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take me part 570..... unedited.
Posted:Jan 11, 2022 5:21 pm
Last Updated:Jan 12, 2022 12:22 pm

They all stared at them as I moved toward Aydar. Ama and Sara tried to stop me. It didn't work as I grabbed him by the throat and started to lift, and squeeze. Everyone was yelling but all I heard was silence as my eyes changed to the dragons and I lifted. Both Ama and Sara did everything they could to stop me but he tried to kill Aya and kidnap his own sister. Aydar was hitting me but it was like a fly hitting a wall and that was when Chloe touched the side of my face and led me to the ground, unconscious, as Aydar gasped facing everyone else. I wasn't sure how long I was unconscious but I woke in the same place I fell, to laughter. I was losing my mind but I had a thought while unconscious regarding the new house....hay bales. I pushed myself up but no one noticed except Emily who came up and hugged me as we walked outside.

"Are you OK, Da'?" I nodded as I hugged her and kissed her head. "Ma' is taking us back to Iceland. We want to stay here."You need to listen to your mom, love, because she has a reason and I'm not sure I could stop it any way." She laughed.

"You did drop pretty quickly when she touched your face." I nodded as Wolf walked up and Emily scratched his ears. I asked him if his pack was good and he nodded and asked about mine, and I shrugged. He was silent and butted my leg, howled, and ran off. "Why do we have wolves as family, Da'?" I stared at her because I had never really thought about it because it just seemed normal.

"I'm not really sure, sweets, except that we all needed each other at the same time and some of us could communicate. They needed help and we needed help and we helped each other. A pack, a clan, a close family, aren't much different when you think about it. Have the animals been fed?" Em shook her head as we went to the barn. "Find Drakon and start feeding the animals after I clean the stalls." She nodded. We were halfway finished as Chloe and Irina walked inside hugging each other and smiling. I held up my hands and they both laughed as they ran at me and hugged me.

" I'm sorry, but no one else could get you to stop, not even Ama and Sara combined." I nodded.

"I was angry."

"No shit, Sherlock. You are still going to be angry because Ama was right. It's complicated but it's up to Aya and Gerel to decide what to do and not us, not even you even though you will be bound to Aya."

"Where is Aydar?" She stared at , reading me like Sara.

"He's at Ilsa and Hammish's, tied up in the barn. He's fine, for now or least until we can figure things out. Joseph is still looking for Hannah and trying to piece things together. Aya and Gerel's lands were merged because of what you did in the past. It's why Ama said that it was complicated. They are both from the beginning of that line, from the beginning of most lines, but it split at the Black Sea. It split at Constantinople a long time ago and Gerel's family had the land to the East...Turkey and beyond, and Aya's line had Constantinople to the west. The truce they agreed to allowed free water access for trade through the Bosporus." I kept cleaning stalls as Chloe kept talking and Irina helped Emily.

"I think we are going to find out pretty quickly, like now, that these clans are not that different from countries, and we all will have to make arrangements we don't like, and you won't like this one, Love. Sorry, but you were out for most of the afternoon. I'm still trying to gauge my power and you are the test subject because you're a Dragon." I smiled, and nodded. "Gerel and Aya talked and sought our council. We all wanted to wait for you but you snuck off to pick up animal poop."

"I understand shit, Chloe." She chuckled, nodded, and kissed me.

"The jist of it is that Gerel is going to cede part of her lines' territory to Aydar, with stipulations, which are stringent but all of us thought were fair. It's complicated now because it's modern time but the clans still have the olde maps that had no countries and there are many countries now. Aydar, and his family, and those they represent, are more aligned with old maps. The reason Gerel's lineage is so contested is because those lands are hyper patriarchal. Gerel and Aya have offered a compromise because Gerel can't kill her brother, doesn't want to kill her brother." I stared at her. "I know. We all know, but would you kill Sam, or Javier, or Deat, if any of them betrayed you, or would try and find way to keep them alive?" I was silent.

"Last I heard, Gerel and Aya were willing to split the clan in two, at Ankara. Aya's side would have everything to the west from Ankara, and north and east on a line between Georgia and Azerbaijan. Aydar, and his family, would have everything South of that line except the Himalaya's. It's not an easy place, but it hold's vast riches, and power, which is what they want, if they could get them.... none of us think they can. Gerel and Aya didn't want a war between sides." I stopped and nodded, trying to envision the map. "Neither of them particularly care about what Aydar, and the people backing him, and Hannah, want, and the treaties on commerce will stand, as they always do, but Aya and Gerel don't want to walk into conflict, and their thinking is to cut away the people who are against them rather than do what Marnine did." I was silent as I finished the last stall and Irina and Emily gave then hay, some grain, and water.

"They will demand the Himalaya's and Mongolia as a part of this?"

"From what I understand, but I'm sure they are waiting for your input because you are marrying Aya, which means you are marrying both of them because they are crazy about each other." I nodded as I pulled the wagon of poop and hay out of the barn. I dumped it and pushed it back into the barn as Irina and Emily finished and fed Drakon.

"I'll be in after I wash up." Chloe nodded and kissed me as I walked to the stream. I was washing my hands and face as I felt Wolf and his mate walking up. I said hello as I stood and turned. I knew she was pregnant as I stroked her and scratched her ears. It's hard to define how wonderful it feels to have your ears and neck scratched when you're an animal.

"You have issues, brother?" I nodded.

"Our packs are different from yours. We have issues but they are being worked out. When will you give birth?"

"Weeks, like the rest of the females. Can you cull the sick one last time Dragon so when the births happen we have food. It's been a very strange time." I nodded and told him I would. Aisha would be happy to fly.

"Are you at the same they place?"

"No, I'm splitting the pack until we see what happens with these other men so some of the younger males will stay closer to here and watch over this place, and the big man's, and the rest of us will move farther into the forest. We are finding birth dens now. You have time. We don't." I nodded and smiled.

"We'll help you in anyway we can. Is it true that you can speak with Sofi now?" They both nodded. "That's wonderful, and surprising, and Malinka is part of your pack and can wander freely?" They both nodded. I hugged them both and told them I would bring deer tonight. They nudged me, howled, and they ran off, with the other wolves that I didn't see, as I walked back to the house.
take me part 569.... edited, again, and updated some
Posted:Jan 10, 2022 10:57 pm
Last Updated:Jan 12, 2022 3:39 pm


"We need Gerel, Daniel." Irina nodded and ran crying as Chloe ran after her. I stared them them as Sara's eyes filled with tears.

"WHAT?," I roared. Taiiko and Aya both grabbed a hand and told to stop as Irina and Chloe came inside with Sofi and Gerel laughing. They looked so much alike it was unbelievable, like Chloe and Irina, and Sara and Malinka. It was amazing but maybe I was the who could see it because I was a dragon, but it melted my heart. Gerel went running to Aya.

"Love, they have wolves as friends and I met Wolf, their leader and he spoke to me, and Sofi...can you imagine that?" She kissed Aya and then truly looked at her. "What's wrong, Aya?' She turned and looked me as I pointed to Ama and Sara. Gerel turned, confused, as Sara and Ama looked at her with sadness in their eyes. "What?" Silence. Irina and Chloe made tea and made everyone sit so we were a less notable. You could hear a pin drop and our heart's were on a razor's edge as Sara reached for Aya and hugged her.

"Let's sit in front of the fire, loves." Chloe and Irina brought them tea and we they left us alone, even though they could hear everything. When there is no privacy, the hint of it is all the respect you can offer. It's been like that since we lived in caves. Sara held their faces because it was going to be hard.

"Gerel, your brother was trying to Aya. Norway didn't work and took him by surprise but he fooled us until we took Aya someplace he couldn't find and he got desperate and they came after you." Both Aya and Gerel stared at her with tears streaming down their cheeks, shaking their heads. "It gets worse, Loves. sorry. Your cousin Hanna was involved, Aya." they both dropped to the ground and stared up as Taiiko, Chloe and I dropped to the ground as well and held them as they cried and we all looked Ama and Sara.

"They weren't trying to keep Aya from being bound, they were trying to keep you and Gerel from being together in hopes that it would cause your parents, Aya, to forbid it. The eastern provinces of your territories do not like Aya and Gerel loving each other." I growled as Chloe grabbed because she knew what I wanted to do. Both Aya and Gerel were in tears as i stood.

"Where are they?" Sara stared at and I knew she was reading as Ama watched. "Where are they, Love?"'

"Ankara, but Joseph is still searching exactly where." I stared at her. "They're scared because they didn't think we would know, or act as quickly as we did.... or be as effective. They didn't understand the bond you have with Aya and the bond we all have, and they didn't know the strength of the bond between Aya and Gerel." Sara knelt and touched both of them as they were crying, as we were all crying. "We thought you would be safe with your brother, Gerel, and you, Aya, with your family." Aya and Gerel stood up and screamed into the air, with tears in theirs eyes as they looked at me.

"Do you know where my brother is, Sara?" She nodded. "I want the location because that line runs through me and I am descended from the Mongols, and they will know that before this week is over." Gerel looked at me and Taiiko. "I need a Dragon, and your rider," as Taiiko looked at me. There was a knock on the door as Aisha walked in.

"Miss me?" Everyone laughed the laugh that happens after funerals, but the release was welcome. "Did I miss anything?" None of us her any mind because we all knew, that she knew, as Sara and Ama stood up. Ama spoke.

"Gerel, your line is the oldest, and the most complicated because of where it is located. It has always been hard, and it still is, but the clans work outside of that because we have been around for so long, but yours is challenging. It's not the one, but it is the hardest. Sara and I think they wanted you even though most of your land is part Aya's because of passage of time and merging of families. It's both interesting, and complicated."

Gerel looked at me. "Am I still heir to my grandmother's land, Ama?" She smiled and nodded. " Are the monasteries still our control, and the mountain valleys they reside in?" Everyone looked .

"They are Gerel."

"And the Steppes? How are conditions there?" Ama told her they were better then they had ever been, but the people still struggled like they did throughout the clans. I was starting to 'grok' our purpose. It wasn't to lead our people, it was to help our people. Life advanced too quickly and while the clans kept up with business and technology, our core was still based our the clans, the community... the people, and a lot of the people were suffering but we had to fix the rot within our own family because we could progress. "I want to go there Dragon." I knelt and bowed head. I didn't intend to do it but I had no control.

"Can you bring my brother here?" We all growled but Ama said yes and that Joseph was looking for him. "Please bring him. Is Aya's family OK with us being together?" Ama nodded. "Please bring my brother to , Ama and then have Joseph send word to Aya's parents that we are fine and will see them soon." She nodded and walked outside. We were astounded. Gerel reached for Aya. " sorry, love but I need to tell you a story about a princess who fled a Mongol warlord who...." Aya put her hand to Gerel's lips.

"Who fled with the help of a Dragon, and who saved her fighting Vikings like a bear." Gerel stared her in complete shock. "We still tell the story of the woman from the East who gave birth and then stayed to merge our people. We need to think about what we do, Love." Gerel nodded. I spoke because while I knew where this was going and we all needed a break especially after all of the shit we'd been through.

"How about we go say thank you to the wolves, and scratch their ears, because they helped safe us and we can deal with this later, and that was when Ama walked back in with Aydar, Gerel's brother.
take me part 568...edited. Short ones for a bit.
Posted:Jan 10, 2022 5:34 pm
Last Updated:Jan 11, 2022 3:09 pm

Taiiko nudged, and then kissed as I opened my eyes and looked her. "Do you still have a headache?" She nodded as she laid her head on my chest.

"Do you think Chloe is more powerful than Sara? She pulled a dragon of the air, Daniel." I kissed her head and said I knew as she pinched and laughed as we walked from behind the curtain to a full table with Chloe smiling us as if nothing unusual happened. Aya was beside herself as she ran up to us dragging Gerel, She pounced on as she bit my shoulder and kissed and then kissed Taiiko.

"Thank you both, this is my heart. This is Gerel." Gerel kissed us on both cheeks, smiling, and said hi." "We are still trying to find who is behind what happened. Luckily the ones dead are the ones who were directly trying to hurt, or kidnap, Gerel. Chloe just incapacitated the others and my parents and Aydar are questioning the rest as they come around. Sara and Ama are there trying to find what is going on." I stopped Aya.

"Sweets, let's leave all of that alone and enjoy meeting, and being with, Gerel. sure it's not easy to adjust to suddenly get thrown into the fifteenth century. We'll figure things and then we can take you both someplace safe that isn't here and more convenient in terms of amenities, but let's wait until we hear from Ama and Sara and just enjoy being a family." Aya nodded and smiled as Sofi walked up and stole Gerel as they walked outside.

"Sofi and Gerel bonded instantly and Sofi adores her. She's taking Gerel to meet Drakon and Wolf." I stared at her in disbelief. "Sofi?" Aya nodded and smiled. "What is happening with this family?" We sat at the table as Chloe hugged both Taiiko and I.

" sorry but Ama and Sara said once we were all gone that I should lock the mist and we stayed until they showed up. They didn't mention what I should do with an angry dragon and rider who wanted to reek havoc so I improvised." Taiiko and I looked at her as Taiiko smiled and kissed her hand.

"I'll say, sister. just glad you are on our side." Chloe kissed both of us and sighed.

"I thought you'd be mad," as she sat between us, " but it just kinda happened." I told her about Annika and what she did to and Haagerstadt. Chloe stared . "Jake, Emily, pack your things and say goodbye to everyone. We are leaving after dinner."

"Mom, what about the writing lessons?"

"Em, there are plenty of people here who can help and we need to go to Iceland, now go pack." That didn't take long but I certainly wasn't worried about them because of Chloe. I was still trying to figure out how her magic worked on , but Aya was SO relieved, and happy that Gerel was there. It was obvious they loved each other but that wasn't uncommon in this family because all of us loved each other to our marrow; it's why Taiiko and I were going to go through time before Chloe stopped us. No one fucks with our families, not anymore. Irina kissed me and Taiiko as I looked up from my thoughts, and then poured us tea. I smiled and held her hand. I would be lucky to have any of them in my life because they were all of my league, but all of them. I exhaled in disbelief.

"Where's Malinka, love?"

"She's with Hammish. He got back when you were gone. Malinka wanted to check the woods after what happened with all of those men and Hammish went with her since you weren't here." She wasn't angry, and there was no animosity, but it still stung as Taiiko squeezed my hand. "They went with some of the wolves because Malinka is as welcome with them as you are, maybe more so mister." I smiled and nodded because I already knew that which was why I was surprised that Sofi was taking Gerel to meet Wolf. We all drank tea and ate sweet bread and enjoyed each other as the door opened and Sara and Ama walked in, unexpectedly. We all smiled as we looked at them and then stopped.

"What?" I asked. They closed the door and walked inside.

"Where is Gerel?"
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take me part 567...edited. OK, I feel better. Thanks. Enjoy
Posted:Jan 9, 2022 8:59 pm
Last Updated:Jan 11, 2022 12:08 pm

(I can't get this one of my mind so interrupting binging watching).

I got of bed, showered, and got ready, as I walked downstairs for milk, but the light was already on. As I was walking, I couldn't get of my mind, that even though the dream I had didn't seem bad, it was. I walked into the kitchen as Ama and Sara were staring at . "What?" I heard the ungodly screech as Aya ran looking for and almost plowed over.

"Something is wrong with Gerel, Daniel. Something bad. We have to leave now!" I nodded

"Get dressed, love. Quickly. Don't pack." Sara, or Ama opened the mist in the kitchen, which I didn't even know was a thing...crap, I was so the loop.... and Taiiko and Chloe walked through as I stared them, and of course neither faltered. Taiiko went to the cupboard leading to the root cellar. She handed weapons to Chloe who took a belt with knives. She handed two short swords, knives, and two guns, with extra mags, and a vest, as she smiled. Both Sara and Chloe stared but neither were smiling. I took everything and suited up. Aya came flying downstairs as Ama stopped her and gave her milk to drink, with something in it. She drank it in four gulps and plowed into me as she looked Taiiko and Chloe. Taiiko handed her a shotgun with the handle cut off and carved down, along with a belt, because she was use to this in her country, and it would bring her comfort since she had no power the moment.

"My sense was that you were familiar with this." Aya nodded as Taiiko handed her knives, and a pistol with mags, just in case. I looked at Sara and she looked scared again. I went up and hugged her as she whispered in my ear...

"When you get to Gerel, you bring them back to us, and then you and Taiiko can deal with them. Understood?" I nodded. "Go." Sara shifted the mist to were we needed to go and we walked into a room full of screams. Chloe pulled Aya behind her and bound her to the floor as Taiiko and I ran in different directions and did our jobs. I could feel Chloe as Taiiko and I killed the people that were tying to get to Gerel, but Chloe was totally calm as she searched for her. She saw Gerel with men trying to tie her. The men exhaled as Chloe squeezed their chests, and they never breathed again. This was hard for Chloe, but this was also family. Chloe pulled Gerel to Aya, opened the mist, pushed them through, and became angry as Sara screamed no.

"Taiiko and I woke to Chloe nudging us as she pushed us through the mist, and walked in behind us before she closed, and locked it....everyone slide except me, at least from the smiles and stories. I was beginning to think they enjoyed watching me roll. I stood up, growled, along with Taiiko who jumped on my back as I shifted and we flew back to finish it. Chloe's eye's went white like Annika's as she reached for us, just as I was getting ready to shift time as the dragon, and pulled us into the field, where we rolled, a lot. She walked up and touched our faces, smiling.

" sorry loves....I can't let you leave, not even you dragon. Sara and Ama will deal with it. We got the person we needed, the rest doesn't matter right now." Taiiko and I both passed .
tak me part 566...again, but updated, so I can edit it again.
Posted:Jan 9, 2022 7:20 pm
Last Updated:Jan 9, 2022 8:02 pm

Klara sat next to me and Anna as Aya and Haagerstadt were talking about hunting. I had no idea why but I knew that what we were going to be schlepping through mist at some point. Klara kissed me.

"I'm sorry. If we knew you were coming I would have had Ama show me how to bake rye bread, but we do have snow ice cream for dessert with our pies." I looked at Klara, and then Annika as everyone else silent, and watching me.

"It wasn't yellow, was it?" They looked, at me, confused. Klara asked what I was talking about. 'The snow. If it was yellow then I don't any ice cream."

"DAD!!!!!!" They both hit me as everyone else laughed and Ama served stew and warm bread. "That's terrible, Da.'" I smiled as I kissed her. I missed being on Iceland, even with all of the crap we dealt with. I pushed Sara and asked how things were and she said her, Chloe, and Annie were cooking because everyone else was learning their letters and numbers, and they were going read "Alice in Wonderland" in front of the fire after dinner, so basically things were O Thankfully. I hugged Anna and we ate. I helped with the dishes, as I always did. Haag said goodnight. He walked up and almost crushed me goodnight as he went to his room. Ama looked at me and smiled.

"He misses Jake and Emily." She laughed.

"He does, but he misses you too, lunkhead." He considers you his brother. He'll never say that, but he does. Haag is a beast of a man, but he is a man. You are both. He feels a kinship with you because of that." I stared at her, slack jawed.

"So I'm dealing with a Siren, a lustful water dragon, and a Haagerstadt?" Ama laughed and nodded. " And I thought talking with Dreka odd. I went to the bookshelf and looked and saw what I wanted. I hadn't read it in decades, and hadn't heard read to me since my dad read it one Christmas when my brothers and I were . It a short book, which good, because I tired and I figured Aya too. I pulled Jonathon Livingston Seagull off the shelf and sat in front of the fire. Klara got us pie and ice cream as Ama went to get Haag. We ate our pie and ice cream, and had tea as Haagerstadt scrunched himself on the couch with a very large mug of hot milk, butter, and cinnamon as I read...

"It a morning and the new sun sparkled gold across the ripples of a gentle sea...." They all listened intently as we ate our pie, both Haagerstadt and Annika would fall asleep against me before I finished, and it's not a long boo I did the same when my Da' read it me and my brothers. Ama smiling and Klara and Aya had tears in their eyes as they woke Haag and Anna.

"What happened?"

"You'll to read it for yourselves." I hugged Haag, and kissed and hugged Annika, and said goodnight as Aya and I went to bed. We showered, and bathed each other and dressed for bed. We slept as a couple, ensconced in each other, but I knew Aya needed the , but didn't mean she didn't love me. She did love, adored me, and would likely make with love with me again, but we would never fuck other. I knew what it , and it important because of who I realizing I . Making love with me for a purpose that hurt her heart because of Gerel, but it necessary for her life, the clans, and now our lives. She still slept in my arms as we prepared out minds for Bucharest.

I woke in darkness and wolf-bears, that were also men, were coming after me, as I trapped against a ledge with no knives, and no bow, and they advanced.... but I wasn't afraid, which seemed odd. I looked at them as they approached, snarling, snapping their jaws to scare me, but I wasn't scared. I walked toward them as they snarled and growled and bit air. I walked through them as I put my hands to my side and walked out of the canyon I was in them as they followed me, quietly. We came out and I stopped as they all stood around me, silently...waiting. I looked to the east and put my hands out as they all came up and rubbed against them, and we walked as I opened my eyes and looked at Aya. Fuc

(I'll build from here later.)
take me part 565...again
Posted:Jan 9, 2022 7:19 pm
Last Updated:Jan 9, 2022 9:49 pm

I looked at the mist, and then at Aya. "We're probably going to roll so prepare yourself." I wasn't thinking about what Sara said regarding walking out of a darkened room. I was thinking about her saying 'man needing to be scared again.' Aya and rolled into Iceland as Annika walked out, and screamed, as she jumped on us. Haagerstadt smiled and walked away as Ama and Klara stood in the doorway, smiling. Klara said.

"Help them up, Anna. They are in of need help they because are clumsy." Anna laughed and helped us up.

"You're here," as she plowed into me agian, and then Aya.

"I thought it would be another month before you came here. I'm sorry, Love." I kissed her head. We are here for today but we'll come back very soon and there is some place I to take you and your mom.... a special place.... but I need to talk with Grandma Ama." Annika nodded.

"Did you know there is a special cave here, Da', and a fox that can speak?'

"No way, Missy, you're making that up."

"Nunnuuuhhh. It's true because I walk with the fox everyday." I looked at Ama.

"Well now you're going to have to come with us to Denver so the girls can introduce to Bob."

"Who's Bob?"

"Bob is our friend who is also a fox who lives in my backyard. I'm sure you'll be instant friends." Anna jumped on me and bit my arm as I carried her inside. They all caught up on what going on as I said I'd be back, and no one noticed. I walked outside smiling, and shaking my head. It wasn't hard to track Haag. "You need help?" He threw the ax at me, end over end. I dodged and grabbed it, but Jesus.

"Are you out of your mind?" He smiled.

"You're not dead, or hurt. We need wood. It's good seeing you. I miss Jake and Emily." I nodded.

"Haag, don't throw anything at me again, OK?" He smiled, and nodded. "I have to meet Aya's family, and friends, but when we're done I'll bring Jake and Emily back, and whoever else wants to be here. We are kind of in flux at the moment." He nodded.

"I'll take care of the animals, you chop wood, deal?" I nodded as he walked off. I did what Yoshi taught me and just chopped wood as the light was starting to fade. Ama walked out as I only had a few logs to chop.

"You met Dreka in his Lair. I can't remember anyone who had that honor." I stared at her.

"There were eggs, Ama.... more than I could count. She nodded.

"Dragon's never truly die, Danael. It seems he found his successor.I'm sorry you had to destroy the people of your monastery." I nodded as I split the last log. Come in after you stack this for us, and thank you." I nodded as I stacked. I walked in and turned on the tap and the water grew warm as I looked up and smiled.

"We are very lucky, Anna." I washed and turned into the tickle monster as I chased her all around the house until I cornered her by the fireplace and she stood her ground.

"I don't want to hurt you tickle monster, but I will." I should have listened. I growled, in play, and took two steps forward, tickling the air, as her eyes rolled into her head and she spoke in a language I had never heard. Her eyes came back and she said no as she pushed and sent me flying across the room, and into the wall. She was mortified and slid into me. I held her and told her it was fine....I was fine. She hugged me, and bit me, until Klara came and got her. I looked at Ama and knew why she was walking with a fox. Holy crap.

Haagerstadt burst in, right on cue and sat at the table....an empty table. I got up, walked over, and sat next to him. "Are you hungry, Haag?' He nodded as we all laughed.

"Did miss send you into the wall?" I nodded. "She's something else but Gaia is working with her. My suggestion is to not try and tickle her. I laughed as Aya sat down and I introduced her to Haag. Anna climbed on my lap and hugged me.

"I'm sorry, Da'. I'm learning how to use it. I squeezed her and kissed her as I thought about Elizabeth.

"Don't ever be sorry for who you are, Love. You'll learn to become that with our help. We'll deal with bruises." She nodded as I went to get wood for the fire and the girls brought food.
take me part 564...edited again
Posted:Jan 9, 2022 7:18 pm
Last Updated:Jan 9, 2022 10:21 pm

Sara walked out and handed me a towel. "Did you show them, mister?" I smiled as I hugged Annie.

"I didn't need to because she bored." I kissed Annie's head and went to the stream, again, grumbling, because none of the women who could shift smelled like I did. Drakon followed me and Wolf met us at the stream.

"Those were bad men." I nodded. I will make sure the wolves that helped understand that so we don't end up in a fight with all humans. Those men, and men like them, what is in this valley, don't they?" I nodded and told him they wouldn't stop. He walked away in silence as I got undressed and froze myself again. I cleaning my clothes when I felt Irina walk up. I rinsed and set them on a rock and started drying myself. She had clean clothes for me and smiling.


"Your balls are gone." She laughed as I put on fresh clothes.

"These women, and Jake, are descendants of ours?" I nodded and told her in time. "Thank you for bringing them here so we can know each other. You chose strong women just like you did here." She kissed me and took my hand as Drakon ran ahead of us to the house. I wouldn't change being in love with so many women, but it definitely bittersweet because I couldn't the amount of time I wanted.

"The cellar is good. Did Hammish say when the masons would start?"

"Some weeks after the Solstice celebration. There are men digging a cellar for the barn as well, and men are cutting trees for lumber and also for fence posts. There is also the building in town, and the wagons. We will be employing most of the town through the fall, Danael. Can you do that much?" Is it too much all at once, love?" I thinking we needed to do more because I wanted to make barrels, and a tub for baths, and figure out a way to bring water from the spring to the new house, and also to the barn until we could dig a well. I also wanted to figure out a design for the pastures so we could bring others in and give them a chance to have a homestead, and a wood shed so we could store lumber..... That's what going through my mind but what I ... but I had no internet.

"It's a lot but we can for it. It always take a great deal of effort to begin something but they need jobs, and we need the help. It'll be fine, sweets." Irina hugged me as we walked to the house. I sure hoped they didn't have their babies all at once but I had enough to think about. "Please talk with Ilsa, and the coven, about jobs and training we can do to help the women in town and the surrounding area. I want to raise cattle and goats, but also sheep and hay. Seems to me that women are especially suited to caring for animals." She pinched me because she understood dry humor. "I'd also like to get more weavers. Women are just as capable as men, maybe more so at some things." She stared at me.

"The men here aren't going to like that, Danael. Most men here don't like powerful women like you and Hammish." I smiled.

"Would they have a choice since we'll be paying their wages?" She stopped, smiled, and kissed me. "I haven't seen anything that leads me to think that men haven't always been dense, but the one thing they understand are coins in their pockets, or savings for their family, and two people making silver, or copper, is better than one." Which reminded me to get some copper since it wasn't very expensive and Hammish could melt it. I needed to get a noteboo We walked to the house, as Drakon ran into the woods. I needed to show Irina, Malinka, and Sofi how to practice letters and numbers before I left but I knew Emily and Jake would help. We needed to do the same with Hammish, Ilsa, and Elias but also the coven. I had a lot to do in too many places, all at once. I going to teach my family how to read, and write, in multiple languages since Gaia gave me that ability. Speaking it might take longer but maybe Dreka could help with that. We walked inside as I got my pack and call everyone to the table.

I smiled as I saw the stickers on the notebooks from Annika, and knew what I had to do with her, as I took out notebooks and paper, pencils and erasers and sharpeners. Ilsa, Elias and Taiiko walked in. Taiiko kissed me as she watched like everyone else. I got up so Ilsa could sit as she hugged Elias. "I need to leave with Aya for a bit so I can meet her family and we can bring Gerel back here. I'm not sure how time will work it out but there is plenty to do, and more importantly, there are places to explore and people to meet around here. We bought time today, and it gave the town weapons and armor. You can discuss it but I think it would be wise to teach them how to fight, with weapons."

"More importantly to me," I looked and Jake and Emily, "and I'd like your help, is to start teaching our family and friends how write letters and numbers and words. They know how to spea They know what a tree is, show them how to write that word. Show them how to write their names. Curiosity will keep them, and, busy. We can deal with reading later, but there are books in my pack so that you can read to them while Aya, and I, are gone. This is one of the points where our family built upon and ultimately expanded from. It's not the first, and obviously isn't the last. This time is pivotal, though. It's why I wanted all of here, and why I want to bring the others. This valley, and the places Hammish and I will find, will lead us forward, but we need to read, and write, and understand because it's a time for knowledge that will only grow for the world, but also for our family, and for our clans to survive, and thrive. We will need to be on the leading edge of that moving forward."

They all stared me, in silence. I still hated when they stared at me. I'd rather get bitten. Emily and Jake started showing them about pencils, and erasers, and notebook, and then letters and numbers as I kissed all of them and said that I would see them soon. Aya and I said goodbye to everyone except Sara. We sat on the bed as Sara took out what she brought from the cave. Aya and I were mesmerized. I loved these things and she obviously did too. The first thing a sketch from Michelangelo, which odd because he hadn't been dead long when we where there.

"I thought your parents would like that. There is also jewelry you can choose from but since Gerel's parents have passed, and she has her brother, Aydar, I spent the bulk of my time in the caves for him and I found these. They all come with Gaia's blessing. She put a simple dagger on the bed, and a manuscript. I didn't need to touch them to know they had power and significance, but I did. I didn't tell them where the dagger came from but I told Sara that she chose wisely. She smiled, proudly, and clapped, as she always did. We opened the book carefully and I etched in my brain that we needed to do that with everything of paper in the cave and preserve them, transcribe them. The pages were works of art, and I tears in my eyes as I looked up at them.

"I can't read it yet but I don't think it's a Qu'ran. It's stunning though, Sara. We wrapped the book in cloth and put everything into my pack, along with my knives. I grabbed my walking stick and we said goodbye before walking outside. Thankfully everyone centered on the table and helping those who couldn't read, to learn to read. I'd take that six days to Sunday, and twice then, any day rather than a goodbye. I opened the mist as Sara hugged Aya, and then me.

"Just walk out like you were walking out of a darkened room, trust the mist. I nodded as we walked into it.
Take me 31-40... sorry they arn't edited yet. Will leave it until the weekend.
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Sam and I got work and didn't take as long I thought might
because we work well together, mainly because I stay out of his way
except for schlepping stuff. I'd trust his cuts over mine any day. I
finished stacking the cut pieces as Sam put the tools away. I told him
thanks and go home. He laughed and said OK. I went back to change the
sheets and put them in the washer when my phone buzzed. I opened the
and was a photo of Sara's pussy, wet, with a smiley face below
it. I laughed out loud. I locked up, got into the truck and called

"Whatchya doin'?"

"Sam and I just finished and I'm getting ready to call Maggie and then
head over. But I just a got a photo via of a gorgeous, dripping,

"Really?  Alison?"

"No, I don't think so because she's pretty much shaved and this one
had more hair."

"You don't say. Any idea whose is?"

" looks vaguely familiar, and I've been searching my memory, but I
just can't place ."

was silence a few seconds and she chuckled.  "Get over here ASAP mister."

I smiled as I called Maggie. "Hola, Daniel."

"Hola Maggie. I wanted in and see what I can bring, or make,
for Sunday."

"Snacks and drinks because are never. enough.  doesn't matter
what. Since you come from CA Henry's avocados and bring extras
that will be ripe and then some that will be good for guac, because
we'll run out. I always think I make enough and never do.  And
some desserts....and you and Sara of course."

I said OK and drove Sara's thinking of her . I walked the
front door and rang the bell. I heard her walking up. She opened the
door, curious, and I held up my phone showing her pussy and said,
"Ma'am do know this belongs ?"  She grabbed me by my shirt and
jerked me inside as we both started taking our pants and underwear
off. She jumped onto me as I reached under her left leg, lifting up
and grabbing her ass. She wrapped her right leg around my waist and
push my cock into her as I pushed down and against the door.

This was going to be flat out fucking. Sara dug her nails into my back
as she kissed me. I had her left leg lifted so I could go deep into
her and she had her right leg locked around me making sure I stayed
as I drove into her. We were both breathing hard and moaning and
pushing against the door when the bell rang.  Sara looked at me lost
in passion and whispered, "Don't you stop," as she moaned and bit my

was no way I was stopping. I drove as deeply into Sara as I
could. She kept biting my shoulder and moaning into it as  she
unlocked her right leg. I grabbed it, opened her up and started
pounding in and out as fast I could, She was saying, "Ohhhh. Myyyy...
Gaawwdd. Please don't stop. She dug all her nails into my back and
tried to wrap her leg back around me. I pushed into her as far as I
could and came. I leaned her against the door and kept moving in and
out as she kissed me. I grabbed her ass and her legs instinctively
wrapped around me, squeezing my hips to keep me inside her. I'm not
sure how long we stayed like that slowly kissing as I grew soft.  She
finally said,

"You need to leave mister. My boyfriend will be here any minute and he
may not appreciate this," as she smiled. I put her down and we got
dressed.  I took Sara's hand as we walked to the back of the house and
told her we needed to clean up here more often. She squeezed.

"Babe," I shouted.

"Yeah sweets?"

"It's a a quarter till."

"SHIT. I need to leave for work. Can you load the suitcases in the
truck and clean out the fridge of anything that will spoil? Take what
you can
home and then come to Henry's soon because I miss you." I walked her
to her car. Sara turned and cocked her head looking at me and said,

"Don't think for a minute that just because you fucked me against the
door that I'm not going to fuck you in the ass tonight."  She kissed
me, climbed in and said bye sweets. I waited for her to drive off,
turned and headed back into the house, and was Mrs. McGinty watching me.

"Hi," I said waving as I walked inside and closed the door. I hoped
she was the one ringing the doorbell. would serve her right. I
cleaned out the fridge and grabbed the two bags Sara had packed and
headed home. I called Sara when I got in the truck.

"Hey you, what's up."

"I miss you."

"I know, right. 's been minutes."

"Do you, or Henry, need me for lunch?"

"I don't know about Henry but I need you, just not here, she said
laughing. I doubt because Jane's is here and Chloe leaves when Jake
shows up so we're good. Janey is really liking the kitchen and pops is
pretty happy about it.  I'll with Henry though and you if
he does."

"Ok, I'll be in a few hours...."

" date?"

"Yeah, with the grocery store and Mexican bakery. I need to
snacks, drinks, and desserts for Sunday"

"Wait on the bakery. I want go with you. I gotta go sweets. Love
you. See you soon."

I unloaded everything and had put the stuff in the dryer when
was an insistent pounding on the over head door. was the back
ordered wood. wasn't much of so the guys stacked for me. I
told them to grab some snacks. I didn't need to because they were
already heading that direction. As they were leaving, the Home Depot
truck pulled up with the larger generator. "Shit," I said to myself as
I called Sam.

"Hey, what's up?"

"Are you close?"

"Actually yeah. I'm on my way to get beer. Why?"  I told him and he
said not to unload it until he got , which was fine with me.

"Where do you want it?"  I told them about Sam and asked if they
wanted some snacks. They looked at each and said sure. I had driven a
truck before and I had never met a driver had a problem with
snacks and some downtime they could "blame" on the customer. They sat
in the chairs enjoying the sun. I opened the side yard, which would
be considered a yard in the context of an industrial building,
meaning was concrete as Sam pulled . My Spanish still wasn't very
good but I'm pretty sure was at least one swear word thrown in
the mix.

"Hey Sam. Good timing. Guys just chill while we figure this out." 
didn't like they going move anyway.

"Tell me again why we need this Daniel?"

"In case Sam. I've been thinking about for a while and with the credit
card deal I figured it was time. The one is for the back. If the
power goes for long I want be use some things. I'm also thinking
about solar panels."  I walked toward the side yard and said "I was
thinking in here because of the gate. 's less convenient than out
front but way more secure."

Sam looked at both and said, "Yeah, should go for sure and
wouldn't take much build something around . We've got plenty of
scrap. 'd take 4-5 hours max and would be protected."

"Agreed."  We walked up the guys as they finished and told them
where we wanted and they said no problem. We unloaded and got in
place. They thanked us for the snacks, and left, as Sam said,

"I made the list of tools we needed. You got time to go now?"  I
looked at my phone, nodded, and went inside to close up as he called
Maggie. I got in my truck as he finished his call. "You know if the
gens are still on sale."  "Probably, I said."

Home Depot wasn't far, and I wanted to get this done, just not today,
but made sense. Sam and I were shootin' the shit when Sara called.

"Whatchya doin'?

"I'm with Sam..."

"Should I be jealous Daniel?" I was so glad I wasn't drinking anything.

"We're going Home Depot goofball, but I might be later than I
thought."  I could feel her pouting. "I'll make up you."


"We can talk about later babe."

"No can do mister. You can tell me now."

"I'll give you a ."

"An on a table ?"

'Yeah, on a table."

"Extra special?"


"Say ." We were at a stop light so I lowered my head shaking slowly.

"I'm not hearing anything mister."

"Yeah, an extra special . Happy?"

"Very, and deal," she said laughing as she hung up. I looked over at
Sam, smiling. "Toast! By the way Jefe, the lights green."

When we got to Home Depot I told Sam he was in and get what
he thought we needed and me if he had questions as I headed
back gardening around. I wasn't about anything
because I was sure Sara had ideas.  I walked back over and found Sam
talking the guy that had helped me with the generators. H said
and told him that we work together and we thought we might need and
extra one. He and Sam kept talking and I went to sit on the flat cart.

Sam walked over and said he was thinking of getting one now for his
home because it did make sense to a back up. They had one left
that would work for him, and was still on sale. "What do you think

"I think if the accountant questions anything then the smaller one I
got is for mobile work." Also, I think you need start thinking like
a partner. He nodded, went back and asked about delivery. We loaded
the truck and headed back. I was backing up when Sara called.

"Hey you."

"Can you get here soon. Henry needs your help."

"Sure. 15 minutes." Sam and I unloaded everything and locked up. I
told him I'd get what Maggie wanted tomorrow. worked out better
anyway because Sara wanted go the bakery, no sense in extra
trips, so I headed Henry's.

I asked Sam drop me off at Henry's and as we walked in we both
smiled at the sign on the door that said that Henry's close at am
Sunday for a family gathering. I patted Sam on the shoulder as he
opened the door. Sara saw us and ran over jumping onto me, kissing me.
She looked over at Sam and said, "I hear you're having an affair with
my boyfriend."  Sam looked me, confused. I said don't ask. He said OK
and headed back to the kitchen, presumably for something to eat.

Sara kissed me and said, "I'm glad you're here mister because I've
been missing you." I said I missed her too as I grabbed her butt.  She
faux slapped my cheek, indignant, and said her butt wasn't the one up
for exploration tonight. She hopped off and told me to stick around
because her favorite brother and sister-in-law would be sooner.
I said I thought she had one brother.  "Exactly!" I wondered if
Sara was a bit 'teched' in the head as walked into the kitchen.

"About time," Henry said as both he and Sam laughed.  I told them I'd
be in the cooler because Maggie needed some things.  I said aside the
avocado's I wanted, some for slicing and meals, and then some for
guac, along with some limes. Henry walked in and said,

"What are you taking?  I showed him and he added 2 pounds of bacon to
it for Sunday breakfast. Family was right. "Come on, we need to talk."
As we headed outside I said hi to Janey and she waved before walking
up. She kissed and winked as she walked back to the grill top. This
family was definitely nuts. As we walked out back I asked,

"Is your family crazy Henry?"

"It took you this long to figure that out," shaking his head. "Gotta a
couple of things to say . First, I don't think I ever seen
Sara this happy. when Ella and Richard were alive. Don't
this up."

"You already told me that Henry," I said smiling.

"I know. I'm reiterating the point. Second, I need you know in here
early tomorrow... 4:30am early. Can you handle that?  Sam and I are
playing domino's  tomorrow before we open and you're OK with
breakfast. It doesn't start getting busy until 8:00 and we'll be done
by then."

"What about Janey?"

"I'm breaking her in slowly so I don't scare her, and it's Friday
night and she's ."

"Thanks Henry."  He just smiled. "No problem. I use get up way
earlier than that when I was a driver. I'll be here."

"Good, and thanks. I'm going beat Sam tomorrow and I don't want to
be distracted and I know you'll do fine." I smiled. "Sara's brother
Dave, and his wife Isabella will be here soon and they are going to
help out with dinner I'm cutting Sara loose. I don't want to see her
until until lunch tomorrow. We're having a family meeting Sunday after
we close. Can you still make it?"

I shook my head and told him about helping Maggie. "I don't think it's
as much of a deal now because are a lot better Henry."  He put his
hand on my shoulder as we walked back inside.

"A lot better."

I walked out front and and Sara waved me over. It was nice seeing her
happy because she did that way better than anger. "David and Isabella
this is Daniel. He's my significant other." I shook hands with both
and told Isabella what a lovely she had. She smiled and said
thank you and then I asked where her family was from. I suspected
Portugal. She turned her slightly, looking at me and said Spain.

"What region?"

"Basque, why?"

Both David and Sara were looking at me, "No reason other than
curiosity, and I've always liked that . I especially like
Isabeau."  was like she had seen ghost. Isabella stared at me,
grabbing David's arm as Sara took my hand. I wondered what can of
worms I had opened.

"Isabeau was my grandmother's Daniel. My favorite grandmother.
How did you k ow that?"

I looked at Sara and then at David. "I didn't. You don't hear any
derivation of your very often and I always liked .  Like
Sara, no H." Sara squeezed my hand, tightly. "By the way,
congratulations. When are you do? We chatted and Chloe, Janey and Jake
came up stole them away. Sara took both my hands, looked up into my
eyes and asked, " are you mister."

"I'm Daniel."

"You want a take a walk Daniel?"  I nodded.

Hey all... those asking how long these will continue my
answer is as long as they do. writing this because I like the
story, not for you. If you enjoy them, great. If not, then stop
reading.... or write something yourselves. Also, I edit these multiple
times but the software still fucks them up. Sorry.)

Sara and I said goodbye to everyone and headed to the car when she
stopped and looked at her phone. "It's 4:00pm. Is the truck
still home?"


"Good, let's walk." We headed toward Henry and Ella's cottage when we
saw the fence, looked each, and bolted. We jumped the but Sara
was over before me, and laughing. I grabbed my knee and started
limping, feigning pain.

"Please! sorry I am so much better fence climbing than you." I
flung my right leg behind and smacked her butt with my foot. She
looked surprised.

"Nice," she said as she took my hand. "Are you OK with basically
moving in with you? I mean I asked you to clean my fridge this morning
and been thinking about today." I stopped and Sara squeezed my

"Babe, I don't want you anywhere else. I love that you're
because you fit. We fit. I can't explain it but we both know. The
reason I am OK being separated from you is because I know you
aren't far away, and that I'll see you soon.... even Sam likes that
you . You said yourself this morning.... take this stuff home
and get Henry's as soon as you can because I miss you. 's the
with me too."

Sara looked up at me and cocked her head to the side. I could never
tell if she was looking through like Sam and Henry, if she was trying
figure what I was.

" you had anyone else before," she asked quietly?

"Sam, Maggie and their family, and friends, but not in the way you
mean. This is my sanctuary like Henry's is yours. If this becomes your
sanctuary as well, that would make me very happy. could use a
woman's touch."

"Good. So, things mellowed regarding Henry and the family...."

"I hadn't noticed," I said. She looked up and pinched me.

"I don't think we need talk about that anymore except that I am so
much happier working at Henry's." I told her I had noticed that. She
smiled and intertwined her fingers with mine. "We we need to discuss
Alison and Philip."


"I'll go first. We sort of complicated things because of us but I
am still intrigued, not with Philip because is something about I
don't really like but couldn't say what. I'll tell you where I am with
it and then you can tell me your view. OK?"

"OK babe, that's fine."

"Good. I am not interested in Philip at all but he's in relationship
with Alison, and you met them as a couple so they are looking for at
least a threesome. They will both shocked, and disappointed,
when we show up together on Wednesday. You are the man that I will
allow to , or in my mouth, because you're mine, and yours. Along
those lines I don't want you fucking Alison in the pussy, although I
might change my mind on that once I know her better, but I say when
and if. Agreed so far?"


" fine sucking and licking Philip, and he can on breasts or
stomach. He doesn't get to in my mouth, or on my because I don't want
him to. He can on my breasts, or stomach. I'd enjoy that in the power
dynamic because then he, and you, can lick off of my
satisfaction, as well as Alison's." I smiled because I was was
getting. Sara reached over and squeezed . We really were becoming in

"If you want suck Philip. and him and vice versa, I am fine
with that but I am in and I tell when, or if, then Alison, if
she asks. I will that make that very clear when we talk. They may not
go for , which is fine and probably easier. I am not interested in
seeking anyone else if doesn't work."

"OK, and agreed."

"When we are together, alone, we share the power dynamic. When/if
we are with them, I am in control. Alison and I can each other,
suck each, do whatever we want with each and you and Philip either
participate, or watch, depending on what I want, and what Alison
wants. Are you OK with that?" I nodded.

"I am fine with her giving you head and you eating her pussy and
fucking her ass, and I will give her carte blanche do whatever she
wants except you fucking her pussy. I am new this, like you, but I
am curious about the power dynamic. Somethings might change with time,
if it continues, but are some that won't. Are you OK with this
so far sweets?" I was quiet for a while as continued walk.

" fine with it Sara. It's dance between four people but I am happy
for you lead and command. As far as Philip goes, I never had
with a man. I am intrigued because I the plumbing and
think I could give a good blowjob, and I come in your mouth so I am
curious what 's like. I don't think he'd been into that but
knows. As far as Alison goes, that's fine. Before I knew you, all
those years ago, I would love fucked her. Now,
interested if you. Don't get wrong, I want
with both of you, having , etc., but as far as making love with
her. I prefer I do I that with you, but in that dynamic you're in
, within reason, so I will leave it you" Sara squeezed my
hand as we walked in silence until we got the place we needed
climb back over.

We climbed over slowly. She took my hand on the other side and we
walked to the shop. " hungry," she said.

Sara and I walked to the shop like last time, her skipping, except
now we were going home. "I can't believe you were this close to me
when we were in school and we didn't know each other. 's weird."

"I didn't grow up here. We lived about 30 miles away, north of here
be closer my mom's family. They hated my dad because they didn't
consider him worthy, but he adored my mom. He would preferred
living here, even back then. I'm more like him."

"Where did you go school?"

"When I was younger my mom home schooled me and brothers. I was the
oldest. We'd do lessons but also arts, listen music, crafts, but
most importantly reading. I still everything in a storage unit.
We'd also take care of the gardens, and animals, and go on "outings,"
that's what mom would them. As I got older I realized was a
way for her teach us and also interact with adults.

"I loved learn, and also work with my hands, and God Bless both of
them for seeing it because while I loved the gardens, and the
critters, I was bored. My brothers weren't because school was a chore
for them. The gardens and animals were a chore. life was a chore, not
for me. My dad could be alone with no problem. My mom, not so much,
which was odd because it was her idea home school us. I was more
like my dad and my brothers were more like mom."

"I remember one year as I got close being a , towards what
would be summer vacation, dad and I went checking the fence around the
property and fixing when needed. He and I got along great. I got
long fine with mom but what I wanted learn more.  He said that I
would need start getting up early because I'd be going into the
shop to help him, and what did I think about that?  I told him I
thought sounded fine as long as he showed me what he did and teach
me how use the tools. He smiled as we walked back home. Mom was
waiting for us and I saw him nod at her. She smiled as she reached for
me. My dad kept walking."

"She hugged me and explained that I'd be going to the shop but that
dad would bring me back at lunch and then I could do whatever I wanted
throughout the summer but that in the fall would still be
afternoon lessons and they would be getting harder. I was never
concerned with school because I was learning already. I didn't care
about a letter, or a piece of paper, but I just nodded.

It took three day for me to tell my mom that I didn't want to leave
the shop at lunch and come back because I wanted to be until dad
came home. was the greatest place Sara. My dad would show me things
a few times and then leave me alone telling me not chop anything
off and then come back and on me. In the beginning, I messed up
more than I didn't but dad didn't care because wasn't the point.

"What was the point sweets?"

"The point was for me engage, take a chance, do something I
had never done, and was scared of doing. was about showing me how
do something, letting me fail, and then teaching me WHY I failed at
. I was a lucky ."

"My mom was obviously not pleased, because she was convinced I was
going get hurt, and were a few times I did, but I wasn't
budging, and neither was dad because he knew instinctively that I
needed that. It's why I live here now."

"Sweets, I'm wish I could met both your parents, and wish you
could met mine, especially our dads because they were very
similar in different ways. I'm pretty glad you live here."

"My mom said fine but told me that I would read at least one
book a week, at least, and tell her about so that she and I could
discuss the book, and my dad totally concurred. My mom's view of books
was not most people's views of books, nor was my dad's. I think that's
why they got together in the first....they adored books. I'll show you
the storage unit of all their books, and mine one day."

We were close to home and Sara hugged me and said, "I want to know
everything about you Daniel and want you to continue, and then tell
you my story, but let's get some pizza before they get busy."  I
smiled and we walked the around the corner to the shop. I unlocked the
truck, we got in and Sara reached over and kissed me so gently I
almost started crying. I could tell that she knew that I had never
shared any of that with anyone. I started the truck, backed up, and
asked where is was going?"

"Go to the corner and turn left and I'll give you directions." She
took my hand and smiled. If the truck had a bench seat Sara would
been plastered against me. Where I lived had been changing, especially
over the last years, which was good, and bad. The shop was at the
end of a circle and the people were like me in that they had no
desire sell. We liked the way was because was a community,
but I had told all of them if they ever wanted to sell to please talk
with me first. It's one reason I wanted Sam as a partner because we
could at least double the revenue of the business. So far we were
lucky because the zoning hadn't changed, but it would eventually.

"DANIEL!  Turn right here. attention mister. Pull up by Walgreens.
I shut the car off and started get out.  "Where do you think you're
going," she asked smiling?


"Nope, wait here. This is top secret woman's work." OK, I
thought...one less thing and closed my eyes.  The door opened and
closed and she was smiling at me like the Cheshire Cat and I knew I
was in trouble. The pizza place wasn't far. Sara showed me where to
turn and I was amazed at all the cool places that were springing up
like dandelions within 15 minutes from us.

"Can I come in here," I said smiling. "I had no idea all this was here."

"Get out of the truck."  She waited, wrapped her arm me, and we walked
in. "By the way mister, that's because, I bet, before you met me you
rarely left the shop."  I nodded.

As soon we walked through the door I heard....'Que Bella,' which I
couldn't argue with. An older Italian man walked up saying, "Sara" and
kissed both her cheeks before hugging her.

"Gio, this Daniel. He's with me, and we need pizza."

"Bene, Bene!," he extended his hand and said hi is Giovanni but
him Gio. "Welcome, welcome." We went a booth by the kitchen
and Sara and Gio talked while I listened and smiled. It was starting
get busy, and our pizza and salad came, so we stood up to go. Gio
and I shook hands and he said I was always welcome because any friend
of Sara's was family to him. Sara took his hands and leaned up to kiss
him on the cheek before hugging him.

"What do we owe you Gio?" He looked crushed.... "Sara, you hurt my
heart. Family doesn't , never."  She said thank you and that was
good because she expected see him and his crazy family for
breakfast, or lunch soon. They hugged as she waved goodbye his sons
in the kitchen and we walked out.

" don't you know," I asked as we got into the truck.

"Don't start the truck sweets," she said quietly.

"OK babe, what's up?"

"I overheard you talking with Henry about Sam and Maggie. I eavesdrop
sometimes....we all do. Family trait." I told her I had never noticed.
"You want me involved in all of that?  Why?"

I looked at her like I didn't understand what she was saying, because
I didn't, but said, "In case you hadn't noticed, goofball, you and I
sort of become ensconced in each others' lives."

"I've noticed."

"Good. Sara, aside from what my what heart feels for you, my mind
respects you and values your views on things....your insight and
intuition. I already consider you my partner, life is just catching
up." She sat in the passenger seat with her hands on the pizza and
salad, holding back tears. Without looking up she said,

"The pizza is getting cold mister. We need get home."

I started the truck and headed home. We got out and were walking
the door, laughing together at something, when she looked at the side
gate, handed me the pizza and salad and climbed onto .  She looked
at the generator and then back at me. "What is this?"  really
wasn't a question.

"'s a generator."  She glared at me.

"I know 's a generator Daniel. What is doing here? wasn't here
yesterday and why do we need this?" I made a note her talk
with Sam about being partners, but I figured Maggie was already doing

"It was delivered today and I'll tell over pizza."  Sara climbed off
the gate, planted herself, and said,

"No mister, you can tell me about it now. You already a generator
in the shop. Why do we need one this big?" I put the pizza on the hood
of the truck, walked over to her, took her hand, and led her to the
chairs by the overhead door and kissed her. She was having none of .

"If you think we're partners Daniel then you need talk with me
about things like this because it's more consequential than planting
something in the back, or paint color."  I leaned forward and took her
hand. She exhaled and I leaned back into my chair.

"Agreed, and you are totally right which is why I want you with me
when we talk with Sam and Maggie. That and the fact that I while love
Maggie we're all kinda scared of her and you, babe, are my secret
weapon."  She looked at me, smiling, shaking her head.

"Go on."

"They delivered it today but I bought it several days ago. I been
thinking about , and other things, for awhile, but been holding
of on . Home Depot had a credit card that was 24 months at 0% so I
got them. It comes out of the business."

"Ok, but why two?"

"The large one is for the shop because it can handle the load. I got
the smaller one for us....well, we weren't us then but you get my
meaning."  She nodded, smiling. " I've been without power, and water,
for extended periods of time, it's an annoyance. It's why we
natural gas. Anyway, when this one arrived I was thinking was good
that I got the smaller one because Henry could use in a pinch. I
wasn't trying hide anything."

Sara got up, kissed me and said, "Come on, let's go inside."  I had
completely forgotten about all the tools Sam and I just bought, not to
mention his generator. I grabbed the pizza and salad as Sara unlocked
the door and deactivated the alarm. She turned around to at me
and saw all the boxes of power tools, and bags of whatnot and looked
at me. She smirked, rolled her eyes, grabbed the pizza and salad and
went inside. I locked up.

I walked into the kitchen to no Sara.  "Babe?"  I heard her say,

"Oohhhhh!! You changed the sheets.  Sweets, put the salad in the
fridge and the pizza, in the box, in the oven at 250 degrees and come
in here." I walked in and Sara had a huge smile. "Which would you like
mister? I vote for the purple because it goes inside me and has the
vibrating thingie."  I smiled and said...

"The Purple."

"You are such a smart man. Strip mister and go wash your bum. Oh
shoot, I forgot something in the truck." She came into the bathroom as
I was stepping out of the shower, looking at me. "I hadn't noticed it
until now but you're kinda cute." She put the Walgreens bag on the
counter and started to open it when I said,

"Did you lock the door and reset the alarm babe?"  She ran back to the
shop, did it, and then ran back. I almost laughed out loud listening
to her bare feet running on the wood floor and concrete. It was all I
could do to keep a straight face when she came back in and said,

"Yes," smiling.

"Babe, you need to develop that habit, even if I'm ."

"I KNOW. I do. I will. Promise. Now what I got at Walgreens."  I
knew what was. She took the double enema box out of the bag,
smiling and started opening . "Bend over mister." I said OK and bent
over the sink. Sara squatted, way more intent than a Proctologist,
examining my asshole with a precision that was quite impressive.  I
could hear her put her finger in her mouth, suck, and then touch me
along the ridges. "It's cute Daniel. Is mine cute?"  I told her yes,
and likely way more. "Good," she said as she started licking me.

"Babe, aren't you forgetting something?"

"Oh yeah." Sara put one of the enemas in me and as she finished I heard,

"I think we need two. This is kinda fun mister." I bent my head
shaking it as she put the second enema into me and squeezed. When she
was done she stood up and turned me around almost giddy. "How was that

"Perfect babe."

She clapped and said, "now what?"

"We wait."

"How long?"

'Well, since you put two in I'm kinda curious about that myself. It
comes out when it comes."

She had a serious face, "Oh....... Ohhhhhh!.  I should just
used one. Darn. Will walking help?"

" couldn't hurt ."

"Good. come help me fold the sheets and towels. She kissed me and
said, " was so thoughtful that you changed the sheets and washed
everything, and smart, because we're going make a mess again."
Sara grabbed my hand and led me into the bedroom.

We had finished folding the sheets and were almost done with the
towels when the gurgles started getting insistent and I skated to the
bathroom. I just sat down when I expelled, what felt like two gallons of
water, and I wasn't done. Sara closed the door and sat on the counter, I
guess to keep me company.

"I probably shouldn't use two, huh?"

"Probably not babe."

"Well, the up side is you'll be cleaned out, and the dildo won't be
messy when we're done. I can't wait", she said clapping.  "Sweets?"

"Yeah babe."

"Let's just use one on me OK."

"OK."  She hopped off the counter, said great, and that she was
going get the bed ready for us and then kissed me before walking out. I
finished and walked into the bedroom to find Sara with the dildo
inside her using it like a sword.

"Hey you. This thing is fun. Excellent mister! Do lube?"  I
nodded and said under the sink. "I'll get . I want see what
feels like run with this thing." I yelled for her get the tube
next .

"What's this thing?" she said taking out of the bag. I waited as
she started playing with it. "Hey it's like a plunger......Oohhhh.
Cool!!!  Bend over Daniel." I took the pump off the lube and told her
not to just push it all out at once. Put the tube in, start pushing,
and then slide it in and out as you keep pushing. She nodded. I turned
around, closed my eyes, and smiled because I was sure she had her
tongue halfway out of her mouth as she got ready to use it.  I was
beyond in trouble. Sara closed up the lube and put it on a towel next
to us, along with the plunger. I was on my hands and knees when I heard,

"Ok, now what do I do?" as pure as newly driven snow. I bent my neck
and looked at her.


"No silly, not that. Jeez!  I know where to put it, but how do I do
it? Do i just stick it in you?

"Uh, no. I'm going to need to breath and relax because it's a big so
you'll go slow and gauge the resistance. When you feel my
resistance, stop and wait. When it lessens then push in more but go
slow until I relax and open up. You'll be fine babe, just tune in to
me. We'll figure it out."

"Got it." She was quiet for a while.

"You OK Sara?"

"Has anyone ever done this with you before now?" I turned around and  sat
back on my ankles, grabbed her purple penis and pulled her to me. "OH MY!!!
Sweets, I like that. Do it again."  I pushed her away and then pulled
back to me and kissed her as I pushed her end farther up.

"Uh, Daniel."

"Yeah Babe."

"Not that I mind but I'm suppose to be fucking you."

"I know, and no one has ever done what you're about to do with me. You're my
first." She kissed me and said good.

"I thought this thing was suppose to vibrate."  I the power
button. "Oh my God! This so mine. Turn around mister because I want to
you. I turned around and bent down and tried relax because I
had absolutely no idea what was going happen. Sara pushed the
of the dildo into me as I relaxed, not too far, which was a good start, but
I hadn't figured on vibrating before was in me. Holy crap.


"Yeah sweets. You OK?"

"Yeah, just push slow and steady OK."

"OK ." She pushed in as I relaxed and breathed. The , and the
very back, were thicker than the shaft. Sara pushed the into where
my prostate would be and I clenched the sheets moaning slightly.

"Stop for a bit and just rock in and out as I started lose my
words. I could feel myself leaking, a lot. "Right , and the
distance back and forth faster. I figured would feel so good that I
would relax and open, and I did. Sara may not done this before but
we knew each other and were already in sync and she felt great inside of me.

"You good sweets?" I moaned.... "unnnhhh hhuuuhhh," as my eyes started
rolling back in my head.

" me Sara. Please me as you want."

She didn't hesitate but she had heard what I said. She grabbed my hips
and started pushing slowly into me. When she felt resistance she
stopped and then
pushed gently, persistently, until I yielded to her will, which I
wanted to do. She would push and I would yield relaxing and opening myself
to her. It was our private dance.  I moaned saying "On my God. Oh my
God. Oh my God. Please don't stop . please keep fucking me. She
pushed into me as far as she could and then rocked against me using
her body weight in unison to my whimpers.

"Do you like that Daniel?"

"mmm hhmmmm!  please don't stop. please."  I could feel my prostrate
draining, being milked by Sara. She reached around and grabbed my cock
and said,

"You're SO wet sweets but I know you more share. Right?" All I
could do was nod. She leaned into me and said, "I want Alison to
you like this while you lick my pussy and I suck your cock so you cum
into my mouth, and then next time she and I will switch places. Philip
will watch. I was making noise and nodding st this point, and
saying please.

I could feel Sara start tensing because of the vibrator. Her breathing
was getting shallower and quicker and she started to slow down. My
hands were clenching the sheets into knots as I tried to maintain
focus. She pushed into me again all the way, pushing the bulb at the
end into me, as well as pushing her dildo forward against her G-spot
and then against her clit using me as pressure. She grabbed my shoulders and
pulled hard against my ass and then started rocking against me and the thickest
part of the dildo rocking against my prostate. She was mutually masturbating us
without knowing it. She dug her nails into my shoulders as she pulled
taut. I could feel, and hear, her getting ready to cum.  I wasn't sure
anything left inside me.

Sara stopped, pulled out of me about 3 inches and then started to
pound me for about a minute. I was completely relaxed and opened at this point
and she felt amazing. She screamed and leaned into me but kept pushing
in and out, shuddering every time she fucked me, but she wouldn't
stop. We  both felt like
exposed nerves. Finally, she pushed into me as far as she could,
exhaled,and then
collapsed  onto my back, limp.

I wanted to collapse too but couldn't because I wanted to see how much
I came. I'm not sure how long we were like that. All I knew was if we
both died then, we would die happy and content. We might dozed
off for a bit, or our minds had shut off. I felt Sara stir saying,

"Sweets, I'm going pull out."

"Slowly."  My words had just started coming back me. She pulled out
and I moaned, and came a more as she did. She pull the dildo
out of herself and was looking at as I rolled over and tried
stand. I decided sit on the towels on the side of the bed. I made a
note to more more towels.  I watched her, melting, as she looked
at the dildo. She looked up me with a big smile and said,

"See, not messy," then did exactly what I would do. She sniffed it.
"It doesn't smell bad either, but I still want just one enema, K? and
you can't go that
hard with me Daniel."  I nodded and moved over to her, pulled her onto my lap,
and kissed her. She hugged like she never wanted to let go, bit my
shoulder, and said.

"I fucked you good mister." I nodded saying that she had. OMG had she.
I was hooked. We stood up and Sara wrapped her arms around my
waist as we looked down. "We made a mess again," she said squeezing
me. Look how much you came. Wow.

We went into the bathroom and I turned on the shower.  "Did you like
that Daniel? I nodded.
"Good because I think I might be addicted to your butt."  We got in
and she told me to lean over so she could wash my hair. She washed my
bum and cleaned off the lube and then I washed her.  We hugged under
the warm water just holding each before getting out. We dried off and
walked back into the bedroom.... tonight it was fuzzy reindeer

"Why don't you start getting dinner ready and I'll clean all this up."

"Deal."  I had thrown the towels in the washer and said I'd start a
fire in the pit and walked to the back door as Sara nodded. I looked
out and Bob, our resident fox was sniffing around.

"SARA," I whispered. "Come here."  I put my finger to my lips. She
stood next to me holding my hand as I pointed out back.  She was like
a at Christmas.

"It's Bob!" she whispered back and ran back to the kitchen. She came back
some left over chicken from her fridge and slowly opened the door as Bob l
ooked up, curiously. "He has to learn that we won't hurt him."

"Chicken. Seriously?"  We both wanted chickens but a resident fox was
an issue, but I couldn't figure where he was getting in.

"We'll figure out how to keep them safe. You're good at stuff like that"
She opened the door and we quietly walked out. So much
for the pizza. Bob looked around but wasn't panicked, and looked back
at us. He and I had interacted enough that I wasn't a threat. He
looked at Sara. She crouched down and held out the chicken, which he
smelled in the air.

"Uh, babe. you don't a hand feed  a wild animal. Bob is cute and at
ease around humans but he can do some serious damage, especially to
you. Throw it to him, gently. Not directly at him but off to the side
and closer to him than to us and don't get up."

She said OK and waved it him before throwing it about 15 feet to his
left. He looked at it, then at us, walked up sniffing it. He grabbed
it and trotted to a gap in the fence by one of the sheds. Sara and I
stood up watching him trot down the path. She wrapped arms
around me.

"That was genius babe. Now I know where he's getting in and I can
close it off"  She looked at me almost hurt.

"No you will not mister! You leave it exactly as it is. Bob obviously
feels safe here and we are shutting him out." She stood looking at me,
one hand on hip and the other pointing a finger at my face. "I mean it
Daniel. You leave it alone. Make a fire." She stomped away and then
looked back.  "I can't believe you would do that to Bob," she said and
walked inside.

I went in but Sara ignored me, not even looking up. I went got our
jackets because the sun setting and grabbed and glasses and went back
to stoke the fire.  She was miffed.

I had thrown the towels in the washer and said I'd start a
fire in the pit and walked to the back door as Sara nodded. I looked
out and Bob, our resident fox, was sniffing around.

"SARA," I whispered. "Come here."  I put my finger to my lips. She
stood next to me holding my hand as I pointed out back.  She was like
a at Christmas.

"It's Bob!" she whispered back and ran to the kitchen. She came back with
some left over chicken I brought from her fridge. "He has to learn that we won't
hurt him."

"Chicken. Seriously?"  We both wanted chickens but a resident fox was
an issue in that regard. I couldn't figure where he was getting in so we
didn't any.

"We'll figure out how keep them safe. You're good at stuff like that."
She opened the door and we quietly walked out. So much
for the pizza. Bob looked around but wasn't panicked, and looked back
at us. He and I had interacted enough that I wasn't a threat. He
looked at Sara. She crouched down and held out the chicken, which he
smelled in the air.

"Uh, babe. you don't want hand feed a wild animal. Bob is cute, and at
ease around humans, but he can do some serious damage.
Throw him, gently. Not directly at him, but off the side
and closer him than us, and don't get up."

She said OK and waved at him before throwing about 15 feet his
left. He looked at , then at us, and walked over sniffing . He grabbed
the chicken quarter and trotted a gap in the fence covered in weeds
by one of the sheds. Sara and I stood up watching him trot down the path
with the chicken in his mouth as she wrapped her arms around me And put
her hand on my chest.

"That was genius babe. Now I know where he's getting in and I can
close it off"  She looked at me almost hurt.

"No you will not mister! You leave it exactly as it is. Bob obviously
feels safe here and we aren't shutting him out." She stood looking at me,
one hand on a hip and the other pointing a finger at my face. "I mean it
Daniel. You leave it alone, and make a fire." She stomped away and then
looked back.  "I can't believe you would do that to Bob," she said and
walked inside.

I went in a bit....."got the fire going and it's getting chilly but Sara
ignored me, not even looking up. I went and got our jackets, grabbed
the wine and glasses and went back to stoke
the fire.  She was miffed. I had the fire roaring, and was sitting in my
chair sipping red wine when Sara kicked the door holding a tray. I
trotted , opened ,and took from her.

"Thanks," she said closing the door as I headed our chairs. Sara
put the plate of pizza and the salads on the table as I put the tray
down and picked up her wine as she put her jacket. We sat down and
we clinked glasses. I said,

"I won't block the hole babe, but I need see how large is. I'm
not concerned about Bob. I like Bob, and raccoons will get in anyway,
but I don't want a coyote coming in here and feeling trapped. I
doubt 's big enough for that, but that was what I was thinking, but
you're right....Sam and I can figure out how make chickens safe.
would be easier at your place but we can figure something out here
make work."

Sara was quiet for a few seconds before coming over and climbing onto
my lap, knees on my thighs and hugging me as she kissed me. She leaned
back, still on me, put her hands on the arms of the chair, cocked her
and looked at me.  She finally said,

"I'm falling in love with you, Daniel. I am surprised but it gets more
true every time I'm with you, like now. We are an odd pair."

It was my turn to be quiet as she watched me. "I love you to Sara, and
I know that sounds strange to normal people but,....."   I needed to get
use to be interrupted.

"REALLY!" I nodded.

"Good," she said climbing off.  "Let's eat. We can talk later."  It
was a beautiful night and the coyotes were yipping. Sara looked over
and said, "Coyotes," with a furrowed brow

"I'll the hole tomorrow and figure something out so don't worry."

"OK."  We finished and sat in silence drinking wine, Sara eating some
chocolate, and listening the coyotes.

"You really love me Daniel?"

"Yes. didn't take long for me realize because is just
something between us and even though I can't explain , I trust .
's grown stronger over the last several days and I suspect
will keep doing so.  And, you also fucked me good missy."

"Well is that," she said smiling.  "I wasn't kidding sweets. I
am addicted your butt, but I'm a concerned about mine
because I'm the one has ever put anything up , and
you're not , especially for my butt. I totally want to share that
with you, but I am a nervous."

"Slow and gentle wins the race Sara. 's just a matter of steps and
learning how focus and relax. I'm not in a hurry and we
plenty of toys to use, as well as my fingers, in the meantime. Don't
over think .  I am quite happy with you fucking me."


"Yes."  She exhaled saying good.

"Are you OK going in that early tomorrow? I can come in with you."

"I am, and not a chance. Henry was very clear, and so am I. You need to
catch up on sleep. I'm actually looking forward to it because Henry is
convinced he's going to win."

"Henry is always convinced he's going to beat Sam, but he never does."

"I still need to shop for Maggie, and you wanted to go to the bakery.
I thought we could go to Home Depot and look around the garden center
as well. It's pretty back here but your backyard is south
facing and mostly opened. I figured we could walk around and at
things. We get enough sun here grow things, and are ways
do . We could probably a good crop of tomato's and pepper's,
and also herbs because gets good sun. Between both places we could
probably grow a lot of food most of the year here. Want go?"

"Yeah, I do. I love that idea, but I want talk about your notebook.
Was you dad like
that as well? I mean super creative and thinking out of the box?"

"Yeah, mom too but in a totally different. Mom was more romantic and
wrote story ideas, and mused about things. She was more "big picture.
Dad was more a tinkerer and mad scientist. I landed in the middle somewhere."

"Can I read your other notebooks?

"Of course babe. I told you I no secrets."

"Did you ask Sam be partners because of the thoughts in your
notebook.... your ideas about caskets, and all that?

"In part, I like working with wood, but Sam is a craftsman. A large
part of it was common sense and division of skills. He excels at it
while I am good at , like working machines and motors. I can do
, but I don't excel at . Dad had hoped that I would continue
machining parts but my dad was a genius. He could see what he wanted
and make . I could never do that even though I wanted . I could do
do the work but I couldn't envision . I couldn't take a concept and turn
into something. I suppose I all of his gear because a part of me
hoped that
one day I'd be able , even though I knew I never would."  Sara was
quiet for a while.

"But you created your company, and the casket you designed is amazing."

"Mom wanted both her and dad a simple pine box when their time
came. I added a few tweaks along the way. Don't get me wrong, I am
proud of of what I created so far, and I'm not trying compare
myself with my parents. I am happy with what I done, and I
know is more do, and Sam can help me with that that.

"What you laid out in your notebook is amazing, and is so beyond
what you are doing now. I am kinda gulping for you because it's a lot
but I'll help. If you want Sam and Maggie be partners though then
they need read that notebook so they know what you are thinking.
You also let them help you, let us help you.  Understood mister."

I was quiet for a long time, thinking, and Sara just let me be as she
poured another glass of wine and listened to the coyotes yipping.

"I don't like sharing myself with most people Sara."

"I know sweets, but you've been doing a pretty good job with me and my family."

"Yeah. but that's because of you."

", but you and Sam are brothers, and Maggie and the girls adore
you. You're family them goofball. I've known you how many years now, and
you yet mention the rest of your family. I'm fine with that because you
Sam, Maggie, and the girls, and I family enough for both of us and
I could use the help."

"My point is sweets, like I said earlier, if you want them as
partners, which is a very good idea by the way.... and you should be
scared of Maggie; Henry is scared of Maggie... then you need trust
them. I'm getting cold and the fire is going out. You think you can
get that thing up?" she laughed, pointing at my crotch. "Put out the
fire, grab the rest of the dishes, and lets go bed."

"OK, I'll be in soon. I like this time of night."

"I'll be reading your notebook, just put the dishes in the sink and
come bed when you're done. I want make love with you."

I stirred the coals and separated them and put the lid on the fire pit
and thought about what Sara had said, and that she was right. I
thought about Henry telling me about the key of choosing a good
partner and how they needed compliment your strengths, and fill in
your gaps. I walked the fence and stepped up on the bamboo planter
and out over open space. I loved this place for so many reasons but
this was the main one, because no one would build and I could
out everyday, anytime, and see like was now. I took my phone out
of my back pocket as I heard the bedroom window open. I called my uncle
and put him on speaker. I didn't care if Sara could hear.


"Hey Unc. 's a voice from your past."  was silence.


"Yeah, 's me."

"Is everything OK?"

"Everything is good Unc....really good. I've just..."

"Hold on, let me put you on speaker..... Ellen, 's Daniel.


"Hey Ellen. How are you?"

"I'm fine. When are you coming see us?"  I laughed.

"Looking like soon but that's another conversation. I'll again about that."

" better not take years. I love you. We all love you and you a
home here. I'll let your uncle keep talking"

"I love you too, and I know. I'll next week."

'What's up?"

"You still interested in dad's machinery and tools?" was silence.

"You need daniel." I laughed.

"No, nothing like that. I'm doing fine. Really. You just told me that
if I ever wanted to sell Dad's stuff to let you know first. I'm not sure I
I can sell all of yet, but I'm letting you know. I am having a hard time
with it but his stuff should be used. We can talk about how all that can
work because most of it dad crated."

"I had a talk with with someone I care about and it got me thinking,
so I'm calling."   Silence.

"Daniel, I've been retired for almost 8 years."  Silence

"Has been that long Unc?"

"Your cousins been running the shop. We shifted into
custom machining and specialty equipment. The answer is yes, if you
want to sell your dad's equipment we'll all of and top
dollar, and we can talk about all about, but I'd like to know why you
you are wanting to sell now?"

"Ghosts, Unc. I'm cleaning out ghosts, and things, so I can move
ahead with new ideas."

"That sounds pretty healthy . Would you be open Ellen and I
coming out so I can at everything, and we see each other? I'm
sure 's all still in great shape, but 's been a long time and my memory
isn't what was. I'd also like see the place again.

Sara walked up me and nodded with tears in her eyes, which made me
tear up, and nodded yes.

"That sounds great Unc, my time is flexible so whenever works for you
just let me know. 's a place for you stay, and a vehicle, so
don't worry about that. We can talk about all that when you get out here.
I'm looking forward because is someone I'd like you meet."
Sara held out her hand and I handed her the phone.

"Hey Unc. I'm Sara and you are and Ellen are welcome stay as long
as you'd like because I'm curious about Daniel's family."  Silence.

"Hey Sara. Unc is fine, but my is Bill and we will definitely
take you up on the offer."

"Great!. Let's all talk next week. I am looking forward talking with you
and Ellen. I stole the phone from Daniel so I'm giving it
back to him. I can't wait to meet both of you, and then all of you. You really
are welcome to stay as long as you want because I'm not using my house
at the moment. See you soon."  She smiled as I snatched the phone out of
her hand.

"OK, then, that was Sara. She's kind of a force of nature. I'll
next week and we can talk more. was nice hearing your voices.
..... I didn't realize had been so long Unc. Please come out and Sara
is right, you can stay as long as want with no inconvenience.  I love you."
I hung up and kissed Sara's head. She smiled up at me.

"You are SUCH a pain!"

"Grab some plates mister and let's go in. I want you inside me before
we go sleep."  We put the plates in soak, I brushed my teeth and
walked into  the bedroom. Sara was lying on the bed, naked from the
waist down, smiling."

"Drop 'em mister!" I did and got into bed as she started sucking me.
didn't long for me get hard. Sara climbed onto me, reached under
herself to put my cock into her, and slide back smiling at me. I
grabbed her butt as we started to rock and kiss. Neither of us wanted
fast. It was slow and deep, but the kissing was the focus, some with
eyes opened, and some closed. It didn't matter. We both started to
breathe more shallowly, and wanted to go faster and hard, but we didn't.
We weren't looking to cum together, we wanted to share being together.

I'm not sure I actually "came" in her but I could feel my prostate
pumping and my body shuddered. It was sure both my prostate, and
my balls, were saying 'no mas.' Sara pushed back onto me when it
happened, smiling and looking deep me in the eyes. She kissed me then
reached up and turned the light out and pulled the comforter over us
and we fell asleep like that.

I had the alarm set for 3:40am but woke at 3:30 with both Sara and I
on our sides, facing each other. I was of course hard. I lightly
kissed her forehead and gently rolled out of bed closing the door. I
had my clothes, and everything in the kitchen. I put a full pot of
coffee on and grabbed a thermos before going into the bathroom. Sam
was going to be happy. Henry too, probably, because his coffee was
swill. I got dressed and checked the back doors, poured the coffee in
the thermos, and did the dishes.  I left a note and started to leave
when I heard a sleepy voice say,

"Aren't you forgetting something mister?"  I turned around and Sara was
standing , still half asleep with no bottom pajamas, eyes opened.
I picked her up as she nuzzled into the crook of my neck and closed her
eyes and carried her back to bed. I put her down and wrapped the comforter
around her because was pretty chilly.  I kissed her and said,

"I Love you Sara. Sweet dreams, and I'll see you soon."  She was
already snoring. I left for Henry's.

I had thrown the towels in the washer and said I'd start a
fire in the pit and walked to the back door as Sara nodded. I looked
out and Bob, our resident fox, was sniffing around.

"SARA," I whispered. "Come here."  I put my finger to my lips. She
stood next to me holding my hand as I pointed out back.  She was like
a at Christmas.

"It's Bob!" she whispered back and ran to the kitchen. She came back with
some left over chicken I brought from her fridge. "He has to learn that we won't
hurt him."

"Chicken. Seriously?"  We both wanted chickens but a resident fox was
an issue in that regard. I couldn't figure where he was getting in so we
didn't any.

"We'll figure out how keep them safe. You're good at stuff like that."
She opened the door and we quietly walked out. So much
for the pizza. Bob looked around but wasn't panicked, and looked back
at us. He and I had interacted enough that I wasn't a threat. He
looked at Sara. She crouched down and held out the chicken, which he
smelled in the air.

"Uh, babe. you don't want hand feed a wild animal. Bob is cute, and at
ease around humans, but he can do some serious damage.
Throw him, gently. Not directly at him, but off the side
and closer him than us, and don't get up."

She said OK and waved at him before throwing about 15 feet his
left. He looked at , then at us, and walked over sniffing . He grabbed
the chicken quarter and trotted a gap in the fence covered in weeds
by one of the sheds. Sara and I stood up watching him trot down the path
with the chicken in his mouth as she wrapped her arms around me And put
her hand on my chest.

"That was genius babe. Now I know where he's getting in and I can
close it off"  She looked at me almost hurt.

"No you will not mister! You leave it exactly as it is. Bob obviously
feels safe here and we aren't shutting him out." She stood looking at me,
one hand on a hip and the other pointing a finger at my face. "I mean it
Daniel. You leave it alone, and make a fire." She stomped away and then
looked back.  "I can't believe you would do that to Bob," she said and
walked inside.

I went in a bit....."got the fire going and it's getting chilly but Sara
ignored me
take me 21-30...undited
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I stirred and opened my eyes a naked woman, wrapped in her alpaca
blanket. I was never getting that blanket back but if she stayed I
didn't care. She was sitting indian style with her head on her hands.
She smiled as she opened her blanket and smiled. I was so glad she
hadn't shaved her pussy. I yawned and asked,

"Whatcha doing?

"Waiting for you wake up mister," she said. "You're kinda cute when
you sleep and was very challenging for me not pull your sweats
down because you're quite hard," she said grabbing me through my
sweats, "and I also want be ravished."

"I looked around and said," by me?" Sara winked as she pulled my
sweats down and stradled me pushing herself onto my cock. We both
moaned in unison. She looked me and said,

"I don't a lot of time. I need get Henry's and help, and I
want talk with him." I told her that wouldn't be an issue as I
smiled.. She leaned onto my chest as she kept moving up and down on
me.  "No silly, not that. I didn't want to wake you and I still need
to take a shower." She sat up leaned back and started riding me. I was
in serious trouble and started moaning as she moved faster, just
before I came she pushed down on me as deep as she could and started
grinding back and forth moaning as well. Exploding inside her would
not be hyperbole in this case. She kept grinding and laid back on top
me, eyes still closed and smiling.

"I think I'm falling for you mister."

"Join the club." She got up and we walked into the bathroom. I peed as
she watched, smiling, waiting for the water to get . was already
because I could see the steam but I liked her watching me. I put
the lid down and washed my hands and started brushing my teeth as she
stepped in. When I finished I said that I should start wearing a
condom. She opened the shower door, shampoo dripping down her face one
eye closed.

"No can do mister, not after that. I like when you come in me.
feels nice, like you're mine and I'm yours. We'll discuss later but
I'm willing take the chance. I went get dressed thinking having
a munchkin with Sara wasn't such a bad thing. I asked if she wanted

"Yes sweets.

I had a meeting with Sam about orders and needed make calls and
plan wood orders and inventory. The coffee had just finished when Sara
walked in with a huge smile on her face.


"I'm just happy," she said taking the cup and kissing me, but I need
to take this to go sadly." We walked to the over head door. She handed
me her cup, deactivated the alarm, and then opened it. I smiled. As I
handed her cup back and we walked out Sam pulled up. Sara waved and
kissed me as she walked to her car. I told her I'd come by when I was
done. She nodded and said,

"Hey Sam," smiling got in and then drove off. Sam was looking at me.

"Don't start. Want some coffee?"  We headed out back to talk. We
talked about upcoming orders and the things we needed and made a list
so I could go to the lumber store and Home Depot. We talked about
Sunday and I got a sense of what was being made and said I'd talk with
Maggie about what to bring.... and then we chatted.

Sam asked if we were done because he had things to do. "Actually Sam,
is something else that I've been thinking about for a while, and
I want you think about and talk with Maggie."

Sam looked at me confused, "OK."

"I wanted talk with you both, and now Sara, about us becoming
business partners. I've been thinking about this a lot and some
ideas. I need talk with someone about how all this would work but I
wanted let you know. I told Henry that I would help him so he could
show me how to work the grill in case he needs help in the future.
That complicates things here and 's not right ask you do more
without compensation. You and I worked together a while and you
are a way better carpenter and craftsman.  We can set a time for all
of us to talk but let Maggie know and discuss ."

Sam was quiet and looking into his cup. He looked kinda in shock
because he didn't expect this at all. He stuck his hand out and said
he'd talk with Maggie but he was very interested. I said,

"Good, now get back to work," smiling. He laughed as we walked back
into the shop. I looked in the fridge and cupboards to see what we
needed and asked Sam if he wanted anything. He didn't skip a beat and
said licorice.  "Black or red?"

He looked at me with disgust saying, "Black Daniel."  I laughed as I
patted his shoulder and said OK. I climbed into the truck, started it,
and called Sara. She answered, laughing...."Hey sweets. What's up?"

'I'm leaking and think I need a blowjob." She didn't hesitate saying,

"Well then I'm your mister but won't be until later because
's crazy busy."

"I just finished talking with Sam and need get stuff but I'll be
in minutes babe."

"Good. I miss you. See you in a bit."

I pulled up and the parking lot was packed. I parked by the cottage
and went in looking around. Sara noticed me immediately as we were
becoming more in sync with each other and waved. She had a big smile
on her face in general, which was nice. Chloe looked up smiling too
and motioned me to the back.

I walked in and Henry said, "'bout time. I could use some help."

"I do a day job Henry, " I said smiling.

"Yeah, whatever. Take these out front. 's a tray over ,"
pointing his spatula. I would not want get in a spatula fight him.
"Come back because I could use some help."  I walked out dropped off
the plates since I knew the table numbers and was walking back the
kitchen when Sara almost skipped up me. She was happier than I had
seen her in the short time I had known her. She kissed me on the lips.

"You like the cat that ate the canary," I said, "but I'm very
happy that you're happy."

"I talked with Henry and Chloe and guess the new manager of
Henry's is," almost giddy.

"Jake," I asked?  She punched my arm as Chloe walked up for another
crappy pot of coffee.

"What did you do this time daniel," she smirked. I was still rubbing
my arm when Sara said, still smiling,

"So much for your blowjob mister." Chloe said that was WAY too much
information and walked off shaking her head. I kissed Sara and said
was great but that Henry needed my help. She leaned in and kissed me


I walked in and asked Henry what he needed. He pointed the spatula
the mound of veg on the table. I need the lettuce rinsed and dried,
's a spinner on the shelf over . I need the tomato's sliced
thin, not thin enough you can read through them, and I need the
cabbage cut. I'm doing corned beef tomorrow because Sam threw a wrench
into my menu plans. I got my apron off the and said that I heard
he got a new spitfire of a manager. He turned around with a huge smile
on his face.

"Yeah, that's why 's been so busy." I nodded. Happy.  Chloe
came in a couple of hours later say good bye Henry. I was
chopping onions, again, and crying. Chloe said,

"Don't cry daniel. 'll be alright," and laughed as I flipped her
off. She kissed Henry walked up and pulled one of the buds out of my
ear and kissed my cheek. "You and Sara are good together, don't

"Your dad said the thing." She smiled and walked out. I finished
the chopping and slicing. Washed my hands, hung my apron up and told
Henry I needed to do errands but I'd be back later. I was walking out
when he said,

"We need to discuss your ." I looked at him and smiled.

"Henry, if you keep that smile on Sara's face, and her general
giddiness, that all the I want sir." He smiled.

I walked out a way less crowded place. Sara saw me and held up a
finger telling me wait. She hugged me and said "breakfast and lunch
were crazy. I had Chloe. I almost called you but I knew you'd
be here." I kissed her forehead and said that Henry was very happy
about her knew role, which was her regular role but she was getting
for now.


"Yeah, he's pretty happy. I need do errands and drop stuff off at
the shop but I'll be back as soon as I can." She leaned up my ear

"Ok sweets. I still want taste your cum. 's not fair Alison has
tasted and I haven't," and then bit my earlobe before laughing and
walking away, which I didn't mind at all because she had a great butt.
She looked over her shoulder and waved and said, "Bye sweets." I shook
my head and walked back the truck.

I ordered the wood and scheduled a delivery date and went Home
Depot and got what we needed, and didn't need. They had generators on
sale and I could rationalize for the shop. I got an overkill one
that seemed like a good deal. I spent time checking out reviews, and
then a smaller one. They had a 0% deal going on for 24 months, on all
purchases so I signed up. They were going deliver the large gennie
but the guy helped me load the one in the truck. I went the
store to get snacks and when I came out I noticed a Bed, Bath and
Beyond next to King Soopers and called Sara.

"Hey , what's up?"

'Well, I came out of Soop's and 's a Bed, Bath and Beyond here
and I was thinking I needed some towels and sheets. You want to go
with me or should I around since I'm here."  Silence.

"Sara?" She blew her nose and said not do anything. She had plenty
and she'd rather spend our figuring out how keep Bob out of
the backyard because she wanted chickens.

"OK..." I'll see you soon.

"Hurry. I want a hug."  I beamed as I drove.

I backed in and Sam walked up looking at me. "What's the generator for?"

"In case we need . They were on sale and I 0% for 24 months so
we need do a tool inventory." We unloaded the generator and set
out of the way.. "Oh, by the way, the big one is coming next week.
We'll need figure out where put ."

"Wait, What? So you're already trying bleed the company dry before
I'm even on board.' I smiled.

"I'm not an idiot Sam, now help me with the bags." I had the bag with
the licorice and and after we unloaded everything and put it away I
walked up with a box of red licorice. He looked me.  "They didn't
black," I said straight face.

"Bullshit," he said laughing. I swapped him for the red he despised,
which he obviously did given the of utter disgust on his face.

"You need help with anything Sam?"

"No, I'm good. I'm just planning but are messages from potential
customers so you need to at them later and make calls. How's
Sara?"  I filled him and he said Maggie was going be so happy.

I went and got some water and asked if he could drop me off at
Henry's. "Yeah, give me 15 and we can go. I listened the messages
and wrote down the info and we locked up. I noticed that Sam had the
bag of licorice with him and shook my head.

He started his truck and looked over me.  "You're falling for Sara
aren't you Jefe?"


"God help you," and we drove away.

As we drove Henry's, Sam said the credit card was a good idea
because we needed some things and that he'd make a list. I had put him
down as an employee and he'd be getting his own card. I figured both
Sam And Maggie would want be partners. I just didn't know what a
fair in would be but 'd work out. I thought I'd talk with Henry.
It was obvious Sam had something say.

"What Sam? Just say . I've known you long enough know 's
something on your mind."

"I've known Sara and her family for a long time, longer than we've
known each other. She's very strong, and tough, but her heart is as
gentle as I ever seen. You can ask Maggie. I guess what I'm saying
is..... don't this up."

I smiled, shaking my head as I got out. "Why does everyone keep saying
that me, and I still another sister, and a brother, meet. I'll
see you in the morning. Say hi Maggie and the girls. Tell the
rugrats I'm not done tickling them." I closed the door, waved goodbye
and headed into what I hoped wasn't a pandemonium. wasn't. Jake
walked up and said.

"Hey Daniel. Gramps needs you help out here. He's showing me the
ropes and 's getting busy."

"Sounds good Jake. I'll say hi and come back out."  I waved Sara.
She smiled and made the I love you sign and went back the
customers. This was her perfect job and I was totally done.My heart
had completely melted. I might as well admit it. 4 days seemed a
fast, and I wasn't going go running off Vegas this
weekend, next, but this particular cake seemed been
baked. That's when my phone buzzed. was Alison sending me a . I
turned my phone off and walked into the kitchen.

"Hey Henry. I hear I'm second string now, and that you got some
hotshot take my place."  Jake had a huge smile on his face.

"Gotta do what I gotta do Daniel. Besides you'll be waking early
starting next week". I smiled and said,

"What makes you think I don't wake up early already," I said picking
up the tray of plates, laughing, as I backed through the door.

"Get outta here."

I turned around and Sara was looking up me smiling. Why are you
laughing and I told her. She smiled and shook her head.   "Follow me."
I held the tray and Sara put the plates down. She was so happy. I was
kind of the runner, which I was fine with because it worked well and
it was easier for me to hold the tray, and Sara loved talking with the
customers because she obviously knew most of them.

I kept checking in on Jake and Henry kept giving me a thumbs up. I
wasn't sure what was going on because it was busier then it had been
the last few days. I asked Sara, she smiled and shrugged. was a
lull and Sara went into the kitchen and stole Jake because he knew how
to wait the tables. We walked back in and Sara she was taking a break.
She took my hand and we walked out and said we'd back.

We got outside, she turned around and jumped onto me and kissing me
like she hadn't seen me in years, which I was fine with because I was
coming to love her tongue in my mouth. She jumped down and grabbed my
hand saying follow me mister. I a surprise for you. was no
one in the back and she walked behind a wall, looked at me smiling,
and said drop your drawers mister.

was my turn say that I should take shower. She looked at me
mouth agape.  You licked my pussy when I was on my period. I can deal
with sweat daniel, now drop your pants because we're on a time
schedule here. I smiled and said I doubt that will be an issue. She
smiled up me as I dropped my pants.

"You're probably right this time because I give a great blowjob."  She
pulled my underwear down, grabbed my balls and squeezed and pulled
down as she stuck my cock into her mouth, and throat, because I was
very hard.

It didn't take very long which I didn't care about, and my knees
almost buckled when I came. Sara stood up, smiling, and kissed me and
a good amount of my cum dripped off her tongue and onto mine. I
swallowed and sucked her tongue. She lifted my underwear and pants and
kissed me. I wanted to share, even though I didn't want to mister. I
zipped my pants and was buckling my belt when Henry yelled. We started
walking back and Sara yelled that we were coming, and then laughed as
she squeezed my hand.

We walked in. Henry looked at us and said we were having another rush.
Sara walked out and I loaded up the tray and walked out. Jake walked
past me with a thumb's up. I walked up to Sara and we did our tray
dance. I was walking back to the kitchen to get more plates as Chloe
walked in with I assumed was the other sister. Sara literally ran
up the sister I hadn't met and hugged her. She grabbed her hand and
walked over me with Chloe following.

"Daniel, this is my other sister Janie.  Janie, this is Daniel. He's
mine so don't start. Chloe rolled her eyes at me. Chloe was the oldest
and Sara was the youngest but her and Janie were a year apart in
age. I reached my hand out and said hi. Janie said hi and was nice
meeting me but Sara was nuts, in case I hadn't figure that out yet and
then ran back outside followed by Sara.  I looked at Chloe and asked,

"Do they do that a lot?  She hugged me as she walked past me and into
the kitchen.

"You no idea Daniel," shaking her head. Sara and Janie walked
back in laughing. Chloe walked into the kitchen still shaking her

Chloe walked up and hugged me. I said, because I'm a snot, and knew
Sara was watching me, as was Janie and Henry. I love hugs Chloe but
you realize I'm falling in love with your her, right....and stepped
back. Chloe's eyes narrowed and step forward and punched me in the

"OUCH," I yelled, "That hurt. Chloe."

"Next time I'm kneeing you in the balls....just a head's up." I could
hear Sara and Janie laughing. Chloe smiled and said take Sara home.
She's been here to long and kissed my cheek. I looked at her wondering
how quickly I could jump back. She looked at me and said,

"Don't do it Daniel."  I smiled and kissed her on the lips , just a
peck, and jumped three steps back. She looked at me and started
chasing me as I ran but I was trapped and put my hands up seeking
mercy. Chloe walked up and I was waiting to be in pain but the
customers were still laughing. She looked me shaking her head.  "You
mom is right, but I'd use asshole and kissed me on the cheek.  Get out
of here."

Sara and Janie walked up laughing and I saw Henry was smiling as he
went back in the kitchen shaking his head. Sara hugged Chloe as Janie
walked up and kissed me on the lips trying to stick her tongue in my
mouth. I didn't let her.  Both Chloe and Sara looked her and didn't
know what to say, neither did I. Janie looked at Sara and said, "What?
I thought we were sharing?

I grabbed Sara and said that we're off and I'm hungry. Let's go babe.
I heard Chloe saying, "What is wrong with you?"  Sara and I walked
outside. Sara wasn't mad, just shocked. Janie came running out yelling
sis. She walked up and her and said,

"Can I kiss him one more time?" She turned and bolted back inside
laughing. I grabbed Sara by the back of her shirt and said I'm hungry
babe. She looked at me and smiled. "What do you want to to eat

"What do you think goofball." She smiled.  "We still some of
Maggie's soup, what else?"  She looked at me and punched me hard in
the chest.

"Let's go home mister."  I kissed her as i rubbed my chest.

Janey skipped back into Henry's, waving and I thought I was a snot.
Both Sara and watched shaking our heads. She looked up and I asked,
"She's older than you?"

"Yes." I said, "sorry I kissed Chloe on the lips.  The last few days
been kinda intense and y'all seemed quite happy. I was having fun
but I didn't expect Janey try and stick her in my mouth.  She
looked at me as I unlocked the car. "Get in the goofball and take me
home. They'll both know everything about inside of two weeks. You can
bring me back tomorrow." I got in, started the car, and reached for
her hand. She was tired.  I asked, "Good day?"  She smiled and nodded.
We drove home in silence.

Sara unlocked the front door, turned on the lights and then turned off
the alarm and headed to the kitchen. I shook my head, closed and
locked the door, and then reset the alarm. It was a pretty safe area
put was a lot expensive equipment and tools aroud and I wasn't
taking chances.

Sara was sitting at the counter with her head in her hands, and eyes closed.

"You want some soup, babe?  She her shook head no. "How, 'bout a
smoothie?  She looked up and smiled.  "Yes please, sweets.  I'm
getting in my jammies." She pecked me on the cheek saying thanks and
walked into the bedroom.

"Which ones," I called to her.

"Snoopy and Woodstock."  She walked out and sat back down picking up
her glass.  I was so in trouble.  She handed me the glass as I
finished mine and went to brush her teeth. I walked in as she was
finishing. She said what I thought was thank you with toothpaste in
her mouth. She walked out sliding her hand across my butt. I brushed,
peed, walked into the bedroom to get in my sweats and t-shirt and go
to bed. I was tired too.

Sara was laying lying on "her" side of the bed. I smiled because this
woman was not shy about laying claim to things she deemed hers, which
I suppose meant me too. I didn't mind. I got into bed, turned off the
light and pulled the covers over us. It was still chilly at night,
which was why I loved Colorado.  She rolled into me putting her head
against my chest and her right on my balls and said, "night sweets. I
put the mine on the of her back and kissed her saying, "sweet
dreams."  She was already breathing deeply. She sounded like a purring
kitten and I fell asleep.

I usually had trouble sleeping but since meeting Sara I was having the
best sleeps since I was a . I didn't recall Sara pulling my sweats
down but I definitely felt her slid onto me. I had no problem getting
hard but I was always hardest before dawn. I hmmmed and opened my eyes
expecting to see her smiling at me in the early dawn light. Instead,
she was facing my feet and was bent over holding my legs as she rode
up and down on my dick. I was OK with that. I reached up and grabbed
her ass as I pulled it apart. Sara turned her head smiling at me.

"You like mister."  I nodded. She knew exactly what she wanted as she
pushed down, angling herself to stimulate her G-spot. I was mesmerized
watching me move in and out of her increasingly wet pussy, not mention
her cute asshole. I would no issue staying hard. Not coming was
another thing because her pussy was very tight and wet. Sara started
moan and breathe quicker, as did I. She had been moving slow and
deep but had shifted shallow and much faster. I figured she had
found the spot she wanted. She started digging her nails into the
flesh above my knees and then pushed herself up, arched her back and
started pounding my cock. We were both moaning and I could feel her
body tighten as I felt her felt lock onto me, screaming.

"Daniel, I'm coming as she gushed and reached back holding my hips as
she kept grinding, squeezing me and moaning as I came, yelling
Sara, both of us shaking. he swung herself around with me still inside
her, and fell onto my chest. I rubbed her back and gently stroked her
hair as drifted togethert in rapture for about half and hour. We gotta
bed and looked down at the sheets.  "We made a mess," she said. I
nodded as she took my hand and led me into the bathroom.  She sat on
the toilet smiling up at me....God this woman melted me. I went to
make coffee and was brushing my teeth as Sara got out of shower and
dried herself, with me watching in the mirror of course. She swung me
around and kissed me.  I said through the toothpaste in my mouth, "you
fart in your sleep.

She took a big step and said, "Uhn, uhhhh! I do not."  I nodded my
head smiling before saying, "It might been me."  "Sounds more
likely, Daniel."  I hear me a snot as she went get coffee."

I heard a knock on the door into the shop and Sara say come in. was
Sam. He saw her in the towel and said he'd come back. "Don't be silly
Sam. Help yourself to coffee. I need to get dressed. Daniel's just
geting out of the shower. I walked out and "Sam said, matching

" I need to take Sara to work, ignoring him. You want anything to
eat." He nodded and said two of Henry's sausage biscuits, which
sounded great to me."  I nodded and walked in to get dressed as Sara
was finishing. "Hurry up mister, I'm late.".  It didn't take me long
to get dressed and I walked out as they were talking about Maggie and
Sunday dinner. Sara got up and kissed Sam on the cheek. I told him I'd
get the biscuits and we'd talk about Sunday when I got back and Sara
and I walked out.

We pulled up to Henry's and walked in holding hands. "That was some
position lady," I said squeezing her hand.  "I'll say mister."
Sara kissed, me grabbed a pot of coffee, and said hi Janey,
took a step back. Sara hugged her and they both laughed as I walked
into the kitchen.

"Hey Henry," I said.

"What are doing here."

"Good to see you too," I chuckled. "I need four sausage biscuits.... 3
for Sam and 1 for me."

"I don't doubt that."  I said I'd be back around lunch to help out and
I that needed to get his advice on something. He said good because he
needed to talk with me too, but nothing urgent. I said OK, grabbed the
bag of biscuits, and walked out. Sara saw me smiled and gave me the I
Love You sign as I sent her a two fingertip kiss and walked out.

I got in the car and started it when I remembered Alison had texted
me. I read it and texted her back saying I'd be in touch. Her and
Philip could met for coffee next week, early, to chat. I started to
drive back to the shop when Sara called.  "Do you time swing
by my place and pack some bags for me, and take a around?

"I need get get the shop and talk with Sam, but I'll stop by
on my way in at lunch. What do you need?"

"Clothes, underwear, socks, sheets and towels...... sheets and towels!
Grab the ones in the dryer, and the fridge. Just load some
luggage. We can do a walk through tomorrow. I'm working lunch and
dinner. Thanks sweets."

I pulled up at the shop and got a alert. was Alison sending a
kissing emoji. I walked in  and lifted the bag as I walked into the
kitchen, "any coffee left?"  Sam ate both of his biscuits  like he was
starving, and was eyeing my second one. I slid it to him and said,
"Leave it for lunch for the love of God." I asked what I could bring
for Sunday but he said Maggie.... he was responsible for the
grill and the tequila.

Sam was quiet for a few seconds,  "Talked with Mags about being
partners and she liked the idea but asked what the in would be,
but that sounded like a good idea.  I told him I had an appointment
with my accountant and was talking with Henry at lunch to get his
thoughts.  " will be some parts we need deal with Sam, but we
work well together and I'm sure we can work it. You free reign of
this place anyway, and I some ideas amp up the business so
I'll be busy doing that.  I've been on working my ideas, and
suppliers, and we can talk about all of when the four of us chat,
Sunday evening after dinner. Henry gave me Monday off. because
of you love of tequila"

Sam nodded and said, "Sounds good. I'll let Mags know. her
tomorrow about Sunday. The grilling is handled but she will need help
because is absolutely no way Henry's girls will be able get
away. My girls are already talking about and making plans.   "I
will," I said.

"Anything else?" He said,  "You and Sara are getting pretty serious."
I nodded.  "You think you both might be moving fast."  I smiled
shaking my head no.

"I'm a Capricorn. I think about everything Sam.  's just
something between us that is indefinable. We're like a lock and
key....like we imprinted on each other, and 's just going deeper. We
both knew the first night. We are both different with each
other.... at peace.  I suppose it could all go up in flames but I'll
take that bet."  He nodded smiling thinking about Maggie, I was sure.

"When Mags and I met it was like that too. It wasn't as quick but we
were pregnant, and married...in that order.... inside 6 months and we
haven't looked back. Catholic. We've been married close to 20 years.
been struggles, and anger, and arguments, but our love was
never in doubt. We both see that in you and Sara.  I'm just checking
in you with jefe."

I smiled. "I appreciate that buddy now let's get work. I need
leave by am. I stop by Sara's house and then Henry's. I'll
be back mid-afternoon."  I put my hand on his shoulder as we walked
into the shop.  "You know you're going to stop calling jefe
once we're partners, right?" He was quiet before saying,
"How about gringo?"

I helped Sam prep the wood for the orders we had next week. was a
busy week and I wanted be sure we had all the wood pulled and arranged
in order of the jobs. Sam was going start planing the wood and I'd
help him and when I got back later in the afternoon and finish up so
we could get the dovetails done Friday morning. Sam and I both had
things do for Sunday and I wanted as much done for next week.

Sam was looking over the orders and what we needed  in the job
buckets. I was heading my desk return calls when I got a .
was Alison and she me a photo of her naked and smiling.She wasn't
ugly. She was going to be in for shock however, as was Philip, when I
walked in for coffee with Sara. I was actually curious about that, and
I'm sure Sara was going to be downright giddy at the thought. I sat
down and started looking through my notebook when the phone rang. It
was Sara. I smiled, instinctively and answered.

"Whatchya doin'?"  She said.

"Sam and I just got out of the shower and now we're finally getting to
work." She didn't miss a beat.

"I was wondering about you two. Does Maggie know?"

"I'm pretty sure she does" "Why?" "No reason, just curious. You make a
nice couple." I told her we had just arranged all the wood for next
weeks orders and I was getting to finish my calls before leaving, and
asked what she was doing."

"Talking to you silly."  Chloe showed up because Jane's need to leave
but I had a few minutes and I'm missing you."  "I'll be soon
babe". "I know, but I'm missing you now and like hearing your voice.
soothes my soul."


"Uh oh. Need run sweets. I'm being waved at. See you soon." I
finished my calls and made appointments for next week. I was looking
forward talking with Sara, Maggie, and Sam because if things went
the way I thought then we were going be busy.

"Sam.... SAM!!!!" He shut off the planer. "We good for a few hours?"
you eaten the sausage biscuit already." He nodded. "You want
anything at Henry's? "BLT!"  I shook my head and walked. out. I pulled
up and walked into Henry's and Sara looked at me confused. I held up
my index finger and walked into the kitchen.

"Hey Henry, Sam would like a BLT with fries. I think he might be
pregnant. I'm splitting it with him just so you know. I need to drop
it off and then stop by Sara's to make sure everything's OK. I'll be
by ;15 at the latest."

"Don't let Maggie find about that. She can get mean, he said
smirking."  Say hi Sara... 'll be done in 5.  I walked out as she
walked up and kissed me. "Why are you early?" I told her what was
going.  "That's fine she said." Henry rang the bell with his spatula
and I walked back into the kitchen and grabbed the sandwich saying

"Tell Sam ain't no free lunches in life." I nodded as I walked
out Sara smiling with an outstretched hand. I walked past as slid
our fingers together.

I drove up and walked into the shop eating half the BLT and munching
on some of the fries. Sam said "what are you doing?"   "Henry told me
to tell you that ain't no free lunches in life. He also told I
better no let Maggie find out because she can be mean.  I'm not
messing with Maggie, Sam, I've got my hands full with Sara. I'm
covering my ass. some licorice."

"Stop eating the damn french fries, and my half better not be all LT."
 I laughed and gave him his half. "I'll be back after the lunch rush
and we can finish. Enjoy."  I was walking out when Sam said, "tell
Henry I'm going to whoop him Saturday morning, and thanks for the
grub." I waved.

I got to Sara's about :30, walked around outside and then went in
the back door. I walked around inside and everything seemed fine. I
checked the fridge and nothing smelled so I figured 'd be fine until
the following day. I grabbed the sheets and towels out of the dryer
threw them on the bed and folded them, like a guy fold would fold
them. I brought bags but started checking closets looking for extra
suitcases and that's when I saw the shotgun.  I grabbed the luggage
and went, "hmmm."

I took all the towels and sheets out of the linen closet and put them
the bags I brought along with some jeans and button shirts. I kept
them on the hangers and laid them on top. I took  the bags, and Sara's
pillows, and put them by the front door and went back to the bedroom.
I cleaned out Sara's underwear, socks, T's, and pajamas and loaded the
remaining suitcase. I I put it on the porch, grabbed the first two
bags and walked them to the truck putting them in. I walked back to
get the last bag when I noticed Mrs McGinty looking at me intently. I
waved and said, 'Hi Mrs. McGinty"  grabbed the bag, locked the door,
and turned around as a Denver PD car pulled up behind my truck. I put
the bag down and walked down the steps to the walk and waited.

They were on the radio calling in my license plate. The officers got
out and walked toward me.  Do you live here sir?

"No Ma'am I don't."

"Do you know does sir?

"Yes Ma'am I do, and I a key. I also permission be on the
property."  Sam was going love this.

"Can you unlock the door for me sir?" I walked backed onto the porch
and unlocked the front door. "Do you give us permission to search the

"No ma'am I don't but my phone is in my back pocket. I'll my
girlfriend and you can speak with her."  She wrote down Sara's info as
I shook my head at her neighbor. I called Sara and she said,

"Where are you sweets? Chloe needs leave. I explained what was going on.

"Are you serious? Give the phone the cop." Sara spoke as the
officer kept saying yes ma'am and the looking at Mrs. McGinty, and

"Hold a minute Ms Alexander.  Sir, may I see you license please?" I
handed her. She looked at and then me and handed back.

"Ma'am. I apologize for the inconvenience but we out
these complaints. We won't need keep Daniel and I will be having  a
talk with your neighbor. "Thank you ma'am. a good day. "Back the
car out. He's free go."  I thanked her and grabbed the last bag and
walked the truck as she walked over Mrs McGinty.  Luckily I was
5 minutes away.

I walked in and both Sara and Chloe were laughing at me. I walked past
and said, "Don't you somewhere be Chloe and went into the
kitchen" as they burst out laughing. "Henry, Sam said thanks for his
half of the BLT, which he wasn't please about, and said he was still
going to whoop you Saturday morning."

"That's because he cheats, Daniel. I hear you're a felon."

"What do you want me to before Jake gets here. I two hours until
I need back at the shop." He smiled, lifted his spatula and pointed
a mound of vegetables and potato's that needed to be chopped, diced
and shredded."  I grabbed my apron.

I got the knife Henry gave to me use and sliced open the bag of
onions, might as well get the crying out of the way early.  "Henry!"


" Am I chopping the onions?"

He walked up with his spatula and said, "Yeah, chop everything, but
chop. I think I enough dice for breakfast tomorrow"  I said
OK. "Did Sara's neighbor really rat you to the cops?"  "Yeah."

"Good thing you aren't black."  I told him I was thinking the
thing as they walked up me.

Sara walked in and hugged me saying both her and Chloe felt bad for
laughing at me and I said please. I didn't take personally because
was nuts. "At least you didn't me a felon like your dad."
Sara looked at Henry,

"Pops, you didn't!" "Get back work munchkin. I'm not paying you
flap your gums with him," he said smiling.

"Henry, can I ask your advice about something?"  "Yeah, as long as you
keep chopping."

I was quiet for a bit and said, "I asked Sam and Maggie be my
partner in the shop. I've got an appointment with my accountant
discuss how structure and a -in and all that, but I wanted
get your advice about because you worked with a partner until last
year. I'm sorry for asking and being blunt about it."  Henry rang the
bell for an order pick up.

Henry was quiet for bit and then turned and looked at me as Sara rang
the bell for orders.  "NOT know Sara," he said. He looked at me like
Sam did....through, not at, and said... "How long known Sam and
Maggie?"  I told him a over six years.

"Then you know Sam and Maggie because they can't hide they are.
You couldn't pick anyone better in my view." I looked up and Sara was
peering around the door, stealthy as ever. "As far being partners
goes....you pick the right person in any endeavor. You need
compliment each other. Richard and I did that. That's also why Ella
and I were such great partners.  The key is focusing on the business,
protecting the business, and protecting yourselves, and your family's
interest because when you can set that up then allows you really
partners without worrying. I'm assuming you are counting Sara as part
of this partnership?"

"Of course Henry, if she wants, but she'll be a part of the
discussion. I mentioned it her but haven't gone into detail because
I don't have details yet, and I wasn't sure if Sam and Maggie would be

"Are they?"

"Yes. I have been working on plans for the business that I would be
good with, and some other ideas made out of wood. As much as I love
working with wood, Sam is the master wood worker, not me."

"Well then , I think you you your answer....now get back
work."  I looked up see the door swing shut. I put the ear buds in
and listened thunderstorms as I chopped. I looked up later as Jake
walked in smiling. wasn't even 2pm. I looked at Henry as I pulled
the buds out.

"Aren't you suppose be in school," Henry and I said at the
time? "'s study hall. "I'd rather be here."  Before Henry could
saying anything I yelled, "Jake, get your butt up front, put in a
table and do not move until you're finished with your homework, and
that's not a question. Understood!"

Henry looked at me then Jake. He slammed his spatula on the grill and
pointed it at Jake.  "You get your ass in , , and plant ,
and don't come back here until you're done with your homework. You
understand me?"


Henry and I looked at each other without saying a word and went back
work.  At 3:00pm Jake stuck his head in. I took my earbuds out and
said, "You done?"  Henry looked up but didn't say a word. "I'll be
back in a minute Henry," I said as I walked up front and sat down.

"Show me?"  Jake looked at me and got his notebook out and showed me
his homework for the day. "Tell me what you learned today." Chloe
brought him a coke and Jake rambled through his work.

"Why did you skip study hall? "

"I'd rather be working here," he said  I was quiet for a few moments
as Chloe and Sara watched.

"Jake, is nothing wrong with wanting be here and working with
your family and serving the folks you grew up with. This is admirable
work. It's what built this country and you should want help your
family because this business is about family."  He nodded. "However,
you're smart and you should not limits on you now. You're
and even though 's a cliche, you really do your whole life
ahead of you. Working here is great....important actually.... for you
and your family but no one wants you shirking your studies. Take that
as far as goes. Learn as much here as you can but not at the
expense of your studies. Jake, you're a student first and you work
part-time here second. I think your family would agree. Understand?"

"Yeah daniel. I understand."   "Good then get back and help your
Grampa.... and take your glass.  He ran back the kitchen as Chloe
walked up smiling and said, "You had no clue what you were looking at
did you?"


"Jesus, Daniel. Your were pretty convincing." I walked back the
kitchen and said goodbye Jake and Henry, nodded. I went back
out front and Sara was looking up at me.

"We need talk mister."  "Good talk, or bad talk?"  She stepped up
and kissed me long but not deep.  "Good talk". I told her OK but that
I had a lot of prep to do so Sam could go home since I was late. "We
need to the eat the rest of Maggie's soup. Stay as long as you need
because we can sleep late tomorrow.

I got back to the shop at almost 4:45 and Sam was wrapping up. He
filled me in on what he had done, and what needed to be done and I
told him I had covered. He smiled and started singing, "Bad Boys.
Bad Boys," as he walked out laughing. "Asshole," I yelled, smiling. I
closed the overhead door, turned on some Pink Floyd and got work.
was 7pm when Sara walked in, looked around, walked over and sat in
my lap.

'You want a bath," I asked?  She looked up at me, smiled and nodded. I
picked her and sat her on a stool then poured her some juice. or

"." I went run the bath. She walked in naked carrying her
jammies.... moose.... and put them on the counter. She kissed my head
and stepped into the water and stopped.  She looked at me mouthing
"!" as she slowly descend into her bath doing a lamaze breath. I
lite some candles and brought the wireless speaker in. She said Floyd.
was fine I gave her a glass of wine and turned out the light, praying
she didn't fall asleep and drown.

I checked in on Sara and she had her eyes closed listening to Dark
Side of the Moon. I wasn't about to interfere with that. I put the
soup on to heat, and cut up the last avocado and crusty bread. I also
put the remaining chocolate bars on the counter, mainly to watch her
try and choose.  I was sitting at the counter when Sara walked out
smiling in her Moose pajamas. I asked how many she had even though
I didn't need to since I emptied the drawer earlier.  "Lots."

"You hungry babe? She nodded as she sat down saying, "Yes, please."
"What's that sweets." pointing at my notebook."  I closed it and slid
it to her as I put dinner together... as before chicken soup with
avo, crusty bread and brie....and chocolate. Sara got up, went back
into the bathroom and got her wine, smiling. She started reading my
notebook as I heated the soup on high.. I put my phone down in front
of her and said...." the most recent texts.

She picked up my phone and looked at Alison's text.  "She's cute. We
need discuss this tomorrow. She handed the phone back to me. "
her back and tell her Wednesday morning 9:30 am at Grind, by the restaurant.
They'll find . Tell her not wear any panties," as she smiled and
went back reading my notebook.

I was bringing our dinner over when Sara looked up at me and cocked
her head the she did from time time.. "You wrote all of this, she
asked?"  She pushed the notebook aside but didn't close .  "Yeah,
they are my thoughts and ideas going back a ways. I others. "We
a lot
talk about mister," she said.

A came in and she leaned over read with me...it read,  "OK.
Why no panties?"  I picked up the phone as Sara watched and typed....

"Because I told you Alison. If you don't stop asking why then will be
repercussions. See you and Philip next on Wednesday."  I sent a second
saying.... "I want a pic by 8:30 am Wednesday that you are
obeying me. I also want see your pussy in the dress you will be
wearing and I want see your pussy wet. I don't care how you do .... By
8:30 am Wednesday, next.  a wonderful weekend."

Sara smiled as she ate more soup and pulled my notebook back
her. She leaned over and said, "you could be a Scorpio if you
wanted as she kissed my cheek.  Sara found the  chocolate she wanted
after putting the dishes soak in the sink. I went the doors and
alarm and when I walked into the bedroom she screamed.  "You brought
my pillows!"  She dropped my notebook and the chocolate, turned around
and jumped on me. was amazing how happy she could be by the
simplest things.

We were about get on the bed when we realized that we hadn't changed
the sheets from this morning. We at each because neither of us wanted
do then. I bent down and opened a bag and pulled out Sara's towels.
She smiled as I got into my sleep clothes and climbed into bed next to her
She kept reading my notebook, leaning against her pillows, as I leaned next her
with my hand on her belly and started to fade. Sara picked up my hand and
kissed it while she stroked my hair. I'm not sure how long it took me
to fall asleep.

I woke up at 7:00am to no Sara. I walked into kitchen and Sara beamed at me as
she was making bacon and eggs. "Hi sleepy head. I found
these (dildos and a harness) while I was looking for places to
put my clothes.  FYI, mister, the purple one is mine, and this glass
one we share," she said winking. "You hungry mister?"

I nodded as I went toward the coffee and that's when was a
knock. Sara looked at me
and smirked. "Come on in Sam," she said laughing as I almost dropped
my cup trying grab the dildo and harness while heading the
bedroom. "You're a pain in my ass," I said heading. "Not until
tonight, sweets," she laughed.

"Hey Sam, wanted some breakfast?" He grabbed a cup of coffee and
nodded. I don't think he would ever turn down food. Breakfast was
simple but great... breakfast scramble with veggies and bacon I got
from Henry. I started cleaning up while Sara and Sam chatted. She was
a marvel at how easy she interacted with someone.

Sam said thanks and headed to the shop. I told Sara I needed to help
for a couple of hours but then would help her. She kissed me saying
that we were trying out those dildos tonight.  She laughed and said to
meet her at the house and took my extra car key and grabbed her bag
walking into the shop. She kissed and hugged me and said bye to Sam,
waving. I went to help him with the dovetails and he said, "Brother,
you are toast. I smiled nodding my head.
take me...beginning 11-20. I started at 81 on the blog. enjoy even though it needs editing.
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Sara and I didn't make love, in any way, we just slept entwined the
entire night hardly moving and when we did move we found each and
reconnected like magnets. I woke but the sun was brighter than usual.
I looked at my phone and it was after 7am and I was late. I rolled
over and got out of Sara's bed and looked down at the towels and
smiled about last night. I knew she was hatching plans already but I
didn't care. The only thought I had was how much she would have
squirted if she didn't have her period.

I walked to the bathroom and knocked as I walked in. Sara screeched,
"Daniel.... I'm pooping." She was mortified but her pooping didn't
bother me. I said,

"Well, lucky you're on the toilet then." I walked over and kissed her
on the top of her head.  "I don't care goofball because we all poop
but I need to take a shower because I'm late. We got waylaid last
night." I stepped into the shower and said good morning. As I turned
on the water I heard,


I smiled as I started washing my hair and felt the door slid open. I
washed the shampoo out of my and saw Sara smiling up at me.  God she
was gorgeous. I'm sorry if I embarrassed you sweetie.  She leaned up
and kissed me.

"You surprised me, that's all. I thought you were asleep." She turned
around and leaned forward and then looked back, smiling. "Now wash my
bum like you were suppose to do last night. I didn't hesitate.

We continued our love of touching each other but I really was late.
Sara wrapped a towel around herself and asked if I wanted coffee. She
always asked me questions when I had my mouth full, this time with
toothpaste. I looked up and nodded.  I dressed quickly and walked into
the kitchen. Sara melted my heart in general but when she looked up at
me, in a towel and holding a cup of coffee, she took my breath away. I
said thanks and kissed he as I reached around and grabbed her butt. I
couldn't help myself. She bit my lip although not hard and smiled.

"I don't even know what you do Daniel. What are you late for?"

"I work with wood and I have potential but I texted him and he
said he was running late too so we pushed the meeting back until
9:00am. I build caskets and urns."  She was quiet for a while and then

"I wish I had known you last year when my dad and Miss Ella died.' I
put my coffee down and hugged her, holding her tightly, but my mom has
always called me a snot so as I gently kissed her head I pulled her
towel off and jumped backward before running to the bedroom and
closing the door.


I could hear her running down the stairs. I was laughing but I was
also standing on the opposite side of the bed when she opened the

"You are SO in trouble mister," she said as began to stalked. I really
didn't mind because she was totally naked. She moved and I countered
and then she'd adjust. She was cougar and was the prey and I was
trapped so I walked around the bed and stood there. She smiled and
jumped on me like last night as she kissed me. She leaned back, still
attached, and said,

"I might be a little smitten, Daniel."

I smiled and said, "I know I am." I gave her back her towel because
she was seriously distracting me and I needed to leave. I told her I
should be done by 11:00 and could take you to your car but she said
she had to work at Henry's and would call someone to pick her up but I
could meet her there. I was quiet for a bit before saying,

"If you trust me you could give me a key and I'll come back her first
and do the laundry since I was kinda responsible for it needing to be
done." She walked over the the dresser as she wrapped the towel back
around herself and opened a really nice wooden box and pulled a key
out and handed it to me, with misty eyes.

"I'll put everything in the washer before I leave but if you would
stop by and throw them in the dryer that would be great. We can make
the bed together later and mess it up all over again." I took the key
and said deal.

Sara walked me to the door and hugged me.  "Get off of here mister
before my husband comes home. I hope the meeting goes well," and then
she grabbed my balls, smiling.

"I'm liking you a lot Sara," I said as I kissed her and walked out.

"I'm liking you a lot too Daniel."  I turned around smiling and almost
fell off the bottom step.. "Jesus babe, be careful,' she said shaking
her head and closing the door as I walked to my car.

I looked around the neighborhood. It was super nice. The houses were
on the smaller side like Sara's but all seemed to be made around the
same time period and very well taken care of. I walked around back
being noisy. I could feel Sara watching me out the kitchen window and
likely smiling. There was a detached garage with an older door with
glass windows in it, so I looked in. It was quite large and filled
with stuff.

I looked up, and around, to orient myself as I walked into the
backyard. It was a pretty large lot and while there were mature trees
closer to the house the bulk of the yard was open and faced South. As
I looked around I heard,

"Excuse me sir. Can I help you with something?"

I had a huge a smile on my face as I turned around to see Sara
standing on the back deck in her towel as her next door neighbor was
watering her plants and trying not to be obvious as she watched and
eavesdropped on the conversation.

"I thought you had a meeting."

"I do, but my shop isn't far so I have a few minutes and the place
looks so much different in daylight. I was curious"

"Hi Mrs. McGinty," Sara said waving at her. "Lovely morning."  It was
all I could do to keep myself from laughing.

I walked up to the deck and whispered, "If I asked, would you drop the
towel to your ankles?"  Sara cocked her head, like she did last night
and looked at me then started to undo her towel.  I laughed, said
stop, and that I'd see her soon, and headed back to my car. I was
about to turn the corner of the house when Sara said,

"Hurry with your meeting. I miss you." I stopped, turned to look at
her, put two fingers to my lips and lifted them toward her. He smiled
and walked back inside without saying a word.

I was so in trouble.

Luckily I am very good with direction, and finding my way around has
never been an issue so I made it to my shop with plenty of time to
spare. As I opened up I was thinking about Alison and Philip and that
I needed to deal with that even though I didn't really want to and
then my phone rang. It was Sara. I instinctively smiled as I answered.

"Hey you."

"Watchya doin'?"

"I'm opening up the shop. what are you doing?"

"I'm getting dressed but I'm naked at the moment and thought of you
licking my pussy last night and I was thinking about shaving it. What
do you think?"

I almost jumped through the phone yelling, "No, don't do that. I
love..." That was when I noticed my 9am standing at the overhead door
looking at me. I held my index finger up and whispered. "I've got to
go but don't do anything.... please."

"OK. Bye sweets."  I could her laughing as I hung up. I walked toward
the overhead and extended my hand and said sorry about that. I was
talking to my sister. I'm daniel. Come on in let me show you around."
This woman was going to drive me insane.

I like working with wood because it's simple and it is what it is, and
you can do many different things with it. I chose to make handmade
caskets and urns after my dad died because what was available was
overpriced crap. I charged less than funeral homes, which didn't like
me, and made a custom casket, and I also talked with the family. As I
got older I started thinking I was less a wood worker and more a
counselor, as I was today.

Jack introduced me to his wife Helen, whose mom was sick and was
likely to pass in the next 6 months. The family wanted to be ready,
which was smart. I only had one type of casket.... simple, dovetail
construction but with real wood they could choose. we talked longer
than I thought we would but as they were leaving Helen hugged me and

"Thank you daniel. I know you will give my mom a wonderful place to be
when it's her time." I shook Jack's hand and watched them walk away.
It never got easy but I was good at connecting with people and it was

Sam walked up. He was the real carpenter. He wasn't as old as Henry
but older than me and way better working with wood and I knew could
trust him. I don't think I could do any of this without him.
Partnerships are highly underrated when they are good.


"Hola Sam. How's the familia?"

"Good...good. Everyone wants to know when you are coming for Sunday
dinner."  Soon I said.

"Will you be OK if I head out for a few hours. I need to deal with some things."

"Of course, I do most of the work anyway," he said smiling and I
couldn't argue with him.

"Thanks, and I'll let you know dinner. I would like that.  Hey, do you
ever eat over Henry's?"

"Henry's.... yeah. I've been going there for years. Henry and I play
dominoes twice a month. Why?"

"Well, I'm seeing his God ."

"You're dating Sara?"

"Only for a couple of days but she is pretty cool."

"That's Sara. She's a force of nature. He looked at me in his Sam way,
which always made me unsettled because he's the only one to be able do
that with me....like he was looking through me and into my soul. He
smiled. Daniel, invite her to Sunday dinner this week. My family will
love to see you, and her. She and her dad would come regularly."

I hugged him and said I would and then headed back to Sara's. I was
almost done putting the sheets and towels in the dryer when the phone
rang. It was Sara.

"Hey babe."

"Where are you sweets?"

"I'm at your place. I'm putting the stuff in the dryer. What's up?
Are you OK? You sound stressed."

"A little. I need to cover for someone who was suppose to open. I was
suppose to be off today so I could help Henry because no one else
could. How soon can you be here? I need backup."

"I'm on my way. I have absolutely know idea what to do but I'll wing
it. It'll be fine. What's the worst that can happen?  I'll be there in
15 minutes."

"Thank you, daniel."

I pulled up to Henry's and the parking lot was packed. I got out of
the car and Sara was walking toward me. "Aren't you suppose to be
inside," I asked as we kissed?"

"My sister is waiting tables, and her is in the kitchen helping
Henry. It's a family operation.I have a break. How did the meeting go.
I told her all about it, and about Sam which stopped her in her

"Sam works for you?"

'Yeah, for about 6 years."

"Shit, Henry's mind is going to blown. They play dominoes early 2
saturdays a month and Sam beats his butt even though Henry thinks he
cheats. He doesn't. Henry sucks at dominoes. Who are you," she asked
smiling? Want to take a walk? I have half an hour."

'Yes please."

We walked around and Sara recounted her memories of growing up here.
She never let go of my hand. We walked behind the building and there
was a lovely little cottage that you would never know was even there.

"You asked me about my dad and Henry.  When they got out of the Army
my dad told Henry he should move out here to Denver. Richard, my dad,
had just inherited this from his dad and had no clue how to run it. I
guess it was bumpy for a few years but my dad and Henry were really
good at collaboration and they created a plan which is what you see
today. They had a place to bivouac as they redesigned this place but
then my dad met my mom, and Henry met Ella and things changed."

"What happened," I said hugging her because she was obviously sad."

"That's Henry's and Ella's. I spent half my life there with my
brothers and sisters which was great for me because I'm an only
and both my parents are dead now but I still have Henry and the idiots
he calls ." I laughed out loud because they were definitely
siblings, no matter the blood. We walked around the cottage and Sara

"From my mom's telling, which I tend to just, after they were
"involved" the conversation shifted, mainly to my mom and Ella, and
about living situations. Camping out in a restaurant that was being
renovated was something neither of the ladies wanted so they all
'talked.' The my family owns all this land, and the buildings... I
think. I should check into that. Anyway, since Henry and Ella would be
running the restaurant they thought that creating a place behind the
building would smart. Henry and Ella focused on saving for their
future family and this ended up being paid for by the business. It was
actually very smart. My dad and Henry were partners"

"My dad couldn't boil a shoe but he was creative. He used the GI bill
to learn drafting, and then architecture. He always figured this area
would come back into vogue and Henry and him bought small bungalows
and bought them back. They did pretty well.

He was always an idea guy, and good at designing things but both Henry
and him were good with their hands... building things, like you. I
remember talking with him a year before he died and he told me not to
give up on this neighborhood, that it was our home and gave us what we
have. He was right. Henry and Ella were right in their love for this
place too. My mom and dad bought the house that you slept in last
night mister. I might add that no one else has so no pressure there.
This area around us has been, and is my home."

I pulled her into me and squeezed. She held me tight. I was beginning
to understand the complexities of this lovely woman. I oriented myself
to get my bearings and turned us to meet them.

I pointed over the back half of the parking lot.  " About 2 miles as
the crows flies is my shop. When we were , if we knew each other,
we probably could have walked down that ditch and get there
unhindered. My place is more gruff but it came to me in a similar way.
Go figure, we grew you up 2-3 miles away from each other"

Sara grabbed my triceps and dug her nails into them because she was so
excited. "Let's see if we can walk there. I want to see where you live
Daniel. We have to do that this weekend. Deal?"


"Good,"she continued.

"Henry and Ella lived in that cottage until she died last year. I have
a brother and two sisters and we spent decades in that home playing,
and living, together. I haven't been in there since Ella died. Henry
and Ella lived as they grew up, frugally. They were happy living were
they did even if others looked down upon them. They bought houses for
each of their long before said could even live in them.
Henry is a very wealthy man even though you would never know it by
looking at him."

"Anyway, that's the scoop about my dad and Henry. I didn't forget.
However, mister, I think we need to talk about Alison and Philip."

"I know babe. I was thinking about it after I left this morning.  I
was going to bring it up because it's not fair to drag it out," Sara
interrupted me.

"Waiting one more day won't kill her, and given what I know it'd be
good for her. I have a few thoughts that we can discuss tonight,
assuming you can talk after I am done with you."

Thankfully the buzzer went off and we headed back to Henry's. I was so
in trouble.

Sara and I walked into the restaurant. Her sister, Chloe, walked up
and said Henry was losing it. Sara had to leave and looked at me
distraught. Henry was her father now and in distress. I kissed her and
said go. We'll handle it

As I walked by I said, "Hi Chloe. I'm daniel and I am very interested
in how you got your name because you don't hear it very often." Sara
kicked me in the butt as I headed to the kitchen. I stopped and turned
around and looked at her.

"Aren't you forgetting something mister?"  I walked up and hugged her
saying it'd be OK and the kissed her.

"I assume I'll see you later," I said while smiling.  Sara bore a hole
through me as Chloe looked between us. As I walked toward the back to
talk with Henry, I heard Chloe say to Sara,

'Sis.... we need to talk."

I walked into kitchen and Chloe's was there warning me not to go
back into the storeroom. I told him to go help his mom. Henry was in
the back throwing shit around. I understood that. I went to the grill
to see if I could get the pending orders out soon. I yelled for Chloe.

She came running in, as did Sara. I looked at Sara and said go to work
sweetie. I've got this as another crash happened in back. She looked
at me with tears in her eyes, which broke my heart, but I mouthed, "I
have this." Sara sighed and turned around.

"Chloe, what's your 's name?"


I need Jacob coming in here and helping as mush as out there. I know
his grandpa is causing him angst right now but Henry will be fine, but
I need Jacob's help like you do.

"Ok, was all she said."  I liked this family.

I went back to the grill and finished the last of the breakfast orders
with Jacob rushing in and out helping with orders. I was good at
breakfast. It was when I tried making a Reuben that I ran into
problems and knew I was out of my depth and that is when Henry walked
up behind me and put his hand on my shoulder saying,

"Let me show you how to do that, daniel."

I looked at him as intently as Sara looks at me. He didn't blink.


Chloe walked in at that moment and watched in silence.

"Yeah," Henry said. "Rats....go figure."   I handed Henry the spatula
and stepped back telling him I was glad he was there

Chloe turned and walked out, phone in hand.

"I hear you play dominoes, Henry.

"How in sam hill did you know that?" I laughed.

I know Sam. He works with me. I asked him if he ever ate here and it
all unraveled after that about the domino game. Sara and I are going
to his house this Sunday. They've been asking me for months but I kept
saying no, but it seems we know the same people Henry.  Come with us
and I'll learn how to work the grill. I made it through breakfast,

Chloe was half inside the door, which wasn't obvious at all, and she
had her phone out. I knew what that meant. Jaysus!

"It'll take you some time, and commitment,  to get the hang of things,
but I could use a pinch hitter in case I need help. You open to
something like that?"

Chloe was watching, and I know Sara was listening, but I could also
see Jacob peering through the glass in the door as well.

I'll make a deal with you Henry. You come with Sara and me..... and
your entire clan.... to Sam's on Sunday, I'll talk with Sam and we'll
work it out. It'd be nice. Let your grandkids work here, I mean really
work, and you ask Sara into your home. She hasn't been in there since
Ella passed and it makes her sad. If you'll do those things, I'll do
whatever you want. You have my word."

Henry looked at me and said, "We need to figure out something to bring
because Marguriete is a way better cook than me. Ella could hold her
own but not me.

Chloe and Jacob would never make it as spies. Holy crap.

"What was Ella's best dish," I asked.  Henry thought and asked,

"What I liked best, or what she could make best?"  Chloe was still
halfway through the door.

I swallowed because I'm a decent cook but I was about to step off a
ledge into an abyss, but I had done worse.

"The thing she made you that you like most, realizing that it'll never
be like Ella's." Henry was quiet for a long time as he thought.

"When we met Ella's mom made us chicken fried steak and mashed
potato's, vegetable's, biscuits, ya know the whole nine yards. It was
good but didn't hold a candle to Ella's. Her gravy was the best ever."
I looked over my shoulder at Chloe hoping for something, thinking
someone got the gravy recipe, but the fucking door was closed.

"All right Henry, you do what I want and I'll make that meal at Sam's. Deal?"

Henry pondered it for a bit and said OK.

"I need you to start on Tuesday of next week, at 5am. I'll give you
Monday off because Sam likes tequila. We're also going to have a
conversation about Sara, if you get my drift."

"Of course sir, wait, what?  5am?"

"I'm here at 4:00."


"I'm open 7 days a week." I swallowed, breathed deep and said,

"Ok Henry."  He smiled and looked over at that door, which was still
closed, and then me.

"I've got this but see if Chloe needs some help." I was walking out
front when Henry said, "Daniel, thanks. Send my grandson back, will

"You're welcome Henry. I'll send Jacob back"  I walked out and
everyone was looking at me, and I mean everyone. I told Jacob his
grandpa wanted to see him and he almost ran through the door. I looked
around and said,

"Hey folks, just so you know I am no longer the cook, and coffee
refills are on me."  They laughed and clapped at the same time. Chloe
came up, hugged me and then kissed me on the cheek.

"Thanks Daniel." I nodded and said but I'm taken already. She looked
at me shocked for a second then smiled....and hit me in the arm, hard.
What was it with this family. I asked if she needed help because I
wanted to call Sara quickly.  She said I could help when I was done. I
was headed outside but turned and said,

"Hey Chloe, do have your mom's gravy recipe for chicken fried steak?"
Please God, Please God, Please God!

"Mama never wrote down her recipes, why?"

Figures.... "I'll tell you later but don't make plans for Sunday, none
of y'all."

I called Sara and she didn't even say hello...

"How's Henry? Are you OK? How are Chloe and Jacob?

"Sweetie,  Henry's fine and so are Chloe and Jacob, both which I like
by the way, although she hits harder than you."

"What?"  I filled her in and could feel her rolling her eyes. I told
about Sunday and she was almost giddy, and told her about me starting
to learn how to work the grill, and being there at 5 am."

"Are you going to be able to do that and your business as well?" I
told her we'd work it out and I would talk with Sam. Sara was quiet
for a long time but could tell she was tearing up.  "I was so worried
Daniel, am so worried right now for Henry."

"Henry will be OK babe. You don't happen to know how Ella made her
chicken fried steak gravy do?"

"No, but I don't think she had recipes. Why?"

Figures. "I'll tell you later. I need to get back and help Chloe. I miss you."

"I miss you too."

I was actually pretty close in my estimation of where my place was. We
climbed the fence and I began to walk toward the shop.  I knew most of
the people here, and they knew me. I was the crazy gringo who made
gardens and planted fruit trees. I had not been in this exact place
but I am never lost. We walked away from the ditch but I knew where we
were, and smiled.

Sara asked if I really grew up here because it was mostly industrial
but when I was there as a it had multiple families living and
working. The only difference between where I grew up and where Sara
did was mine was industrial and hadn't been gentrified, even though
folks were trying. I'd never sell.

Sara had let go of her angst and was actually skipping as she held my
hand. I actually think she liked it down here because Sara would talk
to a telephone, regardless of the color.

"You actually grew up here? That is so cool, and I am so jealous. Why
didn't we go to the same schools as . SHIT!!!"

My place wasn't very far. I showed her around as we walked and then
she saw Sam closing up the shop she bolted. I walked and smiled as she
launched herself onto him too screaming, SAM!!!!!!!  Sara wouldn't let
him go. She so needed her past more than I realized.

She finally hopped off and said,

"I had no idea you knew Daniel.

"I just found out today, too, short stuff.  What are doing here?"

"I needed to walk and wanted to see daniel's place. You're an extra
special bonus."  I hear our clans are getting together on Sunday....
been a long time, but it'll be nice."  Sam looked at me and I nodded."

"It's way too long and everyone in my family would love to see you
all, even Henry. I was just heading home, are we good," he said
looking at me.

"Yeah Sam, we can talk tomorrow. I'll check everything before I leave.
Say hi to Maggie and the ."  Sara chimed in to say hi Maggie too.
She was back in happy Scorpio.  We said goodbye to Sam and I walked
Sara into my place.

I watched her as she walked around because we were in the shop. The
full property was quite large. She walked around, still looking at
everything like it was new, and took my hand. I told her my dad was a
mechanic, and a bit of a genius, but it never really stuck with me. I
was OK with motors, and whatnot, but I always liked working with wood.

"There is probably $100,000 dollars worth of equipment stored in the
buildings out back."

"Can I see sweets?"  I lead Sara out back and showed her around.  "Why
don't you sell this stuff, Daniel"

"Complicated. It's actually a good investment because they aren't
making this quality anymore, but it's also because I know it. My dad
and uncles used these tools and machines everyday for decades. My
family didn't want any of this, until now. They got the money and I
got this. There is no dollar amount for my memories. I know that I
need to figure out what to do with this, but I'm not ready." Sara
looked at me me and squeezed my hand.

"I understand. Show me your place."

There was a studio at the back of the shop that looked toward the
ditch and I had planted a lot of things over the years so it was a
pretty nice place, not that anyone would know it given the location,
which I was fine with. Sara and I walked through the shop and into my
home and her breath caught in her throat.

"Daniel... Oh my God this is wonderful."

She looked up at me and I said.... "I like wood, and plants, and trees."

"Show me around."

There wasn't much to show. It technically wasn't a studio because the
bed and bath were separated, and it was pretty small, but the view out
back was expansive and amazing. Sarah walked around touching things,
looking in cupboards and pulling out drawers. I didn't mind.

"I need to use the bathroom," I pointed to the closed door. Thank God
I had cleaned. She walked back in, naked, holding her clothes in one
hand, and three towels in the other. She dropped her clothes on the
floor while she ate me alive with her eyes, and threw the towels on
the bed. She walked up to me, putting her hands around my neck and

"Make love with me Daniel. It'll still be bit messy but I want you
inside me. K?" I threw the comforter and sheet off and laid the towels
down and got undressed. Sara was lying on her back looking at me. I
climbed between her opened legs and moved my weight onto her as I
started kissing her lips.

I was hard and Sara reached down and grabbed my cock to direct into
her but I stopped her and shook my head. I moved both hands to her
head and started kissing her, nibbling her lips, throat and the side
of her neck. She ran her nails from shoulder down my back and grabbed
my pulling me into her. She gazed into my eyes, almost drunk, and

"Baby, make love with me, please, because we need to get back. I
nodded and she put my cock into her and smiled. I pushed her left
legup toward her head as I continued kissing her and pushed myself
inside, deeply. I didn't move fast. She moaned and dug her nails into
my ass as she tried getting me to move faster. I wasn't interested in
fast, I was interested in deep and slow... and that is what I did.

I moved with my breath, not hers, because I didn't want to come
quickly. Making love should be like sipping a wonderful brandy, or
vintage wine. Sara deserved that, and more so.  I kept kissing her as
I also pushed myself deeper into her, slow as it was. I was rubbing
her clit with my belly so I knew she was feeling something other than
just me inside her.

Sara's eyes opened and looked at me. Her longing was palpable. I kept
kissing her and shifted her to the right and lifted her left leg
higher and pushed deeper. She was not pleased but she asked me to make
love with her, so I was.

I kept moving in her as deeply as I could knowing the result would be
worth it. She finally let go and wrapped her arms around and breathed,
and moaned, as I made love with her. She clenched my shoulders as she
came, and as I did as well. Deep orgasms aren't what gets the media
but they are pretty nice. I wasn't wearing a condom, which I should
have been even though she was on her period.

I fell next to her as she stroked my hair. She whispered "baby, we
need to go Can I stay here tonight'" I pushed off and smiled as I
kissed her.


We cleaned up and I drove us back to Henry's in the company truck with
plenty of time to spare. Sara and I were attached at the hip as we
walked in. Chloe looked at both of us smiled, and said.

"You and I have t talked Sara," as she smiled. " Can Jake and I go?"
Sara nodded as she hugged her and walked into the kitchen. Chloe
looked at me.

"Sara is my little sister, Daniel. Do you know what that means?"

"I do Chloe. Are you going to hit me again?"  She actually took a step
back as she smiled and said,

"Not unless you make me."  I stepped forward and kissed her on her
cheek and whispered that wouldn't happen and Sara walked out.

Jacob walked up and hugged his mom. I told him thanks and that he was
a huge help. He beamed as Sara walked behind me sticking her thumb
into my ribs  and making me jump.

"That's my sister you were kissing." Chloe and I said, at the same time,

"How's Henry?"

"He's fine. I'll call you tomorrow morning sis and sorry if I scared
you Jake. "He came over and hugged his aunt saying that she didn't
scare him.

"She scared me," I said.

Chloe and Jake walked out as Sara kissed my cheek and went to check on
customers. I walked into the kitchen to help Henry. Before I could
even say hello he said,

"You know how to use a knife? He pointed his spatula at a mound of
vegetables. Regular dice, not fine. They go in those pointing to hard
plastic tubs and then go in the cooler. Can you handle that."

"I'm pretty sure I can Henry. You do this everyday?"

"Ever since I moved here after Sara's dad and I got out the army, and
even before then. Less flapping and more chopping Daniel," he said
smiling as he turned back to the grill. Sara looked through the window
as she put new orders in.

"Are you brutalizing my boyfriend Henry?

"I think he can handle it munchkin."

"Ok then," she said looking at me. "Get to work slacker."  I put my
earbuds in and started chopping thinking that I was kinda falling for
this family and how they'd only been a few miles from me for decades.
I had started peeling onions when Sam walked in like the bull that he
was. I took my earbuds out because I wasn't about to miss any of this
since I got the ball rolling in the first place. Henry looked up as
Sara stuck her head around the door. This family was anything but
ninja like.

"It's a little late in the day for dominoes, but you cheat anyway,"
Henry said smirking.

"I can't help it you suck at the them old man, but I'm not here for
that. I hear we're having a shindig on Sunday."

"I heard the same thing," Henry said as they both looked at me. I put
my earbuds back in and went back to chopping. They chatted for a
while, as good friends do. Sam walked by me as I took one earbud out
and said not to worry about making chicken fried steak but that I
could help Maggie because they hadn't seen Henry and his family since
Ella died and the girls wouldn't be much help. I nodded as he put his
hand out and said, "You did good, daniel," and then walked into the
cooler. He came back with pork chops, hamburger, steak and hot dogs
and smiled as he walked past. Henry looked at him and asked,

"Did you leave me anything?"

"You know how much are family's eat Henry. I'll see you Saturday
morning, maybe you'll actually beat me this me time." Sam laughed as
he walked out. I put my earbud back in and got back to crying while I
chopped way too many onions. I had finished the onions, and carrots
and was now onto celery when Henry put his spatula down in front of
me. I looked up, taking my earbuds out. He looked at my dice and said
it'd do and asked if I wanted anything to eat. I shook my head no and
was getting ready to put them back in when he said we needed to talked
and out the back door. I followed letting the screen door slam as
Henry had done. This was going to be interesting, like everything else
with this family.

"Got a couple of things to say to you so don't interrupt.  First
of all I appreciate you stepping in to help when you had no clue what
you were doing. Aside from the reuben, which you mangled, you did a
good job, so thank you and I know Sara, Chloe and especially Jake are
glad you were there. It's been a tough month and those damn rats have
really been getting to me lately but I think I got 'em under control."

I nodded.

"Second, don't worry about the chicken fried steak, at least not on
Sunday. I am curious to taste your version and we usually have a
family dinner as well, at least we use to when Ella was alive." He got
quiet and his eyes misted.  "We need to start that back up again.
We....I need to start doing a lot of things again."

I nodded.

"Finally, Sara is my and always has been. All the grew
up together and Sara was always the strong one. It broke my heart
today when she was crying in my arms because of what I had done, what
I had let happen because of my grief at losing Ella.  To see the
strongest of my family almost break in front of me was almost more
than I could bear."

I felt Sara standing at the screen door and turned but she was walking
away out of respect.

"You are the only person Sara has ever brought here. You showed me who
are today daniel but it wouldn't matter because I trust my .
Also, because if you ever intentionally hurt her Sara's brother and
sisters would destroy you long before I got to you."

I nodded and rubbed my arm instinctively.

"I know Sara pretty well and I have watched you two together. You have
an ease together and she 'exhales' around you in a way she never has
before. She is a strong woman. You let her be and bend just enough. I
know something about that, as did Richard, her biological dad. I'm
glad you're in her life Daniel....don't fuck it up."

I said.... "Sara is a total pain in my ass, Henry, but I'm pretty sure
I'm falling in love with her."  He wrapped his arm around my shoulder
as we walked back inside....

"Join the crowd ."

Henry and I walked back in and he said, "Go say hi to munchkin, and
then finish chopping the vegetables."  I smiled as I walked out front.
It wasn't too busy and Sara was chatting with a family she obviously
knew. I suspected she knew, and grown up with, most of these people.
She was amazing in how effortless it was for her to connect with
people. She smiled at me and held up her index finger. I just watched
thanking my lucky stars for bringing her into my life.

Sara put the plates away and put down the coffee pot and walked up to
me and melted into my arms. The remaining folks looked at us and
smiled. She looked up, smiling, and said

" So I'm a pain your ass, AND you're falling in with me. How does that work?

"I thought you walked away."

"Daniel, I won't walk to far away from you but you didn't answer my question.'

"I suppose I'm a glutton for punishment, and yeah....maybe?"

"Which one?

"I'll leave that for you to figure out. I still have dicing to do," I
said as I kissed her.


I went back and diced the celery and tomato's and sliced the mushrooms
and then shredded cheese and peeled way more potato's than humanly
possible and put them in a big pot of water. I covered everything with
wrap and put them in the cooler and started washing dishes when Henry
walked up.

"You want a job?" I laughed and said I might because I like to have a
back-up. I didn't mention the fact that Sara had just quit. He patted
me on the back and walked out front because the dinner crowd was
waning. He put up the closed sign, and walked around saying hi to the
few remaining diners. When he got to Sara he hugged and kissed her
forehead and she beamed.

I went back in and looked at the grill and and then looked around
because I knew there a gizmo that you use to scrap food off. I finally
found it and had started scraping when Henry and Sara walked in and
looked at me and then each other. I had absolutely no idea what I was
doing but that never really stopped me because if I fucked things up,
which I had plenty of times, I figured it was a learning experience.
Sara smiled as she walked back out front.

Henry showed me how to properly clean the cook top and showed me
around the kitchen. He told me NEVER to sharpening any of his knives
but that if they were getting dull to tell him. He told me that a
knife isn't a screwdriver, which I already knew and smiled at. He
looked at my chopping station, and the pots I cleaned and then walked
into the cooler. He came out and said,

"You'll do. now get out of here and take that woman with you. She's
getting on my nerves."

I smiled and said,

"See ya tomorrow Henry," and walked out front with Henry following me.
I grabbed Sara's arm and pulled her toward the door. She looked back
as Henry waved. She stepped up next to me, wrapped an arm around,
looked up and said,

"Where are we going mister?" As we walked out.


We got out to the parking lot and Sara stopped, looking at me.

"I need to go home and grab a few things, and I'm hungry." What do you
want? Soup and you," she said licking her lips.  Holy crap!.... and
that's not just an exclamation mark! OK. I got in the truck and wrote
down the address of the shop because she'd never be able to find in
without Maps and told to her her call when she got there and kissed
her and immediately called Sam. Thankfully he picked up.

"What's up Jefe?

"What's the place that makes the amazing chicken soup, and are they
still open?" It was earlier than usual with me and Sara so I hoped so.

"Why?" I told him and he chuckled. Let me call you back. The phone
rang and Maggie answered.

"I hear you're kinda smitten with Sara and need soup."  I could hear
Sam laughing in the background....bastard!

"Maybe a little."

"Swing by Daniel on your way home. I just made chicken soup and mine
is way better. It'll be nice to see your face and we're all glad
everyone is coming Sunday."

"Me too Maggie. I had no idea all of you ding-a-lings were living so
close, go figure. I need to stop at the store, and thanks."

"She you soon.

I called Sara and told not to hurry and that I needed to stop at the
store and asked if she needed anything. and that I needed to stop by
Sam and Maggie's on my way home"

"Chocolate....dark. I'll meet you there and follow you home, K?"


I went to Frank's as I always did to get some bread and cheese, and
some wine and avocado's. There is NOTHING better than perfectly ripe
avo in really good chicken soup. I had soup nailed but the avo's
weren't really good enough guac. I walked up front.

"Hey Frank," I said. Do you have avocado's in the cooler?" He was
having a bit of dinner rush and said yeah, take a look. I had been
shopping here for years. I grew up in CA so I can pick good avocado's.
I think it's a trait you get when you are born there. I grabbed a few
and was walking out when I saw the Brie and grabbed one that looked
great. I got crusty bread for the soup and 6 different kinds of
chocolate. I got in line and Frank said,


"More a homecoming."


I drove to Sam and Maggie's, knocked and walked in yelling Hola!, as I
always did. The girls came screaming out of the kitchen and attacked
me followed by Sara, Maggie and Sam, all with smiles on their faces. I
'exhaled' in that moment because Sara was so happy and at peace I
almost cried but I had girls I needed to tickle.

The girls went to do what they did and the four of us went into the
kitchen. It was only 8:30 but seemed later because our timeline had
been so skewed since we met. We had a glass of wine and talked as
friends talk. Maggie came up to me as we were leaving, kissed my
cheek, and looked into my eyes and smiled without saying a word. She
didn't have to. I asked what time she wanted me there on Sunday.

She looked at Sam and said breakfast, which meant early. We hugged and
said goodbye. Sara followed me home after raiding the grocery back and
taking  the chocolate and orange bar, after she kissed me and said

I was SO in trouble.

We said goodbye to Maggie and Sam as a couple would, holding each
other and smiling. I was still stunned that we had only known each for
a couple days but that I was ensconced in her family, and with Sara.
She followed me to my place. We walked inside and I deactivated the
alarm and showed her how to set it and deactivate it. I showed her how
to open the overhead door, in case she ever had to.

She was rapt with attention but didn't say a word.I showed all the
things about my home and shop. She watched like she had never seen
anything before and it was all new. We walked into my home, and
kitchen and I put the bags down. Since it was a nice night, cool but
not cold, I asked if she would like to eat outside by a fire?

"Yes, please, but I need to take a shower." I told her there were
towels in the bathroom I said I'd see her outside and that we could
make room for her stuff... just clear drawers. She walked up and
kissed me and smiled. She seemed relieved. I think today was a
watershed for her and Henry, and their family. I told her to move
whatever she needed to make room for her things, that this was her
place and look around, just not under my mattress. I didn't care but I
knew she would. I put the soup on low and everything on the counter
and went outside to start a fire in the pit.

This was my favorite part of this place. It took me a LONG time to get
it to this point and it still wasn't done but it was close. I had a
trench with bamboo growing along the fence by the ditch. There was an
apple tree on side, and apricot tree on the other, both about 5 years
old. The backyard actually sat facing mostly south given where it was
on the street. I was never sure if my mom and dad knew that or it was
a fluke. I had the fire going. It was getting chilly out and I needed
to heat some soup when Sara walked out in sweats and a fleece top with
my alpaca blanket wrapped around her.

Jesus Christ I was beyond trouble!

"You said I could look around but there was nothing under your
mattress." I smiled knowing she'd look.

"So I did."

"Mine," she said wrapping the Alpaca blanket around her.

"OK, now come here and hug me," which she did.

"I'll make dinner and be back soon."

"I can help sweets."

"No, enjoy the fire, and your blanket." She smiled.

Thank God for Maggie. I make good soup but i didn't have any and hers
is amazing. I cut the bread and put the brie on a platter, and brought
it outside with the wine. Sara was in another world.

"It's SO quiet here daniel. Listen, you can here the coyotes yipping,
and I glimpsed a fox trotting down the path with a rabbit. This place
is amazing."

"That fox was probably Bob. I've seen him in the here before but I'm
not sure how he gets in yet. It's one reason I don't have chickens.

"Enjoy the brie. I'll be back with the soup."

Sara smiled and reveled in her peace. I was glad. I came back with two
bowls of Maggie's chicken soup with fresh avo in it and put it on the
edge of the fire pit and then bent to kiss Sara. She sighed and melted
into the chair. I thought she might feel at home here. I gave her a
bowl and sat beside her next to the fire eating soup with this woman I
had just met but was rapidly falling in love with as we listened to
coyotes yipping.

It was a spectacularly clear night and almost a full moon, which could
have been why the coyotes were yipping so much. I was holding Sara's
hand in silence, just being together, when she looked at me and said
that we needed to talk.

"I'll start with me, and my crazy family. I called a FULL family
meeting which doesn't happen often, only when shit has hit the fan.
It's not as bad as it was earlier today but we still need the meeting
and I want you there."  I squeezed Sara's hand and said Henry already
told me I was coming.

"Good," she said. "I quite my job because I was sick of it, and them.
I was suppose to be off but they always call on me because I'm
competent,  and then Henry, and all that and. I should have been
there... and now I'm terrified Daniel"

"Why babe?"

"Because I have no job, Daniel. I've always had a job."

"Sweetie, you shouldn't work somewhere you don't like. Besides, you
already met me so fuck 'em. Also, you have a job at Henry's, you just
aren't getting paid for it but from what I can see Henry could really
use, and welcome, the help."

Sara was quiet for a while as she looked at the fire. She squeezed my
hand and said,

"Yeah, you're right. I just don't feel good taking money because it's family."

"I understand sweetie but I seriously doubt your sisters and brother
will mind. I'm betting they will be relieved because then it'll be on
you, even though it mostly is anyway. from what I can see. It's none
of my business, but,

Sara smiled and squeezed my hand and interrupted, as she does.

"It is about you daniel. It's you and us and everything. Jesus, life
can get complicated

"Is your house paid for?"

"Yeah, of course. Mom and dad paid it off a long time ago."

"Do you have savings."


"Then stop worrying babe. Talk with Henry, and your family, and work
it out. I don't see an issue here."  Sara looked at me, got up and
climbed onto me, which isn't easy in Adirondack chairs, and kissed me.

"When did you get so smart mister?" she said as she bit my lip, again.

"I've always been this smart goofball, you just didn't notice."

Sara said, "Hhhhmppphhh!" as she got up and sat back down in her
chair. I stoked the fire, waiting..

"We need to talk about Alison and Philip"


"May I?"

"Babe, you never have to ask."

"Good, because I likely won't.  I am intrigued by them, and by what
happened with you and them, but you and I are complicating that so I
am just going to lay it out.  Before, what's happened with us, which I
think is obvious to both us..."


".... I would have dated you and fucked both of them with you. Now,
things have change at least for me. I've never been interested in
multiple men. Philip is curious but I think he's at least bi-sexual
but won't admit it. Alison intrigues me especially because she
intrigued you.
I'm not exactly sure how this will play out. I'd like to see but I'd
like to be the dominate one with them when we talk. Are you Ok with

I was sort of speechless because I was thinking about calling Alison
and telling her I had met someone. I wasn't expecting this.

"Ok. I have to say that is interesting."

"Call her now and set up lunch so we can all chat."  It wasn't a
question. I smiled.

I waited for Alison to answer, or the call to go to voicemail. I had
the phone on speaker.


"Hi Alison."

"Daniel. I'm sorry I was acting like such a brat before. I'm glad you
called....so called you called."

"I wanted to know if you and Philip can meet for lunch. I can't do
this weekend. i have family obligations. Talk with him and let me know
when something works. I'd like to talk about all of us and see what
could happen."

"OK, I will Daniel."

"Have a good night Alison."  I was still pretty awkward at that
because my instinct is engagement and interaction, and I wasn't sure
how Sara fit in that because things had changed in major ways.

"I suck at this," I said. Sara looked at me. "Daniel, you are a
natural but you don't know it. You're just falling in love with me,
that's all... who wouldn't."

"I doubt anyone, sara."

"She already wants you, that's a given. You and I just have to figure
out what we want. I'm really tired sweets. It's been kind of a long

"Go to bed baby."

"OK," she said yawning. "I'll put these in the kitchen as she went inside."

I finished my wine as I listened to the coyotes and thinking about all
of this. Sara and I would need to talk again before we met Alison and
Philip. I put the fire out before picking up the food and going
inside. I made sure everything was locked up and walked into the
bedroom, and I melted.

Sara was sound asleep on what I assumed was her side of the bed curled
up under the alpaca blanket. I got another one from the dresser and
draped it over as gently I could and then kissed her forehead. She
stirred a bit but didn't wake. I climbed into bed and fell asleep.
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I won't be writing for a week or two. My roommates got covid and we are all sick so it's time to binge watch things. Hopefully I'll have the energy to archive everything in files so I can transfer them easier. Hopefully it won't be too long because I'm as curious to see what happens as you.
take me part 566...edited?
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Klara sat next me and Anna as Aya and Haagerstadt were talking about hunting. I had no idea why but I knew what we were going be schlepping through mist at some point. Klara kissed me.

"I'm sorry. If we knew you were coming I would had Ama show me how bake rye bread, but we do snow ice cream for dessert with our pies." I looked at Klara, and then Annika as everyone else was silent, and watching me.

"It wasn't yellow, was it?" They looked, at me, confused. Klara asked what I was talking about. 'The snow. If it was yellow then if it I don't any ice cream."

"DAD!!!!!!" They both me as everyone else laughed and Ama served stew and warm bread. "That's terrible, Da.'" I smiled as I kissed her. I missed being on Iceland, even with all of the crap we dealt with. I pushed Sara and asked how things were and she said her, Chloe, and Annie were cooking because everyone else was learning their letters and numbers, and they were going read "Alice in Wonderland" in front of the fire after dinner, so basically things were OK. Thankfully. I hugged Anna and we ate. I helped with the dishes, as I always did. Haag said goodnight. He walked up and almost crushed me goodnight as he went his room. Ama looked at me and smiled.

"He misses Jake and Emily." She laughed.

"He does, but he misses you too, lunkhead." He considers you his brother. He'll never say , but he does. Haag is a beast of a man, but he is a man. You are both. He feels a kinship with you because of that." I stared at her, slack jawed.

"So I'm dealing with a Siren, a lustful water dragon, and a Haagerstadt?" Ama laughed and nodded. "And I thought talking with Dreka was odd." I went the bookshelf and looked and saw what I wanted. I hadn't read in decades, and hadn't heard read me since my dad read at Christmas when my brothers and I were . a short book, which was good, because I was tired and I figured Aya was too. I pulled Jonathon Livingston Seagull off the shelf and sat in front of the fire. Klara got us pie and ice cream as Ama went to get Haag. We ate our pie and ice cream, and had tea as Haagerstadt scrunched himself on the couch with a very large mug of milk, butter, and cinnamon. I read...

" was a morning and the new sun sparkled gold across the ripples of a gentle sea...." They all listened intently as we ate our pie, both Haagerstadt and Annika would fall asleep against me before I finished, and 's not a long book. I did the when my Da' read me. Ama was smiling and Klara and Aya had tears in their eyes as they woke Haag and Anna.

"What happened?"

"You'll read for yourselves." I hugged Haag, and kissed and hugged Annika, and said goodnight as Aya and I went bed. We showered, and bathed each other and dressed for bed. We slept as a couple, ensconced in each other, but I knew Aya needed the . but didn't mean she didn't love me. She loved did, adored me, and would likely with me again, but we would never each other. Making love with me was for a purpose that hurt her heart because of Gerel but was necessary for her life, and now ours. She still slept in my arms as we prepared for Bucharest.

I woke in darkness and wolf-bears, that were also men, were coming after me, and I was trapped against a ledge with no knives, and no bow, as they advanced.... but I wasn't afraid, which seemed odd. I looked at them as they approached, snarling, snapping their jaws scare me. I wasn't scared. I walked toward them as they snarled and growled and bit air. I walked through them as I put my hands to my side and walked out of the canyon I was in with them following. We came out and I stopped as they all stood around me, silently...waiting. I looked to the east and put my hands out as they all rubbed against them, and we walked.
take me part 565....edited.
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I looked at the mist, and then at Aya. "We're probably going to roll so prepare yourself." I wasn't thinking about what Sara said regarding walking out of a darkened room. I was thinking about her saying 'man needing to be scared again.' Aya and rolled into Iceland as Annika walked out, and screamed, as she jumped on us. Haagerstadt smiled and walked away as Ama and Klara stood in the doorway, smiling. Klara said.

"Help them up, Anna. They are need help because they are clumsy." Anna laughed and helped us up.

"You're here," as she plowed into me, and then Aya.

"I thought it would be another month before you came here. I'm sorry, Love." I kissed her head. We are here for today but we'll come back very soon and there is some place I to take you and your mom.... a special place.... but I need to talk with Grandma Ama." Annika nodded.

"Did you know there is a special cave here, Da', and a fox that can speak?'

"No way, Missy, you're making that up."

"Nunnuuuhhh. It's true because I walk with the fox everyday." I looked at Ama.

"Well now you're going to have to come with us to Denver so the girls can introduce to Bob."

"Who's Bob?"

"Bob is our friend who is also a fox who lives in my backyard. I'm sure you'll be instant friends." Anna jumped on me and bit my arm as I carried her inside. They all caught up on what going on as I said I'd be back, and no one noticed. I walked outside smiling, and shaking my head. It wasn't hard to track Haag. "You need help?" He threw the ax at me, end over end. I dodged and grabbed it, but Jesus.

"Are you out of your mind?" He smiled.

"You're not dead, or hurt. We need wood. It's good seeing you. I miss Jake and Emily." I nodded.

"Haag, don't throw anything at me again, OK?" He smiled, and nodded. "I have to meet Aya's family, and friends, but when we're done I'll bring Jake and Emily back, and whoever else wants to be here. We are kind of in flux at the moment." He nodded.

"I'll take care of the animals, you chop wood, deal?" I nodded as he walked off. I did what Yoshi taught me and just chopped wood as the light was starting to fade. Ama walked out as I only had a few logs to chop.

"You met Dreka in his Lair. I can't remember anyone who had that honor." I stared at her.

"There were eggs, Ama.... more than I could count. She nodded.

"Dragon's never truly die, Danael. It seems he found his successor.I'm sorry you had to destroy the people of your monastery." I nodded as I split the last log. Come in after you stack this for us, and thank you." I nodded as I stacked. I walked in and turned on the tap and the water grew warm as I looked up and smiled.

"We are very lucky, Anna." I washed and turned into the tickle monster as I chased her all around the house until I cornered her by the fireplace and she stood her ground.

"I don't want to hurt you tickle monster, but I will." I should have listened. I growled, in play, and took two steps forward, tickling the air, as her eyes rolled into her head and she spoke in a language I had never heard. Her eyes came back and she said no as she pushed and sent me flying across the room, and into the wall. She was mortified and slid into me. I held her and told her it was fine....I was fine.She hugged me, and bit me, until Klara came and got her. I looked at Ama and knew why she was walking with a fox. Holy crap.

Haagerstadt burst in, right on cue and sat at the table....an empty table. I got up, walked over, and sat next to him. "Are you hungry, Haag?' He nodded as we all laughed.

"Did miss send you into the wall?" I nodded. "She's something else but Gaia is working with her. My suggestion is to not try and tickle her. I laughed as Aya sat down and I introduced her to Haag. Anna climbed on my lap and hugged me.

"I'm sorry, Da'. I'm learning how to use it. I squeezed her and kissed her as I thought about Elizabeth.

"Don't ever be sorry for who you are, Love. You'll learn to become that with our help. We'll can deal with bruises." She nodded as I went to wood to the fire and the girls brought food.

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