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Take part 150.. boring to most people, it's back story to come for me, but long.  

dadigan 60M  
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7/7/2021 8:15 pm
Take part 150.. boring to most people, it's back story to come for me, but long.

I hugged Javier and told him I'd see him later this evening, he
nodded. I was feeling anxious and wasn't quite sure why so I asked Sam
if I could take 20 minutes. He nodded. Billy was finishing cleaning
the rifle. I started walking and made it around the corner when Chloe
walked into the shop.

"Where'd he go Sam?"

"He took a walk but we're good. Chloe trotted after me. Chloe, Janey,
Sara and I were more connected than ever, and Maggie and Bet were becoming too.
I was starting grok it but there was a lot to unravel. She caught up to
as I was walking to the fence along the ditch. I felt her, turned and

"Whatcha doin' mister," as she hugged me.

"I'm not sure love. I feel anxious and I don't why. Walking helps and
it's quiet by the ditch.'

"Mind if come with you?" I looked at her like she was insane and kept
walking. She smiled and held my hand as walked to the fence. When we
got there she punched me in the chest and ran toward it. I waited like
last time and hit the 10 foot fence over halfway up, and vaulted over
the rest over the rest, looking up at Chloe and smiling.

"I'll meet you back at the shop." She growled and climbed down as I
laughed, putting up my hands. She shook her head and kissed me. After
what Sara had done to the door I was wondering if the girls were able
to do things as well and wanted to talk with Maggie about it when I
got the blinding headache again and dropped. Luckily my head fell on
my arm this time, at least body was starting to pay attention.

I hadn't checked in on Simon or Gustav in a while. I wasn't concerned
about Simon, but I saw both of them, and then Janey and Alison. They were
leaving the next day, and that's when Ella walked up and knelt down as I
sat up, wherever we were. I could feel Chloe. She wasn't scared, just

"Will I stopped falling Ella?" She nodded.

"It's takes time but you are doing better than I thought you would.
You have a reprieve with Gustav but he will be here. You all pushed him
back on his heels, but you angered him. He doesn't suspect you, yet,
but don't count on that lasting." I nodded because I was already
expecting that.

"When are you going to start sharing more with me about you and the girls?"

"When you stop falling Daniel. The energy here is vastly higher than
you are use too. You're doing fine , just have patience. I'm sure it's
frustrating. Tell Chloe I'll talk with her, and teach them how to jump
fences. Neither of them like losing to you, or anyone. I nodded, and
smiled, as she
drifted away. I opened my eyes and stood up.

"Mom?" I nodded and told her the rest as we walked.

"She said she'd talk with you soon and for me to teach you and Sara how to
jump fences, and I assume Janes, because you don't like losing." She
smiled and hugged me as we walked home. We had to jump a another
fence before we got back to the path behind the shop, but it was only 5
feet. I let Chloe win, and she knew it but smiled, and kissed me
anyway. We climbed over the fence into the backyard as Bob, Jake, and
Emily watched us. I thought I should put a gate in to make it easier,
and then shook my head.

Chloe and I hugged them both and checked in with how they were doing.
"Come back to the shop after your done Jake." He nodded. We went into
the kitchen and Ellen and Unc were
talking. Chloe looked at me and went to help Ellen as Uncle Billy
handed me my dad's rifle.

"Thanks for that Danny." I nodded. "Can we shoot it when we go to the
range. I nodded as we walked into the bedroom and put it back in it's case.

"Yeah, it's why I asked you to clean it. I knew you'd enjoy it and
give you something to do. I haven't fired it in a while and if we're
all going hunting this fall then I'll need to practice and get it
sighted in." I was opening the safe when Unc said,

"Ellen tell me that you, Chloe, and Sara have news." I stopped and
turned around. He was smiling. "Wow," was all he said.

"That's pretty much the consensus Unc, with everyone. Chloe wasn't
suppose to be able to get pregnant. Sara and I knew she would, at
some point, which we were fine with. We didn't expect them both to get
pregnant at the same time. It's kind of a surprise, but we're happy it
about and the shock is wearing off. Sorry for throwing all this at you at
once." He laughed as I continued with the safe.

"Danny, Ellen and I have watched y'all and you're happy... everyone is
happy. You found an interesting family but you fit in it and we
couldn't be happier. We had a great time yesterday and can't wait to
meet Janey and Alison, or for the 4th because all of Javier and Bet's
family will be there. Are they a gang?"

"No, not in the way you think of it, they are family but they skirt
the law sometimes. I skirt it too, sometimes. The have a code they
honor but they are family."

"There's no disputing that they're nice people. We had a blast and if
push ever came to shove in a situation, I'd rather have them on our
side." I smiled, and nodded. If he only knew. We walked into the
kitchen. Chloe and Ellen looked up smiling. Billy walked around the
counter and hugged Chloe saying congratulations. "May I?" Chloe
kissed his cheek and nodded as Uncle Billy put his hand on Chloe's
belly. Both Billy and Ellen LOVED and were tickled pink. I
wouldn't be surprised if they did move back to Denver. The phone rang and
I went out front. I wanted things to slow down so I could spend more
time with Sam and Jake but that didn't seem to be happening. It was

"Hey brother, I got Sara's done and my plant selection is the same, but
that back fence needs to be replaced...ASAP. You could blow on it and
topple it."

"I know Ben, it's top of the list. Janey and Alison are coming back in
a day or two, hopefully two. It's super glue and duck tape time at the
moment." He Laughed.

"I hear that, and I'll get Janey's done tomorrow morning. I've got
what I need. Thanks for that check, I know cash flow is hard for
every business but I have jobs I'm waiting on to pay and didn't want to use
the line of credit. Kim said to give you a kiss for it, but I'm still
not that." I laughed.

"I'm OK with that Ben, and don't worry about it. I do understand. Stop
by Henry's and have breakfast tomorrow, or grab a biscuit. You're family as far
as we're are concerned." I started walking inside to help and the phone
again. The cell phone is an amazing tool, but I still hated. It was

"Hey Papi," they both said laughing. "We're looking at coming back
tomorrow unless..."

"I need you to stay a day or two later." They clapped. "I need to
rebuild Sara's fence because we're all staying there until we get this
worked out. Gustav his dealing with his misfortune so he's not focused
on us yet, but I don't want you alone. We'll have to figure something
out. Spend a night in Aspen, but don't buy anything because it's so
overpriced." Silence. Jesus Christ, I created monsters. Call me
tomorrow when you get there, or stay another, or two there. How do
you like Redstone?"

"We LOVE it daniel. We got a room with a half bath, which is
convenient, but we both love it. You were right, and no we don't want
to go New Mexico, at least not now. We miss our family. You were right that
the food is great. Thank You love. We'll call you when we get to
Aspen. We love you all...tell them." I said I would.

I walked back inside to help Sam and Jake. I felt terrible, but life
was weird and I knew Sam understood. Sam and Jake finished the order
they were working, and Jake was proudly wearing his tool belt when
Sara pulled up. Chloe had already commented on it. Sara came running at
me, and launched, biting me on the neck, but not hard. She looked over
at Jake and smiled as she jumped down and walked up. Emily walked out
and hugged me as we watched.

"That's a pretty impressive tool belt mister. Mind if I try it on?"
He smiled and handed it to her. Sara clapped as she jumped up and
down. "Show me how to put it on Jake." Emily walked over and watched
as Sara looked over her shoulder and smiled. Sam and I shook our heads
as I went to help because I knew what was coming. Sara was going to
pretend to be a gunslinger and Emily would want to try it on. I told
Jake to take 15:00. Things weren't too bad, I just hated not helping
but that was my problem to solve. Jake was a big help and loved it, and he
was picking it up quickly. The rest of June wasn't terrible,
schedule-wise, but July was going to be intense and it would only get
tighter. We needed to look for other help. Sara won her gunfight, and
gave it to Emily as she blew me a kiss and went into the kitchen.

"Sam, I know things are getting gummed up, and it's only going to
worse in the short term, but I need to tear down Sara's back fence and
replace it so I won't be around much tomorrow. I'll be in early so leave me a
list...I mean that... and I'll deal with it before I leave." He nodded.

"You tearing out the cement?"

"No, I'm going to cut them off at ground level and then eyeball it.
I'll fill the gaps in between. It'll be fine for government work." He
smiled, and nodded as it was our catch phrase, and one I learned from my
grandfather. Unc came out and heard me.

"What's good enough for government work?" I told him. "You need
help?" I nodded and said that would be a huge help. "Done. We need to
load the genny in the back of the truck tomorrow." With both of us
working, we could probably get it finished.... and the phone rang. He
patted me on the back. "Don't worry about it , I'll help Sam. I
know my way around a wood shop." I smiled, and nodded because he did.
He was way more qualified to help Sam than I was, and that was just
with wood. Jake came back in beaming and waved. I was a lucky man.
Bethany was on the phone.

"Hey sweets."

"Hey back at you. Both Chris and me need to work a little late, can't
be helped. I called Sabrina and gave her your number and told her to
just show, that it be would fine. Was that cool?" I said yes. "I
figured, but wanted to let you know. She's SO excited, Daniel. I know
she doesn't have a lot of experience but give her a chance to show you
her renderings. I really think she'll be good for whatever you want.
We'll get there as soon as we can, love. Tell Emily that we love her."
I smiled.

"I'm betting Emily likes having two mom's as much as Jake." She was
quiet and I new she was tearing.

"I think she does, Daniel," she whispered. "I know I sure do. We'll
see you soon." Chloe came out and said goodbye to Jake, Sam, and Unc
and then kissed me.

"I'm heading back to Henry's to help with dinner. Monday's are usually
lite. I'll make sure Henry leave's the bulk for tomorrow morning, but
I'm coming in with you, and I'll be majorly pissed if you let me
sleep." I nodded. "She you soon sweets."

Sam had plenty of help so I grabbed a beer, gloves and a shovel, and
went out back. I kissed Ellen, and Sara and told Em about her moms.
She smiled, and nodded. I told Sara about Sabrina, and she clapped
because it would be a new friend. I took a couple of swigs and started planting
grasses and placing a few more rocks inside to make the den, 'cozy for bob so
he could feel safe," as Sara put it. I was finished with that part, and
finishing my beer when Sara walked out and hugged me from behind
without saying a
word. It's one of the reasons I asked Bethany if she knew an
architect. Nesting is not an unusual thing, even with humans, but it
was heightened with Chloe and Sara, and I could feel that, and we
didn't have much time to remodel something.

We walked over to Bob's den and she jumped up and down clapping
because she was so excited. "This is perfect, Love. He will feel so
safe in that, but it needs a roof." I nodded. He already felt
comfortable because he dug himself a hole in the dirt so he could be
cool in the heat we were having.

"Can you go get Jake and Em, and get gloves for all of you." She smiled
and kissed me as she ran inside. I unlocked the gate. I had metal stored
in the side yard and found a piece I thought would work. I could have taken it
over but I wanted them to help, and feel a part of it, especially
Sara. I needed my dad's welding stuff but I wanted Unc to show them how
to use it as well. I had some ideas for it but I was starting to regret telling
Unc I would sell dad's equipment. I would, if he wanted it, but I was
realizing there were things I want to keep. They all walked out.

"Everybody grab a corner. Sara, you I and are walking backwards." She
got serious and nodded. "Let me know if it gets too heavy. It's heavier
then I thought and it's better that we put it down instead of dropping
it on our feet." We got halfway to the den when Sara looked at me and
I stopped. "OK, new plan. Sara, I want you to lower your corner to the
ground, use your butt muscles." She nodded. "Jake, I want you to edge
into the middle and hold it and then Emily you can let go. I did the
same and lifted. Ladies, get in between us and both hold a side." They smiled
and nodded. Jake and I had the weight but they were helping. We placed
it on top of the den. It was too big but that's why I needed dad's welding
equipment. When I was finished it would look great. Jesus Christ, I
was as bad as Sara, and now Ellen who had come out to watch.

The girls hugged us. Jake and I closed the gate and walked toward the
shop as Bob walked in and looked at all of us. Emily ran into the
kitchen and grabbed a drumstick and tossed it to him. He picked it up
and walked to the den and stopped. Moment of truth. She sniffed and
looked it, and then back at us as he walked in. The girls went nuts as
Jake and I walked back inside.

Sam said, "Get the den finished?"

"Mostly, we need to cut some metal, but it's covered." I had placed the den
as close to the back fence as I could in case we did any kind of construction
work. I liked Bob, like everyone else, because I knew him before
everyone. I didn't like the girls giving him chicken but it's what he
eats, and I made sure they didn't spoil him. I also liked doing these
kind of projects. The phone rang.

"Daniel? It's Sabrina, Bethany's friend."

"Hey Sabrina, she called me. You're welcome to stop by whenever."

"I'm at the corner but wanted to call before I pulled in. I'll head
up." I walked into the shop. Sara knew and had three beers. Ellen and
Emily were on their own. We walked outside as she pulled up in an old
land rover. It was beat to hell, but I smiled because I knew I had
found my architect. Bethany was right. Sabrina got out smiling and
waved, which was Sara-speak for..."OMG, I have a new friend." She
walked up with the beer and they were best buddies by the time they
walked back toward me. I introduced myself.

"Nice truck Sabrina. I love them. I've wanted one but never went
there. I'm jealous." She smiled and tossed me the keys, smiling
because she knew we were alike.

"I'll hang with Sara and meet everyone. She's temperamental in
reverse, so go easy. Sara laughed as she looked at me.

"You mind if I show my and how to drive a stick?" She
shook her head no. " You mind hugs?" She shook her head again as Sara
walked up. I hugged her. "Sabrina, I already know I found my
architect. Enjoy your beer and hang out. I won't be too long. She
smiled as Sarah clapped. I knew she was, but it wouldn't have made a
difference because Sara would have made sure she was.

"Jake! Get Emily and get out here, now." They came running out. "This
is Sabrina. She's our new architect. Tell her thank you because she's
letting us use her rig so I can teach you goofballs the first steps in
driving a stick
shift." They did, smiling. "Jake, you're in the back." Emily beamed.

We were in the exact right place for this, being in CO, and did I love
these. Yeah, they
were a nightmare on gas, and maintenance, but the darn things could
drive through whatever life threw at them, and that's something we
were experiencing
that. I looked over at Sara and she shook her head know. I could hear
both Chloe, and Janey laugh. I flipped them both off.

I let Em go first as Jake stuck his head through the seats. I showed
her where the gears were, and about the clutch and gas, but it's not
something you can explain and I told them that. We were gone for about
40 minutes when we pulled in.They both did fine for their first time.
Em was driving, and honking as everyone came out. She stuck her head
out the window and yelled,

"Watch this." We practiced reverse too, and she was temperamental but
we found her sweet spot and it was like butter. Em put it in reverse,
without grinding gears and back up down the parking lot while Sara and
Sabrina laughed, hugged, and clapped. She put it in first and drove
back with a huge smile on her face as Christine and Bethany pulled in
behind them. She forgot to to turn of the engine and stalled it as she
jumped out and ran back to her moms as Jake and I chuckled. I took the
key out, rolled up the window, and put the brake on as Jake and I
walked over to Sabrina and Sara. He hugged both as Em walked up and
did the same. Learning to drive a stick is embarrassing, like parallel
parking, but once you how to do it, the sense of accomplishment is
wonderful. I gave Sabrina back her keys and said thanks. She kissed my
cheek and said you're welcome.

Bethany was right about Sabrina being fringe...not fringe to me, but
to the mainstream. I think Harry Potter referred to them as 'muggles,'
but no one in this family was a muggle. "You have time to walk around
with and give me an idea of what you're thinking?" Sara and I nodded.
I knew Chloe was linked.

She was a little taller than Sara but she had piercings, and tats. She
had a full sleeve on her right arm. I had a idea tattoo that I wanted
that was extensive as well, but never got around to it. I was
impressed that she was willing to be who she was, especially since
vital to her fledgling business. We were all comfortable, and knew it
was a done deal. If she didn't get that with me, then she certainly
did with Sara. I could feel Chloe smiling. Distance was becoming less
of an issue with us, even Janey.

"Did you show Sabrina Bob's den?" Sara beamed, and nodded.

"I did mister and she loved it because she's a super genius
architect." Sabrina laughed.

"I'd be fine with genius, but it is very well built. What are you going
to do with the metal?" I told her. "Can I make a suggestion?" I said
of course. Put a series of opening around the perimeter," She drew on
her pad. "That plate metal is strong enough for you to get close.
It'll let light in, and air, but also water, or rain. Put the opening
over the grasses. They don't need a lot of water, but they do need
some." Sara and I looked at each as Sara hugged her. Em. Bethany, and
Christine walked. up. Em introduced Sabina to Christine.

"Thank you so much letting them learn to drive a stick. I have been
wanting Em to learn for awhile." Sabrina nodded. "We can chat later
but we're going to help Ellen with dinner.

"So Daniel, I've looked around and the back is amazing, and I like
the rocks up front. Bethany told me about your situation with Sara and
Chloe...I think that's cool, and congrats." We nodded. "Are you
planning on keeping the shop here?"

"I have to Sabrina because I'm grandfathered in. My family and I can
live as long as we don't, rent it out, and there is an industrial
business here. However, I am looking around to see if there is a
reasonable place for sale close by. It hasn't reached us yet but this
is becoming a place people are looking at it."

"Have you thought about just selling and finding someplace else?"
Sara, and Chloe both beat me, even though Sabrina couldn't hear Chloe.

"No, Sabrina! We won't sell this. Daniel was raised here and our
will be raised here as well, and hopefully our grand . Sabrina
looked at her, and me, as she nodded. Chloe smiled because Sara was
stepping into her power.

"OK, 'nuff said on that. Give me an overview. Don't go to much into
the details because that'll come later. I want big picture....from
both of you." Sara said she's be right back and brought two beers,
one for me, and one for Sabrina.

'I'm waiting for some Prosecco, and smiled."

The building I called home was, had been, my dad's business. I spent
my childhood, and teenage years here. Where I live was just like the
shop. I got it turned into "live/work" before that was even a thing,
and grandfathered in for me and my family. Denver was changing,
rapidly, and I knew inside of 10-20 years this area would be zoned
mixed-use, so I wasn't concerned about what I was thinking. I just
hadn't discussed it with the girls, and Sara's house could be
remodeled. It's just easier, and quicker, with industrial buildings.

"So, Sabrina.... first of all consider yourself our architect, but
I/we want to see your book." She nodded. "If I can find a warehouse
that is close, and in good shape, and doesn't needed too much work,
that is my ideal situation for the business. We'll discuss that later
it's not relevant now except to say that we are expanding." Sara
chimed in and pointed at Sam.

"That's Sam and he is a super amazing carpenter and he's going to help
Daniel get the ideas out of his notebooks. You should read his
notebooks Sabrina. Unbelievable." Sabrina looked at me and smiled.

"I'm going to start looking around, and we aren't on a stringent time
line, but there are a lot of balls in the air at the moment.. So
overview, If we can't find a warehouse." She nodded as she took notes.
"Starting with the shop, we'll need to expand because business will
need to, and will shift as well so it won't be just a shop. There will
need to be space for warehouse orders, and working online as well. I'm
not there yet, but I'm thinking about it." She nodded. I walked over
to the wall where the chairs where.

"If we keep everything I want a shop over here for welding, and
blacksmithing. I'm figuring most of this, but that's ancillary right
now. My dad has a lot of tools, and equipment, but I'm getting rid of
a lot it. I grew up working with metal, and don't want to lose that.
Again, that's a side note." She nodded but I was feeling her brain
work, and I like it, and her."

"Ok, what about the living area? What are your thoughts on that?"

Sara chimed in and both Chloe and I felt each other. "I'm not sure what
Daniel's vision is, but we trust him. It needs to be two stories,
period. I want a backyard so you can't take too much away. I want
chickens, and I want gardens. We deal with those. You take some of the
patio and we can redo it." I checked in with Chloe and we were both
impressed. Sara walked us over to the side yard. "There isn't much
room here unless we figure out where to put the genny," I smiled. "
We need to be able to get a truck, and Bobcat to the back, just in
case because we don't have access from the back. I would like take
maybe 10-12 feet off the back so we can expand the kitchen and make an
eating area... that is a deal breaker." Chloe nodded.

"As far the upstairs goes, we have to have a large master suite along
the entire East side," Sara smiled, and stuck her tongue out at me,
because she thought that was North when we were planning Bob's den all
those years ago. "We also need at least another 3 bedrooms and 2
baths, and a large play room would be great.... that's as far as I've
gotten." Chloe and I looked at each other in awe as Sabrina looked at
me in the same way. The thing that people don't understand about Sara
is that even though she is innocent , and can be a space cadet, she is
way smarter than of us, and she pays attention. Sabrina looked at me.

"What she said." Sabrina smiled. This is going to more involved with the
building so you'll need shift gears. I'm on the fence with encroaching
on the side yard, but if we can figure out where to house the
generator, then expanding would more give us more space, which is
better in the long run." She nodded. "Most of the stuff back there is
there because it has nowhere else to go at the moment, but that might
be changing. What I am thinking, and this is to just build an
exoskeleton around what is already here and the close it in It gives a
crawl space for the mechanics and sound proofing, and we don't have to
demolish what I just spent six years building. It's the least invasive
thing to do. I'm not sure how they'd do it on the North side because
there's not as much room but it doesn't make sense to tear down what
is already there."

Sabrina looked at me, stunned...in silence... as her brain worked. "So
you're talking about leaving the bulk of the building intact and
building around it." She was quiet as she looked at it. We walked to
the North side as Sabrina looked at it, and thought. She was loving
this because I pushing her. "This side is the weak link Daniel and
Sara because you're right, there's not room. I know a crane guy, and
cement guy that could do, and more importantly, would want to because
of the challenge. I also know an engineer, if you'd be willing take
another risk." I looked at her and she nodded. "It's an interesting

"If we found another warehouse to move the bulk of the business then
we'd only need to the extend upstairs out maybe 15 feet for a
cantilevered deck to shade the shop, and focus on landscaping. Think
about this, and take notes, but we're a couple of months away, I think
unless, I find a great deal on a warehouse. We would like to see your
sketches, and
drawings, and I'd like to the engineer sometime soon. I can call him
now, if that's OK, both Chloe and Sara nodded. "That's fine Sabrina.
Sorry to ask but is he a personal partner as well as a business
partner? Both Sara and Chloe glared at me but I needed to know.

"He is Daniel but that won't be an issue." I knew it wouldn't because
she wanted this, and so would he, because this area was going to
change dramatically. This was going to be pricey, but it wasn't all
that complicated, and Sam and I could do most of the interior work. I
needed to start sourcing wood, and materials. Sara and Sabrina walked
in the back. Sara grabbed her another beer and walked to the fire pit.
It was still to warm for a fire. Sam walked out as we heard the bikes.

"Something I need to know?"

"Yeah, but it's not soon. I need a place for my family. We'll all talk
Sam, don't worry... you're family, and my partner. You need help."

"No, Jake is great. He's a super fast learner and is great with his
hands. We just need to clean up. I'd rather have him do it since I'm
his boss. I smiled and hugged him. He waved at Bet and Javier as he
went back inside. They looked at me intently. Life wasn't getting

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