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dadigan 60M  
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2/24/2022 7:38 pm

Bob reached out and grabbed the chicken breast as I watched him. I was glad they were feeding him in this, but I hoped they weren't making him a pet. I pushed, looked at my home, and went Gotland. The mist opened and I walked out as Elisabeth tackled me. "Are you insane?" She smiled as she moved back the ocean hunt for fish because this was a storm of the century. I picked myself up, with difficulty, grunting, as I walked to town... luckily it wasn't that far. Lisbet was doing her job, which I was proud of, and everyone was happy for. The storm was bad as I walked inside the cafe.

"I shed the hood of my cape, and they all turned away even though they knew I was. I hadn't looked at myself, and now I wasn't going , for as long as I could, so people would get use me. I walked up the mayor, looked down.

"Do you what you need? 's the last storm of the year, hopefully." She said yes, and she looked up, and was back to speaking with me as she had in the past.

"Elisabeth beat the storm, and was throwing fish on shore, and she still is. The fish.... large fish are moving because of the storm, and Elisabeth is catching them so we can use them in the summer, as well as now." She was a better dragon than I was, and she kept at it. I shifted back to Denver and Sara was staring at me.

"Happy?" I nodded as she grabbed my ear, and pulled me inside. "Good."

"Stop! I hurt enough. Jesus, I just wanted to because Lisbet and Karin were at New Foundland. is a lot going on," as I grunted and sat down. "I don't, nor I ever, doubted any of you. I'm just doing what I too." Sara looked at me and shook her head.

"You need to eat something," as she got things out of the fridge to make an omelette. "These people are like locusts." I nodded. "Everyone went to stay in the hotel, since we had the rooms." Melissa walked in and smiled as I looked at her.

"Is the door locked?" She turned around and went back to locked all of the doors as Sara's phone rang. She smiled and she looked at me.

"Yeah, he's here." She handed me the phone, smiling. "'s your ."

"Da? Are you OK?" I teared up because they shouldn't deal with this.

"I'm fine. We're fine....Bob is fine." They both laughed. Where are you?"

"We a whole floor, and we're all here. Well, mostly. 's kind of an open door party, but people are leaving...like Annie, Taiiko, and Chloe. Sara comes and goes, but she's Sara. Janey is here, because this her home. We're fine, good Da'." I nodded my head and said good night. I looked at Sara she looked at me, and punched me in the chest, as I grunted.

She looked at me, and smiled, as she made what what she could with was in the fridge which was chicken and rice, and a nice salad. The three of us sat down eat. Sara said, "The amount of food these people is astounding," I nodded ", but 's tasty, even as left overs." We all nodded as we ate and finished what was in the fridge.

was awkward with me and Sara being together because we had started this. I was still uncertain why we weren't married, but none of us really were. We all had our roles, but Sara and I should been THE couple. We weren't as I looked at them, and cleaned up from dinner as Sara walked up help. "I'll do this, was my....."

"You NO idea how wash anything. You dry." She laughed and nodded as we cleaned up and then sat listening "Tennessee Whiskey," and we went from . Melissa walked out and got Tennessee Whiskey.... and glasses ... and put the record back on. We smiled as she kissed us both.I liked the song but Melissa looked at me, intently, as the song came on. I looked at them as if they had lost their minds, which they had, but the song played on and was us. Sara asked....

"How are you?" I looked at Melissa, and then I listened the lyrics of the song as Melissa stared at me. I told Sara I was OK, and let's enjoy the evening, together. She nodded as Melissa smiled, and I lost two of my loves that night,even though Sara told me would happen in the beginning. Melissa replay. I felt like my wounds were being ripped open, again, as I watched. Things were in flux, and not normal, but the storm quelled some of as people went back their places. The song came back on as Melissa looked at me.. again.

I was a threat her, which I wasn't.... but I was in her mind, and I didn't want Sara hurt more than she had by now. I grunted, swallowed, and said I needed leave. The song wasn't over as I looked up. "I need go, loves." Sara stared at me, and Melissa.

"Where, Danael?" I didn't want lie so I told a truth.

"I'm going to on the path that Ilsa and Hammish will follow." She knew I was lying.

"'s snowing now." Melissa looked at me.

"When would look at a way take wagons?" Sara smiled, and nodded. We finished our drink. Sara smiled, and went into the kitchen as Melissa walked up to me.

"Thank you, Danael..."

"If you hurt her, then I will kill you, and your family. Understood?" She nodded as I walked away into the night. Things were unraveling across the board, and the world wasn't helping. I didn't care about the world. I cared about my family, and my family needed me. Thank Gaia for a major snow storm because I passed out as the bear as I went to Norway.

cjg045 69M  
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2/25/2022 2:53 am

Daniel needs some down time to recoup for his body to heal. All of the things going on will happen even if he vegges out for a day. The women will help him if he lets them. All of the balls are still in the air floating ,waiting for Daniel to deal with what may come. These chapters have been exciting for us to read Daniel, Thank you for these snippets as they help me get through my days. JOE

OlderPete58 63M  
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2/25/2022 3:08 am

Daniel is feeling alone and wants some someone to help him gain peace and everyone is so busy... Just like life on this sorry planet we call home.

slow2cum4u2 78M  
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2/25/2022 10:21 am

Thanks, Daniel -
I don't often comment, but I do appreciate your writing, and look forward to reading each new chapter, having been here from the first chapter with Janey and Sara.

Claw51478 75M
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2/25/2022 3:06 pm

I got a little confused on the last paragraph. I thought Millisa was Deats wife. How is she threatening Daniel or maybe hurting Sara, and Daniel saying he will kill her, Deat, daughters. .


I read each and every Part. maybe 2 , 3 times. Don't comment much, as am really busy. . In the beginning it was OlePete and me only commenting, really commenting, then Cjg045 ( Joe ) started regular commenting.
I also read any comments posted by other readers.

dadigan 60M  
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2/25/2022 4:04 pm

They changed this site again, it seems. I appreciate that people read my story and I'm not looking for adulation, or praise. With people banning books, burning books, and no with Ukraine.... words are important, even in stories. I wish this was site was better.

dadigan 60M  
55 posts
2/25/2022 4:27 pm

Melinda is Deat's wife.

Claw51478 75M
235 posts
2/26/2022 4:06 am

OK, now I remember. Guess this Old Dawg has a slight memory lapse .

dadigan 60M  
55 posts
2/26/2022 2:56 pm

I'm younger than you and.... what's my name? )

Claw51478 75M
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2/26/2022 6:08 pm

Lets see, In the beginning it was D A N I E L, then somewhere, maybe Norway, or 500 yrs in the past, it became D A N A E L and today, Sara and Milissa called you DanAel. So, I guess , it is DANAEL. Both in the present and in the past. Just my thoughts.

slow2cum4u2 78M  
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3/4/2022 12:49 am

It has been a while since you posted...
I hope that you are alright.

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