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Take me part 144  

dadigan 60M  
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7/3/2021 8:42 pm
Take me part 144

We walked around back. Bet and Javier checked in with their family. Unc and Ellen, Jake and Emily were right in the mix having a great time. I smiled because Ellen was scared when Bet and Javier first rode . Chloe had tell her it was OK. Sara smiled, waved, and said she LOVED!!!!!! us....without words. We went inside help Mags. I looked in the bag of CD's I usually keep in the car, hoping it was there. It was. I had the album at home, which was better, of course, but any port in a storm. It was totally different from DKM but I grew in CA and this was my band as a . I put in Pet Sounds by the Beach Boys, but didn't crank it, even though I wanted .

Chloe and I helped Mags clean while Sara worked the crowd. Bet felt us and came inside but we chased her off as she laughed. I handed my phone Chloe and said, "Jane's." She shook her head and smiled as she went outside. I hadn't had much of a chance talk with Mags. She looked like Ella and Claire looked at .

"How are you Daniel? Really"

I was quiet for a bit. "I'm in over my head Mags, but I'm holding my own, and learning quick." She smiled.

"Thanks for not lying ."

"Maggie, paraphrase a great movie..... 'there is no lying in this family.'" She nodded. We could both feel Chloe approaching and looked at the door. Chloe walked in, followed by Sara.
I knew what was coming, and I think Maggie suspected. Bet walked in as Chloe said,

"They are going do what you told them to do. They checked out the places but after that they said they were done and were coming home. Period! It's doesn't matter to them because we're their family." Everyone was silent, thinking.

"There's more." Sam and Henry walked in, as did Javier. Sara and I already knew, but it was taking everything ounce of strength for Sara not to spill the beans. "They want to get married at the cottage and no one is going to stand in their way." Sara jumped and down, clapping. I often felt like Chloe and I would be raising . Everyone else looked at her because they were thinking what I was thinking, and what Chloe was thinking...not Sara. She was already planning.

"It's not ideal timing, be sure, but they aren't budging. The only reason they are waiting is because of Daniel, and they are curious about the places he suggested. After that, it's done so we either finish this, or we deal with it..... and then there is July 4th." Everyone was still silent.

"I think Janey has been biting Alison. I don't know for sure, but I suspect it. It seems be a mate thing, and not a gender thing because Ali is changing." Henry looked at her. "How do you feel about this dad?"

"About Alison, I couldn't be happier, but about them coming back now, I'm concerned." He looked at .

"We'll keep them safe Henry, but I understand it. I told them when I we spoke that the burden rested them. I think that's why they are doing as I asked and giving us time, but we're their family."

Maggie said, "we deal with what we have deal with. Period. They should be married at the cottage. Bet and Javier looked at each other, and then at and Chloe. They didn't need say anything.

"Jane's said it'd be at least a week, and it would be good have them back because they are getting very comfortable with spending money." Everyone laughed, and the mood shifted. Sara clapped and ran back outside. Chloe and I shooed everyone outside and kept cleaning.

"You knew?"

"No, sweets. Some part of me knew that I don't understand yet. I told them to enjoy their honeymoon but it wasn't in that context. It was enjoying each other and sharing. Love, I don't hide things, but there are so many things I don't know that it's astounding."

She smiled, walked and kissed as she grabbed my balls, hard. Great, now there were two of them. "Sara and I have talked and we're going drain you tonight mister. We're using the glass dildo. Sara suggested it even though it's her turn." I lowered my eyes and smiled. "We're deciding who gets to wear it, now get back to back work slacker."

People came in to help us but we shooed them away. Henry and Sam brought the dishes in from outside and hung then out with everyone outside. Chloe, Sara, and I were interesting. Chloe and I were the alpha's of the pack/clan....whatever, but Sara was a hybrid. It was like we were alpha's. It didn't matter us, and I didn't get the sense it ever would because Chloe was the oldest and Sara was learning from her. There was teeth gnashing, but they were sisters. We were fitting, naturally, into our roles, and our roles, at the time, was cleaning so our family could enjoy the rest of the evening.

Christine, Bethany, Emily, and Jake walked in. Christine and Bethany thanked us. We smiled. Jake was going to show them the way back to Christine's. Apparently there was another family in the making. Jake said,

"Can I stay over? I'll sleep the couch." Silence. I had hand it them because neither Jake nor Emily cracked a smile. the adults were speechless until we said in unison....

"NO, you may not!," at which point Jake and Em howled. They got us, and they knew it but Bethany was still going spend the night, only not on the couch. Emily didn't mind because she had two moms too. We shook our heads at them. I looked at Jake, and he nodded.

Chloe and I looked at each and we were thinking the same thing.... "HOLY CRAP!"

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