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take me 21-30...undited  

dadigan 60M  
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1/9/2022 5:07 pm
take me 21-30...undited

I stirred and opened my eyes a naked woman, wrapped in her alpaca
blanket. I was never getting that blanket back but if she stayed I
didn't care. She was sitting indian style with her head on her hands.
She smiled as she opened her blanket and smiled. I was so glad she
hadn't shaved her pussy. I yawned and asked,

"Whatcha doing?

"Waiting for you wake up mister," she said. "You're kinda cute when
you sleep and was very challenging for me not pull your sweats
down because you're quite hard," she said grabbing me through my
sweats, "and I also want be ravished."

"I looked around and said," by me?" Sara winked as she pulled my
sweats down and stradled me pushing herself onto my cock. We both
moaned in unison. She looked me and said,

"I don't a lot of time. I need get Henry's and help, and I
want talk with him." I told her that wouldn't be an issue as I
smiled.. She leaned onto my chest as she kept moving up and down on
me.  "No silly, not that. I didn't want to wake you and I still need
to take a shower." She sat up leaned back and started riding me. I was
in serious trouble and started moaning as she moved faster, just
before I came she pushed down on me as deep as she could and started
grinding back and forth moaning as well. Exploding inside her would
not be hyperbole in this case. She kept grinding and laid back on top
me, eyes still closed and smiling.

"I think I'm falling for you mister."

"Join the club." She got up and we walked into the bathroom. I peed as
she watched, smiling, waiting for the water to get . was already
because I could see the steam but I liked her watching me. I put
the lid down and washed my hands and started brushing my teeth as she
stepped in. When I finished I said that I should start wearing a
condom. She opened the shower door, shampoo dripping down her face one
eye closed.

"No can do mister, not after that. I like when you come in me.
feels nice, like you're mine and I'm yours. We'll discuss later but
I'm willing take the chance. I went get dressed thinking having
a munchkin with Sara wasn't such a bad thing. I asked if she wanted

"Yes sweets.

I had a meeting with Sam about orders and needed make calls and
plan wood orders and inventory. The coffee had just finished when Sara
walked in with a huge smile on her face.


"I'm just happy," she said taking the cup and kissing me, but I need
to take this to go sadly." We walked to the over head door. She handed
me her cup, deactivated the alarm, and then opened it. I smiled. As I
handed her cup back and we walked out Sam pulled up. Sara waved and
kissed me as she walked to her car. I told her I'd come by when I was
done. She nodded and said,

"Hey Sam," smiling got in and then drove off. Sam was looking at me.

"Don't start. Want some coffee?"  We headed out back to talk. We
talked about upcoming orders and the things we needed and made a list
so I could go to the lumber store and Home Depot. We talked about
Sunday and I got a sense of what was being made and said I'd talk with
Maggie about what to bring.... and then we chatted.

Sam asked if we were done because he had things to do. "Actually Sam,
is something else that I've been thinking about for a while, and
I want you think about and talk with Maggie."

Sam looked at me confused, "OK."

"I wanted talk with you both, and now Sara, about us becoming
business partners. I've been thinking about this a lot and some
ideas. I need talk with someone about how all this would work but I
wanted let you know. I told Henry that I would help him so he could
show me how to work the grill in case he needs help in the future.
That complicates things here and 's not right ask you do more
without compensation. You and I worked together a while and you
are a way better carpenter and craftsman.  We can set a time for all
of us to talk but let Maggie know and discuss ."

Sam was quiet and looking into his cup. He looked kinda in shock
because he didn't expect this at all. He stuck his hand out and said
he'd talk with Maggie but he was very interested. I said,

"Good, now get back to work," smiling. He laughed as we walked back
into the shop. I looked in the fridge and cupboards to see what we
needed and asked Sam if he wanted anything. He didn't skip a beat and
said licorice.  "Black or red?"

He looked at me with disgust saying, "Black Daniel."  I laughed as I
patted his shoulder and said OK. I climbed into the truck, started it,
and called Sara. She answered, laughing...."Hey sweets. What's up?"

'I'm leaking and think I need a blowjob." She didn't hesitate saying,

"Well then I'm your mister but won't be until later because
's crazy busy."

"I just finished talking with Sam and need get stuff but I'll be
in minutes babe."

"Good. I miss you. See you in a bit."

I pulled up and the parking lot was packed. I parked by the cottage
and went in looking around. Sara noticed me immediately as we were
becoming more in sync with each other and waved. She had a big smile
on her face in general, which was nice. Chloe looked up smiling too
and motioned me to the back.

I walked in and Henry said, "'bout time. I could use some help."

"I do a day job Henry, " I said smiling.

"Yeah, whatever. Take these out front. 's a tray over ,"
pointing his spatula. I would not want get in a spatula fight him.
"Come back because I could use some help."  I walked out dropped off
the plates since I knew the table numbers and was walking back the
kitchen when Sara almost skipped up me. She was happier than I had
seen her in the short time I had known her. She kissed me on the lips.

"You like the cat that ate the canary," I said, "but I'm very
happy that you're happy."

"I talked with Henry and Chloe and guess the new manager of
Henry's is," almost giddy.

"Jake," I asked?  She punched my arm as Chloe walked up for another
crappy pot of coffee.

"What did you do this time daniel," she smirked. I was still rubbing
my arm when Sara said, still smiling,

"So much for your blowjob mister." Chloe said that was WAY too much
information and walked off shaking her head. I kissed Sara and said
was great but that Henry needed my help. She leaned in and kissed me


I walked in and asked Henry what he needed. He pointed the spatula
the mound of veg on the table. I need the lettuce rinsed and dried,
's a spinner on the shelf over . I need the tomato's sliced
thin, not thin enough you can read through them, and I need the
cabbage cut. I'm doing corned beef tomorrow because Sam threw a wrench
into my menu plans. I got my apron off the and said that I heard
he got a new spitfire of a manager. He turned around with a huge smile
on his face.

"Yeah, that's why 's been so busy." I nodded. Happy.  Chloe
came in a couple of hours later say good bye Henry. I was
chopping onions, again, and crying. Chloe said,

"Don't cry daniel. 'll be alright," and laughed as I flipped her
off. She kissed Henry walked up and pulled one of the buds out of my
ear and kissed my cheek. "You and Sara are good together, don't

"Your dad said the thing." She smiled and walked out. I finished
the chopping and slicing. Washed my hands, hung my apron up and told
Henry I needed to do errands but I'd be back later. I was walking out
when he said,

"We need to discuss your ." I looked at him and smiled.

"Henry, if you keep that smile on Sara's face, and her general
giddiness, that all the I want sir." He smiled.

I walked out a way less crowded place. Sara saw me and held up a
finger telling me wait. She hugged me and said "breakfast and lunch
were crazy. I had Chloe. I almost called you but I knew you'd
be here." I kissed her forehead and said that Henry was very happy
about her knew role, which was her regular role but she was getting
for now.


"Yeah, he's pretty happy. I need do errands and drop stuff off at
the shop but I'll be back as soon as I can." She leaned up my ear

"Ok sweets. I still want taste your cum. 's not fair Alison has
tasted and I haven't," and then bit my earlobe before laughing and
walking away, which I didn't mind at all because she had a great butt.
She looked over her shoulder and waved and said, "Bye sweets." I shook
my head and walked back the truck.

I ordered the wood and scheduled a delivery date and went Home
Depot and got what we needed, and didn't need. They had generators on
sale and I could rationalize for the shop. I got an overkill one
that seemed like a good deal. I spent time checking out reviews, and
then a smaller one. They had a 0% deal going on for 24 months, on all
purchases so I signed up. They were going deliver the large gennie
but the guy helped me load the one in the truck. I went the
store to get snacks and when I came out I noticed a Bed, Bath and
Beyond next to King Soopers and called Sara.

"Hey , what's up?"

'Well, I came out of Soop's and 's a Bed, Bath and Beyond here
and I was thinking I needed some towels and sheets. You want to go
with me or should I around since I'm here."  Silence.

"Sara?" She blew her nose and said not do anything. She had plenty
and she'd rather spend our figuring out how keep Bob out of
the backyard because she wanted chickens.

"OK..." I'll see you soon.

"Hurry. I want a hug."  I beamed as I drove.

I backed in and Sam walked up looking at me. "What's the generator for?"

"In case we need . They were on sale and I 0% for 24 months so
we need do a tool inventory." We unloaded the generator and set
out of the way.. "Oh, by the way, the big one is coming next week.
We'll need figure out where put ."

"Wait, What? So you're already trying bleed the company dry before
I'm even on board.' I smiled.

"I'm not an idiot Sam, now help me with the bags." I had the bag with
the licorice and and after we unloaded everything and put it away I
walked up with a box of red licorice. He looked me.  "They didn't
black," I said straight face.

"Bullshit," he said laughing. I swapped him for the red he despised,
which he obviously did given the of utter disgust on his face.

"You need help with anything Sam?"

"No, I'm good. I'm just planning but are messages from potential
customers so you need to at them later and make calls. How's
Sara?"  I filled him and he said Maggie was going be so happy.

I went and got some water and asked if he could drop me off at
Henry's. "Yeah, give me 15 and we can go. I listened the messages
and wrote down the info and we locked up. I noticed that Sam had the
bag of licorice with him and shook my head.

He started his truck and looked over me.  "You're falling for Sara
aren't you Jefe?"


"God help you," and we drove away.

As we drove Henry's, Sam said the credit card was a good idea
because we needed some things and that he'd make a list. I had put him
down as an employee and he'd be getting his own card. I figured both
Sam And Maggie would want be partners. I just didn't know what a
fair in would be but 'd work out. I thought I'd talk with Henry.
It was obvious Sam had something say.

"What Sam? Just say . I've known you long enough know 's
something on your mind."

"I've known Sara and her family for a long time, longer than we've
known each other. She's very strong, and tough, but her heart is as
gentle as I ever seen. You can ask Maggie. I guess what I'm saying
is..... don't this up."

I smiled, shaking my head as I got out. "Why does everyone keep saying
that me, and I still another sister, and a brother, meet. I'll
see you in the morning. Say hi Maggie and the girls. Tell the
rugrats I'm not done tickling them." I closed the door, waved goodbye
and headed into what I hoped wasn't a pandemonium. wasn't. Jake
walked up and said.

"Hey Daniel. Gramps needs you help out here. He's showing me the
ropes and 's getting busy."

"Sounds good Jake. I'll say hi and come back out."  I waved Sara.
She smiled and made the I love you sign and went back the
customers. This was her perfect job and I was totally done.My heart
had completely melted. I might as well admit it. 4 days seemed a
fast, and I wasn't going go running off Vegas this
weekend, next, but this particular cake seemed been
baked. That's when my phone buzzed. was Alison sending me a . I
turned my phone off and walked into the kitchen.

"Hey Henry. I hear I'm second string now, and that you got some
hotshot take my place."  Jake had a huge smile on his face.

"Gotta do what I gotta do Daniel. Besides you'll be waking early
starting next week". I smiled and said,

"What makes you think I don't wake up early already," I said picking
up the tray of plates, laughing, as I backed through the door.

"Get outta here."

I turned around and Sara was looking up me smiling. Why are you
laughing and I told her. She smiled and shook her head.   "Follow me."
I held the tray and Sara put the plates down. She was so happy. I was
kind of the runner, which I was fine with because it worked well and
it was easier for me to hold the tray, and Sara loved talking with the
customers because she obviously knew most of them.

I kept checking in on Jake and Henry kept giving me a thumbs up. I
wasn't sure what was going on because it was busier then it had been
the last few days. I asked Sara, she smiled and shrugged. was a
lull and Sara went into the kitchen and stole Jake because he knew how
to wait the tables. We walked back in and Sara she was taking a break.
She took my hand and we walked out and said we'd back.

We got outside, she turned around and jumped onto me and kissing me
like she hadn't seen me in years, which I was fine with because I was
coming to love her tongue in my mouth. She jumped down and grabbed my
hand saying follow me mister. I a surprise for you. was no
one in the back and she walked behind a wall, looked at me smiling,
and said drop your drawers mister.

was my turn say that I should take shower. She looked at me
mouth agape.  You licked my pussy when I was on my period. I can deal
with sweat daniel, now drop your pants because we're on a time
schedule here. I smiled and said I doubt that will be an issue. She
smiled up me as I dropped my pants.

"You're probably right this time because I give a great blowjob."  She
pulled my underwear down, grabbed my balls and squeezed and pulled
down as she stuck my cock into her mouth, and throat, because I was
very hard.

It didn't take very long which I didn't care about, and my knees
almost buckled when I came. Sara stood up, smiling, and kissed me and
a good amount of my cum dripped off her tongue and onto mine. I
swallowed and sucked her tongue. She lifted my underwear and pants and
kissed me. I wanted to share, even though I didn't want to mister. I
zipped my pants and was buckling my belt when Henry yelled. We started
walking back and Sara yelled that we were coming, and then laughed as
she squeezed my hand.

We walked in. Henry looked at us and said we were having another rush.
Sara walked out and I loaded up the tray and walked out. Jake walked
past me with a thumb's up. I walked up to Sara and we did our tray
dance. I was walking back to the kitchen to get more plates as Chloe
walked in with I assumed was the other sister. Sara literally ran
up the sister I hadn't met and hugged her. She grabbed her hand and
walked over me with Chloe following.

"Daniel, this is my other sister Janie.  Janie, this is Daniel. He's
mine so don't start. Chloe rolled her eyes at me. Chloe was the oldest
and Sara was the youngest but her and Janie were a year apart in
age. I reached my hand out and said hi. Janie said hi and was nice
meeting me but Sara was nuts, in case I hadn't figure that out yet and
then ran back outside followed by Sara.  I looked at Chloe and asked,

"Do they do that a lot?  She hugged me as she walked past me and into
the kitchen.

"You no idea Daniel," shaking her head. Sara and Janie walked
back in laughing. Chloe walked into the kitchen still shaking her

Chloe walked up and hugged me. I said, because I'm a snot, and knew
Sara was watching me, as was Janie and Henry. I love hugs Chloe but
you realize I'm falling in love with your her, right....and stepped
back. Chloe's eyes narrowed and step forward and punched me in the

"OUCH," I yelled, "That hurt. Chloe."

"Next time I'm kneeing you in the balls....just a head's up." I could
hear Sara and Janie laughing. Chloe smiled and said take Sara home.
She's been here to long and kissed my cheek. I looked at her wondering
how quickly I could jump back. She looked at me and said,

"Don't do it Daniel."  I smiled and kissed her on the lips , just a
peck, and jumped three steps back. She looked at me and started
chasing me as I ran but I was trapped and put my hands up seeking
mercy. Chloe walked up and I was waiting to be in pain but the
customers were still laughing. She looked me shaking her head.  "You
mom is right, but I'd use asshole and kissed me on the cheek.  Get out
of here."

Sara and Janie walked up laughing and I saw Henry was smiling as he
went back in the kitchen shaking his head. Sara hugged Chloe as Janie
walked up and kissed me on the lips trying to stick her tongue in my
mouth. I didn't let her.  Both Chloe and Sara looked her and didn't
know what to say, neither did I. Janie looked at Sara and said, "What?
I thought we were sharing?

I grabbed Sara and said that we're off and I'm hungry. Let's go babe.
I heard Chloe saying, "What is wrong with you?"  Sara and I walked
outside. Sara wasn't mad, just shocked. Janie came running out yelling
sis. She walked up and her and said,

"Can I kiss him one more time?" She turned and bolted back inside
laughing. I grabbed Sara by the back of her shirt and said I'm hungry
babe. She looked at me and smiled. "What do you want to to eat

"What do you think goofball." She smiled.  "We still some of
Maggie's soup, what else?"  She looked at me and punched me hard in
the chest.

"Let's go home mister."  I kissed her as i rubbed my chest.

Janey skipped back into Henry's, waving and I thought I was a snot.
Both Sara and watched shaking our heads. She looked up and I asked,
"She's older than you?"

"Yes." I said, "sorry I kissed Chloe on the lips.  The last few days
been kinda intense and y'all seemed quite happy. I was having fun
but I didn't expect Janey try and stick her in my mouth.  She
looked at me as I unlocked the car. "Get in the goofball and take me
home. They'll both know everything about inside of two weeks. You can
bring me back tomorrow." I got in, started the car, and reached for
her hand. She was tired.  I asked, "Good day?"  She smiled and nodded.
We drove home in silence.

Sara unlocked the front door, turned on the lights and then turned off
the alarm and headed to the kitchen. I shook my head, closed and
locked the door, and then reset the alarm. It was a pretty safe area
put was a lot expensive equipment and tools aroud and I wasn't
taking chances.

Sara was sitting at the counter with her head in her hands, and eyes closed.

"You want some soup, babe?  She her shook head no. "How, 'bout a
smoothie?  She looked up and smiled.  "Yes please, sweets.  I'm
getting in my jammies." She pecked me on the cheek saying thanks and
walked into the bedroom.

"Which ones," I called to her.

"Snoopy and Woodstock."  She walked out and sat back down picking up
her glass.  I was so in trouble.  She handed me the glass as I
finished mine and went to brush her teeth. I walked in as she was
finishing. She said what I thought was thank you with toothpaste in
her mouth. She walked out sliding her hand across my butt. I brushed,
peed, walked into the bedroom to get in my sweats and t-shirt and go
to bed. I was tired too.

Sara was laying lying on "her" side of the bed. I smiled because this
woman was not shy about laying claim to things she deemed hers, which
I suppose meant me too. I didn't mind. I got into bed, turned off the
light and pulled the covers over us. It was still chilly at night,
which was why I loved Colorado.  She rolled into me putting her head
against my chest and her right on my balls and said, "night sweets. I
put the mine on the of her back and kissed her saying, "sweet
dreams."  She was already breathing deeply. She sounded like a purring
kitten and I fell asleep.

I usually had trouble sleeping but since meeting Sara I was having the
best sleeps since I was a . I didn't recall Sara pulling my sweats
down but I definitely felt her slid onto me. I had no problem getting
hard but I was always hardest before dawn. I hmmmed and opened my eyes
expecting to see her smiling at me in the early dawn light. Instead,
she was facing my feet and was bent over holding my legs as she rode
up and down on my dick. I was OK with that. I reached up and grabbed
her ass as I pulled it apart. Sara turned her head smiling at me.

"You like mister."  I nodded. She knew exactly what she wanted as she
pushed down, angling herself to stimulate her G-spot. I was mesmerized
watching me move in and out of her increasingly wet pussy, not mention
her cute asshole. I would no issue staying hard. Not coming was
another thing because her pussy was very tight and wet. Sara started
moan and breathe quicker, as did I. She had been moving slow and
deep but had shifted shallow and much faster. I figured she had
found the spot she wanted. She started digging her nails into the
flesh above my knees and then pushed herself up, arched her back and
started pounding my cock. We were both moaning and I could feel her
body tighten as I felt her felt lock onto me, screaming.

"Daniel, I'm coming as she gushed and reached back holding my hips as
she kept grinding, squeezing me and moaning as I came, yelling
Sara, both of us shaking. he swung herself around with me still inside
her, and fell onto my chest. I rubbed her back and gently stroked her
hair as drifted togethert in rapture for about half and hour. We gotta
bed and looked down at the sheets.  "We made a mess," she said. I
nodded as she took my hand and led me into the bathroom.  She sat on
the toilet smiling up at me....God this woman melted me. I went to
make coffee and was brushing my teeth as Sara got out of shower and
dried herself, with me watching in the mirror of course. She swung me
around and kissed me.  I said through the toothpaste in my mouth, "you
fart in your sleep.

She took a big step and said, "Uhn, uhhhh! I do not."  I nodded my
head smiling before saying, "It might been me."  "Sounds more
likely, Daniel."  I hear me a snot as she went get coffee."

I heard a knock on the door into the shop and Sara say come in. was
Sam. He saw her in the towel and said he'd come back. "Don't be silly
Sam. Help yourself to coffee. I need to get dressed. Daniel's just
geting out of the shower. I walked out and "Sam said, matching

" I need to take Sara to work, ignoring him. You want anything to
eat." He nodded and said two of Henry's sausage biscuits, which
sounded great to me."  I nodded and walked in to get dressed as Sara
was finishing. "Hurry up mister, I'm late.".  It didn't take me long
to get dressed and I walked out as they were talking about Maggie and
Sunday dinner. Sara got up and kissed Sam on the cheek. I told him I'd
get the biscuits and we'd talk about Sunday when I got back and Sara
and I walked out.

We pulled up to Henry's and walked in holding hands. "That was some
position lady," I said squeezing her hand.  "I'll say mister."
Sara kissed, me grabbed a pot of coffee, and said hi Janey,
took a step back. Sara hugged her and they both laughed as I walked
into the kitchen.

"Hey Henry," I said.

"What are doing here."

"Good to see you too," I chuckled. "I need four sausage biscuits.... 3
for Sam and 1 for me."

"I don't doubt that."  I said I'd be back around lunch to help out and
I that needed to get his advice on something. He said good because he
needed to talk with me too, but nothing urgent. I said OK, grabbed the
bag of biscuits, and walked out. Sara saw me smiled and gave me the I
Love You sign as I sent her a two fingertip kiss and walked out.

I got in the car and started it when I remembered Alison had texted
me. I read it and texted her back saying I'd be in touch. Her and
Philip could met for coffee next week, early, to chat. I started to
drive back to the shop when Sara called.  "Do you time swing
by my place and pack some bags for me, and take a around?

"I need get get the shop and talk with Sam, but I'll stop by
on my way in at lunch. What do you need?"

"Clothes, underwear, socks, sheets and towels...... sheets and towels!
Grab the ones in the dryer, and the fridge. Just load some
luggage. We can do a walk through tomorrow. I'm working lunch and
dinner. Thanks sweets."

I pulled up at the shop and got a alert. was Alison sending a
kissing emoji. I walked in  and lifted the bag as I walked into the
kitchen, "any coffee left?"  Sam ate both of his biscuits  like he was
starving, and was eyeing my second one. I slid it to him and said,
"Leave it for lunch for the love of God." I asked what I could bring
for Sunday but he said Maggie.... he was responsible for the
grill and the tequila.

Sam was quiet for a few seconds,  "Talked with Mags about being
partners and she liked the idea but asked what the in would be,
but that sounded like a good idea.  I told him I had an appointment
with my accountant and was talking with Henry at lunch to get his
thoughts.  " will be some parts we need deal with Sam, but we
work well together and I'm sure we can work it. You free reign of
this place anyway, and I some ideas amp up the business so
I'll be busy doing that.  I've been on working my ideas, and
suppliers, and we can talk about all of when the four of us chat,
Sunday evening after dinner. Henry gave me Monday off. because
of you love of tequila"

Sam nodded and said, "Sounds good. I'll let Mags know. her
tomorrow about Sunday. The grilling is handled but she will need help
because is absolutely no way Henry's girls will be able get
away. My girls are already talking about and making plans.   "I
will," I said.

"Anything else?" He said,  "You and Sara are getting pretty serious."
I nodded.  "You think you both might be moving fast."  I smiled
shaking my head no.

"I'm a Capricorn. I think about everything Sam.  's just
something between us that is indefinable. We're like a lock and
key....like we imprinted on each other, and 's just going deeper. We
both knew the first night. We are both different with each
other.... at peace.  I suppose it could all go up in flames but I'll
take that bet."  He nodded smiling thinking about Maggie, I was sure.

"When Mags and I met it was like that too. It wasn't as quick but we
were pregnant, and married...in that order.... inside 6 months and we
haven't looked back. Catholic. We've been married close to 20 years.
been struggles, and anger, and arguments, but our love was
never in doubt. We both see that in you and Sara.  I'm just checking
in you with jefe."

I smiled. "I appreciate that buddy now let's get work. I need
leave by am. I stop by Sara's house and then Henry's. I'll
be back mid-afternoon."  I put my hand on his shoulder as we walked
into the shop.  "You know you're going to stop calling jefe
once we're partners, right?" He was quiet before saying,
"How about gringo?"

I helped Sam prep the wood for the orders we had next week. was a
busy week and I wanted be sure we had all the wood pulled and arranged
in order of the jobs. Sam was going start planing the wood and I'd
help him and when I got back later in the afternoon and finish up so
we could get the dovetails done Friday morning. Sam and I both had
things do for Sunday and I wanted as much done for next week.

Sam was looking over the orders and what we needed  in the job
buckets. I was heading my desk return calls when I got a .
was Alison and she me a photo of her naked and smiling.She wasn't
ugly. She was going to be in for shock however, as was Philip, when I
walked in for coffee with Sara. I was actually curious about that, and
I'm sure Sara was going to be downright giddy at the thought. I sat
down and started looking through my notebook when the phone rang. It
was Sara. I smiled, instinctively and answered.

"Whatchya doin'?"  She said.

"Sam and I just got out of the shower and now we're finally getting to
work." She didn't miss a beat.

"I was wondering about you two. Does Maggie know?"

"I'm pretty sure she does" "Why?" "No reason, just curious. You make a
nice couple." I told her we had just arranged all the wood for next
weeks orders and I was getting to finish my calls before leaving, and
asked what she was doing."

"Talking to you silly."  Chloe showed up because Jane's need to leave
but I had a few minutes and I'm missing you."  "I'll be soon
babe". "I know, but I'm missing you now and like hearing your voice.
soothes my soul."


"Uh oh. Need run sweets. I'm being waved at. See you soon." I
finished my calls and made appointments for next week. I was looking
forward talking with Sara, Maggie, and Sam because if things went
the way I thought then we were going be busy.

"Sam.... SAM!!!!" He shut off the planer. "We good for a few hours?"
you eaten the sausage biscuit already." He nodded. "You want
anything at Henry's? "BLT!"  I shook my head and walked. out. I pulled
up and walked into Henry's and Sara looked at me confused. I held up
my index finger and walked into the kitchen.

"Hey Henry, Sam would like a BLT with fries. I think he might be
pregnant. I'm splitting it with him just so you know. I need to drop
it off and then stop by Sara's to make sure everything's OK. I'll be
by ;15 at the latest."

"Don't let Maggie find about that. She can get mean, he said
smirking."  Say hi Sara... 'll be done in 5.  I walked out as she
walked up and kissed me. "Why are you early?" I told her what was
going.  "That's fine she said." Henry rang the bell with his spatula
and I walked back into the kitchen and grabbed the sandwich saying

"Tell Sam ain't no free lunches in life." I nodded as I walked
out Sara smiling with an outstretched hand. I walked past as slid
our fingers together.

I drove up and walked into the shop eating half the BLT and munching
on some of the fries. Sam said "what are you doing?"   "Henry told me
to tell you that ain't no free lunches in life. He also told I
better no let Maggie find out because she can be mean.  I'm not
messing with Maggie, Sam, I've got my hands full with Sara. I'm
covering my ass. some licorice."

"Stop eating the damn french fries, and my half better not be all LT."
 I laughed and gave him his half. "I'll be back after the lunch rush
and we can finish. Enjoy."  I was walking out when Sam said, "tell
Henry I'm going to whoop him Saturday morning, and thanks for the
grub." I waved.

I got to Sara's about :30, walked around outside and then went in
the back door. I walked around inside and everything seemed fine. I
checked the fridge and nothing smelled so I figured 'd be fine until
the following day. I grabbed the sheets and towels out of the dryer
threw them on the bed and folded them, like a guy fold would fold
them. I brought bags but started checking closets looking for extra
suitcases and that's when I saw the shotgun.  I grabbed the luggage
and went, "hmmm."

I took all the towels and sheets out of the linen closet and put them
the bags I brought along with some jeans and button shirts. I kept
them on the hangers and laid them on top. I took  the bags, and Sara's
pillows, and put them by the front door and went back to the bedroom.
I cleaned out Sara's underwear, socks, T's, and pajamas and loaded the
remaining suitcase. I I put it on the porch, grabbed the first two
bags and walked them to the truck putting them in. I walked back to
get the last bag when I noticed Mrs McGinty looking at me intently. I
waved and said, 'Hi Mrs. McGinty"  grabbed the bag, locked the door,
and turned around as a Denver PD car pulled up behind my truck. I put
the bag down and walked down the steps to the walk and waited.

They were on the radio calling in my license plate. The officers got
out and walked toward me.  Do you live here sir?

"No Ma'am I don't."

"Do you know does sir?

"Yes Ma'am I do, and I a key. I also permission be on the
property."  Sam was going love this.

"Can you unlock the door for me sir?" I walked backed onto the porch
and unlocked the front door. "Do you give us permission to search the

"No ma'am I don't but my phone is in my back pocket. I'll my
girlfriend and you can speak with her."  She wrote down Sara's info as
I shook my head at her neighbor. I called Sara and she said,

"Where are you sweets? Chloe needs leave. I explained what was going on.

"Are you serious? Give the phone the cop." Sara spoke as the
officer kept saying yes ma'am and the looking at Mrs. McGinty, and

"Hold a minute Ms Alexander.  Sir, may I see you license please?" I
handed her. She looked at and then me and handed back.

"Ma'am. I apologize for the inconvenience but we out
these complaints. We won't need keep Daniel and I will be having  a
talk with your neighbor. "Thank you ma'am. a good day. "Back the
car out. He's free go."  I thanked her and grabbed the last bag and
walked the truck as she walked over Mrs McGinty.  Luckily I was
5 minutes away.

I walked in and both Sara and Chloe were laughing at me. I walked past
and said, "Don't you somewhere be Chloe and went into the
kitchen" as they burst out laughing. "Henry, Sam said thanks for his
half of the BLT, which he wasn't please about, and said he was still
going to whoop you Saturday morning."

"That's because he cheats, Daniel. I hear you're a felon."

"What do you want me to before Jake gets here. I two hours until
I need back at the shop." He smiled, lifted his spatula and pointed
a mound of vegetables and potato's that needed to be chopped, diced
and shredded."  I grabbed my apron.

I got the knife Henry gave to me use and sliced open the bag of
onions, might as well get the crying out of the way early.  "Henry!"


" Am I chopping the onions?"

He walked up with his spatula and said, "Yeah, chop everything, but
chop. I think I enough dice for breakfast tomorrow"  I said
OK. "Did Sara's neighbor really rat you to the cops?"  "Yeah."

"Good thing you aren't black."  I told him I was thinking the
thing as they walked up me.

Sara walked in and hugged me saying both her and Chloe felt bad for
laughing at me and I said please. I didn't take personally because
was nuts. "At least you didn't me a felon like your dad."
Sara looked at Henry,

"Pops, you didn't!" "Get back work munchkin. I'm not paying you
flap your gums with him," he said smiling.

"Henry, can I ask your advice about something?"  "Yeah, as long as you
keep chopping."

I was quiet for a bit and said, "I asked Sam and Maggie be my
partner in the shop. I've got an appointment with my accountant
discuss how structure and a -in and all that, but I wanted
get your advice about because you worked with a partner until last
year. I'm sorry for asking and being blunt about it."  Henry rang the
bell for an order pick up.

Henry was quiet for bit and then turned and looked at me as Sara rang
the bell for orders.  "NOT know Sara," he said. He looked at me like
Sam did....through, not at, and said... "How long known Sam and
Maggie?"  I told him a over six years.

"Then you know Sam and Maggie because they can't hide they are.
You couldn't pick anyone better in my view." I looked up and Sara was
peering around the door, stealthy as ever. "As far being partners
goes....you pick the right person in any endeavor. You need
compliment each other. Richard and I did that. That's also why Ella
and I were such great partners.  The key is focusing on the business,
protecting the business, and protecting yourselves, and your family's
interest because when you can set that up then allows you really
partners without worrying. I'm assuming you are counting Sara as part
of this partnership?"

"Of course Henry, if she wants, but she'll be a part of the
discussion. I mentioned it her but haven't gone into detail because
I don't have details yet, and I wasn't sure if Sam and Maggie would be

"Are they?"

"Yes. I have been working on plans for the business that I would be
good with, and some other ideas made out of wood. As much as I love
working with wood, Sam is the master wood worker, not me."

"Well then , I think you you your answer....now get back
work."  I looked up see the door swing shut. I put the ear buds in
and listened thunderstorms as I chopped. I looked up later as Jake
walked in smiling. wasn't even 2pm. I looked at Henry as I pulled
the buds out.

"Aren't you suppose be in school," Henry and I said at the
time? "'s study hall. "I'd rather be here."  Before Henry could
saying anything I yelled, "Jake, get your butt up front, put in a
table and do not move until you're finished with your homework, and
that's not a question. Understood!"

Henry looked at me then Jake. He slammed his spatula on the grill and
pointed it at Jake.  "You get your ass in , , and plant ,
and don't come back here until you're done with your homework. You
understand me?"


Henry and I looked at each other without saying a word and went back
work.  At 3:00pm Jake stuck his head in. I took my earbuds out and
said, "You done?"  Henry looked up but didn't say a word. "I'll be
back in a minute Henry," I said as I walked up front and sat down.

"Show me?"  Jake looked at me and got his notebook out and showed me
his homework for the day. "Tell me what you learned today." Chloe
brought him a coke and Jake rambled through his work.

"Why did you skip study hall? "

"I'd rather be working here," he said  I was quiet for a few moments
as Chloe and Sara watched.

"Jake, is nothing wrong with wanting be here and working with
your family and serving the folks you grew up with. This is admirable
work. It's what built this country and you should want help your
family because this business is about family."  He nodded. "However,
you're smart and you should not limits on you now. You're
and even though 's a cliche, you really do your whole life
ahead of you. Working here is great....important actually.... for you
and your family but no one wants you shirking your studies. Take that
as far as goes. Learn as much here as you can but not at the
expense of your studies. Jake, you're a student first and you work
part-time here second. I think your family would agree. Understand?"

"Yeah daniel. I understand."   "Good then get back and help your
Grampa.... and take your glass.  He ran back the kitchen as Chloe
walked up smiling and said, "You had no clue what you were looking at
did you?"


"Jesus, Daniel. Your were pretty convincing." I walked back the
kitchen and said goodbye Jake and Henry, nodded. I went back
out front and Sara was looking up at me.

"We need talk mister."  "Good talk, or bad talk?"  She stepped up
and kissed me long but not deep.  "Good talk". I told her OK but that
I had a lot of prep to do so Sam could go home since I was late. "We
need to the eat the rest of Maggie's soup. Stay as long as you need
because we can sleep late tomorrow.

I got back to the shop at almost 4:45 and Sam was wrapping up. He
filled me in on what he had done, and what needed to be done and I
told him I had covered. He smiled and started singing, "Bad Boys.
Bad Boys," as he walked out laughing. "Asshole," I yelled, smiling. I
closed the overhead door, turned on some Pink Floyd and got work.
was 7pm when Sara walked in, looked around, walked over and sat in
my lap.

'You want a bath," I asked?  She looked up at me, smiled and nodded. I
picked her and sat her on a stool then poured her some juice. or

"." I went run the bath. She walked in naked carrying her
jammies.... moose.... and put them on the counter. She kissed my head
and stepped into the water and stopped.  She looked at me mouthing
"!" as she slowly descend into her bath doing a lamaze breath. I
lite some candles and brought the wireless speaker in. She said Floyd.
was fine I gave her a glass of wine and turned out the light, praying
she didn't fall asleep and drown.

I checked in on Sara and she had her eyes closed listening to Dark
Side of the Moon. I wasn't about to interfere with that. I put the
soup on to heat, and cut up the last avocado and crusty bread. I also
put the remaining chocolate bars on the counter, mainly to watch her
try and choose.  I was sitting at the counter when Sara walked out
smiling in her Moose pajamas. I asked how many she had even though
I didn't need to since I emptied the drawer earlier.  "Lots."

"You hungry babe? She nodded as she sat down saying, "Yes, please."
"What's that sweets." pointing at my notebook."  I closed it and slid
it to her as I put dinner together... as before chicken soup with
avo, crusty bread and brie....and chocolate. Sara got up, went back
into the bathroom and got her wine, smiling. She started reading my
notebook as I heated the soup on high.. I put my phone down in front
of her and said...." the most recent texts.

She picked up my phone and looked at Alison's text.  "She's cute. We
need discuss this tomorrow. She handed the phone back to me. "
her back and tell her Wednesday morning 9:30 am at Grind, by the restaurant.
They'll find . Tell her not wear any panties," as she smiled and
went back reading my notebook.

I was bringing our dinner over when Sara looked up at me and cocked
her head the she did from time time.. "You wrote all of this, she
asked?"  She pushed the notebook aside but didn't close .  "Yeah,
they are my thoughts and ideas going back a ways. I others. "We
a lot
talk about mister," she said.

A came in and she leaned over read with me...it read,  "OK.
Why no panties?"  I picked up the phone as Sara watched and typed....

"Because I told you Alison. If you don't stop asking why then will be
repercussions. See you and Philip next on Wednesday."  I sent a second
saying.... "I want a pic by 8:30 am Wednesday that you are
obeying me. I also want see your pussy in the dress you will be
wearing and I want see your pussy wet. I don't care how you do .... By
8:30 am Wednesday, next.  a wonderful weekend."

Sara smiled as she ate more soup and pulled my notebook back
her. She leaned over and said, "you could be a Scorpio if you
wanted as she kissed my cheek.  Sara found the  chocolate she wanted
after putting the dishes soak in the sink. I went the doors and
alarm and when I walked into the bedroom she screamed.  "You brought
my pillows!"  She dropped my notebook and the chocolate, turned around
and jumped on me. was amazing how happy she could be by the
simplest things.

We were about get on the bed when we realized that we hadn't changed
the sheets from this morning. We at each because neither of us wanted
do then. I bent down and opened a bag and pulled out Sara's towels.
She smiled as I got into my sleep clothes and climbed into bed next to her
She kept reading my notebook, leaning against her pillows, as I leaned next her
with my hand on her belly and started to fade. Sara picked up my hand and
kissed it while she stroked my hair. I'm not sure how long it took me
to fall asleep.

I woke up at 7:00am to no Sara. I walked into kitchen and Sara beamed at me as
she was making bacon and eggs. "Hi sleepy head. I found
these (dildos and a harness) while I was looking for places to
put my clothes.  FYI, mister, the purple one is mine, and this glass
one we share," she said winking. "You hungry mister?"

I nodded as I went toward the coffee and that's when was a
knock. Sara looked at me
and smirked. "Come on in Sam," she said laughing as I almost dropped
my cup trying grab the dildo and harness while heading the
bedroom. "You're a pain in my ass," I said heading. "Not until
tonight, sweets," she laughed.

"Hey Sam, wanted some breakfast?" He grabbed a cup of coffee and
nodded. I don't think he would ever turn down food. Breakfast was
simple but great... breakfast scramble with veggies and bacon I got
from Henry. I started cleaning up while Sara and Sam chatted. She was
a marvel at how easy she interacted with someone.

Sam said thanks and headed to the shop. I told Sara I needed to help
for a couple of hours but then would help her. She kissed me saying
that we were trying out those dildos tonight.  She laughed and said to
meet her at the house and took my extra car key and grabbed her bag
walking into the shop. She kissed and hugged me and said bye to Sam,
waving. I went to help him with the dovetails and he said, "Brother,
you are toast. I smiled nodding my head.

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