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Take me part 145  

dadigan 60M  
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7/3/2021 11:38 pm
Take me part 145

It was close to midnight when the last bit of folks drifted away. Javier and Bet's crew were now family, not only with us, but Billy and Ellen. I wasn't sure they knew what that meant, but I did, especially after tonight. I needed to learn names.. We said goodbye to everyone and they thanked us, which was totally misplaced, but they loved that they were included, and they were. They were family and Bet and Javier knew it. They showed Unc and Ellen the way back to the shop and made sure the door was locked, and the alarm was set.

Neither Simon, nor Gustav, were threats now but you don't get sloppy. I checked the backyard for plates, and things, and brought them in. Jake was already asleep, and the girls could barely keep their eyes open. I cleaned up the kitchen, brushed my teeth and went into the bedroom. Chloe and Sara were intertwined, breathing into one each other. I couldn't disturb them so I gently closed the door and went out back because it was a warm evening, and while I was exhausted, I wasn't tired.

I pushed out toward Simon. He was sleep. I did the same with Gustav, even though I didn't I want to. He was asleep, but there was blood on the sheets, and it wasn't "happy" blood. I growled....loud. It made no sense for me to sleep for 2 hours, because I was going to let my family sleep, regardless of what Henry said, and he knew that. I closed my eyes and just pushed outward with no thought of where.

I first went to Melissa and her girls who were sleeping peacefully, and then I launched outward. I think I fell asleep. I could only remember bits and pieces, but both Ella and Claire were there. I opened my eyes, looked up, and figured it was after 2:00am. I heard the coyotes on the open space, and an owl, and smiled. I got up, walked in and locked the door. I checked on Jake and he was sleeping like he always did. I smiled. I quietly walked into our bedroom to get my clothes, and boots. Chloe and Sara had changed positions and Chloe was now draped on top of Sara, and they were both gently snoring into each other. I watched them for the longest time and started to tear because no one knew how much they adored each other, except Janes, and she was in exile. I wanted to kiss them, but i didn't because I didn't want to wake them. I was going to be hit, multiple times, and likely bitten, but I was OK with that. I could deal with 40% unpleasant if Javier could.

I locked everything and pushed out around EVERYONE. It was getting easier, and more detailed, and easier to use. I centered myself and cast outward and let it stop when it stopped. I was curious.It stopped as Chloe walked out.

"What are you doing mister? You aren't in our bed."

"I know love. I'm not tired. Go back and snuggle with your sister." She smiled, kissed me, and walked back into the bedroom. I turned my attention back to my energy, and where it landed. A girl was drawing at a kitchen table. She looked up, but then went back to what she was doing. I hated intruding but I did anyway because I had seen everything with Janey and Alison.

I looked and her mom, Mary, was asleep, finally, as was her younger brother Benjamin. The girl was maybe 11, and an amazing artist. She called herself Clarice, which had very unsettling thoughts for me, but not for her. She thought it made her sound older. Her name was Charlie, which I loved even though she didn't. I pulled back and got the address, and street but realized I had no idea what city I was in, so I pulled back more. Philly. She looked up again as I pulled away and went to Henry's.

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