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Take me part 143  

dadigan 60M  
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7/3/2021 6:51 pm
Take me part 143

I flushed what I had just experienced. The family knew, just not the extent. I brushed my teeth and hugged my wives as we walked into the kitchen in silence. No one said anything because there was nothing to be said. It wasn't too late. I looked through the CD's I had in my bag and smiled. I put The Dropkick Murphy's, Live at the House of Blues, Boston, St Patrick's day in and went to get a burger. I was suddenly hungry. I didn't care if it was cold. I was never into punk but I loved this band. The Boys are Back came on, not that one, and Jake and Emily looked at me, smiled, and walked , as did Billy and Ellen.

"You like punk?"

"I like these guys," I said with a half full mouth of burger.

Chloe and Sara walked and hugged . I needed check both Simon and
Gustav. I figured Simon would either be dead when he got back Chicago, or plane out of the country. Gustav was my worry. This went way better than I thought it would. Unc, Ellen, Jake and Ellen went talk with Christine and Bethany. Uncle Billy and Ellen like people, and like have fun. It didn't surprise they got along so well with Bet and Javier's family.

Chloe and Sara were attached like moss the north side of a tree, part of it was concern for , but mostly we were shifting since they were pregnant. I didn't mind. Bet and Javier walked .

"Everyone safe?" They nodded as I exhaled. They told there was stuff in every place I mentioned. I knew it because I had watched his guys. It was overwhelming say the least say the least.

"Everything is secure and we'll go through it tomorrow. The rest of the crew is headed here if that's alright?" I looked at Henry and Sam to be sure we had enough. They had enough. It wouldn't be great but there was plenty of beer and Prosecco ,and Billy and Ellen had new
friends to make. "Let's enjoy the rest of the evening, homes." I kissed both them because it sounded good to me. Sam and Henry had the chicken, burgers, and dogs a platter and handed it . It took it inside, covered it, and put it next to microwave so they could heat it and put buns into the oven to warm.

"Good call the extra buns, sweets." Chloe smiled. "Any olives left?" They both smiled and shook their heads no, and we laughed. "I need call Janes. and check Simon and Gustav. They went out with our other as I walked around front and sat on the back of the truck.

"Hey Papa," they both laughed. "So you felt the need impregnate both my sisters? I feel left out Daniel," neither laughed that time.

"Chloe wasn't suppose get pregnant."

"I know. How weird is that?..." She was getting ready say they wanted come back.

".... No Janes!"

"No what?"

"No you two can't come back yet. I'm sorry."

"How did you know I was going say that Daniel."

"I'm still figuring that out Loves, but I think it's because Chloe and Sara are pregnant and we are linked in a different way. I'm trying work it out but it's frustrating without the manual. How are you both?"

"Have you ever been here?" I told them I had and that there was a small town outside of Carbondale called Redstone that they should go to next, but there was no warm pool. "We are having a great time but we feel guilty sweets, both of us."

"I know. You two have to carry the heavier burden, especially now, but it's important because things are moving quickly. Enjoy your honeymoon together," Silence.

"How did you know we talked about that Daniel?"

"I don't know half the things I know Janes, but I can feel both of you. Go to Redstone. It's an older place, but nice, and they have a great restaurant, and then drive through the mountains toward Taos and Santa Fe. You'll love it and hopefully by then we'll have wrapped this
. I need go because Javier's crew is coming. We'll call you tomorrow and fill you in. We're still looking into it. We love you. I love you. Enjoy, but attention."

I walked the street as Bet and Javier's crew rode with their ladies. I could feel Bet, Javier, Chloe and Sara walk around the corner. I knew the guys that went Scottsbluff and hugged them . I shook everyone else's hand and said I'm Daniel. One of the guys I
didn't know said, "You're the seer. Everything was exactly where you said it would be."

Thankfully reinforcements arrived and I didn't have respond that. Bet Chloe and Sara said hi and hugged everyone and took them around back as Javier and I walked to the truck. We were becoming brothers like and Sam. "How are Janey and Alison?'

'Champing at the bit get back here but I told them they couldn't. They didn't like it but they understood. You ever try telling these women something they don't want to hear?" He smiled.

"I get bit a lot homes, and only 60% is enjoyable, get use to it. We'll stop by the shop tomorrow. We're looking into Gustav but we know people in Boston." I told him great and I needed to check on Simon and Gustav and that I'd be back there soon and to make sure they got what they wanted. He nodded and walked around back. I sat on the front
steps as the neighbors walked by looking me. I waved.

Chloe brought out two glasses of Prosecco, sat down, and put head against my arm. She didn't need to say anything. "Where's Sara?" She smiled. "She's introducing everyone, and loving it because it's her most favorite thing. Well, not MOST favorite thing, and we both
laughed. "Billy and Ellen are great, and they seem to really like Bet, Javier, and his crew. I'd be fine if they never left." I nodded because it had been a long time.

"I need to check in with Simon and Gustav."

"I know Love, that;s why I'm here... in case you pass out or throw ."

I pushed toward Simon and he was frantic. He had given calling the and figured he'd either been arrested, or would never be seen again. He was planning the same. He just needed get Chicago before Gustav sent someone. It was 50-50 but he didn't know about Commerce City, or Dallas. Simon wasn't an issue. The plastique did enough damage inside the safe's make a point. It didn't damage the disks because the charges were high, and small. It was meant as a warning, which Gustav and Simon would recognize, but not understand. It was well played by the guys because we wanted Gustav confused and off guard. The charge on the garage door was more substantial and designed give the cops probable cause enter. It blew the door apart and that many chest freezers in the middle of a garage, in Scottsbluff, was odd.

I still had no idea why Scottsbluff, except it was small, but not too remote, and wasn't that far from larger cities. My brain didn't work like that, thankfully. I touched into Gustav and the woman he was with and retched. I pushed into the woman, while I could stand it, took a pen
out of my pocket and wrote her info my hand and moved back Gustav. Jesus Christ. His phone rang.


"WHAT?!!!!" The waiter came over and he lowered his voice. He was just another rich person among richer people. He was livid. He called the waiter back cancel his order, told the woman to leave, went back to his room and ordered dinner, a bottle vodka and olives. He called Simon, got a busy signal and screamed. He turned on the news and what had happened in Commerce City was starting to come in because the Springs wasn't that far from Denver.

He turned on CNN and it was all about Scottsbluff because there were bodies. He watched stunned. He didn't care about anything except what was in those safes, and that an entire operation was ruined. I grew to dislike him every second I knew of him. He called someone in Dallas and it was a similar story.... gangs, drugs, weapons....no one knew what
the fuck was going on, which is what we wanted. It wouldn't be connected to us but Gustav was like a feral animal so he might assume something, at some point, but we were expecting that, and making contingencies. His dinner arrived and the women he met called and told him she was sending someone over in an hour. I pulled back because there was nothing I could do, and I didn't want to know.

I opened my eyes, spat, and down the Prosecco as Chloe hugged me. I could feel Sara but I told her I was fine. I told Chloe so I could remember. We walked toward the back but Bet and Javier met us at the truck so I told them. We walked toward the back yard as the police
pulled . Javier and Bet kept walking, casually, as Chloe and I walked the street. Chloe said,

"Hi officers, can we help you?"

"Do you live here ma'am?"

"We do. This is my husband, Daniel." I extended my hand.

"Ma'am. We got a noise complaint about the music."

"Is it past time music?" Chloe was amazing. An ice cube
wouldn't melt in her mouth.

"No ma'am it's not, but it's getting close, and we have respond."

"I understand sir. Our family's here celebrating Father's Day and my cousins just showed after riding in the mountains," as she pointed the bikes lined . "It's been a hard year and we may have gotten carried away. We'll turn the music down when we go back."

He smiled,"Thank you. You aren't doing anything wrong but we have respond these complaints." His partner, a female officer asked.

"Who is this you're listening too?"

I said, "It's The Dropkick Murphy's" She smiled.

"I thought so. I love them."

"I saw them in Boston after the bombing, when they came home. They pack the House of Blues. Wait right there. I'll be back in a minute." I ran in the back and took the CD out and put it back in it's case and wrote my name on it, and went trotting back to the street. Chloe and
the officers were chatting. I handed her the disk.

"I think the show is on Youtube but enjoy it. You know where Henry's the restaurant is?" They nodded. "I don't listen to it often so really enjoy it and you can drop it off there when you're done. We trust you." They laughed She took it and said thanks.

"We'll keep it down. We just lost track time."

"Not a problem ma'am, and enjoy you're family. We're all glad we are getting back to a sense of normal." They smiled and we said to be safe. We waved as they drove off and walked the driveway.

"We make a pretty good team mister." I nodded. Bet and Javier came around the corner.

"We good?" We nodded and told them what happened. The officers came in after a night shift days later drop off the CD and Henry made them eat their fill of blueberry pancakes and bacon. They didn't seem mind.

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