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Take me part 146  

dadigan 60M  
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7/4/2021 6:58 pm
Take me part 146

I got to Henry's at 2:45. He was sound a sleep and it was warm because
of the heat wave we were having. I jumped the fence. I landed on it
higher than before and bolted over with an ease that was surprising. I
had begun to notice that my reflexes were getting quicker, more
responsive, just like my intuition. These were abilities I had prior
to Bet biting me, but they were becoming more pronounced. I walked. I
could sense the critters that were out. I had always been in tune with
them. I knew there was a small group of coyotes and 300 yards to my
right, watching me. I was trying to wrap my mind around all of this,
which would have been plenty, but there were a few other things going
on aside from the changes in me. I enjoyed the evening and just
walked in the silence.

Janey and Alison were sound asleep. They were deeply in love and it
felt right that they would get married. I knew Janes was going to ask
me to get her pregnant at some point. The things I saw seemed to be
expanding exponentially. Janey and Alison had bonded. They were mates,
but they wanted a baby at some point. I wasn't sure how that would
play with me, or anyone else, but it was a ways off. Still, it
surprised me that I knew. I was curious if any of this came to pass, but so far everything had, which was highly disconcerting, and worrisome because complacency meant problems, and
that affected the people I loved.

Chloe, Sara, and Jake were all sleeping soundly, which made me smile.
I didn't sleep well to begin with and that, too, had been accentuated.
I would gladly be tired for them to not be. I checked on Emily and her
mom, and Christine and Bethany were making love, so I left, but smiled
because they made a nice couple. I couldn't wait to see Bethany and
smile at her without saying a word to hear her say...... "What?" It
would also make telling Christine about me, Chloe, and Sara easier. We also
needed to tell them, and Henry, and Billy and Ellen about the pregnancies. OY!

I pushed to Melissa and her girls. They too were sound asleep and I
could tell that Melissa was having the best sleep she had in months. I
knew that Bethany and Charles had put balls in motion for her and that
she would be contacted about a new job tomorrow, or Tuesday. I wasn't
sure why I was involved in that but I didn't care because it me smile
seeing her sleeping in peace, and being able to buy her some time.

I pushed to Simon and he was walking out of his hotel, still frantic. It
was going to be a long day. I was wondering how thorough he was in
covering his tracks in Scottsbluff. Simon was a prick, like Philip,
but my only issue with him was he slapped Chloe but he paid for that.
He was a shit, for sure. I had no idea what was going to happen to him.
People like him seem to skate by things but I knew he was worried.

I pushed toward the woman I saw with Gustav. I left her info at home,
but I knew her. She was in bed, asleep, with two young men. I didn't
care but pushed deeper, and dropped to my knees, and retched. I knew
why I disliked her when I first saw her and why her and Gustav were
connected. I would need to speak with Javier and Bet. I wasn't sure
why but there more, and more, people that needed to be dealt with. I
stood up and walked back to Henry's.

It was 3:30 when I jumped the fence and unlocked Henry's. I left the
door open because there was no threat. I plugged my phone into the
sound system and put on Dylan as I opened. I never minded being
alone, working alone. It was peaceful, almost soothing to my nervous
system. I missed my family terribly, but I was able to be with them
whenever I wanted and that was a blessing. I started the griddle, put
water on to boil, low, made coffee, and went out front.

I checked the bathrooms, because that was my thing. The girls laughed
at me which I always thought was strange. I took the chairs off the
tables and setting all of them when Henry walked.

"WHAT, are you doing here?"

"Couldn't sleep Henry, and the girls were beat. I've got this so go
sleep a couple of more hours." He looked at me, pushed his hand at
me, and walked into his kitchen. I smiled. I finished out front and
went to chop and slice. Henry had home fries on, and bacon. He didn't cook it until done but enough so all he needed to do was warm it for meals. I got stuff out of the cooler.

"Sara needs to place an order." He nodded. I started doing what I
usually did there.

"I had a dream about Ella last night."

"Yeah," I did the fruit first and the onions last. "They're happening
more often Henry. I'm sure it's kinda bittersweet." I had no sense of
what was coming.

"No, , it's nice. I miss her being here terribly but I made peace with
that. She came back when you showed up and I'm OK with that. She spoke
to me."

"Really!" I still had no clue. Henry was putting sausage on.

"Yeah, it took me by surprised because I had forgotten how much I
missed hearing her voice. We were in our favorite place."

"That's nice Henry." I started making melon balls with cantaloupes
and honeydews because fruit was popular for breakfast in the summer.
It was 4:30 and I felt Chloe drive up and walk around the back.

'You going to tell me ?" He turned and looked at me, as I looked up
at him. I could feel Chloe listening with her hand on the screen door,

"Not now Henry. I'm sorry." Chloe walked in and looked at him, then
at me." She was a girl again standing up to her dad. She was having
trouble breathing normally, which amazed me because she was her.

"I'm pregnant dad, and so is Sara." I thought alrighty then. "I
wasn't suppose to be able to get pregnant. It's a surprise to all of
us.... and we're both having girls." Henry put his spatula
down and opened his arms. Chloe ran into him crying. She was so

"Your mom told me last night, but I don't remember half of half of what she said."
He looked at me and said he understood why I was here and let them
sleep. They went out front. I took the sausage off and turned the
potato's thinking that was easy but knowing it wasn't going to

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