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take me part 148  

dadigan 60M  
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7/5/2021 5:21 pm
take me part 148

Sara and Jake were helping the early morning regulars. I walked up to
Jake and said I needed the keys to the truck. He smiled and handed
them to me, relieved. I grabbed my tool bag out of the back and walked
into the kitchen as Chloe and Henry looked at me.

"Sara's stronger than she knows." They nodded. I fixed the screen
door, luckily it was just one hinge. It didn't take very long and the
squeak was still there. I smiled because I'm odd. I put the tools back
and tossed Jake the keys as I walked back into the kitchen again. I
took over for Chloe and finished chopping and slicing as she went out

"Can I get 10 sausage biscuits Henry?" He nodded and slapped his
spatula on the grill. "How are you with all of this Henry?" I didn't
want anything to linger. He turned and looked me, and smiled.

", I couldn't be happier, and Ella is ecstatic. I'm not so old that
I can't accept what is obvious. It took me awhile because they are my
daughters, but I understand that the three of you are.... unique. I
think we all are realizing that. Billy and Ellen might be shocked
because they haven't had much time yet, but they see the same thing I
see. I'll never pass up being a grandpa and I know you'll take care of
them. I was impressed at how quickly Jake accepted it but I think he
did that before any of us because he loves having a father." I
"Now get back to work, those onions are going to chop themselves."

I finished up and put everything in the cooler, washed my hands and
went out front. I grabbed the dirty dishes and brought them back to
rinse. Henry handed me the bag of biscuits. I hugged him and said I'd
be back to help with lunch. He nodded. I went out front and said
goodbye to Sara and Chloe. Sara looked at my forehead, kissed her
finger and touched it and them kissed me. How could anyone not love these two?

"Let's go Jake, you need to pick up Em." He smiled as he said goodbye
to Sara. Chloe walked out with us. I handed him two biscuits for
Christine and Bethany. "Yours will be at the shop. I'll see there
kiddo." He smiled and hugged both of us as we watched him drive off.

"How's Henry?"

"He's fine sweets. Happy because he's going to be a gramps again. I
think Janes and Ali are going to come back early. I hope I'm wrong but
we need to plan on that. I'm not exactly sure how that will work
because I don't them being alone. We may have to move to Sara's until
we deal with all of this." She nodded but was concerned.

"We'll work it out love."

"I'm pretty sure Ben is going to Sara's today and will stop by the
shop before he does. I'll make sure he gets it done. He should have
Janey's and Henry's done by the end of the week." She nodded and
kissed me.

"Have I told you that I love, mister?" I nodded as she kissed me again.
"We're having a baby." I kissed her as I got into the car.

"By the way, love. I don't do diapers." She smiled as she flipped me
off and walked back inside. I pushed out to Gustav because he was the
only threat now. His guy wouldn't find anything at Philip's unless I
had missed something, which was possible but I didn't think likely
with Ella and Claire helping me. I figured he'd find out about Alison
but I wasn't sure if he'd link to our addresses but there wasn't much
I could do about it except plan that he would.

Gustav was on his heels and worried because everything in all three
locations was in the hands of investigators. I'm sure there were a lot
of powerful men shitting pickles right now. Gustav was going to be
busy so that bought us time. It was a crap shoot if he would assume we
had anything to do with it. Nothing tied us to it but Alison was his
link to Denver, and we were protecting her. After watching what
happened I wasn't that concerned because we all made a good team, and
Bet and Javier's crew were top notch, but I wasn't going to take any
chances. I made a note to see if I could get info about the operation
in Philadelphia, and I needed to check back in on Charlie.

I pulled into the shop as Jake and Emily pulled up. She smiled, ran
and jumped on me like Sara does and kissed my cheek. She was SO happy.
"Guess what Dad?" I liked how that sounded. Jake walked up smiling.

"You're happy." She nodded.

"I'm pretty sure I'm going to have two moms like Jake." I put her down
and kissed her forehead and told her I was glad. I took a biscuit out of
the bag and handed the bag to Jake.

'Go say hi to your aunt and uncle. I'll there in a few minutes." They
nodded. "Hey Sam." I handed him a sausage biscuit as he smiled.

"Thanks. Mags is making me eat cereal before I leave. Yesterday was
great. We all had a great time, mostly," as he looked at me. "I'm just
going to leave the grill at Chloe's and we can take it on the 4th." I
nodded. "What happened?"

"I forgot to bounce." He chuckled as he ate his biscuit. "I'm seeing
Ella and Claire more often
and I'm not use to the energy shift so I pass out sometimes, usually
on hard surfaces. Chloe said I needed stitches but scars add
character." He laughed. "I'll be back in a few with Jake." He nodded.
"You want coffee?" He shook his head and pointed to his mug.

Billy, Ellen, Emily and Jake were in the backyard enjoying their
biscuits. I should have gotten 11 but I could grab something when I
went back to Henry's to help with lunch. Since Chloe and Sara started working there
business had increased. I kissed Ellen's head and patted Unc's shoulder. It certainly wasn't me.

"When the hell are you two leaving?" Everyone one laughed. "Chloe
said she would be happy if you never left. I said she didn't know you
yet," as I looked at Uncle Billy, Ellen chuckled. Unc and I gave each
other grief but I'd be OK if they moved back too. I doubt they would
but maybe once they found out about Sara and Chloe. I know Jake and Em
would love it.

"Kidding aside, when are you heading out to see Bill and the ? I
wanted to take you around to the storage units and thought Jake would
like to come, Emily too if she's interested." Ellen chimed in, "If
she's not then us girls can have an afternoon." Emily beamed, as did

"We were going to talk with you about that. We've shifted our plans a
little since we're staying through the Fourth. Can we still use the
car?" I nodded. "It's still up in the air but we're looking at
giving Sarah and the girls the tickets and renting an RV and camping
at places in Utah and the Four Corners." I said they'd have a great
time but it'd be hot. "We're looking at heading out on Friday and
getting back a few days before the 4th. Sarah and the girls would fly into SLC
and out of DIA." I nodded. "We're pretty sure that Steph and Ally are coming
out the 4th but the boys aren't...too much work and they have family's."

"Sounds good to me Unc. We'll play musical homes but it'll work. Too
bad Bill and the can't make it." They nodded. I kissed Emily and Jake
and told them to finish up and get to work and headed out back to help
Sam. I grabbed the bag of biscuits because I knew Bet, Javier, and Ben
would show up soon, and grabbed some coffee.

I was still in limbo with my plans for expanding because of all the
recent developments. We had plenty of business so I wasn't concerned
about it but I wanted to get it started during the summer while Jake
was here, but it was slipping away from me. I needed more hours. Jake
came out back while Emily got online to do her classes. Sam was showing
Jake what to do and Jake was picking up my slack for me as I did paperwork
and looked at the schedule of work coming up. July was going to busy,
and that didn't include the unexpected deaths which we always accommodated.
Losing someone was devastating enough. It didn't matter how long we had to work.
It's one of the reasons business was good, and consistent. Ben pulled up. I
grabbed a biscuit and walked to his truck. He smiled because everyone
loved Henry's sausage biscuits.

"How are the ?" I handed him the biscuit.

"Better. Thanks, I love these. Kim stayed home from work to be with them because
being sick sucks." I nodded. "Can I get the key to Sara's place, and Janey's?
I'm heading to Sara's after this and will do Janey's place tomorrow.
I'll have time later in the week to look at Henry's. Are you OK with
the setup?" I nodded and told him I'm figuring it out.

"You still going to put better locks in and the security film on the
windows?" He nodded.

"Yeah, it's commonsense and easy. I'll put the lights up too because
it won't take me long." I nodded. He handed me an invoice for the shop
and Chloe's. "Can you cut me a check for that one now? Cash flow." I

"Come on in." He said hi to Sam as Billy and Ellen walked in. They
were taking a drive and picking stuff up for later. They were making
something for dinner for us. I introduced them to Ben. They walked
over to the setup and Ben walked uncle Billy through it in more detail
than I did. I handed Ben a check and waved to all of them as Bet and
Javier rode up. Billy and Ellen stopped and chatted before driving
away. I guessed they would be here for dinner as well. I was tickled by
how they were becoming fast friends.. I had tried slowing time down but it
wasn't working. I took the last two biscuits out and asked if they
wanted coffee. They nodded. We walked in and they hugged Jake and Sam
and followed me into the kitchen. They both kissed Emily on the head
and said hi as we went out back. They looked at me as they ate their
biscuits. Bet spoke first.

"Thanks, we love these." I nodded. " We need to have a family meeting
jefe. Our computer guy is getting the microfiche downloaded, somehow.
It's above our pay grade but we've seen some of it already. Some of it
is lists of accounts, and some of it is names. We haven't seen all of
it yet but he said it should be done today. Our impulse is to clean out
the accounts, if we can, while they are still active." I agreed and
told them to do it.

"There were hundreds of names on part of the sheets as well with very
detailed information. Our guys are looking into them. We don't have
access to the Dvd's, obviously, but the cops do. It seems obvious that the
guys on the microfiche are, or were, . We want to take them all
down financially, but we need to bring more people in and it'll cost
but these people are powerful, and rich. Once we're done it won't be a
problem." Javier finished chewing.

"You good with us doing that homes? We'll split it up when it's all
done." I nodded. "We figured but we wanted to check in first but
there's more. We haven't gone through everything we got at Philip's,
but he was cautious. We found the drives that Simon wanted behind the
baseboard. We don't know what's on them yet but we're working on it.
What they found under the fridge is why we need to have a family
meeting. Philip documented everything he knew, which was substantial,
and detailed. The guys grabbed dozens of notebooks. There was also
cash and gold coins as well as a few of passports and visas. We know
someone who will pay top dollar for those but we were going to give
them to him if that's OK. We've worked him for years and have
cultivated a relationship of trust. We'd rather have the favor instead
of the money."

"Agreed. You never know what'll happen, and friends are more important
than cash."

"Exactly, homes. You speaking for the girls about this?" Bet stepped in.

"They've been listening and are fine sweets." I nodded "We should
have everything done by tomorrow. We'll stop by Henry's early tomorrow
with the . They've been wanting pancakes and we can talk." I nodded.

"Simon lost out because there was a lot in the safes in Scottsbluff.
Bet and I wondering if all the places had that much, or if they put in one
location and we lucked out before it was moved. It was a good haul.
You got room in your safe?" I nodded. "I'll swing by later and drop a
couple of bags. We're accounting for everything but you're in the
loop. Our guys are honest because we take care of them." I nodded because
I trusted them. They're family.

Bet said, "One last thing, and most importantly. Thank y'all for
including our crew and families yesterday. They LOVED it, especially
the women and . It's not often they hang with people other than
us, so that was huge." I could feel Chloe and Sara tearing. "Not
everyone was there but everyone will be there on the 4th, if that's
OK?" Bet and I laughed at the same time. "Never mind. The girls just
said yes, including Janes. We'll see you tomorrow to discuss
everything and later this evening for dinner. Billy and Ellen invited us and the
." Sara clapped.

We hugged and I walked them out front. They kissed Em and hugged
Jake and Sam. I was running out of time and buckled down on the
paperwork and stopped at 11:00. I went in to see how Emily was doing.
She smiled and hugged me.

"I'm good dad. It's a lot but I like learning. I have the time, and
I get to be here so I'm not alone at mom's." I scruffed her head as she

"Go to Henry's with Jake when you reach a stopping point and
have lunch." She nodded. I kissed her cheek. "Love you sweets."

"Love you too dad." It was amazing to me how quickly both her and
Jake accepted me as their father. It hurt my heart thinking about how
long they didn't have that. They didn't care that I didn't look like
either of them, just like they didn't care how each other looked. Hopefully
their generation would save this planet. I said bye to Jake and Sam.

"Take your girlfriend to Henry's for lunch Jake." He smiled and
nodded. "You want anything Sam?"

"Mags is stopping by and Bill and Ellen invited us for dinner, and I'm
guessing Ellen is a pretty good cook." I smiled, and nodded.

"I'll be back after lunch. Get back to work, slackers." I checked in on Janey and Alison and they were having brunch in bathing suits and sarongs. They were going to spend every last penny of that $4000, but I didn't care. Janey pushed into me and said they loved me.

I checked in with Simon and he was going as fast as he could to get back to Chicago. He was making calls with people to grab stuff out of his place because he didn't want to go back there. He didn't have much there except clothes and the stuff to making living enjoyable. Everything he needed was in a storage unit outside of town. I knew where it was but he paid his price for hitting Chloe. He was a prick but his brother was dead. He had a broken nose. He was probably running from the cops, and certainly running from Gustav. If he made it through that alive then I figured he should have what he had. I wasn't vindictive.

I pushed toward Gustav. He was having brunch with the woman from yesterday. I had the sense they were partners but they were both freaking out because they had no clue what was going on, which is exactly what I wanted. They were both livid, and scared, because they didn't know their exposure in this. You can rarely cover your tracks 100% and they were in that place of wondering, and that made me smile because it couldn't happen to worse people.

I drove to Henry's to help with lunch.

evernshamdodges9 65M  
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7/5/2021 9:49 pm

good stuff!!!!

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