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take me 580...edited.  

dadigan 60M  
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1/15/2022 8:54 pm
take me 580...edited.

I just walked to Ama's because I was pretty much annoyed at everyone. I walked onto the ridge overlooking the house and Chloe was sitting there, wrapped in wool, looking at me and smiling. "Hey mister."

"You too?' She nodded as she opened her arms and I sat next to her.

"Our lives aren't normal, love. How's Elisabeth?" I told her about things, and what I was going to do...

"Karin? You let her walk, and be with Elisabeth." She got up and walked back to the house. Crap. I looked to the west and thought about going back in time to the night I met Sara, smiled, and wondered how everyone in Denver was as I walked to the house. I walked in and Ama was making french toast as I was stuck in the doorway.

"You seemed shocked to see me in my own kitchen making breakfast for the people I love. Come in and close the door because it's still cold out. Since you're here, we need more wood, and other things done, since Haagerstadt is mending. He'll be fine because a broken rib won't slow Haag down for long."

"Jake, Emily, bring in more wood, and chop more if we need. Annika, get your coat and gloves because we're going for a walk. The girls walked toward me and I looked at them. "Now Annika, I won't ask again." She put her heavy coat on and grabbed her gloves as she walked out smiling. We walked down the driveway as the girls came out and watched us.

"You hurt Haag?'' She looked at me, with tears.

"I didn't mean it Da"

"Why did it happen?" We walked to a tree that I was sadly going to sacrifice. I could feel them following us, watching.

"I was mad."

"At Haag?" She looked me. "Be honest, love."

"I was mad, Da. It's hard to control sometimes. I focus on Haag because he is the strongest. and I don't know what else to do. I changed my plan of burning a tree next to her, and freezing the ground at her feet, to talk about power and responsibility. She was a scared who didn't know what was happening.

"Follow me." I took Anna's hand and walked to the ridge as we passed the girls. "Follow me, too. I want you to push everything you can into that ridge." She stared at me but didn't so I pinched her, and kept pinching until she glanced at me and sent me end over end as everyone gasped including Anna. I walked up and pinched her hard as I shifted into the bear. She screamed and slid me back twenty feet. I walked up to her, shifted into the dragon and roared as I spit on her. Anna growled and glared at me as I snarled and bit, at her and she sent me to the ridge. Everyone was stunned as I shifted and I walked back as Anna ran to me crying jumped on me, and bit me hard. I carried her inside so we could have french toast. Everyone saw what she did as they followed us inside and I set her down at the table.

"I'm sorry Da!"

"Why, love? Eat your french toast." I could feel EVERYONE watching me again because they were all pregnant

"I hurt you." Ama made all of us sit down and served french toast and bacon, which they all started eating, even me.

"Have breakfast, sweets. You can talk with food in your mouth this one time." I kissed her and Klaara kissed her as Jake and Emily threw pieces of bacon on her plate.

"Eat, goofball. It's french toast and bacon," and we were fine again until afterward. Ama looked at me and I nodded. We ate as all family's did, but the adults were wondering about things. I didn't need this, but I had this, and she was strong...and almost thirteen. Great. We finished our french toast as Annika and I walked outside.

"What makes you angry, sweets?"

"I dunno."

"Why did you hurt Haag, or send me rolling?"

"Because you made me mad."

"Why?" she screamed at me and said she didn't know as she pushed me and made tracks in the ground as I slid. I exhaled and sent the energy into Gaia as she ran at me and pounced

"You didn't fall."

"No love, I didn't fall. Go inside with your Ma and help Ama." She kissed me as she walked inside. She turned, smiled, and waved. I smiled and waved and then fell as the door closed behind her. Shit. Chloe slid next to me.

"Are you OK?" I nodded as I started to get up.

"I'm fine, but we all have things to talk about because she can't stay here, as much as they may want to. We need to talk with Yoshi and Taiiko." She stared at me. "What? Did you see what she did to me?" I turned and pointed. "Fifteen feet, maybe farther. She pushed me like I was nothing. You and Sara are pregnant. Would want to take that chance?" She stared at me. I think I know where she needs to go, but no one will like it, especially not Klaara. Chloe stared at me.

"No." Times change, Love.

Claw51478 74M
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1/16/2022 1:33 am

I think put her in the Monastery, with Darha. They will teach her to be " Kool, Calm and Collected "

OlderPete58 63M  
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1/16/2022 6:05 am

Another great episode thank you Daniel for being so productive with your writing.

Annika need to learn to control her rage and learn discipline and karma perhaps Tibet or Japan would be a good for her to learn the old ways it makes you wonder what would be best she needs to be disciplined in her use of her abilities like a warrior in order to survive with everyone else.

There are people today who could do with the same I think.

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