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Take me part 151  

dadigan 60M  
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7/7/2021 10:59 pm
Take me part 151

I could feel the angst from Bet and Javier as they pulled up with
their . I called to Sara, who was walking under the overhead door.
Chloe. Janey. and Mags were focused. I chased the around the
parking lot until Sara saved them. They didn't even care if I was the
tickle monster. They'd take it. Sara played with them out front as we
headed to the backyard. I told them to grab some beer as I went in the
kitchen and looked in my CD's until I found what I wanted.

Music was enjoyable to me, but sometimes it was important, and
poignant. Tonight wasn't that because Gustav was focused on other
things. I had an old CD player that would hold five disks, I put three

1. Lily and Madeline
2. Greensky, Bluegrass
3. St. Paul and the Broken Bones..... Half City Album

Sara and the were crouched down waiting for Bob when I walked out, but I figured he
was asleep. Bet and Javier looked at me as Bet checked in. That was
new to me because they could do it before way before me, but I was just
learning. I knew Sam and Maggie were on their way, and Chloe and Janey
were listening, as was Sara. She looked at me and winked, because
she's Sara. We sat by a fire pit, with no fire, because it was 98 degrees. We all swigged our beers. Bet started.

"We opened a can a worm Jefe. I'm mean a major can of worms." I looked
at Javier and he nodded, and looked slightly worried. "We know
everything about Gustav., and Simon. Philip didn't trust either of
them. This would have gone to waste if wasn't for Ella, and Claire, but
it's hardcore, detailed, and scary as hell because he'll have people as
good as ours, maybe better, and these are bad guys, Daniel. We know
people in Europe who could take him down. We've worked together a few
times but when you do that, it's out of house, and it's iffy, but it's

"We're going to need to discuss this Homes, none of us want our
family's jeopardized."

"Agreed, but I want them done. Contact your people and see if they are interested..."

"They'll take the chance. They're young and, so far, it's 8 figures,
but we're still looking. Philip had everything documented. We can
bring down Simon too. I reached out to Chloe but she didn't say

I say we leave Simon but that's Chloe, and Ali's call." They
nodded.. "Can you get me copies of everything you have?" They nodded,
"I need that. I also need a phone that can't be traced when I call an
FBI agent." I waited for the shock, which came from all sides. I

They ALL said "EXCUSE ME!!!! WHAT THE FUCK!!!!," at the same time. It
was cute, and I knew I would be hit multiple times. I told them to
cool their jet and listen. "Contact your guys in Eastern Europe and
see if they want in. Tell them who we're dealing with and pick the low
hanging fruit before you send it to tehm. I'll leave Simon up to Chloe and Alison, and Janey."

"Why do you want to get the Feds involved?" I don't. I want to get an agent involved but I don't want him to it's me, until I do. They can deal with this and bring this down, and it'd look good for my friend, which would be good for us in the future. It's about relationships, right homes? . If we do this, we clean most everything out in the accounts, but not all. I'll contact him at the same time with all the records because it'll take him time, but the trail will still be there. The FBI is already investigating this." SILENCE!

Javier spoke for all of them, "You know someone in the FBI homes?" He looked at Bet.

"Chli. I know someone from before he went in the FBI. He wouldn't be opposed to what we are considering, but he also wouldn't be opposed to doing it if we could them down. He's on the fence. I've just learned to jump that fence more easily. You don't have to worry about it. Bet walked up, smiled, and bit me on me on my neck muscle, HARD, and wouldn't let go. I could feel the blood dripping down the back of my neck. Sara walked up growling. Bet looked at her and told it was fine. Chloe and Janey were livid because apparently that didn't happen, but Bet was Bet, just like Sara, was Sara, who was still growling as she moved toward me. Bet let go.

"You wanted to know what would happen if someone bit you. I didn't really bite the first time, Daniel, that was a peck on the cheek. You just responded." Chloe, Janey, and Sara were pissed, but I was curious. "Let's see what this does, love." Bet pushed out to everyone, as she moved away from Sara.. I pushed out too everyone too , but I think it went too far without my knowing it, and told them it was fine.

Sara was still growling at Bet as she walked up and kissed me, glaring at Bet and Javier, but I understood their hesitancy. I could hear Chloe, Janey, and Mags as clear as day...but i could hear Chloe's friend Annie, and numerous others I didn't know. I push out and the voices were too many. I passed out, hit the grass, and stopped breathing. Sara looked and Bet as Javier ran to his bike, just in case. Bet started CPR. I could feel everything. I felt bad for them but knew I would be OK. I turned away and sat, waiting. Ella, Claire, and another woman walked up. I had sensed her earlier, but thought it was my imagination. Bet was still doing being CPR. The woman walked up to me, knelt, kissed me on the lips, smiled, and placed her hand on my chest. The intensity I felt made me jump, and pushed Bet back at least five feet.

"I go by many names but you can call me Mary. I will speak with you again dear one. You are an intriguing man." Everyone growled. She smiled, waved her hand, and was gone. I looked at Ella and couldn't understand what she felt, so I smiled, opened my eyes and sat up, as I shook my head. Sara, Emily, and Jake gang hugged me as Mags, Chloe, and Janey were saying WTF. Bet and Javier were standing back. Bet felt bad, but Javier felt worried. There were so many voices commenting and I didn't know any of them, except for Annie's. I knew she was calling Chloe.

I stood up and walked toward Bet and Javier. I kissed Bet on the cheek. I wanted to bite it but I didn't. I walked up to Javier and hugged him, and didn't let go until he relaxed. Bet and Sara walked up, I stepped.back.

"Nothing has changed between us brother. You either believe that, or you don't. I'll deal with either." He looked at me, smiled, and kissed my cheek as we all hugged. I needed to keep this family close, and together. Chloe called.

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