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4/11/2022 2:56 pm
733... edited ?

733... edited.

The wolves all looked at me, and we shifted because everyone else was waiting for me and Sara, but mostly me. I wasn't going to lie to them, and Unc and I had mended our fences, as I hoped my cousins had, because it'd been almost twenty years and that's a lot of fucking lost time in lives that likely won't make it to 0. Ellen sat on my uncle's lap and said it was done as she kissed him and got and walked to me. She kissed me on the lips, because we had always done that as a family. “We're staying in a hotel until you go where you go, except Bill and I will meet you at the cabin.”

“I have a list....”

“We have the list, love, stop thinking so.”

“You heard my memories?” She nodded as Unc stood , hugged and then looked at me. “How? We don't know.” My Uncle didn't like to cry....never did. I think it was why he reacted the way did because the people that meant so much to him died inside of years. Anger was easier. Anger is always easier than grief, that's why the best the businesses use to be a grocery store and liquor store, and now a pot store, at least in CO. They eased the pain. I was moving beyond judgment. He hugged me because his taught him at least that much. He smiled at me, wiped away a tear, and shook his head, as he stared at me. “They'd be proud of you, .... we're all proud, Daniel. I looked at him trying to remember what that word meant as he missed my look, thankfully. “We've seen Henry's and Bet and Javier's place.... you'll love them. You focus on food, water, and libations, and chocolate,” everyone laughed because he was getting old enough not to be so dumb all the time. “As much as I would like to go to McGuckin's... we'll stop at Home Depot in Fort Collins. Do you have plywood and tarps,” as I nodded and cried as he hugged me. “I haven't been there for such a long time, Uncle Billy, but we did, in the barn, it was dark but there should be enough. I think it's just the back room of the main cabin, but..... He stared me, and smiled.

“I'll get things for the cabin but pack for a hard few nights, and bring wood.... all of it, and then more... and then water, at least until we can find the spring. I nodded.”

“Unc, there are wolves staying on the land at our invitation, but they are family.” He stared at me. They know we are coming as I handed him the keys to the cabin. “The tools are in the that shed,” as I pointed behind us. “The keys tothat are in the same place they've always been. I wish it was elk season,” and that reminded me to do something. “Take all the shovels because the snow was 6-8 inches, and it was still snowing. If there are snowshoes in there, I can't remember, but take whatever you think we'll need. The wolves won't hurt you....”

“Of course they won't, love,” Sara said, because Em and I going with them. Ellen, can you call and get us room?” She was already walking inside, along with my uncle. We were the people you really didn't want to ever have to fight.

“Sam, I need to by stop, early, and get your trailer so I can fill it with wood, and the chainsaws, and all of the gear.” He stared at me and shook his head. “What?” “Is Jake going to be at Henry's, and Janey, tomorrow morning?” I said probably. “Make sausage biscuits, and ham biscuits, and we'll all meet back here at the shop. Have them make carafes of coffee. We all can discuss what we need to get regarding supplies because there's no telling what's up there and it's going to be decent weather. We definitely need a lot of large tarps, ropes, sealants, duck tape, gasoline, spark plugs.... do you have the manual for the gene?” I nodded because I was losing my mind, again, as I said in the filing cabinet, that there should be a folder. Everyone scattered like ants to get ready, as I smiled and said I'd be back. They all looked at me, and growled. I shifted to Norway and wasn't it was quite dawn, but still cold, as I walked into the barn and looked up. I lowered half an elk and hooked the legs as I turned to walk out and Annie was staring at me with her hands on her hips, glaring.

“What are you doing mister? You wouldn't think I'd notice?” She pointed at me, sternly. “You move, and you die as she trotted back inside and came out minutes later with and a bleary eyed Jacob, a backpack and sleeping back. “Jacob, you're in until we get back,” as he looked at me trying to hold half an elk. He nodded, shook his head, and walked back inside, at least he had boots on. Annie kissed me and said it felt like the old times when we fought Marnine at Henry's as she opened the mist, smiled, and took my hand. This was going to be fucked , in so many ways as the mist opened and Bob looked at it half asleep as I came sliding out across the snow with half an elk carcass. ALL the wolves jumped , yowled, yipped, growled, and went behind Bob, who just stared as Annie walked out.

“What is wrong with you, Daniel? It's not that hard, even carrying something.” I told her it was probably 0 hundred pounds. “Hi, I'm another of his wives....he has a few. Who's Bob?” Bob walked as she knelt and he smelled her and pushed to his pack because Fenrir lived in Norway. “Sorry about that, but he's a klutz. He also flies into trees.” They all laughed. “We're sorry to disturb you. We're going to hang this in the barn and then leave, and all of the rest of the crazy people will show tomorrow, way worse than me but not even close to him.” He laughed again as she looked at me as I was getting . “I like them. We'll try to be quiet, but are you still ?” They all nodded and stared. Annie helped with the elk. “They're still .... what is wrong with you.” I handed her a flashlight and shook my head. I was So in over my head. She looked around, and then to the pulley. “Good, that will it make easier. Find an axe so we can get them more meat. It's already cold” I nodded as Laid the elk on hay, because we had axes, and they were always sharp, but this wouldn't be after what I was about to do it. I chopped a back quarter off the elk and then chopped into pieces as I asked Annie to take them out and place them around the stones by the fire as I grabbed a metal , lifted the grate off, dropped the , and went back into the barn. They all stared at me as Annie was still holding the elk pieces, and shaking her head. I walked out carrying and armful of wood, because it close to 0 degrees, maybe less.

“Lean them against the rocks,” as I put more wood on the pit and waited for it to take, which wasn't long. “It won't take long for the meat to get a warm so turn it after minutes. Give me the flashlight, love.” She handed it me as they all stared at me and Annie looked at Bob and said I told you so. I hooked the elk on a rope inside a hard plastic sheath that my dad and I MacGyvered, sealed the hole for the rope, and lifted it into the rafters as they all walked into the barn and looked .

“What is that?”

“It keeps the rats off, if there are any left because we use to have weasels here...but it'll keep them from climbing down the rope and having a feast. She stared at me.

“Does it work?” I said unless the rats were acrobats and then my Da' didn't mind. She stared at me. “Why don't we have these anywhere else? They aren't much to look at it but if they work?” I smiled.

“I forgot about them.” She snorted, and huffed, as she walked back to the fire and moved the meat away from the stones, and all the other wolves, except Bob, followed her out the barn. Bob looked at me as I put the flashlights down, locked the barn, and put the key back. “Consider yourself lucky, Bob.” He nodded. “Next time if you are still then tell me, OK. I'm never going to hear the end of this,” he nodded and we walked to fire as he grabbed part of the lower leg with the hoof attached. Annie and I watched as we marveled because this wasn't a usual pack. Bob's mate took the best food to the older ones, and then her and the younger females shared the largest piece, and the remaining males got what Bob got, minus the hoof.

I walked as they looked at me. “That elk in the barn is yours. We'll help you deal with it tomorrow.” They howled as Annie opened the mist and I said NO, and took her hand, and I still fell in front of everyone as they screamed because Annie was there. I looked at Bob, the fox, and smiled. He turned and walked back into his den..... shit.

Couldn't sleep.

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4/11/2022 4:26 pm

I guess the 'a' with the squiggly in front, and behind, of some sentences are quotations marks. They aren't mine.

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