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take me part 147  

dadigan 60M  
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7/4/2021 11:04 pm
take me part 147

I smiled as they walked out front because I was understanding that
with Emily, and would be experiencing it times two, maybe times three at
some point. It was mind blowing what was happening to me, to all of
us, but life is. I looked at my phone and it was 5:00. I was amazed.
Henry and Chloe came back in as Sara and Jake walked in. Sara ran at

"Guess what dad? We're having babies." You can't fault Sara for pretty much anything because she is genuine, open, and loving. It's why fell in love with her, but the woman has absolutely no filters. Henry took her out front to talk as Chloe and I looked at each other stunned, and then at Jake....who looked at both of us. Holy Crap.

"Mom?" She went and hugged him and took him outside and told him
everything. It was a shock to all of us, but I couldn't imagine the
shock it would be Jake. They walked back in and looked at me as I put
Henry's spatula down and waited. He ran to me and hugged me, which I
wasn't expecting. It didn't bother him that both his moms were
pregnant, just that he was going to have sisters. I looked up and Ella
was standing outside the door. I looked at Chloe and then back to the
door. She did the same but looked at me confused as Sara and Henry
walked back in. Jake hugged Sara, and they went out front. I was confused
because Ella was still there, looking at me. Henry looked at me

"I need to take a walk, alone. I'll be back soon, and walked out the
back door as Chloe and Henry stared at each other. I followed her,
jumped the fence, and kept walking. I called it a path but it really
wasn't unless you broke the law and jumped the fence, which I had been
doing since I was a , and which most locals did. It wasn't open to
the public even though locals considered it ours, as we should even
though few people used it

Ella stopped and looked at me. I got a blinding headache and passed
out. Ella and Claire walked up and knelt down, which I thought was
nice. I was still unconscious but I sat up and looked at them shaking
my head.

"I'm tired of falling." They smiled.

"Hi Daniel. I'm Claire. I'm Sara's mom, and your 's grandma."
I was speechless. Ella has been helping me but I wanted to say hi.
Tell Sara I love her and I am SO happy." I looked at her confused as
she stepped away and Ella spoke.

"You need to fix this Daniel. He won't stop, and they will come back,
especially because of Chloe and Sara. You don't understand what this
means. Tell Chloe I will speak with her, but you are still in peril.
You're doing fine but focus on what you are feeling, and learning. We
have to leave but we are both glad you are there," and they faded
away as things moved to black.

Chloe was on the fence as she was reaching out to Sara who grabbed the med kit and hit the screen door so hard it came off a hinge. Jake was bolting after her. He passed her at the fence and was over when she pushed to him. He turned as the med kit flew over and Sara bolted over the fence too and they both ran. Chloe reached me after Ella and
Claire had just left. I wasn't sure where I was but I knew she was
worried. Jake came running up and slide into us, handing his mom the
med kit. Sara was right behind him.

I was fine, but they didn't know that. I pushed toward Ella and
Claire, but it had closed. I pushed out to Gustav. He was livid because
three of his operations had state, and federal authorities all over
them, and were done. Everything in Commerce City, and Dallas was
compromised. He lost all of it. The depth of his depravity was so
blatant that if he was in front of me I would have killed him,
regardless. Ella was right, he wouldn't stop. I wanted to stay in that
space and practice but I could feel the worry. I opened my eyes and
sat up. They all looked at me, but Jake was the most worried. I hugged him and
said I was fine. It happens, and I am getting use to it. I'm fine.

"Dad, you have a gash on your head, and it's bleeding." I reached up
and came back with blood. Chloe looked at Sara who moved next to Jake
and moved him aside. I had a good family.

"Jake, Daniel is fine. He has a hard head....it's his blessing, and
curse," I laughed. "He'll be fine. Anything on the head bleeds like a
stuck pig. She was cleaning the wound and looking at me.

"Come here Jake." He plowed into me. "I'm fine , really. Chloe
knows how to help. You and Sara go help gramps, OK? I'm fine."
Sara said she'd race him to the fence and they took off. Sara pushed
back that she loved us as she raced Jake.

"Good thing you are hard headed mister. You need to stop falling on
hard surfaces. You need stitches, Daniel." I looked at her shaking my

"Is there saline in that kit, and butterfly's?" She nodded. "Fix it
love." Chloe cleaned the wound, put antiseptic ointment on. She
showed me where to hold it closed as she butterfly bandages on it and
coated it with Betadine. There was a suture kit but I didn't want her
to do that because it wasn't the bad, although I did have a massive
headache. She looked at me shaking her head as we walked backed. I
told her what happened, and Sara was listening. She beat me over the
fence and we walked back into Henry's. Sara came flying out of the
door and launched herself onto me, and bit my neck. She was upset.

"You spoke to my mom?" Chloe was watching, and waiting.

"Your mom spoke to me Love. She said to tell you that she loves you,
and she is happy for all of us." Sara started crying but still clapped.
I looked at Chloe. Sara kissed me and went out front. Chloe and I had
locked eyes. I exhaled.

"Claire is learning to communicate and it's easier for her to do it with
me, but she needs Ella. They are learning just like we are but they
can do more. Ella said she would talk with you." Chloe smiled. I
didn't tell her the rest because it was enough for a morning that
hadn't reached 7:00 am. I grabbed her face, kissed her, and told I
loved her, and went out front.

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