and even though I still sore, I wasn't in agony, which was a good sign. I got out and wrapped my cloak around me as I followed the voices, stumbling because I wasn't use to seeing out of just one eye. They all smiled. Aisha walked up first because was she still highly protective of me. "At least you no longer look like death warmed over." Everyone got serious and nodded. "Everything will heal, in time, but your eye is fifty-fifty." I nodded and told her that at least I one. I looked at my left arm. The burns should get better but you'll always have some scars, probably a lot, especially on your face." I nodded. "They couldn't do anything to save the wing because Dreka had mostly ripped it off." I nodded.

"Turn about is fair play, I suppose."

"Something like that, love. Gaia says it'll be at a thousand years until a dragon could regrow a wing, but you're a Dragon."

"So no more diving at the speed of sound?" She shook her head, chuckled, and not for a while, which fine by her. "Well, at least I can fly in circles." That broke the tension and they all walked up to me as I looked around. "Where's Marnine?" They all smiled as Annie walked up. "She here helping us heal you. You almost went away, twice. Once we got you stable, Gaia released them and they got the heck out of Dodge." I laughed, nodded, and said smart. "They're in Norway and Bethany is getting them situated at the house and will find them someplace in the buildings we are remodeling. Marnine has really taken a fancy to baking and tea."

"I can't remember her name but there is someone down one of the alleys, Marnine might be able to help as they figure things out. I'd rather keep Marnine busy, since I only have one wing, and one good eye." They laughed, and nodded. "I'm going to lie down for a bit." They helped me to the falls and sat me down. I rolled over and passed out. I unconscious for another threee days....tenn in total. I finally rolled out and got dressed but only and Aisha and Joseph were there. "At least you two, love me." Joseph walked up smiling and looked at my eye, rubbed some goop on it, and handed me a large jar.

"Threee ties a day until it's gone, understood?" I nodded. "How are you handling the surge of new energy from Dreka.

"Fine, but I've unconscious for over a wee" He smiled.

"That the stupidest thing any of us have seen since the last time you did something stupid, but it equally impressive, and it worked. Aerin is going to teach you how to shift, properly, and how to bend time and space once you get your bearings. You've been here for tenn days but it's only been a day and a half in Denver so go see your family. They're worried about you, and try not fall out of the mist." He laughed, hugged me and gone. I looked at Aisha and smiled as she opened the mist and we went home.

OlderPete58 63M  
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2/23/2022 1:01 pm

Great writing Daniel its a shame he can't shift time a thousand years and grow another wing back Aisha needs to fly with him after all.

Be interesting to see what power he has picked up from Dreka too.

Keep up the good work on this epic tale.

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