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Take me part 142  

dadigan 60M  
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7/3/2021 2:24 pm
Take me part 142

I wanted to put Dylan, or Bombay Bicycle Club on but didn't have them. They are totally
different but they fit in my brain in a similar way, especially then. I put Zep on and wanted to crank it but I didn't. There were so many thoughts, and feelings, going on I felt like I was playing five dimensional chess on 'shrooms.....fun, but very disconcerting. Everyone was still looking , which I still hated. Bet came in to fill us in.

"Javier is talking with the guys in Scottsbluff and we're calling an audible. They aren't on their bikes, too much attention. They are going to jack a car and wait for the guy Simon called and follow him inside because it'll be after dark, unless they're complete idiots. If he's
shutting things down no one will know, but the guys take precautions. They are going to leave a little gift but will let the guy go. They'll do what you suggested too but there's no sense in giving them the spoils. These guys are good at what they do. They'll get it done and make sure the cops check it . Do you want to know what they are doing Daniel?" I shook my head no. The little I felt was bad enough. I just wanted to bring this down. I had no illusions that it would last, but I wanted it to hurt.

"We need the back from Simon, Love.... not now but we are calling in favors in Commerce City, and Dallas..We value these contacts for lots of reasons so we didn't want them risking something that was unknown and going in. It'll like gang activity across the board, except Simon won't have his . The guys will tell whoever is working in Scottsbluff that he needs to run, and keep running ."

"Have them give him some of the , Bet." It wasn't a suggestion. She looked , and then Chloe and Sara, smiled, and nodded.

'I'll tell Javier, jefe. Can we eat?" That broke things and I turned Zep up a little louder. I was glad that Ben and Kim's got sick, not because of that, but because it was one less thing. I made a mental note to check on them Monday. Javier came in as people were starting to get food.

"It's in motion homes. It's being coordinated in Denver and Dallas. Scottsbluff is up in the air but our guys are on it. We ate, me not so much because the I saw in that basement didn't know what he was doing. I was concerned he would screw things but surprisingly he
didn't. He had his car packed and was waiting for it to get dark. I pushed around the neighborhood and it was quiet. My suspicion was that people minded there own business and didn't want trouble. They were about to get it.

I went out front and walked because I could sense things were starting. The in Scottsbluff waited until just after dark, but he was scared. Javier's guys were ready and followed him inside, and down stairs. The had no idea they were there. He opened both safes
and did what Simon told him to. He took , gold, guns, and other things of the safes, but left the disks. It filled two duffel bags. He turned around and nearly shat himself. One of the guys taped his mouth, frisked him, and sat him down while the other put a small
bit of plastique in each safe and set it. I needed to talk with Bet and Javier. They took the bags upstairs and placed one more charge inside the garage on the overhead door.

They gave the $25,000 and told him to run, and keep running. They also told him he needed to stay calm. He nodded and drove off slowly. There were four of Javier's guys in Scottsbluff. Two dealt with the , and the other two were in the stolen car waiting by the
backup house. The SUV drove down the street, out of view as three explosions went off, on after the other. The black Dodge Charger drove past the backup house and opened up with automatic fire and sped off. It was abandoned outside of town. A black SUV stopped and picked up two hitchhikers about a mile away from it and drove away toward Cheyenne. They waited to until they got into WY but the police scanner was going nuts. Scottsbluff isn't a huge place so this sort of thing would make the news.

They called Javier on burner phones and filled him in. They split up into three separate vehicles and headed back to Denver. There was no way the SUV could be identified but the bags went in the rental cars just in case. They made it back as Gustav was having a very bad night in Commerce City, and Dallas. I pushed to Simon and he was calling the who was suppose to meet him. He had the news on and saw what had happened. The
cops, and Nebraska State Patrol, were all over both houses. He turned white but kept watching. I pushed toward the main house as the police came of the garage ashen. I broke off contact when the coroner showed up. Simon packed and left, heading to Chicago, petrified. None of us would lose any sleep over it.

The folks Javier and Bet knew in Commerce City and in Dallas earned their . They firebombed all of the houses, and shot them up, making It like gang retaliation, The cops were all over those as well. I was done. Javier's crew had already been in and of Philip's before any of this happened and put everything back the way is was, but they cleaned everything Philip had hidden. They found his bank records, and papers, and grabbed those as well. It was uneventful across the board, except for Simon and Gustav. I needed to check in because I want to find who this woman was, but also to gauge his reaction when he found what had happened.

I walked back up the driveway as Zep was finishing, and then around back. I wasn't hungry but Maggie gave some Prosecco which I downed. Henry walked up and said.

"You're off tomorrow , and I mean that. Understand?" I nodded. I went and sat with Uncle Billy and Ellen like nothing had happened. Bet and Javier's family looked at me and nodded. I was thankful they kept them occupied. Christine and Bethany didn't need anyone to keep them occupied. I excused myself and went inside, walked down the hall into the bathroom and puked my guts as Sara and Chloe sat behind , touching , in silence. The extent of what was discovered would make the national news but I knew it wasn't finished.

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7/3/2021 5:56 pm


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